Hebo Lake in Siuslaw National Forest

Thursday, June 11 (continued)

P1050615 - CopyAfter our romp on the beach, the crew and I continue on Highway 101, traveling northward along the Oregon coast.

P1050662Not surprisingly, before the Perfect Tow Vehicle has hauled the Best Little Trailer a mile, Bridget and Reggie are asleep — Reggie flopped on his side in his bed between the front seats and Bridget sprawled like a great white seal across the bench seat.

This crew is off-duty!  I won’t stop at any more waysides.  Let them sleep.  Gosh, what a fun morning!

P1050553 - CopyI enjoy the scenery and the towns along the way.  Newport . . . Depoe Bay . . . Lincoln City . . .  Before reaching Pacific City, Highway 101 turns northeast along the Nestucci River to the town of Hebo.

We’re on our way to Hebo Lake Campground.

The campground is east of Hebo and is described as follows at campgroundsoregon.com:

“This small, family campground has 12 campsites, a pleasant 1/2 mile lake trail (Hebo Lake Loop Trail) and 5 accessible fishing docks around the popular 3 acre lake. At an elevation of 1650 feet, the surrounding forest of western hemlock, Douglas-fir and red alder make the area quite enjoyable on a hot summer day.”

 Hmm . . . Will the sites be long enough?  It’s a small campground.  Will there be a site available for us?  How’s the road going up to the campground?

We turn onto Route 22 and a short distance later arrive at Route 14, otherwise known as Mt. Hebo Road.  Oh, wow!  How fortuitous is this?  A forest service office!

I drive past the turn onto Route 14 and pull into the forest service parking area. 

Soon I’m back in the PTV with the assurance that the road is good, although winding, and we shouldn’t have any problem securing a site suitable for our 34 feet length of PTV and BLT combined.

Yes, it is a very winding road.

There are no straight sections at all and although the campground isn’t at a high elevation at less than 2,000 feet, it’s a constant pull uphill through forest.  Not a problem for the mighty PTV!

I back us into a site next to a large lawn.

P1050668The site has a picnic table and fire ring (to the far left outside of photo above.)  It’s the sunniest site long enough for us, which, I find out, has the solar panel in sun for about three hours a day.  Hey, this is Oregon!

After basic set-up, the crew and I wander around for a look-see.

We walk a path that goes around the lake.

P1050675It’s very pleasant here.  I like it.  This is a place where people come to fish and relax in nature, rather than to make a ruckus.

P1050678Almost all the campsites have a short walk or path leading to a place to fish from shore.

P1050697By the time we circle most of the way around the lake, I’m thinking this is a good place for us to spend the weekend!


No running to the beach from here though.  It’s too much work coming up that winding road.  That’s okay.  The beach will wait. 

We can walk part of that eight-mile, Pioneer-Indian Trail.  I can read.  Up here we should have good internet and I have blog writing to do.

P1050698Back at our campsite I pull a check from my purse and we head over to the self-pay station.  The regular camping fee is $12.  Since this is a national forest campground, the senior discount pass brings our fee down to $6 a day.

“Are we happy campers?” 

Bridget and Reggie give their enthusiastic replies.  Their body language says they’re excited to be here.

“You must be hungry after all you’ve done today.  No rotisserie chicken but I have a bag of kibble with your names on it.”

The great thing about dogs is it doesn’t matter what you say as long as you say it with gusto in a positive tone, and they think you’ve shared wonderful news!

P1050681Later . . . .

The crew settles in for a long night’s sleep, still recuperating from the outing to the beach.  I lie in bed, content with our new home, and listen to the chirping of frogs and crickets until I join my crew in dreamland.


NOTE:  I cut today’s post short in order for the crew and I to move camp after spending the weekend at Hebo Lake.  (I’m writing this on Monday.)  I don’t know where we will camp tonight nor whether there will be internet signal.  If not, carry on without us!



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120 Responses to Hebo Lake in Siuslaw National Forest

  1. Cat Lady on the road in Panguitch, Utah says:

    Morning Sue and Crew

  2. Nice! Looks pleasant. Hope all the frogs don’t keep you up at night 🙂

  3. Cinandjules (NY) says:

    Marvelous spot……relax and enjoy!

    The frogs here sound like crickets….I’m told they are peeps!

  4. Lee J in Northern California says:

    Looks like a wonderful peaceful choice, putting it on my list….
    Where to next? Hmmm….waiting with great anticipation!

  5. Timber n' me /near Sistters, Oregon says:

    Nice camp Sue, Your photos show a lot of neat places to go,,,,,,,, have a great time you 3,,,,,,,,,, me

  6. Shawna says:

    Beautiful area! This one goes on my list, too.
    Rest, relax, and enjoy! Hugs to all of you.

  7. John & BJ says:

    Hope your next spot is as nice as this one!

  8. Anne says:

    Hi Sue and Crew! I’m new to your blog but loving it, taking lots of notes so when I start my RV travels I won’t totally be in the dark. Really impressed by your backing skills – backing into campsites- hmmm have to work on that before I hit the road! Do Bridget and Reggie help?!

    • Denise - Richmond VA says:

      Welcome, Anne! By posting a comment, you are now an official blogorino! 🙂

    • Krystina - Corvallis Oregon says:

      Welcome to RVSue’s Blog and the world of Bloggerinos!

      • Anne says:

        Thanks everyone! I’ve been a few things in life but never a bloggerino! Looking forward to learning tons about the RV lifestyle.

  9. I love that path and the campsites. Wonderful!

  10. Chris B - Southern California says:

    Another beautiful campground. I’m taking notes for our next trip to Oregon! I don’t know how you do it! You have a gift!!!

    Have fun!

    Chris B

  11. Gorgeous spot!! Can’t wait to see the next one!!!

  12. Pamela K. in GA says:

    What a neat area. Love, love that picnic table made from a split tree trunk and that extra deep fire ring! “…and listen to the chirping of frogs and crickets…” No matter how deep into a forest I go if there is not the sounds of frogs and crickets I miss them. Your campsite looks and sounds perfect even without a beach! Ha! 🙂

    • Jean in Southaven, MS says:

      I was impressed with the picnic table and fire ring also. It was the first thing I noticed. I am thinking I might be able to get my husband and son to build one of those picnic table for us. Oregon does seem to be beautiful and so green.

      • Pamela K. in GA says:

        That would be very cool! I could picture one with a heavy lacquer finish on it to make it shiny and smooth.
        Yes, Oregon is one of those states where it is hard for corporations to get their employees to transfer away from. One Minnesota based Corporate HQ had a devil of a time getting anyone to leave there to go to Minneapolis! Let’s see…Oregon, Minnesota, Oregon, Minnesota? No hard choice there, LOL . Gee, OREGON wins hands down! 🙂

  13. What a great campsite you and the crew found. Definitely worth the winding, uphill road to get there. Sounds like you had a very nice relaxing weekend – needed after the noise oh the last weekend. Hope your next site is just as good.

  14. Monica-CA says:

    I enjoyed the beach scene with Reggie running all around, but this looks more my speed with the sound of the frogs, crickets, and birds all chirping. I have marked this as a spot to visit in my future travels since there is an 8 mile trail to explore too. Safe travels!

  15. weather says:

    The pic below “blog writing to do” – dreamland awake as art-what a beautiful photo! It has the essence of a painting and the depth of real life,what an eye for the amazing you have,Sue,wow!And what a heart-to forego taking in waysides views for the sake of your sweet family’s sleep, so attentive to them that you know how make even having kibble satisfying 😉

    Thanks for taking the time and effort to post on moving day.I hope the place you find to make home next has whatever most pleases you three at the moment,connected to the internet or not.This part of your journey is too precious to let connection dictate where you spend it’s bright days.Of course,that’s easy to say now,this page does get a lonesome for Sue feel pretty darn quick,Ha!Seriously-just enjoy!

    • weather says:

      It didn’t rain last night yet sunrise lifted a rainbow over my home.No one has ever planted anything in my backyard yet the wind and birds bring seeds.By a spot I sit in a three of my favorite plants are growing-variegated ivy and queen anne’s lace- creamy white edges perfectly matched with flower as wispy as a feather have a milkweed stalk in their center.Good morning,Sue-funny to say that when you may not see the greeting .I just never know when you may pop in hoping to find a hello or someone here.The joys of unexpected gifts I mentioned to open this note are so often around us…I hope the ones near you keep your heart captivated carrying you …until your feet touch down on here again.

    • weather says:

      Good morning,afternoon or evening, Sue,I hope this note finds you happy and well.I have a couple errands to take care of and checked in here before I left.Boy,it’s easy to tell folks miss having you here-it sure gets quiet when you’re gone.Silly,I’ve had my jeep for years and still look forward to riding anywhere in it every time.Like the crew,Ha!-easy to please-of course I don’t jump around in circles first-must retain some semblance of dignity!Whatever you’re up to I hope you haven’t had an audience of neighbors or anyone so that playings an option.Have a good time,catch you later.

  16. Hugs from Hoquiam/Orting says:

    Hi Miss Sue!!! I have limited access to internet at camp but love all the shots on the beach! What fun!!!!
    So glad the weather has been great.
    Hugs from just off the Orting Hwy
    Via Hoquiam

  17. This was a particularly beautiful campground, sorry you had to leave it so soon! Hot hot hot and humid here today! Whew, seeing all the trees and ferns and moss along the path cooled me right off! Thanks for that!

  18. Millie says:

    The cool, shady forest is so refreshing to see. In NC it 96 out right now, climbing to 98 later and projected to be over 100 a couple of days this week. Oh for a cool, fresh breeze. We went from Spring to HOT Summer in what seems like just a few weeks. Oh what I wouldn’t give for an Alberta Clipper to come roaring out of Canada right now!!

    Those pics of Reggie enjoying his “freedom” were something else. I would have had tears streaming down my face too…tears of laughter and tears of joy…he sure is a happy little man! Guess the Bridge chooses to take the more “dignified” approach 🙂 She is a happy girl too, you can see it in her eyes.

    Best to you all.

  19. Barbara (Nashville) says:

    This campground looked like the perfect site. I assume you had internet there. Since the stays are short, are you working your way to some specific area this summer? Just curious.
    I read your comment about Edith not being adopted. I sort of think it may be that there are several dogs in the various rescues around Portland that have dogs that look like her.
    I went to Petfinder.com, Portland, Or. and a bunch of them came up. I looked again in our area and did find one kind of cute dog. Her name is Betty and she is part beagle, part Italian Greyhound. So far I have not convinced hubby to get a dog. Said I could get another cat, if I want one, but I’m just not ready.
    Have a good & safe trip.

  20. Nicole says:

    I am enjoying all your photos as always! Safe travels!

  21. rvsueandcrew says:

    Hi, Everyone!

    Bridget, Reggie and I are parked alongside the road. They’ve had a shorty potty run and now they’re patiently waiting while I check in here. We won’t have internet tonight — don’t know when we’ll be back online.

    We came down from Hebo Lake to find the coast socked in with heavy fog and mist, very grey. No running at the beach today for Reggie Man. Even though picture postcard, sunny weather is ideal, I like seeing another atmosphere here…. pounding waves, people huddled in rain gear, gulls giving the evil eye….. 🙂

    A good day for a trip to Safeway! I bought lots of fruit that looks fresh and good — blueberries, cherries, apples, peaches, grapefruit, oranges, and, a quart of Tillamook Wild Mountain Blackberry ice cream. I bought beef bones for Bridget and Reggie, too. With these provisions and more, we’ll wait for the weather to clear. . . warm and dry in the BLT.

    Thank you for your nice messages (above) and also for those that I hope will follow.

    Warm wishes for your day!


  22. EmilyO in NM says:

    Dang, wish you could ship me some of that Tillamook ice cream! All I can get here is their butter and some cheeses. Wish I was there now, love that Oregon coast.

    • I’m with you, Emily….ever since I tried the Tillamook ice cream when we drove through Oregon (and stopped at the factory), no other ice cream compares! It is really that much better! Yum!!! They sell it at certain grocery stores around me, but they don’t sell it at our “main” grocery store, and that’s probably a good thing, or I’d be eating it all the time!! 🙂

    • Denise - Richmond VA says:

      Me,too, Emily! No Tillamook ice cream here either, just butter and cheese! 🙁

      I have never tried it, but it sounds heavenly! 🙂

      • Timber n' me /near Sistters, Oregon says:

        Yeh haw, Sue knows that Timber and I LOVE Ice cream as long as there no chocolate in it,,,,,,,,, ,MMMMMMMMMMMM,,,,,,,,,, me

  23. Jenny J says:

    Carrying on —-Sorry you missed the towns of Newport and Depoe Bay — both great places—

  24. Denise - Richmond VA says:

    Hi, Sue,

    This campground is super inviting. The handmade, rustic picnic tables, benches along the walkways, and docks literally beg for one to stop, sit, and enjoy the surroundings. Glad that you all had a peaceful weekend! Fresh seasonal fruit, beef bones, and Tillamook…wow! A perfect feast!! Have a good night! Looking forward to see where you take us next! Sending you all hugs from me and Gracie pup! 🙂

  25. Carlene from NoCal says:

    Love the area you are in… lived in Astoria for a few years… so miss the wonderful coast. At Tillamook factory the cheese samples inside oh my yummmyyyy!!!

    I’ll be taking this route later in the summer, after the house closes, keeping fingers crossed.

    Safe travels to Sue and the Crew

  26. Lynn Brooks says:


  27. Elizabeth in WA says:

    Beautiful spot again!!

  28. kgdan says:

    No traveling for us this summer, RV Sue. So we love traveling along with you. So enjoying your beautiful photos and the travel through the PNW.

    Meanwhile, it’s all prep work here, getting the new rig modified to us. Wonderful to have so much more space in only 4 more feet. Gil removed the dinette without a hitch; waiting for the reclining loveseat to be delivered & installed in its place. His inventiveness designed a way to install the Tailgater satellite on a long pole to make hoisting in place much easier. New bedding ordered for the big queen size ‘walk around’ bed— won’t that be a treat! Have to reorganize bakeware since now we have an OVEN! It will be a totally new experience heading out this fall. We are making note of camps Sue has found because there are really neat ones for some possible fishing.

    • Krystina - Corvallis Oregon says:

      WOW!!! That all sounds fantastic. Love the sound of a walk around Q bed.


  29. Jodee Gravel on the road in Morgan Hill, CA says:

    Just as beautiful as the beach and hopefully it was much quieter over the weekend! We’ve been really happy with our little out-of-the-way spot just outside of Morgan Hill, CA, the last two nights. Made for a nice stop to catch up with the nieces and nephews in Santa Cruz (crowded on Sunday, but they all work), and with lots of trees along a large hill, it was cool and quiet today. We’re off to Bodega Bay tomorrow for five days exploring one of my favorite areas in CA! Hope you’ve landed in another lovely spot today!

  30. PJ Crim says:

    I just had to share this “Clinger Report” from Glacier National Park 🙂 Thought you’d enjoy reading it!

    My last big excursion was a nearly 50-mile, five-day jaunt in the Scapegoat Wilderness. It was a good trip, with one exception.

    I set up camp near a little pothole lake on the flank of Scapegoat Mountain, a 9,200 (and change) foot massive piece of rock.

    The lake wasn’t all that pleasant, really. It has no name on the map, but I quickly dubbed it “fly lake” as it seemed like every species of fly known to mankind lived there. They weren’t so much biting flies (although there were a few horseflies in the mix) as they were annoying. They’d buzz in your ears and crawl on your hands and arms on the back of your neck. A real joy.

    Any rate, I’m cooking up some supper as the day comes to a close when two guys come busting through the brush and (I am not making this up) ask me if I cared if they set up camp next to mine.

    I gave them one of those “Are you shitting me?” looks. But the guy was serious. There’s 1.5 million acres of wilderness in the Bob Marshall Complex and these guys want to camp 30 feet from me.

    “I’d rather you weren’t right on top of me,” I said, barely looking up at him.

    They got my not so subtle hint and wandered off to the other side of the lake and apparently found a flat spot to camp.

    I’m sure they were nice enough fellas (they said they were doing work for the Forest Service) but why in God’s name would you want to camp right next to someone if you didn’t have to? It makes no sense. But then again, I’ve given up on making sense out of some things people do.

    • Nancy from South Georgia says:

      Hi PJ

      I had that happen to me once at a small state park in Georgia, and I feel the same way. WHY do people think they need to replicate city life in the great outdoors? Like….why bother to make the trip out to the sticks just to glom up on someone else? I guess maybe they might be a little timid and they think there’s safety in numbers? Or they feel the need to be closer in case they need help with outside communications or to be able to borrow something? Dunno.

  31. weather says:

    When a sunlit sky is about to turn into one filled with rain releasing clouds a certain lighting changes everything.For a few perfect minutes blues,browns, greens and even the pinks of small flowers become darker richer colors.It’s easy to miss that,loving it I try not to.It just happened here -I noticed the onset because I’d been staring at one of those pink flowers as it’s veins of darker pink began to look maroon.It’s one of three blossoms on a single stem that managed to grow in a thicket of bigger plants,a quiet hero to me.

    Life is full of those ,I notice them because they’re one of my favorite kinds.Things with beauty or goodness not given for applause or to get anything,they’re simply expressing their nature.In May I’d been trying to merge onto a highway ramp when an Army caravan had paused to let my jeep squeeze in between them.They rode in trucks surrounding me for thirty miles until I signaled for my exit ramp.Then they paused at that one- waving goodbye one at a time as I made my way through them and left.They don’t give soldiers medals for that,I gave them prayers for their safety,they wouldn’t know that,they just like being nice.

    The friend that drove me to the dentist won’t bring it up in conversations or use it to extract favors or my company.The neighbor that mowed my front lawn with his little tractor to be sure I wouldn’t need to while he was in the hospital for some tests won’t either.Quiet heroes-the kind that see you when they know you want to be alone in public or are busy so they just catch your eye and nod or wave.Friends,strangers or wild things -a few moments attention and being remembered fondly forever thereafter their only reward besides self satisfaction and the right kind of pride.

    At times we give a lot of attention to folks and things that bother us,and not much to the opposite.It’s normal to take what’s wonderful for granted when it’s with us often.I never gave attention to my son when he was little and deliberately misbehaving,all other times I made sure he knew he was the light and center of my life,it worked,he was and is a delight to be around.I wonder what would happen if we acknowledged or mentioned how proud of and thankful for the unsung everyday good guys -gave them the spotlight.Would it catch on and spread?Would the loud ways people act and talk diminish if they saw the attention they crave could be gotten other ways?Even if that weren’t the result,it’s just fun to think about folks that make us glad they’re in this world.

    Likely everyone that reads this blog and it’s comments enjoys as much as I do hearing about the kind or interesting stranger,the supportive spouse or friend,the one that made life nicer for someone growing up or traveling through,that helped the helpless critter…If anyone has time to tell about your favorite it might be a great way to keep Sue’s page alive during her absence ,or better yet-her return 🙂

    • Dawn in MI says:

      Perfect ending to a perfect day.

    • Elizabeth in WA says:

      Well, we can try eh?? You make some interesting points, Weather…
      Today am going to daughter’s and she and I will cook, which to me is SO MUCH yummier than going out…and SO MUCH easier with her exceedingly active children!! I wanted Chicken Cacciatore…so we are making it!! We will get pizza for the picky eaters, but she and I at least surely will enjoy this dish…one I rarely make because my family was not so keen on it. I think it is ok once a year at least to have one of my favorite dishes right? Ha…

      • weather says:

        Nice that your daughter inherited your good taste,Elizabeth,I love that dish!You cooking a meal with her is a touching scene, picturing that makes me smile…Once a year or twice a week,dear-enjoy! Treats,-like hearing from you -make life sweeter 🙂

        • Elizabeth in WA says:

          Thanks Weather…you always have such sweet things to say!! We did have a nice time!! It did turn out well…I think it has been at least 15 yrs or more since I made that dish!! Hubby does not do well with tomato stuff…and I absolutely adore it!! Sigh…oh well, I actually like almost all foods, tho have gobs of food allergies so have to avoid a lot of stuff. But not Chicken Cacciatore thankfully!! Heh, not sure if I have any Italian roots…but there is a twinge of Spain there…so probably about the same? I think I am going to make it more often…this daughter here LOVES it too…so at least she and I. Actually the guys ate a fair amount too tonight and exclaimed it very yummy…so maybe we can sneak some in now and again. My daughter tried to find an Italian place that had this dish…no luck she said!! I do think if we had a Carrabbas nearby, they might make it. I LOVED their food in Virginia…esp. their homemade Minestrone soup…to die for!! Well, I knew this lady years ago when I was 14…heh, many moons ago…and she was very big and LOVED to cook. She said that there was only one thing she liked more than eating and that was to watch others eat what she cooked!! I agree with that statements!! Thanks for posting and sharing your ideas and thoughts…you know I am in your fan club, of course!! 🙂

  32. Good Morning Weather, that was a full and thoughtful post this morning…thank you for the work that it takes to put together something like that, uplifting and positive, just like you are.

    Sue seems to be in a camp site that does not seem quite as wet and closed in, it looks like a park. I suppose she will be there for a while, I would be. Nice to have a choice of beach, or park. Gray skies have their place, but not as an everyday occurrence…they make me feel not as perky, as a bright sunny day with the top off my car does. Here’s to sunny days and being topless! Take it anyway you want..ha!

    Good Morning to all the blogorinos having coffee with me this morning, may your day be as warm and comforting as my coffee is to me.

    • weather says:

      Hi,Shirlene,nice to have you back from your weekend for coffee time 🙂 Having choices is nice-guess that’s why so many of us have or are getting a home on wheels!Gray in overdose does tend to drag one down,maybe that’s part of why I love sunrise,it’s pretty much the reverse -sun up -us up,too,Ha!

  33. Krystina - Corvallis Oregon says:

    Good Morning everyone. Last nite my computer was having a temper tantrum so I could not tell you about my visit to the hospital. Not much to tell actually. I had 6 cat scans done (with iodine in my blood) and then a regular x-ray. Once again I was taken back and forth to my RV by security….what a pleasant man. When I got back to the RV I had a message on my phone…from the Dr. office that never called me back LOL! I have an appointment tomorrow for him to go over the results of the cat scans. It is a VERY small world. I wonder if he knows who I am. The “gals” at the front desk will surely know me….chuckle. Stay tuned.

    • Velda in Roseville Ca says:

      Keeping you in my thoughts.

    • weather says:

      Nice to have a personal guardian escort taking you back and forth,I hope he’s the beginning of a long line of nice folks near you until all’s well in your health again.A computer having a temper tantrum-cute way to describe a machine messing up an evening 🙂 If you use the TO SEARCH BLOG box at the bottom of the page to type in- Different rigs ,the post with a picture of you smiling in the doorway of your home will come up.I look at that and pray for that kind of carefree happy day to be yours again soon often,Krystina,just wanted you to know I’m on the list of those cheering for ya.

      • Krystina - Corvallis Oregon says:

        Thank you so much Weather for your heartfelt comment. You hit the nail right on the head….the computer tantrum DID ruin my night LOL. I ended up going to bed at 9 and not waking up until 8!!! WOW. That day RVSue took that pic of me was a fabulous carefree day because I had spent time with RVSue. Intuitive how you knew that! But, you are so intuitive when you comment here it does not surprise me. I always wonder how you can be so poetic. It takes me forever to write a reply because I am always second guessing myself as I write AND because so many Bloggerinos have just written wonderful reply’s already…and of course you are one of them. Thanks for “cheering” for me Weather. 🙂

        • weather says:

          You’re fun to cheer for,gotta love an adventurous vagabond 🙂 I think all things and folks are given an instrument to express themselves with.Plants have shapes,leaves,flowers,critters have beauty,body language,voices ,people have social or hosting graces,a talent with music,camera,cooking,building…Mine’s in the language/writing/reading(intuition is like reading people/animals) realm.Lord knows it’s surely not in the “Oh goody!a huge party with hours of small talk!” department.,Ha! I love the blend and balance the types give the world…ain’t life a wonder?!

          • Krystina - Corvallis Oregon says:

            Thank you for “cheering for me” Weather. Only 6.5 hours of waiting to hear anything. Good thing I like to read! 🙂

            • weather says:

              6.5-not that you’re on the edge of your seat flipping back and forth between hope and anxiety-,oh,Krystina,what a tough morning!Best picture-they say-dark urine was from a bruise clearing up -don’t be so rambunctious and you’ll be fine!If that’s not the case ,everything will work out alright-just trust-breathe…,hugs,hopes and prayers

            • Krystina - Corvallis Oregon says:

              Thank you Weather.

    • Elizabeth in WA says:

      Glad to hear at least they are LOOKING into things, Krystina!! I hope it is something easily helped or fixed and that will not prevent you from this new lifestyle you are pursuing….and which some, like us, maybe in awhile may also. (We are still thinking on that…and evaluating other factors and needs in our lives.) So glad you have someone giving you a ride…that is wonderful!! Thanks for updating those of us who care about your welfare!!

      • Krystina - Corvallis Oregon says:

        Good Morning Elizabeth! I sure hope, and pray, that it is not serious. My kids are in Vermont so if it is anything major not sure what I will do.

        • Elizabeth in WA says:

          My thoughts and prayers are with you Krystina…life holds many difficult problems to solve sometimes…I hope however this time it skips by you!!

    • Denise - Richmond VA says:

      Hi, Krystina,

      Good luck with your appointment tomorrow. Sending you positive energy and healing thoughts. You are in my prayers. Hope this bump in the road will be behind you soon! Sending you a hug! 🙂

    • weather says:

      Hi Krystina,as I type this it’s 5:25 P.M. where you are.Unless your appointment ran late,I’m guessing you are or soon will be back in your pretty little home on wheels.I thought if you checked in here it might be nice to find a note-kinda like having someone in the family that cares waiting to hear your news or just sit with you…I hope at the moment you feel well in all ways.Or if you feel another way that comfort touches you from within and without this evening.No need to reply if you aren’t in the mood to or are just busy or tired,just letting you know a heart’s staying tuned

  34. Krystina - Corvallis Oregon says:

    What a spot RVSue!! Love it…all that grass and 3 hrs of sun – Nice. Great pics of the campground. I was going to put it on my campground list but I am to “timid” about driving that road…ugh…I am such a frady-cat!

  35. Terri From Texas says:

    Hi all,
    Sitting here at work, eating lunch and reading delightful comments. Waiting for Tropical Storm Bill to make it to town! At least 5″ predicted for our area! I love looking at Sues latest campsite-those are the kind I love!
    Be safe All!

  36. Kaye from Oregon says:

    As I read the comments concerning Tillamook Ice Cream I had to laugh because here it is only 10:00 a.m. and I sit eating a bowl of Tillamook Rocky Road Ice Cream !!! I swear my whole family is addicted to the different flavors ! When my husband asked me recently where I want my cremated ashes spread someday…I replied, “Spread them over the top of the Tillamook Ice Cream Factory because all the flavors will be there and the calories won’t count THEN !!!” I have never been a drinker or a smoker but my addiction is clearly numerous favors of their ice cream soooo readily available here at almost every big grocery store in OREGON !!! Lord have MERCY !!!! I am glad you & the crew are enjoying our beautiful green state !!! Your site has given me countless hours of enjoyment…Thank You so much !!! Smile & carry on !!!

    • Elizabeth in WA says:

      So wish I could join you on that pursuit…of ice cream!! But alas, I now have to eat alternative to milk types…but that keeps me away from it more cause it is expensive and also from calories. I don’t know why I care cause no matter what I stay plump!! HA!

  37. Pauline in Mississippi says:

    Beautiful place and so green and lush!!! Again…another peaceful looking camp.
    Looked a lot cooler than our 92 ° heat!!
    Love to you and the crew.

  38. Marilu from Northern California says:

    All this discussion of Tillamook ice cream made me hungry. I went to the store and bought a carton of Marionberry Pie, my favorite flavor.

    • Elizabeth in WA says:

      Oh yummy…what on earth can taste better than blackberries, marionberries, etc!!

  39. Nancy from South Georgia says:

    So green and shady and quiet. My kind of place. Oh, to be out of 97-degree weather right now. Just opened the slide door to let the dog out and even she scoots out, does her thing, and comes right back to be let inside in less than a minute. It’s like a steam bath out there. My doggie has two nice beds, one is a senior-type foam bed, very thick, in the living room, right under the ceiling fan. The other is at the foot of my bed, a raised pallet of cotton blankets on top of old feather pillows. And I have a small tabletop fan that I aim on her for “night-night”. This is all, of course, in addition to central A/C. I’m post menopausal and she’s got a triple coat, so we like our cold air!

    How did people survive before air conditioning? Yet I know they did what they needed to do to stay comfortable in the deep south during the summer. My mom was raised on a farm in SC and they didn’t get electricity out there until she was 14 years old in 1947. She tells me of how they just “made do” with what they had and it does give one an appreciation for the modern conveniences.

    • Elizabeth in WA says:

      We lived a number of years in NC…have always wondered too how on earth anyone survived it, when it gets impossible to even breathe, and does not really cool down much even at night…all those centuries before when AC was not available!! Don’t miss the bugs or snakes either!!

    • Pamela K. says:

      It sure was a hot one day and the last few days. Was nice to read about the City of Atlanta putting in some cool-stations for those who need a relief from the temps. I’m with you, thank goodness for cold AC!
      Nancy, did you ever get my reply to your kind offer to use your driveway for a few days? I posted my reply just alittle before a new RVSue posting was put up. Didn’t know if you went back and read it or not. I thanked you for the kind offer but felt it best to decline because your neighbors and HOA doesn’t know me, not to rick you getting into any problems with them about my parking there. Nancy, if you would like to email me. Please join Flickr.com. It is free and we all have our own Flickr emails there. Once you join, then let me know your Flickr screen name. Then I can email to you on Flickr.com Would be fun to have another Georgia-Gal on Flickr too. 🙂

      • Pamela K. says:

        I just re-read my comment. It makes sense but is not worded very well, lol. I just finished spending hours cooking and then had a late dinner…feeling woozie from cooking long and eating too fast. I should have known better to eat so late!

  40. I lived in Hebo back in the mid sixties while my former husband was stationed at a radar site up on the mountain. We also lived in Tillamook for seven years after that

  41. az jim says:

    Hi missy and Crew….Hot here, I’m just riding along. Nice green spot you have there.

  42. Good Morning All, I guess we are starting the morning without Sue again. I am enjoying the comments, but Sue does keep things rolling right along when she is here. I hope she is in a wonderful spot with wonderful weather abounding. It is nice on the Coast this morning for me and staying about to a high of 74 degrees. I know there ar others who are sweltering. Seems like Mother Nature has something for us at every turn…. Enjoy your day everyone.

    Krystina, good luck at the doctor today…

    Hi Weather, love your posts lately.

    • Krystina - Corvallis Oregon says:

      Thank you Shirlene!

    • weather says:

      Hi Shirlene,glad you’re here and having nice temps.There’s no denying that the comments section(and lots of us,Ha!) languishes without Sue,nice though ,to realize that her life holds much more than just her blog 🙂 Hope yours is rolling smoothly with a fun detour or two -or at least an extra good cup of coffee !

  43. DesertGinger says:

    Hi bloggerinos! Had another interesting school day, then went to pool and jogged. My temporary roommate is gone for the next two weeks, so I have house to myself. It’s good, as I am used to a lot of solitude. We have learned about spin…saying things like ‘important decision’…what is that? How do you measure ‘important’? Slant, when an article only presents one perspective of an issue. And logic. When the article makes conclusions that don’t follow. Escalating tensions resulted in teachers striking. Huh? I think it is more likely the strike is the result of a plan of action made by the teachers to get better benefits. We are practicing on lots of articles. Very fun.

    I’m off to bed. Getting up early to do homework.

  44. Pamela K. says:

    How did your dr appt go today? Thought about ya and hoped all went well.

  45. Krystina - Corvallis Oregon says:

    Hi everyone! Well I’m back. To begin with my Urologist was not there!! He was at the hospital doing emergency surgery. I met with his assistant. They could see NOTHING on any of the x-rays!!!!!!!! Yippee! However, they are going to do an in- house procedure where they take a tiny camera and go into the bladder and have a look see in there. That appointment is not until Monday the 22nd at 3:30 in the afternoon!!!! Wait, Wait and then wait some more. I gave them another urine sample and they are going to do other tests on it. Looks like most of June is going to be lost. I decided I would treat myself to a pizza! Walked over to the place and when I told them I wanted the pizza well done they said “oh we don’t cook it here, you take it home and cook it! I wanted to scream!!! $18 and I still have to cook it??? I’ve never used my RV oven and wasn’t going to use it on this 90 degree day. So I ate a turkey sandwich….not the same!!!! Geeze, I have certainly been doing a lot of whining recently. Hopefully it will come to an end soon. Thank you bloggerinos for putting up with me!! xxoo

    • Elizabeth in WA says:

      Well, glad to hear at least nothing bad is seen yet!! At least that…yea, they certainly do not mind making us wait forever and a day, do they?? Hang in there dearie!!

    • shirlene says:

      Are you at least at a comfy campsite or are you still in the hospital parking lot for free…curious minds want to know…lol..oh and no bad news so far yay! That is the way the medical system works…they look and look for bad stuff until they cannot find anything and then they say good news. .we have found nothing..lol..hang in there..and go to Pizza Hut! Better yet call for home delivery!

      • Krystina - Corvallis Oregon says:

        Yes I am in their parking lot…FREE! I am under a nice shade tree and it is all good. During the day I have been going to some of the town parks. LOTS of entertainment there LOL!

        • That is so awesome, since you have to wait, might as well be free! I hope we can keep you entertained on your computer for a while during the day. If it was not for your issue, we might be looking for things to talk about…but you are keeping us active and of course concerned for your health issues. As Marla said, hang in there, soon you will be on the road again. By the way, nice rig!

          • Krystina - Corvallis Oregon says:

            LOL! Nice to know I contributed some “liveliness” to this blog! Te He.

    • weather says:

      Krystina it seems normal to vent ,you’ve been in limbo since this started at the end of May,it must be frustrating,to say the least.I’m still hopeful that because the first rounds of meds seemed to improve things a little this will clear up and be the end of it.Turkey subbing for pizza is like being given a bland salad when you’re craving cake,yuck!Ha!Another 5 days there-hope you find good fun ways to distract yourself and spend your time.Thanks for letting us know what happened.

    • Pamela K. in GA says:

      Glad to hear your tests are not showing anything abnormal. Hopefully the next round of tests will also be good news. You are certainly lucky to have great health insurance too! What with New York prices and all! $18.00 for an uncooked Pizza?!!! Guess they are located near the hospital and are pricing based on Location, Location, Location. Even still that is highway robbery! Buy a toaster oven and fix it anyway…I use my toaster oven for that all the time. I take kitchen sheers and cut it into pieces that fit in the toaster oven, super easy. Doesn’t heat up the RV kitchen that way.
      Almost nothing beats a good Pizza, with extra cheese, of course! 🙂 YUM!

    • Keep on hangin in there, Krystina! We’ve all got you on our hearts and minds!

      • Krystina - Corvallis Oregon says:

        Thank you Marla. As I type this I am trying to find things to do while I wait. Perfect weather here. Have a great day!

  46. rvsueandcrew says:

    Good morning, blogorinos!

    Thanks for contributing to the life of this blog while I’ve been goofing off with the crew. It’s good to get away from the computer once in a while and then come back to this special place. Y’all are great!

    Three reasons for our absence — no internet signal, moving camp/driving, and enjoying the Oregon coast. I’m going to work on a post this morning before we move to our next camp.

    Bye for now!

    • Pamela K. in GA says:

      Well, Sue, I just finished a A-Z of where you are and what you might be doing…
      Didn’t get it posted before your update but I came pretty close to having it right 🙂

      So, WHERE and WHAT has she been up to?

      We muse…

      A Anywhere she wants to
      B Boondocking like she owns it
      C Cleaning the BLT
      D Doing whatever she likes, she’s Retired! 🙂
      E Enjoying life to the fullest!
      F Finding Sea Shells On The Sea Shore with her crew
      G Grocery shopping for…you guessed it, more CHICKEN!
      H Having A Ball, wherever she is!
      I Investing in the life she loves
      J Juggling her time between two very different crewmembers 🙂
      K Keeping up with Reggie-Man
      L Looking for WiFi
      M Making memories
      N NOTHING if she wants 🙂
      O Ocean runs with the crew
      P Photography sessions to show us later
      Q Quietly enjoying her camp
      R Reading with her Paperwhite
      S Studying her Benchmark
      T Taking care of laundry
      U Under the BLT getting Bridget, lol
      V Visiting the local landscapes
      W Working on her next blog post
      X Xing her eyes at Bridget’s antics, lol
      Y Yacking with the local Rangers
      Z ZZZs, getting plenty of ZZZs

      Now we know 🙂 HA! 🙂
      WE MISS YA Sue!

  47. Pamela K. in GA says:

    Thanks everyone for liking my RV Sue list.
    My kind of doodling while waiting for RV Sue to return 🙂
    It was fun putting it together!

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