Listening is important for the solo RVer

Wednesday, September 26

It’s cloudy today at Lower Gray Canyon Campground, Green River, Utah. The crew and I walk over to Swasey’s Beach.

“No one is here! It’s all ours!”

Reggie, Roger and I walk the length of the beach.

Of course, the beach boys have to engage in a few tussles in the sand.  Previously I posted the photos (below) of our afternoon on the beach.





Roger is curious about the river.

He’s curious about everything!  Reggie is the cautious one.

After a few more tussles in the sand, Reggie and Roger check that everything between them is copascetic.

As the afternoon progresses, the sky darkens.

“There comes a point, guys, when we have to accept our summer is over.”

After supper I pack up the outdoor room.

It’s windy.  The blue mat fights me as I work to fold it up.

Cold weather is coming.  We’ll leave early tomorrow.  Go east on the interstate, then south through Moab, Monticello, Bluff, Kayenta . . . . .

~ ~ ~

~ ~ ~

Thursday, September 27

Rain drumming on the roof.  I wake and glance at the clock.

 Four-thirty.     Uh-oh.  What’s this scratchiness in my throat? 

I get up, turn on the light, make myself a glass of Emergen-C and drink it all.  I slip back under the covers into the warmth of the sleeping crew.

Around seven-thirty Reggie wakes us.

Oh no, still a scratchy throat and I’m feeling muscle aches coming on . . . .

Our home is chilly.  I peer out the window.  Wind and rain and a stormy sky.

“Looks like we aren’t going anywhere today.”

A solo RVer needs to listen to her body, pick up the first signs of sickness.  There’s no one else to take over.  If I had a travel partner I’d say, “You’ll have to do all the driving today” and there’d be someone to pump gas, set up camp, walk the crew, shop, cook, etc.

 A solo traveler must take good care of herself!

More Emergen-C, lemon and ginger tea, chicken noodle soup, lots of time in bed.

Reg and Rog seem to understand and accept that we can only go for a short, slow walk this morning.  They work off their energy by romping on the bed while I try to hold the Paperwhite still against all their jostling.

In mid-afternoon we have a visitor.

I’m feeling a little better.  I hear a man’s voice outside our door.

“Hello!  Hello!”

It’s the guy I met yesterday when he arrived with his camper.  I’m still in my bed clothes (man’s thermal shirt and sweat pants) but go outside anyway, looking like hell.  I immediately explain that I haven’t been feeling well.

It’s not raining and there’s some sunshine.

We talk for quite a while.

Have you ever met a complete stranger and you skip all the preliminary chatter, sharing stuff you don’t even tell close friends or family?

This man needs to talk.  He tells me he is married, father to grown children, and grandfather to a slew of kids under the age of six.

“I love my grandchildren.  They all live close by and they’re over to the house a lot.  I’d like to travel, do other things, but my wife likes being at home with the family and with the stuff. You know, holidays are big.  She has these huge boxes of holiday stuff.”

I mostly listen.

Who am I to give advice?  I do feel sorry for couples who have very different views on how to live the last decades of their lives.

“I’m retired,” he adds.  “I feel it’s time to do other things, travel, the two of us.  My wife still works.  She doesn’t like our camper.”

Friday, September 28

At first light I can tell it’s going to be a beautiful day!

My throat feels fine and no muscle aches!

I’m finishing a cup of coffee as I look at my Utah Benchmark atlas.

“You know, guys?  I’ve changed my mind.  I don’t want to go toward Moab.  I’m thinking Salina.  I love that stretch of interstate between Green River and Salina.  I’ll order a new Wave 3 heater and have it sent to the UPS hub there.  Maybe we’ll see some pretty fall foliage. That would be nice.  And with a little luck we’ll have the heater and be able to leave before it gets really cold.”



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