Jump for joy! Badger Mountain boondock, Utah

The crew and I aren’t traveling this summer.  Instead the Best Little Trailer rests in the backyard of our recently purchased home in southern Arizona.  I busy myself with house projects in preparation for the arrival of my sister, Nancy, and her dog, Marg, later this summer.

Reggie and Roger are enjoying their new roles as yard dogs!  

Today’s photos feature one of my favorite boondocks, Badger Mountain in west-central Utah.  I’ve camped on Badger with my crew in three different campsites. Each one ranks high on my list of favorites.  Bridget, Reggie and I camped in the site shown in this post during August 2015.

Aspens, wildflowers, cool summer temperatures, privacy, and easy access to necessary supplies are the elements that brought us back to Badger Mountain again and again.

San Pitch Mountains, Sanpete Valley, and town of Ephraim seen from Badger Mountain

Saturday, July 14 in Arizona

About once a day, sometimes twice, and occasionally during the night, a heavy rain falls, bringing cooler air and forming frantic streams in search of lower ground.  I watch from my windows and the porch, fascinated by the change after months of dry desert living.

The rain brings the roof work to a halt.

Mike the roofer leaves a message on my phone: ” . . . We can’t work when the roof is wet. By the time the dew dries, it’s raining again . . . . ”

Mike’s plan for this week . . .

He will replace fascia, and add flashing, new gutters and downspouts. The goal is to carry the rain in such a way that it doesn’t flow over the side of the gutters during deluges.  The water needs to be directed into downspouts to distribute it better, away from the house.

As it is now, the water comes off the roof (and over the side of gutters) in sheets, flooding the patio and other areas.

Whenever weather permits, Mike and his helper will switch back to roof work.

Ah, the joys of home ownership!  

Speaking of joy . . . 

The weeds are jumping for joy all around the house and yard and on both sides of the chain link fence.  I ordered a little, 20-inch gas push mower from Wal-Mart.  It will be delivered to our door on Monday.

The party’s over, weeds!

The new mower has a Briggs and Stratton engine, very similar to one I had in the past.

Light and small enough to maneuver in tight spots.

And tough? Oh my, that machine was tough!

It cut through Georgia vines, the likes of which Tarzan could swing from, as if they were spaghetti noodles.  It looked like a toy but it could chew its way through saplings.  I tamed a backyard jungle with that thing.

Interior painting has resumed.

After a break, I’m charged up again to paint!  The den and Nancy’s bedroom are done and very pretty.  I’ve painted most of the trim in my bedroom and started on the walls and ceiling.

Again Nancy’s decorating decisions amaze me.  

To be honest, if I were given a million choices for paint color for my bedroom, the color Nancy chose wouldn’t even make my list.   When at the paint department, seeing the dab of paint on the lid after it was mixed. . . well, I wasn’t jumping for joy.

Totally trusting Nancy’s  judgment, this morning I paint on that icky color, and wow!

It is exquisite!  I don’t know how she does it!

And from Florida!

I won’t be posting photos of the painted rooms until there’s furniture in them, and we won’t have furniture until Nancy brings it in mid-August.

Guess what?

Nancy is no longer a member of the rat race!  Her last day of work was yesterday, Friday!

Her first day of retirement being a Saturday, I doubt the joy of realizing her new freedom has hit her yet.

That jump-for-joy moment will come.


NOTE:  See “The beauty of Badger Mountain and nine pounds of courage” and subsequent posts for more photos and information about this boondock.


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