Time flies like the wind

Saturday, March 17

Perfect Tow Vehicle and Best Little Trailer, Benson, Arizona

Boy, is it windy!

I’m propped up in bed with my laptop writing this blog post.  The wind plays a constant song around the Best Little Trailer while rocking us gently. Out my window the blond grass bends and shakes eastward.

(The photos in this post don’t show the bent grass as they were taken a few days ago.  I’m not inspired to take photos in the wind.)

During a pause in the wind, the boys and I go outside.

“Hey!  What’s that over there?”

“Aw, it’s hedgehog.  He got carried away on the wind.”

Reggie and Roger are off-leash today.

They’re thrilled to be loose and running free again.  I had to keep them on tether or leash when we acquired a neighbor. Our camp is on a knoll reached via a short spur from the main dirt road.  The neighbor parked her Class C in the campsite further up the road a short way.  That campsite is far enough away and down the slope so it’s not at all intrusive, but it’s close enough that the crew would want to cross the road to visit it.

Anyway . . . .

After four days the neighbor leaves and the boys can run free again!

You know how I get a kick out of the little things in life.

Like eating a sweet watermelon in March.  Remember when the seasons were marked by food?  The first barbeque on Memorial Day weekend, watermelon and corn on the cob in summer, butternut squash and pumpkin pie in autumn, and so on.

We really are spoiled — in a nice way — by foods from all over the world available at any time of the year.  My watermelon was (past tense, all gone!) one of those personal-sized, seedless melons.

I mean, really.

We don’t even have to spit out seeds.

Reggie accepts a small bite of watermelon.  Surprisingly, Roger, my boy with a big appetite, turns up his nose.

Speaking of Reggie . . . .

He is now six years old!  When Bridget and I adopted him in March of 2015, the rescue organization (Adopt a Rescue Pet of Las Vegas) told me the vet estimated his age at three.

He’s a baby to me and probably always will be.

If you’d like to see Reggie at the time of his adoption, follow this link to the March 7, 2015 post: “WE FOUND HIM!  The new member of the crew comes home!

Okay, back to food . . . .

My Blackstone griddle is still in its case in the back of the PTV.   These windy days aren’t good for griddling.  When I can bring it out again, oh, whatever I throw together is going to taste so good!

Very few tostadas, quesadillas, or burritos these days.  We’re back to rotisserie chicken from Wal-Mart or Safeway.  Tough life.

Time does pass like the wind.

Roger has been with us for ten months.  It’ll be a year in May.  And Reggie is starting his seventh year of life.  I’m an old lady and getting older every day.  Imagine that.  I was a kid a short while ago.

The crew and I have been at this boondock for ten days already.  It seems like we just arrived.


NOTE:   I turn the comments section over to you, blogorinos.  If you’re so inclined, please make all feel welcome, answer any questions, share your stories, tell us what little things in life make you happy, or unload whatever is on your mind.  I’m going to take a break and give y’all a chance to talk without me butting in.  Thanks.  Love you! — Sue


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1-P1030180Bridget and Reggie in the PTV — March 2015

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