Hide n’ seek ’round the cottonwood tree

Wednesday, March 15

Sunrise at Las Vegas Bay Campground, Lake Mead Recreation Area, Nevada

Reggie and I cross the campground to deposit our camp fee in the iron ranger.

The camp fee at Las Vegas Bay Campground is $20 regular/$10 with senior pass.  The campground has water spigots, flush toilet house, trash bins, and an on-site camp host.

This campground is unusual in that no checks are accepted.  You must pay in cash.

Good thing I have the correct amount . . .

I fill out the pay envelope, insert my money, and slip it into the iron ranger.

Reg and I start our return walk to our campsite.

“Hey, Sue!” I hear a male voice call out.  “Is that you, Sue?”

I turn to see a man sitting in a camp chair next to his fifth wheel and under its awning.

Do I know this guy?  He looks familiar . . . .

“Do I know you?” I call back.  In that instant I notice his dog.

“Oh, that’s Sadie!”

My mind sorts recent memories . . . .

Sadie’s owner, Cedar Pocket Campground. . . um, Charlie, yeah, Charlie, that’s his name.

“Charlie!  Is that you?”

“It sure is!” he replies.  “C’mon over and have a seat.”

As Reggie and I approach their camp, Sadie gets up to meet us.

“Hey, I remember you!”

While Charlie and I catch up on each other’s lives since last October when we camped next to each other, the canine pals do their own catching up via various sniffs of body parts.  The preliminaries over, Reg and Sadie commence a spirited game of hide-n-seek.

Reggie hides behind the cottonwood tree.

Haha . . . Sadie knows where I am but she won’t ever catch me!

 Sadie contemplates her strategy. 

Reggie waits, poised for the get-away.  Speed is his advantage.

I’ll wait until Sadie comes around behind me and then I’ll run really fast.

Sadie does a fake! 

She comes around the other side, surprising Reggie head-on!  Uh-oh.  Look out, Reg!

You found me but you won’t get me!

A confrontation occurs! 

Big girl against little guy . . .  Which way will the game go?

See how scary I am, Sadie?  Back off, buddy!

In a flurry of dust, Sadie makes her move on the Reggie Man!

Ack!  You got me!  Ooh, let me gooooo!”

This is intense!

Reggie informs Sadie that she’d better not try that again or she’ll be sorry.  After all, a guy has his pride.  Sadie tilts her head with understanding.

I’ve got jaws too, ya’ know!

Game over!

Contestants pause for a moment.

Hey, Sadie!  That was fun!  Whatcha’ wanna’ do next?


NOTE:  To read the story of Charlie and Sadie which I wrote about while at Cedar Pocket Campground in the Virgin River Gorge, follow this link:  “Cedar Pocket Campground and the love of a dog” – October 2016


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