Egret community

Wednesday, February 17

P1090568Blythe, California

Several green fields line Midland Road. 

Today the egrets are out in great numbers, the fields having been watered this morning.  I park the Perfect Tow Vehicle alongside the road and pick up my camera.  Bridget and Reggie lie near me.  After taking several shots, I set down the camera and simply enjoy the peaceful sight.

There must be hundreds of egrets! 

Their slender, white forms move gracefully over a floor of green.  Everyone stays with the group, yet no one crowds another.  When peace is disturbed by something outside the flock, one spreads wings and takes flight, then another, and another.

P1090567-001The entire group floats in gentle sweeps with no discord or confusion.  One decides it’s time to come down to the fields again.  Noiselessly they resume grazing.

It’s a beautiful community.

I am thrilled to see readers appear here again after being gone — gone, but not forgotten!  Did you notice how everyone — almost every single person who wrote, including those who think they have nothing interesting to say — made the conversations better, the community stronger?

Thank you for taking the time to write.

The crew and I are fine.  One gains perspective on problems and feelings when reading what others are going through!   I’m amazed at the resilience, grace, and compassion revealed in the hundreds of comments under the previous post.

Gee, I don’t know why I’m amazed . . .

You always have been a remarkable group of good people.

This post is nothing fancy.  I post it to give you a new, fresh, green field, while I continue to rest.

Flock together in harmony, alight in unison, float together in peace.

Only God knows how much I love you.




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431 Responses to Egret community

  1. bess in eugene, oregon says:

    am i first?

  2. Fabulous! I thought egrets only were around water…. I guess out in the desert too 🙂

  3. Marcia GB in MA says:

    “Float together in peace.” I love it.

    • Linda - from Central Illinois says:

      I love the last two lines of Sue’s post!
      We are seeing major ‘eruptions’ of geese in my part of Illinois!
      Thinking of heading north, I’m thinking. Maybe a sign that winter is
      on the wane.

  4. Liz says:

    Wow, the egrets look beautiful next to the green! Great pictures!
    Liz-Boise, ID

  5. Lois (AZ) says:

    “Wonderful to have you back in the “flock”…RVSUE…Looks like Bess got her #1 spot.

  6. Yipee! You rest Sue, we got this! So happy to have a new page to post on…I was so happy to see so may come out from lurkerdom, thank you all who contributed to this most amazing couple of days! 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 (is that too many)

  7. Cheryl O. says:

    Once again I love your photos. I have a similar photo of cranes in the Puget Sound on my Facebook cover. They’re standing and flying and landing to stand. lol. I just can’t help myself shooting pics of that nature. I believe we have similar cameras, so it is a kick using them. I discovered recently that it isn’t good for the camera card to delete photos while in the camera. I’ve taken videos that aren’t retrievable now. At least, that’s what the camera shop told me. Love you too.

  8. peggy says:

    Never thought I would see Egrets in Blythe!!! Great Photos once again. Even though sometimes we don’t always post always remember we are with you on your journey. You bring sunshine to my life everytime I read your post!!! Can’t wait to be out there on my own journey.

  9. Kitt, NW Wa says:

    Somewhere in the top 10?
    Sue, I love the color contrasts in your egret pictures – beautiful.

  10. Alice (So. Fla) says:

    Float together in peace. What a beautiful thought. I have a little JRT that goes Linda Blair when she sees those birds around here. They fly maybe 2-3 feet from her. They don’t get it, she’s the boss. Reggie’s sister from another mother. Beautiful green fields, thanks.

    • Ann from Texas says:

      I love that expression “I have a little JRT that goes Linda Blair….”. That describes mine perfectly!!!

      • Barbara (Nashville) says:

        Angel will fit that bill, as well. She is the same way with the wild turkeys and Canadian Geese.

      • Pat K, Bulverde, Texas says:

        Will someone please explain what it means to “go Linda Blair”. Thanks 🙂 Pat K

        • corkerinna620 says:

          Linda Blair was the actress who played the possessed child in the movie The Exorcist. What a scary movie.
          Love the pics, Sue.

          • Denise - Richmond VA says:

            The scene from “The Excorcist” that stuck in my mind is when she is spewing bile, her eyes fiery from the devil and her head is spinning completely around…like an owl.”Do you know what your Mother did?!” Oh, how I wish I could lose that memory! 🙁

          • Pat in Bulverde, Tx says:

            Ok. Got it. Thanks. 🙂

            • Pat in Bulverde, Tx says:

              I never saw that movie. On purpose!

            • Jean in Southaven, MS says:

              I never saw the moveie the Exorcist, too scary.

            • Denise - Richmond VA says:

              Hi Pat & Jean,

              You were both very wise to skip that movie!! 🙂

            • Nancy from South Georgia says:

              My sister and I had never been particularly close, due, in part I believe, to some Machiavellian scheming on my very-insecure-mother’s part.

              Anyway, after I saw that movie I came home and later on that night could not sleep and crawled into my sister’s bed; we were 18 and 16 at the time. She tried to kick me out but I grovelled and said I’d sleep alongside on her rug so she relented. She has never stopped teasing me about that and I’m now 60-something years old.

  11. weather says:

    Beautiful, Sue, truly beautiful-the photos, thoughts and your last two sentences in this post…thank you very much for giving all of that to us. Rest, renew, and ride along for as long as you need or want to. Love you, too, hugs to you, Bridget and Reggie.

    • weather says:

      new day, new header photo, the reflections on the BLT really showcase your wonderful home at it’s best and what a great pick to make during a thoughtful and reflective time! I hope the reflections inside you have held some of that beauty.

    • weather says:

      Hi, Sue, I hope your day has held something special, and that you and the crew are well. I was glad to see that you had replied to someone, at least I know you’re checking in 🙂 The temperatures have warmed so much here that only the two smallest kitties are staying in the porch very much. It seems that as soon as it’s not dangerously cold outside everyone wants to go out and play. The lake has had a big crowd of folks on it ice fishing all day. Be good to yourself and stroke the crews head’s an extra time or two for me.

  12. Kitt, NW Wa says:

    Sorry Sue, my auto correct is changing our email address! This one is correct.

  13. Such a beautiful post! TY!!!

  14. Elizabeth in WA says:

    Always happy to see green!! YIPPEE…GREEN makes my heart sing…heh, folks back in NC when we first moved there from WA used to ask me how I liked it there…I always said, “Well, green is a good color and I am fine living in GREEN!!” And here we are again, back in WA living in GREEN…a rather chilly GREEN, but no complaints!!

  15. Dave Stewart (in missouri for now) says:

    Rest as much as you want, post when you want. we are here for the comradery, that your post bring to each of us.

  16. Ruthie says:

    Sue, I love your blog. I love your pictures, I love you love your puppies, and so I think since you go to all of the effort of taking pictures and writing and editing, I can make some effort to Thank you once in a while. I have one of your pictures of the aspen trees on my desktop. It reminds me of my home when I was young.

  17. Linda Hughes- North Carolina says:

    I really love the rich colors in your pics,especially the first one. It is a “wow” pic!!! Thanks for sharing. It made me smile…take care!!

  18. ValGal (westernWA) says:

    I love egrets! And what a beautiful little metaphorical piece about peaceful, cooperative community. It brightened my day.

  19. Linda from Oregon says:

    Green is good. Today I pruned my old rose bushes and saw that they thought it was spring. The strawberries are sending up green leaves. The blueberries have blooms that are opening. Green is good.

  20. Denise - Richmond VA says:

    Hi, Sue,

    Thank you for sharing such a spectacular picture of the Egrets on the green fields. I have only see them near bodies of water. I guess since water is harder to come by out West, they have adapted to enjoy the water when crops are being irrigated. How smart!

    Rest, recharge, and relax. Sending you, Bridget and Reggie love and hugs from me and Gracie pup. xxxooo 🙂

    • Denise - Richmond VA says:

      I am going to Amazon to order some Epson ink cartridges….look for them on your report. 🙂

  21. Where Is Chris Now? (PDX is home) says:

    Your blog should be on the Top Ten list of every outdoor lifestyle blogging list. Your honest, real world view of things and simplicity makes me laugh, sigh, and sometimes take a second look at how I view the world. Thanks for putting it out here for us. ~ Chris

  22. AZ Jim says:

    Detta and I may not have wings anymore but through you we still fly. Bless ya Missy.

  23. Michelle from Salt Lake,UT says:

    Just love the green of the fields, with the white of the birds and the mountains in the background! Thank you for the lovely pictures. Rest and enjoy our beautiful land. We love your posts and look forward to each one.

  24. Jolene/Iowa says:

    Hi Sue,

    We had an awful day today at work, so it was wonderful to come home and see the bright green grass with the wonderful field of egrets. Thanks for putting a smile on the face of this very tired person. One day I have something to say about my work day for fellow blogorinos to think about when a contractor is coming to your house but I can’t do it today.
    Have a great day! 🙂

  25. bess in eugene, oregon says:

    weather had an idea about sharing our favorite places by water so i will start a quick reply. hopefully others will share too….

    i like body of water that are placid, almost every waterfall, and also rushing streams. i am not a fan of the ocean though.

    one of my favorite places by water is the head waters of Jack Creek in Central Oregon near the town of Camp Sherman. this sweet tranquil spot is what i imagine the Garden of Eden to have been like. gentle lapping of the spring-fed stream which comes out of a crack in the volcanic cliff base, tranquil green moss and lacy delicate bushes reaching out to touch the surface. semi-submerged rotting logs with wildflowers growing in the middle of the flow. silence of no humans around, just the breeze in the pines and the birds communicating. sublime.

    you can find this on a Benchmark Map. it is only a couple of miles off the main highway 20, mostly paved to the campground. there is a completely flat trail, on an old logging road, that starts at Jack Creek Campground (NFS) that is cheap and has lots of sites and tons of space between sites, nice pit toilets. there are also lots of boondocking spots along Jack Creek outside the campground. no mosquitos!

    anyone else? We would love to hear your favorite spots and thanks weather for this idea.

    • weather says:

      My God, that sounds so beautiful. Thanks, bess, I’m putting it on my list 🙂

    • Ronda western WA says:

      One of my favorite water places is a hike near Mt Index,WA. Lk Serene and Bridal Veil Falls (green trails map) The trail is steep, many stairs but the views are fantastic! The lake so peaceful. The name isn’t original but it’s fitting. We have 2 Lk Serene in Snohomish County alone. The Bridal Veil Falls (even less original name) on the way up is a refreshing stop before the climb. The lake is a bowl in a shelf of a cliff. I’ve never had any problem finding a private spot along the waters edge to sit and look across the water to search the cliff for mountain goats. I’m sure there’s boondocking to be found on hwy 2 and there’s a campground in Gold Bar at Wallace Falls (another great hike) since I live nearby I’ve never paid much attention. I’m also sure there is a more scientific name to describe such a lake instead of “bowl in a shelf of a cliff”. If anyone knows I’d like to learn. Check with the rangers before attempting this trail there are many little creeks that sometimes wash out n close the trail. I haven’t been up there in awhile working too much. I need a little serenity. I better make time n check it out this year

      • bess in eugene, oregon says:

        hi Rhonda, thanks for this beautiful description. sounds like my kind of place and we may be passing through that area this summer on our big tip in June and July. i have added your paragraph to my saved document file for Washington State.

        • Ronda western WA says:

          That’s great Bess! You may want to add the phone # for Skykomish Ranger Station 360-677-2414 to that paragraph.

    • Sue CleanerGreenerVegas says:

      I’d also like to suggest that we might include favorite or interesting places to view birds. My favorites are in Florida. Ding Darling Wildlife Refuge near Fort Myers. Also the Cape Canaveral National Seashore and Wildlife Drive near Titusville. Beautiful Gulf and Atlantic locations. Many great memories.

      • SueCleanerGreener, one of my favorite birding places also…been to Blacks Point every year we go to Florida. Titusville has the biggest birding symposium in the United States every January, great place. But for us West Coasters, Salton Sea makes my heart take flight! Happy birding from a bird nerd.

      • bess in eugene, oregon says:

        i love this suggestion. now that the Malhuer Wildlife Refuge is no longer being held hostage here in Oregon, i suggest this too. it is by Burns Oregon.

        There are great bird migrations at Summer Lake and Harney Lake here in oregon also.

  26. Marilyn, Dania Beach, FL says:

    We had the same here after a terrible rainstorm with 3 tornadoes yesterday am in Broward County. The ibis community had a feast on the worms brought to the top by 2-3 inches of rain in a half hour.

    I took a photo and there was one poor little blue heron in the hundreds of ibis’. He didn’t mind.

    We also have newly hatched common gallinule chicks which provide entertainment for our entire community. We will see how many they successfully raise. Papa is already building another nest less than two weeks after they hatched. He should be helping to feed the younguns, don’t you think?

  27. Jolene/Iowa says:

    My favorite place by the water is anywhere I can fish! I just love trout streams and rivers with trout as my all time favorite.

  28. Chris(MN) says:

    All that beautiful green! Snow can be pretty for awhile, but I am over it right now. I was going over my retirement plans today and found out that instead of retiring June 22nd, I can go on May 26th! My 5th wheel is ready to fly (somewhere)! I am just giddy today! Look out, Sue! A year from now, I may pass you by looking for a good spot to park. NO CLINGING, I PROMISE!

    • bess in eugene, oregon says:

      you will really like that departure one month sooner than you thought. congratulations on getting your freedom to head out on the road.

    • Denise - Richmond VA says:

      May 26th is just around the corner! Whoo-Hoo! 🙂

    • Krystina ~ Sutton, Vermont says:

      Congratulations Chris!!! I know that feeling…I had it the day I sold my home.

    • Nancy S indiana says:

      Chris in MN congrats on retiring. My husband finally retires from his medical practice next Thursday. It’s been a long time coming, a year ago he was set to retire, we like you bought a 5th wheel, gave our home & everything in it to our daughter & family. They could use a big house & we were sooo ready to leave it behind. Simplify & start fulltiming. Then my mother in law became ill & my husband is an only child. So we stayed in indiana, living in the 5th wheel on the back of our property. We’ve taken numerous little trips for a week or so but things are starting to work out for us. Our daughter & son in law have offered for her grandmother to move in with them & we can actually become full timers who travel. ?
      Now we’re looking at a class A to travel in & leave the 5th wheel here in Indiana as a home base. Our beloved chloe dog is having a little trouble getting up the steps, so a class a we think will be better & more comfy for her.
      Wow! That was a long story to tell you congratulations, can you tell I’m excited? As far as the water comment, I love to be camped by any water that I can hear. I remember the peaceful sounds of a rocky creek twisting thru the smoky mtns at Gatlinburg & the roar of the Pacific Ocean waves crashing the shore. I just can’t wait to be near a form of it somewhere someday soon. Of course I have to comment on the birds too. Wasn’t the pictures of the egrets contrasting against the beautiful green grass just breath taking? Sue, you lighten my spirits every day & it means so much to me. I just have to share one memory before I quit rambling today. We have a lovely local park & campground with a huge wetland. We would camp every summer with friends & take our grandchildren. Since they were home schooled at the time & knowing egrets had found their way this far inland (which surprised me) I thought it would be a good project to study them. They Googled everything egret, wrote reports & off we hiked to the wetland armed with cameras and of course…..they were gone. While I was making them research & report they never got to see them. Doesn’t it always just go that way? ? thanks for letting me ramble today blogorinos and congrats again chris. I really am happy for you. Maybe we’ll meet on the road someday.
      Nancy s

      • weather says:

        Happy hunting for your RV, Nancy, what happy news! Camping in the Smokies has been on my wishlist for a longtime. Thanks for making that even more appealing, I hadn’t thought about the creek sounds before, just the scenery and wind. The black bears had been an issue when I tent camped. I have a little travel trailer now that will make it work better. I enjoyed your rambling 🙂

  29. Lynn Brooks says:

    Glad all is going well.
    I am happy to say I am finally in smoother waters. My daughter is recovering well from her recent surgery & I am doing well after my recent cataract surgery. I am hoping the sailing stays smooth & quiet for awhile!
    Lynn B. (Baltimore, MD)

  30. Judy J. in upstate S.C. says:

    Responding to favorite water places. Love the ocean, gulf, shaded, cool rivers and creeks. We go to Davison River campground in. Pisgah N.F., Brevard, N.C. several time a year. So peaceful to sit in the shade on the edge of the river and read or daydream. Right now, we’re at Anastasia S.P. , St. Augustine, Fl. What a beautiful place on the ocean! We are so fortunate to have so many gorgeous places, all over our “land of the free and home of the brave”. So happy to see your post today, Sue. Just keep on being yourself and we love to see you post, if and when you feel like it, We’ll all gladly take what we can get! ❤

    • bess in eugene, oregon says:

      i can see you now out by the ocean relaxing. thanks. maybe someday i will get out to the East Coast to camp. you make it sound beautiful and worth checking out.

      • Judy J. in upstate S.C. says:

        I’m hoping you make it, Bess. Every part of our country has it’s own unique beauty!

    • Judy, just saw a video from St. Augustine, great place for history and nice RV parks by the ocean. Enjoy your time there…I hope to be there next year.

      • Judy J. in upstate S.C. says:

        We’ve been to St. Augustine several times, but this trip we’re taking time to “smell the roses”. ? The history here is so interesting…America’s oldest city. Beautiful Spanish architecture. We would highly recommend Anastasia State Park. Pretty, wooded and secluded campsites and a lovely, wide beach.

        • Sue CleanerGreenerVegas) says:

          Talbot Island State Park about an hour north of there is interesting terrain…a ferry ride will get you to Jacksonville. Swampy tides

    • Laurie in NC says:

      We camped in the Davidson River Campground last year for the first time and loved it! It is the most peaceful place!

      • Judy J. in upstate S.C. says:

        Glad you discovered Davidson, Laurie. Also a great base to see nearby waterfalls. We’re pretty happy just to “veg” by the river!

  31. Wendy says:

    Hi Sue As long as I have stable internet, I read all your posts. I know for sure I have commented once, because I was worried that Reggie might have myasthenia gravis. I have been thrilled his drooped eye was temporary 🙂 I read no other blogs with as many comments as yours! Sometimes I skim the comments, but I am not a comment reader.

    I love reading about your boondocking and places that you camp. I spent many years of my life full or half time on the road. I wish I was out camping right now! The hard part is figuring out how to accomodate all my medical issues on very little money. I have been stopped for almost 4 years now. After paying rent, internet and other fixed expenses, I have less than $20/month to spend. I have a power wheelchair, need oxygen and CPAP, etc. Somehow I hope I can figure out how to get back out there again. Until that happens, I have blogs like yours to keep me cheered up. I appreciate you sharing your life with us.

    I used to travel with a service dog and a cat 🙂 One of my very favorite things to do is to talk to anyone and everyone that I meet on the road. I guess you would not like having me as a camping neighbor, but I am grateful to have you as a blog neighbor. It does my heart good to see your photos. Thank you 🙂

    • Michelle from Salt Lake,UT says:

      Wendy, we hope you can find a way to get back on the road. We travel 3 to 4 days in a converted sprinter van. Hubby uses a electric wheelchair, CPap machine. If you need any information on our set up, we would be glad to share it. It is set up so that we could travel full time and be able to charge all the equipment. We also have a large service dog.

      Best wishes.

  32. Jack mcmanigal says:

    Nice post!!! Excellent subject with right the right amount of fill. I read every post but seldom comment. Less is really more ?

  33. Sharon in MO says:

    Sue, thank you for the beautiful photos of green fields and white birds. I do enjoy your photography. Glad you are getting rest.

  34. Pam N. says:

    What a lovely, serene tone, to match those beautiful pictures. I love egrets!

  35. Phyllis in Phoenix says:

    Your post reminded me of white birds I would see on top of and around cattle near swampy areas when I was growing up in Louisiana. Hadn’t thought of that in years, and I never knew what type of bird that is. I just did some quick google research, and think those were cattle egret.

    • Pat K, Bulverde, Texas says:

      Yes, cattle egret. I spent part of my childhood on a farm in Louisiana, too. :-)Pat K.

  36. Pookie in Todd Mission Tx says:

    glad to see your still blogging, Sue…….
    keep up the good work young lady………give hugs to the
    furbabies for me……..

  37. Hi Sue, I think Egrets are some of my favorite birds. They are one of the reasons I enjoyed our recent Salton Sea stay. Thank you for sharing them with us.

  38. Pookie in Todd Mission Tx says:

    I was trying to think where I had seen a dog like Bridget….
    well, after watching the TV show Duck Dynesty I remember
    the mom and dad of the clan have one like her…….HA

  39. cateW says:

    Hi Excellent blogorinos…hi Sue (no need to respond GF) and furface babies,

    I’m feeling the love of this community…Sue’s love for us…how brave everyone is to share their lives, thoughts, deep feelings, joys, photos (Sue’s amazing egrets), and carry on even when we have the unfortunate experience of someone’s angry trolldom. Didn’t Sue say it beautifully “Flock together in harmony (most of us here are really good at that!)” alight in unison” ( so much like-minded sharing) and “float together in peace”( may that be our mission in life and on this blog).
    May our teacher and fearless, honest “leader” enjoy a much deserved rest!

    Blessings everyone,

  40. Robin Shaw says:

    Beautiful birds! Enjoy your rest! Robin in NC

  41. Karen LeMoine says:

    Thank you for the refreshing peaceful green pics! Spring is so close! The birds are calling us to get moving and get out into nature! I’m really getting charged up for the coming months! So much to do and see! Thank you for coming back Sue!

  42. wildflower in prescott says:

    Whoo-hooo we’re back! or still here, or something! ?

    Hugs and scratches to everyone’s furbabies!! ?

    ? ?

  43. Dawn in MI says:

    Lovely peaceful photo. Enjoy your rest!

  44. Sam in the Ozarks says:

    Well you said you wanted us to tell you what we are doing so here goes. Two weeks ago. I bought the Catalina 25 at the Beaver Lake Sailing Club and joined. I have a slip there. Yesterday, I cleaned the inside and today, I power washed the outside. When i’m through, it will look like new. I do appreciate your work. Men are just lazy. Your invitation still holds for free camping in the Ozark Mt. You could stay up by the big walnut trees where the camp fire is. You wold not have to see anyone or talk. You could just hide out. That’s what I do. My greatest ambition is to be #1 on RVSue. keep on going, Sam

  45. Sealarkesmiles says:

    Beautiful photos, Sue! Your words even more so. Thank you. 🙂

  46. Pam and Maya says:

    Great post Sue, much needed after looking at all our winter brown. I love the photo of the egrets soaring over the field!

  47. katydid in Chicago says:

    I love your photos of the egrets, so pretty in that vibrant green field!

    I have seen “egret trees” while hiking. An entire colony, often hundreds, nest in a single tree for a season. The tree most often overhangs water. The egrets usually kill the tree from overuse.

    • Pat K, Bulverde, Texas says:

      I’ve seen colonies of the egrets in trees, but never realized they would damage the tree. The things I learn on “RV Sue”! 🙂

  48. Cinandjules (NY) says:

    Peaceful aren’t they?

  49. Becky G. says:

    Sue, I am a long time reader, wait excitedly for each of your posts, but never comment. Yes, I am an RVSue stalker! Your last post scared the daylights out of me (Georgia girl for frightened me greatly, but then you probably know that.) My husband and I are both retired, camp as often as possible, but dream of hitting the road one day with no plan other than keeping going! Now, my 85 y/o Mama needs me and I can’t leave for more than a week or two, but one day we will live the life we only dream of now. Please know that there are so many of us who find much joy in your posts, so … thank you! And God bless you in your wonderful travels!

    • Denise - Richmond VA says:

      Hi, Becky,

      By posting, you are now officially a blogorino! Welcome! 🙂

      • Becky G. says:

        Thank you, Denise! I will try to check in when I can … or when I think about it! Someone above had talked about where they are or where they are going next, so here goes …

        Right now we are at our home in northern Georgia. Our next trip is mid-March for two weeks in Gulf Coast of Mississippi at Davis Bayou Campground, a part of the Gulf Islands National Seashore. Our plan is to do some paddling in our canoe, and make some exploratory day trips. One will be to Laurel, MS, the setting for a new HGTV show called Home Town. Another trip will be to explore the Mississippi Sand Hill Crane WMA, which should be fun.

        We have ridden through the MS Gulf Coast area before, but never stuck around long enough to explore, so I am looking very forward to this trip.

        Sue, if you read this, you just keep on doing what you are doing what you are doing and living your life. Haters are going to hate, but all you have to do is love them in spite of themselves, which I think you do. Besides, if they were honest with themselves, they would have to admit they are just jealous of your opportunity to live your life the way you want to. Good for you! Becky

        • Denise - Richmond VA says:

          Hi Becky,

          Becky, if you get a chance, let us know how your trip was. Many of us are armchair travelers….so we “live” vicariously through the blogorinos who have an RV and travel now, or have in the past. I am in the dreaming stage…one day…. I hope you have a wonderful trip – sounds like fun….especially the Gulf Islands National Seashore! 🙂

          • Becky G says:

            I will try, @Denise _Richmond VA … if you have Instagram you can follow us at #why_we_rv … I post a lot of pictures on there when we are traveling.

    • Sealarkesmiles says:

      God bless you, Becky, for taking care of your Mama. Wishing that your long term travel dreams come true soon for you and your husband.

    • Krystina ~ Sutton, Vermont says:

      Welcome Becky G!!!

  50. Linda-NC says:

    Your pics are so refreshing and beautiful! Cabin fever here in WNC and that just did my soul good. Extra bones for you and your kids! Thanks for that.

  51. Kevin in CO says:

    Seeing your photo of the egrets made me think you had visited Cibola NWR. If you have not been there, I recommend a visit. It is about 20 miles south of Blythe.

    We were there yesterday and were delighted to see the ponds and fields with hundreds of birds. Maybe 10 duck species, geese, egrets, cranes, and a number of small insect feeding birds to fast for my eyes. Best of all, its free.

    Kevin (in Qz, heading toward home soon)

  52. cc and canine (Eastern Missouri) says:

    Sue…Seeing your post in my e-mail really lifted my spirits. The photos were lovely, and your thoughts so soothing and uplifting… Many thanks

  53. Mel from Texas says:

    Good Evening RVSue,, I wanted to write a comment to yesterday’s post so badly but your response was so great, my darn iPad locked up and couldn’t download everything to get to the comments section! Now that should be an indicator just how much we all love & appreciate you!! It sounds like some of your readers are like me,,, I look for a post each day & love reading every word & admire your great pictures & laugh at the antics of the crew but very seldom comment – for that I apologize – I guess I thought you had so much to read, I didn’t want to burden you. So to make up for missed comments this past year or so– Howdy from Frisco Texas -little Kori, hubby Gary and I are doing great, we love living in Texas but do get a little nostalgic for Northern NV when we read about you staying at Washoe Lake…Gary is going in for hip replacement #2 on Tuesday (#1 was in October) so say a little prayer for us…Until next time….

  54. Sandy says:

    Beautifully stated!!

  55. Egrets,,,, I always wondered what those beautiful birds were,,,, Thanks Sue,,, Now I have some great news bout the ol’ gal of a truck I have,, here it goes,, I been praying and I washed the area with degreaser and low and behold the Power Steering Gearbox had a leak because I guess the presser line coming from the Pump was loose,, SO ooo, I tightened it and tightened the Belt, filled the Pump up to the mark on the stick and drove into town to day, all day,, and YES,,, Thank you, Lord,,,, NO leaks, No tightness in Steering and No grinding Sounds,, and returned all the parts at NAPA and AutoZone and Ace Hardware,,,, I’ve been Celebrating on Dried Diced Dates, Mission Figs and a whole bunch of GOOD FOOD,,,,, Have A Fantastic Day to all,,, rusty

    • Michelle from Salt Lake,UT says:

      That is great news Rusty!

      • Can Piper have Figs, Diced Dates, Cranasins, Dried mixed fruit?,,,,,,, She Loves Peach’s that are cut up and Creamy Peanut Butter,,,,,,,,, rusty

        • weather says:

          Dates can cause dogs to have diarrhea, raisins( part of cranisons) are close to poison for dogs, figs in most cases can be tolerated if you give them only a very small amount, since some of the list may be in mixed fruit, I wouldn’t chance problems by giving her any of what you mentioned. Hopefully you have something else Piper would consider a treat Glad your prayers were answered and the truck is all better with your $ returned, too! N’nite

          • Thanks Weather on the Fruit Info for My Baby,, She has her regular dog treats, She likes the “Vita Bone” Biscuits from Ogden, Utah,, And from now on, it’ll be them and once in awhile a “finger tip” of PB,,,,,,,,,

          • Nivrapa in AZ says:

            Rusty, you sure had a good day!! I’m happy that things turned out so well for you. I had a husky that loved carrot sticks dipped in peanut butter. Yeah, she would lick off the peanut butter first but then chewed on that carrot like it was a jerky stick. You can buy a single carrot in Walmart’s produce section if you don’t want to invest in a whole bag just to see if Piper likes them. When hiking, I made sure to take extra carrots and PB for trail snacks so there would be enough for both of us. —Audrey

          • Cinandjules (NY) says:

            Grapes are bad also!

            Be careful with the peanut butter. Manufacturers are using “xylitol” to reduce the calories. Xylitol is bad bad bad. Check the ingredients.

            AO loves carrots and snap peas! Plain right out of the bag. Gotta watch her girlish figure!

            • Thanks Cindy n’ Jules,,, I looked at the PB, “Skippy” and none of that stuff in it, but she only gets some when I have some, not every day,,,,,, rusty,,, got to watch it too,, I used to go thru 10 pounds of Creamy PB a month,, that’s a lot of OYV VAY on Bagels too!

        • BadgerRickInWis says:

          Hey Rusty, NOT a vet but I do have google. 🙂
          It seems as if almost all dried fruit is OK for dogs in small quantities but be careful. Too much can rehydrate in their smaller digestive tracks and cause blockages.

          • BadgerRickInWis says:

            Whoops, better answers coming in while I was looking stuff up. Listen to Weather, which is always good advice.

            Great news on the power steering box BTW. Always nice when things work out like that. Another advantage of doing it yourself. Even a ethical pro would probably replace it anyways rather than risk it leaking again and having an angry customer.

            • What’s neat Rick, is I was at AutoZone returning the New Power Steering Pump, with res. and a Fella having trouble with his Chevy SurBerBan, that he just bought in California on Ebay was makin’ noise on the right rear and he thought it was the Diff going out, but with Custom disk breaks in the rear of it, they have a tinny parking brake that is a small drum brake,, He told me, that next time it leaks down on the bottom to replace just the seal with a kit,,, cost less and one doesn’t need to replace the whole box, just remove the pitman arm and clip and old seal and put it back on in reverse but with a new seal,,,, 15 bucks,,,,,,,,, and no holes drilled in the hood,,,,,,, LOL

    • Denise - Richmond VA says:

      Hi, Rusty,

      What wonderful news! Isn’t it great when a simple adjustment fixes a problem? Enjoy your celebration! Snuggles to Miss Piper! 🙂

      • Denise,, Thanks,,,,, I’m wondering how the presser hose came loose on the Box, it takes a tapperd line wrench to put it on or off and I didn’t have a set of them till I left Napa today where I returned the Power Steering Gearbox, they didn’t have all the cash to refund me ,, so I got some good tools and LED, turn, stop, taillights , a window hand crank and just under 60 in cash back..

        • And all this started happing when I had the truck worked on up in Chino Valley at a shop just bout the time I left the house to breath better and start rollin in this new camper,,,,, 9/28/14,,,,,,,, emmmm

          • Hey all,,,, It’s a Rainin’ cool down, now as I type, after a warm 85 this afternoon,,, Have a great week—- n’ end,,,,,,,,, Good night all and have sweet dreams……. going 10-7,,, pullin th’ plug,,,,, see ya,,,,, oh and Miss Piper says hi Too,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

          • Denise - Richmond VA says:

            Hmmmm…almost sounds like that hose was tampered with by a less than honest mechanic/shop. Gl

            • That’s not all that was tampered with,,, last year be fore Sue came to visit I had to replace a shock on the left front, a brake line on the left front and after I went thru “Lost Wages”, NV. , had to re- repair the rear left axel seal, which the repair shop was supposed to do right the first time,,,, oh well, ,,, they are forgiven,, it’s all in the past and DAD will get them later,, ,,,,,,,, To day I put on the rear of the Camper the new lower LED Brake, Turn, Tail Lights with a LIC. Light,,,, looks good and Bright,, Now the folks behind me can see me!!! Soon there will be running’ LED Lights on top,, 7 red in the back and 7 Amber on the Front,,,, then I can drive till it gets real Dark,,,,, Oh Miss Piper says Hi Too!

            • P.S. There is a Real Good Repair Shop in Flagstaff, Az.,, Randy’s Down Town Garage on Rout 66, just East of the Train Depot,,, They are the Folks who put a real good Differential, (rear) in my ol’ gal with new brakes and Drums,, They had me Towed in, 12 miles and did the work in 4 hours, $920.00 total,, with a 12000 mile/ 12 month Garr-On-Tee,,,, back in 2012, end of August,, The Shop is in the news video when I was going to get “Timber” in Colorado,,,,,,

    • Pauline in Mississippi says:

      Great news Rusty

    • cc and canine (Eastern Missouri) says:

      Rusty—We’re soooo happy for you! Good for you, you kept your receipts and got some refunds! You can always use some new tools. Our Guinness (black hound mix) likes baby carrots, apples, and bananas. He knows where the pear and persimmon trees are on our walk route and just LOVES those, but if he eats more than one he yacks it up! Our vet said no grapes, (or chocolate), so he doesn’t get raisins either. He also likes tomatoes and sweet potatoes!! He adores peanut butter, but we reserve that for giving him meds.

      Give Lady Piper a snuggle!

      • Wow and Thanks,, I called Piper’s Vet and she said,, Peach’s, Apples,, and NO SEEDS,, Onions, Garlic or Seasoning,, white or brown Chocolates,,,,, and watch greasy Items and the day before yesterday She ate my Super Size Fries,,, So now on I’ll take it in with me or move my food so she cannot get to it,,,,,, LOL

    • Krystina ~ Sutton, Vermont says:

      Happy for you Rusty!

  56. Barbara (Nashville) says:

    Thanks Sue for the lovely post and pics. As others have said, rest and post when you feel like it. We will just hang around until you feel like posting.
    Love to you and the the crew, from Angel & I.

  57. Val R. Lakefield, Ontario says:

    So nice to see green instead of all the white I am looking at. Love the photo of the egrets.

  58. Ray Fleming says:

    While we may have never met. I can’t thank you enough for the profound impact you have made in my life. Through your words and wisdom I have rediscovered the absolute serenity of a simplistic lifestyle. God willing, I will follow in your footsteps. Until then, I hope you continue to share with us your daily insights. I know I speak for many when I say. We love you big like the sky!!

    • bess in eugene, oregon says:

      i love that phrase, “big as the sky” and we all for sure could use some love as big as the sky. thank you ray!

  59. Kate in Iowa says:

    I’m catching up, so I saw yesterday’s post today. I like to comment when I can, but sometimes I like to just take a few minutes to enjoy this blog without feeling compelled to say anything. My career is really therapy/advising/helping intensive so sometimes it’s nice to just enjoy and not say anything. Reading this blog is always a little ray of sunshine in my day!

  60. BadgerRickInWis says:

    Beautiful photos of green always soothe my heart this time of year. Thanks for that.

    Anyone got any ideas of what it is that’s growing there?

  61. Rose in Houston says:

    I wish commuters on the freeways would behave the way the egrets do. I live in Houston where the norm is 70mph bumper to bumper traffic and always some smarty pants that thinks he/she is going to gain 5 seconds if they switch into my lane unannounced. It kind of reminds me of thirsty first graders cutting in the water fountain line after recess.

    Thanks for the calming post today. I too am a long time reader but comment less frequently than most. I read for tranquility which often your photography brings…along with your writing style and sense of humor.


  62. Laura says:

    I love those photo’s! I am a bird person! Now that being said… I cannot name birds all the time just by looking at them. But I usually can figure out what they are over time! I love the white against the green!

  63. Ronda western WA says:

    I like green too. Beautiful pics as always Sue. We have geese in the fields around here this time of year.

  64. DesertGinger says:

    Well Sue I didn’t get around to sharing my thoughts on the previous post,so here goes.

    As I have been going through my various trials, tribulations, and successes, it has always helped me immensely to come and unload my burdens here in this group of caring people, led by you. Someone always has the perfect thing to say. You and the blogerinos have cheered my successes (like buying my house and moving to Tucson, or driving to NY for my Knife training), and commiserated with my trials (knee surgery, stroke, etc). In many ways this group has been my family these last few years. I hate to mention names as I invariably forget people, but you, Cindy, Denise, barb, Penn, Rick, Mick, Weather, Shirlene, Rusty, Pookie, Pauline and so many others have become neighbors and friends. I don’t get here every day, but very frequently, and always enjoy it so much. It would be heartbreaking to lose all those connections but you should do what is right for you. Just know that you make a huge difference in the lives of many people. Hugs and love to all. And now I’m thinking of our friend in AZ with the wife called Detta whose name I have temporarily lost. Darn it! You are all precious to me.

  65. gayle coopr says:

    “Flock together in harmony … ” brought tears to my eyes.

  66. Liz from WA says:

    Hi, Sue!

    I’ve been a bit of a lurker. I read your blog frequently, and you’ve certainly shown me that it is more than possible for a woman to RV on her own! I haven’t commented much as I’m mostly a wanna-be at this point, don’t have much to add at this point, and don’t expect I’ll hit the road before next January. God willing and the creek don’t rise.

    From my perspective, I don’t think you should feel compelled at all to blog daily or even weekly. To my mind, it should only be when the spirit moves you if there’s something you want to share. In terms of wondering who is “out there,” I think there are more than you’ll ever know reading your blog. Within the last week alone I’ve heard or seen probably 5-8 referrals to your blog from Technomadia, the Wynns, a guy giving a seminar on boon docking, and more.

    As far as getting emotionally invested in your blogorinos, please take care with your energy and emotional well-being. There is only so much of you to go around, and you can’t be responsible for them/us. It’s wonderful that you have such a caring heart and soul, but don’t spread yourself too thin, ok?!!

    Take care, Liz

  67. Wendy in Thailand says:

    Hi all, over here in Thailand Vanna ( our fur baby) had her tuk tuk rides for her birthday and loved it, she also loved all the pats and attention on the way to the tuk tuk and walking to the bar we visit, the girls seeing her, and making a fuss over her, we had pizza she had some meat I purchased from a street vendor. A fun night was had by all! Take care everyone.

  68. Hilogene says:

    Love your blog, look to see it most days, even if this is my first comment. Thank you for the egrets today, a great way to start the day.

    I was pondering your comment a few days ago about people who come and go on your blog..I was thinking of my own preferences in certain areas of my life, and for unknown reasons, my preferences have changed recently. I have wondered why, no reason that I can figure out. Things I used to enjoy whole heartedly now no longer matter to me at all. Very strange. My current theory surrounds the theory that every seven years all the cells in our body change. Maybe that is it.

    • bess in eugene, oregon says:

      my whole life has had 7 year cycles. it is fascinating to look back and see what falls off the radar and what stays important over time. lately, i have had several hobbies re-assert themselves in my interests. and i was pleasantly surprised to see that my hands still have the memory to do the hobby very well. thanks for saying what i have been noticing too.

    • Denise - Richmond VA says:

      Welcome, Hilogene! 🙂

  69. David Ainley (back in Kentucky, for now) says:

    SO glad to see another post. Thank you.

  70. Kay from KC! says:

    Sue and Crew! Wow, Wow, Wow! Beautiful pictures!

    Kay from KC!

  71. yes ths is the Kent from New Mexico 4 yrs ago and alabama hills 2 years ago. I read every post although I don’t comment. Enjoy your travels. We are house sitting this winter over in Tucson. Live in the RV parked in the driveway but have indoor plumbing and laundry. best of both worlds except too noisy in town here. longing for the great outdoors. next winter! hehe. Keep up the good life Sue!!

  72. Beverly says:

    Love the Egret pics. What a graceful bird.
    I am a lurker and don’t comment very often but I do keep up with your travels. I have to admit that I do binge reading of your blog and cover a couple of weeks in one sitting so by the time I read, the conversation has moved on and comments would be irrelevent.
    So that is my confession for the day.
    Take care Sue and thank you for sharing your travels.
    Bev in NS.

  73. Diane, Blue Ridge Mts, VA says:

    Beautiful Birds, they might be migrating…I have watched and photographed them on the coast…ah. Thanks for sharing.
    Rusty and Piper, so glad you got your truck fixed!
    Take Care Sue and Crew

    • Mornin’ all,,,, thanks Diane, I’m just as happy bout this ol’ gal of a truck to be runnin’ right,,, and I think I passed his test,, I didn’t blow up,,, got a little worried,, life is grand,, and now all that needs doing is change the engine oil, get 2 tires and paint th’ camper white,,,,, then start rollin’ early,,, must see the doc in early April up in Prescott,, then “On the Road Again”,, Wavin’ to all as we go,, makes life and the time go better,,, no rush,,,,,,,, rusty n’ PIper

  74. AZ Jim says:

    Good day folks! Cloudy here in Surprise AZ this morning. Yesterday was 90 officially so a cooling trend is welcome. I hope Sue and crew are relaxing today knowing we understand she has a life to live beyond the blog. There are so many great friends to keep up with here so reading daily is treat. Here’s hoping you all have a great day!!! I’m off to feed my birds…

  75. susan says:

    I am a lurker from the first days of your journey. Remember when you were asking what you should have for breakfast once you started? Ha!
    This week I went to San Simeon from Pasadena Ca. the Elephant seals are still there on the beach but many have left to go out to sea or north. There are still hundreds of them basking on the sand below the cliffs. the pups are nursing and getting strong for the journey. The Elephant seals dont eat for months while they are here !Has anyone else seen them?
    We have had some rain finally and the hills are emerald green with patches of bright yellow mustard….On the pasture below Hearst Castle the cattle are out grazing and I even saw 3 Zebras left over from Hearst’s zoo!
    California is at it’s best right now.

    • Good Morning Susan, yes we have been there many times, the noise from those animals are fabulous. You can hear them before you get there. I expect that you have seen them trying to cross the road, once in a while a male gets a wild idea and thinks he needs to be farther from the beach…scary. I live in Southern Cali, but love, love, love it at the Central Coast. We are usually up that way this time of year, but his year things have been a bit crazy. Enjoy the beautiful area. I am jealous.

    • P.S. Welcome…I hope you post more often to tell us about the things you see.

      • susan says:

        I have not seen them trying to cross the road, but there was a female on the lawn. I could have touched her….but didnt of course….I have no idea how she climbed the cliff. the noise the males make sounds like someone banging on an oil drum or empty barrel….very unusual sound….there were also Egrets on the east side of the highway but not on the cattle as far as I cold see.
        The drought here has been so bad that they closed the bathrooms at Hearst Castle and San Simeon campground are using porta potties!

    • Denise - Richmond VA says:

      Welcome, Susan! 🙂

  76. Chas anderson says:

    Cattle egrets often ride on the backs of cattle and then hop off when insects get kicked up.Pretty cool to watch.

  77. Pamela K. says:

    Dear Sue,
    I am profoundly sorry for the way I lashed out at you in your last post.
    I want you to know I truly am sorry.
    Nothing makes it right and I’m not making any excuses for myself. Please know that there were several nearly unbearable occurrences leading up to my outburst. Klemper and I lost our beloved Golden Retriever , Her Bearness. She had been ill for some time and hemorrhaged in her sleep on the 10th of February. We had to locate a piece of ground at a friend’s farm to bury her since we did not have a yard of our own. Prepping her, transporting her and then burring her took a lot out of both of me. She was my baby-girl for nearly 18 years. I admit, I was fully crushed. Then on Monday my husband had his back give way from the stresses of a hard laborer’s assignment. He literally crawled from his car to the front door unable to stand up from the pain. He has had that happen before, years ago when he was stronger and younger. I saw the panic in his face — I, too, was afraid for his health — he is doing better but not yet fully 100%. Looking for some peaceful, alone time, I logged on and saw you were leaving the blog. I lashed out as I did purely as a self-protection because so much had happened so quickly in my world. Combine all that with the housebound phase of Winter and I failed to fully cope with it all. In part because I have had my own health fears recently — loss of balance, dizziness, near black-outs since having pneumonia this last summer. All these personal things do not make it right, what I did. I just wanted you to know and to know that I am profoundly sorry for what I wrote. I trust we can go in peace with each other and I hope your semi-retirement from blogging gives you what peace you are seeking to find.
    Most sincerely,
    Pamela K.

    • AZ Jim says:

      I’m very sorry for the loss of your dog, Her Bearness. I’ll leave it to Sue beyond that.

      • Pamela K. says:

        Thank you Jim. I will tell Klemper of your kind words. She was such a Daddy’s Girl, he too is crushed at her passing.

    • Pamela K, I can only speak for myself and not for Sue. I am truly sorry for all that has transpired in your life lately. You have been supportive of me in the past and I appreciate that. I hope your life continues to blend back into peace and love.

      • Pamela K. says:

        Thank you, sweet Shirlene.
        Oh my, you have brought me to tears, I am so ashamed!
        Rest, I need some rest, this has weighted so heavy on my soul…

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Pamela K.,

      We all say and do things we regret. None of us fully realizes the hurt we have inflicted over the course of our lives, often times unintentionally, other times willfully. As we get older, we see more clearly what we have done and try to do better. You’re right… Personal pain and misfortune are no excuse for hurting others; many of the blogorinos are suffering right now and they are dealing with it with grace and acceptance.

      Fortunately, we imperfect beings have been given a means to make things right again. I trust your apology is sincere and, therefore, I accept it wholeheartedly and forgive you.

      I apologize for hurt I brought to you and Klemper. I will remove your comment under the previous post, along with the responses to it. I’m leaving your comment above because I’m sure there are fellow blogorinos who would like to join me in welcoming you back.

      My condolences on the passing of your dog and may you and Klemper be well again soon.

      • Brought tears…you are awesome Sue!

      • Cinandjules (NY) says:

        “Flock together in harmony, alight in unison, float together in peace.”

      • Pamela K. says:

        Your kind gift of forgiveness is more than I deserve. Thank you for allowing me to continue to read your blog and see the fun antics of the crew. I give you my honest word that I will be better — good. I need to rest now. My blood sugar is very low and weakness has set in pretty hard. Sue, you are remarkable — may the Holy One bless you.
        Pamela K.

    • Cinandjules (NY) says:

      Saddened on the loss of your beloved Her Bearness. May Klemper and you both cherish the joy she brought you forever in your hearts.

      • Pamela K. says:

        Thank you Cinandjules. She did bring us many wonderful years. So full of life she was. It was hard seeing that leave her eyes in the last days of her sweet life. It is good that she is at peace now. It is so hard to let them go.

    • Mick'nTN says:

      Hi Pamela K., So very sorry to hear that Her Bearness has crossed the Rainbow Bridge. Klemper, I hope your back is better now; leave the bull work to the 20 year old kids. It may look like a mountain now but it was really just a little bump in the road of life. So glad your still here.

      • Pamela K. says:

        Thank you Mick. I will tell Klemper your kind words. He wishes he could leave the heavy stuff to the younger ones, that was his hope and what was promised to him when he took this last work assignment. Unfortunately he has a Work Foreman who sees Klemper as his go-to-guy for the hard work assigments. Any word to the contrary is certain to show him to “the gate”. One worker this foreman’s crew has already died — hard work related under this same foreman. Company budget costs cuts and lay-offs have put a heavy burden on the work load. Two more months and this assignment will be completed, Amen.

    • Pauline in Mississippi says:

      Pamela K. I too am so sorry for all that has been going on in your life. I pray that things will get better for you and Klemper. It takes a big person to ask for forgiveness and admit to any wrong. I am happy to welcome you back.

    • BadgerRickInWis says:

      Pamela K.
      I’m so sorry to hear of the loss of your beloved companion. I truly hope that you can take the time to grieve, heal, and remember all of the times that she brought joy into your life. Keep those memories and she will never be truly gone.

      Holding you in my heart and sending prayers to both you and Klemper.

    • Denise - Richmond VA says:

      Pamela, so sorry for your loss of Her Bearness. I hope you find some peace knowing that you and Klemper gave her a wonderful life. I hope Klemper’s back is better. Take good care.

    • Elizabeth in WA says:

      So sorry for the loss of your wonderful pet and also all the physical ills…this getting old business is rough on us too…Pray things will be better soon for you both…maybe finding a better job too even…or some solution. We are granted so few days of life on earth…and it often takes a lot of changes to get where it is easier. For us, downsizing and now living in 500 sq. ft. apt has helped!! I hope you can find all the ways that will make the sun shine again!!

    • cc and canine (Eastern Missouri) says:

      I am so sorry to hear of the passing of Her Bearness…For a golden to reach 18 indicates the loving care you lavished on her…..And your husband throwing out his back…… you’ve been under quite a bit of stress lately.

      A heartfelt apology helps all involved…Welcome back to the blog.

    • Wendy in Thailand says:

      Sorry for the loss of your dog, it leaves a big hole in ones heart.

    • Krystina ~ Sutton, Vermont says:

      Oh Pamela…so sorry to hear that Her Bearness was taken over the Rainbow Bridge. I know how that must have made you feel. 18 years is a long time to love and then lose a pet. Please give my best to Klemper and tell him to “cut it out”! I was so happy to see your apology to RVSue…I know it took a lot to write it. Also happy to see how many Bloggerino’s forgive you (including me)…as well as RVSue. Life is so difficult a lot of the time. Please keep posting and take one day at a time.

    • Lisa, Tommie and Buddy in SoFlo (for now) says:

      I hope health and serenity return to your house.

  78. Corkerinna620 (Mobile AL) says:

    As I mentioned a few days back, I’m still “catching up” in your archives. I commented about one of your posts in 2015 having a photo of an Indian Marker Tree. I just came across another pic in your Sept 13, 2014 post at Slate Creek Camp in WY. I’m really curious how many other camps you may have noticed these “marker” trees? Google search Indian Marker trees. Pretty interesting.
    I only comment sporadically. I’m caregiver for DH who suffers from IPF so your blog takes me away. I share often with him. Selling the home and fulltiming was our dream from 2013. Had already started clearing out the house in order to sell. Then diagnosis Oct 1st. We’re learning to adjust and accept.
    Love you, canine crew and your blog!!

  79. Pauline in Mississippi says:

    Thank you all for being there for my sister Susan….yes, she is Susan to me. I think it is awesome how you are there to take up the slack if she decides to take a few days off.
    Susan writes from the heart and this is HER story. Yes, she does it for us also but primarily this is her diary of her life and travels. She tries to help those who may be thinking of venturing out on this same life style. She has allowed us to be privy to her inner feelings and thoughts. She has entertained us, she has provoked thought and feelings. She has made us cheer, laugh out loud and yes, she has brought us to tears. She has brought her travels to life with beautiful pictures, educating us along the way with parts of this country that some of us may never see. I have said a hundred times…Susan could write about paint drying and have you on the edge of your seat.

    I want to thank Jean from Southaven for inquiring about me. As Susan said I stay busy and sometimes, as another lady said in the last blog, I just enjoy reading the post and the comments without saying anything.

    Thanks again to all of you who love my sister!!!

    AND SUSAN……. take off as much time as you want to. I know that an ugly comment or 2 can be so discouraging. I find that to be true when I receive them from my newsletter but when you put them up against the wonderful comments you receive, you find the strength to keep plugging on. You are LOVED by MANY. Sending you and the crew Lots of Love and Big Hugs.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Beautifully written, Pauline. You mean the world to me. I love you!

    • bess in eugene, oregon says:

      the two of you are a shining example of how sisters can be there for each other. i really like that you can see and celebrate the true beingness of each other.

    • Elizabeth in WA says:

      Lovely to see 2 siblings have lots of contact…wish the rest of the world was this way too…though there are some…I know many who do not have this. Of course, not having sisters…maybe that is part of the equation too for me too…but I would say to the men out there…do what you can to keep in contact with your sisters…our daughters love our son…but he is alloted nearly no contact with them. But we keep hoping…

  80. Ron in Tx says:

    Your blog always amazes me .
    The amount of of supportive comments is amazing.
    Do you realize that you have a support base that is better than 99.8 percent positive.
    I bet there are a lot of politicians that would love to have even half that support.
    Rusty I am glad for your luck on the truck

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Good to see you here, Ron, especially during a time when you are grieving a loss. Thank you. Keep on, keeping on.

  81. Nivrapa in AZ says:

    I mentioned the other day that I was out of town for a few days and I thought I’d share with folks here another one of southern AZ hidden gems. I spent a few days with the Scamp at Parker Canyon Lake in the Coronado NF (also known as Lakeview Campground). Located between Sonoita and Patagonia (about 90 miles from Tucson) this is definitely a destination campground and not an “on the way to” campground since it’s twenty five miles to the campground on State Route 83 from the only intersection in Sonoita. The road ends as it comes upon the campground. The road is now paved all the way and it’s not a bad drive at all. Quite pretty with wide swooping curves, occasionally a tighter curve, and gentle swales to keep things interesting but more narrow than what most of us are accustomed to.

    The campground sits on a hill above the lake and has 64 sites (some handicapped available) that are gravel back ins. Juniper and hard oaks provide shade but there is plenty of open sky for those solar panels. Clean vault toilets and non-threaded water spigots are scattered throughout. $5/nite with my senior pass. Beautiful and serene during the week. I was one of four in the campground until the weekend when a few more small rigs came in but the entire stay was very quiet. I think RV’s up to about 30-32feet could find campsites. No hookups, dump or cell service.

    Don’t forget anything ’cause it’s a very, very long ride back to anyplace that has any decent supplies. There is a small store onsite that caters to the fisher folks and sells bait, ice, soda, wood, and provides boat rentals. The lake is a good size and is popular with those that fish–both from the shore and out on their boats. Motorboats are limited to 10hp and no swimming is permitted in the lake. Elevation is about 5400K feet. It’s really quiet and peaceful back there and not a highly popular campground because it’s off the beaten path. I’ve heard stories that the exception is spring break from UofA when it becomes party central.

    I’ve been there on more than one occasion during the week when the only company I had was the wildlife and water fowl. I have seen lots of deer, plenty of birds and water fowl, and also scat from black bear but have never actually seen any bear. Most people that use the campground make the drive because they seek the quiet and solitude this place provides. If it’s getting too hot on the desert for you or if anyone is in need of an escape from the chaos of civilization and wants to relax and unwind, then Parker Canyon Lake might be just the place for you. Not much happening at Parker Canyon Lake other than nature showin’ off.—-Audrey

    • BadgerRickInWis says:

      Very nice write up Nivrapa In AZ. It truly seems to be on the way to nowhere which is of course one of my favorite destinations. Thanks for the info.

    • bess in eugene, oregon says:

      thanks for this information. i like that you gave us the full story so we could decide if we wanted to visit there. i have saved it to my folder.

    • cc and canine (Eastern Missouri) says:

      Parker Canyon Lake sounds like paradise…What time of year would be best for a visit at that elevation? Your description helped me locate it and circle it on my Benchmark for a future visit….Thanks so much.

      • Nivrapa in AZ says:

        I’m glad my critique is helpful to some folks. The shoulder seasons are probably the best time to visit. Summers are too hot during the day, although the nights do cool off nicely. It can be buggy during summer camping due to the lake’s presence. During Dec, Jan, and Feb you will likely have freezing temps overnight and also risk having to deal with a renegade winter storm (AKA snow). Late Oct and thru Nov are my favorite times to visit. Springtime is good except it seems to see more day use for fishing as the lake is stocked in the spring. It sure is a pretty spot no matter when you experience it.—Audrey

        • cc and canine (Eastern Missouri) says:

          Thanks for the info….we’ll make a card for our file, and add it to our list of places to go!

  82. Diane W says:

    I read every post and I have been with you every since you decided to get your casita. Have not posted since the very start, not much to say on my part, but love to follow your blog.

  83. BadgerRickInWis says:

    On a lighter note:
    There is a Thai restaurant here that is becoming known for making their own fortune cookies and inserting handwritten humorous fortunes. We went last night and mine was “Please disregard previous fortune.” Kelly’s was “That wasn’t really chicken,”

    I think I like these people.

  84. Wendy (Illinois) says:

    Hi Sue and Crew,
    I love your blog and don’t comment to often but I wanted to let you know I read every post! I saw this Rolling Backpack Pet Carrier on Groupon and thought of you, don’t know if it work for Bridget or not. I am buying one for my older lady crew that I have she’s 14yrs old and hates to walk long so when I go walking my bigger younger dog I use to carry her so hopefully this works for me. Worth the shot. Thank You for blogging each and every time.

    Wendy dreaming in Illinois

    Wendy— This is a link to a similar item offered at Amazon. — Sue

    HDP Roll Along Carrier & Backpack Luggage ON WHEELS PINK

    • Wendy - Illinois says:

      Sorry Sue I should have thought of the Amazon link, it was a spur of the moment post. I saw the item and thought instantly of sharing it with you. See even though I’m a lurker and only comment once in a blue moon, you and the crew are in my thoughts and I’m right there along with your adventures. You keep doing you and I will keep right along, but if one day your not that’s ok, you would be greatly missed, for people and things are meant to come and go, it is the lesson that they taught that will always be remembered. You have showed me that my dream of one day becoming a full time rving woman alone is possible and that it’s ok to be yourself. Love and peace to you, bridget and Reggie!

      Wendy in Illinois

  85. Lois (AZ) says:

    Now that so many bloggers have come out of the woodwork, It’s always nice if you include your location with your name (State/City/Area)…makes it so much easier for all of us and especially for Sue to relate! So glad she is taking a break…she deserves every minute…of course, she still follows along! I so enjoy all the bloggers’ lives, locations, destinations, and especially RVSUE and the CANINE CREW.
    Carry on!

    • Denise - Richmond VA says:

      Great reminder, Lois!

      I love seeing where other blogorinos are located! Sue’s online family includes folks from all over the world including the US, Canada, Japan, Thailand, and Australia….just to name a “few” places. How cool is that?! 🙂

  86. Suzette (TN) says:

    What beautiful pictures. And what a gorgeous field. I wonder what’s growing so bright and green. When I was a kid, my dad would always comment about a nicely growing crop as we drove by and would speculate about what was growing, until he was certain he had sorted it out. It was just one of this “things.” Looking at those pictures reminded me of him. He would definitely want to know what that farmer was growing!

    • susan says:

      hasn’t anyone been able to identify what is growing in that field?
      onions? alfalfa? hay? Surely someone knows. I too try to figure out what is growing when I pass fields.but usually only guess.
      Near Salinas Ca. the farmers put up signs telling what is growing…I like that.

      • rvsueandcrew says:

        I stopped by a field yesterday and took a closer look. I compared what I saw with images of alfalfa online. It’s alfalfa.

        • bess in oregon says:

          alfalfa becomes hay when it is dried. it is very nutrient rich and is very expensive to buy, compared to grass or straw.

  87. Leander Linda says:

    Okay. I confess. My name is Leander Linda and I am a lurker. I look forward to checking in every couple of days to see what new adventure you are having. I would surely miss you if you were gone. But I surely know what it is like to need a break. Even bloggers need a vacation.

  88. cateW says:

    FYI for anyone who is in contact with Becky/IO,
    Wanted her to know that a couple of us can open her blog header but when we try to access her posts we get a message that her site may have been “hacked” and Internet Explorer shuts down. We’ve tried several times and internet shuts her site down.

    If/when Sue, Becky, or other folks who own a Casita have time, I would love to know what options you chose for your rig, and what you passed on. When I was reading Sue’s early years postings…there was a mention about an upcoming post about the options she bought…I never found it?

    I want a vinyl floor instead of carpet, full bathroom, TV & VCR (so I can watch my movie collection), and an awning. What do you suggest?

    Thanks and pleasant dreams,

    p.s. Please don’t “hate” me for playing the counselor earlier today…my intentions were to help someone prevent future misery, and find a personal, peaceful way to cope with life’s challenges.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      No hating going on, cateW. None at all. Your comment was read by the person it was written for so it did serve its purpose. I deleted both comments in order to prevent a thread developing that might turn negative.

      • cateW says:

        Thanks, I’m relieved. And that’s why you are the Captain of your own “ship”, steering clear of the rocks so no one gets wrecked, including us. Wise, kind, and generous…my perception of Sue.
        Bless you and keep you always,

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      I forgot to mention… I dropped that series of posts and that’s why you can’t find the one about options. If I lose interest in something, I don’t force myself to keep on with it. I’ve lost my self-discipline since I’ve retired.

      Briefly, these are the options I bought for the Best Little Trailer …. high axle, bigger tires (D), vinyl floor, entertainment package (TV with DVD player, built in antenna, cable tv outlet), awning, Fantastic fan in ceiling, larger waste tanks, larger fresh water tank (you can find the sizes at, sink cover. That’s all I can think of right now. The a/c unit comes standard with the Liberty Deluxe model. The bathroom is a marine shower bathroom.

      I opted out of the furnace because it only runs with hookups (preferred to have propane heater installed later), microwave, and electric jack.

      • cateW says:

        Merci very much! So helpful.
        🙂 Cate

        • Patricia O says:

          CateW, I have a recent (2015) Casita model and my furnace works with propane and does not need hookups. It differs from what Sue said maybe because Casita has changed it… make sure you ask them.
          I took all the options except the microwave. Barely use it at home anyway and the extra cabinet space is great to have. I do enjoy very much the electric jack because I am not that strong. Also, and that’s just me, I found that the Casita -even with all options- is a bit “bare bones” and I had LHC make quite a few improvements. This added a few thousands to the price tag but I am very happy with their work and the choices I made. Once again, I do not know about previous models but my Casita’s cushions are harder than rock and there is no way I could sleep on that. So I had to purchase custom memory foam mattresses (I have the independence model). Also added to the bill but no regret whatsoever. I had budgeted everything before so that no surprise. Some things like window coverage and special size sheets I made myself. Hope that helps.
          Going back in my hole, now 😉

  89. We were driving through the Border Patrol checkpoint between Ajo and Gila Bend yesterday and saw a sign – “Drivers please restrain your dogs”. I immediately thought of you going through that same checkpoint and the crew was yapping up a storm. I must have been still smiling when I reached the BP agent as he looked at me like I must have been up to no good. He asked me how my day was going to which I replied “just great”. He said “have a nice day” and went back to talking to his partner. We rolled out of there still smiling.

    Camped at Saddle Mountain but can’t stay long. We can’t find anywhere to get water except for one place that is twice what we paid in Ajo. The weather here was much cooler than yesterday. I guess we will head down to the RV park tomorrow as we have mail arriving in Buckeye as well.

    Sedona is looking nice, highs in the 70s all next week with lows in the upper 40s. Might have to go up there for a spell. I have some GPS coordinates for some boon docking areas up there.

    Hope you are all well,


  90. Denise - Richmond VA says:

    Hi, Sue,

    My wish for you and all your blogorinos is for a restful, peaceful night.

    Sending you, Miss Bridge, and the Reginator hugs from me and Gracie pup! 🙂

    Love ya!

  91. Glenda in OZ! says:

    In case you were wondering………I am still here and need to do a catch up every now and then. Just what I have just done! Read about 6 posts in one go. Love your blog so much and your photos are always amazing!

  92. Jerry & Karen says:

    Sue have a fabulous week. There are many who really have come to care because you just show easily who you are. Your blog was one of my first as we researched and planned our travels. Though my wife and I will not follow your traveling ways we love your independence. Keep Regie and Bridget close, there is a special bond amongst you.

  93. Pamela K. says:

    Sue, Pauline, everyone,
    Thanks for all the wonderful words of kindness. Each and every word has been healing to me and to Klemper. Earlier I started to reply to every post but it seemed like it was turning the postings in toward me being the center of Sue’s blog again. I didn’t want that for her or for me. Just know that I have read them all and found much goodness in them. Thank you, I am humbled and blessed by all of you here. It’s good that tomorrow is FRIDAY 🙂 It has been a rough go this week for many of us. Here’s to a better, brighter WEEKEND and a more even keel ahead as we all navigate our many storms.

  94. Glenda from Glendale says:

    I love reading your blog Sue. It always puts a smile on my face. I’m sure I’m like a lot of others who are mostly silent. Your blog lets us escape and read about places we’ve never been. Your pictures are beautiful and I enjoy hearing about the crew and your life on the road. Thanks for sharing it with us!

  95. Just a quickie note to apologize for not commenting lately! My recycled glass suncatchers and wind chimes are sold out with orders coming in for more! Now Chuck is helping me get caught up! My tumbler finally gave out so I am now trading suncatchers to a shop in Apalachicola, The Tin Shed, for a brand new 18 pound tumbler brand new in the box that he has never had time to use! My old tumbler was a 5 pound tumbler, so I will be able to tumble a lot more glass! Debbie sold out of the 6 I had in her shop in 3 days! So forgive me, but it looks like we are gonna be a bit busy for awhile! YAY ! ?
    I did read this post and loved it!

    • Mick'nTN says:

      Hi Geri & Chuck
      Congrats on your new business success. Where are the pictures?

    • Denise - Richmond VA says:

      Hi, Geri,

      Sounds like you and Chuck have found the perfect niche for your business! The super sized tumbler will help streamline your workflow. Congrats! 🙂

    • Thanks Mick and Denise! No photos because everything sold before I thought to take pictures! When I get more made, I will post on my Facebook page! But the next 12 or so are already sold, but I will take pictures before taking them to new owners! It is exciting!!!!!!

    • Lisa, Tommie and Buddy in SoFlo (for now) says:

      Hi Geri, I clicked on your name and found your blog with a post from Sept 2014. I was hoping to see, and perhaps order a wind chime. Would you tell me how to see them online, that is if Sue doesn’t mind of course.

  96. Deena in Peoria AZ says:

    Your blog is the sunshine in a rather chaotic world, medical issues with my Partner and a fall for me have kept me from the keyboard. The world of RVSue and Crew and her Bloggerinos have been a place to go for safety from worry, enjoyment at your stories, giggles/tears/awe/love at the Bloggerinos. I have missed the last ten posts so I am printing pictures today so I may show read them at the hospital to my Love, who has been asking for news of Sue.

    Thank you and we are so happy I found you while researching Rat Terriers almost 4 1/2 years ago..

    Deena, Partner and Miss Mollie

  97. Dawn in NC says:

    Thank you so much Sue for taking all the time and thoughtfulness and creativeness that you take with this blog. It always brightens my day when I see there is a new posting. My favorite times are actually when I get behind on reading, because I know that I am in for a treat. It’s so much fun to catch up on the blog and to follow the comments. I don’t write much, because I live a fairly dull life. Work, home and work again. I envy your way of life. I am a long way off from retirement and do not have the funds to get a camper right now. My current dream is a tiny house, but even that is a long way off at the moment. So, I live vicariously through you and the crew. I love hearing about the antics and interactions of the crew. It brings me great joy to see you out there living your dream. So, whatever you decide about the blog, thanks for all that you have done so far!

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Dawn in NC,

      No matter how “dull” you may see your life right now, YOU are not dull. What you have in your mind and hold in your heart is not dull. For instance…. (I write this for all those who think they have nothing to write about)… What is it about a tiny house that appeals to you? What style of tiny house do you like? A tiny Cape Cod? An itty-bitty stucco Southwestern? Something sleek and modern? Where do you see your tiny house in your dreams? By the seashore? In a garden of tenderly cared for flowers? In a forest? At the edge of your hometown?

      I could go on and on…. My point is this: No one is dull. Everyone of us is unique. And there’s always something to share that others will enjoy reading… Like what you ate for lunch. Ha!

      Be well, be happy, be you!

      • Wendy in Thailand says:

        Sue, if I was more adventurous with my eating,what I ate for lunch could be very interesting over here. Lol
        I love what you say, we are all unique!

      • gayle cooper says:

        RVSue: If you ever do any tiny house research — bring us along!!!

    • bess in oregon says:

      tiny houses are HOT here in Oregon. at the local semi-annual home and garden show they had 4 new ones on display and also had some workshops for interested people.

      our city changed the zoning law to allow home owners to have a tiny house on the same lot that already has a regular house. we have a big homeless situation here and this mingled housing is helping. also people house their grown children in them. the city doesn’t want urban sprawl to eat up our farmland, so they want a denser city within the boundary. building more stories on the house and turning our backyards into a tiny house oasis.

      keep on dreaming!!!

      • gayle cooper says:

        Bess, this is encouraging to read about tiny houses. I’ve followed this movement closely, and the young people seem to overlook the fact there is no place to put them — at least so far in CA. Cities here are not noted for their flexibility on code matters, homeless populations or not. I’d like to see intentional communities, a circle of tiny homes with activity facilities in the middle (fire pit, children’s play equipment) — a new take on a circle of covered wagons! All those ladders and lofts and decks with no railings would never pass code, though, and no matter one’s age, one will take a dive off one of these days!

      • wildflower in prescott says:

        I found a wonderful web site with beautiful photographs. There is nothing obscene about the site but the title is a little off-putting. It is called where there are photos of cabins from all over the world.

        I love tiny houses.

    • BadgerRickInWis says:

      Hi Dawn, I love your tiny house dream. In fact our plan right now is that in a few years I will get a tiny trailer and travel and my GF Kelly will build a tiny house. In fact one of the places she was looking at was Asheville N.C.

      Like your dream ours can seem so very far away some days but we just keep trying to make a little bit of progress every week. Thanks for stopping in and sharing.

  98. Applegirl NY says:

    Hi Sue and Blogorinos! What lovely green and white photos. So fresh. We’re down here in a gorgeous beachside campground enjoying Florida’s best. We were blessed by a 3 day visit from my sister and her husband who drove down from their home near Asheville NC.

    Sue, I read your posts but haven’t had time to read most of the comments. If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a dozen times – I don’t know how you maintain your blog. Your perseverance, creativity and dedication are unbelievable. I absolutely know I wouldn’t have been able to do it. We appreciate everything you do and who you are and you have given us all a great place to”land” from time to time. I don’t think we could ask for more. Blessings to you and the crew and all of your awesome blogorinos .

  99. Leesa (IA) says:

    Absolutely love the pictures of green fields and birds. Today it’s brown mud and
    50 mph winds here in Iowa!!! Good news though I just bought a vintage airstream needs a little work but not much. After looking at today’s pictures I’m really antsy to get started with the rehab and start camping 🙂

    • Marilu from Northern California says:

      Hi Leesa,
      A vintage Airstream sounds very exciting! Where do you plan on camping with it? What upgrades are you going to make?

    • Sue CleanerGreenerVegas) says:

      Leesa,We would love to hear about the rehab!

  100. bess in oregon says:

    hey blogerinos and bird nerds,

    i just saw on Oregon PBS last night a show about the Trumpeter Swans. i only caught part of the story but this is the news i heard. the wildlife people transplanted some pairs of swans to Silver Lake (south central Oregon Wildlife area) and hoped they would return each year and nest. they did return each year and the first nestling that emerged was a female in 2014. she came back last year and had some young hatch. so they now have about 6 pairs! fun.

  101. Kenwinkie says:

    Just got introduced to your blog site at the Seattle RV show by Dave Helgeson, who is a long time boondocker. He gave a seminar at the show and referenced your blog. I’m impressed and will start following it. My wife and I are just about to begin our new adventure and hope to learn from reading your blogs. Thank you for taking the time to share. Kw

  102. Reeves99 says:

    Hi Sue ? Love ya! (platonically speaking, of course)

  103. Jan NH says:

    Hi Sue and all of your wonderful readers,

    I found your blog just before Christmas and it took me a good month to read from the beginning to present. I’m not sure why but felt I had to read the entire blog before posting a comment ;). I have been caught up for a couple weeks now but by the time I finish reading each new the post and comments, it is usually late at night and time for me to sleep. Well today is the day 

    Even though I am relatively new here, I feel like I’ve been with you for the almost five years of your blog. I understand that only you can decide what you will do going forward as we all need to do what’s right for ourselves. I want to take this opportunity to thank you as well as your many blogorinos for your stories, your travels, pictures, info about the wonderful campsites you have found, tips/hints on the tools-of-the-trade as well as your insight into the life of full time RVing. I have thoroughly enjoyed your knack for making a normal day’s activities and the antics of your crew sound like an adventure with your storytelling gift.

    Anyhow, my story and your blog….
    I used to do a lot of tent camping and had a small RV back in my 20’s (looong time ago) but somehow, without me noticing, life happened and I have not done either in many years. The death of a very dear friend a while ago and the realization that too much of life has passed me by, I decided I would save to buy a travel trailer (tent camping lost its appeal as I have aged) in order to start spending vacations and weekends enjoying the beautiful outdoor places in New England that I used to love to explore and some I have yet to see. I also decided that once I retired, I would travel this beautiful country….something I thought I would do in my 20’s and is still a dream. Looking at my retirement finances and the original plan to keep my house meant that I would be lucky if I could manage retirement in another 10 years. I then started toying with the idea of selling the house and joining those that RV full time. Naturally, I started doing some online searches and found your blog. As I read (from the beginning) and proceeded through the past 5 years with you, I began to re-evaluate my thinking and my finances, and I realized that I can do this in 5 years….maybe even sooner. It will likely take me that long to downsize my house and get my finances to where I will feel comfortable. I just wanted you to know that all that you share on your blog has helped me to realize that this is an attainable goal for me.

    One final thought…..I too am a loner and most people have a hard time understanding that I’m happiest on my own. It isn’t that I don’t like people, I just like myself and being on my own with my dogs more 

    • weather says:

      Hi, Jan, your comment was a pleasure to read. I just wanted to extend a welcome to another one getting a lot from Sue’s blog. I hope to hear more about your plan’s working and your dream coming true 🙂

    • Krystina ~ Sutton, Vermont says:

      Welcome to RVSue’s Blog Jan! You are now an official Bloggerino. Thank you for sharing your story. It is amazing how many of us went back and read RVSue’s blog from the beginning. I live in Sutton Vermont and lived in W. Lebanon, NH for 20 years. What town are you in if you don’t mind my asking?

      • Jan NH says:

        Thanks all for the welcome!
        Krystina, I’m near the seacoast, on the Maine border for the last 12 years but have lived in different parts of the state over the years. I also spent some time in Grand Isle, VT. Been in NH most of my adult life but grew up in west PA.

  104. Applegirl NY says:

    Welcome to posting, Jan NH. Keep that goal in mind. Hopefully you will realize your dream earlier than you expect.

  105. CRedd n Tx says:

    Hi Sue&Crew and Blogerinos,

    I have commented several times, but it has been some time since I have posted a comment. Please know that I have read every post and comments, and anticipate each new post. However, lately I get behind and have to catch up when there is time. I drive a school bus 160+ miles every day and am the ISS (In School Suspension) instructor during the day. So my weekdays are about 13-14 hours, but I enjoy the work I am doing. I frequently drive extra-curricular trips on the weekends. This coming July in 2016 will complete 10 years of service.

    Having said that, I now say that I am retiring (again)at that time in July. Just prior to retiring the first time, I purchased a 26 foot fifth wheel and became a full time RVer. The 26 footer turned into more than I wanted to tow and handle. So I sold it a purchased a 16 foot cargo trailer which I converted into a travel trailer. I lived and traveled full time in it till I started working for the school. At that time I purchased an 800 SF homein which I have inhabited for about 8 years.

    Upon retirement in July, I plan to sell the house. I have purchased a 12 foot cargo trailer that I will convert into a travel trailer in which I plan to travel in for about 6-7 months per year. I have a lot in a retirement community in Northeast Texas on which I plan to build a small (tiny) house of about 350 SF to use as my home base. I know perhaps that is not the conventional way of doing things, but it suits me.

    When I was in high school it was required reading in Literature to read “Travels with Charley” by John Steinbeck which was published in 1961-62. He installed a truck camper on his pickup truck in which he lived and traveled for several months while he discovered America, which was the basis of the book. Ever since that time I have been fascinated with camping and traveling. Thanks John for installing in me the lifetime of desire to travel and discover America, the great country in which we live.

    Sue, you are an Educator whether it be formally in the Classroom, or informally in this blog. You have touched many lives, the young ones and the not-so-young ones. We are all informally teachers as well as learners. When I was younger just having graduated from college, I thought I was well educated. As I have grown older I have realized that was only the foundation as I have been a student of learning all my life.

    As others have said, take the time you need to get refreshed and regenerated, and we will be waiting to encourage you in your teaching endeavor.

    Clayton in TX

  106. Lisa, Tommie and Buddy in SoFlo (for now) says:

    A couple of years ago I had an apartment by a little lake. A large flock of egrets lived in the trees. They would fly out at dawn to forage in the neighborhood, returning in a flurry of feathers to roost in the branches of the trees by the water. There were so many, they bent the branches, like ornaments on an over decorated Christmas tree. They were magic. It’s so nice to see them in other places. Thanks Sue.

  107. I would be beyond ecstatic to have one comment for each blog I write! This group of readers are a chatty bunch that care for you and each other.

    I love the egrets and against the green field it sure looks like spring and nothing like a desert.

  108. CheryLyn(Oregon) says:

    Hi Sue and other Bloggerinos,
    I hadn’t posted in ages until the other day and promised to say hi more often. Within a couple days of that I recieved a cash offer on my house (hadn’t even listed it again yet).
    Should close in a couple of weeks. Yeah! I have possession for two months so moving/downsizing will be less stressful. Health is improving slowing, looks like I may get to drag out my little trailer yet! Your blog has always continued to fuel my dreams and keep my hope up.
    Glad you are taking a break. I am looking to buy a camera can’t remember which one you use. Do you like it? Would you buy it again?

    • Marilyn, Dania Beach, FL says:


      What great news on your house sale.

      Now, get your strength back and enjoy your time traveling.

      Happy trails.

    • BadgerRickInWis says:

      Great news Cherylyn, happy for you. What kind of “little trailer” do you have?

      • CheryLyn(Oregon) says:

        Hi BadgerRick,
        I have an older Nash 17C. I took out the dinette and built a counter and drawers. It feels pretty roomy for a small one.

    • AlanOutandAbout - Pahrump, Pahrunp, Pahrump says:

      Cherylyn, Sue uses a Panasonic, I don’t remember the model. It is a good camera and has severd her well. However it is, design wise, over a 3 year old camera and by todays standards a bit outdated. I have noticed recently several people have bought the Nikon COOLPIX P610 Digital Camera with 60x Optical Zoom. It is a fine camera that can take you from beginning P&S to full on manual control. Perhaps they might chime in and give a review. I bought one but just got it and am still reading the manual. You just can’t go wrong with a Nikon.

      • wildflower in prescott says:

        It’s a Panasonic Lumix 60x optical. I have had two small Lumix point and shoot cameras and have been very pleased with them. My current Lumix has a couple of dents in the aluminum body. It has traveled with me down the Colorado River through the Grand Canyon and 400 miles of the Appalachian Trail. It’s still clicking.

    • Marilyn, Dania Beach, FL says:

      Canon SX60 appears to be good, too. Look it up on Amazon.

  109. weather says:

    Hi, everyone, I’d like to hear your opinions about something. If a person is in an unfamiliar city and needs their vehicle repaired or maintained, and has the option of going to a dealer or independent garage, which would you suggest, and why?

    • Cinandjules (NY) says:

      I tend to give the independent small shop the business. Why? Usually they are up front no nonsense and their reputation is at stake. A dealer has huge overhead and won’t think twice about gouging you…sorry but especially if you are a woman and not sure of the problem. (Please don’t flame me…as this is the truth)

      Locals also have good Intel when it comes to a small business…word of mouth is huge!

      Now if it’s a warranty issue recall replacement…then it goes to the dealer!

      • weather says:

        Thanks, before I knew where to go out here a neighbor said he always went to a dealer. Since he happened to be the richest guy in town and had been a dealer before retiring, I thought maybe I should take his advice with a grain of salt.

    • DesertGinger says:

      It depends. If I could get a referral to an independent garage, I might try that. Just randomly pick one…maybe not. A dealer has a reputation to maintain, and to some extent the work is backed up by the company the dealer represents. They do cost more. But if someone in the grocery store tells me they always use Sam, I’m going to give Sam a shot.

      • weather says:

        Thanks, Ginger, you make good points about not randomly picking one, and a company backing the dealer. I am so-o hopeful about tomorrow holding successful surgery and good results for you, hugs.

    • Nivrapa in AZ says:

      Weather, unless there is warranty work involved I will most often choose a smaller local garage with a good reputation among the town’s people. Their word of mouth speaks volumes to me. A dealership can more easily absorb the loss of some of its customers if offering shoddy or highly expensive repairs. The small independent garage tends to do well by its patrons to ensure a continued following to support the business. I also prefer to deal one on one for any situations that arise from the work rather than some large dealership that can never seem to give you a direct answer. Many times the business owner is also one of the mechanics in the smaller garages. Depending on the size of the community you can check with the Better Business Bureau, Yelp, etc in addition to just asking the locals.—Audrey

      • weather says:

        Thanks, Audrey, the availability of dealing one on one is a great point, I’m always more comfortable when doing that in any business deal.

    • Mick'nTN says:

      Also check with the Chamber of Commerce and the Better Business Bureau for negative reports.

    • kgdan from Wapato, WA says:

      This has happened to us on a number of occasions in a variety of locales. We have had to have serious work done. If we are camped, we ask the locals for recommendations. We have even talked to law enforcement for ideas. We try to get several opinions & check out 2-3 of those suggested before committing. Last week we had the instrument cluster replaced on our Avalanche & found 3 places here with 3 prices. We chose the dealership & are satisfied. Generally our experiences have all been positive while getting repairs on the road.

      • weather says:

        Thanks, getting extra opinions and estimates sounds wise, the benefits of not being in a hurry while traveling, nice!

  110. DesertGinger says:

    My son is here. We just had breakfast. My last day. Surgery at 530 am tomorrow. I’m scared and excited. Don’t want to die, but hopeful I will feel much better. I cannot adequately express how much this blog and all the blogerinos mean to me. You are all so valuable to me. Sue, you and the crew have made a home away from home for us all to enjoy. Big love and cyber hugs to all.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      A big hug to you, too, Ginger. We look forward to hearing from you after the surgery, but only when you feel up to it. Don’t feel pressured. We will be here for you when you’re ready. 🙂

    • Cinandjules (NY) says:

      Enjoy the time with your son!

      Think positive DeGin! It’s just a bump in your road! You are the energizer bunny!

      Feel the encouragement, sincerity and well wishes that we ALL have for you! Since many of your ailments are attributed to this issue….there is NO doubt that this surgery will aleviate them. Looking forward to hearing from you as soon as you’re able.

      Hugs BIG hugs!

    • Nivrapa in AZ says:

      Ginger, attitude and determination will get you through this ordeal. Both have more healing power than any drug. Don’t forget to pack your sense of humor, too. After all, laughter is the best medicine! Prayers for a quick and successful recovery go to you!—Audrey

    • Mick'nTN says:

      Many prayers for you tonight and tomorrow DeGin, nice positive thoughts now.

    • Cynthia Blaylock says:

      Hi Gin! I posted once, but it isn’t here so I may have a bad internet connection and my prayers for you are out there floating around in space (not a bad thing, I guess). Anyway, many good thoughts and prayers will be with you tomorrow. Maybe your son could post an update for all of us??? Love you!!

      • Piper n' Rusty / near I-40 Az. says:

        Good Luck D Gen,, we’ll hear from you when your well enough to drop in Sue’s Blog,,,,,,,,,,,,, Rusty n’ L. Piper

    • wildflower in prescott says:

      Big hugs for you Desert Gin. I’ll be thinking of you tomorrow.

    • Applegirl NY says:

      Still praying. You are in my thoughts often. So glad this will be in your rear view mirror.

    • Wendy in Thailand says:

      I hope all does well Desert Ginger, hugsssss.

    • Denise - Richmond VA says:

      Sending you lots of positive energy and prayers, DesertGinger! Sending you a hug – love ya! 🙂

    • Velda in Roseville CA says:

      Surgery in just a few hours. Know my thoughts and prayers are with you.

    • Kay from KC! says:

      DesertGinger! Prayers for you! You have such a fighting spirit and it will be nice to hear all about your surgery when you’re ready!

      Kay from KC!

    • Kerry On (UT) says:

      Hugs to you, DesertGinger! I just barely got online and read your post. I hope your surgery is successful, and brings improvement to your life so you may enjoy it to the fullest! I’ve prayed for you, my friend, and wish you a speedy and complete recovery! We hope to hear from you soon, but take all the time you need in recovering. You have many friends in cyberspace, all rooting for you, sweet lady! Love and Hugs!

    • Judy J. in upstate S.C. says:

      Praying for a complete recovery. May you soon feel so much better. Trusting He brings you comfort, peace, strength and healing in the days ahead.

    • eliza says:

      I hope all went well yesterday, DG. Am thinking of you and wishing you a speedy recovery…

  111. Shelley in California says:

    Hi Sue and everyone, Just wanted to share some sad news. I lost my dog yesterday, she was 16 and had the normal aging things but collapsed suddenly and it was decided it was time. She was my best friend, she was obviously mistreated when I got her 13 years ago, she was afraid of her shadow she had a great life with us and came out of her shell. This has been one of the hardest things I have ever gone through. Everyone hug their babies.

    • OOO Shelly,, sorry to hear of your girl dog passin’ over the bridge,, just think she’s with all the pups up there playing forever,,,,,,,, Miss Piper n’ rusty

    • wildflower in prescott says:

      Shelley, I am so sorry for your loss. Yes, making these decisions about our furbabies is some of the most difficult we will ever make.

    • Applegirl NY says:

      Oh Shelley, so sorry for your heartbreaking loss. We’ve been there and sometimes I still get teary when I think of the lovies we have lost. You sure gave her some wonderful years. Hang in there. My thoughts are with you.

    • Marilu from Northern California says:

      Hi Shelley,
      I’m so sorry you lost your fur-baby. You must have taken very good care of her for her to reach 16 years old.

      • Shelley in California says:

        Thank you I tried to feed her good quality food, the vet said she was close to 90 in people years.

    • Denise - Richmond VA says:

      I am so sorry for your loss, Shelley. You both were blessed to have found each other 13 years.

    • Krystina ~ Sutton, Vermont says:

      My heart goes out to you Shelley. I know how hard it is when you lose a friend.

    • Shelly, I share you sadness with you, as a lot of us will have to walk that road with you someday…the only way I got over mine was to get another baby who needed a home and I needed someplace to put my love..this is not true for everyone, but be kind to yourself while you are healing. Share more if you feel like it, we are here to listen.

    • Kerry On (UT) says:

      Shelly, I’m so sorry to hear this news. My little Lhasa, Harley, says he would like to give you a hug, and thank you for taking such good care of your fur baby, and changing her world. Harley was left behind to wander the streets when his previous owner was foreclosed on, and was not well-treated prior to that, so he feels a kinship with your fur baby. Just remember that your sweet girl got to have an amazing life because she found someone special to love her and treat her like a princess!

      • Shelley says:

        Thank you everyone. I have another dog he is quite the love bug little dog also he is half shihtzu half poodle and loves to smooch. He is getting a lot of extra hugs and kisses from me. Casey was not affectionate that way she would just tolerate my hugs but I loved her no less for that.

    • Utah Bonnie says:

      I’m so sorry to hear you lost your old friend and I’m always happy to hear that someone gave an innocent dog a second chance for love and long life.

    • Cynthia from San Clemente, CA says:

      Shelley: As you can see from the comments, there are so many of us who understand your loss because we have had furballs we loved and lost. Know that there are tons of blogarinos out here sending you hugs. You were wonderful to take in a pup who had been mistreated – they so often have “issues” – give her a good, long life. When you are ready to do it again, there will be another one waiting to love you back.

  112. Applegirl NY says:

    I know I shouldn’t say it because I don’t want you to feel obligated and please don’t feel the need to reply, but…. because this is an honest and safe place….. I miss you, Sue.

    • Applegirl NY says:

      I have found solice in a pint of sea salt caramel truffle ice cream. Lol! I’ve got to get a grip!

  113. Utah Bonnie says:

    The bright green fields and cool whites of the Egrets make for a refreshing palette after a long dry winter. Thanks for the eye candy.

  114. Marilu from Northern California says:

    Hi Desert Ginger,
    I will be streaming positive thoughts and healing energy to you. We’ll be standing by to hear how your surgery went. Maybe your son would send us a note.

  115. Linda Hughes North Carolina says:

    Hey RV Sue, was just thinking about you and the crew…..hope you are well. I have been reading back over some of the old post and enjoying them all over again. I have been making some notes of the information you have been sharing with us in the past. It will be very helpful for us when we leave on our journey to the west. It is kind of overwhelming that you would take all the time you have taken to share your life with us, letting someone into that is not easy but you have done it so well. Glad you are taking a break……after rereading the past post I can see all the time and work you have put into it. Take care, relax and enjoy, catch you whenever the time is right for you!

  116. Lacy says:

    So good to see egrets so far away from us. We have a HUGE egret community here in south Louisiana!!

    I don’t check in with you often but I often wonder where you are/what you’re doing. I’m at a stage in life where I can’t always read daily and sometimes will go a month before I can attempt to catch up. Such is life…….

    But I ALWAYS enjoy reading your doings!

  117. Denise - Richmond VA says:

    N’nite, dear Sue. Sending you, Bridget, and Reggie hugs from me and Gracie pup! 🙂

  118. Krystina ~ Sutton, Vermont says:

    So this is your BIG day Dessert Ginger! When you come out on the other side you will be a brand new person!!!! It is going to be fabulous. Think of ALL the great things you are going to be able to do. Can’t wait to hear all your adventures. Happy to hear your son is with you.

  119. weather says:

    Probably everyone that’s loved an animal and been loved back in turn has been given a gift from them. It might be their showing off, physical affection, a look or excitement that says “I’m happy that you’re here.” One that always makes me proud of them is when they show me a path,trophy or toy, because they can find it and want to share it with me. I’ve had birds show me the fish they caught in the lake, eagles come close to get my attention before taking a magnificent flight, squirrels act like acrobats when they knew they were being watched with admiration and, of course, what we call pets do the cutest things. The canary finches sing their best little melodies as soon as they notice that they have my attention, the dogs would repeat anything that made me laugh or sigh from sheer happiness. Cats have a list of lovable antics and moves intended to please me, and usually they do.

    For a cat that lives outside to be physically fit, survive and just enjoy life it needs to be able to run, climb and hunt. The kitties that have chosen to spend their beginning months on this property are perfecting those skills, I’m really happy about that, even though it means that our time of being near each other won’t continue for much longer. Anyone watching them could see that they’re ready for adventures and whatever else life holds. Few would be given their trophies that say they are now proud hunters that want to share their precious bounty. So I try to act the way they’re used to seeing me , I speak quietly, say hello, yes, I love you, as I check the water bowls and note they eat less cat food, must be eating what they hunted for, etc. That takes some self control these days, some of their bounty is being left where they know I’ll find their gifts to me, how sweet!

    Providence is making me appreciate ahead of time how right it is that we go our separate ways. I understand nature’s ways and can remain calm with effort as I remove the remains of a wee rodent I don’t recognize easily enough. That wouldn’t be true were I to find a chipmunk, bird or bunny I’d watched enough to come to love and enjoy visiting every day. It seems I was given that little family to nurture to distract me and help me heal from other loved ones being in heaven’s fields instead of near me. So at some point I’ll carry the gift of the time with them going forward as a treasure and see who or what’s next to celebrate every day. For today, thank you again for my just one more Lord, yippee, the little darlings brought me no carcass, at the moment are being the picture of innocence 🙂 Hi, Sue and everyone, I hope something wonderful has made you smile recently. If you’d like to share it, I’d love to hear about it.

    • BadgerRickInWis says:

      Well, the last thing to make me smile Weather was you.

      • Good Morning Sue and Crew,,,, Piper is a real smart girl and after this morning I found out that she is very loyal to the truck and I,,, got up early and thought I hooked her up to let her out for her morning potty and made coffee, I looked out and could not see her,, I got dressed real fast and flew out the door and all most landed on her, as she was laying right where I need to step to be completely out of the camper,, she moved for me so’s I wouldn’t step on her,, I reached down and scratched her while telling her that She’s a Good Girl and she looked up as if to say, I’m not going anywhere with out you and wagging her bushy tail,, we ate,, then went for a walk un leashed and she stays real close,, then on the way back to the camp she trotted right up to the cab and waited for me to get there and open the door and she jumped right in with out me telling her to do so,,, I’m her Dad and I know it now,, isn’t she a good girl? Piper is still laying in the cab of the truck un hooked with the door still open as I am typing now,,,,, Have a great day Sue and give your Babies a Hug from us, will ya,,,,,,,,,,,,, rusty

      • weather says:

        Aw-w, back at you, Rick 🙂

    • Extraordinary view into who you are. Thank you for sharing. 🙂

    • Lisa, Tommie and Buddy in SoFlo (for now) says:

      Weather, about mechanics on the road; I needed one last fall and asked the ranger at the campground.You could ask at the church in town, the police can be a good resource too, or the local auto parts store. So I guess I would ask the locals.
      Now, about my most recent smile, it was your serenity and grace. I don’t know where you live, but I would love to visit and camp under a tree for a spell.
      But now I must get busy and move some possessions. Time is short, my deadline approaches and I have much to do, Tata.

      • weather says:

        Thanks for your sweet reply and good tips regarding finding a mechanic, Lisa. My home is in central New York state . I hope you got a lot done .

    • Mick'nTN says:

      In the ’90’s I was living on some property east of Cambridge, NY and one year we had a bumper crop of wild blackberries. I was picking a bucket full and my cat, Puttin was following along as usual. I offered him a berry and he said “no thanks”. The next morning as I got out of bed I saw a mess on the carpet. When I put my glasses on and examined the mess, I saw a neat stack of blackberries. I had a cat port but the doors were locked. Puttin must have made many trips to bring in the 10 or so berries … that’s love!

    • Denise - Richmond VA says:

      Hi, weather,

      You paint such a lovely picture of your magical home on the lake. Thank you for sharing! 🙂

      My neighbor across the street has a orange/tan cat named Chester. I call him Chester the Molester, as he has left me “gifts” of beheaded birds. Not sure why he leaves me the bigger part and only eats the head….maybe the head is the tastiest part? Anyway, when he saunters across the street to visit, I will talk to him and he talks back; we both enjoy the conversation. He also likes to sun himself on my front porch. Now if only I could train him to go after the moles and voles that create so much havoc in my yard and flower beds!

      I also have a red-tailed hawk who lives in my backyard. He/she likes to enjoy a meal in the tree next to my shed where I have a small flowerbed there with a bird bath. There have been several times that he has left me a gift in the birdbath after taking a drink. The first time was very alarming for sure. Last year he/she was raising a baby…it was fun to watch some of the training sessions. The cry of a hungry baby hawk is almost heartbreaking!

      Changing gears….last night on Gracie’s last potty run, we discovered a small toad! Last Monday we had freezing rain/sleet/snow/ice – seems way too early for him to be out and about. What a happy surprise! Signs of an early Spring?! 🙂

      Have a good evening, weather. Sending you a hug!!

      • weather says:

        Hi, Denise,that both Chester and the red-tailed hawk trust and care for you is a precious and easy to appreciate gift- the rest, not so much, yikes! It really can just be awful to be surprised by finding some things they leave, how wonderful that your other one was so happy 🙂 hugs, n’ nite

    • Cynthia from San Clemente, CA says:

      Weather, you have such a beautiful way with words.

  120. I am late to the party, but I an wishing the doctors strong and steady hands working on our dear Ginger this morning….

    • Right on and I second that statement,,,,,,,

    • Lisa, Tommie and Buddy in SoFlo (for now) says:

      I sent a prayer up for DG and all involved with her care this morning. Love and prayers are always on time Shirlene. I don’t know what timezone she is in, but she should be in SICU soon (that’s Surgical Intensive Care Unit).

      • Hi Lisa, she is in my time zone, Pacific, and in a hospital nearby me. I will not intrude unless she needs something and then I will be happy to help out anyway I can. I think Cynthia is also in the area and has offered assistance if needed. I think she is covered all the way around with prayers and blogorinos nearby.

  121. Jean in Southaven, MS says:

    yes, been praying for Ginger this morning. Hope we hear something today from someone close to her.So hard to be a cyber friend and not be there to know how things are going. Good to see you back Pauline. We are in the same neck of the woods. I was at Top of the River Saturday night in Michie.

  122. Tracie in MT says:

    I was just thinking of starting a poem about RVSUE.
    Everyone can join in Or not and add a rhyming line.


  123. Wendy in Thailand says:

    But we all need some down time…..ain’t that true!

  124. Tracie in Montana says:

    If she’s stuck in the sand we’ll give her a hand

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