Return to Las Vegas Bay


“That’s Lake Mead, Reggie.  You saw it once before, but you probably don’t remember.”

Friday, December 2

A fierce, cold wind blows as I hitch up the Best Little Trailer to the Perfect Tow Vehicle.  Using my claw hammer, I pull up the stakes around the blue mat.  Immediately the wind grabs it.  I don’t attempt to fold it, just gather it up and stuff it into the back of the PTV.

Soon we’re rumbling across the mesa, leaving Poverty Flats.

Wow . . . We camped here for an entire month.  The time went fast . . . .

Our new camp!

Cautiously I drive Northshore Drive (Route 169) south, keeping our speed around 45 m.p.h. due to the frequent wind gusts.  Fortunately our journey to a new camp is a short one.

I usually postpone travel when a day shows up with wind.  That isn’t an option today because the waste tank must be dumped.  Yes, it’s true.  Some folks plan their days by the stars.  Me?  I live according to the dictates of the waste tank.

Our late start puts us at Las Vegas Bay Campground at 3 o’clock.

I think this is our third time at Las Vegas Bay.  The last time we were here was March 2015,  when Bridget and I brought Reggie home from the Adopt-a-Pet day at PetSmart in Vegas.

p1150234The camping fee at Las Vegas Bay Campground has doubled. 

It’s now $20 regular/$10 with senior discount (Golden Age Pass).  There are no hook-ups.  Amenities include trash pick-up, water spigots, and I think the restrooms have flush toilets. (I haven’t looked.)  A camp host is in residence.

After inserting the pay envelope in the iron ranger, I dump the tanks.

I choose a pleasant site in the “No Generators” section.

Shortly after we’re set up, a covey of quail scurries across the edge of our campsite, softly yip-yip-yipping as they go by.

Well, thanks for the welcome!  Come back soon!


Very few campers are here.  Only four or five and it’s Friday.  Probably the cold and wind keeps people away, along with the price jump for camping.

Saturday, December 3

Reggie is super excited about his new home!   While wandering together through the nearby, empty campsites, I notice a path going toward the river far below the campground.

“Let’s hike down there, Reg.  It’ll be great exercise.”


Reggie happily leads the way.

We end up at the edge of a steep drop.  I don’t see any easy way to go down to the river.

 I don’t need a sprained ankle or a fall. . . .


“Looks like this is as far as we go, Reggie.”

I take a photo and we head back.


We walk around the campground instead.

This delights the dickens out of Reggie.  All these smells!  A summer’s and fall’s accumulation of dog markings on every tree and bush!  Reggie stops to sniff every one he can and leaves his reply . . . .

This pavement is nice for his paws . . . .  Much better than The Zombie Road.


I intended to go to the laundry today.

That plan fizzled.  I always feel like hanging around camp on the first day.  Reggie and I do take an afternoon drive along the lake.


We go to Boulder Campground, further up the road toward Hoover Dam.  I’m all set to visit the shower house there, but a sign at the pay booth says “No Showers.”  Darn!

Lake Mead is very low, even lower than when we were here in 2015.


The water is still the brilliant blue I remember from before.


I don’t know how long Reggie and I will camp at Las Vegas Bay Campground.

At first I thought we would stay long enough for an appointment for the refrigerator and heater.  I’m thinking now I don’t want to stay that long.


Get the laundry done, hit Wal-Mart to stock up, return the DVDs (I’ll watch the last one tonight) to one of the libraries in Vegas, and resume travel southward.


Of course, I might change my mind!  It happens!


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p1030120Reggie on the day I met him, March 2015


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