Salmon Falls Dam and how a little book influenced my life

Sunday, April 19

“Come here, Bridge, and get in your suit.  We’re going to walk over to the dam.”

1-P1040442View of Salmon Falls Creek Reservoir from our campsite

The crew on-leash, we walk the road that connects Lud Drexler Campground with Three Creek Highway, the route that goes east from the campground to Rogerson and Highway 93 in southern Idaho.

Soon we’re winding our way through sagebrush and Salmon Falls Dam comes into view.

1-P1040295With the leashes in one hand, I stand at a barbed wire fence and take photographs.

1-P1040301Reggie and Bridget keep moving around, jiggling my arm and the camera.

“Okay.  You two sit here for a minute.  I won’t take long.”

I hook their leashes to a metal fence post.  This development is not met with enthusiasm, to say the least.

1-P1040304Quickly I grab this shot south of the dam.

1-P1040303This next photo gives a close-up view of the basalt cliffs.

1-P1040305I unhook the crew and we move close to where to road goes over the dam.


One more view looking south . . .

1-P1040330About Salmon Falls Dam . . .

Salmon Falls Dam is a “masonry arch-gravity dam 217 feet high and 450 feet  long, impounding up to 230,650 acre feet of water in Salmon Falls Creek Reservoir.  When full, the reservoir extends for 17 miles upstream, encompassing 3,400 acres. The dam and reservoir control runoff from a drainage basin of 1,610 sq miles.”  — Wikipedia

Next we cross the road for a photo of the other side.

1-P1040327I’d like to get a photo of the bottom of this gorge.

The lack of anything but air between us and the bottom quashes that idea very quickly.  (Cows have trampled the barbed wire fence to the ground.)  Being tugged by the crew near the precipice gives me a touch of vertigo.

“Let’s get away from here!”

We scurry back to the road and return to the campground.

It’s such a pretty, warm day that we take our sweet time.

1-P1040299 - CopyHow can we resist a patch of soft grass with dandelions?

I sit on the ground with the crew.

1-P1040308In this next photo Reggie demonstrates one of his many acrobatic skills — the front leg-stand!

1-P1040307“We interrupt this frolic among the dandelions with other news!”

Well, not really news, just some rambling thoughts.

I finished a good book recently. 

It’s  Yellow Mesquite by John J. Asher.  It has a dual setting of Midland, Texas, and New York City.  The plot line is engaging and the characters are realistic.  Near the beginning there’s a part about teenagers drag-racing that I skimmed.  After that the story takes off and it’s quite enjoyable, so stay with it.

Speaking of good books . . .

Remember Golden Books?  Those skinny books with the cardboard covers that children loved in the forties and fifties and probably ever since then?  I was admiring Reggie the other day, how cute he is and all, and a Golden Book popped into my mind, one of my favorites.

The Poky Little Puppy!

(Not that there’s anything “poky” about Reggie!)

Oh my, the poor little poky puppy had to go to bed without any strawberry shortcake.  I remember studying the illustrations in that book, totally entranced by the cuteness of the puppies, especially the white-with-brown-spots pup featured on the cover.

Remember this?

ThePokyLittlePuppyIt’s Epiphany Time!

That cover illustration is why I favor white dogs with spots!

Curious, I zip over to Amazon and there it is, presently available from Random House!

The Poky Little Puppy (A Little Golden Book Classic) by Janette Sebring Lowrey and illustrated by Gustaf Tenngen.

Nearly 15 million copies have been sold since it was first published in 1942.

Anyway . . . Now I know why I was attracted to Spike, Bridget, and Reggie!

1-P1040313My not-so-poky little puppies!






Goodbye sunshine!

The weather has been wonderful ever since we arrived here.  As I type this we’re in our 9th day at Lud Drexler Campground and the weather has turned miserably cold and damp.  In fact it is raining as I type this.

I feel sorry for the weekenders. 

Late yesterday people with a tent moved into the site closest to us.  Their car is over there right now.  I hope someone took them on an excursion or something.  This isn’t a day to be in a dadburn tent!

Sometimes I wonder about myself . . . .

Early this morning Reggie is in a hurry for a walk.  Bridget couldn’t care less.  Her face expresses my feelings exactly:  It’s too cold outside!

Quickly I change out of my sleeping clothes and put on my shoes.  Reggie and I run around the campground, and I do mean run.  So what if the other campers see me looking like a crazy fool!

We stop for Reggie to pee.  That’s when I notice my footwear.

1-P1040449Oh well, at least both feet are in my beloved Keens!

We will stay put as long as the rain lasts and then I’ll make a decision about when and where we make our next camp.  (Please, no more suggestions, thank you.  I become overwhelmed.)

In the meantime I have a lot more to tell and show you from the past eight days we’ve camped at Salmon Falls Creek Reservoir!


NOTE:  In comments we’re discussing books and movies from childhood that made an impact on our lives.  It’s fun reading.  Join in!  (Click on the title of this post to open comments.)


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