Bluffin’ it!

Thursday, April 17 – Sunday, April 20

Bluff is an apt name for this little village.  Houses and businesses sit under several tons of rock bluff.  Bridget, Spike, and I walk around town this morning.

1-DSC03721That’s the Twin Rocks Cafe in the photo below, where later in the day I order a Navajo pizza supreme on fry bread.  When I first heard about fry bread, I knew I would love it.  Anything described by the words “fry” and “bread” has to be good!

1-DSC03703Adjacent to the cafe is the Twin Rocks Trading Post selling exquisite jewelry, blankets and art, as well as tourist items.

The architecture of Bluff is interesting and reminds one of its rich history.

1-DSC03723Here’s a more modern structure in western style.

1-DSC03724The crew and I motor eastward out of Bluff on Highway 162.

1-DSC03728The sky competes with the landscape for attention. 

1-DSC03732This is Ute Mountain Indian Reservation land.  A few miles out of town I notice a dirt lane heading in the direction of the San Juan River.

1-DSC03736 Since Bridget and Spike walked around Bluff streets with me as I took photos, I know they’re not up to hiking to the river.   I vent the windows, lock up the Perfect Tow Vehicle,  and leave them to nap.  (They always have access to a water dish in the PTV.)

1-DSC03738I hike down the lane and come across magnificent boondocks overlooking the river valley.  However, no camping is allowed on tribal lands.

Spike would love a soak here . . .

Not to mention the mud, but the walk is too far for him.  Better that he soak in his dreams!

1-DSC03739The San Juan isn’t a very pretty river. 

It’s muddy and slow moving.  Any river is a magnet to me.  I hear the honks of Canada geese and catch a glimpse of them as they flap their way, splashing, up stream and around the bend.

1-DSC03741Walking near the river I come to a worn clearing by an overhang of red-and-tan striped rock.  Graffiti indicates this is a party place or maybe a lover’s lane.

1-DSC03748On the way back to the PTV I pause to survey this vista.

How beautiful is this place and this day!

1-DSC03737I take several photos on this short hike.  I wish I could show them all to you.

1-DSC03743I hurry back to my two buddies who greet me with sleepy eyes. 

We return to Sand Island Campground.  Later we go back into Bluff to Twin Rocks Cafe so I can pick up a Navajo pizza to go!


Sitting at a picnic table next to the cottonwood trees and red rock petroglyph panel is an ideal setting for enjoying Bluff’s native cuisine!


NOTE:  During our stay at Sand Island the crew and I go north to Blanding and retrace part of the road that goes to Natural Bridges National Monument.  Easter Sunday we take a leisurely drive to Hovenweep National Monument.  More about that next time.


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