Boondocking outside Lake Havasu City, Arizona

Monday, March 2

Boy, did it rain last night!

It drizzles, on and off, for most of the day.  During a brief time of sunshine and no rain, Rusty walks Timber on-leash.  I get the same idea.  I put Bridget on-leash and we meet them as they return.  Rusty has seen coyotes around camp which is why we’re keeping the pups close.

I turn and take a photo of our camps.

1-P1030055  “Hurry up, Bridge.  We need to finish this walk.  It’s starting to rain again!”

1-P1030051We run together toward the Best Little Trailer.

1-P1030056Tuesday, March 3

I step outside with the near-empty coffee pot, walk away from our campsite, and look at the sky while dumping the old coffee over a creosote bush.  No more rain!   A good day to go into town . . .

Bridget eats the chopped chicken that I cooked for her yesterday and I make myself two scrambled eggs.  After breakfast and blog, I go outside, unhook the empty propane tank, and place it in the back of the Perfect Tow Vehicle.  I toss in a bag of trash.  I make sure all the empty water jugs are on board, too.

“See ya’ later, Rusty!”

Soon thereafter Bridget and I are motoring into Lake Havasu City.

Bridget fusses for a walk-around.  I pull into a parking lot and she gets her way.  Of course.

Hey, there’s a vet’s office. . .

1-P1030059I toss Bridget into the PTV.

I walk inside to inquire about dogs available for adoption.  Western Arizona Humane Society is suggested.  I’m familiar with the organization’s website.   After checking the location with the lady in the vet’s office, Bridget and I buzz over to the shelter.  It’s not far.

1-P1030060I’m greeted cordially as I enter.

“You’re welcome to take a look.”

My hopes rise as I push open the door to the dog area.  To a chorus of loud barks I walk both avenues of cages, searching each one.  Too big.  Too big.  Pit bull, cattle dog, pit bull, husky . . . .

I climb into the PTV. 

“No boy for us today, Bridge.”

I stop at Big Lots for a few items, including a gift for Rusty, something he mentioned that he wanted.

A freshly painted, handmade camper is in the parking lot.

1-P1030061After the Big Lots store, I look for a place that sells propane. 

I pull into a Sundance gas station and park next to the propane tank.  Bridget is still fussing and, since there’s a shady place to walk her around flowering bushes, I don’t mind giving her another go.

When we come back to the PTV, a couple has blocked us in with their big Cambria Class C, obviously wanting propane also and not realizing that’s why I parked there.  The man goes inside to get someone to pump the propane.

The propane guy opens up the little side door of the Class C and attempts to pump propane into its tank.  No good.

He can’t attach the nozzle.

The lady watching, remarks, “They didn’t give you much room.”

The propane guy gives up and goes inside to find someone to help.  When he comes out, the lady from the Class C graciously tells him to fill my tank first.  She backs up the Class C to let me out and we’re on our way.  Four gallons of propane @ $3.19 a gal. — plus an ice cream sandwich and Arizona tax —  comes to $17.12.

Next we turn onto Mesquite Avenue.

I fill up five one-gallon jugs with drinking water for a dollar, dump the trash, and we head back to camp.  I’m not in a sight-seeing mood today.  This was a git ‘er done trip.

1-P1030054Rusty greets us as we drive up.

“Do you remember, Rusty, when I said I’d send you a gift to thank you for letting us camp next to your house in Chino Valley?”

He nods his head.

“And I never did send that gift.”  I open up the back of the PTV.  “So I’m giving it to you now, to thank you for letting us camp next to you.”

I hand him the rolled up patio rug.

Bridget loves anything domestic.  Whenever I do housework or set out our blue mat, she’s right there watching.  Bridget sees Rusty unrolling his new mat by his camper, so she hurries over to supervise.

1-P1030066Then Timber wants to see what’s going on.  Timber’s presence sends Bridget under the camper.  (Note little legs below license plate.)

1-P1030067Rusty plays ball with Timber.

He lobs the blue ball really high.  Timber waits for it to bounce once and then he leaps to meet it.  The photo (below) shows another successful catch!

1-P1030068-001I borrow two more movie CDs from Rusty’s collection.

I watched “JFK” with Kevin Costner last night.  Tonight I’ll watch Nicole Kidman in “Australia,” and tomorrow night — our last night at this camp — I’ll watch Russell Crowe in “Master and Commander.”

I gave Rusty a selection of movie CDs of westerns starring John Wayne and Sam Shepherd, plus the Sandra Bullock flick, “28 days.”

It’s nice, when living on the road, to have books and/or movies to share.



I love RVSue shoppers.


1-DSCN0803The crew cools off in the creek at The Falls Campground, Wyoming, Summer 2012


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