East Davis Lake Campground — a gem in the southern Cascade region

Meeting fellow campers . . .

P1050055The crew and I walk the loop at East Davis Lake Campground, located in central Oregon at the southern end of the Cascade Range.  As we pass a campsite occupied by a young family with a new Nash trailer, the man approaches and we exchange hellos.

P1050049 - CopyI explain that I’m scoping out sites, looking for the best one to occupy after everyone leaves.  The man’s name is Dan.

“If you want that site across from us, the guy is going to be back to move his boat out of there.  We’ll be leaving soon ourselves.  We’ve been here a week already.  I love this place.  Come up here every year.”

Note:  A reader identifies the duck as a Barrow’s Goldeneye.  Click link to read about them and to hear the sound of the male.

P1050052 - CopyI admire his new travel trailer.

“Up until this year we had a tent.  Sometimes we’d wake up to snow.  It’s been really nice this year.”

“How’s the fishing been?”

“Real slow.  But that doesn’t matter,” he replies, looking around at the scenery.  Again he says, “I love it here.”

P1050019 - CopyLater I meet his wife Crystal. 

She asks about my way of life and then, apologizing for her directness, inquires how much I spend in a year.  I tell her $13,000-$14,000.  “And that’s living how I want to,” I add happily, giving her a few details.  I suggest she read my blog to learn more.

P1050051 - CopyWhile the Best Little Trailer and Perfect Tow Vehicle sit in a pull-through site before we choose where we will settle, I look over at the next site.

A man is puttering around his Casita.

He looks up, smiles broadly, and rushes over.

P1050046 - Copy“Are you RVSue?” he asks.  “I’m Ed.  I commented on your blog a few times.”

He elaborates until I remember which Ed he is.

“I remember you,” I remark.  “You were in Utah at the same time we were.”

We share a hug and laugh.

He and his wife Lorraine live in Oregon and camp in the Spirit model of Casita.

P1050072The Spirit has a side dinette.

This puts the kitchen entirely on the door side and the biggest window in the middle, rather than at the back like the Liberty (the BLT).

I meet Lorraine, tall and slim like her husband.  Reggie and Bridget meet their schnauzer.  We all enjoy two brief visits.

P1050024 - CopyOur second chat occurs shortly before Ed and Lorraine leave the campground.

They’re taking Route 97 to a campground north of here.  Then they plan to return to East Davis Lake Campground to meet up with friends.

“It’s only a four-hour drive,” Ed says in his usual ebullient manner.  “We’ll go up, come back, maybe you’ll still be here?”

“I don’t know.  I never know what I’m going to do,” I reply, smiling with a shrug.

I notice they’ve put a solar panel on the roof of their Casita.

P1050069 - CopyP1050070-001 - Copy

That’s tricky to do because of the curves of the Casita.

Ed explains how he did it, something about 3M tape and angled washers.  The panel is 120 watts, can be tilted, and is sufficient for their needs as part-time campers.

“Here, let me show you what I did for the battery.” 

Ed opens up the house battery compartment and pulls forward his Lifetime AGM 12-volt battery.

“I made this tray for it that slides out.”

P1050071 - CopyIn the course of our chats I learn the Ed and Lorraine will spend two weeks in Iceland this summer.

“Iceland!” I exclaim.  “Wow!  How exciting!  Gee, I’m thrilled to be in Oregon.”

This gets a laugh.

Ed explains that they will stay in a house in Reykjavik.

At the same time the owners of the house will come to Oregon and stay in theirs.  This arrangement came about through an organization called Homeshare.  (I want to post a link, but there are several organizations with similar names and I’m not sure which is the correct one.)

P1050048-001“Do you mind if I write about your plans?  This might be something some of my readers would be interested in.  You know, not everyone can RV or even wants to RV.  This is a way to travel to new places . . . . ”

It’s time for Ed and Lorraine to hit the road. 

We trade goodbyes, not knowing if we will see each other again when they return in a few days.

I wish them safe travel and away they go!

P1050073 - CopyAnother Casita and a small Airstream pull in for an overnight.

They seem to be traveling together.

P1050068 After they leave in the morning,  a truck camper settles into the site beside us. 

Their big retriever playing in the creek has Reggie throwing a barking fit.  I put Reggie inside the BLT until he calms down.  We repeat this scenario until Reggie finally understands, although I have no confidence that he’ll remember!

P1050053This morning the campground is empty except for us and the couple and the retriever with the truck camper.  

The songbirds, water birds, and ducks are in abundance along the creek flowing by our campsite.  A pair of mallards dips for their breakfast, butt-end up.  This one suns himself alone.

P1050047 - CopyI haven’t identified the strange bird call yet.  Whoever it is has a lot to say!




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186 Responses to East Davis Lake Campground — a gem in the southern Cascade region

  1. Casitagirl from NY says:

    Wow, could I be first, and I even read the whole post already!

    • Casitagirl from NY says:

      p.s. Your swimming duck looks like a female Barrow’s Goldeneye (to me!)

    • rvsueandcrew says:


      I checked the “All About Birds” site (Cornell Lab of Ornithology) and I agree. It looks like a Barrow’s Goldeneye rather than the similar Common Goldeneye. I added the identification with a link in the text of this post. Thank you!

  2. Deb D says:

    Looks like a beautiful place to camp for a week or so. Oregon is so green.
    Good to visit with many good folks too! Enjoy and thank you ! I am along
    For the ride.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      And I enjoy having you travel with us, Deb! When do you pick up your new rig or have you already?

  3. Marcia GB in MA says:

    I love this post, especially the photo of Reggie and Bridget headed for the creek on their leashes. It’s really sweet and emphasizes the difference in their sizes. For some reason, it reminds me of Winnie the Pooh.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Marcia,

      I love that you “love this post.” Bridget as Winnie and Reggie as the little sidekick, don’t remember his name…

      • BadgerRickInWis says:

        I think you mean Piglet.

        I like the analogy, she could write a book “The Tao Of Bridge”

        • BadgerRickInWis says:

          Just a sample quote from the book:

          “When you wake up in the morning, Bridget,” said Reggie at last, “what’s the first thing you say to yourself?”
          “What’s for breakfast? said Bridget. “What do you say, Reggie?”
          “I say, I wonder what’s going to happen exciting today?” said Reggie.
          Bridget nodded thoughtfully.
          “It’s the same thing,” she said.

        • rvsueandcrew says:

          You’re really into the crew tonight, Rick.

          • BadgerRickInWis says:

            I hope you got my reference to the book “The Tao of Pooh” by Benjamin Hoff.
            (insert appropriate RVSue amazon link here 🙂 ) –– Done! –Sue

            One of my all time favorite books about the wisdom of one of the worlds great philosophers. Super quick read and the world would be a better place if everyone read it and lived it.

            • rvsueandcrew says:

              No, I didn’t get your reference. I’ll make the title one of my Amazon links.

            • BadgerRickInWis says:

              Thanks, and while the quote is perfect for your crew I can’t take credit for it. It’s from a Pooh / Piglet conversation and I just changed the names.

              But it does show the deep wisdom of HRH. 🙂

            • Pat in Rochester says:

              It’s on my nightstand!

  4. Nice to see so many Casitas out and about in one campground! My Casita was an SD, Spirit Deluxe and it was perfect for me!
    This campground is so nice! Love all the tall trees and having water nearby is just a big plus.
    Reggie sounds a lot like DoogieBowser. Doogie barks all the time, at motorcycles especially, but other dogs, people walking by etc etc. Radar is the quiet one, but sometimes he reacts to Doogie’s barking and joins in!
    Sounds like you have some nice campers in this campground to be neighbors with! Enjoy!

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Geri,

      Yes, I’ve seen more Casitas here than in the last 20 camps. Another one is here now.

      Reggie doesn’t bark a lot, mostly because we keep to ourselves. When we meet new people or large dogs, he goes crazy like they’re a threat. I’m trying very hard to teach him not to do that!

  5. Cynthia from San Clemente, CA says:

    Fifth. Darn!!

  6. weather says:

    People really love Casitas ,though I think,of course,you make the best use of one.Home sharing is growing in popularity.A few folks I know have participated in various ways,they seemed happy afterwards.I couldn’t consider it because my troupe and I are a unit,but it’s a great way to see places for people without pets.That campground seems to have as much activity as a village,yet with new faces each day.Nicer than having some one you wish weren’t there stay,like some homes you had before the BLT,huh? 🙂 I wonder if Reggie likes or feels threatened by large dogs.Does he seem excited or upset when he barks at them?It’s funny hearing a bird so unfamiliar,isn’t it?The “ones” I thought were arguing about how to fix up their nest a while back turned out to be a single mocking bird speaking in different voices,silly me.I hope you figure out your mystery bird’s identity so I can hear it on Cornell’s website,I love those links!

    • Toni says:

      This was the premise of the movie “The Holiday”. One of my favorites.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, weather,

      Reggie does feel threatened by large dogs. The hair on his back goes straight up and he stands on his back legs while barking, trying to look bigger than he is. Apparently his little camo vest doesn’t impress the big dogs because they pay no attention to him. If one does come close, Reggie scoots backward. All bluff… 🙂

      I’ve tried again to connect the call with the bird with no success. It’s most vocal in the early morning. . . . Yes, I love those Cornell links, too, and it would be fun to let you hear this bird’s call.

      • weather says:

        Reggie looking big -oh my,he must appear fierce!Well,maybe to whoever was in his litter that bothered him.You sound like you have a plan beginning to work to curtail that,cool,never know when a pup might pull that with the wrong opponent.For whatever reason my pups will stop growling barking being ready to fight if I step close and say”Hey!”,pointing to sit or come”I got this!”and step between them if necessary to prove it. Guess they are relieved the pack leader’s in charge so stop feeling threatened and aren’t embarrassed for backing down…just something we naturally fell into one day.Whatever works for each family is good,I’d guess plenty of us have had to break up a real dogfight,never a pleasant experience or feelings for all involved.I’m really glad you are preventing that early,you’re a great mom 🙂

        • rvsueandcrew says:

          Thanks, weather. What makes Reggie difficult to train is he becomes so frenzied that he’s unaware of what I’m doing or saying. That’s why the only thing that seemed to get through to him was putting him inside the BLT all by himself with the door shut. Finally he realized the “threat” was gone and “Hey, what am I doing in here?”

          • weather says:

            Neat that you found a way to let him calm down enough to get a grip on himself!My little guy, also for a while when he came here, would react in a frenzied way when he felt threatened .It took time for him to learn fear was no longer necessary if I was nearby.Self preservation is a healthy reaction, I know Reggie will adapt as he responds to being loved by and safe with you.You are great at and experienced in making life home and good for you and your crew.

            • rvsueandcrew says:

              Your reply gives me hope that he will settle down and not react that way. He is much calmer when he wakes up. During the first days, whenever he woke up in the night or morning, he’d jump all over my head and plaster me with kisses and nuzzles. Now he wakes up slowly, soft nuzzles, a few licks, cute and precious!

            • weather says:

              Aw-w-w happy sigh

          • BadgerRickInWis says:

            He sounds SO much like Dexter. 9 pounds, but she tries to act so fierce when she feels threatened I worry about her.

            And like Reggie she’s a rescue so it’s anyone’s guess what puppyhood was like. But in certain situations she gets so out of control that she doesn’t listen. We call it “taking the bullet train to crazy town.”

            Good luck with him. I really don’t want to sound discouraging but after several classes, one on one sessions with behaviorists (read $$$) and lots of working with her she is better. But in the end we just do everything we can to keep her out of situations that cause her stress. And none of it offsets the fact that she is the most loving creature that I have ever shared my life with.

            But your situation is different. You are with him every minute of the day and you have lots of experience with dogs. I KNOW that you can get him to settle down if anyone can.

      • weather says:

        P.S.Have you tried listening to owl calls to see if that might be what you’re hearing?Some can sound “hauntingly” like a loon.

        • rvsueandcrew says:

          Hmm…. Good idea, weather.

        • Elizabeth in WA says:

          Bird calls…we tried to get all we could of the resident mockingbirds back in NC…just love how many songs they sing…and we enjoyed whistling back and forth and then they really go off!! Enjoyed these comments too, folks.

  7. PookieBoy SE Texas says:

    fixin to go to the grocery store and checked email once more and see
    you snook a post in on me….HA!

  8. Timber n' me says:

    I’m getting closer to the top of the list, # 9,,,,,,,,,,, Well it looks a idea for your battery setup Sue,,,,,,,,, The area your in looks fantastic and I’m writin’ it all down for our visit when we finally get up there in about 2 weeks. We’re going to camp at Waly mart in east Flagstaff Sunday so we can get our supplies early Monday morn and be off on our 2sd maiden journey out of AZ., hope to be in the Beatty NV area by Tuesday eve,, doin’ under 50 mph, no hurry, want to see the sites,,,, Have a great day and hug those babies for us,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,me

    • Cinandjules (NY) says:

      You’re ALWAYS at the top of the list Rusty!

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Never been to Beatty…. That’s near Death Valley. Yes, do enjoy the sights along the way!

      • Timber n' me says:

        Beatty, NV is just north of Death Valley and at a Elv. of 3’306, so it wont be hot as D. V.,,,, Funny, Sue, I just got a call from a friend telling me that there is a Mountain Man Rendezvous going on at or near Paisley, Or. , it’s put on by the 2015 Pacific Primitive National Rendezvous Corp., June 19th-27th and if you want to see what it’s all about go to: http://www.pacificprimitiverendezvous.com ,, this year they are letting in visitors in to see history,,, I might go,, just to see ol’ friends for a day and let emm know I’m still alive,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,me

        • Chas Anderson says:

          Make sure you see the beer bottle house in the Ghost town of Rhyolite south of beatty.It was in National geographic many years ago.Lasted since 1905 or so.Made of 10000 beer bottles or so when Rhyolite was a boom town.Have boondocked on dirt roads between Beatty and Death Valley.If you are not towing enter Death Valley via Titus Canyon Road which ends with the last several miles through a one way slot canyon.

          • Timber n' me says:

            Thanks for the info Chas, I saw the bottle house back in the 50s and Knots Berry Farm off of 39 in south Cal has a copy,,,,,,,,,,me

  9. Barb from Hoquiam! says:

    We just left Silver Falls Campground outside of Silverton, OR. We LOVED it! So fun!!! Over 30 Vintage Silver Streak trailers!
    Family always camped outside of Klamath Falls… It was pretty and varied weather. I am glad you are enjoying it!

    Loved the variety of what Ed’s trailer shows!
    So many options!

    Hugs from Hoquiam, trying to get caught up on laundry!

    • Hi Barb, I love Silverton, my BFF lives there. Love the whole area….especially one of the the grave yards up on the hill in Silverton…quite lovely.

      • Timber n' me says:

        Speakin’ of Fly fishin’, I have an old friend up in Trout Lake , WA. that ties Flies for a livin’ and sells sets in hand crafted wooden , glass cases. He lives just up the road from the Grange,,,,,,,,,,, me

        • 🙂 Sounds like my kind of man.

          • P.S. Hi to Timber, I love that dog! Oh you too Rusty!

          • Timber n' me says:

            I used to fly fish and deep water fish, I’m unable to fish at all, my hands wont let me.,,, When camping near a popular spots for fly fishin’ I get the enjoyment of just watchin’ one do the art,,,,,,

            • Timber n' me says:

              I havn’t been at the end of HB Pier to fish since early 70s and campin’ on Tin can beach, sometimes campin’ there , one could not differ the sound of the waves crashing or the oil pumps pumpin’ from across PCH,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, me,,,,,, Timber n’ me thanks you for your love,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

            • Oh Rusty! You are one of the few people who remember Tin Can Beach! It is all gone now and across the street is now Bolsa Chica Wetlands. They have reclaimed that property and made is a natural wet lands. Remember the Dump! It was also down there….I went there when I was a kid with my Dad. Thanks for the good memories. BTW, the pier is still there! And people still fish from it, but don’t eat the fish any longer as there is big Port traffice in them there waters…too yucky!

            • Timber n' me says:

              Shirlene/HB/CA, what does BTW mean? I know little of those short abrivs., lol, omg, is known,,,,,,, oh, Timber says hi ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, glad to bring back them memories,,,,,,,,,,, me

            • Sorry Rusty…it mean By The Way…BTW….

            • Timber n' me says:

              BTW, I went to your web site and when I get back to my mailin’ address, I’ like to order a custom optic cloth, my reminder is marked .,,,,,,,,,, me

            • Hi Rusty, tell me what you want and I will send it to you….free of charge…

    • Dawn from Camano Island says:

      Barb, did you get a chance to see downtown Silverton? It’s such a nice little town. My paternal grandfather worked on trails & building the lodge up at Silver Creek Falls during the Depression. My cousin Steve found a rock my grandpa had carved his name in behind one of the falls. Can’t wait to get back there in July–so glad you enjoyed the park!

      • Barb from Hoquiam! says:

        Yes we enjoyed the area a lot! Silverton is a great little town. They have used their resources well there! A bunch of us all had dinner at Mac’s (great!) and lots of fun!!!
        B 🙂

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Barb,

      I’m glad you had a great time!

      NOTE: For those of us not familiar with Silver Falls State Park (I assume that’s what Barb is talking about), it is located about 20 miles southeast of Salem in the northwest corner of Oregon. The town of Silverton is about 10 miles east of Salem.

      • Barb from Hoquiam! says:

        Oh Sue, I should have been more precise! Thank you! I would bet it isn’t your favorite sort of place, too close for comfort–but it was sure pretty. We went over to the Oregon Garden for part of the day which was nice. The waterfalls were lovely but the overflow of peoples was icky!!! WOW they were everywhere.

        Hugs from Hoquiam,

        • rvsueandcrew says:

          The important thing is YOU had a good time and I’m happy about that because you’ve been very busy lately and deserved a fun getaway!

          • Barb from Hoquiam! says:

            Whew! I am packing the old girl (Moosee the Silver Streak) up again for Granny Time. My tablet time will be limited, but hey SUE, if you are around the Orting area, wave as ya go by!!! 😛 Next couple of months will be interesting. LOL

            Hugs from Hoquiam,

        • Timber n' me says:

          Barb, have you ever been to Vail falls just east of Trout Dale OR. on the beginning of the Columbia Gorge? I’ve seen them frozen, beautiful they are.,,,,,,,,,,,,, me

          • Barb from Hoquiam! says:

            YEP Rusty! I love to Columbia Gorge, although Bridge of the Gods with a trailer in tow is not my idea of fun 🙁 NERVE WRACKING!


            • Timber n' me says:

              Talk ’bout nerves on a bridge , settin’ on the Hood River Bridge while the center is rising for a Barge really puts one on the edge, it rocks up and down and side to side, even when a Log Truck loaded is on it with everyone else , I go down and cross at the Dalles, it’s strong, me

        • Hi Barb, my BFF lives about 2 miles away from the Oregon Garden, it sure is a tourist trap….Not a lot of boondocking in the area, but I do remember the RV park in town, I made a mental note when we went by…but since my friend has 10 aches of land, she said I am welcome on her land and driveway anytime…So when I have my motorhome, we plan on spending at least two months on the farm and general area.

          • Barb from Hoquiam! says:

            Oh yes, the Oregon Garden is very ‘Disney like’ but that is OK. It was a fun place to go. My husband enjoyed the Frank Lloyd Wright House… Not my fave… but I liked the flowers. I also like the fact that the community and the garden have worked together well. They have a real connection there.

  10. He he he, I made it over with plenty of time to spare. I am so glad we stayed….. 🙂

    Hi Weather, i think that mocking birds have 277 different calls they can copy…quite a vocabulary… I was just listening to one the other day, it was beautiful but who knows if it was him or something he copied.. I hope you are continuing your search for the perfect home on the road for your “unit”. Like you said, the journey to your dream should be fun! 🙂

    • weather says:

      Luvin’ the search 🙂 !!!

      • A gal in Maple Valley, WA says:

        Hi weather,

        Saw your query on the last post. I hope you won’t mind me piping in. Look up gulfstream + sun deck. Perhaps you could modify your rig that way. Not sure which Jeep you have or budget for your future home, but another way to go is a toy hauler that would fit your Jeep inside and custom design the living area to fit your lifestyle. While the ‘toy’ section usually is sealed off (fumes, vapors) it could be used as a back deck and the Jeep could be the troupe’s den when the back is shut. But that’s really silly because you’d have to get a separate tow vehicle. And that’s a lot of trailer. Gee,if they only made a motorhome/toy hauler…. Or a motor home with a separating vehicle. Anyways….your idea of a adding a deck sounds great. Your creativity will serve you well; probably always has. You will come up with something amazing. Your ideas got my cogs turning and I just wanted to pitch in.

        M.V. gal, at your service.

        • weather says:

          Fun to have the cogs turning about this kind of thing isn’t it?I looked at the gulfstream with sundeck.Good concept,I hope they do well with it.I’d have reservations about the weight of a deck being attached to an rv as it would put stress on the whole structure so perhaps eventually their sliding door won’t slide and leaks will develop in the surrounding areas as they do with a lot of slide outs,I think.Nice for folks to be able to have a deck come as part of the package though.Rather than have one hanging from the side ,I prefer the simplicity and look of placing one “locked wheels on ground” to use- for far less $upfront/ongoing.Cost consideration is part of my keeping my Wrangler as a toad.I won’t stress it by using it to tow, so with simple maintenance it will last a long time.I see your point about a toy hauler being customizable,you’re right-there’s no point in my buying a tow vehicle when I want the troupe to ride in the comfort of home(our den) as we travel.One purchase,of a reasonably priced small class c,is enough for a home to travel and live in,then and afterwards- if I feel like settling somewhere for any reason ,to my way of thinking.A bit of long term planning ,thought and frugality initially as embarking on a new endeavor and chapter in my life may prevent “painting myself into a corner” instead of keeping the gate to freedom open…

          “At your service” made me grin 🙂

          • A gal in Maple Valley, WA says:

            The weight thing concerned me, too. Was thinking of a waterproofed sheet of plywood that folded down like a murphy bed with legs. But your further description to Sue, below, seems very do-able and quite practical.

            I am having trouble with designing an easily detachable, ESCAPE proof, outside cattery that can be accessed through the passenger’s door window. If you (or any Blogerinos) come up with any suggestions, I’d be most appreciative.
            Oh, and ideas for a cat walk and perch attached to the ceiling.

            MV gal

            • weather says:

              Actually,Amazon has tube and tent like cat pens/carriers/shaded hammocks,etc. in several shapes and sizes. I’d looked at some to bring kitty with in the jeep once.Suspending those from a ceiling or window frame might be easily done with strong clips so you wouldn’t damage or allow leaks to begin the way using screws would.Might be fun for you to click on Sue’s link and look around,picture what you can come up with that way.

            • weather says:

              P.S.If you decide to try that ,use outdoor feline fun run,Abo gear fun house in their search box for a place to begin.-those were names I found on my wish list for when I’m ready to hit the road.

            • A gal in Maple Valley, WA says:

              Thanks, weather!
              I’ve been looking at those for awhile myself. They may be a big part of my contraption.

        • Timber n' me says:

          MV GAL, Rusty here,,, They do make and sell for a price but the motor home ,( Class A and C), It has a back door that is a ramp and just enough room for a small car. the Garage on some models even has a closed in bedroom. Saw 2 parked at Petro truck stop the first week of May,,,,,,, One had a small 2 seated diesel car that gets 40 mpg and the other one had 2 Rhino’s,,,,,, The Rigs are Fantastic,,,,,,,,,, me

          • Timber n' me says:

            Oh, one of them, the bedroom was a loft over the garage. I guess they were dealers or just transporting them, But I got a brochure from one of the fellows, ,,,,,,,, If I could afford one and the cost of ownin’ , runnin’ one I’d get it in a flat minute,,,,,,,,,,,,, me

            • A gal in Maple Valley, WA says:

              Hi Rusty,

              I was pretty sure I saw a motorhome with rear gate somewhere….or just in my mind. 🙂 Once, I tried to design a drive-thru (side to side) rig. Had in mind an electric SmartCar that would charge off the solar on the rig. Use the area above the car for a bunk. Alas, the car was just a foot or two too long. 🙁 It’s fun thinkin’ up stuff, isn’t it?

              Rusty, what are your plans for when your ‘gal’ finally has to go up to the recycler in the sky? Will you try to transfer your new house to another truck or try something different? Have been thinking of you and hope you could start a fund (kickstarter or ?) to be ready when you have to let her go when parts can no longer be found.

              M.V. gal

              WOOF to Timber!

            • Timber n' me says:

              Well MV Gal, My ol’ gal is 40 years young and as long as there are Hot rods and trucks of 75 and lower I’ll still be able to get the parts, + I have a MACK catalogue for Ford truck parts and the last time I talked to them, this year, they assured me that my baby will run another 40 years, like me, I’m 66 soon and I’ve got another 40 to go, unless God takes me early,,,,,,,,,, me,,,,,,,,,,,, Timber says Ahooool back at cha,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  11. John & BJ says:

    I fell in love with the Cascade Lakes area when we were there last year. Lots of interesting little lakes and campgrounds along the east side of the Cascades. Glad you’re getting some sunshine to showcase the mountains!

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Thanks, John & BJ. The weather has been perfect the past few days. Blue sky today with lots of fluffy cumulus.

  12. AZ Jim says:

    So you met a fellow blog member here. Great! See, you are a social butterfly on occasion Missy. I know, I know, you pick the time. But you have to face up that fame has it’s drawbacks (I don’t mean this visit with ED and Lorraine). You love this blog and we all do too so never consider taking it away from us under any circumstance other than the one we all ultimately face. I am saving pics and switching wallpaper on two computers (mine and Detta’s) so often it’s amazing. Seems every week we switch. Well it’s time for me to shut up and let you enjoy what I miss so much. Adios ….

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Jim,

      Ha! Two brief visits does not a social butterfly make! 🙂 I’m flattered that you like my photos enough to put them on your computers. Hi to Detta!

  13. Lynn Brooks says:

    Love it!

  14. You didn’t say where the strange bird call was coming from. A bird that has so much say, his nickname is the Preacher Bird, is the red-eyed vireo. Hear him here: http://www.allaboutbirds.org/guide/Red-eyed_Vireo/sounds

    If you have a smart phone or pad, you can buy apps that substitute for bird guides and also have the sounds of the birds. AND you can carry them plus the field guides for flowers, trees, fish, etc, etc. all in your pocket. Audubon even has a set of field guides for a mix of things – one book per state that you can get as a series of apps.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Marilyn,

      Nope, it’s not the red-eyed vireo. The call is entirely different, deeper, fuller, with a slight haunting tone, closer to a loon than a little songbird. I could be way off. Maybe it’s a frog! Ha!

      I haven’t put any apps on my new phone yet. I would like to put the field guide apps on it, campground apps, and such. I’m holding off on that because my data usage is high this month. I’ll probably be slapped with an overage charge by Verizon.

      • Diann in MT says:

        Maybe listen to the Night Heron call on the Audubon or Cornell sites. Habitat is marsh and they have an unexpected deep call.

        Enjoying what everyone is contributing here.

  15. Velda in Roseville Ca says:

    Sue I accidentally put this on yesterday’s so am copying it here,to be sure it’s seen.

    I have a specific request, if it’s ok Sue. This is about the robo calls and phone scams bugging us all. We are in communication directly with several staffers at the US Congress who are working on preparing information for the Senator from Maine who is running a committe meeting 10 June to find ways to stop robo calls and other phone scams that are ringing our phones from early morning until night. We got involved when my hubby answered a letter from Consumer Union, the people who publish Consumer Reports. They called saying his story was compelling, would he be willing to talk to Congressional staffers they were working with, and we said yes. I have the opportunity to send your summaries of your experience and ours directly to the staffers working on the data. I am taking a chance here that no one will abuse the privilege but if you don’t want to send a quick summary here, you can find me on Facebook and PM me, or email me at my last name of Solomon at my provider Surewest dot net not com. Sorry to make that difficult but I don’t want it “harvested” here if I can help it. Put in the subject Blogerino reporting on robo calls or similar. We will combine all we get and forward it to our contact. We will use your initials and need your state where calls were received. Here is a real opportunity to be heard. Try to keep your story short and concise. They want to know how many calls you get that are scams either robo or a real person, where they seem to come from, how you responded and if you asked to be removed as well as if you are on DO NOT Call and for how long your number has been there. Not just ” I get calls a lot and hate them” but details for the Senator from Maine to quote in detail or summary. Thanks everyone.

    • Timber n' me says:

      I get a call at least twice a month from 2 Scammers, #1 tells me I won a trip to the Bahamas’, I hang up,# 2 tells me a bout my Credit Balance, before they get on a roll, I hang up and report the numbers.,,,,,,,,# 1 I’m not leavin’ the western states and my Credit Union in Beaverton wont call me and I report the Scammers to them.,,,,,,,,,, me

      • Sidewinder Pen says:

        This is a bit more passive, but easy: I have a contact I call “Spam” and after I get one of these calls, I just add that number to the contact in my phone. At least if they call back, I know it’s Spam and just ignore it (because “Spam” shows up on the screen).

        It also works for wrong numbers that aren’t malicious (but they seem to call back oftentimes).

        Not solving it at the root, I realize.

        • Sidewinder Pen says:

          PS: Although now that I think about it, I bet I can just block certain numbers on the smart phone. I’m used to a “dumb” flip phone, and that was the only way to get ‘er done.

          So modern people can probably just never mind 😀

          • Timber n' me says:

            Pen, The numbers that call me are different, cause I make note of them,,,,,,,,,, me

    • Monica-CA says:

      I never answer the calls from phone numbers that I don’t know. Only a few recognizable numbers, family members, get pick up before going into the answering machine.

  16. Cinandjules (NY) says:

    Calendar or post card quality photos of the amazing places you find! OMG woman!

    The first photo posted is seriously ……….truly magnificent!

    Nice visit with Ed and Lorraine….I think everyone’s rig is interesting in their own way…whether it’s their ideas or ideas that may evolve.

    Did Reg Man want to play or was he being a protector dog?

    Enjoy your day!

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Cinandjules,

      Thanks re the photos. Pretty easy to take postcard photos when photographing postcard scenes. (Say that 5 times fast.)

      Reggie Man is being a protector with a little bit of I’m-scared-so-I’d-better-act-tough thrown in…. He wants to play with little dogs. Any dog bigger than him is a threat. *sigh*

  17. Ed@ Chasing Sunrises and Sunsets says:

    Hey there Sue! You KNOW you can never have enough “Eds” in your life. 🙂

    We’ve had some pleasant happenings here such that we’re accelerating our Great Escape. I have chronicled it in my latest blog post if you or anyone has an interest.

    I’m loving your latest campsite. Do you think that creek is worthy of some kayaking? I know it flows into the reservoir, but I like creeks and slow moving rivers.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Ed,

      I don’t think Odell Creek — at least from here southward — is good for kayaking. There are a lot of logjams.

      Maybe Bill & Ann, who comment here and are Oregon residents, will give you some suggestions. We kayaked the Williamson River south of here one year and it’s a slow-moving river. The section we kayaked goes through high cliffs. Very pretty. Google “RVSue + Williamson” and you’ll see the pics.

      BTW, I clicked you name but the link didn’t work.

  18. kgdan says:

    That’s quite a few Casitas passing through. We are busy spiffing ours up to sell. This week we took off the old, faded decals & put fresh new ones on. We replaced some rivets that had loosened. Thoroughly vacuumed & scrubbed. Put the dinette in the rear back in place (we had always had the bed made out). Very hard to part with our Casita but reality tells us it’s the right thing to do. It has accompanied us for many, many miles and still is a great RV. Just wish that perfect new trailer would pop up.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Do you have a particular trailer in mind that would be “perfect?” If not, feel free to describe what length and features you want and I’m sure you’ll receive some suggestions from blogorinos.

      • kgdan from WA says:

        Our “dream” trailer is a 22′ pre-owned Forest River Rockwood with a slide that holds a sofa. We see several on RV Trader but mostly they are on the other side of the country. Meanwhile we keep looking; also keeping an open mind about similar trailers.

        • A gal in Maple Valley, WA says:

          Perhaps Cinandjules could bring one with them when they pick up their Escape. HaHa 🙂

  19. DeAnne in TN says:

    Woo hoo–scored in the top 50! School is out and we all survived testing, testing and the last days of school. Oregon has always been on my bucket list–could probably spend months just poking around there! Hello to all blogorinos–hugs to you Sue and crew!

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Welcome back, DeAnne and congratulations on surviving another school year! It’s great to see you here. Hugs to you!

  20. Glenda in OZ! says:

    Oh My Gosh………….Oregon is just beautiful…………..speechless! That’s all I have to say!

  21. Piper says:

    I enjoy your blog so much! My husband and I are still trying to figure out how to live in a travel trailer. Until we get it going I love traveling with you. Oregon is a pretty state.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Piper,

      If you already have the travel trailer, get going and figure it out as you go along. 🙂

      Or not. Whatever’s your style…

  22. Ladybug in Mid-Tenn says:

    **waves to Ed & Lorraine**>>>>>>I’m SURE they’ll be along to keep tabs on the blog!! 😉

    **waves to Dan & Crystal**>>>>>>just in case they drop in to see what all the fun is about!!

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Crystal already commented under the previous post. 🙂

    • Ashland Ed says:

      Sorry to be so tardy with this reply but we just got back to our internet connection, we’re in the dark ages of no smartphone. I’m catching up now, thanks for the comment.

  23. Big H says:


    Sorry, I can’t help myself. I apologize in advance!

    I love the Cascades. And I especially love volcanoes, of which the Cascades have a very great many.

    Your comment:

    “The crew and I walk the loop at East Davis Lake Campground, located in central Oregon at the southern end of the Cascade Range.”

    This is just a tiny bit off. The Cascades do not end in central Oregon, but go on for some few hundreds of miles southward from there.

    Some of the most interesting mountains of the Cascade range are actually located in California. There is mighty Mt. Shasta (stratovolcano), Medicine Lake Highlands (shield volcano) and Mt. Lassen (plug dome volcano, considered to be an active volcano!), all part of the Cascade Range, and all located in California. Lassen itself is located near Red Bluff, California, just to the east of California’s great Central Valley.

    Then there is the Sutter Buttes, an extinct volcano about 50 miles north of California’s State Capitol, Sacramento. Some consider the Sutter Buttes to be the southernmost volcano of the Cascade Range.

    Anyway, Sue, thank you so very much for your blog. I read it every day, although I don’t often post. It uplifts me, and gives me hope.

    “Volcano” Anne

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Thanks for the geography and geology lesson, Anne. I looked on a map and Davis Lake is approximately in the middle… maybe just a tad south of the middle . . . a few feet maybe . . . I’m glad for my error. It brought you to the surface. 🙂

      Thank you for reading my blog faithfully.

  24. Barbara (Nashville) says:

    I agree with several of the others. Oregon is just beautiful, based on your photos, of course. Reggie must have “small dog syndrome.” I think most chi’s have it. Or as my mom used to say, little but mighty. He is just too funny.

    Oh, I just wanted to say, that if my dream ever comes to fruition, I have pretty much decided to get a Casita Independence. and I would use you as a referral in appreciation for this great blog. I like the Oliver, but I just can not justify the difference in price for what little time I might have on the road, if it even happens at all.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Barbara,

      It’s a good feeling when one makes a big decision and knows it’s right. If I were choosing a trailer today, I probably would do as you are doing. There comes a point where the added expense cannot be justified (which varies among people, of course). If I feel a functional item is too pricey, I hesitate to utilize its function to the fullest.

      Thank you for planning to mention me to Casita Travel Trailers. I’ll appreciate the $200. 🙂

  25. Jan Johnson says:

    I am LOVING these gorgeous photos! I am ready to go out there to see this beautiful area! What do you refer to in order to find camps and info about them? Is there a good book you could recommend? I’m sure a lot is on the computer, but if you don’t have internet is there a good reference to refer to?

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Jan,

      If I didn’t have internet I would rely completely on a Benchmark atlas. It has enough info to find a campground like East Davis Lake — the topography/elevation, the type of landscape (wetland, barren, agricultural, etc.), the number of campsites, the amenities (the fewer, the better!), the authority (NFS, BLM, state park), etc.

      A Benchmark atlas is my most helpful resource.

      I have friends who are Oregon residents and they helped me decide on Big River Campground and Pringle Falls Campground, as well as to understand this area. Usually I don’t have that added help. 🙂

  26. Denise - Richmond VA says:

    Good morning Sue, and fellow blogorinos!

    Hope you have a great day, with nice weather to continue to enjoy your camp. What a beautiful area!

    I have been enjoying a “stay-cation” this week, puttering around the house, tackling yardwork, reading, and just taking it easy. It is ironic…not having to go to work, I am still up early. Makes it all the sweeter to enjoy the whole day instead of sleeping it away!

    Yesterday, I laid down 16 bags of mulch on my main flowerbed. I took lots of breaks, sitting on the swing to assess my progress and enjoy a cool glass or two of water. It amazes me how much activity goes on in our yards…if we just take the time to see it. My baby Bluebirds have left their nest. A nest of Chickadees has also been vacated this week. While working in the yard since last weekend, I kept hearing more baby birds, but could not locate them. Well, yesterday I found that a Carolina Wren made a nest in one of the birdhouses by the shed! Three babies..singing for their supper! A huge Red Headed Woodpecker kept visiting a birdhouse that wasps or bees took over. He perched at the opening for most of the day…eating dinner. The best thing was that I saw a Brown Thrush! With the construction of a road behind my yard, plus a loss of 20 trees 4-5 yrs ago, the Thrushes left, as their habitat was demolished. It made me so happy to see her return….and to realize that my efforts to replant trees and shrubs to recreate sanctuaries for my little creatures (and myself) is working! Bunnykins decided to dig a burrow in the middle of my front yard. She has started lining the nest…little ones will be snuggled in soon. One thing that is missing…I have not seen any little lizards. I am beginning to think that they did not survive the harsh winter.

    Enjoy your day! Love and hugs from me and Gracie pup! 🙂

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Good morning, Denise and Gracie pup!

      Your yard sounds delightful! You are attuned to the life that goes on there. Some people would only see the grass, shrubs, trees, and flowers and be unaware of the birds and bunny making nests and raising families.

      It must have been distressing when the road was constructed and the trees came down. Your birds brought back memories as those are the ones I had at my home in Georgia. I can see a Brown Thrush scratching around in fallen leaves. Spring is a busy time for birds and homeowners!

      As for the lizards, they may have provided sustenance for other creatures. . . .

      Thank you for writing a beautiful description of the life in your yard. I enjoyed it.

  27. Krystina - Roseville , CA says:

    WOW…what a fantastic place!! Green, green and more green. It is now on my bucket list IF I EVER GET TO OREGON!!! I can just picture Reggie on his back legs barking up a storm showing his fierceness. Yesterday I had to find a walk in clinic…I have a kidney infection!!!! Nasty thing. Could not find one that took Medicare so I had to pay. WHAT? The weather here has been perfect! Well, off to find my next camp. Have a great day!!

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Krystina,

      Kidney infection! How did you manage? I used to have them frequently in my twenties (stress, exhaustion) and they would knock me out, mostly because of high fever. The fact that you were able to come here and write a comment, I assume you’re feeling better.

      Best wishes finding a great camp!

      • Krystina - Roseville , CA says:

        Very odd. The Doc asked me if I had any pain…nope. My temp was 99ish but I didn’t know it wasn’t normal. I have felt fine. I was in the Walmart Pharmacy for 3 HOURS waiting to get the script filled for it…as well as two other meds. I was exhausted after that. At one point the women who was taking the money for the scripts just left…didn’t tell anyone. I led a very sheltered life in Vermont.

        • rvsueandcrew says:

          The pharmacy-wait-forever scenario is inhumane. One time I was very ill and being single it was up to me to get the prescription filled. So I drag my sick self to the Wal-Mart pharmacy and wait. There was a wood-and-wrought-iron bench, not very wide. I curled up on it on my side and closed my eyes. I didn’t care what people thought!

          • Krystina - Roseville , CA says:

            Oh RVSue that is terrible!!! I remember being sick once at a friends house in another state. I was reallllllly sick and in major pain. She took me to her doctor, I got a script and we went to CVS. As I was handing the script to the girl tears were streaming down my face. There were quite a few people waiting but mine was the first up. Thank you whoever you were 🙂

    • Denise - Richmond VA says:

      Hope you feel better soon, Krystina! 🙂

    • AlanOutandAbout says:

      Doctors that don’t take medicare, Another reason to get out of CA. Sorry to hear your ill but good you found out where you could get attention. If it was me I’d go across the sierras to 395 and then find the closest road to NV. Going north in CA could cost you a butt load of cash. If you get to Yosemite you could go across thru Tuolumne pass, it is a beautiful drive, you come out at Mammoth. Then north to Reno.
      Wishing you the best.

      • Krystina - Roseville , CA says:

        Thank you Allen. I called 5 walk-in-clinics before I went to this one and none of them took Medicare. Is there a list somewhere of all the awful stuff you will face when you get in CA? If not, maybe I should start one!!

        • rvsueandcrew says:

          Let’s see… How about . . . . “Krystina’s Guide to What Sucks in California”… 🙂

          • Elizabeth in WA says:

            Honestly, Sue and Krystina? We left CA when I was 14, back in 1966…and it was a RELIEF to move north to Idaho…felt like we had moved to Heaven (now of course, it is not as nice maybe as it was as many folks have also done the same…but none of us ever wanted to move back to CA either!!)

          • Krystina - Roseville , CA says:

            Toooo funny RVSue!!! I will get started on that when I get to Oregon. Hugs to the kids…and to you.


            • rvsueandcrew says:

              Same to you, Krystina… I think you’re doing great, BTW. California is a challenge and you took it on in your first year of full-timing, coming from Vermont!

            • Krystina - Roseville , CA says:

              Thank you RVSue for your vote of confidence…it means a lot to me. I was 100% ok until I got to CA. Reading my Benchmark map for Oregon now. I do not see BLM lands at the top where all the colors are listed. I looked up a State Park this morning and the cost is $22. Much better then $45 in CA! Up 101 I will go. Read online that 101 is fine and dandy for RV’s…ya-hooo!

              Krystina xxoo

            • Krystina,

              So glad you are taking the 101 along the coast! That is the most beautiful drive!!! We drove it in our 30ft Class C, no worries at all. You are in for an eye full, so picturesque!! I can’t wait to do that drive again, stopping at more places the next time hopefully 🙂

              Have fun!

  28. Good Morning Sue, just finishing my coffee and getting ready to have left-over French toast from all my birthday celebrations and eating…I was asked to go out for dinner for my birthday and turned it down, because seemed like all I did all weekend was eat! Imagine that, turning down a free dinner! Enj0y your day and your coffee with the pups.

    Hi to Marla! Yes, leaving tomorrow morning for Big Pine, High Sierras, girls fly fishing trip! As promised, I will catch one for you. And for Sue, I will throw one back for YOU!

    I will be on the road tomorrow, everyone have a good weekend and everyone stay safe until I can get back to the blog!

    Krystina, get better so you can pick up a rod…someday maybe we can share a hole!

  29. Sorry I am so wordy today, got to work early and nothing to do…that’s what I get from trying to be the early bird…no worms.

    Anyway, to Weather…I have been thinking about your deck idea and I really like it. Have you found someone to fabricate it for you. Sounds like a great way to keep mud out of the RV and a great place to have coffee in the morning. I also looked up Airstream and deck, wow, I have seen this on 5th wheels and toy haulers, but I know you need nothing that big for yourself. Great idea!

    • weather says:

      Have a great trip!Funny-you would think of morning coffee on the deck 🙂 Yes,I know folks that can easily put it together when I get the parts.Both you and “A gal..” mention searches,I honestly hadn’t thought of that,silly,I pictured it in my head and drew it adding the touches I find lovely-a plant or two and the bird’s cage hanging, cushions for sitting or napping on as we take in new vistas.I looked at the gulfstream one earlier,now I’ll search for others-interesting to see what people envision then make happen.

      • rvsueandcrew says:

        I think I missed something along the way. How will you transport this deck on wheels? A class C pulling your jeep and the deck folds up and goes where?

        • weather says:

          A metal rack I have, attached to the back of the jeep-people use them for large coolers,duffel bags,equipment,etc.What I’ve designed is small and light-when folded will fit in that nicely.

          • rvsueandcrew says:

            I see. Thanks.

          • Mick'nTN says:

            If you need your design on 3D CAD just ask.

            • weather says:

              Thank you for your kind and generous offer,Mick.I genuinely admire your intelligence and skills,like and trust you.I mention that so you know this has nothing to do with you personally.At the moment I have privacy and computer issues that prevent me from accepting your help .When I’ve resolved them I would love to have your help on future projects. I’m being deliberately vague, hope you understand 🙂 weather

  30. Jodee Gravel in SoCal for ONLY 6 more days says:

    That little spot is a Casita haven! It certainly showcases the versatility of the little trailers. Always nice to connect with a few friendly campers, and to share exciting plans for the future. Iceland, wow!
    We have lots of dogs in our neighborhood who all get walked a few times a day. Tessa gives a tail wag and sometimes a little show of excitement and then moves on. Regardless of dog size and breed. Except for one dog. He/she is a beautiful Husky mix, nearly all white. We don’t know if Tessa’s in love or wants to kill it, but she goes nuts when they come by. And the feeling is mutual. The owner has to really “handle” the other dog. I suppose we could let them meet but the reactions are just so intense that we have silently agreed to keep them apart. Never a dull doggy moment!

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Jodee,

      That’s interesting about the dogs. When I fostered dogs, one had the sweetest temperament, loved every person and every dog, mild-mannered and well-behaved. Imagine my shock when we were at the dog park and a boxer (dog) was brought in. The foster dog became upset and aggressive. I restrained her just in time. She reacted this way whenever she saw a boxer. From that point on if I saw people approaching the dog park with a boxer, we left, using the other exit!

      • Jodee Gravel in SoCal for ONLY 4 more days says:

        There was a part in one of the original Hank the Cowdog books with a boxer in back of the pickup truck parked next to them. It has been 20 years since we listened to that on a road trip, but I never see a boxer without thinking “The only reason to have a Boxer is to have a place to keep your log chain!” which is one of the insults Hank threw at the boxer……silly I know, but since you know Hank, I had to share :-)))))

  31. Jan in Montana says:

    Your Oregon postings and camps have been very interesting.I am taking notes for future trips—-thanks. Pulled in last night to Clark Canyon res. Had not been here for 30 years. It’s a nice stop on the way to central UT, also another of your well posted memories.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Jan,

      Clark Canyon Reservoir Campground is a handy stop along the interstate. It’s pleasant there — one of Spike’s favorite soaking places. Enjoy Utah!

  32. Elizabeth in WA says:

    There are so many reasons to stay in such a lovely place…and so many reasons to truck on to the next gorgeous spot, eh, Sue? Enjoyed hearing and seeing the ideas of others you shared this time too…I am happy to learn from others, just not my own experience!! Happy trails!!
    (Oh got home last night, safe and sound, though the last aircraft had AC that was not up to par…argh, so came home feeling I had been in a sauna…but at least we came home first class…and had lots of room, which helps!!…no we are not rich, but hubby had to wait till close to time to leave to get the ticket as we did not know how long it would take us to complete our tasks in NC, plus figured it would cost as much extra to ship some things, as to take all the suitcases and weight we are allowed first class…worked out…one suitcase ruined but all the stuff arrived, so we are happy!!)

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Elizabeth,

      It’s good to hear you arrived home safely with all your stuff!

  33. weather says:

    Hi Sue,I hope you and crew are having a wonderful day.NY state had a bit of a heat wave recently so at 71 today feels great here.I was out supposedly doing errands in an orderly fashion,got tired of it and found myself drifting because I’d spotted orchid colored iris…off track again,oh,well …Shirlene mentioning me not driving willy-nilly across the US came to mind,Ha!And then for some reason you slipping on ice in snow,selling your car and just starting over in Florida.The whole “I’ve had enough of this!” thing is hilarious to me.

    Years ago a brother that had done front line battle in a war came home and stayed with me for a while.One morning I woke up and found him packing clothes into a bag.When I asked him where he was going he said”Anywhere that’s far away from Three Mile Island’s nuclear reactor,the news says radiation may spread,there’s a problem!” I figured it was a really good time for a road trip for him,my son and I , packed a couple of bags and convinced him to go “anywhere” together.

    A few hours later we’re driving through snow with no heater,drinking hot coffee to stay warm with my son asleep between us in a blanket.He speaks one of the handful of sentences he has on the whole trip to ask where we’re going,I said Aberdeen ,WA.He wants to know why so I answered that it’s far and I’ve always wanted to see it because a song lyric was Aberdeen ,Aberdeen -prettiest town I’ve ever seen…he laughed for the first time in weeks and told me the lyric was Abilene,Abilene…we were in Michigan headed for the west coast by then,oh,well,again… 🙂

    Neither of us were surprised that I was kinda lost or that we were on trip that felt good despite it’s reason.Ridiculousness,whimsy,adventure -hilarious and healthy!I love that your plans are always written in jello.If it’s not too soon to know,what’s for supper?I think the pups and I will share egg sandwiches and green olives.

    • Interesting, deviled or fried? Wheat bread or rye? Wandering minds want to know? Ohhhh, 71 degrees…get out the air conditioner! Must feel wonderful so Willy-Nilly is excused.

      • weather says:

        Scrambled omelet style with salsa on dark toasted pumpernickel

        yesterday it was 94 here,we really did a heat wave 🙂

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, weather,

      That’s a funny story with a poignant undertone… Your brother’s first laugh in weeks due to your silly mistake. When we motor past Aberdeen, I’ll remember your confusion with Abilene.

      Today was good. The crew and I explored forest roads looking for a boondock for the weekend. The campground is filling up and it’s only Thursday.

      BTW, that egg sandwich sounds delicious. I ate plainly tonight… boiled vegetables — red potatoes, carrots, and broccoli with cheese. The larder isn’t as varied as I like. It’s been a while since I’ve been to a good grocery.

      • weather says:

        forest roads and potatoes,m-m-m,I think we could happily trade scenery and meals pretty often.The lake was half soft pink ,half dark blue rippling water as the sunset and moon rose after supper,life is good …n’nite

      • weather says:

        Good morning ,Sue.Does it still seem like there are too many others camped near you this morning to make staying there through the weekend seem attractive?If so,are you moving today?I’m hoping your search on the forest roads showed you a place you’ll enjoy if that’s the case.And that you get a chance to restock your larder.

        Watching the birds here earlier I noticed how spread out their places are and that they don’t all sing at once.It’s like they quietly talk to,play and eat with their friends and families in different parts of this place.I’m amazed by how they respect each other,enjoy,enhance,use the earth . If more humans behaved as well some campgrounds and neighborhoods surely would be nicer to share wouldn’t they?I’m glad you have the option to find a place where peace can be found when you need to.

  34. Nancy says:

    Hi Sue,

    Just a little humor for everyone here. In a previous post you mentioned hearing a bird or duck call that was unfamiliar to you. Well, I once had that same experience and I have to say it would frighten me as I always heard it at dusk or night here in South Georgia, usually while walking the dog. I heard it for years and just thought “gee, I wonder what THAT was?!” I heard it about a week back and it was just intriguing me, it’s kind of like a squawk, so I got an idea and googled “what does a fox sound like”, which was an idea from a little joke/song that was going around on the internet. Anyway, THAT was the sound!! After about seven years I finally identified the “bird” that was doing it, and then a few nights ago I saw her. I learned it was the female making that sound, and I saw her standing out in the road when I ran to the window. She is a grey fox who runs this area, and I have to admit, I have a “feeding station” right behind my house which backs up to dense woods. I toss kitchen scraps and leftovers across the chainlink fence and I guess we have quite a few “diners” now.

    Anyway, anyone interested in identifying an unusual “bird” sound you can go to YouTube and hear it. Very strange and spooky if you’re out at night especially all alone! It even had my dog quite mystified.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Nancy,

      Seven years before you found out what was making the sound? And all that time you were thinking it was a bird! That is funny. I’m not any closer to figuring out this “bird” than when I first heard it. It doesn’t show itself and it’s over in the marsh beyond the river where I can’t go.

  35. DesertGinger says:

    Just popping in fora minute to say hi!the class is great fun and very challenging. We do 6 hours of class, 1.5 hour lunch and homework every night, so it keeps us pretty busy. Plus Thursday night we have movie night and Sunday evening we are having a social. One of the girls came from India for the class, and another is from Germany. One from Mexico City, one from Austin. A man from Florida. A very diverse and interesting group. I am super tired so going to bed. Will try to get more cAught up this weekend.

    • Pamela K. in GA says:

      Hi Gin,
      Glad you stopped in to give us a short update. I asked about you earlier since you had not posted of late. Sue reminded me about your classes and then I remembered you had mentioned them. Glad they are going well for you and take extra care not to burn the candle at both ends…you still have a long trip back and all that energy doesn’t last forever. Even still, enjoy every minute of it, sounds wonderful!

  36. Donna 'N Girls says:


    I have a question, do you use the Benchmark atlas or maps?

    I’m getting ready for my first multi-state trip and have an itinerary but would like a little help with the stopovers.


    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Donna ‘N Girls,

      You must be new to my blog or you’re kidding. Do I use Benchmark atlases? Yes, every day… I plan my itinerary AFTER studying the Benchmark.

      If you have specific questions regarding places where you want to camp, let me know. I’ll be glad to give you suggestions.

  37. Donna 'N Girls says:

    Thanks for answering. No I’m not kidding, I went to Amazon and they have Benchmark maps and Benchmark atlases, and I just wanted to clarify which one you use.

    I’ve posted a couple of times, mainly I just ride along enjoying your blog.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Your name did seem familiar. I’m always yakking about my Benchmark atlases. I recommend them wholeheartedly. Again, if you want suggestions for a particular area, just ask.

      Here’s a link to one of the atlases for anyone interested. Make sure you get the atlas, not the map.

      Wyoming Road & Recreation Atlas (Benchmark Map: Wyoming Road & Recreation Atlas)

      • weather says:

        Sue I used your link and saw that atlas is temporarily out of stock,can be ordered and then when it’s available Amazon will mail it.You may want to list a different state’s one and/or one I found interesting.It’s title is Dirt,it’s about 8000 miles of Wyoming’s backroads.

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