Life at Loon Lagoon

Saturday, September 20

1-P1000588Flaming Gorge Reservoir, Utah

“You know, Bridge?  We don’t have to listen to this boat roar around in circles.  Let’s walk to the other side of the peninsula!”

I put the camera strap over my shoulder and slap on my hat. 

Bridget knows it’s walk time.  She scampers out the door of the Best Little Trailer to lead us on another adventure.  What a big shot . . .  .

1-P1000393Well, not much weekend activity on Antelope Flat Peninsula.  A few boats and a car that didn’t stop.  I hope it stays quiet through the weekend.

1-P1000602We cross the arid plain. 

People noise fades to silence.  Bridget and I establish a brisk, but comfortable, pace.

1-P1000591We’re headed toward the campsite I call “Hot Beach,” the first campsite we found on the peninsula.

1-P1000593“Hot Beach” is unoccupied. 

Bridget and I are the only campers on all this land!  It’s like we’re on a beautiful, deserted island.

1-P1000592While I take photos, Bridget finds a shady spot to take a break.

1-P1000594“Ready to explore some more, baby?”

Bridget and I follow the shoreline.

1-P1000598We discover several campsites in spacious areas of green grass.

1-P1000595Thick vegetation, mostly tamarisk, blocks us from going further along the shore.  We return the way we came.

1-P1000596About halfway back to camp I suggest a detour.   

1-P1000603Bridget refuses.

“This is the way home!” she seems to say.

“Aw, c’mon!  This way, Bridge!  This way!”

No good.  She insists we follow the same route home.  Once Bridget sets her mind to something, there’s no convincing her otherwise.  I give up.

1-P1000604As soon as Bridget realizes she’s won the argument and she sees that I’m following obediently, she happily and confidently takes off for home.

Later . . . in camp news . . .

1-P1000437The fresh water tank is empty. 

This is the water I use primarily for flushing the toilet and small washing/bathing tasks.

Usually the grey water tank becomes empty around the time the black water tank needs to be dumped, which is very handy.

I dump the black tank and fill the fresh water tank at the same stop. 

1-P1000390However, the last dump station we used, which was at the Utility Department in Lander, Wyoming (free), did not have fresh water for the tank.

Well, it had fresh water but it was set up for farmers and ranchers.  While the black tank was emptying, I watched guys in pick-ups drive under a large hose hanging from above.

Each one climbed into the bed of their pick-up, pulled down the hose, and filled the large water tank they hauled.  In other words, the set-up wouldn’t work for me.

That is why I’ve run out of water in the fresh water tank.

Not a problem!  I take an empty, one-gallon, plastic milk container and fill it with lake water.  I turn off the water pump.  I place the container of lake water within reach of the commode and make sure I keep it filled.  Easy flushing!

Now y’all can give out a huge sigh of relief knowing I’m able to flush.

1-P1000610Here’s another zoomed, through-the-window bird photo.  

It was taken in the glow of sunset while the heron stalked dinner.  He/she frequents the small marshy cove next to our campsite.  It apparently serves good breakfast and dinner.  He’s over there now as I type this.

About the loons . . . .


I feared the pair of loons I wrote about in the previous post had left because of the disturbance caused by the motorboat.  I didn’t hear them last night nor this morning.  Sometime around noon that distinctive call floated across the water from Tamarisk Island.  They’re still here!  Well, I assume it’s the same pair, but I don’t really know.  I’m happy to see a pair of loons again, swimming around and diving in the bay.

Since this is the place where I heard the call of loons for the first time, I’m naming the camp “Loon Lagoon.”


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