Trapped in the forest!

Sunday, August 30

P1060942Looks like another beautiful day . . . .

The crew and I are walking up the  road this morning from our camp on Badger Mountain in the Manti La-Sal National Forest east of Ephraim, Utah.

P1060941Reggie runs ahead.  Bridget lags behind.

“Well, well, well.  Seems like we have a problem up ahead.”

P1060985 An aspen has fallen across the road.

Our camp is on a dead-end road.  This is the only way out!

Hmm . . .   I can’t drag the tree off the road.  Both ends are between other trees.

P1060986We’re trapped!

“C’mon.  Let’s keep going.”  We step over the downed tree and continue walking the road.

Darn!  Four years ago I was going to buy an axe and a saw and I didn’t.  All these years camping in forests and I don’t have anything to cut up a tree in the road.  Well, I’m not going to call anyone, not unless it becomes absolutely necessary.  We can walk the main road and hail someone.   I can always call the ranger down at the office in Ephraim.

I look around for good photos.

P1060945Oh, the sheep are grazing on the mountainside!

(See dots that look like tan rocks in the bottom of next photo.)

P1060983I wonder if the shepherds on horseback moved them across the road yesterday.

I zoom in on the sheep.

How nice that they have good forage.

P1060984The crew and I continue our walk.

“You’re doing great this morning, sweetie!”  Bridget’s tail does a few happy spins, windmill fashion, as she catches up to Reggie and me.

We reach the top of a rise in the road.

“Oh my gosh, I don’t believe it!”

Let me set this up for you.  We have camped on this forest road for a week.  An entire week.  No one has camped on this road during that time.  We’ve been all by ourselves.  Haven’t seen a ranger.

P1060968What do we come upon this morning?

The morning when we need help?

A travel trailer with a young couple standing by its door!

“Hi!” I call out as we walk over to them.  “I’m camped up there.  A tree fell and is blocking my only way to get out.  Do you have a saw or an axe I could borrow?”

The man says, “I’ll come up there.”

I thank them and the crew and I walk back to where the aspen lies across the road.

P1060987Amazing!  This tree doesn’t fall for the seven days we’re here.  We’ve had rain and some wind.  Last night it was calm.  Yet that tree falls on the very same night the young couple park their camper on the mountain.  And they park it on this forest road!

A few minutes pass and the young man and woman join us.

The man makes one cut with his saw . . .

P1060988Then he drags the top half of the tree out of the road.  The young woman and I pick up the branches scattered about and toss them into the brush.  Nobody says much.

Well, that problem didn’t last twenty minutes.

“Thank you very much.  I think it’s time I bought myself a saw!”


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