Baby boy Butters

Thursday, January 1

Bridget and I leave Painted Rock Campground west of Gila Bend and travel westward across Arizona on Interstate 8 to Yuma.  I find a campsite not far from some “real life friends,” something we had arranged by email.

Normally I give the first names of my friends and post a photo of their rig.  I promised these friends I wouldn’t do that.  They don’t want anyone knocking on their door asking how to find RVSue, which is understandable.  Anyway . . .

After setting up camp I turn on the Wave 3 heater and leave it on for several hours before going to bed.  It’s a very cold night outside.  Bridget and I are warm inside and sleep well.

Friday, January 2

Due to the cold morning, my friends and I decide they should wait until later in the morning before they come over for a visit.  It’s still chilly when they walk over, but warm enough that we can sit and talk.  We climb a small hill near our camp which gives us a great view of the surrounding area.

I’ve decided to delay posting photos or descriptions of this camp in order to maintain my privacy.

Saturday, January 3

Bridget and I board the Perfect Tow Vehicle and head into Yuma.  We hope to find the dog who is destined to become part of the canine crew!

1-P1020054I park the PTV at the Humane Society of Yuma.

“I’ll be right back, Bridget.  You be a good girl.”   Fat chance.

I walk over to the entrance and I can’t believe what happens next.  I don’t even walk inside the building and I find the perfect dog!

Look at this guy!  Isn’t he wonderful?

1-P1020058He fits all my specifications:  male, young, terrier, light-colored, short-haired, small-to-medium size, photogenic, intelligent, friendly, a touch of rascal-ality, and, of course, cute as the dickens!

His name is Butters.

He’s outside this morning for fresh air and exercise and is being minded by a woman and her teenaged daughter.  They let me walk Butters on a leash.  He scampers about in an invitation for me to play.

I laugh and scamper with him before scooping him up.

“You’re a little butter cookie!”

Butters is a stray and his exact age is unknown.

We go inside and Butters is placed in his cage.

1-P1020061I’m told to wait for the adoption person.

In the meantime I stick my fingers through the bars and Butters proceeds to chew on them.

1-P1020060Note the additional cuteness provided by the pink tongue.

Soon a man appears and informs me that Butters is being held for someone else.  My heart sinks into my shoes.  Darn!

However, he says, I can have my name put on a list in case the people decide not to take Butters.

“Sometimes a person will choose a dog and then when they bring the family in, the husband or wife doesn’t want the dog or something and they change their minds,” the man says encouragingly.

Sure, like anyone would change their mind about this sweetie!

I go to the office to have my name put on the list. 

I find out that I’m third in line for Butters.  The facility is closed on Sundays and Mondays.  I’m told to check back on Tuesday to see if Butters is available.

In the meantime I keep seeing the wagging tail, the button ears, and those big, beautiful eyes.



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227 Responses to Baby boy Butters

  1. Chris B says:

    My heart just sunk! What a cutie!

    Keeping my fingers crossed for you,
    Chris B

  2. Lee J in Northern California says:

    What a sweet face! Hope you are enjoying your friends all I have to do is try not to hold my breath till Tuesday, hoping hoping hoping…..have a wonderful weekend, and remember…breathe….lol.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      You have a wonderful weekend, too, Lee. Yes, I’m enjoying my friends, haven’t seen them in a while….

  3. mockturtle says:

    He’s darling! Hope you get him. 🙂

  4. Sue in Alabama says:

    What a precious little face! It would be hard to leave him in that cage! I will be praying for you and Bridgett that Butters becomes your new mate! Happy New Year to you both!

  5. Norm says:

    Sue, Don’t they have a nice facility? I was snooping around there in November while waiting for my next dental appointment in Algodones. I hope you find that perfect canine addition to the crew.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Norm,

      Yes, it is a very nice facility, roomy and well-maintained. Butters looks perfect for the crew, yet I’m sure there are others who would be, too.

  6. Teresa from NC says:

    Sending blessed wishes to you and Bridget. You two are continually in my thoughts! Stay safe.

  7. TXBX says:

    Oh, what fun! He is a cutie, and I so hope he can be yours! Did you see any others you might have an interest in? I noticed a very nice looking dog in the other cage next to him, but and that their ears had a ‘similar’ shape, but I don’t do well recognizing breeds, unless it’s Rin Tin Tin, or Lassie! LOL
    I’m keeping my fingers crossed, for you, for Bridget to be a great sister, and for the lucky pup that gets to come home with you!!
    ADOPTION: Sue, Thank You for Adopting! You can’t save the world, but to one dog, you are about to be ‘their whole world’!! Someday, some pup is going to think they are in heaven! Bless You!
    Becky in TX

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, TXBX,

      The dog in the adjacent cage is older. I didn’t feel any connection with him, although, no doubt, he has lots of love to give. There were a couple others that probably would do fine. I’m hoping the next crew member is a love at first sight dog….

      • TXBX says:

        Your heart will certainly know!
        That’s what happens to me, and later, I always think back and realize that I had listened to my heart! I don’t think I can stand the suspense!
        How much excitement can we stand for 2015? You are certainly contributing your part to make it uplifting and exciting! HE HE

  8. Joan aka Egg4Us says:

    Sue, hoping you find what you are looking for, it seems they do have some cute little ones there. Butter looks so cute, did you see any others? The one next to Butter looks like a “Butterscotch” hee hee .
    Good Luck and warm weather is on it’s way!!

    • TXBX says:

      AWE! I thought so, too! ……and asked her the same thing! What I saw in the photos was impressive about the facility. I have 3 adopted Chihuahua ‘mixes’, and all three have ‘problems’ that made them less desirable to lots of people, such as 3 working legs, a missing eye, and one with a mixture of ‘little problems’. I wouldn’t trade them for the world. My favorite ‘dog people’ are those who adopt their pets!
      YEA, Sue!! She rocks!

      • rvsueandcrew says:

        Gee, if anyone ROCKS, it’s you, TXBX…. Bless you for taking in dogs that others would pass by.

        I’m trying to imagine a chihuahua mix dog as part of the crew. They are plentiful in this area. Small has its advantages.

        Shucks… I do love terriers though!

        • TXBX says:

          My heart did it, not my brain. LOL Funny how we ‘think’ we are making the ‘big decision’, but it’s actually coming from the heart! I can just see the ‘look’ on Bridgette’s face, now!

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Joan,

      There were some handsome, very large dogs there… One looks like a Great Dane mix, a beauty! And a wonderful, energetic pointer mix. I love pointers! Of course, those breeds are not appropriate for the crew.

      There were some other nice dogs, small ones, mostly dark colored or much older than Butters.

  9. Butters is a real cutie! I have a friend in Oregon with a Chihuahua mix pup named Butters. I loved calling him Butter Pecan, but his real name is Butterscotch. Sending happy thoughts that you’ll become the new fortunate owner of Butters!!

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Gloria,

      I’d never heard the name before. Coincidentally… or maybe subconsciously… I bought a bag of butterscotch hard candy at WalMart today after meeting Butters.

  10. Chuck says:

    What a cutie. One of our volunteer friends has a cute dog named Butter. Heinz 57 breed. Hope this little guy works out but the one next to him is a cutie too!

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Chuck,

      Yes, the neighboring dog is a nice dog. He seemed reticent, maybe he’s a bit depressed or doesn’t sleep well in a strange place and would perk up if taken home. He’s not The One though…

  11. John K - Mobile, AL says:

    Cute pup, I hope he becomes a full fledged crew member real soon.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Thanks, John K…. If he doesn’t become ours, I’ll tell myself there’s a good reason.

  12. Lisa W says:

    I was so excited for you, then my heart hurt when I found you were third on the list. I know if it is meant to be, it is meant to be. But what a great addition he would make for the family. Hoping it turns out.


    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Lisa W.,

      Yeah, my heart dropped… I was thinking how easy it was going to be to bring Butters home. I had the crate in the PTV with comfy pad in the bottom… *sigh*

  13. DesertGinger says:

    He is so cute! Fingers crossed! Got my brand new iPad Air with cellular today! So excited! My Xmas present to me.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      What a super present for you, Ginger! Gosh, it’s so nice to have you writing from a much better “place” than where you were a short while ago. 2015 is going to be a great year for you!

  14. Cherie from OH says:

    Butters is adorable, but that little brown and white pup next to him is pretty cute too. Good luck finding Mr. Right.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Cherie,

      You aren’t the only one who likes the one next to Butters! Usually, when looking for a dog to adopt, I don’t necessarily look for a youngster. After losing Spike and now Bridget is getting up in years, I want a dog with many years ahead of it…

  15. weather says:

    Wow there’s so much that I’m glad about-that you’re warm at night,posted,are trying to protect your right to healthy privacy,made the list and want it to be love at first sight with the next one joining your family.!Butters is adorable,it’s no wonder people are eager to love him-he’s got it made.As will any dog that makes your list!my prayer is for the right things to happen .Love at first sight’s been part of every permanent commitment I’ve made.Your dreams have a way of coming true ,Sue,thanks for letting me watch you reach for them…

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Thanks, weather,

      Your gladness for me makes me feel cared for in a special way. I’m confident that I’ll find the love at first sight dog, whether it be Butters or another.

      When the vision of living full time as a vagabond first formed in my mind, I fell in love with a succession of rigs. For one reason or another, they didn’t work out. Looking back I’m thankful that I didn’t purchase any of the ones I wanted in my “euphoria” stage of planning for this lifestyle. It took some disappointments and detours to point me toward the rig that’s right for us.

      I’ll try to keep that in mind if the same thing occurs in the hunt for another crew member!

    • weather says:

      Thanks,Sue making you feel cared for is predominantly why I come here.Too often the heroic are relied upon without receiving simple empathy,genuine help and/or encouragement as effective ways to express gratitude for all they do.I particularly want to thank you for writing to me last post that”I’d rather walk outside in beautiful,peaceful places than walk across the interior of a longer RV I can’t take where I want to go.”. What a great sentence to commit to memory and use while choosing a rig and much else that is!

      While on the subject of gratitude I see others here supporting your hope that readers not try to initiate meeting you in person where you camp,wonderful!
      While I find wanting to meet you perfectly understandable,I still believe it’s cost to you and others is more important than a fan’s personal satisfaction …

      Each of the far too many times folks have seen themselves as the exception to the rule of “No drop in visitors,Please” ( whether by outright search and approach or forcing you into the awkward position of considering their self-invitation to meet you when nearby) it has cost you healthy peace and your audience A) sympathy pains and B)being let in the PTV while discovering new places with you.

      Your wisdom in applying lessons learned in life regarding detours is profound.Led on paths that seem indirect,at best,in the moment -we are taken to what’s right.Hopefully faith that we’ll reach and fulfill our true-appointment will let us feel less dis-appointment by embracing your grateful outlook.

      • rvsueandcrew says:

        It’s very kind of you, weather, to help me explain why I can’t have drop-in visitors.

        You are kind to me in many ways and I’m very grateful. I think every kind message that is posted here by you and others makes it less likely that unkind messages appear. Your goodness is a shield!

        • weather says:


          🙂 enjoy your visit with potential new pals today,that’s the type we all gladly applaud and love hearing about! ’til next time,as always,it’s been my privilege and pleasure,weather

  16. Barbara (Nashville) says:

    Butters is a real cutie. I will include you in my prayers that he becomes your crew member.
    I always adopt rescue pets myself. I have had several cats. I really want a dog the next time, but hubby not so much. I do know if I ever get to RV, I will have a dog. I love almost all breeds, so choosing will be difficult.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Barbara,

      Good for you for choosing rescue pets! I know what you mean about loving all breeds… I saw some great dogs today. They would be terribly wrong for this way of life, but they were attractive nonetheless.

      Thank you for the prayers.

  17. Judy Johnson says:

    Wow… you just took us on a roller coaster ride, Sue. Up, down and all over the place! If Butters is not meant to be yours, then I’m praying that just the right one/at the right time, becomes yours. Looking forward to that great moment. Judy J.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Judy,

      My readers ride with me and since I went on that roller coaster today, so do you! Thanks for the prayers. … Oh yes, “that great moment” … I can hardly wait to share that with you…

  18. Night*sky says:

    Awwww, he’s adorable! Fingers crossed that he joins your crew!

  19. Elizabeth in WA says:

    Well, he is a real cutie!! But wishing you the BEST one suited for you and Bridget, Sue!!

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Thanks, Elizabeth. I think Butters is the best, yet maybe he’s not, and there’s another cutie somewhere who is meant for us, and by “us,” I mean me, Bridget, and all the readers of this blog!

  20. BadgerRickInWis says:

    Oh, my what a sweet face, big time happy dance and a whoop, whoop cheer. But Butters comes with a but.

    So fingers crossed, toes crossed, arms crossed, legs crossed, eyes crossed. Hoping, hoping, hoping; chanting positive affirmations. “Let this be the dog for Sue, Let this be the dog for Sue.”

    OK, now I take a deep breath and let it go. Butters might be perfect but I know that if it is truly meant to be than it will happen, if not than the perfect new crew member is still out there. It will happen as it should happen and we shall all stay tuned.

    I also have to say that it seems a shame that even with all of your “no drop in visitors” disclaimers that you (and now your friends) need to worry about those who in their eagerness to meet you lose sight of why you chose this life to begin with. Sigh.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Rick,

      Thanks for criss-crossing yourself… I think the crossed eyes will make the difference! Ha! You crazy nut!

      Thank you for the understanding statement at the end of your comment. Nothing will ruin this blog faster than repeated drop ins. Already it’s losing part of what people like about it… the story of arriving at a new camp and seeing what it is like.

  21. Jolene/Iowa says:

    My heart sunk by the end of your post. I love Butters, he is so cute. Praying you get him.
    If not, there will be another one. New dogs come in all the time. When the time is right and the right dog is there, it will all come together.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      You’re right, Jolene… The right dog will become available. I think I need to go to the shelter every single day!

      • BadgerRickInWis says:

        So let me get this straight.
        First your a professional camper. Now your job is to go and play with puppies everyday.

        DAMN!!! I want your job woman. 🙂

      • Jolene/Iowa says:

        If you are going to be in the area and Butters does get a different home, can you tell them what you are looking for so that they could contact you somehow?

        • rvsueandcrew says:

          I doubt very much they would agree to do that. As always, policies and procedures are determined by what the least responsible person would do.

          I imagine people would ask to be called, not notify the shelter that they found a dog elsewhere or changed their mind about getting a dog, and the shelter would have all these lists to keep track of, making unproductive phone calls when they could be doing something else that needs to be done.

      • Yes! Go to the shelter today,Monday, reaffirm that you think Butters should join the crew, that you have not forgotten him and that none of the blogerino’s have uncrossed any fingers or toes or eyes!!!!

  22. debsjourney says:

    hi Sue
    Butters is adorable and I do hope you get him but I know you will get a beautiful dog that is right for you hopefully soon.
    I AM camping by myself today and tonight. Sue you must have a strong back because winding the levels and all of that kneeling it’s difficult for me I sure hope to get stronger this year,but I have a long way to go.
    good luck regarding little Butters.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      I finally saw your comment under the previous post and replied. I don’t understand why your trailer takes a “strong back” to turn the hitch crank. It shouldn’t be a physical strain, unless you are infirm. I’m not a particularly muscular person. I realize your trailer is a bit bigger than mine, but even so it shouldn’t give you trouble like that. I wish someone with experience would look at it and see if it needs greasing. I know you mentioned that an electric jack isn’t in your budget right now. I’d love for you to have one because I don’t want this to be work. Leveling the trailer should be something you do without any fuss, not something to dread.

      Why are you kneeling?

      • Norm says:

        You have to kneel to get at the leveling jacks if you have them, right?

        • rvsueandcrew says:

          One can kneel… I sort of squat, reach under and pull the jacks down. There are only two. Deb’s words “all that kneeling” sounds like she’s doing a lot more than that. That’s why I asked.

          • debsjourney says:

            I guess what I am saying is it hard for me to stoop down very low and turn the crank although I know it will be easier the more I do it. it seems like my body is out of shape to the point where I strained my back easily. We had to move the picnic tables and they were so heavy that might be why I got strained at the start. tomorrow I Drive home but I’m leaving the trailer set up right here and returning Wednesday for another 4 nights then I will hitch up and head home with the trailer. I feel tired and hope I get good rest. Turned on my air conditioner and it’s very quiet now good night all.
            by the way you have the best bloģgers ever

            • rvsueandcrew says:

              Good night, Deb. Sleep well.

            • Patricia from Fl says:

              I had a friend who had a pop up camper with stabilizers that needed to be cranked up while bending over. They were a bear to work with and it really was tiring to get all four cranked up. We found a drill and a special bit that fit the stabilizer and now the “cranking up” is much easier. Also we use WD 40 and lubricated the stabilizers before each time that we cranked them.
              Wishing you well.

            • rvsueandcrew says:

              You clarified the situation, Patricia. I didn’t know that some trailers require stooping and can be tough to crank. I’m sure Deb appreciates your understanding and advice.

            • Patricia from Fl says:

              as for the picnic tables…
              most of them are too heavy for me to lift or to assist another with lifting. I just don’t move them any longer.
              Sometimes a sweet ranger or a young couple is nearby and help to move them. Don’t get overwhelmed, camping can be very much enjoyed.

  23. Cindy Blaylock says:

    Oooooo – I love the name Butters. My husband has started calling our little terrier (Lucy) Snickerdoodle because she looks like a snickerdoodle cookie and it just fits her. I will keep our fingers and paws crossed that Butters comes to live with you and if that is not to be, that you find another one who makes your heart sing!!

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Thanks, Cindy… I had a terrier once that had the perfectly normal name of Sparky. Over time his name morphed into Doodles. It happens. 🙂

  24. I’m so excited! Butters is not only handsome and photogenic, he is smart too! You can just tell that the intelligence is there looking at the eyes! I, along with all the other blogerino’s, hope Butters gets to join the Crew! I can hardly wait until Tuesday! I’m with BadgerRick, fingers and toes all crossed and a prayer going up!
    Good Luck! Thanks for introducing us to Butters !

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      You’re welcome, Geri. Thanks for the good luck!

      Yes, Butters is intelligent and not at all timid which I like. It’s a long shot that he becomes part of the crew… We shall see!

  25. Kim says:

    We had the same scenario with Doris. On a list. And look who she ended up with. Us – like winning the lottery. (All around).

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      So it does happen! Thanks for the encouragement. I’m happy for you, that Doris is yours.

  26. Jan Johnson says:

    So hoping you get that cute little Butters! But there are so many more just as worthy and deserving of a good home, so I know the right one will find you.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      You’re right, Jan. In truth there are many dogs who would fit in nicely with Bridget and me and the way we live. Dogs can be very adaptable. Give them love and comfort and they’ll do their best to fit in.

  27. Barb from Hoquiam! says:

    OH He is a Darlin’!

    If it is right it will happen. Sending good thoughts your way!

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Barb,

      That’s exactly it… “If it’s right, it will happen.” Hope the weather is better soon for you…

      • Barb from Hoquiam! says:

        Thanks Miss Sue. It has been a wild ride of weather that is for sure, but at least we didn’t have snow like San Diego! Can you imagine?
        Hugs from Hoquiam,Barb

  28. Rita from Phoenix says:

    Butters looks like our Ralphie…same size except all grown up. Ralphie is now a little over two years old and as big as Butters and looks like Butters. Ralphie and Chowder are both white with brown spots. Chowder is also adorable….big brown eyes and button nose. Both think they are big dogs and not afraid and timid. My daughter also adopted two small neglected pups…one is a black mimi pin (he was toss out of a car in a domestic violence) and the other is a dachshund (orphaned as a pup and bottled fed…she was blowing around trying to find food on a cold windy day on the rez). The mimi pin was rescued by Cheryl’s co-worker and then advertised on bulletin board at work. The owner of the dachshound gave the dog to Cheryl after finding out she had bathe, feed, and made a dog house for Pekime. My dogs and her dogs have sleep overs at her house and my house. The dogs love to visit one another. Navajos say do not buy dogs or cats or you will be poor. I don’t know the story behind it but I have never bought any of my dogs… far LOL. There are lots of dogs out there for adoption…be patient and you will find the perfect companion for you and Bridget.

    • Rita from Phoenix says:

      I’m still poor tho LOL

      • A gal in Maple Valley, WA says:


        You have been dearly missed. Your comments are always of interest. This wish hopes your heart and spirit are on the mend. It is soooo good to see you here again.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi Rita,

      If Ralphie and Chowder look anything like Butters, they must be a cute pair! I enjoyed reading about them. You and your daughter are angels for taking in dogs from bad circumstances.

      That’s funny… doggie sleepovers… You put a picture in my mind of dogs in footed pajamas hanging out together, staying up late…

  29. Bill & Ann says:

    OMG! Sorry, he is so cute! You should have kidnapped him and left a $100 tip. Hmmmmm.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      You’re a bad influence on me! Now I’m thinking of running down to the shelter and bribing the adoption man!

    • Cinandjules (NY) says:

      That thought crossed my mind several times! Too funny!

      If not the adoption man perhaps the family……

      Naw…..if it is meant to be…it will be! If not….that just means something else is down the road!

      Another cliff hanger until Tuesday!

  30. Utah Bonnie says:

    I have all my fingers and toes crossed that Little Baby Butters will be part of the crew come Tuesday morning. It also encourages me that people are lining up to adopt instead of buying from backyard breeders (even though he was probably bred in someone’s backyard).

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Bonnie,

      Yuma has a large, tent shopping mall called Arizona Marketplace, much similar to what Quartzsite has in late January. At WalMart a woman was pushing her two chihuahuas in a stroller and I started up a conversation with her. Her husband said that a guy is selling chihuahuas at the Marketplace. I drove past the place and didn’t stop. I feel more comfortable taking a dog out of the shelter.

  31. Cari in Plano Texas says:

    What a cutie that Mr. Butters is. I was hoping by your title that you had found your third crew member…sigh…now we all have to wait. Waiting impatiently with you until next week. If this dog is not meant to be yours, I know there is another one out there who will be the perfect addition to your family. I’m so happy that you are looking at ‘pound puppies’ – my next dog will be one too.

    And I see a sad trend developing. You have been forced to keep your last few locations a secret so you can have some privacy, which I certainly understand. I miss the days of ‘ok, let’s see where Sue ended up this time’ and the joys of kind of discovering your new camp with you. The downside of being a celebrity I guess.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Cari,

      “Pound puppies” are the best! I prefer mixed-breed dogs, too.

      I already miss the days when I could share my excitement of a new camp immediately after arrival. I took some photos yesterday of our surroundings and they sit in my computer when I want to post them!

  32. PJ Crim says:

    I suspect cute little Butters the puppy was named after the character Butters on South Park. It certainly fits him as the character was a really cute, nice, kind, innocent little boy. I agree with Cari – so sad that people are seeking you out in the real world. We wouldn’t enjoy reading about you entertaining hoards of people every day, we like to read about your observations of the natural world from someone who has the liberty to spend a lot of time there in peace and quiet. Attention fellow blog fans – do not become clingers! Appreciate the time and effort RV Sue puts into writing for us and don’t ruin it for everyone.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, PJ,

      Thanks. There are tons of blogs about people sitting around chatting, going to restaurants, photos of smiling faces…. That’s fine, but it’s not the kind of blog I want to put my time and effort into.

      Another loss is serendipity. If I’m yakking all day with fellow RVers (or shunning people contact), I don’t meet regular people with interesting life stories or situations to write about, which has been one of the distinctions of my blog.

      I didn’t know about that Butters character.

  33. Mick'nTN says:

    Butters has the same coloring as my Spectrum with the brown / tan ears. I agree his cage neighbor is cute also. You will love the dog you get and will be loved in return.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Mick,

      You’re right… Whatever dog enters our lives (and this blog), we will love him! And, unlike people, a dog that is loved will always love back.

      BTW everyone, Spectrum is a cat.

  34. Libby Nester says:

    Ohhhhh! So sorry. Praying the perfect crew member turns up. Bridget will be happy to have someone to keep her company when you go shopping.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Libby,

      That has been one of the saddest thing about no longer having Spike with us. Poor Bridget sits alone in the PTV while I run errands. I think the empty bench seat bothers her, too. Thanks for the prayers!

  35. Deena in Peoria, AZ says:

    Sue, Butters is very cute. If all of the Blogerinos cross everything and send hopeful thoughts then Tuesday will be the day that Butters is yours. We also know that if not, your love at first sight crew member is waiting to be found.
    Sorry you have to delay telling us of your new campgrounds, but we for one will gladly wait.
    Warmth is returning to the Valley so I am sure that Yuma is heating up nicely. Take Care, Sue and Bridge

    Deena, Miss Mollie and Others

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Deena,

      Warmth is back! Yesterday was a lot warmer than the day before and the forecast says temps in the 70s for next week in Yuma, maybe as high as 77. That means near 80 degrees when lounging alongside the Best Little Trailer on the sunny side. Which I plan to do!

      I hope you are on the sunny side, too. 🙂

  36. Gayle - SO CAL Beach Boomer says:

    Will Bridget get to express her opinion before Butters comes home with you?

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Gayle,

      Bridget will have the opportunity to express her opinion and I’ll ignore it. Haha! Just kidding…. I can predict she will not like the new crew member at first and then, in time, she’ll peck his cheek with a kiss like she used to do with Spike.

  37. Lynn Brooks says:

    Praying that Butters is yours!!!
    He’s ADORABLE!!!
    I know he’ll be a perfect fit for Bridget & You!!!

  38. DesertGinger says:

    By the way, Butters is at least part Jack Russell Terrier. You can tell by the ears.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Ginger,

      He definitely has a lot of terrier in him. Those ears may stand up as he grows older. Bridget once had ears like Butters.

  39. JazzLover WMa says:

    Happy New Year Sue and Bridget!
    May 2015 be filled with many new adventures, places to stay, landscapes to photograph and joyful memories to be made with whichever little sweetheart is meant to share your lives. That butters is one wicked cute little guy . Will go along with Badger Rick and cross everything that can be crossed except the eyes.
    Your blog and all your followers who contribute to it with their thoughts, wisdom and advice has become the sunshine on a cloudy day since I found it. I always take something away from it and add to my knowledge of boondocking as that is the plan for the future.
    My other wish for you is that some of your more over eager readers will take a moment to stop, think and realize what is at stake should your request for privacy not be respected. Sunshine on a cloudy day is indeed a beautiful thing.
    Be Well.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, JazzLover,

      Thank you for the grand wishes for our 2015 and for the fantastic compliment! I will continue to do what I can to keep my blog giving “sunshine on a cloudy day.”

      You be well, too. 🙂

    • BadgerRickInWis says:

      Wise move on not crossing your eyes JazzLover, I’m startin’ to get dizzy.

      • JazzLoverWMa says:

        Exactly why I didn’t enclude the eyes, I can be dizzy enough sometimes without crossing them. Hang in there Rick, tomorrow is Tuesday!

  40. Rob says:

    My fingers are crossed for you Sue!

  41. Pamela K. says:

    Little Butters is cuteness-overload! He is just a major bundle of cuteness, I can see why he captured your heart! I pray that he will be ~the one~ but if not, then ~the one~ will still be waiting for you and Bridget down the way somewhere soon. Waiting to find out if Butters can come home with you must be aweful! My heart goes out to you as you wait. I know, for me, there would not be enough chocolate or comfort food to hold me while I waited for news…stay strong and know that we are all pulling for you to get ~The PEFECT New Crewmember~ whoever that lucky doggie is.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi,, Pamela,

      It’s natural for me to think mostly about having Butters as part of the canine crew. I need to think also about what is best for Butters. Maybe he is destined to be a little girl’s or boy’s childhood buddy?

      I’m sure he would have a great life with Bridget and me. We’ll have to see how his destiny plays out.

  42. Heda says:

    Fingers and toes crossed but there will be many little dogs that need you and Bridget.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Heda,

      Without a doubt there are many little dogs that need a good home and would fit in well with the Bridge and me. I just need to be patient and that’s hard to do!

  43. Toni says:

    I don’t understand that “list” thing at all. You were there, ready to take the dog and he has to stay in the shelter for more days so others can decided if they want him? That doesn’t make any sense at all. Did they put down a deposit or something? Anyway, do you plan to introduce him to Bridget to see if there’s a connection as well?

    I think it’s hard to evaluate a dog in a shelter environment sometimes. It’s not the best of circumstances for them after all (the others beside Butter).

    I hope it works out. I can’t imagine Butter having a better home than what you can provide.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Toni,

      I don’t think the Humane Society of Yuma takes deposits on animals (BTW, they have lots of cats, too).

      I can see their reasoning for putting a dog on hold. Shelters do not want people making quick decisions based upon emotion alone.

      It’s easy for me to know immediately that a dog will become a family member. With a family, everyone in the household needs to accept the dog. The shelter wants good decisions to be made and with two adults working, for instance, people need time to make sure the dog is the right choice.

      It would be tough on the dog if, let’s say, one adult brings the dog home on a whim, figuring cuteness will be persuasive, and the spouse takes one look and says, “Get that thing out of here!!!”

      • TXBX says:

        I don’t want to raise hopes or be overly optimistic, but many people put their name on a list, then meanwhile, get a dog from another source, or a family member gripes, or they will decide to ‘wait another few days’, and sometimes, (here locally) they will return one if it has any training issues when they get it home.
        Luckily and happily you’re in a situation that would make ‘indoor’ training almost unnecessary, because you are in such close proximity to the pups indoors, and it’s easy to let them outside quickly until they know what’s expected. Obviously their life is never boring because they almost always have their human close by when full-time RVing, so whatever pup is so lucky, it will only be their canine impulsiveness, but they will know within days who is their “human”!
        My dogs would be jealous of your pup’s lifestyle, and being in the same ‘room’ with you so much!! How exciting!
        It’s a good thing I don’t have room for more, and would be unable to ‘care for’ one more physically challenged pet adequately, or your blog would have sent me straight to the shelter!
        I find this all so exciting, and long for that “anticipatory feeling” when expecting a new life event!! So, it’s amazing and heartening to see how far-reached your adventures and your activities are reaching! I’d bet there will be several readers like me, ……… with raised awareness because of your blog! I do so hope we hear from those who go consider or go ‘adopt a pet’ as a result of your adventures! What a great testimony to “raise awareness”!! Bless you!!

        • rvsueandcrew says:

          Thanks, TXBX….Enjoyed your comment very much… Bridget and I are leaving this morning, continuing the search for the next crew member!

          I didn’t think about raising awareness… I doubt I’ll ever know the ramifications of this blog!

      • Toni says:

        Still doesn’t make sense to me. How long do you wait for others to make their decisions? If no one had put themselves on a waiting list, would you still have to wait? If a tree falls in the woods, does it still make a sound? So many questions.

        • rvsueandcrew says:

          Hi, Toni,

          I don’t know if there’s a mandatory wait time.

          I could’ve been clearer. The first people on the list had to show up by the end of Saturday office hours. I’m not sure if the second people on the list have until Tuesday or if they’re off the list at the end of yesterday (Sat.).

          In other words, on the list you have a deadline to make up your mind.

  44. Marcia GB in MA says:

    What a cutie! I’m hoping and wishing that Butters will join you and Bridget. If not, the right one is coming soon!

  45. Marieta says:

    Hi Sue and Bridgett, he found you so it will be OK. Bridgett and Butters – cute names – they seem to go together. Just said a prayer that he joins you for a life of adventure and good times.

  46. Gary says:

    I, like so many before me, was wishing he was the one. Cute little guy. I know you will find the perfect one of he doesn’t work out. There are so many little ones (and big) looking for a home with someone to love them. Praying for the perfect crew member.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Gary,

      I knew when I wrote this post I was setting up my readers for a let-down. Well, if I’m disappointed, then the rest of you get to be disappointed, too, gall darnit! Haha!

      Thanks for the prayers.

  47. Page says:

    Does Bridget get a say in which pup will become her new adopted sibling? Butters is a cutie.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Page,

      Yes, Bridget gets her say. If Butters is available, a meet-and-greet is arranged in the exercise yard between Butters and Bridge.

      I already know what Bridget’s say will be… You’ve seen her photos. You KNOW her reaction to anything new or different!

  48. That’s a tough one! Tessa was supposed to go to another new home twice before they called and said she was still available. Still, I’ve had to walk away from two shepherds who went with someone else too. He looks perfect and you know if he’s supposed to be a crew member he will be (I know sometimes you just hate to be told that).

    Enjoy your private time with friends, the temps are supposed to be warming up all week 🙂

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Thanks, Jodee. I am enjoying time with my friends. We haven’t seen each other for a long time, and every day has been sunnier and warmer than the one before, ever since we arrived… Next week will be perfect!

  49. Doug Laning says:

    Hope you are lucky and get that sweet puppy.

  50. Applegirl NY says:

    Butters is indeed a cutie. I also don’t understand the list thing – especially since they said that people often change their minds. Hope it works out for the whole crew.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Applegirl,

      I’m guessing the shelter is trying to encourage thoughtful decisions. They would rather have minds change before the dog is involved, rather than after. The shelter doesn’t do home visits and take other precautions the way rescues do.

      • Applegirl NY says:

        Thanks for putting our minds at ease. I read your replies to the other posts and it makes perfect sense. We all just want you to have that pup, as we know it would make 3 creatures very happy!

  51. Donna P says:

    I have the same question as others: will Bridget get to approve him first? Knowing her as you do, how do you think she’ll react to a new crew member? Will it be better if he’s smaller–at least at first? Will she pout? I’m sure she enjoys having you all to herself, but I know her heart is big enough to accept a new pal.

    I also find it sad that you have to hide out from your readers. I bet those who seek you out in spite of your requests don’t read the comments. But heck, you make it clear in your recent posts what an inconvenience it’s become. Wake up people!!!

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Donna,

      To answer your questions about Bridget’s reaction…. I expect any or all of the following…. snapping, snarling, possessiveness (of me, of her bed, of our bed, of any space around me)… She will get that out of her system and then she will accept and then she will love.

      The Three Stages Of A New Crew Member… 1) Hate 2) Acceptance 3) Love!

  52. Wheelingit says:

    too cute! I can feel your excitement Sue and I love it. Even if Butters doesn’t work out to be yours I sense a new doggie in your future soon. You’re ready and the time is ripe. Crossing paws for you!


    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Thanks, Nina , and Polly (for the crossed paws)! Yes, I’m ready for a new crew member. I was afraid I’d look at the dogs and walk away because none of them are Spike. I’m glad I’m past that point.

  53. Phyllis L. says:

    It’s so fun to get a new dog. I am wishing you good times with Butters or whatever dog you find. We adopted our mixed breed dog from Humane Society in Wickenburg, AZ 4 yrs ago, and have been very happy with her.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Phyllis,

      I’m glad you found a dog you’re happy with. Good choice to go to a humane society…

  54. Timber n' me says:

    He looks great and the name Butter fits him to a T. We’re praying you get him, as my Dad says, It’s in Gods Hands, have a great week,,, Give HRH a BIG HUG, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Timber

  55. Butters is a cutie, but my heart went out to the shaggy little guy under him. He sure could use a hug or two. Our little Yorkie-chon is a rescue. He was lucky. We heard from first Owner’s son that he was heading to the local humane society because she couldn’t deal with him barking and we just couldn’t see that happening to the little guy so we took him. He had separation anxiety and has outgrown that and is fine now. Only barks when strangers come to our rig. He looked shabby like the Butters basement buddy when we got him so maybe that’s why I feel for that poor little guy.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi,, Ramblin’ Reeses,

      That dog in the downstairs apartment would make someone a wonderful companion. She did seem depressed or maybe simply tired. I had a dog like her once before… that was the dog named Sparky…

      I didn’t let myself interact with that dog because she’s female, but moreso because she’s a mature dog. I can’t face another loss soon!

      Good for you to have the sense and compassion to see the value of the dog you now call your own. People give up on dogs too soon…. immaturity and self-centeredness are often the cause.

      Your comment made me think of why I’m looking for a short-haired dog. I’m often living without unlimited access to water. It will be better to have a dog that is self-cleaning like Bridget and Spike as I’m not always equipped to give doggie shampoos.

    • DesertGinger says:

      I have a Yorkie-chon! Wonderful, sweet little dogs.

  56. BadgerRickInWis says:

    I know at one point you were concerned that the lack of a fenced back yard, follow up visits etc. might put you at a disadvantage when being considered as a suitable adopter.

    Since Yuma is a kind of Mecca for full time or snowbird RV folks I’m wondering if you get a sense that they are more open to your “alternative lifestyle?”

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Rick,

      You may be right about attitudes toward full-timers. In the case of the Humane Society of Yuma, I’m counting on their having an animal shelter philosophy which works in my favor (as opposed to the rescue organization philosophy).

  57. Pauline in Mississippi says:

    Such elation and then such a drop into disappointment. What a perfect little dog…fell in love at first picture. I am praying that the Lord will see fit to let you have Butters!!!
    Love you

  58. Cinandjules (NY) says:

    As soon as I read the title I couldn’t read the post fast enough…I was so excited!

    Glad that you had the opportunity to meet up with your friends! I’m sure they are grateful.. that you’ve honored their request to respect their privacy.

    Seriously….someone actually “looking” for you is IMHO just strange! If you’re out shopping at Wally World….that’s different.

    We too, have made it crystal clear …not to “drop in” on us unannounced. So don’t get your feelings hurt when you decide not to respect our privacy!

    Here’s a quick analogy…We were dining at a restaurant, when I noticed Anne Murray, yes THE Anne Murray was dining across from our table! I elbowed Jules in the ribs…OMG look who’s here! Anne looked over and smiled. There was no reason to say anything or approach her as we respected her privacy as well as her private time!

    As a faithful reader of this blog, Sue has graciously opened her daily life to us…isn’t that enough? She has more than once requested please no drop in visitors! Her private life is just that! Nuff said!

    Butter is absolutely adorable! I have to admit my heart sunk….damn it woman!! Someone described it like a roller coaster ride! NO KIDDING!

    I hope it works out with the little feller and he gets to join you and Bridge on the journey of a lifetime!

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Thank you, Cinandjules, for making my situation clear. You were very thoughtful to Anne Murray. You put her privacy above your own curiosity.

      You remind me of something that happened yesterday at WalMart. As I was returning to the PTV, a woman walked toward me on her way into the store. She looked at me longer than a person normally would and she had a curious expression on her face.. She didn’t stop and she didn’t say anything.

      I wonder if she recognized the PTV, but wasn’t sure she recognized me. (I don’t wear my favorite hat any more in order to blend in better with the crowd.)

      • Cinandjules (NY) says:

        Good for her!

        Most folks would tend to recognize the PTV and Bridge! Since you don’t ever take pictures of yourself…who knows what you look like!

        Blending in with the people of Walmart…..yikes! Hahhhhhh

        Enjoy you day!

  59. Rattlesnake Joe says:

    That little rascal is soooo cute I just know he is the one. If things don’t work out the honest way…Seeing as how you are in famous Yuma Arizona, this may call for a jail break. Get your gang together (RV Sue and Yuma friends) and hit the pound on a moonless night. Wear masks, gloves and flour sacks tied over your boots. Leave quietly by giving all the doggies left behind a treat to keep ’em happy. Put a Mexican sombreo and a false mustache on Butters. Take the 3:10 out of Yuma and then jump from the moving train and double back on your trail with stolen horses. Then rename him Bandit 🙂

    • Cinandjules (NY) says:

      Too cute….

      Love the part about leaving treats for those left behind!

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      That’s hilarious, Joe! I’m laughing out loud… especially the part about the sombrero and the 3:10 out of Yuma! Oh, heavens! Too funny….

      I’d rename him Bandito!

  60. Penny in Ark. says:

    Butters and Bridget…..just GOES together! What a cutie…..hope it’s meant to be!

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Penny,

      I hope so, too! It would be fun to write about the exploits of Bridget and Butters. 🙂

  61. Elizabeth in WA says:

    Well, understood why you and your friends as well, did not want anything on the blog about them and where you all were, etc. I think it is smarter to write about where you have been, if your choose to do so, AFTER you leave a place. We do not live in a perfect world and though most readers here are probably good folks, one never knows. If I was your friends, I would not want to be on here in a blog entry either, by the way. But then I am basically a hermit…

    A few years ago, one of the in-laws, WITHOUT our permission, posted old photos of us (of course we no longer look much like that) and she put under our photos, every legal part of my name I have ever had (which prior to this on her Facebook page, I had never searched online and found). Hubby at that time was working for a govt agency and was not supposed to be on Facebook…heh, well that better job offer just evaporated into thin air. Bingo, gone. Was not even able to reach those who had contacted him about the job. Strange…his kin never understood OR apologized for putting it on there. Same kin by the way, that cause me distress in being with them.
    The world is full of the strange….

    So, Sue I hope you are able to keep on having the privacy you require.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Elizabeth,

      The loss of your husband’s job opportunity is a powerful statement about the unforeseen consequences of photos on the web. That is why I rarely show faces on my blog. When I do, I ask people FIRST. The few people photos I post are back views.

      I remember when I was teaching I attended a mandatory workshop in the summer. The leader of the workshop started a discussion and then went around video-taping and recording every person in the room. I was never given a chance to refuse. When the discussion was over, I did ask how the video was going to be used and where it would be shown. I received a very vague answer. I don’t doubt that it ended up on the internet, but I assume names weren’t attached to it as I’ve never found it.

      I never cared for the concept of Facebook. One never knows why a person needs to protect their identity… stalking ex-boyfriends, job offers lost, etc.

      • Elizabeth in WA says:

        Thanks for understanding my meaning here!! You know the weirdest thing about his job offer was, he was contacted by another agency, from a different place even, but it would have required a higher clearance level to take the job. They knew of his work and if they contacted him, with no inquiry from him, they probably really wanted him. But it was during this time frame, that his kin posted that photo and even all my names on it…and he was not able to contact the person who called him, nor anyone else from their office….they never returned his calls….it just evaporated. It was a place that we would have liked to have moved to as well. In a beautiful seashore town. We even went over to look things over. But the rest of this story is, due to his not getting the better job (paid more too), and having to continue working for an insane man, he retired early and we were then available to come out here to help our daughter. And here we still are (still needed here) and presently living in the cutest little coastal town ever!! In a better climate than anyplace on the east coast that I know of…I love how GOD makes even evil tidings into good ones!!

        I totally completely concur with your thinking on Facebook too. We would not use it simply for the reason of incurring more emotional pain from kin. Too easy to play nasty little games on it. And we be wounded enough, thank you. I am glad for the few it is good for and may it always be so. But I am glad we decided to be “intentionally ignorant” by staying off. Ignorance of what some say about us is a good place to be!! If I was into writing books, heh….plenty of fodder I have incidently.

  62. cluelesscampers and canine (Eastern Missouri) says:

    Sue…By all means, keep your location a secret if you don’t want unwanted visitors…you take marvelous closeups of cacti and blossoms that would be lovely without giving up your location….also to most of us rocks and mountains are not all that distinctive (usually). If you hadn’t let on your were headed for Yuma, we wouldn’t know where to look for you.. But, those of us who would like to “live the life” you enjoy, need some guidance of where we might camp. So could you still post directions (after you have left), so that we might quite literally follow in your footsteps?? We also appreciate your weather underground link…It’s currently snowing here in the St. Louis area, and the high Wednesday is predicted to be 11!

    Did you find a suitable pup at PetsMart??? Our doggie Guinness sends his best to Bridget..

    Do you get credit from Amazon if we use your site to enter and then use a gift card?

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, cc&c,

      I said we were going to Yuma because of the search for a new crew member. It would be hard to tell that story and still keep our general location unknown. Yes, I will tell my location after I’ve been here a while

      About the gift card… If a person bought a gift card through one of my links, I get a commission. If you use the gift card and don’t add any of your own money to it, no I don’t get a commission. I do only if a money transaction takes place. Thanks for asking!

      • Sondra-SC says:

        Hope you get the pup Sue, but if you don’t have another walk through…I’m sure there are some other great dogs there…I learned my lesson long ago about giving out too much info in a blog…when I travel I don’t blog about it till I’M not there anymore, where you been not where you’re going! You know all of that of course–
        When I lived in NYC I had a blog on MySpace and found out a fellow who was reading it was also watching me on the F-train I took to work, he put 2 and 2 together from other things I had mentioned and stupid me I had blogged about my stops on the train to and from work…didnt take a detective to find me!!
        Lesson learned no harm no foul he contacted me and said, “I sat right next to you on the f-train this morning,” creeped me out so much I stopped blogging, moved to Brooklyn, and went back to driving to work… be un-predictable to be safer!
        HAD the AC on today here in SC the humidity was through the roof!!

        • Cinandjules (NY) says:

          Holy shit!

          That is straight up stalking! Glad you’re okay!

        • Elizabeth in WA says:

          Thanks so much for sharing this, Sondra…SCARY!!! My hair is standing up in fact!! WOW…so glad you are ok. You reacted perfectly to that situation. A good warning for all of us!!

        • Denise - Richmond VA says:

          Sondra..glad you made the changes you needed to make to lose that creeper! Scary beyond belief – SO glad that you are ok!

          • Sondra-SC says:

            thanks for your comments it was quite a few yrs ago I relocated back to my home town and now my life is very different but still you never know who is out there reading what you are writing…and reading MORE into it than there is. Safe than sorry I reckon. Tomorrow we will know who gets the pup Hope its SUE!!

  63. Cinandjules (NY) says:

    Just so you know…OT as in overtime is granted if you need to update us!

    Speaking of updates…I hope AZJim and Detta are feeling better after catching that dreaded flu bug!

  64. Laura Ours says:


    Not sure if you go to California often or not, but a friend shared this website with me and I am in turn sharing it with you. It is about some areas that have free camping.

    I love your blog! I am so happy that you are opening your arms home and heart to the possiblity of bringing another fur baby into your home. I hope things work out for you.

    Huggles from Laura

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Laura,

      Thanks for the links. I looked and I don’t see any roads, only hiking trails, going into the wilderness.

      I’m glad you love my blog.

  65. Ron Sears says:

    Damn girl, I was getting all warm and fuzzy all over and you drop the bomb shell…But there were some other great prospects there it looked to me…Good luck this week! be safe

  66. AZ Jim says:

    I think we have survived the flu. If you get it count on 2 weeks of feeling like *h*t. We both have lingering coughs but we can see how living a while longer might be ok. Our wonderful neighbors brought us some essentials, milk, OJ, bread and then yesterday we shopped at home with Safeway. It was a great experience. I selected what Detta had on her list online and it was delivered to our kitchen table at the time we selected. We got all the sale prices and savings. So a couple more days we’ll be good as new. We want to thank all our blogorino friends for their kind thoughts and prayers while were “down with it”. Many have died from this Flu so we were lucky.
    Now to Missy. I know well the feeling of loss when a pet moves to rainbow bridge but we have opportunities to give quality love again and think how much it means to a little fella stuck in a rescue unit to see people come and pass them by, when someone comes who loves as you do to bring back joy to their life. Now, that puppy, Butter is a cutie, but he’s a pup and has a thousand chances ahead. That pretty, patient little fella is also a cutie and he has much to offer a rescuer. Missy, think about it, he needs a chance too and theirs no long list waiting for him. I try never to impose my opinion into what you do but give it another thought for me, will ya? We love ya, Missy…

    • AZ Jim says:

      I know it’s there’s not theirs in this case but I’ve been sick. Missy, don’t get mad at me for advocating for that pretty little guy in the next cage but…………

      • Cinandjules (NY) says:

        Glad to hear Detta and you are bouncing back! Thank heavens up for great neighbors!

        Your message to Missy was touching! Reminds me of the Pedigree dog food commercial with the dog named Echo! Google it! It’s sad to see any animal waiting at the pound in hopes that they will someday have a forever home!

        Maybe Detta and you will rethink your decision and decide to get another fur baby! Do you remember the “deal” we had long ago…it still stands!

        There is a ASPCA a commercial that has a Sara McLaughlin song…as soon as we hear it…we close our eyes…or change the channel. We’d have 100 dogs and cats if we had the space! We Definitely have enough love in our hearts when it comes to fur kids!

      • Denise - Richmond VA says:

        So glad that you and Detta are starting to feel better, Jim! You all are blessed to have thoughtful neighbors that were there in your time of need. Keeping you both in my prayers and sending you healing thoughts. 🙂

    • weather says:

      Wow is it ever good to hear that you’re on the mend Jim and Detta,and that food was brought and delivered for you. May your coughs leave,strength return and good company be found here frequently again.been prayin’ ,missed ya

    • Elizabeth in WA says:

      So very glad you are both doing better!! I never knew Safeway delivered!! That is good to know as we have one not too far from us too….as we get older, one never knows when food deliveries might be needed. Our daughter uses Costco food delivery some too…with small children, sometimes shopping is just as difficult as for oldsters. (Sometimes we are ill when she needs our help….like I am kind of sick now with a cold). Hope your coughs leave soon and your energy returns!!

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Jim and Detta,

      What a relief to see you back with the living! One thing worse than being down with the flu is having the person who would nurse you back to health also down with the flu. I’m very glad you’ve both beat the bug. It’s scary how virulent these new strains are….

      About choosing a less “attractive” pup…. I may do that. It’s what I’ve done for many years, often two at a time. Spike was passed by for weeks as he waited in a shelter.

      The dog in the photo is also a cutie. So are the 30 or 40 other dogs presently available down at the pound. As you know, this is a long term commitment. If I lived in a sticks-and-bricks I would not be so “picky” in my choice. Any dog would do fine and fit into my life. However, after 3+ years on the road the type of dog I bring into our home can have a huge effect on our lifestyle. For instance ….

      The only thing that makes me wonder if Butters is a good choice is his potential to grow bigger than my back can handle as the years go by. This issue was made clear by the back aches caused by lifting Bridget when she has her bouts of lameness and lifting Spike in and out of the PTV, the BLT, and up and down out of the bed the last several months of his life.

      That dog in the photo is heftier than she looks. If I don’t get the chance to adopt Butters, it may not be a bad thing… who knows? I don’t think he’ll be a big dog, but puppies can fool you.

      That dog in the photo is near in age to Bridget. I face the loss of Bridget in a few years. Gosh, the thought of facing two losses in a few years, possibly close together, oh…… and putting my readers through that, too?

      No, I’m not mad at you, Jim. 🙂

  67. Denise - Richmond VA says:

    Hi, Sue!

    Whew! What a roller coaster ride! Butters is a little cutie! I am a sucker for pups with big brown eyes….thank you for sharing the pictures with us. Butters is simply adorable!. I hope he, or whoever is supposed to be the new crew member, makes his appearance known soon! Gracie pup and I have our roller coaster harnesses pulled down in the locked position, and are ready for the next loop de loop! 🙂

    So sorry that you are having to edit yourself and delay positing camp info for fear of your privacy being invaded. This saddens me. Folks….keep in mind, if you invade Sue’s privacy, she very well may STOP blogging. Be considerate….no drop in visitors means no drop in visitors. If you are in the area, you can always post a note here in the comments. If Sue wants to meet up with you, she will let you know. Please do not stalk our Sue….if you do, there will be plenty of angry blogorinos looking for YOU!

    Years ago, I used to run into Sissy Spacek with her little baby during my weekly grocery run to the A & P….we would exchange a smile and that is it. Also, Jessica Lange and her sexy actor husband or partner (I cannot remember his name for the life of me! A rugged looking, sexy Marlboro cowboy type) also have a home in VA…I have seen them at Wallyworld several times. Folks just want to shop and live in peace. Not all celebrities, including Sue, have “help” running their errands for them. Sue, if you look like you just rolled out bed, wild hair and wrinkly clothes, you would not get a second glance! Go for the crazy dog lady look…muttering to yourself and answering yourself will keep folks away! LOL! 🙂

    Looking forward to future updates! Best of luck! Have a wonderful, peaceful evening! Hugs to you and Miss Bridge from me and Gracie pup! I have a nice cup of tea, and am ready to watch the first episode of the new season of Downton Abbey. 🙂

    • Denise - Richmond VA says:

      Jessica’s husband….Sam Shepherd.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Denise,

      You are a very considerate person. Thank you for taking the time to elaborate on the importance of letting people go about their normal business– whether shopping or hanging out at home–without feeling anxious that they will be recognized.

      I enjoyed reading your comment. Very interesting… I can’t imagine how Jessica Lange on the arm of Sam Shepherd wouldn’t cause a classic WalMart stampede!

  68. Pat in Rochester says:

    Fingers crossed for you, Sue. I was way down the list for my Gracie. In fact, one of the people ahead of me was a vet. I figured no way was I getting her instead of him. Well, his wife told him no more dogs, lol!

    And speaking of Gracie and how our dogs’ names morph, she is frequently called Gracie Lou, Gracie Lou Who, Lou Lou, Gracie Lou Furball, and, at certain times, Grace Louise Furball (the humans know she’s in trouble, but I don’t think the name is a hint to her.) Gracie answers to all, mainly because she is a lovebug and is ready for any kind of attention.

    • Pat in Rochester says:

      ps – I keep seeing Facebook posts of the cutest dogs with some of our local rescues, and think “oh Sue should see this one”, lol!

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Pat,

      You and Gracie were meant to be together! As for names, Bridget has a great variety.. . One of her illustrious titles is Poopy Hiney. I use that when she doesn’t come in after taking a potty break.

  69. A gal in Maple Valley, WA says:

    Hi Sue!
    Here’s a kinda logistical query about your pup enclosure. With the age parameters you have set, your newest candidate will probably be more umm…… enthusiastic than Bridget or Spike, right? Will all that unbridled joy be contained without staking the walls into the ground? Are terriers good jumpers? Could the right pooch of your preferred size knock one of those pens over? Or even jump out? You mentioned that you rarely, if ever, used the stakes. Do the stakes hold for the average activity of small to medium sizes dogs? Does the weight of it’s entirety keep it from going over when jumped upon? You never said that your crew disrupted your set up, except the time Bridget chewed the side keeper whilst being “sat”. That kind of pet run seem to be the best out there and is on the “must have” list for the future. Just wondering ’bout weight/height issues. You’ve been the best resource because of your first-hand and length of experience with it’s use. Thanks for sharing your knowledge on so many things. That gated area appears to be the perfect solution for site containment and safety.

    By the bye, aren’t you glad they no longer make day-of-the-week undies? Ya know, … I think they would have been better served if they had been made for guys. 😉

    • Cinandjules (NY) says:

      Perhaps we can add as we also have the pen enclosures, 2 of them each @2 ft high.

      We choose the height because they were easier to store in the RV. In an octagon configuration they are pretty stable. I suppose you can use tent stakes to secure them in the ground, but we never had to! Using the hook clips to secure the end sections, it never got knocked over.

      Our golden retreiver at the age of 6 weeks figured out how to climb it like a ladder! It wouldn’t matter if it was 2 feet or 4 feet tall! This is where training came into play. Soon enough she learned not to climb…but thought her name was “No”. She never jumped over it or knocked it over. She ended up being 85 lbs and could definitely jump over if she wanted to.

      We’ve had our pens for 14 years and they are still like new. You won’t be disappointed. So many different uses and configurations available.

      • A gal in Maple Valley, WA says:


        Thanks for the input. Seem like if a critter wants OUT, they’ll find a way. Good to know that that barrier is recognized as a boundary by pets. Perhaps they feel somewhat safe inside it.

        I always look forward to your comments here. You have a great sense of humor and seem to always know the right things to say. May I ask…? Is it mostly just you or does Jules share in your comments? I have wondered what logic puzzles she does? I’m sure it’s not the usual…install the t.p. roll facing forward or unroll from the back… but maybe not quantum physics. If done for fun, puzzles supposedly keep the brain from turning to jelly. I may need peanut butter soon….. now, where was I? 🙂

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, a gal in Maple Valley, WA,

      About my pen for the crew… It is 36 inches tall and made of pretty solid metal. It does not collapse easily. I don’t stake it in the ground, even though it came with stakes, because it hasn’t been necessary.

      I’m not the kind of owner who emphasizes obedience training. Some people insist their dog walk right next to them when on leash and they are eager to order the dog around to impress guests. My method of “training” is more relaxed, I admit. (I realize some breeds and some dogs require vigorous training, so nobody jump at me.)

      My dogs have always known that when they are put in a pen, that’s where I want them to stay, and they have. (Bridget will fuss and whine at times.) Bridget and Spike never tried to escape, except for the one time I left them in the care of someone else. They have never “disrupted the set-up.”

      I say all this to point out that my dogs have never “tested” the pen. Therefore I’m not equipped with the experience to tell you how well the pen performs with tall dogs, heavy dogs, high jumpers, determined diggers, etc. Plus my pen is tall. I don’t know about the shorter pens.

      The weight of the pen, as well as the physics of panels joined into a closed shape, keep the pen from falling over.

      • A gal in Maple Valley, WA says:

        Thank for taking the time to give your perspective. There will probably a familiarization period when newly introduced. Your and Cinandjules endorsements are appreciated.

  70. Dave says:

    He is SO cute! Unfortunately, there are way too many cute and loving animals stuck in shelters. The ASPCA is showing their ads on tv lately, i have to runout of the room because it’s so sad! Whichever dog gets you is lucky, that’s for sure.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Dave,

      I know what you mean! It’s tough walking by the cages of the dogs at the shelter, especially the cages of the frightened ones.

  71. Lolalo says:

    Cute little fellow! Hope your search is very soon over. Bridget….get ready!

  72. Joan aka Egg4Us says:

    Come on Tuesday!!! “-)
    Butters needs to “Go Home” with Sue 🙂
    Hubby has a few days off and we are heading back camping !!
    Going to love the warm weather in the Kofa’s.. Won’t have internet so, know prayers will continue for you.
    Joan aka Egg4Us

  73. Hey Sue!

    Butters is so cute and Bridget might be a mommy!

    Some friends of ours had an older dog so they adopted a puppy. The older dog immediately took on the position of mommy! Could be the same with sweet Bridge? Watching over, being possessive. “This is MY puppy”. Just a thought on why if Butters isn’t yours it’s OK.

    Sorry to hear about you having to keep your locations a mystery and photos you want to yourself. I don’t know what’s wrong with some people.

    Anyway, I just popped over to check in and see you’re doing well! Hooray!

    Love to you Sue and Bridget too! 🙂

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Carrie,

      I’ve been thinking the same thing, wondering if Bridget has any maternal instinct. It would be fantastic if she and the newcomer bonded. She probably will enjoy bossing another canine around….

      Nice to hear from you, Carrie!

  74. Jean in OR says:

    My first thought on seeingButters, was he’s yours.Then conversly,my heart went out to the other one,who has no one on waiting lis,is female,and may languish for a time.Let her and the Bbridge have a meet and greet. She may be the one for the PrinscessMy daughter just adopted her forth rescuShe was on a list also,but there was. A question about barking,The dog was hound.Now she knows why dog was returned to shelter.Arora doesn’t quite manage a bark,just yelps if someone is bisiting. My hubby is a clinger, first thing,he wanders the camp,looking for someone to pester!Keep us posted, and que sera, sera

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Jean in OR,

      Bless your daughter for taking in her 4th rescue dog. Yeah, hounds can be barkers. I stay away from hounds because many of them will take off after a scent and they keep going and going… Some of the most affectionate dogs are hounds though.

      Thanks for taking the time to write, Jean. I always enjoy your comments.

  75. Krystina at Wellton, AZ says:

    What a cutie pie! Sure hope he becomes your new crew member! I will be waiting, waiting, waiting….and praying.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Krystina,

      I was thinking of you recently, imagining you having fun with your new friends and neighbors. I bet the park will have a dance for Valentine’s Day. You may find your life changing!

  76. Cinandjules (NY) says:

    Good frigid morning to all! It’s Monday…can’t wait to see what tomorrow brings…woof woof!

    Oh my word! Yesterday it was 48 degrees…today it’s minus 5! Weather forecast is a polar blast for the top half of the USofA! Stay warm folks!

    Read an article today titled “10 things humans do to annoy dogs”. Had me laughing…actually I think Bridget may have been the author!

    Have a great day!

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Cinandjules,

      There is no justice! You have a cold trend… minus 5!!!! and we have a warming trend…. plus 70!!!!

      Yeah, well, I can write ten annoying things about Bridget … no problem!

      1) Whiny
      2) Whiny
      3) Whiny
      You have a great day, too!

  77. Larry & Barb says:

    Good luck on getting Butters today. He will have a great home and lots of adventures with you.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Thanks, Larry and Barb,

      With all these comments from readers I feel like I’m holding auditions for the great lead in a movie. I’m looking for a star!

  78. weather says:

    Good morning Sue,
    This is a rare day,I watched neither dawn or sunrise outside.30mph wind,snow and a “real feel” temp near zero’s contrast to yesterday’s 50 plus made it unappealing even for me.Sometimes you’ve mentioned remaining inside during particularly unappealing days,at the time I didn’t give it much thought.Today it occurred to me that ordinarily I’m acclimated to the conditions here,whatever they are.As you essentially plan locale seeking a comfortable “middle” -raw/damp/or gloomy change must feel as extreme as the one I felt today.

    That then made me consider that you are or about to experience another type of sudden change-acclimating to the role of referee between fur babies.Most referees have to run a lot,hope you’re stocked up on coffee ,tea,carbs and protein!That much fun could tire the best of us,yet it’s always the happy kind of tired.Unless you brought a pup home yesterday you may only have today left as part of a duo-hope it’s great!You two have some exciting days ahead.How wonderful that you’re together for it all,the thought’s making me appreciate the troupe with especially happy hugs,sending you one,weather

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, weather,

      Some days are best experienced from the comfort of one’s home and it sounds like you have one of those days. I’m sure you are better acclimated to cold temps, dampness, and bitter wind than I am!

      You pointed out something I hadn’t given any thought — that today may be the last day of our being a twosome, just Bridget and me.

      Yesterday afternoon we walked the dirt road together, side by side, she on a leash. We started to run together. Bridget with her trim body ran with me the way she used to run with Spike. I felt like I took the place of Spike as we ran side by side. She would do well to have a canine running partner again.

      Hug your troupe. Every moment with them is precious. You know that.

      • weather says:

        Hoped you’d catch today’s potential significance,our time with each we love is precious .How terrific that you two are up to running now-this time together has done so much for you both…grateful sigh-thanks for including those details,as I wait for other news that will keep me smiling.

      • Cinandjules (NY) says:

        How sweet!

        Both Bridge and you were there for each other during difficult times!

        When you find that certain pup…its just another step toward healing your hearts!

  79. Cinandjules (NY) says:

    SA passed away this time last year…we seriously cried everyday..missing her presence…our other kids visibly showed effects of her absence too…we knew that SA wouldn’t want us to be this sad…we got AO in Feb.

    Not a day goes by that we still don’t think of SA…or ask her to guide AO as she attempts to mature.

    Everyone seems to be happy now…even the ferals!

    You’ll still have those “moments”…that’s their spirit letting you know you’re still on their minds.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      It’s been a year? Gosh, the missing never stops, I guess.

      • Elizabeth in WA says:

        Well, been missing our Ebbie over 4 years now…true we don’t have another dog…but in ways, I think she will always be missed….at least every time we see another dog who looks kind of like her (and many do in the face).

  80. Jean in OR says:

    please check Panda paws Rescue. She has a big rescue arriving from Kern county

  81. gypsy says:

    Hi Sue
    Craigslist often has wonderful pups, too.
    Love your blog and awesome photos…
    Gypsy and the pack

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