A mob moves through our neighborhood!

Sunday, February 10

Usually, the first thing the crew and I do upon waking is head for the back door.  This morning Roger insists we change our routine.

He leads us to the front door instead.

I step out on the porch and . . .

Oh my!  Deer!

A herd of about ten deer stare at us from across the street.  Reggie and Roger commence barking, of course, and charge toward the chain-link fence, the fur on their backs raised in a ridge of righteous indignation.

I rush inside to find my camera.

My haste, along with the dim light and the zoom, combine to produce photos of poor quality.  Oh well, not trying for a prize here, just want to show you another delightful, early morning surprise at our house in southeastern Arizona.

Look behind the deer in the above photo.

See that big agave plant?  It shows damage from recent overnight lows.  Temps do go down into the 20s (F) here.

Well, two little dogs going crazy on the other side of chain-link aren’t going to intimidate these deer. However, the sight of me moving around with a camera pointed their way is enough to send them trotting up the street with ears held back.

During our boondocking days . . . 

The crew (both original and present) and I searched for places where we could camp away from people.  We were rewarded with a variety of wildlife sightings across the western states.

These included pronghorn antelopes, bears (grizzly and black), moose, bison, burros, wild horses, coyotes, bobcat, foxes, kitfoxes, cottontail and jackrabbits, javelina, squirrels (including the Kaibab squirrel), badger, non-venomous snakes, prairie dogs, turkeys, sage grouse, owls, eagles, hawks, geese, ducks, road-runners — all sorts of birds, too many to list here — and several deer.

Now wildlife come to us!

Did you know in some places a herd of deer is called a mob?

“Aha!  That’s what the title of this post refers to!  Some mob.  Shame on you, RVSue!”

~ ~ ~

Yesterday, around 4 p.m., it’s finally warm enough to work outside.

I set up a low stool to brush on stain/sealant along the bottom couple of inches of the cedar fence.

The boys chase each other around the house.  I had made them a toy out of my old socks and the popular game these days is “Ha-ha, I got the sock toy and you can’t get it!”  Reggie usually initiates games.  He flies past with the sock toy in his mouth.

Boy, can that Reggie run!

Roger is fast, too, and although he’s giving it all he’s got, he’s at least six chihuahua-lengths behind the speedy Reggie Man.

What a pleasure to be outside again after days too cold or rainy!

Apparently the birds feel the same way.

Such singing! Cactus wrens are curious about me.  I look up from my work and for a brief moment catch sight of a wren peering down from the top of the fence. A cactus wren has made a nest under the eave of the covered patio so maybe I’ll see the babies someday.

~ ~ ~

Oh, my new ladder arrived!

And what a dandy it is!

I’m pleased that it’s a manageable weight (aluminum).  It has a nifty handle so it can be carried like a suitcase.

There’s a platform for a paint can and a place to hook on a roll of paper towels.  It even has a sliding drawer for screws and nails.

I like the sturdiness.  No sway at all.

Dennis and Gilbert came by today to work on the wide, double, cedar gate.

The gate swings open on wheels to allow vehicle access to the back yard.  The gate has such a wide span, plus the wind really tears through here at times, that it needed extra support.

Of course, I had to show the guys my new stepladder.

They gave it the once-over and I could tell from their reactions that they like it.

You know, I’m beginning to understand why men love tools. Tools open up possibilities.

Hmm . . . eight feet.  Gee, I could spy on the neighbors over the six-foot privacy fence.



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