2015 in review: Part 1 — Jan. & Feb.


When Bridget and I awake to the new year, we are camped west of Gila Bend, Arizona (southwest of Phoenix and northwest of Tucson).

P1020034Painted Rock, a Bureau of Land Management camground

New Year’s Day is a travel day!

We go west on Interstate-8 to the southwestern corner of Arizona and make camp at Mittry Lake National Wildlife Refuge, located a few miles north of Yuma.

P1020040Breakfast with Bridget and with a view of Mittry Lake

A search for a new crew member at the Yuma Humane Society shelter is unsuccessful.

On our return to Painted Rock, we receive a very special welcome!

P1020022The first kitfox I’ve ever seen . . . Photo taken as we enter Painted Rock Campground

Next we travel south of Ajo to the tiny town of Why, Arizona where we settle into a pretty boondock.

P1020165Scattered showers and scattered saguaros greet our arrival!

Bridget and I tour Organ Pipe National Monument.

P1020333-001Clouds threaten but don’t deliver any rain on our excursion through Organ Pipe!

P1020355This is a special time for Bridget and me.

We still miss Spike who passed the previous August, yet we enjoy times like this when it’s “just the two of us,” fellow vagabonds and pals.

The photo at right is Bridget in the Perfect Tow Vehicle’s co-pilot seat on our road tour of Organ Pipe.

Bees and coyotes!

P1020223The boondock near Why is where the bees come and drink their fill.

It’s also where I look out the window of the Best Little Trailer and spot a coyote in our front yard chomping on the apple core I had discarded!

We like this pretty boondock so much that I decide not to be specific about its location.

If you want to visit this area, there is an RV park in Why as well as free camping among the saguaros south of town.

P1020189A Wow sunset at the Why boondock

The last week in January Bridget and I head back to Yuma and cross over into California.

The Ogilby Road – American Mine – Sidewinder Road boondocking area is a popular winter destination for snowbirds and full-timers.  We find a nice camp.

P1020374Our campsite off Ogilby Road, Winterhaven, California

While at this location, the Best Little Trailer receives some loving care at Sun Bums RV Service in Yuma (for the fridge and propane regulator).

The Cargo Muchacho Mountains in view from our camp are transformed by light and shadow.

P1020410“The golden hour” is a delight to photograph!


I hope, dear reader, that you are enjoying this review of camps.  I know I am!  It’s hard to choose only a few photos to represent each camp.  It’s also hard to pull my face away from all the memories I find in my photo files!

Okay, back to the review . . . .

Oh my, oh my, the birds at the Salton Sea!

P1020561Corvina Beach Campground, Salton Sea Recreation Area

Contrary to how the Salton Sea is usually described, Corvina Beach does not have a disagreeable odor while we are here.  It turns out to be one of the best camps of 2015!

Every day I roll out the awning over our sitting area.

P1020645Warm, sunny days in February — Corvina Beach camp, looking northwest

While at this camp, Bridget and I ride to Palm Springs — another unsuccessful effort to find a new crew member!

P1020631-001Bridget, the beach bum baby!

More photos of the Salton Sea Camp in the next post in this series reviewing camps and scenes from 2015.

P1020647“By the sea, by the sea, by the beautiful sea!”



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P1020553Salty but refreshing if you’re a gull!


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107 Responses to 2015 in review: Part 1 — Jan. & Feb.

  1. Hi Sue, up towards the top is suspect…now to read the post

  2. Wow, better than up toward the top…..#1. Don’t be jealous.

  3. mf says:

    Love the “year in review”; looking forward to more!

  4. eliza says:

    Sue – I’m happy that my purchase from Amazon made it on the list (the 2-piece luggage set). I also bought a computer the day before, but used my points from my credit card, and was wondering if that came through for you as well? Just out of curiousity….

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Wow! Nice purchase, eliza. If you paid for the credit card completely with points, I don’t think I earn a commission. That’s okay. I love using points, too! I buy almost everything with my Amazon Visa card for that reason. The points add up quickly. I do see a laptop, but I have no way of knowing who purchased it.

      Thank you for remembering us when you went to Amazon!

      • eliza says:

        if it was the macbook, it might have been me. i paid a little for it. i’m glad to help out, since you have provided so much entertainment for me (and excuses not to vacuum) since i discovered your blog…

  5. Hi Again Sue, thanks for the look back…what lovely places you have been. Of course you know my favorite was the Salton Sea. I hope to be there again soon. I will leave you a note in the sand… Until then be safe and warm, the wind is still blowing here so that means it will still come your way in the next day or so, and then stop…until then enjoy every minute you get outside. Hugs to the pups.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      The wind arrived this morning. 🙂 Reggie and I went for a walk (no, it was a RUN)… too windy and too cold! Bridget, being the smartest of us three, stayed inside the BLT. 🙂

      I want to go back to the Salton Sea, too. Loved photographing the birds. Too bad that the Sea is shrinking…

  6. Ann says:

    Oh, well, darn! that’s the closest I’ve ever come to being first! And, yes, I’m jealous!!!

    Hi, Sue! Love all your posts and I think it’s a great idea to review. I’m looking forward to that, even though I could just go back and read them all.

    My sister and her husband are planning to full-time after he retires in 4 years so I sent them a link to your blog, too.

    Hope you are doing well.

    Ann M

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Thank you, Ann M. I hope you are well, too!

      And thanks also for sharing my blog with your sister and her husband. Several Anns comment here so I’m not sure which one you are — Are you full-timing?

      • Ann M in Virginia says:

        No. My husband and I did full-time a long time ago. Now he is disabled and we are not able to travel. He’s pretty much housebound. So glad we travelled when we could! He retired at 50 and we were full-timers between 1988-1990. Before cell phones and solar panels. You know, real primitive! LOL Our friends thought we were crazy to sell our house and travel, but the older friends said to go for it while we could. And that is what I tell anyone who is thinking about it. You never know what the future holds. We thought we would get back on the road later, but, as you see, that never happened. However, I love to read everyone’s blogs and see what’s happening out there.

        I am Ann M from Virginia, the one who gave you the idea of “eggie-pickle” sandwiches a couple of years ago when you asked for recipes for campers. Loyal reader. Just don’t post much!

        I live in central Virginia and just love it here. Blue Ridge Parkway about 45 minutes away. History all around!

        Sorry for the long post! Merry Christmas!

  7. Jolene/Iowa says:

    Hi Sue, I am loving the year in review! We have been very busy and as much as I love the holidays, I look forward to the business being over as well!

    I look forward to the next post as always!!

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Yes, we’re heading into the peak of the season… lots to do! I remember it well. 🙂

      Thanks, Jolene, for the positive feedback on reviewing 2015!

  8. Pat H. says:

    Love the pics and hope you 3 are staying warm. Rain and cold in Tucson. Looks like I’m going to have to head back to Yuma area…..lol

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Pat H. . . . A blustery day here near Blythe, probably not much different in Yuma. I notice that Yuma temps are usually about 5 degrees warmer than here, give or take.

      Rain can be enjoyable and the cold isn’t terrible, but when it’s rainy AND cold . . . UGH!

      You stay warm too. 🙂

  9. Lynn Brooks says:

    Such beautiful memories!!!
    Lynn B. (Baltimore, MD)

  10. Susan in South Central WA says:

    Ohhhhh, I am so special. I’m number 13 (about 81 places higher than usual). Love the photos from your Year in Review Part 1. Especially the fox and the Why, AZ view!!!

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Susan in South Central WA… What a treat to see my first kitfox! And to be able to catch it in a photo…. The “little things” like that make a life on the road rich and memorable.

  11. Dave Stewart (in missouri for now) says:

    Hi. Sue and good Morning
    I really like the review post. I have thought about the Gila Bend location, and the one by Tonopah location. they are only 60 miles from family. I have also found a location which is only abt. 20 miles. so am putting these on my list, for next winter. At least that is what is planned. right now. guess i will have to get the California, Oregon, and Washington Benchmarks also. Grandson in Washington wants me to come up for the summer. Don’t want to take up too much of your bandwith!

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi Dave,

      The Tonopah boondock near Saddle Mountain might be a bit chilly during the winter, but if you don’t mind running a heater you’d be okay. You’d have privacy!

      Painted Rock is an inexpensive camp. It’s popular with us because of its location…. right where I want to stop driving for the day when going east-west or to and from the Ajo area.

      I don’t know if you’ve read many of my previous posts (You may have told me.) I’ve written about a few really nice boondocks and inexpensive campgrounds in WA. The state parks are too pricey for us.

      Don’t think about the bandwidth…. I enjoy your comments, and I’m sure others reading them do also. Besides, buying your Benchmarks from Amazon through my blog. . . How could I mind? 🙂

  12. Kerry On (UT) says:

    I grew up in SoCal, and I’ve never seen the Salton Sea until I saw your photos. Quite pretty, actually! My pup would thoroughly enjoy running on the sand and chasing the seagulls!

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Kerry On (UT),

      One thing about the “sand” at Salton Sea. The closer you go toward the water the rougher it becomes.

      I love this description from odditycentral.com… Boy, how our perceptions differ!

      “California’s largest lake is also its worst one. As you drive past it, you get to see pristine white beaches with blue waters, but if you climb out of your car and take a closer look (I wouldn’t recommend this), you suddenly realize how horribly depressing the place is.

      The white sand is, in fact, not sand at all. It is actually just pulverized bones from the millions of fish that died here. The water is actually murky brown; the blue color is only a reflection of the desert sky. And you cannot possibly ignore the putrid stench – like a large fish market that only sells rotten fish.” — Sumitra, Jan. 2014

      Oh my gosh, ‘DON’T GET OUT OF YOUR CAR!” Hilarious. And it’s “horribly depressing.”

      In spite of the negativity, the part about the pulverized bones is true. Not as disgusting as described, however.

      Bridget and I liked camping at the Sea and we didn’t become depressed!

      • Kerry On (UT) says:

        Living near the Great Salt Lake, I’m familiar with the exquisite “lake stench” that occasionally happens with salt water lakes and, oh boy, it can be awful! I also remember one fall when millions of brine flies were blown from the lake up through the canyons to the ski resorts where the low temperature caused their demise. Their tiny corpses covered every surface like a black lace of miniature death. Thankfully, these occurrences aren’t the norm, and I suspect it’s the same with the Salton. But with the reputation it has, I’ll venture to guess, you had plenty of privacy!

        • rvsueandcrew says:

          True! There were very few campers while we were at Salton Sea.

          • AZ Jim says:

            Missy, the first time I went out to Salton Sea was in the mid 50’s. It was beautiful. They had a boom in people buying pieces of property around it. That was then, and as you recall when you planned to go there, I told you it was a stinking mess now. It’s a shame, there have been several proposals to divert water to it and save it, but it doesn’t show much chance of survival, so I guess a lake formed as an accident is going to continue it’s slow march to death.

            • rvsueandcrew says:

              It is a shame that the Sea continues to shrink, if only for the loss of a stop-over for migrating birds. I bet it was quite a place during the 50s, enough for celebrities to buy vacation homes. I saw the boarded-up motels.

  13. Jean in Southaven, MS says:

    I love this post. It is so pretty there at the Salton Sea. These pictures are not like what you usually hear about the area. I look forward to seeing March and April next. Be safe

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Jean… So true about the negative descriptions. No doubt it was smelly during fish die-offs. Goes to show how the news distorts reality (see my reply to the Kerry On).

      I’m happy you loved this post.

  14. Applegirl NY says:

    How exciting, a review of the year. I must say that you pack quite a bit into your life. Your pace may be slow and relaxed, but you do more than most folks. It’s awesome.

    Enjoyed another long walk with the critters, unfortunately, the warm weather means that tick season is still with us. I brought two inside with me on my clothes – gross!

    Can’t wait to hear your review of February.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Applegirl NY,

      Gosh, ticks are awful. I hate the damn things. I know you are good about checking for them.

      Yeah, we do seem to pack a lot into our “slow and relaxed” way of life. I guess that’s because we only do what we want to do, what we find enjoyable and worth doing.

      Enjoy the unseasonable warmth in NY state!

    • AlanOutandAbout - Pahrump says:

      Wear a cat flea and tick collar around each ankle. I started doing it when I’d hike up on the rim in AZ. Never had a tick get near me. Not to stylish but neither is Lyme disease.

      • Applegirl NY says:

        That is a great idea. I was wondering if there was something I could do – aside from putting those drops on myself LOL!
        I’ll give that a try.

        • Cinandjules (NY) says:

          The “drops” work after the tick embeds itself into their skin. In CA, we noticed the ticks would ride home on SA’s fur coat. We started brushing her coat thoroughly BEFORE she was allowed back into the car.

          Deet or permethrin spray on your pant leg.

          Ticks give me the heebeegeebees! Jules got one right under the band of her sport bra! Thankfully this chick (mwah) has nothing that requires wearing such an item!

          Even now in the woods…if we are in the bushes….as soon as we get in the house…strip, streak and into the shower. Clothes go right into the washing machine.

  15. AlanOutandAbout - Pahrump says:

    As the man used to sing. “Thanks For The Memories”. You do get to some really nice places.

  16. Cinandjules (NY) says:

    Thanks for the walk down memory lane.

    A special time for you and Bridgee……….how sweet for you both…healing each other’s heart!

    The search for a new crew member…..lots of to be continued….hold your breath moments!

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      At the time, it was disappointing to go to shelters and not find “the right one.” In hindsight, I’m glad for those disappointments! Reggie is da’ man for us!

      • Cinandjules (NY) says:

        Desert woman….need I remind you that you’ve never settled for “just eh”….countless times you have proven that “better” is just around the bend!

        Yes Mr Reg…….fits that to the tee!

  17. Renee Galligher says:

    Awwk! I step out to a couple of meetings and lunch and I miss you . . . well almost, I’m still typing. I really enjoyed this post, but then again I enjoy all of them. Strange to see Bridge by herself with you. I haven’t seen that since I’m fairly new to reading your blog. That little guy, Reggie sure has brought a lot of energy!

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      I encourage you to read my blog from the beginning, Renee, when you have the time, if only to meet Spike, the original co-pilot and the love of Bridget’s life.

      • Cinandjules (NY) says:

        Absolutely a must…..Spike touched the hearts of all of us too!

        Not sure if you have to go back to the .com rvsue or not.

        • rvsueandcrew says:

          Yes, when reading my blog from the beginning up to June of 2013, it’s best read at rvsueandcrew.com (dot com, not dot net).

          • Renee says:

            Thank you, Sue. I read back sporadically to some of your older posts and “met” Spike, but to see this one today with Bridgey by herself was sad to me. Brought back so many memories of the four beloved four legged kids that have passed, and how empty it seemed at first, then for some time. Right now we have Maggie, our big beautiful black Lab and Mica, our little Lemon Rat Terrier. She looks a little like Reggie, but pudgy.

            • Renee says:

              I guess I was typing faster than I was thinking! We’ve had four pets that have passed.

            • rvsueandcrew says:

              Hugs to Maggie and Mica… You know how precious each day with them is.

            • Renee Galligher says:

              Yes we do. We’ve lost some to illness and some to old age. Our Maggie was diagnosed in July with AHA – Autoimmune Hemolytic Anemia. Thanks to our vet and some quick treatment she has recovered fully. It’s most often fatal and there’s still a chance that she can have a relapse, but we are thankful for her recovery right now.

  18. rvsueandcrew says:


    See Rand’s reply to Bess under the previous post. He explains how he keeps perishables and drinks cool. He uses one of your suggestions, Rusty. 🙂

    • Nancy S says:

      Thank you for the review, I really enjoyed it. It was nice seeing you & Bridget bond, just the 2 of you girls together. I’m curious how hard it was for her to adjust when Reggie joined the crew. Our Chloe, often referred to as our daughter dog, is 10 1/2 now. She loves to travel & look out the window as we drive, & as with the crew has been more places than most people. 3 years ago we found a tiny kitten, deserted, hungry & scared at the bathroom of a campground. We took him inside, fed him & nursed him back to health. Today he’s a big, happy kitty who adores Chloe. I really think he thinks she’s his mama since he was so young when he joined us. She however, just tolerates him. She was perfectly happy being the only fur baby. Just wondering if Bridget feels the same.

      • rvsueandcrew says:

        Good of you to save the kitten, Nancy S.

        Two things come between Bridget and Reggie, yet they do like each other and have bonded.

        First off, Bridget doesn’t “make friends” quickly. You can see that in the photos I post of the crew meeting a dog at a campground. She is polite but reserved. (Reggie, of course, is best friends with everyone immediately.) Bridget’s special relationship with Spike grew over a period of years.

        Secondly, there’s the age/personality difference. If Bridget were the same age as Reg, they might romp and run together. As it is, Bridget is the elderly lady and Reggie is a kid.

        I don’t think Bridget resents Reggie being with us. I think his presence has helped her deal with the absence of Spike, as it has for me.

    • Piper n' Rusty / Az says:

      Well I’ll be aaa ,,I forgot all about the Cooler Idea, till you mentioned it being used by Rand,,, I used to also camp close to a stream and put my foods like cheese and meats in a plastic bag and put them with my juice or tea in a Milk Crate and put it in the deepest part of the rushing water, of the Creek,,,,, And on bugs buggin’ you, Stand in the down draft of a smoky camp fire and get Smoked up, Like the Native American Indians did,,, it works good for those of some who don’t like chemicals on them,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, rusty

      • rvsueandcrew says:

        Hi, Rusty…. Hey, Piper, be sure to keep your man warm!

        • Piper n' Rusty / Az says:

          Piper’s out side waiting to go for our walk, She doesn’t like the heat from the heater, so she stays out till she wants to come in and she’s shedding a lot this past week,, if I had a mill or a way to save all that fur to make all kinds of winter gear,, like a friend of mine up in the PNW does with his angora rabbits, must be she’s losing her puppy fur, cause it’s all white,,,,,,,,,,,

          • Piper n' Rusty / Az says:

            You Stay warm n’ safe at your camp and give them sleepin’ babies that are in their nest a hug from us and have a good night Too!,,,,,,,,,, nighty night,,,,,,,,,,,, us

  19. weather says:

    Oh my, I love this post! My emotions were , of course, scaling heights and depths, yet as a whole took a wonderful journey. What an amazing year and life you’ve had. The two photos I like the most are ” the scattered showers and scattered saguaros ” and Bridget in the co-pilot seat. That was such a precious time for you both to be a wee family, friends through thick and thin. Thank you for sharing it , then and now.

  20. Dawn from Camano Island says:

    Loving your Year in Review! ‘Waiting’ for Reg to pop into your review is fun, now that we all know him so well.

    We have a couple of these sites on our list this year & we’re just about ready to pull the chocks & head up the driveway. Ari is excited too!

    The weather finally calmed down here; hopefully it will do the same for you too. It’s definitely going to be cooler than last year–thank goodness!

    Take good care–ear scratches to the Crew!

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Dawn from Camano Island,

      Ear scratches to Ari, too (and if Ari is your husband, and not your dog, I’m laughing with foot in mouth!)….

      Almost time to hit the road, eh? I can understand the excitement! Good that the rain has ceased in Washington… I wish you safe, happy, and clear “sailing!”

      • Dawn from Camano Island says:

        Hahaha! I’m laughing along with you, Sue! We had a great travel day but boy, it’s cold! Ari traveled well but it’s hard work for a dog–she’s is snoring right now & soon we’ll be joining her. Thank you for your well wishes! Take good care & stay warm!

  21. Pookie in SE Texas says:

    I remember reading all of the posts you mentioned here
    and Ive learned a lot from reading them…..you make me so
    much wanna go out west and do some boondocking just me
    and my chihuahua’s for some quiet time….
    but it wont happen at my age….I went on a 3 day trip to louisiana
    last week and was beat when I got home so I guess I’ll have to
    continue seeing the west thru your blog. my wifey’s idea of
    camping is the Holiday Inn….she shops in malls the day before
    Christmas….HA….but I been with her for 51 years and Im not
    up to training another one so I guess I’ll keep her….:)
    in all the other blogs Ive read none of them come close to yours
    so keep up the good work for all us shut in ole coots….

    • Pookie in SE Texas says:

      I meant to tell you that Ive been telling all my friends
      about Why, Az…..they say why would anyone want to
      go to Why, Az…i say cause its there that why…..

      • rvsueandcrew says:

        Cute answer, chuck! 🙂

        Or you could answer them with the name of Why’s cafe . . . .Why Not?

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      I’m so glad you discovered my blog, chuck. I very much enjoy hearing from you. You always have a nice thing to say to me personally and also you add a needed touch of Texas . . . I hope you’re having a good day!

  22. AZ Jim says:

    Whoa Missy, these backtracks are fun but you need to warn we old guys. We have a tough time adjusting. I’m just teasing ya, of course. It’s fun reviewing our pasts. Looking forward to the next installment. Spikes passing, getting our new friend, Reggie. Many pages turned, many pages to turn and share here in our little Blogorino meeting place.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      You know, Jim, after I published this post I took the crew for a short, brisk walk. While scurrying along in the wind, I thought, “Aw shucks, I forgot to write an introduction to the series of review posts.” It would’ve been better if I had done that.

      I often think of how a post would be improved if I had done this or that. Then I let it go…..

      Yep, it’s been quite a ride so far, hasn’t it…. I hope we aren’t anywhere near the halfway point! 🙂

  23. cc and canine (Eastern Missouri) says:

    The year in review….what a great idea! We get to revisit some warm areas,and see more pretty sunsets. I had forgotten all about Sun Bum RV in Yuma and your fridge problems.

    The weather sidebar on your blog warns about colder weather moving in…..and your Wave 3 is still not working! Maybe Sun Bum RV could take a look see at it?? Us blogorinos are somewhat concerned about you and the crew staying warm the rest of the winter. Take care…

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      I appreciate your concern, cc and canine!

      I probably will take the BLT to Sun Bum’s again. I’m not ready to leave Midland yet. Surely we will visit Yuma this winter as it is one of the warmest places in the U.S.

      We will be warm. When you see those lows in the 30s, remember that only lasts for an hour or so and it is when we are in bed, snuggled up under lots of covers. When the temps go up to the 50s outside in a few hours, it’s warm inside.

  24. Mick'nTN says:

    It will be great to re-live the adoption of Reggie and see how “TheReginator” moderates the sorrow of Spikes passing.

  25. Lisa W says:

    Hi Sue from cold and wet Tucson. Up here to get some work done on the RV. Sure wish we were further out west towards you. I like the feel of this year in review. I can remember the disappointment we all felt when the search for a new crew member was not going well.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Ooh, cold and wet… Sorry about that, Lisa W.

      I remember how the blogorinos kept after me with suggestions for the new crew member and where to find him. I thought I wanted a rat terrier. Turns out that Reggie’s mix of chihuahua and Jack Russell fits well into our lives.

      Yes, go west to lower elevation where currently it is dry and, well, somewhat warmer.

  26. Joyce Sutton says:

    Didn’t get the link to the new posts last 4 times. Had to read 2 this time. Just went looking to see if silence was golden and am disappointed to find I was missing out. Was going to Amazon to pick up some practice arrows for the GS and came to pick up the link to find a whole bunch posts I’m missing Been trying to remember the link after I read her income outgo link and discovered it really is worth taking the minute extra. Never thought it amounted to much. Glad to find out it does. Enjoying the review of the yr and know it’s work but would like to see the budget updated. Not nosey for your finances but hopeful for mine. It really helps the dream.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Have you tried subscribing again? It could be a problem on your end or it might be on mine. I’ve heard from readers in the past that they had to renew their subscription. No one has said anything recently. Another thing to do is add my blog to your favorites list. One click and you can see if there’s a new post.

      The financial reports are a heckuva lot of work and attention to detail. With the growth of my blog, it is too much. You can extrapolate from the older figures what it would cost you now. Just add on a bit. My figures at present would skew the financial picture for a newbie anyway because I spend extra for 10Gs of data and also to self-host the blog. I’m also not as frugal as I was at first, knowing I have the ability to find plenty of free camps.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Joyce… I see your order for practice arrows on this morning’s report. Thank you very much!

  27. Kay from KC! says:

    All I can say about your/our year in review is….sigh. Beautiful pictures! I’m so proud of you!

    Kay from KC!

  28. Looking back brings things in focus that you sometimes didn’t notice the first time around! You know, the hindsight 20/20 thing! I loved this reminiscing post! Seeing the photos of Bridget alone, tweaks my heart strings! She and Spikey were true buds! Soul mates even!
    Now I’m gonna go look at my blog that hasn’t been touched in over a year and do some meandering down memory lane myself! ?. I miss being on the road, but I also love NW Florida!

  29. Chuck Hajek says:

    Love the review/2015. Geri is buzy with her glass, me enjoying the weather doing little stuff. Snacks to the crew from our 2.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Chuck!

      I looked up the weather for East Point, FL, on wunderground.com.

      Your high for tomorrow? 76 degrees Your low? 67 degrees.

      Weather for Blythe, CA for tomorrow? High 60 degrees and Low 31 degrees

      How come you get a low that’s higher than our high? Not fair! 🙂

  30. Carol says:

    HI Sue! Of all the websites online I read yours all the time. We have been to the Salton Sea several times. It is one of my all time favorite campgrounds. I am very glad that they have not closed it down as of yet. The birds of the Salton Sea is where I have found more birds of my life list. Just watching all the different kind that come there during migration is interesting. Thank you for the memories! Merry Christmas to you and the pups.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Thanks, Carol… I wish you the same.

      The birds of the Salton Sea are its main attraction for me. I saw my first Black-Necked Stilt there. Loved watching the pelicans and the gulls in the glow of sunset on the water. So serene…. I’m happy to have reminded you of your visits to the Sea.

  31. Ilse says:

    Ah, Sidewinder Road where my sweet cat Kodie aka Champion Sashimi Katz Kodiak of Offshore is buried. I also remember our visit fondly.

  32. Barbara (Nashville) says:

    Love the years reflection, Sue. Seeing Bridget alone on the beach brings back so many memories of Spike. So love the desert photos with their awesome sunsets, makes me so anxious to start traveling. You are in my “favorites” list, so I check there first when I log on.
    That wind you keep talking about has made it way to Middle TN. It was so windy here yesterday and it kept getting worse as the day went on. We had 50 mph gusts during the night. It was steady at about 30mph just before bedtime, when I took Angel out. It was so windy, she wouldn’t potty. She was scared! Earlier in the day, it was about 15 mph and she had her nose to the ground and her ears inside out during our business walk. Poor girl looked like she was going to blow away.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Barbara (Nashville),

      Our poor pups! In many ways they know a lot more than we do, yet things like storms and strong wind seem to confuse and frighten them. You had some powerful wind!

      Thanks for putting my blog on your favorites list and for remembering Spike.

  33. Libby from WV/PA says:

    I was happy to see the beginning of the year in review. I read and enjoy your blogs. I love the adventure. The little kitfox is awesome. I had no idea what it was.

    • Libby from WV/PA says:

      I have learned so much about the West from your blog. Not only have I learned about boondooking, but also about the countryside and animals.

      • rvsueandcrew says:

        Hi, Libby from WV/PA,

        I’m learning right along with you! I see something new — like the kitfox — I’m anxious to put up a post and show it to you. 🙂

        The West is like an enormous toy box for me…. “Oh, look at THIS! Oh, wow! I always wanted one of THOSE!” What else can I find?….”

        Glad you are with us, Libby.

  34. We’ll be in Organ Pipe this afternoon then heading toward the Salton Sea through Yuma at the end of the week – hope we have warm temps and blue skies like you did last year 🙂 Seems a very long time ago it was just “the gals” in the crew.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Jodee,

      It was very warm when we were at the Sea in February. The forecasters are saying highs around 68-70 for this weekend. A light jacket and you’ll be fine. I hope there are lots of birds there!

      Enjoy Organ Pipe…

  35. eliza says:

    i just re-read the last post and the comments – so wonderful. that’s what is great about this blog – it just keeps on giving.

  36. Kay from KC! says:

    Sue – I have never ordered anything from Amazon in my life! But….I stepped out of my comfort zone and got a small gift card for my 23 year old daughter, at her request, for Christmas so I hope you get credit for it. I clicked on the Amazon from your site. She also wanted a gift card from Mod Cloth so got that too, but never heard of it before! My son lives in Denver and it’s snowing like crazy there, so he said. It’s supposed to be in the 40’s and 50’s here in Kansas City, so probably no White Christmas here. Enj0y your day!

    Kay from KC!

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Well, that’s funny… I wondered what the weather in KC is like these days and here you are with a report! Don’t worry, you’ll get some snow before winter is over. 🙂

      Thanks for trying Amazon online shopping from my blog. There are several gift cards on the recent orders report. I don’t doubt your daughter’s is one of them. 🙂

      Oh my, I LOVE shopping online. I’ll never give it up! Haha!

  37. weather says:

    Checking in to bring you central New York State’s report. At dawn it was fifty two degrees at beautiful out. The temperature has been falling all day, rain has, too, though not constantly. The breaks in between have been filled with winds strong enough to interfere with satellite signals .I’m grateful that the power has stayed on. It’s been so dark I’ve turned all the lights on as none has come through the windows . It’s like watching autumn fighting winter to keep it’s last week outside here. Nice to step out and feel nature being wild, even nicer to come inside where it’s warm and cozy. What’s it like where you are Sue?

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, weather,

      Comparing your report with Cinandjules’ (Finger Lakes to Adirondacks, respectively), it sounds like the cold, wind, rain and whatnot is moving eastward.

      What’s it like here? Well, if we keep close to the south side of the BLT, the sunshine off the fiberglass makes it possible for Bridget and Reggie to play and for me to watch them in the camp chair, but not for long! If we walk around to the north side of the BLT, brrrrr! Cold wind!

      Reggie needed to walk/run off some energy. I had to do something with him. I asked Bridget, lying on the bed ensconced in the covers, if she wanted to go for a walk with us and her answer was “meh.” We left her there and trotted across the desert, faces into the wind. There are very few trees or land formations to block the wind. By the time we turned for home, we both were running for the warmth of the BLT. Yes! It is “even nicer to come inside where it’s warm and cozy.”

      I’m grateful the power stayed on for you, too. As for the autumn vs. winter fight, my money is on winter. 🙂

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