Brown’s Bench and Salmon Reservoir, Idaho

Thursday, May 18

Today is the last day of the week that we paid for upon arrival at Rogerson RV Park in Rogerson, Idaho.  We made our camp at the RV park in order to “ride out” a week of early morning low temperatures with the assistance of electric hook-ups powering the Best Little Trailer’s heat strip.

High water at the dam, Salmon Falls Creek Reservoir

The plan has been to move to nearby Lud Drexler Campground, located next to Salmon Falls Creek Reservoir.  Based on weather forecasts, a week with electric hook-ups will carry us to warmer temperatures and no more need for turning on a heater.

Reg and I motor out to the reservoir.

The snow is gone from the fields.  The air is fresh and, when we stop for this photo, a meadowlark sings from his perch on a fence post.

The recent snowfall highlights Brown’s Bench and the mountains beyond.

Here’s a bit of history regarding Brown’s Bench:

“In 1888, an outlaw acting alone robbed the Jarbridge-Idaho stage near the site of present-day Salmon Dam. The bandit was quickly overtaken and killed by a posse but the gold was not found. Many believe that the outlaw buried the strongbox somewhere on the east side of Brown’s Bench, a large flat mesa, about 15 miles west of Rogerson, Idaho.” —

The campground is nearly empty.  

That will change, of course, when weekend comes. I hear there’s a walleye tournament set for Saturday, which will draw a crowd, for sure.

I park the Perfect Tow Vehicle in the same campsite (below) that we had when we were here in 2015.  This is my favorite site.

Reggie and I wander through the campground.


Most of the wooden shelters have been replaced with metal ones.  Fortunately, Reggie is too occupied with marking every clump of grass and bush to consider that The Popping Monster may be here, too.

The trees wear new leaves and blossoms.


“Okay, let’s go home.  I’m ready for some lunch!”

~ ~ ~

A neighbor comes over to our site at the RV park.

Word has gotten ’round the park that our propane heater is unusable because of a leak.

And so . . . Kevin shows up at our door: “I hear you have a propane leak.”

Soon thereafter Kevin is lying on the floor of the Best Little Trailer.

With one hand he shines his flashlight into the interior of the Wave 3 heater, and, with the other hand, squirts soapy water from a spray bottle.  He finds the location of the leak.   A shiny, silver supply tube inside the heater is cracked!

He offers to drive to Twin Falls (40 miles!), locate or fashion a metal tube replacement, and then install it.

You have got to be kidding.  I’ve heard of good neighbors, but this is too much.

“No, no, no.  That’s very nice of you to offer to do that, Kevin, but I’m not going to let you. It’s enough that I know exactly where the leak is.  Now all I have to do is drive into a service place.  I can point to the location of the leak and have them fix it.”

Gosh, awfully nice people around here . . . .

~ ~ ~

Friday, May 19

I’m at my computer table involved in blogging when there’s a rap on the door of the BLT.

It’s Anita and she has Roger with her!

“Look who’s here, Reggie!”

I clip the squirmy-happy Reggie Man onto his tether.  All the while Roger hops up and down and around, happy to see his friend again.

“Oh, and look at you, Roger!”  He jumps on my legs in response.  “You look like you BELONG to someone!”

He’s wearing the orange harness I adjusted to fit Reggie.

(I snipped out my stitching to make if fit the huskier Roger.)

The canine pals are ecstatic!

As soon as I let go of Reggie, he and Roger commence a friendly game of “Who’s the boss?”

“Good morning!” Anita announces with a smile.  “I thought you were leaving this morning.”

“I was,” I reply.  “Until I saw the forecast is for two more cold mornings.  We’ll stay until Sunday.  It’s supposed to be much warmer then.”

(I could’ve gone to Twin Falls to have the heater fixed this Friday morning, but I don’t feel like it, which is an all-purpose excuse I employ quite regularly since I retired.)

~ ~ ~

Coming up in the next post:

Reggie and I move to Lud Drexler Campground.

Also an update on Roger’s adjustment to his new home!



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43 Responses to Brown’s Bench and Salmon Reservoir, Idaho

  1. Robin B (Oregon & Arizona) says:


  2. Marilu in Northern California says:


  3. Mona from West Texas says:

    Beautiful photos, once again Thank You

  4. Marilu in Northern California says:

    Hi Sue,
    I ordered the thunder shirt for Fonzy. I’m hoping it will help him with his fear of riding in the car that he’s developed since getting car sick. It helped a previous dog with storm phobia and the information says it helps with travel fears, too.
    The vet gave us some stronger anti- nausea meds. Strangely, his fears of the car haven’t generalized to fear of the truck so maybe this won’t interfere with our RVing plans.
    It sounds like you had some lovely neighbors at the RV Park. It’s good to know because sometimes long term folks aren’t friendly to short term RVers.
    I hope your weekend is relatively quiet.

  5. weather says:

    It’s nice to have an offer from someone to repair something, even if it’s not accepted, it establishes warm feelings among folks. How neat that the harness fit Roger so well. I’m glad you were able to stay there extra days, to use your heat strip and to have a bit more time for the dogs to play and people to visit. I hope you’re warm and happy where you are now, and that no popping monster has bothered Reggie 🙂

  6. ValGal (westernWA) says:

    Roger looks dapper in his new harness. He and Reg are great buds! I’m glad things are going well.

    The new campground looks like a pretty place. I hope the Popping Monster won’t be popping.

    Gee, I’m getting up higher in the comments. Coming up in the world. 🙂

    Hope you are settling in to a nice, quiet place for the holiday weekend.

  7. AZ Jim says:

    Great post Missy. I am so happy you facilitated a future for a lonely little doggie. Another happy post. Surprised that Roger didn’t fight the leash. Hugs J

  8. Dawn in MI says:

    Wow. Love that mountain photo! And of course the dogs. So fun to see them play together. I’m so happy for Anita! And of course Roger. He was just waiting for the right situation for him to find his forever home. Good job Reggie!

  9. Susan in south central WA says:

    It’s great that you had the extra harness in reserve, all ready for Roger. And a great fit to boot! We end up staying the night in Twin Falls 1-2 times a year on our way home from CO. Fun to watch the bridge jumpers (summer) and to visit the falls (winter). Some how I am up in the first 10 or so again. I don’t get your email that there has been a post until there are usually 75 posts ahead of me!

  10. suzicruzi from Van, WA. says:

    Hi Sue,
    No one mentioned Reggie heisting his leg on the snow truck’s blade in the last post, which I saw right away and chuckled about your timing! (and wondering if it was on purpose? heh) You know, I know your posts led up to the fact that you might have been the one to adopt Roger, but I somehow knew (??) you would not. I don’t know if it was because he wasn’t your “M.O.” of the “perfect” dog for Reg, the fact he didn’t have any spots on him, or because he was a male. Whatever it was, I didn’t think he’d be your pick – however, sometimes the dog we adopt just shows up and that’s how it goes. And you being how you are, I know it would have been hard for you to drive off and leave the little guy after Reg drew him in. In the end I think it was the perfect outcome for all! Anita is happy, Roger has a safe and loving home, and you didn’t have to make a difficult decision. If you do adopt another little one, there won’t be a hesitation when you meet her. (hmmm… I did just say “her”, didn’t I?) Have a good one Sue.

  11. Kevin in CO says:

    “I could’ve gone to Twin Falls to have the heater fixed this Friday morning, but I don’t feel like it, which is an all-purpose excuse I employ quite regularly since I retired.”

    I resemble this remark. Going with the flow here in CO.

    Cheers, Kevin

    • beach boomer says:

      My version: “What will happen if I don’t do that today? NOTHING!” Love it!

  12. Cat Lady says:

    Great update, Sue. Hugs to the pups. Anita, if you’re reading Sue’s blog, thank you for giving a little lonesome/homeless dog a forever home. Please drop a line occasionally and let us know how the two of you are doing. I hope you will consider having him neutered and give him the necessary shots. If I’ve got to have shots, I want other people/pets to have to get them, too…lol. Thanks again.

  13. Pat from Mich. says:

    Roger and Reggie are SOOO cute together.

  14. Pat from Mich. says:

    Well, you know you are a full-timer when you have a favorite campsite and you are happy to get it again! That young man was very nice! Most people wouldn’t offer to drive an 80 mile round trip for someone they just met. He’s a keeper.

  15. pookie and chuck in Todd Mission, tx says:

    another great just keeps getting better
    keep up the good work, sue
    chuck and pookie

  16. Barb from Hoquiam says:

    Oh gosh. That is so great, help from the campground. We have been so lucky meeting amazing people willing to share knowledge and time!

    Seems as though Reggie isn’t the only one who made a friend! It is so wonderful to hear how great Anita and Roger are for one another. Good work, Sue and Reggie!

    Highways are clogged on the highway… we will stay HOME. 🙂 For the holiday.

    Hugs to all!

  17. Annette in Nebraska says:

    Nice photo of Reggie and the horse, also catching the reflections of Reggie and the road, in the side view mirror… very arty! Sue, your narratives are always wonderful to read. Your storyline just carries the reader along. Your journal is so well written… and probably reminiscent of your teaching days, keeping the attention of your pupils. Thanks so much!

  18. Cinandjules (🌵) says:

    Wow! That was very thoughtful of Kevin to locate and offer to fix the leak! I did notice during our rv journey across the USofA, the “community” was always eager to help others!

    Ok…is Rogers name Roger or Rocky? We call him Roger and Anita calls him Rocky? Or did she decide on Roger? So nice of her to stop by….Reg man sure does like him! Nice of you to give him Reg mans harness!

    Stay warm…

    AO is swimming everyday! She’s loving it!

  19. KelleyinSoCal says:

    Reggie and Roger look so cute playing! And love the pic of Roger with his new orange harness. He looks like a new dog!

  20. Elizabeth in WA says:

    Good to know that there are still very nice folks in Idaho…I still know some of them, from back in my teen years, eons ago!! I loved my 14th year in Coeur d’Alene…it felt like Paradise…the beauty and the wonderful people to match!!

  21. DesertGinger says:

    Roberson sounds like quite a nice place. Interesting that you were called to go there Sue. I’m already thinking that next year there will be a trip to Rogerson to se Anita and Roger; I think you have made lifelong friends.

    I’m debating with myself about heading out to NY. I have a few more medical apps that would be good to squeeze in, but I’d like to be there before the 4th of July if I’m going.

    I’ve started on the egg fast. Getting serious about losing weight. Now I have to pick up my exercise but I got sidelined last week by esophageal spasms. Don’t know if anyone knows about that. I didn’t till it happened to me. Let me just say that I have had a knee replaced and heart surgery, and esophageal spasms are the most painful things ever. They gave me nitroglycerin as it relaxes the esophagus. It only happened for half a day but has taken me a week to recover my throats and face muscles were so strained by the spasms. Today was the first day my headache was gone for part of the day. So I have to see a gastroenterologist for follow up; that’s one doc I need to see.

    I work 6 mornings a week now. Generally from 6:30 to noon or 1:00pm. That takes a big chunk of my energy. But somehow I must start pushing myself over to the gym in the afternoon. Unfortunately I use Sue’s excuse of ‘I don’t feel like it’ way too often.

    I’m off to bed. Regards to all.

    • Cinandjules 🌵 says:

      Did you get your habitent?
      Easy does it girl……sounds like you’re on the right road..just don’t overdo it!

  22. Anita Young says:

    Oh my goodness Sue I love this…. I’ve been riveted to this even tho I know the story !!! Roger and I are doing great …. it’s been a very busy, VERY BUSY…hope your new location is good….. see you soon ♡♡♡ Roger sends his love and so do I

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Good morning, Anita!

      I’m so happy to see you appear here! Yes, our new location is good, although cold during the rain yesterday. We will hide here through the holiday weekend.

      Is a Tuesday morning play date for the pups, okay? I don’t want to mess up your plans for your day off.

      Love you and Roger-dodger!

      Oops! I forgot to say . . . WELCOME TO MY BLOG! 🙂

    • Anita, welcome to Blogerinoland! It will be fun to hear the ongoing story of your new little pal.

    • Cynthia from San Clemente says:

      Welcome to Sue’s blog, Anita! And thank you for giving Roger a home. We are all so thrilled he has a safe, warm place to be loved. Hope you visit us often here and keep us updated on how you two are doing.

      • JazzLover says:

        Welcome Anita and Roger to RV Sues’ very interesting blog. I second everything Cynthia from San Clemente said, and am glad that you let Roger into your heart. We would love to hear how the two of you are doing from time to time. May you have many wonderful years together.

    • AZ Jim says:

      Anita, This blog is a great place to check into daily and see what’s happening with Sue and the other blogorinos (one of whom is you). Welcome! I know Roger is in good hands……..

  23. weather says:

    How nice to see Anita commenting, and know she and Roger are doing great! I’d thought perhaps such a busy woman would find it hard to find a bit of free time stop in here. All happy smiles and sighs of relief and contentment here, thank you!

  24. AlanOutandAbout - in Hurricane/Zion. says:

    Lady you have so much good karma saved up you just attract other people to your needs. It has been that way since you started your journey. What you did for Roger earned you enough karma to last the rest of your life.

    • JazzLover says:

      Alan, you are right about RV Sue attracting other people to her needs, and thinking back it really has been that way since she started her travels. Enjoy Zion.

  25. Cat Lady says:

    Thanks for letting us hear from you and Roger. I’m glad everything is working out so well for you two.

  26. Cynthia from San Clemente says:

    Great photos today Sue. Love the water and mountains and Reggie watching the horse from the PTV window. But the best one was Reggie and Roger playing together. I know they were play wrestling, but it looked for all the world like a joyful hug!!

  27. Wow, talk about friendly folks!! I think the Roger and Anita story has so touched the little community that you will always feel like family to the residents there. Nice.

  28. Pam Ridgely says:

    At first I was disappointed that Roger wasn’t adopted by you and Reggie, but after reading yesterdays post, he was meant for Anita. I hope everything works out for them. I could feel her happiness in your post. Guess you and Reggie have done your job, now it’s on to the next adventure……

  29. JazzLover says:

    Sue,what a wonderful thing you and Reggie have accomplished by bringing Anita and Roger together. You are quite the facilitator. You were meant to stop at the RV Park in Rogerson because there was something that needed to be done there that only Reggie and you could do. Nice job. The flowering tree above, apple perhaps? Got cold and windy here when the fruit trees blossomed. I usually stop when I’m mowing and just inhale their delightful smell but they didn’t last long enough this year. Be Well.

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