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Wednesday, April 27

P1100971Reggie meets a fellow camper at Bighorn Campground, Glenwood, New Mexico.

“Flash” is one of three rescue pups in the family of Joe and his wife who are here at Bighorn from Colorado.

I meet Joe while out walking with Reg.  Flash escaped, eager to meet Reggie, and Joe came running after.

“Reggie needs a playmate,” I remark, as Joe apologizes.  “Looks like they’ll get along fine.”

P1100969We discuss a few of the usual topics.

The weather, where we’re from, where we’re going, etc.  Joe mentions that while they were on the road two days ago the winds almost tipped over his trailer. (Gusts were reported at 50 mph.)  He and his wife have a truck for a tow vehicle.  They tow a travel trailer with slide. It’s much bigger than the Best Little Trailer.

“I bet that was scary,” I respond.

P1100972During our conversation, Reggie and Flash enjoy playtime together.

On the return walk home I notice a jackrabbit in the grass, far away on the hillside.  Zooming in, the camera captures him quite well, considering the distance, and also with Reggie, still excited over making a friend, tugging on the tether in my other hand.

P1100966Bridget is in bed when I open the door of the BLT.

She’s happy to see us.  I haven’t removed her car from the Perfect Tow Vehicle since we’ve been at Bighorn.  One reason — It takes strength and energy that I didn’t have.

I’m much better now and could pull it out for her.  The other reason — Bridget needs to walk and once I set up the car, that’s what she’s going to insist for her mode of travel.  Our walks here are very short, due to the small campground next to a main highway.  If Bridget takes at least one walk daily, she stays limber.

Later, while I’m opening a can of soup for supper . . . .

Joe comes to the door.  He hands me a foil-wrapped burrito that he made.  I thank him, put the soup in the fridge, and eat the burrito made of beans, egg, and salsa.  Mmm . . .  tasty and fortifying.  Very thoughtful of them . . . .

Thursday, April 28

I’m at my computer early this morning when I’m startled by something slamming into the back window near me.  I pull aside the curtain and at first see nothing that could’ve caused it.  My first thought  — a limb has fallen from the cottonwood tree.

Looking further, I see this little guy sitting very still on the ground below.

P1100979He must have knocked himself silly.  That was quite an impact.

After a few minutes, leaving the crew inside, I go out to investigate.

P1100978I keep my distance, take the photo, and leave him alone.  Better to not stress him further. While I peek out the window he eventually flies away.

Be careful, little buddy!

Of course, I immediately do an online search hoping to identify him.

Cornell’s All About Birds site and the site describe several types of towhees.  The description of Spotted Towhee seems close, although the belly isn’t white.  Maybe an Eastern Sparrow hybrid? What do you think?

As I’m typing this post, we have visitors!

Joe and his wife (sorry, forgot the name) are leaving and stop at our site to say goodbye.  I trot outside without Bridget and Reggie.

I thank them for the burrito, of course.  We chat for a few minutes and I pet their canine crew.  I explain about my blog and ask if I may take photos of their dogs to include in a post.  They readily agree.

Here they are, an adorable threesome, all rescue dogs . . . .

P1100981From left to right, Flash (14 yrs old), Jax (the newest rescue) and Toby (doxie mix)

I wish all five a safe trip back to Colorado.

Hmm . . . We should leave soon, too.  Not today though, but soon.


NOTE:  The mystery bird has been identified correctly by a reader!  (Thank you!) It is a Black-Headed Grosbeak.  I was way off!  Click the link to read about it and listen to its song.


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