A near catastrophe, an invasion, and a return to Glass Creek Road boondock, CA

October 2013 the original canine crew and I camped in a secluded boondock near Glass Creek, not far from Mono Lake and Mammoth, California.  “Glass Creek Road Camp” was a most appreciated boondock during that period of time when many campgrounds were closed due to a government shutdown.

The burnished colors of fall were lovely, the view of the Sierras stunning, the wildlife delightful, and the snowfall a wondrous surprise.  

“Glass Creek Road Camp”  

My present canine crew — Reggie and Roger — and I are spending the summer at our newly purchased home in Arizona as we await the arrival of my sister, Nancy, and her dog, Marg, in August.  

Monday, July 2, in Arizona

I have a stack of DVDs to return to the library.  These hot, summer days the crew and I are active in the mornings and early evenings.  During the afternoons our activity slows way down.  Most afternoons I push back in my lounger, which is set up in the bedroom, to watch a movie.  Some afternoons I crawl onto the cushions on the floor (that serve as my temporary bed) to take a nap with the boys.  And, of course, there’s always the internet.

Anyway . . . 

I keep a steady supply of movies on DVDs from the library.  I choose around ten at a time because, invariably, once I have them home, I toss a few aside before I find one I want to keep watching.

Before taking off to the library . . .

I check the oil level in the Perfect Tow Vehicle.

Hmm, down about a quart.

I walk around to the passenger side of the PTV to get a quart of oil from under the bench seat.  When I get to the side door, I look down and see that I almost stepped on . . .

Horned Toad!

Another near catastrophe!  This is the second time I almost stepped on him. The first time was in the yard (photo).

Now he’s lined up for certain death directly between the front and rear wheels of the PTV!   I scratch the gravel with my foot and send him scurrying away.

He stops and stares a few times.  Roger and Reggie watch from the other side of the chain link fence.

Good thing I checked the oil before backing out of the drive or Horned Toad would have become Creamed Toad.

In other critter news . . .

Ant invasion!  Inside the house!   A battalion of tiny black ants invaded the laundry room where the crew’s food and water dishes are located.

You see, Reggie and Roger, as part of their ongoing royal treatment, have kibble available to them 24/7.   This all-day buffet is served with water and that’s what attracted the ants.

I’m all for being kind to critters but I will not extend that to kitchen ants.  If I could talk them into leaving, believe me, I would.  Instead I use up what’s left of the ant spray, and, while in town to pick up more DVDs, I buy another can.

How do the ants get in?

They enter by way of the drain hose for the washing machine.  Not hard to figure out.  A line of ant soldiers was marching across the floor from the washer to the crew’s dishes.  I descended on those invaders like a weaponized drone and wiped them out.  No mercy!

That’s it for today’s post.  I hope these wintry pics send cool breezes to those of you in hot, humid places.

Happy Independence Day!



Fall colors, Mono Lake, and a morning surprise” and “Snow camping! Glass Creek Road Camp” — October 2013.


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106 Responses to A near catastrophe, an invasion, and a return to Glass Creek Road boondock, CA

  1. Lauri C says:


  2. Renee G says:

    Oh no! I must read on!

    • Renee G says:

      Lovely pics and glad you found the horned toad. I just love those toads! When I was a kid, I used to play with them along with catching polliwogs! I just thought it was neat how the toads would flatten out when I picked them up. Their defense mechanism. The snow scenes reminded me that diatamaceous earth controls ants. That’s what I do at my house. I sprinkle a little where the dogs can’t get to it even though it’s not toxic, but not recommended to inhale either. Outside I do that same and the ants move to another location on the other side of the yard!

      • rvsueandcrew says:

        Thanks re: the pics, Renee. It’s nice that this post brought up memories of your horned toad “pals.”

        I bought some diatamaceous earth. The big, outdoor ants will take over the yard if I don’t do something! If it’s still calm by the time I get outside, I’ll apply it today.

        • Renee G says:

          Our local newspaper horticulturalist suggests mixing it with water and spraying it as an option.

        • Suzy in USA says:

          another very easy way to get rid of the ants is available in the grocery store in the laundry detergent aisle. It is the 20 mule team borax laundry additive. All you have to do is sprinkle a thin line of it where the ants cross the line so to speak. It is not going to bother the dogs. When I had a house I put a thin line of it around the foundation. That got rid of the carpenter ants, sugar ants, etc. If you find an ant nest you can put a teaspoon or two of it on top of the mound. Of course it is also great for putting in your laundry, it gets rid of the odors on the clothes and helps prevent mildew on them. They put borax into the blown in insulation to prevent mold and mildew, it is a natural anti-bacterial mineral.

  3. Geri in the FL panhandle! says:

    We have a fire ant invasion here. After 3 days of rain, fire ants are popping up everywhere! Yuck!
    Glad you were able to move the horned toad to a safer location! I miss seeing them in Florida!
    Our library has a good selection of dvds available too! Nice diversion on a hot day!
    Hugs to the crew and you!

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Fire ants are the worst! Isn’t it great that libraries loan out DVDs? Movies and non-fiction, also audio-tapes.

      Hugs to you and Chuck, Radar and Tater!

      • Chuck says:

        Hi Sue! Another idea for stopping the ants coming i. On hoses , electrical lines etc is vasoline . Smear it around the whatever and it will stop them.

        • rvsueandcrew says:

          Hi, Chuck!

          Thanks for the tip to stop ants.

          I appreciate it when people write in such a way that their words are strung together with power. You have done such a thing, Chuck, and I congratulate you for it. Your words “smear it around the whatever” jumped off my monitor! If you don’t mind, I think that will become my new all-purpose response useful for a variety of situations. 🙂

          “What are you going to do today?”……. “Oh, I don’t know. I’ll probably smear it around the whatever.”

          “How do I fix this?” …… “Just smear it around the whatever.”

          “I don’t like your attitude!”…. “Aw, go smear it around the whatever!”

  4. Stephanie Turner OR says:

    Great pics. I lived in Calif for many years so these photos reminded me so much of the Sierra foothills in the Auburn area. A bit of nostalgia very much enjoyed. Good luck with the ant wars. And my best to your new pet, horned toad.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Always a pleasure to find out my photos brought enjoyment and memories. Thanks for the wishes. Yeah, Horned Toad is beginning to seem like a pet. He doesn’t immediately flee like Spigot Lizard and Lattice Lizard do. 🙂

  5. Hi Sue and crew,
    So glad you checked the oil and saved the horned toad! Those little ants were always trying to get a foothold in our house near Naco. Diatamaceous earth was one of the weap0ons in our arsenal. You might try that spray foam sealer/insulation they sell for the small holes.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Lisa and Connie,

      Another creative weapon against ants… Never would’ve thought of foam sealer. Enjoy your summer travels!

      • Marilyn Dennison says:

        We used that to keep out the field mice in the fall. It worked beautifully.

        • Barbara (Nashville) says:

          I use that foam sealer for sealing up things too. It is pretty hard to undo, once you use it though. Make sure your drain hose won’t need replacing any time soon. Don’t know if is would expand enough to damage or collapse the drain hose or not.

  6. Columbus Calvin says:

    The Glass Creek Road boondock looks wonderful, especially the wildlife. I guess you and I share the same taste in camping places.

    I’m glad you spotted the horned toad. I suppose he needs to learn more about humans, but I’m glad he has the chance. Others will know much more than I do about the ants.

    I went out and did errands this morning in the heat advisory, alert, or warning (whichever). I felt okay and got things done, which surprised me a little. That advice I keep hearing about doing things early is sound. I need that kind of experience along with the “facts and figures” stuff to determine my best course of action for my health. In any case, I’d rather have heat than snow. It’s just the humidity that bothers me, not the heat in itself. Snow is a pain for doing anything outside. I do something outside pretty much every day, and I like it that way.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Calvin,

      With humidity being the most troublesome for you, you’re going to appreciate the dry air of Arizona. Additionally, in the morning there’s a freshness to the air that you don’t feel in humid areas. I love that.

      As for snow, we do get a little in southwestern AZ (a lot more in the mountains, of course). As I understand it, the snow doesn’t last long. And, like in the snowy, last photo of the crew at Grass Creek Road Camp in California, the snow is on the ground but the air is warm enough, the sunshine bright enough, to enjoy being outside.

      BTW, if you ever have questions about AZ, don’t hesitate to ask. I’m not much help, being a new resident, but several blogorinos are familiar with many aspects of life in “The Zone.” 🙂

  7. weather says:

    At the moment I’m using my smartphone to write this, later I will write more while using my laptop. I used the links to both older posts, one had a link to your “I love coyote creek ” post.You may want to look at that ,too.After first month of camping for you and crew,you were teary eyed with happiness,so moving,touching and sweet …

    • Dawn in NC says:

      Thanks for that suggestion Weather! You’re right the “I love coyote creek” post was especially moving.

  8. Dawn in NC says:

    Creamed Toad! Ha! 😉 So sorry about the ants Sue. I remember in one place I lived, watching them cart off the tuna I put down for my cats. These were huge black ants. They were carrying the tuna, over their heads in a line towards my bedroom. It was my fault they were in my bedroom. I had stored a box of chocolates in there and had forgotten. Of course, it drew the ants. I don’t know what to tell you about the outdoor ants, except to try to get something to kill them that won’t harm the horny toad that eats them. Which, I am sure you will do any way as you are kind as possible to all creatures around you. I am excited for getting tomorrow off of work. A mini vacation! I won’t bother to look at fireworks. They are pretty, but it’s not my thing. I’m sure I will hear plenty of them, however. I am with you about resting during the heat of the day. I know how hot is in NC. I can’t imagine how much hotter it is in Arizona.

    Are you enjoying your break from boondocking? It sounds like you are making the most of it, as you seem to do in most circumstances. Look forward to hearing more about your house adventures!

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Dawn,

      Reading your comment, my big question is how you can you leave chocolates in the bedroom? I’d scarf those down, straight from package to mouth, no delay!

      Yes, I am enjoying this break from boondocking. I’m feeling very pampered and lazy. I lack direction and it’s wonderful. haha!

      I don’t think it feels hotter here than in NC. I find myself doing errands when the temps are around 100, and like Calvin mentioned above, surprisingly no problem. In GA I wouldn’t go outside the house at 100 degrees.

      The image of ants carrying off loads of tuna above their heads… pretty funny, Dawn!

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      I meant to address any worry about horned toads with diamataceous earth….

      Everything I’ve read on the internet from “experts” and from gardeners who have used DE is that it only harms critters with exoskeletons: ants, snails, cockroaches, grasshoppers, crickets. Gardeners report that they’ve checked after dark to find their population of toads is fine.

      The only things I know of that we have at the moment that are vulnerable to DE are ants and crickets. I’m hoping the crickets don’t go over to the ant hills.

      • Lisa, Dad, Tommie and Buddy in FL says:

        Hi Sue,
        Make sure that DE is food grade. The stuff for pools is harmful to living things like you and the boys. Be careful not to breathe it in no matter what type because it can cause lung damage similar to that of asbestos.
        Another natural remedy for ants is cornmeal. I guess they eat it and can’t digest it, …ugh. I have used DE for bugs, but cannot say if the cornmeal is effective. Hopefully the cornmeal would not hurt Toad.

  9. Pamelab says:

    Hi, Sue and crew –
    Thanks for the cool wintry breezes. Here in Houston in an RV Park for the next couple of months and it’s very humid!
    Love the photos of the Sierras in the background. I stayed at the BLM in Alabama Hills near Lone Pine CA and thoroughly enjoyed the mountain views.
    Enjoy your new adventure.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Thanks, Pamelab. We are enjoying these days.

      I drove by an RV park the other day, the kind with very little grass, mostly stones/gravel, and it looked so hot with the bright sun reflecting off the RVs. I hope you have an awning. Shade doesn’t eliminate humidity though, does it.

      I imagine, like me, you’re staying in a/c a lot and finding indoor things to do.

      Yeah, Lone Pine has pretty views, too. I’m glad you got to see them.

      • Pamelab says:

        Hi, Sue – The RV Park where I stay in Houston is full of trees, thank goodness. As for getting rid of the humidity – I have a small table top dehumidifier, four of the Eva Dry hanging renewables with crystals that change color when they need to be dried out by being plugged in, four hanging Damp Rid bags, and using my AC. I kind of miss that AZ dry weather.

  10. Cinandjules 🌵 says:

    Saved the horned toad! Phew!
    Ants….windex works great to kill them and cleans in one wipe! And it doesn’t smell like Raid! If you put the boys food dish in a Tupperware with some water…the ants can’t invade it.

    Love the photos of snow, Spike and Bridgee Baby! I remember the post..you waking up to see the PTV dusted…I had to admit it made me laugh!

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Oh yeah, create a moat around the dishes. I knew that and forgot about it. I wonder if Reggie would be put off by that. He is very sensitive to changes like that, especially around his food.

      Ever since the ant invasion, he grabs some kibble in his mouth, runs across the kitchen and down the hall to the bedroom. Then he drops it on the floor and eats from the little pile. Roger saw him do this and now he does it, too! I think Reggie did that to get away from the smell of insecticide on the floor which he can smell, but I can’t.

      I’m watching to see if ants show up in the bedroom next.

  11. Cinandjules 🌵 says:

    Raised food dish…..and then put the legs in something that can hold a little bit of water. Lid to a plastic bin or whathaveyou. My mom used a raised edge cookie pan. Be creative!

    Bergan Elevated Double Bowl Feeder

    I substituted your Amazon link with a link carrying my code. — Sue


    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Okay, thanks. I’ll check this out.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Well, I looked and I see a problem with that dish. Too close together. Okay for one food and one water dish. Reg and Rog need their space when they eat. They do love each other and are best buds, but, hey, food is food.

      I might adapt your mother’s method.

      Gee, I wish I had little lizards to put on my comments.

  12. Creamed Toad, you crack me up Sue. 🐜🦎🌵

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Elaine,

      I almost wrote Creamed Toad on Toast, recalling a similar dish my mother served years ago. She was a great cook but that was a tough dish for us kids to like. I can’t think of the name of it. Pauline? Help me out here. 🙂

      • Cynthia in San Clemente says:

        My mom ( a 50’s cook – probably like yours?) used to make Creamed Chipped Beef on Toast. She used dried beef out of a jar and made a white sauce with some seasoning in it – maybe cayenne pepper, – all over toast I remember not loving it and have never tried to duplicate it !!!

        • rvsueandcrew says:

          That’s it! Very popular in the fifties. The beef was very salty.

          • Cinandjules 🌵 says:

            Ever make you wonder what it exactly is?
            Jules makes a dip out of it….but rinses some of the salt off. Chopped, onions, mayo and sour cream…chilled and a entire roll of sourdough bread to scoop it out. Kind of addicting…not to mention it gives you kanckles! Where your knees and ankles are the same size from salt retention!

          • Krystina McMorrow says:

            LOVE, LOVE, LOVE creamed chipped beef!!!

      • Cinandjules 🌵 says:

        Shit on a shingle?

        • rvsueandcrew says:

          Hahaha! That’s what Dad used to call it! He ate it with gusto!

          • Cinandjules🌵 says:

            Think my mom made it once…it was kind of like licking a hamsters salt lick! Bleech

          • Cinandjules🌵 says:

            My mom made it once….like licking a hamsters salt lick….bleeechhh

          • Pauline in Mississippi says:

            You are right…Dad called it SOS but chipped beef on toast is what it was. I loved it. I made it once for the kids and they didn’t like it. Don’t think I have made it since. Maybe something I will have to make again though. Another one is Creamed Tuna on Toast.

        • Lee O’Olympic Peninsula says:

          SOS -Usually made with hamburger vs chipped beef. A military delight

        • Pat in Bulverde, Tx says:

          Hahaha! I was waiting for this comment!

          • Columbus Calvin says:

            That’s exactly what my veteran brothers called it.

            • Barbara (Nashville) says:

              That’s what we call it too. Stouffer’s actually makes it and sells in the frozen food section at the grocery, where they have the Lean Cuisine’s etc.

            • Columbus Calvin says:

              I’ll go look for that. I actually like it, but I don’t cook much at all. Plus, I always have to check nutrition labels.

  13. I like Terro Ant bait stations because ants carry the stuff back to the nest to feed their queen!

  14. Pam and Maya, back in NY says:

    Oh thank you Sue for those wonderful photos of snow and also of Spike and Bridget. I do miss them. Guess where Maya and I are – right back in New York! The day after we left for our big adventure out west I began to feel ill. By the time we were on the PA border I had excruciating stomach pain and a high fever. I took myself to the ER and they wanted to admit me but then Maya would have been alone in the trailer, sooo, the next day a wonderful fellow RVer helped me hitch up and I drove seven hours home. My son took me back to the hospital and they did surgery that night for a perforated small bowel.
    I’m on the mend now and although I’m disappointed about my false start I am so grateful everything worked out. The surgeon says if I follow the treatment plan I can be back on the road at the end of the month. Maya has been the best girl through all of this.
    So I do have a question for you, did you ever have a plan for the pooches if something like this should occur? Or did you just hope for the best? I honestly never thought of something like this happening and it’s not going to stop us from following our dreams but there are many people that travel alone and it would be good to know other people’s thoughts on this.

    • Cynthia in San Clemente says:

      Pam, I’m glad to hear you made it to safety before something worse happened and that you are now getting better. I do travel with my husband, so there are two of us if we have a medical emergency, but I have given thought to what we would do if one of our two dogs had any issues while traveling. First, I always carry copies of their vaccination records with us. Second, I have an 8 x 10 color photograph of each dog with us, so if by some horrible chance (an accident or escape), they were separated from us, I could go to a copy center and make multiple copes to post “lost” flyers. Third, for every place we plan to camp, I locate the closest 24 hour emergency vet ahead of time and make note of their address and phone number. In your case, if you needed Maya to be boarded for a few days because you had an injury or illness, most vets will do that. Finally, we have PetPlan insurance. Even when at home, it has paid for itself with my Wheaten who passed away a few years ago, and my 10 year old pit bull. I’m guessing that as my almost 5 year old terrier ages, it may may for itself with her too. My husband and I laugh that our dogs have better health insurance than we do, but it is a comfort knowing it’s there if they need it. I hope you continue to heal and get back on the road again!!

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Good heavens, Pam! That was scary! You could’ve had a terrible outcome. I’m sure that seven hour drive home was not fun. Well, you’re all fixed up and on your way to being completely healed. The road will be there at the right time for you. I thank God you’re okay.

      To answer your question about what I planned to do if such an event happened to me: I really had no plan. My desire to live full-time in the BLT, away from people and the maddening elements of populated areas, in beautiful, natural surroundings, traveling through gorgeous scenery, exploring the West — all that was so important and compelling for me that I took the risk. I adopted the attitude that God loves me and will care for me. And if He did so in a way that required me to endure great pain and discomfort, I guess that’s what I’d do. Short answer: Yes, I hoped for the best. I didn’t have a plan for the crew other than having information about myself and them in my wallet.

      Blogorinos: Do you have a plan for your pets and yourself if you should become ill, injured, or incapacitated in any way while being a solo traveler?

      • Cinandjules 🌵 says:

        Meh thinks not only as a solo traveler but having pets period! One should be prepared in case of any event whether it be sick, traveling, evacuation or sadly death. So many folks aren’t….

      • Pam and Maya says:

        Thanks Sue, I share your feelings although I didn’t think of putting the info with my wallet. I felt an angel was looking out for Maya and I, like when the wonderful man just walked over and asked if I needed help hitching up. I don’t know if he could tell I was in pain but he sure showed up at the right time!

        • Cinandjules🌵 says:

          Wow a perforated bowel..yikes! Don’t be disappointed with the false start…just a bump in the road!

          FYI to all..as a first responder one is only looking for your ID…and will not rummage thru your wallet. The hospital will look one step further…your health insurance card. With that..using a Sharpie…write an emergency ph number on the back of your drivers license and the words “pets alone in residence”. Of course if your boondocking this will be harder to track down. Guaranteed it will be seen and you won’t have to worry about your pets.

      • Marilu heading to Canada says:

        Good Sam has an insurance plan called Travel Assist that includes driving your rig home and even caring for a pet. I think it’s about $100. a year. It is worth the peace of mind for us. We also have a card in our trailer window with emergency contact numbers on it.
        We’re off to the north in a couple days. Canada, here we come!

  15. Cynthia in San Clemente says:

    We are back home safe and sound, but with a long list of warranty fixes to be done to the motor home. Good thing we don’t have another trip planned for a couple of months. We learned that “one and done” stops (i.e., drive for a day, stop for a night, and move on the next day) are too tiring for both of us and for Sammy. Even though I planned each trip segment to be no more than 250 miles, that mileage in a 40 foot motor home is more challenging and tiring than the same mileage in a car. Add to that, that many of those miles were on winding highways and we would arrive at our destination tired and a little stressed. Setting up and hooking up for one night and then breaking down and unhooking the next morning was tiring. We did have a few places where we stayed for three nights (Waldport, Oregon and Boise, Idaho) that we really enjoyed. Sammy refuses to sit or lie down when we’re moving, so he stood in between the driver’s and passenger’s chairs for an average of 5 hours a day on the days we were traveling – very hard on his arthritis. So, for our next trips I’ll be planning shorter travel segments and longer “staying put” segments!!!

    I agree about the ants – they drive me crazy every summer. I’ve tried all sorts of natural remedies, none of which seem to work very well. So last summer, I resorted to cans of Raid, which worked fairly well. I figure God put enough ants on this planet that me killing a few won’t turn them into an endangered species!!!

    Thanks for the suggestion about the AICOK smoothie blender. I went on Amazon and looked at it but it isn’t clear to me if I can put liquid (such as carbonated water :)) in the cup because it looks like you turn it upside down on the motor?? How does that work? I’m ready to order one as long as I know liquid won’t be leaking out of it.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Cynthia,

      I can’t imagine how tiring that pace must have been for you! If I do one overnight stop, I’m feeling it the next day. Several consecutive overnights… no way! Now you know why I travel the way I do. Short hops, several days in every stop whenever possible. I realize appointments and other time constraints don’t allow for that. Poor Sammy! What a trooper!

      Well, you did well in spite of the pace. You’re right. Driving a rig, whether a large motorhome, a small Class C, or towing a trailer… it’s not like zipping along in a car.

      About the blender. Yes, you can put carbonated water or any liquid in the cup. It has a screw-on lid that holds the blades. Cap and blades are one unit. Pour in the water, put the lid on tightly, tip it over, insert in the base, turn til it clicks, and hold the button as long as a minute, if need be. No leakage at all.

      I like that the cap-with-blades is easy to clean. After blending, I remove it and hold it under running water. That’s all it takes!

      • Cynthia in San Clemente says:

        Great explanation! I got the giggles reading it – I could just imagine you as one of those Costco ladies, standing in front of a crowd with a little microphone on your lapel, “Now ladies and gentlemen, all you have to do is pour your liquid in, screw on the lid, flip that baby over, and push the button. You’re done!” I’m going to go order one on your link right now!!

        • rvsueandcrew says:

          Hahaha! Or in one of those insufferable infomercials.

          See? I sold one to you! Thanks, Cynthia. 🙂

          Be sure to choose the one you want. You can get with one cup or with two.

          • Barbara (Nashville) says:

            I bought one of those blenders through your site. DH has issues so I started mixing one of those protein drinks with some frozen fruit for him. The frozen fruit keeps it cold until he can drink all of it.

            • rvsueandcrew says:

              Thanks, Barbara. I’ve been curious how people have been using their blenders.

            • Marilyn Dennison says:

              I made pesto with all the basil I have this year. What a treat and so easy to make. Pine nuts in bulk were $17.00/pound. That is not a typo error. I guess I could have used walnuts but the Italians always use pine nuts.

  16. Trace the ants back to their ant hill and pour ant granules around the opening. They will take it to their nest and kill them all. I don’t think ants are an endangered species so it’s ok to wipe out a few ant hills that are a pest. I had an ant hill in my flower bed so put down the granules and gone next day. That way you don’t have to spray inside your home and Reggie will eat his din din without chemical smell.

    I take a nap most afternoons. Since I’m retired I do work in morning/evening and relax during the day…watch movies, play games, read, nap, etc.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      I can find the hills of the big ants. The little ants’ hills aren’t so easy!

  17. Linda Rose, Molly & Midgy Carmichael, Ca says:

    I chuckled at your creamed toad comment. Thanks, I’m sure glad you saw it first.
    I loved your snow pix. I only got to camp one time in my Roadtrek in the snow and that was in Yosemite! Here’s the ant bait recipe I used with great success:
    ANT BAIT: 1/2 cup sugar, 1 cup very warm water, 2 TBS Borax
    I have had fantastic results with this mixture, in these proportions, on a variety of ants. **Make sure to keep these baits far away from pets and curious. I soaked a cotton ball with the mixture and put it in a small plastic lid in their trail. Didn’t take them long to find it and it wasn’t just a temporary remedy either. I haven’t had ants in the house since….good luck.

  18. Jenny Johnson says:

    If you sprinkle cornmeal where you see their little trail and around the crews dishes — in a day or two you will see no more ants–they eat the rnmeal and poof theey disappear
    –no trace and it is not harmful to the pets

  19. CherylinTheLowerThumbofMI says:

    Better than having “Ants in your Pants!”…or maybe not…personal preference, I suppose! Sorry, I just had to say it!

  20. Barbara (Nashville) says:

    As for the ants, I spray Ortho’s Home Defense on the Outside around the foundation. It works really well. You could spray around your baseboards inside and around that hose as well.
    I feed Angel twice a day. 8:00am and 8:00pm then I pick up her bowl, wash it and set it back down.

  21. rvsueandcrew says:

    Where the heck are comments from male blogorinos? Sitting back and letting the women do it? Sheesh. When have we seen that before, eh, ladies?

    Columbus Calvin, I appreciate your presence. AZ Jim isn’t here due to health challenges and I miss him.

    BTW, folks who pray, remember Jim and Detta.

    • Denise - Richmond VA says:

      Jim and Detta are always in my prayers.

    • Columbus Calvin says:

      You’re welcome. I appreciate a blog with information and community and I don’t know where the other men are. Maybe doing something to build up those fragile egos women used to hear about as teens. (Those are real, but we’re not all like that.)

    • Don in Okla. says:

      Hey! We’re here! Just reading and learning!!!
      Thank you for all the great advice and ideas!!

  22. Barbara (Nashville) says:

    Have a safe and Happy 4th everyone.

  23. CherylinTheLowerThumbofMI says:

    Just getting ready to turn in, will include Jim, Detta, & all the Blogarinos that need special consideration…on this, our celebrated Independence Day! For all who served, a special THANKS! And to everyone…PLEASE be careful out & about today…It seems it’s HOT all over the USA, not to mention…DRY. Shouldn’t be necessary to say, “ONLY YOU CAN PREVENT FOREST FIRES!” Bring any memories for anyone?

  24. Eileen says:

    I can relate to activities in the a.m. & evenings, with napping in the afternoons; sometimes I think I should have moved long ago to Italy where, much like the European/Mediterranean area, afternoon siestas are commonplace (my theory of the reason for those siestas is due to Mediterranean Anemia, of which I inherited the minor form of the disease)….. Thanks for the snowy pics; the very hot, steamy summer here in east central Florida is well underway.

  25. Denise - Richmond VA says:

    Happy Fourth of July, all!

    Hope everyone has an enjoyable day! Stay cool and be safe! 🙂

    Hi, Sue,

    So glad that the Horned toad did not go splat! Maybe it will take a while for home to get used to you and your habits….or you is his habits. 🙂

    Shit on a shingle…that is what my Dad called it. He said that is one of the meals that was served in his Navy reserve days. He would recreate it for us using Budding beef, sliced into small squares. Salty as all get out, but an inexpensive meal for a family on a tight budget . I did not like it as a kid…and would not want to try it as an adult. Bleh!

    Good luck with your ant fight. Each summer, my kitchen get invaded by the tiny ants that like water. After a few weeks of battling them and putting out poisonous bait (outside) for them to take back to the nest, I get my kitchen and sanity back. 🙂

    Have an nice holiday, Sue. I hope your neighborhood is quiet. Fingers crossed that the yahoos who set off fireworks near me wait until 9PM or later. By then Gracie pup will be fast asleep and oblivious to the racket. Sending you, Reggie, and Roger lots of love and hugs from me and Gracie pup! 🙂

    • Denise - Richmond VA says:

      …him to get used to….

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Thank you, Denise!

      I hope you and Gracie pup are having a nice Independence Day with no scary noises. It’s quiet here so far. 🙂 Love and hugs from me, Reg and Rog.

      • Denise - Richmond VA says:

        My hope and wish were answered. Gracie was fast asleep when the commotion started. I was so thankful that she did not have to be stressed. xo

  26. Pauline in Mississippi says:

    Hope all you Blogerinos have a Safe and Happy 4th of July!!
    Sending lots of love and big hugs to Susan, Reggie and Roger!!!!

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Lots of love to you, Jerold, and all the family. Wishing you a Happy Independence Day!

  27. Geri in the FL panhandle! says:

    Happy Birthday AMERICA!💗
    Hi Sue, would you mind putting up the link to your blender again? I went back looking for it, but can’t find it! All these comments about this blender has me wanting one!

  28. weather says:

    Gee, Sue, you have had your bed on the floor for a long time already. I imagine it will feel as though you are being treated like royalty when you finally get to sleep in the bed Nancy is bringing for you. I’m so glad you didn’t run over Horned Toad. I once had a butterfly just bump into my windshield before it flew away. I was driving slowly so it seemed to be alright, yet the thought that it was still injured somehow upset me.

    Hopefully you manage to stop the ants from coming into the house. The combination of sand and soil this close to the lake makes every home near me get ants repeatedly. So far I’ve only had to use small ant traps from a local store to eradicate them inside my place. I hope you, Reggie and Roger enjoy Independence Day, too. I’ll be interested to know if any fireworks are used close enough to your house to bother Reggie. We often hear them even with the windows closed, Kyla and Polly will just find a place to hide if some are especially loud.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, weather,

      From now on I should check underneath the Perfect Tow Vehicle before driving. You can see from the photos of Horned Toad how his camouflage makes him disappear in plain sight. I can see where children would like playing with horned toads. There’s something endearing about the things, even with all their spikes and the ‘horned’ crown.

      Yeah, probably most of us can recall the time or times we inadvertently hurt a gentle creature such as a butterfly. It isn’t possible to go through life doing absolutely no harm, however much we may wish and try.

      You are very thoughtful to imagine what it is like for us these days in the house. I really don’t mind sleeping on the floor, although I’m sure having a regular bed again will feel like a grand luxury. It will spoil me. I’m wondering what the boys will think of it. Sleeping on the floor puts me at their level. 🙂

      I haven’t heard any fireworks. Reg, Rog and I slept well last night. I’m sorry Kyla and Polly felt it necessary to hide. I hope today and tonight are easier for them and enjoyable for all of you.

      New post coming up shortly!

  29. Don in Okla. says:

    I hope you’ve found some shade for the BLT. This heat is tough on equipment, especially interiors and tires.
    Just some concerns.

  30. JazzLover says:

    Really love your idea of putting up old posts for us to revisit. I remember when I first found your blog and realized I had a lot of catching up to do that sometimes I hurried through my reading. The plan is to go back to the beginning and take time to read each one now that there is abundant time to do so. Love that you pick ones with Spike and Bridget in them.
    As for uninvited visitors aka ants, do not remember where I found this but if you sprinkle coffee grounds in front of the thresh hole or wherever they are coming in, ants will not cross it. Did not think it would work but tried it any how and it did. Cannot remember the reason it works as it was a long time ago but the results are what counts.
    It’s nice that you are enjoying living in a home again with all the space you have for the various things you like, watching dvd’s, napping with and the boys, enjoying a smoothie and your yard in cooler weather. Be well always.

  31. Robin says:

    Wow! I haven’t seen a horned toad since I was a young girl growing up in West Texas! The babies always fascinated me but the big ones scared me, and we were always running around barefoot!

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