Boondocking is a state of mind — ‘Kombucha!”

Thursday, January 14

P1090061The view behind our camp off Ogilby Road, Winterhaven, California

Hi, there, blog reader!

This is the way it is today.  I don’t have photos t0 illustrate all of the text of this post.  Instead what you see are random shots of scenes around our camp, plus a few reject pics.  I know what you’re thinking:  “What?  Another photo of mountains and clouds?”

Yep.  Ain’t it grand!

As long as we’re on the topic of What I Don’t Have For This Post, I’ll mention that I don’t have much of an idea of what to write about.  Instead, in this post you get whatever comes to mind. I hope it will turn out to be better than nothing.

One of the things that really spins a blogger’s cringe-o-meter is the thought of readers slogging through to the end and then spontaneously erupting with . . .

“I wasted my time on THIS?”

Reminds me of that old commercial for vegetable juice — “I coulda’ had a V8!”

Which, in turn, reminds me of my new plan to improve my diet — less salt (see, that’s the tie-in with V8 juice) and less sugar, and — here’s the biggie for me — less carbohydrates! More fresh vegetables!  Goodbye to all my former friends:  pasta, potatoes, rice, and bread.  If a relationship is toxic, end it.  That’s my motto!

P1090066I like this right-angle set-up.  See?  The photo doesn’t match the text.  Oh, well.

A great discussion under the previous post, eh?

If you didn’t read it, what the hell is the matter with you? Oops!  Like I said, whatever comes to mind.

Let me start again….

If you didn’t read it, I urge you to do so.  Blogorinos offered their suggestions for healthy eating, including websites with helpful information.  That may sound dull.  Au contraire, dear one.  We talk kombucha here!  (What a fun word.  Makes me feel like dancing when I say it.)

Take the time to read the discussion.  Be inspired.  Be motivated.  Find out what kombucha is.  That’s what happened to me and it can happen to you, too!

P1090077 The comments are so powerful and enlightening that I haven’t thought of a raspberry danish all day.  Well, until now.

Seriously . . .

My thanks to everyone who contributed.  Feel free to continue the conversation about cancer prevention and healthy diet (after you read this post).

Our routine for walks is working out well.

Here’s how it goes.  No, this is not need-to-know information.  Just go with it.

The three of us set out for a walk.  A leisurely stroll around a loop in the desert, giving Bridget plenty of time to keep up with Reggie and me and with regular encouragement.  I don’t bring the camera because Bridget sometimes stages a sit-down strike when I do (Hence, a shortage of Bridget pics).

We stop at the same ol’ creosote bushes or ocotillo for canine updates on what’s happening in the neighborhood.

Kind of like they check their in-boxes.

P1080923Reggie squirts out a few replies. 

Well, that was unnecessarily gross.  The loop takes us back to the Best Little Trailer where I set Bridget on the bed and give her a few snuggles along with praise for walking with us.  Then Reggie and I take off for a fast-paced trek across the desert, going far from camp.

Speaking of camp . . .

We may move soon.  I go through a day or two of indecision before moving camp.  Not when we’re hell-bent on a destination.  I’m talking about other times.  I hem and haw.

Should we go somewhere new?  But, gee, it’s so nice here.  Am I getting into a rut?  It would be easier to stay.  It would be fun to go.  It would give me something to blog about. But I’d like to sit back and read that new book.  Maybe there’s a better camp on the other side of those mountains. Maybe we won’t find a good camp at all.  Hmm . . . . I’ve always wanted to see . . . .

Round and round I go.

The funny thing is, whenever I do pull up stakes and move us to a new camp, I’m always glad that I did.  I continue to be amazed at all the wonderful camps to be found and enjoyed, most of them free or inexpensive!

P1090068Not a great photo.  I put it here to show you what Ogilby Road looks like.

Why do I hem and haw, I ask myself.  Maybe it’s a battle between homebody me and gypsy me.   Maybe you’re considering full-time vagabond living and are having the same battle!

The crew and I go for propane.

Whoa!  Whiplash subject change!  I unhook the propane tank and place it in the back of the Perfect Tow Vehicle.  Among the jumble of stuff sits a milk crate filled with, I don’t know, whatever.  I wrap a bungee around the tank hooking both ends to the milk crate. This prevents the tank from rolling around while in transit.  A propane tank free-rolling around in one’s vehicle is not exactly, uh, comforting.

Propane is sold at the next exit to the east.

That’s Sidewinder Road exit.  The Chevron station has a dump station, water vending machine, propane for sale, and the largest display of junk snack foods I’ve ever seen in my entire life.  Not to mention a vast array of cute and not-so-cute sayings on little license plates targeted at the dune-riding crowd.

P1090060The big, white suppository is the propane tank.

I buy 4.5 gallons at $2.679 per gallon.  Then we zip back to camp!

Let’s talk boondocking for a bit.

Boondocking is more than camping in the boonies for free without hook-ups.  It’s a state of mind, okay?  People, for the most part, boondock to “get away from it all.”  We boondockers like camping for free, yes.  It’s safe to say that most of us seek the absence of human noise and human activity.  We want to watch the sun come up and go down and all that goes with that.

What we don’t want is to look at the side of someone’s RV.

P1090070Sunrise at our camp

No doubt the people who own the RV in the photo above are wonderful folks.  They probably would give you the shirt off their backs if you needed one and make you a casserole just to be nice and help you with your vehicle when it won’t start and so forth.  They don’t want to ruin anyone’s sunrise (and sunrise photos) by plopping right into the middle of it.

But that’s what they do because they don’t look around and think: “How are we affecting others?”

Okay.  So now when I step out my door, the first thing I see is that RV.

A few minutes ago another RVer shows up. I watch out my window as he parks between our camp and where the sun sets!  Not only that, he positions his trailer so that his door and his sitting area is in view of our door and our sitting area and, conversely, of course, our door and our sitting area is in view of his door and his sitting area.

Reread that last sentence, if necessary.

(I think he realized his mistake because he’s parked his pick-up in an attempt to correct the situation.)

Now, he could just have well parked, oh, about 30 yards back from his present position, turned the trailer so the non-door side is toward us (or parked in line with our position), and bingo!  Kombucha!  We have sunset.  He has sunset.

And neither of us sit outside looking at each other.

Mind you, there are several campsites a lot further away from us and away from the other boondockers here, but I’m not going to bother talking about that, except to say that everyone else has done a super job choosing sites that don’t impact other boondockers.

Is this a big deal?

Well, no, not if you compare it, let’s say, with receiving a diagnosis that you have a life-threatening disease.  It’s just something we all might keep in mind when choosing a campsite in a boondocking area such as this one — a wide open desert without much cover and plenty of room to spread out.

Gee, it felt good to get that off my chest. 

One day the crew and I motor into Yuma for groceries.

P1090075Weird name for a store.  It brings to mind, “No, don’t get smart with me, young lady. You can’t go and that’s final!”

I do like Smart & Final stores.  I notice this one isn’t a “Smart & Final — extra!” like the one in Blythe.  I guess no “extra!” means there isn’t roast chickens in a warmer and the produce section and meat section are pathetic, because that’s what I discover is the case with this store in Yuma.

However, everything else is great!

The spice section, alone, is magnificent.  An international selection of foods. Big amounts if you want them.  Like the humongous jar of mixed nuts I bought (I know — 55 mg of salt per ounce.  I’ll only eat a few at a time.  Promise.)

P1090076“Surprise, surprise!  I came back!  All that crying and fussing for nothing!”

Well, this could go on forever.  Time to sign off.  You made it to the end!

All together now — “Kombucha!  Kombucha!”

See you in the comments section!



P1090074A unobstructed view of the sunset.  How nice.


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240 Responses to Boondocking is a state of mind — ‘Kombucha!”

  1. Dawn in NC says:


  2. kgdan from Wapato, WA says:

    Hi Sue. Boy, am I having fun with homemade herbal teas from the inspiration of the blog!

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      That’s neat, kgdan!

      I hope we hear more reactions to recent topics on this blog. Let us know what you come up with!

  3. Linda from Oregon says:

    Dawn you are first, Kathy is second, does that make me third

  4. David in Quartzsite says:

    Such great pictures. Matched only by the great weather.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hasn’t it been fabulous, David! I bet this weather makes Quartzsite a-buzz with folks browsing the booths.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Pam and Maya . . ..Why do I want to say “Kombucha-lakka-lakka” ?

      • JAZZQUELINE from Bend, OR says:

        Hi Sue, KOMBUCHA, KOMBUCHA! I love KOMBUCHA, been drinking it for about 5 years. I lost around 7 lbs, shortly after I started. I think it helps our pH balance which encouraged me to be more mindful of what I eat! (win, win!) then I discovered the many dangers of glutin, which is in wheat, rye, barley etc! I completely cut out all glutin & started eating lots of eggs & very satisfying good fats as well as fresh veggies & fruit.
        Low & behold!!! I lost 26 lbs. it’s been 3 years now & I have not put any extra weight. Amazing!! Sorry I ran on a bit. . Its news you want to share. Of course there’s more to it than this. . .
        BTW, I love your impromptu blog, you can do that any time as far as I’m concerned. HAPPY TRAILS ??

        • rvsueandcrew says:

          Great report, Jazzqueline! You’ve made excellent improvements to your diet and YAY FOR YOU LOSING 26 POUNDS AND KEEPING IT OFF! I appreciate you giving us details how you did it. I’m eating eggs, too. I was kidding about kombucha, yet the more I think about it, the more I want to try it.

          Thank you for letting me know you like this kind of post. There are days when I’m not up to a well-organized post!

          • JAZZQUELINE from Bend, OR says:

            You have talent girl! Looks like you can wing it any time you want and be successful!! There you go ??

  5. Jean/Southaven, MS says:

    I wonder how close to the top I will be? It shows three as I type. I liked your ramblings today. Made me smile. I am sitting inside a tall glass building looking out at sunshine and semi cool weather and answering a phone all day. My coworker that usually does this is sick, soooo it is my job today. I think I like your day better. At the Smart and Final store I guess you can’t return anything. I guess I am going to have to try to read the last blog to see what Kombucha means. Take care

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Jean,

      Oh, you’re in one of those “tall glass buildings” … glassed-in, looking out. That’s modern living! I’m glad you come here for some fresh air… 🙂

      Kombucha is mentioned in comments toward the end. Thanks for letting me know you liked this post.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Not quite, but you’re here! Hi, Piper and Rusty!

    • Haa Haasa Ha , in other words LOL,,, Not third,,, oh well, that’s what I get for reading and Typing So Slow, but if that’s all I’ve got, I’m doing great,,,, Ha,,,,,, Well Sue, I remember Smart n’ Final Stores from way back in the late 70s,, seems they’re still around, heh,,,, Like their Spices they sell, ,,,,,, that’s a fine foto of the Fidos and the sunset finale,,,,,,,,,,,

      • Cinandjules (NY) says:

        You did VERY well Rusty!

        Back in the day or on a regular laptop I can type without looking at the keys. Weird but I couldn’t recite the position of the letters in any order.

        Fast forward to this iPad…..two finger typing!

        • Ahh Cindy, You’ve been typing along time Uh,, I must look at what or where my pointin’ finger is tapping, then edit my poor spellin’,,,, but I get by and it’s no biggy and that’s ok,,,, I joke ’bout you folks that can type at Mach 10 not lookin’ at the keyboard, LOL,,,,,, Hi AO, Piper says HI,,, she’s out pickin’ on a bone,,,,,,,,

          • Piper n' Rusty / Somewhere in Az. says:

            OH,,, Last night, just before dark,,, I was inside and heard a strange sound,, I got up and looked out the window and saw a Roadrunner walking with in 6 feet of Piper,,, Piper just watched it as it walked on by,,,, funny, the Wolf in her didn’t jump in gear,,, she just watched,,, and I said to her, good girl,,, she wagged her bushy tail and just kept lookin’,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  6. Hi Sue! I totally agree Kombucha is a fun word to say. I have a few of those in my vocabulary. Anasarca being one of them…I just like saying them. I think I might add Kombucha to that…although I do not think I will add it to my diet, too much trouble, but I do like Pomegrante/grape juice that is sugar free.

    Since we are just rambling here– I made the best smoothie last night after I got home from work and after reading the diet suggestions on the blog all day…it was blueberries, blackberries, raspberries and diced mango. I had put some fresh berries in my freezer and put them in the Nutribullet…about a cup all together, not much as so not to upset my sugar, with some water, ice cubes and a small amount of protein powder…It was SOOOO good, it took me about 20 minutes to drink it because it was so slushy, while I watched “Finding Bigfoot”. And before you say anything, yes I do believe and I will be looking for him while I am on my adventure across the US. You would tell us wouldn’t you if he came across you while camping in the big open spaces right?

    Anyway, I am pleased you are checking the salt content, goodie…you may find your water intake will be less as you will not be as thirsty, which is also alright, your kidneys do not need to be stressed out trying to flush out too much fluid. I am restricted to about 40 oz a day, that is hard, but it is easier on my kidneys.

    So to move or not to move, that is the question..did you answer it, are you staying? It sure is nice there, but check under you trailer for moss! ha!

    Have a good day and a beautiful sunset if you can see around the guy that plopped in front of your view…I have no suggestion for that…bear horn maybe.

    Hugs to those pups. Getting cloudy here, hope it stays clear your way. Bye.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Shirlene,

      That smoothie sounds fantastic! Love berries… I wish I could make smoothies.

      Thanks for mentioned water intake. I notice today I’m not as thirsty. Nice to know I don’t have to push myself to drink more!

      Will we move tomorrow? Maybe. I hesitate to say yes because I change my mind a lot.

      I didn’t know you work at a cancer prevention facility. You may have said so… I forget. I appreciate you sharing suggestions and what you do in regard to diet. Very helpful.

      • gayle - SO CAL Beach Boomer says:

        I haven’t read previous blog on nutrition so maybe you answered this already. Why couldn’t you make smoothies? Pick up a Nutribullet at the next Walmart. A whole new, healthy way of life for $79.95! It’s fun to think up recipes. It’s the only way I’ll ever eat kale. I don’t care if it rhymes with Gayle, I’m not eating it! Nutribullet only need run for 1 min. max. Could you run it without land electric hook-up?

        • rvsueandcrew says:

          Hi, gayle,

          No, we didn’t talk about smoothies. Your comment interests me very much. I looked up Nutribullet on Amazon and found it … $60.

          Magic Bullet NutriBullet 12-Piece High-Speed Blender/Mixer System

          I haven’t read the details or reviews on it yet. I wonder if I could use it off my battery power. It would be great to have. Thanks for telling me about this!

          • Nutribullet smoothies are the BEST! I also used it to make kale, carrot and pineapple shakes with some almonds thrown in with protein powder, really saves on the budget also, veggies can last up to a week using them everyday in a shake…those were good times…but then I fell out of the habit, need to get back into it again.

            • Nancy S from Indiana says:

              I’m so glad you guys are talking smoothies. A couple years ago I used to make them all the time. Lots of green veggies & fruits. I even splurged & bought organic, which I never do. My reasoning was….if I was just eating apples, etc . I wouldn’t eat 5 at a time so I should probably eat ones that haven’t been sprayed. I felt so much better. Even had the arthritis, inflammation pain recipe . Then slowly got out of the habit . Now probably 2 years or more have gone by, with hardly any veggies or fruits. I’ve been sitting here thinking why??? And I came up with lots of reasons, oh heck, excuses. They take up so much room in my fridge, but the real heart examining truth is…wait for it blogirinos….Nancy is lazy & I like junk. I am officially ashamed of myself . I hope sufficiently enough to change once again. Yes, I am a repeat offender. Well you did say we could ramble today.

            • I am so there with you Nancy, I did the same thing, now trying to ease back in slowly starting with fruit smoothies and then adding veggies, especially kale as i ramp it back up to getting into it again….Hello my name is Shirlene and I am a foodaholic!

            • Nancy S indiana says:

              Shirlene, I think we need to start a f.a. group. Food anonymous. Lol sign me up

          • DesertGinger says:

            Here is a hand crank food processor you could possibly use…

            Ginger… I can’t make the link.

            We’re at a new camp and I’m having trouble with signal dropping. I suggest readers use another link of mine and then do a search within Amazon. — Sue

    • That’s IT!!!,,, I’m ordering a Hand Crank Bumper Blender, if I can find one on Amazon,,,, YAAAA

  7. Where Is Chris Now? (PDX is home) says:

    LMAO! I was so with you on the sentiments of people settling in right by you without any regard to how close they may be to your personal space. Or for that matter how many other wonderful spots off and away from you there might be. The same thing happens to me when camping. I try to let it be a compliment … maybe they need to be near others to feel safe in the big outdoors.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      You are a sweeter person than I, Chris. My reaction to your last sentence? If you’re afraid to be in “the big outdoors,” park yourself in an RV park or RV resort or stay home.

      I’m glad you got a laugh out of this post!

      • Renee Galligher - ID says:

        I feel the same as Chris, but there were two times when they parked 20 feet from us with a loud generator running all night. “To keep the kids warm”, they said. Hmphh!

      • rvsueandcrew says:

        Well, in defense of my “mean” reaction to people who camp close because they are scared of the big outdoors…

        It really is somewhat selfish to do something where you make yourself dependent upon someone you don’t know and, in so doing, compromise their enjoyment. That’s my take.

      • Where Is Chris Now? (PDX is home) says:

        Oh I certainly am not sweet about this topic if they are running generators and/or playing music until late.

        I happen to naturally rise at 0445 each morning. I can be quiet OR quite the noisy neighbor at that hour ?. If they should gripe about the noise … my response is sweet and something about the beautiful sunrise. I might even invite them outside for coffee!

      • Pat H. says:

        I’m with you, Sue!!!!!! And turn off your outside lights. That drives me crazy, if you’re afraid of the dark go home.

        • Pookie in Todd Mission Tx says:

          Amen on the lights………
          we moved to the country many years ago to get away from lights but
          the past couple of years we have had folks buy land out here and
          first thing they do is put in outdoor lights…………I call them city folks
          that are afraid of the dark……..

  8. Reg B from West K says:

    Great story Sue. For someone with nothing to say, you sure say a lot. My wife and I find your blog very informative and an inspiration to try some of the things you’ve done. Thanks for sharing

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      You’re welcome, Reg B and wife!

      Welcome to my blog! It’s always good to hear from readers and to learn that my blog is having a positive impact. Thanks for writing.

  9. Val R. Lakefield, Ontario says:

    Enjoyed your post. I like ramblings….Glad you found a walking plan that works.
    Winter arrived here after Christmas. I just enjoyed a walk in snowy woods. As much as I would prefer summer, I must say, it is very pretty out there.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      I imagine it is pretty there, Val R., probably similar to what I know upstate NY is like… “a walk in snowy woods”…. a magical experience!

  10. I really liked the stream of consciousness post today, Sue. I think the walking plan sounds great, hope it works out. Kombucha, I think I will leave it although my partner loves it.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Lisa W.,

      I never heard of kombucha before. Not surprising. I don’t get out much. Haha! Thanks for the feedback on this post. I hope you are keeping warm in New Mexico!

  11. Cinandjules (NY) says:

    Oh you are in rare form today Desert Woman! Had me chuckling throughout the entire post!

    Your last post was very humbling as well as encouraging and informative. Neat that folks come here…leave a bit of information in regards to the bumpy “road” ahead and bam all of sudden one realizes that they are not traveling alone on the road.

    What a great network of ideas and support!

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      You’re right, Cinandjules! There is “a great network of ideas and support” at this blog.

      I neglected to mention in this post my appreciation to those who opened up about their personal health issues and/or those of ones they love. I suspect a few comments were typed through tears. I want each of those who shared to know something I believe to be true — their contribution helped someone, somewhere, no telling how many!

  12. Renee Galligher says:

    I watch, and watch, and watch, but no new post. Then . . . I go off to a meeting, and bam!

    “I haven’t thought of a raspberry danish all day. Well, until now.”, now I’m thinking of one.
    “Reggie squirts out a few replies.” – that’s sign language for dogs, you know.
    “(I think he realized his mistake because he’s parked his pick-up in an attempt to correct the situation.)”, or he is a lurker here and read your blog!
    “Kombucha! Kombucha!”“Kombucha! Kombucha!”

    I love it! I would never feel that I’ve wasted my time on your posts!

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Enjoyed your comment, Renee… as I always do!

      If my new neighbor reads this post and sees this… “Thanks for giving me an illustration. No hard feelings. We will probably leave tomorrow anyway.”

  13. Sue and crew,
    Remember me?! Long long ago at Fortuna Pond.
    The area east of you on Sidewinder is wide open in the BLM section, if you want to move a whole quarter mile?
    If not, maybe an excursion so the “big red dog”, Geordie, can run Mr. Regginator to an early bedtime.
    You can come see my “garden” of fresh greens. I’ve planted a window box with lettuces and parsley and drop it on top of the propane cover. On travel days it fits perfectly in the bathroom.
    Nice to have fresh salads. Maybe I’ll start up some tomatoes?

    • Jeff Agueda says:

      We may possibly be sharing the same area Robert.? I am in the white truck and pop-up camper to the south of you, I think??

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Robert… Of course, I remember you! Don’t be silly! I remember your beautiful Geordie, too… and that you used to be a forest ranger…

      Thanks for the invite. Once I hitch up and pack up, I’m wanting to move more than a quarter mile. I’m sure you know what I mean.

      Although seeing your garden would be a treat! If I had one of those, I’d plant radishes, too. How resourceful of you…. Yes, go for the tomatoes only I suggest waiting. Those maters need a lot of sunshine.

      Take care… Enjoy the area. We’re heading out in the morning… I think.

    • Velda in Roseville CA says:

      Great idea on a window box of greens!

  14. Velda says:

    Oh neat, you found a Dumb and Infinity, we love them and we now have 2 of those within 3 miles of us! Yes Dumb and Infinity, which is what my boys and I dubbed the store when it first opened. Smart and Final just didn’t “do it” for us so we renamed it and forever it shall remain Dumb and Infinity at this house, where the “boys” are now 33 and 35!!! How time flies !!?

    • Around our house we call Smart and Final………Fart and Smile 🙂

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Velda… Apparently that grocery chain has been around for several years. I never heard of it before coming out west.

      • Velda in Roseville CA says:

        It has changed owners a few times but has stayed with same Smart and Final name. I think our first one came about 20 years ago? Just a few years ago they rearranged the entire inside and put in a big fresh produce area and reduced the restaurant supplies a bit.

  15. Jeff Agueda says:

    I think this Blog turned out just wonderful Sue! There is alot to explore in this area I am finding out. I am out on the east end of the mountain range off of Sidewinder road and road 713. I went and explored the Cargo mine area today and it was pretty neat. Several old exposed mine holes in the ground. This area where I am seems to be much less congested than what I have noticed to the west of me around the American Girl Mine area. I also have noticed that the Sidewinder Chevron is nearly $1.60 per gallon MORE than what is in Yuma at $2.02 per gallon, blah blah blah.
    Have a great day! Cheers.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Jeff,

      Yes, this is an interesting area. I’m glad you’re getting so much out of it!

      There has been a shift this year in where people have set up camp, as compared to previous years we’ve stayed here.

      Yes, the Sidewinder Chevron is always higher with their prices than what you find in Yuma. I pay it without complaint though. Avoiding a drive into Yuma is worth it to me!

      Continue having fun, Jeff! Thanks for calling this post “wonderful.” 🙂

  16. Kerry On (UT) says:

    I just invented a new dance – Kombucha cha-cha-cha! 😛

  17. Yaya says:

    Sue, I so enjoy your blog, and dream of one day taking our vintage Airstream into the sunset! You and your fur babies are living a dream!!


    • rvsueandcrew says:

      The same to you, Yaya! Welcome to my blog!

    • Page says:

      We live full time in a newer Airstream and plan to start boondocking in the southwest next year after we finish our first season of working in Yellowstone. Hope to meet up with you on the road some day Yaya.

      And Sue, I promise to never obstruct another RVer’s view of sunset or sunrise.

      • rvsueandcrew says:

        On behalf of boondockers everywhere, I thank you, Page, for that promise…. 🙂

      • Yaya says:

        Thank you, Sue and Page. If ever we start living the dream, I, too, would love to run into you wonderful travelers and adventurers…until then, I will continue playing and decorating our Airstream. One would think a gypsy woman moved in. I am so ready to drive into that sunset!! Oh, and I am taking notes on how to boondock, Sue….such as, not spoiling the view of another. Thanks for the tips.

  18. weather says:

    A post full of rambling -what fun ! I also like meandering and going nowhere in particular, they’re all ways to get somewhere. As part of my seemingly aimless wandering today I drove to the bridge that crosses the lake. Yesterday a couple of inches of fluffy snow covered the open water the swans and geese usually swim and feed in here, so I went to look for them. Finding that near the bridge they were in a nice area to enjoy I kept driving( as I was near the dentist’s place by then). I smile a lot so teeth are a big deal to me and they’ve been helping me do that comfortably. Anyway, are you still with me? A few days ago something required two stitches and this morning my mouth felt funny. I asked them if that was alright so they looked and said “Oh, you healed so fast the thread is pinching, we’ll take that out .”Four snips and all better. Pretty neat ,huh? Well, by then I was close to a friend’s diner and pulled in to say hello and maybe have a bowl of soup . He’d had a slow day and was closing early so food wasn’t an option. Bonus, no one else around so we put a fresh pot of coffee on and caught up on our dog, cat and wildlife news.

    Really nicely done , Sue, we needed an “on a lighter note” touch 🙂

    Though I picked up on and used the subjects you covered-health, fur pals, the pleasure of not having too many people too close , your story and photos felt as close as my own day has and more interesting. I’ve yet to find anything you’ve produced a waste of my time, instead it always leaves me feeling warmer and even happier than I was before I opened my laptop.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      You enjoyed my rambling post and then you returned the favor with a very interesting comment of your day . . . rambling over the bridge, past the swans and geese, receiving great news at the dentist, and concluding with a conversation with a mutual animal-lover and friend…. over coffee in an empty diner. I floated along with you…. Lovely, weather!

      Your healthy diet promotes healing… 🙂

      Thank you for enriching my day!

      • weather says:

        Hi, Sue, you’ve had a busy day -moving, cleaning up this page before and after and now having problems with your signal dropping, you are likely tired and ready to relax so I don’t expect or need a reply .I just wanted to say that I hope you and crew like your new camp and are enjoying being there.

    • weather says:

      Walking through the fog as a shower helped the trees shed their snow coats I felt warm with just a robe over my pajamas. Waiting for sunrise I hoped for what first light showed- the cove has areas where the waves are back, soon the swans will be, too. My watery world is so different than your drier desert one, yet because both are wild and wide open they feel wonderful to be in. Back inside I hear the finches sing and wonder if you’ll put your hummingbird feeder out or move again today. I hope whatever you do makes you want to celebrate, sigh with contentment and peace and do both over again.

  19. If I see you when I drive down Ogilby Road tomorrow, I’ll wave. Dropping off the canoe at Walter’s Camp and then driving around to the Arizona side at Fisher’s Landing to have the truck in position after our long weekend on the river. Then, I can go home and grab the Scamp to wander around Q & Yuma for a month. 🙂

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, John & BJ,

      If I don’t wave back tomorrow, I’m not ignoring you, I’m on a mission. Sounds like you have plans for a wonderful weekend and beyond. Have fun!

  20. Ladybug in Mid-Tenn says:

    Now, in the sunset picture, I couldn’t tell if someone else was parked there or not!

    And I need to slow down reading…I thought ‘…or ocotillo for canine updates….’ read ‘…or ocotillo for cocaine updates….’. :X

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Ladybug,

      cocaine updates instead of canine updates… One of the o’s in ocotillo jumped over to canine… That’s what occurred… Funny how that can happen…

      The sunset photo was taken a couple days ago…

      • Anne - in GA says:

        tonight i stopped by my cousin’s home to return a borrowed key. during our conversation, she mentioned i didn’t need to come right back with the key, it now being after dark.
        “no problem”, i remarked.
        “i was out getting a glass of lemonade up by the interstate underpass, you know, the KFC there.”
        “KFC?” she replied.
        “yeah, you know, Kentucky Fried (and there my brain temporarily left the room and me stranded in mid-sentence) Christians”. And we both laughed long and hard at my momentary stupidity.
        (apparently in lala land for the moment)

  21. Mike Leonard says:

    I was camped all by myself, off in the KOFA National Wildlife Refruge without anyone near. So a couple in a motor home parked about twenty yards from me. They were nice friendly people, but really?

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Mike,

      I think there are people who carry an rv park mentality (or maybe a city mentality) out to boondocking areas. They haven’t picked up on the enlarged personal space concept. That’s why I included those two examples in this post. It’s a matter of awareness.

      Oh well… It’s a good life and we’re very fortunate, right? Best wishes to you and the Bichon Bros.

  22. wildflower in prescott says:

    A Potpourri blog post with a dash whiplash. ? ? ?

  23. Lynn Brooks says:

    Dear Sue,
    Congratulations on your plan to dump the carbs / sugar /salt & trying to eat healthier!!!
    I was diagnosed w/Stage 1 Colon Cancer July 2013. Then Stage 2 Hodgkin’s Lymphoma 6 months later. 1 surgery & 6 months is chemotherapy & I finally got the hint!!!
    I dropped the carbs like a hot potato & I have never felt better!!!
    If you can get through the first week or 2, the cravings will go away! I promise!
    Drink plenty of water!!!
    Yes, there are dozens & dozens of websites for low/no carb diets & recipes. Take it slow, one day at time.
    Good Luck!!!
    I’m in your corner!!!
    Lynn B. (Baltimore, MD)

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Wow! Congratulations to you, Lynn… All this time and I didn’t know so much about you. Thanks for sharing your successes with us! I also thank you for the encouragement. I’m sure I’m not the only one who will benefit from your experience. Best wishes to you…

  24. Linda Soaft says:

    Hi Sue
    I follow your blog and really enjoy reading about your adventures and the mundane! I like your spirit and wanderlust joy. I am heading out myself for the first time in my life to look for adventure and quality of life that is absent in city living. Now that I’m retired, I’m going to be traveling in my truck and my Scamp Trailer with my wonderful lovebug Bijoux my 6 year old mini long haired dachshund. Do you have any advice for me regarding traveling with pets?

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Linda Soaft!

      Lots of Lindas have commented here… not sure if this is your first appearance. Welcome to my blog and CONGRATULATIONS on your upcoming launch into life outside the city! It sounds like you are set up well — truck, Scamp, canine crew… 🙂

      Any advice for you regarding traveling with pets…. Gee, all that I can think of is read my old posts from the beginning. See the high points and low points of traveling with my crew and how it all works out. I guess the best advice is have the time of your life and make it the same for Bijoux! 🙂

      Thanks for the kind words. Happy retirement!

  25. Norman in San Diego says:

    Hi Sue,

    Hope you are enjoying your shopping in Yuma. I really like Yuma. I stop at that Smart & Final everytime I go there. There is a very nice 99 cent store on Fourth Avenue. I was there in August when I went to my dentist in Los Algodones and it was 112 degrees in Yuma. A very nice day as I love that dry heat.
    Sadly as the years pass we have to cut back on our comfort foods and it is ruff. Walking a lot does help and just have pastas and potatoes once a week. Love those steamed veges.


    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Norman,

      Oh so true about cutting back on the comfort foods. I don’t doubt I’ll splurge on pasta and potatoes. At this point I have to pretend they don’t exist in order to keep them out of my mind and keep them from ruining my resolve! You like steamed vegetables, too. That’s a big advantage. The big meat eaters have a rougher time, I’d guess.

      Isn’t it strange how it can be over 100 degrees and you’re still comfortable (as long as you stay hydrated — a lesson I learned the hard way). 112 degrees is pretty hot though… Easy to get an appointment in Los Algodones in August… 🙂

  26. Fuji-maru says:

    Hi, RVSue and canine crew,
    Very surprised that there is a Japanese word “konbucha” in the title. No explanation in your blog, Blogorinos must think what “konbucha” is. “konbucha” is the thingamadoodle for people except Japanese. It’s hard to explain it and difficult to understand for who don’t know it. 🙂

    BTW, your expressive words or suggestive phrases about Boondocking, Boondocker and clinger, is wonderful! As is always…

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Fuji-maru,

      What I mentioned in the post and in the title of the post is kombucha (spelled with the letter m). Wikipedia describes it …

      “Kombucha refers to any of a variety of fermented, lightly effervescent sweetened black or green tea drinks that are commonly used . . . for their unsubstantiated health benefits.”

      Your comment led me to discover that konbucha (spelled with the letter n) is a Japanese drink made from dried seaweed. I love learning stuff like this.

      And you say it means something like thingamadoodle… Language is so interesting… Thanks for writing, Fuji-maru. You taught us today.

      • Fuji-maru says:

        Oops, not “konbucha” ,but “kombucha” that is rather well-known drink in the US. “Kombucha” is different from “konbucha” made from dried seaweed in Japan.
        I love learning stuff like this, too. You taught me today. 🙂

        Fuji-maru in Japan

      • Fuji-maru says:

        I must add one more important thing. That is,
        I DID NOT know ”Kombucha” (spelled with the letter m) until just now.

  27. Page says:

    I love kombucha! I am vegan and have been for several years. I get my blood levels checked every couple of years and everything has been well within the standard, accepted amounts. I no longer suffer from GERD, and foods such as cucumbers and bell peppers no longer upset my stomach.

    We do eat some carbs… brown rice, whole grain pasta, and potatoes with the skins. Fermented foods are also wonderful. Had raw sauerkraut with steamed baby potatoes for lunch today. Also eat a large green salad everyday. Happy belly!

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      HI, Page,

      I love hearing how people eat! You’re several years a vegan… boy, I bet you know a lot about good, healthy eating.

      I looked up GERD… Gastroesophagageal Reflux Disease. (Say that five times fast.) Thank heavens for acronyms, right? I’m glad you ditched that problem.

      Raw sauerkraut… Not sure about that one. Without having tried it I’m feeling… meh? You sound all excited it about though, so what do I know. Don’t answer that. 🙂

      • JAZZQUELINE from Bend, OR says:

        Aw “raw” sour kraut. . Sounds awful. . But maybe when you realize that “raw” sour kraut is chock full of vital nutrients as well probiotics. Probiotics are what makes your gut happy because the biota in our intestines is able to do its job well. It is comonly said, “All desease begins in the gut”, therefore we must make our guts HAPPY?. Hence no sugar. There you have it ??

        • Joyce Sutton says:

          I have never tried the frig but a large head of cabbage shredded usually makes about 3 at jars packed tight. Add1 tablespoon of salt and fill jars with boiling water. Seal loosely with sterile lids and wala sauerkraut. Few weeks fermenting in cool temps about 50 degrees. Made mine in late fall and sat on the table in the back porch. Still sitting there and the temps last week were down to 10. Doesn’t freeze much If I make in the spring garden season it goes in the floor of the root cellar. We eat for salad. Although have been guilty of cooking with sausages or hot dogs.

          • Joyce Sutton says:

            The salt is a kicker here

          • Utah Bonnie says:

            Joyce, I make my own sauerkraut too using organic red cabbage. Its wonderful on salads and keeps forever in the fridge. Got to keep the belly happy with probiotics.

          • Ilse says:

            I must chime in here. Sauerkraut is fermented cabbage. No water is used, boiling or otherwise. You just shred cabbage, layer it in a crock with good salt (an age old preservation method), “beat” it to bruise the cabbage so it releases its own water. I have a wooden cabbage stomper for that purpose, available at Amazon?. The liquid will eventually cover the cabbage, that keeps out any nasties. I keep my sauerkraut in a crock for about 4-6 weeks to let it ferment and then transfer it into half-gallon mason jars and store in the fridge. It can stay there for two years or more without going bad.

            • Sidewinder Pen says:

              Thanks, Ilse.

              I would like to try making some fermented foods and good to get your tips on sauerkraut.

              Speaking of fermented food, I really like kimchi (so far, store bought) Mmm, spicy and crunchy.

            • Page says:

              Yes, thus raw, but fermented. Love it!

      • bess, OR says:

        i tried making “raw sauerkraut” in the refrigerator and it turned really stinking, not good. i think there was some random microbe in it.

        i have one tablespoon of organic unfiltered apple cider vinegar in a glass of cool water everyday. i sip it throughout the morning and it is refreshing while helping my ph.

        30 years ago a local guy we know wanted us to invest some money in his kumbacha business. we declined and perhaps we would be millionaires now if we had. we thought he was wacky when he claimed his strain of kumbacha was centuries old from Peru.

        • JAZZQUELINE from Bend, OR says:

          Hi Bess, thanks for your sour kraut story. There much new info & recipes now available, check it out & maybe you’ll give it another try. There are also many wonderful raw fermented veggies available in stores like Natural Grocers, Whole Foods etc. ??

          • bess, in Eugene OR says:

            hi, i like the fact you are in Bend. do you do summer camping or are you full-timing?

        • rvsueandcrew says:

          Apple cider vinegar is very good for one’s health, I understand. I made broccoli slaw with it yesterday, along with honey and some mayo. I know, mayo not so good.

          Anyway, the slaw was good but ever since I’ve been performance art for the Fart & Smile store. hahahaha!

          (I think I taught middle school too long. Body gases — a juvenile form of humor!)

          • Ilse says:

            Make sure the apple cider vinegar you use is unpasteurized or it won’t have any probiotics in it.

    • Pamela K. says:

      You are one of the few people I have heard who eats kraut and steamed potatoes together – other than myself! I love them together. I also do a variation of that… I take the baby potatoes with skins left on and put them in a zip-tie bag with fresh black pepper, some chili powder and toss in some EVOO (olive oil). Add to that the kraut and toss again very well. Then steam the mixture together in the rice cooker/steamer. I love it that way. My husband is German and he always says his mother never knew how to make kraut taste as good as mine (score one for the daughter-in-laws of the world. 🙂 Well, I am trying to eat healthy in 2016 by going slowly toward the vegan eating. My major downfall is pot-pies…turkey ones. I find giving them up is a hardship so far. 🙁 I do still eat tuna, I know…but I am weak and I truly love tuna so that will most-likely stay in my diet for years to come. Anyway, try kicking-up the kraut. Most kraut lovers like my kraut fixed that way, something different to change it up.

      • Ilse says:

        I slice potatoes in their skin and steam them. That’s the bottom layer, on which I pile raw sauerkraut, top that off with a layer of homegrown broccoli sprouts, drizzled with EVOO. That’s my favorite probiotic anti-cancer lunch!

      • Page says:

        My father’s side of the family came from Germany and Alsace-Lorriane. Lots of kraut and potatoes growing up, usually with wursts and a good mustard. Since becoming vegan, I no longer eat wursts, but still love the kraut and taters.

  28. Dawn says:

    I, for one, really LIKED the picture of Ogilby Road… 🙂 That’s just how I imagine the open road!

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Dawn… I can understand that… It’s not a pretty pic, but it does pull you in. I appreciate you telling me you like it.

  29. Barbara (Nashville) says:

    Love all the low/no carb discussion. It would be great if DH would go along with that concept. I limit most carbs and most salt. Sugar is the worst for me. I have stopped adding extra, but I have two mini snickers in the afternoon. We do eat a lot more eggs, fish and chicken with much less red meat.
    I do need to finish reading yesterdays comments.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Barbara… Yes, do finish reading the comments under the previous post. One of the most informative conversations we’ve had, along with some inspirational accounts.

      How can you eat two min snickers in the afternoon? If I had a pack of mini snickers in my cupboard I’d eat the whole bag the day I bought it! Goes to show you have inner discipline…. Good for you!

      • Sidewinder Pen says:

        I only have discipline at the store. If I buy something tempting, I can’t stop thinking about it “calling to me” from the cupboard! Two mini-Snickers a day? Ha ha! Luckily I’m too lazy to go all the way to the store just for a craving (at the time), so not buying it usually works.

  30. Anne - in GA says:

    gosh, what a great “nothing to see here” blog entry. seems everyone else thoroughly enjoyed it as much as i did. i have to confess, i am parked two spaces over from you… i love the view and the weather and ….. i’m here under this great big leafy tree, in the hammock, half-asleep. i know you hate folks so close to you. but i love this tree. ; b.
    in my imagination…in my warped imagination. it’s in the 20’s and 30’s here in GA while i am currently living in my tent. i’m in the middle of some legal stuff about this property so i cannot physically leave town BUT – i can come stay near you for a while – all in my mind. life here isn’t so bad despite the cold. i laughed about 3am today as i was parked on the Luggable Loo for more than i planned on doing if you catch my drift. when along came a possum who didn’t see me as any kind of threat. now, honestly, how many of you can say you fought off an intruding possum in your brick and mortar bathrooms in the middle of the night? how dull your lives must be!!! Wait, send me your addy’s and i’ll mail you a couple of possums, GA born and bred.
    Anyway, Sue. I love your blog. it always brightens the dullest of days and for that person who wrote the name of that store is “smile and fart” – you know who you are – you WILL be getting a bill from the local ER here where i went to recover from choking on my lemonade. i promise you i will wake in the middle of the night and start laughing which will scare the kittens to no end. what a great store name.
    cheers all,
    anne and miscreants, Calvin and Hobbs

    • Denise - Richmond VA says:

      Hi, Anne,

      I have to ask…who was more surprised? You or the possum?! LOL!! 🙂

      • Anne - in GA says:

        oh, i promise, the possum. i am no longer surprised at anything that happens here and most usually in the night time. it’s like homecoming at the zoo in my yard after dark.
        last night, after i shooed the possum out of my “outdoor bathroom”, and he left in such a huff, i might add, i noted quite a few other scurrying dark bodies moving quickly toward the woods closeby. i have no idea what kind of little things they were as thery were moving quickly, their propulsion systems were too low to the ground to help differentiate which ones they were.
        we are regularly visited by ralph the racoon, 5 female deer(millie, mollie, minnie, maggie and mrs. murphy), 2 possums (possum pete and stew pid) and a small thing which i have yet to identify – it’s a fox/coyote/wolf and runs away too quickly for me to do a positive id. so it got named “hey you”.
        when the possum dropped by this early am, i shuffled one shoe making a noise and said “hey!”. he slowed his waddle, looked around for a nano-second, then noticed me (boy, does that not flatter my ego) and took the longest time trying to decide if he should run or just keep intruding further into my campsite. he doesn’t remember several nights ago when he came into my camp and i clocked him such a good one on his head that it nearly made him unconscious. he staggered and fell over for a few seconds before leaving. perhaps he was “concussed” (now he can claim an old football injury).
        deep in the heart of Georgia

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi Anne — in GA!

      When I read your comment I skipped over the “in GA” part. I’m reading about you being camped two spaces away, I get up and look out the window! Talk about fooled!

      What a cute piece of writing. Love the possum picture you painted for us… Hilarious! You make a good point …. One misses a lot when living in a sticks and bricks house. I can’t count them all…

      Gosh, you’re still in a tent. No need for me to say “keep warm.” By now you must be an expert on tent living. Temps in the 20s and 30s. I’m amazed, Anne. I’m in awe.

      Thanks for writing and adding fun to my blog.

    • shirlene says:

      ; )

    • Fuji-maru says:

      Hi, Anne – in GA,
      Japanese with poor English who is me, I almost mistaked you for Sue’s Clinger. 🙂

      Fuji-maru in Japan

      • Sidewinder Pen says:

        I fell for it too! Until I read “leafy” tree and hammock. I can’t imagine getting a hammock into a Palo Verde (at least not and call it relaxing).

      • Anne - in GA says:

        oh my. the best of all world’s – someone in japan left a comment to me. my daughter is half japanese. no, in my imagination, i try not to camp too close to sue so as to be called a clinger. goodness, don’t you just love that word also? i just like to pretend i’m hanging out in the places she camps. thanks for commenting to me.

    • Chris(MN) says:

      I use to keep dry cat food in my pole barn for my barn kitties. I came in one evening and surprised a possum chowing down on the cat food. He/she didn’t seem concerned about me being there at all. Just waited patiently for me to leave so he/she could finish eating in peace. One of my barn cats wandered by and the possum and the cat appeared to be on a first name basis with each other.
      Makes me wonder just how much of the local wildlife I was feeding! Sometimes it is better not to know.

  31. Denise - Richmond VA says:

    Hi, Sue,

    Your blog a waste of time? Never! Always entertaining….remember, we even like your posts about doing laundry! You were in fine form today! The suppository description of the propane tank had me chuckling – thanks! Well, as much as you have enjoyed this camp, if folks starting to encroach on each other’s space, and views, it is time to find another spot. No need to stay and let them frustrate you….move on. The joy of having your home on wheels. 🙂

    Well, after the discussions of healthy eating, that supermarket trip was a disappointment. Hopefully there is a Wallyworld or better market nearby. Glad that Bridget and Reggie are becoming used to the new walk routine.

    I hope you find a nice, quiet spot to settle in for a while. 🙂 That pink and gold sunset picture is beautiful!

    On the way home from work tonight, I picked up some veggies and a Korean stir fry sauce (very low salt, natural – no junk, very low cal) from The Fresh Market. I plan to make that for dinner tomorrow night, and will eat the leftovers over the weekend. I will make some rice as well, but the main attraction will be the veggies. I have not tried Korean food before, I hope the sauce is good. 🙂

    Sending you and the Crew warm hugs from me and Gracie pup! 🙂

    Your blog and blogorino family is really unique and special. Where else can one armchair travel, share knowledge with others, and give and receive support and warmth? A special place, indeed! Thank you, Sue. 🙂

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Denise,

      You’re welcome. Enjoyed this comment as well as the one you wrote under the previous post. I agree… This “blogorino family” is the best!

      I hope your venture into Korean cuisine is enjoyable. Always fun to try something new… Fresh Market is a good grocery. I remember the one in Richfield, UT.

      Thank you for the compliment on the sunset photo. We’ve had some beauties lately.

      Yes, it’s time to move. I hope you and Gracie pup are having a lovely evening together…

  32. edlfrey says:

    V8 is a good idea IF you get the LOW Salt is has 141 mg of salt per cup versus the 481 mg per cup in the original. A few nuts are good for you but do as I do and buy them in the baking aisle. Then add them to your Greek God Honey & Vanilla Yogurt (you are eating it I hope, frugality be damned your worth it) with fruit.

    Cactus Propane & Storage had propane for $2.15/gallon today when I walked past. Good produce section in Fry’s just down the street. I have no idea what their meat section might have, I rarely buy any meat. They do have a good selection of fish (expensive – but that is what comes with trying to eat well).

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Ed,

      I haven’t had V8 in ages. I didn’t know there is a low salt version. And buy the nuts in the baking aisle — great suggestion! I didn’t find any Greek God Honey & Vanilla Yogurt at the Fart & Smile. It’s just as well. I was eating too much of it. I do that with food I like and then I don’t want to ever eat that food again! A break is good.

      Oh wow, Ed… You said I’m worth it! You aren’t one to glom on the praise. I’m blushing.

      I’m ambivalent about Fry’s. Nice looking store, lots of inventory… kind of pricey though. Oh yeah, I’m worth it.

      Well, we’re leaving town tomorrow, if all goes as planned. Yuma weather is great right now and we’re leaving.

    • rand says:

      Get a Fry’s VIP card– its a good discount on gas and works at Circle K and Shell. The store has a health food section! The deli soup is good, fried rice is OK. Two Fry’s in Yuma.

    • Pookie in Todd Mission Tx says:

      I eat meat every meal just about….whether its in stew or hamburgers….
      I do eat a lot of fish since I fish just about every week…..but I mostly
      fry it since baked fish tastes bland to me…..peanut oil which aint too
      I used to take my boys to Colorado every year so I could catch some
      rainbow trout but now we have the Texas Parks & Wildlife stocks
      many small ponds around the state with rainbow trout and we are
      allowed to catch 5 per day. I usually gut them salt, pepper, lemon
      and butter the insides roll them up in tin foil and bake til they are
      done…nothing better…….the state encourages catching them since
      they wont live after the temps here start going up….

    • Chris(MN) says:

      I LOVE Greek Gods Honey yogurt! Throw any kind of fruit on it that you like. Divine!

  33. Applegirl NY says:

    The ramblings today were great. I simply cannot get over how you can find something to say all the time, and it’s always entertaining.

    Sorry your sunset got blocked. Unbelievable that folks can be that blind, but it must be human nature, because it keeps happening. Maybe it’s a pack/tribe mentality.

    I ordered a couple of things from Amazon through your page. Hope it shows up for you. I’m pining away for when we hitch up the Casita and head for Florida for a month in February. Yippee Skippee! Now I count down the days.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Is it that time of year again? The time when Applegirl pines for Florida? Seems like yesterday we were counting down to the day for your trip south!

      About the people who block views…. I’ve noticed they’re often the kind of RVers who use a boondock for an overnight stop or maybe two overnights and they rarely come out of their RV. Not into nature which explains a lot.

      Thank you for the Amazon order! I’m sure I’ll get credit for it.

  34. bess, OR says:

    hi everyone,

    Dawn in MI sent me a link to a long list of foods that keep well without refrigeration. this list was prepared for people that sail for long periods of time without stopping for groceries.

    here is the link:

    i copied it for my folder of future camping notes. i haven’t tested any of the list’s ideas and am a little uncertain that lettuce can really last a week without refrigeration.

    this list isn’t necessarily about losing weight, just food storage. bess

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, bess,

      I’m interested in the link! I haven’t looked at it yet, but will surely do so. I think we Americans refrigerate more stuff than necessary, “just to be safe.” Thanks for posting the link on my blog.

    • Sidewinder Pen says:

      One “secret” to keeping unrefrigerated fruits and veggies (even sailing in very hot climates such as the tropics), is to try to buy ones that haven’t ever been refrigerated. I don’t know if it’s just because those are typically older, or because the refrigeration does something to them; but I can tell you that they won’t keep nearly as long as those that have never been refrigerated. Not washing them (until you are ready to eat them) helps as well. I would guess that’s because moisture gets trapped and can hasten deterioration – might not be as important in a dry climate (tropics are muggy).

      I’ve kept eggs for months without refrigeration (just kept them in a case and turned the whole thing once per week). Again, getting eggs that have not been refrigerated (and better yet, also unwashed) makes a big difference. I’ve had good luck just asking folks at farmer’s markets, or who sell eggs from home to set some aside for me that are not washed/refrigerated.

      Lots of other foods don’t need it either: Even mayo does well if you don’t contaminate it. We would use a clean knife each time, but now there are squeeze bottles that are probably even better. Cheeses can be wiped with vinegar.

      Veggies – if you look them up, some store well with others and some should be kept apart for longest storage. Good if you can keep them from bumping/bruising each other. Also cull any bad ones (often that’s how I would choose what to cook, presuming they just had a couple of spots – not if they were totally bad of course).

      (I haven’t read the link yet, but just relating things I learned while sailing.)

      • Ilse says:

        Great info, Sidewinder Pen. I know that potatoes and onions should not be stored together, because the gases one gives off rots the other. Go to any grocery store and you will find them side by side. Lots of the onions will have soft spots around the top and will rot soon after you get them home. Annoying.

  35. bess, OR says:

    hi Sue, i ordered 3 things from Amazon today, my first using your link. i ordered that vegetable spiral shredder you linked in the last post and i also bought 2 O2Cool hand held misting fans. these are great for my hot flashes in the summer and one fan is so small it can hang on a key ring or backpack.

    O2Cool also makes a 5 inch battery powered folding table fan with 2 speeds that i use all the time in the trailer when i have a hot flash, day and night, almost every hour every day. around 10 dollars.

    my hot flashes (really drenching hot sweats) have been my companion for 17 YEARS and i know all the secrets of how to deal with them. my doctor says i am in the .001 percentile in the female population and i could have them for the next 20 years. i no longer dread them, i just accept them and know that it will pass, a lot more damp and wet. too bad i can’t use the heat from the flash to heat the trailer in the winter! 🙂

  36. Since my friends arrived, and I moved across the “road” and farther west to be with them, I’ve been trying to make sure I stay out of your line of sight, on the other side of the vegetation. Trying to be a good boondocking neighbor. 😉

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      And you ARE a good boondocking neighbor. This line from the post is for you, Al —

      ” . . . everyone else has done a super job choosing sites that don’t impact other boondockers.”

      To tell the truth, I thought you left! I’m seeing more and more white Chevy vans used as campers these days. I thought that one was someone who came in after you.

      I feel like a cad for not socializing. (Can a woman be a cad or is that a male-only word?) Seeing you appear here again makes me feel better. Thank you.

      Did you see the smoke rising from the other side of the wash, near the road, today? Don’t know what happened there…

      Enjoy your stay here!

      • BadgerRickInWis says:

        cad – “a man who behaves dishonorably, especially toward a woman. “her adulterous cad of a husband”

        Da things one learns in these parts.

  37. Kevin in CO says:

    Great post Sue, I know, the subject matter is ordinary and the frustrations with encroachment (that is a penalty in the NFL) are not new. Still, I enjoyed seeing the world around Ogilby which made me wish we were in that area. As soon as a couple things are done here, we are headed for less snow and warmer temps in AZ. *And to visit our son who now lives in Chandler. Whoohoo, we have an even better reason to snowbird in AZ.

    Cheers, and be safe.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Kevin in Co! You’re new here, I think… Welcome, blogorino! I always get a thrill when a new person appears…

      Your enthusiasm for Arizona jumps right off my computer screen! I’m very happy for you, Kevin, that you have a son to visit in the beautiful state of AZ. The warm winter temperatures, beautiful scenery, and spectacular sunsets and sunrises await you!

      Thanks for complimenting me on this post. Have a good trip!

      • Pookie in Todd Mission Tx says:

        maybe I can talk my son into moving from Virginia to Arizona?
        ha…fat chance……..I also wanted him to move back to Texas but that didnt happen either….

      • Kevin in CO says:

        Oh, sorry, I am not new. I have posted before. I forget what name I used before. I have been reading your blog for 3 seasons.

  38. rvsueandcrew says:

    Good night, everybody! The crew is asleep. I’m crawling into the covers to read. Thanks for making my blog a fun place. I love y’all!

  39. Pookie in Todd Mission Tx says:

    I know what you mean about reading a boring blog….I usually turn it off halfway
    I cut the salt and sugar years ago when the doctor told me I was close to being
    diabetic….so I went to sea salt and Splenda…..sea salt is flakey not grainy like
    regular salt…..but I cant live without salt….I also get the salt without Iodine
    since we get so much in our regular diet….
    I put my propane bottle INSIDE the milk crate…keeps it from rolling around.
    if anyone out there using them little propane bottles you can buy an adapter
    to put on your big bottle and refill the little bottle….has saved me many dollars.
    talk about rambling……HA
    if you didnt notice before, I changed my location….we moved out here 25 years
    ago when the Texas Renaissance Festival was young but now they attract over
    250,000 folks every weekend…..and they come right down our road to get in
    the gate……….if we want to go anywhere on the weekends we have to go out the
    as for things that dont need refrigeration I found out years ago that my home laid
    eggs dont need to be refrigerated just wash the poop off a little and let em dry….
    am I rambling? KOMBUCHA!
    OK…I’ll shut it down for the nite….another great blog, young lady…
    keep up the good work

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Your rambling post is an interesting read! Does this mean you are permanently moved or just until the festival is over?

      The milk crate to stabilize a propane tank in transit is a great solution. I can’t see to keep the milk crate empty!

      Thanks for adding your personality and thoughts to my blog, chuck. And thanks for the compliment.

      • Pookie in Todd Mission Tx says:

        we are here permanently…..Im too old to make a change now…
        if I had read your blog when I retired 10 years ago I would now
        be in Arizona boondocking…….:)

    • bess, in Eugene OR says:

      hey chuck, thanks for the idea of refilling the little bottles of propane from the big tank. we use a Little Buddy heater in our little trailer and this adapter would save us money and we wouldn’t worry about running out of the little bottles. i will check out getting an adapter.

      i love your comments and insights! bess

      • Bess,

        We recently learned of this, too, there are a few videos on You Tube to show you how to do it. We just got the adapter last weekend, and haven’t tried it yet, but we wanted it for our Little Buddy heater, too 🙂

        Should save tons of $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$!!!

        • Pookie in Todd Mission Tx says:

          be sure and save your old spent bottles to refill….
          also it was suggested to me when I started doing this
          to put the empty bottles in the freezer overnight….if
          ya dont have a big freezer then the fridge will do or
          ice chest…..
          I screw the little bottle into the big bottle then turn it
          upside down and turn the valve on and leave it overnite
          but everyone has their own way of doing it….

        • Cinandjules (NY) says:

          Interesting…I for some reason thought refilling the little ones was a no no ie dangerous.

          Our Webber babyq uses the blue ones used for torches. When empty I just give them to the recycle man.

          • Pookie in Todd Mission Tx says:

            Cinandjules, you can use those long slim bottles as well
            as they have the same neck on them as the little fat bottles
            you do have to be careful when refilling these bottles….
            I have to remember to put my cigar out and remember
            to turn the valve off on the big cylinder when taking the
            small bottle off………I have shot the little bottle across
            the porch when I didnt turn the valve off one time…..

  40. Sandy says:

    Beautiful sunsets!! I really enjoy reading your blogs and following the adventures with you & the crew. I just started reading your blogs this past summer and would like to know how long you have been enjoying this lifestyle. Thanks!!

    • bess, in Eugene OR says:

      Sue started in 2011 and you can read all her post from before she sold her house till now by going to the search button on the right side of her initial post every day.

      another fun feature is to look at the upper tabs on the home page. i like the ones that tell you about Sue and the Crew and the ones about Money show how she budgets her money each month. in addition, each month has a summary of where she camped. bess

  41. Joyce Sutton says:

    Loved the blog. Keep wanting to send my tomato soup recipe as we;ll as sauerkraut one. Lol. I know I know not a cooking blog

    • bess, in Eugene OR says:

      hi, it may not be a cooking blog but it seems that right now people are wanting to eat healthy foods. i would enjoy your recipes so let’s see them! bess

    • Marilyn, Dania Beach, FL says:


      I would love to see your tomato soup recipe. Since I am reducing sodium intake, homemade tomato soup would be better. Canned soups contain so much sodium.

      Every tomato soup recipe I have viewed seem to be a lot of work.

      Happy cooking all.


  42. Ann from TX says:

    Ok, I must be in a bit of a nasty mood… it seems like your bear horn blown in about 3 minute intervals at oh, about 2:30 am might discourage clingers! You could always blame it on electrical issues. 🙂

  43. Linda Rose, Muffin, Murphy, Molly & Midgy in Carmichael, CA says:

    Sue your blog is always a “treat” that I love to discover in my email. That last sunset picture will be my new desktop picture. By the way, I may put items in my Amazon cart but before I finish the purchase I head on over to your blog to click on your link. I really enjoy when you post a short list of items that others have bought. Be well, hugs to R & B

  44. Mark Watson in Houston Tx says:

    Hey Sue, looking to see a desert drawing in the desert near you? Drive over to coordinates 32 degrees 50 minutes, 28 seconds N…… 114 degrees 49 minutes 22 seconds W. I want go there someday and check it out. I sent Bayfield Al out to a “thing” in the KOFA Wildlife area a few years ago. He took some pics of a desert spiral.

  45. Lolalo in AZ says:

    Hi Sue, We went to Cibola National Wildlife Refuge yesterday. You go down to the end of Ogilby Road and turn to the right – and I waved as we went by. So close, yet so far away…..:)
    While we still had a sticks and bricks in Georgia, I made my own Kombucha. Since my husband brewed his own beer, we had all the necessary equipment. I bottled it just like beer. It was delicious! I have tasted the Kombucha in the stores and do not like it. It is quite the process to make. You start with a gallon (glass jug) of sweetened black tea. A ‘scoby’, which looks like a giant mushroom, is placed on top of the room temperature tea and left to ferment for a week or two. The scoby grows another layer during fermentation. You remove the scoby, strain the tea, and bottle it. I learned the hard way that about a week after bottling, the kombucha should be chilled. I had a few bottles to explode, but fortunately they were in a box, so not too much damage done. Kombucha has a bit of a fizz and the taste is like nothing you have tasted before. I do miss it. Some people like to add different flavors, but I enjoyed mine plain. And the health benefits are great. You can research that online.
    It seems a bit more difficult to try to eat healthier on the road. Not only did I make Kombucha, but I bought raw milk, which is very difficult to find on the road. There are many benefits to raw milk, in spite of the current hysteria against it. Ever heard of kefir? It is made from raw milk and is another wonderful, healthy drink. It is made from raw milk. I made kefir, too.
    I still cook the majority of our meals, but I need to cut out some of the breads and pastas, too. Unfortunately, I crave sweets and would love to learn to do without them.
    I read recently about a cabbage ‘steak’. Cut cabbage into thick slices, drizzle with olive oil, a little salt and pepper, and grill it or bake it in the oven. Sounds delicious!
    Just one more tip. Use Real Salt or Himalayan Pink Salt. The Real Salt is from Utah and has no iodine. It has natural minerals and tastes pleasant. Amazon is the best place to get it at the best price.
    Ok. Enough rambling for me. I gotta go to bed now. Hope you have a safe trip and find another perfect camp site should you decide to move tomorrow.

  46. BadgerRickInWis says:

    When I am old I shall wear purple and dance the kombucha!
    Not sure why that strikes me as funny but it does.

    And just for the record “I wasted my time on this.” NEVER HAPPENS!

    I’m pretty sure that as this point I have read every word you have ever posted. And I can honestly say that every single post I have found something that makes me think, makes me laugh, makes me cry, or makes me a better person for what I’ve learned. Sometimes it’s in the post, sometimes it’s in the comments. But I’m ALWAYS glad that I came here. So you just set your cringe-o-meter (BTW that in itself is a great line) down to zero and keep doing what your doing.

    Oh, and just by coincidence while I normally eat pretty healthy as I write this there is a raspberry danish on my desk trying to stare me down. Little does he know that he will lose this epic battle. Say your prayers little danish, you are not long for this world. 🙂

    Not sure if your moving or not but I hope you all have a great morning. Enjoy whatever the day has to offer.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Your comments are always a treat, Rick! And you say such nice things to me. Thanks.

      I hope you enjoy this day, too. I’d better get us up and moving soon. I like an early start on the road.

      Take care, friend.

  47. Jan Johnson says:

    I think you are doing the wisest diet move to stop eating pasta and other white processed food. I am not doing so well now, but after reading the book Wheat Belly by Dr. William Davis I went off grains and wheat (was already pretty much off sugar due to diabetes) and tried to eat healthier in other ways. My asthma greatly dissipated, which was quite a surprise to me. I could suddenly close my mouth at night and still breathe, which was something new as for as long as I can remember I have too much gunk in my head to breathe through my nose, especially at night, and it has caused extra angst at the dentist because I panic when they work in my mouth and I can’t breathe.

    More of late I have been learning about the Trim Healthy Mama diet. They do a sort of food combination thing similar to what Suzanne Somers wrote books about. You can have complex carbs – beans and such – but no more than one teaspoon of fat. Or you can have your meal with eggs, bacon, meat, nonstarchy veggies, butter, etc. I am on the facebook group and it is amazing to see folks before and after photos. Even those who don’t lose weight at first see a huge difference in the way their body is shaped and they lose inches off everywhere. This is getting very popular very fast as it works impressively and it improves lab numbers drastically. I am also on the THM Diabetic group and many Type 2’s have been able to go off insulin and many type 1’s have been able to reduce insulin. Food is definitely a great factor to our health.

    Good luck on your endeavors to eat more healthy! It is not easy and having a bad time on so many levels right now I have slipped and eaten poorly and right now cannot breathe due to asthma again where I had almost dropped the use of my inhaler entirely when I was eating right.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Interesting, motivational comment, Jan! I’m sorry you are having a bad time right now. I am heartened to read that you know what you can do to alleviate your breathing difficulties. Good luck to you! Thanks for sharing this — You may have helped others more than you can know!

  48. Krystina ~ Sutton, Vermont says:

    Good Morning RVSue and Bloggerinos! I agree, I LOVED the randomness of this blog. You can do more of these any time. Yesterday I started a little part time accounting job at the consignment place I took everything I didn’t sell at my yard sales when I sold my house. WOW…everything is a REALLY big mess…just the way I like it. Love putting everything in order. Of course I have to re-learn QuickBooks as it the newest one is QB15. WAY different then when I used it as the accountant at Bag Balm. Big learning curve. YEAH using my brain and it gets me out of the house. My daughter and granddaughter came over the other day and by the time they left the house was a total bomb. Temporarily my “office” is my coffee table..ha…Nora had everything on the floor in two seconds so I put most of it on the mantel above the fireplace. I put a lot of scrap paper on the coffee table a few sheets at a time and she whacked them right on the floor…thought it was great fun. When they left I took a nap!! She is now kinda walking…like 4 steps at a time. She is so proud of herself 🙂 Love that kid!!! Have a super day everyone and thanks for all in info on eating healthy. I do have a hard time with eating right. I don’t cook anything with more then 3 ingredients in it!

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Krystina,

      Good morning to you, too! I always perk up when I see your name appear here. I love that you are enjoying your family and that your days are full and rewarding. Best wishes with the new job. I’m sure you will have the place in order in no time, given your skills and experience.

      I can picture Nora laughing at her little trick with the scrap paper — adorable! Have a great day!

  49. Ladybug in Mid-Tenn says:

    Sue, just thought I’d remind you, since you’ve got a bee in your bonnet about moving camp–this is MLK weekend. So you might want to move today, or hunker down until Tuesday.

  50. Mary Batt says:

    I am still smiling at your tangential post! Thanks for that! You were at a shade of your best there. I used to ‘run on the rocks’ in Ballyhack Creek New York as fast as I would run the fields. Your post delivery reminded of the joy I got from those runs! Here’s how. I never knew which rock I was going to use in every step until each foot left one rock, searching/selecting at neuro-synapse speed for the next rock to launch me successfully forward without turning an ankle or the rocks I used! I was pretty good! I loved that game! You are pretty good, too! Thanks for the ‘run up the creek’ with your post style! Lots of inflection and direction!
    Mary Batt

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Dear, dear Mary! You are a delight! You have me “running rocks” again!

      I never did exactly what you describe — sounds like fun — and yet I do recall choosing rocks to cross fast-moving streams in NY. Oh, the memories!

      I love your analogy for the writing style of this post. Thanks for making me smile, too.

  51. Dineen -BOZEMAN, MT says:

    Loved the random and whimsical approach to this blog post! “Baba ganoush” is another fun thing to say in my world…. It’s also pretty tasty in my humble opinion?

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Baba ganoush! What a great name for a food! I had to look it up because I didn’t have any idea what it is…. an eggplant dip, sometimes made with garlic… I know I’d love that!

      I’m glad you enjoyed the post, Dineen.

      • edlfrey says:

        Baba is a very common name in Bulgaria although I had never heard of baba ganoush. I looked it up also and was surprised that the name is Arabic and it is a Levantine dish.

        That ‘baba’ may have had Arabic roots should not have surprised me however since Bulgaria was ‘under the Turkish yoke’ for 400 years. It is interesting that Baba in Slavic languages means ‘woman’ or most commonly ‘grandmother’ whereas it translates as ‘dad’ in Arabic.

        Another learning experience brought to you from the pages of the web and the mind of a ‘Ol Man with nothing better to do than research these kinds of things.

    • Kerry On (UT) says:

      Here’s some added whimsy. Whenever I see “Baba ganoush,” in my mind I’m singing it to the Adams Family theme song…….. Ba-ba-ga-noush (snap, snap), Ba-ba-ga-noush (snap-snap).

  52. Cinandjules (NY) says:

    It’s all fun and games until someone wakes up at the wrong Kamp!

    Have a safe travel day!

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Good morning, Cinandjules! Not sure I get your drift, but I’m guessing I do.

      • Cinandjules (NY) says:

        That wasn’t directed at you.

        Think back…..waayyyyy back! Ya know what? Don’t bother…put the pedal to the metal and everything in your rear view mirror is just that!

        It’s been awhile since I’ve had to give a “blessing”. ?

        • rvsueandcrew says:

          Now you have me going crazy…

          I’m reminded of the time I had a large garden in Georgia. One early spring I planted onion sets . . . two long rows, really long rows. The sets sprouted. I liked the way the little green shoots looked in those long rows and looked forward to watching them grow and someday enjoying big, beautiful onions.

          At that time I also had chickens which I allowed to free range. One of the chickens figured out how to get into the garden. That chicken walked up and down the rows of sprouts and plucked out each one. Didn’t eat them. Just pulled them out of the ground for no good purpose, accomplishing nothing other than ruining what was once lovely.

          The moral of the story: Keep chickens out of one’s garden. All it takes is one chicken to spoil what is lovely.


          • Pookie in Todd Mission Tx says:

            your story of the chicken in the garden reminds me years ago
            I had a racoon get in my pigeon loft at nite…went out there the
            next morning and the racoon was sitting in the corner eating one
            of my pigeons after he had killed about 25 of my pigeons….just
            killed them for no good reason….
            well we had BBQ racoon the next nite for supper….if you’ve never
            had coon they are delicious….. 🙂

  53. rvsueandcrew says:


    The crew and I are moving today. They’re waiting for me right now in the PTV. Even though I’d like to respond to every comment, we need to get moving.

    Wishing you a wonderful day!


  54. AZ Jim says:

    Todays post brought memories flooding into my old head. Smart and Final. During the period of recovery after the worst of the Great depression my Dad was managing a Smart and Final in downtown Los Angeles. It was the mid 30’s and little kids had simple tastes in playthings. Dad would bring home cigar boxes once emptied and give them to me to play with. Somehow I managed to make hours disappear sitting on our living room carpet playing with the colorful boxes while listening to our radio which played songs by Rudy Valley and I can still hear Maurice Chevalier singing “Thank heaven for little girls”. Missy, this was a fun post today and I enjoyed it and also it occurred to me that I, for one am glad you are so careful with little Reggie. You are so right about the danger in the wild for a little fella like him on the loose. I would be very upset to open the blog and find danger had caught up with the precious little fella. Bless you and the crew for bringing such great entertainment to us with your great blog. Detta says hi…

  55. Robin Shaw says:

    Hi y’all! (I think I have to say that having just moved to NC!) I love kombucha, especially ginger kombucha! I have even gone so far as to buy the ingredients to make my own, but then we moved so I don’t think that’s gonna happen anytime soon, so I eat Bubbies pickles to get the good bacteria into my gut. Loved the post…I was actually pining for a new one. Guess I’m hooked! …Robin

    • Sidewinder Pen says:

      Mmm, Bubbies tomato pickles…. fizzy and crunchy! I don’t see them too often “out west,” but when I do, I make a spot in the cooler/fridge for them.

      • Page says:

        Love Bubbies Bread and Butter dills! I will have to look for the tomato pickles. Where do you, did you, buy them, Sidewinder?

  56. Hiya Sue!!

    Been so slammed at work, I am barely caught up with your posts and comments! I have to go back and finish this one and yesterdays still…but just had to say “hi!” cause it has been weeks!

    And now, I’m off to catch a train to go home!! Yay!!!

    Have a great weekend 🙂

    Hi to all!!

    • shirlene says:

      Hey Marla good to see you here agsin..I was just thinking about you today…hope all is well 🙂

  57. Pookie in Todd Mission Tx says:

    you go girl……..
    some folks just dont get it do they…

  58. Sandy in TX says:

    I am so in agreement with you on the space considerations others do or do not respect!! We just returned from Goose Island SP in Rockport, TX, literally just returned 2 hours ago. We stayed in the wooded area where almost every site has about 15′ of trees and underbrush between websites, very well divided sites and I don’t have to see any neighbors (hearing was sometimes another story, but not often). However, the bayside sites were side by side by side…by side….waterfront, yes, but like living in an apartment complex to me. Yes, to each their own…and my own is not so near my neighbor when it can be avoided. Always enjoy your posts, organized or extemporaneous! Read ya next time!!

    • AlanOutandAbout - Pahrump, Pahrunp, Pahrump says:

      “15′ of trees and underbrush between websites”, now that is funny.

  59. shirlene says:

    Good morning Fuji-maru..this time difference is weird huh….it is now our morning..

    • Fuji-maru says:

      Good Morning, shirlene,
      It’s Sunday morning in Japan now. I’ve experienced saturday earlier than you living in the US, but it’s just from 9 to 12 hrs. Have a good weekend!

  60. Lisa, Tommie and Buddy in SoFlo (for now) says:

    Sue, I think you should write these rambling off the cuff stream of consciousness blogs more often. I laughed all the way through it, except for a pit stop and to start my soup/lunch, well you know what I mean. You are funny! Too bad you hate crowds, you could have been a comedian. Now to catch up on the comments.

  61. rvsueandcrew says:

    Good afternoon all!

    The crew and I are at a new camp which is lovely. I look forward to showing it to you. Unfortunately the internet signal is weak which makes for very slow progress on a post. When we first arrived, there wasn’t enough signal to go online. I put up the antenna and adjusted the direction several times and presently have 3G and 1-2 bars. (My jetpack reads RSSI 8%, -121 dBh at the moment. Translation: terrible!)

    Anyway . . . . We arrived safely, I’ve read all the comments, and I wish I could reply to every one. I owe a bunch of thank yous. Instead I’ll use my time editing photos and putting together a post. It’s going to take a while so don’t sit with fingers poised over your keyboard in an effort to be first. Haha!

    BTW, for lunch today I had steamed (somewhat boiled — I need a steamer) Swiss chard with splashes of unpasteurized apple cider vinegar and I even drank the pot likker. It was good!

    Bye for now,

    • Fuji-maru says:

      Good afternoon, Dear RVSue and canine Crew,
      I’m looking for next photos on your way to the new camp and of around the campsite, also looking for your story of traveling that migh have happend something funny.
      I couldn’t sit still with my fingers poised over my keyboard. 🙂

    • Ilse says:

      Your lunch made me smile!

    • Page says:

      That sounds delicious, Sue. I drink the pot likker, too. It is very healthful and tasty!

  62. Sue says:

    Hi Sue…my name is Sue too! and I just found your blog and wanted to say hi. I am getting ready to go full time and looking for other women bloggers/tubers to connect with. Look forward to following your posts

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Welcome, Sue! Great to have you here!

      We won’t be posting links… Rather, you can go to or or google “solo RVers.” For some strange reason, the term “solo RVers” usually refers to women. Best wishes as you move toward your launch date!

  63. DesertGinger says:

    Ok well I went to Chilis and had prime rib tacos. Could only eat one. Feeling a little better today…my breathing is improving. Can’t wait to see the new camp.

  64. Lisa, Tommie and Buddy in SoFlo (for now) says:

    Hi everyone, I have really enjoyed our food conversations. Ilse, you might want to check out Essiac tea, also called four herb tea. You can Google it or go to the……at least I think that’s the site. I havta scoot to choir, then stop for some kombucha cha on the way home. Looking forward to trying it!

  65. Janet aka RottsNScotts, WA for now says:

    Hi – I have been a lurker for some time as I research and prepare for my big full timer’s adventure.

    Tomorrow is the very beginning as I pull my rig out of my driveway! I have been test living in it in my driveway as I waited for my house to sell and learned how to work various systems. Still either do not have them all figured out or they don’t work so first stop will be Camping World for a “wellness” check on my rig! Where I go from there and when will depend on how soon the house sale closes, what needs work on the rig and how long it will take!

    I will be traveling with my furkids: Abby, who will be 12 years old next month, a Champion Rottweiler with many working titles in obedience, herding, rally and carting. Then there is my wild man Boomer, a 22 month old imported (so he has a tail!) male Rottweiler who is learning about conformation, obedience, tracking and, after his hip x-rays, carting.

    I have learned so much from reading the blog and greatly appreciate it!


    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Janet!

      Welcome! How exciting for you! I hope you can put the systems on your rig in good working order and that the closing on your house goes smoothly. I’m pleased that my blog has taught you a lot. I learn from the people who comment here. It’s a great resource.

      I don’t have any experience with Rotties. I understand they are marvelous dogs and make good companions if trained well, and also good workers. Sounds like you’re an expert.

      Good luck at Camping World! Keep in touch!

    • Krystina ~ Sutton, Vermont says:

      Welcome to RVSue’s fabulous blog! You are now an official Bloggerino 🙂 You can learn a lot from RVSue and all of us Bloggerinos.

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