Kayaks, inflatables, fishing boats — Quiet days at the lake

Saturday, August 1

P1060501Digit Campground, Miller Lake, Oregon

Quiet weekend here at the campground . . .

This is remarkable because Digit Campground has over sixty sites and most of them are occupied for the weekend.  I step out of the Best Little Trailer.  Gee, it’s as quiet as a weekday when only three or four campers are here.

People come to Miller Lake to relax in beautiful surroundings, rather than to make noise.  Many are here to fish or to paddle the lake.

P1060482Digit Campground is situated above the lake.

In other words, you go down a bank to reach the lakeside trail that we walk each morning.  This makes it nice.  When you’re in your campsite you aren’t bothered by people strolling along the lake.

P1060512Also, dogs that are leashed in the campground (according to the rule) can go off-leash when walking the shoreline.

P1060499The next photo, which shows one of my reading spots, gives you an idea of how the sites are above the lake.   (Bridget and Reggie wouldn’t sit in their beds for this photo!)

P1060500In front of every campsite, down the bank, is a place to moor one’s boat.

You can walk down the slope and climb into your boat.

P1060515Today, being Saturday, there’s an assortment of kayaks, inflatables, and fishing boats.

P1060478The crew and I walk past the floating dock.

A man and woman are setting up their chairs and cooler out at the end.   The woman tosses out her line, sets down her rod, and resumes fussing around, arranging her chair and other stuff.

P1060513The man accompanying her approaches the crew and me as he walks down the dock toward shore, probably to retrieve something from their vehicle.

The woman turns around and reels in a trout about 12 inches.

They haven’t been on the dock five minutes!

“I got one!” she calls to the man.

P1060523-001“Already?” he replies.  He turns to look at the fish she’s holding up.  The man shakes his head as if to say, “I don’t believe it.”   I get the feeling she’s out-fished him before!

P1060497I hear a splash.

What was that?  A fish jumping?  Oh, there’s a guy with a chocolate lab.

P1060493I ask the man if I can take pictures and he says, “Go ahead.”

P1060492Reggie and Bridget wait expectantly for the lab to return to land.  The man tells me the dog’s name is Bud.  Bridget gives Bud a sniff on the nose and that’s enough for her.

Reggie is excited!

He doesn’t bark or jump around on his back legs at the sight of a big dog like he did the first few months with us. He trots right up to the big dogs with a friendly “Howdy!”

Apparently all the dog-to-dog socializing has taught Reggie there’s no need to be defensive.

P1060496I’m proud of Reggie.  He’s turning into a super, full-time RVer!

P1060521Saturday afternoon the crew and I take a ride into town.

How to describe Chemult, Oregon?  Hmm . . . . .

Well, the town center is not a plaza or a church or a courthouse.

P1060480Pilot Travel Center sits smack dab in the middle of Chemult.

Route 97 bisects the town and Pilot dominates the center.  I run in and buy milk and bread.  Man, this place is busy! 

P1060484Adjacent to Pilot is a Subway.  I order a foot-long turkey sandwich.  That takes care of lunch and supper!

P1060522Sunday, August 2

Today is our last full day at Miller Lake.  It’s been a wonderful camp.

P1060477-001On Monday we will move.  Again, I’m not sure where we’re going.  As long as we stay away from crowds and make our camp surrounded by nature, we’ll be happy with our new home.



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P1060494“C’mon, Bud!  You can do it!”



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