From red rock to green grass, from chaos to peace

Wednesday, April 23 (continued)

As three boys roar their motorbikes across the campsite in order to jump the boulders that define the perimeter of the site, I find an opening through which to escape!

The Perfect Tow Vehicle, pulling the Best Little Trailer, carries me and my crew out of Camp Ugly in search of a better camp.

I point the PTV southward.

We cross the Colorado and make an immediate left turn onto Highway 128.  My map shows several campsites along the river.  The road traces the bank of the Colorado as it winds through a massive canyon with tall, red rock sides.

The first campground is full.

Well, of course it is.  It’s closest to the town of Moab.  We’ll find something further along.  A sign reads “Camp only in campgrounds.”  Yeah?  How do we do that?  Campground after campground — and there are several — are packed with people, tents, and small campers.

While driving around curves on the narrow road, I try to enjoy the splendor of the canyon.

Kind of hard to do when a little red car is two inches from the BLT’s bumper.   I’d pull over, buddy, but every turn-out has cars in it!

At last we come to a place where I can turn around.

On the way out through the mouth of the canyon I snag a turn-out.  A line of vehicles on their way to the emergency ward whiz by.  I snap a photo.  The greyness of the day and the shadows in the canyon produce a dim image.

(Later I lighten the photo in editing which fades the red rock.  Color boosting looks unreal, so I leave it as is.  Poor quality but, hey, it’s better than nothing.  I think it’s the only shot of the canyon that doesn’t have people in it!)

1-DSC03837Gee, a campsite here wouldn’t be much better than our old site in Motorized Vehicle Racetrack.  Maybe Potash Road will be less crowded . . .


“You know, guys?”  Bridget looks at me from the passenger seat.  Spike continues to snooze on the bench seat.  “Ever since I forgot to fill up the gas tank, we’ve been out of sync.  We need a fresh start.  I’m tired of Moab.”

I return us to Highway 191 and point the PTV northward.

1-DSC03833I can put up with one more night at Camp Ugly.  In the morning we will leave Moab and the mob.  I waited three days for the wind to die and the sun to shine so we could explore Island in the Sky and Arches National Park.  I no longer feel like seeing either of them.  I just want to get away!  

Thursday, April 24

I wake to noise.  Oh yeah, the neighbors.  I went to sleep to the sound of generators.  Gosh, that’s an awfully loud one!

I pull aside the window curtain to see three men holding taut cables.  They’re leaning way backward with bent knees, almost touching the ground with their backsides, exerting all their strength on holding the cables.  What is going on?  

I look out the other window to see what’s at the end of the cables.

Wow!  A hot air balloon!

I grab my hat and the camera case.  Together with Bridget and Spike I hurry outside.  The sun peeks at the horizon.  I run across the campsite to a slight knoll and frame a photo with the sun at my back.

1-DSC03842Fellow campers emerge from their rigs.

Spike meets up with a sprightly canine and the fur-raising and ritual posturing begins!

1-DSC03824I learn from the owner that his dog is a Japanese breed called the _________?

1-DSC03823To think I could be grieving for Spike instead of watching him hop around, happy and excited, playing with another dog.

Quite a way to start a day!

1-DSC03825The crew and I eat breakfast.  Immediately thereafter I pack us up and we pull out of Camp Ugly for the last time.

1-DSC03832It’s a clear and bright day with a slight wind, but nothing the anti-sway bar can’t handle!

Bridget and Spike sit side by side on the bench seat behind me.  They look out the windows.

“You know what we three crusty boondockers need?” I ask the crew as we leave Moab in our dust.

“We need some gen-teel livin’!

North on Highway 191 and west on Interstate 70, we arrive at Green River.  I stop at a laundromat and wash the bedding.  (Spike had an accident last night.  My fault!  After a night of torment, I slept deeply and didn’t wake up for the second potty run.)

That task completed, we drive through town and make a left onto the road to Green River State Park.  The crew and I camped here in 2012.  I recall the peace and quiet of that stay.

Not to mention the hot shower!

A site without electric is $18.  The camp host points to the two vacant sites at that rate.  No, too close to big rigs with generators . . . .

“I’ll take an electric site.”  He hands me a list of available electric sites.

“When you pick your site, come back to pay.”  Electric sites with shared water spigots are $25 which includes the use of the showers, dump station, trash disposal, and fresh water fill-up.

I thank him and pick a large and pretty site not far from the shower house.

1-DSC03858I hook the power cord to the 30-amp receptacle, and then go inside to switch the refrigerator from propane to ac power.  Next I retrieve the two sections of exercise pen from the PTV and make a large enclosure for the crew.

“Isn’t the green grass nice, Bridget?”


 We share a turkey sandwich for lunch.

1-DSC03857“Come here. Let me put you in your suits and we’ll go for a stroll around the campground.”

Many of the campers come to Green River for the adjacent golf course. 

They toodle about in quiet golf carts to and from their campsites.

1-DSC03853At the day use area . . .

“Look, Spike!  There’s the river!”  I drop his leash.  Spike trots down the boat ramp.

1-DSC03850Later, before bed . . . .

I turn on the overhead heat strip (a function of the air conditioner).  I like to turn it on at least once, maybe twice a year, if only to keep it functioning.  After about twenty minutes I turn the noisy thing off.

All is quiet as we fall asleep.  Ahhhhh  . . . .




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73 Responses to From red rock to green grass, from chaos to peace

  1. lindale says:

    It sure looks like a nicer place to be then with those ATvs and noisy RVs. As always, your photos are wonderful.

  2. Jerryc says:

    Woohoo! Am I the first one? Glad for your report on the boondocking site in Moab. Was thinking about going there before Dead Horse Point SP. Will have to rethink that. Love hot air balloons, though…

  3. bobg says:

    The Green River is anything but green. But that little state park and golf course alongside it is certainly an oasis, almost startling after a few days of the red dust and aridity to the south. Just on the other side of the bridge is a somewhat interesting museum about running and exploring the river in earlier days, and samples of the various boat designs used. I thought it was worth the entry fee. There’s a short movie.

    Speaking of entry fees, that oasis you are inhabiting tempted me, but I have a pretty stubborn streak about paying for camping. Maybe if it hadn’t been the middle of the day….

  4. Page says:

    I love to be awakened by hot air balloons. It is always a magical site. And I guess it was your reward for putting up with all the noise.

    Glad Spike got to soak and a little grass underfoot and hot shower are always good!

  5. weather says:

    Wow did you ever deserve a comfy site after all the ick the last one dished up!Providence brought it all to joy,never the less, gen-teel is a wee bit of
    the comforting due you and the crew.Seeing that it comes as an expense
    I’m going on an Amazon spree now as a” Glad you don’t need sympathy”
    card.Love the balloon pic and am still smiling about the soak one,thanks!

  6. Pauline from Mississippi says:

    You deserve a special treatment campsite. It made me smile to see Spike soaking in the water. Happy trails are ahead.

  7. Linda & Gerry Cicenas says:

    Hi Sue,

    Just wanted to say how glad we were to get to the bottom of your previous post to find that Spike had returned home. Can only imagine the sadness and terror you must have been feeling. I know when I don’t see one of our cats for a while, and even tho I know they are somewhere in the house, the thought always pops into my mind “what if they somehow got out” and that knot immediately forms in the pit of my stomach. So so glad you and Spike had a happy ending – if only we could know where he went on his little adventure. Also wanted to mention how much we enjoyed your posts during your visit with Rusty and Timber – what a nice friendship you have developed and so glad that Rusty has found a nice place to live with Timber. He’s really got the place fixed up nice.

    Happy and safe travels to you and the crew, Linda and Gerry

  8. Cinandjules (NY) says:

    Oh I bet you couldn’t hook up fast enough. The sound of dirt bikes tends to wear on ones nerves.

    Shiba Inu. You ought to see them as puppies!

    Lush grass, a soak and a shower! Whooooeeee!

  9. Caroline nr Seattle says:

    is the dog a shiba inu ?

    • Ed says:

      At first I thought an Akita because of the coloring but the dog in question is about the same size a Spike so I would say that Cinandjules (NY) & Caroline nr Seattle are correct in identifying it is a Shiba Inu.
      Akita inu has an average height of 28 inches and weighs between 70 to 120 pounds. On the other hand, Shiba Inu’s are medium sized dogs that have an average height between 13 to 16 inches and weighing 17 to 23 pounds.

  10. Jool says:

    his dog is a Japanese breed called the _________? “Shiba Inu” (I believe).
    You know, Sue, after your horrid day of the last post, you summed it up quite well in this post when you stated you had been out of sync. I wanted to comment, but I always get too dang wordy. (Help! I’ve fallen and I can’t shut up!). For me, if I am out of sync with – whatever, the Energy, the Universe, whatever you want to call it – like magnetism it attracts more bad stuff. I have to start fresh with “good” energy. Then the magnetism draws good things. Weird, maybe. But that is how it works for me.
    You and the Crew deserve many days of wonderful.
    Jool in N. Texas

  11. Marcia GB says:

    Green River SP looks like a great spot for some comfy R and R. We camped in Moab a few years ago in June and it was a zoo. We got to explore Arches and the surrounding area, then we happily left for calmer climes.

  12. Marsha (MI) says:

    Now this is more like it.

    Relax, and breathe – while Spike soaks.

  13. I like how Spike has one foot on the safety of land and the rest of the paws soaking. Too cute! Nice hot air balloon photos. When I camped in Cottonwood, AZ last fall, that was a common sound I’d wake up to, except the balloons were several miles away. It was so inspiring to see them up in the blue sky. Happy trails, Sue & crew!

  14. Patricia from Florida says:

    So happy to see that you are at a nice site, soaks and showers on the roster. Time to chill!!

  15. Ladybug in Mid-Tenn says:

    I was thinking Akita (I found a pic of a Japanese Akita that looked almost like that dog) but I definitely don’t know the breeds. Other than the obvious (Chihuahua, Collie, German Shepherd, Beagle, Basset Hound, Great Dane, etc.) most of my experience has been with Heinz 57s!

    Just think, if you hadn’t returned to Camp Parking Lot, you would have missed the balloon!

  16. Any snow? Durango received about a half inch along with howling winds. More wind today.
    In your last post about the disappearing Spike, reminded me of my first dog, Oso. He could wander off in a heartbeat. Often it was a lost case attempting to track him down.
    Grass! When was the last time you camped with grass?6-8 months back?

  17. Vall & Mo says:

    Hi Sue,

    The Japanese breed is called Akita, see here:

    BTW, we are long time admirers of your blog and jorneys, just lurking until now (when we found something we could contribute). Thanks for taking the time to publish it!


    Vall & Mo.

  18. rvsueandcrew says:


    I started this post in the early morning and it took many attempts throughout the day to put it together and to post it. The crew and I have moved to an absolutely delightful camp (I giggled for about an hour after arriving). Unfortunately the connection keeps dropping but everything else is great!

    For this reason I won’t reply individually, even though I’d like to. Every comment I make takes 10-15 minutes. Feel free to carry on without me!

    Welcome, Vall and Mo… Good to see you here!

    Thanks, weather, for shopping Amazon from my blog. No, Robert, no snow… only rain, wind, and hail!

    I greeted the owner of the dog with “Is that an Akita? He replied, “No, it’s a Shiba Inu.” Thanks to all who tried to help me remember!

  19. R. (Western Colorado) says:

    After seeing your pictures of Green River Park I’m going to make certain to camp or just stop there. Do you know if there are specific tent sites and what’s a fee for them?

    About a week or so ago I responded to your blog and wrote about madness I observed when driving through Moab and I see your impression was very similar. There is such peacefulness south of Moab and then you get to see jeeps everywhere and traffic. The town of Moab is really small but became so touristy that a whole idea of natural beauty just disappears.

    On Thursday morning I took 128 and I knew the campsites along Colorado River and next to the road won’t be to your liking. Every campsite was occupied and I think some campers didn’t even stay at the official camping sites. And that was only Thursday. I didn’t want to think what will be happening there on weekend. I always enjoy views along this road but during the off-season when every campsite is unoccupied and only a few cars leisurely drive by.

    I stopped on Saturday at Green River to get a gas before continuing to CO. It was very windy, cold and wet day. I hope you didn’t have to drive that day.

  20. Deb from NJ says:

    So sorry your experience with Moab was not a good one! I have been there in early spring and in the fall. I have stayed in Arches NP and Dead Horse Point State Park…..oh and then at the rest area when I couldn’t find a campsite anywhere. I hope at some time you get to see The Canyonlands and The Arches as they are spectacular. I don’t think I would have been able to stay in that parking lot with all that noise! Now the hot air balloon is another story! I would have been soooo excited to wake up and see that outside my window. Wow!

    Wonderful photos!!!! Love, love, love the hot air balloon photos! Stunning!

    Oh and wonderful that Spikey found a friend and got a soak all in one day!

    Have a wonderful day!

  21. Reine says:

    Think of the $25 for the Green River campsite as a small price to pay for THERAPY. Let’s see, hot showers, dump station, fresh water supply, trash dump….seems to me the effective rate for the park is about $15 since you’d pay about $10 for the dump and fresh water not to mention the showers. I’d there a couple of days to give yourself a chance to recharge unless you know of a similar peaceful place within a reasonable distance that’s free. Kind of like going to the doctor – some times you really need it and it’s worth every penny to get the problem corrected.

    Sounds silly but it reminds me of the first day of Mother’s Day Out in the fall when our kids were preschoolers. I would drop them off at church, then come home and just sit in a chair and ENJOY the peace and QUIET for a couple of hours. I used to say that Mother’s Day Out was cheaper than a psychiatrist and it certainly kept me sane.

  22. GypsyPurl says:

    You and the Crew DESERVE a peaceful site to relax after what you guys went through. I see Spike is still Spike–mud baby, and the always genteel Miss Bridget, they are so funny; gotta love them. Stay safe.

  23. Pleinguy says:

    I know what you mean about the noisy and busy camps. I can’t take it either. Good that you decided to escape to a quieter location. Have fun!

  24. Glad you got to see the hot air balloon as at least some payment for returning to camp ugly but your new spot with hook ups looks much calmer. I agree with Rhine, all the amenities and the QUIET make it well worth the cost. ENJOY!

  25. Diann in MT says:

    Comfy!!! You have earned it, Sue and Crew! Continued good, green times!

  26. Denise - Richmond VA says:

    Hi Sue….Glad that you found a beautiful, peaceful site that makes your heart sing! Loved the picture of the hot air balloon and of Spike with his playmate. Ah…..Another well deserved spa soak for Spike!

    Hope everyone has wonderful evening and a great start to a new week!

  27. Bob's gotta bus! says:

    I was hoping for a picture taken from the basket, up in the air, below the balloon! If you have not taken a balloon ride, they are amazing. In the meantime, keep safe and calm on the road, or the grass.

  28. rich says:

    Are you still feeding the crew only raw meat? Seems like a long time since you have mentioned said feed!

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi rich… The crew is still eating raw meat. I learned to stock up and freeze more. I admit I do supplement with canned dog food to stretch the time between grocery visits. That’s better than running out of food for them.

      I also serve them cooked chicken which is their absolute favorite. I buy family packs of thighs, boil them in a big spaghetti pot, debone and skin them. Then I cut the meat up into little bites. Pack it in ziplocs.

      You should hear Spike snort while he gobbles it up. And Bridget is so cute. She looks up at me with her mouth full. Her eyes are big and glassy.

      I cook liver, too… yuck… only way I can get Bridget to eat it. She’s eating green beans and carrots, too, after being fussy about them at first.

      • Cat Lady says:

        If there’s such a thing as reincarnation, I’m going to insist that I come back as one of your nut cakes. It’d be nice to have someone waiting on me for a change and catering to my every whim, lol.

        Take care, Sue and Crew.

        Cat Lady

  29. Dawn in MI says:

    Take a deep breath and a hot shower then relax. It’s all good…as are your photos! Amazing as usual.

  30. mockturtle says:

    Weekends create a dilemma for fulltimers. What I usually do is stay in a private RV park on Fri & Sat and catch up on laundry, charging all my electronics, WiFi, etc. It’s not fun but I have a low threshold for shrieking kids and drunken adults, both of which seem to be weekend phenomena.

    • Gail Reese says:

      I too have a low threshold for kids, drunks, and disrespectful people. We are heading back to our home state to see our kids and grandchildren. For years we stayed at a quiet little campground with nothing to offer but some trees, grass, and dusty roads. Because it had nothing to offer it was usually quiet and dull. Then the weekenders rolled in with load music, drunken brawls, foul language and fireworks. Mondays through Fridays were heaven, weekends were hell. Now there are new owners and they have decided to cater to the weekend families. Noisier than ever and cars speed up and our little road all day. Kids run wild all over your site and our stuff keeps disappearing. We complained but were told we are the problem and there’s a waiting. List for our site so shut up and put up. Thinking its time to move on. What is wrong with these new “campers”? I’ve camped for over 50 years and never had to deal with this behavior until the last few years. Sticking to the over 55 campgrounds is the only solution. The worst thing you get there is a senior on a Harley, but at least its not at sunrise. Unfortunately there aren’t any where my family lives.

      • rvsueandcrew says:

        The mutants are taking over the country! You can’t deal with them. The only thing you can do is move and hope they don’t find you.

        The three boys on motorbikes racing around Camp Ugly, jumping the rocks, tearing up the plants outside the designated campsite (signs prohibit that). . . No parental control whatsoever No consideration for anyone else. In fact, the children are cheered on by their parents who act the same way.

        Best wishes finding a new place to camp, Gail. You don’t have to put up with that.

  31. Judy E says:

    We recently met a lady who had a Shiba Inu, such a good little dog! We are seriously thinking about one, in the future.

    Gotta love Spike, and his water!

  32. Sue, you & the crew deserve that grass, shade, power–the whole shebang! Enjoy every second!

  33. Cinandjules (NY) says:

    The way you wrote it….you being a teacher….I thought it was quiz…like the flowers of the desert!

    A Shiba Inu has similar features of an Akita but is smaller. Just like a Samoyed and a Spitz; Siberian Husky and a Malamute ; Collie and a Sheltie.

  34. Wendy says:

    So nice to see spike enjoying another soak. Stay safe you three!
    Wendy in Thailand

  35. Elizabeth says:

    So glad you moved to a nice spot…enjoy every minute of it!! Sometimes spending a few dollars is so well worth it. I would have done the same…I cannot STAND too much noise either!! Will you stay a few days??

  36. Gayle says:

    Love the hot air balloon photos! But the basket looks overloaded with people. Did it strike you that way?

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Yes, definitely! If I had paid to go up in that basket and then saw how many people climbed into it, I’d stay on the ground and forfeit the money.

  37. Heda says:

    Love the pics of Spike playing with the little red dog. How happy they both look.

  38. Cheryl Ann says:

    After your previous spot, this campground is gorgeous! And, hot showers, too! I’m glad you have a chance to enjoy this spot. Glad to read that the crew is still eating raw food. I have to admit it….I’ve been LAZY and haven’t been faithfully giving my two dogs their raw food, but they did get some chicken over the weekend. Yes…I know the glassy-eyed look!
    Cheryl Ann

  39. Kentster says:

    Sue. Kent here the one you met in Alabama hills.
    Bummer about Moab area. We are in New Mexico plotting our route north and think we will try to avoid Moab this year if the passes north of Durango are open.
    We had camped at dead horse a few years ago. Nice place if you can get in and expensive. But then we were still working then.
    Glad Spikey came home. Hope you are recovered.
    Safe travels.

  40. Rita from Phoenix says:

    Maybe Spike canine friend was a shujitsu? Anyway a pretty dog. My sister was over one day shortly after adopting Chowder a few years back and saw me de-boning chicken and mix it with rice & peas. She said looks so good. I told her it was for my dog. Her eyes got big as saucers ‘What?! You cook for your dog?!!’ LOL, yes I do I told her. Chowder came to us under weight and the dog food the prior owner gave us didn’t look good to me. I go to Wally’s and buy their leg quarters a little over $6 a bag, I separate them into zip lock freezer bags and freeze them. When it’s time, I put the frozen chicken in a crock pot over night and it’s done in morning. Both Chowder and Ralphie are two healthy dogs. I do have to add liver & heart tho.

    • Rita from Phoenix says:

      I also buy duck, chicken, or beef treats bags from Costco so supplement their cooked food when traveling. The treats are jerky…a little pricey but when I don’t have time to cook their dinner I give them two small treats or one big one. BTW the cooked chicken, rice, peas, sometimes green beans, carrots, spinach are divided into zip lock again into individual size meals and frozen. It seems like a lot of work but it really isn’t. I just cook in big quantity to last a week at a time.

  41. Diane, Blue Ridge Mts., VA says:

    WOW what an eventful day, hummm, way too many people. But the Ballons were a great shot. Okay I know you are not into golfing so can’t wait till your next camp and adventures. Take care Sue and Crew.

  42. Pat from Rochester says:

    #1 A shiba inu was in an obdience class I took a bunch of years ago. Trivia learned – the proper shiba tail will allow an egg to sit inside the curl. Can you just picture that?! (I can’t believe they ever actually use an egg. But dog stuff can get really weird.)

    #2 Balloons look so lovely and peaceful. Amazing, isn’t it, how noisy they are in person? When my daughters were young we took a “ride” in a tethered balloon – tied to the ground, so you just go up, and then back down. But it was lovely. And then ONCE I had a ride in a balloon. Absolutely amazing adventure, and I’ll just say “done that, won’t do it again.” That burner is HOT! Like standing right next to a fireplace. It was such a beautiful flight. And we had an easy landing, right next to a road. No slogging through fields, dragging stuff through mud. I was very lucky to have had such a wonderful experience, and I’ll not press my luck by ever doing it again.

    #3 I was playing catch-up with your posts, life has kept me from my computer. And oh, Spike. Poor Sue. I coudn’t scroll ahead fast enough, couldn’t stand reading it and not knowing there was going to be a happy ending. You just don’t know, Sue, I NEVER read an ending first! Just never! Thank heavens for a good ending. I hope all your stars and electrons and dust motes and everything are getting themselves back into alignment.

  43. Terri From Texas says:

    My parents-in-law have a shibu inu mix-mostly shibu, I think. It is a barker. She barks when she is happy, she barks when she is sad, she barks when she is anxious, you get the message… She is a lovely, beautiful, dog but they can’t keep her from barking alot. Believe it or not, she used to go camping with them (in their motorhome) and was very good. (or so they said) I heard the breed just liked to bark. The funny thing is they adopted her from a rescue agency and when the girl brought the dog to their house, as she was leaving she said casually, over her shoulder as she left quickly, ” Oh, she barks a bit!” They do love her, though.

  44. Terri From Texas says:

    Another comment, here. (Slow day at work) I remember I was kind of forced to go on a hot air balloon ride. My husband got me up at 4 am on my 35th birthday and drove me to a mall in Houston. I had no idea what he was up to. Lo and behold there was a giant balloon they were unpacking. I just looked at him and said NO, YOU ARE KIDDING, RIGHT? He said Happy Birthday! I said, HOW MUCH DID YOU PAY FOR THIS? He told me and it wasn’t cheap. So, we went up in the balloon and I have to admit it was amazing! Even over Houston. On my 50th birthday my sister treated me to a trip to New Mexico and we actually did it again!! Her first time, my second.

  45. DesertGinger says:

    I thought I posted here last night, but I don’t see it. That is a beautiful balloon. Beyond that, not much to recommend the previous site. I see you have moved again, so I don’t know where you are, but I hope it s beautiful, private and quiet. I just had someone inquire about Moab on another site. I guess I will have to say it’s busy!

  46. Cherie from OH says:

    Moab crowded this time of year when school is still in session and spring break is over? Wow that’s a surprise. I haven’t traveled anywhere for 27 years. I think I’m in for a shock when I begin visiting popular areas again. I cannot function in crowds.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      As a former teacher who started the career late in life, I was shocked at how cavalier many parents are these days about school attendance. Routinely I had students announcing to the class (this is middle school) that they went to a theme park on Tuesday or they went to the beach for four days or they were at a sleep-over party so they didn’t come to school. Impossible to teach! Yes, be prepared for the shock. Times have changed. 🙁

      • weather says:

        Honorable folk- teaching by their example- values learned from God,people capable of the consideration of others and much else that is good-these benefits become difficult to find in these times,
        and have never been known by the majority of people that now surround us.Naturally then, bad manners and much worse is pervasive. Often I withdraw,contenting myself with” what so ever things are lovely”.
        While apart this way I’ve always had Him remind me-
        few have been given what I have.
        Whatever others are up to may be the most happiness they’ll ever have…

        An’ shucks,, most times I was bein’ a jerk,it was out of plum ignorance, that kinda helps me just grin and shake my head
        at some I oughtta smack! tee hee

  47. Tawanda says:

    Good to hear you and the crew are getting back in sync., Moab has a way of throwing one off balance (IMHO)..
    Have you been around Colo.? It’s been years but we spent summers in Grand Junction going camping in the Grand Mesa and other places (actually should say decades since being there) wonderful memories, it’s probably too soon weather wise for the high country, but the low lands are pretty neat too…

    • Diann in MT says:

      I agree. I had the good fortune of living in Colorado for about thirty years. It is one of the most outdoorsy states in the West. So many more trails to walk, so many more places to camp, not so much land locked up for agriculture. I really miss Colorado sometimes.

    • R. (Western Colorado) says:

      Tawanda, it looks like there is a fresh snow on Grand Mesa. You’re right it is too early to camp there but in the valley we don’t have any snow and hiking, biking, walking opportunities are endless. Hiking fishing in many lakes on Grand Mesa in July is among outstanding wildflower displays.
      If RVSue decide to travel east on I-70 she could go through Riffle, Meeker and Craig to Baggs, WY. From there she could take WY route 70, the newest scenic route in WY, the Battle Pass Scenic Byway. When I took this road in August there were just a few cars going in opposite direction. It wouldn’t be hard to find isolated and quiet boondocking sites since this is Medicine Bow National Forest. Once on the east site in Encampment she could go north on 230 towards Saratoga which has free hot springs. I personally don’t care for hot springs but they supposed to be very relaxing in addition to being free. The last larger supermarket is in Meeker, CO and then is nothing until Laramie, WY. Before getting to Saratoga she could take a drive through less known and quiet scenic Snowy Range Highway, route 130. This drive is spectacular with Medicine Bow Peak towering at above 12,000 ft. The road won’t be opened until Memorial Day and it is no guarantee the side roads are going to be snow free until sometimes the end of July. In 2011 my husband and I had reservation at the forest cabin mid-July and we couldn’t get to it because it was snowed in. Nonetheless, the scenic byway when opened is plowed and well maintained. It’s visually spectacular area so let’s keep it quiet about it. We don’t want this place to become another Moab or one of those beautiful but overcrowded national parks. Route 130, goes thorough Centennial to Laramie but what a quiet drive it is.

  48. Cinandjules (ny) says:

    Just noticed the picture on my national park calendar for the month of April is…………….

    Guess it’s kind of like Yosemite and Yellowstone….when it comes to the number of people flocking!

  49. Barbara (Nashville) says:

    This is a beautiful campground. Can’t wait to see the scenic photos.
    I have to say, like everyone else, I held my breath to the end of the previous post, just praying Spike would be back safe & sound. I was most definitely feeling your stress and pain.
    My first dog, that I actually got to pick out with my dad, was hit by a car. When the neighbor who hit him brought him home, he was hemorrhaging and did not make it to the vet. I cried for days. I do, however, still have great memories of Frosty.
    All my best to you and the crew.

  50. kgdan says:

    Greetings, Sue& Crew! So nice to see you’ve found a more agreeable place. We finally arrived at the border; what an experience trying to get back IN the USA! 2 hr wait in line to have our entire rig inspected and sniffed by drug dogs. We are using our Passport America for 4 days full amenities at Rancho Diamond Jacks near El Cajon, CA. Nice to bask and shop at big grocery store.

  51. susan says:

    What a wild ride you’ve had over the past couple of days! Hoping for some peace & quiet for you and crew. Yes, I believe the dog is a shibu inu. From what I know about them, they usually aren’t very friendly to strangers. Guess Spike has the right attitude and won him over!

  52. weather says:

    Has your sister Pauline fared well despite the tornadoes Mississippi has had?I’ve been praying for her safety throughout and would love an update 🙂

  53. Cinandjules (NY) says:

    We are watching the weather channel…..I too was thinking about Pauline!

    Stay safe folks!

  54. Reine says:

    Add me three being concerned about Pauline, especially since I think she’s close to Tupelo. Our prayers are for safety and healing for all the folks affected by the tornadoes.

  55. Cinandjules (NY) says:

    I can’t imagine living in tornado country.

    Night would totally freak me out!

  56. rvsueandcrew says:

    Cinandjules, weather, and Reine… Thank you for your prayers and concern. I returned to Green River to post and to email my sister. I haven’t received a reply yet. It’s only been a few minutes. No news is good news.

    Either Pauline or I will let you know . . . 🙂

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