Fickle February in southeastern Arizona

Thursday, February 7, at home in Arizona

Today I step out onto the porch and greet a brisk, calm morning of clear sky and sunshine.

“Looks like another beautiful day, guys.”  Reggie and Roger take off across the porch to patrol the perimeter of our property.

Another beautiful day . . . .

Yesterday the boys and I wake to the surprise of snow flurries!  Delighted and entranced I watch the flakes of snow swirl like confetti . . . a fanciful celebration.

The snow doesn’t stop the birds from singing.  Quite the contrary.  They chirp and chatter with an extra pitch of excitement as they hop about, scratching the ground under the feeders.  Above them their cohorts also dine with gusto, flicking seeds which add to the bounty of those below.

Several times throughout the morning I break away from housecleaning, laundry, and general puttering to gaze out a window at the short-lived snowflakes.

Reg and Rog settle in for a long winter’s nap.

The day before, gusty breezes whip through here, drying the weeds in the yard of moisture collected over the previous days of on-again, off-again rain.

The boys reacquaint themselves with all portions of the yard, intently performing nose investigations.  They’re happy in the moment, the way dogs tend (and humans try) to be.

I grab the string-trimmer and set to work.

I revel in the wearing of shirtsleeves outdoors on a day in the first week of February. Funny how what I would’ve thought a chore in my younger years, now is an exercise in thanksgiving — thankful that I’m able to heft and swing a weed-wacker!  Ha!

My string-trimmer, recommended by a neighbor, has turned out to be one of my best purchases.  Here’s a link to it at Amazon:

BLACK+DECKER LST300 Weed Whacker

Done with the weeds, I survey the neatly trimmed yard.

Gee, with a little imagination those chopped weeds look like “lawn.” 

I pull up a lawn chair to savor the good feeling of Getting Some Work Done.

Little do I suspect that the very next day . . . snow flurries!



 Need a lightweight stepladder?

I’m  excited about the arrival (tomorrow) of a new stepladder!  The six-footer I’ve lugged around in the Perfect Tow Vehicle for years is heavy and too short for many tasks.

This one is an 8-footer and lighter, and, as I type this, it has earned over 325 5-star reviews from satisfied, Amazon customers:

Cosco 8-Foot Signature Series Step Ladder

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