Desert dogs and discoveries

Long time, no post!

The crew and I haven’t been carried off by a herd of javelina or become caught in the clutches of an angry cholla.  A very slow computer has thwarted repeated attempts to post.

We’re still enjoying our Sonoran Desert camp near Why, Arizona.

P1090229The only critters we’ve seen are Little Jackrabbit and Big Coyote.

While sitting at the table next to the back window of the Best Little Trailer, reading comments on this blog, I look up and see Big Coyote trotting outside the window.  I scramble for the camera to take his/her photo as he/she circles our camp.

Darn!  No memory card!

P1090233Quickly I pull the card out of the laptop and fumble to put it in the camera.  Meanwhile Big Coyote disappears into the scrub.  I go outside and look around.  I check the wash behind our campsite.  No sign of him.

As for the jackrabbit, at first I thought he was a cottontail.

I see now that his ears are over-sized and he’s just a very small jackrabbit.  I watch him hop around outside my bedside window.  Usually he appears at dusk.


P1090226Another play date!

One sunny afternoon my friends bring the crew’s friends over to our campsite.  You may remember Julie the dachshund . . .


And Samantha the beagle . . .









Much fun is had by all, including Bridget who manages to stay out of the photos!

P1090241What does a tail pointing straight up mean?

Around three-thirty in the afternoon on Saturday. . .

A pick-up stops in front of our camp while the crew and I are relaxing outside.  As a precaution, I get up and go inside the Best Little Trailer, shutting the door behind me.

“May I help you?” I call through the open window.

“Yes!  I thought I’d let you know we’ll be having a little a party up there tonight.”  He points further up the lane.  “Just so you know what’s going on.”

I thank him.  He tells me there will be about twenty people and they’ll be coming in around four and leaving at eight.

“Just a bunch of old folks,” he adds with a chuckle.

Later the crew and I are walking the lane in the other direction when he pulls up again in his pick-up.

“You’re welcome to join us if you want.  We’ll have some good food.  We’re gonna’ barbeque.”

I decline and he motors on to where they are setting up.  As it turns out, the party is small and no bother to us at all.

Reggie finds the skeleton of a saguaro.

P1090267It probably provided a home for birds while it was alive and now it may be a home for small, ground creatures.

“Come along, Reg.”

P1090266We pass a vacant campsite.

P1090275“Whatcha’ got there, Reggie?”

Hmm . . .  Someone discarded their shoes . . . .

P1090276Okay.  This slow computer is wearing me down.

Posting is too tedious today!  I give up!

Maybe tomorrow will be better.  Bridget and Reggie are annoyed with me for being at the laptop so long.  I don’t blame them.  Y’all take over comments for me please. Welcome newcomers, ask and answer questions, keep the conversations going, speak up for anyone needing kind words.

Thank you!





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169 Responses to Desert dogs and discoveries

  1. Pat H.still in the desert at Quartzsite. .... says:


  2. Jeff from va says:

    First ?

    • Renee Galligher - Idaho says:

      No Jeff, Pat H. is first, but good try! Hey! Sue said to go ahead and respond since her computer wifi connection is slow. I know, I can never, ever, take the place of Sue. She is truly one of a kind.

    • Lois (AZ) says:

      Only 1 minute behind first! Maybe even seconds!

    • Fuji-maru says:

      Hi, Jeff,
      Sorry for your second place, but congratulations on being second!
      You will surely be first next time if your index finger were a little bit longer! 🙂

  3. Phiesty in Utah says:

    Glad you are doing ok. The pictures look great. I’m hoping whoever left those shoes had something else to protect their feet as it seems there are a lot of nasty things that hide on the pathways in the desert. Take care and belly rubs to the pups.

  4. Cynthia from San Clemente, CA says:


  5. AZ Jim says:

    Somewhere in the top ten, not too bad. By the time I say I loved the post and say I’m glad you’re back, I’ll probably be in the top twenty….oh well, Hi Missy, Bridget and Reg….

    • Fuji-maru says:

      Hi, AZ Jim
      Fifth! you are. 🙂 I’ve never seen a Sue’s new post without comments.
      I am quite sure that I will post just 🙂 at that time.

      • AZ Jim says:

        Hi Fugi, nice to see you, my friend. I have been #1 here only once and that was just sheer luck. Keep trying, your day will come.

        • Fuji-maru says:

          Thank you Jim! I’m sooo glad to be told “my friend”!
          My day might come if Sue would upload a new post in very early morning. But I’m happy just to participate here.:)

  6. Cynthia from San Clemente, CA says:

    Looks like Pat was first, Jeff at second, Phiesty at third! Seems like The Crew is having nice, sunny days and enjoying play dates. There isn’t much better than watching dogs romp with each other. I think a tail straight up means “I’m excited!” At least that’s what it usually means with my dogs. I’m hoping Big Coyote doesn’t get the little jackrabbit, but I guess that is the cycle of life.

  7. Pat in Yuma says:

    Glad the babies had friends come for a play date. Love the pics and already miss the open desert.

    I left Quartzsite this morning, did a few errands in Yuma and now staying at an rv park. Got 3 free nites, so figured I would dump, get water and do laundry. I think I can make it that long……lol

  8. Hi Sue, don’t worry about the slow connection, maybe it is just what you need at the moment. There is a lot going on and there are many of us who can step in for you…we got you!

  9. Renee Galligher - Idaho says:

    Holy moly, these blogorinos are fast! I just barely turned away to do some work!

  10. Dave Stewart (in missouri for now) says:

    Great pictures as usual, Was Hoping to see the Jackrabbit, Hadn’t seen one in a lit of years. Try defragging your laptop. That usually works.

    • Renee Galligher - Idaho says:

      I think her problem with the computer (I had to clarify what Sue was having problems with 🙂 ) is bandwidth – wifit – air connection.

  11. Linda southern MN says:

    Happy Monday!
    I tried looking for a photo of the Jackrabbit. I know I am old and my eyes are not as good as they use to be, can anyone let me know if I am just missing it?
    Seeing the old shoes made me wonder. What type do I need for boondocking and hiking in the desert? I am a sneakers type of person, but should I have something heavier duty

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Sorry, no jackrabbit photo. Too many bushes in the way. I’ll try again!

      KEEN Women’s Gypsum Waterproof Trail Shoe

      Okay, I’m leaving! 🙂

      • Linda southern MN says:

        Glad to know it was not my eyes! Hope you have a beautiful sunset, a good night and pretty sunrise!
        Will check out the link on the shoes! Thanks!

        • rvsueandcrew says:

          You’re welcome. If you buy, it’s advised to go a half-size larger than your usual size. Great shoes. The desert will tear up sneakers.

          • Marilyn, Dania Beach, FL says:

            I agree on the Keen. Get the 3/4 upper which is between a low cut and high top. They really help on uneven terrain. Also, not so frightening when going downhill in scree or sand. Hiking poles are a help, too.

            I looked for the rabbit, too.

            Where’s Waldo?

      • Ronda western WA says:

        Lol I kept looking for a jackrabbit in the 3rd photo. Glad I wasn’t alone. Despite its lac of rabbit I still like the photo. It shows great color contrast between the rocks n desert foliage with a pretty palo verde in the forefront.

    • I have hiking boots to protect me from twisting my ankles. My kids will probably bronze them when I’m gone

    • KC says:

      Speaking of hiking/walking boots I just got a new pair I love. I have very wide feet EEE and also high arch with thick foot and a slight pronation. I found this pair online and they are terrific! Light weight and very comfortable but great support. They even came with not one but 3 pairs of insert soles cut exactly to fit the shoe. This shoe company specializes in difficult to fit feet and can even make custom shoes if needed with widths of shoes ranging from AA all the way up to 7E. The shoe company is

      This is the pair I got, an easy to adjust ankle height boot. So easy to put on because of the side zipper and the extra velcro strap at the ankle. No laces to tie or trip over 🙂 Apis Mt. Emey 9215 Women’s Therapeutic Extra Depth Boots: Black 8.5 Medium (D) Lace

      Apis shoes may be purchased at Amazon by using the link above which I substituted for KC’s link. — Sue

  12. Piper (Virginia) says:

    Woo Hoo, I am actually getting closer to the top! Being number one would be great but I would be thrilled with the top five. Lol. Love the pics. Play dates are always fun.

  13. #15 Today Sue,, Windy to day and We’re waiting for a new Heater,,, have a great day and hope you get better WiFi speeds,,, Piper says Hi to the Pups,,,,,,,,,,,,,

    • Dawn in MI says:

      Hi Rusty and Lady P!

      • Piper n' Rusty / Somewhere in Az. says:

        Hi Dawn,, How are you up there And are your folks near Flint, I hear the water is heavy with lead.

    • Pookie in Todd Mission Tx says:

      Hi Rusty……..where are you located? send me an email so I can find you
      on the map……… of these days Im gonna drive out there and have
      coffee with you………hope all is well..

      • Piper n' Rusty / Somewhere in Az. says:

        Hi Chuck,, we’re close to the last coordinates I gave you awhile back,,, we’d be warmer if that dang heater would get here like they said it be here,,, but not yet, hadn’t even been shipped yet and I ordered it last week,,, Oh well,, That’s what I get for mail-order crap,, no more mail ordering,,

        • Wow Rusty, I am sorry that you might be cold, I guess Lady Piper is kind of good for that. I hope the heater comes soon, I hate to think of you being cold out there…Take care, I will be thinking of you. Hug LP for me.

        • Sealarkesmiles/New Mexico for now says:

          Hi Rusty! Mind if I ask what kind of heater you ordered? Just ordered one as my ‘new’ to me rig doesn’t have a furnace (by request) and hoping mine works out ok with no hookups. Have a great day!

  14. Lynn Brooks says:

    So frustrating when technology is not up to needs/expectations!!!
    No problem!!!
    Enjoy your peace & quiet!
    Lynn B. (Baltimore, MD)

  15. DesertGinger says:

    Hi guys. I’m kinda nervous today. Working on my will. My brother says if I have my papers in order, I probably won’t need them. I hope that’s true. Waiting for Tabby and babies to get home. Tabby had the biggest twin babies ever at the hospital she was in: 9 lbs 5 ounces. Two of them! Almost 19 lbs of baby. Oliver and Eli. They are very cute. So any minute I will be babysitting.

    Tomorrow afternoon are my tests. Any good energy you can send my way is appreciated. If I can get through this, then we start looking for a surgeon. Knock on wood. My mother had some serious illnesses and major surgeries and just sailed through them and lived to be 92. I hope I’m like her.

    Thanks for all your kind thoughts on previous post.

    I also found out Friday that I am still in kidney failure, I suspect because of low O2. I’m guessing they will want to do dialysis but I’m letting that wait till after tests. So, I’m a 66 year old woman with severe pulmonary hypertension, COPD, diabetes and in kidney failure, who needs heart surgery for a replacement mitral valve. No wonder doctors don’t want to take my case.

    I’m going to spend the evening indulging myself with my food choices, as best I can with my tiny stomach. And finish my will. Love to all.

    • Cinandjules (NY) says:

      Geeze Louise! 19 pounds of baby…sounds like Tabby was ready to have them long ago! Babysitting them will definitely take your mind to another place right now!

      Remember to provide the best test they’ve ever seen!

      Sometimes one ailment causes others….no worries….baby steps!

      Best wishes DeGin! Looking forward to hearing it was a piece of cake! Go energizer bunny!

      • DesertGinger says:

        Thanks Cindy. If I live through this, and you move out here, maybe I will cross your path someday. You are a great and comforting support.

        • Cinandjules (NY) says:

          Well… You’re living through this and we’re moving out, our paths HAVE crossed and it would be an honor to meet up with you in person.

          There aren’t too many folks that have the strength, courage and determination to overcome whatever life throws at them….than you!

          See everything is falling into place… II

    • DesertGinger says:

      Update. Hospital just called. My doc had said he was requesting anesthesiologist, and she said that yes, indeed, an anesthesiologist is booked. So that is one worry quelled. I hope he is familiar with PH patients.

      • Nancy S indiana says:

        Desert Ginger
        Hope everything works well for you. So many here are going through so many health issues. Maybe because many of us seem to be in the same age group. I just got back from the doctor today for tests ran after the kidney stones & septis problems I had a few weeks ago. Everything is looking good. I wish the news was that good for the ones having serious problems. My thoughts & prayers continue with you.
        The weather here in central indiana hasn’t been bad either. In the 40’s today. Wahoo!!! heat wave. ☺ Although gonna turn cold.

    • Lee J in Northern California says:

      Desert Ginger..what a wonderful blessing these twins are, big and healthy, so good!

      You sure have your plate full, but what I have read of your trials, you keep doing things to make yourself healthy..a positive attitude will go a long way toward your regaining health… Get plenty of rest and fresh air, eat good whole food..kiss those babies!

      My husband and I have a will..I really think making a will is a positive step, it demonstrates love and concern for our families, makes it easier for them if it is needed. It is merely a prudent step, not a captpitulation to the inevetible . Necessary business for all of us!

      Your doctor is out there, the one that will see the whole ‘you’, make you well once again…take care DG, huggs and good wishes!

    • Kay from KC! says:

      Ginger! We all will be thinking about you tomorrow so let us know how they go! A will is a good thing!

      Kay from Kansas City!

      • Piper n' Rusty / Somewhere in Az. says:

        D G ,,,, The Man up in the Clouds will Help you in ways that will knock your socks off,,, I’m praying , Been Praying that you connect with his help on your body ,, mind,, heart and soul,, and of course a Great Doctor Too!!!!

    • Sidewinder Pen says:

      Sending along positive thoughts for you tomorrow (and today, too!). Thanks for letting us know what you are up to.

    • Fuji-maru says:

      Hi, DesertGinger!

      Reading your comments from long time ago, I couldn’t find my appropriate words for you. Especially for me Japanese who don’t speak English as the first language.

      You must be going through really tough time now. Please remember we Blogorinos always here for you so just write anything you like. God bless you and take the greatest care of yourself.

      Fuji-maru, from Japan, Sorry for my poor English.

      • Elizabeth in WA says:

        You need not apologize…no doubt your English is much better than any of us in Japanese anyway!! Nice of you to come visit…I enjoy your comments!!

        • Fuji-maru says:

          Thank you Elizabeth.
          I always wonder whether what I said makes sense.
          So, your kind comment makes me relieved! 🙂

          • Cynthia from San Clemente, CA says:

            Fuji-maru: I love reading your comments. Although they may be worded a little differently, they always make me smile.

            • Fuji-maru says:

              Hi, Cynthia,
              Thank you for your comment.
              That’s what I’m worried about and did want to know. I’m happy to be correct if my English is wrong.

              BTW, I’ve not been to San Clemente, but passed by there several times on I-5. I saw your beautiful seaside city through car’s window on my business trips and RV travels around the US.

              Have a good evening!

    • Elizabeth in WA says:

      I feel for you Ginger…tis so hard when old bodies quit being nice to us!! Even if we are not all that old yet!! Hang in there…we will be rooting for you and praying all will be well!! Those twins will need you no doubt, so you must get better!! WOW…my first weighed almost 10 pounds…but not any 19 pounds of baby…that mama needs some great TLC for awhile too!!
      Keep us posted when you can. Yea, agree with the others…making a will is sorta like an insurance policy…hopefully twill not be needed anytime soon!!

    • Krystina ~ Sutton, Vermont says:

      Good Morning DG. I have been thinking of you a lot these days and sending up lots of prayers as well. You certainly have a lot going on girl!!! You have a great attitude while going through this…please keep it that way. Get that will done because that is a sure way to stay happy and healthy. Do what the Doc says and keep us posted.

    • weather says:

      Sending good energy in the forms of love, prayers and hope as I type, Ginger.

    • Robin Shaw says:

      Wow, those are some giant twins! They must have been so squashed in there! Congrats Grandma! Healing prayers to you, Robin in NC

    • Denise - Richmond VA says:

      You are in my thoughts and prayers, Ginger. I have no doubt that your case will be a topic of discussion at the hospital later today….”despite all of her health issues, she made it through the test with flying colors – amazing!”

      Sending you a loving hug!

    • Cynthia from San Clemente, CA says:

      DeGin: Prayers are coming your way. Stay strong for those new babies you need to babysit!!!

    • AZ Jim says:

      Wow! Coincidence. Detta and I just did medical power of attorneys. Like all of us we hate dealing with this business but reality is what it is. We prepaid our cremation fees some years ago and we have wills so unless something else comes along we are LEGALLY all set, all we have to do is deal with it when it happens (no small thing). It’s funny, we always say IF I’m not here bla bla when we really should WHEN something happens to me. Best wishes Ginger and you take care…Jim

    • Val R. Lakefield, Ontario says:

      Sending good wishes for tomorrow DG….Hope the tests go well.

    • Marilu from Northern California says:

      Sending loving thoughts and positive energy, Desert Ginger. Your attitude is inspiring.

  16. Dawn in MI says:

    I’d take that empty campsite for sure. Such a beautiful spot! Careful Reg, what you stick your nose into…could be anything in there!

  17. Evelyn says:

    Sue, even your pictures of rocks and brush look great.

  18. Cinandjules (NY) says:

    Another play date with Samantha and Julie! Yay!

    How polite of the feller to advise you of the get together….and the invite!

    Wow a saguaro skeleton…..that my dear is a prize! A permit is needed to gather a skeleton. Saguaro lamps are neat! We had lodge pole style dining chairs with saguaro cactus backs. Never thought we would go back to the southwestern motif!

    • Mary in CO says:

      An aside about a saguaro skeleton . Our daughter (then 5 yrs old) made a lovely little Chaunukka candle holder out of the saguaro. The little candles fit so nicely. But.. When lit the candles burned down far enough to set the saguaro on fire, leaving a scorched spot on the window sill.. Lesson learned, and no harm done.

      • Elizabeth in WA says:

        Cute story…we just got back about a month ago from Israel…saw so many darling Chanukiah…wish we could have brought some back (I was worried with the rough handling in airports these days that they would be broken!) Your daughter’s sounded really cute…sorry it caught fire!!

    • Cinandjules (NY) says:

      I was incorrect with my statement on the skeleton.

      Cactus wood, the skeletal remains of some cacti, is not protected under the Arizona native plant law. However, it is suggested that written permission be obtained from the landowner before entering any private property, especially to remove resources.
      Skeletal remains of the Saguaro and Cholla cacti being taken from private, State, and Public lands in Arizona may have an adverse impact on the fragile desert environment. The removal of cactus wood is an increasing practice that may have a cumulative negative effect on wildlife habitats and populations, as well as injury to plant seedlings.
      The organic content of the desert soil is very low, and decomposition of cactus remains plays a vital role in maintaining soil fertility. Dead and decaying cactus also provide food and habitat for a wide variety of wildlife and perch sites for raptors. Written authorization from the State Land Department must first be obtained before entering State Trust lands.

  19. Fuji-maru says:

    Hi!, RVSue and canine Crew, and blogorinos!
    Coming here again to get warm in the Cyber Sonoran Desert!
    Annoying when the WiFi Network is unstable. I’ve experienced through my previous travel in the US, using Verizon WiFi as you do. Waiting for upload the photo and text, I went a long nap with my tiredness of hard trip.
    Wishin’ you a wonderful day without your computer!

  20. Applegirl NY says:

    You did pretty darn good for a slow connection. Fascinated by the Saguaro skeleton. I never would have thought it would look like that. So glad that your neighbors were thoughtful.

    Love the cuties on the playdate.

  21. edlfrey says:

    The discarded shoes look like they may have been worn over other shoes. Perhaps like what Border Patrol agents working that part of Arizona found. Drug smugglers were trying to cover their tracks by wearing – Carpet shoes.

    But this is hunting grounds of the the “Shadow Wolves”, a unit of Native American trackers. The Shadow Wolves’s primary task is tracking smugglers through a 76-mile (122 km) stretch of the Tohono O’odham Nation territory that runs along the Mexico – United States border in the state of Arizona. Right where Sue is now camped.

    • Ronda western WA says:

      Wow interesting. I thought those shoes looked unusual. Never know what you’ll find, eh Sue.
      Btw I’m a brand new blogorino. Is that your original word Sue? I like it. I have a PC but rarely use it. However I recently (?8 months)got an iPad so here I am learning new things and meeting new people. Yours is the first blog to catch my interest; 2 of my favorite things rv’s and dogs. My husband n I have 3. Dogs that is?. We’re currently tent camping, and looking to get a Casita which is how my husband found your blog.

      • Sidewinder Pen says:

        Welcome, blogorino Ronda!

        (I can’t remember who came up with it originally, but I do believe it is an RVSue and Crew “native” term.)

        • Robin Shaw says:

          Since I have been reading from the beginning, what I recall is that Sue used the term that she made up once, then her readers started using it, and now it’s official for this blog anyway! Robin in NC

      • Krystina ~ Sutton, Vermont says:

        Welcome to Bloggerino land!

      • shirlene says:

        Rhonda…welcome and good for you..we are quite a good blog to follow..hope to see you on a regular basis. .:)

      • Denise - Richmond VA says:

        Welcome, Ronda! 🙂

      • Cynthia from San Clemente, CA says:

        Welcome Rhonda – you will love it here!

      • rvsueandcrew says:

        WELCOME, RONDA! I’m happy you and your husband read my blog.

        A while back I used the word “blogorino,” a word I made up in a reply to someone. A reader picked up on it and I’ve been using it ever since!

        Two adults and 3 dogs in a Casita… Make sure you can fit! 🙂

      • Marilu from Northern California says:

        Welcome, Rhonda. We have a great time here riding along with RV Sue. I bet you will, too.

    • Cinandjules (NY) says:

      Good eye on identifying the carpet shoes!
      The use and tactics of the “Shadow wolves” are very interesting.
      Drug smugglers are on a “mission” to get their goods from point A to B. Sue may be camping in their “stomping grounds”….but so are people living in TX, NY, FL and Anytown USofA.
      She also has a “no visitor” policy in effect that should not be ignored…smuggler or not! Hah!

    • Denise - Richmond VA says:

      Carpet shoes….I learn something new every time I “tune in” to Sue’s blog and the blogorinos. Thank you for sharing, Ed. 🙂

  22. Linda Sand (Minnesota) says:

    RVing friends made a list of things we appreciate campers do and I said invite me to their party. I rarely go but somehow having been invited makes it easier to tolerate any noise they make.

  23. Pookie in Todd Mission Tx says:

    sue, when the man asked you to the party I woulda said no thanks but I do like
    BarBQ if they have any left…..HA!
    was good to hear they were’nt loud…..
    sounds like your having a very relaxing week in the desert…..wish I could go…
    but Ive learned since retiring that there is a bunch of things I cant do….

  24. Elizabeth in WA says:

    Sorry for the internet slowness, Sue…believe it or not, ours has been pretty slow and we are near a hot spot!! Hubby decided to do away with the wifi aspect and now all are connected to wires (my simple way to explain it)…and lo and behold…MANY were apparently using our stuff…argh!! Usually he is more careful about such…but not anymore, haha!! I always enjoy the dogs and stories about them…I am sure when you learn to read the tail signs, your little buddy will be even more valuable to you. Just picked up a cheap book at the library sale here by Jon Katz…this one is called: Dog Days: Dispatches from Bedlam Farm. I am definitely going to be reading more of his books!!

  25. Sealarkesmiles says:

    Hi Sue, Crew and Blogorinos! Well, I am glad I have not been the only MIA soul lately. Got caught up with the flu in TX while picking up the new camper. Thankfully back in NM and after a day Zpak from across the border things are almost back to normal. Love the pictures on your post, Sue! I have picked up a few Saguaro skeletons (small) in my desert travels but had no idea I was doing anything illegal! Please don’t tell on me! LOL I really missed reading your posts over the past couple of weeks as well as all the comments. Will go back for sure and check them out. Yes, one can be too sick to read….at least I was. Hope the internet god’s start working in your favor again, Sue!

    • Sealarkesmiles says:

      …meant a 6 day Zpak.

      • Velda in Roseville CA says:

        Curious why you took zpak for flu? Zpak is antibiotics for bacterial infection whereas flu is virus. We all need to be careful to only take antibiotics when actually diagnosed by a MD as having a bacterial infection and never take for colds or flu involving virus only. I am concerned because you mentioned from across the border, which I really hope was not just buy because you thought you needed rather than actual MD diagnosis.
        Just sign me concerned retired RN who has seen results of antibiotic resistant infections because of overuse of antibiotics

        • Sealarkesmiles says:

          Well, Bless your little heart!

        • Sidewinder Pen says:

          I’m glad you posted this, Velda. I cringe when I hear of people taking antibiotics for virus-based illnesses “just because.” (I’ve discussed this with doctors who say that sometimes patients pressure them for antibiotics for viral issues even though they can’t help against viruses.)

          I want effective antibiotics to be available when I — or anyone else — need them. Using them when they are not needed (or stopping them early when they are) contributes to them not being effective in future, as I understand it.

          • Sidewinder Pen says:

            I should have added: Antibiotics are for bacterial problems. Flu is a virus, not a bacteria, hence antibiotics are not effective on it. Maybe sometimes people don’t understand the difference, and think, “I’m sick, therefore I’ll take antibiotics.”

    • Denise - Richmond VA says:

      Hope you are feeling better soon, Sealarkesmiles! 🙂

      • Sealarkesmiles says:

        Thanks so much, Denise! So nice to receive good wishes without judgement. Being full time on the road well, sometimes ya just got to do what you got to do! Bless you, Denise 🙂

  26. Linda-NC says:

    Now those old shoes just remind me of a peace of funky art!
    Hello to all blogorinos who seem like an interesting bunch!
    Sue – I like that hat! Want! Have a great day playing in the desert. My lab sends a hug.

  27. Barbara in phoenix says:

    Dear Desert Ginger,
    A will is a wise and good thing as it is something we have total control over. Whereas health issues tend to come at the most inopportune time and hit us broadsided leaving us completely out of control only to act quickly and hope the doctors advice is correct.

    I look to Jeremiah 29:11 as a promise of hope when life’s difficulties has me in the valley of despair. “For I know the plans I have for you. They are plans for good and not for good and not for disaster to give you a future and a hope.”

    Keep your chin up strong courageous woman! There is hope, love and many thoughts and prayers lifting you up for a successful operation and total recovery!

  28. Fuji-maru says:

    Cold waves are hitting the Northern Hemisphere these days, the US and also Japan. Water outage is caused by frozen city-water pipes in many places where are rather warm in Japan. But I’m very sure that the hearts of blogorinos here are never frozen. 🙂

    Do you have any trouble due to colder weather than usual winter?

    • Fuji-maru says:

      Good Morning, everyone!
      Hmm, No comments here. Blogorinos must be frozen up by the cold! 🙂
      I have to go to bed now… Good Night!

    • Denise - Richmond VA says:

      Hi Fuji-maru,

      Sometimes freezing rain and ice will cause us to lose power. This weekend’s storm gave me almost 2′ of snow! We did have several hours of sleet mixed in midway, but thankfully did not lose power. Stay warm and have a good day. 🙂

      • Fuji-maru says:

        Hi, Denise,
        Thank you for information! 2′ of snow in VA! 2′ is 2 feet, right?
        I’ve experienced about 12 feet of snow every year in my childhood when I’ve lived in heavy snow fall region, Niigata.

        Stay warm and have a good evening, too!

    • Elizabeth in WA says:

      We are always concerned when the weather dips below freezing, as our daughter in NC has had frozen pipes in her place most every time this happens (due to improper design of the bldg…as my hubby, the former bldg. inspector knows)…and that seems to be fairly frequent in recent winters. We live out on Washington coast and so not so often here…but even above freezing it can feel VERY cold anyway…those moist winds blowing around. Our little apt is not very warm…but we keep slippers, socks, extra blankets and layer our clothes to stay warm. Some of my friends growing up, lived for long stretches in Japan…and it got VERY cold in the places they were too…I remember the stories and photos of deep snow. Today is cold and rain has just begun again here.

      • Fuji-maru says:

        Hi, Elizabeth,
        Thank you for informaton! It takes several minutes for looking up “weather dips”.
        It seems to be so cold there in WA in winter. I’ve been there in late October. Beautiful Autumn Colors were seen in Olympic nat’l park and around snow-capped Mt Rainier.

        Yes, the northern end of Japan is VERY cold and deep snow. I’m glad to you knew that.

        Stay warm and have a good evening!

  29. Pookie in Todd Mission Tx says:

    this has nothing to do with nothing but I just read on Facebook that the folks that have Arizona drivers liscense dont ever have to renew their drivers liscense once they get them at 16 years old until they turn 65………
    can anyone verify this?
    I think Im gonna move to Arizona…..I like as well the fact that they dont go by daylight savings time…..

    • edlfrey says:

      Your Arizona driver’s license is valid until you are 65 years old. During this time you will not need to renew your license; however, you will need to visit an AZ DMV office every 12 years to update your photo and take a vision exam. When you renew your license (or get an AZ license) when you are 60 years old or older, the ADOT will issue you a driver’s license valid for 5 years. You will not receive a renewal notice before your Arizona driver’s license expires. You can only renew your AZ drivers license in person.

  30. weather says:

    “he’s just a very small jack rabbit.” made me smile. You’ve been among wildlife and had them close enough to see through your windows or camera lens so often that you a.) know the difference between him and a cottontail and b.)find seeing ones like him a common enough occurrence to use the word just. What a wonderful and healthy way of living for someone that appreciates nature as much as you do you’ve chosen.

    It’s nice that all four dogs get along so well that they enjoyed getting together, and that the only other party near you didn’t interfere with your pleasure in being camped there. The bottom photo has great composition while showing a bit of each part of the beauty there, great job, Sue, on that and putting together a good post while working with an uncooperative computer . I hope it becomes easier to use without much effort. Thank you for enduring the frustration long enough to let us share part of your life.

    • weather says:

      The critters around here have been gathering for their own play dates recently. I can tell it’s just to socialize ( because it’s been warm enough to play outside and they might nibble on a few morsels of food the way people enjoy party snacks), but they mainly just walk into the porch, take a seat, relax and just hang around for a while. Some stare at whatever’s outside through the windows like folks watching football on a television together.

      The four that decided to stay together are a tight knit group so they aren’t ever very far from here or from each other. The rest usually only stop in for occasional visits. They must each have homes nearby because they are all obviously healthy, well fed and well groomed. This (for us) unusually mild winter has been a gift for the wildlife, and so for me, too. I haven’t found a single injured,underfed or sick animal this year.

      Yesterday was fifty degrees even after sunset. I was outside when a strong breeze lifted all the trees’ branches as though they were cheering some great performance. I had to agree. The wind song ,star light, clouds dancing past the moon… put on a simply stunning show .Good morning, Sue, I hope you rested well enough to enjoy your beautiful surroundings, lovable crew and have a wonderful day.

  31. Mary (CO) says:

    Tail Conscious! Now I find that I’m watching Reggie’s tail in every photo! Ha!

  32. Denise - Richmond VA says:

    Good morning Sue, and fellow blogorinos!

    How did the U.S. east coast folks fare with this weekends snow storm? I got almost 2′ of snow, with a layer of sleet in the middle. Thankfully we did not lose power. The plows just came through my neighborhood a few minutes ago. Now I need to clear the wall of snow at the bottom of my driveway. Stay safe and be smart when shoveling! 🙂
    I am not complaining (too much), as my sisters Northwest of me got 3′ of snow from the storm!! 🙂

    Sue, I enjoy the pictures of the warm Sonoran desert more than you know! Keep ’em coming! Sending you and the Crew hugs from me and Gracie pup! 🙂

    • Elizabeth in WA says:

      Wow…just now getting snow plows on your street…we have friends in Richmond and used to live near there!! Was wondering how it all went. So glad power was not lost. Our kids in NC did not loose power either and it was much less problemic there than ice storms can be, thankfully. But they were all pretty well homebound a few days too.

  33. Lots to see and do in that area, and with this wonderful weather at least you’re not stuck inside with slow internet 🙂 Nice of the guy to give you a heads up on the potential noise, and then the invite. I always appreciate it when folks are considerate like that. And then it’s even better when they’re not loud :-)))) Love seeing the pups at play – ’tis a grand life for these lucky dogs.

  34. Ron in Tx says:

    Lost my lab this morning we had been together 15 years
    I have been shot ,shrapnel threw my legs, 5 broke ribs and a dislocated shoulder, a thumb blown off .
    I never cried
    I cried today
    RIP Magoo
    You will be missed buddy

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      I’m so sorry your heart is broken. Thank you, Magoo, for loving Ron all those years.

    • weather says:

      What a heart ache you’re going through ,Ron, I feel for you and am sorry for your loss and hurt. Magoo had 15 years of being loved by you, and you by him, it’s no wonder that you cried. I’m glad you told us and hope that you’ll stay in touch here whenever you feel like it, about anything. Take good care of yourself, I’m sure you always did that for him.

    • Elizabeth in WA says:

      Oh so sorry, Ron!! Dogs can often be our very best of companions and friends!! Hubby and I and our daughter still missing our darling dog we lost now over 5 years ago!! Some we never quit missing…and as my hubby said, “Well, why not, she was better to us than most humans!!” Tis a good thing to grieve such a loss!! Take care!!

    • Mick'nTN says:

      Very sorry for your loss, Ron. RIP Magoo

    • Sharon. From mn. says:

      Ron from tx. Sorry for your loss.i know it will be lonely without your side kick.

    • Sealarkesmiles says:

      So, sorry for your loss Ron. I feel your pain and I do believe that our loving companions really never leave us. I believe they continue their ‘job’ of protecting us from their new home and their love for us never goes away. RIP Magoo.

    • Karen LeMoine says:

      Ron he took all your love and wonderful memories with him.

    • Karen LeMoine says:

      Ron he took all your love and wonderful memories with him. He’s just in a different dimension. You will see him again.

    • Renee Galligher - Idaho says:

      Ron, I’m sorry over the loss of your beloved companion, Magoo. We’ve lost four faithful companions to date and I know we will lose more. We’ve never quite gotten over their loss, but having two with us now helps to ease the pain, especially when they give us joy. We have a rat terrier, Mica, and her “sister”, Maggie, a big black lab and full of life. They are both full of life. Last year, we almost lost our Maggie to HAA – Hemolyptic Auto-Immune Anemia. It is most often fatal, but with a quick thinking vet, she has rebounded and is healthier than before. We know that she can rebound, so we enjoy every single day with her giving her kisses and lots of love.

    • Denise - Richmond VA says:

      So sorry for your loss, Ron.

    • Chris(MN) says:

      So sorry to hear of the loss of your beloved Magoo.

    • Kay from KC! says:

      Ron, I’m so sorry about your Magoo! It’s so hard to lose a precious friend.

      Kay from Kansas City!

    • Fuji-maru says:

      I am sorry for your loss.

      RIP Magoo is now in heaven with God where beings live forever happily. and I’m sure your Magoo is looking proudly down at you.

      May God bless you and your family during this time and always,

    • Sidewinder Pen says:

      Aww, Ron – so sorry to hear about your beloved pup. I’m sure Magoo had a wonderful life as your buddy – and knew it. Will be thinking of you.

    • JazzLoverWMa says:

      Ron, I’m sorry for the pain you are feeling for the loss of your dear Magoo. When animals come into our lives they grab a piece of our hearts and when they leave us, they take that piece with them. I always believed that my beloved “kids” that went before me are running with the four legged angels up above waiting for me. May your many beautiful memories of your time with Magoo give you peace.

  35. wkay says:

    I’m curious, about your encounter with the gentleman that invited you to the BBQ. Do you normally retreat to your camper when meeting strangers? I have never heard you speak about the concerns a lone woman faces as a full timer. Are there other precautions that you take for safety or was this time just a gut feeling?
    Maybe you could do a post on this subject. It would be a good reference for those of us single women looking forward to full-timing.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, wkay,

      No, I don’t “normally retreat when meeting strangers.” I retreated this time, not because I’m a woman. I retreated because I’m camped in a secluded area which is also an area where drug smugglers and illegal aliens cross into the U.S. These were the first people here in 10 days so I was cautious, as any man or woman should be in this situation.

      I haven’t done a post on what single RVing women should do to be safe because I don’t think they need to do anything other than what a single RVing man should do.

      For women looking forward to full-timing, shed the fear conditioning if you want to enjoy boondocking, otherwise keep to RV parks and hosted campgrounds

      LATER…. I’m sorry you found the above reply hurtful. It wasn’t intended that way. I stated my reasoning for not doing a post about how women can protect themselves. I’ve fought against the tyranny of fear, in small ways, throughout my blog.

      Maybe you thought the last sentence was directed at you in a criticism? Read the first part “For women looking forward to full-timing” — That’s a general statement directed at women in general. I often use my replies as an opportunity to address the larger audience.

      • Sealarkesmiles says:

        Sue, if you don’t mind me saying “Amen, to that”. I have heard too many single women RV’ers boast online of the guns they pack for protection. #1. I wouldn’t be making it public knowledge if I have or had one and #2. I do hope for everyone’s sake they know how the heck to use it properly and soberly. No offense intended to anyone. That’s just the way I feel.

      • Linda southern MN says:

        Well said RVSue!

      • wildflower in prescott says:

        Thank you ,Sue!

        My first line of defence is my brain, my second are my two yappy dogs, and I don’t talk about my third. I refuse to live in fear. Living in fear is not freedom.

      • Sidewinder Pen says:

        I like your comment here, Sue.

        • rvsueandcrew says:

          Thanks, Pen, for what you wrote on my behalf. I appreciate it very much. I deleted that comment and therefore your response was deleted also.

          • Sidewinder Pen says:

            Good morning, Sue. I hope your Internet is going along a bit better today. So frustrating when it is slow! Thanks for the note – understood.

  36. theboondork says:

    I’m in Quartzsite and I’m using my Verizon phone as a hotspot for my laptop, and for the last few days Internet has been slow as I’ve ever seen it. But I woke up this morning and everything was fine, so I hope yours has improved to.


    • Linda southern MN says:

      Anyone still in Quartzite, I saw a posting on one of my Facebook posts about a camper that lost their cat last Friday night in the Dome Rock area. Please keep your eye out for him. Photo looks like a dilute tiger. Hope he is found soon. Thanks!

  37. Sharon. From mn. says:

    I squinted real hard to find jackrabbit if you look real hard half way down on left side if picture…lol

  38. Deb D says:

    So sorry Ron to hear of your loss. I got Ebony from a rescue after my husband passed
    Away. She’s a Black Lab and such good company. She loves to go on walks but
    Has a stubborn streak at times. Looking forward to camping with her this spring.
    I found a nice C motorhome last fall. Hoping she enjoys it as much as Sue’s pups.
    Pa got hit with 30 inches of snow last weekend. Hoping it melts quickly.
    Sue , really enjoy your blog and reading everyone comments. As a single senior
    I am nervous but anxious to travel again. Keep up the good work.

    • Sealarkesmiles says:

      Hi Deb D! My family, all in PA, got the 30″ of snow that you did. They don’t like me right now being in a no snow zone. Praying for it melting quickly for you and your traveling again with your Lab. Dogs adjust. If you are happy and well adjusted then they will be too. They take your lead or at least that is what I have found.

      • Deb D says:

        Thanks. She is a great girl. Sleeping beside me and
        Snoring the snow play wore her out ! She likes to be
        Where I am. It’s already melting good here. Grandkids
        Had two snow days. Hopefully no more like that one.

  39. Hi Sue, how’s the weather, I checked you weather bar and I bet it feels warmer than the temperature states. This weekend when I was out along the coast in my (sorry all) convertible, I felt the sun on my face and I could have sworn it was 75 degrees. I looked at the temperature gauge and it said 64 degrees. Well, I guess that was in the shade…I had no shade, just clear blue skies and the Pacific Ocean with big swells on my right and the Bolsa Chica Wetlands on the left. What a beautiful picture of pure bliss it was…Man, I cannot believe I live in such a beautiful place with such perfect weather and a perfect car to be in. Sorry if I am bragging, believe me I am very grateful. I wish I could put all the blogorinos in the car with me and take you along…

    Have a good night Sue, I will be having coffee with you in the morning and maybe we can have toast with peanut butter…just a little…one slice to dunk in the coffee?

    • Val R. Lakefield, Ontario says:

      Shirline, the picture you paint makes me wish you could take us all along.
      It sounds just beautiful and I would to see CA.

  40. Fuji-maru says:

    Hi, RVSue,
    I don’t intend to Hijack your blog!!! 🙂
    Have a good evening!

  41. Val R. Lakefield, Ontario says:

    Sue just the start of your blog made me laugh…(carried off by Javelinas) funny!
    Reggies tail was the first thing I noticed in the picture….sticking up so straight.
    He is so cute. Now I have to go back, I missed the rabbit.

  42. Lisa and her pack in SoFl (for now) says:

    hI EVERYBODY. Oooops, sorry caps were locked, lol…. Ginger, I think you mayfind your health improving greatly once you have your valve repaired. Proper circulation and with it increased O2 will help your kidney and liver function. You and your team are in my prayers.

    Ron, So sorry about losing your Magoo. It is a hard truth that their lives are short, I am sure you gave your dog a great one.

    I was glad to see others searched for that jackrabbit, I thought I needed to get new glasses!Stay comfortable and safe everyone.

  43. DesertGinger says:

    Well, not a piece of cake, but over! They decided to keep e over night to watch me to be cautious, but I did it! Now I’m thinking I can kick some heart surgery butt!

    No info on test results. I assume I will see my doc today and find out first hand how my heart looks. I know it was long. I went under about 5:30 and awoke in recovery about 9ish. So they were in there 3 hours or so. Maybe I got really lucky and they were able to do something that helped me?!

    Someone just came for blood work. More later.

    • Lois (AZ) says:

      Desert Ginger: Keep the positive outlook…medical these days can do wonders. Thinking of you and all the future holds.

    • weather says:

      That’s wonderful news, Ginger! Thank you for letting us know as soon as you could. I (and I’m sure lots of others) kept checking in hoping to hear from you. Such a relief and great to see you here ,not just alright, but hopeful 🙂 !!!

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      HOORAY!!! Good morning, Ginger! You did it! When the crew wakes up, we will do a happy dance to celebrate. 🙂

      Thank you for the speedy update.

    • Chris(MN) says:

      I know that everyone is happy to hear from you! Yea, Ginger!

    • Sidewinder Pen says:

      Go you! So nice to see your note as I look in this morning. I hope you get lots of info later today.

    • Mick'nTN says:

      Prayers for you, DeGin.

      • Cinandjules (NY) says:

        See! You are a trooper!

        I admit I checked in all day and all last night. You were on my mind. I went to sleep thinking…come on DeGin!

        Overnight is good! Haven’t looked at the new post yet..hopefully there is an update and you got sprung

  44. Renee Galligher - Idaho says:

    I’ve looked several times for that wascally wabbit! I give up.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      I’m sorry, Renee, for the confusion. There’s no rabbit photo. I put that grass and rocks photo there without realizing readers would think it’s a photo of the rabbit. I was unable to catch the rabbit due to poor lighting and bushes in the way.

      • Renee Galligher - Idaho says:

        Whew! Thank you. That’s what I thought, but then I read several responses that seemed to indicate there was indeed a rabbit in that photo. I can rest easy now.

  45. Terri From Texas says:

    Great to “hear” from you, Desert Ginger! Keep up your good spirits and you will beat this!

  46. John Lowe says:


    I know that you’ve been doing this awhile and I check in on you every now and then for a chuckle. Please be careful with those puppies. Those coyotes are relentless.
    John L.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      I appreciate the reminder, John. It’s easy to become lax. I hope you find the chuckles you’re looking for when you come here!

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