At last! Perfection arrives on a Wednesday

Tuesday, December 16

Bridget and I leave Oak Flat and return to Roosevelt Lake!  We have to stay in the Globe, Arizona, area in order to be ready for the installation of a door on the Imperfect Tow Vehicle to replace the damaged one.

Oak Flat has been cold, rainy, and dreary. 

Roosevelt Lake is at a lower elevation which should make it warmer.  I really like camping at Roosevelt Lake.  The only reason we left at the end of the November was because we reached the 14-day limit and had to move away for 16 days, according to the forest service rules.

I pull into the Shell station in Globe.

I fill up the tank, and utilize the dump station there ($5).  We take Route 188 north.  Soon after we enter Tonto Recreational Area I stop at a bar in the town of Roosevelt to buy Tonto Passes ($6 regular/$3 senior discount).

The Tonto Pass allows me to camp in Tonto National Forest or any of the campgrounds, as well as use facilities such as showers.  They’re all out of the discount passes so I buy one regular pass for the next 24 hours.  I’ll pick up discount passes at the Visitor Center tomorrow.

I’m happy to find that the same campsite we had in November is unoccupied.  I love this campsite! Bridget likes it, too!  I set up camp, open up my emails, and . . .  yay!  The body shop says I can have the door installed tomorrow.  Life is good!

Wednesday, December 17

A rainy, foggy morning.  I don’t care.  I’m getting the dang door!

Off we go to Globe, retracing the 25 miles or so of yesterday.  I stop for coffee in Roosevelt.  The fog and mist floats over and around the mountains as we climb and descend between bare rock cliffs and mountain slopes of saguaro forest.

I’ve driven the road between Roosevelt Lake and Globe several times. I don’t think I’ll ever tire of it.  A beautiful drive, even on a day like today.

We arrive at 9:30, exactly on time for our appointment.

1-P1010880 - CopyWhile the work is being done, Bridget and I wait in the office.  I sit at an empty desk that’s pushed facing and against Cheryl’s desk.  Cheryl is the person who has the job of keeping everything straight for the shop.

I take Bridget for a walk-around in the drizzle.

Back inside I settle at the empty desk.  I set up my laptop and write replies to comments while Cheryl works non-stop on the phone.  Later we have a chance to chat.  The morning passes quickly.

Bridget, whom I’ve stationed under the desk, is bored.

1-P1010878 - Copy“We have to wait, honey.  Lie down and relax.”

At noon Duane comes into the office and announces that the job is done!

Okay, time to pay . . .

Labor (7.3 units at a rate of $48 a unit) comes to $355.40.  Parts (includes $62.03 sales tax at 8.6%) are $783.28.  Paint material is $200.11 (includes $11.61 sales tax) . . . .

Total bill ?  $1,338.79.

All because I forgot to shut a door. 

Ain’t life a comedy!

There was a time in my life when an unplanned bill like this would’ve slammed me up against a wall.  As it is now, I feel no pain.  In fact, I’m thankful I have the money.

1-P1010882 - CopyView of mine terraces and mountains as seen from Globe

I look at it this way.  If the Perfect Tow Vehicle (oh, it’s nice to be able to say that!) had cost $1,338.79 more than what I actually paid for it in the spring of 2011 ($8,500 plus tax, etc.), I would have paid it without regret.

The PTV has provided a lot of inexpensive driving and towing!

Next Bridget and I stop at O’Reilly’s Auto Parts.

1-P1010881 - CopyLook at the purty door!  The wheels could use some cleaning though.

I buy a funnel for $4.97.  It’s exactly what I want for pouring water into the fresh water tank when at a spigot where a hose isn’t allowed.  I came across an instance like that at a picnic area near here.  You aren’t allowed to use a hose because of “flowback” possibly contaminating the system.  Or something like that.  It’s okay to fill your tank using a jug.

From there we go to . . . .

1-P1010889 - CopyIt’s time for another rotisserie chicken!

I also buy a new tote bag for my bath supplies ($7).  The one I’ve been using for the past four years disintegrated.  Really.  It literally fell apart.

I also buy Bridget a sweater!

I’m anxious to see if it fits and how it looks on her.  I put it on her before leaving the parking lot.

1-P1010888 - Copy“Oh, Bridgie-baby!  You look beautiful!” 

1-P1010884 - CopyThe sweater fits perfectly.  Of course, Bridget being Bridget, she will take a while before fully accepting the idea of wearing a sweater.

“That purple looks good on you, honey.”

1-P1010890 - CopyOn the way home I glance at the doggie bed between my seat and the passenger seat.

Aww . . .

The warmth from the PTV’s heater, from her new sweater, and from her new bed has Bridget sleeping soundly all the way home.

Later, at camp, I ask Bridget to model the sweater for us.

1-P1010895“C’mon, Bridge.  It’s not that bad.  You look very nice.”

1-P1010893 - Copy“No, it does NOT make your butt look fat.”

“Well, forget about the sweater for now.  How about some rotisserie CHICK-ENNN!”

Around four o’clock Bridget and I take a drive to the Visitor Center.

I buy some discount Tonto Passes.   The rapidly changing sky and late afternoon light urge me to grab the camera.

1-P1010898-001View of Roosevelt Lake and the Sierra Ancha seen from Visitor Center patio

What a wonderful day this has been!

Yesterday, when Bridget and I moved to Roosevelt Lake . . . 

As soon as we crested the mountain pass and Tonto Basin and the lake appeared below us, my spirits rose.  When we made the familiar turns taking us toward the camp we left a few weeks ago, I grinned with anticipation.  When I saw it again, I laughed with delight.

I want us to have Christmas here!




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1-P1010886 - CopyWell, well, well . . . She likes it!

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