Different worlds: Quartzsite to Dome Valley and beyond

Friday, January 19

The griddle is packed!  Today is a travel day!

Soon the outside room is rolled up and tucked into the back of the Perfect Tow Vehicle. The Best Little Trailer is hitched, the chocks removed.

“Canine co-pilots!  Take your positions!”

We roll away from our campsite at Midland Long Term Visitor Area, Blythe, California.

Leave wanting more . . . .

Before driving into town to take Interstate 10 east, we stop at the LTVA’s dump station and trash bin.

Oh, It’s good to be on the road again!

Photo taken through the windshield as we head toward Quartzsite

Dome Rock!

Wow! I’ve never seen Dome Rock so heavily populated with RVs!

(Dome Rock is a BLM camping area to the west of Quartzsite.  The original crew and I camped there a couple times, back in the day.)

At Quartzite we leave the interstate and swing into Love’s Travel Center to top off the PTV’s gas tank.  Busy place, of course.  Then, following signs for Route 95 south, we make our way through Quartzsite.

My photos do not come close to displaying the crowds and level of activity in town.  I’m limited to photos I can take while waiting in traffic jams, plus I avoid taking pics of people, so these photos don’t portray the phenomenon that is Quartzsite at her peak.

~ ~ ~

~ ~ ~

~ ~ ~

~ ~ ~

~ ~ ~

~ ~ ~

~ ~ ~

~ ~ ~

For me it’s a relief when we make it out of town.

Honestly, I feel heart palpitations and shortness of breath coming on. Well, gee, almost!

I spend so much time alone that crowds and traffic make me tense.  I’m gripping the steering wheel as if climbing a steep grade to a mountain pass in Colorado!

I’m happy for the people who enjoy Quartzsite.  Obviously there are many who do!

Route 95 takes us past the La Posa LTVAs.

I’ve never seen them this packed with RVs!  Even further south, where folks boondock for free, lots of rigs.  I’m on such a mission to get away from it all that I don’t stop for photos.

Gotta’ get away, gotta’ get away . . . . 

“Ahhh, much better.”

How do we get to the scene above?

We shoot southward across flat desert on Route 95 . . . .  You may be familiar with these places:  La Paz Valley, Kofa National Wildlife Refuge, Palm Canyon, Stone Cabin, Castle Dome, the road to Martinez Lake, Imperial Dam Road.

At a pull-out next to the road that goes into the Army Proving Grounds, I give Reggie and Roger a walk-around.

Further down Route 95, Yuma looms.

I don’t want to go to Yuma.

Checking my Benchmark atlas, I see a detour around the Gila Mountains!  It will cut off winding around to Foothills and driving a section of Interstate-8.

We should go that way!

The usual route is to take the interstate through Telegraph Pass to the view of Dome Valley spread out below.  I’ve seen that a couple times.

By taking a zig-zag route starting with 3rd Street, 4th Street, and so on (for you map people), the crew and I enjoy a lazy drive and the sight of calm, green, cultivated fields.

I’d like to know what they grow here.  (See link at end of post.)

So this is Dome Valley . . . . a peaceful place to live and work.

Someone has created a palace.  A balcony overlooks roses in bloom . . . .

Our detour leads us to Interstate 8.

Interstate 8 carries us due east across Arizona.

We take a break at a rest stop.  Nothing like cold, rotisserie chicken and a walk-about to settle the crew for a snooze on the last part of the day’s travel.

“You two have been very good travelers! We’ll be home soon.”

Oh, dear readers, I forgot to mention  . . . .

We’re in saguaro country now!


Did you know . . . ?

“The Yuma area grows more Medjool dates than anywhere else in the world . . . . ”

Here’s a link to an interesting article about agriculture in Yuma County (Dome Valley is in Yuma County):

“Yuma County: America’s Winter Vegetable Capital,” at arizonaexperience.org


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