I’ve got the right connections

Friday, December 13

I hitch up the Best Little Trailer and the crew and I drive into Yuma on Interstate 8.  Our destination is Starlight Solar.  We have a two o’clock appointment.

1-DSC01807The connector for the cable that runs between the Perfect Tow Vehicle’s two batteries and the Best Little Trailer’s one battery is damaged.  I want Starlight Solar to replace the connector and to figure out how to prevent it from becoming damaged again.

I ask about having the connector’s location moved from below the bumper to above the bumper.  As it turns out, the location is not what has caused the repeated loosening of the connector resulting in it dragging on the ground or pavement.

In talking with the Starlight guy I surmise the following . . . .

I must not have secured the connector firmly enough at some point which caused the connector to come loose.  Then whoever fixed it, fixed it wrong.  The connector came loose.  Every replacement after that was put on wrong because the previous connector was used as a guide.  Make sense?

The Starlight guy attaches it correctly.

Now it takes muscle (not just road vibration) to pull the connector from its plug-in.  Thus I decide to forego moving the location to above the bumper which would require drilling through the steel behind the bumper, blah, blah, blah.

Next I ask him to change the fuse for the tv and 12 volt outlets.

(Me and fuses don’t get along.)  He puts in a new fuse and, yay, that’s fixed!  I also ask him to make an extension cable.

Oh, this is sweet!

1-DSC01811Why?  Because now I can position the BLT without having to line up the tongue with the back of the PTV.

1-DSC01808 I can angle and move the PTV in many more locations.

The cable is ten feet long and made of the same heavy gauge as the original cable.

By the time the crew and I get back to Sidewinder Road, it’s dark.  I can’t find our campsite!  I mean, seen one ocotillo, seen them all, you know?  I give up, park where it’s level, and call it a day.

Saturday, December 14

This morning I see that I’m too close to other RVs.  My definition of too close is 1) I can hear RV generators and 2) RVs spoil my view.  I drive around until I find our campsite.

Only this time I take advantage of my new, handy-dandy extension cord!

It being a blustery day, I park the PTV to block the wind (as shown in photo above).  I’m sorry I don’t have more photos of our camp.  The wind and dust aren’t good for my camera.

Les drives up in his pick-up and we chat a bit.

What an interesting guy!  He’s very inventive and has come up with solutions to typical full-timer challenges.  I’ll tell you more about our conversation in another post.

Les happens to mention his SiriusXM radio.  I mention that I’m having trouble getting mine to work.  He offers to do what he can to pick up satellite radio with the components I have.  I hand him the box of stuff.

As I watch Les drive away, he looks at the box and then at me.   He grins.

“Let’s see now . . . Where’s the nearest pawn shop?”

I grin back.  Heh-heh.  Just try it, pal.  I know where you live.



Here’s a sample of items purchased recently:

Solar Rope Tube White 50 LED String Garden Light Inside/Outside
MuckBoots Women’s Breezy Mid Prints Boot,Green/Green Star
Cuisinart 9-Cup Food Processor
Camco RV Adjustable Broom and Dustpan
Roller Derby Sparkle Girl’s Lighted Wheel Roller Skate
Wilson Ambulance and RV Cell Phone Booster Signal Amplifier Kit


June 2013 the crew and I are in Utah and we arrive at one of our prettiest camps.

“On the road to a new camp and, oh, what a camp it is!”


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75 Responses to I’ve got the right connections

  1. Dominick Bundy says:

    Hi, Sue and crew, i see no other replies yet. could it be I’m the first? And I wasn’t even trying. .. It’s about 27 degrees here in Rochester Ny. and the snow just won’t stop falling…

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Um. . . That’s because you’re in Rochester, Dominick. 🙂

      Great to see you here in the number one spot!

  2. Clayton says:

    Great flexibility to be able to park the PTV in any orientation as long as it is within ten feet of the BLT. Maybe this time the connectors will function properly. Enjoy your blog.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Clayton,

      Thanks for letting me know you enjoy my blog.

      Actually I have about thirteen feet to work with because I still have the original cable to connect. Is this fascinating or what?

  3. Wow! 10 more feet of latitude or longitude to make your life a happy connection! I had not realized that you were so limited before! Whole new horizons (within 10 feet!) will open up for you now! Glad that pesky plug is fixed!!!! We arrived at Highlands Hammock State Park a few hours ago and just returned from Sonny’s BBQ for dinner! YUM! We will be here for 7 days before we head back over to Bradenton to spend holidays with family!!! 80’s here, muggy, supposed to rain tomorrow!

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Geri,

      I remember Sonny’s BBQ! There’s one in my old home of Athens, GA. I didn’t realize they were in FL, too.

      Eighties and muggy . . . hard to believe after looking at what the rest of the nation is going through. Enjoy Highlands Hammock . . .

      • Laurie in Oregon says:

        I remember Sonny’s BBQ in Orlando. Yum,Yum! Not a lot of BBQ in Oregon 🙁

        • Rattlesnake Joe says:

          Laurie are you still up thar in Oregon? Better hurry down here to AZ before you get all snowed in. I’m running up quite an electric bill leaving the light on for ya its 14 cents a kilowat here ya know 🙂

          • Laurie in Oregon says:

            Hi Joe
            Yeah, guess I’m going to be here awhile. Not heading out till next fall. Going to stay the winter and maybe work at lake of the woods for the summer. In the process of switching truck and trailer to bigger one. Getting rid of the storage and etc… Miss the road but i’ll get back on her soon enough.

  4. cinandjules (Still in snowy NY) says:

    Glad you got the connector fixed right! Whaddaya mean you don’t get along with fuses? I haven’t laughed so hard since!

    Excuse me?? You’re having a blustery day? It hasn’t stopped snowing since I arrived. Today we finished raking the roof of the garage. It’s called a North Country gym membership! Right now we’re getting Dominick’s lake effect snow! Thanks Dominick!

    Don’t forget your sunscreen Ms 68 degrees! Meh…..I’m sporting my Bear Paws! Oh and I turn my sister on to your amazon link. She bought a heating pad and a Lasko heater for my mom. Every time she uses it…it reminds me of your well wishes for her.

    Have a great night!

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Cinandjules,

      Isn’t it great to be home among the snow drifts? It’s so beautiful . . .

      Yeah, me and fuses. I was proud I figured out what was wrong, even found the correct fuse. Would the dang thing come out for me? No. The Starlight guy pulled the fuse out like he was plucking a daisy. Sheesh.

      Thanks for spreading the word about my Amazon link. I’m saving toward my room at the old folks home. Not hardly! Good night to you, too!

  5. Lee Jorgensen says:

    Sue and pups, I have been reading your blog, started back at the beginning and am now in your first fall in New Mexico..and moving along…what total fun this is!

    Just wanted to tell you that you inspired me to get off my duff and get serious about getting a Casita, we bought a 2001 Liberty Deluxe a few days ago and I am in love! My husband told me going inside is like going into a Hobbit house., but to me it is perfect.

    I don’t know if we will ever full time, but we will sure be getting out there a whole lot more. We had really grown tired of our fifth wheel trailer, it is nice but it is BIG..and no fun to move around and set up., and my husband has pretty well stopped going with me, too much work… so it is going to be sold and good riddance.

    The last time I took it to the Sierra Nevada mountains I swore I wouldn’t do it alone again, too big an effort, so this little Casita will open up camping to me again..I can handle this just fine! I have a huge horse trailer that I pull regularly and this little Casita is smaller than that, so this is something I can do without effort at all..wow…I am chuffed.

    And this is all because of your positive attitude, your going it alone and loving it, traveling with your pups, living the simple life… I have always been independent, one of my worse faults according to my mother, but I have come to realize being independent is also so liberating…I am never bored, I can be entertained sitting in a parking lot waiting for someone to come out of the store, looking is just so interesting!

    So thank you for reminding me I can have a life I love even though my husband wants to stay home all the time… have Casita will travel!

    We were in the Casita looking it over yesterday, trying all the buttons and whistles, and my husband said he could get used to this really easily, so perhaps he will actually join me.. Miracles do happen!

    Lee in northern California

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      What fun to read your comment, Lee! Congratulations on finding a Casita Liberty Deluxe. . . They get scooped up fast. Of course, I’m partial to the Liberty model.

      Your excitement is contagious. You were wise to recognize the problem of your fifth wheel being too much. Now you can look at camping as fun, not work or a challenge. I have a feeling your husband is going to want to be a part of that fun. . . if not right away, then once he catches your enthusiasm.

      You’ve made me feel like a part of your adventure! Thank you for reading my blog from the beginning and for taking the time to share with us here. I’m sure my readers join me in wishing you many safe miles and delightful camps!

  6. rvsueandcrew says:

    Hi, Marilyn,

    First off, thanks for that wonderful compliment. One of my hopes for this blog is that it give a true picture of what it’s like to “live on less and enjoy life more” while on the road.

    About finding free places . . . I look for public lands in my Benchmark atlas for the state I’m in.. . BLM and National Forest land. Then hunt for those brown markers with numbers on them. You can do an online search for “dispersed camping in _____.”

    Free places to camp in Oregon at this time of year is tough, I agree.

    Love your enthusiasm for RVing!

  7. Rattlesnake Joe says:

    Happy you got that darn cable fixed, now we can all relax. It was nice here today in Wikieup Arizona, except for the 30 mph winds. But the wind wasn’t that cold so maybe a change has arrived…at least in these parts. Had a few Javelina come into the RV park here to water at the fountain. That was three days ago, thats all the news from the purty little valley of Shangra La.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Joe,

      Yeah, now y’all can relax. RVSue got her cable fixed. Oh, my . . .

      You shoulda’ seen the dust flying across this flat ground today. Then some guy decides it’s a good day to drive his motorbike around the RVs. Don’t let me get started on that.

      Javelinas, huh? Put water out and no telling what might show up. Sounds like you’re still enjoying Wikiup.

  8. Pondputz says:

    I may have a solution for when in the middle of the dark countryside finding the spot where the camper might be,
    Maybe a small solar powered yard light attached to the mast of the wifi pole.

    a small light is quite noticeable in the vast darkness, I attach mine with magnets, but Velcro would also work nicely.
    I enjoy your blog, have been following for the last year, we have a mutual friend in RVBob the vandweller.


    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Kirk,

      So good to see you here!

      Wow! A light on the antenna pole. What an idea. That would add to the alien spaceship look! Maybe I could run multicolored rope lights that would flash on and off in succession up and down the pole. Way cool! 🙂

      Seriously . . . I couldn’t find the campsite because I took everything with us, including the BLT. I didn’t think it would be dark when we got back. These winter nights sneak up really fast and then they hang around too long!

  9. Bob says:

    Sue, Am I correct that all I had to do was click on any of the links on your blog to Amazon and then do my shopping and make purchase and you get credit? I entered at the link at the top of the page and made my purchase but there is no indicator that you get some credit so I wasn’t sure if this was how it worked. Yes cold in WI too but heading to Florida soon in the motorhome. Wife pups and I will camp in a manner which would not thrill you but works for us. Two months at Disney. Thanks for your blog. I find your views and good works to be interesting. You have a real compassion for people which I like and I would suggest you are more social now than when you began. Safe travels.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Bob,

      Yes, you are correct about my Amazon links. It doesn’t matter which of my links you use or what you end up buying, I get credit. Unfortunately there’s no way for you to see that I got the credit. Trust me, I do. Thank you very much, Bob!

      Hey, whatever manner of RVing “works” for you is the way to go! I make a big deal about boondocking and free camps because that’s my schtick. Doesn’t mean everyone should do what I do . . .

      Have a wonderful time at Disney in Florida. I’ve been there a few times, several years ago.

      Well, I don’t know that I’m more social. Notice how I’m rarely the person to initiate contact? Once a person or persons stop by my campsite I thoroughly enjoy their company.

      Glad you like my blog. Best wishes to you, your wife, and your canine crew!

      • Morris says:

        Hi Sue,
        I had also wondered about the situation with Amazon knowing to provide you with credit when we use your link to make purchases. I always look for the list of Amazon purchases at the end of your letter for confirmation that some credit for my purchases had reached you, so it is good to read that it does occur even though we can’t see it on our orders. I just ordered some Inspector Gamache novels by Louise Penny, which I recently discovered and would recommend them for your reading if you enjoy mysteries.
        Love your blog!
        All the best,

        • rvsueandcrew says:

          Hi, Mo,

          Thank you for making your Amazon purchases through my blog. I sincerely appreciate it. Even if an item you purchased never shows up at the end of my blog (that’s a small portion of total orders that I pick at random), you can trust that I got credit.

          Louise Penny… I’ve added her to my list. I do enjoy mysteries. Nice to hear from you!

  10. Ladybug says:

    Some of this sounded familiar…..then I went looking back on another blog I follow and discovered that they just arrived in Yuma, and have an appointment with Starlight Solar next week! They just purchased a new Class A and are getting it all set up. Apparently Yuma and Starlight Solar is the place to be in early winter! LOL

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Ladybug,

      I had to wait for Starlight Solar to finish with a brand new Class A before it was my turn. I wonder if it was that blogger. . .

      You’re right about Yuma. Winter is a good time to get pesky tasks done and Yuma has the businesses to help. Plus it’s WARM!

  11. Bob says:

    Sue, I’m the old electronics guy again, try and protect the connectors of cables. One trick I’ve always used with Christmas lights outside, is fold cables back @ connection and put the “cone” (plug) into a baggy and tape close at bottom to keep moisture out. In your case it would help keep out dust also. Suggest you check cable every day or so, for “chewing” bites. In my years of electronics, found that some varmints like the taste of certain insulation on wire. Mice for sure (certain flavors) and marmots (groundhogs), also porcupines like brake hoses, not sure about others. Just so you’re aware of the possibilities.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Okay, you’re not the Bob who just wrote about going to FL from WI. And you’re not Fortuna Bob and you’re not Desert Bob. So I’m going to think of you as Electric Bob, okay?

      I hadn’t thought about critters chewing on my brand new, super fine, extension cable. That would frost my behind! Mostly chipmunks around here. Thanks for the suggestions on protecting the cables.

      • Ladybug says:

        And don’t forget about those pesky pack rats! You’re bound to run into them sometime or another, and I hear they have a real taste for wires…

      • Bob says:

        Sue, Electronics Bob here, but I believe I have used Rocky Mtn Bob or SW Colo Bob, either is ok. Never had trouble with chip monks other than they will hitch a ride in RV’s here in Colo. from Mtns. down to the valley (home).

        • rvsueandcrew says:

          Help me out… In the future go by Rocky Mtn Bob, okay? Hope you’re right about chipmunks . . .

  12. Cari in North Texas says:

    Yay, another inconvenience dealt with! And I like the fact you can now park the PTV a little farther away from the BLT – gives you more flexibility and choices. I was concerned when you said you couldn’t find your campsite – I though you had left your chair and other outdoor things behind when you went into town.

    I’m watching Rudolph the Rednosed Reindeer on TV – some traditions are just too hard to break. and Charlie Brown Christmas is on next week.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Cari,

      Out here it would seem like items such as chairs or a rug were abandoned if a camper weren’t nearby. So when I left for Yuma, I took everything with me. I don’t usually have a bunch of stuff lying around my camp anyway.

      Those are Christmas classics. No need to break those traditions.

    • Roger in SoCal. says:

      Hey Cari, thanks for the heads up…I am in So. Cal and Rudolph starts in 15 minutes. can’t miss that!

  13. wa_desert_rat says:

    I may have solved the dilemma between parking for solar or parking to block the wind. Put so much solar on your vehicle that it glows in the dark. 😛

    Actually, it’s not my idea… but I thought up the “glow in the dark” description. We all know (or should know, by now) that pointing solar panels at the sun enhances the efficiency of the panels over simply laying them on their backs. But there are some advantages to laying them on their backs. For one thing, they are pretty much the same efficiency that way no matter where the sun is.

    Now, this scheme pretty much only applies to people with big, flat roofs on their RVs. Those of us with RVs that have cute rounded rooftops (coughrvsuecough) can’t take advantage of it so much. But, anyway, just put up a crapload of panels (they’re pretty cheap nowadays) and run them through a charge controller that can handle series connectins (higher voltage). If you can get a kilowatt (or more) up there and still walk (or, in my case, crawl carefully) arounc then the panels will charge the batteries pretty much any time. At least a little. Probably more than enough to let you go ahead and park to block the wind.

    A friend of mine has over a KW on his rooftop and he says that he can see some charging voltage on his controller (a Classic 150) on a full moon night! (Not enough to actually charge though.) My eyebrows shot up. 😀


    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Craig,

      I saw a guy recently who had panels plastered all over his rig. He had them on the roof, hanging on both sides, down the back… huge panels! And his rig wasn’t very big… a small truck camper or class C.

      I disagree with your statement about the efficiency of tilting panels. I see a big difference. I was lazy as the days grew shorter and the sun’s path was lower in the sky (well, I’m lazy all the time, but anyway…) and I started having low-charge problems. With the shorter time frame within which the panel can get sun, it needs to be as direct as possible. That’s my view. . . Once I started tilting the panels I haven’t had any more problems.

      I can block the wind in a number of ways … different angles for the PTV or different angles for the BLT. It works as much as one can expect with crazy desert wind!

      That’s weird, lunar power!

      • wa_desert_rat says:

        You misunderstand what I’m saying. Yes, tilting panels greatly enhances the ability of a panel to charge better.

        However, if you install more panels than you’d need and lay them flat, then they’ll still keep you charged. Even though they are not working at their maximum capacity all the time, the sheer numbers of them will mean that they put out power.

        And by wiring them in series – which adds the voltages – this means that the overall charging voltage that is delivered to the battery bank is still likely to be greater than the 14vdc which is generally though of as a good charging voltage.

        In other words, if you have so many panels that you have the possible voltage of 150vdc feeding the controller, then when the sun is not at its best (early in the morning) the 5 or 6 volts each panel will generate will add up to enough voltage to put a charge into the batteries.

        If those panels were 12vdc maximum (17vdc from the panels) that 5vdc would do nada.


  14. DougH says:

    Hi Sue, really enjoy your blog. might be time for you to get a GPS unit so you can log your position before you leave camp and find your way back.
    It is hard to find your way back in the dark on the desert.

  15. Reine in Plano says:

    What a great early Christmas present to yourself to get all the irritations fixed and get more parking flexibility too! So what if fuses aren’t your friends. The guy at the Solar place probably pops them in and out several times a day. Some things do get easier with experience but changing fuses is one experience I hope you never have to develop.
    Enjoy the warm. I think it got up to 40 here today but next week is supposed to be warmer.
    FYI, I think your writing is getting better the longer you write. I know I really enjoy it.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Reine,

      I’m starting to see how a winter visit to Yuma every year is a good plan. We can stay warm while I get everything ship-shape for another year of travel.

      I hope you north Texans do get some relief from bad weather. It’s supposed to warm up here, too.

      Thank you for the compliment on my writing. I don’t know if I’ve improved that much. Maybe you’ve become accustomed to my style and now we’re “in sync.” 🙂 Either way, it’s good.

  16. Edie says:

    Thanks for the information on the extension cable. This is something I will get right away when we pick up our trailer.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Edie,

      I want to make sure there’s no confusion. You won’t need an extension cord like mine unless your tow vehicle holds the solar panel and batteries. The other cord (powering the lights and brakes on your trailer) is disconnected when you set up camp.

  17. chas anderson says:

    Sue,this is offtopic but I have seen your comments about getting a kayak.We carry a Sea Eagle inflatable 2 person kayak.It is rugged and inflates in minutes with the footpump in the package.Fols into a duffle bag that can go into any RV hatch.Their single person pkayak package is on sale now.Have had it for 10 years now with zero problems.I also own 2 canoes and a hard kayak that I sometimes carry, so I know this will work.The recent Mittry photos made me think of this.

    Also, cannot travel without XM.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, chas!

      I don’t know if you’re aware that I already have an inflatable “canoe.” It’s a two-seat Sevelor, bigger than I need. I thought I would need that extra room for the crew. Bridget and Spike want to be next to me and so all three of us end up in the back and I lose the ballast in the front. Tough to maneuver!

      I realize now I would’ve been better off to get a one-person Sea Eagle. The inflatables are easy to inflate with the Coleman, battery-powered/AC pump I have.. However, at this point, I’m wanting a hard-sided vessel, lightweight, and able to be carried on top of the PTV or BLT.

      I appreciate you taking the time to offer an alternative.

  18. Snow here too. Sure is pretty..don’t you want to mosey over this way? Umm…guess not. My favorite Sunday TV show is “Sunday Morning” – they do a little bit of video at the end of some place in nature. Today was somewhere in Montana..they showed a wide valley and beautiful mountains and a little stream going through the field with a herd of elk…and I thought immediately “RVSue would love it there.” Maybe not right NOW with snow..but sometime. Have you been to Montana?

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Dawn,

      Yes! I love Montana. I’ve seen some of Montana’s wide valleys and beautiful mountains. Elk, not so much. 🙂 Anyway…

      The crew and I camped along the Madison River in Montana, not far from Bozeman. Last summer we camped at Delmoe Lake, east of Butte. Montana is wonderful!

      You were right… “RVSue would love it there.”

  19. That extension cord sounds like a great solution, especially with the solar panel on your roof. Nice to have things working good again.
    And tilting the panels at this time of year does make a huge difference.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, George and Suzie,

      A long cord to allow multiple angles for parking the PTV was a big part of having the solar panel on the tow vehicle. Unfortunately the cord was made too short to begin with. But now we’re in fine shape!

  20. Ladybug says:

    BTW, Sue…..reading your blog is the best ‘anti-anxiety medication’ I know!! 😉

  21. Bill & Ann says:

    Exhausted here. The Pronghorn Relocation project seemed to go well yesterday. They came from Cabeza Prieta over here to KOFA. They are heavy animals! Are you going to Ajo this year?

    We have been in Yuma a couple of times this week. Are you going in tomorrow. We could meet for lunch, or drive over to your place on one of our days off.

    There are some nice 14 day campsites up the road from us if you come out this way. Crystal Hill is also beautiful and there is no one out there! Good reception at both places. We hope to check out one more road in a couple of days.

    A Casita drove up the road last night and left early this morning. Two cars, one trailer, obviously on their way to somewhere.

    We also have been having some shortages of solar power with shorter days and the low sun angle. Our panel is mounted flat on top of the trailer. It hasn’t been too much of an inconvenience though, so far.

    The weather is nice and it is absolutely beautiful out. We are so enjoy the sun!

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Bill & Ann,

      I’m going into Yuma tomorrow as I’m expecting more mail. I don’t know how long I’ll stay camped here on Sidewinder Road. It depends upon you and your plans. How long will you be out on Palm Canyon Road? I’d like to camp out there, but I don’t want to interfere with your volunteer work.

      Let me know if, when and where . . . okay? I’d like to camp up the road from you as you mentioned.

      • Bill & Ann says:

        We will be here thru March; if we don’t give out from exhaustion first. We more or less make our own hours.

        • rvsueandcrew says:

          I’ll probably head over that way by the end of the week.

          • Bill & Ann says:

            Exhausted, at the moment, but looking forward to meeting with you again. We should have our alotted 30 hours in and have a few days off by the end of the week. Samantha and Julie are excited! Spike and Bridgette. We miss them! Yes! Doggie friends from the past. Can’t wait to share tales about our human hosts from the past year!

            • rvsueandcrew says:

              I’m anxious to hear it all… your time on the Oregon coast and your up-close-and-personal encounters with pronghorns . . . Maybe I’ll drive over there this weekend. I’ll be in touch with an email.

  22. OH Sue…your comment”seen one Occotillo…seen ’em all! “…Brought back some of my funny mishaps that can happen after dark…..thanks for the laughs although at the time it wasn’t so darn funny! :))

  23. Laura says:

    Hey Sue –
    Just wondering if the adaptor has arrived. If not, maybe tomorrow.

    I’m afraid to ask about the XM … 🙁

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Laura,

      I’m going back to the post office tomorrow. When I was there last Wed. and picked up the package you sent, I asked the postal clerk about the other package. She said they were “swamped” and all the mail hadn’t been sorted yet.

      When I went back into Yuma for the appt. on Friday, I was towing the BLT so I didn’t go to the P.O. It’s downtown and in a frantic traffic area. I’ll probably get the package tomorrow.

      I’ve got good news on the XM which I’ll write about in the next post!

  24. Barbara says:

    Thanks for the good wishes. Since most of us are in thrifty mode these days I wanted to pass along that you can get propane at Cactus Propane for $2.14 per gallon. Also the same blogger says the water at the Sidewinder Road Shell has a nasty odor. Water at Yuma water stations is better. You may already know these things, just trying to help out.
    Glad you got the connection repaired and upgraded. Makes sense to me anyway.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Thanks, Barbara, for the info! I’ll see if I can find Cactus Propane online.

      I already put the Sidewinder Road water in my fresh water tank. (The water from the vending machine is okay.) I only use the tank water for flushing and washing hands. I won’t get water there again.

  25. Mister Ed says:

    That adapter u have is from a battery jumper plug in used on tow trucks that’s a good way to go
    On your Sirius XM are u setting the main radio to the right station on the low end of the dial
    98.5. ( 98.5 is the master stat,) Set this one first Then the XM u r good to go
    Do u have a Sirius unit or an XM unit( XM is old and outdated now )( u can’t give XM Away now XM is best dumped in the trash can )
    Remember Sirius owns XM now but use different satellites

  26. Todd says:

    Hi Sue. I was wondering if you had Anderson connectors or not. Could you tell me where your cable comes out of the PTV añd where it goes or what it hooks into in the BLT. I am trying out solar with our 17ld and that battery compartment is a pain.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Todd,

      Where the cable comes out of the PTV: (Left and right is when looking toward the front of the PTV while standing at the hitch).

      Since my battery box is located on the right side, that’s where the cable exits, underneath the PTV. Then it goes across to the left side of the PTV (below the level of the bumper) and then it turns to the back end of the PTV. It stops at an Anderson connector that faces outward, to the left and below the regular outlet. I don’t know why it was done this way. Maybe to reach the best place to secure the cable and connector?

      The connector under the bumper can be seen by stooping slightly making it easy to plug in the other half of the connector that is attached to the BLT’s cable.

      The BLT’s cable comes out at that same place where the regular power cable comes out as built at the factory. It follows one side of the coupler “triangle” and extends about four feet with an Anderson connector at its end.

      I had an extension cord made that is 10 feet long to give me flexibility in positioning the PTV.

      • Todd says:

        Thanks sue. We are looking forward to adventures in the near future. I never thought I could want to be in the desert.

        Thank you

        Keep on keeping on

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