A special day

Wednesday, August 20

The day begins as usual.  I have no idea what a special day it will become.  Light through the windows awakens us.  Spike stirs.  I lift up the covers and Bridget squints at me with sleepy eyes.  Spike jumps off the bed and goes to the door.  I lift Bridget down and she joins him.

I open the door and the three of us step outside to greet another day.

After coffee and breakfast we walk around the broad, open area that is our new home on Horse Creek Road in Shoshone National Forest, north of Dubois, Wyoming.  Bridget and Spike familiarize themselves with the smells of our campsite.  They didn’t have a chance to do so yesterday, due to rain soon after we arrived.

“Let’s see what’s up this road.”

A two-track trail leads into the forest from behind the Best Little Trailer.  It’s actually a road made by people driving pick-ups into the forest in search of wood to cut.  Flowers — purple and yellow — peek out from decaying logs and woodland plants.  Gee, Spike is doing great.  This road is all uphill . . . .

The road forks and we bear to the right.

We arrive at a grassy place where sunbeams shine through the pine boughs and the twinkling leaves of aspens.  Squirrels announce our presence.  A few minutes of exploration and the crew happily joins me on the downhill trek toward home.

We relax for a few minutes, me in my camp chair in the sun, the crew underneath the BLT, bellies on the cool earth.

Now that we’re closer to Dubois, I need to get some things done!

I go inside and open up the closet door where a laundry basket is piled high with dirty laundry.  I toss it all out the door onto the mat.  Out go the towels.  I strip the bed and throw the bed covers out the door, too.  Once everything is sorted, I load it into the Perfect Tow Vehicle along with my laptop and air card, toss in the crew, and we head into town.

It’s about ten scenic miles.

1-DSC06791-001At Horse Creek Campground, I dump trash and fill four jugs with water from the hand pump.  Bridget and Spike snooze all the way to town.

The laundromat is empty.  While the machines do the work, I sit in the PTV with Bridget and Spike, laptop open and air card on.  I read and answer emails, pay my Chase Amazon bill, and place an Amazon order for a new camera, three filters for its lens, a new laptop, and a memory card (More about this stuff when it arrives).

I try to write a blog post but the words don’t come. 

When that happens I know it’s no use forcing it.  I close up the laptop and turn to the crew.

“You two are being so good.  As soon as the laundry is done, I’ll take you on a little adventure, okay?”

The laundry folded and loaded, I drive to the outskirts of Dubois. 

I pull into a large, vacant lot that is part of a storage unit facility.  This will do fine. It’s a weedy, ol’ vacant lot to me.  To them it’s an adventure! 

The two nutcakes scramble out of the PTV and proceed to inventory every message left by previous visitors and follow up with messages of their own.  Our next stop is the gas station for a fill-up ($3.84 a gallon).  Then we go over to Super Foods where I purchase a fat rotisserie chicken ($7.99) and a few other items.

Of course, the first thing we do upon our return to camp is tear into that chicken! 

I sit at the table at the back of the BLT, while Bridget and Spike sit on the floor with big eyes riveted on the chicken.  I get a bite, Spike gets a bite, Bridget gets a bite, and so it goes around.  At one point, Spike is overcome with desire for the next bite of chicken that he opens his mouth to grab it, then realizes the morsel belongs to Bridget, and restrains himself.  He’s such a good boy.  Gosh, I love him so.  He sure does love this chicken! 

Naturally Bridget sits calmly waiting her turns. 

She would never think of grabbing a bite meant for Spike.  Well, there was that incident when she pulled Spike’s breakfast plate out from under his nose.  Everyone has lapses now and then.

Later, I’m outside with the crew when Spike decides to investigate the area around our campsite.  He’s going here.  He’s going there.  I’m impressed by his vigor, so much so that I say out loud to the Bridge, “Boy, Spike is energetic today!”

In the late afternoon, we take our last walk of the day.

We follow the pole fence that marks the boundary between national forest land and private ranch land.  The air is brisk and invigorating.  On the way home, Bridget runs ahead, as usual, while Spike and I walk side-by-side between the fence and an aspen grove.

On impulse I pick him up and carry him like a baby for the final part of our walk, holding him close and singing into his ear a silly, made-up ditty about what a great guy he is and how much I love him.

Dear readers . . . .

You may be wondering why I’m going into so much detail about this ordinary day.  It may seem like an ordinary RVSue-and-crew day as I’ve related it to you.  However, it turned out to be a very special day.  I don’t know how to tell you this.  I’ve run it through my mind, over and over, during the days since then.  There’s no gentle way to say it.

It was a special day because it was wonderful for the three of us.  

It was also a special day because it was Spike’s last. I’m sad to report that Spike left us before daybreak, August 21st.  He went gently and peacefully with his head on my pillow.

I’m writing this five days later. 

Why the delay?  I couldn’t bring myself to write this post.  Also, due to my recent episode of depression (which was probably foreboding) and the break I took from blogging, posts were way behind real time.  I didn’t want to interrupt the progression of days with the sad news, and then go back and try to fill in what I had skipped over. I wanted this blog to record, in the correct order, the happy, last days that Bridget and I shared with Spike.

Writing the posts about our Absaroka Camp where Spike went into the little stream up to his shoulders and jumped out, about that splendid morning at the river where Spike took his last soak . . . .

1-DSC06668The act of writing about those times kept Spike alive for me a little bit longer.  I needed that badly.  It got me through the first days without him.

As for Bridget, she’s okay.  She’s grieving, too.

1-DSC06730-001I’m giving her lots of attention and trying to keep her occupied.  We’re taking much longer and more frequent walks which tire her out and make long naps easy for her. Time will heal us.

In the next post I’ll tell you about Spike’s passing and his final resting place.  I want Spike’s story told to its very end.  I also hope the details will aid those who loved him to process that he really is gone.

I’m sorry to write this sad post.  I’ve always tried to make my blog a sincere and happy place.

1-DSC06705-001We will grieve and when that’s done, Bridget and I will continue traveling and living each day to the fullest . . . just as Spike did right up to his last day.


NOTE:  I won’t be replying to comments.  Please save any questions for another time.  Thank you.

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614 Responses to A special day

  1. suzago says:

    My heart goes out to you, Sue. Know that you are in our prayers.

  2. Lee J in Northern California says:

    Now I will go back and actually read!

  3. Jenny Waters says:

    I am so sorry, Sue. He had a wonderful life with you and Bridget. 🙁

  4. Dawn says:

    I am heartbroken for you and Bridget. So glad his last day was such a good one. It reminds me of that line – attributed to a Native American – “It’s a good day to die”. I just wish you could have had him longer. You’ll both be in my thoughts.

  5. I am so very sorry. But what a special final day you all shared. Hugs to you both.

  6. Lee J in Northern California says:

    No need to reply, we grieve with you, hugs to you and Bridget, I wish I could take your pain away.
    Spike had the best possible life, active till the end, with you at the end…
    My tears are rolling down my face, I can only imagine yours.

  7. Sue,
    I’m sorry. I’ve known the loss of a few good dogs and I can only say I feel for you and the pain it causes.
    To add a little brightness, I’m on the road.
    Hope to see you sometime in the future.
    Peace and sympathy,

  8. Jean in Southaven, MS says:

    I am so sorry. I loved Spike as if he were my own. Thank you for the post. It was sweet and a credit to you. I kind of felt this was coming though. I have been through this several times myself. Love you and Bridgett.

  9. Pam N. says:

    Oh my God. I read this post as I usually do, after work with all three of my furkids Velcroed to me, the dogs desperate to make up for ten hours of “abandonment”, me concentrating on after work “priorities” and basically ignoring them. Your tender imagery and attention to details of that last day gave me an inkling but wow! I wasn’t ready to read it so I can’t imagine what you’re feeling. Or rather, I can and that’s why I’m choking up with sadness for you and a selfish sick horror, knowing one day Death will come knocking on my door too. Trying to think what to say that could possibly matter, coming from a stranger, except “You’re not alone” and to thank you for sharing Spike with us. Prayers and puppy kisses to you and Bridget. He knew he was cherished, you gave him a blessed life, but in the end death f*****g sucks!

  10. Cat Lady (on the road in Bradyville, TN) says:

    I had the dreaded feeling this was coming. I’m so very sorry, Sue. Tears are flowing. There’s a lump as big as Texas in my throat and I’m grieving for a sweet little nutcake I never had the chance to meet. Through your posts, I felt like I knew him, Bridget, and you. I’m sure other blogerinos feel the same way. We won’t forget him. We’ll miss him terribly. I’d like to think that he’s waiting for you, Bridget…any maybe his faithful followers…at the Rainbow Bridge, taking a nice long soak and patiently waiting for you/us to follow. I’m so glad he had a good final day.

    Take care of yourself and Bridget, Sue. We love ya’ll so much. Our thoughts and prayers will be with you.

    Cat Lady

  11. Michelle Salt Lake City, ut says:

    Our thoughts and prayers are with you and Bridget. You made spike a very happy boy.

  12. Dyann Meschi says:

    Dear Sue –

    I have never left comments on your wonderful blog, but news of Spike’s passing has compelled me to do so. Just a few months ago, I happened upon on of your postings, a post shared by someone in the Rat Terriers FB group. Since then, I have so looked forward to see the feed email reach my in box. You and your nutcakes’ adventures are so wonderful to read about. As a rattie lover myself, I am extra saddened by you and Bridget’s loss. Though we’ve never met, my eyes are filled with tears for the two of you. God bless you and I am sending you and sincerest condolences!

    Boulder Creek, CA
    (stop by our redwoods any time!)

  13. Willow (AZ) says:

    Dear Sue,
    I will remember Spike with a smile on my face, after the tears dry.

  14. Lynn Brooks says:

    Dear Sue & Bridget,
    I’m so so sorry to hear of Spike’s passing. I have only been following you for a short time, but have come to love you all.
    I lost my GSD,Lady 3+ yrs ago & I still grieve & miss her everyday.
    I sends prayers of comfort & love.
    May his memory be for a blessing.

  15. JSon in NY says:

    I don’t know what to say it is always hard to lose one of our 4 legged kids. My heart goes out to you!!!!!!!!!

  16. betty-shea says:

    Love and hugs to you and Bridget…Spikey…we will see you again at the bend in the long road!
    Sue, that was a wonderful blog that you wrote and a wonderful tribute to a great adventurous fur-friend.

  17. I’m so sorry, it’s so hard when they leave us. Be assured how much he loved you too and will always be in your heart.

  18. Montsweag says:

    RV Sue~
    I found your blog a few months ago and have really enjoyed reading about your travels. Your writing style lends itself to a most interesting blog and the photos are a delight. I am also a great lover of dogs ~ in our case it is the Schnauzer breed ~ and was sadden today to read about Spike. From what I have read on this blog, he was a really special dog to you and I hope there is comfort in knowing how very lucky he was to have found YOU!
    Take care.

  19. Char says:

    Spike picked a really good pet parent! He had a wonderful last day and a really interesting life, thanks to you letting him into your heart. It’s a hard thing to say farewell to a good friend. I’m sending healing thoughts to both you and Bridget.

  20. Cindy Pack says:

    Through floods of tears I am writing to wish you peace and comfort on the loss of your precious little sidekick, Spike. You gave him a good, no a GREAT life!

  21. Robin B says:

    I am so sorry for the loss of your special guy. My heartfelt condolences to you and Bridget.


  22. Cathy says:

    Spike was the best! I’m sorry for both you and Bridget.

  23. sagensand says:

    While I came across your blog but a few weeks ago I feel so apart of your life. You are what keeps me trudging along these last few months ’til I can travel at will (retire). I am soo soo sorry about the loss of your beloved Spike. I am sure his last few years of having you 24/7 on your adventures are about the best a dog could hope for. You gave him a great life. Rest in peace little fella!

  24. claire m ruffin says:

    sue, just wanted to say how terribly sorry i am to hear about spike’s passing. having had several of my fur babies pass on, i know how heartbreaking this is. i am in tears as i write this and have my little boy, merlin, nestled in my lap as i type. the thought of his loss saddens me so much, yet i know it will come someday.
    i hope you can take comfort in knowing that you gave spike the best life a dog could possibly have and that he never suffered. what a wonderful way to pass on, sleeping peacefully with his head on the pillow next to mommy, after a wonderful day with you and his sister, bridget. he was a very very lucky little boy.
    you two girls are in our thoughts, claire and merlin, excellent schnoodle

  25. Tina says:


    I am so deeply sorry, my prayers go out to you. Spike had a great time with your adventures and finding some water to soak in. I’m glad that he went in peace and was with you. Take your time, there will be thoughts of the happy moments and lots of tears. I lost my dog Muffin a few years ago before Christmas, it just broke my heart. Our fur babies are there no matter what always to cheer us up. I’m wiping my tears as I type this …. BIG HUG Sue.


  26. Pauline from Mississippi says:

    Oh Susan, I feel like we have lost a member of our family!!! My heart breaks for you! I just broke down and sobbed. I can’t imagine the hurt in your heart. Spike was such a special dog and he had a good life with you. My dogs were wondering why I was holding on to them so tightly as I cried for you. Bridget and you have to stay strong, take your time to grieve. Love you so very much

  27. Mick'nTN says:

    I’m sure Spike is making new friends on the other side of the Rainbow Bridge. My prayers for You and Bridget.

  28. Maribeth says:

    While I read your blog frequently I have not left comments in quite sometime. I am sitting here at my desk at work with tears streaming down my face. I know your sadness has to be nearly overwhelming. It is a wonderful life the three of you have shared before you went on the road and since. Take care Sue, thank you for your wonderful blog.

  29. riley in nc says:

    I’ll see you again
    This is not where it ends
    I’ll carry you with me
    Till I see you again.

    So sorry for the loss of your little boy.

  30. Frenchie says:

    We grieve with you and Bridget, dear Sue. Spike was truly blessed to have you as his mamma. He will remain alive in your heart forever. Praying for you. xoxo

  31. kgdan says:

    It’s a testament to how dear the three of you have become that reading your words brought an outburst of tears here. I hope you receive comfort knowing how very much we care. Hugs to you and Bridget.

  32. Tawnya says:

    I love you

  33. Cari in Plano Texas says:

    Dearest Sue and Bridget, tears started streaming down my face as I read the last part of this post. I am so sad to think you have lost darling Spike – he was such a sweetheart and brought all of your blogorino family such joy and laughter. He was so fortunate to have had you as his mama and Bridge as his sister. My prayers go out to you and Bridget.

  34. Jolene/Iowa says:

    Just wow. I was so happy at how well Spike seemed to be doing and then the end. I just went numb and am in tears here. I am so sad for you and Bridget but so glad you had such a great last day and you were such a great mom for him!

    He lived a great life and you provided him so much love. God be with you and Bridget during your grief and know that all your friends here on your blog are grieving with you.

  35. BuckeyePatti says:

    My heart is breaking for you and yet I know that Spike had a wonderful life. Ouch, the loss of a treasured pet really stings. All part of being a pet “Mom”, but I still don’t like it one bit! Thanks for sharing the Soaks of Spike. He sure made lots of us laugh many many times 🙂

  36. Sandy says:

    My deepest & most heartfelt sympathy to you and Bridget; blessings to you both

  37. Daniel says:

    Like others here, I’ve read your blog for years but have never posted a comment before now. I have four fur babies, one of whom is my best buddy in the world. I anguish about their eventual absence all the time.

    I had tears rolling down my cheeks on my commute home when I read about dear Spikey’s passing. Know that you have unending sympathy and empathy from me and from the rest of your readers.

  38. Val R. Lakefield On. says:

    ((((Bridget & Sue))))) I am so sorry. Shedding tears for Spike but thankful to know that
    his last day was special. A donation will be made to the Lakefield Animal Welfare Society ” In Memory of Spike” now I feel like crying some more so I will.

  39. Kathe says:

    I’m so glad you and Spike had a perfect last day together and that he didn’t suffer. Blessings on you.

  40. Barb George says:

    Oh Sue and Bridget,
    I am so so sorry. And so glad… that his final days have been such important and special ones.
    He was very very lucky, to have such wonderful adventure sisters…

    Hugs from Hoquiam,

  41. Dennis Senecaut says:

    My wife and I both read your blog each time you post. We comment very rarely. We feel compelled to comment now. Your words over the last couple of years have brought us very close to you and the “nutcakes”. Can’t tell you how much we will miss Spike. Condolences to you and Bridget. Spike was a very lucky guy to have you.

  42. Wickedlady of Shelton WA says:

    I cried when I read this. I have lost many of my furkids over the years and I know how you are feeling. Hugs to you.

  43. Leslie from Australia says:

    Condolences – your loss is felt – we have been privileged to know spike through your sharing – thank you

  44. DesertGinger says:

    I wanted him to get better; I’m bawling like a baby here. I hate this stinky month…it seems everything is going wrong in the world. I know I’m just being a whiney baby but there is just so much hard stuff happening. I’m so sorry Sue and Bridget. So sorry Spike.

  45. Reina says:

    I’m so very sorry for you and Bridget. I’m sobbing as I write this.
    You were such a good mom to your fur baby. Thank you for sharing Spike with us. I so enjoyed his soaks… 🙂

  46. Joy A. says:

    Sue and Bridget..

    I’m sitting here hugging my babe…Lily, thinking of you both.

    We send our best to the two of you and….a big hug from me and a couple of wet little kisses from Lily.

    Just take a couple of big breaths each day and hug that little girl tight.

  47. Patricia Leonhardt says:

    So sorry Sue about Spike going on ahead of you and Bridget. I am so very glad you got another great chicken to share with him and Bridget and had such a beautiful place to say goodbye. God Bless you all.

  48. Deb from Ohio says:

    I’m so sorry for your loss.

  49. Susan in Dallas says:

    My sincere condolences on your great loss. I’m glad you had Spike with you as you started out living your dream. I know he brought all of us much joy and laughter.

  50. I am so sorry for the loss of this furry member of your family. My heart breaks for you.

  51. Phyllis in Phoenix says:

    I’m so sorry for your loss. To most of us, our pets are our family members, and we grieve their passing. There’s no easy way to do it.

  52. Janet says:

    Dear Sue; You know so little about so many of we readers, but through your remarkable blog we all feel we know you and your crew. We are touched by your writing more than you can imagine. Richard and I send you our most heartfelt sympathy.

  53. Oh Sue – my deepest and most heartfelt sympathies. I understand the feeling of losing one of your best friends and companions. Spike truly left some wonderful paw prints on your heart! Hugs – JoAnne

  54. Diann in MT says:

    Dear Sue,
    God bless you, dear lady. God bless little Spikey and Bridget, too. My eyes are streaming tears, and that’s not me. I never cry.
    I am crying for YOUR loss, good and admirable friend. Your last days and moments with Spike were a testimony to how caring, sensitive, and gallant you are, good lady.
    I see now why Camp Absaroka is so special to you.
    Journey on, sweet person. We are all here with you in grief.
    Your friend,
    Diann in Absarokee

  55. Sandy O says:

    All Good Dogs go to Heaven . . .
    May his memory and all the joy you have shared together comfort you.
    Till you meet again.
    God Bless

    The Ladies of TOWN (Texas Outdoors Women Network) are thinking of you.

    • Judy says:

      I’ve been reading your blog for almost three years and never written, but introduced you, Spike, and Bridgette to my TOWNIE friends. You’ve inspired many of of us to try solo Casita Camping with our best friends/pets. Wishing you many happy memories of your sweet boy, thanks for sharing.

  56. Susie A. says:

    Dearest Sue,
    Just to say I’m so sorry about Spike. Take care of yourself and Bridget.

  57. Sally Jacob says:

    Sue, I have followed you faithfully sense shortly after you started your travels. I lost my husband and then a year later our much loved poodle Shey… and your posts somehow helped me to know there is a life on ones own..with your special 4 footers. I look forward to your blog every day. The pleasure and peace you give me from your view of life never fails to boost my thinking- and assure me the road less traveled is full of life. My heart goes out to you- and Bridgett. My girls Music and Violet [miniature poodles] and myself will be planting some Hollyhocks in Spikes memory in our garden so we can enjoy the memories they will bring of Spike, you and Bridgett.

  58. DeAnne in TN says:

    My heart is breaking for you, Sue. I am so glad that you and Spike and Bridget had a day that you can hold on to in your memory–no suffering, no pain, but lots of love and doing what all of you love the best. Take time to grieve, because most of us know what it is to lose a “pet” that just happens to be the other part of our heart.

  59. ja says:

    My thoughts go out to you and Bridget. What a very special day indeed for Spike, his journey ending on a wonderful day spent with those special to him.
    When I read you were taking a blogging break I thought something must have happened to Spike and held my breath when I read the last post. Was relieved my thoughts were wrong. Then to read todays post my heart just dipped for you and Bridget.
    What a wonderful adventure spike has been on with you and I know he’ll be watching from the great beyond over you and Bridget

  60. Caroline near Seattle says:

    I’m so happy that Spike had such a special day. Many of us have carried a sick dog to the vet for their final moments. But good ole Spike went out with style and class! feeling good, a drive in the country, a walk, rotisserie chicken, and a good snooze on mom’s pillow.
    We dog lovers know exactly what you’re feeling; we’ve all been there before. Too painful for words. Thanks for sharing Spike with us for the past 3 yrs. We’ll miss him too.

    • mary (in Colorado) says:

      Caroline, your words are my thoughts exactly. May the last day’s peacefulness and beauty help to soften the grief you feel, Sue, my thoughts go to you and Bridget.

    • Kellee says:

      Well said Caroline – he did go out in the best way possible! surrounded by love, beautiful scenery and a rotisserie chicken.

  61. God rest his blessed soul. Take care of yourself and Bridget. My heart felt sympathy for both you and Bridget. (( hugs))

  62. Sandy Wetzel says:

    Sincere Condolences.

  63. Kay Arnold says:

    Oh dear this is so sad your loss is my loss. Losing a dear fur kid is hard even though it was time it still hurts. I still miss my fur kids it has been a long time since they departed but I still miss them. May your sadness be lifted with the wonderful memories of your dear fur kid.

  64. So sorry for your loss Sue. Toughest thing in the world, and there’s nothing anybody can say or do. Only time will make it better. Glad you’ve got so many memories and photos.

  65. ann says:

    Sue, I am so sorry for your and Bridget’s loss. Thank you, thank you, thank you for sharing the nutcakes with us… we’ll miss Spike’s many soaking adventures. Hugs to you – Ann

  66. Linda in TX says:

    I’m so glad his last day with you was a happy and peaceful one, out in nature and with new spots to sniff and explore. I know how much this hurts. Cyber hugs.

  67. kristine barr says:

    AWW ! I’m so sorry.

  68. Sidewinder Pen says:

    Oh Sue. I’m so sorry! I’m crying and it’s because of you and Bridget losing Spike, but too, it’s all mixed in with memories and thoughts of losing my pup as well. It’s so heart-wrenching. After five years I go for longer “fine” stretches, but reading this all the feelings flood right back. In a way it’s good though: If we didn’t feel this way, what would it say about all the wonderful years they give us.

    I do have to smile a little because you are such a fine writer, and so good at crafting a (true) story. Although I’ve been worried about Spike recently, you had me lulled into a contented state of, “oh, he’s getting better and they are having such a fine time!” And then… the news. What a shock! But of course it WAS such a fine day, and I can’t imagine Spike would have changed anything about it even if he’d known it was his last and had three wishes. He didn’t need them! And that’s the wonderful thing: He had an amazing life, and you know you did your best for him. You were there for him through thick and thin, and he never once had to wonder about that. And he went out on a high note, probably dreaming of soaks and rotisserie chicken, all safe and warm in his secure spot with you (notice his dreams being just like his real life :D).

    I’m glad you and Bridget have each other’s company now.

  69. AZ Jim says:

    My dear Missy Sue, I cannot tell you how my heart aches. I, like the rest of us, had grown to love little Spike as though he was our own…and in a way he was. I told you before when this day comes you can always remember that every day of that little guys life you gave him the best you could. Sue, for days I have had a terrible feeling of foreboding and I knew in my heart that this day had come or was near. I read todays blog to Detta and we both cried like small babies. I can’t imagine how it must hurt you and nothing but time will make it better. Please know that we all love and support you and Bridget. It’s gonna be rough for some time. *HUG*

  70. Melinda in Oregon says:

    Oh Sue. Hard to type with eyes full of tears. Sending you love and prayers for peace and comfort at this difficult time. What a perfect lovely last day for Spike.

  71. Opal says:

    I am so very sorry I can’t put it into words. Hang on to the fact that you gave Spike all the love and the best life he could have possibly had…. Tomorrow I face the same thing. The vet is coming out tomorrow afternoon to put my beagle to sleep. I have made the decision to not wait until the cancer is at the stage where he will be suffering or to put him through uncomfortable, frightening treatments. He was a stray and after having him 6 years he will not let anyone touch him but me and my sister. Treatments would only cause the last of his life to be lived in fear and confusion and pain. So, I have decided to have him put to sleep at home where he feels safe and secure surrounded by the people that love him, rather than in a strange vet’s office. My Mom and I have cried all afternoon. She has even slipped out to give him his favorite special treat, bologna. But we know we have done everything in our power to give him the best life possible in the time that we have had him–just like you did for Spike. And though it is sad for us to have to go through this—- when I put him first, I know this is the best, kindest choice to make for him….. that his time here will be pain free and fear free and he will be with people who love him at the end….just as Spike was with you.

    • Sidewinder Pen says:

      Opal! Tomorrow — that is so hard. But you are being brave and doing what is best for your pooch. I, too, had to “schedule” it with my beloved pup, once I could finally see that there was just no joy left in living for him. I so wanted to hang on! And once “scheduled,” well it was just so weird! Most of the remaining time I devoted to him, but of course there had to be some “normal every day activity” moments, and it was the most awful feeling going around doing normal things with other people having no idea what I was thinking about… OMG, that was so hard.

      So I am thinking of you today and tomorrow. I’m glad your guy will be safely and securely in your arms at home, surrounded by love. And that you have your Mom there with you.

      • Cinandjules (NY) says:

        Opal….your decision as hard as it is to make is so unselfish! Knowing that your beloved beagle isn’t going to suffer through the disease is heartwarming to him. Especially due to his timidness would only compound his situation.

        Thankfully your vet understands this and is willing to make a house visit. GodSpeed to your beloved friend…I’m sorry I don’t know his name.

        My heart goes out to you with the sadness of this difficult time. He too will romp around at the Rainbow Bridge.

    • R. (Western Colorado) says:

      Opal, many blogorinos think today of your dog and your kindness.

      • Opal says:

        Thank you everyone for your thoughts and prayers. Brownie went to his last sleep under the shade of one of his favorite trees, being petted and comforted as he was surrounded by those who love him. A sweet, kind, compassionate young man came here to my home and allowed Brownie’s spirit to depart from the home where he was happy and felt safe, secure and loved. After it was all over the young man even tenderly wrapped Brownie in a soft blanket for burial. Then stayed long enough to comfort and hug us in our tears and grief as he assured me I had his full support that I had made the best and right decision for Brownie. There will be many more days before the tears will stop flowing so easily and the freshness of our broken hearts will begin to heal, but the support and encouragement of you guys is a great comfort along the way. Thank you everyone………….And Sue, I am praying for you and Bridget daily……………May God bless you with happy memories and peace and comfort during this hard time!

        • Sidewinder Pen says:

          Sounds like you made it all as wonderful as possible for your pup (and a nice memory for you, although of course it’s a sad one too). He’s probably tucking into the rotisserie chicken already and surely knows you did the right thing by him. We’re thinking of you – I know it’s such a sad time.

        • rvsueandcrew says:

          You have been on my mind, Opal. I’m sorry for your loss. You did what was right.

        • Wendy in Thailand says:

          Sorry for your loss, it is never easy going down that road.

  72. Denise - Richmond VA says:

    Dear Sue,

    I read your post through tears. I am so sorry for your loss…wish I was there to give you a hug. I am very honored to have gotten to know Spike through your posts. He really set a good example of living life simply and fully….just like his Mom and little sister. Spike will forever have a special place in my heart. Reading of his soaking sessions and seeing pictures of him and Bridget up to their antics always makes me smile. You have lost your dearly loved Spike, but you have gained a furry faced guardian angel – he will always watch over you and Bridget. Wishing you peace and healing. You, Spike and Bridget are loved very much.

  73. Bev says:

    Am so sorry to read of your loss. Spike will forever be in all of our hearts. That’s all I can say because of the tears…..

  74. Wheeling it says:

    Oh Sue, my heart breaks for you. I am so sad Spike is gone, but I am also so glad you had such a magical last day together. Perhaps he knew? Or sensed it? What a boy! I still remember the first time I met him, his little butt wiggling and his little whine of happiness. I didn’t know him long, but he managed to grab a bit of my heart anyway. Such a sweet doggie and he’s watching over you now.


  75. Becky says:

    Sue, I am so sorry for your loss. I know how it feels to lose one of your furkids/crew. Time will lessen the pain but your memories will always be there. It is wonderful how many adventures you gave him. He was a lucky dog to have you and Bridget. I want to thank you for sharing all of your adventures with us and allowing us to get to know all of you. My heart is heavy tonight.

  76. Toni says:

    I am so sorry for your loss of Spike. No matter that we know they will go on before us, it doesn’t make it less painful or sad. A big hug to you and Bridget.

  77. Anna says:

    So, so sorry.

    An avid reader, but not a poster. But, just needed to tell you how very sad I am for you. The memory of losing my special, special little guy is still so very fresh and at times, raw, even after 5 years. Thank you for sharing your love of your little nutcake with your readers. We all loved him, too.

  78. Sidewinder Pen says:

    PS: I can identify with how you waited for some days to write this. I had such a hard time telling people when my pup went. It wasn’t really logical, but the thing was that somehow telling them made it more final and real. It was like if there were still people who “thought” he was alive… it helped somehow. There is actually one old (far away) friend to whom I’ve never mentioned it! He must think I now have the world’s oldest dog.

    I’ll look forward to hearing more about Spike whenever you feel like posting it.

    Hugs to you and Bridget,

  79. Gail says:

    Sue, I am another of your “silent” readers who has not commented before. I am so sorry that Spike’s time on earth has ended. I know you will miss him more than words can say. He left in the way that all of us who love our pets wish that they could go. At our side, in peace and comfort, without fear or pain. May God grant you peace and the ability to smile at his remembrance. Thank you for sharing the good times, and the sad times. Your sharing enriches us all. My sincere best wishes to you and Bridget.
    Gail in Port Angeles, Wa

  80. Vicky says:

    Sue, my husband and I are so sorry for your loss. You gave him a beautiful life and what a beautiful place to be at the end. I love the final picture of Spike on your post. His spirit will always be with you wherever you go.

  81. Jool says:

    Sue, I hope it is a comfort knowing that Spike made the most of every day, especially the final one. What a gentleman and contented soul to slip peacefully away.
    Much love,
    Jool in N. Texas

  82. MarciainPA says:

    Dear Sue, my heart breaks for you and Bridget. He was an amazing fellow.

  83. edlfrey says:


    Born a dog
    Died a gentleman

    A proper gravestone epitaph – my condolences.

  84. Donna in CT says:

    There are no words, except thank you for sharing Spike with all of us, including his last day.

  85. Nan in Texas says:

    I join with all your other readers in saying I am so sorry. I can empathize. We had to put our little 9 year old Yorkie to sleep in 2012. Cancer. Devastating for me, more so because spouse was so heartbroken. Our other Yorkie had never been without a playmate. We soon got her another playmate. Time does help. The love stays along with the memories.

  86. Jo Wishnie says:

    Oh Sue. I’m so sorry to hear about Spike. You must be heartbroken. It’s wonderful that he traveled with you so long and saw so many places. RIP sweet Spikey.

  87. Sue,
    Dear Spike in his last loving gesture to you made his own way and spared you the anguish of having to make that awful decision eventually. I’m so glad you three had such a great last day. Maybe he’s playing with Grant in heaven right now.

  88. TexasTom says:

    I am such an Ahole. Just couldn’t see past what was on the surface of your posts. Please forgive me.

    Spike, You were loved by people that never meet you but that was nothing compared to the women you lived with.

    Sue and Bridget I am so sorry for your lose.


  89. Debbie's Journey says:

    Oh Sue words can’t express how I feel for you and Bridget. You know I’m in the middle of my grieving process now and reading your blog brought me to big time tears. I’ve been reading your blog from day one and fell in love with both Spike and Bridget. Somehow I will survive this and so will you. Time does help and you sure did give Spikey a wonderful life especially these past 3 years of adventure and love.
    so sorry Sue, wish I could help but deep breaths and time is what you need. hugs,

  90. Ray Warner says:

    Sorry to hear about Spike. I truly hope you are holding up.

  91. Cynthia and Gary says:

    RVSue and Bridget,
    Our most sincere sympathy. Spike was such a boy! We have enjoyed all the stories of his delightful antics that reminded us so much of our last dog Jack. Both never saw a mud puddle they didn’t like. Thank you Sue for sharing your sweet boy with us, it was very kind of you. Gentle hugs to you both.
    Gary and Cindy

  92. Dedra says:

    There are no words to express such grief.
    Know that you’re not alone.
    Bless you,

  93. Margie says:


    I am so sad to hear about Spike’s passing.I have been following your blog since the beginning,and have enjoyed your adventures.You inspired me to become a full-time RVer a year ago.Through your blog,I felt like I knew Spike and Bridget.He will be missed by this reader.
    Take care,Sue.


  94. Lisa W says:

    Sue, what can be said? I read of Spike’s passing with tears in my eyes. I had a strange feeling the “special day” would end this way. Spike had a fantastic life – because of you. He loved traveling, soaking in the water, and taking long walks. You gave him all of that and more. It is so hard to lose a beloved pet, take comfort in knowing you did all you could to make his life a good one. My heart goes out to you and Bridget.

  95. Evie says:

    Sue and Bridget,
    I’m so very sorry for your loss.

  96. Melissa says:

    Hi Sue!
    I have been following your blog for several months. Living vicariously through your adventures, and enjoying all the beautiful places you see. Your lifestyle has made me seriously look at the things I was giving too much value in my life. Thank you for sharing so openly with all of us.
    That out of the way I’m so sorry. Nothing anyone will say will help you truly cope with the loss of Spike. The healing can only be done with time (and maybe a good bottle of wine), but when your down just remember he is in a better place and you gave him a GREAT life.
    I’m not looking for a reply, just hoping to brighten you day a little 🙂
    Crazy Cat Lady- Tacoma, Wa.

  97. Angie2B says:

    It seems silly to be sitting here crying for a little dog I’ve never met….but you made him that real to me. I can’t imagine what you must be feeling. Thank you for sharing him with us while he was here. RIP Spike.

  98. rhodium says:

    I am so sorry for your loss. A day in a dog’s life is sort of like a week to us, and you certainly made each day a week’s worth of love and adventure.

  99. Kay says:

    No words, just tears.

    Spikey, I will miss you so much. You are and always will remain the dog of my dreams, rest in peace, Spikey.

    Sue and Bridget, so sorry for your loss.

  100. weather says:

    now that the soft landings I’d prayed for on the 19th have been given to Spike and us,thanks to you,know the Lightness that the same prayer held will wait, when you’re hurting,guarding you as long as you need,it’s OK to acknowledge or ignore it.Love doesn’t expect, just stays near.

    • weather says:

      so many notes and tributes -pouring in and appearing here and on About Sue and About Spike and recent posts-a fittingly grand send off indeed

  101. Dy says:

    Thru your blog and pictures I felt I knew Spikey… As I write this with tears flowing
    I know he is laying in that cool creek up above. I miss you Spikey and will
    forever remember you everytime I see a creek, I’ll remember the joy you brought me
    and the times I wish I could give you a good old scratch. As all of my pets have, you too took a piece of my heart with you when you left. My love to Sue and Bridge…

  102. Alan Rabe says:

    Oh Sue, I can hardly type thru my tears. I was afraid his time was getting close but I hoped the meds you got would give him some more time. I know the last three years of his life were the best of his life. He was with you full time and got to go on adventures he never would have had back in Ga. I know that he is belly soaking in doggy heaven.
    My heartfelt condolences at your loss. I just don’t know what else to say.
    🙁 🙁 🙁

  103. Fred Wishnie says:

    So sorry Sue. She was so lucky to have such an interesting life with you and Bridget.

  104. BadgerRickInWis says:

    I sit here awe struck at how hard it must have been for you to respond to comments to yesterdays post when the angels dressed as Rangers led you to Spikes final camp. As I read the comments I noticed how although several of us commented on how our brave little man seemed to be doing better you really didn’t respond.

    I had an inkling that something was amiss but still as I sit here tonight I find the tears flowing much more freely than my words and for now I think that’s OK. Just know you and Bridge are very loved and Spike will always be a part of you and through you a part of all of us. You are in my heart, in my thoughts, and in my prayers.

  105. Joyce & Michael says:

    Dear Sue,
    I was turned on to your blog in April by a couple we met on one of our camping trips at a Georgia state park. I went back and read all of your prior posts, signed up to get them sent to my email and looked forward to receiving each new post which I always read out loud to Michael. I have very much enjoyed reading of our travels and always read the comments but never added one of my own until now. There are no words to express the sadness we feel for you and Bridget. Time will heal the hole in your heart and there will be a day you will be able to remember Spike without tears. Take care of yourself and Bridget. We, as two of the faithful, will wait until you are ready to share again.

  106. FLKamper says:

    Sue- so sorry for your loss. I know how badly it hurts, especially in such a close knit family. You and Bridget will be in my thoughts. I hope time will ease some of the pains of loss.

  107. Just so every very sorry for your heartbreak. Hugs. Xx

  108. loraceel says:

    My sincerest sympathy. I’m so glad that Spike’s last day was so lovely.

  109. Sandy says:

    Noooooooo! I’m so very sorry. I’ll miss little Spike. He had such wonderful adventures with you and Bridget. What a lucky dog!

  110. Rick & Kathy Rousseau says:

    Dear Sue & Bridgette:
    Thank you for your wonderful blogs. We have enjoyed them so much. We especially liked the conversations you created for each of them in canine corner. It touched our hearts. We have had many dogs and cats in our life and we have loved them all very deeply; they were so much a part of our lives. We will miss Spike; you and Bridgette just continue to enjoy each other and keep your memory of Spike alive. Our sincere condolences.
    It’s about time. Rick & Kathy Rousseau

  111. Bill&Ann says:

    Take care. Our condolences on the passing of your precious Spikey. We were all blessed to be his friend. Samantha & Julie will miss him the next time we meet.

  112. Nancy Klune says:

    Sue, I am so very sorry to hear of Spike’s passing.
    He was a lucky dog that could not have had a more loving “mama”.

  113. EmilyO in NM says:

    Everyone has expressed in so many beautiful ways and it is all I feel for you two. Yup, the Rangers were your angels. Comfort kiddo, to you and Bridget.

  114. Martha Petru says:

    My heart is broken for you and Bridget.

  115. Edie (OK) says:

    Sue and Bridget,

    Sincere condolences. Spike was one cool dude. And he absolutely enjoyed every minute of the last three years, and probably many more with you before that. Thank you for sharing Spike’s adventures with you and Bridget with us. I was wishing there was a Spike memorial we could make, but then I realized that this blog is the best memorial anyone, human or canine, could have. Please accept my virtual hug and know I am thinking and praying for you to have peace and remember the great times. And I agree with others that you have a very cute guardian angel watching over you now. We will all miss Spike and his antics (and his soaks) but not like you and Bridget miss him.
    Very very sorry for your loss.
    S sorry for your loss.

  116. Applegirl NY says:

    Praying for you…. and crying too.

  117. Barbara (Nashville) says:

    I was so sad to hear of Spike’s passing. It brought back so many memories of my past pets, both canine & feline. He and his soaking adventures will be missed. My sympathy to you and Bridget. Take your time to grieve, we will be right here waiting.

  118. Jean and Skip says:

    So sorry to hear about your boy, I know how you and Bridgett will miss him. Hugs for both of you.

  119. JazzLover WMa says:

    Dear Sue
    What a rich life you have had with the “nutcakes”. And oh, all those rivers and streams Spike has soaked in, you have sat in, and once in awhile Bridget as well. His soaks never failed to make me smile as I could just imagine him thinking,” Ahhh, this is the life”. You gave he and Bridget that wonderful life and they gave you their unwavering love. Wrap their love and ours, your readers, around you for as long as you need.

  120. Lee C from NC says:

    So sorry for your loss.

  121. Vicki M. From MI now TN says:

    So very sorry for your loss Sue. Thank you for sharing him with us.

  122. LdB says:

    Dear Sue, we are saddened you had to say goodbye to your precious pup. May love ng memories get you thru the healing time.

    Your blog made us all feel like “godparents” and Spike will be missed by all. Prayers for you and Bridgett.


  123. Mel from TX (formerly NV) says:

    Gary, Kori and I are so sad to hear about spike but I am so glad you made every day with him count these last few weeks and made these very special memories you will cherish forever…We also feel blessed that we got to meet the little guy but it makes hearing this so much more difficult. Our thoughts are with you…

  124. Don in Okla. says:

    You are in our thoughts and prayers. We all lost a dear and loyal friend.
    Darn eyes are having a terrible time sweatin’ tonight.

  125. Jan Goldfield says:

    We sent you soft and gentle hugs to hold you in your grief. Although we never met Spike, we fell in love at first soak. May your memories help you through this tough time.

  126. Bill says:

    Oh Sue so sorry about Spike. He is in heaven getting fitted for wings now!

  127. Paul Lytle says:

    Sue, we have never met, but I know you very well. Heart goes out to you…had to put down Brandie, 16 years of love…carried her with us all around USA, she is in Qsite, AR. now.
    Praying for you and Bridgett. Love you in the Lord, thanks for your blog. Keep up the writings if and when you can.
    Friend in Christ, Paul L.

  128. Linda a. says:

    I’m so sad.
    There are no magic words to say to make it all better…. If there were
    I would say them, we all would.
    He was personality plus!
    Grace and peace to you.

  129. John K - Mobile, AL says:

    I’m so sorry for your loss. You gave him a great life and I know that you both will miss him every day.

  130. Susan (MO Ozarks) says:

    Sue…I hated this post..because it was coming & I think we all knew it…you were a much better pet owner than I could ever dream of being…I wish JUST one of our pets could have died peacefully with their head on a pillow…I am so sorry for your loss…God Bless you.

  131. 4 DogsRV says:

    The Rainbow Bridge
    Just this side of heaven is a place called Rainbow Bridge. When an animal dies
    that has been especially close to someone here, that pet goes to Rainbow Bridge.
    There are meadows and hills for all of our special friends so they can run and play together. There is plenty of food, water and sunshine, and our friends are warm
    and comfortable. All the animals who had been ill and old are restored to health
    and vigour; those who were hurt or maimed are made whole and strong again,
    just as we remember them in our dreams of days and times gone by.
    The animals are happy and content, except for one small thing; they each miss someone very special to them, who had to be left behind.
    They all run and play together, but the day comes when one suddenly stops and
    looks into the distance. His bright eyes are intent; His eager body quivers.
    Suddenly he begins to run from the group, flying over the green grass, his legs
    carrying him faster and faster. You have been spotted, and when you and your
    special friend finally meet, you cling together in joyous reunion, never to be parted again.
    The happy kisses rain upon your face; your hands again caress the beloved head,
    and you look once more into the trusting eyes of your pet, so long gone from your
    life but never absent from your heart.
    Then you cross Rainbow Bridge together. –Author unknown

  132. Verna says:

    This is my first time to comment after following your blog for quite some time. Tears were flowing while reading about Spike. So sorry for the loss of your special little guy. I lost my little Cairn Terrier, Toto, two years ago and still miss him daily. Toto “decorated my life” as I know Spike did yours. May you find peace with his memory. Hugs to you & Bridget.

  133. Dixie(MN.-AZ.) says:

    Dear Sue and Bridget, Love to you both. I was devastated to read about Spike, but I sensed the end of his journey was near. Thank you Sue for sharing dear Spikey with all of us! I will always CHERISH the fact that I got to meet you and Spike and Bridget in person!! Thankfully you will never lose all his love and all the memories–I firmly believe Spike will be with you always.You gave him the BEST LIFE!! Peacec,Comfort and Hugs—-Sincerely ,Dixie

  134. Eileen in Phoenix says:

    So very, very sorry. Thank you for sharing your babes with us.

  135. Peggy Edgar says:

    I am another of your long-time, faithful, non-commenting followers. Tears fell and my heart broke as I read about Spike, I am so sorry. You made every day special for Spike and Bridget, 2 little nut cakes have never been more loved. Thank you for sharing them with us. Peggy from Buckeye

  136. AnnieB says:

    I am so very sorry. I know what that loss feels like. Spike will be sorely missed. Best wishes to you, Sue.

  137. Marijane (KY) says:

    I am so very sorry…

  138. Beverly Kebrdle says:

    I read the first two posts of this journal, then zipped to the place to comment. I was simply overcome in emotion with the news of Spike. I have been a follower of the three of you since you went on the road. I have enjoyed every single post, but mostly anything you wrote about your wonderful dogs. When I read this post of Spike’s last day I began crying. Honestly, it’s simply heartbreaking. How you have found the strength to post after even five days, I commend you and hope it helps your healing process. The antics of Spike were always my favorite to read about. I loved the pictures of him soaking. Oh Sue, he sure was a special pup. Find comfort in all of us who loved the little guy, too, and will surely miss him in your journaling. I’ve had many dogs, and the passing of each one is so painful. Cuddle with Bridget, which will help both of you. Your are sincerely in my thoughts and prayers.

  139. Ron Sears says:

    I have the words in my heart, but can’t seem to get them out. I feel the pain…be safe.

  140. Debra Larson says:

    So very sorry to hear of Spikes passing. What a life you gave him. I wish we could keep our fur babies longer, time with them goes so fast. You were lucky to have had him, he was quite the character. Thanks for sharing Spike with us.

  141. Elizabeth in WA says:

    Hubby and I were shocked to read this entry, Sue!! We sit here with tears running down and feel so sorry for you and Bridget!! So glad to hear his last days were so very good and that he went peacefully with you there, rather than at the vet’s as happened with our last lovely dog. As my hubby said to me then, as we were grieving: “Why shouldn’t we grieve like this, Ebbie loved us more than most people have.” It was true. We feel like we know all of you…you have shared so much so freely here. Take care of yourself and take the time to heal as much as you can. I am awfully glad you have Bridget!!

    We just learned a couple hours ago that our beloved eye doctor died last week. We were shocked. And were with tears already when I turned on the computer and read of Spike. I feel that 2 fine gentlemen entered the next life on the same week!!
    With prayers….

  142. Idaho Gurl says:

    I can’t breathe… There simply are no words… I send you prayers of comfort and healing, I send you all the love and light in the universe, I send you thanks for sharing such a wonderful little pal with all the rest of us, be aware that just because Spike has passed his spirit will still travel and walk with you. There will be signs that he is still around… My heart is broken and will be right along with yours. I felt like he was my little “Nutcake” too… Now, off to find my box of Kleenex… Goodbye little friend…

  143. Teri in SoCal says:

    Loved by so many from afar. I sit here wiping tears, I feel like I knew him. My condolences to you. I just have no words.

  144. Sue,

    While your heart is now filled with grief, I hope you find a special place in there where you can remember the wonderful life that you and Spike gave to each other. I can’t imagine any dog who wouldn’t have loved the great adventures and everyday little pleasures that the two of you ( and Bridget ) shared. Be well and hurry back to us as soon as you can.


  145. Dave Reed says:

    Wow, I didn’t see that coming. My jaw dropped. Sorry to hear.

  146. Idaho Gurl says:

    I have always found comfort with this poem;

    Do not stand at my grave and weep,
    I am not there – I do not sleep.
    I am the thousand winds that blow,
    I am the diamond glints in snow,
    I am the sunlight on ripened grain,
    I am the gentle autumn rain.
    As you awake with morning’s hush
    I am the swift-up-flinging rush
    Of quiet birds in circling flight.
    Do not stand at my grave and cry,
    I am not there – I did not die.

    Mary Elizabeth Frye

  147. Jan Loeber says:

    So sorry to hear about Spike’s passing. Thinking of you. Jan

  148. Patricia from Florida says:

    Thru ur eyes Sue and ur fine storytelling I fell in luv with Spike and his many soaks. The muddier the better As u said many times, What a nut cake. Thank you for sharing him with me. My sincere condolences.

  149. Nickie (OR) says:

    Sue and Bridget,
    I am so very heartbroken to read of Spike’s passing. My love, thoughts, and prayers go out to you. I too am writing this, as tears flow. RIP to your beloved Spike!

  150. Sharon says:

    Have been reading your blog for a couple of years and have grown to love Spike and Bridget and am devastated to hear this. It breaks my heart. We just lost one of our girls last Thursday and understand how much you and Bridget are hurting. Our remaining little girl is trying to understand what has happened and all we can do is hold her and love her. I pray for the three of you to find peace and understanding in what has happened. You gave him a wonderful life and have wonderful memories of him as we do ours.


  151. Craig says:

    So sorry to hear of your loss. My heart goes out to you.

  152. Walt says:

    I read this post as my nearly ten-year old beagle, Oliver, lay on the floor by my side. I know his time will come one day, sooner rather than later. I can only hope his final day is as special as was Spike’s and that, like Spike, he can make the decision to go out on his own terms. When that time comes, I hope I will remember the words I share now with you. As long as his memory lives in your heart, he is never truly gone.

    Spike has found his peace. I hope you also find peace in the days ahead to go with the strength you have already shown.

  153. Kathy from Florida says:

    So sorry to hear of Spike passing. So happy to hear you three had a great last day.

  154. Sally says:

    I am so sorry for your loss. I will miss reading about Spike’s soaks.

  155. CheryLyn(Oregon) says:

    My heart aches for you. Your amazing little guy touched so many lives, he will be missed. Prayers for you as you go forward.

  156. Linda in NE says:

    I’m so sorry you lost your dear Spike. I’m glad he had a great last day and passed peacefully. He was one of a kind and his memory will live on.

  157. Ann M says:

    Sue, I am so sorry to hear about Spike. Because I, too, have lost a pet I can understand your heartbreak. As someone said before, there will come a time when you can remember without tears. You’ll remember the fun times, too. Spike was such a “guy” and we all loved him, too. Loved his attitudes and his soaks. I pray that you will find comfort in the days ahead. I know you and Bridge will really miss him. Take care of yourselves.

  158. AJ says:

    You have my sympathies.
    But if I have to go, let it be in Wyoming, one of the wildest, most beautiful states, in my opinion anyway.
    He had a great last day, hope mine is that good.
    We’ll all remember him ’cause you brought him to life in your stories. Thanks for that.

  159. R. (Western Colorado) says:

    My comments were deleted lately and won’t be surprised if this one won’t stay here too long but I just want to say I feel your pain.

  160. Carla says:

    Thank you for sharing your Spike stories. The muddy soaks were my favorites. Thinking of you and Bridget.

  161. Chaunte in West TN says:

    Aww Sue, I’ve been happily lurking in the quiet blogorino’s corner. Eagerly awaiting for the next adventure to be posted. My husband laughs at me because I get so excited with every new topic you post. I even do a little happy dance (arms flapping singing a little made up song and followed up with a whoo hoo and a giggle) This is some serious stuff here. I had to say that to say this: I was enjoying your special day and now I feel like I’ve been hit by a freight train. I cried for well over half an hour before I started with my 2 cents worth. Like so many of the blogorino’s here, you have my heartfelt condolences. You, Spike, and Bridget have taken me on so many adventures that I never would or could have dreamed to be possible. What an incredible life and adventure for that little man we all love so much. You are a lucky Mom to have been the sole caregiver for his wonderful soul! I hope you find peace and comfort in the days to come. All of us here are mourning with you. Thank you for being so brave as to open your life and share it with us like you do.

    Love and hugs-
    Chaunte’ (with Miss Punkins, Elvis P., and my little Spikey)

    Wishing you the very best! Have safe travels. 🙂

  162. Ukulele Teri says:

    So sorry to read about Spike. How nice that you had such a lovely day with him. Life will be different for you and Bridget. Take care of yourselves. Give yourself time to grieve.

    Thank you for sharing your life with us. I enjoy reading about your life on the road. I hope you are able to continue to share with us your journey. I for one look forward to hearing more about your travels through life.

  163. Kitt, NW WA says:

    I am so sorry to hear of Spike’s passing. It always hurts so darn much to loose a beloved pet. The hurt eases in time but the memories linger forever.
    Thinking of you and Bridget during these difficult days.

  164. Sue(Alabama) says:

    Thank you Sweet Lady for sharing all the last wonderful pictures of Spike and Bridget. It just doesn’t seem right that our most precious babies are taken so soon when there are more hugs and love for us to give to them. It’s truly amazing how those two fur babies wormed their way into everyone’s heart and that we all have fallen in love with them as if they are our own.

    I am so sorry that you are going through such sadness. I pray that you and Bridget have a peace in knowing that Spike is still watching over you both. May your many wonderful memories of him keep him alive in your heart.

  165. College in Tehachapi says:

    I am so sorry for your loss Sue. What a wonderful tribute this post is. We will miss Spike and his antics. What a lovely last day. Hugs to both you and Bridget.

  166. mockturtle says:


  167. Cynthia says:

    Dear Sue (and Bridget)
    Your Spike lived life to the fullest. I loved him, like everyone here. What a dog. What a spirit. What a memory.
    Love to you
    Cynthia & Scout

  168. Evelyn says:

    Sue, I have been following your blog for quite some time and I am so very sorry for the loss of your Spike. I know he is in good hands now and know (after following you and your crew) that he had a very special life with you. Take care and be strong even if it’s hard to do so. I wish you and Bridget many more happy adventures.

  169. Roae says:

    I certainly will miss your little guy as you continue your adventures with Bridgette. Your writing style made us all fall in love with your crew. Know that we respect your time to grieve and hope that you can find the strength to keep the joy he has brought you all these years always in your heart. Peace…..

  170. Marg in Ouachita's says:

    I very seldom post. I share your pictures on my FB and tell them you said it was okay. I do not post them very often, I somehow feel I am infringing on your beautiful photographs. I think I have been traveling with you for at least two years. I have followed Spike and his soaks, Bridgett in her hurry up the trail, and I was suspicious and did not want to be right. But, the way you wrote, it was such a beautiful tribute to Spike it caught me by surprise. I have cried all evening off and on and your loss seems mine to, because I have been with you each step of the way. I have gotten so many of my friends to read your blog. I know you, I knew Spike, I know Bridget, but we have never met. I have no words that will comfort you………or me. I wrote my daughter, I wrote my sister. My sister has read your blog. He will be missed by a lot of people, and I will miss him too.

  171. Sue & Bridget,
    I am so very sorry to hear of Spikey’s passing. What an amazing last day he had! Spike was a delightful nutcake with many friends & admirers (most of whom had never met him)! He will live on in our collective memories & when any of us sees a little brook with gentle banks & some nice mud, we will all think of him & smile at the thought of a Spike soak. Don’t be surprised if you think you hear him waking up at night, wonder if he’s at the door, or wait for him as you take a walk. Our hearts are with you both.

  172. Linda swing says:

    Comforting hugs and love to you and Bridget. What a guy, lazing in the stream, enjoying life with ya’ll. Spike was loved by many and will be missed.

  173. Wayne Scott says:

    So very sad to hear this news. Hope the sun shines bright and you and Bridget get to take multiple daily walks. Hope good new camps are found with short distances from your current spot till the pain subsides. No words are adequate and seems like any further attempt would be futile. Thoughts are with you.
    Wayne & Rhonda

  174. Jeanette Gris says:

    Just so sorry and sad for you and Bridget. Take care.

  175. Colleen / Maryland says:

    May god bless you and keep you strong. You are so very lucky to have Bridget help you at this time of sorrow. I will so miss hearing about Spike and all his tales……
    I’m so glad you three had a great last day.!!!

  176. ZenOnWheels says:

    I wish there was a way to send a hug through the internet.

    This is heartbreaking news. The time we get to spend with our four-legged family is so special but this last step can be so very hard.

    I am honored that you have allowed us into your life in this way, and shared it so openly. Even when the news is sad, there is so much beauty to be found in its honesty and genuineness. Thank you for sharing this special day with us.

    I am truly glad that through your stories I got to know Spike.

    Love to you and Bridget,


  177. Rita from Phoenix says:

    ‘Do not go gentle into that good night…’ is befitting of Spike’s life to the end. We love and will always love Spike…he is forever imprinted in my mind and heart. Rest in peace Spike. There are no words to express the deep sorrow I feel for you and Bridget. Mourn and return to us when all is well with you and Bridget.

  178. Cinandjules (NY) says:

    Now that I can finally see through my tears…

    I am glad that Spike Bridget and you had such a wonderful day! I’m sure I wasn’t the only one who was reading along…visualizing you picking him up and telling him what a good boy he is! Laughing at him opening his mouth out of turn with his favorite rotisserie chicken.

    Then the stab in the heart! WHAT?? It can’t be…let me read it again. Oh no…not Spike. I sobbed…it took me forever to finally post this reply.

    Words cannot express the sadness. I’m truly sorry for you and Bridget. Spike had a marvelous time living on less and enjoying life more. He will ALWAYS be watching over you both. He will be missed. Thank you for letting us be part of your life.

    Godspeed Spike!

  179. Linda Rose says:

    I’m grieving with you with tears running down my face and a lump in my throat. You gave him a wonderful life! Consider yourself hugged () from Linda,Muffin,Murphy,Molly&Midgy.

  180. Hotel California says:

    We’ve been riding along in the passenger seat since before you hit the road. I can still feel Spike in my lap.

  181. Kay says:

    Sue and Bridget, THANK YOU for sharing Spike with me, my family and all the world. The past almost three years (caught up with you as you first landed in New Mexico) and precious Spike captured my heart, mind and soul. I have to admit, I sometimes had difficulties waiting for the next post to see what dear Spike had did for the day. He gave me so many laughs.

    I loved Spike even though I had not got to meet him and pet him. I will FOREVER remember the little man, as he had a personality that was heart grabbing.

  182. Captain K (UT) says:

    Sue, my heart goes out to you. Through the tears and sadness may you find comfort in knowing he had an awesome life because of you. Wishing you and Bridget peace as you grieve, adjust and move forward. God Bless.

  183. Gloria Brooks says:

    Wishing you and Bridget many happy memories of dear Spike during this time of grieving. My sinuses are full as I write this from crying. I was just telling my Rochelle Claire this morning that I wanted her spirit/soul to always be attached to my own. I have to wonder if that request can be granted, though every pet owner may not want that.

    I also have this imagery that when our loved animals pass, that their little spirit/souls are still following us. So, when you turn around sometimes, you may just see him there still following you along your next adventures. Time will tell.

  184. David Greybeard says:

    I am so sorry to hear about the loss of your dear friend, Spike. I think you gave him the best life a dog could ever have. You are so lucky to have had him in your life and he was certainly blessed to have found you. Keeping you and Bridgette in my thoughts during this difficult time.

  185. Patty says:


    I am so very sorry to hear of your loss, I completely understand what you are going through. I recently, (1- 1/2 years, but it still feels like yesterday), that I lost my sweet boy Cody to Lymphoma. My thoughts are with you Sue, as they are with Bridgette & Spike as well. Maybe your Spike & my Cody will meet at the Rainbow Bridge, Love & healing to you & yours.

  186. You gave Spike such a good run. I am so sorry he’s gone.

  187. Linda Sand says:

    My condolences. We will all miss Spike. But I envy him his good last day and going quietly in his sleep; wouldn’t we all like to have that.

  188. I am sorry for your and Bridget’s loss.

  189. Ray Fleming says:

    I’m so sorry for you losing your little buddy. May time turn your sorrow into loving memories. I know I speak for many here in wanting to thank you for sharing Spike with us. We all will miss him and his antics. In time may you find another pup who needs your love and care.

  190. Lois says:

    Sue and Bridget, my heart is broken for you both. Take care of each other.

  191. Deborah says:

    I knew from the title, “A special day” that you were speaking of Spike’s passing but I hoped I was wrong. I literally held my breath as I read the post, waiting anxiously to see if I was correct.

    My heart deeply aches for you and Bridget. I know this is a difficult time but take solace in the huge outpouring of love coming your direction. Your blogorinos truly care about you, a testimony not only to your writings skills but also to your ability to be so transparent in your writing.

    Picasso sends you some very gentle, loving kisses. I send you my prayers and love.


  192. Rob says:

    I’m sorry for your loss Sue….


  193. Tawanda says:

    Find myself surprised at realizing the bond there is with you and the crew, with the emotion evoked on your behalf and my own…
    Forget the ‘pearly gates’ beyond this life we who have shared this world with and loved our furry friends will be rushing to that ‘Rainbow Bridge’ to reunite with them I do believe!…

    Recently I read a quote by Elizabeth K Ross which struck a cord and hope you don’t mind I share…

    “The reality is that you will grieve forever. You will not ‘get over’ the loss of a loved one; you will learn to live with it. You will heal and you will rebuild yourself around the loss you have suffered. You will be whole again but you will never be the same. Nor should you be the same nor would you want to.” ―

    Spike will live on in your memories of him!!!
    Big hugs to you and Ms Bridget…

  194. Teresa from NC says:

    I am so sorry!!!! He will be missed by us all!!!!

  195. jonthebru says:

    A beautifully written tribute to your Spike. My condolences to you and Bridget. Please, rest and travel safe.

  196. Jordan says:

    My heart breaks for you & Bridget. Spike was a nutcake extraodinaire! He touched all our hearts & made our days brighter with his antics.

    I have to admit – i have a short list of “people” i admire, that i wish / hope i might meet someday & Spike was on that list. He knew “THE Secret”! The Secret of Life. Live each day to it’s fullest. Spend your days with the ones you love. Go on a new adventure every day. Eat food that makes you happy. Make new friends wherever you go. And NEVER pass up a good belly soak! The world would be a better place if everyone followed Spike’s lead. I only hope i can live like he did – right up to my last day as well. I’m so glad you all had such a special last day together.

    Through tears & heartbreak i send you & Bridget healing energy & hugs. Thank you for sharing Spike’s amazing life with all of us. He touched so many lives. A truly special soul.

  197. Penny TX says:

    My heart breaks for you & Bridget…..*tears* We all know the Spike had a wonderful life exploring with you & Bridget. I’ll miss seeing him “soak” though I’m sure he’s “up there” showing all of the other dogs just how its done. Sweet Sweet Spike….God Speed, run free sweet boy. Thinking of you Sue…

    Take Care..

  198. Karen says:

    Dear Sue,
    I have followed you from before you had the BLT. I was so sorry to hear of your loss. Today I read a true story which may give you some peace and hope during this difficult time. Funny I came across it before I read about Spike. Peace and hugs to you.


  199. Ilse says:

    Sue and Bridget, I am so sorry you had to say good bye to Spike. He was a special kind!

  200. Monica says:

    I’m so sorry. I’m in tears. I have read your blog from beginning to now. I just loved Spike. I looked so forward to reading what Spike and Bridget were doing. Always, Spike was in some mud hole or stream enjoying every minute. That is so opposite of my dog, she hates to get dirty or her paws wet; so, that is why I enjoyed reading about Spike and his adventures.

    I’m so sorry for your loss. <<>>

  201. virginia Henkaline says:

    I am so sorry, Sue.

  202. wil says:

    The loss of a beloved and trusted friend is always hard to take. Spike was “The Man” and he leaves big paw prints and broken hearts in the sand. Do take care of yourselves as you initially grieve. Surprisingly, the horizon beckons and new adventures await your attendance.

    Go gently into that dark night, Spike. Think often of Sue and Brigit. They’ll catch up, soon enough.

  203. sherry in oregon says:

    I’m so sorry, Sue. I know Spike & Bridget are BEYOND pets or even family members for you… more like little furry soul mates. Nothing anyone can say will be enough, but I still think it’s necessary to tell you I’m thinking of you.

  204. Heda says:

    So sorry Sue. He was a dear little dog who lived an absolutely wonderful life.

  205. Patsy from Ontario Canada - North says:

    Our Dearest Sue,
    how we feel your loss, and only wish you memories of the love that he gave you. Our deepest sympathy and prayers to you. We are all sad for your lose, as it has been a loss to us also as you and the crew became part of our families as we eagerly read your blog and adventures. One day at a time.. Breath.. HUGS

  206. Michael Shepp says:

    I am so sorry for your loss. Spike had a wonder, full life.

  207. Marie taylor says:

    Gosh, that’s such a tough thing to endure. Been there. Sounds like your doing exactly what you need to, to deal with losing Spike.
    What a great dog.

  208. MB says:

    No questions here……only my sincere, heart felt, tear filled condolences. Spike had a wonderful life. Thank you so much for sharing him with us. I’ve never met you Sue but I feel such a kinship. I just wanted to send love from VA. MB (human), Sissy (feline), Hazel. Wyndy and Bella (canine).

  209. Barbara says:

    So very, very sorry for your loss. You gave Spike a great life, full of adventure, and love. Hugs for you and Bridget.

  210. Bee says:

    I am so very sorry, it is always hard to loose a furkid.

  211. lostAnnfound says:

    I’m so very sorry to hear this sad news!

  212. Marcia GB in MA says:

    Dear Sue,
    My heart is aching for you and Bridget. What a happy life Spike had, so much love and adventure. Thank you for letting us all be a part of your lives – the happy and the sad. I wish I could give you a big healing hug in person, but here’s some virtual ones xxxxx.

  213. Janis Harrison says:

    Oh my goodness Sue I am so sorry for your loss

  214. Casitagirl says:

    Hi Sue,

    Spikey held a special place in your heart that will always be there, won’t it? You took such loving good care of him. He loved you and you loved him–what more could any person or sweet pup ask for?

    I’m sitting here next to my sweet pup and constant companion as I write this. We are so fortunate to have these special little lives in our lives, aren’t we?

    Take care, Sue.

  215. Dawn in MI says:

    You know, I wondered, when you took a break, if it was Spike’s time. So very very glad you had a good last day. Awwww Spikey! We’re all going to miss you buddy. You were such a good boy. Hugs to Sue and Bridget.

  216. Linda L says:

    So sorry for your loss! He will be waiting at the Rainbow Bridge for you!

  217. Sam in the Ozarks says:

    I’m so sorry for your loss.

  218. Page says:

    So sad for you and Bridget. Spike had a great life and was well-loved. What more could a dog ask for? My heart is breaking.

  219. Kelly says:

    Oh Sue….what a heartbreaking loss for you & Bridget.
    Spike was such a sweetheart and great adventurer.
    Wonderful memories to hold in your heart forever.
    Love & comforting thoughts for you…

  220. Rosie says:

    Thank you for sharing Spike with us. ♡ to you and Bridget.

  221. Michelle says:

    So sorry Sue. Tears are streaming downing my face as I read this post . RIP sweet Spike. Love you.

  222. Libby Nester says:

    Oh Goodness! I don’t know what to say. Sue, I consider you and the furbabies as part of my family. I want to say from the bottom of my heart how sorry I am.

    Spike will always be in your and Bridget’s hearts, till you meet again. Thanks for gently breaking the news. I knew he was very sick, but I didn’t want to believe the end was near.

    Take Care.

  223. Cheryl Ann says:

    Oh, Sue…my heart is just breaking. I nearly lost one of my horses to sand colic this week and I haven’t been able to sleep for 3 nights (and go to school the next day). He appears to be doing okay now, but it was touch and go. I don’t know what else to say to comfort you, but you gave him a wonderful life and you deeply loved him. Remember the good times.

    Bless you.
    Cheryl Ann

  224. katydid in Chicago says:

    Oh Sue, I’m so sorry. I wish healing and sweet memories for both you and Bridget.

  225. With sadness this morning I read of Spike’s passing. I well understand the emptiness in your heart. I remember our hike along the trail near Palm Canyon in the Kofa Mountains this past winter & how Spike was always a trail blazer. A great little guy with a mind of his own & the determination to let that mind take him wherever he wanted to go. Our thoughts are with you & Bridget. Time is on your side………….. Al.

  226. G says:

    I have been reading about a dozen FT RV’er blog sites for the past nine years. The adventures of you, Bridget and Spike has always been my favorite.
    This post moved me emotionally more than anything I have read before.
    Life is precious, enjoy every day like it is your last. It seems that Spike did just that with the two best companions one could ask for, you and Bridget…
    RIP Spike, you have moved on to that perfect stream in the sky.
    God bless, G

  227. Donna P says:

    It amazes me how your writing has made us readers feel as if we know you and The Crew. So we’re all mourning the loss of Spike and sending our hopes that your pain can be eased just a wee little bit, knowing that Spike will live on in all our memories and in the words of your blog. Thanks for sharing Spike with us, and give Bridge an extra hug for us too. I’m so sorry for your loss.

  228. bob g says:

    A tune crept into my mind after I read this post. It is known as “Last Post” in the Commonwealth, just north of you. In the US it is called “Taps”. The words go like this:

    Day is done, gone the sun
    From the lakes, from the hills, from the sky
    All is well, safely rest
    God is nigh.

    Safely rest, little guy.


  229. Oh, Sue. I am so, so sorry. Losing a pet is so hard and in situations like this I always wish I knew the right things to say, but of course there is really nothing I can say to make it any better. All I can do is tell you that I’ve give all of my pups an extra little love today in memory of Spike. You and Bridget are in my thoughts.

  230. I see Spikey….not AT the Rainbow Bridge, but down by the side, sniffing through the flowers, at the waters edge to find the perfect soaking place. Cool enough and warm enough and peaceful enough…just for him. He knows that’s the spot you will look for him.
    My heart breaks for you and Bridget this morning as I sit here in my own little Casita with my two big golden fur kids still asleep from the intensity of yesterdays adventures. So thankful that I decided to follow your path and give them, as well as myself, this kind of life.
    I can’t imagine how hard it must have been for you to write that Sue….and yet healing, too….as is all the love and prayers being sent your way by so many here.
    Hugs and love and peace to you and Bridget.

  231. Susan, MS says:

    I was taught that if you don’t know what to say to someone who has a loss in their family to just not say anything, just hug them and let them know you care. So I am sending you and Bridget a virtual hug, and praying for you during your time of sorrow, please know that you and Bridget are loved, and Spike will trully be missed by all.

  232. Cinandjules (NY) says:

    Hello Sue and Bridget,

    I made it! I just wanted to let you know SaraAnn was waiting for me. I am with great company…as there are lots of “spoiled” kids here. Some I don’t recognize
    but SaraAnn says we’re distant siblings….whatever that means.

    I love you both and don’t want you to be sad for me. Bridget knows I love her
    too. She was my rock even when she didn’t feel like it. She won’t be too sad
    because she has you!

    Thanks for rescuing me and giving me the bestest family and home. I absolutely enjoyed my adventuress life. It sure beats waiting for you to get home from school and the same ole backyard!

    I’m sorry for disturbing your sleep with the midnight potty runs. I really really didn’t have to go…but wanted to check out the perimeter and see what was creeping in the dark! But as long as I was out there….I’d better make it look like I had to pee!

    Thanks for the special treats (rotisserie chicken) and the raw diet/bones. You always
    jump thru the hoops for us.

    This was on my terms…thanks for the great day. I’m happy, no arthritis, the thing on my butt is gone, my coat is thick and I’m running like the wind…so be happy for me.

    SaraAnn says I can soak all day and play but we have to pay attention to some bridge…it’s a meeting place for all! I think she called it the gay bridge..then she laughed…and said it’s the color of a rainbow or something. I was too busy smelling around.

    I know you’re thinking about me….and I’ll be watching over you both so carry on. I’ll always be your protector dog!

    Love you
    Spike the criminal aka nutcakes!

  233. Darlene in MN. says:

    So sad to read that you that your dear little Spike has gone to the rainbow bridge. I’m sure all the followers messages are very comforting and we all have lost pets and know how hard it is. Lots of love to you and Bridgette.

    • Darlene in MN. says:

      Guess I need to proof read what I write before I hit post, there were a lot of tears involved.

  234. Randy in Wyo says:

    So very sorry for your loss.

  235. Ron in TX says:

    Hugs to you and Bridget
    All I can say is I am sorry and he will be missed but not forgotten.

  236. Nell-Ann says:

    So very sorry for yours and Bridget loss .
    May your happy memories help you get through the days !!

  237. Alan Rabe says:

    Well Sue, It looks like every blogorino and all the lurkers have come out of the shadows to give their condolences at your loss. I hope it has helped a little to ease your grief in these sad times. But you know Spike loved you and the only thing he ever wanted was to be with you. I wish we could find his favorite spot and somehow get the responsible government entity to name it Spikes Stream or Meadow or whatever. How about Spikes Peak. Wishing you the best.

  238. Such a little dog to have a heart big enough to touch so many people who never met him. My reaction surprised me in its strength, I rarely cry like that. I suppose it is the grief of a community at the loss of a favorite son.
    I usually think about what a gift your blog is to all of your readers, but now I think about what a gift you have given yourself as well. To have captured all this time with Spike and Bridge with words and photos, to have those memories forever available, to acknowledge what a wonderful life you have given (and continue to give Bridge) to them (and they you) – amazing.
    Holding you and the silly girl in the light – big hugs.

  239. Gayle at As Time Goes.....Bye says:

    We are so very sorry to learn of your loss Sue. We know how much Spike meant to you. Our hearts go out to you & little Bridget.

  240. Wendy in Thailand says:

    I am sorry for your loss, it is so hard to loose a fur baby. Thinking of you both at this time.

  241. LindainKentucky says:

    I’m so sorry Sue….love and hugs for you and Bridget!

  242. I was reading my Kindle this morning when I heard Chuck sniffle and call Spikes name. I look up and see tears running down his cheeks. “Spike is gone, he died” as he sobbed. My tears started even before I got to your blog to read about Spikey’s last day. Sue, he had a grand life and a wonderful last day and to be able to share your pillow on his last night was a gift. Chuck and I love your nutcakes! Having had to say goodbye to 3 of our pets to old age, we know only to well the pain of that final goodbye! The Midget, Bobbie and Scotty still travel with us as we had them cremated. We loved seeing Spike soak in all kinds of water…. even the raging Virgin River near Zion couldn’t keep him away and nearly kept him for good! We love you Sue, I wish we could be closer to comfort you, but you have all these blogerino’s surrounding you with love and prayers. Give Bridget an extra special tummy rub from all of us here. You two are well loved and Spikey will be much missed. R.I.P. dear Spike, it was so good knowing you! Geri and Chuck

  243. Marsha/MI (currently on the road) says:

    I was devastated by this news. I can only imagine how you feel. Words seem inadequate. Please accept my sincere condolences.

  244. Ed H says:

    At a time when we already had two labs that we dearly loved, we happened to attend a local Chamber of Commerce event that included a auction. One of the “things” offered up was a black terrior. He was a mixed breed such that he was longer than normal, very low to the ground, with an overbite so exaggerated that the vet commented “How does he eat?” Although he ate very well, he wasn’t the most attractive dog. Certainly not the likes of a pair of beautiful labs.

    His name was Whiskers. And he attached himself to us so firmly that, even today some 10 years later, he comes across our memory as if he’s here with us running across the property chasing after the labs.

    Whiskers was only with us a short time. He was a ratter. No hole could go un-inspected. Ever. One day, while we were at work, we suspect he “found” a rattlesnake. That night, in pouring rain, we buried him on our property. And we cried, no, we downright balled, so hard and for so long.

    May you have memories of Spike like ours of Whiskers. Their spirit will live on.

  245. Maura says:

    What a great dog Spike is and so glad he had a wonderful time on his last days. Its so interesting how even people have bursts of energy and joy at their last moments of life, and so did Spike. Take Care Sue!


  246. Pam says:

    So sorry Sue, you and Bridget are in my prayers. Every time I walk along a creek I will remember Spike and his soaks. Take care and may you find peace in the good memories.

  247. Pam says:

    I was so sad to read about Spike. Losing a fur kid is so incredibly hard. Please accept my condolences and understanding. Spike is waiting at the Rainbow Bridge, frolicking with my sweet Pepper, who’s been gone 11 months. I picture them feasting on rotisserie chicken while soaking in a cool stream.

  248. DesertGinger says:

    Yesterday I could only sob about Spike. I was feeling so bad about everything,about my situation, I was just down. I have a little perspective today. Today I believe I’m going to get better and this time is going to pass. I believe I can feel better again. And I believe that Spike did his time here…and is frolicking somewhere right now with the other dogs waiting for their loved ones. What could have been better than traipsing around the big, beautiful world with his sister and his Mom? And now he’s off to a new adventure.

    The last few weeks I’ve begun to doubt those new adventures are out there for me but I’m hanging on to the promise of future good things to come. As usual, I’m so inspired by you, Sue, and your ability to carry on.

    I have moved to the rehab hospital and am doing exercise for my hand and leg and brain. Trying to get stronger.

    I will miss Spike so.

    • Elizabeth in WA says:

      As they like to say in NC, “I hears ya”…and I surely do, Ginger. Spike leaving feels like a loss to many of us…I do hope Sue will one day put together a cute little book of his “soaks”…when she is to that point. Hubby and I feel this year has been quite hard (not to speak of expensive…docs tain’t free)…and it has also been for you and others…hope you keep on hoping, as we are…hoping that one day we too can do something similar to how Sue has lived these last few years!!
      Hugs…and prayers still…keep posting your progress as it goes along!!

  249. Cindy in AZ says:

    I am so, so sorry that Spike passed on. I couldn’t believe it when I read it, the tears started flowing. His pictures of his soaks were the best pictures! I’m not a poster but had to let you know I feel your pain, having gone through this many times and again just a month ago for my big boy Rocky of 15 years.

    It is because of you, Spike and Bridget that I bought an RV and have traveled by myself. You and the crew gave me the confidence and inspiration to do that!

    God bless you and peace to you:)

  250. Susie in Destin, FL says:


    My thoughts and prayers are with you. I will miss Spike so much. I loved the stories about him and his precious personality. Thanks for sharing him with us.


  251. 2jacy says:

    I am so sad for you, Sue and Bridget. After 13 years I lost my gentle little old black and white lady cat, Cricket, last year. Blessedly Spike was home with you all when he died. He chose the time, you didn’t have to. For that you can feel grateful. Hugs.

  252. WTXCal says:

    I am so sorry to hear about Spike, as I have lost a wonderful dog friend several years ago. Spike had a GREAT LIFE living with such a caring person. Sue, thanks so much for sharing Spike and Bridget’s adventures with everyone.

  253. Judithcamper says:

    Sue and Bridget,
    I am so sorry for the loss of your dear friend and companion. Thank you for sharing him with us. He loved you dearly as you loved him. Grieve in peace.

  254. karen lemoine says:

    Sue and Bridget; Very sorry to hear of Spike’s passing. He died on his own terms asleep in your home with his family. Glad he had a wonderful life full of love and amazing adventures:) HIs spirit will travel on with you.You and Bridget take care of each other. Maybe when the time is right you can adopt another little soul who needs love and wonderful adventures also.Hugs to you both.

  255. Jim from Middletown, Ca says:

    Sue, my condolences. I’ve never posted before, but I’ve followed you daily, even before your blog…when you posted frequently on George’s website. This event has brought tears to these 74 year old eyes, and has caused me to come out of the bushes to acknowledge the passing of my old pal, Spike. Please take care, heal, and give my love to the “Bridge.” Jim

  256. I have tears in my eyes and I grieve with you for a friend that truly loved you as you loved him. I am glad you had your special day.

  257. Bonnie says:

    I am so touched to hear of Spikes last day and I’m glad he went peacefully. He will leave an empty spot in my life and a gaping hole in yours and Bridget’s. My heart goes out to you both.

  258. Rand says:

    My terrier Pal and Spike met nose to nose 3 years ago. Sitting in the shade next to the pond, fenced from marauding ducks and busy beavers, dog heaven on earth. As was most every campo. Pal doesn’t pal around much but he liked Spike. Bon voyage Spike.

  259. Wendy says:

    Sue & Bridget,
    I am so sorry for your loss. As I sit here at work crying my eyes out for a pet, a family member I didn’t meet, but knew in my heart I want to thank you for sharing him with us. He will be dearly missed. He loved you dearly, as you loved him. Please remember we are here for you.

  260. R. (Western Colorado) says:

    August 26 is National Dog Day.

    Thank you Spike for bringing so much joy. Thank you Bridget for keeping Sue company and showing how much she means to you

  261. Jessica says:

    My deepest sympathies to you and Bridget, Sue.

    Spike will be missed.

  262. Millie says:

    Sue, like so many, I have never posted before but have enjoyed following your blog. I’m so sorry for your loss, and Bridge’s, but Spike such had a wonderful life, full of adventure. He was so fortunate to have you and Bridge to share it with. He is resting peacefully and playing with all the other pups who have gone before us.

  263. Phyllis says:


    I have no words….

    Phyllis in Oklahoma

  264. Gail says:

    Sue, I am so sorry for your loss. My heart is broken for you and Bridget I know you both will miss Sweet Spike. I know Spike will be with you in your memories and heart forever.
    You gave Spike a wonderful life and he gave you so much love. We too shall miss Spike!

  265. Kaye from Oregon says:

    Three different times I have returned to your site hoping that the line about Spike’s passing wouldn’t be there and I had just imagined it ! Both our previous daschunds have lived to 13 yrs old. When Daisy passed on within a month I had to get another girl
    (not that she would in any way replace Daisy) but the house was missing that warmth of their sweet spirit and unconditional love. I have always felt that we never really can experience full JOY unless we also have experienced great SORROW ! There will be signs that Spike’s spirit is still traveling with you & Bridget. He was a real BLESSING far more than material things can ever satisfy us. Peace & contentment to you and Bridget !!! Spike would want you to SMILE and CARRY ON !!!!

    • Elizabeth in WA says:

      Isn’t it wonderful Sue took so many darling photos of Spike….brought so much enjoyment to so many…and hopefully she will be comforted by it later on…I wish we had more of our wonderful dog we had for 16.5 years…but at least we have a few simply fantastic ones of her!! And my artist daughter did a gorgeous pastel for my younger daughter of our Ebbie which has a prominent place on her living room wall.

  266. Pam says:

    I’m so sorry. Rest in peace, sweet Spike.

  267. C.W. says:

    I always enjoyed reading about SPIKE .
    He was such an adventurous little guy.
    He made me smile.

  268. Cinandjules (NY) says:

    I can’t seem to get you off of my mind……well THAT didn’t sound right.

    Here how about this….you have been on my mind since I read you post late last night. I can only hope that time will eventually heal you and Bridget’s heart! Memories will last forever…..and you’ll tear up when small things remind you of Spike. We cried everyday for a month….and still horribly miss SA….still cry at times.

    The grieving stage is an individual process….not time specified…just know that Spike wouldn’t want you to be sad..oh no I can’t see right now….and with time you’ll understand that.

    I know the feeling…and you had encouraging words for me….I can only hope that I can too comfort you during this difficult time.

    Regards Cindy

  269. Kay & her Border Collie in Texas says:

    Thank you for sharing Spike with us – his antics brightened our days and brought smiles to our faces for over three years. Now we have tears, but such an outpouring of grief from so many for your little nutcake shows just how special he was. May God provide comfort and strength to you and Bridget.

  270. Patricia O says:

    I have very rarely commented here but today is special… This is a sad news and I am so very sorry for you and little Bridget. Spike was a great dog (although they all are). He gave you unconditional love and you gave him a good life full of adventures, chicken and long soaks. May he rest in peace.
    With all my sympathy.

  271. Kellee says:

    Sue – hugs to you and Bridget. I have followed your blog from the beginning and love your Spike stories – thank you for sharing your family with us. Spike was a lucky dog to have you and to be able to share in all your adventures. You are a lucky woman to have such amazing dogs – they brighten our lives more than people think.

  272. Jay says:

    I rarely post on your site either, but have read it just about every day for the past year.

    You are a powerful writer, and the way you did today’s post was really beautiful. I share your sadness about Spike’s passing and I never even met you guys.

  273. James Miller says:

    Warm summer sun,
    Shine kindly here,
    Warm southern wind,
    Blow softly here.
    Green sod above,
    Lie light, lie light.
    Good night, dear heart,
    Good night, good night.
    – Mark Twain (epitaph he wrote for his daughter)

  274. BeckyIO says:

    I’m so sorry for your loss Sue, I wish you and Bridget the best in this hard time. Spike led a long and full life, but I know that’s little consolation right now. He will be greatly missed by all.

    I’m glad that his last days were painless and full of joy. What an amazing pal he was, he’ll live on forever in these blog posts you’ve written.

  275. fossildreamer john says:

    Sue, I am so sorry for your and Bridget’s lost Sue, to me Cinandjules (NY) has said
    it all,, I know he at the rainbow bridge running with my Max, telling him about
    all the places and fun he’s had these last three years….

  276. Lucy says:

    Sue & bridget I’m sorry for u’r loss. It’s so very hard to lose our ‘ kids ‘.

    Love. Lucy.

  277. Linda & Gerry in Buckeye says:

    Sue, seeing all these lovely messages and words of condolence and support must tell you just how much you and the crew are loved. As with the others, the tears were flowing as we read your latest post at this morning’s breakfast table. For the last week or so I’ve had a feeling that something was not quite right and I’m sorry to see my worst fears confirmed. But you are truly blessed to have spent such a magical last day with Spike and can retain those last happy memories to sustain you in these trying days. Spike enjoyed a wonderful life with you and Bridget, with these last 3 years being a terrific adventure with many happy memories for you and the crew. Know that you are in our thoughts at this sad time. Linda and Gerry

  278. AZ Jim says:

    It has sunk in but I keep seeing little Spike in my minds eye. I see him nestled down shoulder deep in creek water or soft mud with a look of contentment on his little grey face. Spike will be like my Sandy, a little picture in my mind of a furry, eager to please doggie that I will always smile at the sight of, remembering the good days together. You take your time to grieve and give Bridget the special attention she needs now more than ever. My heart hurts for you Missy. Gone but never forgotten, our Spike.

  279. Chas anderson says:

    RIP little buddy.

  280. Max Willmann says:

    Sue, sorry to hear about Spike, but happy to hear that his last day was so special.

    Max from Illinois.

  281. Randall Small says:

    {{{{{HUG}}}}}. So sorry, Sue.

  282. leilani says:

    Thank you so very, very much for bringing Spike into our lives and making him such a vividly real presence for your readers with your stories and pictures, Sue.

    And thank you also for going the extra mile there through your tears to dutifully chronicle his last days – his last moments of true, unalloyed & irreplaceable Spikey-ness, if you will – before you shared with us the news every pet owner dreads sharing.

    We can’t keep them forever, unfortunately. The best we can ever do is let them keep us as long as they are able. Your little guy went like the spunky little champ he was. And so devoted to you was he that he made sure to leave you with only the bright memory of a cheerful last day for you and his little sidekick Bridget to cherish.

    It’s hard to imagine a more beautiful place for a beloved pet to leave our arms, but somehow you found it for Spike. You surely did good by that precious little boy, Sue, and it’s fitting that he let you know how grateful he was for all the love & safety & care you gave to him over the years by choosing that day and in that serenely gorgeous spot.

    Bon voyage, Spikey! We’ll see you again some day, ya silly little nutcake, and we’ll all know just where to find you, too: right across the Rainbow Bridge in that primo soaking spot you’ve probably already claimed for yourself! 😉

  283. Lynn says:

    So sorry for your loss.


  284. Debbie in MS says:

    Sue, I have so enjoyed reading your blog. When I found it, I went back and read it from the beginning. I feel like I know you, Spike and Bridget personally, even though this is my first time to write. I am so sorry for your loss. There are really no words that any of us can say to help right now. Please know that you have touched so many people with your stories and daily life events. I know that you and Bridget will be just fine, but it will take time. Allow yourself all the time that you need. I will be praying for you and look forward to many more posts about your adventures with Bridget.

  285. Burton says:

    Sue, I am a lurking blogorino, and have never posted before, but I wanted to let you know just how much of an effect you have on many of us.
    You have a wonderful outlook on life, and I truly admire and respect you. I have spent a lot of time in the West, hiking and camping, and you truly bring it to life with your words and photo’s.
    Nothing illustrates this talent more than your relationships with Spike and Bridget. I literally gasped out loud and sobbed at the end of your Special Day. I will so miss the antics of Spikey, and can only offer my deepest sympathy and a virtual (((hug))).
    You and Bridget are in my thoughts, dearest Lady.

  286. Nivrapa in AZ says:

    I wanted to comment earlier, but just couldn’t see through my tears to offer you and Bridget my deepest sympathy. I’ m glad that you have such a wonderful memory of a special threesome’s final day. Your blog is loved by so many of us and Spike was a part of it. I hope the memories of the good times with the crew carry you through what is certainly a difficult time for you. I’m so sorry.


  287. Shelley says:

    So sorry to hear about Spike. I too shed tears for him and for you and Bridgett. Be kind to yourself during this traumatic time.

  288. Sondra-SC says:

    aw damn, I’m so sorry sue, I know you are in great pain–Its a gift that Spike went peacefully and in the presence of the two he loved most-Big Hugs for you Brig-

  289. Terri From Texas says:

    Dear Sue,
    I have been wondering all day what I would write. I read your post about 10:30 this morning on my coffee break and burst into tears! Fortunately, it is just me and my boss, and he is pretty deaf. I surprised myself by caring for a little dog that I have never met, never petted, or saw, except in pictures. You and your crew have gotten under a lot of peoples skins, including mine. I know nothing but time can ever heal the grief, and sometimes, even that isn’t enough. Just know that we care about you and Bridget and what happens to you, as strange as that may seem. Spike entertained us, made us laugh, and most importantly, made us care. That is his legacy, thanks to you! I will certainly never forget him.

  290. Regina Lee says:

    Reading this post on National Dog Day with tears in my eyes. So very sorry for the loss of your family member.

  291. Steve says:

    I have read your blog faithfully the last year. I lost my 90 year old mother Sunday. I had been hoping that she would pass before my little dog Katie who is 16 as I did not know if she could survive the loss of her daily companion. When I read your blog and learned of the loss of Spike I was overwhelmed and cried for at least 10 minutes. The loss of this lovable scamp and my mom just overwhelmed this 60 year old man defenses. I wish for you peace and good memories. I appreciate you sharing his life with me. I appreciate your skill in conveying what was a devastating day in your life. Thank God for the sure and certain hope that we will all be together again one day.

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  293. Dominick Bundy says:

    Dear RV Sue and Bridget, I haven’t commented in such a long while, Because you seem to have enough to respond with. But I still have always been following you and the crew. When I read of Spikes passing. I couldn’t help but to start sobbing. (and I’m not a sobbing type of guy) You must know by now how much you and the crew have touched the lives of so many around the world. For being the proclaimed loner you are . Just know the joy you brought to so many world wide. We all love and respect you and your beloved crew. Just know that. Take good care of yourself and Bridget and God Bless the both of you. Dominick from Rochester, NY.

  294. karen says:

    I must say I am choked up over this news so not expecting that as part of your day. I offer my heartfelt condolences over the loss of your beloved companion and true friend.

  295. Ron in TX says:

    If Spikey needed a memorial this comment section is it ,


  296. Buffalo Bob says:

    While our loved ones leave us… there memories live forever

  297. Glenda from Glendale says:

    So sorry for your loss Sue, I can’t imagine your pain at losing Spike. I like others are shedding tears for a dog we all felt like we knew. The pics of him soaking his tummy always made me smile and that’s how I’ll remember him. Thanks for sharing him with all of us.

  298. DeadEye says:

    My thoughts are with you, Sue. I am so sorry for his passing but so happy for his life with you. He could not have been in a better place than with you. I will always think of Spike when I see an inviting shoreline of a lake or stream. I so enjoyed all of the pictures of him relaxing in the water. He sure enjoyed keeping his belly cool.


  299. Tina says:

    Sue, I hope all of these posts will somehow help embrace you in your sadness right now.

    When I read of Spike’s passing, I wailed “Oh no!” and my husband asked me what was wrong. “Spike’s gone!”

    My husband is legally blind, so I read everything aloud to him–but I couldn’t make it through your post without stopping a number of times to cry–and so did my husband.

    What a beautiful day you all had together–and what better way for him to go, than snuggled on your pillow with the family he loved most–and who love him still.

    My husband lost his guide dog of 12 years last July–and we still grieve and weep for him. It’s so hard to lose them–Ron says someone should invent a “35-year dog”–the price we pay for loving them so much is the tremendous pain we have to go through when their time on earth is done.

    One of my favorite things on your blog has always been the photos of Spike’s crazy little soaks–so dear and funny, and so “Spike”–little chub of dog who loved his “spa treatments”.

    We feel like we knew him–and we certainly have always felt the great love you have for him.

    I hope he is soaking in the most beautiful crystal clear stream right now–with our beloved Rusty the Wonderdog smiling at his antics.

    Take care of yourself. We are so very sorry for you loss.

    • Sidewinder Pen says:

      Reading all these comments, I have a picture in my mind’s eye: All of the blogorinos’ beloved departed pets frolicking together and getting to know each other across the bridge: “Oh, your people read RVSue, too?! Sweet, come on over this way — double rotisserie chicken today after our soaks!”

      (Even in heaven, I guess there must be double-chicken days.)

  300. Alice & Rudy Scheibelhofer says:

    Sending our condolences, sympathy and hugs to you and Bridget.

  301. Diane, Blue Ridge Mts., VA says:

    My hearfelt sympathies go out to you my dear. I knew this day was near…I am sheading tears as I write this …He had the very best life a dog could possibly have, thanks to his master. You will see him again one day, I beleive all dogs go to heaven.
    My heart is with you. Take Care Sue and Bridgett.

  302. Oh Sue. I’m so sorry and sad for you two. (((((Sue & Bridget)))))

  303. Deena from Peoria, AZ says:

    Dearest Sue and Bridget, we are longtime readers of your blog. Your writings about your family’s adventure has become a loving ritual in our family’s daily activities. You have made us love you and the Nutcakes. As with the many other blogerinos, we send our heartfelt condolences. Sue and Bridge, we will be here when you wish to return.
    Sleep Well Spike!
    Deena and Miss Mollie, our sweet RT.

  304. I am so sad! Spike has such a wonderful life with you and Bridget. So glad his last day was so special.

  305. Michele says:

    Dear Sue, I’ve been following your blog since your story of Rusty was in the AZ Central website. (of course, a dog story!) I’ve been captivated ever since. My heart sank when I read the recent post about Spike. My heart goes out to you, Sue. It’s the first time I ever cried about I dog I never met. I too, have recently lost my beautiful dog Jayda after 10 years. I know the heartache. God bless you and Bridget. Whenever I see a little creek I think about your little “soaker.”

  306. Rod KC, KS says:

    Such sad news…. I too could only wonder when you said you were taking time off from the blog…. That just didn’t seem like you… I’m sure Spike is soaking in a large creek in the great beyond…. We have enjoyed learning of his antics for the last several years and will miss him and his place in the blog….. We send our prayers for you and Bridget as you build a new life with out him… Rod and Biscuit….

  307. Nancy Marxen says:

    We are sad to hear about your loss of Spike. We understand your grieve as we have lost several of our pups (11 years and 12 years old). It’s like losing a child, a part of you that isn’t able to be replaced but the memories will always remain with you. Little things will remind you of Spike for the next couple of years. Fortunately you have Bridget, enjoy her remaining days to the fullest. Just remember Spike is a spirit that is free, and even though he’s no longer there that you can see, he truly is there due to the love that you showed him.

    – Nancy

  308. Gayle says:

    I’m so sorry. I certainly didn’t see this coming. Never had a dog before, now I want one more than ever, and it’s because of “Soakin’ Spike”! He showed me how much love surrounds the dog and its owner, and I want that, too. Thank you, thank you, for each and every post.

  309. Gail says:

    I am so sorry to hear of Spike’s passing.

  310. C.W. says:

    RV SUE .
    Don’t ever feel sorry for writing a sad post.
    We will read it as it comes.
    Since life is filled with happy and sad , it should be written so.
    Whatever the day brings.

  311. Merle from WA says:

    Heart wrenching……….an ocean of tears flow………I am so sorry for your loss

  312. John says:


    Very sorry for your loss. My heart just aches for you and Bridget! Thank you so much for sharing him with all the readers, you gave him so much love and he left on his terms. I know he is forever grateful while enjoying a good soak.

  313. Denise - Richmond VA says:

    Dear Sue, you and Bridget have been on my mind all day. Just wanted to let you know.

    I hope you don’t mind…I printed a copy of the last picture on this post of Spike standing in the river’s edge, with the cute, satisfied grin on his little face, I wrote the date on it and following caption: “Spike – Living Life to the Fullest and Loving It!” I have posted the picture on my cubicle wall at work next to my computer. Spike will provide me a daily smile and remind me to cherish each day.

    Gracie pup and I send you and Bridget love and hugs. Wishing you peace….

  314. Mert says:

    Dear Sue,
    This is my first time commenting, but I have been reading your blog for a couple of months now. I am still catching up ( in 2012 now) but I had to stop and comment and tell you how very sorry I am. Most of us know the feeling, and it is heartbreaking! I just want you to know that from just the short time I have ” got to know” you and the crew, you are a wonderful momma to two wonderful babies!! My thoughts and prayers are with you and Bridget. Much love… Mert in Kentucky.

  315. Timber n' me says:

    Oh Sue, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Timber and I are so sorry to hear of Spike passing snifffffffffff, bbbbboooooooo whaaaaaaaaaaaa

  316. Ronda - Fort Worth, TX says:

    So very sorry to hear about Spike! What a wonderful little guy he was and what a wonderful life you gave him! The walks, the soaks, the chicken snacks and his furry pal Bridgit. Thinking of you in Texas and so sorry for your loss.

  317. kent says:

    I had this feeling several days ago about Spike. Sending you and Bridget some prayers and blessings.

  318. Anne says:

    Oh Sue. My tears are flowing, I wish that I could somehow help you bear that which is unbearable.

    I found this poem a long time ago, and it has always given me comfort. It is not mine, but now it is. . .


    We have a secret, you and I
    that no one else shall know,
    for who but I can see you lie
    each night in fire glow?
    And who but I can reach my hand
    before we go to bed
    and feel the living warmth of you
    and touch your silken head?
    And only I walk woodland paths
    and see ahead of me,
    your small form racing with the wind
    so young again, and free.
    And only I can see you swim
    in every brook I pass
    and when I call, no one but I
    can see the bending grass.

    Author Unknown

  319. Tamara in S. California says:

    My heart is so saddened to hear this news. Our animals, dogs in particular, are such precious spirits, giving us their absolute all, never holding a grudge. Their time here is simply too, too short. It was abundantly clear how much you treasure both Spike and Bridget. I hope you’ll cry as much and as long as you need. As agonizing as it is to break down and cry, it seems to release some of the sorrow bit by bit. I wish I could say the pain goes away, but sometimes we love our animals so much, that the grief simply softens and becomes part of us as we move forward again in our own time. Love and hugs.

  320. Dolores Tanner says:

    So, very, very sorry for your loss. Have thoroughly enjoyed reading along and became attached, in a way, to Spike & Bridget. Take Care both of you!

  321. So sorry to hear about Spike. Keep remembering all the joy you had with him.

  322. Mark, Salina ks says:

    So sorry to here about Spike. I know he meant the world to you and Bridget. Spike entertained us all during the last 3 years, and what great years they were.
    We have a three day weekend coming up, think I will find some nice shallow water at the lake this weekend and take a soak. Thanks Spike for showing us how to enjoy life.

    Salina ks,

  323. Cinandjules (NY) says:

    Touching words from so many who are touched by your life….

    Good night Sue and Bridget….

  324. Sue and Bridget, I am so sorry to hear about your best buddy, Spike. I know I will miss seeing him soaking, too. My thoughts are with you:)

  325. Taranis says:

    As much as I loved the life we had and all the times we played,
    I was so very tired and knew my time on earth would fade.
    I saw a wonderous image then of a place that’s trouble-free
    Where all of us can meet again to spend eternity.

    I saw the most beautiful Rainbow, and on the other side
    Were meadows rich and beautiful–lush and green and wide!
    And running through the meadows as far as the eye could see
    Were animals of every sort as healthy as could be!
    My own tired, failing body was fresh and healed and new
    And I wanted to go run with them, but I had something left to do.

    I needed to reach out to you, to tell you I’m alright
    That this place is truly wondrful, then a bright Glow pierced the night.
    ‘Twas the Glow of many Candles shining bright and strong and bold
    And I knew then that it held your love in its brilliant shades of gold.

    For although we may not be together in the way we used to be,
    We are still connected by a cord no eye can see.
    So whenever you need to find me, we’re never far apart
    If you look beyond the Rainbow and listen with your heart.

  326. Cherie from OH says:

    As sad as I am about Spike’s passing, I’m ever so grateful he enjoyed life right up to the last minute and didn’t suffer. He had a wonderful life thanks to you, Sue, and I know your life is richer for having him in it. Thank you so much for sharing him with us. He will be missed.

  327. Diana says:

    I am stunned and profoundly saddened.
    I have enjoyed learning of the unconditional, reciprocal love between you and your canine crew.
    I must also say that I’m extremely impressed by the genuine outpouring of love offered to you by your friends in this blog. It’s just beautiful. May it bring you strength.
    You and your crew are in my prayers.

    Diana B. (Northern California)

  328. Dianne lax says:

    Very sorry for your loss.

  329. Ruth(Tennessee) says:

    Oh Sue and Bridgette, I am so sad that he is gone but so happy that he had such a wonderful last day and night. Tears won’t stop as I write. It should bring you joy to see how loved he was and you two are. Such wonderful loving responses. You shared him with all of us. Thank you for that. Ruth and Max

  330. kgdan says:

    I am thinking about you and Bridget tonight. I am so grateful that we were privileged to visit with you three on two occasions this past year. The first time you surprised us at Dome Rock and Gil said I was more excited to meet you than a movie star—he was right. Now I am so sad—I have wept off & on since learning of Spike’s passing. I can only imagine how devastated you are and tonight I wanted you to know that I care and that I am so sorry. I hope you are finding a way to get through the hours and that you find peace. Blessings.

  331. Much love to you and Bridget. Your wonderful writing of your last day with Spike really tells how much he means to you. We are very sorry for your loss.

  332. Lisa says:

    I’m so sorry to have read this, it broke my heart! I screamed out “NO!”…. You have given Spike a wonderful life. Hugs to you and the Bridge

  333. Dear Sue,
    Deep, most sincere condolences. He had a great life, thanks to you, and made ours better too.
    Sending love and saying prayers.

  334. EV in Idaho says:

    I, too, have read your blog for the past three years, and have waited until today to post. Your life with your crew has inspired me greatly as you have made the life you want to live. I am so sorry for your loss of your beloved Spike. Your beautiful journal of the everyday life of your family has made a connection with so many who now share your sorrow. It is a statement of universal love. Please let this love wrap itself around you and comfort you. I feel assured that you and your crew will travel together again. EV

  335. Jeanne says:

    Oh, Sue, so sorry to read of Spike’s passing. You can be comforted knowing that you gave him the best life a dog could ever want.
    (((Hugs to you and Bridget)))

  336. Mary says:

    This is my first post. Been following you for a couple of years now. Bridget and Spike seem like my own dogs, I feel I have come to know them so well. I feel such a huge loss and my heart goes out to you and Bridget. This has really been a month for loss. Spike was a lucky dog. You were a wonderful “Mom”. May you find comfort in all the beautiful days you shared together.

  337. Rhonda says:

    My thoughts & prayers are with you and Bridget. When you did not post every day I was afraid of this. Spike was so fortunate to have you both in his life. We have lost 4 very special dogs and one perfect cat. We will not get another due to travel commitments & our age but do miss each one so much. Spike will always be with you in your thoughts & heart. I know you know that, but it will hurt forever and he will always be missed. Try to think of all the good times. He loved you. He was your buddy. He was yours. Bless him and you. Thankful you had each other, just sorry it could not have been longer. There does come a time when our loving pets do have to leave us. They do live forever in our wonderful memories. Do wish I could give you a good hug right now.

  338. Joan in Casa Grande says:

    The sites you have shown us all and shared with us is more than overwhelming, the beautiful places, the ups and downs of your new life you began on your journey of the wide open road. Spike is the first one in any type of water, mud and was happy to be there!!. You showed Spike that life was good.. This is what I scrolled down to view first in your photos. 🙂 Where is Spike and the water shots… I know you are sad as well as Bridget, take your time and grieve, We ALL will respect that.
    Peace and Love
    From Casa Grande, AZ

  339. irene austin says:

    Thank you so very much for sharing your little “Four Legged Feel Good” called Spike. Little Souls leave such big holes when they are gone. Hold Bridget close, you will help each other.
    sending feel better thoughts and prayers

  340. Chris B says:

    I’m so sorry. Spike did have a wonderful life with more great adventures than most humans. But most of all, he had an owner who loved him, unconditionally. It works both ways for that magical bond.

    I’m sure that all of our own little nutcakes (mine is a goofball) will be getting an extra hug or treat today as we all think about and remember Spike and his funny antics.

    Chris B

  341. Mitchell says:

    I am so truly sorry to hear of your loss. My heartfelt condolences.

    What a guy.

  342. sandi says:

    thank you for sharing spikies last day, we all loved him too. have you heard of the great animal santuary in utah, it is called BEST FRIENDS, they have camping sites and you can visit and volunteer, there is a website. feeling your loss as i have lost my 3 newfies and my calico of 20 yrs this past few months. its hard. blessings to you.

  343. Lorrieinla says:

    I am so sorry for your loss of Spike.

  344. Bob Martel says:

    Sue, So sorry about Spike’s passing. We’ve lost our share of little furry friends over the years so I have empathy for your current feelings. It sounds like he went peacefully on his own terms and lived life to its fullest right to the end. That’s all any of us can hope for. Take care, and carry on! Bob

  345. Cindy says:

    Dear Sue and Bridget too: I was sitting under the dryer at the hair salon yesterday catching up on emails on my iPhone when tears began rolling down my cheeks. When my stylist asked me what was wrong I told him a friends dog had died. When I said those words I realized how completely you have pulled many of us into your world because I feel like you and Bridget are friends, though we have never met. My heart breaks for you, but I am so happy that Spike had so much quality time with you (not just a dog left in the yard while his person lived her life) and that Spike’s last day was so perfect for all three of you. To have him go to Rainbow Bridge with his head on your pillow, lying next to you, was truly a blessing. Spike will live on in your beautiful photos and in all of our memories.

  346. Cozygirl says:

    I sit here in tears, remembering so many moments all the way back to your first post. Such a sweet, handsome boy and with every prime soaking spot I continue to see, Spike will be in my thoughts. May Bridget and you find strength from all and peace back in your soul. Hugs

  347. Gary says:

    Sue, It grieves me to hear you and Bridget have lost your companion. I will be praying for you both during this time. Spike was a wonderful traveler and hero to you both.

  348. Yvonne says:

    Hello Sue, I have been following your blog for some time now, but this is my first post…..
    A dear friend of mine wrote this music in the belief that our loved ones become the Distant Lights of the stars in the sky, looking over us and giving us comfort as we look up and see them in the night sky. I’m sure that your Spike’s star is shinning brightly and will continue to watch over and be with both you and Bridget. Take care my friend and I hope you find peace in the music and the beauty of your travels.
    Check out the video on YouTube for “Painted Raven – Distant Lights”.

  349. Cinandjules (NY) says:

    Still on my mind.

    Sending you strength and hugs.

    • Patsy from Ontario Canada - North says:

      Same here .. thinking of Sue and Bridget, every day and sending hugs and prayers

  350. Shirlene says:

    No words…just love.

  351. Pat in Rochester says:

    Sue, thank you for the wonderful life you have given Spike (and Bridget). Thank you for sharing your lives with all of us. And wow, look how many of us there are! Sending loving healing thoughts to you and Bridge.

  352. Dan says:

    I too have tears reading this about Mr. Spike. I hurt for you and Bridget. I pray for no clingers or generators within 100 miles for you and Bridget while you both grieve. You and Bridget take care of each other!

  353. Virginia says:

    Hi Sue:

    My heart goes out to you Sue. I became very fond of Spike and I feel your pain and I will miss not seeing or hearing about him. He was such a dear in so many ways with his antics and his love of soaking in the cool streams of the West. I just lost a very beloved cat about a year ago. We were like sisters and I miss her so much. Hang in there girl, you and Bridget can get through this. Be strong for Spike’s sake. He loved you and that is what he would have wanted.

  354. JEFF from VA says:

    Hugs to the both of you, please let any of us here if there is anything we can do for you.

  355. R. (Western Colorado) says:

    Spike’s death brought so many tears to so many of us here. He kept us entertained and I would like to do something in his memory. If that’s OK with you Sue I would like to make donation to pet charity of your choice in Spike’s memory. When you’re ready let me know.

  356. Alan Rabe says:

    Well I have read this post over and over for 3 days now and it doesn’t get any easier. I am still crying a river of tears.
    I just wanted to say I have never encountered a more caring and loving group of people in my life. I know that our RVSue and Bridget have been greatly comforted by the outpouring of sympathy displayed by all of you. I know she will continue posting with her own feelings when she can but I just wanted to say THANK YOU!

    • Cinandjules (NY) says:

      Well said Alan.

      I’ve been reading the tributes also. It’s simply amazing. Isn’t it? The lurkers have even come out! I find my eyes tearing up and that lump in my throat like Spike was member of my family.

      Feelings are not easily expressed and sometimes one doesn’t know what to say or how to say it. But I definitely can feel the love, sincerity and sympathy for Sue and Bridget.

    • Applegirl NY says:

      Yes, I agree. Sue and her crew have touched so many of our lives. We love them like they are our own.

      Sue, we continue to lift you up in prayer. Be encouraged and know you are loved!

      • Edie says:

        Absolutely agree with you all. I read this post over and over hoping it will change and just crying. The Spike Era has ended, but what an era it was!

        Hope you feel the love and that it gives you strength.

    • DesertGinger says:

      Well said, Alan. I keep reading and keeping crying. The outpouring of love has been amazing. Thank you to everyone for your beautiful thoughts.

  357. Illinois Jane says:

    Oh Sue. Through tears I send my sympathy to you and Bridget. Dearest little Spikey.
    Loving thoughts to you. Do be especially kind to yourself. A virtual hug to you.

  358. Michelle Kirkelie says:

    Oh Sue.. I’m so sorry. He was a lucky little guy. There are no words really.

  359. Barb George says:

    Hi Sue. This has got to be so difficult… I have lost my buddies, and it aches for a long time… We just want you to know we care. I keep hoping you will be back soon…writing. Sharing as only you can. But I am sure you need this time. I hope that you are reading the wonderful bits and memories written by folks who care and love all of you… you have blessed each of us, I hope someday to be able to bless you back. You are a treasure.

    HUGE HUGS FROM Hoquiam,

  360. Karen from SC says:

    So sorry that you have lost such a dear and wonderful companion. My prayers are with you during this time of grief. Yes we can say that as our furry friends mean so much to us. All of your blogger friends mourn with you and Bridget.

  361. Cheryle B. says:

    I’m so very sorry for your loss Sue and Bridget.
    Peace and love,

  362. Val R. Lakefield On. says:

    Dear Sue, My thoughts have been with you since reading the “Special Day” post. I shed lots of tears, but as I say when we have sad events at the shelter, there is nothing wrong with shedding tears for animals..
    I am proudly one the founders of an animal shelter. I made my donation today. We usually send acknowledgement cards to let someone know a donation has been made in memory of their pet, relative, friend etc. Since I cannot sent you a card I will type what it would say

    In Memory of your much loved animal friend
    The Lakefield Animal Welfare Society is the grateful recipient of a donation from
    We hope you find some comfort at this difficult time
    Knowing that this gift will help LAWS find a caring home for a needy dog
    Or cat where they will receive
    The kindness and love
    They all deserve!

    Sincerely, Val R

  363. Laurie Jo says:

    At 11:45am on Weds Aug 20th I had to let go of my boy “Squirt”. I feel your pain of loss and envy you his sweet passing.
    My friend sent this to me:



    • Jolene/Iowa says:

      Another beautiful poem. I am sorry for your loss Laurie Jo. I have read this post over and over so hoping it would change. I was so praying for more time for Sue and Bridget with Spike and also selfishly for all of to see more soaks and hear about more adventures as Spike part of the group.

      I have teared up over all the beautiful expressions of sympathy. My heart still breaks for Sue and Bridget.

      Hugs again Sue. Praying for peace and healing during this difficult time.

    • Gail says:

      Laurie I am so sorry for your loss, I have been in tears every day since Sue wrote of the loss of Spike and have now shed a tear for your Dear Squirt too. Our Dear Buddy went to Heaven 5 years ago and we still miss him so much. Sending you a hug.

  364. wa_desert_rat says:

    For some reason I had thought about Spike this past week. Teka, our Jack Russell Terrier, is 14 or so (she was a rescue) and when I thought she had Cushings it turned out that she had (or maybe has) a bladder infection. We’ve had her on antibiotics but the first does really improved her.

    So I was sad to hear of Spike’s passing but really happy that his last day was a nice walk with you and Bridget. And his last moments were next to you.

    Hard to know what to say because words really don’t do much. But I can say this, if dogs and cats don’t get to go to Heaven then I want to go wherever they go.

    RIP Spikey

    All the best to you for the fun of sharing your adventures.


  365. MK in NE GA for now says:

    Thru the tears I’ll try to think of all the wonderful Spike stories you have shared with us. Sue know that you gave him a wonderful life most dogs can only dream of and he is romping and soaking on the other side of the rainbow bridge waiting for you in all his youthful vigor.

    Thank you for sharing his life with us.

  366. Tracy W - our TV "Jack" our TT "Fun Shack" says:

    Oh Sue! This is my first comment, but I’m in the process of following your blog from beginning to end. I love you and I love your dogs! You guys are heroes of mine. I had vowed I was going to catch up someday then I would join in with the rest of your fans to participate in these comments sections. Today for whatever reason I jumped ahead and read this post today. Even though I’m not caught up yet, I just wanted to add my voice to the rest in saying we are so very very sad for your loss. Spikey was such a true treasure, and you loved him with the finest love. I’m so grateful that you 3 had such a beautiful & sweet day together.

    Through my own tears I type and I want you to know that we pray for healing from your undoubtedly broken heart. Take all the time you need. No reply is necessary. I’ll catch up and post again someday, and tell you more about how much I adore you and your two sweetest little dogs.

  367. With tears and a heavy heart, I offer my condolences. So sorry…

  368. AZ Jim says:

    What a tribute to Sue it would be if all the first time posters would not be so shy in the future and would come forth and post like all the other members do. You need not have a earth shattering statement to make, it’s just sharing the little things that make up your day and life that counts. Again, RIP Spike.

  369. mary (in Colorado) says:

    Sue, when you feel you are ready, let us know the name of an animal care facility or shelter that you feel you would like to see memorials in Spike’s name be given. I could choose on my on, but I feel many of us would like to see a concentrated memorial to one place. Again, my condolences, your loss has touched us all.

  370. Tawanda (Ut) says:

    We also have donated in honor of ‘Spike’ to our local humane society of Utah.
    Sending continued good energies and big {{{hugs}}} to you Sue and Bridget..

  371. Laurie from Southern Oregon in Wyoming says:

    What a wonderful day you all had…..sometimes the best days are the last. He was a good boy and gave you both and us many memories. I’m sure there have been many prayers for you and Bridget. We are with you in spirit and love and will be here when you get back.

  372. suzago says:

    Excellent idea Val, Mary, Tawanda, and others. I just made a contribution to my local shelter, in Spike’s name. I’m reprinting a part of their acknowledgement:

    “On behalf of Baypath Humane Society of Hopkinton, I would like to thank you for your recent donation of $xx.xx which we received on 8/27/2014. Your contribution is truly appreciated.

    As a nonprofit shelter, our mission for more than three decades has been to place stray and unwanted animals in loving homes; promote the health, care and adoption of these animals; and educate adopters and the public at large about proper pet care and handling, overpopulation and prevention of animal cruelty. We rely solely on generous contributions from you and our local business community to be able to rehome more than 900 dogs and cats each year…”

  373. Janet says:

    I knew as you started to write. It was a blessing you didn’t have to make that awful decision and he did not suffer. Until you meet again….. Here’s to those who never let us down and are always wagging their tails when they see us. They are with us even when they are not. J

  374. Lolalo says:

    As I have been camping in a remote location in Alabama, next to a beautiful creek and surrounded by green mountains, I just read this sad news today. You are the recipient of many outpourings of condolences, and I want to add mine. I am so sorry and hope you find the strength through all these encouraging words to carry on. Take your time and feel the good vibes and virtual hugs coming your way.

  375. Suzanne from Spring, Tx says:

    I have been reading your blog for about a year but have never commented. I guess that makes me a “lurker” which is a term I never knew about until these past couple of days! You have no idea what an inspiration you and the crew have been to me. I have great admiration for you and look forward to reading your posts each day. Each one is a “mini adventure” to live vicariously through you, Bridgette and Spike.
    My prayers and thoughts are with you and Bridgette. We will miss Spikey!

    —Hugs. Suzanne. (now a non-lurker!)

  376. Cinandjules (NY) says:

    You know I’ve been thinking a lot about up you and Bridget lately…as well as everyone else here.

    I can’t imagine how hard it was for you to write about Spike passing. You said it yourself that you ran it through your mind over and over…..how to break it to us. That there was no gentle way..(in actuality…it was gentle). Then you couldn’t get yourself to write the post for five days.

    Please don’t feel like you have to share it with us and add more sorrow to your heart in the process.

    I know Spike’s final resting spot is absolutely gorgeous! He’s got the perfect spot….why??? Because you never settle for less! WE know that!

    Please don’t think that I’m telling you what to include in your blog. You are a very giving person and always think of others. Spike’s passing was personal….something between you and him. The details you mentioned were very eloquently written.

    I guess what I’m trying to say is… I’m not really sure ……can someone help this blogorino out?

    • Cinandjules (NY) says:

      I got it….

      If it helps YOU to write about it….that is great. If it brings sorrow..we can understand why you don’t.

      And if I overstepped myself….I apologize.

      Good night my Desert Woman sleep tight!

      • Laurie from Southern Oregon in Wyoming says:

        Not that I know anything CinandJules but I think Sue told us what happened because she knew we cared and would wonder where she went and I think it was Spikes last canine corner so to speak. Now I think she needs to deal with her sorrow as she deals with most things…alone but with Bridget. I know you lots.

  377. Lacy says:

    Dearest Sue,
    Sending love into the Universe meant just for you and The Crew. You may not be all together today, but you will again someday.


  378. Crystal says:

    Oh, Dear Sue, I haven’t read all the comments. I’m so shocked, although I guess I shouldn’t be. Maybe I can go back and read later. I wish I hadn’t come across this news at bedtime. I feel I’ve lost a good friend 🙁

    I’m so happy that his last day was special, and he enjoyed his activities. I’m so glad you carried him while you sang a love song. He was so blessed to call you “mom”.

    Having lost one of ours last month at 13, I can say I feel your pain. The routine is always such a hard part of it for me. You know they’re gone, but yet your subconscious looks for them, goes to feed them, take them for a walk, etc. I wish I could take on some of your pain and give you a bit of relief. My prayers will have to do….

  379. Katy in NH says:

    Hi Sue and Bridget,
    My thoughts are with you and you are in my thoughts.

  380. Anne H says:

    I’m so sorry to hear this news Sue! I’m glad his last days were happy ones.
    I remember meeting you and the crew earlier this year at Kofa and you wondered then how long Spike would live and the best way to prepare your readers for that inevitable post.
    Spike was a special little guy – I’m happy to have known him through you.
    Take extra good care of yourself and Bridge – my thoughts are with you.

  381. Debbie says:

    Dearest Sue, my heart is so heavy feeling your pain and heartache. I know that you are aware of the wonderful life you gave Spike from the day you rescued him from the shelter until the early morning that you eased him into his final rest. The last three years he had a life that few dogs ever have. As your heart heals and you feel ready to share it with another, just know that Spike would approve of you sharing your love with another as you did with him.Take all the special time that you need to heal, we will all be waiting to share your wonderful travels when you return to your blog. Bless you .

  382. DLynn says:

    Dear Sue, I have never commented before but have been reading your blog for a long time. I wanted to say I’am so sorry for your lost. I too have lost a dear dog close to my heart. Wishing you and Bridget the peace you need. Your posts are looked forward to, return when you can. Give Bridget a hug from all of us.

  383. Jo says:

    So very sorry to hear this sad news. They are a huge part of out lives and leave such a void in our hearts.

  384. Troy - New Mexico says:

    I am so sorry for your loss.

  385. John and Ann says:

    We have been following your blog for some time and have always enjoyed your wonderful writing and stories of you and The Crew. We are so very sorry to hear about the loss of your beloved Spike. What a wonderful, amazing life you provided him, Sue, and what wonderful memories you have of the love you shared with him. Time will heal for both you and Bridget. We send you hugs.

  386. BadgerRickInWis says:

    When I first posted on Monday I wrote that my words would not come because my tears were flowing so freely. Truth be told after reading this post I sobbed like a baby for over ten minutes. To be honest I was stunned at how deeply this news affected me. I like a lot of guys am not prone to crying; in fact these may have been the first tears I have shed since my father passed almost 15 years ago.

    Since then I have found myself returning to read these comments and my eyes have welled up every time. Person after person relating how deeply moved they have been over the news of our dear Spikes passing. I realized that certainly I was not alone in these feelings and certainly mine were not the only tears being shed. Why was the sad news of this little nutcake affecting so many people on such a profound level?

    In the past few days I think perhaps I have begun to understand, or at least I have an inkling of what has been true for me.

    As I see it for the past 3 years this blog hasn’t really been about boondocking or travel or majestic photos of mountain ranges. What has really been told through this blog has been nothing less than the day to day story of one of the greatest love stories that I have ever heard. With every decision she has made, every road taken, every adventure, every silly made up love song. What has come thru her keyboard and on to our screens has been the story of an incredible unconditional love. And just as true with every frolic, every soak, every antic and yes, with every stink eye the crew has shown overwhelming and complete love in return. Their lives have been intertwined, their love ever flowing. Every day a celebration of what it means to care for another with boundless adoration.

    I discovered this blog a little over a year ago and became a fan at first because Sue and I seemed to share the same dream of traveling the west in a small fiberglass trailer. I quickly went back and read every post and comment from the beginning. I thought that I would learn about full time RVing, discover some places to travel and perhaps even gain insight into the draining of the mysterious black tank. I find what I have been given instead is the gift of learning what it means to love just for the sake of loving.

    And that is a story that will never end. For it’s clear that all of us here have been touched by this love and we in turn will go forth and touch a thousand lives more.

    Sue, I can only hope that it is some small condolence to read through these comments and know how deeply your love for the crew and your skills in sharing your day to day adventures has had on so many people. Take your time to grieve, hug the Bridge for all your worth and never forget that you too are truly loved.

    • Elizabeth in WA says:

      So nicely written Badger Rick….though I have grieved the loss of all the dogs I have had, there is one, our last one (and we are not sure if our lifestyle will be such we can have another….but there is still hope)…stands above all the rest. I think Spike and Bridget both are those kind of dogs too. Some are so intelligent and so intuitive…no wonder they become closer than most people to us, is there? We have loved the photos and funny things both Spike and Bridget have done…and maybe moreso not having any nutcake of our own right now.

    • Daniel says:

      This is perfect. As a fellow fellow I really connect with the first part of your comment. As for the rest, well it’s exactly my experience with Sue’s writing. I really thought I could gain insight into life on the road – something I intend to do full time in time. And that has indeed been the case. But it’s so much more than that as evidenced by the outpouring of love and affection here.

      Dogs burrow into your heart and profoundly affect your life. I’ve never fallen in love so deeply as I have with my sweet dogs. Some people are surprised when I say that, but there’s no other way to describe it: you fall in love with them. It’s the absolute and unconditional love they give, their unswerving loyalty, their nobility, their intelligence, their sense of humour and play and their sense of fairness that make it almost impossible not to fall in love. We humans would do well to act a lot more like dogs; the world would be a much better place.

      But credit for illuminating all of this has to go to Sue. Her writing simply and matter-of-factly describes that most beautiful of relationships. And when something as tragic but inevitable as Spike’s passing occurs it stabs deeply, as we really feel we know both Sue and the crew almost as family.

      Thanks for so clearly explaining this, Rick.

    • Cinandjules (NY) says:


      That was certainly heartfelt. Well written.

    • R. (Western Colorado) says:

      Thank you BadgerRick for expressing your feelings here to all of us who care so deeply for Sue, Bridget and Spike

    • Denise - Richmond VA says:


      You summed up many of our feelings so perfectly. Your post brought me to tears – again.

    • Crystal says:

      I love your comment, Rick. Sue, will, too. You’ve hit the nail on the head.

    • Wendy in Thailand says:

      Rick , i would just like to say as well, so very well written. Such caring words.

    • Jolene/Iowa says:

      Thank-you Rick. That is exactly how I feel too and you wrote it so wonderfully.

    • Cindy says:

      What a beautiful and thoughtful response, Rick. I too have thought a lot the past couple of days about the effect Sue’s writing and sharing has on all of us, and about the outpouring of loving responses and tears (yes, tears, even from you big tough men) from her readers. Why do we all feel such a connection to Sue and the Crew? I think it may be that Sue has (for the most part) escaped the complexities of “civilization” for a nomadic, authentic life that allows her to focus on living, loving, and enjoying the gifts of each day instead of mindlessly going from task to task just to get through the day. Sue’s simple way of living and relating to the nutcakes reminds me so much of a beautiful quote from Henry Weston’s The Outermost House – it’s long and I apologize for that – but I think it’s worth sharing: “We need another and a wiser and perhaps a more mystical concept of animals. Remote from universal nature, and living by complicated artiface, man in civilization surveys the creature through the glass of his knowledge and sees thereby a feather magnified and the whole image in distortion. We patronize them for their incompleteness, for their tragic fate of having taken form so far below ourselves. And therein we err, and greatly err. For the animal shall not be measured by man. In a world older and more complete than ours they move finished and complete, gifted with extensions of the senses we have lost or never attained, living by voices we shall never hear. They are not brethren, they are not underlings; they are other nations, caught with ourselves in the net of life and time, fellow prisoners of the splendour and travail of the earth.” For me, and I suspect for many other readers, Sue’s writing and photography offers a window to the “splendour and travail of the earth” as she shares it with the Crew.

    • Gail in Buckeye says:

      Well said Rick. Sue’s talent of writing has allowed all of us to feel like we know her and Spike and Bridget so much so that the loss of Spike has brought tears to each of us. Thank you Sue for allowing us to share your life! Little Spike will be missed by all of us.

    • Edie (OK) says:

      Well said.

    • Thank you Rick for sharing such beautiful thoughts. I too have been coming back daily to read all the wonderful love offerings to Sue and Bridget, and still find tears sliding down my cheeks out of control. We all love Spikey, that is love in the present tense because Spikey will always be in our hearts. I just can’t imagine Spike in the past tense. Sue’s unabashed love for her nutcakes has affected us all. I have hugged and played more with Radar and DoogieBowser these past few days just to remind myself and them how much I love them. Sue, you have a world of folks out here who love you more than you know. You have become part of all of us, part of our families and part of our daily lives. We all look forward to your return, but take your time. We understand. Please give the Bridge an extra hug from all of us!

  387. Gary n Lynda Clark says:

    Our thoughts and prayers are with you.

    Gary and Lynda Clark

  388. Renee (from Datil) says:

    I don’t have words, either, Sue. I’ve been there with my own babies too many times, & your news brought the memories of all of them back. “I’m sorry” is not enough. I’m glad Spike had such a wonderful life with you & got to experience his soaks in so many new spots. And having such a peaceful passing was a blessing. You have quite the following, Sue, and we’re all grieving with you. Take care of yourself & Bridget. We’ll all be here when you’re ready.

  389. Dietas says:

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  390. Denise - Richmond VA says:

    Hi, Sue and Bridget,

    You are in my thoughts this morning. I hope the sun is shining today for you, providing warmth for both body and soul. Love and hugs from me and Gracie pup.

  391. Dave says:


    I’m so sorry to hear about Spike. I am sure he had a lot of fun and you really enjoyed your time with him. Our canine companions are with us for such a short time. You and Bridget take your time grieving. We’ll be here waiting to hear from you.


  392. rvsueandcrew says:


    The first night after the “A Special Day” post I read with amazement about 150 tributes to Spike and condolences for Bridget and me. I had a good cry — and “good” is what crying for a loved one is — and then, exhausted, closed up the laptop and crawled into bed alongside the Bridge.

    The next morning I awoke to over a hundred more messages! I read and cried as the love continued to flow throughout the day and into this new morning. Thank you!

    I am especially touched by those of you who are going through similar pain and grief, who expect it in the future, or who have experienced it in the past. I am sorry for your loss.

    I smile at the appearance of readers coming out of lurkdom. I knew you were “out there” by reading my blog’s statistics, but it’s so nice, so very nice, to hear your voices during this time. And, of course, those of you who I’ve come to know over the past 3+ years . . . I thank you all.

    Well, blogorinos, I can’t find the right words to give you a big enough thank you! You have helped me more than you will ever know.

    I could do a better job of expressing my gratitude if I could write a post. At present I am locked out of my blog. In other words, I can only access the way you can. Why the tech gods have chosen this particular time to shoot their poison arrows, I don’t know. It happened the night before last. Yesterday I did nothing about it. I couldn’t face the frustration that inevitably results from trying to solve a problem with technology.

    Today Bridget and I will drive into Dubois, park in the town parking lot for a stronger internet connection, and I’ll try to find a way to fix the problem. Some of you helpful tech-heads may wish to offer suggestions, but please don’t discuss technology here. This comments section is such a heartwarming tribute to that little guy we loved that I don’t want the mundane mixed in with it. I’m likely to come back and read your messages in the coming weeks, whenever I need comfort. (I plan to remove the tech part of this message eventually.)

    Thank you also for the donations to animal welfare organizations in Spike’s name. I have no favorite charity to suggest. Your local, no-kill shelter or rescue organization will appreciate your help, I’m sure, whether monetary or volunteering your time. Those readers have mentioned are good, too.

    Bridget and I are doing as well as can be expected. We frequently walk these beautiful hills for distraction. When I cry in the night, Bridget licks the leg of my flannel jammies to give me dog-sympathy kisses. That works magic every time!

    The rain that started the morning Spike died has continued every day, on and off, with dismal skies to match. This morning we stepped outside to frost on the ground and blue skies above! Hallelujah!

    Thanks again, dear ones.

    I love you,

    • Applegirl NY says:

      So happy to hear your “voice.” Keep taking care of yourself and Bridget. We’ll all be here when you’re ready, in the meantime….. prayers.

    • weather says:

      Wonderful,absolutely wonderful to hear from you!I,and I’m sure Spike,hope Dubois offers what you need,with something great there or on the trip for you and Bridget to enjoy to the fullest

      • AZ Jim says:

        We are with you through it Missy. All of us to a greater or lesser degree grieve at ‘our’ loss along with you . Even now in the cold light of reality it seems hard to believe though we all knew all doggie lives are limited, some more than others. Detta and I marvel too at the heartfelt messages that have found a home here on your pages, all filled with love and sorrow. We, here on your blog are a family so really though you are out in the wilds with only Bridget, you are not alone. You may not feel our hugs, our arm on your shoulder but I know you feel our love in your heart. Thanks for coming to say hi today, brighter days are in front of your next tire track or step.

    • Anna says:

      Ahhhh……dog kisses are the best!! Thankful that you and Bridget have each other for companionship and consolation.

      Though I have a wonderful, loving, caring family, I have often thought my dog loves me the BEST.

      Continuing to keep you in my prayers.

    • Denise - Richmond VA says:

      Hi, Sue,

      So very glad to see your post! Doggie kisses always are so comforting and sweet. Love and hugs to you and Bridget from me and Gracie pup.

    • Jolene/Iowa says:

      So good to hear from you. I so remember the pain when our little guy died a few years ago. As you and others have said, only time helps but we will still shower you with the only love and hugs we can offer you and Bridget!

      The memories of Spike from this blog will live in our hearts forever!

    • Jenny Waters says:

      I’m glad to see your post. I wondered why you hadn’t posted another blog entry. I cried the day I read about Spike. I felt silly for it, as I have never met you or the dogs in person. But I was sad to hear of his illness when you first mentioned it, and hopeful that he would recover. I love seeing your pictures of the dogs.
      My husband and I also have been concerned for our elderly cat’s health. She has been taking medication for hyperthyroidism, and the similarity was hard for me. She died this morning in his arms. It has been a horrible day. She was 15, named Samantha. We got her shortly after we got married, and she was our first pet together. I have been crying all day and thinking of her and remembering Spike. I hope they are playing together in Heaven. I have been holding my two chihuahuas today, and they are good comforters, but it is hard. I hope Bridget has been some help for you as well. I am still so sorry for your loss and wish you both the best. Rest in Peace Spike and Sam

      • Illinois Jane says:

        I wrote a note to you. Please go down to niece, Tawnya’s post to read it. The explanation follows.
        I feel for you. You’ll be in my thoughts with love.

      • Sidewinder Pen says:

        Aww, Jenny, I’m so sorry about Samantha. I’m glad she was in your husband’s arms, knowing she was surrounded by love. Not that that makes you miss her any less. I’m glad you have your two chihuahuas, even though you must still miss Samantha so much.

    • Rita from Phoenix says:

      Rain after or during a loved one’s death is a good omen by Native Navajos. Spike must have brought the much needed rain.

      • Sidewinder Pen says:

        Thank you for posting that, Rita. I always find your posts about Navajo culture very interesting to read. When I had to let my pup go, it was the last of a very long string of beautiful, sunny summer days. The next morning I woke up to pouring rain, and it rained like that for a week (or maybe a bit longer). Just poured down! The weather certainly matched my mood (I was crying as hard as it was raining). Reading what you wrote about it being considered a good omen makes me happy though.

    • Edie (OK) says:


      Cindy is right, the tech Gods are telling you to take it easy. 🙂
      However, we do worry, and it is good to hear from you. Spike will be missed but we miss you and Bridget too.

      We love you too!

    • Monica says:

      HUGS and more HUGS.

    • Tracy W - our TV "Jack" our TT "Fun Shack" says:

      Sue – thank you so much for your “TO MY DEAR READERS” reply. So many of us are holding our breath, wanting to give you space, and yet worrying for you, are you ok? Is there anything we can do? We wish there WAS something we could do? (lol, no need to actually reply to these questions)

      I continue to come back to this comment page to read and connect with what others are saying, praying for you and Bridget, praying for others also hurting from their own losses. This is collectively such a sweet and caring place to be for healing. We all continue to shed tears, for you, for each other. There is something about this, we are together in spirit.

      I love how somehow your reply here really DOES apply to everyone. ALL of us 500+ responders now feel as if you have personally replied to each and every one of us. You’ve got such an amazing gift of communication.

      Your response in this section is SO beautiful. I would love to (when you have regained access to add/edit of course) see this added up in the original post? It might be hard to find this within these 500+ (and ever growing) reply’s, but I know I speak for others in saying whatever it is that you write in here is incredibly special to all of us. I don’t want for anyone to miss that, no matter how late they arrive to this moment.

      I also beg of you to leave the comment section on this page open? (I’m so sorry I’m asking for ANYTHING, I shouldn’t be, I have no right to. Please if I am overstepping any request you deem inappropriate go ahead and delete). The reason why is I suspect that there are still MANY people who have not caught up yet. When they finally get here they will want to add their voice to this loving “visitation” for Spike and for you. We can’t help it, we all collectively gasped, and wailed “oh no!” and started crying upon reading that fateful sentence. And the lurkers ARE coming out of lurk-dome. We just want to tell you how much we love you and the crew.

      It was purely by chance that I checked in and saw this post regarding Spike’s passing. I am grateful that I could really “be here” in this time with you and all the people who love you. Otherwise I’m still reading way back from June of 2012… reading every single post regarding a day in your life (mundane or adventurous – it doesn’t’ matter!) AND also reading every single comment from your sweet friends. It still might take me a year to finally catch up. I don’t know why I can’t read through it faster, but I am savoring everything. I laugh, I cry, I LOVE how you share yourself and the crew with us. I feel like I know you because I can identify with you. You ARE my hero. I admire you so much.

      Spikey IS such a treat, and Bridget too. From now on as I read there will be even more special attention paid to their every action, their every mischievous exploration, their tender hearts, their somewhat “naughty” antics (that make me laugh of course), and everything. Spikey is forever special. (Bridget too, but we will say goodbye to her at a MUCH MUCH later date).

      Alright, I’ve said enough again. I’m so sorry it took something like this to finally make me post, I’ve always wanted to join in the conversations in your archives but know that I’m just way too far behind. I need to be better at being present. I will from now on.

      Thank you Sue, for this place. You’ve created something very beautiful.

    • Hi Sue–so happy to find your post here today. Bridget is such a sweetheart, knowing when you need a kiss. I hope it’s another sunny day for the two of you & that your hearts feel loved and healing. I have made a donation in memory of Spike to the Camano Animal Shelter–a no-kill shelter full of kind, wonderful people. Jim sends his regards & love too–I’ve been keeping him updated on the posts. Take good care…

    • Taranis says:

      So happy to hear you’re doing well and the skies have started to clear for you. I also pray that the clouds that have darkened your heart begin to clear as well.

      We all miss you, but most importantly, we all love you right back.

      Be well, be safe.


  393. Cinandjules (NY) says:

    It’s a message from above…..to take a minute for yourself and Bridge! 😉

    We all love you too! Have a wonderful day! Glad there is finally sunshine!

  394. Gail in Buckeye says:

    So good to hear from you Sue, We All Love you and Bridget and Spike Too!

  395. Teri in SoCal says:

    So glad to read your message! I have no extra money right now, but I will be taking some discarded cell phones (from friends and family) to my chosen rescue. They get a donation for them. If any of your readers are short on cash, but would like to help a rescue or shelter, they can call them and see what their needs are. Most can use towels or blankets, some use newspapers when they have puppies. Some will take office supplies. Many have lists available. You’d be surprised what they can use. 🙂

    I hope today is a good day for you and Bridget.

  396. DesertGinger says:

    So nice to hear from you, Sue. But the blogorinos have done an admirable job of keeping the home fires burning. I especially like the beautiful poem that were quoted. I am still sad (about spike, about my health, about the way things have been going), but I’m determined to get through this. So at least my determination is back. I am in hospital another week, then home again. I’m a little scared. It am determined to get back on the horse. It sounds like, Sue, that your determination is back too. I hope that’s true. Onward is the only way we know to go, and eventually we go there.

  397. So sorry to hear this news Sue. I’m convinced there is no loss more difficult to endure than that of a “fur baby.” It’s still painful to remember holding my 15-yr-old black lab as she took her final breath…and that was 16 years ago now.

    But, oh what an adventure you gave Spike for his final 3 years! If a dog (or any of us) must choose how to live our final years and depart this earth, I can think of no more comforted a way than Spike’s final years and last day. I’m certain he was thoroughly content and knew he was deeply well-loved by his family, all the friends he met along his journey, and all of his faithful blog readers.

    Millie and I send our heartfelt condolences to you and Bridget.

  398. Melanie Kramme says:

    This post brought tears to my face, so glad spike lived a full life and had a great last day. I have not owned a pet but viewing your dogs life through you has mad we want to have one or two.

  399. Crystal says:

    I read comments off and on when I got a break at work, and then I’d sit and cry. How do you explain to people you’re crying for a friend and the loss of her special K9 companion, but you’ve never met them? I prayed for you often throughout the day, and wish I could’ve been doing so through last week. Poor Bridget, she has a double dose of losing Spike and knowing you’re terribly upset. So cute that she comforts you.

    • Cinandjules (NY) says:


      With the exception of a handful of folks who’ve had the opportunity to meet Sue Bridget and Spike……we are all in the same boat.

      What’s amazing is how 460+ individuals from all over the world have been touched by a retired teacher and her two nutcakes as they travel the road living on less and enjoying life more!

  400. Krystina in Box Elder SD says:

    Oh RVSue & Bridget…my heart is breaking for you. I am so sorry for your loss. Spike was “Sunshine” and the best little “nutcake” ever. When I heard the news,- I yelled out “noooo” so loud that my rv neighbor came to my door! By the time he arrived the tears were running down my face and I could hardly explain the situation. As you can se,e we all love you guys so very much. I, as others, want to thank you for sharing your handsome little guy with us. Rip Spike…you will be missed. Tears!!!

  401. Any Mouse says:

    After the initial pain passed, I think I would be happy that Spike went peacefully after a great day!

    As someone has said, I prefer my dogs’ company to most people.


  402. Ginny in Omaha says:

    Sue you may have this picture of Spike. The Bayfield Bunch at thebayfieldbunch.com for the August 26 posting shows a few pictures of you and the Crew. I especially liked his description of Spike in the outstanding picture of Spike…..shows great attitude!!

  403. Elizabeth in WA says:

    Thanks for letting us know you are doing ok, considering everything, Sue!! Glad you have your little comforter Bridget!! Nothing like doggie kisses!!

  404. gingerd says:

    Oh Sue, my heart is breaking for you. I’m so thankful that Spike went quietly and peacefully though.
    Ginger Las Vegas

  405. Connie & Mugsy (MN/AZ) says:

    You probably won’t read all these comments. This has been my first visit for a few days since life intervened. The odd thing was that I read the title… and immediately thought, ‘oh dear… Spike.’ What a great last few years you gave him… and he passed with you and Bridget… not at some vet clinic. What more could he ask…

    We will all miss him…

  406. Pat in KS says:

    We have been on the road for a week and a half, often with no WiFi. When I read about Spike’s special day I cried and sniffled all evening. I am so glad it was such a good day for the three of you. the rotisserie chicken was such a fine treat. Words are such inadequate tools to express sympathy. I have admired the poetry. Spike was a special guy and all of his fans will miss his saucy adventures. Please know how many of us are holding you and Bridget in our hearts.

  407. Christine in Texas says:

    Sue I never comment on your blog, and have been trying to express my sorrow for you losing your friend for the past few days. I hope you and Bridget feel better soon.

  408. Big hugs to you and Bridget, my heart goes out to you…Spike was such a great little guy, I’m glad his last day was so happy and he even had his favorite snack. He had a wonderful life with you Sue. He will be missed by all of us.
    Still in tears – take care, Linda

  409. Leslie from Australia says:

    Ah! !! Great u are on board again – little spike sure touched hundreds of folk as do you & Bridget – I can see loads of little doggies in the future being named SPIKE and their owners will have a great memory & story to tell about the name. Another great legacy to spikes memory. Cheers for now……..

  410. Tawnya says:

    This is Tawnya, I am Sue’s niece from Mississippi. It’s strange to me typing Sue, she is my Aunt Susan lol. My Aunt Susan is my favorite. She has always been so neat to me. I reckon because of all my relatives I take after her the most. She holds a very special place in my heart. I always worry about her being out there by herself. In one of the ways I am like her is, I do not want folks making a fuss over me. So I keep quiet and just keep watch over her by reading her blog. It broke my heart when Spike passed but at the same time I felt so much better. Seeing hundreds of people that obviously care about her and check on her made me feel so much better. I now know my Aunt Susan is not alone at all. She has hundreds of friends that care a lot about her. Thank all of y’all for all the kind words to her and thank you for giving me peace of mind. Oh and as you can see I definitely didn’t get her writing skills lol

    • Willow (AZ) says:

      But you have her heart…

    • Willow (AZ) says:

      But you have her heart Tawnya…

    • Elizabeth in WA says:

      Enjoyed your comments too…heh, none of us have your Aunt Susan’s writing talent exactly…but we still enjoy hearing from the others here too…as no doubt she enjoys seeing you here too!!

    • Debbie's Journey says:

      warm hug

    • weather says:

      Your first comment on this post is the only one I’ve kept going back to read for days,Tawnya,because-“I love you.”-period-powerful,true,that said it all-I think your writing is perfect.Oh,I’m glad for your peace of mind,too.

    • Illinois Jane says:

      Dear Jenny,
      I’m so sorry that your beloved kitty died. She was with you and your husband all this time. Fifteen is an old age for a cat so you, obviously, gave her good care and abundant love to keep her healthy.
      My old Mackie died in February so I understand the loss of your little love. I’m glad you have your dogs to help you through.
      No doubt, you read that Sue cannot respond right now. If you did, you also read her condolences that were meant for you and all who are/have suffered. You now share with her one life’s biggest challenges. May it be a gentle and loving time for you both/all.

      • Illinois Jane says:

        Tawnya dear, excuse me, please.
        I was writing to Jenny, thought I lost it then was reading your note…then Jenny’s appeared again.
        I will refer her here.

        • Illinois Jane says:

          To you, Tawnya.
          You said it all! Being an aunt, I can assure you, that was music to your Aunt Susan’s ears and lovely in every way.

      • Jenny Waters says:

        Thank you, Illinois Jane. It has been hard, but I am trying to remember the happy days with her.

    • Monica says:

      You have a special Aunt. She brings a smile and joy to many. I found her blog when researching RVs this summer; and ever since, I have been hooked to reading her adventures. I look for her posts every day since I’m boondocking vicariously through her. May her travels be peaceful and safe.

    • Tawnya, bless your heart! Sue is so fortunate to have you in her life. I’ve had a big bunch of special aunties in my life (11 of them just on my Dad’s side, all but 3 gone now). Auntie love is a special kind of love!

  411. Kelley in SoCal says:

    Sue and Bridge,
    I am so sorry for your loss of your beloved Spikey. I started reading your blog in February 2013 when I retired. I look forward to your blog every day and sometimes read it to my husband…especially when I laugh out loud at Spikey and Bridget! And you are friggin’ hilarious too! When I read your last post I said “oh no!” and cried my eyes out for you, Bridget, and Spike-a dog I never met. Memories of Spike will live in all of our hearts forever.

  412. Paula in Indiana says:

    Dear Sue,

    I have only discovered your blog about a month ago and have been reading faithfully and trying to catch up from the beginning. In that short time, you and the crew have touched my heart. I know the sadness of losing a furry friend, but I’m happy you and Spike and Bridget had that special day together. I offer my heartfelt condolences to you and Bridget.

  413. Kay says:

    Camping or as we full-timers often call it… Boon Docking … has forever been changed in my mind, thanks to you, Sue and the Crew. Spikey will FOREVER live within so many hearts, souls and minds.

    My heart is heavy, eyes fill with tears, and worry of how Bridget and Sue are doing…. You’re a tough gal and I know you ladies will be okay, in time. Life goes on, with memories for all of us. However, Spikey was a very LOVED little buddy of yours and Bridget, and to the world through this wonderful blog of yours.

    Spikey, bless his heart, showed so many of us how “boondocking” is really done in the west. His personality shined through all the pictures, and your words. The laughs so many of us had, often times we would laugh out loud in some of the strangest places. Such as the case a while back, I must admit I was in a restroom and while waiting my turn, I tuned in to the blog and began reading, I busted up laughing with a room full of women looking at me. I then felt the need to explain I was reading RVSUE and CREW blog. Two women wrote down the blog name, telling me if it makes me laugh out loud, it was worth looking it up and reading it.

    Sue, feel free anytime to come on over and camp out here at the unopened RV park. We are still going to create the Spike Spaw in honor of our little friend, Spikey.

    Bless you, and keep you and Bridget safe and healing.

    • Kay, I was on a workamping web site the other day–just curious, not serious–& I saw a posting for as place that sounded a lot like what you’re doing. Was it your post because if it is, you won’t have any trouble filling the slot! The job sounded like SO much fun!

  414. Soon to be free says:

    “My Sunshine doesn’t come from the skies, it comes from the Love in my Dog’s eyes.” (Unknown)

  415. Leslie says:

    Dear Sue,

    Please forgive me for responding so late to the news about our beloved Spike. For several days I have been trying to write my condolences, but each time I would scroll down through the comments I would start sobbing again.

    First, to Lady Bridget, I am so sorry you lost your Tramp. Give comfort to your mom, but try not to worry about her too much. You need to heal as well.

    Spike, if you’re listening, please know how much you were loved, not just by Sue and Bridget, but by so many others who never even met you. Your antics were legendary – the patrols, the sneaking away from camp, the confrontations with the big bad cows, and, of course, the soaks. To the very last moment, you were fully engaged in life, and you have inspired me to stop sitting around waiting to die and make an effort to really live for once. Now, I know you’re busy at the bridge holding court with all of your fans, but if you happen to come across a big old sheepdog named Ruggles, would you do me a favor and let him know it won’t be long now? I’d really appreciate it – he’s been waiting for quite a while and I don’t want him to think I forgot about him. Thanks for everything, Spike, it’s truly been an honor to know you.

    Sue, thank you so much for sharing Spike with all of us. It is a testament to our love and respect for you that those of us who stand in the dark quiet corners have stepped out into the light to express our sorrow and to let you know, however tentatively and awkwardly, that we are cradling you in our hearts.


    • Tracy W - (Jack & the Fun Shack) says:

      I love this Leslie, thank you. So sweet.

    • Chuck says:

      Beautifully said, thank you. I have not been able to put into words my feelings on Spikeys passing. We were fortunate to have met him in person and a better buddy for Sue could not be imagined. I have loved and lost horses, dogs and even a cat and hope Spike lets them know I still miss EVERYONE of them. Her writing of Spikeys last day was beautiful. Sorry for the rambling… Chuck

  416. Kevin H says:

    I feel privileged to have met the little guy when you were in Yellowstone a couple years ago.


  417. Reine says:

    Sue, thank you for finding a way to let us know you’re OK. I can understand your grief but I’m really glad the problem is technological. I was worried that you had “crawled in a hole to hide” and there wasn’t any way for us to drag you out. Please know that we care a BUNCH but want to give you the space you need to grieve and heal.

  418. weather says:

    What kept Sue’s hopes for adventure alive?What made her believe dreams come true?Before the b.l.t. had been built,when hard times were really all she had?

    It was you Spike-romping on furniture,acting happy to be alive,having fun,reminding her that she was your hero.That helped her smile just enough to keep reaching-so ended up helping all of us,too.

    You rescued her as much as much as she rescued you-teach us all that -nodding at a stranger,smiling at a friend,touching one near you,saying hello-can matter more than we’ll ever know.

    What can you do to make life an adventure?
    How do you become a hero in real life?
    What’s the secret to being happy?having fun?
    What can we give you,Sue,ourselves and the world?
    What’s your legacy to us ,Spike?


  419. Illinois Jane says:

    Dear Sue,
    It was good to hear from you. I’m glad you have a sunny day.
    Love to you,

  420. Deb from NJ says:

    Oh my….So sorry to hear this very sad news of Spike. He was so loved by you, Bridgett, all who met him and those of us that only read about him and viewed the photos of him roaming and soaking in the lakes. Hugs prayers to you and Bridgett.

  421. Always distressful to lose someone you love; however, what a wonderful way for Spike to go…..living life and doing things he loved with people and furfriends he loved right up to the very end and peacefully leaving this earth. He’ll be soaking and waiting for his friends to join him down the road. Hugs to those left behind.

  422. Pauline from Mississippi says:

    Like my daughter Tawnya, I am so grateful for all of you who have poured out your hearts and love to my sister Susan. This has been devastating to her. Susan, being Susan, will need some time alone with her own thoughts and memories before she returns to writing and return she will. I love Susan and it hurts to know that she is grieving but again, it makes my heart feel good to know that she has all of you. Please continue to pray for Susan….that is really all we can do for her right now. I love all of you because you love my sister and Bridget and because you deeply feel the loss of Spike.

    • Elizabeth in WA says:

      Thanks for your message too, Pauline…so glad you are Sue’s sister and love her so much too (heh, not all siblings are so supportive I have found!!)

    • Diann in MT says:

      You are right, Pauline. We must accept Sue’s mourning, no matter how long it takes.
      We are grateful that Sue will return eventually, but now is not our time, but hers.

      • AZ Jim says:

        Hang in there Pauline, I know this is stressful to you too. I can always see it in your little posts to your sis. HUGGS

  423. Terri from Texas says:

    If you are close, there is nothing like a sister. Mine has been there for me always and is basically all that is left of my immediate family. Sue is fortunate to have you, Pauline, to worry about her and be there for her . The sister bond is a strong one and one to be cherished.

  424. Janet Johns says:

    I’ve been so concerned that you haven’t posted. I finally went and read all of the comments and found that the tech bug has detected the wilds of Wyoming. I like everyone posting, read you and your doggy adventures regularly. I just wanted to chime in to let you know I am thinking and praying for you. My best friend since forever just told me she has stage four cancer. Then I read your column. My tears and prayers are still continuing and will for some time. Heal and return…..

  425. Linda says:

    Spike brought me to your blog, as he reminded me so much of my late dog Maddie, from the start. My heart goes out to you and Bridget. A nutcake to the end, apparently. A good life, a swell adventure, a splendid last soak, all well chronicled by you.

  426. wildflower in prescott says:

    Dear Sue, I have just recently finished reading your blog but have not read all of the posts by your faithful and dedicated Bloggorinos. I am another first time poster, long time lurker. There are no words that I can say to you that will ease your grief except that I understand what you are going through because, like so many other Blogorinos, I have even there.

  427. BuckeyePatti (Ohio) says:

    I am still grieving for a dog that I’ve never met and that has me baffled. It helps to know that others are feeling the same. On the way to work this morning I pictured Spike hanging out with my 2 water-loving dogs that have passed. Spike said: Hey, I think your person knows my person. How about we go over and soak in this creek? We can hang out and be BFFs until our persons join us. Spike most certainly has a HUGE group of friends on the other side of Rainbow Bridge! Sue, I doubt there is another dog on this planet that’s been loved by so many people. Thank you for sharing Spike with us. HUGS to You & Bridget.

  428. Bonnie says:

    ♥ there are never any healing words. I’m so sorry that you lost your little fellow. May the sharp edges start to smooth a little.

  429. Garth says:

    So shocked and sorry to hear about Spike’s passing.

  430. DesertGinger says:

    Well, I’m sitting here in the rehab hospital, getting rehabbed. I’m feeling pretty down, since I know I am a high risk for future strokes, and I want to do everything I can to avoid that. And the fact is I can take all the meds, eat right, etc., and still have a stroke. Just like the last one I had, while medicated to protect me from it. So I know I need to just go on…worrying and fretting won’t help. So I’m thinking how to do that…how to pick up the pieces and go on. And I think about Spike. Spike just lived to enjoy his life. On his last day he was contemplating snatching that juicy bite of chicken. I want to snatch the last juicy bite. I don’t want to be scared of every move I make.

    I think I’ll start making plans for when I get home. Get the show on the road.

    • Illinois Jane says:

      Way to be, DesertGinger. As we all know, attitude makes all the difference. You’ll be a lot happier with the one you’ve chosen. A positive attitude attracts the same. Great decision!

    • Marg in Ouachita's says:

      Ginger, I know the feeling. My cancer was 32 years ago, but I am suffering from the radiation that cured the cancer so long ago. It waited 32 years to hit me though and I had a wonderful 32 years, and expect to have more. So, we both will grab that last bite of happiness, just like Spike did, and I wish you the very best, and know you will reach for it too.

    • Diana says:

      Hello Desert Ginger,
      There is an outstanding book by Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor. “My Stroke of Insight” She is a brain scientist. It is a very encouraging read.

      Regarding “eating well”, please consult your medical/dietary team about fruits and vegetables high in vitamin K.

      Also, you might ask them about sleeping with your head somewhat elevated.

      I feel a bit hesitant about bringing up these topics because I am NOT in the medical field. That said, if these topics have not been covered, you may benefit from additional knowledge.

      All the best to you…

      Diana (Northern California)

      • Diana, just wanted to say that the book you mention “My
        Stroke of Insight” is one of my all time favorites. 🙂

        • Diana says:

          Thank you Linda.

          Have you read “The Art of Racing in the Rain”? by Garth Stein? Perhaps our RVSue would enjoy it as well.

          Diana (Northern California)

          • DesertGinger says:

            I’m going to get the stroke of insight, and the art of racing in the rain is one of my all time favorite boooks.

            • Diana (No. Calif) says:

              I am so pleased that we connected. I feel that you are a strong and contemplative person.

  431. Ron in Ore. says:

    Like countless others I share your pain in the loss of Spike. I wish my little Annie was still here with me, but I am sure her and Spike are having a grand time together in that special place……prayers going out for you and Bridget.

  432. R. (Western Colorado) says:

    Sue, thinking of you, Bridget and Spike. I just read some previous posts and smiled looking at pictures of Spike soaking in sometimes shallow waters or even puddles. What a guy? I wish I can be somewhere in WY closer to you so you know if you need someone I’m not too far away. I would never just show up. Actually I’m not that far away in CO.
    Love you Sue and as you see from so many comments there are many blogorinos who love you, miss you and share your grief. Great love brings great grief. Take your time and do it on your own terms

  433. Wendy says:

    Dear Sue

    I , too, have been a long time reader. I was sorry to read this post. I know your pain. How lucky was this little doggy to know such love…. Take care of yourself.


  434. maureen says:

    You made Spike a part of our families. Bridge too. I think that is why we can share some, but not all, of your grief.
    May your ups and downs be smoothed (Bridget too).

  435. kgdan says:

    Thinking of you tonight, Sue, and sending you hugs. Yet another day I’ve shed tears up here in Washington so I know you feel the pain even more. But you and Bridget are strong; you will prevail—hoping our daily thoughts and hugs to you are helping.

  436. wa_desert_rat says:

    Sue… please do not lose heart! Please hang in there. Your lifestyle can be lonely at times and this is likely to be one of those times. So many here to support you. 🙂

  437. Rawn Stone says:

    Really sorry to hear about your loss Sue. We lost our beloved Lucy 4 weeks ago, and with time it seems we remember the good memories with less sadness attached. I guess time is the healer. I also know from experience that there is some joy in grief. So I just let grief express itself whatever and whenever. Thanks for sharing yours Sue, it has touched a lot of people, including us. The best to you. Rawn and Joann

  438. Cinandjules (NY) says:

    G’ nite……Sue and Bridget.

    Keep each other warm and comfort each other’s heart.

  439. Illinois Jane says:

    Good morning, Dear Heart.

  440. Marsha/ MI (currently at Yellowstone NP) says:

    Sue, I know others have said this, but I wanted to thank you so much for sharing Spike with us, as well as Bridget and your life and travels. I became especially enamored of Spike and his personality and always thought if I ever got a pet, it would be a dog buddy like Spike.

    I come back to check the comments on your blog and they’ve really exploded, but I could read this post only once because I’ll start crying all over again.

    What a wonderful blog community you have.

  441. Carol Z (Central Oregon) says:

    Knowing that you, Sue, will never again have Spike’s physical presence in your vagabond life has affected me in a most profound and unexpected way.

    Like so many others here, I too have suffered the passing of furry friends over the years. My most recent loss was three months ago when my dear Daisy was put to sleep following a mysterious and catastrophic event that the vet had no explanation for. It was the first time I’d ever had to make that agonizing decision to put an animal to sleep. Without question it was one of the most difficult things I’ve ever had to do in my life.

    I thought that I had gotten through the worst of my grieving when Spike’s passing churned up all of those deep feelings of loss again. Every day since you so gently told us of Spike’s special day, I have had episodes of tears. You’d think the well of tears would eventually dry up, but somehow they keep spilling over and over. Sue, I’m so deeply sorry for your loss!

    I’m amazed at the tremendous outpouring of love here! I so hope it is helping you heal, Sue. I don’t know if you have checked Spike’s page — some of us have left messages for him there as well.

    Yep, I’m one of those lurking blogorinos who felt compelled to come out of the closet to express condolences. I have followed you from your very first blog post! What an adventure it has been! I could go on and on about how your shared experiences have so deeply affected me and my life. In return, I want you to know that Spike’s passing has brought you, Sue, nearer and dearer to my heart.

    In Spike’s memory, I’ve decided to go back to the beginning and re-read all of his and Bridget’s adventures! Something you said in one of those early posts: “It takes at least two to make a crew!” More tears. I like to think that Spike just promoted Bridget to First-And-Only Mate 🙂

    • Patsy from Ontario Canada - North says:

      HUGS.. It is good to hear that you and Bridget are on taking time to go through this and it was good to hear that you two are doing good. You brought us into your life with this blog, and brought joy to our lives reading your stories. We have all lost as everything is born lives and then dies. How we live in those moments is expression of life. So never apologize for making us feel. I think the world has forgotten how to truly feel, and its good to relive our cherished memories with the furry ones we have put to rest.. Take care and we all look forward to hearing from you.

  442. Gail E. from Houston Tx says:

    Dear Sue, I can imagine what you’re going throuh, as I have lost precious and long-lived furbabies too. I loved (I love, he still exists, just on another plain) Spike and dreaded his passing, all the more because I ‘picked up’ his days were numbered. What a lucky boy he was here on earth to have you as his mother and Bridget as his sister, to travel his little fanny off in beautiful nature and soothing bodies of water the last 3 years of his life. He’ll always be with you, as you well know. God bless little boy Spike always and forever.

  443. rvsueandcrew says:

    HELLO AGAIN . . .

    I hope all my readers are having a good Labor Day weekend. I’ve read all 555 comments (the count as I type this) and appreciate every single one. Thank you.

    I welcome the new blogorinos who have come out of The Land of Lurk. I’m very glad to meet you at last!

    Bridget and I are dong fine. We continue to take long walks every day. Bridget has her sad moments, but she delights in the extra attention. I bought some spare ribs so I’d have some bones for her. One bone gives her about a half-hour of intense concentration which I think is good for her.

    As for me, I was fortunate to come across two books that took me to other places, much like the bones do for Bridget. Between reading, hiking with Bridget to outstanding views, working on the technology issues, and reading your sweet messages, I no longer feel like I’m walking against an undertow.

    Thank you for your tributes in memory of Spikey.

    We’re still camped 10 miles north of Dubois. It’s such a lovely area that I decided to stay here through Labor Day Weekend. Monday or Tuesday I’ll drive to Riverton to pick up my new camera. A camera that works will give me another diversion.

    At times I regret that my post about Spike’s last day caused many of you to re-experience the pain of your own losses. Then I think, well, maybe we all needed a big group cry.

    For the first time, yesterday, I laughed while remembering one of Spike’s antics. That’s progress!

    I thought I had the key to unlocking my blog in order to get back into posting regularly. I’m disappointed that it didn’t work. I hope to have the blog up and running again soon.

    God bless each of you and thanks again for all you do for me and Bridge.

    Love y’all!

    • Thanks for the update Sue, glad to hear from you. Sounds like you and Bridget are doing a good job of working through the healing process. It will take time. Hope the beauty of your surroundings will give some comfort. I’m thankful for all your friends here in blogorino land who have surrounded you with love and care, and we will continue to do so. Blessings to you and little Bridget!

      • weather says:

        My gosh did I enjoy reading that you laughed at a memory-the pure rich pleasure in those kind of moments become most of what happens after a while whenever we think about times with them.The rest,like the undertow,are walked out of ,too.Thanks ever so for the update,555 comments and updates to the other pages here and books-just reading that much ,besides all that you and Bridget do, hopefully lends itself to ever sounder sleep and lighter feeling hours.May the remaining days at that lovely area be the best ones you’ve had there,God bless you,love ya,too..

    • Elizabeth in WA says:

      Glad to hear you are doing as well as possible, Sue. You have become an important friend to many of us. And here you love solitude…well, a goodly portion of some of us here do too apparently. Hope your time there is good and that the next spot will be a wonderful place too. Looking forward to new posts from you and some photos…so much enjoyed. But take your time. We will still be here…

    • Jolene/Iowa says:

      It sounds wonderful where you are Bridget are at. I don’t blame you for staying there through the holiday weekend.

      You talking about Bridge and her bones reminded me of our Boston, Harley last week. We have been gone A LOT the past few weeks and I felt so bad for Harley. I had picked up a couple extra beef center cut bones from the meat department about a month ago and froze them. These bones are the big long ones that have a bunch of marrow in the middle.

      I got that out of the freezer and gave it to him. We didn’t see him the rest of the night for petting or anything else. He just kept moving him and his bone to a different spot to chew on it. I have bones all over our house and he usually finds one every day to chew on. Loves them!

      Have a great rest of the weekend and we look forward to seeing you when you post again!

    • Hi Sue! So glad to hear from you & happy to hear that thoughts of Spike brought laughter to you! ‘Group cry’–so true! All last week, I’d check in on blog comments 2-3 times a day & just cry my eyes out. I went down to the room where we eat lunch & 2 people asked if I was ok. I’m Norwegian so of course I said I was. It took until Thursday for me to realize, thanks to several of the blogerinos, that I was not only crying for Spike but our boy Slim. He went downhill very quickly & he crossed the Rainbow Bridge about 3 weeks ago. Slim came to us as a stray–he chose us–& he was a fine cat. He brought us many mousie ‘gifts’ over the years, would literally drool when I gave him ear skritches & would let me hold him like a baby & purr the entire time. I still think I hear him at times walking down the hall or think he’s sleeping at his spot on our bed; yes, his spirit is still with us.

      I hope you get the blog up & running, Sue. What a pain in the patoot! Give Miss Bridget some ear skritches & loveys.

      BTW, Jim just told me that sparerib bones can shatter. I don’t know what others’ experience has been but we don’t give them to Ari.

      Take good care, Sue. From the heart…

    • Casitagirl says:

      Thanks for the update, Sue. I kept looking for a new post…finally scrolled to the bottom of all the comments to find this.

      Think about it–You might feel as though you are all alone out there in the wilderness with Bridget, but there are hundreds of us ‘virtual friends’ out there with you. We’re bringing over our ‘virtual casseroles,’ giving you ‘virtual hugs,’ and just trying to watch over and be there for you.

      My casserole is chicken tetrazzini, and I also brought a big coconut cream pie. Here’s a big hug too.

    • Thanks for coming by Sue. Hope you can get the computer snafu figured out, but take your time… We will be here waiting.

  444. Cari in Plano Texas says:

    Dear Sue, I am happy that you are still posting comments when you can. It’s reassuring to know that you haven’t just disappeared 🙂 I still grieve with you over darling Spike, but I am so thankful that he had you and Bridget to share the last years of his life. I still smile when I remember some of the Canine Corner posts that he and Bridget made. Losing my Bandit was the hardest thing I’ve ever done, because I made the decision for him to go, knowing it was the best thing for him. However, I choose to focus on the fun times that we had rather than the painful sad ending times. You are still in my prayers and thoughts. I’m grateful too that you have such a lovely spot to spend this time in.

  445. CheryLyn(Oregon) says:

    Glad to know you are doing better. Just checking in to let you know still thinking of you and Bridget.

  446. Beverly says:

    So sorry to hear about Spike. All has probably been said as I see you have well over 500 comments. Take care and hugs to both you and Bridget.

  447. Laurie in NC says:

    Dear Sue and Bridget,
    It was so sad hearing about Spike and I have had both of you on my mind for the last few days. I know you will find strength in each other. It is great when you can enjoy a memory, smiling about one his antics! Those memories are precious and you have a wonderful blog filled with them!

  448. Cindy says:

    Sue: Thank you for the Labor Day weekend comment – we are all concerned about you and the Bridge – so it is good to know the undertow isn’t drowning you. I have had to say good-bye to three beloved dogs and three cats. In the beginning, the painful memories outnumbered the good, but as time goes by I think your mind goes back to the happy, funny times. Your wonderful photos will help you do that. I still have moments of crying for ones who left me many years ago, but I wouldn’t exchange the days and years I had them for the painful moments. And invariably, I’ve always gone and gotten another furball when I’ve lost one – not to replace the one who left, but in tribute to their life force. Blessings to you and Bridget.

  449. Willow (AZ) says:

    Dear Sue,
    Thank you for your recent post, it was nice to hear from you. Oh,the power of a good book to transport us away from the present and put us in another world.
    Your posting about Spikes last day was heartfelt and beautiful we all are honored to share your tears. No need to apology, for any of your posts. We are all in this together and through your BLOG we learned to love Spike and Bridget and their antics and of course you.

  450. Barry Campbell says:

    It makes me sad to read this as it has touched all your readers. Spike is now soaking in the creek under Rainbow Bridge .

  451. Kitt, NW WA says:

    Wonderful to hear from you Sue! You and Bridget and Spike have been on my mind a lot this past week – remembering all the hysterically funny posts about your beloved nutcakes as well as the heartbreak of loss. It has taken me down memory lane and the long lived and well loved pets we have had over the years. Here’s to wonderful memories and happier times ahead.

  452. Judy (in Corpus Christi, TX) says:

    Hey Sue, I’m a long time “Lucker”:-)) Was born and raised outside of Atlanta and have family in Winder, GA Big Dawg fan!!! I’ve read all your post from the start and feel like Spikey was part of my family. The tears have been going every time I think about him and y’all . I know what that lost is like and after 6 yrs I still cry when I think about my Lab. Being the southern belle (ha, ha) that I am all I wanted to do is give u a big hug. My heart goes out to you and I was so glad that we heard from you cause I was getting worried , as I know everyone was.
    Just know my thoughts and prayers are with you and Bridget. Stay safe and take your time.

  453. Applegirl NY says:

    Soooo happy to hear from you. I am selfishly relieved that you are doing well – we all do worry, girl.

    This is the first time in days I have been able to read without tears. We have encouraged each other with these posts. Some are so beautifully written. I am, of course, especially grateful that they have been a ministry to you, Sue.

    We have lost a couple of wonderful critters in the past. They leave a hole in our hearts. I must say, however, when they left us they looked so at peace. I wonder if that’s a bit of a gift the Lord gives us, to help us through the loss.

    Hang in there, kiddo, as I said before, we’ll be here when you’re ready. Safe travels to your next spot. That new camera will be a pleasant distraction.

  454. Judy (in Corpus Christi, TX) says:

    Lurker not Lucker !!!! Lol typing ain’t my thing!!

  455. AZ Jim says:

    It’s good to see your words again, Missy. I know it’s tough and will be for some time but it’s one of the sour notes of our lives, losing those we love. I know you take some comfort in the outpouring of love posted here from your blog family both near and far. By now I know Spikey has found a great soaking spot and made lots of friends like he did here on earth. It’ll get better but till then hang on to Bridge and keep your chin up. I send Hugggggggggggggs from Detta and me.

  456. Mary (MN) says:

    The loss of a cherished friend is so difficult. Sympathy and comfort to you in this difficult time.

  457. Lee J in Northern California says:

    It was so good to read your comments, to know you are feeling some better.
    I just got a book from Amazon called Grandma Gatewood’s Walk, about an older woman that walked the Appalachian trail three times! After she was past her mid sixties. I can’t wait to get into it, and it was one of their book deals for a buck ninety nine!
    I also wanted to tell you I visited one of your boondock spots in Oregon, not exactly the same spot, but on the Williamson River outside Chiloquin in the Collier State Park. That area is beautiful! My son had taken his family there for a few days, I had to drive my adult grand daughter up to stay with them while she’s on bed rest due to pregnancy complications, then I rode the train home the next day…..I do run on! Anyway…I even saw a Casita in the campground and I thought of you! I will go back and take my BLT aka Rose Bower and spend some time exploring more…fast trip this time so not much time for fun.
    My husband suggested you might reboot your computer to a date prior to your getting locked out of your blog, maybe you got hacked! Do you use Spybot to clean up nasties that have crept into your computer?
    I am sure there are more savvy folks that can offer help…can’t wait to hear more from you, hugs to you and your little sidekick Bridget.

  458. Denise - Richmond VA says:

    Hi, Sue,

    So happy to see your Labor Day note! Thank you for making me smile!! 🙂

    Hope you and Bridget have a peaceful, Clinger-free weekend. Sending you both love and hugs. 🙂

  459. Diann in MT says:

    YAY! A new camera is on the way! Perhaps, a new beginning, too, dear Sue.
    ((Sue and Bridget))
    Thanks for letting us know you’re OK.

  460. Debra Brown says:


    So glad to hear from you. As a lurker, I too was very touched and saddened by Spike’s passing. I’m a big city detective and there I was sitting at my desk and blubbering like a fool. We have four pups and will be devastated when they pass. But I wouldn’t change a thing. Take care and travel on. We’ve got your back.

  461. Wendy in Thailand says:

    Thanks for the update. Take care girls. Hugs for both of you.

  462. Marg (tn) says:

    Dear Sue
    I am not very good with words but I did want to let you know that I too enjoy your blog. I was so sorry to read about Spike……what a fun life you gave him. I will miss seeing him and his famous soaks. My thoughts and prayers are with you……..give Bridgett a belly rub for me!!!!

  463. Maribeth says:

    Hello Sue, thank you for your Labor Day Weekend Update. A good weekend to stay put for sure, too much traffic out there this weekend. You and Bridget have a great weekend and I will look forward to you future posts.

  464. Robert, in it for the long haul says:

    Glad to have you back Sue.

  465. PJ Buffet says:

    Hi Sue, I’ve followed you and the pups from the very beginning. I almost never comment. I am sitting here with tears rolling down my face…..for Spike, for Bridget and, most of all, for you. It is so heartbreaking to lose a family member and, especially, one like Spike. I’m sending you all the hugs and love and positive energy I can muster. Please know that we are all here for you, even if we have not met, we love you and your “nut cakes”. Take all the time you need to grieve for your loved one Spike. And know that so many of us are grieving right alongside of you. Hugs.
    PJ Buffet

  466. kgdan says:

    Oh, Sue, it was SO good to hear your voice today. You sound good, considering. Really looking forward to the restart of your postings. It is astounding to see the outpouring of emotional connection to you and the crew. Best wishes to you & Bridget.

  467. susan says:

    We have been gone with little computer access and I am just now reading this. I’ve read it over and over with many tears. Spikey had a great life with you and Bridge, and now he’s crossed over the Rainbow Bridge and he can hear again and enjoy long soaks. So very sorry for your loss Sue.

  468. Lynn Brooks says:

    Is there a blog I missed!
    People are commenting on “hearing you voice” again – so I hope you’re ok.
    The last blog I received was from 8/20 – beautiful Spike’s last day!
    I miss you & Bridget & hope you’re both ok.

    • Tracy W - (Jack & the Fun Shack) says:

      Lynn – there are at least 2 places where Sue has replied here in the comment section (plus one more that I found too), once on the 28th at 11:36, and also as Reine says on the 30th. I just know that you (like I) wouldn’t want to miss them!

  469. Reine says:

    Lynn, Sue’s having technical problems right now and is “posting” comments occasionally. She posted an update as a comment at August 30, 2014 at 12:37 pm above.

    Sue, Soooo sorry for the continuing technical problems. They are NEVER fun. I’m also glad that memories of Spikey are beginning to produce laughter. You were blessed to have him in your life and to have so many happy memories of the times you spent together. You’re in our prayers. And give Bridge a hug for all of us. I don’t think you can ever have too many prayers or too many hugs.

  470. wa_desert_rat says:

    So many pets in my long life. I’m 71 and I can’t remember living without dogs, cats… and even a prairie dog.

    Just in the last ten years we lost Rugby (the prairie dog) who warned us whenever anyone was near the farmhouse. And Kody, the malemute who was born on the farm in 1993 and laid down to die quietly on the farm in 2007. Johann who followed me to many countries and could meow in three languages. Bonnie who loved to ride on a 4-wheel ATV while (my) Sue tended her orchard. Starbuck who would lay on my chest with his paw caressing my cheek and purr. Maxinne who adored car rides almost as much as she adored (my) Sue. Joxer, our daughter’s Husky who lived with us for years but moved when his goddess married the man of her dreams and who had a sense of humor and liked to play practical jokes and then laugh.

    They all live in the memories of my wife and I and in the memories of our children and grandchildren and will, no doubt, live in stories we all tell about them and our adventures with them.

    Your gift of writing made Spike live for all of us. And created a community.

    Pretty cool.

  471. Karyn says:

    Sue, so sorry for your loss of Spike.
    Our fur kids aren’t with us for long, but the comfort is knowing that they had a great life and were loved unconditionally. They live on in our hearts.

    Now you have another Angel on your shoulder…..


  472. Rattlesnake Joe says:

    Spikey gave you all the love that was in his heart and you did the same.

  473. Donna from Texas (now in Plattsburgh,NY) says:

    Tears….hugs to you and Bridget!

  474. Kay says:

    Technology sucks at times. Then again, I believe there is a reason for everything. We may not know the reason or understand it at the moment, but there is one.

    This technology problem Sue is experiencing, may just be one that Spikey has a paw in. He may know that she needs to spend extra time with his sidekick Bridget right now, so he’s helping Bridget out, you might say… by keeping a technology glitch in place for Sue. It would be so Spike, you know.

    He was very good at pulling antics, and making all of us laugh.

    Sue, once you get to Riverton, if you so desire and want to come our way, you and Bridget are more than welcome. We have a full hook up site ready for you. At the moment, this is a no leash property so Bridget would have a ball. In fact, Comet the dog here loves other dogs, and would probably help Bridget a lot.

    And, you, Sue, could sit under the tree and read or sleep or whatever. No pressure, just peaceful.

    Back to work I go, need to paint more in the house today. We have lots to do, the mobile Kitchen should be here end of next week or beginning of the next week.

    If anyone is traveling through the area in the coming weeks and needs a place to pull off and sleep for the night, come on in. We can’t offer full hook ups but we do have a place to dump and fill with water if need be. Just let us know a bit ahead if possible.

    Can email me at skgtl@mail.com yes, that is MAIL.COM not gmail.

    Hang in there Sue, and Bridget, I miss you!


  475. Illinois Jane says:

    Good Sunday afternoon, Sue.

  476. Tammy says:

    As my husband and I have discussed before, you know that dogs have a short life span, but during that time they touch your heart and in so many ways make your life better. I look at my 10 year old Rat Terrier and wonder how much time does he have left, and then gave him an extra hug thinking of Spike – and trust me he pulls all kinds of things ( he would make Spike proud, typical rat behavior – drives me crazy) but I wouldn’t trade him. He is great right now, no issues and doesn’t know he isn’t a puppy, but the day will come all too soon. I just want to look back and know I gave him the best life I could, and that his life is better because of me. Spike was born and then you gave him a great life and made his life better. When you experience a loss their come a time where you have to celebrate life, remember the great times and move forward I hope that time for you comes soon. Thoughts and prayers are with you and Bridgett.

  477. DesertGinger says:

    Sue!!!! There you are! I knew I could count on you to keep on truck in’. I’m coming around, too. I’m still in rehab but getting stronger every day, less headaches and nausea, just doing better. I’m starting to make plans. I don’t know if they will let me have the bariatric surgery with all my heart issues, but I’m gonna push for it. If they won’t then itis gonna be serious diet and exercise time. Either way, I am on a healthy trek. And next summer I’m getting out there, one way or another. Hitting the road even if just in my car. One thing I’ve learned…do it now. You never know.

    Can’t wait till you can start posting again! I miss my friend!

  478. Sue says:

    I am so sorry that you and Bridget have lost Spike.

  479. Sue says:

    Tears are rolling down my face. I feel like I know Spike. So sorry for your loss Sue. Never easy to lose a pet who loves us unconditionaly. Take care of yourself and do whatever you need to do to help the grieving. Spike has gone to rest in the arms of the Angels. He is okay. It is you and Bridget we will worry about now. Please take care and know you gave him a great life !!!

  480. Sharon says:

    Sue, just catching up on my blogs and am so sorry to hear about Spike. You and Bridget hang in there.

  481. GypsyPurl says:

    Hi Sue, I have been away for a while and I am so sorry to hear about Spike. You made me feel like he was my puppy too. I love and will miss Spikey too.

  482. Joe from Homestead says:

    Spike was one lucky dog, ‘nuf said.

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