Canine frenzy at a new camp!

Wednesday, October 7

In the last episode of RVSue and her canine crew, Bridget, Reggie, and I break camp after three days at Minersville Campground,west of Beaver, Utah.

The Perfect Tow Vehicle carries us a few miles westward on Route 21 to the junction with Route 130.  Then she turns southward and takes us through Parowan Canyon as it bisects the Black Mountains.  Fifty more miles and we arrive at Cedar City.

Then it’s westward again through 700 trillion junipers to Newcastle.

A shortcut on Bench Road, bypassing the town of Enterprise, and we’re on the last leg of the day’s journey, Route 18 south to Baker Dam Recreation Area!

P1070911 Pine Valley Mountains and Baker Dam Reservoir, 18 miles north of St. George, Utah

P1080044Immediately before we reach the dam and reservoir (above), we turn into the campground.  The sign at the self-pay station informs us the regular camping fee is $12 and with a senior discount pass it’s $6.

As usual, the crew is very excited to cruise the campground loop, knowing soon they can explore their new home!

Out of 16 campsites, only two are occupied. Later I’ll show you the campsite we choose.

P1070906Thursday, October 8

I step out of the Best Little Trailer with my camera when, all of a sudden, Bridget and Reggie tear out of the campsite, barking like maniac dogs.  They rush to greet the dogs belonging to Steve, a fellow camper and rancher whom we met yesterday.

I burst out laughing!  Reggie is oblivious to the camp chair he’s dragging behind him on his tether!

He’s thrilled to see his new pals again!

I unhook the chair and the rancher and I watch the canine circus.

First, a quick greeting for Lucky, the springer spaniel, and for Dexter, the black lab-blue heeler mix.

P1070873Then the fun begins!

Reggie playfully nips Lucky.

P1070870This is what you get for that, little guy!

P1070872Dexter is a youngster, too.  He and Reggie run in circles!

P1070856Reggie’s short legs have to move a lot faster than Dexter’s long ones!

P1070857‘Round and ’round they go!

P1070863Look at the bright eyes!  What a happy face!

P1070868Meanwhile, Miss Lucky humbly approaches Her Royal Highness, Miss Bridget.

P1070867Her Royalness responds by walking regally (how else!) over to the blue mat where she sits on her throne (doggie bed) to view the proceedings.

Dexter and Reggie take a short break, all except the tails!

P1070866During the lull in canine capers, Steve and I chat for a few minutes.

He, his wife, and family raise Dexter cattle on their ranch nearby.

“The breed originated in Ireland.  Our cattle are grass-fed, organically raised.  We have a waiting list of people wanting our beef,” he states proudly.

The scene below shows the size of Dexters.  (Photo from

Dexter_1This is how “Mother Earth News” describes the breed:

“Pound for pound, no bovine can match the diversity of Dexter cattle, one of the smallest cattle breeds. Standing just 36 to 44 inches at the shoulder, Dexters are the perfect old-fashioned, family cow. Gentle, versatile and economical, Dexters efficiently turn pasture into rich milk and lean meat, if you’re so inclined.”

Okay, end of cow lesson . . . .

Our campsite!

Most of the sites at Baker Dam Campground are huge.  The picnic table in the photo below goes with our campsite, but we don’t camp near it.   I choose to camp on the far end of the site in order to have a better view of the mountains.  We’re actually in the “road” of the pull-through.

P1070903I set up a “full camp” with mat, lounger, camp chair, doggie beds, table, tablecloth, etc.  I even put out the awning because the morning sun is bright.

P1070904We’re very pleased with our new camp and plan to spend several days here!


NOTE:  I turn the comments section over to you while I take a break.  Please welcome new people and answer any questions that arise.  Thank you!  (To open comments, click on the title of this post or on the word “comments” below.)


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84 Responses to Canine frenzy at a new camp!

  1. Denise - Richmond vA says:


    • Lois (AZ) says:

      Denise….1st by one minute!! Congrats…

    • Denise - Richmond VA says:

      Wow! The perfect “cherry on top” for my birthday! I think this is the second time that I made 1st! Whoo-Hoo!! 🙂

      Hi, Sue,

      Love the brilliant blue of the sky and water in the first two pictures! Very pretty! Looks like Reggie had a ball playing with his buddies! Bridget is so funny…granting visitation privileges to Miss Lucky! Thank you for the cow lesson. It is easy to see why that breed is so desirable.

      Hope you have a great day! The picture of your home, whether tucked into a cozy site like this one, or at night, as pictured in the last post always looks so inviting. **sigh** Sending you and the adorable Crew hugs from me and my adorable Gracie pup! 🙂

    • Cynthia from San Clemente, CA says:

      Happy birthday and congrats on being first – both events are achievements!!

  2. Lois (AZ) says:

    I am trying to take 1st!!

  3. Sidewinder Pen says:

    How fun to see the pups in action! Funny about the obliviousness to the dragging camp chair. The campground looks nice too.

  4. Peggy says:

    So glad that Reggie and Miss Bridget got to spend some time with their furry friends. Always good to see your friends on the road!!! Thanks for the update.

  5. Linda Rose, Muffin, Murphy, Molly & Midgy in Carmichael, CA says:

    Congrats Denise!! Close but no cigar for Lois. And I’m pretty happy to be 3rd….so far.

  6. Now that looks like a great overnight spot for us to utilize as we pass thru St. George heading north or east. Depending on the time of year, of course. We have identified other campgrounds in the area, mainly state parks. But had not known of this one. Thanks for sharing.

  7. BadgerRickInWis says:

    Wow, happy, happy, dogs. What’s not to love about that. Plus you know I’m gonna love any dog named Dexter. 🙂
    Plus now I have Dexter cows to love!

    I know you’re taking a break from comments but when you get back. Is that table cloth new? It looks great.

    • Cynthia from San Clemente, CA says:

      I agree – the table cloth looks nice – same color as the water in the first photo. I wonder what prompts Sue to set up a “quickie” camp sometimes and a more elaborate camp other times. Length of stay?

      • Reine in Plano says:

        Re the “quickie” camp. My guess is part amenities and part how long she plans to stay. Sue has been in this area before and probably knows she likes it. Since she arrived on Wednesday she may be planning to stay till Sunday or Monday. I know we prefer to arrive in a campgrounds on Wednesday or Thursday before the crowds arrive so we can get a preferred campsite when we don’t have a specific site reserved. Additional considerations are the weather. If you know it’s going to be chilly or rainy and not as much fun outside you tend to put less out.

        NOTE to Sue: Where is the awning strap and/or tie downs? Wind doesn’t make an appointment!

      • rvsueandcrew says:

        Reasons for a full camp:

        I set up a full camp on our second day (unclear in post). By then I knew I wanted to stay. Not moving soon because we are at the perfect temperature. Other choices are too high or too low, meaning too cold or too hot. The camp fee is inexpensive. I have internet for catching up this blog. Mostly because I want to explore this area…

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Rick et al,

      The tablecloth has ridden around in the PTV for over a year. I think I paid $2 for it. Glad you like it!

    • Krystina ~ Victory, Vermont says:

      It looks new to me too!

  8. Cinandjules (NY) says:

    Oh what fun!

    The cattle look like corgi dogs….with those short legs!

    Enjoy your time off!

  9. Toni says:

    Reggie is such a sociable little guy! Love that about him. Lucky looks like a Brittany Spaniel. They’re all so cute. Love the cows too!

  10. Linda Hughes North Carolina says:

    Beautiful site near the water, I love the pic of the water with mountains in the background! Miss B is so calm and cool, so reserved. Hope you have a great weekend, enjoy, be safe.

  11. Marcia GB in MA says:

    What a nice spot and what fun for the Crew!

  12. Barbara (Nashville) says:

    The playful pups is too cute. All four of them look so sweet. Reggie has that big smile and happy eyes expression that Angel gets when I come home. I just love it. Coming home to my Angel girl is the best.
    I love the second photo and how very blue the water is. Since I took my first painting class 2 weeks ago, I really want to try painting another one. I hope I can afford to take the 8-week course in January at the church. My friend its teaching that one also.

  13. Pookie in SE Texas says:

    I think if I found a campsite like that I would stay the whole
    2 weeks………..what a beautiful area……….
    thanks for the post, Sue

  14. cc and canine (Eastern Missouri) says:

    Hi Sue…..We hope that you are OK…just saw the national news; rainy weather and flooding in the SW is a top story….plus your weather widgit for Veyo, UT has a flash flood warning. I hope that your location is dodging the thunderstorms predicted for today and tomorrow. I guess that is why you are hunkered down and not running into town to read comments.

    Stay warm, and safe…our thoughts are with you.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Thank you, cc and canine. I have strong internet at this camp. No need to run into town. We are high on a bluff. No chance of flooding here. I appreciate your concern. 🙂 Okay, back to my break!

  15. Pleinguy says:

    Wow! What a bundle of energy. Looks like a nice camp. Hope you enjoy.

  16. Mick'nTN says:

    Google has a “Street View” of Baker Lake Campsite area:

  17. Krystina ~ Victory, Vermont says:

    Hi everybody!!

    Wonderful site RVSue!!! I love that the kids are having so much fun! Also love the new tablecloth…it matches the chairs. The ground here in Victory, VT is totally covered with snow…yep…19 degrees when I got up at 5:00 am! Burrrrr. I know I haven’t replied recently but I am still here reading everything. I MISS being on the road!!

    • Denise - Richmond VA says:

      An early taste of winter! Stay warm, Krystina! 🙂

    • weather says:

      It’s so nice to hear from Krystina! Because I don’t know if replies from her can be expected,I’m addressing this as if to the whole group here.I wonder if she plans to stay in Vermont until at least springtime. I hope while she’s there that she is feeling well and things are affordable so when she does go back on the road she can enjoy all of that ,too.I like to picture her with clothing and bedding warm enough to feel cozy in the cold temperature,holding something delicious and hot in a mug,feeling cared about by friends on here and those near her now…

      • Elizabeth in WA says:

        I second that motion, Weather!! May Krystina be doing very well and saving up for all that travel later!!

  18. Suzette (TN) says:

    That 9th picture…the one of Reggie sporting a huge smile…is just priceless. I’m jealous. How I wish my boy would “play well with others.” Unfortunately, I think he sees other pups as food on the hoof. 🙁

  19. weather says:

    Countless times I’ve seen what I love as if for the first time,it’s happened all of my life.In childhood I’d see my mother or father and be struck by how nice or handsome they were,years later see my son and his great personality,incredibly gorgeous face or intelligence would surprise me,see my husband and be stunned by his perfect masculine physique and how wonderfully he treated people and fall in love with him for the thousandth time.This morning it happened when I saw the snowflakes gently falling through the faint light of morning outside of my window.

    Reading this post I was struck by how like siblings the crew are.They run out to greet company and big sister, no longer interested,contentedly goes back to the house while little brother happily plays with one closer to his own age.They become the typical family so soon after they met one would think it had always been that way .Wow,Sue,I can’t get over how well you managed to make that happen for them.

    Great photos of that camp and it’s environment,especially the one above “October 8th”

    Desert plants and soil,mountains,sky and lake-a priceless setting made accessible to us for the cost of our pleasurable time spent reading your blog-THANK YOU! I hope the shenanigans near you didn’t interfere with your sleep and enjoying the gifts of early morning .Thank goodness it’s Sunday so likely the campground will be almost empty soon.Our temps are returning to normal for the rest of this month starting tomorrow.A glimpse of winter’s wonders in the middle of a glorious autumn-may you given as precious a delight soon!

  20. Mary in CO says:

    Glad to see Reg interacting with other pups, good socialization going on! Hope this incoming weather doesn’t put a hold on your plans, better take in the awning.

  21. Biz Crate (40m from Chicago) says:

    Dragging the camp chair?! Oh, Reggie! How funny you are.
    I recall Sue choosing 2 sets of doggie playpens when she set out on her adventures. There are several mentions and pictures of them in use in her earlier posts. Not so much anymore. What happened to these?
    I’ll have 2 smaller dogs with me when I set out in the Spring. Love to get feedback on whether folks have found pens to be useful and/or what the shortcoming are.
    My miniture poodle, Pete, is such a faithful dog that he will barely leave my side. The pomeranian chihuahua, Bronson, is the special forces dog – constantly on patrol and scouting new areas. His size makes him perfect for stealth missions and he is often gone before I see him move. Being a city dog, I’m afraid the coyotes will find him before he spies them, though.
    Your thoughts, Sue? … blogerinos?

    • weather says:

      Sue still has the pens stored in her van and used them a lot when she adopted Reggie in March.My own dogs were also fast runners so having them “fenced in”was the only way to keep them safe,off leash where rules didn’t allow me to let them loose,on the road or at home. Not a shortcoming,just a reminder,the pen will keep out most animals on foot yet when staying where flying predators like hawks or eagles are,vigilance is constantly necessary.Have fun wherever you’re setting out to!

  22. Cinandjules (NY) says:

    Morning all!

    Most of us travel by proxy thru this blog. Some are “living their dash” on the road. It is imperative that ALL parties know how everything functions and are comfortable and proficient enough to “takeover” in case the SHTF.

    Jules’ mom doesn’t even know how to pump gas. WHY? Because the father always does it! Jules and I just helped a lady friend LOCATE and dig up her septic so it could be pumped. WHY? Because the husband always did it.

    Ladies …don’t sit back and watch…get in there and perform you know what and how to do something. Men…this is not ALWAYS your job.

    This is in no way directed at anyone specific. We all come here and are fortunate to learn things. Learn to be prepared…having the ” it won’t happen to me/us” might just get you in a pickle.

    Being independent is a good feeling! Heads up…tits out! ? Onward!

    PS: if I overstepped…feel free to delete

    • Applegirl NY says:

      Ditto to everything you said, Cinandjules. When it comes to real life, ignorance is not bliss. We don’t need to be proficient at everything, but basic working knowledge of our homes, vehicles and finances is not only essential, it is responsible.

    • Biz Crate (40m from Chicago) says:

      Great advice and a welcome reminder!
      I always thought of mysel as being self sufficient. My husband of 10 years died unexpectly a few years ago. I’m ashamed to say how much I leaned on my SIL to do the most mundane things in that first 18 months.
      Looking back, I know that I wanted attention and company. He really wanted to help. I want my daughter and son-in-law to be proud of me, not sorry for me, tho.
      Committing to 1 year on the road is my way of challenging myself. The house needed maintenance and repairs before selling (almost done!). I need to organize and sell just about everything (still working on that). Along the way, I’ve reaquainted myself with the drill, circular saw and level. I’ve also rediscovered my independence. I hope to never lose it again!

      • Sidewinder Pen says:

        Biz Crate,

        Go you! It’s great to read how you are “coming back strong” after some tough times. A year on the road sounds wonderful. See you there 😀

        PS: I don’t know if you have commented before (if so I have forgotten), in which case….. welcome blogorino Biz Crate!

        • Biz Crate (40m from Chicago) says:

          Well, thank you for the welcome, Sidewinder Pen!
          I may have commented once before some time ago but I’m typically following along and learning in the background. I don’t have much experience and I’m learning SO much from all of you (and RV Sue, of course!)
          I just bought my new to me rig a month ago, drove it home from Louisanna and have camped out twice. I’m not counting the time I “camped” in my driveway.
          I invited everybody that toured my “Madness”, as I call her, to pee in my toilet and thoroughly wash thier hands while camping with a large group of friends. I wanted to experience dumping my tanks by myself for before cold weather sets in.
          I’m proud to report a smooth experience and the Madness is winterized and ready for her long winter’s rest.
          Yay, me!!

          • Sidewinder Pen says:

            Oh I bet you can’t wait for spring! If you care to tell us more about your Madness (now that sounds funny), feel free! Not to pry of course, but just if you feel like it.

            Seems like I always buy things far away and then drive them home “brand new to me.” So far it’s almost always gone well 😀

          • Biz Crate (40m from Chicago) says:

            Madness is a 2005 Born Free 24RB. I bought her from a lovely woman in Alexandria, LA who took impecable care of her. I flew the redeye in a Saturday night, spent about 5 hours with the owners getting aquainted the systems and then I beat feet for home. I needed to be at work on Tuesday morning and it was about a 17 hour drive to northern Illinois. I’m ashamed to admit that I found a hotel room that first night. Just too tired to deal with unfamiliar systems at 9:30 at night!
            “Madness” was coined by my daughter … as in: My Mother’s Madness.
            BTW – interesting name, Sidewinder Pen. Does it have anything to do with multi-purpose self defense tool?

            • Sidewinder Pen says:

              Hi Biz,

              The Born Free should be a great rig. Big enough to be big, and small enough to be small. I have the same “Ford cab,” albeit a bit older, and a similar rig overall. Plusses and minuses of course, as with any setup, but my guess is you will enjoy it immensely. Even if you hang up the keys after your year, I bet it will be a great experience.

              I can totally picture that bleary “mad” dash to pick up your rig and get home. I’ve done similar many times. But you made it and the rig sounds great. I love it when the seller is a nice person and you get that good residual feeling in the rig from it.

              I started using “Sidewinder Pen,” because there was a point in time where the blogorino group size started getting larger and there were beginning to be more than one commenter with X given name. So Sue asked us if we could add something to make it so she could remember, for example, which Pen or Penny was which. At that time I was just “Pen.” I had recently done my first “SW desert boondock” at Sidewinder Road, and as it happened I briefly met Sue there (didn’t go into her camp uninvited though). So I took Sidewinder Pen, since at the time it would make it obvious which Pen I was.

              Now it’s just about the season for SW desert boondocking again 🙂 Maybe you will be there next winter?

      • Applegirl NY says:

        That is so awesome. You go!

    • Denise - Richmond VA says:

      Hi, Cinandjules,

      A great reminder! I know of a couple women who do not even know how to pay their bills, or even worse, have no clue what happens to their money. Their husbands take care of it all….one woman is not even “allowed” to check the mail. I ask what they will do if their husband becomes incapacitated….you should see the look I get.

      My ex-husband did not want to pay the bills or even balance the checkbook, because “I did a better job”, and he “trusted” me. Right. Asking him to at least sit with me to watch what I did was like pulling teeth. After our divorce, I think we had to meet to go over a final year of joint taxes. He told me, “I now balance my own checkbook!” I.was.not.impressed. I bet his latest wife takes care of all that now! Or maybe his mom! LOL!

    • Denise - Richmond VA says:

      Well, I posted a reply but it is not here… I am not going to duplicate, just in case it does show up…

      Thank you for the reminder Cinandjules. Amen to all of the above.

      And men….if you don’t know how to manage the finances, balance the checkbook, or file your own taxes….sit with your wife/girlfriend/partner, and learn! My ex-husband refused…”let” me take care of it all, refused to even shadow me to know what was coming in/going out every month. I guess his latest wife or mother does it for him now. LOL!

      Being empowered gives one the confidence to handle many things and the knowledge to know when to seek help for situations out of one’s comfort zone.

  23. Barbara (Nashville) says:

    That is so very true. My husband did most everything he could, but I always insisted in helping. Since his strokes, he has equilibrium issues, so I have learned how to do most things, with his guidance, such as changing oil, airing the tires and adding fluids, oil, gas, water, etc. Also,changing out electrical fixtures, except for ceiling fans as they are too heavy for me to hold up there, while making the wiring connections. I also can use the drill, saw, electric screwdrivers, etc. Knowing where the water cut-offs are is most important. Since I live in a condo, I, thankfully, do not have to go up on the roof nor clean out the gutters. YAAAAY.

  24. Kate in Iowa says:

    I was flying back from Las Vegas on Wednesday the 8th (nothing too exciting, just a work conference) and as I flew over St. George and southern Utah, I looked down at all that desert, mountain and juniper and thought to myself, “Well, RVSue is down there somewhere. Wish I was, too!”

  25. DesertGinger says:

    Totally agree with CinandJules comments. Very important to know how to manage your life. Which reminds me I need to pick up a can of fix-a-flat. Can’t believe I’m on the road without it.

    Yes…I’m on the road. We just stopped for the night in Geneva, OH. That’s 431 miles today. Not as far as I planned but I got a late start. I will try to do close to 600 tomorrow unless my shoulders and neck get too tired. I need to be home by Saturday; my son is arriving for a visit. And I hope to spend a day or two with my friend in Tulsa. But we’ll see how it goes. I have a little flexibility.

    I’m sad to leave my friends, but glad to leave the cold weather. It was snowing when I left. That’s crazy!

    So…homeward bound. Sue and I both head for Arizona when the cold weather starts. There’s no place like southern Arizona in the winter.

    Off to bed. Regards to all!

    • BadgerRickInWis says:

      “It was snowing when I left. That’s crazy!”

      OK that made me LOL. You my little Desert girl have gotten spoiled. 🙂

    • Cinandjules (NY) says:

      Drive safe DeGin!

      You accomplished so much while you were here in NY.

      You could have at least taken the snow with you!

    • Denise - Richmond VA says:

      Sending you wishes for safe travel, DesertGinger and little Chloe! 🙂

    • Elizabeth in WA says:

      Safe journey Ginger!! WOW…you are making tracks!!

  26. Mick'nTN says:

    CinandJules … did Mother Nature force a little exercise on You?

  27. Cinandjules (NY) says:

    You mean the free gym membership associated with living in the North Country?

    Nope! The ground is still too warm for it to stick.

    We are having a heatwave at 45…….

    • Sidewinder Pen says:

      Ha, I know that “gym.” Heating with wood gives one a bonus membership on top of the regular one 😀

  28. Lynn Brooks says:

    Hi Sue!
    I must thank you for introducing us to Steve & his family!!
    I have started back to the University of Maryland (College Park) to complete an Agriculture Degree I started 34 years ago!! My first class is “Intro to Sustainable Agriculture” and I shared your post about the Dexter Cows with my instructor!!
    I am so grateful there are farmers like Steve & his family taking care of the animals AND the Earth!!
    Thanks for sharing!!!
    Lynn B. Baltimore, MD

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