Dalton Springs and Buckboard Campgrounds, Manti LaSal National Forest, Utah

Wednesday, May 25

P1110606“Those are the Abajo Mountains up there, crew.  This road will take us from 7,066 feet at Monticello to 8,600 feet at Dalton Springs.”

P1110613 - Copy“RVSue?  Are we going to be in that snow?  Snow is too cold!”

“No, Reggie, we aren’t going that high.  That’s up around 11,000 feet.”

P1110614 - Copy“I want us to investigate two campgrounds.  The first one should be up here pretty soon.”

P1110616 - Copy“I see it, RVSue.  Up ahead on your left.”

“Thanks, Bridge.  Let’s just do a drive-through on this one.” 

Hmm . . .  Same fee as Devil’s Canyon Campground ($10 regular/$5 with senior pass).  Road is dirt, kind of narrow.  A small, tight campground, probably been here a long time.

P1110619 - Copy“Only one camper here.  I suppose when it’s hot in the summer, people come up here with their crews for the shade and cool air.  It’s a little too early for that now.”

P1110618 - Copy“Ooh, RVSue, those black trees are spooky.  Do you think they’re scary, Miss B?”

P1110621 - Copy“Well, no, Reggie.  The trees don’t have their leaves yet.  They’ll be pretty once the leaves come out.”

“Oh, oh, I know what that house is for.  That’s where people go pee-pee and poo-poo!”

P1110622 - Copy“Good job, Reg.”  (Bridget rolls her eyes.)

The crew and I decide that we won’t camp at Dalton Springs Campground. 

Maybe we will someday, if we come this way again during the heat of summer.  It’s only about 5 miles west of Monticello and Route 191.

“Okay, the next campground is about two miles further up this curvy road.”

“RVSue!  Reggie!  Over there!  A deer!”

P1110612 - CopyWe arrive at Buckboard Campground, also $10 regular/$5 with discount pass.

P1110624Buckboard has two group sites on opposite sides of a circular, grassy area.

P1110626The campground map at the entrance shows the individual campsites fanning out from the road that goes around the circle.  There’s also a short spur with a loop at the end for a few more sites.

“Isn’t this nice?  Let’s get out and walk.  Reggie, sit still for your tether.  Bridget, no one’s here so you don’t need to wear your suit.”

~ ~ ~

They’re having a grand time . . . . It’s perfect weather for this.  Slightly cool and sunny.

P1110628“Hey, guys . . . This one has a pink reservation tag.  Someone’s reserved it for Memorial Day weekend.”

P1110631“You’re enjoying this, aren’t you, sweetheart.  I see your tail is wagging.”

P1110630The white bark of the aspens is pretty against the pale blue sky.

P1110632I imagine it’s beautiful here in the fall when the aspen leaves turn yellow-gold.  Gee, funny how there aren’t any bear-proof receptacles.  This must be bear country . . . .

P1110640Reggie is so little under those tall trees!  I wonder what he’s thinking.

“Hold up, Reggie.  Give us a chance to catch up.  Take your time, Bridge.  We’re in no hurry, sweetheart.”

P1110634“See the nice campsite I found, RVSue?  Do you like it?  It has lots of grass.”

P1110633“You found a good one, Reg.  Come here.  You can see how far we’ve walked.  Look over there.  See the Perfect Tow Vehicle across the way?”

P1110635“Bridget, how about you show us the way back to the PTV.  You’re good at that.”

“I’ll be glad to, RVSue.  Come along, Reggie boy.”

P1110639“Reggie MAN!  It’s Reggie MAN!  I’m not a little boy!  Stop calling me Reggie boy!”


“All right.  I’m sorry.  Slip of the tongue.”


P1110642-001“Next, crew, we’re going to Newspaper Rock!  We’ll have our drinks before we leave here.

Did you have fun?”


“How about you Bridge? Did you enjoy it?”

“It was lovely, RVSue.  Thank you.  I had forgotten about the beautiful aspens.  I think the aspen camps are my favorites.  Pine camps are nice, too.”



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