Oregon river-hopping!

Tuesday, May 19

The crew and I are in our twelfth day at Big River Campground south of Bend, Oregon.  It’s been good here.

Today I feel like breaking camp!

P1040803Big River, Oregon

By the time I finish the morning routine, wrap up a blog post, pack up, hitch up, and pull out, it’s noon.

We have a few tasks to take care of. 

A short distance up the road is Thousand Trails RV Park.  A sign out front says “Propane $3.05.”  Well, that’s fair warning.  It’s $2.93 in La Pine.”  

Convenience overcomes frugality and I pull in.

It’s a lovely park with plenty of RVs, a clubhouse, store, walkways,  manicured grounds, water feature, entrance gate, and other amenities galore.  Neat, neat, neat.

Just the sort of place I don’t like.

Anyway . . .  After going through the security check-point with electric lift gate, I park next to the propane tank where an employee fills my empty tank and tops off the other one ($19.67).

We’re outta’ here!

Next I need to dump tanks and get water.

One of the many things I like about this area around La Pine and Bend, Oregon, is the abundance of rivers, lakes, and streams.  Seems like you can’t take a drive without coming upon a pretty scene like this one.

P1040896 - CopyDeschutes River seen from a bridge on the way to La Pine State Park

In Oregon’s state parks the dump stations are free, even if you aren’t camped there.

P1040895 - Copy I dump tanks.

It’s a messy job this time.   Almost always I can do this task without any spill at all.   Yes, I’m bragging.  I really know how to get rid of sh*t!

Today I’m using a new sewer hose.  This is my second Rhino-flex.  They’re quality.  The previous one worked great. Not this one.

There’s a nasty  — and I do mean nasty — leak where the hose fits onto the Best Little Trailer’s waste tank outlet. Try as I might, tightening doesn’t help.  I persevere, get the job done, and clean up the area with the dump station hose.

Fortunately no one is around!

After washing off my vinyl gloves and sanitizing my hands, I move to the potable water spigot and fill the water jugs with drinking water, and also fill the fresh water tank.

P1040897-001The hose may look dirty on the outside, but it should be clean on the inside!

Now we’re all set to find our next camp.

The Perfect Tow Vehicle bumps and sways down a winding, rutted, dirt road through the Ponderosa pines of Deschutes National Forest.  I see the BLT in the side mirror, obediently bopping along behind.

P1040899 - CopyA brief word about our next camp . . .

I hope you don’t mind if I hold off announcing exactly where we are camped.  It’s a nice feeling being here in a beautiful, “unknown” site for a while.   If you recognize this rustic campground, let’s wait a bit before discussing it, okay?  Thanks.  I promise to give you more information soon.

One of my favorite things is choosing a campsite!

P1040901 - CopyThis one is nice.  The parking spot is long enough for the BLT and PTV.

I drive slowly around the loop.

P1040902 - CopyThese sites are pretty.  Too close together thoughGood for camping with friends.

Bridget and Reggie are excited. 

Bridget is whining.  Reggie has his face at the window.

“Are you going to pick out a site for us, Reg?”

P1040903This one’s okay except Reggie’s tether would become hung up on stuff.

I can hear the river!

Well, we could go back to the first one.  It’d be nice to camp on the river side of the campground though.  We’re almost back to the first site . . .

“Oh, this is nice!  Look at that, guys.  We’ve found our home!”

P1040905Photo taken shortly after unhitching, while moving the PTV into position.

The area for parking one’s rig is very long which puts our home far from the campground loop.  Not that anyone’s here.  The campground is empty!

The crew and I jump out of the PTV, anxious to explore.

“Let’s go down to the river!”

We scramble down the bank.  I have a tight hold on leashes.  The river is swift and deep!

P1040914Grass and plants on this side of the river are bright green.  Hmm… good bottom land.

“Isn’t this beautiful?  What a place!”

P1040915-001“That’s close enough, Reggie Man.”

The crew and I walk the riverbank. 

I can tell Bridget and Reggie like it here.

P1040917Bridget knows to stay back.  I hold her leash tightly anyway.

“Okay, let’s go back.  We can come to the river later.  I want to finish setting up our new home!”



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