The Present Canine Crew

 Meet Roger and Reggie!

Roger (left) and Reggie (right)


Reggie joined the crew on March 15, 2015 at a rescue adoption event in Las Vegas, Nevada. His age at that time was estimated at 3 years.

Since that time Reggie has matured and grown into a capable co-pilot on the canine crew.  He’s intelligent, cooperative (most of the time!), and friendly with everyone he meets.

Reggie is easy to identify in photos by his brown spots and adorable, floppy ears. Reggie is a blend of chihuahua and Jack Russell terrier.


Roger was a stray roaming around an RV park in Rogerson, Idaho.  He joined the crew on May 30, 2017.  I don’t know his age.  My guess is he’s a year or two younger than Reggie.

Roger is the more dominant member of the crew.  He’s a fierce protector of his new home and family, while friendly with everyone once he knows there’s no threat.  Grateful for the love and security he has found, Roger always thanks me for any food he receives and is quick to apologize to Reggie whenever they have a spat.

Roger is easy to identify in photos.  Look for his stand-up ears.  He’s bigger than Reggie. Roger is a blend of chihuahua and who-knows-what-else, maybe French bulldog?

Reggie and Roger — best friends forever!