Reading this post could save a life, maybe yours

Today’s post is written by my friend, Geri.

Geri and her husband Chuck are my good friends and active blogorinos.  I met them when camping in 2011 at Elephant Butte State Park in New Mexico.  Our last get-together, prior to their move to the panhandle of Florida, was in Bluff, Utah.  Geri and Chuck have a canine crew consisting of Radar and Tater.

As you read Geri’s emails you will come to understand the importance of her message and why I share it with you.

Photos for this post were taken at our house in southern Arizona where the crew and I are enjoying the yard and flowers with my sister Nancy and her Westie, Margaret.  We will return to the road this fall.

~ ~ ~

Sunday, September 9

Okay, here are the emails from Geri:

Hi Sue!

I am in the hospital!😢

I was cleaning out my hummingbird feeders on Wednesday when all of a sudden my jaw hurt, BAD! I left the feeders and went inside.

Early the next morning around 2 or 3 AM the pain in my jaw came back! It spread to my shoulders, knees and feet, finally to my chest.

But within an hour it subsided.

I went back to sleep.

Next day the pain in my jaw started again.  

The pain immediately went to my chest.  Before I could respond, I was blacking out.

Chuck got me up and conscious, took me to ER 30 miles west. Within about 30 minutes they confirmed I had just had a heart attack!

They put me in an ambulance and brought me to Bay Medical Hospital in Panama City.

This was Thursday.

I spent Friday in ICU. Yesterday they moved me to a regular room. .


It did NOT feel like I expected a heart attack to feel like.  I could not believe the doc just told me that!

He said I had TEXTBOOK SYMPTOMS for a woman having a heart attack!

That’s why I went into such detail telling you.

I don’t think many women REALLY know what the symptoms are for a lady having a heart attack!  I wanted you and Nancy to at least know.

Also, because so many women of age read your blog, maybe you could work it in so they would know.

Aching jaw, a VERY PAINFUL aching jaw, just might mean a heart attack.

I am more surprised than anyone.

I am doing well.  Don’t worry.  I have a couple of good doctors!

~ ~ ~

The following Tuesday, September 11, Geri sends another email.

(I had asked her if it would be okay to post portions of her emails to me.)

Geri wrote:

You can use my words if you want. I just think it’s important to get the word out to ladies.

Honestly, if I had known the first time my jaw hurt that I was having a heart attack, I would have gone to the ER right then instead of waiting and then having 2 more attacks.

But I just never gave heart attack a single thought.

I am lucky I survived 3 attacks!

I had 3 stents put in.  I will be able to go home tomorrow!

Sheeeeeesh. Sure surprised me!

The surgery was all done through my wrist.  I was awake the whole time and watching it happen on 6 huge tv screens.

Feeling much better today. Will feel better at home!

Love you, Geri

~ ~ ~

I love you, too!

I thank God the crisis is over and you’re okay.



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