A new day starts facing into the sun

At almost 9,000 feet, mornings are chilly on Badger Mountain.

The mountain blocks the morning sunshine from our campsite for an hour after I’m done with coffee and checking this blog.  That’s when Spike, Bridget and I go to Dandelion Hill above our campsite.  The crew happily follows me up the hill to a profusion of dandelions.


The slope faces east so it’s the first place to receive the warmth of the morning sun.   I position my camp chair just right to catch the rays.  Ooh, that feels good.  Soon we’re warmed up!


From this vantage point I see a cluster of aspens across the meadow to my right.


Directly across our campsite is the mountain, painted green with the contrasting hues of aspens and firs.


1-P1050466Below us is the turn-out that leads to our campsite.  A pump house perches next to a bridge that goes over Cottonwood Creek.

This area is called Bluebell.  Why does it have a name?  The pump house tells me this is a place where fire trucks take on water.  They can pull off Ephraim Canyon Road, fill up and move on, making room for the next truck.


The crew and I mosey around the meadow.


We come across a few blue wildflowers.


These don’t look like the bluebell photos I found online.  Maybe there are different varieties of bluebells.  I don’t know.

I love how nature is constantly changing.  Perhaps at another time of year Dandelion Hill becomes Bluebell Hill.

A little stream hurries past.

It’s on its way to join up with Cottonwood Creek at the bottom of the hill.  Spike, never one to pass up an opportunity to get into water, walks in the stream.  I know what that boy is thinking . . .


Let’s see . . .There’s gotta’ be some mud along here somewhere . . .


Bridget and I wait.  There are things in this world that should not be hurried.  Spike believes resting in mud is one of them.

“C’mon, Spikey.  Let’s go back to Dandelion Hill so you can sit in the sun and dry off.”


The meadow and Dandelion Hill are free of litter!

I think this is the first time the crew and I have walked near a camp without finding drink cans, beer bottles, big, red, disposable party cups, and such.  I’m in the habit of taking a grocery bag when we set out to walk.  Sometimes the bag is full by the time we get back to camp!


It’s nice to return with an empty bag today.

I don’t mind picking up litter, raking up cigarette butts, removing cans and chicken or beef bones from fire rings (before Spike gets them), and generally cleaning up a site.  It makes me feel like I’m giving back. However, it does cause a problem for me.

Too much trash in the PTV!

1-P1050538On the occasions that the crew and I camp in campgrounds, often they’re “pack it in, pack it out” campgrounds.  In other words, there’s no trash removal. Other times we’re boondocking.

It’s fairly easy to find dump stations, fresh water, and places to buy propane.  Finding where to legally dump trash in an unfamiliar town is not so easy.

There’s a bunch of litter at our campsite.

1-P1050524It’s not camper litter.  It looks like stuff left behind by a work crew.

An industrial-size bucket, smashed.  Large pieces of cloth such as feedbags are made of.  Stuff like that, enough to fill a large garbage bag.

I’ve already got a lot of our own trash.

Which brings to mind another subject.

1-P1050484While driving up this mountain, I figured this camp would be a “stepping stone” camp.  In other words, the crew and I would stay a few days and move on to another area.

Now that we’ve been here a couple of days, I don’t want to leave!  It’s beautiful here, the weather is cool and refreshing, nobody is around, only the sound of the rushing creek…

Gee, why go?

I’ve decided we will stay at Badger Mountain Camp through the weekend at least.


Sometime in the next few days the crew and I will travel down the mountain and go to Wal-Mart on the north end of Ephraim.  At that time I’ll haul all this trash I’ve accumulated down to Ephraim in hopes of finding a place to dump it.

After a dose of civilization I’ll be happy to return to our sunny sanctuary on the mountain.


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101 Responses to A new day starts facing into the sun

  1. Rhonda says:

    Please urge Rusty not to wait for his Thyroid test. My husband is going through testing right now. The thyroid effects the heart, blood sugar and many other things. If not treated the side effects can be fatal. He should NOT wait any longer but get tested as soon as possible.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Rusty is under the care of a physician who has examined him and evaluated his health. Once he is in his home within a few weeks, he will be tested. He is unable to rush to a doctor before then. I’m sure he appreciates your concern.

    • Timber n' Rusty says:

      Hi Rhonda, I got a ultrasound test last year and they found nothing, at that time my heart was pounding and I could hear it pounding, it doesn’t pound now since I cut out all foods with red dye in it, I drink creosote tea that grows hear in Arizona, I take 3-6-9 Omega, Astragalus and a bunch more vitamins and Hearbs, I haven’t had a Cold or the Flu in years, and when we get our home with a fridgerator so I can keep the good food fresh and get better exercise , like a bicycle to peddle with Timber at my side, my blood presser will drop, my excuse is that I now set in front of this computer more than I should and gaining weight, and I told my Doctor that too

  2. Jan Johnson says:

    I agree with Rhonda…Rusty should not wait for his thyroid test…

  3. Jan Johnson says:

    Alrighty then…

  4. Allison says:

    Geez, so beautiful. It’s the beauty of a small RV that you can be in places like that.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      That’s right, Allison. Although I do believe there are a lot of beautiful places that a larger RV can go.

  5. Donna in CT says:

    You do have the knack of finding great places!

    It’s good knowing that Rusty is almost “home” and that he is under a doctor’s care. Everyone is so different and I’m sure if it was needed the doctor would have had him tested sooner.

    Spike is so funny and so very predictable. It must feel so good to him for some reason. I wonder, does it have a calming affect on him like a hot soak in a tub does for us?

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      I wondered if he soaks to soothe aching joints or sore muscles, but he’d want warm water, not cold, for that purpose, I should think. Maybe he likes the shock to his system. He also likes to soak in a warm tub (when I had one!). Spike’s a sensuous guy!

  6. Know what you mean by the trash & litter found at or near campsites. Always so discouraging. Bullet casing, shotgun shells, smashed beer bottles & broken glass scattered all over. We always carry a shovel & small rake for the express purpose of cleaning up trashed campsites we come to when boondocking. Seems that wherever a gathering of people takes place a gathering of trash on the ground is the left behind result. Not always but way too many times. Folks who stay in spiffy poo RV Parks never get to see that side of things………………….

    • Marsha says:

      Same here – we’re always picking up others’ trash. If they can bring it in, why can’t they haul it out?

      Love the aspens. Looks like a very peaceful and soothing place to be.

      • rvsueandcrew says:

        It is very soothing, Marsha. Nothing like a field of dandelions in the sunshine to make a person mellow!

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi Al . . . I try not to let it bother me and just get to work cleaning it up. It does give me the opportunity to feel superior though. Hahaha!

  7. blueyedcin says:

    Hi, Sue:

    Found your site via Eileen on the Casita Guide I bought from her. I’ve been reading your journey since last Saturday. I had to go back to the beginning. I am currently in August 2012. I’m addicted.

    I had left a comment about, “Why South Dakota.” I found that answer in the comments yesterday. There were days I didn’t read the comments and now after reading the comments there is as much useful information and entertainment in them that I will have to go back and read them too.

    Thank you for your soothing words, they bring me joy!
    Phyllis in Oklahoma

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi Phyllis!

      I’m glad you got the answer to your question re: my choice of South Dakota for license and registration. Now that my blog is split between two locations, it’s easy for me to miss a question posed under a very early post. Sorry about that.

      You’ve discovered the “useful information and entertainment” of readers’ comments! Aren’t they great? I feel like I’m traveling with a team of experts, and I say that sincerely with no sarcasm.

      Have I ever welcomed you to my blog? A Phyllis has commented here but I don’t think that was you. So welcome and thanks for dropping in!

  8. Pauline says:

    Beautiful pictures of beautiful countryside. It was good to hear from Rusty and Timber. Seems like they are getting things under control. I am concerned about the fires. As an asthmatic, I know how important good air quality is and how miserable it can be in smoky areas. My prayers are with all who are in the fire areas.
    Love you Dear Sister Susan.
    Pauline in Mississippi

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      I love you, too, Pauline.

      We all tend to take for granted the most basic necessities for a functional life until they are hard to come by . . . like clean air, clean water, safe food, warmth, shelter, health, peace of mind . . . There’s quite a lot to be grateful for.

      What the heck am I preaching for? LOL

  9. Kim says:

    Spike looks downright heroic amongst the dandelions. Thanks for doing your part to help Mother Earth.

  10. Ladybug says:

    Amazing how much impact the elevation has on the climate. I looked up Ephraim with an elevation of around 5500; the temperature there is in the mid to high 80s. You’re 2500 feet higher and have temps about 10 degrees cooler. I’ll have to remember this! LOL

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Elevation is nature’s air conditioner! Knowing that is key to a full-time boondocker’s success.

      It’s COLD this morning! As soon as the crew wakes up, we’re going to sit in the sun again on Dandelion Hill.

  11. Andrea in Glendale says:

    Oh, now dandelion greens are something that makes my mouth water. My Grandma use to fry these greens up with oil, garlic and red pepper and mix in crusty bread..what a dish… Just a suggestion 🙂

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Sounds delish, Andrea! I think the key is to pick the greens after they first appear in early spring.

    • Timber n' Rusty says:

      Hi Sue and Andrea, Dandelions are one of Gods remedies, the tea is good for flushing your kidneys, I mostly traveled to get the herbs to keep me healthy,. I don’t like the Pharmacies side affects, so I’ll be planting God’s Herbs in my garden with His help, my grandma did just fine and her Doc told her to quit doing her remedies, She outlived him. There are Folks back East that will tell ya, that Herbals are best. ,,,,,,,,,,,Sorry, lost my train of thought, darn dirtbikes

      • rvsueandcrew says:

        Ha! I love your ending, Rusty!

        I didn’t realize you know so much about herbal medicine. That’s something your grandma gave you. Very interesting comment!

        • Timber n' Rusty says:

          Well, thanks Sue, My G.M. also said Some time long ago, that you can do all your healthy living, But God will take you when he wants to, ether to get you out of misery and pain or ok you’ve done a good job and it’s time to live with him in peace, forever, praising Him, Amen to that.

          • Lana in Phoenix says:

            Hi, Rusty. I have a place on my computer where I copy things that “ring a bell” for me. Your comment really struck me and it will be at the beginning of my “Quotes to Remember.”

            Thanks for sharing. It means a lot to me.

  12. cinandjules (NY) says:

    How sweet Bridget has a mountain named after her….. 🙂

    The crew looks relaxed………….loving it! Mother Earth thanks you for picking up after those who believe anything they discard is biodegradable.

    Have a marvelous day.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      I didn’t make the connection until I read your comment about Bridget having a mountain named after her! You made me laugh at that one.

      It would be wonderful if people littered because they mistakenly thought their trash was biodegradable. At least there’d be some thinking involved!

      Thanks for the wish. I’ll try to have a marvelous day. You know what? I’ve been reading other people’s blogs lately, something I usually don’t get around to doing. I’ve read more snarkiness than I ever imagined was out there. People grumbling that I write posts of the “What would you do?” kind, just to get people to read my blog. Uh, duh?

      And making snide remarks about me presenting the situation of the man with the net when I went two days over the limit. I’ve got to be PERFECT in order to ask for readers’ opinions? It’s so depressing! No more surfing blogs for me!

      Thank you. No more ranting. I only wrote that to increase readership. Sheesh.

      • cinandjules (NY) says:

        The jealousy is………………………you’re so popular with everyday topics…period. They can’t stand it… Then when you write the WWYD’s……they get their panties in a knot and gripe about it.

        Miserable people unfortunately live everywhere. Everyone is responsible for their own success. You would hope that folks would be happy that someone is taking positive steps for the future.

        No need to be depressed…remember you have no control over what people think of you…as long as you can look yourself in the mirror (hair is getting longer 🙂 ) and like what you see.

        Forge ahead lady (whoops) they will ALWAYS be in your rear view mirror.

        • rvsueandcrew says:

          I like that rear view mirror idea. I’ll remember that. Thank you, sweet lady. 🙂

          • Donna D. (stickhouse in CT) says:

            Don’t take those naysayers personally. I agree with cinandjules. They are just jealous of your success with writing and all the followers you have that will come to your defense.

            Also, whatever they say and how they look at the world comes from their own history and how they’ve been treated in the past. They are basically bullies and you have to pity bullies. They’ve never been loved correctly so they fill themselves up by tearing others down. You have WAY more supporters than negative nellies. Delete, block or just ignore them.

      • Hi Sue… yeah, I read her blog too. She is one snarky lady alright… also one that I hope to never meet!

  13. Bev says:

    We rode on many ATV trails in UT and always took a garbage sack with us. One thing I found “unique” about the area outside of Panguitch and anywhere there were aspens are the carvings. Many were dates–usually from hunting camps or family reunions. I was tickled when I saw the photo of the tree carving in your blog. Happy travels!!

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      That’s a great idea, Bev! You’re a mobile clean-up crew. Maybe others reading this will join in.

      Lots of tree carvings around here. Makes me wonder where the people are now… Did the couple get married? . . . Was it only puppy love?

      Happy travels to you, too!

      • Bev says:

        I mentioned an idea to my hubby…let’s take photos and publish a book of just the photos; wouldn’t that be neat? People would find their carving and a story would evolve…. Of course, that never happened…but I still think it’s a great idea. 😉

  14. Rattlesnake Joe says:

    Mother Earth can heal. Maybe Spike needs the vibrations to help put him in balance?

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      I have no idea, Joe, but I do know this much: Animals are wiser than we give them credit. If Spike wants to soak in freezing water, well, he probably has good reason.

  15. Mary Ann (Pontotoc, MS) says:

    What a beautiful place you are at! Don’t let the smarties get to you, Sue. Give Spike some extra pets–he has been soaking up Mother Nature’s soothing vibrations 🙂

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Thank you for the kind words, Mary Ann. I need to soak up Mother Nature’s soothing vibrations (in a way that doesn’t involve cold mud! ). 🙂

  16. Pauline says:

    Wait a minute….did I read that right? You were reading OTHER people’s blogs and some of your readers were posting complaints about your question? Good grief!!! Guess if you asked “What is your favorite color?” , you would get complaints.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      That’s right! Only I wouldn’t call them my readers. My readers are great folks who are supportive and kind and forgiving. These were bloggers — female, of course (we’re the worst snipers!) — grousing because they came over to this blog and saw us having a lively discussion.

      I love how you always have taken my side, Pauline. What a wonderful “big sister” I have!

      • Donna D. (stickhouse in CT) says:

        I know that if I saw a blogger complaining about another blogger, I would definitely unsubscribe and never read their blog again. Good grief, they seem to be stuck in high school mode. Ridiculous!

        • rvsueandcrew says:

          You know what I wish? I wish being a blogger was like joining a special club. Not a snooty club, but one that any blogger can join regardless of skill or talent, and once joined, the blogger would be encouraged and supported. We would revel in each other’s successes and reach out when a fellow blogger is hurt by life or by cruel comments. We’d share ideas about how to handle confusing technology, how to make money, how to manage time, etc. No one would make posts with veiled barbs. No one would engage in conversations in their comment sections that belittle another blogger. . . No one would find themselves reacting negatively, writing as I’m writing now, perpetuating the cycle of competition and hurt.

          It’s a dream. I guess it goes in the same file as world peace.

  17. Elizabeth aka E2/etwo says:

    Lost you there for awhile! All of a sudden I realized there were no RVSUE blogs
    coming into my in-box! Did a google search and here you are with your furkids!
    What a gorgeous place you have found! Your pictures are wonderful! You are absolutely correct about the other blogs…. most are pretty “pissey”.
    The wonder of your blog is that what you share with your “Fans” is so very uplifting and beautiful.
    I did go back to read all the posts I missed… I am especially pleased to know that Rusty and Timber are getting closer to having a good home!
    I am still in S.E. NM in my 20 yr old MoHo. Soon I will be 82 and will need to do something else about my living situation…. With a 102 yr. old Mom who lives alone in a big house, with hired help to get groceries, she does great even though she only sees blurs…. After a visit with her last year, we both know we do not want to live together!
    My old MoHo is not going anywhere…. I am considering getting a newer used Class A
    so I can have my AWESOME Arranger Keyboard and all my music with me and my
    GORGEOUS CLYDE CAT and I will have plenty of room….
    Boondocking was my lifestyle from 1984 Spring till Fall of 2000 when I came here.

    Good to be back with you Sue!

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Good to have you back, E2! I wondered where you went!

      You are the most fascinating woman. Sixteen years of boondocking… how wonderful. I pray I can do this for that long.

      Wow! Great genes in your maternal line. Best wishes to you and your feline crew . . .

  18. Ladybug says:

    Yeah, I saw that too. I don’t post over there, just do some lurking if something appears interesting. Looks a lot less interesting over there now!! And it’s not the first time, either. But life’s too short to worry about sourpusses.

    On to other things….I’m sitting here working in a big-city high rise. My back is to the window (with the reflection in my monitor-gotta love space planners!). I happen to see in the reflection a bird soaring around outside. I get up and look out the window; it’s a large bird just gliding around on the air currents. Can’t tell exactly what type of bird. I watched it a few minutes until it finally floated out of my line of sight. Even in the big city you can enjoy a few minutes of peace with nature.

    But it sure would have been more fun doing the same thing in a dandelion field!

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi Ladybug!

      You hit on one of my favorite things to do… watch birds floating on air currents. What a relaxant.

      You described your setting so well, I can see it. I’m glad I can bring grass, trees, and dandelions into your space of glass, concrete, and chrome.

      I’m so glad you visit my blog and comment! Have a great day!

  19. Ron says:

    Looking at your site meter you have one of the top three blogs about rving, now when your a hit folks get sort of jealous and take a few cheep shots at times.
    I would say you are batting a thousand on doing it right,600.000 plus hit and maybe 50 that aren’t supportive . I am not going to figure your percentage it is just to low to give a second thought too.
    I love the country your in now.
    Here is a good song about my philosophy about folks.


    • rvsueandcrew says:

      I’ll remember that line about oat bran! Fun song, Ron. Thanks for the link. You and Jim are thinking alike today . . .

      What a great pep talk you gave me! I shouldn’t give a second thought to negative remarks people make on other blogs about me. I hate that I reacted defensively.

      I went online to Amazon and bought a book for my kindle, pulled out my lounge chair, put it in the sun (to heck with sun cancer — I’m still gonna’ die!), and got my mind off the remarks.

      I came back inside to get some lunch and found comments from my good readers whom I appreciate so much! That includes you, Ron!

  20. AZ Jim says:

    Your discussion with Rusty about natural healing brought this song by the “old dogs” to my mind. You can find it on you tube being sung look for “you’re still gonna die.

    So you’re takin’ better care of your body
    Becoming more aware of your body.
    Responding to your body’s needs.
    Everything you hear and read about diets,
    Nutrition and sleeping position and detoxifying your system,
    And buying machines that they advertise to help you exercise.
    Herbs to revitalize you if you’re traumatized.
    Soaps that will sanitize.
    Sprays to deordorize.
    Liquid to neutralize acids and pesticides.
    Free weights to maximize your strength and muscle size.
    Shots that will immunize.
    Pills to re-energize you.

    But remember that for all your pain and gain
    Eventually the story ends the same…
    You can quite smokin’, but you’re still gonna die.
    Cut out cokin’, but you’re still gonna die.
    Eliminate everything fatty or fried,
    And you get real healthy, but you’re still gonna die.
    Stop drinkin’ booze, you’re still gonna die.
    Try not t0 bruise but, you’re still gonna die.
    You can cut out coffee and never get high,
    But you’re still gonna, still gonna, still gonna die.

    You’re still gonna, still gonna, still gonna die.
    Still gonna, still gonna, still gonna die.
    You can even give aerobics one more try,
    But when the music stops playin’, you’re still gonna die.
    Put seat belts in your car, you’re still gonna die.
    Cut nicotine tar, you’re still gonna die.
    You can exercise that cellulite off your thigh.
    Get slimmer and trimmer, but you’re still gonna die.
    Stop gettin’ a tan, you’re still gonna die.
    You can search for UFO’s up in the sky
    They might fly you to Mars where you’re still gonna die.

    You’re still gonna, still gonna, still gonna die.
    Still gonna, still gonna, still gonna die.
    And all the Reeboks and Nikes and Adidas you buy
    You can jog up to heaven and you’re still gonna die.

    Drink ginseng tonics, you’re still gonna die.
    Try high colonics, you’re still gonna die.
    You can have yourself frozen and suspended in time,
    But when they do thaw you out, you’re still gonna die.
    You can have safe sex, you’re still gonna die.
    You can switch to Crest, you’re still gonna die.
    You can get rid of stress, get a lot of rest,
    Get an AIDS test, enroll in EST,
    Move out west where it’s sunny and dry
    And you’ll live to be a hundred
    But you’re still gonna die.

    You’re still gonna, still gonna, still gonna die.
    Still gonna, still gonna, still gonna die.
    So you’d better have some fun
    ‘Fore you say bye-bye,
    ‘Cause you’re still gonna, still gonna, still gonna die.

  21. pculin says:

    Hi Sue,

    The names carved into the tree (George and Elfia Keisel of Manti/Ephraim) belong to the grandparents of Brett Keisel of the Pittsburgh Steelers.


  22. Joy A. - No. Ca says:

    Yes those are Bluebells.

    Maybe the others you were thinking of were Blue Bonnets known as Lupines here in California.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      They ARE bluebells? Great! On our walk this morning the crew and I discovered a bunch of them — so pretty. Thanks for letting me know. Oh, and there are lupines out here,too. I knew them because they’re easy to identify.

      Thanks for teaching me something, Joy!

  23. Timber n' Rusty says:

    Ok, AZ Jim, Lets Live till then, wow what a morbid song, LOL

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Yeah, you’re right, Rusty. . . I didn’t want to say . . . Haha!

      • AZ Jim says:

        I don’t think it’s as morbid as it is realistic. It’s really funny I think. I didn’t mean to bring in negativity at all. Like the old lady who kissed her cow said “it’s all a matter of personal taste”. Best to ya Rusty….

      • Timber n' Rusty says:

        I love wasting some days here at this blog of yours Sue, while waiting for the “word” to move in, ya know what I mean?LOL

        • rvsueandcrew says:

          I’m glad you enjoy my blog, Rusty. It’s not a waste of time . . . We entertain each other!

  24. BuckeyePatti says:

    I laughed outloud when I saw the picture of Spike, your mud puppy. Another beautiful camp. And a brilliant idea to list what recent purchases others have made thru your website and Amazon. Never know when I might need some of the same stuff!

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Well, I’ll be honest with you, Patti. Yesterday was the first day since I started this Amazon thing that I didn’t get one order. Panic! Sure I like money as much as the next person, but I also enjoy seeing what people buy. (Of course, I don’t know who buys what, nor do I want to know.)

      So I thought . . . hmmm . . . I need a way to remind readers of my Amazon portal without being a harpy about it. LOL Letting readers see some of the interesting products their fellow readers have purchased is kind of fun, maybe even helpful and it’s a reminder, too. Plus I can say thanks again for their purchase.

      Thanks for the feedback!

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Oh boy, I just gave myself a laughing fit. I looked up the definition of “harpy.”

      1) a ravenous, filthy monster having a woman’s head and a bird’s body.
      2) a scolding, nagging, bad-tempered woman; shrew.
      3) a greedy, predatory person.

      Yep, that fits. LOL

  25. Cherie in OH says:

    I tend to think of sand and rock whenever I think of UT, so all that green is a nice surprise. Love the dandelions too. Not so much when they turn white though.

    Maybe Spike soaks in cold water and mud to relieve itching. I do. From cold water, that is, not mud, though mud would work too.

    A question for you and other boondockers….how do you find places to discard your trash?

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Cherie . . . Good question about trash. I wish I knew a good answer. When in Ajo, AZ, I asked the ladies at the Chamber of Commerce and they directed me to the landfill (free).

      I try to remember to put a bag in the trash receptacles that stores provide in their parking lot. I figure it’s stuff I bought in their store, so why not? One time I was desperate and dropped a bag in a bank’s trash bin. I don’t know if it was there for public use or not.

      Wal-Mart is usually pretty good about providing receptacles for trash. My problem is I have more than a person usually has because of the litter I pick up.

      Cold water soaks for itching makes sense, but Spike has no rash or inflammation and he never scratches his belly.

  26. rvsueandcrew says:


    The answer to your question is … Yes! I plan to provide info in a blog post within the next few weeks.

    • Timber n' Rusty says:

      Sue, I have good news; Bob my Rep and his family are doing real good the fires are not keeping them from their home and the house has been vacant for 2 days, Bob has notified Rita (AZ-HUD), lady and the house will be Inspected the 26th, next Wednesday, fire or no fire Bob says. Independence Day !!!! And yes I said fires, a fire has started to the west of the Doce fire, some person is up to no good and God is going ta get them for that.

    • Barbara B says:

      Thank you for the forthcoming post. I am assuming I am the Barbara in question.

  27. cinandjules (NY) says:

    I don’t think Walmart minds people depositing trash in their cans. As long as it isn’t lawn bags full of stuff. I would use Walmart bags when you pick up trash, tie them up and deposit as you walk in the store. They are always trash cans where you return the shopping cart…oh how convienent

  28. cinandjules (NY) says:

    damn it….posted again before I was done.

    Gas stations…truck stops….remember that feller, Jose or Javier who took your garbage bags to the dumpster?

    Just make sure you don’t have any receipts or personal info that can be pilfered for identity theft.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Good ideas… Oh, Jose at the Pilot station or Love’s or something. He was a gem.

  29. gypsy chick says:

    Aspens in the fall are beautiful! Golden leaves fluttering on the hillside. I suggest an autumn visit to Utah or Colorado to see the aspens. You won’t be sorry.

  30. lourley says:

    Hi sue i am very new in your blog and i am addicted to it. I enjoy your canine crew they made me smile. I have two dogs a border collie coco and a japanese chin spike and yes i call him spikey or pikey. I am a dog lover and nature as well love to hike with my dogs in the park. wish i could be where you are it is so beautiful just to look at thank you for posting those amazing view. I am currently reading in your blog july 2012 . Thanks and God Bless.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hello, lourley! Welcome! I’m so happy you have joined us!

      It sounds like you and I have a lot in common. Oh yes, July of 2012… That was a great month! Thanks for writing. I hope to hear from you again.

  31. pj says:

    Hi RVSue & Crew! I FOUND you! I’ve really been missing my everyday (or so) visits with you and yours. I’m so glad I’m back on the email list for your new site.

    I have officially retired and heading out in my T@DA this Sunday – excited and a bit scared but you inspire me to just do it!

    I have a question. To help you when I purchase from Amazon, how do I make sure you get the credit? I am thinking it’s probably as simple as logging in from your webpage. Is that correct?

    Thanks and keep ’em coming.
    aka PJ

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      I am SO excited for you, Peg! Congratulations on your retirement!

      Being a little bit “scared” is healthy when taking on a new challenge. You’ll soon be enjoying yourself so much you’ll wonder why you ever felt nervous.

      (BTW I wonder if you’re the PJ who commented on Tioga George’s forum a while back. We were discussing George coming back to the U.S. and I thought PJ was a man!)

      There are several ways you can shop Amazon and I get credit.
      1) At the top of the sidebar is a link.
      2) At the bottom of the sidebar is an Amazon search box.
      3) At the bottom of each post are sales links.
      4) I’ve started putting links at the bottom of readers’ purchases.
      5) Go to one of the three Shopping Links pages from the header. Any of those links give me credit. Read the message at the top of the page where I explain that it doesn’t matter how you enter Amazon (any of the above), I get credit.

      For example, you can click on a link for gift cards, not buy a gift card but buy towels instead, and I get credit.

      I explain all this for anyone who might be reading here. Thanks, Peg, for asking and for shopping Amazon through my blog.

      • pj says:

        Nope, I’m not the one that commented on Tiago George’s forum. PJ seems to a fairly common nickname for men and woman so it’s often hard to tell. Now I’m just guessing here but…..I bet you figured out that I was a woman based on my “scared but excited” comment. We all know that men seldom admit to be scared. 🙂
        But then again, it could be because I wrote Peg. **ha-ha**
        Thanks with the help getting “linked” to you on Amazon. Have a great day.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Best wishes to you as you take your T@b “on the road!”

  32. Angie2B says:

    My step mom used to batter the yellow blooms of dandelions and fry them in oil. They were very good, I thought they kind of tasted like mushrooms. That was around 30 years ago, I was a kid. I may not like them now, but I did then. Our neighborhood has a lot of people using chemicals, so I wouldn’t want to use the dandelions from here.

    About the people being snarky. I think the internet has really done a number on our society. My husband and I had a home computer and internet in the early, early home computer days. We noticed many people people started saying such mean things to each other online that they would never say face to face. Now years later, the mean things are said online AND in person, because people have spent so much time online with the meanies that that has become normal behavior now. Its all very sad really.

    Blogs like this one, are like tiny vacations. I look forward to reading it everyday.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      You make a very interesting and, I think, valid point about the coarsening of our society due to the anonymity of internet interactions. I never thought of that. It has the “ring of truth.”

      It’s appalling how deliberately hurtful people are, both in print and in person. I’m particularly shocked at the cruel behavior exhibited by young people. It does not bode well for the future.

      I’ll try to remember to keep my blog “like tiny vacations” for my readers.

      Thanks for writing, Angie.

  33. Barb In Maple Ridge, BC says:

    Hi Sue. I really enjoy your blog and following along with you on your adventures! I have used your Amazon link which sends me to the Canadian site so I hoping/wondering if you get credit.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      I can’t say for sure that I get credit, but I’m pretty sure I do. The internet, and Amazon online in particular, is amazing. I have no way to check this as I’m not provided with names to go with orders. Thanks for caring about that!

      • Barb In Maple Ridge BC says:

        Well I just bought a Kindle Paperwhite and case last weekend and love it. You had posted about Zane Grey novels on Kindle before and I used to love reading those as a kid, my Grandpa had a lot.

  34. Looks like a lovely location. You always manage to find the perfect place to park.

    I had to cringe when I saw Spike laying in that mud. I thought, he’s going to be all covered in dirt. Now he is going to need a bath. Guess I wouldn’t be good with a dog!

  35. The photos you posted today are post card beautiful! The Aspens are the one thing I will miss from the west as we head east! You are in an amazing spot in or Universe!
    Stay until the spirit is full! Hope you get to enjoy the “supermoon” tonight! Chuck and I are back at Datil, going home tomorrow!

  36. Sammie says:

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