Chilly, damp, July days at Boulder Lake, Wyoming

Tuesday, July 29

The weather during our first two days at Boulder Creek was sunny and hot.

1-DSC06007The crew and I took advantage of the cool shade under the awning and the breezes at the little beach below our camp.

1-DSC06002This morning a cool air mass moves in.  The sky is overcast and clouds threaten rain.

1-DSC06018By noon it’s dark and chilly. 

A light but steady drizzle falls.  Bridget and Spike go outside, only to return to the warmth of the bedcovers after a few minutes.  I read most of the day.

1-DSC05997Late in the afternoon the rain stops. 

Good thing because Spike is very antsy for a walk after a day cooped up in the Best Little Trailer.

1-DSC06013I take my camera along and do my best to take decent photos in the poor light.  Bridget and Spike are two bright spots in a subdued landscape under the overcast sky.

1-DSC06014During days like this I appreciate this blog more than ever.

The conversations in the comments section bring sunshine into our little home.  I sit at the table and laugh into my laptop, as the crew hibernates on the bed next to me.

1-DSC06021Hot tea, hot soup, warm pajamas, and socks to bed — at the end of July!

It drizzles on and off all night.

Wednesday, July 30

Another dark, chilly, damp day.  Around noon Spike stands up on his end of the bed and barks madly at something out the window.

1-DSC06033-001Cows, of course! 

The herd of about fifteen gives us the classic bovine stare.  I go outside and urge them to leave which they do in their own good time.  A few minutes later, a woman on horseback appears over the rise and moves the herd across the sagebrush plain and out of sight.

1-DSC06034By mid-afternoon a patch of blue sky appears to the northwest.

I grab my hat off the hook on the wall.

“I’m going down to the beach.  Anybody coming with me?”  Bridget and Spike hop off the bed and scramble out the door after me.

1-DSC06048From the beach we make our way through aspens and willows to explore the lake’s shore.

1-DSC06049By late afternoon the appearance of sunshine and more blue sky promise that tomorrow will be a brighter day!



1-DSC06037Aspen leaf and daisy

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