Can you beat these thrift store bargains?

Friday, October 5

Several weeks ago when emptying the Best Little Trailer in preparation for her steam cleaning, I pull out my thrift store coat from the closet. 

I bought this coat in Florence, Oregon.

Like all who love a bargain, I remember exactly what I paid for it.

Seven dollars.  

A London Fog, perfect for the way I live and in excellent condition.

This coat has served me well for several winters.

A hard look at the present condition of the coat convinces me its days of service are over. The wrists are very dirty.  Repeated washes and still dingy.  Too dirty-looking to wear to the store.  Even for me.

Time for a new coat!

Okay, that was weeks ago.

~ ~ ~

Today I’m poking around the thrift store.  I find a nice flannel shirt in a pretty plaid.

 I like plaid flannel, especially the plaids used for men’s shirts.  This is a “men’s” shirt. Fine with me. Roomier and probably better made.

Oh, I should look for a coat!

Over at the circular coat rack, I whip apart the hangers.

No.  No.  No.  Who would where a color like that?  No.  Oh-good-heavens-No. . . Hmm . . . What’s THIS? 

I pull out the coat and see that it is clean, like new.    I check the label.  Eddie Bauer.  YES.  This is good.  Size? Medium, petite.  Bingo! 

I drop the shirt and try on the coat.  

Fits just right!  Zipper works! Lots of pockets!  Snuggy warm!  Hmm . . . No price tag.  

I ask the woman at the register.

“Did you get it off the circle rack? All those coats are two dollars.”

Wow.  What a deal . . . 

“And today we’re having a store-wide, half-price sale so it’s a dollar.”

Oh, oh, happy day . . . 

Look at the neat vest I got, too!  

I’m all set for winter!

Besides the shirt for a dollar, the coat for another dollar, and the vest for a dollar, I purchase a little food chopper for $1.50 (half off $3 price).

~ ~  ~

Back at the house . . .

The crew and I eat up the drumsticks and wings of the rotisserie chicken still warm from the grocery store.

After lunch I go online and find the regular price of a  Black + Decker1.5-Cup Electric Food Chopper like the one I just bought.  I savor another great deal.

Using my new toy to chop up celery and onion,  I put together a chicken salad with the rotisserie chicken breasts.

Later, while on the front porch reading . . . 

Neighbor Dan and Buddy come along and stop to visit over the fence. Reg and Rog race to say hi to their buddy, Buddy.  This is Buddy:

I attempt photos and Buddy immediately tries to leave.

“Buddy doesn’t like the camera,” Don says.

“Oh, Buddy, sweetie.  Come back.  I won’t take photos.  Promise.”  I place the camera on the porch and Buddy returns to the fence.

Dan and I chat.

I tell him about my bargain coat.

” . . . so I got an Eddie Bauer coat, perfect fit, just what I needed, for a dollar.”

“Well, good for you, Sue.  That IS a bargain,” Dan remarks appreciatively.

“Not only that, when I got home I tried it on in front of a full mirror to have a better look.  I stick my hands in the pockets and find fifty-two cents!

Dan laughs.  “Quite a deal!”

“Yeah, can you believe it?” I gush.  “A quality coat in perfect condition for forty-eight cents!”

Dan says he has a great bargain story, too.

“Actually it’s Mary’s story.”  (Mary is Dan’s late wife.)

“She bought a purse at the thrift store.  When she got it home, she unzipped a compartment inside the purse, down at the bottom.  In it she found fifty-seven dollars.”

“Wow! I gotta’ say, Dan, that beats my 48-cent coat!


NOTE:  What’s your best bargain story?  Tell us about it! — Sue

~ ~ ~


In the fall of 2012 the original canine crew and I camp at Slab City, Niland, California.

“So this is the Slabs, our new home in the desert” — November 2012

~ ~ ~


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