A warm camp in a small town for the last cold blast of spring

Friday, May 12 (continued)

Traveling toward Wells, Nevada, the presence of the Ruby Mountains (above) triggers fond memories of the time the crew and I camped at Ruby Lake National Wildlife Refuge.   It was cold then and, even though that was in April, it is colder now in May.  I resist the temptation to return this spring.

Reggie and I reach the town of Wells.

I park the Perfect Tow Vehicle and Best Little Trailer behind a travel center.  Reggie has a walk-around on the grass — Man, is it windy! — and then I make a turkey sandwich for lunch.  We share the sandwich inside the PTV.

Well, it’s obvious that Angel Creek Campground (about 7 miles southwest of Wells) would be too cold for tonight’s camp.  I have a feeling that we could drive out of this awful wind if we keep going. 

About seventy more miles on Route 93 . . . 

We roll through Jackpot without stopping.

Shortly thereafter we enter Idaho!

Let’s climb into the time machine for a moment, shall we?  Going back to last winter when Reggie and I walked through desert lilies around our camp at the LTVA near Blythe, California, I wondered about the year ahead of us.

What route should we take to go north in the spring?  

These are the choices (allowing for variations) for migrating north from the southwestern Arizona/southeastern California area, as I see it.

One can lean westward and go up 395, the California coast, or through Death Valley.  Or head east and then north through Page or Bluff, or even loop around through New Mexico.  Another choice is to go north through Las Vegas and veer eastward through St. George and Utah.  Or go north through Vegas and follow 93 all the way into Idaho.

I chose the latter.

And for some reason that escaped me, the tiny settlement of Rogerson, Idaho, kept coming to mind.  Not as an insignificant mile marker along Route 93 . . .

But as a destination.

Why go to Rogerson?  It’s nice.  Salmon Falls Creek Reservoir is nearby, but we’ve been there and done that.  Of all the places we could go, why return to Rogerson?

~ ~ ~

Okay, back to our journey north on this day in May . . . .

By the time we reach Rogerson I’ve decided we will camp at the RV park. Cold weather with rain, possibly snow, is in the forecast for the coming week. (Remember my 12 volt outlets don’t work and the propane heater still has a leak.  More about that in another post.)

The RV park is beyond a multi-service area of gas station, convenience store, and cafe with bar.  Rogerson is so small and rural that this is its center and, as I later learn, the heartbeat of the town.

When we enter the park, the only RVers are long-term residents.  

A man helps us choose a spot and the Best Little Trailer nestles into it.  Soon she’s munching contentedly on 30 amp power.  Camping fee is $100 for seven days + $6 tax, electric included.

This is great!  We’re pushing the envelope being this far north so early, but it doesn’t matter.  We will be warm and happy here and I can blog without having to fuss around charging the laptop in the PTV.

Reggie likes the grass. 

Beyond our back “yard” is a field, too!

Later, while walking with Reggie around the park, I have the feeling we are being watched.

Far across the grassy lawn I spot a small, white dog! 

Reggie doesn’t know he’s there.  I zoom in and catch a photo of the curious canine before he runs behind a shed to hide.

Coming up:  Reggie meets Homeless Dog!  



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