Beach or bluff: Choosing where to camp at Lone Rock

Sunday, October 19

1-P1010167Bridget and I continue our journey to Arizona.

Only we go east in order to go south, due to the Grand Canyon being in our way.  Highway 89 is two lanes.  It connects Kanab, Utah and Page, Arizona, the latter perched at the southern tip of the Glen Canyon Rec Area and the magnificent Lake Powell.

It being Sunday, most of the traffic is oncoming.

Weekenders in their trucks haul their boats or campers westward, most likely from Lake Powell.  The traffic in our eastward lane is light.  It’s a clear day with a bit of a head wind.  Ha!  A head wind is nothing for the mighty and Perfect Tow Vehicle! 

Her eight cylinders push us onward, past the Vermillion Cliffs and over The Cockscomb.  (One sees beautiful red rock cliffs on this route.  I don’t have any photos to share because there aren’t places to pull over; the shoulder is narrow.)

We zip right by Paria.

That will have to wait for another time when we can hike.   A short distance beyond Big Water, we approach a place to stop.  Bridget is awake and howls for a potty break.

“Okay, okay…. I’m pulling over.  Hang on, baby!”

1-P1010165While Bridge has her potty break, I have mine (I know… too much information).  I fix myself a sandwich and while chomping on salami and cheese, I consult my Benchmark atlas.    Hmm . . . It’s noon and we don’t have much further to go.

“C’mon, Bridge.  Let’s go.  We’re almost home.”

I like moves of 100 miles or less.

Often I see people arriving at their new camp near dark.  I can understand weekenders arriving late.  They usually don’t have a choice.  However, I often see retirees showing up shortly before sunset.  They probably were on the road all day.  Why put yourself through grueling days if you don’t have to?  Why arrive at a new camp tired, hungry, possibly accident-prone, and maybe irritable, too?

Make short hops between camps and you can look back on travel days with pleasure, instead of groaning.  Today’s drive from Ponderosa Grove Campground, west of Kanab, to our new camp, west of Page, is approximately 85 miles.  Perfect!

Less than a mile before the Arizona border, we turn left onto Lone Rock Road.

1-P1010168Take a moment to imagine yourself driving the road in the photo above.  You’ve never been on this road before.  You only have a slight idea what to expect from information you found previously on the internet.  You wonder what your new home will be like.  Your anticipation grows . . . . . and then you get your first glimpse .  . .

1-P1010169Gosh, I love approaching a new camp!

On the right side of the photo above you can see a toll booth.  I hang my Lifetime National Parks Senior Pass thingamadoodle on the rear-view mirror as I drive up.  Well, that takes care of the entrance fee.

No one is around the entrance booth.  The sign says $10 for camping PLUS the entrance fee of $15.  At least that’s how I interpret the confusing sign.  Of course, as a senior with a pass I’m only required to pay $5.

Which I’m happy to do, but can’t.

The dang automated teller baffles me.  A young guy pulls up behind me in a red sporty car, wanting to pay for day use.  We fiddle with the machine and together we surmise that it’s broken.

“I’m not sticking my credit card in THAT thing,”  I announce.  The guy concurs.  We drive ahead on our merry way.

Hmm . . . so this is Lone Rock dispersed camping . . . .

1-P1010171-001Nope.  Not for us . . . .

In the distance I spot another camping area, down on the beach!

1-P1010173Before driving down there to investigate, a guy in a pick-up approaches.

I stick my arm out the window in a wave to stop him.

“Hi!  Can you tell me what the deal is on paying to camp?  That toll booth isn’t working.”

“Yeah, it’s a piece of crap,” he responds and then quickly apologizes for his language.  “Don’t worry about it.”

He’s a man with a friendly face, well-tanned, about my age.  We launch into a conversation the way full-timers do, sharing the bond that exists among those who live “on the road.”  His name is Jack.

Mostly Jack and I discuss the camping situation due to my pressing interest in securing a site.

His fifth wheel is up here on the bluff, slightly away from the cluster of RVs (shown in the photo prior to the last one, above).

“What about camping on the beach?”

Jack takes a look at the Best Little Trailer. 

“I wouldn’t take that down there, if I were you,” he responds.  I explain that I like to camp by myself.

“You can pull in over there beyond me, if you want.”

He points to a level, clear area further away from the group.

“Maybe I will.  I want to take a look at the beach first.”

After a while we part ways . . . “Talk to ya’ later, Jack!”  “Okay, Sue!”

I drive down to the day use area that overlooks the beach.

1-P1010172It’s beautiful here! 

Several RVs and various vehicles are camped at the water’s edge.

1-P1010173It’s very appealing to camp on the beach, at least at first glance.

1-P1010175I get out of the PTV and study the situation, specifically the roads leading to the beach.

No, I think I’d rather camp up on the bluff than on the beach.

“What?!  You aren’t going to camp on the beach?!  Why not?!!  Are you crazy?” you ask incredulously.

I’ll show you why.

As the old saying goes . . . “A picture is worth a thousand words.”

1-P1010174Besides the chance of becoming mired halfway to China in deep sand, the beach attracts day use people, coming and going.  And there’s the sound of motor boats and jet skis and OHVs and, lest we forget, all together now —  “Cheap generators!”

One can’t expect things to quiet down once the weekend is over.

For many schools this week is Fall Break.  And, of course, there are the homeschoolers.  “Okay, Timmy, you’re all gassed up.   Go roar up that dune and across the beach for your science segment today.  I’ll ask you questions when you get back in a few hours.”

I take Jack’s advice and follow my own judgment as well.

Here’s our camp on the bluff.

1-P1010183It may not look like much from the photo above.  Believe me, it’s very nice with a view of the lake while sitting on the door side of the BLT.

1-P1010180And there’s also a view of the rocky cliffs . . . .

1-P1010186I can sit in my lounger on the blue mat enjoying a cool breeze and look across miles and miles of empty desert or watch the changing shadows on the rocks . . . .

1-P1010184Jack and the other RVers are nearby, not as close as the photo (below) suggests.

1-P1010181Late in the afternoon, with camp all set-up, I push Bridget in her stroller.

It’s about a half-mile to the day use area.  The half-mile back to camp is a good work-out because it’s all uphill.  A good work-out for me, that is.  Bridget frequently tilts her head back and looks up at me as I push her.

“Are you grinning at me, little girl?  You’ve got yourself quite a deal, haven’t you…”



1-P1010187“Aww, Bridgie-baby.  Come out from under there.  Just one picture, okay?  Pleeeeeezze?”

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264 Responses to Beach or bluff: Choosing where to camp at Lone Rock

  1. Lee J in Northern California says:

    Just beautiful! As always, wonderful story and wonderful photos!

  2. John K - Mobile, AL says:

    Good thing you didn’t go down there! Nightmares for me.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, John,

      Even if we made it to the beach without becoming stuck in the sand, I’d be concerned about the trip off the beach. I suspect it’s cooler up here on the bluff. The breeze is very pleasant. It’s shorts and tank top weather at this elevation.

  3. I made it to second? Wow! And I even read the post first.

  4. Jolene/Iowa says:

    Love this, so beautiful! Are you anxious to get back to the desert? I often wonder after a summer of traveling if you are ready to get south and pretty much stay in the desert for the winter?

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Jolene,

      This is the first year that I’ve felt a pull to return to the desert. I think it’s because of losing Spike. Even though I’ve enjoyed the travels since we left him in Wyoming, I sense a need to settle somewhere and just BE. 🙂

      • Jolene/Iowa says:

        Hi Sue,

        I can understand that. You need some time to just like you said “BE”. Now what area are you thinking you will be settling around? The reason I am asking is that I am wondering when the time is right if there is an area close enough that will support a Craigslist.

        If so that would be a place that you could find a new crew mate if you want that you most likely won’t have to jump through hoops that the rescues make you and those animals are needing homes also. We advertised on Craigslist looking for our Boston Terrier and had people email me with what they had and then I responded to the ones I wanted and didn’t have people calling me. It is easy to place a free CL ad and do it like I did. We got the most wonderful 10 month old dog almost 4 years ago now for $50. 00.

        I also wanted to let the blogorino’s that emailed me about joining the RV group on Facebook that I was gone this morning but you should have the information now because I have emailed you back. I hope you will enjoy the group. We have close to 4000 members now since early Sept. and everyone seems to love it and is learning a lot.

        • rvsueandcrew says:

          Interesting suggestion about Craigslist, Jolene. I never would have thought of that. I would like to avoid the drawn-out process that adopting from a rescue organization entails, especially since Bridget looks like a war refuge and acts worse.

          To answer your question, we’ll probably end up west of Yuma again. Not that I’m in love with Yuma. I’m in love with warmth! Yuma seems to be the most consistently warm place in the dead of winter.

          I figured I’d find an animal shelter to visit… either a no-kill or a kill shelter. Thanks for the idea for another option!

          • Jolene/Iowa says:

            Well here are the AZ cities that are listed on CL. flagstaff / sedona, mohave county
            phoenix, prescott, show low, sierra vista, tucson, yuma.

            So you can just keep that in mind.

            • rvsueandcrew says:

              I appreciate your help, Jolene! 🙂

            • Chuck says:

              Just found Jolenes FB page and it is a good one! “RV Tips and Helpful Hints” What a small world!!!! Love your campsite, starting to yearn for the SouthWest….but they keep throwing these volunteer jobs at us. You two travel safe!

            • Jolene/Iowa says:

              Thanks Chuck!! We are having a great time!! We keep mentioning Sue’s blog so she may be getting more followers on here also. I think there are at least 7 or 8 of us from here there in the group. Learning lots!! I also can’t tell you how many I have directed to Sue’s blog for various things. The solar, the internet antenna, the boondocking. It is working great to be able to send them here!! Love to have any fellow blogorinos join us!!

        • JodeeinSoCal says:

          We also found our wonderful Tessa on Craigslist. She was advertised by a young family who had to move to a no-pets apartment and wanted to find a good home for her first. She was one of several over a few days. When the time and place are right, CL could be a good option for Sue!

  5. Rick says:

    I liked the part about homeschooling the best. Made me laugh out loud. Thanks.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Haha! You’re welcome, Rick!

      • Elizabeth in WA says:

        I am wondering if you and Rick actually know some homeschoolers personally?? You could be surprised.

        • rvsueandcrew says:

          Yes, I do know some people who homeschool their children. I met several as a teacher when they returned their children to public school. The results of homeschooling among children varied greatly.

          One child was 12 years old and reading at a 2nd grade level (which he was taught before being pulled out of public school) and did not know how to multiply or divide. He’d been allowed to ride his bike and play instead of doing school work. This was common knowledge in the small town in which he lived. He was placed in my sixth grade classes of language arts and math and it was my job to make sure he passed the sixth grade CRCT proficiency tests at the end of the year (along with 90+ other children).

          Another child was 12 years old and was more proficient in math than students in four grades above him (high school). He was placed in my 6th grade pre-algebra class due to his age, but he could’ve handled pre-calculus or trigonometry. It was my job to keep him “challenged” while teaching the 6th grade curriculum to 90+ other children. I learned from the other teachers he was advanced in their subjects as well. Plus he was a polite, mature child.

          No need to take offense, Elizabeth. As in everything, people make it what they put into it.

          • Elizabeth in WA says:

            Generally speaking, I think you would find children more in the 2nd category than the first. There are problem people in every part of society. While there are no perfect solutions to maybe any problems in life, good parents will try to find them. Which in no way denigrates those who teach either. There will never come a time when the majority of people homeschool…too few parents interested or able to devote the time to it. So the need for school teachers will always be there. Many in our kin have taught school. Most homeschoolers we know have schooled year around, so yes they might be in camping situations at odd times. Part of that reason might be for parents working schedules or due to the fact that summers in some regions are simply way too hot to be outside very much (we lived where it could get to 118 degrees, and usually was up towards 110 a lot of the summer…nasty temps!!)

            • rvsueandcrew says:

              I understand what you saying. I think homeschooling is fabulous! There are parents who work diligently at educating their children. They join homeschooling groups for support, socializing opportunities for the children, and so forth. I bet you met several of this kind of parent.

              Then there are others who home-school who never join an organization, never enroll their children in enrichment classes, or do anything productive for their child’s education. I doubt you’ve met any of this kind of parent because they are “under the radar.” I’ve met them. They’re ignorant, have issues from their own poor performance when they were in school, unable to do anything but the most basic math, barely can read, and yet they “teach” their children. In the case of the boy I mentioned, it took the court to make sure the boy had access to education.

              Given a choice, I’d homeschool! It’s the way to an excellent education for your child…. if you know what you’re doing.

              I’d hoped my little scenario would add some lightness and humor to my post. It made someone laugh. That’s a good thing!

            • Elizabeth in WA says:

              I do appreciate your clarification here, Sue! The problem being too often the news media will take a bad parent who homeschools and run with that one and ignore the thousands of very successful stories out there. It has been around long enough now, that many of those first LEGALLY homeschooled are now homeschooling parents themselves. 99% of the homeschooling parents we know would never allow their children to run rampant as in your little joke…but I know quite a few in the general public who would, unfortunately!! It is unfortunate as to where these bad parents hide…but we all know plenty of stories of bad people hiding in the best of places!!

            • Kay says:

              Hey! Homeschool MOM here…

              I was not permitted to take my kids to anything or involve them as their “father” was a crazy, control freak.

              I can tell you, my daughter was in 3rd grade in public school, could not multiply. I took over end of 4th grade. She graduated at 16 with 27 credits. Had her first job, working for an RE Development company in La Jolla CA for $45K starting wage, AND… she is going to Architect school in Oregon carrying a 4.0GPA,,,, AND she has a 2 year old who is WAY ahead of most 5 year olds at the moment.

              Public Schools.. only as good as the teachers made them, and how much they have to fight the ADMIN people to be able to do their job. TEACH.

              I know so many “homeschool parents” who let their kids do whatever, and then wonder why their kid can’t get a job or pass College entrance exams.. Good and Bad with both sides… Personally, in this day and age, if I had a child – I’d be homeschooling or Private school, depending on area. Society has the public school teachers so loaded down with doing stupid report writing, and “no child left behind” that so many kids are missing the boat!

            • Elizabeth in WA says:

              Agreed Kay…all true.

  6. Hey Kiddo! Looks like you used your better judgement. No need to get stuck, V-8 or no V-8. If that’s Lake Powell, we’ve been on it a few times. With house boat and with our own smaller 21 foot “V-8”, camping along the way with our two Labs. Interesting story…we were towing the Labs in a inflatable to make more room in our boat. They had shade and were loving it. All of a sudden, it felt like we had a bit more power as we mozyed along. After awhile, I looked back. We had more power because we were no longer towing. The rope had broke and our labs were adrift about a mile back. Oops!

    They rode WITH us from then on. 🙂

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      That is a cute story… because you didn’t lose your crew! I assume the labs stayed on the inflatable and didn’t try to swim to catch up. Quite a tale to tell, Ed! Glad it has a happy ending. 🙂

      • Truth be told, we panicked because we did not see them in the inflatable. When we got there, they were asleep and woke up wondering what the fuss was all about.

        • rvsueandcrew says:

          I imagine it was pretty scary until you found them! Isn’t that typical? Just like kids. They’re in a dangerous situation, you lose years off your life worrying, and then they look at you, “Huh? What’s the big deal?”

  7. weather says:

    You made me wince with the photo looking toward the beach with “It’s beautiful here.” beneath it,on my screen the sinking vehicle looked like it might have been the PTV at first glance! Great decision avoiding that,your spot sounds better in every way.I’m completely with you about not pushing it while traveling.That risking becoming accident prone extends to being that way at the wheel,too.Escaping tension and seeking pleasure are among the reasons for road trips,why wreck it?Trips that most “accomplish” quickly always take me much longer.I stop over often,take detours to see pretty trees,ponds or llamas-and always arrive while I’m still excited instead of moody.

    Good of Jack to offer you an alternative to the beach or being crowded on the bluff,people can be so nice.Being a real fan of deserts I prefer your site’s views-in fact I enjoyed the whole post more because I could “feel”you approaching it…

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      One look at those poor folks digging out their vehicle and I was convinced I didn’t want to camp on that beach. Poor people.. It was during the hottest part of the day, of course.

      Moseying along is best. I’ve found great camps that way, because I wasn’t hurrying, wasn’t trying to make “good time,” instead looking here and there, curious and observant.

      Occasionally I’ll hear or read of full-timers who leave a life on the road, not because of necessity, but because they weren’t enjoying themselves. I’ve wondered if one of the reasons is their method of full-timing. Rushing here and there, treating the full-time lifestyle like a road trip, rather than a way of life. Also, staying in Cracker Barrel and Wal-Mart parking lots, dumping a lot of cash at commercial RV parks, traveling long distances on interstates, restricting activities to touristy places, rather than finding delight in the little things, the ordinary routines of daily life in different places…..

      Yeah, Jack seems like a nice guy. If I see him around, I plan to talk with him some more. Chatting with a fellow full-timer is fun, as well as a way to learn a lot!

      I’m glad you enjoyed the post and felt like you were approaching with us. . .

      • weather says:

        Rushing,parking lots,crowds-all that sounds like city living,retired or not.I’ve known few in life deeply content living in those environments-yet they rarely know the alternative would heal them…

        That being true,it would stand to reason that folks making life’s plans are no more aware of what really affects them. I surely hope those who left full-timing hadn’t sold their homes to finance the venture-as their “little things” may be their wallets.

        Off to be observant of what’s causing a drip here 🙂
        It’s been great having you “back”

        • rvsueandcrew says:

          Yeah… selling one’s home is a big commitment to living full-time on the road. For me, it was sell or stay put, and staying put was not appealing at all!

      • weather says:

        Thank God-for you and the countless people you help that staying put was not appealing to you!!!

        It is the rare child found walking into the woods carrying a sandwich- having only being in and with nature as her destination.Most seek company as entertainment,then seeking more entertainment together -they go near nature only to reach a destination or activity.You found out about full timing and knew to your core that it would make you happy because you are that rare person above-with the added attributes of maturity and common sense and the sense to listen when you’re led by Truth.

        When I mentioned the result of the wrong decision for some as having made their life circumstance worse by having chosen poorly I wasn’t referring to you or me.I was deliberately stating a sad possibility as a cautionary note for readers who may never otherwise consider such things.I love the way you always make it clear that all of your choices work for you and may well not for someone else.And since people leaving full timing because of being unhappy is rarely mentioned on the internet,I used the opportunity to include it in that vein.

        You mentioned learning more about yourself while in this lifestyle and it pleases me immensely ,because you always have enthusiasm and capacity to explore so much…As from here I watch someone finally being rewarded for what she’s done since childhood -learn,do right,love,teach-no matter what the cost-you’ve found and demonstrate the truest path to happiness

        • rvsueandcrew says:

          Wow. You’ve blessed me once again with your insights, weather.

        • rvsueandcrew says:

          I wish I knew more to say. I’m often stunned by how perceptive you are, weather, the way you understand me to the “core.” I’m beginning to think you know me better than I know myself!

          • weather says:

            Perhaps at moments I do-because we are mistakenly taught to examine ourselves only to correct what must be wrong with us-and accept that as “humility”. When true humility is seeing ourselves as “right sized”- a wonderful creation made in the image of the Author of all that is worthy and beautiful.
            Finding false modesty as destructive as all lies
            I delight in studying our many similarities and few differences as I do with flowers,birds,music…

            may you fall asleep and awaken smiling n’nite

  8. kgdan says:

    Looks like we are getting closer to you; coming up from the south. After a super week at Hidden Valley Ranch just north of Deming, we are heading northwest, passing through Tucson & on up to Chandler. It’ll be family time again with 5 siblings converging there. After that we will turn west & search for a fishing lake as it seems a certain someone has a campaign going for camping at the waters edge

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, kgdan,

      I hope that “certain someone” can find a lake or stream where the fish are biting. That was a bummer at Antelope Flat. All the fish had lovin’ on their minds, methinks. (Which confuses me. I thought sex made one hungry… oh well)

      Glad you enjoyed your week at Hidden Valley Ranch… Which came first? The ranch or the salad dressing?

      Have fun with the family… I’m not sure what route I’ll take beyond Flagstaff…

  9. cat Lady in Baton Rouge, LA says:

    Sue, did you see Phyllis’ post on your October 13th post about her buying a Casita and giving you as a reference? In case you missed it, I’ve copied/pasted her post below so you can get in touch with the Casita makers and get your referral money.

    Phyllis says:
    October 16, 2014 at 12:53 pm

    Back on Saint Patrick’s Day, March 17, 2014 I bought my brand spanking new Casita because of YOU. My salesperson, Jeane Ivie, was instructed to send you the referral program check. When Jeane and I discussed this I told her they had sent you one from a former client. Well on your birthday, my coincidence, I had a conversation with Jeane and she said they couldn’t locate your address.

    Please email or call Jeane Ivie with Casita: or 1-903-200-4980.

    Just think how much Tillamook Ice Cream you can buy, you earned it,
    Phyllis in Oklahoma

    Hugs to Bridget

    Cat Lady

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Cat Lady! You are a gem! Thank you so much!

      Yes, I did see that comment from Phyllis. At the time I couldn’t email Jeane because of poor internet connection. In fact, I still am having trouble opening my email inbox and sending emails. I forgot about contacting Jeane!

      Phyllis was very thoughtful to set this up for me. Phyllis, if you see this… Thanks TONS! You’re right… a check for $200 will buy lots of Tillamook! 🙂

      Thanks again, Cat Lady, for YOUR thoughtfulness.

  10. Rob, still in Washington says:

    The difference in your photos is amazing! Thanks for sharing.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      You’re welcome,Rob.

      I assume you mean the difference due to my latest camera. Thanks for the compliment!

  11. Teri in SoCal says:

    Love this new camp, always nice to have a view of some water.

    There are plenty of pets for sale on Craigslist, but I’d just like to mention something. There are a TON of people selling puppies, but the situation they are breeding their dogs in are sometimes less than healthy. I’ve actually seen photos where the mother is chained on a dirt patch in the backyard. It’s great to save a life, and these puppies do deserve the best. But please use caution with some of the backyard breeders. I’m not trying to upset anyone, but being in rescue I’ve seen some really horrible situations. And I realize that not everyone is like this, but I just hate to see people making money off their dogs.

    Having said that, I know you will give whatever dog you get a wonderful life.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      You make an excellent point, Teri, and something I will be mindful of. I don’t want to encourage people taking advantage of animals. For that same reason I would never, ever, purchase a dog from a pet store. Too many of the animals they sell come from puppymills or other cruel, unhealthy environments.

      Thanks for reminding us all to be careful when searching for a pet.

      • Elizabeth in WA says:

        I agree as to avoiding pet shops for buying a pet. However, years ago, back about early 1990s we were raising gerbils (good way to study genetics with the children with something very small and easy to take care of…and actually gerbils are FUN little animals)….and we took our extras (heh, wow, did they have LOTS of babies) to one of the local pet shops as the man there (by the way this was not one of those chain stores, but a little private shop) would give the children $1 each for a gerbil. One day we took in 3 and he asked us if we would like to just trade this time for a puppy!! He rarely had pups, but I guess another customer of his had some extra. I did NOT think my husband would agree so told the kids we would call him and ask him….heh, he said YES!! And thus we had one of the most amazing animals we ever got. But I am sure not from a puppy mill…she was a mix: fox terrier and blue heeler!! Smart as all get out…very stubborn and very loyal. I could write a book about her…though she was a tad less spectacular than our last dog. So I guess sometimes our most amazing pets come from unusual places!! One of our friends, most all their dogs have come to them and they were never able to locate the owners so ended up keeping them…and they have all been great pets too. Maybe you will wait for one to come to you?

        • rvsueandcrew says:

          Cute story, Elizabeth. I’ll wait for one to come to us or I’ll allow myself to be led to him.

  12. Barb George says:

    Hey there Sue!
    How is Bridget doing, let wise? Just a bit concerned… Are you looking for a specific sort of buddy or just ‘will know it when I meet it’ sort? Nosy me!
    Our Kali-girl (12+yr old Australian Shepherd who acts like a 2 yr old) has been giving us scares… got all her blood work back and we were certain she was diabetic. NOPE. Thank goodness for that. Meds seem to be working… and she is back to being her happy and crazy self. She misses our farm the most–as she has no where to run (and neither of us can really walk her well, though I have found a new harness that might be helpful). My little guy, Racy looks just like Bridget (hips and all) but he is supposed to be a mini-Chihuahua… obviously the mini is not the case 🙁 OOPS.

    Sunny here for a bit. I am trying to get up some ‘get up and go’ and just don’t wanna… LOL

    Hugs from Hoquiam,
    PS OH! The van stuck made me think of the folks on the shore…who walk away and forget a thing called TIDES. We have had big old motorhomes float off… NOT a fun day at the beach, that is for sure!

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Barb,

      Bridget’s doing fine. She’s happy and doesn’t seem to be in pain, except for some aches at the end of the day.

      I’m not looking for a specific dog. I prefer rat terriers. I would consider any dog that will fit into our home and lifestyle… In other words, not a large breed, not a delicate breed… hardy, able to hike, adaptable, good around strangers and so forth.

      I’m happy that your Kali is responding well to the meds and is feeling good. It’s scary when our sweet pals become ill. It’s so difficult to know what to do, where it hurts, when it hurts, etc.

      That’s funny about the floating motorhomes… unless it’s your own rig out to sea!

  13. Gayle says:

    Maybe that was Jack Kerouac you met “on the road”! Ask him if he’s written anything lately?! 🙂

  14. Teresa from NC says:

    I’m glad you found a cool spot, possibly met a cool someone to chat with. We’ve all considered Spike and Bridget’s life that of luxury, but I think she might be stretching it a bit;-) If she starts yelling at you to “peel her a grape,” you might need to put your foot down, haha.

  15. Cari in Plano Texas says:

    When I first saw the pictures of people camping on the beach, I thought, oh no, someone is going to get stuck in the sand. My mother lives on Galveston Island, and there are people all the time that try and drive on the beach down on the west end where she lives. The beach itself is almost all packed sand and not bad, but the access roads are just dune/moving sand, and she’s seen many a vehicle stuck up to its axles.

    What a cool spot you have found. You can watch the water or the rocky cliffs. I imagine they would change color with the different position of the sun during the day.

    I know what you mean about taking some time to just BE. When I lost Bandit, people would ask me, are you going to get another dog? I would say no, because I knew I needed time to grieve and adjust and just live for awhile without one. You have Miss Bridget to keep you company, and from comments you’ve made previously I think you are wise in taking time to just be together.

    And thanks for the insight on how to travel as a fulltimer. On road trips I’ve taken in the past, I usually drove a lot to get to my first destination, then I took time to poke around, relax, and explore once I got there. And then my return journey (since I do have to return home) was spent moseying along, taking a different, less traveled route, seeing different sights. I can tell that once I retire my plans may change into something that more resembles what you’ve described.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Cari,

      I like to insert tidbits into my posts about why I do things the way I do. That doesn’t mean that everyone should follow my lead. I share my thinking so people can examine their own thinking… In other words, ask “What would I do in the same situation? Would I rush to see Bryce Canyon NP or save it for another time when I don’t have to rush? Would I take a chance and camp on the beach? Would I spend one night at that camp or stay for a week?” That sort of thing…. I think the more one runs scenarios through their mind like that, the better one is prepared to make decisions as the need arises. That’s something I learned as a teacher. You have to anticipate what students will do and be ready to act.

      You’ll find your own way which may be like mine… or not. 🙂 I’ve discovered that full-time life on the road has taught me a lot about myself.

      You’re right about the sand. The beach is hard-packed. It’s the road in and out that is treacherous. As Jack said this morning, “The locals know how to get down there without getting stuck.”

      • Cari in Plano Texas says:

        Oh, I certainly agree, Sue, and I appreciate that you do explain the choices and routes that you take. You give me (and fellow blogorinos) your perspective on how to travel, which gives us options and an additional way to look at things. No right or wrong involved, each person has their own way of doing things. That’s one thing I’m looking forward to once I retire, traveling and living in different ways.

        • rvsueandcrew says:

          What’s tempting, once your home is on wheels, is The Salad Bar Syndrome. That’s when you have all these choices in front of you… “Hmm, let’s see… NM? AZ? WY? CA? TX? WA? OR? MT?… This national park, that national park, hike this, visit that… You can end up rushing around..

          I have a feeling you won’t though. 🙂

  16. DebsJourney says:

    Thank you for your sharing about how you travel. After I am fulltime in my trailer I’m thinking of getting to a area and spending a month and checking it all out. Then move on and do the same. I want to spend time in Colorado, Arizona, and California. Also NM and TX and since reading your blog I want to see Utah too. I will be buying my trailer in the next couple of months and selling my home and that is it. It is exciting and a learning experience for me since this will be one of the rare times traveling alone.
    I’m so happy I have Rosie and Lily as my travel mates.
    Work is challenging for me and I’m still trying to get comfy with it. But it’s been over 20 years that I’ve worked for others and it is a big adjustment. Oh I’m feeling overwhelmed and tired and missing my man.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Deb,

      I wish I knew how to comfort you at times like this. Try to rest as much as you can and take care of yourself. You’ve gone through a lot in a short period of time and have been forced to make some big adjustments.

      Your travel plans are interesting. I like that you want to really get to know an area before moving somewhere else. There are many ways to enjoy RVing, full-timing, travel, and the rest. Everyone has to find what suits them and if one way doesn’t, then try another way.

      When I started out with the BLT, not having any camping experience at all, I thought I’d be happy in campgrounds all the time. When the solar set-up set me free, I soon discovered I loved living alone in secluded camps, moving every 1-2 weeks.

      I may change my pace and manner of camping over time, just as you may also. Like you wrote “It is exciting and a learning experience . . . .”

      • Deb, you might want to consider volunteering at State Parks as Chuck and I do. For about 20 hours worth of work per week you earn your campsite and utilities for the month! Most state parks require about a two month commitment and you can volunteer for up to four months! Saves $$$$$ and gives you lots of time to explore an area and meet locals! That is how we found Sue’s campsite near the creek when she visited us at Zion! We really do like being campground hosts!

  17. AZ Jim says:

    Welcome home Missy…you are getting very close to Gods country. I am glad you didn’t let your adventurous side take charge in that sand at Powell. I only remember the one time you were stuck before and friendly guys got you out but that would have been a lot worse. Stay away from Craigs List is my advice. Many people have been stung there one way or another. I am also with you on buying pets at pet stores. A shelter is the way to go. Detta and I will be out in Patagonia for a few days in very early November. I love Arizona and I know you do too. Once again a great post and a hearty welcome home.

  18. Timber n' me says:

    30 some thing, oh well, that’s ok. Nice camp Sue, we’re near the 40 and we have a fan that is cooling us off, it’s 91 in the shade and the burro’s came to visit last nite. Soon you’ll be in the Zone and she’ll be coolin’ down in about two weeks into th’ 70s , NOAA says. We’ll see. having a great time with the walks dad takes me on, a lot of burro sign to sniff, Give Bridget a hug for me, will ya ,,,,,,,,Timber , oh, dad says hi too :>P

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Rusty!

      “30 some thing” ??

      Good to hear you have a fan. Moving the air around can make a big difference. I know what you mean about the temperatures dropping in a couple of weeks. It already looks like we will have to face some cool weather going through the high elevation of Flagstaff.

      It still amazes me what a difference elevation makes. A short drive from Kanab to Lake Powell, bringing us down in elevation, has made the difference from long sleeves to tank tops, long jeans to shorts. 🙂

      Hey Timber!

      • Timber n' me says:

        Woof Sue :>)

        • Chuck says:

          Hi you two!!! Hope all is well with you. Woof from our crew, Doogie Bowser and Radar, and a travel safe from Chuck n Geri!

          • Timber n' me says:

            Hey Chuck n’ Geri, We’re doing great and lovin’ it , that were back on th’ road and in a better camper. The truck is runnin’ great too, the ol’ gal , she’s got another 45 years to go, She’s 39 and as long as Ford keeps making parts. And Timber, I think he loves it too ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,me

  19. AlanOutandAbout says:

    Hi, Sue. Looks like a good camp for a couple days. Before the drought the area you saw the stuck truck at was under water and is supposed to be for the dam to do what it was designed for. That is why the sand is so soft down there. For future reference there is a little campground at Whitehouse ruins just below the Paria ranger station. Very quiet with usually only a couple tent campers at most there for hiking down the river into the wilderness area. If you continue on 89 thru Page you will get to the area I talked about in previous post. Lees Ferry and the south side of the Vermilion cliffs is a must for photographs. There is a huge balancing rock just of the road into the campground. It is well worth the side trip and Bridget will love it too.
    The campground may be full as Lees Ferry is prime trout fishing country. People come from all over the globe to fish there.
    But whatever you do or where ever you go – Enjoy.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Alan,

      I would’ve stopped at White House but it was too close to our previous camp. In other words, I wanted to put a little distance behind us.

      Lees Ferry is a wonderful place for photographs. When we were there in 2012 I only had a little cheap pocket camera. I did post a photo on this blog of the PTV/BLT with the Vermillion Cliffs in the background. They made a big impression on me because I hadn’t been in the West that long and it was very new to me. . . .

      They released condors during our visit and I missed a chance to photograph one by only a few minutes! I remember there were a bunch of fisher-people at the campground.

  20. Kay says:

    Well, I’ve got that little Rowdie who granddaughter fell in love with, from CL. Those two are pals, best friends, and they both can drive the parents crazy, if they want. As with anything, you have to be careful.

    Oh boy, the memory of being stuck tends to keep us smart ones out of that sort of environment!

    Tonight, it’ll be homemade Chili. Maybe that will help my nasty cold. I can dream, if nothing else.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Gee, homemade chili would taste good right now. Too bad there’s no one around to make it for me. 😉

  21. Barbara (from Nashville) says:

    Thought you might be interested in seeing this. I don’t know if the link will work. I will check back to see and try again, it not.

    Terminally-ill woman’s last wish is to find her dog a great home

  22. Sidewinder Pen says:

    Lone Rock was my guess when I read your post yesterday 🙂 We missed each other by about a week (NOT that I would have dropped in, mind you). ‘course all roads lead SW at this time of year 😀

    That said, I’m heading “up” for at least a couple of weeks. Too hot at “sea level” for me. Whew. (But I had to meet a couple of packages.)

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Pen, you have set up a mystery for us…

      Clue 1: You were hear about a week ago.

      Clue 2: You went to a place at sea level and it was too hot there and you could receive packages at that place.

      Clue 3: From there you are heading “up.”

      Hmm… Where has Pen been and where is Pen going?


      • Timber n' me says:

        Well, for as we know, we’ve been moving around and about three days ago we were 5 miles north of Havasu City limits at a BLM camp and while my dad was taking photo’s of the sunset with our camp in view, dad was laying on the ground doing this, a small motor home stopped not to far from us and a lady came over asking if I was Timber and dad, (Rusty). and Dad said yes, why, and we met Sidewinder Pen, ,,,,,,,,Timber

        • rvsueandcrew says:

          OH MY GOSH! THAT’S GREAT! Two more blogorinos meet each other!

          Alan meets Kay/Kay meets Alan
          Krystina meets Micky/Micky meets Krystina
          Sidewinder Pen meets Rusty/Rusty meets Sidewinder Pen

          I’m lovin’ this!

          • Kay says:

            Yeah, We’ll know each other face to face for the Blogorino Convention in September 2015!

          • Sidewinder Pen says:

            Maybe the misleading clue was sea level, but I did put it in quotation marks! In other words, I was at a low/lake elevation in Arizona and it was hot (mid-90’s day; lucky to get into 70’s by the middle of the night, but that means mid-80’s still when trying to get to sleep). Probably not too hot for some folks, but a bit warm for me.

            So, having picked up packages and finished the project I was in the midst of, I decided to gain a bit of elevation again for now. I’m endlessly tickled at how one can do that in the west/mountains (vs. having to drive thousands of miles in the Midwest or East to accomplish similar)


            I did meet Rusty and Timber, and got to see their swell new camper. Cozy and tidy – yet roomy feeling with a high ceiling – and had that clean/wood smell that you get in a woodsy cabin.

  23. David in Boston says:

    RVSue and Bridget,

    I have FINALLY caught up to you! That’s me, lurking just over that nearby ridge, waiting for the most inconvenient time to pop over as an uninvited visitor. Ha! Just kidding. What I mean is that I’ve caught up to you in your blog — from your first thoughts about the Casita and your full-time RV lifestyle to the present. What an adventure it has been (if my Boston-based armchair vicarious adventure status counts).

    Sue, thank you for recording and sharing your travels about daily life on the road. Every entry has held a gold nugget of information that is helpful on (and off) the road. Whether it’s a tasty camp meal idea, tips on leveling boondocking site, or an overall nudge to appreciate all of life’s beauty (regardless of location or situation), there’s always a great little piece to take away.

    Your blog is a truly wonderful read. Your writing style is captivating, which has kept me going through your three plus years on the road (and my three plus weeks of reading). Your stories of people you have met have been hilarious, tear-jerking, poignant, insightful, and sometimes all of the aforementioned. I love your descriptions and photos of the Southwest and West Coast — places I have hardly visited. Keep it going and don’t change a thing! I’ve read every word from you washing dishes outside to your jaunt into Mexico for some appointments.

    Your writing is engaging and your photos are beautiful, but the comments section seems to be where the blog magic really happens. What a wonderful group of people that read and comment in your blog. And thank you for turning it into a discussion area. It’s great, too, that you are so involved in the chats. At first I passed over the comments (usually full of trolls and negative nellies, I told myself), until the day I actually started reading through them. HOLY COW! It may have slowed my catch-up-to-Sue speed reading, but I was hooked! You and your Cloud companions enrich your blog through humorous anecdotes, resourceful boondocking recommendations, and touching commentary that really makes a comments section worth reading. I send heartfelt greetings to you and all of your pals and readers that have made this blog a look-forward-to reading event.

    Sorry this is so long, but I really wanted to tell you that I have thoroughly enjoyed getting to know you and the crew through the blog. My dream is to someday full-time (if I can convince my partner), hit the road, and explore the country the way you are. That dream is still 17 years or more away, but it never hurts to start planning now, right? Your blog has ramped up my desire multiple notches, and I find most of your posts chock full of information for anyone wanting to live on the road. We have just started our RV adventures with a 20 ft Airstream (we named her The Silver Savoy) that we drag around on weekends and those rare week-long trips. We’ve just finished our first season (time to winterize), but I’ve found some great information and tips in your blog that we can use even on our little excursions.

    I was heartbroken when I reached the news of Spike’s passing. He was a lucky dog to have you and Bridget as his life companions, and you were blessed to have his love, affection, and entertaining antics. Sending you all the best as you go through your loss.

    Wishing you and Bridget safe travels and many happy adventures from the bottom of my heart!

    Thanks again, and I look forward to many more installments.

    David (in Boston, MA)

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, David in Boston, MA,

      Each time I read your comment (yes, I’ve read it several times!), I feel like laughing and crying all at once. Really. You touched my heart with your description of my blog, which, you know, is my baby, so very dear to me.

      Through your words I was able to see my blog as a reader sees it. You made me very proud and extremely grateful for what has happened here in this little corner of cyberspace. I’m thrilled that you discovered the value in reading the comments under the posts. I love your description… ” a look-forward-to reading event.”

      By commenting you become a part of the Blogorino Community. Congratulations! Thank you for reading my blog from the beginning. Whenever a reader tells me they’ve done that, I feel like they’ve taken the time and cared enough to get to know me.

      I wish you well, David, as you plan for a life of full-time vagabonding. As for the partner… well, they need to read my blog and look at the photos, too!

      Thank you for making my day. I think I’ll go read your comment again. 🙂

      • Patsy Ontario says:

        David you could not have said it any better for all of us. Bless you all and always look forward to the next post, comments, pictures, and to see how Sue and Bridget are doing 🙂

      • David in Boston says:


        Thanks for such a warm welcome and kind words. I read your post a few times too. 🙂

        As for my partner: I can lead that horse to water, but making him drink is a different story. He loves the photos of your campsites, though. Guess that’s a start.

        And to all the blogorinos that commented on my post — thanks for your kind words as well. I’m honored to become part of such a great community of Sue fans! I look forward to chatting with all of you more!

        Warmest regards,


    • Krystina in The Grand Canyon says:

      WOW David from Boston! Everything you just wrote is exactly how I feel about RVSue’s Blog! Thank you for explaining our (probably 100% of the Blogerinos) true feelings about RVSue’s Blog. I have written here several times about how I feel about this blog, and RVSue, but I could never really express EXACTLY how I felt. I too have learned sooo much here…and as you say, the Blogerino’s are the BEST! Really good people. I love being part of this “family”! Thank you again David for your post to RVSue.

      • Donna 'N Girls says:

        Exactly, perfectly put.

        • Barbara (from Nashville) says:

          I agree. Through this blog, you learn a great deal, chat with the other Blogorinos, enjoy the travels and most of all I feel like Sue and the Blogorino’s are friends vs. unknowns in cyberspace, even though we are.
          Thanks for putting the words out there.

    • Mert says:

      If you figure out the “partner convincing ” part, please share the steps with me.

    • BadgerRickInWis says:

      Very well put David, and I just LOVE the idea of the blogorinos being “cloud companions.”

      Me thinks you will fit in well here. Welcome.

  24. Pamela K. says:

    First things first.
    1. I really like your newest camp! Seems to be the best of all three worlds, ie; the beach, the rocky cliffs and the less-is-more private.
    2. Yes, there are tons of pets listed on Craigslist. Many are wonderful choices and some are not so healthy mentally or physically as someone else mentioned.
    Sadly there is another aspect to buying via the web, sometimes it takes an even darker side of the Buyer Beware story. There have been stories and police reports of a few people selling pets, wonderful healthy pets, on the web who have been taken from their yards and transported to other locals to be sold! AWFUL! And illegal! If I were to ever consider buying from a web listing, even locally, I would insist that a Vet scan them for any lost or stolen reports before buying. If the seller is legit they should not mind allowing this to be done prior to payment. I feel sad to feel the need to say this but it is one of the many hidden factors that can come up later so I felt a thumbs-up would be wise to mention. It is more common than most folks think and gets very little press time in the news.
    3. I left you a follow-up reply to your sweet words about Miss Sadie and hubby’s birthday on the original posting from yesterday. In short, I have not posted any pics of Sadie yet…we both fell asleep this afternoon. Much play and many firsts tuckered us both out. I did take a few quick snaps of her and will post them later tonight to Flickr. She is SO QUICK! I had forgot how hard it is to take good photos of such a young kitten. She was all over the place and found the camera to be her newest toy, strap and all, lol. A classic case of energy spent on the young 😉 Like you, in my 60s, I’m not so quick and need to set my camera for continuous shooting mode ~wide grin now~ Gotta luv these new cameras ~reaches for the book to see how to do that~.
    To be continued…
    Hugs to you and Bridget, enjoy your newest homestead.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Pamela,

      Yes, I did see your follow-up comment…

      Good advice regarding Craigs List. Unfortunate but true, there are a lot of unscrupulous people in the world who care only about themselves. I appreciate you explaining what one needs to look out for when considering a pet from a private “owner” who may not be the owner at all.

      I’d close with a wish for you to enjoy your new kitty, but that’s a wish that isn’t necessary! You obviously are having a great time together. 🙂

      • Pamela K. says:

        glad you found the info helpful. Knowing what to look for when shopping for a great pet is half the battle so Cons don’t win with illegal pets.
        As promised, I finished posting Sadie’s photos to
        Here’s the link info to her Album on Flickr.

        BTW, Sue, if you are not already on Flickr please join! It is free and you would have so many followers see your photos and then come to visit your blog! If you do join, let me know. I have many friends there, an old-timer, and would be glad to do an intro about you and Miss Bridget.
        Hugs and have a wonderful day as you continue to head South.

        • rvsueandcrew says:

          I tried the link and it took me to Flickr. I was able to see Sadie’s ears and not anything more…. I thought I’d joined Flickr a long time ago, apparently not.

          Right now I’m having trouble opening pages. I can’t even open my emails or send emails.

          I haven’t joined Facebook or any other social media because I’m afraid it would start something I can’t keep up with. It’s all I can do to write and manage this blog. Gosh, I don’t even keep up with the blogs I used to read.

          Thanks for the sweet invitation to introduce me.

          I’m sorry I can’t see “Sadie, Sadie, Pretty Lady”… :)… She does have some awfully cute ears!

          • Pamela K. says:

            Oh No! Just her ears! Wonder what’s up with that? I’ll have to check my security settings and make certain the Flickr album is maked Public and not Private. Maybe that’s the problem. Or I may have been in edit mode doing some edits at the time when you arrived. Sometimes that throws Flickr off into never land. They, like you, have been having their share of tech issues. They did a complete re-vamp last year and it has been less than fun for many people. I, however, have stayed loyal. It is still the best little free spot to post photos and to share them so I stay.

            Glad you found the Buyer Beware info helpful. I belong to several web-based Police groups. We get updates about that sort of thing in the secure groups. Just the thought of finding the right pal for you and Bridget and then having to release him/her back to a rightful owner was enough to make me mention it. As times get harder and harder for people some seek out ways to make quick cash with the latest cons. Illegal pet selling is sadly far more common than one would think and the trend continues to grow. So a good heads-up is always the best self defense against it.

            Hugs and Flickr will get it all sorted out soon. I’ll keep a good Sadie-Ear on it and see if anyone else is having the same issue with her photos. Hope not, Ugh!

        • I was able to see Sadie’s portfolio of poses and what a cute kitty she is! Never saw a kitty wearing clothes but Sadie seemed really comfortable with the idea! Looks like a good life ahead for Sadie and her new forever family!

          • Pamela K. says:

            Aww, that was so sweet of you to go see my Sadie lady. Thank you! I have always put sweaters on all my pets, especially when they are still young or old with aging. Sometimes living in a small space is cozy for us humans but pets can and do get cold with the air conditioner on. So I try to make it cozy for everyone. My Golden Retriever is way up in years and will hide from the air conditioner if it is too cool. Little Sadie is very young, so she needs her warmth to stay healthy. So the sweaters serve as a good thing, in addition to being cute. Statement Attire with a purpose, lol. BTW, are you a member of Flickr? If so, let me know and I can visit your photostream there. Always great to know another Flickr pal. We really do have a nice group of folks there, very creative lot. I even keep up with several of my police friends via Flickr. Truly a world community united through the arts.

  25. Paula says:

    Hi Sue ~~
    As I was reading your blog I was warning you, “No Sue! Don’t take the PTV & BLT down near the water!”
    We spent 8 days at Lone Rock last fall. The sand just gets deeper the closer to the water you go. It’s enticing, I know ~~ but, a smart choice to stay up above. We watched some folks as it required 3 trucks to pull a 5th-wheel out of the sand and get them on their way.
    Enjoy your stay. Hope everyone goes home so you have a bit more quiet time.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Very interesting, Paula, about the fifth wheel stuck in the sand. Now I’m VERY glad I didn’t try to camp on the beach.

      Thanks for the hope for everyone to go home. I have to say… the presence of the other RVers hasn’t bothered me one bit (strike up the band!). It’s a very quiet group and their generators are far enough away not to annoy. It’s nice here. I like it!

      Apparently you liked it, too, as you spent 8 days here. . . .

      • Paula says:

        We met a group of really nice people when we were there. The ladies were fabulous cooks and we shared meals every evening. It was very difficult to leave the chicken with homemade noddles and wonderful German food produced out of those homes on wheels. We’d still be there if they would have kept cooking!!!! But alas, people have jobs and responsibilities — darn it anyway.

        The 5th-wheel that was stuck was the folks we got to know. The 3 trucks (F350 or Ram 3500 – fairly big engines, I think!) had to pull train-style in front of the trailer to finally dislodge it from its resting place along the beach.

        We also had trouble getting the machine at the pay station to function. I guess they’re not too concerned or they would have fixed it by now.

        • rvsueandcrew says:

          Wow! You really did have a great time!

          I agree about the pay station. I decided if anyone should come around wondering why I don’t have a paid sticker on my windshield, I’ll let them know I’m not turning my credit card over to a broken machine.. . . and I’m not handing cash to the camp host, who, BTW, doesn’t seem concerned about payment, not that fee collection is part of his job…

  26. EmilyO in NM says:

    Well Sue, my little house back in Kansas is finally selling – to someone who knows it well, my daughter. She finally got her house sold and her closing will be coming up soon. Was an agonizing 16 months for me, but guess this is the reason why there wasn’t much interest. Sometimes we do learn the reason “why”. Glad you are heading south, we are experiencing thunderstorms every day and one of those days, it will be snow instead. Safe travels.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      HIP HIP HOORAAAAAYY! Congratulations, Emily. I’m very relieved on your behalf. I know what a burden a house that won’t sell can be.

      Thunderstorms every day? Oh yes, I remember New Mexico snow. 🙂

    • DesertGinger says:

      Hooray for Emily!

      • Timber n' me says:

        Soon be rollin’, rollin’, down th’ hyway , by way ,,,,,,Emily ,,,,,,,,,,,,;>) Timber

        • EmilyO in NM says:

          Thanks for the thoughts and Hoorays folks. Timber, I hope to get some little trips here in NM come spring. Housemate Jim is getting hormone therapy for his 3rd round of prostate cancer and his eyesight is deteriorating due to macular degeneration, so trips will be short. But am holding onto my little Eggie for those days.

          • Chuck says:

            A lot of places close by Em! Once you get out and about you’ll love them!!! Caballo, Percha, City of Rocks!!!!!And that’s just the start!

  27. This is a beautiful spot! We stayed in the park campground in Loop C which is probably the most beautiful spot we have ever stayed. We were high enough to over look the lake with no one in our way or around us. Our site was a double wide site large enough to have your boat and RV. When the sunset it played off the rocks and brought different shapes in to the light. It was amazing.

    I don’t blame you for not staying down on the beach. I am sure it is just one big party of noise. Looks like you are much happier with your higher overall view.


    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, John and Pam,

      I’m guessing you were at Waheap Campground near the marina. There aren’t any “loops” here as it is all dispersed camping.

      The area here is beautiful. This morning the light on the rock gave it an unreal, almost surreal, quality. It only lasted a few minutes as the rising sun rolls out those quick-moving shadows.

      Yeah, “party of noise” is exactly what I didn’t want to get “stuck” in…. For me that’s as bad as deep sand!

      • Paula says:

        We stayed at Waweep ONE NIGHT! It is indeed very pretty – every bit as pretty as Lone Rock just up the road. Got the laundry done and such. Being budget-minded, we found Lone Rock at $5/nite to work better for us than $48/nite at Waweep.
        Met lots of nice folks at Lone Rock: a couple from Australia with an evening of wine and tapas, a couple from St. George, UT that invited us (twice) to go boating with them, and a local group of folks that we had dinner with most evenings. Great fun and wonderful memories of all of them. We really must get back there!

  28. Denise - Richmond VA says:

    Good morning, Sue!

    I loved being an arm chair passenger on this trip….wondering with excited anticipation what would we would find further down that road. Wow! Another camp with a lake! I am glad you listened to your gut and stayed up on the bluff. Sounds like you have the perfect spot, views, quiet, and neighbors who are not too close. 🙂

    I received several Escape Trailer brochures in the mail yesterday! I plan to laminate them to prolong their life. There is something about having a hard copy to hold and drool over…makes the dream a little more “real” for me. Saving for my trailer will take many years, but in the mean time, I am having fun researching and soaking up as much info and knowledge that I can!

    Enjoy your day! 🙂

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      I smile thinking of you “dog-ear-ing” your trailer brochures. I did the same thing! I used to lie in bed staring at the one brochure that Casita sent me. It’s a wonder I didn’t wear out their website!

      “Saving for my trailer will take many years”…. It took me many years, too, Denise. It’s tough sometimes, saving and waiting, but I’m very glad I waited until I had enough to equip us for the road. It’s worth it!

      And you are so right… Now and in the years leading up to your launch, you can learn and prepare and drool. 🙂

      • Denise - Richmond VA says:

        Good morning, Sue,

        Yep…between looking at the Escape Trailer Industries website…tracking their production schedule (why, I don’t know, as unless I had a lottery win, I won’t be placing an order until I have cash in hand AND have visited the factory…years from now), looking at the pictures (they don’t change…the same pictures), looking at the specs/options list, and reading daily updates on the Escape Trailer Owner’s Forum, well, I feel like I am wearing out their websites! As Escapes are manufactured in Canada, I also check the Canadian Dollar to US Dollar values occasionally, too. 🙂

        I am a proud lurker….a professional window shopper!!! 🙂

        • BadgerRickInWis says:

          Hi Denise,
          Looks like we are in similar places on “the road to get on the road.” I am in the dreamin’ and savin’ mode myself right now but like you I’m getting my fix by reading forums and pouring over websites.

          Right now I’m torn between an Escape and an older 17ft Bigfoot so I’m curios which Escape your dreaming of? I saw a 17B a couple of month ago and it was very, very nice. It’s just that they seem to be so hard to find used.

          • Denise - Richmond VA says:

            Hi, Rick,

            What luck, seeing a 17B in person! 🙂

            You are so right about finding a used Escape. Since they are a small manufacturer, few are made to begin with…so when a used model becomes available, it is snapped up quickly. A few months ago, an Escape forum member had a 17B, just a few years old, for sale, whose specs matched my dream build. The price was excellent, and it sold within days of him posting the sale. He and his wife got a case of two-footitis, and wanted to upgrade to a 19′.

            I think I would like a 17B. I like the flexibility of being able to have one of the dinettes made up as a bed, not having to set up every night. I really like that there are windows on all 4 walls…lots of natural light! I asked for brochures for the 15, 17 & 19. I like the layout of the 15B, too…very cozy. The 19′ looks very nice, but I would rather have a smaller trailer, with lower associated costs (gas, tolls, ferry charges, 2 tires to maintain instead of 4, etc), and easier maneuverability.

            The Bigfoots are very nice trailers! Also hard to find…at least in my neck of the woods!

            Have fun researching! 🙂

  29. JodeeinSoCal says:

    We are very much looking forward to short travel days, and relaxing set-ups when we get to our destination. The days of weekends and vacation schedules will be behind us, and the full-time life will stretch out ahead of us.
    The For Sale sign goes in the yard today! Oh Lordy, give us strength 🙂

  30. Gail Docter says:

    Hello there! We put our fulltiming forty foot MOTORHOME and towed on the beach below where you are and loved our stay! I prayed all the while–we followed the lead of others getting out. The path to the far left, facing the water is the only sensible one to take. We took that one leaving, but didn’t know about it when we arrived. Memorable…

    You are SO close to Antelope Canyon and although I’ve been reading a long time, I don’t know if you’ve visited there. Tours are not inexpensive, but worth every nickel. We chose the photographer’s tour which allows more time and a guide that helps you get fabulous photos of the canyon. Here’s a link.
    Gail Docter

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Gail Doctr,

      I’m glad you had a wonderful time and did not get stuck. I don’t know how much of my blog you’ve read. I really don’t want to be down on the beach. Too much activity (read people)…. It’s not for everyone.

      Sounds like the tour is fantastic! I can’t go to links right now, but I bet it was fun. I generally shy away from tours so Bridget and I won’t be going. Others reading this may take advantage of the information you’ve shared. Thank you!

      NOTE TO READERS… You may read our comments long after they were posted. As you know, the condition of roads, especially sandy ones, can change and usually do, especially with constant traffic. Evaluate the current situation for yourself before attempting to drive down to the beach.

    • Paula says:

      We also stayed to the far left to make our way to the beach — after scouting our path with the Jeep first. Down near Lone Rock (the actual protrusion of rock) the surface is solid rock with only a little sand over it. I am usually overly cautious — which can be a good thing sometimes.

  31. weather says:

    Rhythmic rain begins to fall on foliage,wood and roofs -then wavers. Wind and water -almost still – fade to background levels.Tapping droplets – loud on leaves,quiet on me slow down-start waltzing and finally hush – light takes over.Yesterday’s corals became copper overnight, maroon a chocolatey brown-lining the fern covered path .

    Such changes may seem subtle,yet like desert sand and air turning pink and gold in the sun, renew the world and life I have-God I love morning,don’t you?Sue I hope you play a while today -with Bridget or on the keyboard-meander, laugh and just be a kid-so far I am and it’s great 🙂

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      weather, you are a kid all the time… That’s one of the things I love about you. Oh sure, you know how to put on the cloak of adulthood. So do I. As soon as we’re able, we fling off that cloak and run!

      Morning is the grandest time of all. I LOVE morning. Whenever I sleep late, upon realizing the time, I feel I’ve lost something precious. Well, I have!

      I was out wandering around in my nightshirt and nightshorts very early this morning. All was quiet. There aren’t trees here for birds to perch and sing from. No sign of my new roadrunner friend. He comes around later in the day.

      Thanks again for taking me for a walk down your woodland path… the wet leaves, the ferns, the new colors, the hush… I can see, hear, touch, smell, and breathe it . . . all from your words.

      Have fun playing!

    • weather says:

      In the late 50’s teenage girls would sprinkle glitter in their hair before attending high school dances.My sister’s ten years older than I am-she was 17 and shared half her bottle with me.I’d sprinkle it on the kids I played with and we’d take turns -lifting each other by the hands and twirling the other in the air we flew!The glitter was the pixie dust Tinker Bell gave us to fly-we were Peter Pan and vowed never to grow up.Guess I took it seriously when told to never break a promise…I’d never thought of describing adulthood as a cloak-you’re really good with “pictures” ,a dark covering to be flung off with glee-I love it!Our escapades now , aren’t much different, still leave grass ,oil and ink stains,scratches,spatters, mud- love having you in the playground -hope the roadrunner shows

      • rvsueandcrew says:

        A half bottle of glitter in the hands of a 7-year-old… Ha!

        “Twirling the other in the air we flew!” You brought forth a memory of my own, also from around the age of 7. My cousin, who was a teenager at the time and much bigger than I was, of course, entered the game of ring-around-the-rosie I was playing with my girl cousins. He grabbed me and twirled me in the air and lost his grip! I ended up with a broken collar bone. Ah, sweet memories of youth… 😉

  32. Kathy says:

    I was just reading another blog “russ on the road” when I came across a scene that looked very familiar. In May of this year, he got stuck going out on Lone Rock Beach, was blasted by sand blowing in his rv, then made a mad dash to get off the beach and barely made it without getting stuck a second time.
    Smart call on your part. If I ever get that RV I’ll be following you around but about 4 yrs behind.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Kathy,

      Interesting that you should mention the sand-blasting of the wind at the beach. Jack was over here yesterday and we sat and talked most of the afternoon. He mentioned the risk of a sandstorm if one parks on the beach. He has come here “for 6 or 7 years” and one time the sand was blowing so badly at the beach that you couldn’t see the RVs down there… and it lasted for TWO WHOLE DAYS!

      Hmm… You wrote “If I ever get that RV . . . .”… Maybe you’ll change that someday to “When I get my RV…” 🙂

  33. Kay says:

    Well, today is not much better than yesterday…. up all night. well since 3AM.

  34. Cinandjules (NY) says:

    Almost home…Desert Woman!

    Very pretty area indeed……ummmm. There is about 33 rigs more than my fancy! Hah! Good idea not to get stuck in the sand. Great that you know..just by looking and your expertise on where you can take the PTV and BLT.

    Credit card machines in the middle of nowhere can be a target for scamming! Just like gas stations. Rule is if you are having a hard time inserting your card…someone has likely fiddled with it!

    In regards to CL I’m totally with AZJim. Avoid like the plague. Locating your next fur kid will happen without searching for one. Mark my words!

    Currently pet sitting the blind Jack Russell…so I have been away from my iPad. Friday we’re off to Vegas for da weekend. It’s Jules birthday! My sis from PHX is flying up for the day on Sat. We can’t wait to eat “real food”. We may fly into SF for dinner at Crustaceans Restaurant…roasted dungenous crab and garlic noodles!

    AO is going to the kennel so she can realize that not all dogs live the lifestyle she has! She is so out of control! We often compare her to SA…..forgetting she’s still a pup! Knapps animal control…we have NO control!

    Enjoy your day missy….heh heh now I’m sounding like AZJim.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Cinandjules,

      You, your sister, and Jules know how to party! It sounds like you will have a wonderful time (and eat well!). I’m glad for that. Give Jules my wish for a Happy Birthday.

      So…. little Annie Oakley is a bit spoiled, eh? I’m not surprised. She’s such a cutie. I like that she will see “how the other half lives.” Haha!

      • Cinandjules (NY) says:

        It’s all about living your dash…..right?

        No should have, would have, or could have ….at this establishment!

  35. Kay says:

    Oh…. CLINGERS….. come here….. I have a very special gift for you! Where are those Clingers when I really want them?????

    Hell, I’d even toss in a box of puffs with the gift!

  36. We almost stopped there once to camp but Chuck is a campground kinda guy and we ended up in Wahweep Campground near Page! Nice campground I will have to admit! So sorry Bridget’s leg is still causing pain! Poor baby! We are having fun following you into AZ!

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Geri,

      Yes, Wahweep isn’t far from here… a bit more upscale than what I’m used to! 🙂

      I appreciate you dropping in so I know you and Chuck are still following Bridget and me as we head into AZ…

  37. Shirlene says:

    Good Afternoon Sue,

    Well I finally caught up on all the posts while I was away…I “almost” broke my addiction to RV Sue….but here I am, second day back and back to commenting again…I missed being able to see your pictures and read comments…I could see your posts from my phone but no pictures or comments showed up…I hope that Bridget’s leg is better, I gave her more than one thought while away…As always your pictures are very inviting and very accurately depict your location…such a good job with that..

    Hi to Weather, missed you..glad to see that you are still here and probably not making in life changing choices so far…thought a lot of you also, as I was at a farm much like you describe as within your visual field…Lots of trees changing colors, smell of damp ground, pines. I bought myself a chicken, never knew I liked chickens…left the chicken on the farm with friends, but getting updates on the daily about her egg laying abilities..was really a fun farm experience.

    Hi to all the blogorinos, including the camp cook, Kay….Hey.

    Hope everybodies day have been especially blessed.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Shirlene (chicken-mama),

      Gee, you went to a farm for your RVSue addiction and the rehab didn’t work, even with the help of a chicken. 😉 It’s nice to be missed.

      I’m happy you’re back with us and I’m glad you had fun!

    • weather says:

      Sweet Shirlene-I started to type you a note here earlier then changed my mind to wait.I’d wondered-if you’d decided to raise chickens in Oregon-or wanted to keep your freedom from this “addiction”-guess both were true in part. I’m glad you got to be away…smelling the soil and pines-choosing your very own hen-letting nature take over all your senses…Bet you thought of lots of things besides this virtual village-your life and dreams and future.Your hesitancy to resume commenting -while missing being “us” is so touching .

      Once I wrote a comment about reaching to what I have passion for-by petting a friend’s fur,typing here,praying,visiting,sending love beyond the stars instead of across the living room.My point then was why pretend I have only tepid feelings,seek approval I don’t need-for me that works,it keeps me true to what I am.

      Yet there are hundreds of readers that never respond,thousands of people I’ve met-that find such things unsuitable.Their lives are probably tidier than mine,their conversations and ways more predictable-safer.From hurt or surprises or loss of control-disapproval from themselves or others.

      They are loveable and sweet,as all people are,when I study them closely,count their benefits to our world.I’m just not them-wouldn’t want to be,and they are glad about who they are.The autumnal world you visited is perfect as is,so’s the Pacific Ocean.

      We’re the only parts of creation that get to choose what we really want to be.I’ve missed you ,too,and love that you’re here -whether only reading,commenting or just living more apart from.Guess I’m saying do it for yourself-however you choose to handle your feelings about all of us on this blog,about me-I’ll always know you love us ,and that’s more than enough to make me happy.

      Welcome back,friend,bet you chose a pretty chicken 🙂

      • Shirlene says:

        Weather, you crack me up….of course you know me so well…I did chose a pretty chicken, pretty and hardy…Orpington chicken, strawberry blonde like I was when I was a child…laid an egg the first day we got her….I took a picture of the first egg and posted it on my facebook page, everyone laughed and got a big chuckle out of it…simple city life girl…Hope I was missed and waiting to have coffee in the morning with you and Sue…sleep tight my friend, snuggle those troupies.

    • DesertGinger says:

      Welcome home Shirlene; you were missed. I have a friend in Australia who insists chickens are the best pets ever. I had one as a child, but I think we eventually ate it. Won’t touchchicken now.

      • Shirlene says:

        Thank you Ginger, I am glad to see that your health is advancing daily….just think, it won’t be long and you will be fully recovered and ready to hit it again.

  38. Shirlene says:

    Oh Sue, while I was away it looks like you had a birthday….Happy belated birthday my friend, I hope it was as special as you are to us…

  39. Kay says:

    Oh Shirlene, you are back! While you were gone, I was given a really nasty cold. Now, I am looking for CLINGERS to give it to, and wouldn’t you… not a darn one is to found around here. Heck, I was even willing to include a box of puffs… I suspect, the Clingers are headed into the AZ desert for a little R&R after such an active spring/summer/fall….

    Okay, now for some hot lemon…

    • Shirlene says:

      Oh Kay, so sorry you got sick….I usually take Airborne so I don’t get sick on the plane, but forgot this time, did not get sick, but I guess you got it instead…so get better soon…just know that you are now prediastered for the season…carry on.

  40. Janet says:

    Hi Sue; I recognized the Lone Rock area right away. We stay there at least once a year on our way north or south. Spectacular sunrises and sunsets. Great kayaking if you get a chance. I have never allowed Richard to drive the MH down to the beach but we have driven the car with the kayaks on top. Just watch to see which way the other cars drive. The beach area is pretty much taken up by local party people. One spring when we arrived the kiosk was not working either. We tried to pay at another gate but they couldn’t take our money either, so you can probably forget-about-it. Have fun!

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Janet,

      Due to the Grand Canyon there aren’t many options for north-south travel out of Arizona. It’s nice that Page and Lake Powell are on one of the main routes.

      Jack, who has come here for several years, tells me this is the busiest (most crowded) he’s ever seen the place. Yesterday a Class C pulled in next to us. This morning they are gone. Several RVs have come and gone since we arrived, staying overnight only.

      It’s a shame the financial situation in this country has translated into neglected recreation areas and campgrounds. By neglected I mean not maintained well and not improved to meet the increasing demand. This could be transformed into a paradise with no crowding and no one getting stuck in sand.

      • Sidewinder Pen says:

        I somewhat agree, but on the other hand, I wouldn’t like to see it turned into a campground like Wahweap. $48 per night (plus $2 for a shower if you want one), and managed by a concessionaire with a number of “minimum effort” employees. (That’s not to say there are not some good folks, but the overall feel is “we have a contract to run the place, and we do just what is needed and no more.)

        So I like that Lone Rock is available as a relatively unimproved option. OTOH, it would be nice if improvements could occur without “going too far” — it’s just that they often seem to do that.

        • rvsueandcrew says:

          Good point, Pen. I want the improvements and quality maintenance for $5 a night. Not gonna’ happen!

          • Janet says:

            Actually, we are in a Federal campground right now that has nice sites (not as far apart as we would like, but more room than any commercial cg) and it has a beautiful view of the water, shade trees, lots of flush toilets, a dump station and water available and it only cost $5 per night. It is the Boulder Beach CG on Lake Mead.

        • Patti/CA says:

          Hey, SidewinderPen….email me if you’re still in my area at

  41. Kay says:

    HA! I think I managed to get photos on the blog post… least I accomplished something today!

  42. Monica says:

    Hahaa! I’m laughing at the homeschooler and science studies for the day comment-too funny. Yup, I have known some homeschool mothers that would call that a day of science class. I homeschooled my to kids. My first went through high school doing science at the community college, and the second is now in high school. One can’t do upper level science by play alone; it just doesn’t work that way. I love the area, but when I saw all those RVs I screamed no way. I love your secluded sites; they are the best!

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Monica,

      Taking on the responsibility of your child’s or your children’s education is a big commitment. I commend you for taking that responsibility seriously!

      I love my secluded sites best, too. 🙂

  43. Applegirl NY says:

    Great to see you entering your winter homeland. Such a stark difference from the fall foliage and greens of summer. Each lovely in their own way.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      “Each lovely in their own way”…. very true, Applegirl.

      There is one difficulty for me when we move to the desert. I’m too visible! Flat, open desert with only a few scraggly trees . . .

      I’m going to see if I can find a place where I’m not easily seen. I need to hibernate.

  44. Mert says:

    Good morning Sue and Bridgett,
    I posted this earlier, but it is lost somewhere between the Arizona border and the hills of north eastern Kentucky.
    After reading David’s post, I wanted to tell you that I too have (or had) been reading back to the beginning of time on your blog. However, I was still keeping up with current travels as well.
    When I reached the news of spike, I had to stop reading the past. I am about 2 years back.
    It says so much about you and the kids that we can all become so involved with you and your life just through throwing on a pair of glasses ( for me anyways) and kicking back to read this ” little slice of heaven”
    I suppose I had to stop reading as the news about spike just broke my heart for you and just in general. I imagine that’s just part of the grief process?!?!
    I will return back to where I left off and finish reading it now.
    I just want to thank you for the hours of fulfillment and peace while being completely engrossed in your writing and photos.
    Safe travels to you and Bridgett.
    Ps. I got my first back pay check from my disability yay yay yay!! 😉
    Peace, love and blessings to you and bridge.
    Mert and Asia Mae.

    • Mert says:

      I didn’t stop reading the current posts. I just couldn’t go back and read the past. I am ready to travel back in time now and currently am 2 years behind 😉

      • Mert says:

        Speaking of ” behind” there is a big fury red behind 😉 laying beside me, chin on window ceil, having a stare off with 3 deer roaming around my back yard. 🙂

        • rvsueandcrew says:

          I’ll assume that “big furry red behind” is canine, not human. LOL!

        • WTXCal says:

          Thanks for your post, I thought I might be the only one who stopped reading Sue’s journey from the beginning because of Spike’s passing. But the same as you have done, Ive started where I left off. So happy you have a new pal,my two, Blanca & Lilly are doing great! Have a great day.

          • rvsueandcrew says:

            I continue to be touched (as well as amazed) at the effect Spike’s passing has had on readers. He was quite a presence on this blog . . .

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Mert and Asia Mae,

      I’m very happy that your disability claim was approved. It must be a tremendous relief for you!

      I understand about not reading old posts once you learned of Spike’s passing. I went back looking for a “Flashback” to put at the end of a post, saw that sweet boy’s face, and had to quit. I want to update his page, put in some recent photos… maybe someday!

      Thanks for your gratitude re my blog. I’m thankful for you! You and the rest of the blogorinos enhance my life immeasurably.

      Have a very good day, Mert!

    • Pamela K. says:

      Hi Mert and Asia Mae,
      Asia Mae,
      What a beautiful name you have! Sounds very flowing and calm, peaceful to the ear.
      I, too, have been reading the back posts. I have only found Sue and Crew a few weeks ago. Around my third reading or so was when the news of Spike’s passing happened…imagine the shock and heavy heart. I swear I let out a loud gasp, it took me a few moments to let it sink in. Then I reached for the tissues. Just three or four simple posts from RV Sue and I was completely drawn in to the fold. Part and parcel of her vast extended family. I don’t say that lightly, it doesn’t happen often. Miss Sue does have a way of telling a great story about the simple things in life. Simple, yet uncommon, to most people who seek to find external happiness through ~things~ instead of looking within ourselves and to our surroundings to find our pleasures in life. She is a true Teacher among teachers. So many of us have leaned so much from her writings and photos…we are all truly blessed and enriched to have found this ~little slice of heaven~.

      • rvsueandcrew says:

        You say the sweetest things, Pamela. Too bad your reading of my blog brought sadness so quickly.

        • Pamela K. says:

          Miss Sue,
          Good afternoon to you and Bridgie!
          Not to worry a hair. It made me feel more apart of this wonderful thing that is RVSue and Crew. Our Spike reminds me of our fine U.S. Marines, they say or Fallen Heroes stand guard still. I believe they do. The same with Spike. I have no doubt that he watches over you and Bridge, still seeks to fearlessly protect you both. Ever loyal to his Corp.
          So I take it today is a day for some blogging and some resting, not a travel day. My husband, Klemper, said to tell you thanks for the birthday wishes. I promised I would when next we spoke. Men, gotta luv ’em! You know what that fine man wanted for his B’day?! A new pair of Dickie Work Boots!!! I had to laugh at that…and complied, of course. Work boots, he was retired for a whole 43 days, LOL! Then was asked to come out of retirement for a special project. As for me, I’m retired and loving it! No more mortgage fraud reviews, no more 911 Police stuff, just purely a time to enjoy. Even with aches and pains from illness I can declare proudly that Life IS Good 🙂
          Hugs and enjoy your fine day today.

  45. Shirlene says:

    Good Morning Sue, I am ready for our coffee, where is Weather? I had a good night, still tired from being out of town…trying to cram everything in to a few days, not having the luxury of hanging around for a while until I have had my eyes full of new and wonderful things…Hope you slept well and are enjoying a morning cup of coffee in the beautiful setting…Take your time getting to Arizona, no trees to hide behind there…unless you hang around near Flag for a while, such a lovely place also, have friends that reside there and visit every year…but cold in the winter…burr. Hug to Bridget, I hope her leg is doing better…thank goodness you have that stroller…I have one for my dogs also, not because of injury but because someplaces are too crowded and a stroller separates them from the masses…lol.

    • Denise - Richmond VA says:

      Welcome back, Shirlene! You were missed! 🙂

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Good morning, Shirlene,

      Weather is probably outside dancing in the leaves… 🙂

      I may go ahead and order a dog stroller, once we’re settled in Arizona. This umbrella-stroller I bought at a thrift store ($5) works okay, only Bridget can’t change position in it without my help, plus it can’t handle a rough surface (no springs). I expect she will recover from her present lameness, although she probably will go through this from time to time. Might as well bite the bullet and get her a decent ride!

      As fun as an out-of-town visit is, it often takes a few days to “debrief and recoup.” Hope you can relax and nap…

      Yeah, Flagstaff is a lot cooler than here. I like to stay near Sunset Crater when we go through Flag. We may have to push on to a lower elevation this time through.

      • Elizabeth in WA says:

        Heh….well, Sue, sometimes those consignment shops for kids have some pretty nice stuff and cheaper than new…but maybe you just want something new for your baby!! You will have to take photos…she will be somewhat captive then right??

  46. Cat Lady in Baton Rouge, LA says:

    Sue and fellow blogerinos: I had Millenicom 20G/$89.99 for one month and they’ve been taken over by Verizon. I still haven’t heard officially that I’m no longer a Millenicom customer. I had bought a Tracphone Smartphone while in TN when AT&T wasn’t doing its job…no service whatsoever but I still had to be almost $80. I paid for 3 months service for Tracphone but they always cut me off at the 1 month date…thank you, Walmart Phone People.

    Question: Sue, how do you get $31.26/mo service from Straight Talk? Do you go on-line and prepay? I want to go with Verizon service just don’t want to pay $130/mo or more. I would like to get the 8G/$74.28 service same as you. Should I get in touch with Verizon and do you think they’d let me keep my Tracphone?

    If any blogerinos know the answers to these questions or if you have suggestions as to what I should do or buy, please let me know. I’m open to any/all suggestions. I would like to keep the smartphone. Your assistance would be greatly appreciated.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Cat Lady,

      To answer your question about Straight Talk for $31.26 a month. That’s what the price was when I signed up with ST and then it automatically renewed every month (I would get a reminder and then punch in the renewal code into the phone.) That phone died and, of course, in this throw-away world, it couldn’t be fixed. My present phone is AT&T and is a piece of junk along with AT&T service.

      The 8g/$74.28 deal I have for my Verizon jetpack internet was offered to me over a year ago and is under a contract. I set that up at a Verizon store in Casper, WY. Do I think Verizon will let you keep your Tracphone? I don’t know. Probably not. Seems whenever I go near Verizon I end up spending more than I intended.

      I don’t know very much about phones in general and I know absolutely nothing about smartphones. Yes, I suppose you should steel yourself, grit your teeth, straighten your shoulders, say a prayer, genuflect, or, I don’t know, do the hokey pokey — anything that might help you face the music at a Verizon store!

      Good luck…


      • Hahahaha!!! Doing the hokey pokey sounds good! 😉

        • DesertGinger says:

          Geri, I thought that was you over on the rv tips fb page. They have a post going to find out who frequents RVSue; you should check in.

          • rvsueandcrew says:

            Huh? What’s this on Facebook? Anybody want to cut and paste so I can see it? I don’t do FB because I’m afraid it will draw me into more time on the computer.

            • Jolene/Iowa says:

              Hi Sue, They are talking about our RV Tips and Helpful Hints group on Facebook. I posted this when we started getting a few of us on there.

              Jolene Bates‎RV Tips And Helpful Hints
              October 8 at 6:54pm ·
              I know we have had a few blogineros from RV Sue’s blog join us on here. Would you comment so I know who you are please. I am Jolene/Iowa on her blog when I respond.
              LikeLike · · 120
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              John Kennedy John K from Mobile
              October 8 at 7:05pm · Unlike · 1

              Josh Bedsaul From Foley, AL.
              October 8 at 10:04pm · Unlike · 2

              Shirlene Evans Shirlene here.. Hi Jolene…RV SUE blogger!
              October 9 at 4:52am · Unlike · 1

              Jolene Bates Hi Shirlene, glad you joined us on here.
              October 9 at 7:14am · Like

              Cari Cook Cari from North Texas/Cari from Plano Texas here. Howdy everyone!
              October 9 at 10:00am · Unlike · 1

              Jolene Bates Anymore of Sue’s blog followers here? Just trying to keep track of everyone!
              October 12 at 10:27am · Like

              Jolene Bates Hey Cari, great to see you here too!
              October 12 at 10:27am · Like

              Jolene Bates Bumping this back to the top. Ginger Mcintosh you may want to chime in on this one and any others out there that I don’t know about who are some of Sue’s blogineros.
              October 20 at 3:40pm · Like

              Ginger Mcintosh Yes, hi all, I’m here and I came from RVSue…hi shirlene and cari!
              October 20 at 11:03pm · Unlike · 2

              Jolene Bates Val Roberts here are some more of Sue’s followers.
              October 21 at 1:58pm · Like · 1

              Jolene Bates I know we have a few more.
              October 21 at 8:53pm · Like

              Linda Duncan Hi! I’m LindainKentucky. I am one of Sue’s followers. I just don’t post often.
              Yesterday at 8:06am · Unlike · 1

              Ginger Mcintosh I think Geri Moore-Hajek is on her blog too…
              Yesterday at 8:39am · Unlike · 1

              Penny Rehder RVSue follower here!
              Yesterday at 3:45pm · Unlike · 1

              Barbara Stanley Smith I am one of Sue’s followers
              Yesterday at 4:00pm · Unlike · 1

              Jolene Bates Chuck Hajek and Geri Moore-Hajek are on here also.
              23 hrs · Like · 1

              Geri Moore-Hajek Yup! Chuck and I are here also! Fulltimers working as volunteers at Florida State Parks!
              23 hrs · Unlike · 1

              Geri Moore-Hajek We met RV Sue when she was in T or C NM getting her solar installed! She had only been on the road a couple of months at that time!
              23 hrs · Unlike · 1

              Shirlene Evans Hi to all RV Sue ers
              7 hrs · Like

              Geri Moore-Hajek Hi Shirlene!
              4 hrs · Like · 1
              Jolene Bates

              I also have a file where people can post links to RV Blogs they like and I posted your’s first on the list.

      • Mert says:

        Be very careful with verizon. I am in Kentucky in the hills. So we basically have to climb a pole like Lisa Douglas from green acres to get a signal. But veriZon does have the best signal here anyways. But pricey and not only that but data is outrageous. I have two lines unlimited talk and text and 20gb data. My bill is 280.00 a month. So, if I could find a service that would pick up around here I would switch. ( gets uncomfortable setting on that pole reading blogs) 😉

  47. Denise - Richmond VA says:

    Good morning, Sue,

    Hope you are having a good day! It is a gray, rainy day here (Cinandjules – your prediction was correct!), but it is Wednesday….a day closer to the start of the weekend and end of the work week! 🙂

    Hugs to you and Miss Bridget from me and Gracie pup!

    Hope you and your blogorino family have a great day! 🙂

    CinandJules: Have fun in Vegas!!! Happy Birthday to Jules! I love your line about no couldas, shouldas, wouldas! Have a great time living your dash! 🙂

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Denise and good morning, although I guess it’s afternoon in Virgina…Good afternoon!

      I appreciate those hugs…

  48. weather says:

    Good morning,Sue -you’re right -I was in the leaves!It’s was just too great out there to walk away from,I know you have similar experiences,so well understand.I’m glad you hadn’t left for the day yet as I really wanted to say Hi-to you and Shirlene and everyone here.I know when you get further south,you’ll find the secluded place in AZ you want.Here’s to dreams we picture coming true! 🙂

    • Shirlene says:

      Good Morning Weather, glad you rompt in the leaves…I will vicariously romp with you…Have a good day.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Good to know you were enjoying yourself! I’ve been working on a blog post. The words don’t want to flow today!

      • weather says:

        Know the feeling-been trying off and on all day to answer/write notes,email,comments-back in “that place” I used to go…my son described it once by saying”Mom,you just wrote a love letter that reads like a business form”. I just keep trying again later-worked then,still does-I’d say good luck but it’s not about that-so rise above until you’re there,love ya,weather

  49. Patti/CA says:

    Hello to RVSue, Bridget and the Blogorinos too…

    I believe I joined the Blog during the ‘Clinger’ era, and it was just before I set off to boondock the 395. Today marks my 15th day and this is only my 2nd camp spot (oops…technically my 3rd, as I moved from the spot above me)
    It has been just too beautiful to leave. I wanted to see the Fall colors (which we do not see in SoCal) and I got more than I expected! Was it last year you toured the 395?
    Actually, I got to this spot by Divine Intervention. I was already in NV, just passed the border but had yet to find a spot and it was about to get dark. I headed back to CA, figuring I will just backtrack a bit and venture back up the next morning.
    And so it came to pass…as I am rolling down the 395, my engine died (shaking fist)! I knew it was having some trouble and now it gives out in a ‘no cell signal’ zone! I started praying fervently to just get me to a place I can make a call if necessary. My engine came back on! So back to Lundy Lake Rd I go, (I already checked out the campground earlier that day and didn’t find one that suited me) and I took the 1st dirt road off Lundy and started barreling through scrub which scratched my truck and the R-Pod, but nothing serious. This dirt ‘path’ is narrow and no way to turn around whatsoever. I did not know where it was going, and by this time it was dark. The highlight was witnessing the rising of the full moon over Mono Lake.
    Voila! It led to a bigger dirt road on which I had made a right turn…..and I ended up in a very beautiful and very roomy boondock site. Over the next several days I had ordered parts from Mammoth Lakes, and worked on my truck until all the ‘check engine’ codes were gone (I had 3) and it’s back to normal. Fortunately, I am one of those geeks that likes to fix my own things…be it a car, computer, or appliance, it doesn’t matter.
    There are only 4 spots here, located right next to Mill Creek, and unless you already know about them, nothing leads you here except pure chance. Perhaps you’re familiar with it. I had moved from the 1st spot, which was out in the open but still very private…to the next one down.. which is nestled in the canyon. Wow! To be in this colorful Aspen grove, with that rushing creek right outside my door, Mono Lake below, Yosemite just 20mi away, I can’t ask for a better place! There’s a bridge that crosses the creek (its actually a bridge to nowhere) and my dog finds it fascinating. (Speaking of wanting to get warm, it is 28 degrees as I type this looooooong blog).
    There’s only one other spot taken…and they are full-timers….a very nice couple in their 60’s. We became ‘neighbors’. These spots are about 300′ apart from each other ann due to the trees and the sound of the creek, we cannot hear anything (generators, my music, my singing, my dog-calling 🙂 or see anyone.
    Although I love my solitude, it is nice to have good people not so far away..and to chat every so often. We took walks together, bartered food and they loaned me a bunch of DVDs. Oh, and Lilah made a friend too! They have a dog as well.
    Even over the weekends, no one else has approached this area. It’s pretty amazing that just 1.5mi above me is a “pay” campground (Lundy Lake), but these awesome sites are free! The only things the ‘pay’ sites have are toilets and trash bins…but who needs them??
    So much for heading north again as I will head back home in a few days. I will most likely boondock around Bishop again, (on the way up I stayed in the Volcanic Tablelands for 2 nights), then Lone Pine…..then home.
    You are so ‘right-on’ in terms of not spending the entire day on the road. Especially when you’re not in a hurry!
    I told you I was inspired by your blog to start journaling (not blogging, but that may transpire some day). Well, I did about 3 days worth.
    Not sure why I just don’t discipline myself to end each day with telling the computer all about it. Sho-nuff typed enough here to last several days!
    I enjoy your blog and can relate to so much of it (aside from being a full-timer)!
    Be safe and happy,

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Fantastic comment, Patti! It’s a story illustrating the serendipity of boondocking. I’m thrilled for you! I’m also impressed with your resourcefulness!

      Readers often ask how I find such great boondocks. There are methods to locate secluded, gorgeous camps. Sometimes, however, the really great camps are found by GOING. You go somewhere, this happens, that happens, you take a chance, drive up a road, look around, backtrack… whatever… and suddenly THERE IT IS! This fabulous camp appears!

      Your delight and excitement for your gem of a campsite (I agree– wonderful location!) comes through with every line of description you shared. Okay, it’s a bit cold. Your site reminds me when I “stumbled” upon that gorgeous camp near Glass Creek not far from where you are now. It snowed! I didn’t care! I loved that place . . .

      And you can’t help but giggle when you remember that it’s FREE!

      Thanks for writing, Patti. I enjoyed hearing from you very much.

    • WTXCal says:

      WOW! I am really impressed about repairing your vehicle out in the middle of nowhere. If that defines Geek, as you called yourself, I need to go buy myself a pocket protector right now! Congratulations, safe travels.

  50. Pamela K. says:

    Oh my! You just gave me the loudest of hardy laughs!!! You were speaking to Cat Lady about your crap AT&T phone and their Major Crap service. I couldn’t agree more strongly! The stories I could tell, but won’t. You see, my beloved hubby was part of the pre- merger team for Cingular Wireless. Later was the one asked to give the Justic Department the answers for the data findings for them. He was offered to stay post merger and we discussed it and told them NO! with a loud resounding ring in our voice. All I can say is, I could write a book but wouldn’t dare! Something about Vampires and Stakes, LOL, fitting for Halloween.

    • Patti/CA says:

      Funny, I retired after serving a 35 year sentence with AT&T. Although I am so very grateful for the benefits, my retirement, etc…and worked very hard to please our poor, multi-transferred customers (some were s.o.b.s of course), the only service I have with them is a landline. Verizon seems to outdo all of them and I do not plan on ever switching, even tho I would get a nice discount.
      Now, having said that, the full-timers next to me swear by AT&T!
      My unsolicited advice…always, always check every bill for unauthorized charges, and if anyone wants to order their U-Verse service, do NOT order from ATT wireless store or kiosk…..because there’s a good chance you will NOT get what they promised. They are on commission, and they are not monitored. It’s sad to say, they will lie and do anything to make their sale. OF COURSE I do not mean EVERY employee, but it’s not worth the risk. Always call the regular business office for orders and avoid the stores.

      • Shirlene says:

        Thank you for that….

        • Patti/CA says:

          Hi, Shirlene….I hope you are well! 🙂

          • Shirlene says:

            I am Patti, thank you. Same to you.

            • Shirlene says:

              Oh bye-the-way, Big Pine, Lone Pine, Bishop are my favorite spots during the trout fishing season…we are up there every year, only this year they closed the camp grounds early on us and we could not go to our usual September fishing trip, really missed it, I love that time of year in the High Sierra. Safe travels, I would like to hear more of where you go up in God’s country with your R-Pod.

            • rvsueandcrew says:

              I had the greatest fun taking photos in that area in autumn… Was it last year? Gosh, it’s beautiful country.

            • Shirlene says:

              My favorite part of the country so far, but what do I know, I have only been to a small part of this large wonderful country….but I thought I really need to get to Utah, somehow that struck a cord with me, maybe because most of my ancestors are from Utah…what beautiful places you discovered there…thank you for sharing.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Pamela and Patti… Yeah, I threw money down a rathole with this AT&T phone. What was I thinking?!! I haven’t made one call on it! Either it doesn’t work or there’s no coverage… It tells the time, that’s it.

      I bought a handheld clock, a wristwatch without a strap, A. Piece. Of. Plastic. Crap.

      Have a good day.

      • When Chuck and I met and started our travels together, he had AT &T and U had Verizon. After he had so many dead zones and my phone did not, he joined Verizon with me. However, that said, U also hate going into a Verizon store! I always end up spending more than I intended and my monthly bill goes up as well! Arrrgggghhhhh!!!!

      • Patti/CA says:

        Thanks, Sue, for accepting that lengthily comment. Once I looked at it, after I sent it, I said to meself; “Self! Holy crap, did you type all that?” Thanks, WTXCal and Shirlene!
        “Handheld clock…” FUNNY! Neil Young has a song called just that; ‘Piece of Crap’ and it’s about buying crap. May be worth a listen just for grins.
        I am truly enjoying the cold weather 🙂

  51. Shirlene says:

    I am leaving my keyboard for the day. Everybody have a great rest of the day…I hear that it is beautiful outside and that is just where I am going, top off the T-bird and Pacific Coast Hwy here I come….Honk if you see a blonde in a baby blue T-bird!

    • Pamela K. says:

      Pacific Coast Hwy, tops down on convertibles, beautiful day outside…I am pea-green with envy now! You just nailed 3 of my favorite things! Have fun in the sun and think of little ol’ me as I am land-locked here in Greater Atlanta. Aww, to visit the beach again. Maybe come Spring.

    • Teri in SoCal says:

      Sounds like a perfect day!

    • Gayle says:

      Our TV weatherman, Dallas Raines, said it well. “We in So. Cal. are stuck in the doldrums of perfection!”

    • weather says:

      Hi.Shirlene,I didn’t see a blond in a T-bird,but I did see a strawberry blond bird!I googled your hen’s species,My God they’re beautiful!No wonder you face booked her first egg-you should be really proud-of choosing her,of her looks,size,hardiness and capacity for production.I’m not surprised ,of course,yet so enjoyed the picture of you with her on that farm-amazing.City girl or country guest-you’ve got great taste friend,have a wonderful day 🙂

  52. DesertGinger says:

    This message is for Pauline, Sue’s sister. Pauline you said I could ask you questions re gastric sleeve…so my first one is

    Could you please tell me what you eat on a normal day now.

    I’m very curious about this. Thanks

  53. Kay says:

    And… another humble opinion was posted. I hope you all had a good day. We did make some progress, we’re tired now.

  54. Jolene/Iowa says:

    Hey Sue and Everyone! Just checking in to see how everyone is. We worked today so I got home late and had things to do so wasn’t able to check in.

    Sue, I hope you and Bridge have had a fabulous day. I managed to sneak in a walk along a greenbelt with the beautiful fall leaves and a meandering creek in a suburb of Des Moines where we were working today. That was quite a nice treat!

    The weather here in Iowa has been just great! I will check back later. Have a great day tomorrow everyone!

    • Kay says:

      Jolene, Enjoy it… news just reported Monday is cool down and I suspect it will head your way… We may hit 80 here this weekend… if so… night lights go up and maybe we will get that PITA steel building up…

      • Mick'nTN says:

        Hi Kay, I built one of those PITA steel buildings. I would put a full arch together on the ground and then lift it in place. Do not tighten any bolts until you are all done. I’m sorry but I lost my construction pictures. A tapered alignment tool is a “must have”. Hubby must have one.

    • Denise - Richmond VA says:

      Enjoy the sweater weather, Jolene! You know, the “S” stuff will be falling soon….and we are supposed to have a wet, snowy winter.

      Hope you have a great day! 🙂

      • Jolene/Iowa says:

        Shhhh…. no S word talk yet!! I am really not ready for it. I was able to sneak away again today on our job for another walk. I had my camera and my batteries went dead. We are back one more day tomorrow and I will have fresh batteries, this area is just so pretty.

  55. weather says:

    Delicate translucent leaves quiver and fall…like gossamer they float… and twist in front of me.Branches shaped like dancers now appear.Dressed in different tapestries each day here-the foliage owns the view.Today the lake has had enough of being upstaged so wears it’s purple hues.

    Like all dreamscapes it disappears as quickly as it came.The light and cloudbanks turn the world to solid.The breeze has gone,the pines are all that move. Small as sparrows gold feathered birds emerge from them and leave.I could have missed it all.By going places,doing things,ignoring…the magnetism within the dawn that calls me.

    Predicting showers the local news dismissed today- to focus on warm ones ahead.I love the promise that gives me-no one’s going to use machines to trim or neaten their yards!One more day,Lord-wild and free -just one more perfect day..let autumn have it’s way.Good Morning,Sue.You’d probably recognize everything here as things you once walked near ,yet find it all as new as I do.Like camps you revisit that offer gifts you’ve never seen before.Hope the ones you get today amaze you.Time for coffee number two and a jacket.Your tank top days sound really good to me,is this one warm enough for that?

    • Denise - Richmond VA says:

      Good morning, Weather,

      Love the imagery in your prose. 🙂

      The rainy, gray darkness of yesterday has been pushed aside by sunshine in my neck of the woods. Yay! Some trees have not changed yet…we still have not reached peak leaf color. Yesterday, a neighbors tree, which has brilliant golden yellow leaves, was illuminated by a “God ray” of sunshine yesterday evening. It was a beautiful flash of color and brightness among the grayness of the day – absolutely gorgeous!

      Hope you have a great day! 🙂

      • weather says:

        That flash of illumination must have taken your breathe away-hope your autumn lasts until Christmas lights replace it’s colors.Thanks for the lovely note,and the smile it gave me,have a great day ,too! 🙂

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Good morning, weather,

      Thank you for writing another love poem to the natural world. I always enjoy your messages.

      I’m glad you were given a reprieve from neighbors’ machines!

      I’m going to see if I can pick up the post where I left off yesterday and actually finish it. I hope your day fulfills the promise of your morning.

      • weather says:

        Love poem to the natural world-wow,that phrase is a keeper!Thanks.I’ve been thinking since you mentioned hibernating that the areas around Mittry Lake probably will have less muddy roads this year,ten days could stretch to much longer by moving between BLM land and others.Mentioning it because the usual winter digs seems shy on privacy,and if you had a long break before you got there you might be more ready for that.Not that it’s any of my business where you go or that you haven’t already thought of all that,just thinking “out loud” with my keyboard…

        • rvsueandcrew says:

          Hi again,

          Thanks for the suggestions… Mittry may seem like a more private camp but it isn’t. It’s very close to Yuma and people come and go constantly. The sites are seen from that road that’s heavily traveled. It will work out.

  56. Shirlene says:

    Good Morning all, having my first cup of coffee with all that are up and here early…looking forward to a new day and a new post from Sue.

    Good Morning Weather, I enjoyed your prose today, as usual, I could almost feel the chill in the air as I read your words, which is quite a feat since Sue and I are still basking in the warmth from the left over summer…..I am glad you enjoyed my choice in chickens, it came down to, which one can you catch…lol… I named her Martha, I expect her to be a good producer…(get it). My egg report from Oregon says that it is cold and rainy which should slow her egg laying somewhat, but I am still a proud chicken owner….there are two coop mates, one is a Plymouth Rock chicken and the other is a Wynadotte, or something like that, beautiful black and white chickens…we we lucky to catch them. So Martha is not alone and all the girls are happy in their coop having a hen party. Enjoy your day my friend…

    • Shirlene says:

      Weather, if you saw my chicken on my facebook page, leave a message so I know its you….

      • weather says:

        Saw dozens of chickens with Martha’s coloring and breed in photos on the internet,I don’t do facebook,sorry 🙁

        • Shirlene says:

          My bad, thought you said you saw chicken on my facebook page….facebook not for everyone, that is the only way I can keep up with my kids…lol.

          • weather says:

            You had mentioned facebooking her egg,I mentally “pictured ” you with her on the farm-no one’s bad,since these visits are done in virtual cloud shorthand,It’s amazing fun that we “get” each other as much as we do!OK,now I’m really going to try to wait and see if Sue post’s or comments.If not I’ll “make up” her day as I’m enjoying mine.

    • weather says:

      You chasing chickens-that’s too funny,though Martha and her roommates might not have seen the humor…thanks for your flattering and happy note that let me know you came for coffee-enjoy your day as much! 🙂

  57. Phyllis says:

    I was following up with jeane at Casita and she says she hasn’t received an email from you.
    Please email or call her (if you can haha with att).
    Phyllis in Oklahoma

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