Wolf Creek Pass — Yes or no?

Wednesday, June 29

P1120378-001The crew and I sit inside the Perfect Tow Vehicle parked at the Conoco station in Pagosa Springs.

No, this isn’t our new camp.  We ‘re here to pick up internet signal as there is none at our new camp (below).

P1120386Colorado has been displaying her weather!

Since we arrived at our new camp on Monday we’ve experienced hot, cold, rain, and hail!

P1120395I’m trying to make a decision regarding infamous Wolf Creek Pass.

Should we attempt it?  Over the past three days I spoke with three fellow travelers about the pass.

The first traveler is hesitant, too.

He questions the wisdom of taking his gas-driven Class C with toad through the pass.   In order to make a decision whether to try it or to avoid it, he drives his toad up to the pass —  I don’t know if he went all the way.  Driving his car up the long grade convinces him to change his plans.

The second traveler makes the same decision.

His decision not to attempt Wolf Creek Pass reflects his concern for his rig, a custom van.

In his words, “It has a few years on it and it has to last me a long time.”

The third traveler says, “Go for it!”

He’s already driven through Wolf Creek Pass with his wife and two children.  They’re from Texas and are exploring Colorado for a month.

I tell him about my and Bridget’s problem with high altitude.

He gives me advice on how to handle the elevation.

“Go to Wal-Mart and buy a container of oxygen.  That’s what we did.  Take three or four puffs and you’re fine.”


It never occurred to me to buy oxygen in a can!

Boost Oxygen Natural Energy in a Can, 22 Ounce

Well, dear reader, another cliffhanger . . . .

Will RVSue and crew attempt Wolf Creek Pass?  Or will caution rule the day?

Will the Perfect Tow Vehicle survive the challenge?

What about RVSue and Bridget?  Will they “get high” on oxygen?

What about Reggie?  Will he be cute all the way through the Pass?

Hmm . . . . .



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