Desert perfume and computer experts

Monday, April 17

A desert wildflower “garden” by our camp on the mesa, Overton, Nevada

I keep trying . . . .

After weeks of readers — the blogorinos — reporting problems with opening posts and comments, and me not having any success in resolving those problems on my own, I hire online tech experts.


Scanning, cleaning, securing, and performing brain surgery on my computer takes several hours.

My job during this process is to keep my computer turned on, answer questions and follow instructions as they are delivered via chat room, and — the toughest task of all — stop surfing the internet so they can work!

That last one . . . not easy.

To complicate matters, when I go to pay with my credit card . . .

It is denied.

Huh? Denied?  DENIED?!!!  I always pay the balance at the end of the month!

Apparently my frugality is well-known within the credit industry.  Me spending money is cause for alarm.

One computer says to another computer . . .

“Hey, Mac, take a look at this.  No way this is right.  The real RVSue wouldn’t spend $200 in one lump. . . . OMG!  Something is amiss!  Put a hold on it, STAT!”


I call Visa. 

(All the while keeping an eye on the chat box and the tech experts.)

After a few failures with the automated “representative,” a real person notices that I’m glomming up the system and intervenes.  He gives me a pop quiz.  The topic?  My life.  I bumble through while biting my lower lip.

It appears I haven’t repressed everything in my past because he removes the hold.


What’s Reggie doing while all this is going on?

Lying next to me in his bed, snoozin’ in a sunbeam!

I hate to leave the mesa.

Every day presents more reasons to love it here.  Like this morning, before all this computer tech stuff, Reg and I make our way down the slope toward the wash.  We’re following the river of yellow and green where most of this post’s photos originate.

I stop to breathe deeply of the most exquisite perfume!

What is that?  Where is it coming from? 

The scent is something like rose but not really, something like jasmine, but not quite.  It’s as lovely as any expensive perfume from a bottle.  I say it’s lovelier and more precious because it’s carried on a slight breeze on a bright morning on “our” mesa.

I go from plant to plant, sniffing blooms.

The best I can figure, relying upon my olfactory equipment, is it comes from the combination of plants that are in bloom here at the moment.

Mostly it comes from the rhatany bush (above).  I read somewhere that White Rhatany is a favorite cover for rattlesnakes.  They like the dense shade.  Maybe they like the perfume, too!

Reggie and I will move camp tomorrow or the next day.

In the meantime we will enjoy our day.  You do the same, okay?


NOTE:  Early report on computer repair: Problems persist! — Sue


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