Keeping the peace at camp

Thursday, April 23 – Sunday, April 26

Cold, wind, and rain hit our campsite.  The crew and I stay inside the Best Little Trailer, except for quick potty runs.  We’re warm with the heater on and the covers pulled up.

1-P1040453Bridget, Reggie, and I live harmoniously, as much as can expected anyway, in such tight quarters.

After a few days, however, that harmony begins to break down, as the following photo illustrates.

1-P1040456NOTE:  No canines were hurt in the production of this blog.

In order to maintain what little sanity we have left, I suggest a trip into Twin Falls.

“We could pick up some fresh vegetables for salad,” I remark.  “Not that either of you care.”

I run outside with the keys to the Perfect Tow Vehicle.  I start up the engine and put the heater on high.  The PTV puts out wonderful heat.  You can cook yourself with the blast of heat it throws.

In a few minutes, the crew and I are cruising north on Route 93.

“Doesn’t this heat feel good!”

Bridget and Reggie sleep peacefully.  We don’t go all the way into Twin Falls.  There’s a Logan’s grocery in Filer which is closer.

1-P1040450A relaxing, warm ride followed by a brief walk-about and the doodleheads are happy campers again.

Sunday’s weather allows us more time outdoors.  I don’t bother putting Reggie in a sweater.  He doesn’t seem to like wearing one.

Monday, April 27

The big truck from the fish hatchery, carrying 14,500 fish, doesn’t arrive as we were told to expect.  I can’t imagine how it could have delivered the fish without us noticing.  Reggie perks up his ears at every vehicle and boat trailer that passes the campground.

The balmy weather that we had upon our arrival at Lud Drexler Campground returns.

Bridget relaxes on the quilt I spread out on the grass.  The sun feels so good!

I sweep the Best Little Trailer, shake out the throw rugs, and tidy up the interior.  I air the bed covers, arranging them across the picnic table and the back of the lounger.  I wash the fresh vegetables and boil a few eggs from which I make salads.  I pack the salads in containers with lids and place them in the fridge.

Then I relax and watch people hurrying to the reservoir with their boats and fishing gear.  Canada geese honk as they fly over the dam.  Mother-to-be robin peers down from her nest above us.

Reggie has a lot of pent-up energy to let loose.

1-P1040379He tears into his toy, a giant flea with “Bite Me” on its back and a squeaker inside.  Uh-oh.  This could get ugly.

1-P1040378On behalf of flea-bitten dogs everywhere, Reggie Man shows no mercy!

1-P1040373He beats the flea on a rock until it squeaks (and bites) no more!

1-P1040376“Oh, Reggie!  I think you killed it!”  Gee, look at that evil grin  . . . .

1-P1040372“Just because you have a baby face doesn’t mean you aren’t a tough guy, right, Reggie?”

1-P1040385Tuesday, April 28

Our last day at Salmon Falls Reservoir is heavenly!

I read Only the Truth by Pat Brown.  It’s such an engaging story with interesting characters that I don’t want to put down my Paperwhite.  I read all afternoon, lounging in the warm breezes of our camp.  It’s one of those books, when done reading, you set it aside and say out loud, “What a story!”

Later toward evening . . .

As dusk turns to dark I look up from the computer.  Through the window I view the reservoir in the last light of day.

I run outside with the camera.

Imagine standing outside that trailer as night falls and the gleam on the water fades into darkness.  What a way to end a day!

1-P1040460This is our last night here.  I could stay at this camp a lot longer and be very happy every day.  It’s been a wonderful camp, even with the cold days. 

Well, there are more wonderful camps to be found.

1-P1040459-001Salmon Falls Reservoir at nightfall

Next post . . . The crew and I move to a new camp!



1-P1040382“Let this be a lesson to fleas everywhere!”


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  1. lindale says:


    • lindale says:

      The email came just as I sat down with my first cup of coffee so I really feel like we are sharing our morning together. Cabin fever should have a similar name for those of us in small trailers, egg fever? Sounds like a great day even with the egg fever.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Congratulations, lindale!

      • kgdan says:

        Hey, Lindale and Sue! My day has started bright and sunny as well. We had an excellent, very restful night here. Lots more energy this morning. Numbers are great! There are weeds to pull, perennials to trim & new annuals to plant. Spring is beautiful here. Looking forward to your posts when you get up to Washington, Sue.

  2. Linda Rose, Muffin, Murphy, Molly & Midgy says:

    Trying to be first.

  3. Man….today I really tried for it, and still missed it by 3! 🙂

    Morning, everyone!

  4. pookieboy says:


  5. Velda in Roseville Ca says:

    Good morning Blogerinos!

  6. rvsueandcrew says:


    How ’bout I let y’all take over the comments section. Sue 🙂

  7. Velda in Roseville Ca says:

    Such peaceful beautiful photos of the reservoir Sue.

  8. Kathie says:

    Absolutely hilarious, but absolutely true portrait of canine sibling “I’ve had enough of this.” Really love your interpretation of Bridget’s and Reggie’s thoughts. Based on my experience, you are right on.

  9. Shawna says:

    That Reggie! What a cutie pie. The Chiweenie Brothers and I send happy hellos to you and the crew.

  10. Linda Rose, Muffin, Murphy, Molly & Midgy says:

    I’m wondering why you can’t stay longer? Reggie looks so adorable tackling that toy. I got that book after seeing your comment. I’ll start reading it as soon as I finish Still Life with Murder by P.B Bryan. That last sundown picture is a keeper.

  11. weather says:

    It’s quite an effort to keep our little friends from the occasional snit,isn’t it?Even when one thinks their being active should help keep the peace a stray critter gets their adrenalin pumping or they get tired,sore,cranky…At least,I know teaching mine to be nice to each other and hoping they behave that way when I can’t be with them every hour has always been an ongoing part of my life.I love the photos of your two today-what an adorable family you three are!

    The photo of a beautiful sunset there is such a lovely way to depict your farewell to home you enjoyed.I’m glad you were there,and glad you’ve moved on to a new and likely delightful in it’s own way place-I’m sure you are to.

    Realizing how much time (and inner involvement,too) keeping up with comments and replying takes,I understand your withdrawing quite a bit more at times and am glad you afford yourself that freedom. I’ll admit,as well however,I like being a blogorino far more when you are here.Change is part of most things we enjoy in life and has beauty and benefits within it and following,so I tend to take it in stride.Just wanted to mention that you matter more than as a provider of a delightfully written and photographed log of a lifestyle…

    • weather says:

      Puffy little clouds covered so much of the eastern horizon light more approached than appeared for a while.As the night,dark and shadow retreated day came as a slow revealing rather than as a sudden dawn.Lovely,full of promise,peace and plans that include a lakeside chat with a friend…Good morning,Sue,I hope today is as sweetly slow paced for you at some point,and leave you feeling as nice 🙂

    • weather says:

      Hope your newest camp is one you three can enjoy,Sue,good morning!I also hope you are well in body and heart,and have enough signal to be as connected to the internet and this page as you want or don’t want to be 🙂 guess both ways have their benefits.Have a wonderful day where and how ever it is spent.I’ll spend a lot of mine w/my grandson.Wednesday I’ll take him to the airport as the semester is ending and he’ll be flying to San Diego-home to my son,daughter-in-law,himself and my granddaughter.Take good care of yourself and the crew,”see” ya whenever…

      • rvsueandcrew says:

        Good morning, weather… We are at a camp with good internet, at last! I’m putting a post together and will publish it soon. Enjoy this precious time with your grandson!

        • weather says:

          Thanks for replying,I’m on my way out and will have a nicer time knowing all’s well w/you,see you early evening on the new post

  12. Applegirl NY says:

    So funny, the contrast between the first two pictures. I always said God made children adorable when they sleep to make sure exhausted parents still love them after bad days.

    Beautiful evening pictures. Safe travels!

  13. AZ Jim says:

    I remember many moons ago when I was first. It was by accident, but now I think you have folks “camping here” and waiting to see you appear. Well, I’ll never be first again I reckon and you know, I’m ok with that.
    Reggie is a ruthless little warrior albeit his enemy is unable to defend itself, he is nonetheless a savage killer.
    Heating up here Missy….

  14. Our dogs still have ” spats” occasionally, even after being brothers for 4 years now! It happens. But Reggie at war with his flea toy is hilarious! He really enjoy the young warrior mode doesn’t he? Radar and DoogieBowser did good getting their stitches out, neither one cried or complained and they are healing well! Happy Trails and safe travels until we meet again!

  15. That Reggie Man!!

    One of our family dogs had one of those flea toys…I can’t remember who, but wow…they seem to know what it represents and beat the you-know-what out of it…all the time!!

    Actually, I was waiting for a post about a spat between R and B!!


  16. And what a beautiful place, Sue!

    That’s a great nightfall pic…

  17. Libby Nester says:

    Awe! Reggie and Bridgette are so darling. I love the way Reggie was looking at Bridget with the expression of “I keeping an eye on you.” LOL He is so cute.

  18. Jolene says:

    This has been a beautiful camp. Safe travels and I look forward to where we are going next.

  19. Jean in Southaven, MS says:

    Love the evening pictures. Looks like another place to put on my bucket list. I have a friend in Utah that is from Twin Fall, Idaho. She always talked about how pretty it was, but I have never been there. Can’t wait to see where we are going next.

  20. Cinandjules (NY) says:

    Oh you make me laugh!

    EVERYONE gets cabin fever! Bridgee babeeee….that’s a serious snarl face!

    Glad you were able to get some fresh air!

  21. DebsJourney says:

    Hi Sue,
    Looks like your doing well and the pups are truly acting like siblings. Love those two babies.
    I just got back from the produce place and got a bunch of goodies, mango, kiwi, oranges, papaya and plums and some greek olives and fish spread with authentic pita pockets yummm.,
    I think I might have a buyer for my place. But the husband is flying here next week and will come see it in person. His wife is sold so we’ll see.
    Your lifestyle feels so mellow and relaxing…. sometime soon I’ll be joining you as a full timer. Can’t wait till all the moving and schlepping of stuff will be over!

    • Denise - Richmond VA says:

      Good luck, Deb! **Hugs**. 🙂

    • Krystina Lompoc, CA says:

      I’m keeping my fingers crossed Deb!

    • Velda in Roseville Ca says:

      Keeping fingers crossed!

    • Applegirl NY says:

      Oh, I hope this buyer works out for you, Deb. Good luck!

    • Hey Debs,

      I think I just found you on YouTube last night, and subscribed to you!

      I started my 2 channels (about a month ago); Creature Feature Pet Sitting, which I’m uploading to pretty regularly…and my other channel; Tiny Dog Parade, which is not searchable yet…since I need 3 uploaded videos to qualify it to be searchable. that’s OK, though since TDP will be my “Full-Timing channel”…in the future. 🙂

      So Creature Feature should be your latest subscription 🙂
      When I next upload to TDP…I’ll search for you thru there and subscribe from that one, too. 🙂

      Hey…I hope your house sells soon and you can get out there….and BTW…I like how you got all your stuff ready to go! 🙂

  22. Glinda says:

    WooHoo! I ordered the book “Keeping the Piece” and it was free. Lol
    I’ve enjoyed reading you suggestions and look forward to this one. Will let you know how I like it.
    I have a 16′ Casita and I know the living quarters could get a little tight after a while. I’m one of those people that look for good weather before I go out in it. I need to be a little more adventurous.
    looking forward to seeing your next camp.
    Give the crew a hug for me.

  23. Terri From Texas says:

    Okay RvSue,
    You sold me! I just downloaded Only the Truth. I was happy to see it was on kindle unlimited as I subscribe to that. Great post again beautiful pictures! I do enjoy your blog AND your readers!
    Be safe!

  24. Rita says:

    LOL R & B at it but cute. I’m surprised the fleas eye & limbs are still in tack….those the first things that go with our pooches. They’ll be dragging and playing tug-of-war with limbs & ears before I finally dispose of dead toy. The sunset phot of lake is gorgeous….so peaceful looking.

  25. Nancy says:

    Still snickering over Reggie’s beat-down of Mr. Flea! Don’t wanna mess with that little ole Reggie, now. And Bridget is too cute even when she’s mad with Reggie. She even snarls in a cute, ladylike way.

    Such a beautiful, peaceful place you are, Sue. Happy for you and the Doodlebugs.

  26. Barb from Hoquiam says:

    Lol, that Reggie!
    What a gorgeous camp!!!

    Not too much going on here. Got back from a TBI Conference yesterday. Today has been laundry and House cleaning. Ugh. Wrapping my head around some vast changes needed. So many things to think about…

    Hope your drive is smooth and the wind at your back.
    Hugs from Hoquiam!

  27. Dawn from Camano Island says:

    The pups are adorable even when they’re tired & cranky. Reg really knows how to slap down Mr. Flea–way to go Buddy! The sunset is beautiful–it feels as if it’s finally warming up to real spring into summer weather. A change of scenery is always good–enjoy your new home, Sue.

  28. Sue, those nightfall pictures are just amazing, really…what a beautiful camp, I would hate to leave!
    Of course the pup pics steal the show, cute as those 2 are! And PS…our little Ziggy hated sweaters, too…we’d put it on him and he’d just freeze up and stand there, giving me the stink eye, like “Mom, really??? You think I’m gonna be happy wearing THIS???” I always took it off after a few minutes, I felt like I was hurting him or something 🙂

  29. Wayne Scott says:

    Veggies & the crew:
    We dehydrate sweet potatoes sliced into thin slices using a mandolin slicer. The dogs love them!!!
    Sweet Potato Chews – home made.

  30. My 2 like sweet potatoes too! Never tried to dehydrate then. Mmmmm! Good idea!

    • Wayne, I just read your blog and see that you are workamping at RiverBend Hot Springs! Chuck and I were workers there in 2009 and we agree, Jake is the best and of all the jobs we have worked or volunteered for over the last 6 years, RiverBend was without a doubt, our favorite! Please tell Jake howdy from us! Enjoy the rest of your stay there!

  31. Denise - Richmond VA says:

    Hi, Sue,

    Prolonged days of cold, gray, rainy skies can make one cranky. Glad that your excursion to the store did the trick to get rid of the cabin fever. The pictures of Bridget and Reggie made me crack up! 🙂

    The lovely closing pictures of your camp make it easy to see why you could have happily stayed there longer. So peaceful and serene.

    Before I forget…I enjoyed “The Land of Little Rain” by Mary Austin. I initially thought that it would be a quick read, but found her 1903 prose a little cumbersome. I had to re-read quite a few passages several times. I think you had a similar experience. Her first hand account of the area and the people she encountered was very interesting.

    Remember several months ago when I went to a baby gender reveal party? Well, my friends had a healthy 8 lb baby boy this morning! Mommy and baby are doing well, and Daddy is busting with joy! Little one is a cutie pie! Nothing like some happy, wonderful news to make one’s day! 🙂

    Thank you for sharing your journey – looking forward to see where you take is next! Have a good evening! Love and hugs from me and Gracie pup! 🙂

    • Denise - Richmond VA says:

      …where you take US next…

    • weather says:

      Oh,Denise,friends with a baby-that’s simply wonderful news!!!Nothing is quite as nice to celebrate,or hear about,than a new life to love is it?I hope you’re blessed with seeing them soon-they must be so happy.Thanks,that made my evening,n’nite,weather

      • Denise - Richmond VA says:

        Hi, weather, A new life to love is a miracle and a blessing! The wonderful news had me smiling all day! My friends are beyond happy! I hope to pop in for a quick visit tomorrow if they are not too overwhelmed with tiredness. N’nite, my friend! sxxooo 🙂

    • Elizabeth in WA says:

      Can use some good news today and a new baby is just that!! Congrats to all who love the little one!!

  32. Timber/Rusty on our way Northeast says:

    Wow, That Reggie Man can tear into Mr. Flea. I asked Dad if I can have one and he says ask Sue where she got Mr. Flea from, that I may have one too. Hi Bridget n’ Reggie n’ Sue,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Timber

  33. Krystina Lompoc, CA says:

    Another super post! In the next to the last picture of Reggie it looks like he is saying “What else ya got for me Mom?”? Loving the sunset photos too.

    So today I came to Lorenzo Regional Park in King City. As I pulled into the campground there were at least 30 Casitas lined up in the sites!! Really. They are having a rally here. I mean, seriously, what are the odds??? Naturally I told them all about your blog so I am pretty sure you will have more followers after this weekend. I was in the San Simeon State Park. $22 All the bathrooms were close, the showers were closed and the water was off! Jeeze. I NEED to get out of this state…really having a rough time. Not many campgrounds at all. The gas price in Cambria this morning was $4.50 a gallon!!!! Walmart is charging you .10 a bag if you don’t come with your own. I really think I am in a foreign country. Just how far is Oregon from here? VERY Far! Hope I can get to Oregon before I fall off a cliff…seriously…almost did…in the RV. PETRIFIED! I’ll stop now.

    • Denise - Richmond VA says:

      Reading about your close call on that cliff gave me the shivers!! Yikes!!

      Safe travels, Krystina! 🙂

      • Krystina Lompoc, CA says:

        The gravel road was ONLY as wide as my Class C. It had washed out crevaces that were like 8-10″ deep…I could barely fit on the road. If someone had been coming the other way I couldn’t have backed up because there was no wiggle room AT ALL. I kept going and finally found a big group campsite to turn around in…and then (no choice) go back down the hill. The road was marked with a big brown State sign that had a tent on it so I thought it was the way to go. Turns out that road was all about horses and trailers. It is a dangerous road even for them. ugh

        • Elizabeth in WA says:

          WOW…how awful Krystina!! So glad you are ok. There are days one can be awfully glad to be alive and well. Tonight was our third encounter this month with coming up on a very bad wreck…we were maybe 2 minutes or so behind this one…and read later one died and 3 in hospital….not much left to the front end of the cars!! I think we are getting a message here of some kind!! We were delayed by hard rain and hail…sometimes I am glad we are delayed!! My nerves are shot…I imagine yours are too!! You need a nice quiet place to rest awhile and recover!!

          • Denise - Richmond VA says:

            Three times in a month…wow, Elizabeth. You and your husband are being watched over and kept out of harm’s way – thank goodness! 🙂

            • Elizabeth in WA says:

              Thanks Denise…I hope things will be calmer now!! We are protected…but this one really bothered me. Seeing the people laying around, etc. I had a hard time sleeping last night. Prayed for them all…but I know what it is to loose someone in an accident.

          • Krystina Lompoc, CA says:

            Elizabeth…I so agree with you about coming onto a scene at an accident. I always think…how did it happen (reminding myself not to do whatever it was)…who was at fault…etc. and I always pray that everyone is ok. I tell ya, these roads in CA are a hazard. Truly they are. One of the biggest problem is their signage, or should I say lack of signs. I could go on and on. I have been on the road a year and I have never seen anything like CA. Pretty sure I won’t be back. It would be soooo much better if at least I had a navigator. Kinda hard to do these roads alone. Have a great day Elizabeth.


            • Elizabeth in WA says:

              I so agree with you Krystina…CA roads were not great when I lived there (twice I lived there)…and with all the extra people these days, no doubt they are a nightmare. Well, we live part time in WA, in Seattle area…and they are also a nightmare these days!! What is weird back here in NC is that there is more people too…but nothing compared to Seattle area so yes, it was probably something stupid like texting or some sort that caused the wreck…tho’ I have not yet heard the why. We feel protected…but it is getting unnerving. I have lost quite a few kin over the years in wrecks…none our fault. Others were alive but hurt. What most seem not to know is even if you are hit at 25 mph…you can be left with permanent damage, esp. to the back. And you are indeed very brave traveling about alone!! I hope you have a GPS…they are not perfect…and some have led us through parts of towns I would never go…so you still need a paper map too.

        • Denise - Richmond VA says:

          What is the name/location of this road (if you recall) so we can make note to avoid it in future travels. I am glad that you are ok! Shook up, but made it through the ordeal.

          • Krystina Lompoc, CA says:

            Montana de Oro State Park in Osos, CA. I entered the park looking for the campground. After quite a long distance through the woods there was a brown State sign that had the tent symbol on it so I turned and started up the hill. I found out later that the road was to get to where you could ride a horse. There SHOULD have been a sign that said…BEWARE RV’S or some such thing. Thank the good Lord a Park Ranger came into the big group site that I was sitting in. He said to follow him down. If someone was coming up the road he would have made them back down. After I got down I continued on the “main” road still looking for the campground. Went all the way to the dead end and started back. There was a museum there so I thought I would go in. Beyond the museum was the campground. NO SIGN on the main “road” telling me it was down the road the museum was on. I didn’t go to that campground. Toooooo rattled. I do have to tell everyone that the views of the ocean were incredible. Someone was watching over me.

            • So sorry you are having such difficulty with our roads, but I do think a navigation system will help you…I have to use mine on my phone all the time and I live here!

              Stay safe and make a run for the border, much nice farther up North..

            • Krystina Lompoc, CA says:

              Shirlene…yes I do have a GPS and it is wonderful! I cannot imagine not having it. Have a great day.


            • Krystina Lompoc, CA says:

              Oh…I am making a run for the border but it is hard to get there from here. Did you see my comment that gas was $4.50/gallon in Cambria? JEEZE! 🙂

            • Denise - Richmond VA says:

              That Park Ranger was your guardian angel!

          • Elizabeth in WA says:

            It was on 15-501 between the traffic circle going into Pinehurst and the big intersection near the Belk store and strip mall there…can’t remember the name of that one. But there has been some horrific accidents last year or so on Highway 1 too…and we all know Highway 95 which is farther towards the coast is bad…I simply don’t know where you can drive and not get into such problems. The other scare we had earlier this month was up near Raleigh…on highway 1 near the Walnut St. exit (it is such a horrid merge there…like about 6 lanes wide…merging down to 3…horrid)… It was not stormy rainy when this accident happened last night…but when we were in Raleigh it was bad stormy rainy. My best advice is to not drive when it is storming. People do not slow down, no matter what little can be seen ahead…I guess they think they will not be the ones hurt?
            It is possible someone had a heart attack or something in this wreck last night as they say the one going southbound crossed over the middle line. So perhaps it is best to try to stay in the right lane on that portion of road anyway, on 15-501 here in this area.

  34. Lynn Brooks says:

    Live all the pictures!!!
    I kind of wish you were staying longer…I wanted to see those 14,500 fish get into the reservoir!!!
    Onward & upward!!!

    • AZ Jim says:

      I was hoping to see that too. If the truck we saw only brought in 500, what kind of truck must it be to handle 14,500? Oh well, maybe next time.

  35. Dawn in MI says:

    I fall in love with just about every one of your camps. And I’m always excited to see where you land next. Glad you had a beautiful day on your last day there.

  36. Ann says:

    I love seeing the different camps and Reggie’s and Bridget’s escapades. Those pictures of Reggie with his toy were toy adorable for words and the picture of the two of them on each others nerves was laugh out loud funny. I am so curious though. If you love a spot so much why don’t you stay longer? You could stay for up to 2 weeks on BLM land I believe. Happy travels!

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Ann…

      Other conditions come into play regarding the time to move, not just the 14 day limit…. In this case the next camp is popular and could be full on a weekend. It’s best to avoid moving camp on a Friday or Saturday. Also spring winds are unpredictable, come up quickly. The day was calm. I also had to dump tanks, so as long as I’m hitching up, we might as well make a move.

      Besides, as I’ve said before, I like to leave while still wanting more. 🙂

  37. Jan Johnson says:

    I feel just like Reggie about fleas! Get that flea boy!

    It looks like you are parked in Paradise there – such a beautiful, serene place. Easy to believe you could stay a few more days there! Can’t wait to see where the road takes us, er, you and the crew next!

  38. Pamela K. in GA says:

    Boy, I don’t know but I think Reggie-Man has his own secret agenda. Secretly he is training for the ~World Wide Wrestling Federation~. He and Mr. Flea have formed an uncanny partnership during this training process. Once deemed mat ready they will split any winnings 51% – 49%, with Reggie-Man taking the larger 51 % of the gate 😉 Well, there ya have it, a heads-up for anyone who questions whether Reggie takes his play-time seriously or not. Bridget and RV Sue are invited to sit in the VIP section in special chairs with their names on them! After-all, Reggie Man knows how to keep his Ladies happy 🙂 😉

    • Denise - Richmond VA says:

      Hehehe! I can see Reggie being weighed down by that huge “winning belt” thingy that the winners wear. Can you tell that I don’t follow wrestling?! Thanks for the chuckle, Pamela! 🙂

      • Pamela K. in GA says:

        LOL, you are as bad as I am about not following wrestling! I had read the headlines about some fight soon to happen in Vegas between two heavyweights and they were having a hard time filling up the local hotels there because of low ticket sales. It reminded me of how Reggie wrestles his flea toy…Reggie-Man is much cuter than the heavy weights for sure 😉 !

  39. Denise - Richmond VA says:

    Good morning Sue and fellow blogorinos!

    Wishing everyone a Happy Friday! It is raining here, but all is good!! 🙂

  40. Good morning Denise and fellow blogerino’s! Y A W N!!!!
    After a week of cloudy days, the sun has returned to Franklin County Florida and we are enjoying the start of the hummingbird wars! We now have collected quite a large group and as always, they are very entertaining to watch! Hope y’all have a great weekend!

  41. Piper says:

    Loved the photos of Reggie wrestling the flea! My Sadie does that. Happy travels Sue!

  42. I love the variety of being hunkered down with heater and blankets to airing everything out with the windows and door open, it all sounds wonderful 🙂 Always nice to move on while you’re still loving a place, ensuring lovely memories. Looks like the kids are ready for a change anyway.

  43. rvsueandcrew says:

    Hello, Blogorinos,

    The crew and I camped in a remote area yesterday, thus no blog post. . . . no internet signal at all. It was a beautiful camp, but we want to stay in touch.

    On the road again today and hope to find a camp where we can pick up a signal. There isn’t much out here.

    At any rate, if you don’t hear from us, not to worry. Enjoyed reading your comments as we sit in the PTV alongside the road.

    Bye for now!


  44. Diane, Blue Ridge Mts, VA says:

    Oh how I enjoyed this posting today Sue! So much fun and enjoyment. Reggie is a warrior! HA! Take care Sue and Crew!

  45. Hi Sue, I am sitting here wishing that you find the perfect spot and the perfect internet connectivity…Idaho is a big lot of emptiness from town to city….but I am sure you can find the perfect spot for your little family…it is good to have family time, and we will sit here waiting to see where you have taken us. Huh Marla.

  46. Utah Bonnie says:

    One less flea in this world to worry about! That Reggie is a true terrier. I’m glad everyone survived the confinement and can’t wait to see where you land next.

  47. Applegirl NY says:

    Sue, it is so awesome, that you check in with us while you’re on the road. What a great hostess you are!

  48. Pamela K. in GA says:

    Where is everybody?! It is only 12:20AM here in Atlanta so it is still early in the SW and the West Coast… Everything OK over that way?

    • Krystina Lompoc, CA says:

      Good Morning Pamela

      I’ve been wondering the same thing. I am big time ok now. I am camping with about 50 Casita owners and they have adopted me. In their world, I am a S.O.B (“some other brand” RV). I was accepted into the group because I have two friends that have Casita’s…RVSue and Micky from this blog! Having a blast! Yesterday I learned all about WiFi and today I am going to learn how to use a dutch oven. WONDERFUL people. 🙂

      Have a great day!

      • rvsueandcrew says:

        I’m happy for you, Krystina. Casita people are great people! 🙂

      • Pamela K. in GA says:

        Wonderful news you had! I love it when fun things happen on chance and it all falls together in place 🙂 That Casita Group sounds like so much fun, love it when Great Friends, Great Food and Great times join forces! Cast Iron Cooking…there is so much to learn about it too. It is almost an artform in itself. I am just now learning dutch oven baking for meatloaf baking while camping. Liners and foil are key, that and the amount of coals on top and bottom for the right temps 😉

        • Krystina King City, CA says:

          Good Morning Pamela,

          YES there is a lot to learn! We had a talk on how to do it and then I pared up with someone who knew how to do it, and then helped them make up the dish and cook it. WOW!! Of course we had a group dinner with everything we cooked. Fantastic good – Fantastic people.

          Have a great day!


  49. Velda in Roseville Ca says:

    Haven’t fallen off into Pacific yet. LOL been a busy Friday. Hot too at 94.

    • Sue CleanerGreenerVegas says:

      Had a busy weekend last painting the exterior of our 70s RV….NOW time to put my sewing skills into action and reupolster the drivers’ seats and the couch…wish me luck….we just bought a sewing machine and I haven’t sewn since high school.Was doing it all by hand but it was taking too long. Am enjoying every minute of all thesef fix up projects 🙂

      • Barb from Hoquiam! says:

        Hey there Sue! What have you got? We have a 68 Silver Streak…

        Hi From the GREAT PAC NW!

        • sue cleaner greener vegas says:

          A 1976 Overland built in Elkhart Indiana I believe. My husband is tweaking the Dodge 440 engine. It has almost a full shower in the rear bathroom. A 29 footer.

          • Barb from Hoquiam! says:

            Oh My goodness! 29 ft is huge! We have a full shower too. Ours is 23 ft (a Sabre) and is quite comfy. How much fun!!!
            Rolling Oldies, that is my team!

      • Pamela K. in GA says:

        So proud to hear about your TLC restoring your vintage rv! I am a huge fan of vintage rvs, we are vintage airstream owners. Glad you are keeping the ~old ones~ like new again! I wish more of the vintage rvs would remain here in the USA, so many are being exported elsewhere for TLC and stay over there. You should join Flickr. We have a great vintage group there. Great ideas and helpful tips. You can post before, while and after photos too! Would love to see them!

        • sue cleaner greener vegas says:

          Thanks for the site. Will take a look at Flickr

        • PookieBoy north of houston says:

          since I started reading Rvsue blog Ive noticed quite a few vintage campers on the road while Im going somewhere….the other day I passed one that really looked like a cool RV and tried to take a picture of it and almost had a wreck so I wont do that anymore….I’ll just enjoy seeing it…..

          • rvsueandcrew says:

            I come across those vintage campers, too, Chuck. Sometimes I’ll see one sitting in a field, sad and in need of love, or parked with junkers behind a body shop. If one is so inclined, restoring old campers could be an engaging hobby. I think there’s a market for restored vintage trailers…

            Yeah, eyes on the road! 🙂

          • Krystina King City, CA says:

            Good Morning Pookie Boy…Have you ever been to “Glamperland on Facebook? They have a zillion vintage trailers that have been “Glamped”. Wonderful to look at and sooooo many ideas.

            Have a great day!


            • Barb from Hoquiam! says:

              A couple of my pals from Rolling Oldies Vintage Trailers are on here-in fact that is where I learned of YOU Miss Sue! <3

              We are on our third. I personally 'coined' the phrase "potty envy" at rally's. YEP, had to have it. 🙂

            • Krystina King City, CA says:

              Good Morning Barb…what camper do have…I forget.

            • Barb from Hoquiam! says:

              Krystina, we have a 1968 Silver Streak, named MOOSEE 🙂 She has twin reclining beds, a small kitchen, full bath (if you are short, tiny tub) and eating area. We love it. All original other than a bit of bathroom work, and new floor.

            • PookieBoy north of houston says:

              thanks for that link on facebook…thats a neat site

            • Krystina Sanger, CA says:

              Happy to know that you found it a good one.


    • Pamela K. in GA says:

      You haven’t, yet?! Well, you are running behind schedule, LOL. I thought that was suppose to happen in the 1970s!
      (thank goodness it hasn’t happened).

  50. Laura says:

    Wow! The photos of where you are staying here are wonderful! I only hope that later when it is time for me to retire, I can find such places as you have and that they are still are not too expensive to stay at! Thanks for sharing such wonderful photos and stories from your life!

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