Fun and frolic at the canine play station!

Tuesday, September 6 – Tuesday, September 12

For seven days RVSue and the canine crew make their home at Horseshoe Bend Campground, Bighorn Canyon National Recreation Area, near Lovell, Wyoming.

Twice each day Reggie and Roger kick up their paws on the red beach.

These are two very happy pups!  Off-leash and free to run!

This is our daily routine:

After breakfast we motor over to the crew’s “play station” across the bay from the campground and day use area.  We return for more play right before sunset.

I park the Perfect Tow Vehicle in the area near the red rocks.

I set Reggie and Roger on the ground and we walk toward the beach.  Then I unhook them from the tether and away they go in a mad race for fun!

The color of the beach differs from one photo to the next.

There are a couple reasons for this.  The redness varies in different places.  Some areas are very red and others not so much. Also some of the photos were taken in morning light and others in the glow of sunset.

(The photos are all jumbled together in one big collection and I’m not going to attempt to sort them out.)

One would expect the red sand to make a mess of the fur on two white dogs.  It doesn’t!  It falls right off without staining.  Whew!

I let Reg and Rog go far away and then call them.  

We practice this a couple times during each visit to the beach.

Here they come!

“Good boys!”

More fun . . . 

Around the time the sun drops behind the red cliff, the water near the shore starts to shimmer.

The shimmer is caused by large schools of minnows trying to escape being a larger fish’s dinner.  Several of them jump straight up out of the water, making a popping sound.  Then a splash as a predator fish emerges in a flying leap and slaps the water as it descends.

Of course, Reggie and Roger pay no attention to this.

Roger is more water dog than Reggie.  

Frequently he wades and takes a drink.  The photos make the water look muddy.  What you see is not red water, but rather the red silt on the bottom appearing through clear or nearly clear water.

When there’s a lot of boat activity, the red silt is stirred up more by the small waves coming to the beach.

This is as deep as I’ve seen Roger go.

Coming up in the next post:

More photos of the crew at their play station!




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