First things first — Finding another great camp!

Remember two blog posts ago?

While the crew and I are camped at Sherwood Campground in Mt. Hood National Forest, I wake up to find something wrong with the Best Little Trailer.

Let’s pick up from where I left off . . .

The refrigerator is dead.  The lights won’t come on.  When I put my foot on the toilet’s flush pedal, it doesn’t flush.  No water comes out of the faucets. The fan doesn’t fan.  And when I jam the inverter’s plug into the 12-volt socket — either one — I get nothing.

I check the fuses and reset the breakers.  Still no power.  I check the AGM batteries in the Perfect Tow Vehicle.  Full charge.  Okay.  Must be a problem with the house battery (which I can’t check).   It’s a Friday, not much chance of having repairs done until next week.

We travel to Grass Valley RV Park and hook up to shore power.

The lights and air conditioner work.  The refrigerator and 12-volt sockets are kaput!

Sunday,  July 12

Okay, the thing to do is find a repair shop, right?  And once a repair shop is found, then look for a place to camp nearby.  Sound like a good plan, right?


That’s backwards to me and here’s why.  I don’t know how long repairs may take.  I suspect there’s more to this problem than simply a dead battery.  If repairs take several days, I don’t want for us to be stuck in a bad camp.


Rather than searching for a repair shop first,  I look for a good camp first, one that the crew and I can enjoy . . .  and also that is located near a town or towns large enough to have an RV repair shop.  I study my Oregon Benchmark Atlas and in a few minutes I find it!

We break camp and motor down Route 97 . . . only 66 miles to Madras, Oregon.

Surely there’s an RV repair shop in a town of this size and with a popular route for RVers running through it.

P1060219View of Madras as one enters town from the north on Route 97

Hmm . . .  I remember there’s a Safeway along here somewhere.

I fill up a cart with groceries, including a baked chicken breast from the deli for the crew.  Before checking out, I grab a styrofoam chest, a block of ice, and a bag of ice cubes.

P1060193It’s important that the cooler match the decor!

In the parking lot I put away the groceries in the BLT, arranging the perishable items and ice in the cooler.

Bridget and Reggie didn’t have their usual meat breakfast this morning due to the refrigerator having to be emptied.  I hated disappointing the little cuties!  I cut up the baked chicken breast and feed the pieces to their bright faces as we sit in the Perfect Tow Vehicle.

When my crew is happy, I’m happy!

P1060201The Chicken Eaters

I fire up the PTV and away we go!

“It’s not far, guys.  Only about ten miles out of town . . . . “

We pass farms with fields of alfalfa.   The snow-capped peaks of the Cascades are in a haze in the distance.   I’m feeling happy, too.

“Here we are!  I hope it’s a good camp!”

Bridget and Reggie look out the windows, sharing my anticipation.

P1060175As usual, I stop at the pay station and read the notices on the board.

P1060177We’ll walk back to pay later and that will give the crew some exercise.

There’s drinking water here, as well as trash dumpsters!





Funny how appreciative one becomes of these basic amenities. 

(Click to enlarge photos.)


We continue along the campground road.

The campsites at Haystack Campground are perched on a slope rising up from the western shore of the reservoir.  One has a choice of a high site with a view of the lake and mountains or a site with access to the water, also with fantastic views.

I look through a break in the trees.

Oh, my!  Isn’t that beautiful! 

P1060224Mt. Jefferson (10,497 feet)

It being Sunday, several sites are open.

A few are reserved for next weekend.  Bridget and Reggie share my excitement.  I park in a pull-through site and let them out so we can investigate on foot . . . and on paw.

P1060171Each of these shoreline sites has a short path to the water.  There’s easy put-in for kayaks and rafts.  Junipers provide plenty of shade.  Sites show use but they aren’t worn down.

This close to Madras, surely there’s internet signal, too!

P1060181As the crew and I walk along, Bob, the camp host, drives up in a golf cart.

We exchange greetings, he welcomes us to Haystack, and then we discuss campsites.

“Take a look at sites 14 and 15.  They’re both pretty sites along the water and they aren’t reservable,” he suggests.  “14 is a pull-through and 15 is back-in.”

I choose 15.

It’s a large site without a site across the campground road and without a site on one side.  The one neighboring site is vacant.

“I like this!”

The crew agrees.  Soon we are set up and relaxing in a “reading room” with a view of the lake and Mt. Jefferson.

P1060182Our site at Haystack Campground (Photo taken around sunset)

P1060162Southwest view from our campsite, as night begins to fall

P1060194I can see Mt. Jefferson from my lounger!

Shortly before sunset, camp hosts Bob and Karen stop at our site to see how we’re doing.

They’re making their last check of the campground for the day.  I stand next to their golf cart to chat.

I learn that they have a home not far from Haystack Campground and, therefore, are familiar with the town of Madras and the surrounding area.

P1060170“I need to find an RV repair shop.  Any suggestions?”

“Dave’s RV Service in Madras,” Bob replies without hesitation.  “He does good work, and he’s fast.  He won’t keep you waiting around and his prices are very reasonable.  He and his wife, Chris, are good people.”

“Where’s it located?”

“On the north side of town near the airport.  Just go up to where 26 forks off of 97.”

“Thanks so much!  I’ll find their phone number online and call for an appointment.”

Clouds gather and sweep over the lake.

P1060187Sunset view from our campsite

The clouds bring the unmistakeable smell of rain.  Inside the BLT Reggie and Bridget snuggle into their places on the bed and fall asleep.  Sitting by the back window I watch the sun dip low in the sky.  At the right moment I sneak outside with my camera.

Later I lie in bed with Bridget and Reggie and review the day.

Well, we accomplished a lot.  We have plenty of groceries and a cooler.  We found a beautiful camp.  And we also have a promising lead on a repair shop for the BLT.

Softly the rain taps on the roof.

I smile contentedly and touch Bridget and Reggie as they sleep.  There’s something about that sound . . .  the tap-tap-tap of rain on the roof . . .

It says, “Sleep well.  Everything is all right.”



P1060200“A belly full of chicken makes you two sleepy!”


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  1. Sidewinder Pen says:

    ?? I never get this close to the top!

    • Sidewinder Pen says:

      (Now if Sue posted at 3 a.m., I’d be first all the time ;))

      • Sidewinder Pen says:

        Okay, I had to get over the shock. Anyway, I like your reasoning. A good camp makes any “delay” just seem like a nice day at home vs. an ordeal to endure. Beautiful views there. And I love the photo of “the bright faces.” Happy pups!

        I do note you are making us wait to hear the problem resolution… heh 😀

        • Gayle - SO CAL Beach Boomer says:

          Charles Dickens “blogged” his serial stories in the London Times and made every “blog” a cliff-hanger ending!

    • rvsueandcrew says:


      • Sidewinder Pen says:

        Gosh, now I’ll have to set a new goal in life 😉 😉

        Thanks for the congrats 😀

  2. Tara from Pac NW says:

    So happy for you Sue! Life is good!

  3. Not first! 🙂

    I had to read….I’ve been dying to find out what is going on the the BLT!!!

    Glad you found that gorgeous spot, wow, those pics are gorgeous!!

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Marla,

      Believe me, I’m not purposely dragging out the story of the BLT’s problems. 🙂

      Thanks for the compliment on the photos.

    • PS…love the matching cooler! Has to be color coordinated! And, looks like it fits just perfectly where you put it, no tripping over it and not stuck in your walkway! Good fit!

      • rvsueandcrew says:

        It did fit nicely. If I ever want more interior storage, I now know a good spot for a storage bin. (As if I don’t have enough storage space already!)

  4. Pam N says:

    And the suspense builds…can’t wait to learn the solution of this “mystery.” Amazing, and admirable, how you enjoy the moment without stressing out over pending repairs etc. I’d be completely stressed out, worried how I’ll pay for a repair and thinking of everything that could go wrong in the future, stemming from one malfunction (spend the rent repairing the power issue, then get evicted for nonpayment, end up sleeping in my car, unable to get to work so lose my job….you get the picture.) Have fun with those cuties, and keep rockin the Zen attitude:)

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Pam,

      It’s human nature to start wondering what might go wrong in the future. I started doing that … gee, I wonder if something killed the fridge like it killed the inverter…. etc.

      As soon as that kind of thinking occurs, I push it out of my mind and consider if there’s anything I can do right now to work toward a solution. If so, I do it. If not, I get back to enjoying the day. I wasn’t always able to be this way. It takes effort at first, then practice….

      • Marilyn, Dania Beach, Fl says:


        You need to teach a course on dealing with issues that are out of one’s control. My doctor told me if you can control the situation then do it. If not, it is out of your hands and go on.

        I have never forgotten that but don’t do it in practice like I should. Improvement is slow.

        Marilyn in Dania, FL

        • Dawn from Camano Island says:

          Marilyn, I was just thinking how Zen-like Sue is. Your comment is lovely & spot-on.

      • Sidewinder Pen says:

        Good philosophy. It’s something that doesn’t come naturally to me, but I think it’s a good way to be, so I try. I often remind myself of how you do it, and that helps. So thanks!

  5. Bill says:

    Suspense I am enjoying the mystery of the BLT and it’s energizer bunny going kaput!

  6. Michele in Sunset Beach, NC says:


    Thank you all, so much, for the help you have been giving my sister Krystina. Your helpful suggestions, heartfelt comments and prayers are appreciated. Barb, I’m sure your hands on help has been invaluable and I know that you and the ice cream were a blessing. Thank you. Her family and I are very grateful.


    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Michele and family . . . .

      On behalf of the blogorinos, you’re welcome. Krystina’s part of our family, too! 🙂

    • weather says:

      Your sister is blessed to have her family’s love and concern about her as she travels,lovely for you be so connected that you are even aware of her attachment to Sue,her blog and it’s folks 🙂 It’s nice that this world has so many willing to extend kindness to each other,your sweet note shows that you are one.

    • Sidewinder Pen says:

      Hi Michele, and welcome to the blog! I realize we may not see you on a regular basis, but I think you are now a member of the blogorino family (and of course do feel free to stick around).

      As a solo traveler, one of my concerns is having health issues and no “local” support system in place. If I were Krystina I’d be SO GRATEFUL to Barb (and the others here) for reaching out and helping. And I know she is.

    • Denise - Richmond VA says:


    • Barb from Hoquiam says:

      Well HI Michelle!
      Not a problem!!! I made a new friend out of the deal!!!! Can’t beat that!
      Hugs from the Puyallup River

      PS. I can get most of the posts and replys, but when it gets long… My phone shows it as one letter long things rather than paragraphs. Someone said they were near Fife, and I can’t remember who that was !!! I am so sorry!!! If you are still around and want to send me a message my email is
      I am really sorry.

      • Sidewinder Pen says:

        My phone does that too. That is, if there is a long descending series of replies to a comment, they “indent” further and further to the right, and hence get narrower. Eventually, they are one letter wide, and that’s just impossible to read!

        Same reply string reads just fine on the computer.

        Although hmmm, now that I write this, I wonder if I ever tried turning the phone to horizontal mode? I tend to use it in vertical mode when I’m scrolling down. I’ll have to try that and see!

    • Michele, one more thing Krystina should try and I am so sorry I forgot to mentuon this. HONEY ! Honey is a great healer of skin abrasions, cuts, ulcers, psoriasis, etc! You can google honey uses in healing. She needs to spread honey all over the affected area then wrap it. When I googled healing with honey this morning, the treatment for shingles popped right up! I discovered honey as a treatment after I treated my dad! Then forgot about it until this morning! Hope it helps!

    • Krystina ~ Auburn, WA says:

      I Love you! xxxxoooo

  7. Reine says:

    Recommendations from locals are always great. And somehow I always trust local shops more than “national” RV places. Great site and good thought process.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Reine,

      Thanks for confirming my way of approaching a repair situation. Yes, I prefer local shops, too. When Bob mentioned Dave’s RV Service and Repair, I felt confident all would go well…. and it did!

  8. Lynn Brooks says:

    Your campground looks beautiful!! My. Jefferson is fantastic!!!
    Hope all goes well at the RV REPAIR SHOP!

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Lynn,

      Yes, the BLT is all fixed up now, full of power! It’s great to be able to blog inside the BLT, instead of relying on the PTV to power up my electronics…

      This campground would be lovely even without the spectacular Mt. Jefferson…

  9. Hi Sue, i have been patiently waiting for a new post and of course new pictures. Beautiful eye catching campsite…view of the mountain across the water feature is amazing. The clouds make me sleepy and I want to come inside and snuggle with the pups!. Oh such dreams I have of my adventures. But you did not say that all is fixed with the BLT. And of course the mystery deepens. No flushing toilet! Yikes! Well I always liked Mother nature…..

    Have a good day where ever you are, I am sure it is beautiful and picturesque.

    Hello to all you blogorinos and especially Krystina who is busy healing herself! Get well soon! I cannot believe you answered all of us, not necessary, just get better… 🙂

    • Hi Shirlene!

      I ran out of time to reply yesterday, yes, the weather over the weekend was CRAZY!! And the fires!?! Jeez….

      I am getting a little tired of this humidity, you?

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Shirlene,

      Oh, flushing the toilet without a water pump is no big deal. I put one of my gallon jugs of water in the bathroom and flush the old fashioned way.

      Lots of things happening in RVSue-and-crew-land…. Krystina coping with shingles, Barb from Hoquim delivering ice cream to her bedside, Barb in Nashville bringing home her rescue pup, Angel, Jolene is given tips on sturdy and safe RV steps . . . . and so on . . .


  10. Susan in Dallas says:

    Looks like a great town for a walk, bet there are interesting sites! Is that Bridget smiling in the first picture? Bet she read the part of the post where you said, “the fan wouldn’t fan.” LOL

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Susan . . .

      And the inverter wouldn’t invert and the toilet wouldn’t toilet. 🙂

  11. Lisa W says:

    I’m glad you found a very nice and pretty camp to stay in while awaiting repairs.. The crew look happy and sleepy after their chicken meal.
    We had the realtor over today to go through the house, she told us some things to do before listing, really looking good to get out of here by the end of September. Fingers are crossed.
    Wild bird photos at:

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Lisa,

      Good luck selling the house! I hope the list from the realtor is short, easy, and inexpensive. 🙂

  12. Liz from WA says:

    Loved seeing the sign for Crooked River Ranch. A friend has property nearby. A fond memory of my old dog startling a dozing rattlesnake so it was in full rattle by the time I came up behind him!

    Good folks in that area. I’m beyond curious where you, Bridget & Reggie will stay while the BLT is being repaired if it takes more than a day–the back of the PTV? You’re always so resourceful, it’s so inspiring!

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Liz from WA,

      This is rattlesnake country and it is summer! We try to keep our walks where there’s been lots of foot traffic before us, although that’s no guarantee . . .

      “Where will we stay while the BLT is being repaired?” It’s not the kind of problem that requires the BLT to spend the night at the shop. I bring our home back to the campground. . . .

      Which brings up the question…. “What would I do if the BLT had to stay in the shop overnight?” I can’t imagine what would cause that to be the case, since she doesn’t have an engine, but it’s an interesting question.

      I’d drive to the nearest store that sells tents and use my air mattress. The crew and I would drop off the BLT, come back to the campground, and sleep fine. That’s the beauty of being able to unhitch!

      More likely we would spend the night at the repair shop. Repair shops often allow customers to sleep in their rigs overnight. We did that at Starlight Solar in Yuma a few years ago.

      • edlfrey says:

        “More likely we would spend the night at the repair shop.”

        Right you are!
        I think I have spent time in three RV Repair parking lots. How often do people have to leave their sticks-n-bricks when some repairs are needed to be made? Why should our full-time homes be any different?

        • rvsueandcrew says:

          Only we get to have our homes with us!

          And often RV repair places are located in industrial parks. All the “neighbors” go home at the end of the workday, leaving us in a quiet “camp” for the night and already at our next-day appointment.

          Works out great . . . 🙂

  13. weather says:

    Beautiful shots of the sunset and the crew,and confirmation that you’ve been doing well-what a welcome post!I agree wholeheartedly with “secure home and needs first” when problems arise,wise decision,as usual,Sue.Recommendations about what one needs from locals you feel good about are such a blessing,I’m glad things have been playing out nicely with beauty along the way.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Thank you, weather. “playing out nicely with beauty along the way”… I hope that describes your summer, too!

      Finding a campsite first and a repair shop second sounds counter-intuitive, but I think it makes sense. It works for us….

      • edlfrey says:

        I don’t disagree with your finding a campsite first. However, if I am driving through town I will try to find a RV shop first to make an appointment because I don’t DO telephones. If I am going to pass the camp first then that will be my first stop. I’ll then drive on to town and make the repair appointment.

      • weather says:


  14. Ladybug in Mid-Tenn says:

    Random thoughts while reading post…..

    Nice pic while in the middle of traffic! I wouldn’t have played in traffic like that though….

    Ok, yeah, the WHITE cooler coordinates with the WHITE décor! But what about the BLUE handle, hmmm? 😉

    Can make the Bridge pose for any kind of picture when there’s chicken involved.


    Can I stay there until September???

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Ladybug,

      Okay, random thoughts in reply . . .

      I figured someone would comment on the traffic photo. Not “playing” in traffic. I was in a very long turn lane, no one behind us, stuck my hand out the window, and hit the button on the camera. Took 2 seconds at the most, no more time than to wave. Eyes on the side mirror….

      The blue handle on the cooler is Casita blue!

      Yes, that’s me in the photo!

      • Ladybug in Mid-Tenn says:

        LOL! I knew you weren’t actually standing there; figured it was the turn lane. I figured Bridge wouldn’t let you do something that crazy for a photo. (Plus, I didn’t want you to be disappointed if no one commented about it!)

  15. GypsyPurl says:

    Hi Sue. Great post, camp and scenery. Everything seems to be falling into place and I hope your repairs are minor. Stay safe.

  16. Love Love Love the snowcapped mountain in your yard! The first photo of Bridget and Reggie just split my face wide open in a happy smile! Such a wonderful picture of both of them looking happy, Bridget actually grinning! Great post, I’m glad everything is fixed and life is good, the scenery is fantastic and all is well at the BLT!

    • Another thought…. If you ever have to depend on an ice chest again, buy a small amount of dry ice and put it in the bottom of your ice chest, then add the bagged ice or block of ice on top of the dry ice. This will keep your ice from melting twice as long as without the dry ice! I spent 6 years with only an ice chest refrigerator in my trunk camper! It taught me a few tricks! The bigger chunk of dry ice you buy, the longer regular ice lasts! No need for the overpriced YETI brand coolers!

      • rvsueandcrew says:

        Thanks for the tip, Geri. I didn’t see dry ice for sale at Safeway, but then I wasn’t looking for it.

      • Pamela K. says:

        LOL, YETI slap noted 🙂
        ~giggles and knows you are just teasing on me~
        Hope things are going well on your end. It’s been high temps and high humidity here in GA. Other than that, we are both well for a change! Now maybe my summer can finally start.
        Oh, and that Tan YETI 45, took it back and upgraded to the Marine White 65 🙂 Even made a Reflex bonnet for it. First time I’ve used my sewing machine in years!. It was for a good cause, LOL.
        Teasing aside, thanks for the tip, I remember you gave that one to me awhile back too. I haven’t used the block ice with ice chips yet, but will when I go to Panama City Beach next time in Sept.

        • Pamela K. says:

          BTW, what did you use to store your food in while it was in the ice chest? Someone said the plastic mason jars are the best. Did you ever use them? I have been using the Lock-N-Lock brand of storage containers, they work super but I hate the mess of washing them and then using baking soda to make them extra clean again. Beef, Pork, Pot Roast, Chili, Mac-N-Cheese. You know, for real food.

          • Golly, I am Miz Heloise with all my “helpful hints” today, but rather than buy plastic mason jars, I just recycle my peanut butter and mayo jars! Less stuff for the landfill and leaves more stuff in my wallet!

            • Pamela K. says:

              That’s a great idea! So they work good without having any rubber rings to seal them? Super! Especially since Klemper loves both and eats tons of them. He is such a sammie kinda guy so the Mayo and PB jars are perfect. Thanks!
              Oh, since you mentioned PB, have you tried the Kroger brand of Honey PB? It is *the best ever*! Some guy at Klemper’s work turned him onto it and the rest in history – that’s all he ever buys now. It’s like nut candy in a jar, hehehe. 🙂

            • No Kroger in my rural part of Florida! We just have a Piggly Wiggly here and an IGA. 2 groceries for the whole county! Very rural, but right on the Gulf of Mexico. Fishing, tourism, are main industries here! But St George Island was named the 3rd most beautiful beach in USA!
              But I always use a local unfiltered,honey where ever I go. This really fights against allergies! I used to have to take a shot once daily, now I haven’t for 10+ years thanks to natural raw local honey!

  17. We love the view of the world through your eyes and lens. And the continuing saga of an RV woman and her intrepid crew. Hope your camper problem gets solved. May all your RV problems be minor and inexpensive.

  18. Sondra-SC says:

    Sounds like you made a good plan and it worked out perfectly! I love your campground choice…perfect!

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Sondra,

      We like it here, too. This is our 11th day at Haystack and it’s a beautiful, sunny, not-too-warm day. I hope your day is good, too.

  19. That picture of the chicken eaters is very cute. They’re smiling. Your attitude toward repairs is much better than mine, I need to work on that.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Allison,

      Glad you like the chicken eaters photo. I do think my crew is cute. Not a surprise . . .

      My attitude toward problems like repairs comes from my highly-perfected skill for denial. If the problem doesn’t exist in my mind, how can I worry about it? Ha!

  20. Terri From Texas says:

    Love the chicken eaters!!

  21. cate walsh says:

    Thank you for another inspiring story of how you handle the unexpected of life on the road, and the window to the beautiful world thru your excellent photos. Loving your current views.
    Best of luck with repairs.
    Hugs to you and the crew,

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Thanks, Cate. I do enjoy having you part of the blogorino community. Seems like you’ve been with us since the beginning. Wishing you a great day!

      • cate walsh says:

        Awww shucks…right back at ya!! You’re stuck with me now…love this virtual relationship with you, the pups, and all the great folks that ride along with you on the blog. We are family in spirit . You know that famous Irish blessing, right? About the road rising up to meet you, the wind always at your back, and may God hold you in the palm of his (or her?)hand.
        Blessings, Catew

  22. Linda in CO High country at 8500' says:

    Glad that you and the crew are doing well. Your campsite is beautiful as are your photos. The dogs are so cute. What a wonderful life for you three. I really enjoy your blog, it entertains the gypsy in my soul. Happy Trails, Linda who camps with a very old and sweet dog plus Echo, a Congo African Grey.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Linda,

      I’m not sure if you’re a new Linda or if you’ve been with us for a while . . . .

      Thanks for letting me know you enjoy my blog and find it entertaining. Happy Trails to you, too…. including the sweet dog and the sweet dog and the sweet dog and . . . (oops… That was Echo!).

  23. Cinandjules (NY) says:

    Cliff hanger………

    Lovely photo of the snow capped majestic mountain. Beautiful site you found. I love how you chose the “back-in site”…you go girl!

    Cute pic of the crew.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Cinandjules,

      Little did I know at the time that I would be backing into that site several times over the next week!

      Every time I pulled out of the site with the BLT to go to the repair shop, I left the yellow, plastic levelers in place. Then when I returned, I’d try to back up the BLT and place her tire on the levelers without once getting out of the PTV. Good practice … I did it perfectly one time and came close the other times. (Hey, this is my blog. I get to brag on it.)

      Hope you are enjoying your lake . . . 🙂

      • Millie says:

        That is something to brag about. I am getting better at backing up our little T@G. The wheelbase is short so it is tricky at times. Love the photos of your site and like so many others, your outlook on life. The Chicken-eaters sure are cute…snuggled up there together on the seat…happy campers!!

      • BadgerRickInWis says:

        Brag away girl, I’m impressed……….again.

      • Marilyn, Dania Beach, Fl says:


        Since you have honed your trailer backing skills, if necessary you can get your CDL and start driving semis. Just kidding. I think that is wonderful you have learned to maneuver backing the trailer so well. I would just jack knife it I fear.

        Thanks for all your responses. It keeps us mentally occupied as we vicariously travel through your pictures and writings.


      • Cinandjules (NY) says:

        Practice makes perfect! Rock on desert woman!

        Meh? I’d have chosen the pull through!

  24. Dawn in MI says:

    Awwww…I love a story with a happy ending. The crew is adorably happy.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      And to think, if it weren’t for the BLT needing repairs, we might not have camped here!

  25. Rita says:

    Oh, lots of folks with dilemmas Krystina with shingles, Rusty in a situation, RVSue with no power and no meat for doggies!! I’ve never had shingles and knock on wood I never do. I wish everyone well and glad to see happy smiles on the Chicken Eaters!! Very nice camp and views.

  26. Barbara (Nashville) says:

    What an absolutely gorgeous site! You couldn’t ask for a much better view than that of the lake and the mountain.

    Thanks for acknowledging, my bringing Angel home. I am going back this weekend to officially adopt her. She is a great dog. Right now she has managed to swash herself between me and the chair arm, making typing a little difficult. Since she has been in the kennel for about 2 weeks, I am getting her professional bathed and toenails clipped on Friday and then have my vet check her over before I spend my dollars.

    Bridget &Reggie certainly look as if they are in doggie euphoria after the chicken dinner. That is the cutest picture.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Your angel (Angel) will be grateful to you for the rest of her life. I wish you both many happy years together.

      • Barbara (Nashville) says:

        Thank you.
        I’m sure glad you’ve gotten your electrical issues fixed. We’ve missed you.

  27. Denise - Richmond VA says:

    Hello, Sue!

    I feel like we are catching up, like you were away on vacation a couple weeks! I know, every day is like vacation for you and the Crew! So glad that you found a picturesque spot to call home while the repairs were being done. The snow capped mountain is spectacular, and your reading room overlooking the lake looks very relaxing. I can picture you and the crew dozing off after lunch and an afternoon walk. I am looking forward to learn what the problem was and the resolution.

    I absolutely love the picture of the chicken eaters!! Reggie is partially sitting on Bridget, cramping her space, and she does not mind one bit! The power of chicken! Once again, they are mirroring each other in their sit pose. Adorable!

    Enjoy the evening, Sue! Glad to see you back – you were misseed! Sending you and the Crew hugs from me and Gracie pup! 🙂

    KRYSTINA: You remain in my thoughts and prayers. Hope that you are continuing to get rest and have made progress in finding a doctor and/or the pain meds Rx. Sending you a big hug and healing thoughts!! 🙂 No need to reply, just rest and continue to heal.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Denise,

      Like after a vacation, it feels good to be home… and in this case, to be back with reliable internet and power!

      I see what you mean about Reggie cramping Bridget’s space, just like Spike used to do and Bridget would accommodate him. I’m very pleased with the growing relationship between Bridget and Reggie. A very subtle change has come about. Bridget has moved from a begrudging tolerance to acceptance and now I see a few indications of friendship. I doubt Reggie will ever take the place of Spike in her heart. He is providing her with good companionship though, as best as can be expected given the difference in their ages and personalities. 🙂

      Sweet of you to send Krystina a message… We join you in wishing her comfort and wellness.

      Hugs to you and Gracie pup… Have a good evening!

  28. cate walsh says:

    Hey Sue,
    I’ve been wondering. Have you taken a professional photography course? You have such an eye for composition, your depth of field is perfect, and you “know” what subject will convey meaning (a story) or a feeling.

    I’ve done a fair amount of photography myself, and I am in awe of your skill in this area.

    Thanks…I had another beautiful break in the natural world at your blog today.

    🙂 Catew
    ps. Is the BLT fixed yet? What was the cause of the problem? I’m waiting with baited breath for the rest of the story.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      What a nice compliment on my photography. Thank you, cate. No, I’ve never taken a photography course, nor an art course. I did some graphics work back in the day before computers, when it was cut-and-paste with a real art knife and real paste!

      BTW, most of the “depth of field” decisions are made automatically by my Panasonic Lumix camera. Only occasionally do I intervene!

      Yes, the BLT is fixed. Due to being without internet signal and convenient power for so long, I’m way behind in my chronological posts. I reach the point of explaining the repairs and the cause in the next post.

    • Glenda in OZ! says:

      I totally agree…………..Sue is a natural with the camera!

  29. Pookieboy in SE Texas says:

    great post, Sue…you sure know how to paint a picture…
    growing up in the 50’s we had no TV so reading a book
    brought to life in your mind what you were reading and
    I never lost that…..
    thanks for the made my day..

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      You’re welcome, Chuck, and thanks for sending me this note. You gave me a smile.

  30. Jolene says:

    Beautiful campsite. I love the view of the mountain. I am glad the BLT is fixed. Looking forward to reading the rest of the story……

    Bridget seems so happy most of the time with Reggie. I think this is a good thing.

    A big thank you to all the blogorino’s who made suggestions for my mom’s camper steps.

    Kyrstina, keeping you in my prayers for quick healing.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Jolene,

      Blogorinos love to give suggestions! I’m glad you asked here. Best wishes to you both for happy camping. 🙂

  31. Applegirl NY says:

    Oh my goodness, that first picture of the “chicken eaters” is priceless. I don’t remember one where they both looked so cute at the same time.

    Love that you found a beautiful site, kept your life in order and then tackled the technical difficulties. You’re amazing.

    Looking forward to hearing how the repairs worked out.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Applegirl,

      The crew is working on Simultaneous Cuteness. They did well in that photo!

      I hope to wrap up the repairs story in the next post, before I forget what it was all about. 🙂

  32. Barbara (Nashville) says:

    You are still in my thoughts & prayers. I’m sorry I got behind and knowing of your shingles. I have not have them & hope I don’t, but my husband did. Not pleasant. I hope you have received some medical relief by now. Bless you Barb for helping her.

    Rusty, I hope you and Timber are doing better now. You are in my prayers as well. Take care.

  33. Utah Bonnie says:

    I’ve enjoyed your wanderings through Oregon especially the last two towns. I admire your patience and attitude while dealing with mechanical issues and otherwise. I have much to learn about that aspect of the wandering life.
    I smile every time I see Reggie’s half smile as he enjoys his life with you and Bridgett. I’m sure he never imagined life could be this good.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Bonnie,

      Yesterday while the three of us were on a walk I watched Reggie happily trotting along, sprinting around on his tether from one side of the campground lane to another, curious, energetic, never hesitating, happy, happy, happy!

      He LOVES campground living. He has learned that one does not go into a campsite, whereas peeing on the campsite post is de rigeur. 🙂

  34. BadgerRickInWis says:

    That’s some happy lookin’ chicken eaters. 🙂

    You sound pretty good too, and that makes me happy. I had no doubt that you would handle whatever came your way with your usual ease and grace but I’m so glad that it all seems to have worked out.

    I know the headers in your blog always relate to the picture BENEATH the header but today I paged down quickly and saw the picture above “Oh, my! Isn’t that beautiful! ” and thought maybe you had been without modern conveniences for a bit too long. 🙂

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Haha! That’s one bee-yoo-tee-ful vault toilet!!!

      Hi, Rick . . . . Thanks for having confidence in me. BTW, now I know you’re a scroller!

  35. Glenda in OZ! says:

    Hello Sue and Bridget, Reggie……………….I have just had a marathon read, all through June and into July that is almost over with as well. My oh my, lots of lovely places through Oregon, lovely camp sites and happenings. So sorry that “Edith” didn’t work out, I so hope she finds her forever home very seen. Such a sweetie. May your “electric” work be an easily solvable problem. I must not let this happen again, leaving your blog alone for such a long time!! The photos in the post are brilliant I might add…………stunning in fact. Love to you and the doggies. XX

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Glenda in OZ,

      I thought about you this morning before opening the laptop! I wondered if that Glenda in OZ was coming back here. . . . Great to see you!

      I appreciate the compliment on the photos. Gee, you brought good cheer to me this morning with your faithfulness to my blog. Have a great day or evening or whatever it is where you are. . . . 🙂

  36. AZ Jim says:

    I knew it! Even before I got the bookmark of your blog open I knew you would do it. Detta watches “The young and the restless” every day and when it’s Friday you can always count on a cliff hanger episode. You could easily be one of their writers. You love to tease us on these kind of things don’t you Missy? Ok, I am not too disappointed because as I said I knew you would do it. How long must we wait to find out what it was that took out the 12v?
    I love todays pics and I stole a couple for my RV Sue folder and changed my background to one also. Bridget and Reggie look so good today. Alright Missy, I’ll wait and wonder just as you knew we all would. TEASE!!!!!

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Jim,

      Sorry about the delay… I’m really not trying to be a tease. I guess it comes naturally!

      I have this compulsion to record every day of this wonderful retirement/vagabond life that it’s taking me a while to catch up.

      Detta knows… Cliffhangers keep ’em coming back for more!

  37. Gayle - SO CAL Beach Boomer says:

    Dear “Poundcakes,” RVSue has done it again! An exquisitely beautiful campsite! (You thought I was talking about finding you some chicken, didn’t you?!)

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Gayle . . . Right now the poundcakes are sleeping off their breakfast of . . . . CHICKEN!

  38. monica- CA says:

    I love your campsite with the stunning view of Mt. Jefferson. I’m marking this site down.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Monica-CA,

      Haystack Campground is well-designed. The longer we stay here, the more I realize that. I don’t think there’s a campsite without a beautiful view through the junipers and yet the other campers aren’t visible. That’s quite a feat of design!

      The camp hosts are extremely diligent in monitoring what goes on, yet they aren’t intrusive in any way. Bob makes rounds about every hour during the day, quietly buzzing by in his golf cart. He deals with the people who don’t pay for day use and then get mad at him for reminding them and that has got to be a big PITA. Yet he’s always cheerful.

      When you drive into Haystack he comes out like the m’aitre d, greeting you and making sure you find the right “table.” 🙂

  39. Dave Burdick says:

    Sure have been feeling your pain Sue, can’t wait to find out what the problem was, my bet is on the converter gone bad. A few years ago we were camping at Lake Tahoe in late October and awoke to a Transfer Switch Relay Box being fried…we had 12V but nothing else, and the converter wasn’t getting juice so we could not charge the battery without hooking up a battery charger. Electrical problems are a huge pain, that’s for sure. –Dave (

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Dave,

      Electricity is like housework. When the electric is working, who thinks about it? I don’t. If the housework is done regularly, who notices? Nobody. Let the power “go out” or the housework not be done and life deteriorates damn quickly! Ha!

  40. Pamela K. says:


    I get a real kick out of seeing how Miss Bridget has taught Reggie-Man to sit just like her. Both have the same back foot curled *just so*. They look like the Bobbsey-Twins!

    Love the sunset photos, I’m such a sucker for a good sunset 🙂

    Can’t wait to have the cliffhanger revealed. Guessing maybe the 12v converter on the main fuse box. I really have no clue, purely a stab in the dark guess. Or some of the wires in the umbilical cord are misfiring.

    And you’re so right about a nice soft rain on the roof, love that!

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Pamela,

      Taking photos of sunsets is such fun. With a really “good” one I can click the shutter every few seconds and come up with several beauties. That’s one of the things I love about Arizona… the best sunsets! The sunset in this post reminded me of that.

      We had two nights of rain here. Actually it was only a short rain both times, right at the time I go to bed. The reservoir looked almost full when we arrived. The past few days the shoreline has widened about four feet every day as the water recedes. Lots of agriculture around here . . . .

      • Pamela K. says:

        We have had rain, rain and MORE rain here in GA. I guess we needed it but it cuts into all the summer events so the event folks wish it would let up some. Personally I’d rather please the folks who tend the land, loved seeing all the farming being done in that region. 🙂

  41. Suzette says:

    Oh, Sue! Electrical issues are the great big hairy monster in the night for me. As I think about the possibility of a future life on wheels, electricity worries me the most. I can’t deal with stuff I can’t see working. I’ll be on pins and needles as we wait to hear how your repairs turned out. In the meantime, your site is gorgeous, and you’ve got the cutest pups on the planet to keep you company. (Next to mine, of course.)

    All the while, I’m still reading the old posts. Absorbing it all like a sponge. I’m up to August 2012. At some point you mentioned your age. I did the math and realized we are the same age, give or take. That fact gives me even more encouragement. I’m not as far down the road as you are financially, but I’ll get there. And you’re proving every day that this can be done. And done well!

    Thanks for taking us all along.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      You’re welcome, Suzette. No need to worry about electricity. Most of the time it works. It’s almost four years on the road and most of that time has been problem-free… and I’m notorious for ignoring the batteries!

      Oh… August 2012… What a year that was! The West was totally new to me. I knew it was large scale, but it completely astonished me anyway.. the vast open spaces, the majesty of the mountains, the great and grand canyons…

      Thank you for taking the time to read the old posts. To get the most out of my blog, one needs to read from the beginning…

      And another thing… If a post contains content of particular interest, be sure to take a look at the comments under it, especially as my blog grew in popularity. Readers contribute a lot of valuable and interesting information in comments. It’s not always about being silly, caring for each other, sharing tales and trivia, and having fun. Sometimes we learn stuff, too!

  42. Jodee Gravel on the road in Elma, WA says:

    We have had the best luck with small town repair shops. Not thrilled that we needed them, but happy they were easy to find, worked quickly to diagnose and repair, and were reasonably priced. Hope all is the same for your repair. The photos across the water are stunning – what a sunset!

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      I’ve had good experiences, too, with small town businesses. The work on the wheel bearings in Nephi, Utah, is one example .. . When the owner tells you he’s been in the service and repair business for 30 years in the same small town and that he’s the one who will grease the bearings… wow!

      Thanks for the compliment on the photos.

  43. Lisa says:

    Well I guess I have to get to the site a lot earlier to be first, chuckle

  44. Marie taylor says:

    I feel your pain with the trailer problems. One time I embarked on a 8 week trip In my casita only for the fridge to break first day. I refused to believe I really needed a new refrigerator which is what the repair shop said. So for the next 10 days while traveling from Austin Texas to Reno, I used dry ice in the refrigerator. Sometimes it was hard to find, but I didn’t lose any food. I got a second opinion on the way in Colorado, and that repair guy agreed, I needed a new fridge. Luckily for me, I planned to travel with my brother in his Rv for 2 weeks. So once in Reno, I dropped my huevo at the shop. When I returned 2 weeks later I had a new fridge. And they stored it free when they weren’t working on it.
    Totally different problem than yours, sounds like. I guess my point is, shit happens.
    Good luck with your repairs! I can’t wait to see what it was.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Marie,

      Nice hearing from you again! Yes, no matter the lifestyle, things will break down. Having to replace the refrigerator is a big item though… sorry you had that happen and on your trip.

      But, looking back you can say “it all worked out.” That’s why there’s no point worrying about stuff. We’re gonna’ be inconvenienced at times, and the wallet is going to take a hit… Expect it and deal with it when it comes, right?

      Of course, I might be singing a different tune if I had to have the BLT’s fridge replaced. Haha!

  45. drpaddle says:

    Wonderful post! Drama, scenery, happy dogs, and another campground we’ll want to visit someday. Great stuff.

  46. Pamela K. says:

    Madras, OR. Wonder if that is where the famous Madras cloth for clothes came from? Remember those?! So timeless, still going strong in today’s fashion even. Of course us old-timers wore it when the fashion was new 🙂 !

    • Pamela K. says:

      Nope, just read that Madras came from India – per Wiki.
      But I think Madras, OR, should lay claim to it, HA!

  47. bess says:

    hi sue and the canine crew: i enjoyed meeting you guys last week at haystack campground and learning about your blog. remember me? my husband and i have the vintage travel trailer that you took a picture of for the blog. it is a 1955 Rainbow trailer that was restored in 2010.

    your doggies are sooooo sweet! and i admire your traveling the countryside and sharing your adventures. i hope your stay in Oregon is wonderful.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Bess!

      No, I didn’t forget you! In fact I was thinking of you a few moments ago while working on the next post. I wanted to inclue the photo of your trailer, but it’s a super long post. Keep reading my blog and you’ll see it appear soon!

      Thanks for your wish for us to have a wonderful stay in Oregon and also for allowing me to see inside your cute trailer and take a photo. I enjoyed meeting you, too! Safe travels…

      • bess says:

        if you want to tell people that they can contact me with questions about vintage travel trailers, it is okay with me. i have great photos of parts of the restoration process that i could share too. much love to you and the crew. bess

  48. JW says:

    Hi Sue
    I love the photos in this post and I’m glade you have a good internet connection. It’s a good blog but just not the same when you’re not here. Glad the electrical issues have been resolved and here’s to a few more years without problems. Today is my 65th birthday and I bought myself a really nice laptop to replace the old one. I started a new blog in a different direction from before since I’m not able to travel at this time. I’ve found that blogging is good for your mental health. It allows you to say things even if no one is listening. lol Your blog was extremely helpful to me when I headed out west 3 years ago in that old RV. Although I post here only once in a while, I read every word. The community you have developed still amazes me and I appreciate all that you guys do for one another.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, JW,

      I’m very happy you found my blog helpful for your travel in the West. I appreciate the kind words about my blog, this post, and the “community” here. The blogorinos deserve praise.

      Good luck with your new blog! I agree, “blogging is good for your mental health” … when it’s not driving you crazy!

      Take care… Nice hearing from you again.


  49. DebsJourney says:

    Hi Sue and all!
    I just love the look of this camp! So green and beautiful with the view to die for. Sure hope you get lucky with that RV shop. The pups look adorable and smiling it’s a great shot of them both in a content chicken smiling mood!
    Well I am happy to report that my old house is sold and done and I don’t need to go back again.
    Full time Rving is good and getting used to this new lifestyle.
    I have a swimming pool here and take advantage of it in-between the rains we have here in Fl. What a wet summer!!
    I will be heading to TX in mid Sept.
    hugs friends,

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Deb…. Nice hearing from you, especially the news that your house is sold and you say “Full time RVing is good.” 🙂

      I assume you know that you’re looking at an older post. We’ve moved camp since then…

      The crew and I crossed part of Texas our first month on the road. I like the Corps of Engineers campgrounds in Texas. Well-maintained in pretty locations and not expensive…

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