Big Rock, Boulder Forks, and Pelican FAS

Friday, August 18

Today we move to a new camp!  

We have reached the 7-day camping limit at Big Rock Fishing Access Site, south of Big Timber, Montana.

Sun rising across Boulder Creek

It’s just as well we move today.  The past two days smoke from forest fires has moved into the area (See mountains in first photo).

Big Rock has been a good camp for us.  

Those daily walks along the river with Reggie and Roger. . .

The elusive turkeys gobbling every dawn and dusk. I never did get to see them!

Very little human-made sound . . . Natural beauty in many forms . . .

Reggie and Roger playing and running in the grass . . .

One day I’m in the mood for a leisurely drive.

We take Main Boulder Road to Boulder Forks FAS, which is further out from Big Timber.

Even though I’m driving about 40 mph a deer jumps out of the woods and almost runs into the side of the Perfect Tow Vehicle.

Lots of wildlife in Montana!

(The deer is okay.)

We find that the camp sites at Boulder Forks are away from the river on a deeply rutted road.  The few sites are occupied.  The charm and Verizon internet signal of Big Rock are lacking.

Returning to Big Rock, I appreciate our home all the more.

~ ~ ~

Today’s move is short and easy!

We rattle up the rough gravel road to Big Timber and turn east.  Route 10, also called Frontage Road because it pairs with Interstate 90, takes us to our next camp. . .

Pelican Fishing Access Site!

When we arrive the camping area is empty!  I choose a site along the river, the furthest from the parking lot and boat ramp.

I’m confident we will stay here at least a few days, maybe the seven days allowed — it’s free! — so I go ahead and unhitch. Then I position the Perfect Tow Vehicle to block our view of people coming and going (and vice versa).

Before doing all that, the crew and I trot down to the river, of course.  A short path goes from our campsite (out of frame on right) to the place shown in the next photo (view downstream).

The next photo is the view upstream.

Our home is beside the Yellowstone again!




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85 Responses to Big Rock, Boulder Forks, and Pelican FAS

  1. Julie Green says:

    Love it!

    Jool in North Texas

  2. Reine in Plano (when not camping) says:

    How fun to find free campsites in beautiful locations. And it’s cooled off from the HOT, HOT summer so you can enjoy them. The projected track of Harvey has moved further east so we’re headed for Arkansas on Friday.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Arkansas… I hear there’s some lovely camping in that state. I hope you will let us know how you find it.

      Another second place!

    • Geri in the FL panhandle! says:

      Chuck and I recommend Crater of Diamonds State Park! Nice park and you might even find a few diamonds! We enjoyed our visits there!

  3. Virginia620 (AL) says:


  4. Deena in Phoenix says:

    The sun rising picture is awesome but then again I think all of your photos are AWESOME!

  5. Paula says:

    I am headed to Montana and actually made an attempt yesterday but could not find the free camping area. Are there any tips? I found GPS does not work in Montana and although I had directions from I still could not find it and turnes back to Wyoming and I’m paying $25 per night…ouch!

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      What free camping area were you specifically looking for, Paula?

      freecampsites and other websites that depend upon reviews for their information can be great resources. However they are prone to the same errors people make in real life when giving directions. The reviewers are usually writing directions from memory. I had a woman give me directions to go left while she was pointing right. I had to ask her which one did she mean. That kind of mistake can throw you way off course on the road. That’s one reason I depend more on the map than anything else…. no GPS. Detest GPS.

      Let me know where you are or where you want to go and I’ll try to help if I can.

      • Paula says:

        Oh my goodness I just left another post but it was Weston Hills RA address…13663 Wyoming 59, Rozet Wyoming …The Bureau Land of management. There was a map and I had specific help with directions I understand what you’re talking about when people gather together to try and help with directions but it was sorted out and I’m usually quite good at finding things as I am a vendor traveling on the road full time. So I do use the side and this is where I found the address for the free site. I am distraught as I have been paying 20 to $25 per night and it is breaking my bank. I usually have decent rates when I have a show but it isn’t the in-between time that I am perplexed about. You have mastered this and I am so impressed I look up to you and have enjoyed your experiences and your wisdom. If there is anything I’m missing please let me know and I do agree GPS and a city works well if not in the middle of the boonies. Thank you for being you and embracing your pups.

        • rvsueandcrew says:

          I found where you meant to go. Weston Hills RA is an ATV play area in a very sparsely populated area. It would be easy to drive right by it as it’s probably off one of many dirt roads. Looking at my map, that area does not look good for boondocking (ranch country with spotty BLM land).

          Where do you want to go? What direction? Or do you not care about direction and just want a place to enjoy that’s affordable? I think you’ll agree the important thing right now is to get you out of that $25 a night spot for the upcoming holiday weekend.

          Please answer the questions above and I’ll do what I can. Then later we can talk about tips and possibilities, okay?

          Hang in there…. 🙂

          I look forward to your reply.

          • Paula says:

            Amazing that you spotted it on the map I’m sure that’s exactly the territory. Currently I am headed up to Montana until mid October and so this weekend though will be spent in Gillette Wyoming until Monday and Monday I’m looking to head up to Billings Montana I have a show 9/8 through 9/10 but before then need a spot to sleep. Then I had to Hamilton Montana 9/15 through 9/17 I have a show so need a spot in between usually a Monday through Thursday is when I need spots. Then I had to Missoula 9/22 through 9/24… same thing needing a spot Monday through Thursday then the same thing cast Bill Montana 10/6 through 10/8… once again just needing a spot Monday through Friday. I sold my house and I’m doing this whole time now so I need to master this and you have been a great mentor I have read your blogs for many months and admire that you are able to find such peaceful blissful areas at low-cost or no-cost. How to travel with two pups Pomeranians and so I’m always concerned about their welfare. If you have any other tips please let me know I don’t know what map you brought up but yes GPS is useless especially in Wyoming and the north part and Montana absolutely no good at all I do have a great Atlas but I’m not sure about how to find the remote areas that are good to camp.

            • rvsueandcrew says:

              Paula, Thanks for the quick reply. I’m starting a new thread below so we have more width for writing.

              I use Benchmark atlases exclusively.

            • mrdsee in Riverside says:

              Not sure why GPS would be useless in Wyoming and Montana. If your using the navigation feature in a cell phone it’s not really GPS as cell phones(there are a few that actually have GPS receivers built in, but it’s not common) require cell phone tower reception. Whereas GPS units receive their signals from multiple satellites(Can and do lose signals in deeper canyons). Personally I find maps to be good for the larger picture and GPS to be good for the minute detail needed in cities. Plus these newer GPS emergency beacon units can be a real life saver in certain situations when out of cell phone range.

            • Paula says:

              Yep I don’t know why GPS conked out and so did the cell I always figure there’s a reason for that and go with the flow

            • Paula says:

              Well LOL until you are in the circumstance you would not understand. I had no GPS service and no cell service hello that does happen or might I say when it does not happen it is actually quite a pleasure because then you need to figure it out. And I did as far as maps are concerned I wasn’t concerned at that moment it was not a pressing matter however until this next weekend when I do need to go to Montana to specific places. But literally this weekend I was in the middle of nowhere and that is a pleasure to be seen on a regular basis.

        • rvsueandcrew says:

          To get away from that nightly fee, you might consider the Wal-Mart in Gillette, Only about 20 miles west of Rozet.

          I-20 west, take exit 126, go south on Rte. 59 (So. Douglas Hwy)… address is 2300 So. Douglas.

          You can call ahead to see if they allow overnight camping:


          • Paula says:

            Yes that was my plan for Thursday night as I did pay through tonight so thank you for the reminder and I will call ahead although I did see some vehicles in their parking lot the other day

    • Cinandjules 🌵 says:

      Did you try googling free campsites in Montana? Found a site that list over a hundred places

      • Cinandjules 🌵 says:

        Sorry that was 63 places with 100 reviews.

      • Paula says:

        Do remember the site I will try Googling that as Montana is my next step leaving tomorrow after being back in Wyoming paying $25 a night that’s too much.

        • Lisa, Tommie and Buddy in NJ says:

          Check out an app called ” All Stays”. You should find it in your app store. I use it all the time.

    • Marilyn Dennison says:
      • ReneeG from Idaho says:

        Campendium also lists some free areas and with pictures. You do have to setup an account, but it’s free. When we travel, I have destination campgrounds or boondocking sites picked and have a printout with me, plus backup areas in case the place we go to is full. I print it out because it’s much easier for me to grab these than try to bring them up on my phone only to find no reception. As for the GPS, we have one and trust it for main road traveling, but use maps, including Benchmark map books, for more detailed instructions.

      • Diann in MT says:

        I think the PDF’s at this site give a less complicated picture.

  6. Dave Stewart says:

    Looks good I am mapping these in my benchmark, for future use hopefully next year if the house sell. will use them when i go to washington to see my new great grand daughter!

  7. Beth and Rosie dog, near Congress, AZ says:

    Looks awesome! Wish I was somewhere like that. My health has kept me from traveling this year. Bummer! But hopefully the professionals will figure out the problem, at least they’re trying. Even though I haven’t moved much I’m hoping that I’ve shaken most of the first year problems out of my trailer. I’ve been told by several full timers that the first year is when you have a lot of trailer problems, and that was true with mine. I don’t recall you having many problems the first year, but you bought a Casita and I didn’t 🙁. That could be my error but hopefully not my downfall.

    I hope your summer continues to be as peaceful as you described in this last post! Keep your posts coming because I, and many other Blogorino’s, enjoy them immensely!!

    Thank you RVSueandhercaninecrew!

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      You’re welcome.

      I agree, Beth. Major bummer to be kept off the road. I pray the doctors will figure out what ails ya’ and set you right. 🙂

      Thank you for the wish for our summer. We presently are in a very peaceful spot. I’m typing this outside, sitting in my lounger, next to the brook. Reg and Rog are tearing into each other…. 🙂

  8. Cinandjules 🌵 says:

    Good lord you guys are fast!
    The crew looks very happy! Always nice to be near water. Have a great evening!

  9. Barbara (Nashville) says:

    This campsite is as pretty as the last with the lovely riverside camp. Love the photos of Reg & Rog playing in the grass, they are so cute. I’m glad it cooled off for you and hope the smoke stays at bay. I have been praying for those folks in Texas. What a nightmare it must be for them! Enjoy your stay.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Barbara,

      It’s hard to imagine what they are going through. Some have escaped with nothing but their lives…. at least they have that, but oh how difficult to start over.
      The rescue stories are heartwarming.

      I hope you’re out of smoke….

  10. LeeJ in Northern california says:

    I would so be in that river..hope you are staying clear skies and cool!

  11. Patricia says:

    Nice site RV Sue!

  12. Joe Bruner says:

    I hope you can stay all seven days because it looks so stunningly beautiful along the Yellowstone. I’m certain the crew would vote for that.

  13. Diann in MT says:

    Hi, Sue. We were at Pelican a couple of weeks ago. At that time the bathroom sported a big padlock and it was locked. There is a little more secluded campsite at the opposite of the area where you are. I am sure that in your explorations, you have found it. We didn’t make it down to Bratten which is the next fishing access east of you. I always liked that one better than Pelican for some reason. Float companies use Bratten for a put in/take out for fishing groups.
    A blogorino suggested that you travel over the Beartooth Pass Highway out of Red Lodge. I warn you that it is a steep relentless climb. Based upon what I have read in your blog, I don’t think you would like it. Study up before you attempt it. The FS Campgrounds below the pass are nice and clean and well managed by camp hosts. However, the highway to Red Lodge is a stretch from I-90 and may not be what you want to do. Who knows…Your life! And good for YOU!
    Smoke is about to run me out of here!
    Take care, Sue and Crew

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Diann,

      I can see some of the mountains where we are now and they look like pastel blue paper cut-outs. If I ever go on the Beartooth Pass Highway, I want the view to be clear.

      Thanks for mentioning the secluded campsite and other info. If you mean at Pelican, yes I saw that one.

      We went to Bratten. I’ll mention it in a future post. I don’t want to get ahead of the blog… 🙂

  14. Geri in the FL panhandle! says:

    Sue, I just want to take a minute to,ask all of the Texas blogerinos to check in and let us know if they are OK or maybe need something. Texas is slowly recovering, but I can’t help but worry!

    Your new camp looks very nice and I also love the sunrise photograph! Very nice! So much fun to see the boys playing and having fun!

  15. Dawn in MI says:

    Such a happy post! Glad to see you guys are enjoying life. And it’s free!

  16. Linda (Wisconsin) says:

    Glad to see that smile on little Roger’s face in the final photo. I worry about that little guy, even though I don’t know him. ; )

  17. Pat from Mich. says:

    Haha! Then, if you want, you can move back to the first one for another 7 days?

    • Diann in MT says:

      (I am on a role tonight!) I didn’t think you would stay so long in Montana, Sue. Anyway. If you wish to get a first hand glimpse of the Bearthooths, the mountains that resemble pale blue cutouts AND you are heading south toward Wyoming, try this route:
      Exit at Columbus, take a right at the 307 restaurant, next left and cross the RR tracks to Hwy 78. Follow Hwy 78 through Absarokee, continue and try to keep your eyes on the road. The view is immense and spectacular. Drive slowly, the drivers will pass you! I suggest camping in the FS campgrounds beneath the Beartooth Pass. From there, decide.
      To not experience these wonderful mountains up close, would be unfortunate. But, heh. Many people clamor to this area to plant an exorbitant home with a view of the Beartooths.
      The Walmart in Laurel would make a good overnight if you stay with I-90.
      On Thursdays, Columbus gardeners present a Farmers Market 4 – 6 PM. Good fresh produce. Fun travels, anywhere, Sue and Crew!

  18. Diann in MT says:

    I’m sure you’re all set for Labor Day. The crowds are not as dense as in mid-summer, but it is Summer’s Last Hurrah and everyone needs one last chance at the outdoors! I can’t believe it’s that time of year already. My vine-ripened, fat tomatoes tell me so!

  19. Elizabeth in WA says:

    Another lovely site!! Glad the deer did not collide with you…the ones near us are rather daft creatures…really a miracle they are not hit every day. I think we have at least 6 or more that live within 1.5 miles from our house…one set stays across the street and in the pasture next to us a lot…we have 2 deer whistles mounted in the grill of our car but I think you need to go maybe 30 mph or so to make them work…we know the deer do hear them (but we cannot)…but sometimes it is too dark or misty or foggy to drive very fast, so I keep my eyes plastered on the road to warn hubby if I see them!! We are grateful for the whistles however and feel it has saved more than one deer (and us!!)

  20. ValGal (westernWA) says:

    These fishing access campsites are stellar! How awesome to be beside the rivers, listening to their chatter.

    The boys seem to be having a blast with this endless summer of romping and walking.

    Hope you’re in another fantastic spot.

  21. Paula says:

    Does anyone have any links besides on how to find free camping I drove two and a half hours to find one and for the life of me could not find National Park sign for the location. I was all the way almost to Montana and so GPS did not work nor did my phone have service. I was on the right highway and found another location but no camping. I really would like to master this as I’m paying $25 a night right now and I’m living full-time in my trailer. It is getting part too pricey for me so if anyone has a tip please let me know. And happy travels.

  22. Eileen says:

    Luv the pics, especially those of Reggie and Roger!

  23. Li says:

    Oh my goodness, that smoke! Praying for rain. So much destruction this summer.
    The boys look in fine form and extra cute in their ‘casings’ – silly sausages!
    Take care.

  24. Paula says:

    Beautiful areas! Evetyone is enjoying…

  25. mostlylost says:

    Love the picture of your boys playing in the grass. Roger almost looks like a different dog – he’s clearly very happy and loving life. After 2 months on the road, we’re going to boondock for the first time tomorrow! OK, its not REAL boondocking, because its just a visitor center with a cafe, but hey, gotta start somewhere 🙂

  26. Terri with Edgar and Joy and Zamish and Nap and husband, Bret in Tx. says:

    Well, I was always a snob and never considered myself a Houstonian, although I lived there 20 years. But I have to say I am proud of the way the people of Houston have pitched in to help each other. Although criticized, I think the city officials handled the crisis very well. People don’t understand. Houston floods-this was a 500 year event. We had over 23 inches at our place and we are about 100 miles west. This week we have been juggling animals. We picked up my in-laws dog on Thur. cause my father in law was admitted to the hospital and Mom couldn’t be there. Last week we rescued a small kitten which wandered up. So we have the kitten in one bedroom, my 18 year old cat in another, and the two dogs in the rest of the house. Nobody could leave the house cause of the rain. We were going stir crazy! Now I can’t get back to Houston to return the dog! Oh well I shouldn’t complain. Our family in Houston only lost power and had mild flood water my in their house. I feel for those who lost much more. Okay enough yakking. I love your river scenes RV Sue. I don’t like to swim in lakes-I almost drowned in a stock tank when I was a kid, but I love to sit in a cold river! Been looking at small motorhomes online this week! Here’s hoping! Ya’ll take care!

    • Diann in MT says:

      Take care, Terri and company. Thanks for reporting from the disaster area. So many American hearts go out to the Texans who have lost perhaps their entire lives. I always believe that we are all in this together. From the looks of things, people in shelters are there for survival. Soon, perhaps, they will need to move on. That’s when creative and for sure expensive assistance kicks in. I talked to a lady in my church today who spends her winters in the Houston area. She says it will be tough for all. FEMA, although sounding helpful, is very slow in providing money for home rehab. and a whole lot of other inconveniences. The people there will have to muster patience and forbearance. God bless you and yours and the people of southern Texas.

  27. Terri and Napoleon (dog) and Joy (cat) & husband (Bret) in Texas says:

    Paula,. Google free camping Montana. Or go to There are a bunch of sites listed with reviews!
    Good luck!

    • Paula says:

      Thank you Sue and thank you for the information on Benchmark atlases. I will definitely check those out as those are not what I have. Then also the and the free camping in Montana …mI will definitely check those out also. I am excited as this is a new journey and it is absolutely thrilling.

      • rvsueandcrew says:


        Thanks for the info. I am researching a route for you to Billings and beyond where you can camp inexpensively along the way. I’ll report later today. I need to charge my air card fully in order to research the possibilities I find in my Benchmarks (WY and MT).

        Right now Billings’ air quality is unhealthy. By 9/7 or so, when you need to arrive there, it may be much better.

        This is a fun project for me! You’ll be going through areas with which I’m not familiar, but I’ll give it my best shot. Talk to you later in a new thread at bottom of comments.

        • rvsueandcrew says:

          Question: Do I understand correctly that you have a place to camp when you are doing a show and you only need to find camps when traveling from one show to the next?

  28. Paula says:

    Yes I have camping during the show’s Friday Saturday and usually Sunday it is the Monday through Thursday that I’m having a problem with. I am full time now forever with my two pups Pomeranians who are elderly and if left all day need air-conditioning but if I’m with them on a remote camp that is not a problem I can Boondock. Thank you for everything and as I said I appreciate everything you do and love what you do. Paula, Ted and Tara

  29. weather says:

    It’s easy for me to understand why you appreciated your home at Big Rock, with all of it’s natural beauty and sounds, and the charm that you mentioned. Pelican FAS looks really nice, too, in it’s own different way. I really like how your positioning the PTV gave you a more private outdoor room.

    Gosh, I can just imagine your relief that the deer didn’t collide with you! I know that feeling, having had a few near misses of my own, with deer and other creatures.
    Reading the threads with you and Paula reminds me again of how useful you’ve found Benchmarks, of how many places you may well not have discovered without them. And of Rusty having introduced you to them, by having given you your first one. I see the hand and grace of Providence in what we miss and meet along the journey…

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      weather… There are many times when I shake my head in wonder at how things fall into place for me and my crew since living on the road. Often it has to do with timing… I think, “Gee, two minutes sooner or two minutes later and I would’ve missed ….”

      Yes, I’m forever grateful Rusty was led to give me that Oregon Benchmark way back then. 🙂

  30. Paula says:

    Such good info I will check that out too thank you

  31. suzicruzi from Van, WA. says:

    Hi Sue and Crew! Nice of you Sue to help Paula find boondocking sites. I have to chuckle because the other day I was having a “worry moment”; “what if we suck (excuse my choice of words, it’s just me) at finding cheap places to stay for a few months, or longer?” Yes, I was having doubts myself. We will be FT’ing it too, and can’t afford night after night of expensive camping fees. I have read your blog since day one, and I think I get how it goes in the Winter time when we will also be in the SW. It’s the Summers I think that most concern me. So yes, VERY nice of you to help Paula out and help her gain her confidence. I too will be reading and learning from what you tell her. I remember awhile back, you posted a nice blog post about how to find good boondocking spots using the Benchmarks. I went out and ordered 5 of them! (whew, they aren’t cheap.) I kind of followed you along sometimes, trying to get the hang of how you find your camps. I think I just have new Full- Timer insecurity. I’m sure we’ll get along fine once we get out on the road and keep trying! Cheers!

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Suzicruzi…. I’m moving your comment to the next post where it will be seen. I don’t know why it was held up in spam. Sorry about that.

  32. Don in Alaska says:

    After seeing the pups running/playing in the tall grass, I do have a question.

    Have you had any problems at all with ticks?

    Fun fotos and fun times, hope you are able to stay ahead of the smoke..


    • Diann in MT says:

      Hi, Don,
      Ticks are a spring, wet, cool spring thing around here. I would bet Sue has had no problem there. MT is especially dry this year. Just look at the grasses in her photos.

      • rvsueandcrew says:

        Exactly right, Diann. Roger and Reggie have not had one flea or tick since I’ve known them. 🙂

  33. rvsueandcrew says:


    To recap…. You leave Gillette on Mon. 9/4 to arrive at Billings on Fri., 9/8. Distance: 240 miles.

    One camp about halfway there (if you can drive about 120 miles a day).


    Take I-90 west to Buffalo, continue west about 15 more miles. Three campgrounds in Bighorn NF: Middle Fork, South Fork, and Tie Hack. Camping fee: $17/$8.50 with senior pass.

    Distance from Gillette to these campgrounds: Approx. 90 miles.

    Sites in all three are reserved for Monday 9/4 but each one has walk up campsites (3-6). I forget what size rig you have. I assume you can fit in these. It being after the holiday you probably could stay up to 4 nights, although that’s cutting it close.

    Or, if you don’t want forest camping…. Go to Potts Landing at De Smet Reservoir, off I-90 about 7 miles north of Buffalo. First come, first serve (arrive early!): $10 This is a county facility, so no discount.

    I went to Potts Landing on a Sunday a few years ago in mid-summer and it was very busy which turned me away. It may be much nicer after the holiday.

    These camps are less than halfway to Billings which, of course, means a heavier driving day for the second leg. Camps are more difficult to find once you enter MT on I-90 because you’re crossing the Crow Indian Reservation.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      BTW, I think finding camps will be much easier once you continue on your itinerary from Billings. I have ideas to share on that, if interested, when the time comes.

    • Paula says:

      Just saw this post and I am excited to investigate I must learn how to do this and appreciate your input my pups are excited too we are all learning together laundry in the morning and then heading out thank you so much Paula

      • Pam in Montana says:

        We camp in the Bighorn mountains often and there is lots of dry camping. We were recently in the Circle Park area which is very near Tie Hack up out of Buffalo. This weekend will be busy because of the holiday but after that you will nearly have the place to yourself. The Ranchester side of the Bighorns is also great!

  34. Tom says:

    Hi rvsueandcrew I haven’t checked in for a long time but I just noticed that you were in Montana and thought I would write and say hi.

    I’ve been in Montana myself for about the last month and haven’t been spending too much time on the computer except to post to my blog every now and then. I’m boondocking near Helena at the moment but tomorrow I’m leaving and slowly heading back to Colorado. I really don’t like traveling during the holidays because I know the only places I can find to stay will be Walmart parking lots, but that’s okay I kind of like Walmart parking lots. I figure tomorrow I’ll stay at the Walmart in Bozeman because I’ve stayed there before and there were a whole lot of RVs in the parking lot.

    I hope the smoke’s been treating you better than it’s been treating me because that’s one of the main reasons I’m leaving now. I was hoping to go up to Glacier national Park but there’s fires in the park so that didn’t seem like a wise move.

    Glad to see you and the puppies are doing well, it looks like I’ll have some reading to do to catch up on what’s been going on.

    PS… If those math questions get any harder you might lose me.


  35. Karen in Pacific NW says:

    As I am finishing up my renovation of a vintage fiberglass trailer my mind is focused on making sure all my needs for travel are met and that includes of course a booster for the cell phone service. I did not want to attach something to the bumper on my trailer as I have other plans for mounting things to it. So I started thinking of alternate mounts for flag poles. While researching I came across a product group sold by various companies for a flag pole socket that you drive you trailer (or tow) wheel onto. The wheel provides lots of weight to hold it in place even in strong winds.

    I looked at a number of styles of this product and thought one of them stood out for strength and ease of use. They also sell poles but it takes a 1-1/2″ outside diameter pole in the socket. I like that this unit has screws to tighten against the pole to prevent it from lifting up out of the socket. It is being sold on Amazon and it is Prime eligible 🙂 Here are the keywords… “Boone Sports Fan Under da Tire Flag Pole Stand and Case”. Not ready to purchase it just yet but I will put it on my wish list and use your Amazon link when the time comes.

  36. Paula says:

    This is great to hear as I will be in Montana for about 6 weeks so I have camping at my venues but in between I have to find my own way thank you very much Paula

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