To Beaver County’s Minersville Lake Campground

Thursday, October 1

“I wonder what this Minersville Lake Campground is like,” I muse as I sit in my lounger studying the Utah Benchmark atlas.  Reggie tips his head with curiosity.  “Seems like I looked that up once.  It’s a county campground.  Let’s check it out!  You want to do that?”

Bridget and Reggie jump up in response and soon we are motoring on Route 153 into Beaver.

“Oh, turkeys!”

I click a photo from the driver’s seat of the Perfect Tow Vehicle as the turkeys cross the road ahead of us and wander onto someone’s lawn.

P1070736In Beaver I gas up the PTV and then take Route 21 westward. 

On our way out of town we pass a canine gymnast on break. 

“You’ll not get a 10 that way!”

P1070782The Mineral Mountains in the distance look like a wallpaper border between land and sky.

P1070738Then the mountains rise up as if coming awake at our arrival.

P1070741Bridget and Reggie stare out the windows at the passing scenery.

They’re probably wondering where we will stop for their walk.  We’re in the habit of driving to different places in order to put variety into walk-time.

“Don’t worry.  I’ll give you a chance to walk around before we go back to camp.  I want to stop for photos along the way to the campground.  Like this interesting house up ahead.”

P1070737“Horses!  We have to stop for horses.”






P1070776The foothills remind me of folds in a blanket.

P1070743Route 21 cuts straight through acres of sage and rabbit brush.

We cross a mix of state land, county land, private land, and Bureau of Land Management land.

“We’re almost there, guys.  I see the sign . . . .”

P1070745A gravel road takes us down to the reservoir.

We stop at the entrance booth and I read the signs.  (Click on photos to enlarge.)

P1070747P1070748A stern warning sign announces that if you park your vehicle you have to pay the day use fee, “swimmers included!”  For added punch, surveillance cameras are mentioned.


“Well, we won’t be taking our walk here!”

A drive-through will suffice. 

Of course, the reservoir’s water level is very low.

P1070753The campground is neat and clean and almost empty.

Only two campers are here.

P1070754-001The shelters are designed for shade from the glare of southern Utah’s hot summers and for protection from wind coming across the flat valley floor.

P1070749The crew becomes restless, due to the slow movement of the PTV.  Bridget and Reggie want out!

“Okay!  Okay!  We can’t walk here.  I know where we can go . . . .”

We pull out of the campground and backtrack to a dirt road that goes to the reservoir.

P1070755Hmm . . . This should be good.  The morning light on those gold trees . . . .

P1070764“We’re here!  You can get out now!”

P1070768Ooh, geez, that rabbit brush is thick.  I don’t want Reggie sticking his nose into it.

P1070762“We’ll go down to the water and watch the birds.”

In the distance several water fowl and song birds enjoy the absence of people and the abundance of . . . .

P1070763. . . flying insects!


P1070771We walk the lane some more and I take photos. 

It’s funny how Reggie and Bridget have become accustomed to frequent stops for me to take pictures. They stand absolutely still and wait.  When the camera comes away from my face, they move.   It reminds me of the children’s game of “Freeze.”  Such good pups.

Bridget lags behind.

She thinks this will prevent me from taking photos of her.  Not so, little girl!

P1070772Of course I look for established campsites.

I don’t find any.  Not that I want to camp here in all this brush and with flying insects down by the muddy shore.  Nice place to visit, but I wouldn’t want to live here!

P1070775“You ready to head back to camp?”

I put down a bowl of water for my thirsty explorers and they happily drink.  I toss them into the PTV and they sleep as we roll across the sage toward home.



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P1070761“You’re losing your babyness, Reggie.  What a grown-up boy you are!”


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