Rainy day and Monday at Cedar Pocket

Monday, October 24

RVSue and Reggie are presently camped in the northwest corner of Arizona at a campground in the Virgin River Gorge, between St. George, Utah, and Mesquite, Nevada.

p1140800View from the doorway of the Best Little Trailer, Cedar Pocket Campground

If it weren’t for Reggie I might have missed the light playing on the mountains. 

Fortunately, as soon as he wakes, Reggie insists we go outside.  Together we greet a new day, me with my camera and he with a back leg lifted on a creosote bush.

There!  Our day has begun.


After  a quick breakfast — I down a few sips of coffee — we stroll the campground.  No one is out.  Apparently everyone is snug in their RV.  It’s the pre-generator moments of peace.

Heavy clouds indicate rain may fall soon. 

Light cuts through the dark layer above, highlighting the rocks, making them glow.  I’m enchanted.  As you can see in the next photo, Reggie’s enchanted, too.  With what, I don’t know.


At the high part of the campground, one has an unobstructed view of the mountains across the interstate.  The rocks appear as soft as rumpled bed covers.

Hmm . . . I think those are the Beaver Dam Mountains.


A break in the cloud cover and new light awakens the coral rock.


I’m walking my dog around a campground loop in a campground with several RVs in it and yet these beautiful scenes can be enjoyed. This really is an exceptionally nice camp. 

Later the clouds release the rain that desert folk wish for.

This isn’t drizzle; it’s a downpour!  Periodically lightning flashes and thunder roars.  I shut off the computer, pull the plug out of the socket, and lie on the bed listening to the drumming on the roof, watching the raindrops slide down the window, and cuddling Reggie.

“The rain is making you sleepy.”

Suddenly the drumming stops. I get up, open the door, and find a pool of water below the step.  I laugh.

“Hey, Reg!  We’re living in a boat!”

I wade in my waterproof sandals to take this next picture.


The air temperature has dropped considerably.

Fog creeps over the mountains.  Everything looks fresh.  I take a deep breath.

Ahh . . . Been a long time since I’ve smelled wet creosote.


“Come on, Reggie!  Let’s see what photos are over there!”


This is autumn color in the desert!


Reggie shivers.

“You’re right, baby.  It’s too cold.  Let’s go inside!”

We run to the warmth and coziness of the BLT.

At our campsite’s pond, I pick up Reg and wade to our door.

A rainy Monday in a campground is better than any sunny day at work.

~ ~ ~

An entire post without a picture of Reggie’s new friends!

How did I manage that?



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