A Christmas card

P1080820-005Thank you for reading my blog and for your holiday wishes for me and the crew.  Bridget, Reggie, and I will be back on the 26th.

Love, peace and joy,



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  1. Pat H. says:

    Merry Christmas and I hope 2016 brings many wonderful campsites.

  2. Second? A very happy Christmas to you and the crew!

  3. Best of the holidays to you, too, Sue and the canine gang!

  4. Dave Stewart (in missouri for now) says:

    Hope you and the crew Have a Very Merry Christmas

  5. Val Gal (Western WA) says:

    Merry Christmas Sue, Bridget and Reggie!

  6. Alice (So. Fla) says:

    HO HO HO to you…..hope Santa doesn’t run into the Reginator…

    Love Peace and Joy to you as well on Christmas and through the New Year.

  7. Marcia GB in MA says:

    Merry Christmas blessings to you, Bridget and Reggie! Wishing you peace, warmth and joy.

  8. Pauline in Mississippi says:

    A Very Merry and Blessed Christmas to all of RVSue’s blogerinos!!!

    Sending my Sister Susan, Bridget and Reggie a great big Christmas Hug. Love you so very much and wishing you a Very Merry and Blessed Christmas also.

  9. Mick'nTN says:

    [size=20][color=red] Merry Christmas Blogorinos[/size][/color]

  10. Jeff from va says:

    And best wishes to you and the crew also.

  11. Sealarkesmiles says:

    Merry Christmas Sue, Bridget, Reggie and all Blogorinos! Be safe, warm and happy as well as grateful for all that we all have. Peace.

  12. Robin Shaw says:

    Merry Christmas to you, too! May 2016 be great for you! Robin & Steve

  13. Elizabeth in WA says:

    We got to spend the day in the airport…and yep, could not make the last flight as the first one was too delayed. So trying again tomorrow. The Nazis nearly strip searched us…I am TEMPTED to just wear a robe with nothing underneath and rip it open if they bother us again. Somehow their tactics do NOT make me feel safer. It seems to be only us older folks who in no way resemble any terrorist whom they choose to harass. Today it was harassment pure and simple. If they mess up the flight tomorrow I think we will find a different way across the continent. One that might help us keep our blood pressure lower too. Oh well…one thing being retired, we have no job to hurry home to…so at least that!!
    Hope you have a nice peaceful day tomorrow…am sure you will, Sue!! Your lifestyle does indeed look enticing!! Hugs to the puppies.
    (Did find a VERY interesting book in the airport and got it: Cold Noses at the Pearly Gates by Gary Kurz.)

    • Cinandjules (NY) says:

      Are you flying standby? Or is it some sort of mechanical/weather delay?

      TSA does the best they can with the training they are given. Traveling during the holidays adds to the chaotic atmosphere on both sides of the screening process. Add the delays for whatever reason and patience flies out the window.

      There is no definitive characteristics of a terrorist…that’s why their task is difficult in itself. If you think about it…every protocol they follow is reactive not proactive.

      Having been assigned to the airport, I’ve seen guns, knives, hand grenades artfully concealed in an attempt to get pass security. Are there ways to circumvent the system? You bet!

      Once you’ve enter the screening process you basically must jump thru their hoops….that or like you mentioned…find another method of transportation to your destination.

      Remember, as you are trying to make it home for the holidays…they are away from their family gatherings trying to make sure YOU make it there safely.

      I hope tomorrow is a better travel day for you. I can almost assure you..it will be a ghost town.

      • Pamela K. says:

        I read that the same way you did. Your comments are correct and appreciated by not only the TSA but all law enforcement and first responders. I remember those cold left over holiday dinners after working the “holiday” shifts. Through in the Full Moon this year and it should be an extra busy shift for everyone…the life of those “who serve”.
        I cannot remember if you still are serving in law enforcement or if you are retired already. If you still are still serving and are working knock it out and get back home safe!
        Once Blue, Always Blue. I guess we never really leave “the brotherhood/sisterhood” do we? It’s a “Blue DNA” thing!
        Happy Holidays and Be Safe.

        • Cinandjules (NY) says:

          After spending the holidays at someone else’s home (domestic squabbles) for 28 years…Jules and I are both retired.

          Incidentally, yesterday at Newark NJ Airport, a 72 year old man was detained after the cane he was using, unbeknownst to him, had an ice pick hidden in the handle.

          • Pamela K. says:

            I sure DO hear ya…those holiday domestic calls are such a hot-button for LEOs, like serving warrants during the holidays can “turn on a dime” from OK to bad on all levels. Do you both ever attend Officer Down in DC in May? I’m heading there this year and hope to meet up with some of my retired LEO friends from across the pond (UK and Scotland). One of my father’s department friends (later one of my own shift Lt.) was an Officer Down along with his partner after I left the department. Was so sad to hear of that news. He and his partner were good people and good officers. My former Lt. was a few short weeks away from his 30 year retirement at the time. Glad you both are safely retired now. We lose way too many, light a candle sometime during the holidays for all of those who Gave All.

          • Pamela K. says:

            Oh, BTW, just to be clear… I was a dispatcher so I was only on the :other end” of those calls. Even still we were their first (and sometimes only) life line to the station house when they needed help for an Office Down rely. I can only imagine what “being there” at those calls must have been like. Thank You for all your devoted years of Protecting and Serving.

            • Cinandjules (NY) says:

              No we don’t attend the NLEOM function in May. We know 5 on that wall.

              I have much respect for dispatchers. We were all friends and yes they are the lifeline. We made it a point to call or drop in..just so they wouldn’t be left wondering.

            • Pamela K. says:

              Awww, you made my heart smile reading that. Before there were fast food places on every corner and late night restaurants everywhere it was the shift LEOs who would do middle-of-the-night dinner runs for us. It was always a nice time to see them even if our shifts were busy that night. Some were green-foot Rookies right out of the academy and looked oh-so polished having less than a few runs in their uniforms. So young, now they are retired and golden members of the Old-timers Club still having breakfast meets once a month or so. Yes, a very special group indeed, especially those (like you and Jules) who sought out to make us dispatchers welcomed to the department and part of that very special force. Thank you for that!
              Happiest of Holidays to you and yours!

            • Pamela K. says:

              5 on The Wall… I shall ring a bell for them during the candlelight service, lest we forget as time passes. One of my dear friends maintains the honor rolls for Scotland Highlands. He still honors those who were fallen from centuries ago. A noble calling for the living to honor the dead regardless of the passing of time. Sorry for your departments and your community’s loss of those fine 5.

      • Elizabeth in WA says:

        With all due respect Cin, you were not there. There are ways to do things that are good and there are ways that are bad. It was bad. Totally. And it looked racially motivated in this case…only ones being so treated looked like me. Though I did not resist in any way and did my best to do as COMMANDED, still…I have some abdominal pain today from the shoving they did on me…almost knocked me down in fact and I am fairly steady on my feet. I wished someone had been video taping, but I doubt it. I feel less safe than I did, in fact. I have read that you can get that kind of job without much if any screening…I believe it. Some of the older people also working there acted ashamed as it was going on…one I saw later in a different part of the airport and he dropped his head to look at the floor as he passed me. Maybe if my Cherokee roots showed more, I would have been left alone? One wonders…my brother looked full blooded, alas I do not. We did experience much much much better treatment in Israel airport…and they deal with this on a daily basis nearly. Too bad no one asks them how they do it there. I do suspect their x-ray machines for humans have something wrong however…I wore exactly the same kind of socks, shoes, pants, shirt and underwear each day…with completely different spots showing up in the machine. THAT is weird! I thought the guy roughing up my husband the day before was going to hit him because he was wearing his elastic belt and his plastic hooked suspenders…and it beeped the machine. Yet the guy in charge when he was taking off his clothing said to leave the belt and suspenders on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Something rotten there too…go figure. I think you have not flown in a goodly while…I do not know if we shall fly again. Even across the continent. Driving is looking better all the time. Even the train or bus… BY the way, I have never gotten into trouble with the police in any way. And my hubby’s uncle was fine cop. No disrespect there. I do not equate most of those working in the airport as anything remotely like a police person however. I wish they would use dogs…they have far more sense than most people. And are not very prejudiced that I have ever seen. My advice is to not fly now if you can possibly avoid it. Unless you want to go through what I did as well as hubby.

        • Pamela K. says:

          You are right, only you and your hubby were there at the time. I do have to say not all “sworn, badge wearing” employees are equal in their performance of their duties. I will be the first to come out and call out those that are less than honorable when preforming their duties. Trading On The Badge is far too common place in some areas and on some departments, I admit this and it usually stinks from-the-head-down when it happens that way. Solely from reading your account it would seem that you encountered such a bad run. Ashamed for everyone involved, it reflects badly on all of us (former and currently serving). We used to say there were 3 kinds of people who “stepped up” to serve: The ones who truly wanted to Serve and Protect, The ones who were Power Hungry, and Those who were told it was a family tradition so they were expected to do nothing less even if their hearts were not in to it. It sounds like you “may” have encountered the Power Hungry kind. If so, I’m sorry it happened. It NEVER should. It is, however, the human and less human side of the job. Hope you reached your family the next day and your holidays were off to a better start again.
          Happy Holidays to You and Yours.

        • Pamela K. says:

          Reading what I wrote, I must also admit that I do not know if the TSA employee are required to take any sworn oaths as part of their “serving”. If not, maybe they should be required to too, it might stop some of that when you know you have made a pledge to serve. Anyway, hopefully times got better for you and yours.

          • Cinandjules (NY) says:


            TSA screeners don’t take an oath and don’t “serve” per se….

            • Elizabeth in WA says:

              Thanks Cin…and Pamela. I think it is a job that could be difficult to take pride in and even though I am still upset (and had some more abdominal pain in the night so it worries me some) I would NEVER in a thousand years want to trade places with those people!! Never!!

            • Pamela K. says:

              Yep, after reading that I thought I might be wrong to assume they took some kind of oath. Oh well, most try to do their best or at the least get safely through their shift with no happenings occurring on their watch. It is a thankless job with little to no pay. Sad really, it was a good idea but lost in the paper-pile of politics and budgets… Nuff said 😉

        • Cinandjules (NY) says:

          Once you got to your destination…I hope your family gathering was memorable.

          • Elizabeth in WA says:

            Actually Cin, we were to have spent the 25th with Daughter here…but could not as the plane got in too late (kids go to bed about 7 PM)…so no point without the kiddies!! But that is so ok. I was so happy to get back to our teeny apt!! And we will get with daughter and family later when they have time. I have been living life for a number of years now, with as little to no expectations as possible…and things are easier that way. Real life is hard for so many and making plans just don’t always work out. Illness comes for one…so we just enjoy whatever days we have with loved ones and be happy about it. Thanks for the good wishes. Peaceful days are best…and sounds like yours was!
            (While we were in NC to see son and family and our other daughter too…hubby got strep and I caught a cold, so we had 3 of our days and nights in a motel taking meds and recovering, until we were not able to give the germ. Certainly not our plan…but hey, the room was so nice and comfortable and an excellent king bed so we could rest and recover…and we had TV, books, internet…so it was still ok!!)

  14. Teri says:

    Merry and Happy to all. The best for the coming year.

  15. Toni says:

    Merry Christmas Sue and crew. May God bless you always.

  16. Teri LiveOak Fl says:

    May your days be merry and bright..( me singing loudly)

  17. Jolene/Iowa says:

    Merry Christmas Sue, Bridget and Reggie and to all the blog readers!

  18. Merry Christmas to you and the doggoes. Hope your holidays are merry.

  19. terry says:

    Merry xmas to you and the kids Sue have a great day

  20. Deena n Peoria, AZ says:

    Merry Christmas Sue, Bridget, Reggie and The Bloggerinos.

    Peace and Joy.

    Deena, DS and Miss Mollie

    • Joyce Sutton says:

      Have a nice weekend. I have to work. The nursing homes are lonely places at Xmas for many. So I work when younger staff wants the family time. We will get together with friends and family new yrs day. The weather looks warm here for the weekend and I think there too although rain may come. Have a good one.

      • Reine in Plano says:

        Joyce, bless you for being so considerate of the younger folks and allowing them to spend time with their families. I know you will bring joy to the folks in the nursing home also.

  21. Barb from Hoquiam! says:

    Happy Christmas Sue and Crew!

    May the road be level and traffic free,
    Might the smile on the pups bring you GLEE
    The coffee be HOT and the dinner yummy
    And know that your blog
    Brings a smile to my gummies 😛

    And always remember, Hugs from Hoquiam!


  22. Bev says:

    Merry Christmas! Looking forward to your ventures in 2016!

  23. Cheryl O. says:

    Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year! Looking forward to more amazing travels and fun conversation.

  24. Chris(MN) says:

    Happy holidays and warm wishes to all!

  25. Marilu from Northern California says:

    Merry Christmas, Sue and Blogorinos far and wide.

  26. Garth Bacon says:

    And Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you Sue.

  27. Karen LeMoinel says:

    Merry Christmas Sue and Crew! May we all be blessed in the coming New Year!

  28. Merry Christmas! I hope you, Reggie and Bridget have a great day. Full of peace, and good weather.


  29. Mike Leonard says:

    Merry Christmas from Ajo!

  30. Larry M from the Pacific NW says:

    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you Sue! And Happy Trails ahead!! I ALWAYS enjoy reading your blog!

    Larry from the NW

  31. Merry Christmas to you Sue, the doggies and to ALL a good night! And a Happy New Year as well.
    Although we’re home now from Borrego and Yuma, starting Jan. 12th we’ll be with 40 + other rigs boondocking at Quartzite. It’s a fellow blogger’s “get together” in conjunction with THE BIG SHOW. Most of us have never met, and the levels of RV experience are all different. Should be fun.
    Then we’re staying for another week to attend Bloggerfest 2016.

    Be safe. And Happy Trails.

  32. AlanOutandAbout - Pahrump, Pahrunp, Pahrump says:

    Merry Christmas; Peace On Earth to us all

  33. Deb D says:

    Sue Merry Christmas to you and your crew ..wishing you a healthy 2016,
    and many new places to see. Peace ..

  34. Cinandjules (NY) says:

    Merry Christmas to all and to all a great night!

  35. Norman in San Diego says:

    Hi Sue,

    Merry Christmas from San Diego! Thanks for sharing your adventures and wishing you the best in 2016!


  36. Andrea in Glendale says:

    Thanks for giving us the special gift of your adventures with Reggie and The Bridge this year… It was like reading a really good book you couldn’t put down. Merry Christmas to the three of you!

  37. Dawn from Camano Island says:

    Happy holidays to you, Bridget & Reggie.

  38. Jenny Johnson Manuel says:

    Merry Christmas to RV Sue and the Crew from North East Tennessee –Wishing you much happinesss in the New Year

  39. wildflower in prescott says:

    Merry Christmas to Sue and Crew and to all the Blogorinos!

  40. Sue CleanerGreenerVegas says:

    Thanks for a memorable year, Sue. Love your pics more than the travel channel! Peace to all blogorinos

  41. Penny in AR says:

    Merry Christmas from Arkansas where we will have the air conditioner on and be drinking iced tea instead of spiced tea and no fire in the fireplace. You know how it is in the south. Could have an ice storm the next week….ha! Have a peaceful time and hoping you have many happy camps ahead!

  42. Linda Hughes North Carolina says:

    Merry Christmas Rv Sue and Crew, may you have a blessed day!

  43. Gary and Cindy says:

    Happy Holidays everyone. Thank you Sue for a wonderful year of dreams! Hugs to Bridget and Reggie.

  44. Merry Christmas All!!!! Hope you have good holidays!

  45. Chris(MN) says:

    I have been reading from the archives and I can’t find the archive search. Any clues?

  46. Piper n' Rusty / Az says:

    We Wish you Sue and your crew and All YOU BLOGEROOOOOS TOO,,,,,, A MERRY CHRISTMAS AND HAPPY NEW YEARRRRR,,,, Be SAFE TOO!,,,,,,,,,,,,, us

    • Dawn in MI says:

      Merry Christmas to you and Lady P Rusty! 🙂

      • Piper n' Rusty / Az says:

        Thank you Dawn and thanks again,, Lady P is liking her Christmas presents, in fact She’s up in my bed chewing on one right now as I ‘m typing’ ,,,, stay warm up there,, say hi and give your Katie a hug from us,,,,,,,,, rusty

    • cc and canine (Eastern Missouri) says:

      Merry Christmas Rusty and Lady Piper! She sure is pampered there in
      your cozy home chewing on her present.. Stay safe and warm!

      • Piper n' Rusty / Az says:

        Hi CC,, We thank you and we Hope you and your crew had a Very Merry Christmas,,,,,,,,,,,,

  47. Diane says:

    Merry Christmas! And a Happy New Year of travels!

  48. Kate in Iowa says:

    Merry Christmas to you, Sue, and thank you for the happy pictures and commentary. I always look forward to reading your blog! Always a highlight of my day.

  49. Sharon in MO says:

    Merry Christmas to you, Sue, Bridget and Reggie!

  50. Laura says:

    Merry Christmas to Sue and Crew! Hope you enjoy the holiday!

  51. BadgerRickInWis says:

    A very merry Christmas to you Sue and the Crew and to all my beloved Blogorino family. May your holiday be safe, joyous and full of love.

  52. Dawn says:

    Merry Christmas Sue and the gang, from Asheville, NC. Best wishes for a happy New Years–and for everyone–a peaceful holiday and safe journeys.

  53. peggy says:

    Happy New year to Sue and the Crew. Looking forward to the 2016 Crew Posts.

  54. Colleen from Tehachapi says:

    A Very Merry Christmas to you RV Sue and the crew too! Thoroughly enjoy your blog and never miss reading it. Thank you, it is a wonderful gift!

  55. Donna now in Bakersfield, CA says:

    Merry Christmas Sue and crew, love the posts and awesome picture’s. May 2016 bring you many more awesome campsites!

  56. Pat McClain says:

    Sue, you are doing what I always wanted to do! It’s such a pleasure reading your blogs, but I get so envious that I am not traveling too! If you ever come through Charlotte Mi, you are welcome to stop the night in my driveway!


  57. Denise - Richmond VA says:

    Good Merry Christmas morning (EST)!

    Sending warm wishes for health, happiness, contentment, and peace to Sue, her Crew and all of the Blogorino family!!

    Hugs from me and Gracie pup! 🙂

  58. Tawnya says:

    Merry Christmas Aunt Susan. I love you !

  59. Jo in AZ from OR says:

    Merry Christmas RV Sue, Bridg and Regie. Hope Santa is good to you. Thanks for the joy you bring to me, everyday. I also want to thank the bloggerinos for ideas and pure entertainment. I wish all safe travels and a joy filled life. Merry Christmas!

  60. DesertGinger says:

    Merry Christmas to all. Hope everyone has a lovely holiday.

  61. Cat Lady in Baton Rouge, La. says:

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, Sue and Crew. Thanks for taking all of us along for the ride/views for another year.
    I’ve really enjoyed our escapes.

  62. Velda in Roseville CA says:

    Merry Christmas everyone!

  63. Pamela K. says:

    Santa Baby (Light Hearted with an RV twist)
    by Pamela K.

    Santa baby, Just slip a PREVOST under the tree, For Me.
    Been an awful good girl, Santa baby.
    So, hurry down the chimney tonight!

    Santa baby, a SPORTSMOBILE SPRINTER too!
    Light Blue.
    I’ll wait up for you, dear.
    Santa baby, so hurry down the chimney tonight!

    Think of all the FUN I’ve missed!
    Think of all the Cuties that I could’ve kissed!
    Next year I could be just as good –

    Santa baby, I “WANNA” VA-CAY!
    On a WARM BEACH — not a STAY-CAY.
    Been an angel all year, Santa baby.
    So, hurry down the chimney tonight!

    Santa honey, there’s one thing I really do need.
    The DEED –
    To a RODEO RANCH. (cowboys!)
    Santa honey, HURRY down the chimney tonight!

    Santa sweetie, I forgot to mention one thing –
    The “WHEELS!”
    And all the END-OF-YEAR-DEALS!

    Come and trim my Christmas Tree —
    With some decorations bought at Tiffany!
    But don’t forget about AMAZON too,

    Santa cutie, bring your BENCHMARKS!
    They’re the best, they show all the great PARKS.
    You could help me plan my TRIPS,
    You could even give me some TRAVEL TIPS!

    Santa honey, I really wanna BOON-DOCK.
    And try my hand at OFF-GRID too.
    I’m gonna need a great SOLAR PACK.
    A SOLAR PACKAGE from “You-Know-Who!”

    Oh! Santa Baby…

    Merry Christmas To Everyone from Pamela, Klemper and our Fur Babies.

    • Elizabeth in S.E. New Mexico says:

      Your version of Santa Baby is WONDERFUL and DELIGHTFUL !
      Wish I had a printer!

      • Pamela K. says:

        Thank you! You can do a copy/paste to a word pad file from Accessories in Windows. Or highlight the text and do a Ctr C then open Word Pad in windows and do a Ctr. V, then save as rich text to save the formatting.
        Here’s hoping You and Yours have a Merry Holiday and Blessed New Year.

  64. Sandy says:

    Wishing you and the crew many Christmas blessings!

  65. weather says:

    Merry Christmas to all, I hope you enjoy the holiday. What a pretty card Sue, thanks. The colors in the calligraphy match the Light around your home, perfect!

  66. Beverly Northwoods WI & Venice FL says:

    A very Merry Christmas to you and the crew. Just love the joy you bring to everyone through your sharing of your life. Thank you!

  67. Reeves99 says:

    Joyeux Noël Sue and Crew

  68. Hilogene in Az says:

    Merry Christmas and happy new year! Thank you for all the time you spend on this interesting blog !

  69. Bill Fisher says:

    Merry Christmas Sue, to you and the ‘family.’

  70. Pam N says:

    Happy holidays to you and the Crew from my furkids and me in Appleton WI.

  71. Dawn in MI says:

    Merry, peaceful, wonderful Christmas to you and the Crew, Sue!

  72. Cinandjules (NY) says:

    Wishing all safe travels and an enjoyable day!

    Seasons greetings!

  73. Cynthia from San Clemente says:

    Merry Christmas to you too Sue, and to Her Highness and Little Big Man. And Merry Christmas to all the wonderful blogorinos out there. May everyone have a peaceful, blessed day.

  74. FloridaScott says:

    Merry Christmas Sue & Crew!!!

    This Christmas Day Brings Memories
    And Kindest Thoughts Untold,
    Of Friends We May Have Never Seen,
    But Hope To Always Hold.
    So May This Greeting Be A Link,
    In Friendships Precious Chain,
    And May There Be A Christmas Day,
    When We All Shall Meet Again.


  75. JoanneG says:

    Merry Christmas, Sue and Crew!

  76. Rose from AR says:

    Merry Christmas to Sue and Crew and to all the Blogorinos!

  77. Merry Christmas and Happy Yule Sue and Crew!

  78. Alane in Durango Colorado says:

    We’re having an extremely White Christmas here in southwest Colorado. One big storm after another, the kind of weather where the Fire Department asks people to get off the roads and stay home while they try to deal with snow over black ice. It sure made my first year directing my church choir in Christmas Eve services interesting. Between singers who decided to stay home, those so snowed in they had no choice and the impact of winter flu, I was down to half my choir by the second service. But we carried on and sang our best. It was a Christmas miracle–even with no tenors at all and some critical section leaders gone, it was still beautiful.
    I would have driven south today to spend Christmas with my family in New Mexico, but there is no way I’m going out in the whiteout I see out my window right now. My family is going to wait until I can get there to open presents. With more storms predicted for Colorado and New Mexico, it could be a few days. In the meantime, I’m enjoying the fire in the woodstove and a dreamy day with nothing on my list of things to do. Except shovel snow and count my blessings!
    Happy Solstice and Merry Christmas to all!

    • Elizabeth in S.E. New Mexico says:

      Hi Alane!!!!
      It is GOOD to read your words here again!
      Down here in the extreme S.E. corner of NM
      our sky is not blue and cloudless today…..
      I just got a snow warning from the weather
      people… Usually we do not get snow at all…
      even when there is a warning….The weather
      map did include Roswell in the snow…. Though
      Artesia and Carlsbad were not in that forecast.
      The Ranch is 16 miles south of Artesia and 30
      north of Carlsbad……

      Stay warm everyone and enjoy the Holidays!


    • Pamela K. says:

      It warms my heart to hear of your snow wary chorus carrying the show forward for you. And doing it without Tenors, I hope some of your lower scaled Altos or Basses helped to fill that void. Some of my fondest memories are from my days of All-County Chorus and All-State Chorus. I sang in both from 7-12 grades and minored in Music as a Vocal Major in college. The holidays always fill me up with those wonderful holiday memories of old…many of those same songs I still sing each season when I’m doing holiday cooking and again late at night when “all is calm”.
      Happiest of Holidays to You and Yours…

  79. Sharon aka as SKCCoast says:

    Merry Christmas and a wonderful and safe New Year to you and the crew! I’ve enjoyed your blog!

  80. Peaceful Christmas Sue and crew and all!

  81. Nivrapa in AZ says:

    Sue and Crew
    Blessings of peace and contentment today and throughout the New Year. Thanks for the gift of sharing your journey and looking forward to many more happy travels.

  82. edlfrey says:

    Merry Christmas!

    You probably did not get any but it was a White Christmas this morning in Pahrump, NV. One of the reasons that I do not call that my ‘domicle’ anymore.

    A very nice 48 as the low this morning in Yuma with the expected high to be in the mid 60s. Come on down!

  83. Sandy Wetzel says:

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all 3 of you. Thank you for sharing your blog.

  84. gayle - SO CAL Beach Boomer says:

    To RVSue, Queen of Everything, Dashing (about) Prince & Blogeroos far
    An RV poem from Facebook “Camping:”

    We have a cottage in the mountains
    A cottage at the shore
    And in many other places
    We have never been before

    We don’t have lots of money
    but-oh-how-good it feels
    when we all go camping
    In our little house on wheels.

    Happy Holidays & Peace on Earth, So. Cal. Beach Boomer

  85. Merle from WA says:

    Merry Christmas, Sue and Crew!!

  86. Lois (AZ) says:

    Hope you and the crew had a wonderful Christmas and best wishes for a fantastic, exciting New Year! Enjoy your blog…fun to travel with you!

  87. Merry Christmas RV Sue, Bridget and Reggie!

  88. Pookie in SE Texas says:

    well shoot, I completely missed this post……….
    Ive read you did have a good one…..

  89. Glenda in OZ! says:

    Merry Xmas Sue………..may you continue living the dream and sharing it with all your friends who follow along with you………….love to the adorable Bridget and Reggie XXX

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