Antenna for Internet

MiFi Antenna Mount for RV 4″ x 4″ Bumper

This mount design is for any RV with a 4-inch square rear bumper.  The mount allows for easy 360-degree rotation to obtain the strongest signal.  The antenna and mast may be easily removed for storage during an electrical storm or for travel.  A coax cable runs down the mast and through the window into the RV.  A large loop in the cable will allow quick storage under the RV during an electrical storm.  (Click on photos for enlarged view.)




weBoost 700-2700 MHz Wide Band Directional Antenna with N Female Connector (formerly Wilson antenna)

Wilson Electronics 20-Foot RG 58U Low Loss Foam Coax Extension Cable with N Male and FME Female Connectors

External Antenna Adapter Cable With Fme Male Connector For Verizon Wireless Novatel MiFi Jetpack 4620L 4G LTE Global Hotspot

External Antenna Adapter Cable with FME Male Connector for Millencom Pantech MHS291L Jetpack



PVC MAST:  10 foot long, 1 1/2 inch SCHD80 PVC pipe from local hardware or plumbing supply store.  This must be SCHD80 to fit the mount.  Note the slit in mast bottom to allow it to close on the mount post.

MUFFLER CLAMP:  Auto Supply Store, 1 7/8 inch width with 3/8-16 U bolt

Warren Distribution 1-7/8′ Hd Muffler Clamp Nic00023 Auto Muffler Repair

KNOB:  Must fit the muffler clamp
2 5/32 dia., 3/8-16 thds., Fluted Plastic Knob w/Black Polyethylene Thru Hole Brass Insert (1 Each)

NYLOC NUT:  3/8-16 to fit muffler clamp

U-BOLT:  4-inch inside width with 5-inch long arms (National Mfg. No. N222-398)
National Mfg Co 3/8 X 4 X 5 Sq U-Bolt N222-398 U Bolts


Click  on the following links to view drawings.  Print the drawings and take them to your local, friendly welder.  Don’t forget coffee and donuts.



1-RvAntennaMount1)  The PVC pipe is held to tight tolerances on the outside diameter but not the inside diameter.  You may have to increase the inside diameter of the PVC pipe with a rasp or half round file.  Take it easy; don’t go too big.

2)  The weld may interfere with the smooth, easy rotation of the antenna.  Use a file to chamfer the PVC pipe and smooth the weld.

3)  If you loosen the muffler clamp knob just enough to turn the antenna, then the clamp won’t slide down.

4)  Use lock washers, locktite, and/or nyloc nuts on the U-bolt or you will lose it on the highway.

5)  Shop through RVSue’s Amazon links when possible to reward her for the wonderful blog.

—  Mick Kent, January 2013

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  1. Sara says:

    So glad you put this on your blog. I was wondering how I was going to do this after
    I had seen you first set it up. Starting my fulltiming in about 2.5 months and this will help.

  2. thanks, I had been looking for more info on this

  3. Ron says:

    Tell the welder to run the bead on the inside of the pipe on the mount ,then you will be nice and smooth for any rotating you need to do.

    • Mick says:

      Welding on the inside is a good idea Ron but having done some welding, I think it would be difficult to get a good weld in a small hole. You could not watch the weld puddle due to alignment and a lot of flux smoke coming out of the hole. I originally was going to cut a 1 1/2 inch hole in the plate and weld from the bottom but felt that cutting the hole was beyond the ability of many weld shops … maybe not? If you put a large bevel on the hole in the plate you could get a strong weld without having a hump on the bottom. This is certainly something to be discussed with the weld shop. Thanks for bringing this issue up.

  4. RVer Wannabe says:

    Thank you Sue for this info! Is the Wilson Antenna the only equipment you use other than the cables listed? On Amazon they also sell an that needed with this antenna? Just checking making sure all my ducks are in their rows so too speak.

    We’re planning a trip out to the Ajo area for end of March. Hoping the desert will be in bloom then. It certainly is beautiful! Thanks again for posting the info on the antenna.
    Karen (Los Angeles)

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hello, Karen!

      Youre’ welcome. This is all the equipment I have: what’s listed on this page, my Verizon air card, and my laptop. No amplifier needed.

      • Tesaje says:

        An amplifier can increase a weak signal. Depends on whether the expense is worth it to you or not. I used an amplifier (Wilson cabled) connected to an antenna at my house a few years ago to get a 1 bar signal to 3-4 bars in an aircard. It was the only way to get the data signal to work reliably. The hard-wired amps are better than the wireless ones but these days finding a cell device that has an external antenna jack is not easy. The more remote a place you wish to be in, the more an amp can help increase any signal together with a good antenna. Of course for an amp to work, there must be some signal in the air and it can actually be a negative in a strong signal area – just like for any radio.

        Remember, cell signals are just radio waves so all the radio physics apply to them. Ham operators have been using this type of technology for decades. One must research how well any individual amp works and make sure it is compatible with the technology you wish to use just as the antenna must be compatible and there are large variations in how well one product might work compared to another.

        BTW, really good writeup of your setup.

  5. Candace says:

    You two are a TEAM to behold! We just bought a used fifth-wheel and may need to use this set up for our internet hook-ups. Can do without TV, but not without internet. Couldn’t stand the thought of not reading what RV Sue and Crew have been up to 🙂

  6. RVer Wannabe says:

    Just got my Wilson antenna from Amazon and put my unit together. I used a collapsable 16 ft pole originally a pruning saw. The PVC pipe route would not work for my setup as the pole would have stuck out of the bed of the pickup truck. The pole, I did end up with, collapses to just 6ft making it easy to stow and to also lengthen anywhere between 6ft to 16ft. The Wilson u-bolt worked perfectly in attaching the antenna to the pole securely. I then purchased an umbrella base that one fills with sand or water to hold the assembled antenna mast in place. If need be I can further secure the pole base with rope and tent pegs to the ground.

    All in all this entire set-up cost just over $35.00 excluding the antenna and cable and is easily packable. Now one final question? Once the cable is attached to the antenna and run into the cabin of the Casita what are you attaching it to? Your Aircard? I have an Overdrive Pro WiFi Hotspot..which I also just purchased an antenna for and an antenna adapter. I can use the adapter and attach the antenna that I specifically ordered for it to obtain a cell signal in remote areas and/or I would assume that in really remote areas that I would be attaching the Wilson Antenna to the adapter? That’s my question is my assumption correct?

    Thanks! for your willingness to share your experience and help those of us who are antenna dysfunctional. It’s greatly appreciated. I am so enjoying your blog, looking forward to each new post and preparing my little Casita for a 2 week desert run in March. She goes in for a check-up tomorrow, a couple of minor mods, get the gas tanks filled, the anode rod replaced and make sure all systems are go!

    My Best

  7. karen cole says:

    Thank you for the info on the Overdrive Pro. I went to the link above and then to Sierra Wireless. The link below is to items available for the Overdrive Pro..includes an antenna. They even talk about it. But I do understand the confusion and also totally believe that what your site references is totally accurate. I did indeed buy and antenna and adapter made specifically for the Overdrive Pro, But my gut feeling is that it’s not right hence my question to Sue. The adapter just does not fit “right” onto one of the 2 ports on the bottom.

    I will indeed be shopping for a new aircard and find one that supports an antenna. I certainly do not want to buy an expensive amplifier to get service remotely.

    Thank you again

    • Mick says:

      I think the cradle antenna / charger probably works by magnetic coupling and does not make an electrical connection. Make the sales person show you the connection jack on the air card and to work with the coax cable in Sues link you need a FME male connector on the adapter cable. Best to buy the adapter cable ant air card from the same source.
      Please note that Sue got about 15 db gain with the Wilson antenna and the maximum gain of the antenna, as specified by Wilson, is 10 db. The other 5+ db had to come from getting the antenna out of the RV and up in the air. Any antenna inside the RV will be iffy due to metal object in the signal path.

  8. RVer Wannabe says:

    Again thank you for the info and the assistance. I am a Sprint customer and yet Sprint has nothing in an aircard that would work with what I am trying to do. My next choice would be a PrePaid WiFI Hotspot/aircard. Verizon has one that they offer for their prepaid customers and that is

    It does have an antenna port and they do sell an antenna for it. The reviews look good however, I am wondering if this would work for us and I heard that Mac items may have some problems with it connecting. Any opinions?


    • mickent says:

      Hi Karen, I’m getting an error message with that link. I need to read about this item to give a good answer. If the air card has a antenna connector port and you can buy an adapter cable to hook to an antenna you will get the best signal. It needs to be metal to metal for the best signal.

  9. RVer Wannabe says:


    It is the ONLy MIFI that Verrizon sells on pre-paid plans.
    Thanks for looking

  10. RVer Wannabe says:

    Thank you for sealing the deal. I just ordered the Jetpack and the antenna connector (that one through Sue’s Blog) I really appreciate your help in all this! Thank You!

  11. Toni says:

    Would I go through Amazon to research cost etc for Wilson Internet Boost Antennae? I love your pictures, chat and info. Go Girl! (Woman:)

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      I’m not sure exactly what you mean. You can click on the Wilson link on this page and you’ll see the price, ditto for the cable, etc. Or you can click on any Amazon link and then do a search for “Wilson Internet Boost Antenna. Let me know if I haven’t answered your question, Toni.

      I appreciate your feedback on my blog.

  12. Bob G. says:

    I made a comment elsewhere that might have been better made here. It had to do with why you installed the antenna and mifi on the Casita instead of on the van, which you will always have with you?

    But this note concerns my confusion as to what “Aircard” you use. I found a pretty good deal at Millenicom and thought I’d bring it to your attention. Certainly gives more capacity than Verizon does for the buck, and uses the Verizon footprint. The Novatel 4620 mifi also has an antenna port. Same thing Verizon will sell you for more money and a contract. Millenicom has no contract, you pay by the month. Seems like a better deal, but your mileage may vary.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Thanks for the Millenicom link, Bob. I’m in a two-year contract with Verizon. I’ll look into alternatives as the contract nears expiration.

      I answered your question about the antenna mount location under the Feb. 24 post.

      • Bob G says:

        I’d like to know your method of adjusting the antenna. Do you look at the mifi through the window? Have a special tool? Run back and forth, driving the dogs crazy? Look at the little wifi bars in your phone?

        Enquiring minds want to know…

        Bob, who just ordered a Wilson Sleek 4g:

        • rvsueandcrew says:

          Hi Bob,

          So you made the leap, eh? I think you’ll love your antenna.(oops! I don’t know if you’ll like that or not… don’t know anything about what you ordered!)

          If I know I’m in an area with some signal, like here, I put the antenna up, look at the bars on my Verizon MiFi air card, rotate the pole about 15 degrees, if needed, until the signal is strong. I don’t use my phone. If I’m moving into a camp in a new area where signal strength is unknown, I check the bars on the air card before putting up the antenna, in case there is absolutely no signal and then I might move camp. I say”might” because I’ve decided to stay in a camp with no bars showing on the air card (just because I loved the camp), went ahead and put the antenna up, and found myself looking at three strong bars on the air card.

          No, I don’t do the run in-and-out circus act any more. That did make for a dramatic first try though!

          No tools needed.

  13. Bob G says:

    The Sleek is a nice little package combining a signal amplifier and phone holder that works through induction rather than a physical antenna connection. It is designed to be used in an automobile, attached to the dash. From what I have read, it does a good job of bringing in a cell signal in marginal areas, including 4G signals, and really the lack of an antenna port on modern smartphones leaves you little choice about the induction connection.

    Unfortunately it amplifies the noise along with the signal. People who claim to know a lot more about this stuff than I do have measured both, and come to the conclusion that while you can drop a Mifi into it and get a more powerful signal out, the actual data throughput is lowered because of similarly increased noise. To complicate things further, a lot depends on exactly where you place the attached antenna.

    So the consensus seems to be that if you have the choice with a mifi, you should attach the best antenna you can find without an intervening amplifier. That is, directly to an antenna port. There are also people who are quite pleased with the combination of amp and mifi with an inductive connection. Though the few happy ones I read about do not actually use the Sleek.

    As in most Internet arguments, the participants introduce so many variables in actual use that sifting out a useful truth is problematic.

    What the hell. The Sleek is reasonably priced, as these things go, and I’m going to experiment with it. I am trying to decide whether to use the Iphone as a hotspot or going with the mifi.

    By the way, I think I’ve finally figured out that for you “mifi” and “air card” are the same thing. I’ve been confused by that because to my old ears an “air card” is a cell signal receiver you actually plug into the computer and doesn’t produce wifi. Maybe that’s out of date now.

    Anyway, you seem to have a system that works for you. And that’s what everyone is after.

    • Mick says:

      An important issue as proved by RVsue’s installation is getting the antenna outside and above the RV will improve your signal. It appears in Sue’s case about half her signal gain is due the antenna on the 10 foot pole and the other half is due to the antenna gain.

      • bob g says:

        Thanks, Mick. If I get a directional antenna on the camper, I’ll remember that. Right now I’m installing the Sleek in the truck with a 22 inch omnidirectional magnet mount antenna on top the cab. I don’t think a directional antenna is suited to a truck that I’m driving around all the time. I should have the makings tomorrow.

        One thing about the Wilson Sleek 4G-V. It unclips from it’s mount and can easily be moved around. I’ll probably fix a little pocket to put it in inside the camper. But I’m hoping the wifi will carry into the camper with the truck parked next to it. We’ll see. I may end up with a rig on the camper like you made for Sue.

        • mickent says:

          I’ll bet that will work quite well for you, Bob

          • Tony Law says:

            I know this is not Bob’s blog. 😉 but I would love to know what the results were with the Sleek, if he ordered it. I am trying to make the decision between going with the Sleek and omnidirectional, or the pole set-up like Mick made for Sue. Just trying to figure out the pros and cons at this point, as this stuff is all new to me Thanks, all. And thanks to RV Sue for the awesome blog!!

  14. cozybegone says:

    Help! we have the Wilson antenna and the adapter for the aircard. I was on unlimited data on cell phone so Best Buy told me if I added their hotspot for 50.00 a month I wouldnt loose my unlimited. Now learning this hotspot has no place for the adapter for antenna and hotspot pretty much junk. It is to allow me 5gb. Then we also purchased Windows 8 HP notebook and locked out with password and finger id access. Pulling hair out with learning curve. Question is withouf an adapter on hotspot, antenna is worthless? Thinking I need to give up unlimited plan and go the correct aircard through Verizon. Dont imagine Best Buy is going to refund the purchase of their hotspot jetpack…what plan do you have with Verizon? Not looking forward to another visit to Best Buy…

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      I’m sorry this has been a hassle for you. I think it’s part of the American way of life that each of us must waste money at Best Buy at least once in our life.

      You have to be able to connect the antenna to your card. The end of the coax cable coming from the antenna is generic. A short adapter cord is necessary to connect the coax to whatever internet card you have. Unfortunately not all the cards out there have a port for the adapter cord. That’s one of the reasons Mick put up the MiFi Schematic diagram under “Internet Antenna” (I’m explaining all this for anyone who may read this while thinking of purchasing a Wilson antenna.)

      I have a 4G LTE card with a 6G data limit per month with Verizon. It’s a two-year contract at about $60 a month. The actual card has the words “Verizon jetpack” next to the window. There are two ports at the edge. One is a slot type port for a power cable. The other is a tiny, round, pin type port which is hidden behind a a vinyl flap.

      I apologize for not catching your comment sooner. I hope this helps.

  15. cozybegone says:

    Oh, all is good Sue. We sent all the Wilson antenna gear back except for the tiny adapter to Canada….$12 postage for that tiny cord. Oh we’re learning plenty indeed…WOW! Think we’re going with a different antenna set up as my hotspot doesn’t have a place for an adapter…just a battery recharge slot. Stuck with Best Buy unit purchase instead of going through Verizon for their hotspot/aircard so I can keep my unlimited data on my phone (no change in plan). Like a silly merry-go-round. Jerry just finished all the wiring today…we can start packing it up. Garage sale this weekend and watch out baby….house goes on the market! WHEW….. thanks for replying Sue…see you had your hands full with the toilet, etc. Did wonder if that big black bull took you away at one point…then remembered, no way, Spike would derail any doings of that kind. coyzgirl

  16. Bill from NC says:

    You are the greatest RVSue!!! I am keeping up on your blog and really enjoy your travels!

  17. Bill from NC says:

    Hello Sue n Crew! I am not blogging on the One Legged Cowboy due to internet issues. I am heading out again but this time with my girlfriend Susan’s Keystone travel trailer in tow instead of the hearty Mobile Bunkhouse. We really need Mick’s advice on the cell phone and internet signal problem.

    Mick, we are wanting to buy a signal booster from Amazon for $350.00 or so that has a wireless antenna that you put on the roof and a receiver that goes inside the trailer. Then we use one of our Samsung Galaxy phones as a hotspot. The Samsung works great as a hotspot if we get a decent signal. However here at home the signal is too weak.

    So the question is can we get the Wilson booster and move it from the camper to the pickup on our trip out west? Like as in we use the phone as a GPS travel aid. With the Wilson on the pickup will we be able to use it for that with the truck moving? Also can we use it at home when we are here? Plus of course is the thing any good to begin with? Its the 4G one, of course if the 3G one is better that’s good too because a good 3G signal seems to work fine.

    Thanks very much much, Sue and Mick, y’all are such an awesome resource! Bill, Sadie n now Susan

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Bill,

      I will email Mick (not Kent… I edited you comment) to alert him about your question.

      Best regards to you, Susan, and Sadie!

  18. Bill from NC says:

    Wow that was a fast reply! Oops on the name, hope Mick doesnt notice! Once again Sue you are the bomb and we will make our purchases thru your link forever! Sadie, Sue and Bill (I am now the tagalong!) LOL

  19. Karen Rogers says:

    Thanks for the info Sue…:)

  20. Patricia Durkin says:

    I have a bumper 21/2 by 51/2. What do u suggest


    • Mick'nTN says:

      Hello Patricia, Glad I caught your post. Posts here don’t show up like on the regular comments. I need more information. Is your bumper rectangular tube or C section. Briefly, I would put a round post on the bottom of the bumper and a U clamp at the top of the bumper. If you use 1 1/2 schedule 80 PVC then the bottom post should be about 1 7/16″ and the top clamp about 2″. I will help you further if you care to email > mkent at blomand period net

      • Jeff says:


        The link for the Wilson antenna is the 304411, Amazon shows a newer model – the 314411. Do you know if that will work that same for this setup? Thanks

        • Mick'nTN says:

          Hi Jeff, I could not find any specs for the 314411 because I got a warning from my web security service that the Wilson Electronics website was unsafe?? There was also a notice that Wilson Electronics is now weBoost. Webroot says “Don’t go there”
          I do think they are the same ie, 5o ohms and 700 – 2700 Mhz frequency coverage.
          Sorry I couldn’t be more help.

          • Jeff says:

            Hi Mick, I checked the specs and they do seem the same, 50ohms and same freq. range like you said. I ordered the 314411 from Amazon and will try with my 4620L once I have it. Will post here the results if works or doesn’t.

          • Jeff says:

            FYI I received the model 314411 and tried it out at my house. It works fine, I was seeing a boost on my 4620L from 2 to 4 bars LTE with just a rough alignment.

  21. Don Cason says:

    Hi Sue,
    I’m new to your blog but looks like you have quite the following. I live in a converted mini bus. I was looking at your rig for your antenna. Very ingenious. I had a long distance truck driver give me a good hint about antennas. If you mount a adjustable painters pole with your antenna mounted on top, when your ready to pack up and go to your next destination just slide it down and leave rather than disassembling it and putting it inside. Here is a link to home depot to the page with a 23 foot extendable painters pole.

    • Mick'nTN says:

      Hi Don, A 23 foot pole would give you more than twice the signal of Sue’s 10 foot pole. You would need a ladder to reach the extension lock. When lowered the antenna would be about 10 foot high and at highway speed that would be a large bending force. A big advantage of Sue’s antenna system is everything is done while standing on the ground. Being able to quickly slide the antenna and pole under the trailer / camper in lightning storms is also a good idea. This antenna is directional so you must rotate the antenna to find the best signal.

  22. I have a question for Mick. May I have his email? Thanks.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Is this not something that can be asked here? In four years of blogging occasionally a reader will ask for my address or for Mick’s address because they think the question cannot be asked here. It has turned out in every case, and there have been several, to be something that is best asked here. Why? Because the question is something that others would like to know the answer to. We can all benefit. Thanks!

    • Mick'nTN says:

      Yes PP, please ask here. If the subject loses general interest then we can go to email.

  23. cc and canine (Eastern Missouri) says:

    Hi Mick!

    We’ve been camping up until now with no internet, but have been giving this a lot of thought….. On the verizon website they no longer sell jet packs that accept external antennas, but we have found the jetpack that Sue uses (4620L) on Amazon. Also found an OEM jetpack to antenna cable available. Drumroll… comes the question…

    Our Winnebago Rialta has a fold down Winegard TV antenna, that can be rotated from inside to locate the best signal. Can we remove the TV antenna (we don’t watch TV because we’re camping!) and mount the Wilson antenna Sue uses in its place??? Hubby says maybe….Can the existing coax cable from the TV antenna be used, or would we need to fish new cable?? Hubby is all for not putting any more holes through the roof…..(who is??)

    Please help us with any advice, as we are not very techie…

    Thanks in advance..

  24. cc and canine (Eastern Missouri) says:

    Hi Mick!

    Thanks for all your research on my antenna question….Let me see if I have this straight…

    1. Put the 75 ohm Wilson antenna on the mast somehow. As I understand it the TV antenna cable going through the roof remains in place, and this 75 ohm cable is attached outside to the Wilson.

    2. Inside, where the TV antenna cable normally goes, screw on the 75 ohm end of the converter.

    3. Attach the 10′ cable, that converts N female to ME male

    4. Care….fully attach (with reinforcing tape) the cable that plugs into the 4620L.

    This is how I understand what you said….If I am wrong, please let me know..

    And now my next 3 questions…

    1. We don’t really need the 10′ of cable to positions things inside our unit…the 4 ‘ that plugs into the jetpack would work fine… But as we still need to convert the connectors, could we use the amazon product “N-FME male to FME female jack plug
    RF adapter…$6.49”?

    2. If we get this all set up, do we press the button on our Winegard outlet that turns on the “amplified” Winegard antenna? Will this little button do anything for us? It does make a difference in the TV reception.

    3. The amazon description of the Wilson antenna says we need to “register” our antenna with Verizon… Any comments on this??

    Thanks for your response…I didn’t e-mail you as lots of rigs out there have these antennas, and this is easier than installing a mast. So other people might want to try this. In our case we don’t have a bumper to attach any thing too..

    • Mick'nTN says:

      Hi CC,
      Good to keep this discussion here.

      Your statements are correct. The Wilson antenna comes with a bracket and U bolts to mount it on a mast. It should be easy.

      Q1 – Yes, that adapter will work fine.

      Q2 – I’m a little concerned about this amplifier. If the amplifier is inside the antenna then there will be no problem. If the amplifier is inside the RV, between the antenna and the TV cable connector, then there is a problem. I think the amplifier is inside the antenna. Is there another wire going to the antenna? Do you have a manual for the RV that shows the TV antenna and system? Can you look behind the panels? and trace the antenna coax (wire) to where it exits the RV and see if there is anything except just coax?

      I just found some help on Baldy’s Rialta Info website … just need your year and model info.

      Q3 – Ah lawyers, trying to do the same thing they have done to health care, muddy the waters and quadruple the costs. I think that statement is from the Amazon lawyers and can be ignored … but suite yourself and consider this a “no comment” LOL

      Now to point out an option to the Novatech 4620L Hotspot. The newer Pantech MHS291L.

      And a report by Technomadia:

      This Hotspot will cost you more but I have seen many favorable reports on the MHS291L, and it does have a remote antenna port.


      • cc and canine (Eastern Missouri) says:

        Hi Mick!

        Again, thanks for your help. Our Rialta is in storage now, our we would look. But the Baldy’s website is the bible for us Rialta folk.
        We have a 2001 HD model, built on a 2000 VW Eurovan chassis.

        We’ll take a look at this MHS291L jetpack. Would the same 75 ohm Wilson antenna you recommend, converter, and the adapter work with this one?

        Thanks again..

        • Mick'nTN says:

          Hi CC&C(EMo),
          Wish you were closer. The MHS291L does the exact same thing as the 4620L. You would need a different cable from the Hotspot to the FME adapter. I provided two different links, one for a straight connector and one for the preferred 90° connector.
          I have spent a lot of time studying the Winnebago Rialta schematics. Thanks to Winnebago for a very complete job and for publication. There is still one I can’t find and I have not seen the amplifier called out.

          Lot of t’storms here today and thunder booming now.

          I did see an inline F male to male connector used to connect the roof antenna wire to the inside wiring. This bother me because it has been corroding for 14 years. If I was doing this for myself I would run a new coax cable, I don’t think this would be too bad a job but you would probably have to find a good TV technician. The new coax cable could go through the same hole as the existing coax cable. I don’t know how difficult it would be to route the wire inside the Rialta. Please give me your thoughts on this new coax cable idea? It would eliminate several components and connections (lower losses).

          • cc and canine (Eastern Missouri) says:

            I agree that a new coax cable might be simpler, with less loss. It would probably be beyond our expertise, but I’m sure that our son (an electrician living in the Portland area) could do it. I guess we’ll put this project on the back burner for a while…

            Aren’t the Winnebago schematics something?? We’re just back from the big annual Winnebago rally, where we took a couple of “specialty” tours of the factory. If they don’t have,for example, a plastic piece that you need, they have the molds, and can make it for you! Even have molds for the LeSharo, that predates the Rialta. We feel that they really support their owners.

            Thanks again for your help..

    • Mick'nTN says:

      I like this cable better because it is easier to tape to the Hotspot and doesn’t stick straight out.

  25. Martin Cade Mccamey says:

    I am looking for the best solution to receive television and wifi. Please send more information.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, MCM,

      This page is not viewed as frequently as my “Home” page, which is where I post several times each week. Therefore, I am moving your request to the comments section under the Oct. 6th post, “Thanks, Wally!”….

  26. Bonnie says:

    How do I get this antenna? Where we go camping there is no internet service. Its even hard to get out with our cell phones. Would be great to have in case something were to happen.

  27. rvsueandcrew says:

    Bonnie… Click the link (above) for Wilson Antenna. It takes you to Amazon where you can order it.

  28. Phiesty says:

    I have a newer Verizon JetPack MiFi 6620L. It does have an external antenna port on the top and it looks like Novatel Wireless Verizon Jetpack MiFi 6620L 4G LTE Mobile Hotspot External Antenna Adapter Cable Pigtail With Fme Male Connector on Amazon could be used in this set-up. I’m just looking for confirmation that it could be used to adapt my JetPack to this installation. I also don’t have a 4 inch back bumper, but was wondering if you could suggest something to work on my trailer hitch receiver.

    • Phiesty says:

      Just an update. I used 2 inch PVC and it just fits over my trailer ball on my receiver. I do use a really strong bungee wrapped several times around the bottom pole and hooked to the safety chain openings to stabilize the pole in the wind. I had them cut the PVC into two 5 foot sections and then got a connector for them so I can put the antenna in my small pull behind enclosed trailer. The adaptor I ordered works fine and it increases my signal at least 2 bars.

      • rvsueandcrew says:

        Hi, Phiesty… I copied and pasted your comment to the comments under the most recent post (11/9/16) so it will be seen by more readers. Thanks for the update!

  29. Dell Allred says:

    Hi Sue. Been a while. Does this antenna work when you camp at Maple Grove, Salina, Ut. Been looking for one for the ranch but with that mountain right by us reception is poor. Send me an E-Mail and let me know. Give us a heads up when you are at Maple Grove and we might talk Reg into cooking us a meal at the ranch house. Oh, and why are you paying to camp at the Grove when you can camp just below it on the creek for free?Dell

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Dell!

      Great hearing from you! I hope you, Reg, and your entire family are well.

      I camped in the campground because the free spots were occupied when I pulled in. The only empty place was the one near your property line and that spot is very sloped, almost impossible for me to position my trailer.

      Thanks for the invitation to get together again. I don’t know when I’ll be in that part of Utah. It would be fun to spend time with you and Reg, whether he cooks for us or not! 🙂

      About the Wilson antenna: I can’t recall specifically how much it helped with reception at Maple Grove. The first year I camped there, the year I met you, I used the antenna and I was able to go online regularly. Unfortunately I can’t tell you how much it helped as I have no record of the numbers. Also it’s impossible for me to know if the antenna would increase signal strength at your exact location next to the mountain. Sometimes different results are obtained even short distances away. I suppose you could order the antenna, try it, and send it back if no improvement. I wish I could be more helpful.

      When I camped in the campground in the fall of 2017, I didn’t need the antenna at all. I suppose that’s because Verizon had added more towers or their service was improved somehow. And, of course, the campsite was in a good position to pick up Verizon signal.

      Please feel free to communicate with me here, under the most recent post. I look at blog comments several times every day.

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