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Tuesday, February 9

P1090469Midland LTVA camp, Big Maria Mountains, Blythe, California

Beautiful morning today!

Reggie and I returned from a long walk a few minutes ago.  Bridget isn’t up for a walk yet.  It’s the kind of fresh, cool, desert morning that precedes a warm day.  It will go up into the 80s by this afternoon.  When I’m done writing this post, I’ll bring the awning out.

I’ve been a slacker the past few days.

Not completely.  I did empty out the Perfect Tow Vehicle and almost completed the sorting of my possessions — what to give away, what to throw away, what to keep — down to meticulous detail.  I’ve found things I didn’t know I had and things I don’t their purpose.

Our 10th day at Midland and I haven’t paid yet!

Every time we take the PTV over to Midland’s dumpsters, which is almost every day, we go past the camp host’s site.  I can’t see their site from our campsite so I don’t know if they’re home until I drive over that way.  I bring $40 with me, yet somehow I manage to time it when they aren’t home.

This points out how nice it is here.

No one bothers us.   Four campers in Loners’ Acres right now — the lady with the utility box trailer, a guy in a Class A, a guy in a van, and us.  Like good loners, we set up our camps far from each other.  Nobody visits anybody else.  Nobody drives by.  This is the Mind Your Own Business Nation here!

We don’t even wave!  Haha!

I imagine in the main section of the LTVA, things are different.  They could be pot-lucking it every night and dancing the fandango into early morning for all I know.

A while back the crew and I went over to Mayflower Park.

It’s a Riverside County Park, only a few miles from here and can be reached without going into Blythe, just cut over on a back road.

Hmm . . .  a nice outing for late afternoon.  The crew and I could walk along the Colorado.  I’d take a few photos.  Later write a little report of the RV park for the blog.

Well, I drive up to the place and a woman trots out of the entrance booth.

We exchange hellos while Bridget and Reggie bark, and I ask her if there’s a day use fee.

She replies, “Yes, there is.  It’s $6.”

I immediately weigh whether a 10-15 minute stroll by the river and a few photos is worth $6.

We’re not going to use the group shelter with picnic tables, and we’re not going to use the rest room.  What’s over there?  Some grass and the river,  just want to walk and look around . . . oh, it’s only six bucks.

Then the woman adds, “. . . and $2 per dog.”

That does it for me.

“Thanks anyway,” I respond.  I drive the PTV around the entrance booth and out.

I admit you can’t buy much with $4 these days.  And the crew is worth a lot more than $4.  However, I react negatively to “per dog” fees, no matter the amount.

Of course, in fairness, I should point out that there also is a “per child” fee of $3.   That means a family of five with one dog drives up to the park in order to have a picnic and they are required to pay $23.

What have we been doing the past few days? 

Being lazy.  We toodle into town a couple times — K-Mart, Smart & Final (for a roast chicken!), and, yes, Carl’s, Jr.  We stop at our usual place alongside the road with a view of the fresh green fields.  Not that the crew cares about that.  Their eyes are on the hamburger patty!

I putter around our campsite and inside our home, read, watch the hummingbird at the feeder, take the crew on walks, and just relax.

We will be here through the weekend and then it’s time to move again!  This time last year – February 9, 2015 — we had the refrigerator serviced at Sun Bum RV in Yuma and drove over to the Salton Sea.



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