It’s the little things I love about the vagabond life

Friday, October 11

The crew and I step out of the Best Little Trailer this morning.  We quietly wander around the sagebrush.

1-DSC00804I stand in a sunny spot to look and listen.  I have my camera in order to take advantage of the soft light at this time of day.  I don’t have a photograph in mind, but I’ve learned to be prepared.  Bridget and Spike lie down on the warm sand by my feet.

In the distance a solitary deer lifts her head.

1-DSC00849-001She’s far enough away to allow me to aim the camera without spooking her.  While she stares at me, I zoom in and take the photo above.  Another deer — a youngster — appears and they stand together.

1-DSC00852-001Another one comes out of the shadows and walks between the first two.

1-DSC00855We stare at each other for a minute.  Then they resume grazing tentatively.  I remain still and the crew is oblivious.  My waiting is rewarded.  Now there are four.

1-DSC00857This is one of those little things that I love about the vagabonding life!

After breakfast Bridget, Spike and I go for a long walk.

It’s hard to believe that temperatures were down in the low 30s earlier this morning.

1-DSC00858We haven’t gone anywhere in the Perfect Tow Vehicle since setting up camp here.  The snow kept us here one day.  The other days I felt no need to leave this place.  The solitude is delicious.  For me, not hearing another person’s voice for days at a time is a treat.

When we return to camp, I’m energized to accomplish something.

But what? . . . the PTV!  The interior of my beloved tow vehicle has experienced several earthquakes and landslides.  It’s a jungle back there.  I take out everything behind the bench seat and set it on the ground.  What a mess!

I fill two kitchen trash bags of stuff to throw away.  I also fill a large, plastic bin and a garbage bag with clothes, books, and other items to take to a thrift shop.


I sweep out pine needles, dirt and mouse doo-doo.

When I put everything back into the PTV, the debris field is substantially lower.  I’m very proud of myself.  I go inside and lie down.

No!  I go inside and fix myself a late lunch.

And then I lie down!  Hmm . . . I should get online, go to Amazon, and buy things.

I get up and flip open the laptop.  First thing I do is locate a UPS facility so I’ll have a shipping address.  I locate one in Bishop, south of here.  Great.

1-DSC00813I order four, yellow wheel chocks.  I presently have only three out of the original four.  I left one behind at a campsite somewhere in the eight states we’ve traveled. Another is cracked and doesn’t inspire confidence in its anti-rolling ability.  I order four new ones because my remaining, old ones are red and, well, wheel chocks need to match.  Everybody knows that.

After that I begin some serious shopping.

I pick out a Caravan Canopy Zero Gravity Reclining Chair to replace the one I busted.  Oh, how I’ve missed that chair!  It is a necessary piece of equipment to ensure successful sunshine snoozes with no head-jerking.

Next, I pick out shoes!

I’ve noticed when the crew and I take exceptionally long walks that my right knee feels a little persnickety by the time we make it back to camp.  I need better shoes to cushion my steps.  Gotta’ save the knees! 

I choose KEEN Women’s Gypsum Waterproof Trail Shoe.  The color of the shoes is “earth and mimosa” which is shoe-speak for puke and snot.  Not my first choice.  However, that color is thirty to fifty dollars cheaper than the popular colors.  Like I’m going to pay extra for some girly color. . . pffftt!

Oh, yeah . . . The BLT needs new bumper caps!

I’ve been driving around with no cap on one end of the BLT’s bumper.  The sewer hose is kept in the bumper.  I can see us going around a corner and having that sewer hose fly out like an insane serpent.  So far, so good, but my luck is bound to run out (as will the hose).

1-DSC00814Let’s see . . . what else . . . hmm. . . something for the crew . . .  

I click on over to pet supplies and order two red dog jackets.  The jackets are like wrap-around blankets.  Sometimes Spike gets a case of the shivers.  He just can’t adjust to cold like he used to.  Yet he jumps into the coldest water.  Go figure.

And you know how it goes, buy for one, gotta’ buy for the other.

1-DSC00817-001Gee, my feet get cold.  I want some soft boots I can wear like slippers and also wear outside when I have to run after Spike.  I find these babies: Bearpaw boots

Whew!  All this shopping is exhausting!

I need to go lie down.





April 30, 2013, Bridget and Spike tour the campground at Navajo National Monument in northeastern Arizona.

 “Nosing around campsites at Canyon View”

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98 Responses to It’s the little things I love about the vagabond life

  1. Cinandjules (temp in CA) says:

    The deer are adorable!

    That’s some serious shopping! Except you left out the PTV! Oh that’s right she got some new treads last week! Might it be your birthday week? 😉

    Oh that chair…….I can still hear the creaking sound just prior to you landing on the ground and Bridget giving you that look!

    Pick up mouse doo doo with a wet paper towel. Sweeping may be easier but it’s a no no!

    Enjoy your stay! Keep warm!

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, cinandjules,

      Yes, the lounger is a present to me. I’ve been trying to soak up the sun in my camp chair with feet propped on a milk crate. It’s just not the same… Plus the milk crate is green, not blue.

      I was very careful when sweeping. I don’t have the patience for wet paper towel method. The PTV is BIG.

      Boy is it nippy this morning!

  2. cathy S says:

    Shopping AND solitude….thank heaven for Internet and Amazon! What a wonderful post….thank YOU!

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      You’re welcome, Cathy. As you might guess, I’ve never been a mall person. They make me sweat. I’d rather go shopping in the woods with deer.

  3. Vicki & Kitty campin' says:

    Aaahhh… silence is golden.
    I love to just listen to the wildlife with all of their different calls.
    Great & lucky pictures of the deer! Enjoyed your beautiful snow pictures as well.
    Thank you for sharing your shopping links today too. I’m always up for new suggestions.
    Enjoy 🙂

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Vicki and Kitty,

      You’re welcome on the shopping links. I hesitated making the links for fear it would make the post look like an Amazon solicitation. I’m anxious for my warm boot-slippers to arrive. I know I’m going to love them!

  4. Angie2B says:

    Are you still in the spot that had all the snow?

    I wanted to tell you something. My husband and I both have extremely stressful jobs. The other night we were talking about how the thought of staying in these jobs until retirement sounded pretty bad to us both. It felt hopeless. I told him we should do what you did, save, save, save for 6-7 years, then buy a little camper and see the world. That is what we have both decided to do! It feels so much better, like we have hope again.

    Thank YOU.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      You’re welcome, Angie! Yes, we’re still in the same spot… Glass Creek.

      How exciting for you and your husband! It’s wonderful that both of you are able to agree on this goal.

      I, too, was in an extremely stressful job (teaching 6th graders aka demons). Once I could see a “light at the end of the tunnel” I was better able to cope with the day-to-day hell. The saving was hard as I practically lived a monastic life, not buying anything I could do without (which explains why I get excited over buying a lounge chair). Every penny…. and I do mean penny… that I could set aside for my dream, that’s what I did.

      It was hard, but in a way it was a Godsend. Every time I denied myself something, I also told myself it brings me closer to picking up my home-on-wheels.

      Now the two of you can research together what you want to buy and where you want to go. I wish you many happy moments together as you plan for lift-off!

  5. WOW, having four deer gather and pose, you are good!

  6. Anne H says:

    And the chair is on sale!! So, I had to get one, too. My old chair with foot rest is slowly breaking down – this year I patched it together with some clamps – but clearly it was time for a new one.

    The pictures of the deer were so sweet! Perfectly captured the quiet spirit of your camp.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Anne,

      Ha! You ordered one, too! Some people think of me when they see a fat chicken on a spit. You can think of me when you’re relaxing, looking up at the sky!

      You know, after I placed the order I found some neat side tables especially for loungers. I tried to make links in this comment but they don’t work so if you’re interested use the Amazon search box for: Prime Products 13-9003 Utility Tray or Backyard Basics 20003BBGD Relaxer and Beach Chair Side Table. Both are in the Patio, Lawn and Garden Dept.

      I’m going to order one next time I shop. Need a place to put my drink and kindle… oh, which is something else I want to buy. Gee… I’m going nuts.

  7. Sherry in Oregon says:

    Shoppin’ therapy. Sweet. A great diversion for a lazy day!

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Well, it wasn’t an entirely lazy day. I did clean out and reorganize the PTV. And then I did nothing for the rest of the day except to “go” shopping. Nice to hear from you, Sherry!

  8. Marilu says:

    Oh, no! We have two yellow wheel chocks, a flimsy red one and a hefty black one. I guess I better go shopping on Amazon, too 🙂 Beautiful photos as usual. I bet Spike and Bridge will love their jackets. I can’t wait to see the pictures they will inspire.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Marilu! Mismatched chocks! The very idea makes me shudder.

      Thanks for the compliment on the photos.

      I hope the jackets work for the crew. Dog clothes are so hard to size. Yeah, there will be photos. You reminded me of the photos I took of Spike when his life jacket arrived. So funny! Maybe I’ll put that post up in “Rear View Mirror.”

  9. Gayle says:

    RVSue, have you ever considered buying a pair of trekking poles? I saw a video on Leki Trekking Poles. Lots good reasons for them: helps keep your balance, puts weight more on arms and less on KNEES, to push brush off your trail, tap on the dogs (!), build upper body strength, brake a fall (THAT will never happen), wave them around and scream if you see a bear (THAT will never happen, either), poles move you forward faster with less effort for cardio benefits, and best of all — look serious, experienced and cool!

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Gayle,

      Guess what? A very nice person named Dorothy, with whom I camped at Red Mountain Campground on the Madison River in Montana, gave me a pair of trekking poles! They’re nice ones, too!

      Dorothy told me another good use… Poke on the other side of a rock or log in case there’s a snake.

      I haven’t used them yet because I’ve been focused on learning my new camera. Thanks for the reminder. Gosh, won’t I look cool with trekking poles and wearing my new KEEN trail shoes!

      • I just bought a pair of trekking poles at a recycle store for $10!!!
        Can’t wait to use them somewhere! LOL

      • Gayle says:

        Yes, you will look cool! Knowing your feelings about snakes — as an act of compassion — I did not mention snakes and trekking poles in the same sentence! You’re welcome! Happy trekking, soon!

  10. Rita from Phoenix says:

    Again beautiful photos posted today. The deer remind me of petrified deer hoof prints in the canyon sand stones back of our rez home. I say deer but they might be antelope also cuz grandma said thousands of antelope and deer use to migrate through there to lower elevation for winter. It’s close to 7,000 ft where we live. BTW I buy baby sweaters for my dogs from thrift stores. I cut the collars off the sweaters (if there is a collar). The dogs wear the sweaters with the front of sweater to their back so it’s easier to dress them and button them on their back rather than under belly. Some times I buy the pull on sweaters too with cute dog print or design on the sweaters. People ask me where I buy my dog sweaters and I tell them it’s baby sweaters now dog sweaters. I also buy sweat shirts and fleece baby clothes for the dogs…I do a little adjusting to sleeves and neckline. Fits them perfect. Same with soft baby booties for summer…the ground is so hot for dogs in summer they need shoes.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Rita,

      Don’t ya’ just love thrift stores? Too bad so many people have accepted them as a cool way to shop… I used to find great items, clothes with the tags on them, etc.

      Thanks on the photos…

  11. Micky says:

    Well, I went and did it! I got my Casita! I was going to wait until I retired next August and buy a new one, but then I came across one in the classified section on the Casita Forum, and as it turned out, it seems that she was just meant for me. 🙂
    This one is a 2011 Freedom Deluxe, and I’m very much in love with my little “Wandering Spirit”. 🙂
    My dream is slowly but surely coming true. Dare I believe it?


    • EmilyO of NM says:

      Yea Micky. Welcome to the club. You are going to have so much fun making individual adjustments. And, then re-making them. I like your trailer’s name.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Congratulations, Micky! How exciting! It’s great when you know for sure you have the right model, the one that suits you best.

      I like the name… and, yes, your dream will come true if you make it happen! Believe it!

    • Gayle says:

      BELIEVE!!!!! It doesn’t cost more than not believing, and it’s lots more fun!!!!

  12. Alan Rabe says:

    A doe with 4 fawns, amazing. I don’t believe that is all that common. They are a good size too. Means lots of food and no predators. Sue I know you went thru a lot of grief to get there, but it seems your were meant to be there at this point in time. You must have a powerful muse watching over you.
    Cin is right mouse droppings out west contain a bacteria that can make you seriously ill. Make as little dust as possible.
    Trekking poles are nice even one is a plus, many have a way to attach a camera to the top so you can use it to steady a shot.
    And a new chair, sounds like the life of Riley.
    Well keep safe and warm, and Enjoy.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Alan,

      About the doe and fawns… Does it look to you like she’s carrying another fawn? I see something in the third deer photo that could be a curled up fetus.

      Yes, you’re right about predators. I haven’t heard or seen any coyotes, and no predator tracks in the snow. Very few rabbits around here, and not a lot of rodents.

      If you read this you probably saw my reply above about the trekking poles I have. I also have what readers and I call the “Mick Stick.” (Mick gave it to me.) It is a walking stick that a camera can attach to, like you explained. I use it a lot — on every walk — when in the desert because it keeps me from slipping on uneven ground with loose stones.

      I like to think I’m where I’m supposed to be. It does feel right. And I know what it feels like when I’m not where I’m supposed to be!

    • Cinandjules (temp in CA) says:

      I believe the mouse poop “hantavirus ” can be anywhere the deer mice are! It is a problem back here for seasonal camps!

      Wear a mask if you sweep just in case! Our bunkhouse had mice poop in it. I aired it out for six months before I got the courage to bleach bomb the hell out of it! I also looked like I was part of a hazmat operation!

  13. virginia says:

    Love O-gravity chairs, got one of mine at Walmart for $20, end of season truck load, great deal. They are really an essential item. Coming home from my AZ trip today. Forgot how profoundly breathtaking the scenery is around the state. Mountain driving had me saying my prayers. Now I can go home and look at the photos. I ran into snow myself up in Chinle, Navajo Res, canyon de chelly. So pretty.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Wow, Virginia, quite a deal! I agree… loungers are essential to happiness! 🙂

      I haven’t been to canyon de chelly yet, but, of course, I’ve seen photos. It must have been enchanting. Glad you enjoyed Arizona’s scenery and made it home safely.

    • Alan Rabe says:

      Hi, Virginia, did you pay for the navajo guided tour or just do White house. I was just wondering what all the tour involves and if they give you time to enjoy it. For others, White House ruins are free if you hike in from the rim trail. Access to the whole canyon is only available if you pay for a “guide”. Last I heard it was $100.00.

      • Virginia says:

        No, I did not go on a tour. Saw the tour people driving in the canyon below. The price is around $100.00 I believe, the more people you have the cheaper it is. Ran into hail and freezing temperatures the day I arrived there. Not too amenable to touring but I enjoyed just walking the rim, both north and south.

  14. Rob says:

    I liked the ‘cold feet, buy slippers’ part. My feet were cold, we went south 🙂

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Rob,

      I guess I need to get us south, too. But, you know, even in Ajo, AZ, as south as it is, there are mornings in the low 30s, even high 20s, when my boots are going to feel so good!

  15. jeff says:

    as they say Sue “shop till you drop” I may have to look into one of those chairs looks pretty comfortable for good reads and a occasional “z”. are they pretty light weight and manageable?

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Jeff,

      The lounger I ordered weighs 20 lbs. and folds to a width of 5 inches. Most people, I believe, love the loungers, except really short people and those with physical difficulty getting in and out of the chair because the foot part does not come all the way down.

      In my opinion, it’s the best way to sleep in the sun!

  16. Steve says:

    Amazing deer shots! I loved the way you keep adding them one at a time … LOL How long did it take for them to obey your commands. (joke).

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Steve,

      Oh, it didn’t take long to get them to do what I wanted, except for that one defiant rascal who showed me his butt.

  17. Colleen says:

    Beautiful post, I loved the deer photos. I was curious about having items shipped to a UPS facility. How does that work? We are heading out for a month long trip and I need to have something shipped to us while we are on the road. Can you please give me the details of how that works? Thanks for your help, we have learned so much from you.
    Colleen in Tehachapi

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Sure, Colleen, happy to explain.

      First I go online and search “UPS in Happytown” or go to the UPS site and use their locator until I find a town that has a UPS facility. I find the phone number and call up the local UPS place to make sure they accept shipments. They always do, but I like that assurance. While on the phone I verify that the shipping address that I saw online is correct.

      When you place an order, give your name and the UPS address as “your” shipping address. Sometimes a phone number is required to help with delivery. Put the UPS phone number, not your own.

      Usually companies give an idea when you can expect your shipment to arrive (Amazon sends an email). Then go pick up your stuff!

  18. Love your writing style Sue…”shoe-speak for puke and snot”…hilarious! 🙂 Great job on the deer photos, too! What a lovely peaceful place, so happy you can share it with us.

    Oh and I wanted to thank you for sharing your experience with the Dukan diet, I’ve been doing it for a couple of months now with superb results! Easy to stick to and steady weight loss, I’m thrilled.

    Ok, I’m off to check out those boots you ordered, they sound so cozy.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Linda,

      I’m happy to read your news re weight loss on the Dukan diet. It tickles me that I played a small part in it. Congratulations! I wish you continued success.

      I hope the boots turn out to be what I’m looking for… something I can slip my feet in easily and have them warm up quickly.

      Vinyl flooring is the only way to go, in my opinion, for a camper. I put down a “runner” rug and two throw rugs for the cold months, but the floor still doesn’t warm up as much as I’d like. So perhaps the slipper-boots are the answer!

  19. Bill & Ann says:

    Beautiful deer photos. Samantha and I were huffed at by a doe four times the night before last as she did a beautiful dance coming closer and closer to see what we, Samantha and I, were doing. We decided to change locations behind the trailer where the deer could not see us. Unfortunately they followed us to our new resting spot. These deer in the park are very possessive of their turf. We have two does, one young buck and two older fawns living in the day use area with us. Samantha is almost walking by herself now. Slowly but surely.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Bill and Ann… Great to hear from you!

      I’ve been wondering how Samantha (the beagle, folks) is recovering from back surgery. I saw where you ordered the dog stroller (I assume that was you.) How does it work for Samantha and Julie (the dachshund, folks)? I may need to get one for Bridget and Spike someday, though, God forbid, I hope not for surgery recuperation.

      She’s almost walking! You must be taking good care of her.

      Those deer sound more aggressive and less fearful of people than the ones around here. I like your description — “beautiful dance.” What graceful creatures they are.

      I don’t know if you’ll see this. . . Sending more get well wishes for little Sammy!

      • Bill & Ann says:


        The stroller was worth the investment. Did you look at it on the Amazon site? Both dogs can fit in it comfortably, though Julie hasn’t been in it yet. Samantha loves being outside and getting fresh air. She has at least four more weeks of confinement left.
        The stroller will be really nice when visiting places like Quartzsite. Sort of like Jerry the cat!

        Samantha thanks you for the good well wishes.

        • rvsueandcrew says:

          Yes, I’ve seen that stroller. When it showed up on the orders list, I clicked on it. Nice!

          I’ve often thought a stroller would be fun when walking a boardwalk or a place like Quartzsite. I don’t know if the crew would fit well enough for Spike to stay in it. Bridget would put up with crowding.

  20. Mindy Reed says:

    Love the photos! I’ve still got little speckled ones in my yard but of course here in GA it’s not even fall yet. Love the shopin’ online my fave!. About those shoes…no one will notice the color after you’ve worn them in the dirt a few times!

    Enjoy your location!

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Mindy,

      I’m pleased you enjoyed the photos. Oh, I don’t care about the color of the shoes. I just say stuff in posts. 🙂 I dress like a derelict most of the time anyway so the shoes will be a “step up.”

  21. Sarah Joy says:

    The little things make life so much better. My little thing of the day: waking up and watching the palm trees swaying languidly outside my window. Their slow, sleepy dance was a calming accompaniment to my morning routine.

    Keen makes some great shoes, as does Merrell. I love amazon! This post reminded me that I needed to make a final decision on a laptop upgrade, so I clicked through your link to nab it at the last minute. I hope it worked.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Sarah Joy,

      I remember gazing at palm trees from my window in Florida. Very soothing.

      Thank you very much for ordering your new laptop through my blog! I’m sure I’ll get credit for it. It will probably show up in tomorrow’s orders list. It was nice of you to remember me and my blog.

  22. Good job with the deer photos, I cannot believe the dogs never noticed them! I agree about good hiking shoes! I bought a pair while I was working at Spring Hollow in northern Utah and they have been worth every penny! Don’t worry about the color… all hiking shoes end up the color of the earth anyways! 🙂
    I also love thrift stores/recycle stores! Paws and Claws is the main support for Desert Haven Humane Society Shelter here in T or C. We donated tons of stuff there as we were transitioning from home to The MotherShip. A few days ago I was making gravy and biscuits for breakfast and could not find ONE, NOT EVEN ONE of my kitchen whips! I used to have 6 or more… guess I donated them all. LOL! I had to go back and buy one just in case I get in the mood for biscuits and gravy again anytime soon! haha!
    Good post, love it!!!

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Geri,

      Now, how in the world did you end up with SIX kitchen whips? I haven’t owned that many in my entire life! 🙂

      I can picture you in your kitchen making biscuits and gravy. You have such an inviting home… I guess because of the two people who live in it!

      The crew? Notice deer? I believe these two have lost all their natural instincts. They think they’re people.

  23. Pauline says:

    That camera amazing!!! You are taking wonderful pictures. I love all of them. I have a chair similar to your lounge chair but yours looks a little more well put together. I may have to breakdown and buy one for the deck.

    Wishing you an early Happy Birthday. Love you!!!

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Thanks, Pauline. Time will tell how well-made this lounger is… That is, if it can withstand my abuse or not!

  24. Mick in TN says:

    Increased price based on color … if they did that to men the reviews would be full of comments using four letter words telling them to put the product where the sun don’t shine.

    Love my virtual travels with RvSue and her Canine Crew. Beautiful pictures, prose and comments.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Mick,

      Probably Amazon would say they aren’t increasing any prices — they’re decreasing the price on stock that isn’t moving. Your point is valid though. Women put up with condescension and degradation on a daily basis and don’t complain. I mean, really . . . Just take a look at Fox News online. The page is covered with boobs popping out of tops, bottoms sticking out, pathetic “sexy” young women, etc. Oh for the days of news presented by Edward R. Murrow, Walter Cronkite . . .

      Gee, don’t get me started. LOL!

      Thanks for the compliments.

      • Mick in TN says:

        “boobs popping out of tops, bottoms sticking out” women dress like that in public, pictures get published, “too bad”!

        • rvsueandcrew says:

          Those women are a small percentage of the female population. They are narcissistic, emotionally needy people whose images are plastered across web pages, news pages, billboards, etc., thus encouraging them to dress and act the way they do. I’m tired of it. Imagine reading the news in between photos of male bodies.

  25. Diann in MT says:

    Happy Birthday (week) to you!
    Happy Birthday (week) to you!
    Happy Birthday (week), dear RVsue!
    Happy Birthday (week) to YOU!!!!

    May the gov’ment open the forest campgrounds in honor of your b-day! Would be a great gift, huh!

    Excellent deer photography. Your zoom is marvelous: you got the deer’s eyelashes in focus! HAHAHAHAHA

  26. Kellee says:

    You will love your keens! My 7 year old ones just went to good shoe heaven. I wore them year-round and am saving for a new pair. Enjoy them!

    Love the deer shots – it is harvest time in Iowa and it is hard on the deer to lose the cover of the corn fields.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Kellee…

      I’d love to get seven years of wear out of these. I didn’t know which type to buy. Then the waterproof feature sold me on the ones I chose.

  27. AZ Jim says:

    Your deer pics are great. You have the patience it takes to get the shot you want and that makes for great pics. “Puke and snot???” Missy, you have a way with words. I did like your sewer hose escaping like an insane serpent. Beautiful here today. 85 tops with a light breeze again. Having a nightcap before bed time. “Here’s lookin at you kid!!”

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Jim,

      Thanks for the compliments. Oh my, 85 degrees… how wonderful it must be. I was going to write “relax and enjoy” but it looks like you’re doing that!

  28. Chris B says:

    I’m still laughing about your “day-to-day hell” comment. I thought that I was the only one who felt that way before retirement! It did help knowing the date when the cord would be cut! I retired this past February and haven’t looked back! I was soooooo ready!

    Glad to see that it has warmed up a bit where you are. We came home from Lone Pine today. There was quite a bit of snow on the mountains but the days were clear and warm with chilly nights. We boondocked in the Alabama Hills and enjoyed the perfect fall camping weather.

    Chris (& Diego)

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Chris,

      This is my third try replying to your comment. I’m a very fast typist (80 wpm in my prime) and the laptop can’t keep up. Really.

      I’m happy you had good weather at the Hills. That’s a fun and interesting place. I would’ve been there, too, if it weren’t for the reason you went — the film festival. It would be great to see you again.

      I read on a blog that the Hills are crowded with people who would normally be in campgrounds. I’ll take a look. If we can’t have a private boondock, we’ll move on. We enjoyed 14 days there last year.

      Hugs to Diego… although I know you’re doing that already! 🙂

  29. Elizabeth says:

    Hubby was wondering if you felt very cold inside your little house? Nice deer photos too…and those hiking shoes do look great!! I have been buying better shoes too…same reason…knee that hurts if shoes are not good enough. Pays to listen to what the body says.
    Our adventure continues…we are soon on our way east again…just back from seeing good kin in California for a few days…even met a 4th cousin that I found on…FUN!!

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Elizabeth,

      Tell hubby that sometimes it can be very cold inside the BLT if I don’t manage the heat correctly. In other words one shouldn’t allow the interior to become cold and then turn on the heater. It can’t catch up.

      I know the temps will drop considerably after sundown. So I turn on the heater around four to five o’clock and we’re okay until the next day when I turn it off around 10 a.m. It’s never going to feel the same as a regular house with the thermostat set at 75 or more. You have to dress warmly.

      I’m confused. Apparently I’ve been replying to more than one Elizabeth. I recently told an Elizabeth I was glad she arrived home (back East) safely. Now I read you aren’t there yet!

      I reply on the same page on which readers write comments. So all I have to go on is the name you give. I could use the administrators page but I find it difficult because the comments and replies are out of order. I get mixed up whom I’ve answered.

      Anyway… Glad you got to see your kin. And have a safe trip home!

      • Elizabeth says:

        Thanks for the info…sounds reasonable. We used to camp a bit years ago…but never in snow…and it did get quite cold sometimes, even with a heater.

        Well, I suppose Elizabeth is a quite common name…but I think maybe I was the first one to ever comment on your blogs…I used to live in NC, then we went to VA for 5 months and then the last almost 6 months we have been in Seattle area to help our daughter who had another baby…but we have taken some fun side trips, like the recent one to CA…now does that ring a bell?

        We still are not sure what we will do, long term anyway. And not sure if we will go the full-time RV life or not yet…but we sure enjoy your blog and travels anyway!!
        Elizabeth soon returning to NC

      • Dominick Bundy says:

        Hi Sue, and crew, I’m surprised that it would be that cold in the BLT., What/ with such a tiny space to heat and the carpeted walls and stuff. I just assumed it would hold in the heat very well . As well keep out the heat in the desserts. BTW happy Birthday to you.. Cheers Dominick

  30. Marcia GB says:

    Love the sequence of the deer photos. And as I read along, I applauded your clean-out and Amazon shopping excursion. Good policy to get rid of some old things before buying anything new!

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Marcia,

      Gee, I didn’t plan it that way, but you’re right. Out with the old, and buy new! It has taken over two years for me to fine-tune my wardrobe to fit our travels and way of life. I culled items that are too “nice” or that wrinkle too easily.

      The deer sequence photos are the sequence of how they appeared. Quite delightful to watch them appear, one by one.

  31. Patricia Leonhardt says:

    Hi Sue and Happy Birthday!!! and many more!
    I hope the government opens back up on your birthday for sure. You were born close to Christopher Columbus day. Maybe thats where you get your exploring genes? Love the pics of the deer. Hope the kids jackets fit good!

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Thanks for the birthday wish, Patricia. It doesn’t look like the government will give me what I want for a present.

      I get my “exploring genes” from my parents. My dad saw the world during WWII and he had a restless nature to begin with, always wanting to go places and see new things. My mother learned not to hold him back and once he got her away from her hometown, she was an explorer, too. I’ve never become rooted in a place by choice.

      Even if the crew’s jackets don’t fit well enough to walk around in, they can wear them as pajamas. Then I can kick the blankets off Spike and he’ll still be warm.

  32. Hi Sue:
    Great shopping. I thought I was crazy to pack my UGG slippers when I left California – about 110 degrees in July. Boy am I happy now.

    Your great shots of the deer make clear – “don’t leave home without it” [camera]. You certainly are getting some good memories. Have you tried the fast-shooting (whatever it’s called – where you take several shots at one time)? I haven’t but think that shooting animals might be a time it’d be advantageous.

    And finally – HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Enjoy.
    Thanks for pointing me to William W. Johnstone. I’ve checked him out on audible and amazon – wow, he’s prolific. Audible doesn’t have the Eagle Series but they do have his Mountain Man series – so I’m downloading the first in that series. A few day ago I visited Smith and Edwards in Ogden, UT (I blogged about it) where I bought a Louis L’Amore paperback – kind of the same genre.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Mary-Pat,

      I hope you enjoy Johnstone, because if you do, you’ve hit the mother lode. He is a prolific writer, to say the least. I haven’t read much L’Amour. His descriptions inspire me.

      Remember when I poo-poohed the landscape between Spokane and Ellensburg? I read L’Amour’s “Desert of Wheat” which turned my head around to how precious and beloved that arid land is to the people who farm it.

      No, I haven’t used the fast-sequence feature. I’m still working on landscape distance and close-ups.

      The photos of the deer were particularly difficult because the morning sun was directly behind me. I could not see anything on the LCD screen. I had to point the lens as best I could estimate, zoom in, and hope I captured them in the frame. I was lucky!

  33. Lee says:

    Why a van vs a truck? What kind of gas mileage do you get? Appreciate your response

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Lee,

      Interesting question… why a van vs. a truck. The simple answer is this: A van has a lot of interior space which is protected from the elements, and you have easy access to your stuff (especially the PTV with barn doors on both sides — 8 doors total.)

      I don’t know how the ride in a truck compares with a van. The PTV has a comfortable ride. Gas mileage towing the BLT in varied conditions (flat, long uphill grade, cross-wind, no wind, city, highway). . . I measured 15-17 mpg. Not an accurate test, but that’s the general mileage.

      Plus a van gave me a spot to put the solar panel!

  34. Love the deer sequence! That’s an amazing site you have right now. I so understand your enjoyment of quiet.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Lisa,

      You know, those deer returned to our camp! The crew and I were sitting in the PTV listening to the radio when deer — seven on them this time — walked past the BLT and around to the front of the PTV. We stared at each other for a while, they grazed a little, and then they silently moved on. What a lovely sight.

  35. John says:

    RVSue, We’ll be fulltimers in the next few months and I have a question for you regarding Amazon. When you order stuff from Amazon, do you always have it shipped to a UPS location? Does UPS charge you for this service? Have you ever used Amazon’s “Locker” service? We use Amazon Prime and order lots of stuff including dog food so any advice you can offer regarding Amazon for fulltimers is most appreciated. Thanks, John and Cindy.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi John,

      I’ve learned to always have my Amazon order shipped to a UPS Customer Center, called a “hub,” (free), rather than a UPS store (expensive) or the post office (USPS won’t always accept UPS shipments.) No, I’ve never used Amazon’s locker service. I need to investigate that.

      I wish I could advise you on Amazon mailing but I haven’t yet come up with a fool-proof method. But using a UPS “hub” seems to be the most reliable.

      Best wishes for a life on the road!

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