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Sunday, December 9

A sunny day allows Dennis and Gilbert to accomplish much on the fence installation.  They encounter a few challenges along the way and overcome them all.

I’ll write and show more of the fence in a future post.

This post is about bargains for the house!

I realize some of my readers have little interest in this.  However, several readers have expressed an interest in my thrifty shopping as I furnish and decorate our house in Arizona, so this is their turn.

Here goes!

This first photo shows one of my favorite and most-used purchases.  This chair is where I kick back to write this blog on my laptop.

Two large cushions add color to the corner by the fireplace.

When I purchased the wicker recliner, I thought I’d put it on the porch.  How nice to recline on a breezy porch while birds sing around the feeders and birdbath!

Well, it may end up on the porch someday.

Right now it’s too cold for relaxing on the porch, so the recliner has a place in the living room.

The loveseat across the room is comfortable, too, but that’s taken over by Reggie and Roger.

Finally a floor lamp to go with the recliner!

I searched for weeks until I finally found one I liked. Gee, there are some awfully ugly floor lamps in the world!

Next, a few functional items for the kitchen.

While living in the Best Little Trailer, I had a few dishes and a couple cups, weight and space always a consideration.  I want to leave kitchen items in the BLT to be ready for travel.

I had nothing for the house’s kitchen.  It’s been fun collecting plates, bowls, cups, and whatnot.

I’ve been fortunate to find really nice dishes, which I’ll show you sometime.  These mugs are great.  They feel good in the hand and keep coffee warm a long time.

The white crockery canister with blue stripe holds a bag of sugar (ha-ha, too bad, ants!) for mixing up hummingbird water.

Not everything has a practical use.

Some things I bring home for fun!  Like these plastic squirrels . . . .

I didn’t buy souvenirs for the states where the crew and I traveled and camped.  Yet, here I am, happy homeowner, compelled to purchase this little Arizona souvenir.  At one time it probably sat on a shelf at a tourist center somewhere in the state.

How can I resist this little, pink swan?  It’s a smaller, similar version of the big, pink planter I showed you in a previous post.

For weeks I shop for a bed.

The thrift stores have beds but not anything I want to bring home.  The resale shop has nice, quality beds in excellent condition, but not my taste at all.  I look online and the prices are way out of my comfort zone and that’s before buying a mattress.


Then one day in a dark corner of the thrift shop I spy something interesting in a stack of headboards and foot boards.  I can’t get the thing out to look at it.  It’s really heavy wood!

I find two male volunteers to help me.

Ooh, I like this bed!  It’s dirty and scratched and has several nicks, but it’s exactly what I want!  I’ll do what it needs to make it beautiful again.  Eighty-five bucks?  I’ll take it!

Over the span of several thrifting excursions . . . 

A collection of assorted items comes together.  I don’t seek them out.  Yet they fit well in this odd place between the laundry, living room, and kitchen.

And each serves a purpose.

The mirror enables a view out the patio door while standing around the corner in the kitchen.

The little organizer at right holds snail mail, reminders, and pen with note cards.

The basket is where I keep recent winter wear handy before stepping into the back yard:  black suede gloves (50 cents), black knit gloves (50 cents), and an ivory knit scarf ($1).

These items sit on top of a six-drawer chest.  (Bad photo, but you get the idea.)

I hit a few yard sales, too.

A few weeks ago a three-family yard sale yielded this treasure.

The bowl is sold by a couple who traveled Central and South America, judging by the looks of their wares.  I don’t have a chance to ask about the origin of this bowl.    I touch up the rim with a couple dabs of paint where it’s chipped and it looks great!

Other stuff . . . 

Of course, you can’t get everything you need or want at a thrift shop, resale store, or yard sale.

Often it’s easier to go to . . . ta-da! . . .


Your product recommendations are appreciated.  I hope you will share with us why you are pleased with something you ordered from Amazon.  (I can no longer post links to readers’ purchases without a recommendation.)

What would you recommend for a great gift for someone on your list or for yourself?

Thanks for your help!



Suzicruzi on the road (with Larry and Kitty) recommends . . . 

MPOWERD 1023-002-001-002 Luci Outdoor 2.0 – Inflatable Solar Light, Finish, Adjustable Strap, 5 x 4.25, Clear

“I highly recommend the Luci Light available at Amazon.  They are really great, long lasting, little solar lights that charge easily and hold their charge for a long time (unused) so you can have them in case of power outages.

“They are small, waterproof, and pretty functional. One lights the interior of our Casita, two are almost as good as daylight! (Almost). Due to the cost and light weight, easy-to-use feature, they make great gifts!

“We first used them for backpacking as they weigh nothing, charge during the day on your pack, and stay lit a very long time. The directions say they stay on 12 hours, but we have found it’s more like 8-10 hrs on the low setting, which is still amazing. You gotta get a few! We have the original, but I’m kind of drooling over the newer colored ones for patio lanterns. Cheers!” — Suzicruzi

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