A cold blast sends us to a new camp!

Wednesday, February 21

It’s well past time for us to leave our boondock at the grasslands of Buenos Aires National Wildlife Refuge in southern Arizona, about six miles north of the border with Mexico.

I wake up and pull aside the curtain from the window above our bed.  I can’t see out because it’s covered with condensation.

Placing my hand on the glass to wipe away the water droplets, I’m surprised to touch not water, but . . .


Day-um!  It’s cold in here!

I can see my breath as I kneel to light the Wave 3 heater. (We never sleep with the heater on.)  It’s immediately obvious that the heater isn’t going to warm our home fast enough.

I grab the keys hanging by the door and sprint to the Perfect Tow Vehicle.  I turn on the engine and set its heater on high.

Inside the Best Little Trailer . . . .

Reggie and Roger come out from under the covers.

“We have to skip breakfast today, boys.  It’s too cold.  I promise to give you something later.”

Quickly I harness them and we go out for their potty run.  Reggie shivers.  Roger is cold, too, but he seems to bear it better.   When they’re done with business, I pop them both into the PTV which, by now, has become comfortably warm.

Long story short . . . .

I should’ve anticipated this cold.  I should’ve put Reflectix on the window above our bed and that would’ve made a big difference.

I should’ve hitched up yesterday when it was warm instead of leaving it for this bitterly cold morning.

I did turn the blue mat to dry yesterday.  I swept off the mud-turned-into-dirt before packing it into the PTV.

(That activity got the crew excited.  Yay, play time!)

I put the griddle in its carry bag and packed it into the back of the PTV, along with the table and camp chair.

Anyway . . . .

I nearly froze this morning before all was ready for travel! 

On the bumpety-bump ride over ruts on our way to the main road, Reg, Rog and I savor the warm air blasting out of the PTV ‘s heater.  I chuckle at my concern of the day before.

No way we’ll get stuck in the mud — It’s frozen solid as pavement!

About 40 miles north . . . .

We come to Robles Junction aka Three Points.  I gas up the PTV, buy tortillas (gotta’ have ’em), a container of yogurt (my breakfast) and a pack of sliced turkey (the crew’s breakfast).

The sun shines brightly while we eat our breakfast.

We shoot west on Route 86.

Across the rez, a brief roadside walk-around about halfway, and we arrive at Why.


Why not?

Rather than set up camp where we were before, I take a look at Gunsite Wash dispersed camping area, south of town.  I’m pleased to find this popular area isn’t crowded.

A pleasant, level campsite isn’t difficult to find.  The PTV pulls the Best Little Trailer to a site between an ocotillo (right, photo below) and a palo verde (left, out of frame).

Our camp is within view of other RVers, but we’re far enough away not to be aware of each other.  The Best Little Trailer is positioned so the “sitting side” faces away from other RVers.

I like a front-door view of nature only.

“Okay, okay . . . We’re going for a walk.  You two were great copilots today!”

(NEWS FLASH!!! Roger didn’t whine at all!)

Our walk takes us up the road that goes further away from the main camping area.  We find another good site, also by a palo verde.

Very private.  Has charm.  If people move in on us, we can move here.

Later, before sunset . . .

I bring the camera for the last walk of the day.

Ocotillo with a few small blooms

~ ~ ~

Palo verde, the greenest plant in the desert right now

~ ~ ~

“Hey, Reg!  I’ll race you home!”

~ ~ ~

“Hey!  I thought we we’re racing!  No fair, Rog!”

~ ~ ~

This was a good move today.

Better to scrap the plan to push eastward this early in the year.  At least here we are poised to move to a warmer place, if need be . . . .  and our campsite is nice . . . . The boys are happy . . . .  Maybe we’ll leave in a few days . . . . Then again . . .  we could stay a while . . . .



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