A new campsite with a scenic laundry room

Monday, November 10

“Are you ready to get up, sleepyhead?”

1-P1010430Bridget wakes up very slowly.

Our day begins as usual.

I lift Bridget off the bed and she staggers outside to do her business.  I make a pot of coffee.  While it perks, I step outside.  The first rays of sun appear from behind the mountains.

As I gaze at the lake, a smug sense of satisfaction wafts over me.

1-P1010424Roosevelt Lake as seen from a path near our campsite. (Photo taken later in the day)

No other campers are nearby.

Ha!  We have the best campsite in Cholla Campground.

I coveted Cheri’s campsite to such a degree that I conspired with her to coordinate moving into the site as soon as she vacated it.

Yesterday, after we say our goodbye-and-safe-travels, Cheri pulls out in her van with Tony the tireless yorkie aboard.

Immediately I fire up the Perfect Tow Vehicle.

I zip out of the adjoining site and into the one Cheri just left.  I back the Best Little Trailer into position and here we are!

1-P1010436-001We’ve a view of the lake and mountains (as shown in full moon pic in the previous post.)

Bridget and I walk a short trail near our camp. 

Although Bridget still limps upon getting up in the morning or after a nap, she doesn’t seem to experience pain.  Her enthusiasm for a walk encourages me.

1-P1010426Walking uphill is good for her back leg which is slightly drawn up due to lack of use.

After several days (well, weeks) of sloth, I’m fired up to accomplish something today!

I sweep out the Best Little Trailer.  Then I extract the long-handled brush from the back of the PTV and prepare a basin of water.  Scrub-a-dub-dub with the brush and the floor of the BLT is washed.  I dry the floor with an old towel.  All this takes less than ten minutes.  I’m tempted to quit for the day.  Well, I AM retired.

Okay, now the curtains!

I set up two basins on the picnic table, one with detergent water and the other with rinse water.

1-P1010431Pretty nice laundry room, eh?

I’m pleased how easily the dirt washes out of the curtains. 

Say what you will about polyester, it does wash well.

Once the curtain panels are washed and rinsed, I thread them back on the rod, and, with the help of the picnic table and camp chair, set them up to dry in the Arizona sunshine.

1-P1010433The curtains dry in less than an hour.

1-P1010435I’m glad I invested in these rods and curtains last year. 

Once the curtains are dry, I carry them on their rods into the BLT and up they go.   Nothing like newly laundered, bright white curtains to give a fresh look to a room a home.

Okay.  That’s enough work for one day.

I have a book to finish!



Tuesday, November 11th, is Veterans’ Day.

Printable_American_Flag_Clipart-01LG“Thank you, veterans.”

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270 Responses to A new campsite with a scenic laundry room

  1. klbexplores says:

    Nothing like a clean house to lift ones spirits….although how could one be feeling low in such a beautiful place.

  2. Barb from Hoquiam says:

    Oh gosh, the FREEDOM!
    Having downsized from one house to a smaller one, I hear you. I do NOT MISS those 4 bathrooms!
    Watcha readin’?
    Hugs from the grandkids in Orting right now.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Four bathrooms? Who sh#ts that much? LOL!

      Just kidding, Barb. The more you have, the more work to keep it clean, right?

      The book I’m reading? The sixth book in the Outlander series. I’m addicted.

      • Barb from Hoquiam says:

        Lol! Yeah, well…kids…grands and thinkin’ ya need it….
        I truly feel that we don’t share well any longer, because everyone has their own bathroom! Destruction of America!

        • rvsueandcrew says:

          You may be on to something, Barb… Hmm… I remember the days when our family of five shared one bathroom. We learned how to be patient and, let’s see, and to hold our water!

      • Lynda H says:

        My friends and I call these books the “Kilt up, kilt down” books 🙂 You do know they’ve made a TV series, right?

        • Connie & Mugsy (MN/AZ) says:

          That describes it very well… LOL

          Fortunately the story between is good enough to keep your interest after skimming through the repetitious bits.

          • rvsueandcrew says:

            And there’s a lot of great reading and not many “repetitious bits.” The more books you read in the series, the better it gets!

      • Krystina at Roosevelt Lake, AZ says:

        Good Morning RVSue How many books in the Outlander series and what are they about?

        • rvsueandcrew says:

          Good morning, Krystina!

          I’m not sure how many Outlander books have been written. I know there are at least seven.

          Any description of these books makes them seem less than they are… Although it incudes time travel between 1968 and the mid- to late-1700s, it’s not about time travel. Oh, the character development, dialogue (Scottish idioms, Gaelic poetry, good heavens!), details about the Scottish Highlands, 18th century life in America, slave ships, Indian tribes . . . . and of course, sex and romance.

          Click on the link and you can read a sample, plus the rave reviews.

          Outlander: A Novel (Outlander Series, Book 1)

          • wildflower in prescott says:

            Diana Gabaldon is having way too much fun writing these books.

            I am listening to book 7 and the actress is just superb. I highly recommend the audio books. She is able to speak Gaelic, French, and English with many different accents. The actress is able portray characters from infants and children to adults, male and female. And Roger who barely survived a hanging, can hardly speak and wants to become a choir director!

            Did I mention I love these audio books?

          • Lucy says:

            Hi Sue, there is a TV movie titled ” Outlander ‘ I don’t know if it’s related to the series of books you’re currently reading. It’s a good movie, very entertaining it’s usually played on the Science Fiction channel.

            My regards. Lucy.

            PS: The following it’s UNRELATED to the “Outlander ‘ theme, but good nevertheless, here it goes…


      • Jean in Southaven, MS says:

        You are so funny!

        • Jean in Southaven, MS says:

          I am reading the third book and listening to the last book on CD on my way to work. Voyager and the last book have several boat segments that are an awfully lot alike. I am like you, I am addicted. I do that with an author, I will find an author that I like and I will read everything by them. Then I have to look for someone else. Love the area where you are now. It is very nice. We are getting our first cold of the winter here today. I do not think that we will get any frozen stuff though. I hope not anyway, Memphis drivers do not know what to do with the frozen stuff.

  3. Marcia GB in MA says:

    Whew! Exhausting day ;). Just thinking about all that moving and cleaning has me tired out. Time to say good-night. Sweet dreams!

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Well, actually, I moved on one day and cleaned the next. No chance of me suffering from overwork….

      Sweet dreams, Marcia!

  4. Lisa W says:

    I think I wake up the same as Bridget – slowly. Amazing that I spent 22 years in the Army and had to wake up fast on innumerable occasions; and then another 18 getting up fairly fast and early as a teacher. Now that I am retired for a whopping 6 months I find myself getting up slower and slower (might be why we are still in the house instead of full timing. It is nice to hear Bridget is getting better.

  5. Love that you have the energy to clean! This cold has drained my energy and I don’t wanna clean! Ha! Hope you don’t get any of that cold air drifting down from Canada! Lots of snow everywhere because of this! Bridget is looking good! Glad she is willing to walk some now! Take care Sue, know we keep you warm in our hearts!

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Geri,

      “This cold” as in runny nose or “This cold” as in air temperature? I hope it’s the latter!

      Thanks for the loving note. You and Chuck are dear to me.

      • Cold as in I caught your cold! But I can’t seem to shake the cough or get my energy back. But I really don’t feel bad, just no energy.

        • Pamela K. says:

          I feel for you! I have had this dreaded cold for a full week now! Nose, then coughing, and loss of energy. Today my voice finally gave out. I hope you are feeling better soon.

          • rvsueandcrew says:

            Get better, Pamela. NOW!

            • Pamela K. says:

              Thanks Sue 🙂
              Fortunately I’m on the tail end of it I guess. Poor Geri is just now dealing with it…
              Klemper will sure be glad when my cold is finally gone! I have not been doing much of anything, including cooking! He can cook but not like I can, ha! I is missing all his favorites. Night before last he broke down and made spaghetti for us. Poor boy just couldn’t take anymore grab-n-go foods! Since today is Vet’s Day I will fix him a large dinner of his favorite Stuffed Meatloaf w/Gravy, Jasmine Rice, Carrots and all the trimmings. At least I plan to, will see how the day goes. Right now it just seems like a lot of work. I may load him into the car and head to the nearest Buffet! That would be SO not right of me. We shall see, continued til later…

            • rvsueandcrew says:

              You remind me of one of my gripes when I tried being a wife. “Um, how come you get home-cooked meals when YOU’re sick, and I get take-out when I’M sick?” You can see where I’m better suited for living alone. Haha!

            • Pamela K. says:

              I’m not sure if he cooked ~for me~ or if he just got tired of all the quick foods! I did have to do some whining before he kicked into gear. I teasingly reminded him that Thanksgiving could be take-out 😉 That may have had an impact on his willingness to break out the pots and pans!
              Yep, I hear ya 🙂

            • Elizabeth in WA says:

              My hubby really has not learned much cooking skills though since retirement we have worked on a few recipes. But he used to want to fix me HOT DOGS when I was sick!! HOT DOGS!!! Gag!!

          • Lucy says:

            To prevent & cure colds, sore throat etc SINUS RINSE will work wonders. It can be bought at many stores, CVS, Wallgreens, K-Mart , the best price is at WAL-MART.

            Get better soon. Lucy.

            • Pamela K. says:

              Sinus Rinse! I have never heard of it before. Do you use it like you would use mouthwash? I guess. Um, will have to get some at Wally’s tonight. Hubby and I will be going out later since my best laid plans for cooking came to no action on my part

            • Cat Lady in Baton Rouge, LA says:

              Go to http://www.doctoroz.com/dr-oz-ultimate-alternative-health-remedies and he demonstrates how to use the neti pot. You can get it from CVS, Walgreens. WalMart probably has it, too.

              Hope it helps.

              Cat Lady

            • Lucy says:

              Cat lady, I prefer the bottle rather the neti-pot, using the later one is sort of messy to me, the bottle flow is more controllable & i feel more effective due to the pressure you’re able to apply to the water flow.
              With the neti-pot the water runs down all the way to my feet LOL,LOL.

              My regards. Lucy.

            • Pamela K. says:

              Cat lady and Lucy,
              Told Klemper to pick me up some Sinus Rinse at Wally-World on the way home today. we shall see if he ~remembers~ or if he uses it as a quick reason to ride the Vespa back to Wally-World after work, lol.
              Speaking of scooters. this cold has limited my ride time for almost two weeks now! I will be glad to be ride of this dreaded stuff if for no other reason than to be riding again. Afterall, there are back roads just waiting to explore anew.

            • Lucy says:

              Hi Pam, Sinus Rinse by Neil Med was prescribed to me by my allergist ( nowadays U can buy it over the counter ) It’s a solution that U make with -preferable -filtered water ( bottle H2O ) and the envelops that come in the box with the bottle.
              You warm up the water, put and envelop of the pre-packed mixture
              & then slowly you flash your nose with the solution…While U push the solution into your nose, you keep your mouth o p e n to prevent the fluids going into your Eustachian tube & into your ears (Eustachian tubes communicate the nose with your ears ). Sounds complicated but, it’s not ! The benefits are very +, cleaning your nose & your sinuses prevent colds, allergies, sore throats by washing off micro-organisms.
              click on:
              http://www.neilmed.com or


              Good luck, hope it works for you, & do not worry, the solution will not get into your brain !! LOL,LOL.

            • Lucy says:

              PAM, I forgot a very important detail, after U ‘ clean your nose ‘ with SINUS RINSE U need to wait at LEAST hour & a half before U go to bed, U don’t want the remaining solution in your sinuses to TRICKLE down to your larynx, pharynx & bronchi…

              Pam…keep your nose clean ! LOL,LOL.

            • Pamela K. says:

              So good of you both, you and Cat Lady to take the time to let me know about all of this and how best to use it. Really nice! Thank you both!
              As for keeping my nose clean…I am such a hopeless case, LOL. Klemper says he can’t take me anywhere without me misbehaving at least a little. It keeps him on his toes 😉

            • Velda in Roseville Ca says:

              Had to LOL at that comment. I have rinsed then gone about my day only to bend over for something a hour later and have salt water run out my nose. I also recommend Neil Med. been using it more than 15 years now. I get boxes with 250 packets and two plastic bottles at Costco and stock up during winter when they have it discounted as husband who had palate surgery also uses it. Keeps my nose clear of pollen as well as reducing exposure to virus and bacteria.

          • Hope you get to feeling better soon also!

            • Pamela K. says:

              Thanks! Yes, I am feeling a great deal better today. Slept better last night so that really helped.

    • Connie & Mugsy (MN/AZ) says:

      To add…

      The weather is gorgeous down here in AZ. Temps in the low 80s for the next few days… then the rest of the week in the 70s. No polar vortexes allowed down here.

      • Pamela K. says:

        Connie, you from MN?
        I lived there for 18 Winters!
        There is truth to the MinneSNOWta saying…
        ~I Came, I Froze, I Transferred!~
        But I got to see some great baseball when Kirby and Chuck were there!!

        • Connie & Mugsy (MN/AZ) says:

          I am actually from ND – which I left in 1970 for Virginia and later university teaching around the world. Returned to ND in 2002 when my mother needed help. Winters are why I own an RV. I had to get away in the winter. She just passed away after 3 years in full nursing care. I moved to MN to get away from the oil boom that is trashing ND. MN winters aren’t as bad as ND winters actually. If I never see another snowflake, it will be too soon. LOL

          • Pamela K. says:

            Sorry to hear of your mother’s passing. You were a good daughter to her to have moved back to help her. ND, yes they do have the cold, snow and winds! Hubby was a USAF SAC ICBM Instructor at Ellsworth AFB in SD. First the blizzards, then the floods. ND, that oil boom has ran many from there to MN or Wisc. Sad really because we have friends who are old school and have their long time generations of family history there. It was sad to hear that towns are having such problems between the old money and the new money there – not to mention the enviromental impacts. As for MN, I don’t know how long you have been there but it can get brutal some winters. I remember -40 true temps, no wind chill factors. Only a day or two at a time but enough to be deadly just the same. One winter I attended a Northstars hockey game and had to park in the extreme south forty parking section. They had heat pots and warning signs to stop and warm up or your eyelids would freeze up before reaching the main door gates!!! That’s COLD and was enough to make me stand up and listen about the extreme weather temps there. Yes, I can sure understand why you have the RV for winter get-a-ways. Safe travels always.

            • Connie & Mugsy (MN/AZ) says:

              Don’t know if you will be back. I only moved to MN last fall… just before I headed to AZ for the winter. Back in the 50’s and 60’s temps in the minus 40s were common, but the coldest temps in both ND and MN for the last 30 or so years has been in the minus 30s. I remember going out to dinner when the chill factor was in the -100s. You have to leave your car running. Outside all the bars and restaurants, all the cars would be sitting there with their motors running. What possessed my ancestors to stay there, I’ll never know… before central heating and such.

  6. Kathy from Florida says:

    Beautiful campsite.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Kathy from Florida,

      I like that you put your location with your name. Thanks for that. Yep, this is a pretty spot. I like that I can step outside and my 180 degree view is natural and beautiful with no campers.

  7. DebsJourney says:

    Hi Sue, Nothing better than getting a much needed task done and finally kicking back feeling tired but so proud the day was good and what a beautiful place to be. I have so much to do around here. sigh…. yep.

    So all the discussion about what people choose for their RV and so many decisions to make has got me in a quandary. I went to a RV Show on Sunday and wandered around climbing in and out of so many types of RVs. I’m more confused now! lol
    There is no Casita’s for sale in Florida, and any I see are way more than I can spend.

    Confused and weary …. so When in doubt leave it out…. I’m going to keep looking for my perfect little home on wheels. Class C’s look comfortable and easier to maneuver but my truck can pull a lite weight trailer. And it would be nice to not have to schlep my entire home to go anywhere. oh well
    Your home is so sweet and Bridget is such a sweet girl.
    This is getting too longwinded. Enjoy AZ!

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Deb,

      No such thing as long-winded when you have something to say. Yes, it is a big decision. I can understand you becoming confused or overwhelmed from looking at RVs in a show. Those shows are dangerous places. It’s easy to get sucked into the idea that more is better.

      You know what my preference is… 🙂

      • DebsJourney says:

        yes I do 🙂 And you are one smart chicky! hug

        • Connie & Mugsy (MN/AZ) says:

          If you already have a tow vehicle and the budget is small, Sue’s choice sounds right for you. (I’m a C person… but it’s a more expensive option) Find out your weight limit for towing and check out the many reasonably priced, light weight trailers. So many choices…

          • rvsueandcrew says:

            Good advice, Connie!

            Here’s one way to look at it:

            If you have to stretch financially to buy a Class A or a Class B, then you can’t afford it, because maintenance (and increased camping fees with the big rigs) and repairs can be quite costly.

          • DebsJourney says:

            So many choices for sure! I’d buy a Casita but my budget is 10,000.00 Still searching and the tow weight of my Avalanche is 8000lbs so I’m quickly learning so I am taking my time. thanks for your comments… love all of them.

    • Deb, if you are in Florida… Do you live near Crystal River? We have a dealer there that we love! He has earned our respect because of his loyality to his customers! We bought The MotherShip from him and it has been our home for 4 years! Not only is it important to buy a good home on wheels, it is just as important to buy from a reputable and trust worthy dealer! If you are interested, Chuck and I will be there Jan, Feb, March. Chuck can really be a big help! He would be glad to go around with you to look at the RVs available at Nature Coast RV. We will be staying across the road! Chuck and I would be glad to help if you would like!

    • Cinandjules (NY) says:

      There is a 2012 Casita Freedom Deluxe for sale in Sebring Florida.

      Check out fiberglass RV for sale dot com under the heading of Casitas

    • wa_desert_rat says:

      You can find Casitas like Sue’s ranging in price from $7k to $13k on craigslist. You do have to be smart about it as there are scams but, in general, the real ones will be obvious. For one thing, people are quick to report the scams and CL is quick to delete them. So you’ll see a few that no longer are listed.

      I use a site call http://www.searchtempest.com that lets me put my location zip code in, specify what I’m looking for (casita) in what classification (recreational vehicles) and how far from my location (400 is the default but you can go much higher, or lower).

      Then browse the listings. Quite a nice selection in Colorado, for instance.

      You do have to go inspect them but that can be a plus. Really, not much can go wrong with a Casita; not like a motorhome where there are many different and complex systems. Basically you want the brakes to work, the lights to work, the fridge to work, the stove to work, and the water system (hot and pressure, sink and shower) and toilet to work. Some of these even have a catalytic heater already installed (Sue has one).

      Good luck… don’t be scared but be smart…


      • DebsJourney says:

        I will use that search link, thank you. I’ve noticed most every Casita is located far away. I did find a Casita in Iowa but that’s a very long trip for me to make. I will be taking it slow and happy to get so much feedback here so I will find my home on wheels when it’s right. Timing is everything.

    • Deb,
      It is certainly can be a grueling task deciding what kind of RV to get. I started out looking at a fifth wheel. My second choice was a smaller Class A. I then had a very brief affair with a Class C and then a TT. I finally got the idea that I really was clueless and pulled back entirely. I then had a dream about an RV with a little dent on the right, back quarter panel. The next day I went to look at a smaller (27′) C and there, on the right back quarter panel was that same little dent I “saw” in my dream. I knew it was mine! Finally all my craziness about the decision was over! I haven’t gotten out in it yet; that will be in another 3.5 months or so but I have my wheels! While you may not have a dream, I’m pretty sure that with some time you will figure it out sooner or later! Good luck!

      • rvsueandcrew says:

        Hi, Deborah,

        Congratulations on finding your RV! Do you have plans for a toad?

      • DebsJourney says:

        thank you Deborah I appreciate it. I know it’s all going to work out. It’s just that my husband and I was already planning to get a big class A and a small toad when he got so ill and passed away in May. Now I’m trying to keep our dream alive by doing the full time thing but now since it’s just me and my two pups it’s all changed. I still have this huge desire to go out in this world on a new adventure and I just wish I knew more about everything regarding trucks, trailers, etc. hitches… tow bars.. cooling systems yikes, lol

    • Page in SC says:

      We went to the Tampa RV supershow a couple of years ago to look at 5th wheels, thinking they would be perfect for our future life as full-timers. Needless to say, after two days of overwhelm (and underwhelmed), we left knowing we are going to be Airstreamers. Don’t have our trailer yet, but plan to get it within in the next six months, get the house sold, and get on the road!

      • rvsueandcrew says:

        Hi, Page,

        Your plans are coming together nicely. Good luck selling that house!

      • Pamela K. says:

        I know you said that you do not have your Airstream yet. Have you joined the Airstream Forum on line? If not, please do that, really! They are great people there and they know their stuff. Airstream chapters are broken down in to local area regions. Find out the President of that region nearest to your present location. I.E. Georgia/Florida. Then call and ask to attend some of the meetings for that chapter. They hold workshops and socials and are very active as a group. I say this because not all Airstream model years were good ones. Airstream was sold several times and some of those years and makes have ~Butt Sway~, not good. I won’t go into it here but those of us that are dedicated Airstreamers know all about this topic and ones to look for and ones to walk by. Sometimes you will see vast differences in prices too. Again because of certain model year issues. So, just saying to be aware and get connected with the Airstream Groups and the Airstream Forums before your buy. This is good advice. Knowledge is power is the key to Airstreams. We have been owned our Airstream for over 16 years. Best of the best of luck to you and your future travels.

    • Deb’s Journey, Please see my comment to your post above !!!

    • Applegirl NY says:

      Deb, My husband and I are going to be in Tarpon Springs with our Casita in February, if you can wait that long. We’d be happy to give you a tour. It’s a 17′ FD. It’s an exciting process, choosing your rig!

  8. weather says:

    Beautiful photo of Bridget!Might be my new favorite one of her,she is just pretty as can be.Wow,that site’s worth conspiring to get-I’m so-o glad it’s yours!Sunrise,well all the time,must be amazing there.Good for you!and good night

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Good night, weather. 🙂

    • weather says:

      Inspiring as you are,I still doubt that today I’ll be spiffing up our room/home.It’s going into the sixties!This coming weekend when the lows will be just below freezing will be soon enough to feel glad about improving what’s inside here.I’m going outdoors and staying there for now!Toasting with great coffee “Good morning,Sue-hope you feel on top of the world all day,as you’re surely in one of it’s most perfect places!” 🙂

  9. BadgerRickInWis says:

    So glad to hear that Bridget seems to be feeling better.

  10. Wickedlady of Shelton WA says:

    Love your laundry room!

  11. Cinandjules (NY) says:

    Safe travels Tony and Cheri! Love the new site!

    Glad Bridget is feeling better!

    The curtins look fresh and brand new!

    Yes, Veterans Day is tomorrow. Thank you to all who have served and those who are serving now! Yo Rusty…..this shout out is for you! God Bless!

    Cin Jules and Annie Oakley

  12. Connie & Mugsy (MN/AZ) says:

    Hi Sue… had a moment to post a few comments this evening. Looks lovely up the hill from me. Just thought I’d mention that there is nothing wrong with polyester as long as you don’t have to wear it. LOL

    I’ve made a bunch of Amazon purchases… not biggies, but add them all together, it should be helpful for you. And there are about a dozen more things on my wish list for the next month.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Thank you, Connie!

      I don’t know what you purchased, but I do see a jump in sales this morning. This gave me a big sigh of relief as sales were down last month and I wondered if it was the beginning of a downward trend.

      I really do appreciate you sending commissions my way with your purchases. It doesn’t matter whether they are large or small… It’s all good! 🙂

  13. Hello kiddo! Just checking in. I see you have moved. Hope it wasn’t too stressful. 🙂
    We took a day trip down to Joshua Tree N.P. this past weekend since its within 90 minutes from where we live. Gorgeous rock formations. We plan to use Joshua Tree to get in hiking shape before our Great Escape in 2016. Lots of hiking trails there. Otherwise, our solar project is coming along on our Bounder. Pretty much done on the roof. Working now on the battery bay and mounting of the charge controller. Woohoo!

    Glad your Bridget is healing up. I think you are in for cooler temps within the next few days. Nothing significant, but just enough to remind you and her of any arthritis that lurks.

    Stay safe.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Ed H.,

      Enjoy hiking Joshua Tree! We stayed among the boulders in Belle Campground… very picturesque.

      Good to hear your solar/battery/controller/etc. are coming along well. The work now is going to pay you big dividends in the future!

  14. Chuck says:

    Bridget has the cutest grin…..glad to see the ‘hitch in her git-a-long’ is getting better. Another beautiful site! Like your curtains.

  15. Ilse says:

    Reading about that much work wears me out!

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Ilse,

      It doesn’t seem like work. Hitching up and moving to a a gorgeous campsite is nothing… and washing curtains in a basin in a place such as this… a pleasure!

      I hope all is well with you, wherever that pretty Lazy Daze has taken you . . . .

  16. Mick'nTN says:

    Did Bridget sniff that DB (dead body) on the side of the trail, wearing a denim jacket with sandy brown hair. Maybe he is just sleeping?

    • Pamela K. says:

      LOL, I had to go back and take another LQQK at the photo.
      Sure enough, there he is 😉 He even has a CamelPak hydration system on under that shirt!
      That’s just too funny!

    • Teresa from NC says:

      Oh, that’s funny Mick! I just had to go back and see if I could see what you were talking about…saw it immediately, and burst into laughter:-) such attention to detail!

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Huh? I’ll have to take another look!


      Are you talking about that little guy walking at the very top of the photo, slightly left of center? I don’t see a dead body!!!! Where is it?

      • Mick'nTN says:

        It pops out once you see it! Look behind Bridget on the right hand side of the trail, just off the trail.

        • rvsueandcrew says:

          Okay… I see it… kind of . .. Those blue rocks and a big, brown head… Gosh, Mick… Do you see dead people often?

          • Mick'nTN says:

            Only in your pictures! LOL

            • Cinandjules (NY) says:

              Remember that “cat” crouching on the rocks….way back when?

            • rvsueandcrew says:

              Somebody recently commented under that post that they saw the two lost dogs in those rocks, too!

            • Pamela K. says:

              Ha! That would be me about the Cat and Dog photo!
              I did show the photo to Klemper and he saw the same dog and cat without being prompted. Of course he say that he needed new glasses about a week earlier 😉
              As for the rock-guy, TN is just havin’ some fun with us.

  17. Cari in Plano Texas says:

    Your laundry room definitely has a better view than mine – door to the garage on one side, door to the kitchen on the other, no windows. I like yours much better!

    There are quite a few places that are giving us veterans deals tomorrow, which I appreciate. I served 4 years active duty Army and 20 years in the Navy Reserves, and after all the bad food I had, it’s nice to have some good food for a change! And free makes it even better. A big shout out and thank you to all the other veterans who follow Sue!!!

    You and other blogorinos have gotten me interested in this Outlander book series, so I put the first one on hold at the library. Wouldn’t you know, there are 29 people ahead of me!

    There is a huge cold front (they call it an arctic front) coming through tonight and we have our first freeze predicted for Wed. morning. Yuck, couldn’t it have waited another week so I could finish up my work? Fortunately there’s no wet stuff with this one, just cold temps.

    • Thank you for youur service, Cari. Stay warm!!

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Cari,

      I, too, thank you for your service to this country.

      Here’s an idea…. Go ahead and order the first book in the Outlander series from Amazon (you’ll have it within seconds) and then immediately get in line for the second book from your library. For $4.99 (the present e-reader price) you can get started!

      I put a link in response to Krystina near the top of comments.

  18. Perfect spot!!

    Gee, you really went crazy with all that cleaning:) Yes, enough, you are retired after all:)

  19. Pamela K. says:

    LOL, I wondered who was going to end up winning the ~Cheri Camp Site Lotto~! I had little visions of you and Krystina at-the-ready with orange cones that said I WIN! 🙂 😉
    All kidding aside, it is a FAB site and one that is worthy of such a quick move to secure it. Those views are stunningly beautiful!
    And about that cleaning…
    Are your interior walls fiberglass too? With or without fabric coverings? I wondered about that before with all the desert dust and all. Some photos on the Casita site look as if they might be fabric or carpet covered walls. If they are covered then I guess that would help with installation and also as a sound buffer too.
    Oh! BTW, did I tell you that Klemper is now hooked on your site too?! Yep, he is moving into the get-ready to travel again mode! His work project will not be completed until mid year 2015 but just getting him thinking about it through the Winter is a great start!
    Well going to bed now. Hug her HRH for us and it was really great to see her walking more. Nite-nite.

    • Krystina at Roosevelt Lake, AZ says:

      I REALLY did want that site BUT RVSue mentioned moving there first so I cryed myself to sleep…………………………whine, whine 🙁

      • rvsueandcrew says:

        Oh, Krystina… I’m a sorry excuse for a human being. Selfish doesn’t begin to describe me…. 😉

        To tell the truth, I was so intent on nabbing that site that it wasn’t until later that I wondered if you wanted it.

        • Pamela K. says:

          Miss Sue,
          You are not any of those things.
          You simply did what any Warrior Woman would do!
          Givin’ the same, I would have surly scarfed up that site too. I only tease people I like 😉
          All in Good Fun…

        • Krystina at Roosevelt Lake, AZ says:

          I was soooooo teasing you! I really had NOT thought of it until you told me what you were going to do…really. All of us bloggerinos will agree that you are NOT selfish or a “sorry excuse for a human being”! We all LOVE you!

      • Pamela K. says:


        HM, The Queen Sue of Blogorinoland, is simply keeping that site at the ready for your taking when the time is right.
        Wait until she pulls out to Dump her Black Water.
        Then scurry over while she is gone. 😉
        ~Grins and conspires with Krystina now~
        Did I just say that?! Bad Pamela K.
        Too funny, I am keeping score now.
        Game On!

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      The interior walls of a Casita are both fiberglass and carpet. There is what I call a “channel” at the top of the walls, up against the ceiling. This allows for cabinets. The channel is fiberglass. Another channel runs along both sides at the floor. Within this channel are the wheel wells, house battery, water tank, etc. It is also fiberglass.

      The wall space in between the top channel and the bottom channel (and around the windows) is carpet. This is insulation (sound and temperature), plus some visual “softness” to complement the fiberglass. I’ve only vacuumed it a few times and it isn’t dusty or dirty. I don’t know why it isn’t because the fiberglass has needed cleaning many times. I guess the fiberglass acts as a magnet to dust?

      Yay, Klemper! Great to know you’re with us! 🙂

  20. JazzLover WMa says:

    Good Morning Sue,

    Thank you for another beautiful close up of Miss Bridget. Good to see her walking now and looking forward to do so. It must make you feel happy as well. I would trade my wash room for yours in a heartbeat but with that back drop probably would not get a lot of wash done.

    Thank you as well to all our veterans on this, their day. All those who have gone before us and those like Rusty, who are still among us and make us proud.

    Have a great day Sue and not so much work, OK. Be Well

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Good morning JazzLover

      Thank you for your kind thoughts of Her Extraordinary Wonderfulness. I presented her with breakfast which she ate heartily. At present she is under The Royal Comforter snoring.

      • Jazz Lover says:

        “Her Extraordinary Wonderfulness” You “presented” her with breakfast. Snoring under the Royal Comforter. Too funny. Perhaps you could make some extra pocket change by marketing The Royal Comforter, Hmmm, but that might take you away from your true vocation, this blog. Forget that idea. Enjoy your beautiful day.

  21. Betty Shea says:

    Love your laundry room :+))!
    Such a beautiful campsite!
    You and Brdget are lovely as usual too!
    Oh. These great and happy days!

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Betty Shea,

      “These great and happy days!” — Yes! These are the best days of my life. 🙂

  22. Mary in CO says:

    Yesterday’s drop in temperature here of 20 degrees in less than 20 minutes with the addition of awaking to 7 degrees on the thermometer this am makes your campsite very desirable. Soon we leave for our “RV”, a sailboat in the sea of Cortez. Any regrets I have of being away from Colorado disappear with the dropping temperature!
    Enjoy your spot, continue to improve, Bridget !

  23. Teresa from NC says:

    Of course, I love all your sites. I feel as though you should do one curtain at a time ( on different days) with a view like that from your laundry room, and besides you ARE retired…no need to stress yourself out so much in one day:)
    What’s next? Cleaning out the back of the PTV? Craziness going on with you, ha!

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Teresa,

      Standing in the sunshine next to a basin of soapy water, chugging the curtains with my hands, gazing at the view… not really work at all!

      Cleaning out the PTV? Now THAT is work!

  24. Krystina at Roosevelt Lake, AZ says:

    I too want to thank all Veterans and those currently serving. Without all of you…where would we be? Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. xxxooo

  25. Glad to see you solicited assistance for your laundry chore. Table and chair seem to be up to the task! Those curtains sure turned out to be just perfect in so many ways – a wise and good investment for your home 🙂 Good to see Bridget back on the trail.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Jodee,

      There are several good features of these curtains. They cut the glare while letting light into the BLT. I can open and close them with a flick of the wrist because of the big grommets. The rods are long enough that the curtains can be pushed totally away from the window, allowing for big views.

      If anyone is interested in these curtains, here’s a link:

      Lorraine Home Fashions Jackson 58-inch x 24-inch Tier Curtain Pair, White

      I think they come in red or brown, too.

  26. Elizabeth in WA says:

    Thank you for your appreciation to vets, Sue!! My hubby gave 6 of the best years of his life to the USNavy (submarines). During Nam, when you had to hide you were in the military if off base. No appreciation in those days. Of course, he did not have the goal of being military, but one did their duty then. The lottery system for the draft began as he sat in bootcamp. His number? 312. He would never have had to go. But apparently it was GOD’s plan for his/our life as it happened. It was a rough life and he was gone more than he was home. Not a good job when you are married either (his particular part of the Navy had a 75% or higher divorce rate). But twas a learning time for me too. I learned to truly be able to STICK UP FOR ME and US!! And NEVER give up when things were bad. And how to take care of myself!! And live alone. We attended a wonderful free concert nearby Sunday eve to honor vets. My cousin and her hubby who served many years also were with us. WOW, how lovely it was!! Hubby felt more honored that service than any other time I think. They had people stand up to be applauded from each part of the services, separately…he and one other man were the only ones who served in the Navy….and that man even sat next to us…funny. I LOVED the music….and one song I have loved ever since I first heard it at Princess Diana’s wedding was: I Vow to Thee My Country. AWESOME!! Thanks again for the honor!!

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi Elizabeth,

      I’m glad you and your husband received the recognition and honor you deserve!
      I bet that concert stirred hearts and caused many tears to fall . . . .

      My father and uncle both were in the Navy during WWII.

  27. Val R. Lakefield On. says:

    Good Morning Sue, I would want to stay as long as possible in your current site. It looks just perfect. I have marked that camp down & even looked up closest towns for grocery store. Definitely want to visit there. I also enjoyed seeing the RV’s in your previous post. Loved Cheri’s description of her rigs operating systems 🙂 We had a bit of snow on the weekend but it is gone now. This morning the lake was calm and lovely & through the binoculars, I watched a loon flapping his wings and cavorting on the lake. Such a beautiful site, they will be leaving soon. Going to be near 60 today and then a blast of cold air is coming.
    Our shelter took in a Boston Terrier a couple of weeks ago. The very next day she gave birth to one puppy. There were so many suggestion for puppy names, it is now a “name the puppy. ” draw. Pay $1. & put your suggestion in. Yesterday I payed my buck and put the name “Spike” in. It will be a random draw, but hope mine gets picked.
    Enjoy that lovely site of yours…

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Val R.,

      What a touching gesture in honor of a great guy. Spike’s legacy goes on!

      Having seen my first loons (of the avian variety) recently, I can understand your enjoyment watching them on the lake.

      Thanks for the positive feedback on our discussion of rigs and why we choose them.

      Enjoy this day before the cold arrives!

    • Pamela K. says:

      Aww, that is so sweet of you to put Spike’s name in the mix! Surely our boy must be basting in a cool pond and smiling at the thought of it! He continues to be “Our Boy”.

    • BadgerRickInWis says:

      Val, what a great and sweet idea.

      Can you post the name of the shelter? I would love to give them a call and see if they would take a credit card donation and let me enter the drawing.

      • Val R. Lakefield On. says:

        We have a donation button on our website. It is through Canada Helps. lakefieldanimalwelfare.org. Is our web site I will be going in to do the bank deposit so if you want to give me your name suggestion,….I will put it in the box along with a loonie..my treat….the folks there will enjoy that name suggestions are coming in from near and far 🙂

    • Val R. Lakefield On. says:

      Whoops, meant paid 🙂

  28. Wayne Scott says:

    Great location and view for doing house work. Here too, I’m re-caulking the seams on the slides! But you are SO RIGHT, very important to pace yourself, this project has been spread over three weeks!!! Thank god it never rains in southern California. LOL

  29. Denise - Richmond VA says:

    Hello, Sue!

    Happy Veteran’s Day to those who served and have helped keep our Country free and safe – THANK YOU!

    Well, with a view like that, chores can actually be a pleasure! I love how your curtains continue to look brand new after a wash – definitely a good investment! Ten minutes to wash and dry the floor in your whole home – just another benefit of having a just-right sized, cozy home. One of my favorite things is walking barefoot on a clean floor….a close second is putting on a cozy flannel gown, warm out of the dryer. Having a clean home and the laundry washed and put away are small but very satisfying things to me. Weird, I know! 🙂

    It is about 60 degrees here today. We are enjoying it and bracing for the brush of biter cold that is headed our way in the next day or so. Believe it or not, there is a chance of snow Thursday night into Friday. Thursday, I am going to a Ladies Night at a local nursery, where they have dozens of trees decorated to the hilt, with decorations galore for your home and yard. They will have wine tastings, finger food, whole store discounts and door prizes. I picked up the tickets (I am going with a good friend) yesterday after work and walked around the store mesmerized by all the Christmas beauty. If it snows Thursday night, it would just add to the magic of the event. My friend and I love Christmas, but neither of us need to buy anything (as her husband will gently remind her). We are looking forward to a fun evening! The door prizes are awesome – last year, my friend won a squirrel proof bird feeder. Another friend won a 50 lb bag of bird seed. I won some seed balls….little clay balls that you throw in your yard…don’t even need to bury them. I think they were a wildflower mixture (I gave them to one of my sisters). My friend and I plan to get there early so we can enjoy and partake, and then we can leave before it get super crowded.

    I have enjoyed your post….the pictures are gorgeous as usual. And little Bridge…I want to give her a kiss on her sweet head! I am glad that she is feeling better and looking forward to walks. Score on getting Cheri’s spot! Maybe you can pass it on to Krystina (or Jack) if she will be staying longer than you and Bridget. Gotta keep it in the family! 🙂

    Enjoy our day! Lunch break is over – back to work for me! Hugs to you both from me and Gracie pup!

  30. Nancy says:

    Hi Sue,

    You can truthfully say your laundry smells like the great outdoors! Living in an apartment I really miss hanging my clothes outside to dry in the sun, love to open my drawers and have that sun dried smell.

    Miss Bridget has that soulful look dogs seem to specialize in, usually when they want something, or just to remind you that you owe them……

    I love the Outlander series too, I’ve read them all and the spin offs like the Lord John books. Sometimes I just want to binge read, and be entertained but with good writing and a complex and intelligent plot. In this genre of books I also like Dorothy Dunnett: The Game of Kings series, The House of Niccolo series, and The King Hereafter (about the historical Macbeth), and Sara Donati (aka Rosina Lippi) series Into the Wilderness. They are all hefty long books, no lightweights!

    You must be pretty close to perfection now with the perfect camper, perfect tow vehicle, and perfect camp site, and clean curtains and floors ( and maybe bathroom by the time of this writing). Life is good.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Nancy,

      These books have given me a lot of entertainment. I’ll soon be into the last one in the series. *sigh* I hate to say goodbye to these interesting characters!

      Thanks for the suggestions for books in the same genre.

  31. Pamela K. says:

    Veteran’s Day…
    I have such thoughts that go around in my head on this day. A mix of honor and sadness, of pride and passion for country, of loss of lives and gains for Freedom.
    I am not suppose to be here in Georgia today. I am usually in Panama City Beach by now. I try each year to attend the Military Families Veteran’s Day Cruise out of St. Andrews. Old Vets and Young Vets and Active Military alike share this cruise. Many of the young ones have just returned from the latest conflicts. They tell of their time served and listen to the old ones as they, too, tell their stories. Some say nothing…their stories are written on their faces and their bodies. It is a day to REMEMBER. And a day for all to ~just be~ among their own. It is beauty in its purest form. And I miss being there today. But there are always other ways to honor them all. A Thank You is enough is what they will tell you but they deserve so much more from us all. Little things…a paid meal if they are in uniform. Or a Thumbs Up if they pass you by. They want nothing more. They are the Humble Ones, They Stepped-Up for US. Only Heroes do that and our Guys and Gals to do BEST! Thank You For Your Service! My heart is with you always!

  32. Krystina at Roosevelt Lake, AZ says:

    So well said. Thank You Pamela K!

    • Pamela K. says:

      Thank You, Krystina.
      My hubby served in the USAF during the Nam Era.
      My son served in the Army in Afghanistan, during the opening rounds of the War on Terror.
      My father was a WWII Vet having served in the Navy during the Battle Of The Pacific, Okinawa and Iwo Jima. His destroyer was sank during the great battle. He was one of the lucky ones rescued at sea while still under fire! Adm. Nimitz personally pinned his Purple Heart on him while visiting the wounded at hospital. Dad was Navy to the core of his soul.
      Yes, Vet’s Day holds a very special place within our family.

      • Elizabeth in WA says:

        Wow, lots of your kin served…a lot of sacrifice for one family!! You are to be applauded!!

        • Pamela K. says:

          You are sweet to say that but THEY did the heavy lifting. I just supported their their military choices. They, of course, let me know that I only served at the local level of law enforcement, lol.

  33. Timber n' me says:

    We’re glad to see RH Bridget up and getting around, the curtains look great and so dose the view.,,,Timber

  34. DesertGinger says:

    I cannot find the dead body. Very disappointed!

    Great campsite, and a great time for chores. The weather is so great down here.

    We had our midterm exam this morning and I got 98%. Missed 1 question, which kind of annoyed me. We do the review Thursday and I will find out where I went wrong.

    Going to make some lunch and try to go to chiropractor later. Then start doing homework for Thursday. This class has a lot of work!

    • BadgerRickInWis says:

      Hey DG,
      Look at the rocks to the right of the trail.
      Brown Rock = Head / Grey Rocks = Body and legs.

      I “think” I can see it but personally I think maybe Mick has seen 6th sense a few too many times. 🙂

      • Mick'nTN says:

        The blue/gray rock is his back, the right arm is up and has a white/tan hand resting on his dark leg. He is wedged between lighter rocks.

        Funny how different people see things. Maybe too much Michael Connelly’s, Harry Bosch murder mysteries but I don’t recognize “6th sense”. LOLOL

        • BadgerRickInWis says:

          6th Sense was a Bruce Willis movie where a child says he can see ghosts. The classic line from the film is where he whispers “I see dead people.”

          If your not familiar please do yourself the favor. It’s a great movie and I’ll bet if you watch it you will want to watch it again.

        • DesertGinger says:

          I’m a big fan of Harry Bosch.

  35. DesertGinger says:

    Oh…thank you so much veterans! You are my heroes.

  36. Marilu from Northern California says:

    I also want to thank all the veterans who served our country. I’m also thinking of the families who waited home, and the spouses who raised families alone, sometimes for years. To the veterans and all those who love them, you have my gratitude for defending my freedom.

  37. AlanOutandAbout says:

    Have we set a record for number of days at a campground yet, moving around sites don’t count. You have been there awhile now. No matter it is a beautiful place. Since you are there take the road back toward Apache lake for a little bit. Beautiful high desert area. Make a day of it and take a picnic lunch.
    The north side of the RL used to be a big mining area, a lot of them are asbestos mines. But it does get into the pine forest at is get closer to Young.
    So Enjoy.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Alan,

      I suppose we have been at this campground longer than others. It has taken the place of our usual winter camp on BLM desert land, at least for a while.

      Yes, some readers tell me to drive the Apache Lake Road and others tell me, no, don’t bother with it because the road is in bad condition.

      I haven’t driven up toward Young because I’m enjoying the warmth of lower elevation these days. Savor it while it lasts!

  38. Sondra-SC says:

    A primo site Sue…It’s a perfect place to do your laundry…We have a cold blast on the way, would enjoy some of that warm dry air myself.

  39. Kay says:

    Nice curtains… it’s always a nice feeling when we clean and freshen our space we live in. Great feelings…

    I am hunkered down… it is mighty cold here. LAST WINTER FOR ME, EVER. The Pita Center, is full and needs room for two more junk unit contents within the next couple weeks. I am not going out there…its too darn COLD for me.

    Today, was Knoephla Soup day… and my new bread machine arrived this afternoon… guess what I am doing tonight….

    I want your camp spot…. it looks MUCH warmer and would do my achy body and stressed mind, some good.

    • Marilu from Northern California says:

      Stay warm and safe, Kay. I was thinking of you while watching the weather report this morning.

  40. Krystina at Roosevelt Lake, AZ says:

    Wow! A lot of amazing history in your family. My daughter is a Marine (and a Vermont State Trooper) and went to Iraq twice…she is a convoy truck driver! No danger there. She is home safe and sound and expecting my first Grandchild in late January

    • Pamela K. says:

      Oh WOW! A Lady Marine and a State Trooper! It seems only fitting that she seek out multiple ways to serve. I have such respect for our lady Marines. Are you, by chance, a member of Marine Moms On Line? If not, check them out, they are a wonderful group and very supportive of each other as well as their Marines. We even had a call list for those of us who would help assist our Marines to and from base and home during leave times. Making certain that they were never counted AWOL if the trains or busses were late or missed. Sort of like a prayer chain only with cars and drivers for them. Just one of the many things they do, countless and endless giving of themselves. And your daughter, a Trooper! Please tell her I shall hold her in my prayers. I am a former Police 911 Communications Dispatcher. Once Blue, Always Blue! 2nd generation LE. My dad, the WWII Navy Vet was a LEO for after the war. 19 years he served before his death. A LION all the way! Has your daughter ever attended Police Week in DC.? I did not go last year or the year before. Sometimes it is good to take a balanced break from it. I will go again in 2015.
      Well, sweet lady, give my very best and most humble heartfelt kindness to your daughter for me. May She Be Forever Free From Harm’s Hand! Tell her I said to Knock It Out And Get Back! She will understand 😉

  41. CheryLyn(Oregon) says:

    A thank you to all our veterans. A special hug for my daughter who serves with such commentment and pride

    Thank you Sue for bring up the name of the book series, I had been looking for it. I need new books! Bummed not well enough yet to hit the road, looks like another winter here 6degrees forecasted for tonight.

    • Pamela K. says:

      A special hug from Klemper and me too! Our serving military members, such special people who answer The Call. And our Vets who set the standards high for all those who followed after them. Tell your daughter we hold her in our prayers that she serves ever safe!

  42. weather says:

    The oldest and largest tree here was no different Monday than it had been since springtime,the dark green of it’s leaves -intact,as though demonstrating it’s strength and ability to endure,achieve longevity,flourish…Overnight it changed,dawn revealed it dressed in myriad golden hues ,a warm southern wind moved through it’s beauty for hours.The same wind’s still blowing this morning.It’s left most trees without a single leaf,others with a few branches scattered with red or orange.Yet the golden one stands complete-defying time,wind and odds -it’s still perfect.

    The forecast says that wind carries a cold front in it’s wake,that the next ten days at least will be well below average temperatures here,may bring occasional light snow.As I imagine a white background will look great with a gold tree to look at,I’m still taken with the wonder of having seen it- for the few wonderful hours it spent shining through sunrise,waving beneath blue skies,silhouetted by a stunning sunset I’d lingered outside to watch.

    Winter lets everything rooted in soil rest from seasons of producing, replenishing inside to do it all again-I get that.Autumn’s in ways just preparation for that,I understand that,too.Still,I’m convinced that making it all so beautiful is purely a gift sent for our sakes.Good morning,Sue.I hope you’re feeling as blessed as I am this morning,and that the feeling stays with you all day.Your flourishing makes me even happier than that tree’s does,you know 🙂

    • Denise - Richmond VA says:

      Good morning, Weather,

      Your golden tree sounds lovely! Fall has been slow to show it’s full glory in my parts…some of the trees are just peaking in color now. Usually Virginia peaks in early to mid-October. Yesterday evening, I noticed that my neighbor across the street has two different maple trees blazing with glorious color. I mentioned it to them….their only comment was to grouse about having to rake the leaves and pick up acorns. *Sigh* Well, I spent a few minutes in awe, just soaking in their beauty…and sending up a thank you. Maybe the blaze of color and enjoyment that is given to us is His way of gently ushering in the colder/grayer days to come. Your descriptions always make me smile – thank you!

      I hope you and your troupe have a great day! Stock up on any supplies that you might need, just in case the cold weather and possible snow keeps you homebound for a while. We are supposed to get the same cold front here, but now our chances of snow are diminished. I have to admit that disappoints me…I love to see snow! Richmond is on the snow/sleet line. Usually, we end up with freezing rain/ice and then snow on top of it. Bad driving conditions and trees heavy with ice mean damage and power outages. So…when we get a nice light dusting, it is special!

      Stay warm and take good care! Sending you a hug!

      • weather says:

        Thanks for the hug ,Denise,hope you felt the one I sent back.Good reminder about stocking up-I’d done that pretty well at the end of last week, a few other things we need I’ll get soon.I’m glad autumn is lasting a long time there,too-for your sake.As for your neighbors
        well-I think seeing beauty as a gift is a gift,I’m sorry they and others like them haven’t yet received,hope they will someday.As you clearly have-enjoy it today! 🙂

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Good morning, weather,

      All is peaceful. Upon stepping outside to greet the morning I noticed a chill in the air. By afternoon it’s been shorts and tee shirt weather. Change is coming, although I doubt as dramatic as what you expect.

      Your description of the gold tree with white backgrounds reminds me of a similar scene, in Alabama Hills, I think it was, Lone Pine, California. We camped next to a big, yellow-gold cottonwood tree. I thought it couldn’t look more magnificent, until I saw it dusted with snow.

      I’m happy you have discovered more gifts to unwrap today. 🙂

      • weather says:

        As it’s now around sunset where you are now,perhaps that chill has returned.If so ,I hope you made something warm and good to eat,and that your favorite warm clothes to sleep in are handy.As you can imagine,mine are,thank God,ready at hand and feel wonderful.

        My friend I recently spoke of here called me earlier in tears.They’d hired someone to trim her favorite maple tree a bit,when she came home she found they’d cut it down,leaving a nothing but a stump.That tree was so prominent in their yard that her husband actually drove past their house not recognizing the empty yard ,and had to back up when they realized it right afterwards!As it was past business hours by then,no answers about why and what happened are available until morning.Perhaps they confused the address of two jobs-inept or dishonest-in any case the tree’s gone.

        She said something about it’s being wrong to be so upset over a tree,so I read her part of what we’d written this morning about trees,to point out that loving them is a good thing,in fact what is I think the right way to be.As she calmed down she said “You didn’t know you were writing a eulogy this morning,but it fits.”

        Tomorrow I’ll get some pretty plants and hang them in the window she used to look at the tree,so at least she won’t be staring at blank space.We were laughing about other stuff by the time we hung up,she’s such a trooper that she’ll be alright.I’m telling you because if you didn’t love creation the way that you do,I wouldn’t write of such things here,and wouldn’t have had that ready to help her calm down at the very time that she so needed to.Crying causes problems for her eye,it was over quickly enough to not do that because of your having this blog.I’m just saying ,thanks again,Sue,you do more good than you know…

        • rvsueandcrew says:

          I replied to the duplicate comment below….

          Don’t worry about the duplications… I deleted one of them but I’m afraid I’ll mess up replies if I delete another one.

          If that happens again… when you think your comment isn’t going to appear… wait several minutes and try the refresh button before rewriting the comment. It may be that the appearance of comments slows down when there are a large number of them.

          Sorry you had all those rewrites…

          • weather says:

            Thank you for doing that,you are right about why I didn’t “see” them appear,using the refresh button does solve the problem I was having.

    • Elizabeth in WA says:

      Must enjoy all that gorgeous tree scenery so long as possible. A lot of the most vibrant color has left now…but still some left!! Resting a lot today cause my klutzy self fell last night. Need to be more careful when tired out. But thankful nothing seems broken, just bruised and sore and this too shall pass!! I guess poor hubby (well at this rate he will be) will have to buy me some more shoes that are indeed flatter…not much of a heel to KLOGS, but it seems maybe I ought to give them up too!! So much fun getting older eh?

      Enjoy the warmer weather so long as you can. We are quite chilly here but clear as a bell…so that was nice while cousins were here cause Mts could be seen and they are often shrouded in clouds on any given day. Sure glad to have a few pairs of leggings to put under my jeans!! Rode the ferry 2 times yesterday to a couple of cute little unique towns…FUN!! Soon will be time to mostly hole up and try to stay warm!! Sounds like this will be a pretty cold winter most locations. One to look out from our windows upon.

      • rvsueandcrew says:

        If I may add a thought about shoes with heels. They cause all sorts of problems besides increasing the chance of falling. Ever since I switched to flat shoes with plenty of cushion, support, and grip, I’m sure-footed and my knees don’t hurt anymore. Are they ugly? Some would say they are. So what? The beauty of a mature person is who they’ve become, not because they jack up their heels. 🙂

        Wow, I’m a preacher this morning!

        I hope you’ve mended by now, Elizabeth.

        • Elizabeth in WA says:

          Thanks Sue…If you saw KLOGS, there is not much of a heel…but only a little…I have been careful to get as flat as I can…but with wide feet, it is a limited choice. Somehow when barefoot or in sandals, things go well. I do have another pair of shoes that are ok, but not for a lot of walking…the KLOGS have support inside them too. Oh well…I must search.

          What you said is so true…tis what is inside that counts. Nothing wrong with preaching if it is truth!!

      • weather says:

        Glad you had such nice conditions and fun,also glad that you are alright! If I’m not barefoot I’m usually in sneaker’s or boots that few would call a fashion statement,but they work for me,hope you find what’s just right for you,too,dear lady.

        • Elizabeth in WA says:

          Thanks Weather…so true too. I am not really that picky, except for how things FEEL…and with wider feet, the choices are slim pickings for the most part. And my hubby paid so dearly for those KLOGS too…was not cheap. So I hate to get rid of them on that count too…oh well….life is what it is.

    • weather says:

      In case that chill returned I hope warm food,clothes and Bridget are keeping you warm this evening.And that what I’m about to tell you does the same.The friend I spoke about recently to you called me earlier in tears.A person they’d hired to trim her favorite tree must have confused his work orders,when she got home it had been cut down,is now a stump.Crying causes problems for her eye,she said she shouldn’t get so upset about a tree.

      So I read her part of what we’d written about trees,saying it’s good and right to love them.She calmed down and said “You didn’t know you were writing a eulogy for it…” Soon we were laughing about other things,tomorrow I’ll get plants to hang in the window she used to look at the tree through,so she won’t be staring at a blank.She’s such a trooper-she’ll be alright.

      If you didn’t love creation the way that you do ,I wouldn’t write such things here,wouldn’t have had it ready for her right when she needed it the most.I’m just saying thanks again,Sue,you do more good than you know…

      • Elizabeth in WA says:

        Wow, how sad for your friend, Weather….I hope she can get them to replant a decent sized tree of the same sort. Sometimes life hands you places that can never return totally. But maybe it will help bring other decisions that will in the end of things be for the best. It is hard to sort through all events and figure out just what one should best do. I don’t know if I would cry…more likely be mad!! But I would certainly expect the company to do its best to make me happy…and keep calling and talking to people until it was so. Squeeky wheel gets oiled.

      • rvsueandcrew says:

        Hi, weather,

        My heart goes out to your friend over her loss, and a great loss it is. I imagine that tree brightened many days for her, renewing her spirits, comforting her, shading her, splashing light and color . . . Some will think it silly for me to say this — A tree can become like a strong and faithful friend that is always there when needed. To have that cut down and taken away is a terrible blow. It’s made worse by the fact that it didn’t have to be destroyed. She will mourn. I’m glad she had you to help her through the initial shock. You are very kind to think of her looking out the window and seeing where the tree once stood.

        Somehow you manage to give me credit when you’re the one who wrote what she needed!

        • weather says:

          Thanks,Sue,for recognizing that it is a great loss.It’s not silly to say a tree can become a friend,at all!To your list of benefits I’d add the privacy they afford us at times when only solitude will cure what ails us…in her case,as her home is old and could use repair,she felt the tree made her home pretty and welcoming,and for now-well-it isn’t to her.I believe that will change 🙂

          Thank God that trees are not the only faithful things in life we’re blessed with,she knows this as well as you and I do.Today I’m sure I’ll appreciate such even more than usual,and you are high on that list for me.May those blessings and more brush over you all through this good day friend,love,weather

  43. Denise - Richmond VA says:

    Good morning, Sue and fellow blogorinos!

    Hope you have a wonderful day! 🙂

  44. Paula says:

    Why Sue, I just never took you for the covetous type. BUT, there you are coveting a campsite. If you’re going to covet, make it something attainable. Isn’t there a Commandment against “Coveting thy neighbor’s campsite” …. or something like that?

    I love the crisp, white curtains and how easy they are to maintain. GO POLYESTER!!! Also, so happy to see Bridget with the desire to get back on the trail. Slow but sure. Take care and have a great day.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Paula,

      I save my coveting for those things most worthwhile, and this campsite is one of them. I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to move away from Party Central, which is what the center of the campground becomes on weekends.

      You have a great day, too!

      • Pamela K. says:

        HA, ha! You saving your coveting tickets up. I can just picture that…like saving up H&S Stamps to be used later. Do you remember those?! I pasted countless numbers of them in those little books. Kroger’s, I think.

        Have a fine day from Sun-Up to Sun-Set, dear lady and Bridget 🙂

        • Paula says:

          Pamela — I remember S&H stamps from many years ago. I used to lick-and-stick them for my mom. Couldn’t you turn them in for some sort of gift. I think we had mountains of filled books, but I don’t think my mom ever took the step of getting a new can opener or any such thing.

          • Pamela K. says:

            Yep, those would have been the ones! Did my share of the Lick N Stick. I recall my mom sending them in to get a set of 8 insulated Tumblers with them. the kind that had the straw weave under the clear plastic. Very cook back in the day, very retro now 😉 I remember it took about a zillion books to get those gifts, lol. The things we used to do…

          • Cinandjules (NY) says:

            S&H green stamps were dispensed by a telephone dial looking contraption! My folks had books of them. Actually when we cleaned out their house in CA the coffee table and end table were SH redeemed! hahh. We were laughing!

            • Pamela K. says:

              No! You say?! End tables, your folks must have saved a ton of those books! I remember my mom was going to save them for a bicycle for her but gave up as the stamps seemed to invade every conceivable storage drawer in our kitchen. Not to be a collector of random stuff, she ended that really quickly. Of course, not to be out done, the super market down the way offered ~shopping points~ for new cookware. That was different and held her interest for awhile. Some were of the first releases of the Teflon coating…now we are talking Vintage. Oh my! Times change! Now we have Black Friday and people doing over-nights in tents to get a good place in line, lol.

            • Elizabeth in WA says:

              Haha…green stamps. I well remember them and going to their redemption center and how fun it was to choose something!! Often a gift for a wedding or something. Lick em and stick em…yep did that!!

            • Cinandjules (NY) says:

              Yeppers! let me tell you….that furniture was heavy duty not the presto log stuff is made out of nowadays. 1973 to 2014 and they probably would have lasted 100 more years!

              The grocery store is where I remember getting them from!

            • Pamela K. says:

              Exactly! Like the old Craftman Homes you could order from the Sears & Robucks catalogs. Darn near nothing could destroy them back then. Many are still around today across the county. Probably with H&S Green Stamp furniture inside still 😉 Would that be a hoot or what?!

            • Denise - Richmond VA says:

              Oh, the memories! My folks and grandparents turned in S&H green stamps for card tables, sturdy step stools and can openers. We, too collected grocery store points for stoneware, glasses or kitchen towels. Both promotions were the bonus points type of deals of the time…like some credit cards today. Save 10,000 points and spend thousands of dollars to get a “free” $150 camera!

            • Pamela K. says:

              Good Heavens it is true! Thousands spent to get a $150.00 camera! Next we will be talking about cereal prizes, OMG, just stop me please… I am shameless. Yes, totally void of shame…cereal prizes and Cracker-Jack prizes! The Happy Meals of Yesteryear 😉

  45. AZ Jim says:

    Hi Sue and all…Just checking in. Detta had a medical procedure Mon. so we spent a day at the Hospital. They replaced her pacemaker. All went well but a whole day sitting and worrying is stressful on this ole guy. I am starting to feel more relaxed today, meanwhile she is doing fine. I’m up to speed reading comments now but I don’t really have anything interesting to share, so all of you have a wonderful day. Here at my home in Arizona it’s a sunny 70 degrees headed for a high today of 81. Hi to that little “morning pooch” Bridget…..Cheers.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Jim,

      Very good to hear that Detta is well after having her pacemaker replaced. Give her my regards.

      Your weather is much like ours. In other words, perfect!

      Cheers to you both…

    • Pamela K. says:

      Hi Jim,
      Glad Detta is doing well after her pacemaker replacement. It always amazes me how we rely on our medical teams to keep us healthy as we age. Medical Science is such an awesome thing indeed!

      • AZ Jim says:

        Thanks Pamela, Medical Science is great but I have grave reservations about the term “golden years”.

        • Pamela K. says:

          I sooo agree about the Golden years thingy. Must have been coined by a smart and wise marketer, a twenty-something who had never felt the pains of being Golden. I rather like the term Silver…best suits my hair 😉 I spend big money to get it to be that color. I admit to it, I am vain…

        • Gayle says:

          “GRAVE reservations” about old age! That was pun-ny!

    • Elizabeth in WA says:

      Oh so sorry to hear this Jim, but very glad all seems well now. Yea, golden years…yep we helped pay for that fabulous home, fancy vacation, sports car, you name it…yep doctors we surely have. Done a good job this year ourselves and falling down last night could have netted them some more….but I think it is ok…just bruises. So fun getting old eh??

      • Denise - Richmond VA says:

        Oh, Elizabeth! So sorry to hear that you took a tumble. Take good care – glad it is “only” bruises. I know it hurts like the devil…sometimes we pull ourselves even more when trying to break our fall.

        • Elizabeth in WA says:

          Thank you very much, Denise…so far I think it is just sore spots…and the kind of floor burn place on one knee. Could have been a lot worse. Just should not hurry too much and guess I have to wear totally flat shoes now…sigh!!

      • Pamela K. says:

        Oh WOW! Getting older and falls! Scary stuff it is. i could not count on both hands the times I was glad to be in an RV instead of the large house when falls happen! Thanks goodness there is always something close by to help break the fall. If you notice I have a hard time spelling words. Words that I used to know how to spell before I had a mini-stroke some years back. Now falls are just part of the left-overs from that. Needless to say, I do hear your pain!
        And spell-check, sometimes it works but I just hate using that thing! Simply drives me nuts.

        • Elizabeth in WA says:

          Well, Pamela, that is an encouraging thing to say…was thinking: “Now how could I ever manage to live in an RV being so klutzy?” Hmmm, something to think on!!

          • Elizabeth in WA says:

            And moreso, that you are living as you are, even after a stroke!!

            • Pamela K. says:

              Oh My! Yes! Couldn’t get me back into a ~real house~ again. Not ever, I love this crazy-n-fun RV lifestyle. For some time after my stroke I could hardly walk…was a foot away from a wheelchair. Intense phys therapy, three full hours every other day and the perfect staff of doctors got me walking again. From there it was just sheer willpower to fight to improve over time. I have always been a true Warrior so I just put my mind into it and gave all I had. Now I take long walks and do lite day-hiking. I tent camp during Spring and early Fall just to sleep on the ground in a sleeping bag. I used to love to ride a bicycle but I cannot do that anymore…so I took up Vespa scootering and love it! I go everywhere on that thing. I have much livng to do still! Rving, Scootering, Scooter-Camping is a huge part of that. Sometimes I slow down, over do things but that too is Life 😉

            • Denise - Richmond VA says:

              You go, girl!! Pamela, you are an inspiration! 🙂

            • Pamela K. says:

              Thank you. I’m not really an inspiration. The Warrior Men before me, they inspired me to follow their standards. I’m just a copy-cat, lol 🙂

            • Pamela K. says:

              I meant to say…
              Guess I cannot think, type and eat at the same time!

            • Elizabeth in WA says:

              Wow…you are a brave person!!

            • Pamela K. says:

              Some would say Crazy Brave! I have little shame and even less fear. I have been known to get into some funny situations because of it. Something about writing on the butt of a bull elephant at a full gallop… I won’t go there but it was funny!

    • Denise - Richmond VA says:

      Hi, Jim,

      I hope Detta has a quick recovery. So sorry for your stress…just shows how much you love your dear wife. Take good care! 🙂

  46. Pamela K. says:

    Good Morning Everyone!
    Hope this AM finds you and yours starting your day off well. I am still trying to catch up on all the different blog comments. All the Vets and Active Military Members who commented on here, I just couldn’t get to all of you beforehand. Hope your Day Of Honor was spent in the fashion and way you saw fit. There are so many ways Vets partake of the day. For some it is all about the Honors, others it is about the Parades or Picnics and Car Shows. For my own son, it is about the tradition he was taught while serving in Afghanistan. He gathers his tokens, one cheap cigar, a shot glass of smooth whiskey and his Dog tags. Pulls up a seat and in quiet fashion he REMEMBERS. This goes on only as long as the one shot of Whiskey and Cigar lasts. Nothing more, a new time to move-on with living in the day. I asked him once about the Cigar and Whiskey. He told me this: The Cigar MUST be a cheap one. The more bitter, the better. It represents the bitter times of conflict. And the Whiskey MUST be smooth and sweet. It represents the sweetness of friendships, of battle-buddies, and the honor of having served. Then he says the shot of Whiskey goes down quick but lingers a lifetime. The cheap Cigar leaves the bad taste of war in your mouth so you will never want to see War again. All this was told to me when he was in his young twenties…mature beyond his years and wiser than the one he was telling this story to. And then I cried…for him and for all the others who have a heavy heart and the vast memories that I shall only try to learn from. He left a Boy and truly returned a Man. He makes me proud.

  47. Mert says:

    Hi sue,
    I am thinking about buying a reader tablet. But I know nothing about them. I see that u and a few others here have them. Could you advise me on what’s best?? Thanks

    • Pamela K. says:

      Hi Mert,
      Sue has the Paperwhite. It is sold on Amazon. I know this because I, too, had asked her about her reader. She can explain it better but there are many reasons that one is so good. You can read it in daylight as well as the night being a key feature of that one. And you can change the fonts and sizes, etc. It has tons of options and Amazon has a special book price for the book choices too. Many of the choices are as little as 99 cents. You can get apps, magazines, etc. for it too. Ask her to share the link. She posted it for me a few postings back. Try the post about Why Talk When You Can Yell? I think it was on that one. Do a search on that one on my name and you should find her reply. The Whitepaper is on my Santa Baby List 😉

    • Elizabeth in WA says:

      Totally agree with Pamela…also have the paperwhite. Nice to be able to read in the dark and not turn on lights. I have paid for very few books on mine yet. There are blogs out there that will list off and give links to free ones. You have to be careful to check and see if they are STILL free as that can change in a moment. But lots to choose from that are free. Nice to have to sit and wait in offices with appts etc.

      • Mert says:

        Thanks so much. Do you need wifi to use them? My purchase will be for a friends Christmas gift. And I do not believe they have wifi. I assume they will need wifi??

        • Mick'nTN says:

          You can download books from a PC to the Kindle Paperwhite over a USB cable. You don’t need Wifi but it is handy.

        • Mick'nTN says:

          From the Kindle Paperwhite write-up on Amazon:

          For U.S. customers traveling abroad, additional charges apply for wireless delivery of periodical subscriptions. To avoid any charges, you can always use a Wi-Fi connection or download items via your computer and transfer them to your Kindle using USB.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Mert,

      The Paperwhite is the best e-reader available, in my opinion. Easy to use. All the features others mentioned, plus no glare when you read outdoors, which I do a lot. If the person you are gifting already has wifi, you won’t need to buy the one that has that feature and if he/she doesn’t have wifi, a cable works, just as Mick suggested. The difference in price between “with wifi” and “without wifi” is not much. I recommend the following:

      Kindle Paperwhite, 6″ High-Resolution Display (212 ppi) with Built-in Light, Wi-Fi – Includes Special Offers

      • Mick'nTN says:

        Please let me clarify things a bit.
        The Kindle Paperwhite comes with Wifi always and for an additional $70 you can get a special 3G link to amazon.

        Wifi (trade name) or WLAN (wireless local area net) is a wireless (radio transceiver) that connects a personal computer, PC, to auxiliary devices, Kindles readers, cell phones etc. Wifi is without cost.

        3G is a cell phone link through a cell tower and cell service carrier. It does not require a computer link. 3G is a paid service; someone has to pay the cell service provider. In the case of Kindle Paperwhite readers, Amazon pays the bill for your $70 3G option.

        • wa_desert_rat says:

          If you travel a good deal (like Sue does) the 3G connection is very handy. It means that you do not have to be next to a place with WiFi to shop for another book; you just have to be within 3G cell phone range. And that is a LOT more common to find than free WiFi. It’s also less of a configuration issue since the 3G connection “just works” while you will need to set up a WiFi link.

          And since Amazon has arranged for you to use that 3G connection for free (well… you did pay $70 up front but you don’t have to pay again) that becomes a big plus when you want to move to the next Kindle device. The 3G feature can fetch a better price when you want to sell it because it goes right along with the device.


  48. Val R. Lakefield On. says:

    Hi Sue & bloggerinos
    I mentioned “name the Puppy” other day & finally had time to get it on the website today. http://www lakefieldanimalwelfare.org. it is on the front page as news. He isn’t ready for adoption for a while yet. Hoping he gets the name I want. 🙂

  49. Kay says:

    Ho and Hum… it’s colder then you know what here… a Minus 15! Yes, I have LOST MY MIND to be here. I am starting the bin party this week! Hot Tea is not even helping. 336 more days or LESS. I added “LESS” because of this weather…. I am ready to leave right now… told hubby not to push the wrong button because I know my way home to Arizona in the dark.

  50. Jan in Montana says:


  51. Denise - Richmond VA says:

    Good morning, Sue!

    Hope you are having a great start to the day. I have imagined that the past few days, you are enjoying reading and just relaxing….being in the moment and not stressing about anything. With beautiful and peaceful surroundings, and a warm snuggle butt to keep you company, Life is Good!

    Well, the cold weather has made it’s way to Virginia. We are 40 degrees cooler today than yesterday. The temps will be fighting to get above freezing for the next week or so. I’ll be glad when winter is here to stay…the bouncing temps always cause folks to get sick…and they usually are so kind (not) to share their cooties.

    Can you believe that we have two weeks until Thanksgiving?! This year has flown by! I will be placing more orders through your Amazon link soon. It would be nice if they displayed something that would verify that we are shopping through your link. I place orders and hope that you are credited for the commissions. Nothing for you to stress over…just wishful thinking on my part regarding Amazon. 🙂

    Hope you and Bridget have a great day! Hugs and snuggles to you both from me and Gracie pup!

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Good morning, Denise,

      It does seem like this year has passed very quickly, even for me living in perpetual summer. Seems like a short while ago we were frolicking with butterflies at the “Field of Flowers” camp in Ashley National Forest. And here’s Thanksgiving coming up soon!

      That’s a good way to approach winter… wishing it would be “here to stay.” 🙂

      Thank you for intending to shop Amazon from my blog!

      I, too, wish customers were given confirmation that a commission was sent. You can trust that it has. When you do shop Amazon through my blog and want me to verify that I received a commission, tell me something you ordered and I’ll be happy to look it up for you and let you know.

      Yes, I have been relaxing the past few days. Lots of visitors and talking all day makes it hard for me to come up with an interesting blog post. It’s not like I’m going to take photos of our jaws flapping. Haha!

      • Denise - Richmond VA says:


      • Denise - Richmond VA says:

        The sooner winter sets in, the sooner Spring will be around the corner. Not that I am rushing things!! 🙂

      • BadgerRickInWis says:

        Glad to hear that you are well. My advise for what its worth is to keep relaxing and taking care of yourself and Princess Bridget, no need to worry about us.

        Remember this is a blog is about your life. Your life shouldn’t be about this blog.

    • Elizabeth in WA says:

      Hi Denise,

      Speaking of those sharing the wealth, refusing to stay home when ill, etc. hubby and I have found that chewing some kind of xylitol gum when we are out shopping etc seems to add protection, even if we get coughed on. It is good for tooth health too…but we have begun chewing it as we are shopping or after we get back to the car!! And so far, so good. If I start to get a sore throat, seems to make that go away too. Good to follow all the usual precautions as well. We lived in Richmond area not so long ago…it can get quite cold there too!! Stay warm and well!!

      • Denise - Richmond VA says:

        Hi, Elizabeth,

        Thank you for the xylitol gum tip. I will add that to my obsessive cleaning of carts with Wet Ones antibacterial wipes that I bring in the store myself. I also disinfect my hands after getting to the car…I cringe when a checkout has the pen thing that you need to use to sign off on the electronic screen. Walmart here uses them…even if you pay by check. I have tried to use my own closed pen, but it will not work.

        The cold weather makes me crave soups, chili, and stews. I think I might make a batch of chili this weekend. Nice and spicy!

        Hope you have a great day and feel a bit better from your fall. 🙂

  52. AZ Jim says:

    Heard a great quotation this morning. “If you want to test a mans character, give him power.”

    • Elizabeth in WA says:

      SO very true, Jim…reminds me of a high school teacher I had. I thought he was super….I even worked helping him correct papers. Then a couple years after I was gone from high school, I heard a lot of bad things he did…I could not believe it…he was made principal and it evidently ruined him. So strange….

  53. Velda in Roseville Ca says:

    Veterans day is special in this house. I am a Navy Nurse Commander retired and husband a Navy Cryptology Chief retired. My Dad was a Marine and father in law was Army. I gotta get a hat, even though I hate hat hair. When we go out Mel wears his hat with military logo which says “dysfunctional veteran, leave me alone” and people always laugh and thank him for his service as I stand there wanting to say, ” hey I served too”!

  54. DesertGinger says:

    Went to see the new doc today and I liked him, so I’m making the switch. I’m determined to find a doc and a practise that is kind and helpful and works with me. Crossing my fingers. My heart rate was 109 and he agreed that is not right. He is going to start me on beta blockers to lower my heart rate. Yay!

    We are having beautiful weather. It is lovely out. I have a wolf-pac meeting to go to tonite so I’m having a quick bite and heading back out. Spent most if the day in tax class learning depreciation…fortunately the class really helped and I feel much clearer now. Have a ton of homework for the weekend.

    Hope everyone is having a nice day.

  55. Lee says:

    On average how long to you stay at one campsite?

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Lee,

      I’m not sure. If I’m trying to get away from bad weather I stay one night, maybe two. Rarely do I stay more than two weeks, unless I’m hunkered in southern Arizona for the winter. I guess the average is about a week.

  56. Paula says:

    Good evening Sue,

    Those blasted cold temps dipping into southern New Mexico (28 degrees this AM) sent us racing for the AZ border today — and Roosevelt Lake. The weather is beautiful here! I know you love your privacy so I won’t bother you, but if you’d like to stop by the “Mini-Moose and Caboose” (TX plates) in your loop, my schedule is wide open. The Tonto Pass and laundry are the only items on my “To Do List”. Take care.


  57. Paula says:

    We are in site 79 — I think. Navion with the red Jeep. The lady with the Casita came in right behind us as we were unhooking the Jeep this afternoon.

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