“And here we have our rain room . . . .”

Monday, January 4 and Tuesday, January 5

P1080914Ogilby Road Camp, Winterhaven, California

In the previous post, you may remember, I skipped around our new campsite, blathering about this and that . . .  “and this side I make into a sun room, blah, blah, blah.”

Pfffftt!  Some sun room! 

P1080939It has been rainy, foggy, and grey for two days at our camp!

P1080917Fortunately it isn’t bitter cold and it’s possible to enjoy walking outside. 

Reggie and I go on brisk walks both days while Bridget remains in the Best Little Trailer, cozied up in the covers.  The smell of damp creosote is everywhere.

P1080915Several washes, wide and narrow, cross this section of desert. 

Here’s Reg in one of the wide, sandy ones.  He really does love being in a new environment.

P1080919You can see from the photos that there is a lot of unoccupied land around us.

This is Bureau of Land Management public land. 

The usual 14-day limit for camping applies.

P1080922Bridget does come outside for potty and for a change of scenery.

I take the next photo while standing in the wash.  I don’t know how Bridget can bear to set her butt on the cold, wet ground.  As for Reggie, he is perplexed by my behavior.

P1080931When I set up this camp I placed the camp chair in front of the refrigerator area in order for it to block the harsh rays of the sun.

Ha!  “Harsh rays of the sun,” she says. 

All I accomplished is having my nice camp chair rained on!

P1080942-001I didn’t anticipate the first rain which arrived during the night.

Therefore, the camp chair, the lounger, two doggie beds, two scatter rugs, and Pink Piggy (lying sadly next to the camp chair) are still outside and wet.  Once stuff has been rained on, might as well leave it where it is.

There’s Bridget with her behind on the wet, cold ground again!

P1080945As I type this it’s the sunset hour.

The blanket of clouds block any sign of a setting sun.  It’s raining again and the desert is drinking it up.  The forecasters say “clear” for tomorrow!



Your purchases are appreciated.

P1080938-001Wings too fast for the shutter speed!



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166 Responses to “And here we have our rain room . . . .”

  1. cc and canine (Eastern Missouri) says:

    Number !???

    • cc and canine (Eastern Missouri) says:

      I was so excited to be first that I forgot to hit the caps button and got ! instead of 1…..At any rate, a nice post. I saw the weather report and there was rain over your area and was wondering how you were doing. Hopefully it’s not too cold.

      The last photo of the hummer and the feeder are great. We were at a forest service campground in Colorado where the same camp host had been coming for 7-8 years and putting out 4 feeders on his picnic table every day. He invited us to sit down at his table and place our hands around the perches on the feeders. If you sit still enough they land on your fingers! We had to stop by everyday we were there..it was so much fun! We tried to sit and photograph them, but they are just too darn fast… Thanks for sharing this neat photo.

      • rvsueandcrew says:

        And thanks, cc, for sharing that neat story about hummingbirds landing on your fingers! Wow, that must be enchanting!

        I think the exclamation point is fitting…. “Oh my gosh, I’m !”

    • rvsueandcrew says:


      • bess from eugene, oregon says:

        i will try to do what you suggest, cc, and have them land on my fingers. that sounds like a wonderful memory and experience.

  2. Sealarkesmiles says:

    Hi there, Sue and Crew!

  3. Kim Pedigo says:

    Love it out there!!

  4. Mary (CO) says:

    Into each life…etc, etc. . let’s hope for sunny days soon. And if it’s rainy where you are, I know what I can expect here at 9000 ft in Colorado in coming days!

  5. Pam and Maya says:

    Hi Sue and Crew, even with all the rain you are making me really homesick for the desert. I drew pictures of Palo Verde trees all day!

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Ha! I watched two hummingbirds from my seat on the bed as they flew from the palo verde to the feeder, back and forth.

  6. Norm in AZ says:

    I love the smell of wet creosote bushes, which I smelled this morning outside of Quartzsite. Weather wise, tomorrow looks ok but look out Thursday Sue! 😉

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Norm in AZ….

      Yes, we’ll have a short break, they say. This rain must be a downer for those with booths set up at Quartzsite…

  7. Renee Galligher says:

    Hi RV Sue and Crew! In spite of rain, the best thing about the BLT is that it’s not a tent and you can still stay high and dry.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Ain’t that the truth! Thanks for the reminder, Renee. I’m very thankful that I’m sitting inside this dry and cozy capsule with the sound of rain tapping on the hard roof. 🙂

      • Renee Galligher says:

        We’ve had friends tell us to stay home on a weekend when rain is expected. My husband’s response is always, “We’ve got an RV, we don’t care if it’s raining. The best thing is getting away.”

        • rvsueandcrew says:

          Other than concern for driving in the rain, what’s the difference if you’re in the rain in your house or you’re in the rain in your RV? Well, your husband is absolutely right! You experience rain in a new place!

  8. Marcia GB in MA (FL) says:

    I can’t wait to see what new life the rain brings to the desert!

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Marcia… I don’t know what that would be… I’ll be sure to report!

      BTW… Thanks for attaching your location to your name. I appreciate that.

  9. Norman in San Diego says:

    Hi Sue,

    Had some heavy rain and wind this afternoon in San Diego. Sure made for a fun drive home on the freeway.


    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Oh, dear…. I bet that was a thrill, driving in the rain and wind on the freeway in San Diego. Don’t you just love how people don’t stay in their own lane? I’m glad you made it home safely, Norman.

  10. Pat H. says:

    Great pics and love the campsite!!!!! It is one of the areas I want to check out in a few weeks. Do the roads in that area get bad after the rain? One of my fears is getting stuck……lol. I still have the same class c and I know you have mentioned some of the rigs camped in the area and it sounds like the road is good. Any suggestions? ?????

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Pat H.,

      The roads are good. This part of the desert, in most areas, has a hard, rocky surface over gritty sand. There are some bare, sandy places which are hard-packed. The loose sand is in washes where you wouldn’t drive anyway.

      It is very easy to set up camp here, regardless what type of rig you have or how big it is. I warn you not to make the mistake of taking the Sidewinder Road exit as you head west out of Yuma. Take the next exit which is marked Ogilby Road, go north toward the mountains (the only way you can go).

      You’ll zip straight across flat desert on paved Ogilby Road and then there is a jog in the road and you go over railroad tracks. Immediately after that is a sandy road to the right which starts with a fork. If you take that road, keep to the left and you will soon see RVs scattered about. That’s the Sidewinder Road/American Mine dispersed camping area. We’ve camped there. You can see it by doing a search “RVSue + Ogilby Road.”

      I haven’t looked at the above mentioned area this year as I approached from the other direction. It usually has more RVs than where we are camped at present, further north up Ogilby Road.

      If you like more space around you, continue on Ogilby Road and you will come to a few dirt roads going off to the right. There’s no need to drive any of those roads way back toward the mountains. (OHVers go way back there and the roads aren’t as good.) You can see one of the roads into the camping area in the 4th photo of this post.

      BTW, on the way from Yuma on I-8, if you need gas, propane, convenience store stuff, and/or dump station, exit at Sidewinder Road, cross over the interstate, and go to the service station at Pilot Knob. (Pilot Knob is an LTVA.)

      Then you can get back on the interstate, continue west to the next exit which is Ogilby Road and free camping!

      Water spigot and trash dumpsters are located at a rest stop further west on I-8.

      If you have more questions or if the above isn’t clear, let me know!

  11. Frenchie in NV says:

    Happy New Year Sue and crew!
    I’m not posting much but still here:) I absolutely love to get cozy under the blanket in the RV when it’s raining…just like little miss Bridget.
    Wishing you the very best for 2016

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Frenchie! Good to see you here! I love it when blogorinos reappear and let us know they’re still riding with us… I wish you a wonderful 2016!

      I agree about the cozy blanket when it’s raining. I hope it keeps raining when it’s my bedtime so I can go to sleep to a raindrop lullaby. The crew is already in dreamland.

  12. Pamelab says:

    Hi, Sue and crew –
    At first, I thought you were experiencing rain inside your BLT! So good it’s only wet outside and you three are dry. Always enjoy the bird and animal photos. Thanks.
    Pamelab in Houston

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      You’re welcome, Pamelab! Yeah, I guess that title does make it sound like the BLT is leaking…. I didn’t think of that!

      Hope you’re staying warm and dry, too!

  13. bess from eugene, oregon says:

    hi everyone,
    for those that are interested in my comment on the Eastern Oregon situation standoff, i posted in the previous comment section of the last post…. bess

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      I’m putting that comment here, bess, so folks don’t have to search for it.

      “hi everyone,

      the land that was burned was in Nevada. these people are sympathizer with the Nevada father and son that went to prison yesterday. i will try to give you my take on what is happening in Oregon.

      throughout the history of Oregon (i am a 6th generation Oregon Trail descendant) there have always been separatist groups that don’t want the government telling them what to do. they usually are armed. most Oregonians are not in this category.

      this current group wants the federal government to give back some wild bird refuge land which was established many decades ago. i assume the sagebrush wild land was purchased from someone at one time, but it isn’t farm/ranch land now. it may have been federal land before it became a wildlife refuge. this land looks a lot like Nevada and has very few people living nearby. there are cattle and sheep ranchers in the area and also wild antelopes.

      it is mostly a big flat shallow lake. millions of birds (pelicans, cranes, geese, etc.) use it as a fly-way. the buildings the group is occupying are wonderful and include a stuffed bird collection of every bird in Oregon, stuffed many years ago. we visited these visitor buildings a couple of years ago and it is very educational and has beautiful grounds with lots of birds (naturally)! i highly recommend visiting it on the way to Steens Mountain and the little town of Frenchglen in May/June or the fall.

      the FBI, State Police and local police are waiting to see what happens. i am sure they don’t want another Ruby Ridge or Waco. our Senator Wyden says everything is calm and they intend for it to stay that way. our local media were allowed in to visit a couple of days ago and everyone was treated very well. the reporter for PBS said she didn’t see much food. i have heard the government may try to starve them out rather than have a shoot-out.

      it is my prayer that the protesters wake up and see that this is not going to get the land back to be ranched. and that the negotiations for peace are successful without shots fired. i know there is growing frustrations throughout the USA for all kinds of situations and i dearly hope for peace and understanding and a willingness to be open to hear all perspectives in peace.

      there you have it. needless to say, i am not an authority on this subject. i am from Eastern Oregon originally from a ranching family so i understand the value of keeping the land in families. and also respecting the federal land uses because that land belongs to us all.” — bess

  14. bess from eugene, oregon says:

    hi Sue, i admit that i thought that you had purchased a folding sun room/screened room that would attach to your awning when you mentioned a “sun room” in the last post. now i get it! you have the best of both, a sunny side and a shady side. YAY! this looks like a good campsite. bess

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Usually that’s the way it works… a sunny side and a shady side. The past two days we’ve had a rainy side and a rainy side. 🙂

  15. weather says:

    Boy, what you won’t go through to avoid having to wash your outdoor furniture by hand. How clever of you to find a desert camp where rain does it for you.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Even Pink Piggy is having an extended bath time!

    • weather says:

      It appears that you’ll get a break from rain today. Do you think that will be enough for Pink Piggy and the dog beds to dry ? Here in central NY we’ll get an extended break from the sub-zero overnight temps we had from Sunday until this morning. In a normal winter we get so used to the cold that it has little effect on our routines. This one has been so warm on average that the lake hasn’t frozen yet. So the chill yesterday tempted me to stay inside and cozy , I’m glad I didn’t. As I drove home I watched the waves turn into a turquoise sea stretching for miles along the shore. Gee, this season has been very different from what either of us expected Sue, Good morning. I hope today’s surprises are the type that delight you.

      • rvsueandcrew says:

        Hi, weather, and good morning to you, too,

        Things dry out fast in the desert. A little sunshine and everything I left out will be dry again. Already the sunshine is at work this morning…

        Just when one thinks what a time of year will be like, it isn’t! What one is accustomed to becomes new and fresh! Oh, wow..”waves turn into a turquoise sea stretching for miles…” That must’ve been a glorious sight and you are one to appreciate it. I’m glad you were there at the right time. 🙂

        Today will be another good day for us and I wish the same for you, too.

  16. Ladybug in Mid TN says:

    HAH!! That’s what you get for bragging! 😉

    I’ve been watching some UFO shows online lately and I was wondering……since so many sightings seem to be out west, have you ever seen anything weird/unexplainable in the sky since you’ve been full-time?

  17. Pookie in SE Texas says:

    I love your PPFFFFFTTTT!!
    havent heard that since my mama passed away…….
    enjoy the rain while you can…wont be long before
    it 103 in the shade and nothing but sun……..

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Good advice, chuck… I like the rainy days, as long as there aren’t too many of them in a row. Then the crew turns on me. Ha!

  18. Lois (AZ) says:

    Just noticed you have an awning…when at extended camps and when it rains (without wind) it can serve as protection from the rain…with one corner lower! Maybe a pain in the neck? Has been raining off and on for 2 days here…sounds like reprieve tomorrow but more on Thursday…my grand-daughter in CA posted: rainraindon’tgoaway!! They are loving it! Stay dry…

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Lois,

      Yeah, it would be a pain to keep tabs on the awning during rain to catch it before the wind flips it over the roof. This rain is easy to live with because it stops and starts. It’s like “Okay, you can take the crew out for potty now. Hurry up, because I have more raining to do!”

      Rain in CA… Your granddaughter is right about that!

      • Chris B of the Diego and Clete Tribe says:

        Just checked the rainfall table for my area of So CA and it says that we had 1″ of rain today. More heavy rain on the way for Wednesday and Thursday. The bad thing is that there is flooding in the canyons which triggers landslides. Lots of trees and vegetation died during this drought so erosion will be inevitable.

        Chris B

        • Pookie in SE Texas says:

          4 years ago in SE Texas we had a 9 month drought without getting one drop of rain and we lost 21 big oaks on our land that contracted a virus….didnt lose one pine tree…grrrr
          this year we had our 3rd best year for rainfall since they started keeping figures……..go figure….

          • rvsueandcrew says:

            Nature does her thing… No matter how much we try to persuade her otherwise, she keeps on doing things her way… go figure . . . . 🙂

        • rvsueandcrew says:

          That’s the cycle, all right. I hope you are out of the way of that…

  19. EmilyO in NM says:

    Lots of rain out there, my bro in Orange County said the rain was coming down in sheets earlier today.

    Finished my radiation treatments today! Yea. I even got a Certificate of Completion from the radiation center and got to ring the bell 3 times as a symbol of movin’ on.

    This rainy period will be over with and before you know it the desert flowers will start popping their pretty heads above ground. They ought to be beautiful this year.

  20. Cinandjules (NY) says:

    First…thanks Bess for the info on the land dispute.

    You make me laugh! A puddle on the seat of your camp chair! Wait….wait…yep I can see the wash!

    Your AC on the BLT…runs on shore power only? If so…was that standard or an option?

    In regards to the items left outside….aren’t you worried some desert critter will “mark” it during the night?

    We had a heatwave of 10 degrees…actually it was really nice. Freezing sn-rain is coming so we raked the roofs…so the snow doesn’t turn into ice. Other than that nothing happening on this side of the coast.

    Have a great evening.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Raking the roof… dear me, that’s major winter. Brrrr…

      The air conditioner was standard and, yes, it runs on shore power only. I’m glad it was a standard item. I might have opted not to have it. As it turned out, there have been times, like during last summer, when I’ve been very glad we have it.

      Yeah, a critter might mark in the night. That’s why we have rain. 🙂 You have a great evening, too…

  21. Lee J in Northern California says:

    There is never a dull moment on your blog…love it.
    Someone correct me if I am wrong, but hasn’t there been a drough going on all the years you have been full timing? Like four years?
    I bet a lot of those mostly, almost, dried up water holes you have shown us the past few years will be showing the lovely rainfall results this summer! It will be like visiting new areas!
    How do doggies sit their butts on the cold ground, makes me shiver! Maybe that is why Miss Brigitte heads for a blanket whenever she gets the chance!
    I’ve been out in the rain today, had visions of a hot soup dinner..but noooo…I made salad!

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Lee J.,

      Yes, the drought has been going on for all our years full-timing. I remember being shocked back in 2011 to see how low the water was in Elephant Butte Reservoir, NM. In my dreaming-of-full-timing days, I saw that reservoir online when it was full and it was beautiful.

      It would be absolutely wonderful to see the reservoirs and lakes filled up again! I’m not complaining about the rain. I vowed never to do that again.

      As for Bridget sitting on the cold, wet ground… Cold doesn’t seem to bother her. Reggie and I are snugged up with blankets and Bridget wiggles free to sleep on top of the blankets.

      I like your opening statement… “never a dull moment”….

  22. Lois (AZ) says:

    Wish there was a “like” button as Facebook has! So many blogs that deserve it! Sure is entertaining, especially when it is raining…makes life interesting.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      I think I can put a like button on my blog. I haven’t looked into it because I don’t want people clicking “like” and then leaving. I’d rather read what you have to say and have you stick around for a while. 🙂

      • Sidewinder Pen says:

        I agree! I would miss the “missing” comments if people just clicked “like.” I don’t think I’ve read any comments, no matter how short or “mundane” that I didn’t enjoy.

        • rvsueandcrew says:

          Hi, Pen,

          I’m constantly trying to think up ways to encourage people to comment. It’s fun to see people from all over appear here, even if they only say a few words. I notice that some of the male readers disappear when things are going great for me and the crew and then when we have a problem, they show up to help. Maybe I could pretend… hmmm . . . .

          • Pamela K. says:

            LOL, Ha! Don’t even go there. Life gives us all more than enough “real” issues to contend with. 😉
            “Maybe I could pretend…hmmm…”
            Sue, You are such a spitfire! 🙂

          • Applegirl NY says:

            That means those gentlemen are regular readers and only jump in when they think they can be helpful. I think that’s so nice. Sometimes it would be helpful if I was a person of fewer words. Probably will never happen!

  23. It rains on the just and the unjust. I’m trying to figure out which I am.

  24. Dave Stewart (in missouri for now) says:

    Well you can have all the rain you want right now we don’t need any in Missouri. Question. Is there any blm land around Tacna on the other side of Yuma? I am still new at the searching, in the Benchmarks. I have a niece there.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Dave,

      I do believe you’re right — You have plenty of rain in Missouri…

      It sounds like you have an Arizona Benchmark. I’m looking at mine right now (in the Public Lands section) and there isn’t any yellow on the map around Tacna (yellow means it’s BLM). I do see a small area of blue on the south side of Tacna which is state land. I doubt you’ll find a good boondock there because the map shows a landfill, an airport, and then, further south, the map is brown which indicates the Barry Goldwater Air Force Range.

      There’s an area of yellow to the northwest of Tacna (Muggins Mountains Wilderness). What I’ve seen of that area is no good for boondocking, either steep, rock mountains or tamarisk-laden lowlands or agricultural fields by the Gila River. If you look along the interstate to the east of Tacna, there’s an area of yellow on the map (BLM) north of the little town of Mohawk. That doesn’t look good either.

      You have an advantage — a niece in the area! Ask her to keep her eyes open for RVs in the desert… 🙂

      The only place I can recommend from my limited experience is free camping at Coyote Wash at Wellton. It’s about 10 miles west of Tacna, easy access off the interstate, supplies in town, restaurants, etc. Coyote Wash isn’t large, yet when we were there, it wasn’t crowded. Folks return there year after year and are helpful and friendly as I found out when I got stuck in the sand! See “It had to happen, sooner or later . . . Stuck at a new camp!”

  25. Pamela K. says:

    HRH Bridget…plopping real royal heine on the cold damp ground! I swear I do adore that girl! Funny she should pick that spot when it looks dry under the BLT…where she normally hides out, lol. I think she secretly stays up at night thinking of ways to be ever so regal and to keep us guessing 🙂

    Glad the rain didn’t kick up a sand storm with it. Rain, for rain’s sake, is a good thing. Glad you are cozy inside with the crew.

  26. Hi Sue and crew,
    Rainy and, wet here in the Tucson area also. Those pacific storms are wrecking havoc on the normal nice warm, sunny arizona weather. Hunker down for a few more days and hopefully it will get better.

  27. Krystina ~ Sutton, Vermont says:

    Good Morning Denise…thank you so much for the last message you sent me. Unfortunately I cannot find it to reply. UGH! You are so right that this is another adventure….another GOOD one. So far I have moved the living room furniture around at least 4 times. I think I finally have it where I want it. Yesterday my daughter brought over full size sheets and a comforter that she wasn’t using. I have been using my queen sheets for a month now. The bed looks great now….ahh the little things in life. 🙂 Have a great day.

    • Denise - Richmond VA says:

      Hi, Krystina!

      Sounds like you are having fun making your home your own! A nice, cozy bed…one of the best things in life! Have a great evening! 🙂

  28. Krystina ~ Sutton, Vermont says:

    What a beautiful spot RVSue!!! Just love it. I hope the sun comes out and dry’s up all your stuff. It is going to warm up to about 15 degrees today. Woohoo!!!! Have a great day…kiss the kids for me.

  29. Nancy from South Georgia says:

    Hello Sue,

    It’s the rain that will bring those unique desert flowers (that I want to see someday) so it’s a good thing. When it’s cloudy here – and that’s not often – I like to tend my plants and do things outdoors that I sometimes shun under the harsh sunlight. And fog and rain just go hand in hand with coffee, I do believe.

    We had the WEIRDEST weather here for the holidays I believe I’ve ever experienced. It’s not unusual to have a warm Christmas season this far south, but this year was particularly warm, just downright hot. It was hot but also it was calm and still, kind of like what I remember pre-tornado weather was like when I lived in the midwest. I wore white linen pants and sandals on Christmas Day. I would prefer for there to be just a couple of inches of snow on the ground and a cold snap so that when I bake the turkey the house is heated naturally by the oven and I can save a bit on furnace costs.

    But I know there are many who don’t agree, who have had enough of cold and snow all their lives, and live for such a climate. And we even have alligators and armadilloes!

  30. MB from VA says:

    Good morning Sue and Crew! I know how you feel about the grey days. A few here and there are welcomed but after that…..no so much. We have had a lot of them around here. Christmas week actually felt more like Easter. Now it’s cold and clear the way Jan. in VA is supposed to be. Even though I work outside a lot, I still love the crispness of the air….. AND, that hummingbird feeder reminded me of one of my all time favorite RV Sue posts. The day you “fixed” the other hummingbird feeder! I laughed till my ribs hurt while reading that one. It was at that point that I knew that if we had met in real life…..we would have liked one another a lot. 🙂 Have a great day!

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Ha! Just another informational post from RVSue — A tutorial on how to “take care of” your hummingbird feeder …. THAT WON’T STOP LEAKING!!!
      “Every problem has a solution”

      Grey, brisk days have their good points. They wake us up to our surroundings, make the sunny days all the more … uh . . . sunny. 🙂

  31. Dawn in MI says:

    Will all that rain mean beautiful desert flowers in the spring?

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      I suppose so. 🙂

      • wildflower in prescott says:

        Sue, this might be a good year to visit Death Valley. They have already had a bit of rain which means the possibility of wildflowers blooming in a few weeks.

        • rvsueandcrew says:

          Hmm… I hadn’t thought of that. Thank you, wildflower in prescott.

        • Bill & Ann C says:

          Check out the Death Valley NP Facebook page. The flowers are already out in some areas. Also great updates on the tems and road conditions.

          • rvsueandcrew says:

            As for me, I don’t have an account on Facebook which means I can’t see that.

            • wildflower in prescott says:

              I do not have Facebook but am able to access DV NP page.

            • Sidewinder Pen says:

              I don’t “do” Facebook either, but from what I’ve seen some pages are accessible to anyone anyway (they must have a public setting). Still kind of irks me to go there as I can’t reply or query – I wish they’d just have web pages. But, anyway, I can look.

            • rvsueandcrew says:

              Okay… Good to know. I’ll wait until my next Verizon data period to research the flowers at Death Valley. Only two more days to go!

  32. Good Morning Sue, I have a question about the Salton Sea Corvina campground……We have had a lot of rain but we are going anyway, but our friends are worried about the ground conditions, I guess they are worried about mud at the camp sites. Where you there during any raining days?

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      No, I wasn’t at Salton Sea when it rained. At least I don’t remember having rain. I do remember the texture of the ground at the campsites and of the campground road. The road is firm. I think you will be fine. Just be careful when parking. Look for the tracks where other RVers have driven and also where they are parked in order to analyze conditions. You may want to park a bit further away from that bank going down to the beach. You have the sense to know to be careful.

      The sun is “out” today which will dry the ground somewhat, although more rain is on the way tomorrow “they” say.

      Go, have a great time, whatever the weather! If clouds roll in, you may be treated to incredibly beautiful sunsets across the water…

      Oh, and Good Morning, Shirlene!

  33. Dawn in NC says:

    Hi Sue,

    Quick question. Were you ever able to get your thermocouple fixed so that you can have heat if needed?

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Bwahahahahahahaha….. Me? Get something fixed when it needs fixin’? Hahahahaha…..

      No. I haven’t bothered with that yet. Just threw on another blanket. Nice of you to think of that, Dawn.

  34. AZ Jim says:

    This much needed rain is a good thing. Not only is the parched Southwest getting the water we are picking up much needed snowfall. In the spring some of those empty reservoirs will begin filling not to mention the ground water being replenished. We have been getting showers for a couple of days here, it is supposed to quit on Friday.
    You and that precious crew sit tight and enjoy the isolation you so love. Later Missy.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      You remind us how precious this rain is…

      Thanks for the sweet message — Yes, we are enjoying this camp very much… Bye for now, Jim… You and Detta enjoy your day!

  35. Jackie says:

    Sue this reminds me of when I went to LA the end of 2004 I think. A friend told me it never rains in California, well, that was a joke. I don’t think there was hardly a week went by without it raining and then the mud slides came and people were losing their homes into the ocean. All that was horrible.

    I got sick first thing due to the mold in the apt. I let my company talk me into using public transportation and the van that they had to pick everyone up for work and group trips to the grocery store. The worst thing that happened is I left my purse in my daughters car when she took me to the airport which had my phone and most my money. Luckily I had the things I needed in Sacramento to get my temporary license to work in LA.

    My daughter sent a large Rubbermaid package to me withe the things I left plus some extra things to help make me feel some better, well it never showed up. Finally after I gave up and replaced my phone and another gadget that I had that cost over $300. I finely got the package 45 days later. I also told my company after the 2nd wk there if I didn’t get a rental car I would be on the next plane home the hell with them and their contract. I got a car that day.

    They did not want to lose me as an employee cause I worked every day scheduled plus any extra needed. The only time I was out was when I got sick due to the mold and it took so much time getting to the dr and then trying to get my meds that I couldn’t get any sleep after working all night and I was just too sick and with fever to go into work. I was there the next day and I worked an extra day to make up for the one I was out. Once I got settled in and got rid of my roommate I loved it.

    I enjoyed LA and hope to visit again someday. I want to travel the Pacific Coast Line up to Washington and I would like to venture into Alaska at some point and time. There are a lot of areas I would like to see. I would like to travel the upper northern states during the summer and visit some of the lakes to fish and some of the canyons I haven’t explored. I think if I started tomorrow I don’t know if there is enough time in my lifetime but at least I would have given it my best shot. I love the nature and the beauty that god has given us to enjoy. I also love taking pictures of nature something I haven’t done in a long time.

    Sue, Casita is supposed to be sending me a brochure of the camper so I can get a better look and the information about the rv itself. This at least gives me hope of my dreams possibly coming true in light of all the bad things happened that changed my life for ever.

    Well it is cold here 26deg Pepper and I are snuggled up warm watching DIY. I got to get going. I wanted to get some sheet rock mudding done today, so I can sand and then paint. I hope it stops raining today and the sun comes out. Happy blogging to all.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Jackie,

      Well, it does seem that trouble comes in bunches…. but then, so do the good things. I’m happy you were able to enjoy LA. You have a wonderful dream — to follow the Pacific Coast and into Alaska… It’s a pricey dream, but a beautiful one. Go for it!

      What fun! A brochure from Casita! If you’re like me, you will wear the paper to tatters looking at it so much. 🙂

      Sounds like you have your work cut out for you today. Best wishes… Thank you for your newsy comment!

  36. Hi Sue! I just waved as we passed Ogilby Road on our way to El Centro, California for our Costco run. More rain forecast for tomorrow.

  37. Lisa and her pack in SoFl (for now) says:

    Hi Sue and crew,
    my crew has expanded temporarily while I take care of a friends dog. They are traveling and he does not do well in a kennel. Luckily everyone gets along, otherwise my studio would be too small for two big dogs, me and my old man(cat). Tommie loves the company and they wrestle/play almost everyday. I love your writing about coping with weather in the BLT. Also everyone’s comments about the conditions where they are makes it fun, like reading a round robin letter. We have finally had some cool weather here, yeah! Nights in the 60’s, days breezy and 70’s. Today we woke up to rain and like others I welcome it, it seems to always be pretty dry here. Even after a downpour, the parking lot puddles disappear quickly.
    My plans for launch into full-timing are taking shape, at least on the calendar. There is a Tiny House Jamboree in August I would like to attend. I figure I will take off in late June, travel to CO, then who knows. My long range plans are to be a snow bird a little closer to the east coast to visit family in NJ, friends in New England during the warmer months. So Sue, any advice on the trek from FL to CO? Are there Benchmark atlases for the eastern states, or just out west? Can any of you help me figure this out ? Thanks, now back to my two dog nap, Zzzzzz,

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Lisa,

      You won’t come into Benchmark territory until you reach Colorado. Benchmarks are for the western states only. Public land, i.e. boondocking areas, is scarce between FL and CO.

      The Corps of Engineers has really nice campgrounds, a little more expensive than BLM and forest service campgrounds, but only a bit more. I don’t know if you’re eligible for the senior discount pass (62 or older– $10 one time fee, good for life).

      This guide may prove useful and offset its purchase price:

      Camping With the Corps of Engineers: The Complete Guide to Campgrounds Built and Operated by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (Wright Guides)

      As for camping in the East or South, I can’t help you there.

      Blogorino alert: What do you suggest for camping from southern Florida to Colorado?

      • edlfrey says:

        Geezer Card is good at COE camps. They are some of the very best and always on lakes. They are good choices along the Mississippi and Missouri Rivers quite a few in the southern states also. I have not done much camping in the east but did stay at East Bank Campground near Chattahoochee, FL just into Georgia.

        • edlfrey says:

          I forgot to add the COE camps on Harland County Lake near Alma & Republican City, NE. They would be an excellent stop on the way to CO.
          I have never stayed at any of them but LOTs of COE camps on the Arkansas River in northeast OK which would be good stops on the way to CO.

      • Pamela K. says:

        My husband and I have stayed at Corps campgrounds and enjoyed them a lot. Many have marinas attached to them. Some are ran by private companies FOR the Corp of Engineers…those can be pretty pricey depending on location and competition in the area so that s something to always consider. Our campground/marina in GA honors the Seniors Pass if you have one. Also Good Sams and other discounts. For a pull-thru the standard price is around $68.00 per night. One thing you may want to try is calling or going online and locating the local area Fair Grounds along your route. We have had very good luck with dry camping on the Fair Grounds and they are most often near good sized towns or cities. Heading more north the traditional campgrounds are the offering, not too many other options until you get toward the Great Lakes…at least that is what we found in the past.

    • cc and canine (Eastern Missouri) says:

      Benchmark only has atlas’ for the western states, but DeLorme makes an atlas for every state in the country. They show the national forests on them, and some of the federal campgrounds…the atlas for Texas is particularly good and tends to show little public campgrounds run by towns and counties. Lots of the national forests in the midwest have campgrounds, but they are not always in the atlas’ so an online search is valuable. Like Sue said, the COE has great campgrounds, but they close them in the off season.

      Don’t forget the national parks…Acadia NP in Maine has a campground. State Parks can by pricey, but they are generally a better camping experience than private campgrounds…

      Good Luck!!

      • Sidewinder Pen says:

        I agree with cc. For the states that don’t have Benchmarks (which is basically all of the east), check out the DeLorme Gazetteers. They are similar to the Benchmarks in format and are available for every state. I used them a lot when I lived east of Benchmark Country. They are available on Amazon.

  38. Pookie in SE Texas says:

    now Im confused……….your pictures are gourgeous that shows the desert…
    looking at the map at Winterhaven it looks like agriculture land…..full of lush
    green land that you could grow watermelons, cotton or whatever you wanted.
    unless you are a long way from Winterhaven…………HA….

    • The land around here is desert, however it has been changed to agriculture where they have dug canals and made an intricate web of irrigation. The only reason it supports agriculture is the irrigation.

  39. Pookie in SE Texas says:

    I see on the news that SOCAL had an earthquake this morning….
    is everyone OK in your area?

  40. Chris(MN) says:

    News flash! It’s going to get colder and snow in Minnesota! Below zero lows starting on Sunday. This will be my first big test keeping the rv warm. So far, so good. Sue, please, please, please keep the hummingbird photos coming. They give me hope!

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      I’ll do that, Chris…. You let us know how it goes for you with the below zero temps…

    • Pamela K. says:

      Oh my! I DO wish you good luck in those temps. Do you have your water connections wrapped with insulation and heat strips plugged in? Or are you disconnecting from the water and just using carry jugs? Remember to open all cabinet doors inside your RV to allow heat to travel thru the pipes more easily too, and that silver bubble wrap on all the windows… Wow, You are a far better fella than we were staying in those temps! We always made sure to leave MN by Oct. 15th before any “Oct. Surprise” snow and ice hit. Seriously watch your water heater…best to keep it lower instead of on full high even if the water is not very hot. The reason is the wind will back-draft and cause some water heaters to burn themselves out. If you start to see soot on the outside of the water heater turn it down or it can catch fire in those temps. Run your Fridge on electric if it has a switch-over, not propane, for the same reason. Did you under-pin your 5th wheel with anything? Sorry to sound so mother-hen, I worry about you in those MN temps…with good reason…just be extra careful. I don’t recall what brand of 5th wheel you have, some are built more for winter camping than others. Even still, those temps can go into the minus degrees pretty quick. The last year we were there it dipped to -40*F (minus 40! true temp not wind chill). That is wicked cold no matter what you are living in. I remember the local farmers/ranchers would have to take their tractors and do propane/gasoline runs for people who were in real brick and stick houses when the snows got so bad and the temps dropped afterwards. Maybe you could find a barn to park your RV in during those times. Still live in it just have some added protection. Do you have a Plan-B if things do go deadly cold? I hope all goes well and you keep us posted.

  41. SecondLife says:

    I am a long time reader but never post. I just wanted to thank you for writing. Reading your blog really help me through the rainy days like today.

    • Denise - Richmond VA says:

      You are a blogorino now! Welcome, SecondLife! 🙂

      • SecondLife says:

        Thank you for the warm welcome. People in this are wonderful. I have been reading this blog since when Sue first started it.

        • rvsueandcrew says:

          I appreciate you being a longtime follower of my blog. I’m glad you’ve joined the ranks of blogorinos… It’s a special group!

        • Krystina ~ Sutton, Vermont says:

          So glad to see that you have jumped in to the Bloggerino World SecondLife. Welcome.

      • bess from eugene, oregon says:

        welcome! i posted a reply on your webpage/blog. interesting design and project. bess

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Welcome, SecondLife! Thank you for letting me know you’re riding with me and the crew. I’m pleased my blog entertained you today. 🙂

  42. Denise - Richmond VA says:

    Hi, Sue!

    Glad to hear that you had some sunshine today. A reprieve from the rain – yay!! Hopefully the chair, lounger, mat, and pink piggy have dried out and are good as new. It has been fun to read about fellow blogorino’s wearher. Another cold, but sunny day here. I forgot to take my leftovers for lunch today. Despite the frigid temps and wind, it felt good to have the sun on my face as I walked a few blocks to pick up some spicy Thai soup.

    Gracie was extra cute when I came home from work today. She was so excited and happy that she was jumping for joy. Then she started “talking” to me, telling me to hurry up and get her dinner. Silly little girl loved having me home for two weeks….now she is back on the job, too…keeping watch over our home while I am at work. 🙂

    I like Wildflower in Prescott’s suggestion of visiting Death Valley NP. I just read that the unusually large amount of rain is expected to bring a bumper crop of wildflowers – a seldom seen occurrence. The prime viewing time is Jan/Feb. DV NP is on my bucket list. Seeing it covered with wildflowers would be beyond my wildest dreams. Oh! The photography opportunities! **sigh**

    I hope you have a good evening, Sue! Stay warm and dry! Sending you and the adorable Crew hugs from me and my adorable Gracie pup! 🙂

    Did everyone buy a Powerball ticket? $450 – 500 million jackpot! Good luck to us all! 🙂

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Denise,

      You paint a vivid picture of you walking for spicy Thai soup. It’s fun for me to have a glimpse into readers’ lives, rather than always the other way around.

      Little Gracie pup… How cute! I wonder if our canine pals think we might be leaving forever whenever we walk out the door. They don’t know the concept of jobs or “I’ll be back later.” They’re always so ecstatic when we return, like you describe Gracie. Bless her heart.

      I’ll research Death Valley wildflowers…

      You and Gracie pup have a nice evening together!

      • Denise - Richmond VA says:

        Thanks, Sue!

        I have my little 15lb heatalator on my lap. Life Is Good!! 🙂

      • Denise - Richmond VA says:

        Look at desertusa.com for a detailed wildflower report. The last Super Bloom was in 2005. 🙂

        • Denise - Richmond VA says:

          Just looked at the site again….don’t waste your precious data. Lots of stuff to muddle through, and I could not locate where I was before. You could always call the NP directly to get up to date info. Feel free to delete the above! Ssorry!

          • rvsueandcrew says:

            No apology needed here… I’ll look for info during the next data cycle. Thanks, Denise.

  43. Jackie says:

    Well Sue and crew I am tired. I quess Pepper is tired of watching or feeling left out since I have been working and not sitting around spoiling him even more. I got the one wall redone w, waiting for it to dry to sand again. I re sanded the one opening to the kitchen and mudded that again. Re did the corner which to me is always a pain. Then I checked the 2 walls that I am almost done with and did some little spot areas that needed a little touch up. I finished my crown molding about 4 foot needed finish painting and then I went back and did a second coat on a couple strips of boards that had soiled areas that slightly showed thru. Now the moulding looks good.

    Hopefully I will be ready to finish painting by Monday. Then I can lay my carpet for the living room area and I have to wait on getting the laminate for the dining area but iam going to go ahead and put my furniture in where it belongs.

    My next project is finishing the kitchen and bathroom.i can’t do the kitchen. Now because my LR bookcases are taking up space. I did get one of my counter tops put in and my sink. I have 2 more counter tops to put in and I decided to move my stove where I put the tall cabinet floor to ceiling. I will be putting a 12in cab. Next to the refrig., then the stove, 18 in cab., then the cabinets turn. I I will have about 12 ft of counter space then the tall 3ft cabinet will be at the end. I have to paint all the cabinets.

    What happened was this was my house when I was married and had 2 small children. I sold it to my mom. I inherited it when mom died for taken care of her. The floor in the kitchen was rotten out from a leak under the kitchen sink and the front porch was rotten in front of the door plus some of the steps were rotten. I redone the porch and steps 3 summers ago after mom died. I had to replace half of the kitchen floor and tear out the existing cabinets because they were built in and the bottoms were rotten.

    I got a hair brain idea since I had to do all this any way; I decided to extend my way too small bathroom. I extended the BR 3 ft into the kitchen area. The kitchen was still approx 10x15ft. I also remove the back double window and made a glass window door and sm. window at the back of the kitchen. My dog Max then could sit and look out the back door or the front door because I put one at the front door as well. Now I have all this cabinet space in the kitchen plus natural lighting .

    The bathroom I can walk around in there and can put my dogs bed in there plus his food bowl if I choose to. I have a 36″ sink cabinet and a 18″ wall cabinet for storage of mop, broom, vacuum cleaner or what I decide to use it for. I just have a lot of room I did not have before.

    I totally redone the plumbing entirely myself except my grandson helped me pull out all that old cast iron heavy plumbing pipes under the house. And he help me move my hot water heater under the house. I have to finish the ceiling in these 2 rms and paint plus do the tiling in the bathroom and backsplash in kitchen plus remaining 2 counter tops. I have the laminate to put down on kitchen floor and tile on bathroom floor. So, I do a little and take a break.

    My rt arm has been given me a rough time and the dr don’t want me using it much for about a wk after I get that injection done. This has put me behind not that I am on a time line or anything but I would like to get it done. I have been working on it for a good long while. You know when I do get it complete I can be proud of me because I had very little help. My friend next door helped me some and let me use some of his tools that I needed and could not afford to buy. He also gave me 4 nice windows that you can fold down and clean with double panes. I replaced the front 4 windows with his help and my grandsons. It has been a long process but worth it. I can’t wait till I done. Thank goodness it is just a small one bedroom house.

    • Lois (AZ) says:

      Gosh, I got tired just reading all you have done!! You remind me of a friend back in MN that does everything herself…I can do a lot, or I used to be able to, so really appreciate reading your accomplishments! Keep up the good work..it will be done one day.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Whew, Jackie! You have worn me out! You are one very industrious person!

      Mind your doctor and don’t overdo. I can understand you wanting the house finished just how you want it. I bet it will be adorable when you are done. If I had a house I’d want it to be a little place like yours… one bedroom… sweet!

      Rest well tonight… You earned it!

    • Krystina ~ Sutton, Vermont says:

      Wow, Wow, Wow!!!! I am impressed with everything you have done Jackie…and I thought I was handy…not so much!!! LOL I hear you about the pain in your arm. I will be painting the entire inside of my 1600 sq ft house soon and I know my right shoulder is going to be a problem…oh well…use it or lose it. Keep on keeping on Jackie…you are doing a great job!!

  44. We’re loving the rainy desert this week. Tessa will lie on the rocks and dirt right beside the rug we put down for her – every time 🙁

  45. Elizabeth in WA says:

    Well, tis a chilly year most places isn’t it, Sue? But we so need the snow and rain…it snowed some Sunday here, but thankfully did not stick…just in the mts around we see LOTS…and I am grateful for that…perhaps an easier summer this year. Well, I suppose the rain maybe also somewhat cleaned what was left out…one way to look at it maybe. Happy days and travels to you 3!!

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Elizabeth in WA,

      I was wondering about you… Then I open my laptop and here you are! 🙂

      Yes, grateful for the rain (and the snow, although I’m not in it). I look forward to the day when our lakes and reservoirs are full again!

      Take care…

      • Elizabeth in WA says:

        I must admit I am still working my way through the awful ordeal I went through at the Raleigh airport…and a friend sent a video of the so-called patdown done at same airport on a 10 yr old little girl…a thin tiny little 10 yr old that looked about 7 yrs old in size. SICKENING!! I do not know how these goons sleep at night!! After nearly a week of pain on my left side, there was several days of pain on the right…never had that prior to my ordeal. I am still hopeful that whatever damage was done will heal up!! I would definitely avoid using the Raleigh, NC airport.
        Thanks for thinking of me…I appreciate it, Sue.

        • Krystina ~ Sutton, Vermont says:

          Holy cow Elizabeth…what happened at the airport? I must have missed that explanation while I was putting my house together.

          • Elizabeth in WA says:

            It was terrible…but since have seen online that Raleigh, NC TSA for whatever reason are doing bad things, and way over the top things to passengers. The first day we were to fly out was bad enough, but flight was cancelled so had to get motel and come back the next day. That day was even worse going through TSA. I went through the x-ray machine both times (with different results even though wearing same clothes) and then their so-called patdown, which I totally cooperated with. Main focus seemed to be genitals area. They pummeled my gut something fierce…and that is what caused my side pains apparently as it is not anything I have had in the past. They were very obnoxious and invasive (in public, but had been warned not to go in private room with them)…but the physical issues are what infuriates me. The 2nd day the maybe 25 yr old was yelling at me on top of it. If she had spoken clearly and distinctly I could have understood the first time…but she wanted to yell. All bad enough but both women (well over 6 ft tall and I am a bit over 5 ft) pushed me enough I almost fell down, catching myself by stepping back…but that also flared up my bum knee, which was not bothering me until then. If you search online you will see at least 2 other instances of similar things at this airport. I am sure there are more. A tiny little 10 year old girl was treated badly about the same time as I was…same week at least….abc good morning america has a report on that. On our trip to Israel last month, we got nothing but kindness, helpfulness and respect. We draw NO ATTENTION there…and they deal nearly daily with terrorist problems. It reminds me more of what I have read about how things were in Germany when hitler was coming to power. That disturbs me even more than what happened to me personally… Thanks for asking. I fear for what all these things mean for our country.

        • rvsueandcrew says:

          You’re welcome, Elizabeth. 🙂

  46. BadgerRickInWis says:

    Oh Sue, you have such a gift. Only you could live/describe 2 rainy days and make it sound like paradise. Your first picture looks like it should be the front of the Casita catalog.

    Sorry I haven’t been commenting as much as usual of late. Busy/rough time of year for me. (no fear, all the important stuff is fine) But I have been reading all your posts and following the comments as much as I have been able to.

    I especially loved the 2015 recap posts. Each one was like a little gift. Kind of like the 12 days of Christmas RvSue style. Loved each and every one of them. As always take care and thanks for being you.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      I’m relieved to see you appear here, Rick. You are dear to me and to many others who read this blog.

      I hope this rough time of year doesn’t last long and you can enjoy smooth sledding…Thanks for letting me know you liked the review of 2015 posts. Be well, safe, happy.

      • BadgerRickInWis says:

        Thank you for that Sue. That’s very sweet of you to say. Like I said all of the important stuff is fine. Just spending too much time slaying dragons in the commerce wars.

        Have no fear, this special little place you have so lovingly created holds a very dear place in my heart and I ain’t goin’ nowhere.

    • DesertGinger says:

      We miss you Rick. You are important contributor here. Glad you are ok.

      • BadgerRickInWis says:

        I’ll reply here but thank you both Kathy and Ginger. I hope you know the feeling is mutual.

  47. Jackie says:

    Good morning Sue And Crew. I woke refreshed and ready to go but it is to early for that. I will use this time to spoil Pepper. I was too tired to pet him liked I usually do.

    I am going to help my friend with their house today. We are going to tear open the walls in at least one room and have the inspector to come over and take a look and give us his opinion. It is a rental house that I had just finished Painting throughout in Nov. And cleaned ready to rent. It was 3 BR, 2bth, kit, DR,LR laundry room and closed in back porch. Last week someone kicked the back door in and started a fire in the LR. It just makes me sick. I am going to caulk and paint the window trim I did yesterday. I might sand a little but that will be all today.

    I want to start cutting out some quilt squares if I can find where I packed my rotary cutter. I have some other sewing that I need to do as well but been procrastinating. I don’t know why. I just do that some times. I will go strong for a while then it is like I just seem to not be able to do any of it for a while

    I love the picture of your rv and look very much like home with Bridgette and Reggie running around outside. I seen a new solar panel that powers a generator. The generator is supposed to run quiet and cover 1800watts. The cost is $2000. I found it in the DIY Homesteaders magazine.

    What type of phone services are working out there off the grid. What satellite service is best to use and what kind of cost for these services to have while boon docking I just love the look of the casita. It gives the look of airstream without the cost.
    Happy Trailing.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Good morning, Jackie,

      Gee, you were up early this morning! Not only can you do construction, you’re a quilter, too! We have several blogorinos who quilt.

      To answer your questions: I run my laptop and phone off Verizon service. I have a Verizon jetpack (air card) through which I can go online and also use to transfer books to my Paperwhite. Do an online search for the Verizon website and you can read about the jetpack and service plans. My plan probably wouldn’t apply to your needs/usage because I have to purchase enough gigs to support this blog.

  48. ? #152 but still here!

  49. AZ Jim says:

    Now before I say this I know how careful you are out there but I am gonna say it anyhow. WATCH THOSE WASHES! Missy, lots of water in the ditches here and many have learned the hard way not to try and cross water in them. When it comes, it rushes and there’s no stopping it. It should be over soon. None of us want anything to go wrong with you and the crew, you’re our family.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      I promise not to drive across any washes. We’re on much higher ground than the washes around here. I understand your concern and appreciate the feeling behind it… Being a Zonie, I bet you’ve seen what washes can become…

  50. Jackie says:

    Thanks Sue I have been considering verizon anyway. I have AT&T and I find myself in places that my call gets dropped or a lot of low signals and my friend has verizon which works without any problem. So this is good info if it is working way out there as well as the internet card as well. I loved the pictures of the dogs playing together. Pepper gets so excited when we go visit a friend that has 2 dog and they happen to be the same breed. He just absolutely has a ball. I hope it is a sunny day for you today.

    • Jackie says:

      Hi Sue I checked online as well as at one of the stores. The price online just did not seem right and it was a little off. Oh well that is life. The price is still better than what I am currently paying. I don’t need the air pack till I start traveling but with getting the 6 plus iPhone and 6gb air card I will be paying the same price or a few dollars less. I think that would be great. Then I could read books on my mini I pad and work on me a blog of my own to keep me busy. This is something I have wanted to do but weren’t sure how to do it and still not sure. I got a lot of research to do. I am not good with words like you but I will just have to give it my best shot. I would like to incorporate my sewing in my blog along with my travels as well as Pepper can’t leave him out.
      God Bless All and happy trails for those traveling .

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