An ugly turn and a plan changes

Saturday, July 15 (continued)

“In you go!”

I toss Reg and Rog into the Perfect Tow Vehicle and we ride down I-90 a few miles to the town of Superior.  First we stop at Castle’s Grocery to restock.  The plan is to leave Sloway Campground tomorrow.   It may be a while before we come upon another full-size grocery store.  Better stock up.

Next the PTV takes us around town.

Mineral County Court House, Superior, Montana

Let’s see what’s up this street . . .

“A laundromat!  I didn’t see that before.  Well, this means a change in our plan!  We’ll do laundry tomorrow and leave on Monday instead.”

We return to our campsite at Sloway Campground.

That’s when things take an ugly turn.

Reggie and Roger play nicely in our outdoor room until I make the mistake of handing them Yellow Chicken.

“OH, NO!  Poor Yellow Chicken!”

“Uh-oh.  Now you’ve done it.”

“You guys have no mercy.  Yellow Chicken is innocent and look at him! You’ve killed him!”

“Gives one pause, doesn’t it, Reg.”

Sunday, July 16

We return to Superior and do our laundry.  Driving the few miles north to the campground, I decide to keep going past the exit.

“We’re going to see what St. Regis is like.”

Down the next exit ramp and into town . . . . 

Tourists everywhere!  Cars and trucks and RVs and people trotting across the road.  A swarm of people buy cherries at a vendor’s stand.  A sign tempts me to drive into the travel center for a berry ice cream shake.

As much as I love ice cream shakes and cherries, I can’t deal with this . . .

I find St. Regis Community Park and walk the crew.  

Then we return to our peaceful camp and I put away the clean laundry while the crew does what the crew does.

Roger attempts to disable his opponent with a rear-leg attack!

Reggie is familiar with this strategy and kicks free!

Reggie goes on the offensive with a neck bite!

Roger wages a counter-strike!

Reggie growls, returning fire, and with his fierce jaws, he  . . .

“Hey, hey, hey!  Calm down, you two!”

“I know, I know.  You were just playing.”  


Monday, July 17

Today we move to our next camp!  I’ll tell you about it in the next post.


NOTE:  This post was written previously and scheduled for delayed posting while the crew and I are camped with limited or no internet connection.  — Sue




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