Green River Melon Fever

Wednesday, September 20

“Ya know what would taste good right about now?. Watermelon.  Yeah.  I say we take a ride into town and get one.”

Reggie and Roger concur. Hopping to their paws, they wait expectantly for my next move. I toss them into the Perfect Tow Vehicle and we roll out of our campsite at Lower Gray Canyon along the Green River.

I ask the woman at the melon stand the price of her seedless watermelons.

“Forty-five cents a pound.”

I choose one and it costs seven dollars.

We head back to camp, and, by the time the sun sets across the river, I’ve eaten the whole dang thing.

Thursday, September 21

“Ya’ know?”

I’m sitting outside in the lounger.  Reggie tilts his head and gives me a quizzical look. Roger continues to stare at a pile of rocks into which a small lizard has taken refuge.

“I sure could go for another watermelon.”

We board the PTV and head for town.

This time I park at the other melon stand.

Not that there’s anything wrong with the first stand we went to.  Their watermelon was sweet and good.  I suspect all the melons in town come from the same fields around Green River.  I’m curious to try the other stand.

Green River, Utah, is the place to go for melons.  

The people of this town are so melon-happy that they hold a festival in its honor every September.  Green River Melon Days was a week ago.  That’s okay.  I don’t care about the festival, my interest is in melons.

Two women man the stand.

(As opposed to two men woman the stand.)   The tall, slender “mature” woman and the tall, slender young woman (her granddaughter?) greet me cheerily.

Several varieties of melons and squashes are piled on large tables and I notice that every melon or squash has its price written on it.  I like that.  I know up front what I’ll pay. .

A fellow customer reads a sign and remarks appreciatively, “Huh. The honor system. Don’t see that very often any more.”

 Mature Melon Lady comes over.

She sees me contemplating a pile of green and yellow melons.

Opening a cooler, she offers, “Would you like to try a sample?”

“Yes, I would.  I’ve never had these kind before.”

I peer inside and see melon wedges on a plate nestled in crushed ice.  She reaches in and hands me a wedge.  “That’s a Crenshaw.”

“Oh, my, that IS good!” I remark.

She hands me another.  

“Try this Canary.”

I oblige.  It’s good, too.

I think no more of watermelons and purchase one Crenshaw ($4.50) and one Canary ($3.95).

At camp I take photos of my prizes.

Let’s see . . . Today I’ll eat the Canary (on left, above, and cut, below) and tomorrow I’ll eat the Crenshaw.

Friday, September 22

The crew and I relax in the outdoor room after a walk in the canyon.  It’s mid-morning.

Hmm . . . Good time for some melon.

I cut the Crenshaw in half and scoop out the seeds.  Cradling the melon in my lap I dig in with my spoon.

Ooh, luscious.

I do believe there is a special time when a melon attains perfection, a point at which sweetness and flavor reach their height and the flesh is melt-in-your-mouth soft without being mushy.  This special time lasts about 10-20 minutes and therefore is experienced by only a fortunate few.

I swoon.

Oh, boy, this melon is gooooood.

Saturday, September 23

I’m outta’ melons!  I want more melons!  I NEED more melons!

“In you go, pups.  Waiting in town are Crenshaws with my name on them.”

Mature Melon Lady speaks . . . 

“You can freeze melons, you know.  Use them in smoothies or let them thaw almost completely and eat them.”

“Really?  I hadn’t thought about freezing melon.”

She smiles.

“There’s a man who comes up here from Moab every September.  He buys a hundred dollars worth of Crenshaws,  He buys them green.  He takes them home and when they’re 90 percent yellow he cuts them up and packs them in his freezer.  He eats melons all winter long.”

“How smart.  I’d like to do that but I can’t.  I live in a travel trailer and my freezer is very small.”

Crenshaws are on sale!  

I ask for one that’s ready to eat today and another to eat in a couple days.

In addition to the Crenshaws I buy two cantaloupes at fifty cents apiece.

Happily I load my melons into the PTV.

Before returning to camp, we make our way to the grocery store where I buy a few pieces of baked chicken in the deli department to share with my boys for lunch.



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123 Responses to Green River Melon Fever

  1. Dawn in NC says:


    • Geri in the FL panhandle! says:

      Dawn, I hope you don’t mind, but I need to jump in here and wish Sue

      🎵 Happy Birthday to you 🎶
      🎶💜 Happy birthday to you!💜🎶
      🎵🎶Happy BIRTHDAY RVSue🎂🎁🎉🎇🎆💚💗🎂🎂🎂🎉🎉🎉🎀🎀
      Happy Birthday Sue! We all LOVE
      YOU SUE! 🎂🎉🎂💗💚🎆🎇🎁🎁💟

  2. Joy says:

    Fruit looks delish

  3. Linda in NC says:


  4. Cathy M Van Booven says:

    Crenshaw melons are my favorites!

  5. Patricia says:

    U r too funny with the melons! But yes, I agree, there is that certain time when melons r perfect.

  6. Diann in MT says:

    Wha??? Maybe 3rd?

  7. Jolene/Iowa says:

    I LOL Sue! I would be sitting in the can if I ate that much melon that fast. They sound delicious though!

  8. Sally S Jacob says:

    Like always a terrific post! But now I want a melon! 🙂 Hope you enjoyed the all!

  9. Pat from Mich. says:

    Top ten? Melons, melons, melons! Love ’em all!

  10. Watermelon – YUM! I would not eat any melons until I was 12. Whenever we had watermelon my dad would buy me a Texas Ruby Red Grapefruit. As my 8 brothers and sisters ate the melon I would eat the grapefruit. They had a watermelon seed fight one day and I really wanted to join in, but they wouldn’t let me if I didn’t eat the melon and get my own seeds. So I did, must have gotten a really good one it was so sweet and juicy. I still don’t like cantaloupe or honey dew, but I love watermelon.
    The strange things we remember from childhood.

  11. Linda in NC says:

    HA Sue. You were in a melon frenzy! When they are good, they are really good as you so well described. I do hope that your melon craving is satisfied for a little while, at least until the next melon stand. I just wonder if dogs get cravings. Why not?
    I thoroughly enjoyed that post.

  12. Dawn in Asheville says:

    Oh you have just completely created a craving!!!!! Nooooooooo!!!

  13. Anna from NC says:

    Gosh! Reading this made me hungry! Learned about different types of melons 🤗.

  14. Deena in Phoenix says:

    OMG, I had my 1st watermelon this year, this morning! Sooo good. My Mom liked Crenshaw, I forgot how good they can be…Need to find me one.

    Just spent the week dog sitting my fur niece, Lexie at her home. Ever morning we would sit outside, enjoying the sound of birds with a wonderful view of many different trees in the neighborhood. Tonight I am back in my apartment enjoying my little patio garden.

    Not much into listening to the news or watching TV, settling in with the Kindle…then I hear the ping of a notification from RVSue and Crew…I hurry to open up the laptop (bigger screen than the phone), I feel like it is Christmas morning. Your writing brings back lovely memories and a desire to eat different melons…joy at seeing the BLT nestled into its home of the moment. You live a blessed life. Thank you for sharing.


  15. Virginia620 (AL) says:

    Hi Sue n crew, and bloggerinos. I’m doing ok.
    I’ve only seen watermelons like the first two photos. Never seen watermelons like the splotchy looking ones. The cut open one looks like a honey dew melon??
    I’m planning my first lone RV trip to my daughter’s for Thanksgiving. Bitter sweet. I’ll get my 7-yr-old granddaughter to come stay with me. Will be fun.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Good for you, Virginia! I admire you for moving forward. Have fun with your granddaughter this Thanksgiving! 🙂

  16. Pamelab says:

    Oh, my gosh! Now I am thinking about melons – a lot. Recovering from knee replacement surgery so not going anywhere right now. But, soon.
    Thanks for sharing, Sue.
    Happy Travels. Pamelab

  17. Cinandjules 🌵 says:

    Girlfriend … are gonna get the poops eating all that melon! 🙈

    Did the boys try some? The honor system…..sure do miss that at the farmstands back in NY.

    Baked chicken? Ya think you slid that by us huh? Not a chance! Enjoy your evening and your weekend!

  18. Pat in Rochester says:

    Now I want a cantaloupe and some rotisserie chicken. But it’s bedtime.

  19. Barbara from Camano Is. says:

    We have a corn stand in Stanwood, WA, that is on the honor stand and used to have a dahlia field that did the same. Honey stand too. It always feels good to think people are trustworthy.

    I was walking on the beach today going through a litany of things to thank you for, Sue: for introducing me to the term “boondocking,” and showing me how to find same; for telling me about Benchmark maps; for encouraging me to follow my dreams; for reminding me of the things that go toward making a good camp site; for showing me beautiful parts of the country and giving me more to dream about; for reminding me to slow down and notice the flowers and the birds; for giving me permission to pig out on watermelon!!! And so much more. Thank you. Oh yes, and for keeping me up on my math skills.

    • Dawn in Mi says:

      That’s one of the loveliest comments I’ve ever read. And so true of many of us!

    • ApplegirlNY says:

      Great comment!

    • Geri in the FL panhandle! says:

      I think we all feel the same way about Sue . But Barbara, you took the words out of our hearts and actually wrote them down! Thank you for that! And thank you Sue! 💗
      Good morning Blogerinos!

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Good morning, Barbara!

      I didn’t see your comment and most of the others until I opened up my laptop this morning. I agree…. Your comment is lovely. I am so pleased and proud to be its recipient!

      Thank you…. and thanks to those who chimed in. 🙂

  20. weather says:

    Fortunately, I have plans to meet my granddaughter for breakfast tomorrow, so can include a stop for melon on the trip 🙂 . They DO have only a short span of time when they’re perfect. Being near the farms where they’re grown, harvested and sold is a rare opportunity. I’m glad you got the chance to enjoy them for a few days. Healthy, delicious, how nice! Bonus, you were somewhere lovely and warm enough to enjoy having them outside.

  21. Bob Hampton says:

    Green River melons are some of the best you will find. we get them here in Western Colo. and also the Rocky Ford melons (SE Colo near Okla). both are some of the best in the country I think.
    Rocky Mtn Bob

  22. Dawn in Mi says:

    I’ve never tried those melons. They sound yummy!

  23. Melons!!! I can taste the juiciness all the way from here. I love harvest season..fresh corn, melons, peaches, and soon apples. Love your photos.

  24. Ruthie in Fontana says:

    Now I am thinking of cantelope with vanilla ice cream!

  25. Dave Stewart says:

    Crenshaws are my favorite. Its not fair there you sit making our collective mouths water!! well really I hope you enjoyed them. You just gave me another place to add to my map sometime maybe i will get there.
    I remember when in the 70’s i lived in the San Francisco bay area, I would Crave watermelon and couldn’t eat it I had developed an allergy to them. My throat would almost totally swell shut. made it very difficult to breath. when i moved to Missouri in the late 70’s I tried them from this part of the states. It has never happened again. when i go back to the dessert I stay away from them. That’s my little story about Melons,

  26. I haven’t had a Crenshaw yet but I absouletly love the Cannary. I had no idea you could freeze them.

  27. AZ Jim says:

    Missy, the crew in talking to each other are referring to you as our “Melon Mommy”. But don’t let that deter you. I, too, love watermelons. I cut them into bite size pieces and put the in the fridge with a fork. Late night Detta or I want something cold and delicious, to the fridge we journey. You go girl!!!

  28. Denise - Richmond VA says:

    Hi, Sue,

    Now you have me craving melons!! 🙂 Did the boys try any melon? Did they like it?

    I have a pork butt with bbq sauce on a slow simmer in the crock pot. The house is beginning to smell heavenly. 🙂 Tomorrow, one of my sisters and her hubby are coming to visit. They are bringing their new dog; we are hoping that she and Gracie will get along…fingers crossed. I have a bbq lunch planned with all the fixings. Now I have made your mouth water!! LOL!!

    Have a good night, Sue! Sending you, Reggie and Roger love from me and Gracie pup! 🙂

  29. Denise - Richmond VA says:


    If you get an error when entering the captcha calculation, click on the little circular arrows next to the captcha field. A new equation will be provided. I had to be provided two equations before I could get my comment to post. Sue is aware of the issue. 🙂

  30. Reine in Plano (when we're not camping) says:

    Sounds delish. Unfortunately for me, there’s no way a melon in a grocery store tastes as good as one from a roadside stand that came from a field close by. Enjoy.

  31. ValGal (westernWA) says:

    Now you’ve got me wanting melons. I’ve never had a Crenshaw or a Canary, but you sure have made me want to try one!

    I can’t believe you ate the whole watermelon!!!

    I hope the boys enjoyed their chicken.

    You sound more relaxed than you have during the last few weeks when summer faded and you had to chase the warmth.

    I’m waving hi to all the Blogorinos!

  32. suzago in PNW says:

    Hi Sue, You remind me of something that’s been floating around my head… that luxury is so special and unique to each one of us. Not everyone would say that a bountiful supply of perfect melons is luxurious, but you showed us how it could be as fulfilling and exciting as a drawer full of jewels. Your excitement is contagious! So happy you had that joy. (I remember Crenshaws from when I was a little girl in Los Angeles — didn’t realize they were special — but now I’m going to look for one!)

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Love your insight, suzago… “luxury is so special and unique to each one of us.”

      Yes! 🙂

  33. Jeannie from WA says:

    It all sounds delightful. I bought a watermelon recently, ate about a quarter of it then decided to dehydrate the rest. That was the best thing I’d tried in a long time. The melon dried and turned into a sweet, chewy candy. Now I want to get more melons and try it again.

    • Barb from Hoquiam! says:

      Oh my goodness that sounds amazing! I am not a ‘fake watermelon flavor’ person… but real? How amazing! What sort of dehydrator do you have?

      • Jeannie in Vancouver says:

        Hi Barb, sorry for the late reply. I have a NESCO 4-tray American Harvest dehydrator. It works great. After the watermelon came peaches, strawberries then apples. Sliced super thin on the mandolin then dehydrated, the apple slices were like potato chips…crisp and delicious.

  34. ApplegirlNY says:

    Nothing like farm fresh produce. We’re in the midst of it now in NY. Pick your own apples and pumpkins, fabulous Brussels sprouts, melons, squash, tomatoes. Oh so nice until the nasty frost comes and ruins it all. We’ll enjoy it while we can.

  35. Deb from South Carolina says:

    Great post Sue! I haven’t posted in a while since the school season began in mid August. I haven’t had any extra time until today. I am enjoying catching up on the pictures and posts. Our melon and peach season has passed and we are now moving on to apples. It has been fairly warm here but will start cooling this week . The leaves are beginning to turn here in the Appalachian lower elevation and it is finally beginning to feel like fall. The campsite in Utah near the river looks and sounds wonderful! So glad you are staying warm and out of the smoke.

  36. Pauline in Mississippi says:

    Yup, we are sisters!!! I LOVE MELONS!!! I will eat them until I am stuffed…wait a bit and go back for more!! I do not like yellow watermelons! But that is just me.
    I may just have to go to the store this morning and get me some melons!!
    Have a great weekend
    Love to you and the crew

  37. Renee still in Idaho says:

    Oh boy. This whole post caused me to salivate. Our dogs love melon too. As they are eating, they close their eyes as if they are delighting in every bite. When we were kids, my mom with half cantaloupes, scoop out the seeds, add two scoops of vanilla ice cream, hand us each one, and send us outside to enjoy it. That’s a great memory for me.

  38. Gene in Ohio says:

    We get Honey Rock cantaloupes from Indiana at my local Meijer store. They are HUGE and usually sale for $1.50 to $2.50 per melon. I have had probably 10 this season. We also get nice watermelons from Alabama again HUGE for as low as $3-4. I like the seeded watermelons because they seem sweeter and have less rhine than the seedless ones, and you get more melon. I have had about 10 of this this season also. Meijer also imports melons from central American too so we can have melons in Ohio almost year round.

  39. Michele from Sunset Beach, NC says:

    Melon consumption in the USA just increased 25% due to this post. Grocery store is now on my to-do list. LOL!

  40. Gosh darn it now I am salivating for mellons.

  41. Rob, in Drayton ND, done with the sugar beet harvest says:

    Melon fever indeed!
    I loved melons, especially watermelon. Then I was allergic to them …

  42. Suzette in TN says:

    Once again, you’re making me insanely jealous! I just love melons. Especially watermelons. But, what we can get in the supermarkets just ain’t good. In fact, I’ve thrown away several of them this year. So sad! I hope you enjoy every juicy morsel!

  43. Betsy Murphy says:

    Melons are incredibly healthy for you. I am a firm believer in a the idea that if you crave a food, it’s your body’s way of saying you need it. My dad taught me the trick years ago of smelling a melon to see if it’s ripe. I can pick a sweet one 90% of the time. I love them…all types!

  44. Utah Bonnie (was in Montana, now in Washington) says:

    You have my mouth watering for a nice, Green River watermelon fresh out of the fields. They are great to help keep you hydrated in the dry Utah desert.

    Enjoy the warmer weather in your sojourn through back to warmer country.

  45. Linda (Wisconsin) says:

    I was interested in the Crenshaw, never heard of it… but I was introduced to Canary melons back in college. They’re awesome. There’s a similar one I’ve found in the grocery stores around here that they call candy something (of course I have forgotten the name) — looks like a Canary melon. Very sweet. I’m keen to try freezing them… though peak melon has already (locally) come and gone here in Wisco.

  46. Joe Bruner says:

    Which was better…the melons or the ice cream lunch featured a few posts back?

  47. Karen LeMoine says:

    Melons, potatoes and bananas are excellent sources of potassium. Keep your heart healthy and gorge on these foods!Yum yum!

  48. Paula in Indiana says:

    Hi Sue, I love the way you can take a simple thing like buying and eating a melon and turn it into a glorious Event! I love melons- so delicious. The melon seller’s sign says they have been in business since 1958! No wonder their melons are soooo good 🙂

  49. Gene in Ohio says:

    How many people put salt on their watermelon?

  50. rvsueandcrew says:

    Hi, folks!

    Great comments! It’s such fun to read what you have to say about melons. I hope the conversation continues. . . .

    Today has been a travel day for me and the crew. We arrived at our new camp a few minutes ago and wolfed down our celebratory lunch. I’m very happy to be here.

    I’m still having to ration my commenting. Maybe I’ll get the 12v outlets in the BLT fixed soon!

    I hope you are happy wherever you are. If circumstances are such in your life that happiness seems far away, know that it can be found again.

    Love y’all!

    • weather says:

      Sue, I’m always glad to know your travel day has taken you somewhere that you’re happy with, so I appreciate the updates you give. One of my favorite parts of today’s note from you is that you may get the outlets fixed soon.

      Those stopped working at the end of April, five and a half months ago. That’s how long you’ve been dealing with all the problems caused by the loss of their use. I used to think of myself as the most patient person among everyone I knew. You’ve changed my mind about that- with YOUR patience enduring those problems.

      Knowing those problems, and their effect on the circumstances in your life, may soon be behind you has made me happier than I was earlier today. And I was already dancing on air after spending time with my granddaughter.

      P.S. No reply needed or expected from you, go have fun or relax.

    • Denise - Richmond VA says:


    • weather says:


  51. Rochelle in IN says:

    We passed through Green River on Amtrak 2 days ago. If I’d known about the melons, the train might have left without me. 😀

    I love your last comment about how happiness can be found again. All I have to say about that is … Amen, sister!

    • Judy Johnson in upstate S.C. says:

      I laughed at your first comment, Rochelle. The second comment made me nod in agreement. Thank God for joy restored!

  52. Becky in NJ says:

    The melons sound wonderful! Have some for me- the doctor just put me on a restricted diet, and melons are now a no-no 😢

  53. mostlylost says:

    Oh man, I used to grow Crenshaws and other melons in my veggie garden, and now I am so, so hungry for fresh melons. I am so jealous right now!

  54. Jan Johnson says:

    Well, now I need some melon! We have some at all times in the summer in our fridge, but the last two we got were not sweet, and here in Georgia they just don’t taste as good after a certain time. I have never tried a Crenshaw melon, and now I have to have one! It is still in the upper 80s in Georgia, to finally change to 70s on Monday, and I can’t wait. I wouldn’t make it through the summer without those cool refreshing watermelons and canteloupes. I love honeydew too, but all the ones I have gotten lately are crunchy, not sweet and hard. We can’t afford to waste money, so I haven’t gotten any this year. I’m going to try the Korean market for those Crenshaws as they have a much bigger variety than the standard grocery stores around here and much cheaper!

  55. Pam from Wisconsin says:

    Watermelon is my pack’s absolute favorite treat!

  56. Cat Lady back home in Baton Rouge, La. says:

    10-15-2017: Very Happy Birthday, Sue. Hugs to the boys.

  57. Pauline in Mississippi says:

    On October 15th, a FEW years ago, my sister Susan was born in Bennington VT. I was 3 years old at the time and was proud to be a Big Sister. I am still so very proud to be her sister. Happy Birthday Dear Susan. Sending lots of love and big hugs!!!!

  58. Chuck says:

    You keep eating all those melons, they’re really good for you!

  59. Terri in Tx says:

    Happy Birthday RvSue! Hope you do something FUN today-like eating a melon!
    Does the crew like them too?

  60. Bonnie and the "dovemobile" (STILL in Maine) says:

    Happy Birthday to you! You are such a blessing and inspiration to all us blogorinos…
    and I always find something in your posts that make me smile and even break out laughing at times…hope you have a wonderful day doing whatever makes YOU smile…
    hugs to the cutest crew on the web!

  61. Beth and Rosie dog, near Congress, AZ says:

    Yes Sue! October 15! It’s your birthday!! Hope your day is excellent and perfect! You bless us all the time, thank you for being you!

  62. rvsueandcrew says:

    THANK YOU for the birthday wishes!

    Sunny with clear, blue sky here. No melons. Instead we will go into town later and find my birthday cake. I’m tempted to get some ice cream to go with it.

    A few months ago I changed my diet . . . as little processed sugar as possible, lower sodium, lower fat, lower calories, smaller portions, healthier choices, etc.

    I don’t have a scale to weigh myself, but I know I’ve lost weight. While walking across a parking lot, my shorts slid down and would’ve fallen all the way if I hadn’t grabbed them in time! .

    You see, my “waist” stayed the same (darn!) but my butt fell off. I don’t know exactly where it fell off — somewhere in northern Wyoming. So if you’re in that area and you happen to come across two butt cheeks lying about, they’re mine.

    Yeah, cake with ice cream sounds good. I hope you enjoy this day along with me. 🙂

    Bye for now,

    • Jan NH says:

      LOL to your butt falling off story. Happy Birthday! Hope you are having a wonderful day.

      Have been reading posts but haven’t had much time to comment with my schooling! It is quite intense and I’m wondering what I was thinking but will see it through.

    • Geri in the FL panhandle! says:

      Hahaha! Chuck said that when you unscrew your bellybutton that will make your butt to fall off!

    • Denise - Richmond VA says:

      “Two butt cheeks lying about….”. You made me laugh my butt off! (I wish!)

      Enjoy that cake and ice cream!! 🙂

  63. My thought exactly on the women manning the stand :-))

    I can’t remember the last time I had a really good melon of any kind – getting that exact right time is not easy!

    Hope you’re enjoying your birthday cake and hopefully ice cream too!! I’m afraid I’ve found more than my share of lost butts :-)))

  64. Elizabeth in WA says:

    Happy Birthday Sue…eating Crenshaws sounds as good a dessert as any…love all the ideas you and others have shared here on how to freeze, dehydrate them etc!! I LOVE Honeydews…but unless you get them almost direct from the farmer…not so tasty!!

  65. Li says:

    I would agree that melons are wonderful when ripe and luscious. Do the boys eat them too? My dogs always enjoyed watermelon. Safe travels and happy adventures!

  66. Kathy (NC) says:

    Happy Birthday Sue – definitely have the ice cream with the birthday cake! May you have many more happy times and peaceful places to stay in the coming year.

  67. Deena in Phoenix says:

    Happy Birthday Sue. May your wishes continue to be granted.

  68. Cinandjules 🌵 says:

    Happy Birthday Sue,

    Minus a butt huh? May you enjoy this special day!

    Eat whatever you want to…that’s what life’s about…making a decision and living with the decisions YOU make!

  69. Helen says:

    I just placed an order on Amazon. Rechargeable batteries and charger, some items for soldering and Breadbord for making prototypes and a book on Orbs.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Thank you, Helen. I’ll look for those items. They won’t show up on a report until they’re shipped.

  70. Donna n Girls Chandler, AZ. says:

    Happy Birthday, Sue.
    I hope the ice cream and cake hit the spot. Sounds yummy to me.

  71. Cat Lady back home in Baton Rouge, La. says:

    Eat all the BD cake and ice cream you want. It’s a fact…they contain no calories on your BD…so enjoy.

    BTW, I bought a 24’ Class C Forest River Sunseeker yesterday. Probably won’t get back out on the road until the first of the year. Oh, well.

  72. Ruthie in Fontana says:

    Happy Birthday Sue, Glad you got cake and ice cream.

  73. Denise - Richmond VA says:

    Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you….Happy Birthday, Happy Birthday, dear Sue!!! 🎂 🎉 ❤️ 🍉 I hope you are enjoying your special day!

    Sending you, Reggie, and Roger love and hugs from me and Gracie pup! 🙂

  74. AZ Jim says:

    I’m sorry to be late Missy but HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!

  75. MelindaK (back in Central TX) says:

    Happy Birthday, Sue! You have a great sense of humor. Loved the two butt checks. When you figure out how to lose the waist will you please share that info. I hope you had a great day.

  76. Jo in OR says:

    Happy Birthday, Sue…we celebrated your day by driving from Tigard to Hood River. A beautiful day for a drive and to buy apples and cider. Such a relief to see green around Multnomah Falls. There wasn’t total devastation 🙂 So thankful for many things and for Sue bringing much joy to so many. Hugs and kisses to the boys 🙂

  77. ApplegirlNY says:

    Happy Birthday, Sue! – A day late, and a dollar short, but my best wishes regardless.

  78. Terri in Sunny Texas says:

    You are actually following the weight watchers regimen, Sue, without counting points! WW redid their program and it concentrates more on getting rid of sugar from the diet. Many “low fat” foods contain more sugar than the regular foods. And sugar turns to fat! Check your ingredients on the low fat foods! I can drink a beer and it equals 3 points. A coke is 9 points! Needless to say, I reserve my coke for Saturday! (I don’t often drink beer, but sometimes it hits the spot!)
    That’s the WW lesson for today! Hope you enjoyed your birthday dessert!

  79. Jean in Southaven says:

    Happy Late Birthday!!! Your melons sound wonderful. I have to be in the mood for melons, but I like them warm from the sun with no salt. Can’t wait to see where you landed in the warm.

  80. Dawn in NC says:

    Happy Birthday one day late!!!! I hope you had a great one and hopefully will celebrate your birthday week! No mere one day could contain all the festivities one should have!

  81. Sherri from California says:

    Happy belated Birthday Sue!!!! Wishing you a year of joy, happiness, and great boondocks!

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