A sighting of Bighorn Sheep and “Call us overprotective”

It’s Monday morning as I write this and we break camp today! 

Yes, today we leave one of our favorite camps, “Field of Flowers Camp” in Ashley National Forest, a few miles south of Flaming Gorge in Utah.  The photos you see are a collection of shots taken recently.

1-DSC05696Here’s a wrap-up of the past few days . .  .

Wednesday, July 16

My cell phone is kaput.  Shortly after its demise in exasperatingly bad timing, Outlook/Hotmail refuses to let me access my email account.  When trying to open up Outlook, I receive an annoying message that begins “Call us overprotective . . . ,” followed by instructions to give a phone number where I can be texted a code in order to open my email account.  Um, what if a person doesn’t have a working phone?

1-DSC05514This would be a funny little conundrum if it weren’t such a darn inconvenience.  Laughable because worrying about the security of the foolish, mundane, picayune, unwanted emails that flood my inbox hardly warrants getting all overprotective.   Sheesh.  Now I gotta’ go back to Vernal and buy a new phone.


Phone stuff is boring and tedious, I know.

I’ll cut this short.  The crew and I drive the 25 miles down the mountains, through the ten switchbacks, to Vernal.  At Wal-Mart I buy a cheap Tracfone ($9.98).  The young woman who waits on me tries to activate it.  She fails.  It’s hotter that Hades out in the parking lot by the time she gives up.  She hands me the phone I’ve purchased, looks at me with big, doe eyes, and says, “I’m sorry.  Call the number on the box to activate your phone.”

1-DSC05543Well, bless your heart, honey.  If I had a phone to call about a phone, I wouldn’t need to activate a phone. 

In spite of wanting to lie down kicking my heels on the floor of Wal-Mart, I run out to the crew and we climb the ten switchbacks and 25 miles back to camp.

For the rest of the day I forget about the phone, putter around our campsite, and relax under the pine tree with Bridget and Spike.

Thursday,  July 17

Repeated efforts to get around the Big Security Issue fails.  Still can’t access my email account.  Need a phone!

“C’mon, guys.  Ready for some more switchbacks?”

1-DSC05527“You’re kidding, right, RVSue?”

Off we go another 25 miles and ten switchbacks to the Wal-Mart in Vernal.

This time I’m lucky!

1-DSC05600The department manager is present and tries to activate the phone.  She’s very capable.

It’s a defective phone.  They have no more in stock.  I bump up to the next higher TracFone ($14.95).

She tries to activate it.  It takes a long time. I shop for groceries and return to her station.

I wait. 

Eventually she puts down the phone and turns to me.  She explains that she was told it will take up to four hours for the SIM card to register.  I run out to the crew and we go the 25 miles and ten switchbacks back to camp.


Friday, July 18

Gee, I thought this was going to be a quick wrap-up.   Oh well, stick with me.  It ends soon.

“C’mon, guys.  Ready for some more switchbacks?”

Off we go the 25 miles and ten switchbacks to the Wal-Mart in Vernal.

1-DSC05715The department manager concludes this TracFone is also defective. 

She reveals that others have had a problem with TracFones, too.  “I’m going to contact the vendor,” she says to herself.

I end up buying a “Go phone” ($24.88) which is AT&T which I didn’t really want, but after three visits to sweltering Vernal, 60 effing switchbacks and 150 dadgum miles, I’d be content with a tin can on a string!

“Call us overprotective . . . “    Hmmpff!  I have a few other choice words to call you . . 

Saturday, July 19

A lazy day around camp.

1-DSC05709I read, cook, wander around with the crew.  Research future travels.  Daydream.  Go online.  Eat stuff.  Feel happy.

Sunday, July20

After a day of sloth, I’m fired up with ambition!  I empty the PTV, sweep it out, and sort through all my stuff, purging as I go.  The three new storage boxes I bought at Wal-Mart during the phone debacle motivate me to reorganize carefully as I pack up the PTV.

Late in the afternoon, the crew and I take a ride.

At Lodgepole Campground I fill the gallon jugs with drinking water and dump trash.  We continue to the Red Canyon Rim area.

Late afternoon, almost dusk, is a good time to find bighorn sheep. 

The PTV creeps along as I scan the pine-treed fields on both sides of the road.

There they are!  Gosh, there must be thirty in that herd!

1-DSC05782It’s difficult to take a photograph of the entire herd because of the many lodgepole pines.  Hmm . . . a herd of ewes with their youngsters.  I try to capture the little ones playing but the grass conceals most of the action.








For several minutes I sit in the PTV parked in the road taking these photos through the passenger window.  The sheep are aware of me, yet they show no alarm.

1-DSC05792Spike’s and Bridget’s barks don’t scare them.  The herd is close to Canyon Rim Campground and apparently the sheep are accustomed to people and dog noise.

1-DSC05781Next I drive to the overlook at the visitor’s center for another view of Flaming Gorge, this time in the light of late afternoon.

1-DSC05796The crew and I need to get moving. 

Sorry to rush off like this.  We have a new camp to find!  Oh, I almost forgot to tell you.  I followed the instructions for a new security code in order to open my email account.  I typed in my new phone number so the code can be texted to me.

No response.



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