A canine mishap, a nightmare, and a happy ending

Disaster averted!

I park the Perfect Tow Vehicle at the curb beside the Winterhaven post office.  I have the paperwork for a passport card filled out.  Bridget commences her usual histrionics, hopping around screaming.  I never know if this is all for show or if she has a valid reason.

“Okay, okay, hang on.  I’ll let you out.”

I walk around to the curbside door and open it up.  Bridget jumps out first, landing over the curb.  She’s excited, of course, and bops and twirls at the end of her leash.  Next Spike jumps out, only he doesn’t land on the ground beyond the curb.  He lands on the edge of the curb and falls down very awkwardly onto the pavement between the curb and the PTV.

When he stands up, his front leg is pulled up!

Oh, no!  Immediately I have a vision of repeated vet visits, dispensing pain pills down Spike’s throat, and pushing him in a stroller for a month like I did with Bridget when she hurt her leg.

A dislocated shoulder?  I wait to see what he does next.  To my great relief, he climbs up and over the curb and puts some weight on his right front leg.  Well, I guess it isn’t dislocated.

“Oh, Spikey, you poor boy!  Can you walk, sweetie?”

I step toward the sidewalk and he limps after me. 

The three of us take a very short walk to the nearest pole.   Spike relieves himself on it, and Bridget doesn’t seem to have any business to do other than to act like she’s never been outside before.

I lift the crew into the PTV and go into the post office.

The postal clerk examines my paperwork.  Everything looks good.  I ask where I can have copies of my two I.D.s made and she tells me about a place right up the street.  I also ask where I can have the photo I.D. taken and she lists a few places, including Wal-Mart.

I hurry up the street, get the copies, and head for Yuma.

It’s a quick trip to Wal-Mart and before long I hold in my hand what has to be the absolutely ugliest photo I’ve ever seen ($8.07).  I’m not saying that because it’s what every woman says about an official photo, like a driver’s license.

I say it because this photo is so bad, it’s nightmare material.

The lively sound of a mariachi band emanates from the open door of a restaurant.  I walk down the street browsing the stalls of colorful merchandise.  Vendors hold up their wares and beckon me.  Spike sits in a sidewalk cafe, wearing a sombrero and pouring himself a shot of tequila.  Bridget is doing the macarena between the tables.

“Pardon, senora.  Your pass card por favor.”

I turn to see a broad-shouldered man in uniform. 

He wears a holster holding a gun at-the-ready.

Oh no, what have I done!  I nervously dig into my purse and hand the police officer my pass card.  He squints as he holds it to his face.

“Madre de Dios!  Que miedo!!”

He steps backward, momentarily losing his balance. 

“Lo siento, senora.” He takes another look at the pass card photo and shakes his head.  “Do you not know it is a crime in this country to be so . . . how do you say? . . . to be so . . .  butt uglio?”

He pauses, then reaches up with his other hand to twirl the end of his handlebar mustache.  His black eyes fix on mine while one corner of his mouth curls up in a malevolent grin.

“You’ll have to come with me . . . unless, of course . . . .”

I reach for my wallet.

Okay, enough of the Mexican stereotype . . . . back to Winterhaven.

I return to the Winterhaven post office with my filled-out form, birth certificate, copy of two IDs, and the photo of some ugly woman who bears a very slight resemblance to me.

All is well.

I write a check for $30 for the Department of State and another check for $25 for the United States Postal Service.  The postal clerk hands me a form she has signed. A receipt for the checks is attached.

She informs me that she heard passport cards are coming back in about two weeks. 

“Normally it takes four to six weeks.  I guess not many people are traveling now.”

Then she adds some information that surprises me.

“You can go to Los Algodones today.   Just show this form with the receipt.”

“What!  I can?  That’s wonderful!”

“Yes, they know what this is.  You can use it until your pass card arrives.”

On the way back to camp, I stop at Les’s travel trailer.

“Hello, Les!  Anybody home?”

I explain that I want to go to Los Algodones one day next week for appointments and ask if he will watch Bridget and Spike for me.  He agrees!  We sit and visit for a bit, until the crew becomes impatient in the PTV and puts up a ruckus.

I thank Les, return to the PTV, and slowly we make our way through the creosote bushes and across a few shallow washes to arrive at our campsite.

This is great!  Tomorrow I’ll make my appointments!


NOTE:  I apologize for the lack of photos in today’s post.  I was so involved in the tasks at hand that I neglected to take any photos.


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104 Responses to A canine mishap, a nightmare, and a happy ending

  1. klbexplores says:

    I couldn’t help but laugh…you had me going for a moment!

  2. mockturtle says:

    So glad everything turned out A-OK! A bit disappointed you did not share with us the photo in question. 😉

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, mockturtle,

      You kidding me? Take your worst driver’s license photo… Age your face several decades . . . Add one horrendous hangover . . . and make it a bad hair day!

      • Connie & Mugsy (MN/AZ) says:

        I’ve never understood why it is that passport photos are usually soooo ghastly. Back when it was done with polaroids, I recall having to pay for 4 or 5 to have one that I could live with for the next 10 years. Passport before the current one, I went to a camera shop (remember those) and it was the early days of digital and they just kept shooting until there was one I liked… for the same price. Same this past summer when I did the latest one (got both the card and a regular passport. Digital camera at a photography studio.

        • rvsueandcrew says:

          Oh well . . . I’ll live with it.

        • Pen says:

          What got to me the last time I renewed my passport is that they have an apparently new (?) rule that you have to have a neutral expression. Translated: No smile. I’ve never been big on forced smiling for photos, but I have to admit that the deadpan look didn’t really do me any favors.

          I loved Bridge and Spike in the “dream” – ha!

  3. Bill from NC says:

    Yee haw u done it Sue. Plus thats great info that you can use the application to go into Mexico. I am heading to my post office next week and get er done. Oh by the way each county has a designated post office for passports. Not every county has one either. I am about 60 miles from one but thats ok cause unlike the DMV I feel that thsnks to your blog I can get it all done in one trip!!! And by the way we know that where it concerns RvSue…….La senorita es muy nonita!!!! Adios, vaya con dios.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Bill,

      “The girl is very ninth?” Help me here… “nonita” . . . I don’t know much Spanish.

      Good luck next week getting your own passport card!

      • Connie & Mugsy (MN/AZ) says:

        Perhaps he means “bonita”?

      • ‘bonita’ means ‘pretty’, he just accidently put an ‘n’ instead of ‘b’.
        (darn keyboards)
        ……and I had to actually think a minute about the officer, then reread it. LOL
        I no longer know the lady I see in mirrors and storefront windows!! 🙂 The inner ‘me’ is still 18 years old!!

        Thrilled that the pups are OK! No lack of energy and enthusiasm, obviously! Must be the raw meat!!

        I can’t wait to hear about the doctor’s visits!!
        Becky in TX

  4. Ladybug says:

    You could have attached the pass card photo….

  5. DeAnne in TN says:

    I have a question, Sue. How do you find places that take your (I’m assuming) out-of-state checks with an out-of-state drivers license? Here in TN where I am, and even close to a military post, they are very strict about accepting checks with a local address and DL. Just wondering…and thanks

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, DeAnne,

      Good question. I rarely try a check. I almost always use my Amazon Visa credit card which gives me points to shop with. I have tried checks at places that don’t accept credit cards and they tend not to reject checks or they say, cash only.

      I wouldn’t want to travel the way I do relying on checks being accepted.

      • I asked that very question myself when I renewed my passport. The lady said, “Writing a check to a government facility, is just like gold, and had better be good!”
        If the money goes to Uncle Sam’s facilities, they will collect! LOL
        I guess you either won’t get the passport, or else you’ll find that amount on your next income tax debt. :-/

        • rvsueandcrew says:

          Right… No point messin’ with Uncle Sam!

          • DeAnne in TN says:

            Thanks for your answer. I seem to recall you writing that you used checks sometimes to pay at boondocking places/state parks, etc. Just curious…thanks for answering.

            • rvsueandcrew says:

              I forgot about that. Yes, I do often pay with a check at NF and BLM campgrounds. Usually there isn’t a camp host and the check goes in an envelope and is put in a drop box. A dishonest person wouldn’t bother to write a bad check. They’d simply not pay at all.

  6. Barbara says:

    You are such a beautiful person, who cares what the photo looks like. It only has to be passable to the authorities.

  7. Jerrie says:

    Living here only five miles from the border, I can relate to your blog today. Even speaking some Spanish does not always help. lol Reminds me of.. “he tied her on the railroad track,… and then,… and then,…..”
    I assume you just walk right into Mexico there, here we cross a bridge over the Rio Grande.
    I have a question that is way off of your blog today and I feel kind of silly asking. Hope you don’t mind.
    Somewhere you said you do your dishes in two pans out on a table. Using very little water, how do you get the soap off? I usually rise in running water, but that’s not gonna work in my Casita.
    It’s hard to pack a Casita when it is in Rice and I’m down here. Any tips?

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Jerrie,

      Yes, here one parks in a lot at the border crossing and walks across.

      Not a silly question . . . I no longer use two pans for washing dishes. I put my dishes in the dishpan, add the dish soap, and pour a small pot of boiling water over the dishes (heated on my stove, rather than using the hot water heater).

      A few minutes later or whenever, I add more water making it cool to touch. I wash the dishes and I don’t rinse. Instead I dry very thoroughly . . . to a shine! So far I haven’t tasted soap from any glasses, dishes, or flatware.

      Packing for a Casita you don’t yet have . . . I bought several large, plastic bins with lids and put most of my stuff in them, except for things that wouldn’t fit like a shovel, for instance. It helped immensely that I had more than enough room in the PTV so it wasn’t imperative that I transfer everything to the BLT immediately.

    • Connie & Mugsy (MN/AZ) says:

      I’m not Sue and I don’t know what she does, but like you I have always rinsed under running water. But when my mother and I were in Norway visiting her family, Mom and I were struck by the fact that they never rinsed their dishes at all. They went from the hot soapy water straight into the drainer… and then when they finished washing everything, we dried what was in the drainer. And nothing ever tasted of soap, so I guess it worked.

      • rvsueandcrew says:

        It does work and it saves a lot of water. Unlike the Norwegians, I dry right away. Everything dries very quickly in the desert air and I don’t want the soap sticking.

      • Mary (MN) says:

        My mother also washed and dried dishes without rinsing them, which I always thought was strange. I never tasted soap though.

        I think more of a concern now would be the type of soap being used, all chemical or organic.

  8. Yes, you definitely had me too for a moment with the policeman. Goodness! You draw such vivid pictures with your words, you don’t need photos! But, it’s always fun when you have them.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Gloria,

      I had fun writing my “nightmare.” After I published it, I thought, “Gee, I should’ve put Spike and Bridget in the nightmare.” So that’s what I did!

      Thanks for the compliment on my writing.

  9. Pam Wright says:

    Had to laugh as I read the description of your photo. I take those type photos, too. Very funny!

    Glad Spike is all right:)

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Pam,

      Spike limped for a bit. By bedtime he was walking okay. Right now he’s sleeping peacefully.

  10. Anne H says:

    I had to laugh! When I got my passport renewed, I went for the $8 photos too! Big mistake; next time I’m going to a real photographer – life is too short to have to carry around those completely unflattering images. OTH, if you take up a life of crime, they’ll never catch you by using your ‘official’ photos – no one would ever recognize you!

    Sorry that Spikey had a boo-boo! Hope he’s OK now.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Anne,

      I hope you’re right… that I can’t be recognized by the photo. Gosh, I thought I’d shed most of my vanity until I saw that monstrous face!

  11. Lacy says:

    I KNEW you’d work out a good plan for the crew!

    Can’t wait to hear more of your adventures, as always. I hope Spike is resting easy and no damage done.

    And WHO EVER takes a good passport/drivers license picture?????


  12. Connie & Mugsy (MN/AZ) says:

    Mugsy and I had a little “oh no” moment yesterday too. We were on a walk and a fellow came up behind us on a bicycle with his little Jack Russel cross running beside him on a leash. I’m not sure what happened exactly, as Mugsy was a little bit behind me – at least out of my peripheral vision. A combination of her usual OMG it’s a running dog right beside me – necessitated her little aggression dance – and scaring her… anyway, I turned to make sure the two dogs couldn’t reach each other and she was holding her rear leg in the air. It is the one that she often hurts jumping on and off things. I reached down and massaged it a bit, and she limped badly for a block or so, and then things settled down and by the time we got home, she seemed fine. Between her creaky knees and my creaky hip, we muddle along…

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      I know how very relieved you were that it wasn’t an injury. These little dogs have such small bones in their legs. I’m glad Mugsy is okay.

      As I was reading your story I pictured the dogs becoming tangled up with their leashes and all of you ending up in a heap. . .

      • Connie & Mugsy (MN/AZ) says:

        One would hope that they guy on the bike would make sure that he didn’t get too close since he was coming from the rear. Fortunately I won’t use one of those leashes on a reel where you totally lose control of the dog at most times (or at least so it seems with everyone I see). I use a standard 6 ft leash so that I can keep her close.

        The first time we took Mugsy to the vet as a puppy, he felt her rear legs and warned us that her knees weren’t good, so she would likely have problems at a relatively young age. I wonder if that comes from her Pug side or her Bichon side. Mom’s previous 100% Pugs never had knee problems…

  13. cinandjules says:

    Oh dear I couldn’t read that post fast enough! Evelyn Woodhead speed reading!

    Glad to hear Spike is okay…he might be sore tomorrow.

    The stories you come up with are hilarious! Butt ugly! You had me roaring! You should have said to the lady at Walmart….excuse me ma’am…this photo is for a passport card…which allows me to return to the USofA…this (show her the photo) isn’t close to being me……and politely asked her to take another. Were your glasses off and no smiling allowed?

    Everything worked out….just as you predicted…thank you Les!

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, cinandjules,

      No hat, no glasses, no smile. Gosh, deep wrinkles all over, blotchy skin, dark circles under my eyes, hair sticking out, rheumy eyes, forked tongue, huge incisors, pustules on my nose, dribble on my chin, warts, snot running . . .

      • Angie2B says:

        Bahaaa. You are silly.

      • Geri Moore says:

        LOL Sue! You are a riot! I have a photo like that on my gun carry permit… I look like a conviceted felon! YIKES! Glad to hear that Spikey is okay! Whew! Can’t let anything happen to our old man! Finally back to good Wifi! For about a week it was up and down with wifi! So glad Wes is going to dog sit for the crew! Good luck with your appointments… can’t wait to hear about that experience!
        Our experience with with beef bones was throwing up and loose bowels. We will try again soon! Love ya’ll!

  14. Cherylyn (eastern Oregon) says:

    Okay, you’ve got me laughing out loud. In my case I would have to add chicken neck to the above.
    Q: If you have one can you use a regular passport?

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Oh yeah, chicken neck. How could I leave that out? Actually more like turkey wattles.

      Sure, a passport works. It also allows air travel.

  15. Cari in North Texas says:

    Oh, poor Spike! I’ve done the same thing, where i step wrong off a curb and twist my ankle. I’m glad he seems to be all right now. I don’t know how his male ego would take to riding in a stroller. 🙂

    Your nightmare was quite entertaining. I knew it wasn’t real as soon as I read that Spike was wearing a sombrero, and Bridget doing the macarena, but it was still funny. And I can certainly relate to your reaction to your photo. My last drivers license photo makes me look very much like my mother, and she’s 80+.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Cari,

      I can tell you how Spike would take being pushed in a stroller. He’d expect that service for the rest of his days! You wouldn’t believe how he bosses me around like I’m his servant.

  16. Roger in SoCal. says:

    Hi Sue.
    I know, you’ve heard it so many times..but you really could be a writer ( as in books). Your nightmare scenario was great in fact, way back when I was young I used to be an avid reader. Don’t know what happened but I stopped reading, it takes alot to keep me interested in a book. Your writing always keeps me reading, wish I had that talent. My blog was so plain and drab that even Amazon rejected me for associates application. 🙁


    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Roger,

      Your blog might not have been accepted by Amazon for other reasons. Maybe you applied too soon or didn’t write new content often enough. Remember, I didn’t get into the program until I’d built a readership over the span of a year and a half.

      Try different books. You’re a different person than you were “way back when” you were young and enjoyed reading and then you stopped. I read things now that wouldn’t have interested me years ago. Give it another try. . . Reading is a wonderful hobby to have as one gets older.

      Well, at least I have you reading “RVSue and her canine crew.” Don’t give up that habit!

      • Mary (MN) says:

        My understanding is that Amazon is rejecting affiliates for everybody from a state that collects sales tax on online orders.

        I heard that all affiliated in MN had their affiliate status cancelled for that reason. Again, just my understanding, if Amazon has even one affiliate in the state it constituents having a business presence, therefore requiring them to collect taxes on all Amazon sales to MN residents.

        Roger I agree with Sue, keep writing anyway and always keep reading. 🙂

  17. LeeJ says:

    That made me laugh so hard I was coughing and so glad I had just gone to the lou…you cracked me up.

    My last driver’s license photo…the lady says,’ step to the line’, so as I look down to see the line, she snapped the photo, so I have spent the last ten years appearing drunk…eyes drooping…at least if I ever get stopped at a DUI checkpoint, I will look normal…lol..

    Visions of your photo, oh my, I am laughing again…need to blow my nose now…

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi LeeJ,

      You have a “This is me when drunk” photo! Funny. Reminds me of that pathetic actor whose mug shot was shown all over the world when he was picked up for DUI…because the photo was so bad! Can’t think of his name. He’ll never erase that photo from the consciousness of the world.

      I’m pleased you got a laugh out of my nonsense . . .

    • Cinandjules says:

      When Jules turned in her CA license for a NY one….she went up to the lady to take the photo. The lady looked at the document and said ummmm your hair isnt blonde it’s gray! If you insist on checking “blonde” you’ll have to get it dyed!

      Jules looked at me and said if she brings out a scale…I’m going to club her!

      Needless to say….her DL lists her hair as gray!

      • rvsueandcrew says:

        Wow! How tactless! Great comment by Jules . . . 🙂

        That’s one government worker who would benefit from a good clubbing. Knock some sensitivity into her!

  18. Deborah says:

    Hi, Sue!
    Eight years ago I had my last passport photo taken. It was so bad that I cried. My then business partner asked to see it and when I finally showed it to him he informed me that it was exactly how I looked and wondered what was the problem. I cried harder! Now, eight years older, I wish I looked that good! lol

    If it is any consolation, digital photography is not the older woman’s friend. If you couple that with the harsh light of a flash – Horrors!

  19. Kay says:

    OMgosh! Sue, you had me going there for a minute over the policeman story. I had to go back and re-read it. LOL

    I am so glad Spikey is ok. I have to laugh at how those two “kids” of yours, keep you busy.

    Well, I have RETIRED again. And, I told the hubby that’s it – I am all done for good. I want us to take the rest of our lives and do what makes us happy on our time. Boy, it sure felt good to sleep in until 9AM today!

    While we sat her this evening watching the already 4 inches of snow land in yard since we came home at 6PM from Denver without snow… I said, next winter – I will take you to the desert floor of AZ. We have the RV ready to go right now, but – we also decided last fall to build a new house so we have to stick around and tidy up all these little projects we’ve been working on the last 6 months. By September/October we should be ready to hit the road for winter.

    What great feeling it’ll be to wake up to a Winter Wonderland and not have to go to an office and deal with some ungrateful folks. I’ll just drink a cup of coffee and watch the cars pass through a foot or two of snow!

    Take care and be really careful in Mexico! Hope Spikey is 100% back to normal by morning.


    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Kay! Good heavens! You’re wearing me out!

      You retire again, build a house, work on projects for six months, you’ve got snow to shovel… and you slept until 9 a.m. I’d sleep for days!!!

      Do not get another job or two, please. Relax. I advise only doing one or two things all day. That’s what I do. I wash a few dishes and read a book. Okay, those are my two projects for the day!

      Retirement is wonderful. I wish you and your husband much happiness at this special time in your lives.

      • Kay says:

        Ugh… how long does it take to SLEEP past 9AM when one re-retires??? Woke up to 7 inches of snow, called on doctor and rescheduled the appointment. Took another look out the window and decided… WE ARE GOING RVING October through May from here on out! Today’s “two” things on the advice of Sue will be… Make German Soup and not get out of PJ’s. Oh, add one more… I will sit and watch the snow melt, too!

        • rvsueandcrew says:

          Well, Kay… Here’s my sleep-all-day technique. Get up and fix a cup of coffee. Go outside and doze in the lounger. Read a bit. Doze off. Have breakfast. Sit in lounger. Doze off. Have lunch. Lie down on the bed and listen to radio. Go outside with a drink and read in the lounger. Doze off. Wake up. Take a little walk. Sit in the lounger, doze off . . . . .

    • Mary (MN) says:

      Kay, Question for you or other readers – how do you winterize your house if you leave for the winter. That is one of the reasons hubby and I aren’t where it is warm, we don’t want the house to freeze. We have talked to people but the consensus has been to keep it heated. All well and good if there is no propane shrtage and the power doesn’t go out. Just wondering!

      • Edie says:

        Keep it heated, but just in case, turn off the water, drain the pipes and put antifreeze in the toilets. We have a lake house that we leave with no heat on and that is all we do. A bigger house may need more… So don’t go just by this! More info from others would be good 🙂

        • Mary (MN) says:

          Thank you Edie! Good to have a starting point for figuring it out. I hadn’t thought of antifreeze in the toilets and draining the pipes, but should have since that is what we do for the camper. I discoved a freeze alarm product that supposedly sends a text if the house gets under a certain temperature. Maybe, hopefully, this is the last MN winter I endure. 🙂

  20. Heda says:

    Ha ha ha I don’t know the life time of a pass card but presumably it doesn’t last forever and more importantly who cares about the people who insist on looking at it. More fool them for asking in the first place. Thank goodness dear little Spike is OK. You scared me for a moment having done the whole gorgeous much loved little old dog thing.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Heda,

      Great to hear from you! The pass card is for TEN LONG YEARS! That’s longer than many mug shots!

      Spikey is fine this morning. He slept well, got up, patrolled the campsite per usual, and is now inside resting on “his” blue rug. Any minute now he’ll begin yelling for breakfast.

  21. BuckeyePatti in Ohio says:

    Sheesh, now I gotta learn Spanish to follow the blog! You gonna provide classes now, or atleast an interpretation? 🙂

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi Patti,

      “Mother of God! How scary!” (Madre de Dios! Que miedo!)

      “I’m sorry, ma’am.” (Lo siento, senora)

      ” . . . butt uglio.” (butt ugly 🙂 )

  22. Linda in TX says:

    Well, that was my laugh for the day! Who cares what you look like?! Go ahead and do the macarena with Bridget!

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Yeah! Honey Badger don’t care! Why should I? Woooo-hoooo!!

      You know what adds insult to injury? The photographer at Wal-Mart gave me an extra photo! As if I want it for a keepsake or to show to my friends because I look so good in it!

  23. AZ Jim says:

    Thanks Missy, I hadn’t had my breakfast yet when I read your description of how you look in the photo and although I knew you were exaggerating, it was enough to cripple my hunger. I’ll pass on the breakfast and hope the very graphic mental image leaves me before lunch time. You silly girl.

  24. Terri From Texas says:

    Look at it this way-in 10 years you will look younger on your passport card than you are!
    I read your post last night and missed Spike drinking tequila. I went back and re-read the post after reading comments. Hilarious!
    Have a safe trip into Mexico. Have you gotten any recommendations for Dentists or Opticians?

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Terri,

      I’ve contacted a dental and vision clinic and am waiting to have an appointment confirmed. I’ll write about it in an upcoming post.

      I finished the post and later, thinking it over, the picture of Spike throwing back shots of tequila while wearing a sombrero seemed to fit his personality, while I could see Bridget as queen of the macarena. 🙂

  25. Marilu, Northern Ca. says:

    I was perusing some vintage rvsueandcrew posts this morning and a question came to mind. With the new RAW diet for the crew what about their rotisserie chicken??? Can you imagine Rvsue coming out out Walmart with her own rotisserie chicken and denying the pleading, then shocked expressions from the crew as she simply drives away with her loot? Will she try to smuggle the chicken into the PTV hoping the crew doesn’t notice? (Yeah, that’s going to work!
    Did you ever smell one of those babes in a closed up van?? ) Perhaps Sue will join the crew and munch on raw gizzards.The Bridge isn’t going to go for that! I’m sitting on the edge of my seat waiting to find out what Rvsue will do about rotisserie chicken.

    Have a great day everyone!

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Wait no more, Marilu!

      The Rotisserie Chicken Dilemma: What to do?

      Looks like I’ve eaten my last of those tasty birds . . . Once again the crew rules!

      You have a great day, Marilu, funny lady. 🙂

  26. Pauline says:

    Oh Spike…I am so glad you are ok!!! Susan, don’t worry….no matter how bad you think that pictures is, I am sure when the federales call me, send your picture and ask if I know you, I will be able to identify you!!

    Love you and stay safe


  27. Deb from NJ says:

    Still laughing….. I read your blog last night while at work and smiled then laughed. Before I typed up my comment today I reread it and am still laughing!……and thats what makes a great blog! I am one of those that hate my picture being taken because I cant believe that I actually look like that! In my eyes…..I look better than that. Glad that Spike is okay and hope that things go well in Los Algodones. Have a great day!

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Deb,

      Spike is fine, no limp. It was only a scare. I will try to remember when letting out the crew parked next to a curb to lift both of them down.

  28. Glenda in OZ! says:

    Rolling on the floor laughing………..Sue you are tooooooooooooo funny!! Hope Spike is ok and that he is just sore and no actual injury is involved. I have a SUV and I always try to lift my two down, fear they will do joint/leg damage dropping from a height in a rush as they all want to do!! Loving your blog as per usual………..very very hot here………second heat wave for the season!

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Glenda,

      I always get a kick out of people finding one of my blog post’s funny. Glad you enjoyed it. On the way from Wal-Mart, having picked up the scary photo, driving back to the post office, I thought about showing my pass card to an official and what his or her reaction would be. Then the “nightmare” scenario came to mind.

      Yes, I need to lift the crew down, at least when parked at a curb.

      Most of the States are suffering in cold. . . Hope you cool down soon.

  29. AZ Jim says:

    Sue, on any diet one of the saving graces is that you are allowed to indulge as long as it’s the exception rather than the rule. Moderation is what they all preach. I would think the Rotisserie Chicken will taste even sweeter when on those occasions when you decide you and the crew deserve a treat. Don’t quit it cold just play by the rules. Life is only worth living when it’s enjoyed. 😉

  30. Rev. Mary says:

    Sue, Don’t worry when it comes to the ID photos of us USA women , there is not a good looking woman here, me included. Ha, ha

    • AZ Jim says:

      Well Rev, I’m sure glad your talking about women because I happen to represent some of the great looking men on here. Would I kid you??:)

  31. DeAnne in TN says:

    Had a great time at the RV show and learned so much. Actually had a salesman tell me after talking with him that “you know more about RV’s than you think you do.” I can only thank RV Sue and her readers! The day was great and definitely gave me some insights on my future home.

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