Reggie and Homeless Dog: Friends at first sight!

Friday, May 12 (continued)

In the previous installment, RVSue and Reggie make their home in the RV park in Rogerson, south of Twin Falls, Idaho.  While RVSue and Reggie walk around the park, they are being watched. 

~ ~ ~

A little, white dog peeks at us through the picnic tables.

His curiosity draws him closer and closer.

Reggie, involved in a marathon sniffing session, eventually lifts his head and notices the dog.

Reggie, being Reggie, immediately rushes over with a friendly hello.

He invites the little, white dog to run and play.

“C’mon!  It’ll be fun!”

Invitation accepted!

The little, white dog is a stray.

Anita, who owns and operates the store, cafe, gas station and RV park, comes over to watch the canine pals run around on the lawn.

She tells me the dog has been hanging around the RV park for almost two weeks.

She and the long-term residents of the park have tried again and again to catch him with no success.  They leave food out for him, which he eats.  A dripping spigot provides fresh water.

Folks encourage him to come inside for a warm place to sleep, but he refuses.  He’d rather spend the night by himself in the grass, even though the overnight lows dip into the high 30s.

No one is able to touch him.

Anita has placed phone calls trying to locate the owner.

So far no one has come to Rogerson looking for a little, white dog.

“Anita, I wouldn’t be too concerned about finding the owner of this dog.  It’s obvious he hasn’t been treated very well.  He doesn’t trust people at all.  And he hasn’t been neutered.”

“You’re probably right.  The people might have stopped here and he escaped or they dumped him.  Poor thing.  He might not know what it’s like to be loved.”

“Well, whatever the situation,” I remark, “he certainly doesn’t look like a dog pining for his owner.”

Homeless Dog assumes the role of host.

He leads Reggie on a tour of his adopted “home,” such as it is.  He seems to say, “Look, Reggie.  Get up on this bench with me.  I do this for fun.”

The two buddies march back and forth.

They take a moment to share a few secrets before the next part of the tour.

“See these tables, Reggie?  We can climb on them!”

“Hey, pretty neat!”

I let the new friends run and play until Reggie is worn out.  Homeless Dog doesn’t follow us to our site.  He watches as we go.

I don’t attempt any contact with Homeless Dog.  

He needs time.  Time for Reggie to teach him it’s okay to trust. 



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