A shady outdoor play room at Sloway Campground

Thursday, July 13

Sloway Campground, between Superior and St. Regis, Montana, is a lovely place to camp next to Clark Fork River.  However, it does have one drawback.

Whoever designed the campground did so with the supposition that RV doors are on the same side as the driver’s door.  Thus, the campsites are angled the wrong way. What that means is your door faces the campground road and one has to walk around one’s rig to the other side to get to the picnic table and fire ring.

I don’t know about you,  . . .

But I don’t like to open my door to the street, and I don’t want to set up a sitting area within full view of any camper walking by.

I back the Best Little Trailer into the shadiest site available.  Instead of backing all the way, I leave a space where I can set up an outdoor room at the back end of the BLT.  This area has vegetation on three sides and the back of the BLT on the fourth.  Tall evergreens provide shade.

And we have our privacy!

~~ ~

When the quilt goes down the crew knows this is home!

Reggie picks apart a pine cone while Roger gnaws on his elk antler.

On the other side of the bushes (photo below) a path leads to a large, open area where one can sit at the picnic table and view the river.   It turns out to be a popular play area with the crew and a pleasant place for a cup of coffee in the morning for me (more on that in a future post).

We have access to the river but we only wade once during our stay at Sloway because the river near the bank has a muddy bottom.

The shade makes the heat wave bearable.

This post comes to you from the parking lot of a highway rest area.  I’m throwing it together in order to keep my blog “alive” during a time of spotty internet in the northwestern Montana mountains.

The crew and I are having a wonderful time exploring this part of the state with its evergreen forests and many rivers and creeks.  Even so, I miss being in touch with blogorinos!

Well, we need to get back on the road and find our way to our camp.  

I’ll leave it up to you to think of your own captions to go with these photos!



Your thoughtfulness in shopping from here is especially appreciated during times when I’m unable to publish posts on a regular basis.  I’m able to go online for brief periods — the connection breaks frequently — and seeing your orders, as well as your comments, reassures me you’re still “out there.”  Thanks.  — Sue


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66 Responses to A shady outdoor play room at Sloway Campground

  1. Sandy from Lancaster, PA says:

    Hi Sue

    • Sandy from Lancaster, PA says:

      The closing picture of your pups is so adorable.

      • Renee from Idaho says:

        I agree Sandy. ” I love you bud. I want you to know that I’m so glad you’re part of our family.”

      • Lucy says:

        The legend to the first picture:
        Reggie to Roger: Come on Roger, drop that antler of yours & let’s play !
        Second picture:
        Roger to Reggie: Yes buddy, I’m ready for a game !
        Third picture:
        Reggie to Roger: Roger, I love U, U’re my best friend…I knew U wouldn’t fail me !

    • Denise - Richmond VA says:

      Congratulations, Sandy! First to comment today! 🙂

  2. Lois Joy (MN) says:

    No way I could be 1st?

  3. Deena in Phoenix says:

    Love the blanket pull, brought an out loud guffaw…glad you are able to find other ways to know the blogerinos are always with you!


  4. Jean in Southaven, MS says:

    I will be close to the top today. I love your outdoor room in the shade. It looks very homey. Pups look good too. I am so glad Roger found his way to you. I believe animals as God for things too and I believe God heard your pray and Rogers. Both of you had a need that was filled to the brim. Thanks for the effort to keep the blog alive, even if it is only for money, HAHA. Be safe.

  5. Chey (WA coast) says:

    I’m still with you RVSue, and lovin’ every moment

  6. Carlene and Corky from northern New Jersey says:

    Wow… I’m keeping track of your travels this summer as I hope to be up that way next summer. After 7 month of volunteering thru March of ’18 I’ll be ready to take the best time of the year off… April thru October… and be where it is so lovely and hopefully cooler than Jersey is in July… hot and humid… but getting used to it.

    The crew are just the cutest. Corky likes pinecones also… just not sure why when he’s also got an antler.
    Happy travels… and good luck with connections… they are hard to keep

    Carlene and Corky

  7. Marcia GB in MA says:

    The last picture is completely adorable. The one with Reggie tugging on the quilt is very cute, too. Hope you are finding some cooler temps.

  8. Susan in south central WA says:

    Maybe #7? Your site does look cool but I know how deceptive looks can be. The red leash tangles made me think of a failed Maypole Dance my 3rd grade class did. Looks great at first and then all heck breaks loose!

  9. Whenever you post is fine with me; doesn’t mean I leave ya behind. Life happens and internet is temperamental in places. Enjoy your bit of free time away from the blog!

  10. I really appreciate how you setup “home.” Not only is it a clue to your furry friends that you’ve returned to the reason they have to stay in the car, but to me that you are still lovin’ the livin’. Recently purchased a tent-playground for my cat when I get on the road for a bit. Still looking and budgeting for the perfect trailer while enjoying your ventures.

  11. Renee from Idaho says:

    Oh man! Just missed being in the top ten!

  12. Nora now in Grand Forks ND says:

    Have been wondering where you’ve been but I’ve had inconsistent internet service myself so didn’t know if I missed something. I went through northwest Montana about a month ago and it was beautiful. Just left Manitoba today and am in Grand Forks ND, the last state of the 50 I’ve been to!! A bucket list item completed.
    You always find such great places to land. Hugs to Roger and Reggie.

    • Rover Ronda says:

      North Dakota was my last state to visit too. Not exactly on the way to any where I was going. I had to purposefully plan our route through there when I helped my niece drive back to WA from IN.

  13. Donna says:

    That’s one nice advantage of a motor home; I can either back in or pull straight in, depending on the layout of the space.

  14. LeeJ in Northern California says:

    I agree about the configuration of camp sites. My most recent Miss was where there was a steep drop off just outside the door. On the back side was a nice level area! It was a back in site too… plus it was muddy so a step in the wrong place would have ment a butt slide down a slope! Not a pretty picture. Lol..
    We are here, it takes more than bad internet to keep us away!

  15. Trying to change name as requested…not that easy.

  16. Cynthia from San Clemente says:

    Love that photo of Reggie pulling on the blanket. It looks like he’s saying, “C’mon Roger, you’ve been gnawing on that antler long enough. It’s time to wrestle!!” I’ll bet you have a good time just sitting and watching those two!!

  17. Cinandjules 🌵 says:

    Nice cool shady private serene site!
    Reg picking at a pinecone…hmmmmm who does that remind you of?
    Pulling on the blanket was cute.
    Ya know you do your best with the Wilson antenna etc…but sometimes signals aren’t available. I just read about an area in CO, very cute town, but once you leave there is no cell service…until you get to Gunnison.

  18. Dawn in NC says:

    Hi Sue! I appreciate all of your posts. I especially love the header picture of Reggie and Roger. Wherever you are, I hope that you are having a grand and relaxing time!

  19. eliza says:

    These photos make me think: what did these two ever do before they came into each other’s lives? Truly kindred spirits.

  20. Linda Hughes says:

    Still here Miss Sue, love the post and love the crew! Safe travels!

  21. Dawn in MI says:

    Don’t worry Sue, we’ll always be here. No pressure from us! Looks like a lovely place to spend a few days. Enjoy!

  22. Marilu in Northern California says:

    I’m always riding along with you even if I don’t always comment. I hope the California wildfire smoke isn’t too bad your way. It looks like the winds are blowing toward you. Please keep Mariposa and Yosemite in your thoughts.

  23. L.J. "Steve" Stevens says:

    Your Reggie and my Cedar could be twins!

  24. Jeannie says:

    I always look forward to your post so I can see for myself on the map where you are. I then jot notes in my Full-Time -Casita-RVer- To- Be-in-2018 log book–fun stuff! Also, those pups are so danged cute! I think I made the top 30:)

  25. ValGal (westernWA) says:

    The boys seem like they are having a grand summer. Shade is a wonderful thing.

    I love Reggie pulling Roger on the quilt. Haha! Oh, I bet those two entertain you… and each other.

    I hadn’t seen your blue mat in awhile and wondered if something happened to it. There it is! One of the hallmarks of your home.

    Hope you are staying cool! And I hope there aren’t any wildfires anywhere near you.

  26. Joyce F in Kansas says:

    That last picture is priceless! Enjoy your posts whenever and would never abandon you just because you didn’t post often. Stay cool. It’s over 100 here in Kansas today. Ugh. I say there are two times of year I dislike – coldest weeks of winter and hottest weeks of summer!

  27. Marilyn Kerzka-Turner says:

    Hi Sue,
    I may have missed this in an earlier post, but would you share where you found the harness for Reggie and Roger? They are precious in this post! Marilyn from Virginia

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Marilyn,

      Reggie’s camo harness, as well as his cowboy harness, were purchased at Wal-Mart.

      Roger’s harness came from Amazon.

      Puppia Soft Dog Harness

      You may recall the black harnesses of the original crew. They were Puppia brand, too. There are other brands at that link. Some have more ways to adjust.

    • Rover Ronda says:

      I’m sure Sue will reply when she has a chance. In the mean time-Reggie and Roger wear Puppia Soft Harnesses. Amazon carries them.

  28. weather says:

    A shady site and a place to have coffee while viewing a river, nice! I agree, having a bit of privacy for an outdoor room makes for a more pleasant experience. I’m glad there was enough space for you to set things up the way you did. Reggie and Roger look happy with that, and with each other 🙂 . I hope you three are having a wonderful time exploring.

  29. Gal and a cat in Fl says:

    I think we are all still here. I miss it when you are far from internet and no updates. Check every day for tales and lovely pics and descriptions. But do understand in that part of the country. I just wish when I was there I could have found the places you do!
    Pups beautiful as always and nice spot you found. Enjoy

  30. Lauri Callen says:

    I assume you subscribe to RVGeeks YouTube channel…. if not, here’s a neat device that may be of interest to you!!!!


    Great channel and great idea!!

    Thanks Sue & Crew!!


  31. Susan says:

    That last photo of the boys could easily be “I love my bro”, or “Me and my bro”!
    Enjoy Montana! North Dakota is gorgeous too!

  32. John McDonald in Duluth MN says:

    In the first picture I thought I saw a cat in the doggie bed. I had to look for a long time before I decided it wasn’t one. The “cat” is facing the camera and has a black right ear and a brown left ear. Maybe I need to clean my glasses?

    Cheers John

  33. Debbie from So. Cal. says:

    Caption for the final picture “Roger, you have to understand, when RVSue says no, she means maybe.”.
    Love the pictures of the boys.

  34. Denise - Richmond VA says:

    Hi, Sue,

    The boys gnawing on their antler and pinecone, then taking a break to wrestle, your lounger nearby, the dappled shade, a lovely, private reading room… This post and the pictures reflect how content and happy you and the zoom-zoom brothers are; enjoying the simple things in life and loving every minute! 🙂

    Sending you, Reggie, and Roger love and hugs from me and Gracie pup! Stay cool and hydrated. Don’t fret about wi-fi signals….we will be here, awaiting your return. Enjoy! The header picture has Reggie looking ahead in anticipation, and Roger catching the scent of a sweet flower on the breeze! 🙂 Kisses on the head for those sweet little boys. 🙂

  35. Barb from Hoquiam! says:

    Hi there Sue!
    You are so good at jockying around the trailer… YES I have envy. 🙂 Glad you can make a weird space work for you!

    The crew is just too darned cute. They go together like peas and carrots 😛

    Hugs from Hoquiam!

  36. Carol S says:

    LOVE Sloway campground! We used to stay regularly at the Nugget RV Park, just up the hill from St Regis. there is usually a nice fruit stand in town selling delicious berries! And, don’t forget to grab some wonderful Huckleberry Ice Cream in town. We would drive east on 90 to a nice little boat ramp and my husband would get in his “floaty boat” … a pontoon sort of thing that was just right for one guy and some fishing equipment. He wous spend a few hours floating down the Clark Fork and I would pick him up in town at the little landing ramp there. The Clark Fork is a great river to swim and float in!

  37. Utah Bonnie (was in Montana, now in Washington) says:

    I’m glad to see you and the crew (so happy Roger is aboard) are enjoying the cool weather in NW Montana. I drive through that area a couple times a month and the cell service is almost nonexistent so no apologies necessary here. Some day I hope to have my own rig so I can stop and enjoy the meandering Clark Fork and other wonderful sights instead driving like a mad woman from one destination to the next.

  38. Barbara (Nashville) says:

    Great Post Sue, Thanks for sharing the pics of Reggie & Roger. They are so cute together. They get me so tickled. Lucy above, pegged my exact thoughts for captions. Your camp looks so relaxing next to the River, even if the door is on the wrong side, the rear outdoor room is great. We will be here when you get a decent connection.

  39. Sherri from California says:

    Love the private lounging area! You have a talent for finding beautiful places to relax. Don’t worry about us: we understand the Internet issues and will be here when you get a chance to update us on your travels.

    I don’t post a lot, but read every post and comment, and buy through your Amazon link when possible. Also still reading your adventures in the past: I have 2 tabs open at all times – current Sue and previous Sue 🙂.

  40. Diann in MT says:

    OK. Sue.
    You are in the area of the following wildfires:
    Sunrise, Burdette, and Lolo Peak.
    You are aware, but doesn’t the smoke get to you? I live right in the pathway of fires out of Yellowstone Park, and there are many given any wildfire season. It is so smoky here that I decline working in the garden and yard much. Won’t think of camping in the mountains until September when the humidity comes up a bit which dampens the fires.
    Here is the InciWeb site that describes the wildfires in Montana and anywhere else you care to follow. https://inciweb.nwcg.gov/state/27/#

  41. Cheryl Tucker in The Lower Thumb of MI says:

    Reggie says, “Mine!” Roger says, No! Mine!!
    Reggie says, “OK, you can have it…for now.”
    Reggie says, “Sorry about the ‘Mine’ thing, I was just cranky from the heat! Friends?”

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