Delivering sunshine to the desert!

Thursday, January 12

Cold and dark day — Blythe, California

“We might have rain today, Reg.  We’d better do our walking before it starts.”

The two of us high-tail it across the desert.  I’m hunched over against the cold.

“Okay, enough of this!  Let’s go back!

  On the return to our cozy home, interesting cloud shapes catch my eye (photo above).

Later, while reading in bed . . . .

A truck pulls up next to the Best Little Trailer and a man calls my name!

“ANYBODY HOME!” he shouts.

I pull the curtain aside.

Fed Ex!  Yay!  My packages! 

I run outside and dart around the Best Little Trailer.

“We found you!” one of the two smiling men exclaims.  He hops into the back of the truck and pulls out a big box.

“Do you need help with this?”

“No, I’m fine.  Thank you very much!”

Off they go, rolling across the desert . . . .

Earlier this morning I checked the online tracking of my recent orders. 

I learned that three items were on their way, but the handbag is being returned to the seller because “recipient has moved.”  Immediately I lobbed an email insisting that, no, I have not moved, I’m still at the address given, and please deliver my packages.

Congratulations, Fed Ex!  You’re in first place today!

Hmm . . . . This must be the lounger . . . .

I tear open one end of the package and peek inside.

Whoa!  That’s aqua, all right.  What was I thinking?  Oh well, it should fade with time or I’ll get used to it . . . .

I place the box inside the Perfect Tow Vehicle.

No sense putting the lounger out when rain is imminent.

I notice that Reggie is outside without being hooked to the tether. Excited by visitors, he doesn’t realize he’s free, and, rather than run a mile across the desert (a recent escapade about which I cannot bring myself to describe), he follows me inside.

“Well, that was a day brightener, wasn’t it, Reg.  Come here and get in your suit so we can go to town.”

Overcast sky and palms above rooftop in Blythe

While in Blythe I stop at the water vending machine and fill up five jugs (5 gallons for a dollar) before picking up a few things at Smart ‘n Final.

The rain doesn’t fall until during the night.  It comes as a faint whispering on our roof.

Friday, January 13

A sun-shiny, blue-sky day!

“Ooh, that sun feels good!”

“Now to set up the lounger!” 

Once I have the chair in place, I attach the side table.  This is the third lounger for that great, little, utility tray.

I really should take better care of stuff.  No more leaving the lounger out in the rain!

I stand back to assess my newest possession.

“Good heavens, that color is bright!  Here, give me Duck L’Orange.  He’ll be our Official Lounger Tester Duck, okay? . . . There.  Whatcha’ think, duckie boy? Feel good?”

“Reggie!  Let Duck L’Orange relax in the new lounger!”

“Hahaha!  Gee.  Take it easy.  Give the poor duck a break, Reg.”

I take advantage of the sunshine and warmth.

After washing the dishes in the basin at my table, I set up another basin with warm water to wash my hair.  Taking sponge baths inside our little home is no problem.  Shampooing is easier done outside where I don’t have to keep water from dripping all over.

Afterward I throw a towel over the back of the lounger and settle in to read my newest book from the library while my hair dries and my feet soak in the basin of warm, shampoo-y water.



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“Is there another delivery truck coming, Reg?”


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