Guest Blogger: Digit Point Campground on Oregon’s Miller Lake

Bridget is our guest blogger today.

P1060338“Thanks for the help, RVSue.  I’m ready.  You can go sit in your lounger or wash dishes or something.”

“Oh, Bridget, don’t forget the details about the campground before you tell about your walk with Reggie around the lake.”

“Yes, RVSue.  I got it.   Really.  Go.”

 Welcome, everyone, to my post about our new camp!

P1060282This is me under the picnic table at our last camp

Digit Point Campground is very nice.

You pronounce it Didge-It.  I explained that to Reggie.  He thinks it’s funny to call it Dig-It, but that’s not the right way.  I let him say it the wrong way.  He’s young.  If you’re not young like Reggie, you should say Didge-It.

Okay, let’s get started.

First, the things Digit Point Campground has.

The campground has picnic tables, fire rings, trees, chipmunks, water spigots, bear-proof trash bins, kitchen waste drains, squirrels, flush toilets, camp host, boat ramp, dock, and  a little swimming beach next to a picnic area.  Camping fees are $12 regular or, if you have an old person’s pass like we have, you only pay $6 a night.

There are rules posted at the pay station.


Let’s see . . . what else?

Oh, the fish!  I almost forgot!  RVSue would have a fit if I left this out!

Here’s a sign we saw near the boat ramp:

P1060371This is what Wikipedia says about the fish:

Recreation at the lake includes fishing for stocked rainbow and brown trout and kokanee. The lake has been called “one of the best brown trout fisheries in the state”. Many brown trout in the lake . . .  exceed 26 inches (66 cm) in length.

Also, Miller Lake is supposed to have lots and lots of mosquitoes.  That’s not true!  We only have a few around our camp.

Monday, July 27 – Thursday, July 30

Every day Reggie, RVSue, and I walk along the lake.

P1060343Reggie and I like to climb over and around the logs.  RVSue doesn’t.  She sits on them.

P1060347 - CopyRVSue and I watch Reggie and chuckle. 

The logs are high for him.

P1060344That doesn’t stop the little guy!

P1060345Up and over he goes!  Me?  I prefer to walk around.

P1060346We follow a path and come to a pretty place where lots of green grass grows.  RVSue gets excited.  “Ooh, look at the light on the grass,” she says.  “I have to take a picture!”

P1060368 - CopyWe see where beavers have chewed on trees.  There are several trees and stumps with teeth marks on them.

P1060351 - CopyIn the photo above, Reggie chases a chipmunk, even though it’s impossible to catch them.  They’re all over the place and too fast!

We stop at one of the many sandy places.

I sit quietly with RVSue.  Reggie, of course, has to run around.  That boy is always moving!

P1060307One morning we meet Darryl and his dog, Blue.

They’re out for a walk along the lake, too.  At first Reggie barks like a tough guy, standing on his back legs.  I remind him that he’s not supposed to do that.

RVSue says to Darryl, “Is it okay if they meet?  Reggie here needs to learn that big dogs are okay.”

While RVSue and Darryl talk, Reggie and I chat with Blue.

P1060311-002Darryl tells RVSue about the birds he saw.

“I don’t know what kind they were.  There were about forty of them, flying over the lake, swooping and diving, catching insects. It was amazing!”

“What did they look like?” RVSue asks.

“They had a head like an owl and . . . big eyes.”  Darryl kneels down and draws in the sand with a stick.  “And they had skinny wings with a white stripe across them, like this.”

“What time of day did you see them?” RVSue asks.

“Around 4 o’clock.  They were here until dark.”

Meanwhile, Reggie and Blue have become pals.

Reggie’s going on and on about living “on the road.”  He’s such a big shot.

P1060315He says to Blue, “We don’t always camp in campgrounds.  Lots of times we boondock out on public land.  Boondocking is so cool!  This winter we’re going to the desert and . . . . ”

Blue is very polite and listens patiently.

We say goodbye and walk some more.

Reggie trots ahead of us.

P1060339Sometimes I walk behind.  Then I have to catch up!

P1060325-001And sometimes I like to walk next to Reggie.  Here we are, almost back at our camp.

P1060324That’s the end of my guest post.  I hope you enjoyed walking with us!


NOTE:  Later, around 4 o’clock the day we met Darryl and Blue (and every day since), the crew and I go down to the lake and watch the birds he saw.  I looked them up in my Audubon field guide.  They’re nighthawks! — Sue

Click this link to see and hear the nighthawks!


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P1060334-001“Once again you did a great job, Bridgie Baby.  Thanks for the help!”


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