Home Depot keeps its promise to Timber!

The fence goes up!

I receive an email recently from Rusty.  He’s trying to be patient while waiting for the new fence for Timber that Home Depot promised to give and install.  What’s the hold up?  Rain!  The ground is too muddy to put up the fence posts.

More recently I receive another email from Rusty with great news.

Home Depot keeps its promise!

The Home Depot Fence Team arrives and unloads the materials.  The fencing is five feet high and heavy gauge.  That should keep Timber safe at home, never to become lost again!

SAMSUNG DIGITAL CAMERA(Photos provided by Rusty.  They’re out of order.  Typical RVSue work… sheesh.)

This truck bed holds the posts, bags of cement, and water and snacks for the Home Dept Fence Team.

SAMSUNG DIGITAL CAMERATimber’s yard starts to take shape.  He has a shady spot under the tree.

SAMSUNG DIGITAL CAMERAThe Fence Team works hard, although here it looks like one working, two consulting, and one recording it all!

SAMSUNG DIGITAL CAMERARusty does his share of work on the fence.  (His aching back is better now.)  He tries to hold the rambunctious Timber for a photo.

SAMSUNG DIGITAL CAMERARusty used his new weed-wacker to prepare for the team’s arrival.  Doesn’t everything look great?  That fence is straight and secure!

SAMSUNG DIGITAL CAMERAA tall gate is also installed.

SAMSUNG DIGITAL CAMERAHere they are . . .  The Home Depot Fence Team, a happy Rusty, and the reason for all this: Timber!

SAMSUNG DIGITAL CAMERARusty thanks Home Depot for the gift of materials and labor for Timber’s yard.  He would like to thank the Team again for the great job they did in erecting the fence!

To acknowledge the people who did the work, I quote from Rusty’s email:

“Timber loves being able to run free.  This is all who worked at the start and finish: September 16th, 2013, John Johnson (Crew Chief), Marcus, Jason, Max, Mark, Laura and Mr. n’ Mrs. Gibbs.  The finish crew, October 3rd, 2013, is Marcus, Max, Jason and me . . . “

I’d also like to express appreciation to Sid Durham for starting the fence project and to all my readers who gave toward the purchase of fencing materials.  If you hadn’t done so, Home Depot might not have been inspired to take on the fence project.  Thank you.  Your good generated more good!

Monday, October 7

I can’t take any more duck hunting outside our door!  Plus the mornings are cold!  I pack us up and we leave our boondock at Duncan Reservoir near Canby in northern California.

1-DSC00686It’s an exhausting day.

I’ll write about it in the next post.  I’m sorry I couldn’t get together the energy to write last night.  After about 200 miles on the road, from Canby, California to Carson City, Nevada, I was road weary. This is not my usual style of vagabonding.

I don’t know what it is about Reno. 

Maybe it’s the people rushing to make their flights.  I do not like driving across that town.  In fact, I’d rather drive across Portland in torrential rain than Reno in full sun.  Well, I thank God we made it!

Of course, the crew, having slept all day in the moving PTV, needed a few long walks in order to settle down for the night.

We’re camped at Washoe Lake State Park!

1-DSC00688More about Washoe Lake State Park with photos in the next post.  Cold temperatures are predicted for the Carson City area, so we aren’t lingering here, even though I like this quiet, pretty campground.

The crew and I continue our search for warmth and sunshine!



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Gaelyn of Geogypsy Travel Blog and Al, Kelly, and Pheebs of Travel with The Bayfield Bunch visit RVSue and the crew!

“Lazy days on BLM land at Congress, AZ”


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83 Responses to Home Depot keeps its promise to Timber!

  1. rvsueandcrew says:

    Message to Duke of Paducah. . . I kept my promise, too, only in the morning as we were leaving. I waited for the sun to break through the clouds, went down to the water’s edge, and sent your “love letter” to Judy.

    • Duke of Paducah says:

      Thank you ,Sue – I know she heard you/us. Wanna know how I know? Her middle daughter from a previous marriage, with whom I really bonded with long ago, emailed me outta the blue and we have now emailed each other 5 times in the last 12 hours. She even called me POP! Wow, did that ever warm my heart. Coincidence?,,I think not. Again, thanks Sue. Your spirit is one of universal love and kindness. You will be in my prayers every night.

  2. John fossildreamer says:

    Hi Sue, Just wanted to say hi, glad to see you heading south,
    you came right by son’s home in Bend two blocks off 97.. was there last mo.
    for a couple of weeks. now back in Sacramento. Real nice to follow and know
    were you and the crew are.. Safe travels…

  3. Gaelyn says:

    I’m trying to get out of the cold, and possible snow also. Pull off the Plateau tomorrow morning for Flagstaff first then on to Yarnell where I hope it’s warmer and doesn’t snow.

    Glad to see Rusty and Timber got fence.

  4. mockturtle says:

    Three BIG cheers for Home Depot! 🙂

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hip-hip hooray!
      Hip-hip hooray!
      Hip-hip HOOORAAAYY!!

      (What’s with the hip-hip? I never got that.)

  5. Eileen P. says:

    I think we all need a pair of those pirate socks from your Amazon purchase list. Arrrr!
    Eileen in Phoenix

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Eileen,

      They do look cozy! I dug into my winter clothes bin and pulled out my knee socks . . . in conservative navy blue.

  6. Sue,
    I have seen some quick change up north, big snow near Rapid City already. WOW it does not waste time in changing seasons. Hope you escape before a surprise blizzard!!

    Sure is good to see the continuing good happening for Rusty.

  7. Jean/Southaven, MS says:

    I have always liked Home Depot. Now another reason to like Home Depot. So glad that good continues for Rusty and Timber. I love the red bush in your picture of the campground. We live in such a beautiful country.

    We were going to go camping this weekend. BUT, the campground that we love below the dam at Pickwick Lake is run by the Corp of Engineers and guess who is not working during the govenment shutdown? You got it, so we are going to stay home and finish painting the outside of the house. Sounds like fun doesn’t it. Someday I will be a gypsy. I have even talked my homebody husband into trying it. Stay safe. Find some warm weather.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Jean,

      I can relate to your disappointment at the closed campground. This trek south was made difficult by the closings. However, I’m forced to hone my boondocking skills because I don’t like RV parks and the state parks are either closed or not on our route.

      You’ll be glad you stayed home and painted the house . . . when it’s done!

      Yay for “homebody husband” who has an open mind to new experiences. Now the task is to make sure “someday” doesn’t take over. 🙂

  8. Eddie says:

    We have lots of warmth and sunshine to share in Palm Beach county!

  9. YaY Rusty! YaY Timber YaY for Home Depot! So happy things worked out! Thanks for sharing the photographs Rusty!
    Heck yeah Sue, you better be headed south ….. looks like old man winter is hot (cold?) on your tail !!! I just hope we can get out of NM before that old man finds us here! I agree, Washoe Lake looks like a cool place to visit ….. next summer! LOL!

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi Geri,

      Remember when the crew and I were caught in that NM blizzard? The interstate was closed and we had to wait to make tracks to southern AZ. After all the time anticipating your move, it would be awful to be stuck.

      Be sure to keep in touch as you travel to FL!

      • I DO remember that blizzard! First snow this Florida gal had seen in a very long time! I will not miss that kinda snow, but the light dusting of snow we had this year was ok.

  10. Dorothy says:

    So great that Timber can run free in his yard. Hope he is not a climber.

    Sue, it is 79 near Kingman, AZ right now. Nice and warm. Expected to get down to 51 tonight. No heater needed and expect to leave windows open tonight. Hurry up and get here!

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Dorothy,

      I’ve been considering going over to Big Q, Kingman, Lake Havasu area. Haven’t decided yet. Those temps sound great. Enjoy!

  11. Glenda in OZ! says:

    Hi SUE……….You seem to got a lot further south than I thought when looking at the map. But I guess that 200 mile stint got a long way on the map. Hard for me to imagine the distances and time required to get from place to place in the US. In my neck of the woods its warming up gradually and we are leaving the winter chill behind. Soon we will be complaining about the heat…………never satisfied! Looking forward with interest to the places you next visit. So glad to see Rusty and Timber have their fence!!

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Glenda…

      In the next post I’ll explain the route we took to get from Canby, CA (Duncan Reservoir) to Carson City, NV (Washoe Lake State Park).

      I’m sure a lot of my readers envy you so close to springtime! Me… I love the desert in the winter. It’s a nice change and makes me appreciate the greenery and flowers when I leave it.

  12. Linda says:

    Hi Sue, I’m at Amazon.com working the camperforce season, here in Fernley, NV. We are in the same neighborhood. Hi to the crew.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Linda…

      My blog posts are a day behind. We’re in California again. I hope you like your job with Amazon. I’ve heard it can be very hard work, depending upon the dept. Money is good though!

  13. Barb George says:

    OMGosh that is great news! Sue the good you have done with this blog, and all the friends via it! You are a hero…

    Good luck on your travels.
    Hugs from Hoquiam,

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi Barb!

      Doesn’t the fence and yard look great! Rusty has done a good job clearing out weeds and such. Now it’s “neat as a pin.” He emailed me about playing with Timber in the back yard. Anyone who has a pet knows what a relief it is to have a place where they can play and be secure.

  14. EmilyO of NM says:

    So glad to hear Timber has his yard to run around it. Way to go Home Depot. That is a wonderful project they did. And thanks to you.

    Am back here in Kansas, finishing up some painting and cleaning jobs, then back to NM for the “closing ceremony” and so Geri & Chuck can get the heck out of NM before winter comes. I am expecting a nice winter.

    Am staying up with you now. Take care on your travels south and into warmer climate.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Emily,

      This is a busy time for you and your family! I enjoyed seeing the photos on Geri’s blog of you moving your stuff into your “new” home. As a resident of NM you will have all those state parks for camping for only $100 a year! And chili rellenos! And all the other New Mexico stuff!

      You stay safe on the road, too.

  15. Cinandjules (temp in CA) says:

    Splendid job indeed! The fencing looks great! Glad Timber can run free. He knows this is his home. I don’t think he’ll jump over or dig under the fencing. Thank you to Sid Durham and his buddy Max for starting the fence project, the other contributors from this blog, the delivery lady who took the newspaper article back to Home Depot and the crew who completed the project!

    Rusty and Timber both look great!

    Reno has been quite chilly at night…..30’s so don’t let Spike hog the heater!

    None of your days should be exhausting missy……take some time for yourself! Part of your adventure is enjoying the beauty of your surroundings! Don’t think that we’re all sitting here at our laptops waiting for your updated posts! Heh heh! Actually when I’m at home…I must admit I check your site quite often…..gee whiz….the anticipation of waiting is part of the joy of reading!

    Have a wonderful night!

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, cinandjules,

      I inserted Sid Durham’s name in the post. Did I give credit correctly? (I don’t remember a Max… please clarify for me.) I am very happy for Rusty and Timber. Home Depot people did a professional job.

      Sometimes even a lazy, retired vagabonder has to get things done! Like drive out of cold weather and then walk the crew around the campground loops… around and around and around… until I can be sure they will SLEEP when I need to sleep. I know my readers understand that sometimes I can’t blog. My problem is I can’t write a short post.

      And yes, like teachers who don’t have a life outside the classroom, my readers are always looking into their laptops and handheld devices waiting for my latest post! Gee, I don’t know if they even stop for meals!

      • Cinandjules (temp in CA) says:

        Max is Sid’s buddy yellow lab!

      • Sue, even if you don’t get a chance to blog, I love reading everybody’s comments! I can go back several times a day and have fun reading nothing but newly added comments! I think we all keep each other entertained in the comment section! LOL!

        • rvsueandcrew says:

          I’ll remember that when I’m wracked with guilt for not posting.

          Hey, that’s a good reason for people to comment! Calling all lurkers! Calling all lurkers! 🙂

        • BuckeyePatti says:

          I am so busted on doing that, too.
          Remember when Sue didn’t post for a few days and it was like bad kids when the teacher left the classroom? Whew, thank goodness she came back and we went back to being “good”. Seriously, just a great group of people here 🙂

          • Cinandjules (temp in CA) says:

            Yes ……we do tend to get a bit carried away when she’s gone!

            Off the top of my head is Alan wanting to sell her ponytail to the highest bidder! 🙂 and who could ever forget about the slugs having sex!

  16. Rattlesnake Joe says:

    My wife and I feel the same way about driving in Reno…but Las Vegas is worse. It seems there is always road work being done in both places and there is not much organization in the street department. A VW Bug has a hard time slipping into traffic let alone a Van & Travel Trailer. We count our lucky stars everytime we make it through in one piece. We try to time our ‘run the gauntlet’ when traffic is lite if we can. Glad you made it safe and sound and I have a permenant smile on my face now that Timber is secure…but I had a half Irish setter & half black lab that could have jumped that fence in a single bound. I hope Timber doesn’t realize that he could too?

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Joe,

      “Running the gauntlet” … hilarious! and so true!

      I don’t think Timber will jump that fence. If he does, he won’t get lost because he knows his home and the area, and he loves Rusty. He was in strange territory when he became lost in Loa.

  17. Ladybug says:

    Oh my! It’s taking horse fencing to keep Timber in. Don’t tell him-he might get the big head!!

    I’ve never liked Reno either. But our designated fuel stop was the TA in Sparks, so couldn’t avoid it. Had to deliver in Reno once, too….yeck. That does look like a pretty park.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Ladybug,

      I can’t imagine driving a truck into Reno to make a delivery. Yeck is right. (I’ve probably offended a reader who lives in Reno and loves it.)

    • Timber n' Rusty says:

      Timber is too happy to jump out, He loves chasing his toys and bringing them back so I can throw them again. He also likes setting in the northeast corner so he can see and talk to Dixie the young girl (dog) next door. She does most of the barking, talking till he answers back, then he runs all over the yard and back to that corner to see her again ,,,,,,,Rusty

  18. Diann in MT says:

    Stay safe, Sue. Go easy on yourself. As far as most of us are concerned, you are AMAZING!

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Wow, Diann! Thank you for the sweet comment.

      What’s amazing is this beautiful country. I cannot BELIEVE the boondock I found today! I’m looking out the big side window of the BLT right now at a million-dollar view!

  19. AZ Jim says:

    You’ve been roaming enough for this year, come on down to good ole AZ, the weather is just what you want to see….

  20. wheelingit says:

    Wekk what a coincidence! We just pulked into Washoe today. Don’t know if you’ve already moved on, but if not you’re very welcome to drop by. We’re hanging in site 11.

    • wheelingit says:

      I guess all my L’s turned into K’s there ha ha…pulking is the new form of RVing.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Nina! We left there around noon today! Where are you stopping next? Could I have passed you on that two lane road that goes to the park? I thought I saw your rig and a woman that looked like you was driving. Two bikes hung on the back and a toad.

      • Wheeling it says:

        We’re leaving here this weekend and will probably go to boondock around the south side of Mammoth Lakes (Benton Crossing Road area). It’s a little chilly, but I hear there are hidden hot springs there! Then we’ll move onto Bishop, boondocking somewhere just north of town (I hear there are spots around Casa Diablo Road). You’re always welcome to join us or visit our camp…with doggies of course 🙂

        • rvsueandcrew says:

          I’m boondocking right now not far from Mammoth Lakes. At least I think that’s where I am. I’ll be blogging about it, of course!

      • Wheeling it says:

        And yes it was me driving that you saw…so funny!

  21. Rita from Phoenix says:

    So glad Timber’s play area has been fenced. I had a hunch Wheelingit and you would cross paths coming down on the eastern side of the Sierras. High winds and much cooler weather predicted for Wed & Thurs in Phoenix. I’ll have to break out my warm sweater when goes below 70 LOL. The same cold wind that you traveled thru last year is here again I believe. We had our first beef stew this weekend and I’m looking forward to making soups, pot roast to help keep house warm. Our dogs are already spending more time outside in the sun…I guess the house is starting to cool in mornings (block home w/stained concrete floors). Safe travels as you make your way down to AZ.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Rita,

      You write such interesting comments. Yeah, I had soup for supper last night but my chicken noodle came out of a can. Oh well, it hit the spot!

      Gee, what a blast of cold, wintry weather! Below 70! Brrrrrr.

      • Timber n' Rusty says:

        Yes Sue, that cooler weather is coming with you right down 395, but the unpaid weather man says it’s going to warm up one day then cool, cool down from then on. It’s Time to be in the Zone, Arizona that is. Timber got some goodies from the VA rep today, one toy and 25 lbs., of dog food. I went to check the mail and when I got back there was an additional 50lbs setting at the front door, I wont be needing to buy him food for awhile. plus a big box of Kirkland large dog bones, where’d that come from???

        • rvsueandcrew says:

          Timber’s a celebrity! Next thing you know, people will want his autograph.

          Okay… Who gave Timber the food and bones?

          • Cinandjules (temp in CA) says:

            We can narrow it down to someone with a Costco card, knows where the house is, knows Timber and lives in the area!

            My guess is Vicky and Larry!

  22. Cari in North Texas says:

    What wonderful news that Rusty and Timber now have a fence. And blessings on Home Depot for doing all (most?) of the manual labor! When I had my dog Oliver, he managed to wiggle the gate open in my fence and then he’d go exploring around the neighborhood. Fortunately he knew his way home. It sounds like Timber will stay put behind his fence. And how cute that he has a friend to talk to!

    It’s starting to feel like fall here too. Highs in the 80s, lows in 50/60 degree range. I’m sleeping with the window open, but usually have to get up and close it during the night. I start back to work next week (outdoors mainly) so I’m grateful for the cooler temps.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi Cari,

      I appreciate people who comment regularly like you do. It makes my blog feel friendly and neighborly. 🙂

      I like to sleep with the window open, too. Usually I’m able to do that, but not during the past few weeks, what with rain and cold. Enjoy the good Texas weather!

      • Cari in North Texas says:

        You’re very welcome! Sometimes I don’t comment because by the time I read it there are 70+ comments that say what I was going to say. But I definitely enjoy your blog and your colorful descriptions of your life and surroundings.

  23. Sandie says:

    Sue – that is such great news about Rusty and Timber. So happy to see they are doing so well. Also wanted to say that if you’re going down 95 through NV be sure to check out Walker Lake near Hawthorne.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Sandie…

      You know? I almost went that way to take a look at Walker Lake. Next time we travel this “corridor” we’ll take 95.

  24. Robin H says:

    Hello Sue!

    Soooo happy for Rusty and Timber! Thanks to you Sue, Home Depot, and all of your wonderful followers! The fence makes the new place even more of a home! 🙂 Glad to see you are trying to leave the cold behind! Stay safe! It’s so great to travel through you, until we can get on the road ourselves!

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      I agree, Robin. That fence does make it look more like home. From Rusty’s comment (above), it sounds like Timber likes his yard where he can play with his toys and run around in front of his girlfriend next door.

  25. Mel from TX (formerly NV) says:

    We moved from Carson City to Frisco TX last month, weather much better here! Neat to see slide mountain pic in your post, and i don’t miss Reno either… Wow, doesn’t seem like a year has passed since we met you in washoe…safe travels south to warmer weather…

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Mel!

      Congratulations on your new home. I hope you like living in Frisco!

      • Cari in North Texas says:

        Hi, Mel, welcome to North Texas! I live in Plano, so we are sort of neighbors. You’ll find the winters are usually pretty mild, with the worst of it coming in late Jan/early Feb and then only lasting about a week. Summers can be brutal, though, so make sure your a/c is ready!

  26. Mindy Reed says:

    Wow your flyin’ right along there! I loooove the cool weather…sigh. It’s finally getting into the low 60’s at night now…still buggy though. I can’t wait to see the super place you’ve found for boondocking!

    Congrats to Rusty and Timber on your new fence! It looks real sturdy and if Timber takes a liking to leaping you can always run a hot wire line across the top. I had to do that with one of my wanderers. Timber is a real Celeb…getting gifts is great.

    Stay warm Sue and Crew!

  27. texastom says:

    Home Depot are very good folks. They give a 10% discount on any purchase to any service connected disabled vet.

    • Timber n' Rusty says:

      I know that for sure Texastom, when I received a $100. gift card, Bob #2 VA rep took me to Home Depot and I bought a dump wagon that holds 400 lbs + a hoe and a wind chime, Bob told them I was a vet and I got the 10% discount. It’s Neat how thing’s are getting better for all the veterans now days, ,,,,,Rusty :~)

  28. Sue says:

    Hi Sue, You are near me ! I live in Truckee,Ca.

    Hey, I just got back from Lee Vining area. The colors are amazing right now!!!! We stayed at Lundy campground ( its open cause it is a county campground) . It is about 7 miles before Lee vining. . It is $12 a night ,but not much ammenities. No water , and has outhouses. Nice campsites tho ! Beautiful area as well . Fall color all around . Just telling you cause it looks like you are heading in that direction and Lundy canyon is well worth checking out. I was going to stay longer but camping in a tent and there was snow coming in today. Supposed to clear out by tomorrow , so should be so pretty ! but maybe cold still. It was nice as in 70 and high 60’s for a few days.

    I hope Timber stays in his fenced yard. My dog used to climb fences like that when he was younger.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Sue…

      I appreciate the suggestion. We’ve already made the move to another camp which you will find interesting!

  29. Sherry says:

    Hi Sue,
    Really happy for Rusty and Timber. I hope Timber doesn’t like to dig
    seems like that would be the only way he could escape.
    Be careful driving and give the crew a pat from me.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Sherry,

      Timber doesn’t seem like a digger. As Rusty wrote(above), Timber likes his toys and his home.

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