Sculpt a good retirement life

Sunday, March 19

Late in the afternoon, while walking on the campground road, Reggie and I meet a woman and her dog.  The dog, Angel, is a mix of norwich terrier and chihuahua.

A nor-chi, for short.

The woman tells me Angel is full of energy.  I tell the woman Reggie is full of energy.  We both welcome the chance for our dogs to work off their energy.

While the dogs get acquainted, the woman and I do the same.

Though I don’t pounce on her neck, Reggie-style!  She tells me her name is Corrie and she lives near Las Vegas Bay Campground in the town of Henderson, Nevada.

“I like to come over here and camp for a few days in my van.  It gets me away from the neighbors for a while.”  She pauses.  “And it’s so pretty here.”

Soon Corrie describes the retirement lifestyle she has created for herself.

Most of her life she and her husband and son lived in Idaho.  A few years back they bought a mobile home located in Henderson and moved here.  At the same time they kept a fifth wheel in Idaho.

“I love my place in Idaho!” she gushes. 

“It’s in an old trailer park with no one in it.  Years ago, when my husband was alive, it was owned by different people than the ones who own it now.  They kept it up and had a pretty good flow of people.  Now I’m usually the only one there.”

“Why do you like it so much?” I ask.

“Oh, it’s nice!  A creek runs by and I can step out my door and watch the ducks and the birds . . . . ”

“That does sound nice.  What part of Idaho is that?”

“Soda Springs.  It’s in the southeast corner of Idaho, not far from Pocatello.  I love it there.  You know, you can get property there pretty cheap.”

We stop for a moment in order to untangle the dogs.

“When my husband passed a few years ago, I thought about selling the mobile home in Nevada.   But it’s paid for and it is a good place to spend the winter.  Whenever I feel like getting away, I camp here at the campground in my van.”

“And when it heats up, you drive your van north to your fifth wheel by the Idaho creek where it’s cool,” I finish for her.  “Sounds good to me.”

“Yeah, I even have a three-wheeler I keep there.  I used to ride Harleys.  Now I toodle around on that thing.”

She laughs at herself.

By this time, Reggie and Angel are about played-out.

“They’ll sleep well tonight,” I remark.

“Let me see if I can take a portrait of Angel.” 

Angel is camera-friendly.  In fact, she keeps coming toward me whenever I point the camera at her which gives her this bobble-head look.

After a few tries I do catch a full-body shot from the side, as well as the first photo of this post and others.

It’s interesting finding out how people sculpt a retirement they love.

Corrie is a happy, contented woman.

I didn’t get the impression that she is wealthy.  Her life is uncomplicated and secure, while she maintains the independence of moving back and forth between her two, modest homes in lovely locations, as well as camping whenever she feels like it.

The sun is low in the sky as Corrie and I wish each other safe travels and return to our campsites with our canine pals tagging along toward home.



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