Guest Blogger: Digit Point Campground on Oregon’s Miller Lake

Bridget is our guest blogger today.

P1060338“Thanks for the help, RVSue.  I’m ready.  You can go sit in your lounger or wash dishes or something.”

“Oh, Bridget, don’t forget the details about the campground before you tell about your walk with Reggie around the lake.”

“Yes, RVSue.  I got it.   Really.  Go.”

 Welcome, everyone, to my post about our new camp!

P1060282This is me under the picnic table at our last camp

Digit Point Campground is very nice.

You pronounce it Didge-It.  I explained that to Reggie.  He thinks it’s funny to call it Dig-It, but that’s not the right way.  I let him say it the wrong way.  He’s young.  If you’re not young like Reggie, you should say Didge-It.

Okay, let’s get started.

First, the things Digit Point Campground has.

The campground has picnic tables, fire rings, trees, chipmunks, water spigots, bear-proof trash bins, kitchen waste drains, squirrels, flush toilets, dump station, camp host, boat ramp, dock, trail around the lake, and  a little swimming beach next to a picnic area.  Camping fees are $12 regular or, if you have an old person’s pass like we have, you only pay $6 a night.

There are rules posted at the pay station.


Let’s see . . . what else?

Oh, the fish!  I almost forgot!  RVSue would have a fit if I left this out!

Here’s a sign we saw near the boat ramp:

P1060371This is what Wikipedia says about the fish:

Recreation at the lake includes fishing for stocked rainbow and brown trout and kokanee. The lake has been called “one of the best brown trout fisheries in the state”. Many brown trout in the lake . . .  exceed 26 inches (66 cm) in length.

Also, Miller Lake is supposed to have lots and lots of mosquitoes.  That’s not true!  We only have a few around our camp.

Monday, July 27 – Thursday, July 30

Every day Reggie, RVSue, and I walk along the lake.

P1060343Reggie and I like to climb over and around the logs.  RVSue doesn’t.  She sits on them.

P1060347 - CopyRVSue and I watch Reggie and chuckle. 

The logs are high for him.

P1060344That doesn’t stop the little guy!

P1060345Up and over he goes!  Me?  I prefer to walk around.

P1060346We follow a path and come to a pretty place where lots of green grass grows.  RVSue gets excited.  “Ooh, look at the light on the grass,” she says.  “I have to take a picture!”

P1060368 - CopyWe see where beavers have chewed on trees.  There are several trees and stumps with teeth marks on them.

P1060351 - CopyIn the photo above, Reggie chases a chipmunk, even though it’s impossible to catch them.  They’re all over the place and too fast!

We stop at one of the many sandy places.

I sit quietly with RVSue.  Reggie, of course, has to run around.  That boy is always moving!

P1060307One morning we meet Darryl and his dog, Blue.

They’re out for a walk along the lake, too.  At first Reggie barks like a tough guy, standing on his back legs.  I remind him that he’s not supposed to do that.

RVSue says to Darryl, “Is it okay if they meet?  Reggie here needs to learn that big dogs are okay.”

While RVSue and Darryl talk, Reggie and I chat with Blue.

P1060311-002Darryl tells RVSue about the birds he saw.

“I don’t know what kind they were.  There were about forty of them, flying over the lake, swooping and diving, catching insects. It was amazing!”

“What did they look like?” RVSue asks.

“They had a head like an owl and . . . big eyes.”  Darryl kneels down and draws in the sand with a stick.  “And they had skinny wings with a white stripe across them, like this.”

“What time of day did you see them?” RVSue asks.

“Around 4 o’clock.  They were here until dark.”

Meanwhile, Reggie and Blue have become pals.

Reggie’s going on and on about living “on the road.”  He’s such a big shot.

P1060315He says to Blue, “We don’t always camp in campgrounds.  Lots of times we boondock out on public land.  Boondocking is so cool!  This winter we’re going to the desert and . . . . ”

Blue is very polite and listens patiently.

We say goodbye and walk some more.

Reggie trots ahead of us.

P1060339Sometimes I walk behind.  Then I have to catch up!

P1060325-001And sometimes I like to walk next to Reggie.  Here we are, almost back at our camp.

P1060324That’s the end of my guest post.  I hope you enjoyed walking with us!


NOTE:  Later, around 4 o’clock the day we met Darryl and Blue (and every day since), the crew and I go down to the lake and watch the birds he saw.  I looked them up in my Audubon field guide.  They’re nighthawks! — Sue

Click this link to see and hear the nighthawks!


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P1060334-001“Once again you did a great job, Bridgie Baby.  Thanks for the help!”


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92 Responses to Guest Blogger: Digit Point Campground on Oregon’s Miller Lake

  1. Shelly Nowik says:


  2. Barbara (Nashville) says:

    just wanted to see how close I could be to first. Will go back & read the post now.

  3. Pauline in Mississippi says:

    Great job Bridget!!!!! Loved your post. Please tell Susan that I love her pictures. Looks like another great spot.
    Sending hugs

  4. Carol in Auburn says:

    Thanks for an informative tour, Bridge. Good job!

  5. Good job Bridget! You really make a good guest blogger! RV Suse took some really nice photos of this campground! I live the big trees and the lake! Very nice! Thank you Bridget for being a good big sister to Reggie! You have taught him well! Have fun!

  6. Chey says:

    Thank you Sue for a great post! Dig-it campground indeed! Bridge is such a talented narrator, I imagined I could smell like a dog. Side note to Rusty… When you signed in as ‘n me, I thoroughly lost it. I share your ache friend.

  7. Virginia Henkaline says:

    Great job, Bridget!!!! What a wonderful time you are having at this camp . !! You and your pal Reggie are good crew mates for your captain Sue.

  8. Sondra-SC says:

    I enjoyed your Guest Blogger! LoL, I was sitting here thinking Night Hawks! But I didn’t know they would gather in big that’s interesting to hear. The have that backwards looking wing action. Digit looks like a great place to camp!

  9. Jeannie in SWWA says:

    Good job Bridget…great narration. Sue, the pictures are lovely. They brought back memories of camping trips many years ago.

  10. weather says:

    Hi,Bridget,I enjoyed your post,thanks.That campground seems made for you with it’s nice places to walk,cool temps and shade-it’s name even rhymes with yours,neat.Walking with someone else is nice,I’m with you though,in preferring my own pace and company sometimes.I’m glad Sue knew enough to consider your personhood as above the bounds of that unrestrained animal fine sign,a bit offensive to ones dignity,hmmph!It’s nice that Reggie and Blue got along,your training is working well.I enjoyed the nighthawk link ,my finches sang when I played their sound(yes,weirdly,I have birds and dogs and a cat that I live with,so instead of woman and crew,we’re just one troupe).If Sue is done washing the dishes,tell her she captured that light on the grass beautifully,and that I said hello,OK?Take care gorgeous,your fan,weather

  11. Suzette says:

    Oh, yay! A new post! And from Bridget! She is such a good little writer. I think I’ve finally read all the posts from the start. I didn’t read all the comments under every single post – just read the ones that I would have commented on, had I been reading them in real time. I learned so much! I’ve planted the seed in my husband’s brain about a little trailer. We haven’t been married all that long. I’m not sure he realizes I mean it. We’ll see…we’ll see. 🙂

    Love the new campground.

  12. Monica-CA says:

    Thanks for sharing. I enjoyed your beautiful walk!

  13. Barbara (Nashville) says:

    Bridget, you did an outstanding job of blogging today. Sue sure knows how to pick beautiful campgrounds, doesn’t she. I love the wooded sites by the lake, they are so peaceful. Angel wishes she was camping nearby, no doubt she and Reggie would keep each other entertained while us mature folk got acquainted.

  14. Patricia in Colorado says:

    Miss Bridget, you did a fine job of being the guest blogger for today. I really enjoyed hearing about your campground and the Nighthawk birds. They were really cool !! I am glad that Mr. Reggie slows down enough to visit with his elders, like Blue. Enjoy your stay at Camp Digit!!

  15. Leesa says:

    Nice of Bridget to help out with the blog so you can tend to the chores. I always love to hear her point of view about the new campgrounds and Reggie’s antics. Now if you can just teach her how to wash those dishes for you!!

  16. Deb Larson says:

    Great post Bridget, we can depend on you to tell us the straight scoop to whats going on

  17. n' me says:

    Great Job on telling the story Bridget,,,, I thought those birds were Night Hawks, some times when they dive they make a EEEEVOOOM sound,,,, Loved the story and tell Reggie he’s doing good to meet other dogs, especially , Big ones,,,,, Have a great day you 3,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, rusty

    • weather says:

      rusty how long a drive are you taking to get where you’re going to in Colorado?

      • n' me says:

        Hi Weather, Umm maybe 2 days getting to Colorado and I really haven’t made up my mind yet , where, but I’d like to see some of the camps in the southwest Rockies , not far from Cortez or Durango,,,, Why?,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, rusty

        • weather says:

          Because I so hope that you have a trip full of His blessings and wonders,you’ve been through a tough patch and fresh things help lift us back into the hope walk.I rarely leave a note to you as I’m a “stranger” in one sense,yet pray for you really often,I have been doing that since the time I first read about you,long ago.Whether you take the trip or not, enjoy life as much as you can 🙂

          • n' me says:

            Wow, Thank you Weather, I Listen to XM 131, 65 most of the day n’ night, they are Christian stations that I enjoy and they both enlighten my spirit,, in the mornings it’s 131 with study of the Bible from different Pastors and 65, Good ol’ Southern Christian Tunes to ease the day or driving,,,,, I Thank you for keeping me in your prayers,,,,, His greatest commandment is to Love the Lord your God with all your Heart, your Soul, your Strength, your Mind And to Love your Neighbor as your self….,,,,, May He Bless you Weather with great Wisdom and great Health,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Rusty

            • n' me says:

              P.S. ,,,,,,, You are no Stranger,, on this Blog of Sue’s,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, rusty

            • weather says:

              hugs and smiles

            • weather says:

              we have similar routines and paths 🙂

              After years of life that Way I hear the music in the wind and the words in sunrise’s light…though I’m cautious with my language on here out of respect for Sue’s wise boundaries,it’s likely that’s no secret.May your evening hold knowing a neighbor appreciates your blessing

            • n' me says:

              Weather, I don’t Preach Or say Repent, That’s what chase’s folks away from the Relationship With Him,,,, Sue Knows that I Love Blessing and asking Him to Bless Folks,,, it’s my way of planting seeds,,,,, I ask Him to Bless every one I meet ether here or in town, where ever I’m at,,,, That’s me ,,,,,,, And if one or many Don’t like it, ,, that’s their problem,, not mine,,, But I sill Love Them,,,, and so does HE…,,, we all bless and whish each other with prayers and this world would be super lost without our blessings,,,,,,,, I know,,,,,,,,,,,,, It’s all the love in ones heart,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, rusty

            • weather says:

              🙂 !

            • You are true in Christ! A rare character trait today! Good to see it Rusty! God bless you!

            • Pat K, Bulverde, Texas says:

              Thanks for this, Rusty 🙂

            • Sally says:

              Rusty – I too am a stranger but a friend of you and Rusty and Sue and the Crew from the beginning… My prayers and good wishes go with you everyday… special folks like you are hard to come by. Be safe and enjoy every day! Hugs!

            • n' me says:

              Thanks Sally, Geri, Pat. K,,,,,,,, now give him the Glory, not me,,,,,,, rusty

    • Cynthia blaylock says:

      Oh Rusty – it’s not just ‘n me. Timber will always be with you. May God bless and keep His arms around you our friend.

  18. Lee J in Northern California says:

    Dear Brodget

    Thank you for letting your mom have a break from the blog, I am sure she enjoyed reading your very informative missive as much as I did.

    That is a beautiful place you are calling home right now. And wow, is Reggie learning manners from you!

    Do you ever dip your toes in that clear water? I don’t know if it is hot enough there to make a dip appealing, but it is HOT here in California right now, and it sure appeals to me! The closest I am to a body of water big enough to dip in right now is Miss Meg’s water trough…and believe me..with the fish in there..maybe not!

    Thank you for,the tour of the campground trails and for showing us Reggie’s new friend.

  19. Shawna says:

    Great post Miss Bridgit! The Chiweenie Brothers are jealous of your flair for writing. Have lots of fun at the lake!

  20. Marcia GB in MA says:

    Great post, Miss Bridget! I enjoyed the story of your walk around the lake and what Reggie is up to. Blue seems like a nice gentle pal. It’s great that you get to post about your adventures from your POV.

    I loved learning about the nighthawks, too!

  21. Val R. Lakefield On says:

    Good Job Bridget. Thanks for the night hawk link. I just phoned my daughter to let her hear the bird sound. She is trying to identify a bird in her woods. She say’s it sounds like
    her dog whining. LOL. Now she wants me to check all the other Hawks on that site.
    Good looking campground, wish we had $6. sites in Canada. Enjoy your stay & say hello to Sue & Reggie.

  22. Betty Shea says:

    Bridget,I enjoyed your post very much!
    Thank you for showing us the campground !
    Looking forward to more of your posts and later,maybe you can teach Reggie how to do one,I know – he is a boy and it will be alot of work! But you will be a good teacher just like your Mom RVSue!

  23. Lynda H says:

    I love the Bridgie posts. I even have a cute little doggy voice in my head when I read them!

  24. Denise - Richmond VA says:

    Hi, Bridget,

    I enjoyed your tour of Didge-It Campground! It is a lovely location! I don’t blame you for walking around the logs, not jumping over them, like Reggie. We must keep our ladylike decorum! You are doing a wonderful job teaching Reggie the ropes and being a big sister! Please tell Sue that I loved the picture where she captured the light playing on the grass. Thanks for sharing, Bridget! Sending you, Sue, and Reggie hugs from me and Gracie pup. 🙂

  25. cate walsh says:

    Wow Bridge…great tour of the camp ground. I can imagine you roll your eyes at Reggie’s antics sometimes, but you are very patient with the little guy. Your blogging and Sue’s photos make a good combination. Another beautiful location for all of you.
    Thank you for sharing your impressions with us.
    Have a wonderful stay at “Dig-IT”.
    Hugs from CateW

  26. AZ Jim says:

    Nothing goin on here but Bridget sure did a nice job doing her story this post. I am just checking in so Missy knows I’m still payin attention. Hi to all….

  27. Kay Dattilio says:

    To The Divine Miss B! As usual, you did a great job of blogging! Thank you!

    Kay from KC!

  28. Wendy in Thailand says:

    Great post Bridget, I enjoyed your words and Sues pictures. Take care all three of you!

  29. Linda in CO High country at 8500' says:

    Thank you for a fun and interesting post. You really have a gift for writing. RVSue did a nice job of matching her nice photos with your posting. Reggie is coming along with your kind guidance. I’ll look forward to your next post.
    Linda, Gus, little man dog, and Echo, African Grey Parrot

  30. Sadie in TN says:

    Didge-It review by Bridge-It. Very clever girl you are Miss B.

  31. Marcia in PA says:

    Thank you Bridget, fantastic job posting. My mom read your words to me, I looked at the pictures (you’re cute). I look a lot like Reggie, mom says I’m funny like him too. Thanks for making me laugh. My sister Bella became an Angel 4 weeks ago and I’m still looking for her but Mom is trying to keep me busy. She says the pain never goes away, but we just get used to it.

    Pino in PA

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Dear Marcia and Pino . . . Our sympathy on your recent loss of Bella. I know you miss her very much and that hurts. I’m glad you have each other for comfort.

  32. BadgerRickInWis says:

    Another outstanding job Bridget! You really are getting the hang of this blogging thing and as Lee J said it really is nice of you to give your Mom a break. Maybe if you ask her nice she will show you how to work the dreaded camera thing and then you won’t have to be in a total of EIGHT shots in one post. That really is asking a bit much of you don’t you think?

    Blue certainly is a handsome guy isn’t he? I think maybe he was just being polite to Reggie letting him talk so he had an excuse to get close to his big sister. I used to do stuff like that when I was younger. It can be hard sometimes when guys are a little shy and we don’t really know what to say to a pretty lady. Oh sure, you can always go over and pee on a bush next to their house but after that I always got all tongue tied.

    Sure is a pretty camp that you guys are in this week. Glad that you are making new friends and it sounds like the weather has been perfect. Thanks again for all your hard work. You really are the Star of this place you know. Love ya much!!!!

  33. Susan in Dallas says:

    Great guest post, Bridget. Your personality just shines through in your writing and I never fail to laugh out loud at your on spot observations.

  34. Sharon Bertsch says:

    Hi, thanks for the tour and photos of Miller Lake. I think that I will be going there sometime. But… the road really terrible?

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Sharon… If I were to make a list of terrible roads, I wouldn’t include the road to Miller Lake. Of course one’s idea of terrible isn’t always another’s idea of terrible.

      There are no terrifying, drop-offs alongside the road. Even though signs warn of a one-lane road with turn-outs ahead, the road is wide for two RVs to go by each other without difficulty.

      What some might consider terrible is the washboard ridges along with the talcum powder dust. I drove very slowly, under 15 mph. The PTV and BLT now wear a light coating of powder. No sense cleaning it off as we have the trip out of here ahead of us. If you can’t stand to have your vehicle covered with dust, then it’s a terrible road! 🙂

  35. Cynthia blaylock says:

    Well done Miss Bridget at Digit! Loved the photo of the light on the grass and you and Reggie Man walking together.

  36. Ladybug in Mid-Tenn says:

    Trout! Where’s my net??

  37. Jill Blythman says:

    Love it.

  38. Jenny Johnson Manuel says:

    Hey Bridge – you are a great guest writer – With writing skills like you have – maybe just maybe – a little will rub off on “The Regg”! Keep on writin’

  39. Elizabeth in WA says:

    Cute!! Kokanee Salmon…smoked they taste better than chocolates!! Really!! Hope someone shares a taste with you all sometime!!

  40. DesertGinger says:

    Bridge-t at Didge-it. Perfect spot for you! Just wanted to say hi! And check in. Doing lots of work on The Knife, still looking for renters. Hugs to all.

  41. Diane, Blue Ridge Mts, VA says:

    Oh Bridget, I loved your story along with the walks you guys took around this lovely lake. Blue looks like a nice guy. And what a real treat to see a flock of nighthawks! I have only seen one at a time. Enjoy your stay. Take Care Sue and Crew

  42. Lynn Brooks says:

    Awesome post, Bridget!!!
    I love seeing the world from your point of view!!

  43. Bridget, loved your blog post! You really are a wordsmith! I LOVE nighthawks. Technically nighthawks aren’t hawks at all! When I lived in Tucson it was always quite special to me when they would come out and dive bomb the swimming pool. I’m so looking forward to seeing them again, hopefully soon! Enjoy your time there!

  44. Pam and Maya says:

    Hi Bridget!

    When we read “guest blogger” we got excited and hoped it would be you! Fantastic tour of digit campground. I have to admit I like Reggie’s name for it, dig-it campground.

  45. Karla in Kentucky says:

    I would like say “hi” to Rusty. That is such a pretty area in Colorado where you are going. Have not been to Colorado since 2006 but sure miss it. Was born in Denver and think Colo. is a very special state with so much beauty. A grateful heart experiences a continual feast. Am talking about you Rusty and Sue. God bless you both and keep you safe!

  46. Cinandjules (NY) says:

    Good job Bridgee babee!

    I admit, I didn’t get through the first paragraph without breaking out in a huge smile followed by a chuckle! Yes girl….you’ve definitely “got it”!

    You are teaching Reg Man well!

    You look marvelous in that last photo! Have a great day!

  47. Karen LeMoine says:

    Wonderful blog Miss Bridget! You are an accomplished writer! Try not to take over your Mom’s blog! Glad you and your brother
    Along with Mom are having a great time. Bridge can you spill the beans where the next camp will be? Just kidding don’t want to get you in trouble! Don’t tell don’t tell! Love and hugs to all three of you!

  48. Holly Hart says:

    Hi Sue, I’ll be picking up a new Casita September 15, 2015. In the mean time I’ve enjoyed following your blog immencsely. Stay safe my new friend.

    • Karen LeMoine says:

      How exciting Holly! Are you getting a Liberty or Spirit?

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Thank you, Holly. You stay safe, too!

      How exciting it is to have a Casita on order . . . . You don’t have much longer to wait. I wish you many wonderful views out the windows of your new home-on-wheels. 🙂

  49. Laura says:

    I was just wondering if the bird could have been a goat sucker or nighthawk as they are called elsewhere. Here is a link to a photo of one. #7 in the list.

    Bridget did such a wonderful job as your Guest Blogger, now… how do you pay her? With pets and cuddles or doggie bones?

    Huggles from Laura

    • Laura says:

      I saw these goat suckers years ago catching bugs near a spot light that was shining up at a flag at nighttime and at first only saw the bright white bar flicking in and out of the light…I called my husband over to look out the window at the “UFO’S” I had spotted, he was puzzled for a long time too, until he started to see the outline of the bird and not just the white bar on the wing of the bird in that light! I was happy to know it was a bird I had never seen, but a tiny bit disappointed it was not a UFO anymore!

      • Laura says:

        Oooopsie! I got so excited about the birds that I stopped to write about them before reading through your entire guest blog Bridget…. hoping you don’t mind…ok, promising this is last reply/post…lol

  50. Lisa W says:

    Another excellent post from Bridget. Looks like she is getting very used to having a youngster in the house. Nighthawks are one of my favorite birds, we have them here in the summer.

  51. Lacy says:

    Bridget, you did a great job! I bet Sue enjoyed getting a break from the blog (haha). Keep em in line girl, if anyone is cut out for that job, it’s you!


  52. Kellee says:

    Bridget should write a book – I love her style 😉

  53. Sara says:

    Hi Sue!
    I’ve just spent the last 3 days reading your blog from the start to about a year into your journey. I’m completely hooked and plan to keep reading until I’m all caught up! I love the way you write, and even though I don’t really “know you”, I feel like I do because the essence of who you are comes through in your writing.
    We have much in common and you’re an inspiration for my next big adventure. You see, I’m a former teacher (and part time professional photographer) and I plan on becoming a solo female full timer come spring of 2016. Right now I’m in major research mode, but I believe I’ll be getting the same Casita that you have. I like the versatility of the that particular model. I’ve even picked out my blog name for when I start following in your footsteps and writing about my travels: “Sarandipity”.
    Well, I just wanted to drop you a note because you’ve brought many smiles, giggles, and inspiration in the last few days as I’ve read about your adventure. I’ve learned so much and you’ve truly made me feel like I can do this too!
    Thank you.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Thank you, Sara, and welcome to my blog! I’m very pleased whenever I learn that someone has gone to the beginning and is reading forward. I hope someday you and Sarandipity (great name, BTW!) have a journey to share as amazing as ours has been.

      I understand that Casta’s new model, the Independence, is quite nice, although you can’t beat the Liberty for versatility! If you do order a Casita from the factory, I hope you will mention RVSue inspired you. Casita is very good about sending me a check for $200 every time someone mentions me as the referral.

      Keep on smiling and giggling through my old posts. 🙂 And yes, you “can do this, too!”

  54. Bridget (Canine Crew in Oregon right now) says:

    Dear Readers,

    I am very happy that you enjoyed my guest post about Digit Point Campground. I wondered if you’d realize that Digit rhymes with Bridget, and many of you did!

    Thank you for the compliments. I bet Spike would be proud of me. He would say, “I knew you could do it, babe.”

    Some of you hinted that I could teach Reggie to be a guest blogger. I don’t know about that. It takes a lot of focus to blog and you need to have good grammar and know the right words and stuff. Reggie is too silly and all he wants to do is play!

    Thanks again to everyone and please send my special sniffs to all my canine fans.

    Yours truly,

  55. shirlene says:

    Luv it Bridget! Good job.

  56. rhodium says:

    Bridget, you have got the tone of this blog down pat. I bet you have ghostwritten a lot of RVSue’s posts, but are too modest to mention it, good loyal dog that you are.

  57. robinb says:

    Bridget, thanks for informative post about Miller Lake. The hubs and I have passed that turn-off at least 100 times and have never ventured down the road to check it out–in fact, we passed it yesterday and waved to y’all, although I suspect you’ve moved by now.

    I’ve loved reading about your adventures in Oregon; I’ve lived her all of my life and love it. Look forward to more Oregon adventures!


  58. Dawn in MI says:

    Nice job Bridget! I especially liked learning about the night hawks! And you are so good with your little brother, he’s a talker alright! Glad you got to meet Blue too. Seems like a very nice campground!

  59. Applegirl NY says:

    Great post, Bridget. I’m a day or so behind. I’ll catch up with you on the next one.

  60. Pamela K. says:

    Well, you have done it again, you accomplished traveler! You nailed all the hot points in your story and even managed to feature yourself in some of those lovely photos. 🙂
    I especially loved the sign photo saying No Reservations, that’s perfect. Yep, my kind of camping, spontaneous, grab-n-go!

  61. Glenda in OZ! says:

    Thanks Bridget……….that was a great post…………ask Sue if she get a photo of those nighthawks please!?

  62. Renee G says:

    Sue, you, err Bridget, are truly a gifted writer and photographer! I love, love, love, your blog and the many photos so well chosen transport me from my chair in front of the computer, to being there with you! Thank you.

    I just discovered your blog yesterday and have managed to read back to this post by your guest blogger, Bridget! My, my, she is quite talented herself.

    We too like to boondock and camp in FS campgrounds, much more so than in RV parks. Ugh! Resort? We don’t need those!

    Your little, (oops) big boy, Reggie is a cutie along with Bridget. Why, Reggie looks like my little Mica a female rat terrier mix. I understand that rat terriers of their coloring are called “Lemon” rat terriers.

    I’m pleased to have found your blog and am looking forward to many more adventures!

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