Breaking news! Spike soaks in Puget Sound!

Thursday, September 12 (continued)

In the last exciting chapter of rvsue and her canine crew, Bridget, Spike and I board the ferry at the terminal in Kingston, Washington.  Our ferry, the Puyallap, will take us across foggy Puget Sound to the town of Edmonds.

The crew trots eagerly up the ramp.

I’m right at their heels.  We don’t have to purchase a ticket from this terminal since fares are only collected from westbound passengers.  Dogs are not allowed in the interior room.  That’s okay.  I want to ride on the top level anyway.

The metal stairs are steep.

Before I think to stop the crew’s progress to look for an elevator, the two of them are tackling the steps.  Bridget has no problem, but Spike struggles.

“C’mon, Spikey!  You can do it, boy!”

He takes two or three steps at a time, rests, then continues on.  This boy is full-throttle on an adventure!

The ferry is big!

1-P1070246I’m reminded of numerous movie scenes as we explore the deck.

1-P1070245The ferry is immaculate.  It looks freshly painted.

1-P1070243Of course, we happen to be at the bow, right underneath the horn, when it blasts, signalling that we’re about to “set sail.”  I’m lifted up in the air by the sound.  I’m amazed it doesn’t bother Bridget or Spike.  They’re ready for anything today.  What good pups . . .

1-P1070244I take a seat on one of the white benches.  Gee, still lots of fog.  Spike lies down under the seat, but Bridget is too excited to settle down.  She twirls and prances, as is her custom.

“Here, babe.  You come up here with me.”  I lift her up on the bench.  “Now, sit.  Go ahead.  Sit.”   She obeys.  “What a good girl you are!” I exclaim, putting my arm around her.  “Isn’t it a beautiful day?”  She leans into me, happy for the special attention.

A man’s voice from the loudspeaker welcomes us to the Puyallap.  He explains emergency procedures and then tells us to enjoy the ride.  The horn blasts again and we’re on our way!


The water starts to move . . . er . . . We move over the water.  It’s dizzying.   I have to look away momentarily.

A thirty-ish couple sits on a nearby bench.

We discuss the fog.  She makes a statement any fisherman can relate to.

“You should’ve seen it yesterday.  What a beautiful day!  Everything was so clear.”

We talk a bit more and then the crew and I get up.

“I’m going to see what the fog looks like on the other side.”  They both laugh.

I wasn’t sure how to dress today. 

Temperatures in the 80s were predicted, but I knew it would be cooler over the water, and then there’s certain to be wind.  I decided on my light jacket which turns out is perfect.  It has big pockets that close with a snap.  I put a few items in the pockets and left the purse in the PTV.

1-P1070263The three of us do more wandering.  We sit in the sheltered area for a few minutes.  Bridget wants preferred seating again, so I lift her up.  She’s loving this!

1-P1070248Spike takes a rest under the seat.  Good.  A little nap will do him good.   The trip across usually takes about 20 minutes.  Today it’s longer due to the fog.  The Puyallap’s horn, as well as the horns of other vessels, make the trip all the more fun.

The town of Edmonds comes into view.  The fog is much thinner over land.

1-P1070253I position us so I can watch the docking.

1-P1070256 The man’s voice booms out over the ferry.  He instructs people to return to their vehicles and to make sure to take all possessions.  Spike stands up, ready for the next part of our trip.

1-P1070259The ramp lowers and soon it’s time to disembark!  (Do you see the gull in the photo below?)

1-P1070262Spike and Bridget lead me down the stairs.  They head down the ramp like seasoned travelers!

1-P1070266Looking through the ramp’s windows, I notice there’s a beach. “Hey, let’s go to the beach!”  Spike is perky and Bridget is happy.  I can tell Bridget is happy because she turns her head and gives Spike a peck on his cheek.  I laugh at the sight.

Gosh, having these two along makes the day really fun.  They’re no trouble at all.

I estimate it’s around 1:30 when we set foot (paw) in Edmonds.  Next to the terminal is a small park which gives the crew the opportunity to discreetly relieve themselves and sniff canine messages.

1-P1070268The winding walkway takes us past benches and sculpture.

1-P1070269The park opens up to the small beach with logs scattered about.

1-P1070270Spike’s radar picks up the presence of water.  I drop his leash and away he goes!

1-P1070271Over the sand, through the kelp, and he’s in!

1-P1070272Spike soaks in Puget Sound!  You read it here first!

1-P1070273I bet he thinks we took the ferry solely for the purpose of this soak.  What a guy!

“Ah, love the smell of the sea . . . right, Spikey?”

1-P1070274We can see the Puyallap from the beach since we’re right next to the terminal.  Vehicles are on their way into the ferryboat for the crossing to Kingston.

1-P1070277Spike, Bridget and I claim one of the beach logs.

1-P1070278Sand sticks to Spike but he doesn’t care.  In about a minute, he’s flat out on the sand, sleeping peacefully.

1-P1070291It’s very pleasant on the beach.  A little girl works on a castle.  A toddler sits with his legs straight out in front of him while his mother covers his legs with sand.  The boy wiggles his toes and laughs.

The ferry chugs away from the dock.

1-P1070281Pleasure boats whiz by as if showing off to the ferry.  “I can go faster than you can!”

1-P1070286Another ferry is headed this way . . .

1-P1070289Hmm . . . We could do some walking around Edmonds, but that would be hard on Spike.  We have to make it all the way back to the parking lot.  I don’t want to spoil this wonderful day by trying to do too much.

“Spikey?  Time to go, honey.”  I pet his shoulder to wake him.  “Let’s go, little guy.”

1-P1070290The crew needs no instructions.  Hey, these canines know how to ride a ferry!

1-P1070323Next . . . The return trip across Puget Sound and more!



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37 Responses to Breaking news! Spike soaks in Puget Sound!

  1. Val R. Lakefield On. says:

    Great pics in all the recent posts…Such well behaved travellers you have. Shiloh would probably try to jump overboard when the whistle blasted. 🙂 Pics of Spike soaking are
    priceless….wish I could hug him, he is just so cute.

  2. mockturtle says:

    What a wonderful adventure for you and the crew! Terrific pictures and account. 🙂

  3. AZ Jim says:

    What wonderful little buddies you have. I bet they sleep tonight. Thanks for the tour.

  4. Rita from Phoenix says:

    A few years ago our very first time, my family took the ferry from Port Angels to Victoria lsland and paid $25.00 for car and all. Then, in later years we returned and the fare had gone up to $60.00 per person w/driver and car. I nearly croaked but we had to get across. The ride across was calm on a clear but chilly day. We fortunately had sleeping bags and blankets in vehicle so we could bundle up and we layer with fleece hoodies underneath our coats. We even had a picnic lunch on the deck w/hot chocolate. Your pictures brings up these pleasant, happy memories. I have boxes of pictures taken long before internet and digital cameras or smart phones.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      What a fantastic memory, Rita . . . complete with hot chocolate!

      I guess the fare increase is due to fuel prices going up, along with other things. I’m glad my blog brought up those mental pictures. You’ve led an interesting and adventurous life!

  5. Kim says:

    What an adventure! I’m guessing next on Spike’s bucket list is the Atlantic. Or maybe just a long nap in the sun.

  6. Pam Wright says:

    What an exciting event for the three of you. The crew did a great job! Glad you fun.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Pam,

      I feel like I could drop the crew off at the terminal and they’d cross Puget Sound, Spike would take a soak, and they’d come back on their own!

  7. Jeff says:

    A trilogy!! I Can’t wait!!

  8. Glenda says:

    So much fun for you and the crew and I have been along for the ride!

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      And I’m so glad you ride along with us, Glenda. That empty-looking deck isn’t empty at all… Several hundred readers are there with us!

  9. Rita from Phoenix says:

    I love the photo of Spike looking across the sea…probably thinking ‘what happened to the other side?’ He’s use to crossing rivers and seeing the other side of lakes.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      That’s funny, Rita. Maybe with his poor vision he was wondering about that big, white blob swimming on the water (the ferry).

      He went to take a drink out of Puget Sound and changed his mind.

  10. Deborah says:

    I have to admit I was eagerly waiting for the next installment today! You write so vividly that I feel like I know the crew! I’m so happy I found your blog as I start my own journey to full-timing! Can’t wait for the next installment!

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Deborah… another full-timer! What fun it is!

      Thanks for the compliment on my writing. When I talk to the crew (which is quite regularly, like all the time), I’ll say something such as, “Okay, internationally-famous Spike, go lie down and quit bugging Bridget.”

  11. mindy reed says:

    Great photos!!! I have fond memories of riding the ferries up there. Love the soaker photo of Spike! Enjoy your time in the PNW! I hope you get a chance to try some of the Pacific Coast Salmon, Halibut and Crab.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Mindy,

      I’m surprised I haven’t come across more seafood restaurants, although I haven’t explored Sequim or Port Angeles yet. I’m looking for the casual place … darn good food, not outrageous prices… don’t need white tablecloths and cold waiters.

      (PNW readers… Any suggestions for restaurants in those two towns?)

  12. Marcia GB says:

    Lovely photos and great accompanying story! It was fun to see Bridget enjoying the view on the ferry and Spikey soaking in the Sound. You are reminding all of us to find joy in the small golden moments of life.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi Marcia,

      Your last line… I was thinking the very same thing as I wrote this post. I’m glad we didn’t go hoofing all around Edmonds, even though I would’ve liked to see it.

      Because of Spike, we relaxed on the beach watching the people, birds, and boats, making for a good memory. And Bridget’s excitement over the ferry added to my enjoyment . . . kind of like the way children make Christmas better.

  13. Phyllis says:


    You and the crew have been on one adventure after another lately. I can smell the sea from looking at your pictures.

    Phyllis in Oklahoma

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi Phyllis,

      This seems to be the time of year when the crew and I go on the most adventures. By the time winter comes, I’ll be ready to slow down!

  14. Ed says:

    I’m off topic again but wanted to get this information to you. One of your semi-regular people that Comment (maybe a Ms “E–something) lives at The Ranch (SKP Park) that has been evacuated because of flooding. See article at this link:

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi Ed,

      Thank you for that link. I didn’t know about the evacuation. That is the same Elizabeth aka E2 who comments here.

      She’s lost her porch and propane tank. Worse than that by far, Elizabeth’s cat, Clyde, was left behind when she boarded the helicopter. What a painful ordeal for her and the other residents of The Ranch. God help them through this.

      • Alan Rabe says:

        How tragic for them to go through such an experience. I have been considering joining the ranch and making it my home base. I visit their website regularly and have come to feel for the people that live there, many are very senior citizens, and they don’t need this type of experience.
        The one thing that has concerned me is the location of the arroyo that caused this. It runs not 10 ft. from the south west edge of the campground. It isn’t very deep and once it over flows its bank there is nothing to stop it from flooding the campground and the road into the campground. Thank god events of this magnitude are rare. They are in my prayers.
        I lived in northern Phoenix for 10 years and have watched these type of situations many times. They are very scary and unpredictable.

  15. Thank you RVSue and Spike and Bridget for sharing your great adventures with us all! I feel like we are one big RV’N family! I enjoy your blog very much :).

  16. Nivrapa in AZ says:

    Take me! Take me! The PNW is the part of the lower forty-eight that is foreign to me. Your pictures and writings have me wanting to tag along with you (for real) and explore more of this gorgeous area and see it for myself. The crews excitement and your enthusiasm is contagious and I’m definitely enjoying your adventures with you. Didn’t know you were an ambassador for tourism in the PNW, did you??! Strong work!


  17. AZ Jim says:

    Been thinking of this for some time now. I have a small task for you. As much as you love Spike and Bridget and since you travel many places. Why not find a hobby shop somewhere and pick up some modeling clay and after flattening out a couple of pieces, get a paw print from each. Then see if the shop can recommend a kiln somewhere nearby that would glaze and fire them for you. Of course you would want to etch each of their names in their little plaque. If you think it’s a dumb idea, scratch it, I’ll come up with something even dumber for you.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      That’s a sweet idea, Jim. Executing the plan is a bit difficult. I still haven’t had the resistor replaced in the PTV, haven’t gotten a shingles shot like I planned, and numerous other tasks . . . I’m too busy moving about and having fun.

  18. Cari in North Texas says:

    This part of your trip is bringing back memories of when I lived in Bremerton. We (my ex-hubby and I) would ride the ferry over to Seattle and back, and it looked a lot like your ferry. Then years later I went back and rode the ferry from Seattle to (I think) Port Townsend and back. Cool temps while on the water, and it would warm up once we got to land.

    I so appreciate the fact that your crew goes with you (almost) everywhere is so well behaved! And Spike gets to punch another destination in his “Soaks of the US” booklet. It was probably pretty cold, wasn’t it? I seem to remember that Puget Sound is not really warm enough for swimming.

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