Lake Lyman State Park, Arizona, and focus on Bridget

Monday, September 12 (continued)

In the previous episode, RVSue and her canine crew arrive at Lyman Lake to make an overnight camp.

P1140070Visitor center and park store, Lyman Lake State Park, St. Johns, eastern Arizona

“I’d like a beach campsite for one night,” I tell the man behind the counter.  I hand him a check for $20.


He enters the information into the computer.  Then he writes the date on a card to be hung from the rear-view mirror and hands it to me.

The crew and I drive past the main campground area where a few RVs are parked and hooked up to electric.


I don’t see the need for electric hook-ups on a cool and breezy day like this . . . .

We pass a line of cabins available for rent.  Only one cabin is occupied.


We stop at the road that goes down to the beach. 

I get out to look over the campsite choices.  Several picnic tables with fire rings are spaced far apart on the packed sand near the water.

I walk down to the beach to get a “feel” for the campsites and also to check that the sand is firm enough for the PTV and BLT.


No, I don’t want to camp here.  The sand is firm enough, but a night of rain could make mud.  And it’s not very level.  No, I like that site up there on the point overlooking the lake.

I return to the crew waiting in the PTV.

“We’ll be situated in just a bit.”

P1140101I back up the Best Little Trailer with the rear window facing the lake.

Here’s the view from my computer table, seen through the window screen.

P1140079The brown object in the photo (above) is one of the doggie beds, blown over by the wind.

The little cottonwood tree gives evidence that this is a windswept place.

P1140078I look around for birds.

Most of the birds have taken cover from the wind.  A few pitch and dive over the lake.  A lone heron in the distance becomes the subject of my zoom lens.

P1140108Reggie finds this new campsite exhilarating!

“Let’s go down to the water,” I suggest to the crew.  Reggie takes off toward the beach, straining at the end of his tether.  Bridget hangs back.  She doesn’t want to walk.

“That’s okay, sweetie,” I tell her with a pat.  “You can watch us from here.”


~ ~ ~

P1140094“We’d better go back, Reg.  I don’t want Bridge to wait too long.”

There’s something I need to tell you about Bridget.

P1140096When I put out the saucers of chopped chicken this morning (Monday), Bridget doesn’t want to eat.  Immediately I know something is wrong because Bridget always eats breakfast.  She loves breakfast!

Over the course of her life I’ve noticed Bridget has three favorite things to do:

  1.  Hang out with her best pal, Spike.
  2.  Ride in her car.
  3.  Eat chicken chunks for breakfast.


To keep you on track, this is the same morning that the PTV has her own problems. 

Now you know why I don’t stay at the Chevy dealership in order to have the PTV inspected.  My mind and heart are on Bridget, more than anything else, as we roll across the desert to our camp at Lake Lyman State Park.

Here’s our girl shortly after we arrive at Lake Lyman.

P1140076She drinks water and rests well, but she definitely isn’t up to par.  Kibble doesn’t interest her either.  I make some chicken broth and offer it to her in a saucer.  She turns her head away.


Tuesday, September 13

Bridget hasn’t eaten anything since Sunday afternoon.  I offer her the usual breakfast which she refuses.

I pack us up and we pull out of our Lake Lyman camp.


Fast forward to real time . . . .

I’m writing this post on Thursday, September 15.  Bridget still does not have an appetite.  She ate a little bit of chicken yesterday.  She’s losing weight, of course, and sleeps a lot.

Please read the following very carefully.

Bridget has been aging rapidly over the past year.  You have not seen what I have seen.  Bridget has had good days and bad days.  More than once over the past few months I’ve wondered, “Is this the beginning of the end?”  And then I’m surprised and overjoyed to see her perk up.

I confess I’ve hidden these bad times. 

I couldn’t bring myself to post photos of Bridget looking less than beautiful.  You could say that’s not fair to you, the reader.  Maybe it’s a form of denial on my part.  At any rate, that’s what I did and now it’s become necessary to hit you with the reality — our Bridget may leave us soon.

Before railing at me for not rushing Bridget to a vet, understand what I write here.

Bridget is somewhere around 15 years of age.  She has been covered with lumps and bumps and tumors for years, probably benign, but maybe now they aren’t.  For months she has exhibited symptoms similar to those of Spike before he passed.

After considering every angle of this situation, I decided not to take her to a vet.  I don’t want Bridget to stay overnight in a crate at an animal hospital in order to have tests done.  She would panic and be terribly stressed, and for what?

I will keep her home with Reggie and me.

I’ll try my best to keep her comfortable, continue her usual routine as much as possible, and be with her when the time comes for her to slip away.  Please respect this decision when making comments.

Okay, jumping back into the story line of the blog . . . .

Wednesday, September 14

We’re at our new camp at Luna Lake.  It’s near Alpine and is one of the nicest campgrounds in which we’ve made our home (more about our new camp in a future post).

Mid-morning Bridget eats a little bit of chicken and walks around the campsite.

I have an idea!

“Bridgie?  How ’bout you go for a ride in your car?  I think you’d like that.”

I fold up one of the doggie beds to make a chin rest for her.  As I push her out of the campsite, she has her head down.


Soon she takes an interest in where she’s going and lifts her head.  She becomes more alert.


“You love your car, don’t you, Bridge.  Doesn’t the air smell good?  I love the scent of pines.”


“All the sites here are pretty.”


“That Reggie, always on the go. . . . ”


“This walk is doing you good.  I knew you’d enjoy your car.  You always do.”


“I love you, too, honey.  Look, we’re almost home.”


In closing . . .

Maybe Bridget will come out of this valley, as she has in the past.  I want you to be prepared for the possibility that she might not.

As I type this, it’s Thursday and Bridget hasn’t had a decent meal, despite offers of various foods, since Sunday.  She had another ride in her car today.  She sat up the whole way around the campground, turning her head from side to side, enjoying the day.





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201 Responses to Lake Lyman State Park, Arizona, and focus on Bridget

  1. Corkerinna620 ( AL) says:


  2. carlene back in NoCal says:

    WOW… Love AZ… and the mountains… hoping to see them this next winter and spring.

  3. Chey (WA coast) says:

    Woo Hoo, first?

  4. Janis Harrison says:

    Prayers for sweet Bridget Love and cyber hugs from grandjan

  5. Kim in TX says:

    Dear Sue and Bridget,
    I have been quietly following both of you, and all of the crew, since the beginning. Please know that all of you are always in my thoughts and prayers, and especially Bridget is in my prayers now. Oddly, I didn’t even think of it until this post, but my very best girlfriend from grade school (and I didn’t have many friends) was named Bridget too.

    Sending all of you my warmest wishes and prayers.

    Love, K

  6. Ann Turner says:

    Hugs to you and to Bridgett

    • Mary says:

      I just lost my outside cat to cancer also. I choose to let him have the life to the end that God gave him. He had energy to the day he left. Enjoy each moment with Bridge, they are our gifts from God. Love Mary

  7. Kay Dattilio says:

    Sue and Crew,

    You love your dogs and they are your family….that’s the way most of us feel. We’ve had so many wonderful pets over the years and, like I said in a previous post, it would be fun to have all of them back for just a few days. I think you’re caring and wanting the best for Bridget by not taking her to a vet. The smells alone would upset her. We all cried when Spike passed and we will all cry when The Divine Miss B passes but she’s your precious Lady and you will help her enjoy her last days on this beautiful earth. May her last days be pain free and peaceful…..Smoochies to all three of you!
    Kay from KC, MO!

  8. Chey (WA coast) says:

    Dearest Sue, I will keep you and Bridgette in my thoughts.
    Best and blessings dear friend

  9. Pam N in Wisconsin says:

    It’s never easy. Love and puppy kisses from my furkids to yours, especially Miss Bridget.

  10. Hi Sue, hoping Miss Bridget feels much better soon and gives months or years of comfort to you. Our Pepper is 13 years old and I hope that we take as good a care of her when she goes into the valley as you are with Bridget. Thoughts are with you and the crew.

  11. tm says:

    Hi Sue, First time to comment. I feel so sad reading your post today. I even shed a tear for you and Bridget. I hope she rallies and becomes strong again. But I also know that there comes a time for every being to leave this beautiful world. I’ll be with you in spirit whatever the outcome.

  12. EmilyO in NM says:


  13. Andrea Eagles says:

    Breaks my heart reading about Bridget. Three weeks ago today I had to make a decision to help my rescue cat Yuri over the rainbow bridge. He was really only really sick one day but I found out that day that he had cancer in his jaw and likely other places as well. We so love our furry partners and they give us so much. Sending love to you, Reggie and Bridget.

  14. Tara in PNW says:

    I’m all choked up. You are giving Bridget the most joyful and peaceful time for passing that any animal parent could give.

  15. Pam and Maya, Still in NY says:

    Oh Sue, my heart is broken. You are so gentle and kind to your readers. Love to you, Reggie, and the beautiful Bridget.

  16. Mary from Fl says:

    Tears in my eyes as I read this this post, but as Kay said you will help her enjoy her last days. Take care.

  17. Pamela Avery says:

    I am praying for sweet little Bridgett, not for any particular outcome but that she be comfortable and happy for as much time as she may have. And I am praying for you , Sue, because I am sure your heart needs a little help to get you through these rough times. Take care.

  18. Kitt, NW WA says:

    Sue, Bridget and Reggie,
    Your strength and courage to do what is right for Miss B continues to give her the best life possible. May the days and nights always pass peacefully for all three of you. I’ll be thinking of you.

    • Mary in CO says:

      I am in agreement with Kitt, as long as Bridget is happy to ride in her car, and is not in obvious distress, yours is the best care and love for her. I think most of us knew where this was heading. Most of us have been in your situation. Dear pets, they are on loan , abd we love them dearly.

  19. Dave R says:

    “please respect my decision for not taking her to the vet.” Are you kidding ? You are the best thing to ever happen to them. You always have their best interests at heart. You know best, it’s a given.
    Dave R

  20. Marilu off the coast of Portugal says:

    You are all in my thoughts. We wishing you comfort and healing sweet Bridget.

  21. Kristi & Daisie (Nampa, ID) says:

    <3 <3 <3

    Love to you, Bridget, and Reggie. Losing family is never easy. You do what is best for your family and make memories while you can.

    • Kristi & Daisie (Nampa, ID) says:

      By the way, I have family in Springerville, just north of you. If you find yourself with car trouble or other issues, let me know and they would be happy to help you. My cousin is a pastor in Springerville and he’d love to help if anything came up. Please don’t feel you have tackle things alone.

  22. Jeff from VA. says:

    Prayers for all concerned, are you anywhere close that you can lay Mz. B to rest beside or near Spike?

  23. There’s something I’d like to tell you. It wasn’t a pet dog, but it was a pet cat that I had, that was in his 20’s. I spoke with my vet a couple of times, asking if I should bring my pet cat in to see him. He told me… no. In fact, he asked me if my cat was in pain or cried out. When I let my vet know that he didn’t seem to be, then my vet again told me to not bring my cat in to see him. My vet let me know that my cat was probably going to die of old age, and suggested that since he was not suffering physically and crying, etc., then I should just let him die at home. He did, a few days later, in my arms. To me, whenever I think of this, I feel so much better than I would have, if I had taken my cat to the vet, and had him put him to sleep. I’ll pray for you, and your dogs. Blessings, Lynn McKenzie (fellow blogger, who has read every entry you’ve written.)

  24. Cynthia from San Clemente says:

    Sue, I can hardly type this without crying. I know whatever you do for Bridge, it is done out of love and a deep knowledge of her habits and limitations. Your decision to keep her at home is what so many humans want in their last days – not to be in a strange, noisy hospital surrounded by strangers, even if they are kind and caring. Know that we all love her and love you as you go through whatever this proves to be.

  25. Retiredcajunlady says:

    Sue, of all the things I admire about the life you share with us all, I admire most your love and the care you give your pups. And I certainly admire your thoughts on how to care for HRH Bridget during this time. I truly don’t believe she needs anything other than the love and affection you can give her. One thing I have learned over the years being one of the major care takers for a grandmother, and aunt, and my mom is that each body prepares for the end. Perhaps Bridget’s body is preparing for the end of her life on earth. One thing I have learned about the process is that for the most part, love and comfort, kindness and reassurance, and gentle touches are the most important things we can do for them. And I can tell from your writings over the years that sweet Bridget will have that from you and more. Know that all of you will be in my thoughts and prayers. God bless you all.

  26. Averil says:

    My little dog recently went through the no eating for weeks. I had blood work done. No overnight stays. She was low on vitamin B 12 nothing else wrong with her. She was not eating anything and very lethargic. Long story short after getting a vitamin B12 shot,once a week (I had to learn how to give them to her) , she started eating and has gained back the weight she lost. Just a thought. I pray Bridget gets better.

  27. Laura says:

    I love your blog, and I love your fur-babies. You have made them our fur-babies too. Be the good mother you are, and be at peace. Hugs to RV Sue, and most especially to the crew…….”to everything there is a season”.

  28. Dawn in MI says:

    Bridget knows she is loved. She probably doesn’t know by how many people
    . Hugs to you Sue as you make your way through these difficult decisions.

    • Barbara from Camano Island says:

      “She probably doesn’t know by how many people!” And here I am sitting here with tears streaming down for a sweetheart I have never touched! You have given us that. Thank you, Sue. And my love and prayers to all three of you.

  29. Larry in AR says:

    As in most cases, I think you’ve made the right decision. I have also found that offering food and water is about the only thing you can do. They will not take it if they don’t want it, and the more you try to force it on them, the more they will resist it.

    I know that having been through it before does not make it easier for you, but you sort of know what to expect. Making the sweet girl as comfortable as possible and allowing her to enjoy the life she has is the best you can do, and we all know that will be done.

    Best wishes. When the time inevitably comes, may there be peace and comfort for your sweet girl, and just as importantly, for your own sweet self.

  30. Dawn in MI says:

    Bridget knows she is loved. She just doesn’t know by how many. Hugs to you Sue as you navigate these difficult decisions.

  31. Shelley says:

    I totally respect your decision for Bridget, I went through something similar in March with my Casey. I wish you peace in whatever the outcome.

  32. Rosalyn says:


  33. Stephanie from Albany OR says:

    My prayers are with you as you manage this heart-breaking situation. She’s a very lucky dog to have you as her person. And far be it from me or any of us to judge what you do. You are a strong, caring, smart lady and your heart will guide you to do what is best. Hugs to you and the crew.

  34. Sherry Waldrop says:

    Prayers of peace going your way.

  35. Rochelle in IN says:

    Oh RVSue, Miss Bridget is so fortunate to have such a wise and loving Mommy! As you snuggle with her and whisper of love into her ear, may your heart be at peace, secure in the knowledge that NO one knows better than you how to care for her. I’m praying for you both.

  36. Doug Rykerd says:

    Sue, I don’t think I’ve ever posted a comment on your blog, but I’ve been reading it for a long time now. As a person who’s dogs are as much a part of my family as my wife and kids (just on a different level) I can feel for you. Our 3 dogs right now are all aging, and we will be facing the same thing soon with at least one of them I’m sure. I completely agree with just keeping Bridget as comfortable as possible, and by your side. At this stage there is little a Vet can do anyway, and she will be much less stressed if she is with you. As a friend says “none of us get out of this life alive”, and Bridget has lived a long and eventful life by your side these last years. I don’t know if all dogs go to heaven or not, but I’d like to think so. God Bless and I pray that when the time comes, there will be tears of joy for having known Bridget mixed with the tears of sorrow.

  37. DianeJ says:

    Showering her with love and attention until the very end sounds perfect to me……Take care.

  38. VictoriaEP says:

    I’m with you on not taking Bridget to the vet. You already know that she’s been ailing, so what else could the vet tell you? If it is her time, you, Bridget, and Reggie need to spend quality time together, not struggle with conditions that you don’t have the power to change. Love and hugs to all ❤️

  39. Rhodium in RI says:

    Anyone who has followed you knows you will do what is best for your companions. I am sure Bridget knows that too, in her own way.

  40. You are wise and loving.
    You are kind and gentle.
    You are Bridget’s
    She is yours
    Thank you for sharing her with us
    And Reggie
    And Spike

  41. Pookie in Todd Mission, tx says:

    i think you are right about keeping Bridget with you…..if it is the end for her its
    much better it be with you than in a strange cage in a strange place…..prayers
    are out for her and you and reggie……

  42. Anna from NC says:

    i have read every post, I think, since the beginning. But I don’t post-maybe not since you lost your wonderful Spike.
    I’m teary=eyed for you and for those of us who love you and your crew. These are tough days but days all of us who love our furry friends face at one time or another……
    Prayers for all 3 of you…..

  43. DianeJ says:

    Showering her with love and attention sounds perfect to me……she has had a wonderful 15 yrs exploring the globe, with a great mom and joyful siblings.

  44. Kevin in CO says:

    Nobody better to make medical decisions about loved ones than family. Doctors and Vets, they do their best, but have you noticed? They rely as much on the observations and suggestions of the patient or family as they do on tests. Our beloved Cleuseau (mini schnauzer) lived to be 15 and was not all that happy the last year or so. We did as you are doing… kept him comfortable and happy to the end. Our best to you and your family, K&B

  45. Brenda in Texas says:

    I will be sending all of you positive thoughts. I know it is hard to have to say goodbye to our little friends. But BOY 15 years of age is amazing and she has had the best most adventurous live with you and the crew.
    We lost our little Chloe Sue on July 7th of this year. It was sudden and so unexpected she was almost 14 years of age. We miss her so much and her ‘sister’ Lucy is having a hard time with her loss too. Lucy is 8 yrs. we may get her a playmate at some point but she seems to be doing OK while at home.

    Presently we are in our RV at a lovely park in south Texas and I think Lucy if feeling her loss of Chloe Sue all over again as this is the first trip with out her along with us.

    Will keep you and the Crew in my prayers. All the best to all.

  46. MollyLuvsRoadtrippin (WA) says:

    Hugs to you and the crew – sending prayers for Miss B on this journey and her next. Beautiful surroundings and a loving family – you all are living life to the fullest.

  47. Deena in Phoenix, AZ says:

    You are a wise person who knows her family well. Thank you for thinking of us even though most of us have known that this would be occurring sooner rather than later. Your ability to show us your caring and loving ways is one of the reasons RVSue and Crew is so beloved by the Blogorino World.
    Bridget, you are so loved as is your Mama and Brother. Prayers being sent.

    Deena and Miss Mollie

  48. AlanOutandAbout - Alpine AZ. says:

    Hi Sue, It was the same with Cleo she was old and had some kind of lumps on her stomach. There was nothing a vet could do so why put her thru it all. She died happy and that is really all that matters.
    You are getting close to Alpine, Unfortunately I am leaving Saturday for Silver City NM.

  49. Sherri D says:

    I have two Rat Terriers myself. Mine are 12 and 13. My older one is Bitsy. Bridget reminds me of her. Bits hadn’t been doing well and long story short, we figured out that she needed dental work done. It was so scary to take her to the vet because I knew she would have to be put asleep for the procedure. I worried that she might not wake up. If they had found something more serious though, I was ready to say if she is suffering from something that will only get worse, to let her go and not suffer. Her teeth were worse than we knew and six were pulled. It’s been several days now and she seems to be getting better. In her case, this time, it was the right thing to do.
    I know what you are saying, that the end could be near. We don’t always have to go through extreme measures to prolong a pet’s life. Too often it is for the benefit of the owner. I applaud you for giving Bridget the best days you can make for her. You are a good Mom. 🙂 And heck, if she pops out of her doldrums and sticks around for more years, great! If not, you can rest assured you did the right things in her final time here on earth. hugs to you and scritchies to Bridget and Reggie too.

  50. Glenda in OZ! says:

    Tears for Bridget, tears for you and Reggie………… know where you are at. Totally doing the right thing for your beloved girl. Thinking of you all xx

  51. Jan NH says:

    Hi Sue, With tears flowing for you, Bridget, and Reggie as well as remembering Spike, my heart goes out to you. How kind of you not to worry your readers but I’m sorry that you have had to shoulder this on your own. We respect your choices and know that you are now and have always done the very best for your canine kids. I know how hard it is to watch and worry about a sick dog especially when it is possible that the end of a beautiful life may be near. I wish for you more precious time with Bridget. It would be wonderful to bury her with Spike when the time comes but you are a long way from Wyoming with fall/winter heading in.

  52. Cinandjules (overnighting in north platte NE) says:

    You’ve always done the best for the crew! I hope Bridgee Reg and you continue to enjoy life as you have…of course you spending “special” time with her. When the time comes, she will be with Spike the love of her life at the rainbow bridge.

    They are such companions during their short stay on earth, losing each one of them tears at the heart…but we continue to love them for the duration they are here.

    Take care.

  53. Marilyn Moore says:

    I understand your choice Sue. I made the same decision last year for my little Yorke, Zonie. He was fragile for months and finally slipped away in his favorite nest in my bedroom in the middle of the night. Will never forget and love him forever.
    Enjoy each day together. Prayers being offered for you and your crew.

  54. Alice (So. Fla) says:

    Hugs to you and the fur babies. My heart breaks for you. Bridget is very special.

  55. Mel from North Texas says:

    Oh my… How difficult it must have been for you to write this post today – and how thoughtful you are to share this sad info with all of us. I told Gary and he said to make sure and tell you that our thoughts and prayers are with you & Bridget.. He was worried that she was suffering and I said no, just not eating… We both sat in our living room with tears in our eyes, then laughing as remembered that crazy morning in Washoe Valley back in 2012 when we woke you up and met all of you…sweet Bridget & Spike were sooo nice to our little Kori. She is getting old too.. Almost lost her this summer to pancreatitis but she is holding her own… Sleeping a lot – still has an appetite tho so we are blessed with each day she is with us. Take care of your self RVSUE, this is going to be very hard on both you and Reggie but we know you will do what is best, as you always have and always will…

  56. Gene in Ohio says:

    Reading these posts brings tears to my eyes as I relive the loss of my Lilly to immune enhanced hemolytic anemia. Her symptoms were like Bridget’s, loss of appetite, little energy, no obvious pain. I took her to the vet for blood work to verify my suspicions since I had already lost another dog to the same condition. Like you, I chose to bring her home so that she could die surrounded by someone who loved her, rather than in a cage alone. I applaud your strength to take yourself through this again after losing Spike.

  57. Mick'nTN says:

    Hugs and prayers for You, Bridget and Reggie.

  58. Denise - Richmond VA says:

    Dearest Sue,

    No need to explain your reasoning of how/why you make decisions regarding Bridget. The welfare of Bridget, Reggie, and dear Spike has always been your top priority. Your dear Crew are lucky to have you as their loving, doting Mom.

    You and the Crew are in my thoughts and prayers every day. Extra prayers will be sent your way. I am sending you loving thoughts and a warm hug from me and Gracie pup. And a kiss on the head for those sweet, sweet pups. Take good care of yourself, Sue. We love you!

  59. Barbara says:

    I applaud your honesty and your bravery, Sue. I never comment but I read all your posts you are my hero. I’m an artist and aspire to be you really. I am a breast cancer survivor. It has changed the way I think about life and death.I would do the exact same thing in your situation.

  60. Judith brumbaugh says:

    Bridget loves you and knows you love her and will care for her. She knows she is safe . No matter how many days you have left together, they will be a blessing for all of you.

  61. Lori S says:

    My middle name is Bridget so I have always felt a kinship with that young lady of yours. Although your readers care about both you and your crew, in the end, they are YOUR crew and there’s not a doubt you love them and know what is best for them. That said, I would do the exact same thing. I’m sending warm, healing thoughts out to the universe for Bridget.

    Your storytelling still often yields lessons to the unwashed: check the sand, think about “what ifs” and then enjoy.

  62. Lee J in Northern California says:

    Big hugsto you my dear. I applaud your kind loving care of Miss B, she is having the best life possible.
    Take care of yourself….

  63. weather says:

    This part of the love walk is a tug of war between hanging on tightly to each pleasure and preparing to let go. The strain involved can drain our energy, except the nervous kind that allows our mind to run ahead to where we don’t want to go.

    Somewhere deep within is a steady river with the peace, wisdom and strength to do all the right things…yours has amazed me before and will again. I hope you trust that and rest easy because you do. May that and every extra moment and hour of joy with precious Bridget be enough to sustain you both through the turns in the journey.

    Writing words, sending love and prayers are what shows on here that I do. As often a friend across the continent stands silently thinking “I’m here- with you, for you, Sue and crew.” May you feel that in the air and your heart, as needed.

  64. Jenny from North Carolina says:

    This is my first time posting but have been reading for awhile. I found your blog at around the time spike was lost….it was the same time I lost my sweet Zoey(15 yrs old)You expressed in words all the hurt I was going through and I was very grateful. Now I am surprised to find again you voice so beautifully the pain I am enduring as I watch her brother Zeke go through the same slow decline as Bridget. These little creatures have such a way of filling our hearts with joy and when they leave us they leave a larger hole than imagined. Thanks for sharing your joy and pain with us.


  65. Gingerita in NE Indiana ( for now) says:

    Keeping you and Miss B in my thoughts.

  66. Annette says:

    I’m sorry, RV Sue, about Bridget. She is an important part of your life, as you are to hers. I don’t have a pet, but my daughter and granddaughter do. So I know how meaningful the association of animals to humans can be, and vice versa. All the blogorinos are with you in spirit. Take care.

  67. Val R. Lakefield On. says:

    Thoughts and prayers to you and the crew. Special hugs to ((( Bridget )))

  68. ValGal (westernWA) says:

    My heart goes out to you. It is such a hard thing when our dogkid’s time with us comes near to the end. Even now, you are giving her the best life possible. Treasure these times, as I know you do. Hugs to you and prayers for Bridget.

  69. Julie, Molly & gizmo (Idaho) says:

    So sorry Sue. You, Bridget & Reggie are in our thoughts tonite. I hope the support of your community helps you during this stressful time. Julie, Molly & gizmo.

  70. Barb from Hoquiam says:

    Oh Sue…
    You know best. Sending many snuggles to your girl and to you. Very hard…

  71. Geri says:

    Sue, YOU need to know that YOU are the best mom any sweet fur baby could have!Oh My! Roasted chicken almost every day! Rides is a personal limo and a chance to smell new smells each and every day! What a wonderful life you share with your crew and they know without a doubt that YOU are the best thing that could have ever happened to them! Your decision to love her and care for her up to the end is wise and loving and I would expect nothing less from you.
    Sadly, I believe we are seeing the beginning of the end for our beloved DoogieBowser. It is sad, so we know how heavy your heart is. It’s sad to see a little piece of them slip away every day. We love you Sue, we love Miss B and Reggie too! We are all family here. HUGS!

  72. carlene back in NoCal says:

    Yes enjoy your days… and know that they may extend… Hugs from Me and Corky!

  73. Marcia GB in MA says:

    What can I say, except that I send love and light to all of you, to see you through ❤️

  74. Judy in East Texas says:

    Sue and crew, my heart is heavy with sadness for you my friend Sue. My prayer is that you, Bridget and Reggie have peace in the coming days.


  75. Beverly says:

    Sue, you clearly know what is best for Bridget. You know you have many blogorinos who are rooting for the three of you. Best wishes only.

  76. SweetP from Calgary says:

    My heart goes out to you, thank you for sharing.

  77. Jolene/Iowa says:

    Awe Sue, tears in my eyes. I am praying that Bridget will bounce back but one thing I have learned in the years now I have been reading your blog is your love and care of your fur babies is always first in your mind and heart. Love and hugs!

  78. Pauline in Mississippi says:

    Dear Sister Susan, how my heart hurts for you. Bridget has been such a faithful friend and I know how devastating it is for you to see her fade so. Bridget has had a good life with you for you have been as devoted to her as she has to you. I know people understand why you want her last days to be with you and Reggie and not being poked and prodded and caged up.

    We also understand why you may not be able to answer these posts. We all respect your privacy and the pain you are feeling. The blog and the blogerinos will be here when you can return.

    Love you so very much. Hugs to you, Bridget and Reggie.

    • Beth, currently in Congress, AZ says:

      I agree with all your sister has said.
      I’m sorry, losing someone or something we love hurts. Your Blogorino’s love and care about you, Bridget and Reggie. I’m at a loss for words except I’m so sorry.

  79. Beautiful Bridget, having a wonderful time riding in her car. My heart goes out to you Sue, we all know you will do the very best that can be done for your crew. Thank you for so gently explaining how things have been going with Bridget, we love her too and this news is difficult to hear. Many of us can relate to similar situations with our furry friends and your blogorinos are here to support you as best we can.

  80. Rhonda olsen says:

    I usually don’t post, but I feel so sad that Bridge i’s not feeling well. I aplaud your keeping her comfortable and I hope she snaps out of it.

  81. Linda-NC says:

    Aw Sue- I cried when I read your post because I know how hard it is to lose your best friend. You gave her a wonderful life and only you know what is right for her and when. I will pray for you both tonight. My Maggie is 13 with a lot of issues but she is going with me until the end. Know that Bridget knows your heart and that those smiles are for you. God Bless you kiddo and and I am glad that you shared that with us. It is always so hard.

  82. AZ Jim says:

    Missy, my heart is heavy with what I read today, though I must also admit I have smothered thoughts about her advancing age in the past. Part of this ride with you which is so different from most blogs is we need to share the good and the bad. We all were upset with the loss of Spike and continued on knowing we lost a friend and how badly wounded you were by it. When eventually the inevitable does happen as it does with all things mortal, I wish you the strength to carry on with the grace you showed with the passing of Spikey. Meanwhile I know you are trying to make each day a gentle and peaceful one for Bridget. *heavy heart Hug*…. 🙁

  83. Cheryl Kline says:

    I hope if it’s time for Bridget to cross the Rainbow Bridge that it is peaceful. My heart goes out to you.

    Cheryl, Tennessee

  84. Rover Ronda (WA) says:

    Oh Sue my heart goes out to you. Certainly you know Bridget well and give her the best care and love. However many days you have left together may they be mostly bright and peaceful. It was nice to see the crew today. I noticed they were not in any of the last post photos
    Thank you for sharing with us.
    Love you,

  85. Kathy in MI says:

    I read every post and keep up with Blogorinos as I can. I am sitting in home hospice with a dear friend who wants to be at home with familiar things and I suspect Bridget would want the same. I know that everyone will miss her. The sadness is also for us who stay behind. Thank you for taking such good care of her and for sharing with us. Our prayers go with you both

  86. Lisa,Tommie, and Buddy in NJ says:

    Dear Sue,
    Although we never have yet met face to face, with every turn in the road you take, we all take them with you. I have no doubt you will find the best way here as well. I hope you are encouraged by the support and love we all send to you, miss B and the Reggie man. May the wealth of happiness that you have so generously shared be yours in the days ahead, and be at peace as much as you are able. Praying you have all you need and want.

  87. Chris B and Diego says:

    Hi Sue – Just wanted to pop in and say hello and say that I’m sorry to hear about The Bridge. You two have been through so much together.

    As for your choice to ride it out and keep her happy and comfortable, you know that you are doing what’s best for her at her age and her stress levels. I would say that you are doing just fine because you have a good head on your shoulders and most importantly, your heart is always in the right place….especially with The Crew.

  88. Dave - Idaho says:

    Love, respect, dignity, a gentle touch, a kiss on the cheek, a smile and comfort until the end is all that any of us can really hope for when it comes time to say that final earthly goodbye. You are doing the right thing.

    Wishing you and your family there nothing but the best.

  89. ApplegirlNY says:

    Sue, Thinking about you and Bridget – and Spike, of course. I don’t think anyone here would even consider offering you advice on how to handle your situation. You are a wonderful care giver to your critters. We would do exactly the same thing you are doing. We have done that very thing in the past. Just letting our furry loved ones live out their final times in the comfort and love of their home. Hopefully you and Bridget will have many more boondocks together. Regardless of the number of days that you have left with Bridget, we know each one will be precious.
    Take care.

    • ApplegirlNY says:

      Oh my goodness, I meant to say Reggie, although, of course I always remember Spike, too. What an awesome crew you gather around you.

  90. Donna n Girls says:

    Oh Sue, I’m so sorry. Take care of yourself and the babies. My Bailey is 13, 14 in January, and I’ve noticed changes this year, too. She looks like she could be Reggies mom, only with long hair. She’s a longhair chihuahua. I’ve had her since she was 5 weeks old. I hope I handle her decline with the same grace you are showing for Bridget.

  91. eliza says:

    I do hope she perks up again. But no matter what, I am glad she has you.

  92. BadgerRickInWis says:

    Holding all three of you in my heart and in my prayers. Please know how loved you all are.

    You will always be my queen sweet girl.

  93. Wheelingit says:

    You are all three in our hearts and thoughts. I hope for the best, but I know how touch and go it can be with old doggies. Polly send and doggie kisses and love.


  94. KC --Pacific NW says:

    A quick note about the noise in your Chevy. I was just watching a video where a catalytic converter was going bad and it sounded exactly like what you described. Just go to youtube and type in catalytic converter noise and you can hear the sounds for yourself to see what you think. At least it is not the most complex repair job or the most expensive. Certainly less costly than engine repairs!

    Hoping Bridget feels better soon.

  95. Linda Esoll says:

    So sorry, Sue. Every doggie owner knows what you are going through. Bridget has a great life and a great owner.

  96. Dawn from Camano Island says:

    Sue, you are such an loving friend & caretaker for your fur family. Bridget & Reg are so fortunate to be cared for & loved by you. Thinking of & praying for the three of you for the days ahead.

  97. You are doing the best for Bridget. Thank you for making tough decisions with grace, and being such a wonderful friend and companion to that beautiful girl.

  98. Theresa says:

    Sending prayers for you and Bridget too. It’s hard to lose our fur babies. I have two rat terriers that are 12 years old. One of them has had diabetes for the about 4 years now and I don’t know how much longer he will be with us.

    I really enjoy your blog and seeing the dogs’ adventures! Thanks for writing for us.

  99. Duke of Paducah says:

    This is not happening,,,,I just lost Ira of 16 yrs of wonderful blue merle Australian Shepherd to the same symptoms today at 12:30 – praying for Bridget.

  100. Barbara (Nashville) says:

    Sue, I am praying that maybe Bridget just doesn’t feel well and that she will be alright. I, too, know about losing a pet. If she does pass, know that she has had the best care and lots of love from you and all the blogorinos. Again, I am praying for both of you.

  101. Sending love an light, Sue. I support 100pc, love the smiles you bring her. Hugs for all

  102. Carla says:

    Hugs and prayers for you and your furr family. You have so many good memories of the good life she has had with you.

  103. kgdan from Wapato, WA says:

    As I proceeded reading your post, my stomach started clenching and with every sentence tears started flowing. And I am far away. I can only imagine how devastated you must be. I can remember clearly how excited I was the day I met you, Spike and Bridget. While I agree with what you say and understand the cycle of life, my heart is breaking. Hugs to you and a very special love to Bridget.

  104. Susan Pittman says:

    Just to let you know there is one more heart out here caring for you and wishing you peace. Bridget has been such a joy to know through your words and photos. I am sending her peace, too, and gentle nuzzles.

  105. Pat (Ky) says:

    This news makes me sad; but I thank you for letting us know of Bridget’s declining health. Take care, Pat

  106. Paula in Indiana says:

    Oh Sue, my heart is with you, and I believe your decision not to take Bridget to the vet is a wise and compassionate one. Big hugs to you and Bridget and Reggie.

  107. Jan Johnson says:

    Tears welled up when I read this and are falling now. I recently had a similar situation with my old cat Zoe. She was 14, which is not always terribly old for a cat, but something was wrong. She was overweight and then her weight went down until she was underweight. I took her in and they found an ear infection, but I was pretty sure she had cancer and also I am out of work and just could not afford all the tests and I did not want to put her through all that. Healing the bad ear infection did not help.

    The hard thing was, she ate heartily multiple times a day. I think my kids thought I should put her down, but when something is eating and seems to want to live I cannot bring myself to end their life. She died on her own a few months ago. It’s so hard, and I am sorry you are facing advancing issues and old age with Bridget.

    I also had the juxtaposition of an old dog and an active pup. My Sheltie Matilda was failing and I knew it would kill me when she left, so I got a new pup before it happened to ease the upcoming pain. She had lumps everywhere too and then at the end could not walk, and I took her in and put her down. I remember the day we took the (now two) young dogs for a walk and for the first time I had to leave Tildy behind. She didn’t have a cool car like Bridget. We could see her looking sadly out a window as we walked away without her, and my heart broke in two.

    Bridget has had such an amazing life and seen so many new things and smelled so many exciting new smells. She has lived more in her life than most dogs get to. She has had her mom with her all the time to love on her. It’s been a good life for a dog. I will pray she rallies again and for peace if she does not.

  108. Mertinkentucky says:

    Sue, my thoughts and prayers are with you and Bridget. I have been having a tough time as well, but with the opposite, my father is terminal and i had to send him out to the hospital, only to find he is completely filled up with cancer, he now is in a nursing home with hospice and begging me daily to bring him home.. my sister is poa,and will not let me as she feels he is in the best place he can be. I have so many regrets ,but i didnt know this is how it would end up with him. What you are doing with bridget is so good,and the loving thing to do. I pray for you and her and reggie. Peace and love be with you all.. God bless you all.
    Mert and Asia
    Sending much love!!

    • MB from VA says:

      I am very sorry that you and your dad are going through this. I remember those days with my dad so well. One thing I will say… many things I could not or would not change. But there is one exception. Now, looking back on those days….I wish I had spent more of my time with Dad asking him questions about who he really was as a person…not just who I thought he was as my father. I would love to ask him allllll about himself and listen intently to his responses. We tend to rush around trying to “do something” when it might be better just to “be with them”. I hope you have the opportunity to just sit and really talk with your father before he leaves. My thoughts are with you both. Love from VA, MB

    • Denise - Richmond VA says:

      Sending you a hug, Mert. You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers.

  109. A month ago we almost lost Fu, our cat of something like 12 years (not all with us, of course, he’s a rescue). He had a growth at the junction of his stomach and his intestines that was blocking food from being digested. The vet found it by manual inspection. We decided to let her do a surgery to see what it was and when she told us we gave her permission to cut out the growth area of his intestine and see how it goes.

    At first it was touch and go. His appetite was low and nothing appealed to him. But the growth was benign so that was good.

    Twelve days ago we decided to try him on steroid pills to see if that would encourage his appetite. A day later he was hungry and wanting food. He’s gained back much of the weight he lost and he’s back to his old self.

    Not sure how much time we’ll have with him but it was $2,000 well spent.

    Is this germane to the question of Bridget? I dunno. Fu was also vomiting up any food he did eat (of course) and he had little dots of poo because nothing was being digested.

    I am not a big believer in euthanasia for my animals. Sometimes it has worked out well… and once – with Teka – I was not sure I had done the right thing by her.

    I know only one thing… if dogs and cats don’t get to go to Heaven…. then I want to go wherever they get to go.


  110. Monica-N.CA says:

    Sue, Hugs and prayers for you.

  111. Jane says:

    Sue it’s absolutely fantastic that Bridget had the opportunity to enjoy retirement with you and the luxury to explore the beautiful mountains, rivers, and lands that nature offers us. 15 years of life with you she is your angel ??

  112. gayle beach boomer says:

    It gives me joy in this difficult times in our world to realize that there really is a perfect love in this world such as you have for Bridget. Love never dies.

  113. Heda says:

    You are doing absolutely the right thing. I wish I had done that with my little one. It’s all going to be OK. There is a time for all of us. Take care of yourself as well as you are taking care of Bridget.

  114. Dave Stewart (in missouri for now) says:

    I Know it is Hard when this time of sorrow and realization comes upon us. Know that your and your family with you are in our thoughts, and prayers during this time. You hold a special place in each blogerinos heart.
    thinking of you

  115. Jo in OR says:

    Love to you three.

  116. vickie carter says:

    Always so hard to see a loved one grow old.I have a 18 year old dog that will soon be passing on too.I too would make the same decision you have made.Even people want to die at home surrounded by their loved ones. You gave Bridget a great life take comfort in feeling that in your heart. Peace be with you and Bridgett

  117. MB from VA says:

    Good morning Sue. I just wanted you to know that I completely understand what you mean about Bridget. I lost two of my older babies in the past year. Both times I did take them to the vet and we decided that at their age, why put them through scary tests and shove pills down their throats…. I think my vet was relieved that I was just there for confirmation of what I already knew in my heart…..Why not, instead, enjoy our last days together and let them go with peace and dignity? I know it’s different for everyone. I know that it is not what everyone would have chosen. But it is a very personal thing…..between you and the animal that you promised to love and care for when you invited them into your home and life. You have hinted at the fact that Bridget had days when she was not as perky as pictured and rejoiced on the days she was up for a walk….I think you did a good job keeping us up to speed without too many details of this very private journey. I wish your little family all the best. With love and understanding, MB, Wyndy and Bella

  118. Martha in PA says:

    Oh Sue I’m so sorry to hear Bridget is not well. My heart is breaking for you. I remember those days watching a beloved pet decline. So incredibly painful. I’ll keep praying for you and Bridget and hopefully she will bounce back. That’s good she’s drinking. Keep us informed if you are up to it so we can storm heaven with prayers.

  119. Lisa in San Diego says:

    there’s one more thing Bridget loves, and that’s you

  120. Dineen says:

    Dear Sue, Bridget and Reggie,

    You are all in my thoughts and prayers for a full recovery for Lady Bridget and if that is not to be, then in my heart as you grieve. Blessings to you all at this time.

  121. Ann of Tacoma says:

    Hugs and love for all three of you.

  122. I am saddened to hear Bridget is failing. As hard as it is for us fur moms, it’s the way of life. Our fur babies’ lives are way too short, and my heart goes out to you knowing what you are dealing with. Hugs and prayers for you, Sue, and for Bridget. As long as she is in no obvious pain, I agree whole heartedly with your decision to let nature take its course and when the time comes to let her pass at home with you and Reggie. Sending you a cyber hug my friend.

  123. Stephanie says:

    Dear Sue,
    I so appreciate your honesty and bravery. I say bravery because I’ve had a long line of pets in my life and always opted to go to the vet when the end was near. Being honest here, I did it to quell my own discomfort and anxiety because I didn’t want to watch my beloved pets suffer…I thought I was doing them a favor when I was really doing myself a favor. Going to the vet is stressful and if there is no remedy to be had, there’s no point. They belonged home with me. I see that now watching you deal with Spike and now Bridget….I will reconsider how I deal with an elderly cat that came into my life who also happens to love roasted chicken. I owe him that in life and in death.
    Thank you for sharing Bridget with all of us. She’s right where she needs to be….by your side.

  124. Cynthia Blaylock says:

    I woke at 2:20 this morning (California time) thinking about you and Bridget, remembering how Spike passed during the night in bed with her and you. Part of me thinks it has already happened, part of me doesn’t want it to happen, and part of me prays that it does happen – that she passes over to be with her beloved Spike, safely snuggled under the covers with you and Reggie. I wish all of us, all these good, kind, animal-loving blogarinos could be there to help you but I know that isn’t what you want or even need right now. May you have the peace of knowing you all are in His loving arms and care.

  125. Diane, Blue Ridge Mts, VA says:

    Dear Sue, I respect your decision. I am sending you my love and warm hugs. I have been there also with my dogs. You give your furry companions love and the very best life they could possibly ever have. Who could do more. My thoughts and heart are with you as you go through this time with little Bridgett, as it should be. Take Care Sue and Crew

  126. Kathie says:

    Thank you for this post, and love to all of you.

  127. Ken in Queen Creek, AZ says:

    I think you are doing the right thing, Sue. Make Bridget as comfortable as you can and love her until the end. When she stops eating, she is telling you that it is “time.” It is human nature to worry and second guess your decisions. Every creature on earth eventually has their last days. It’s the days that count. You are a living example what to do. Just as you inspire all of us blogarinos that life is what you make of it, and that it is never too late to pursue happiness, so you are with Bridget. Your love and your life have made her a happy pup. I am sure that she has told you this many times over the years. I have lost two such family members and I feel that lump in my throat every time I think about them. You’re a good mom and you have given your pups a wonderful life.

  128. milliehubbard says:

    Oh Sue, it is sad to think of our beloved furbabies leaving us, but I so respect your decision to keep Bridgie”home” and comfortable. We had to make the decision to let our Reilly go over the Rainbow Bridge back in May. He was a cardiology patient at our University Vet School and for several months he was doing great…and then he wasn’t.

    It was hard, but with consultation and knowledge of the reality, we decided it was time to let him go. It would not have been fair to put him through tests, and drugs to extend his life for a short period of time (they offered less than two months) while watching him struggle to breathe as they tried to get the meds right. I am at peace with our decision and I know you will be too.

    That said, the girl does look happy in her car!! Keep taking her for rides as much as she is able to enjoy them. The memories will stay with you for a long, long time.

    Love and peace to you all.

  129. Susan says:

    I am so sorry to hear about Bridget. I didnt realize she was already around 15 years old. That is a good long life for a dog. I think you are doing the right thing by just doing what you can for her. Sometimes vets want you to do so many things that really dont even help. And at 15 years old, what could help anyways? Just love and attention. Thinking of you and Bridget.

  130. Retiredcajunlady says:

    However your day is going, I just wanted you to know that you and your precious crew are in my thoughts, my heart, and my prayers. Y’all are truly cared about here in Blogorinoland.

  131. Guy says:


  132. Kent says:

    Sending good thoughts and energy your and crews way! Blessings

  133. Barbara from Camano Island says:

    I just want to say, in reading all these comments I am so, so impressed with the kind of people you have attracted to your blog. It is a deep testament to who you are, Sue.

  134. rvsueandcrew says:


    Oh my, where do I start? What a response! I wrote this post to let you know Bridget’s situation and to share my decision how the crew and I will face the future together, with Bridget at home with us. Thank you for your support of that decision, and especially for your compassionate voices.

    Bridget slept well last night. We woke to a cold morning which kept us under the covers longer than usual. Then the three of us went outside to soak up the glorious sunshine. Bridget had a bath in a basin set on the picnic table in the sun. She and Reggie are lying here beside me, dozing.

    Thank you for your prayers and loving messages. I can’t thank you enough for what you do for me.

    A few notes:

    First, my deep sympathy to Duke of Paducah who is in the first full day without his beloved Ira. I’m sorry for your loss, Duke. Also for Mike who suffers the loss of his longtime “golden” pal. It hurts and I’m sorry.

    To all those who are grieving now for loved ones passed on, I offer condolences. For those of you who see the pain of loss inevitably coming your way, I wish you strength and wisdom.

    My decision regarding Bridget isn’t the only right decision for every pet. Whether choosing to keep a pet at home for the final lap, or choosing surgery, or euthanasia, or whatever — as someone wrote, it’s personal. I don’t want my blog to cause anyone to second-guess or to feel guilt or anguish over the course of action taken with a loved one.

    I remember my mother using the phrase, “a good cry.” She would say that someone “needed a good cry.” At the time it seemed like a crazy thing to say. How could any crying be good? Years later I see the wisdom of her words.

    We’ve had our cry. Tears that fell or were held back . . . We needed a good cry. We will go forward with the “new normal” in our usual spirit of enjoying our travels, real and vicarious, and doing all that blogorinos do best.

    Which reminds me . . . You may have missed some very happy news shared by Barbara (Nashville) under the previous post:

    “Update and good news on my brother. He is awake, responding to commands, knows who folks are, gave kisses to my sister-in-law this a.m. They have removed the ventilator, tubing and are still weaning him off some of the medications. He is very weak and cannot talk yet due to his throat being sore and a little swollen from the tube. He is still on oxygen. All of this was due to his Potassium level dropping so dangerously low that he collapsed Friday night at his home. We are all ecstatic over this news. Thanks all of you who were praying for him.”

    We rejoice with you, Barbara!

    Thanks again, everyone! I love you!


    • Barbara (Nashville) says:

      Thank you, Sue, for your thoughtfulness and taking time to think of me and my brother, when you are having your own difficulties at this time.
      The update for today is the idiot hospital staff let him sit in a chair for 6 hours with a feeding tub inserted, but no food going in. He is so weak he could not pull himself up so when my sister arrived, he was all slumped down and looking miserable. Needless to say, she read the staff the riot act. He has been flat on his back for 6 days, no real food and he has had several back surgeries over the years, so 6 hours was a bit much. Anyway, they finally started the food and he is out of ICU and in a room on the rehab floor. They are planning to start his rehab tomorrow and will work his muscles for 2-3 hours per day.
      How is Bridget doing today after her bath. She seems to be so happy riding in her car. She is such a sweet and loyal companion, I sincerely hope she improves.

    • Renee Galligher says:

      So good to hear from you ,Sue, as I’ve been worried. Your update is reassuring for now, and I will continue to pray for Bridget.

      Thank you for your reminder of Barbara’s brother and his recovery.

      I too noticed Piper’s absence. I hope that all is well with him.

    • Duke of Paducah says:

      Thanks Sue,,,your heart and wisdom are a big comfort.

  135. Retiredcajunlady says:

    Sue, thank you so much for the update on y’all. I know you have a lot on your mind now, but have you heard for Rusty? It has been a couple of days since he was admitted to the hospital. I was just thinking about his health and hoping things were better. Thanks, Hope

  136. Cynthia from San Clemente says:

    Thank you for the update Sue. I too have been worried about Rusty – he hasn’t posted since the 12th. Wondering if he needs help, for himself or Lady.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      I haven’t heard anything from Rusty.

      Rusty posted this on the 13th:

      I’m very thankful for all your prayers and Piper is too, the folks that came to get her, have the assuring love and promise that Piper will be loved by them while I am here in room 350 ,,,, the VA system here is great, it’s just some of the VA systems are backed up with a lot of work and just think how many of us are Veterans,, around 1,000,000 more or less and more will keep coming, they , some got drafted and some enlisted to serve this United States of America and protect her, I wish you all a blessing, stay safe,,,, I must eat this fantastic dinner that’s in front of me,, baked potato, roast, salad, strawberry shortcake, tea, and fresh baked roll, French cut green beans,,, and TV, color,,, wow ,,, love you all and Thanks for your prayers,,,,,, Rusty n Piper”

      I sent an email to Rusty yesterday and haven’t received a reply. I assume he’s preoccupied with other things… He will probably be in touch soon. If I hear from him before he writes here, I will let you know.

      • Barbara (Nashville) says:

        I am embarrassed that I did not comment on Rusty. I pray for him always, but really sorry to hear he is in the hospital with his leg. So Glad that someone is taking care of Piper for him so he doesn’t have to worry. Often wonder who takes care of pets if one is traveling alone and becomes ill.
        Take care Rusty and hope you can drop in soon.

  137. Michelle from Salt Lake,UT says:

    Wishing the three of you a happy fun day.
    Randy and Michelle.

  138. Susan in Dallas says:

    One of the very first parts of your blog that I read was the “biography” of Bridget. I laughed out load at your description of her and her antics and have been a fan ever since. She truly is HRH, Bridget who loves going to the ar. bor. ee. tum! Peace to you and your crew who are living the good life!

    • Cinandjules (now in Pueblo CO) says:

      Sassy pants isn’t she? I too was thinking about the Ar bor REE tum!
      We love you Bridgeee babee!

  139. Rhonda Patrick says:

    I have sensed from many of your previous posts that Bridget is nearing the end of her time with you. Prayers & warm thoughts that she will once agin feel better. You are making the right decision to keep her with you. Hopefully for a long time yet. When she does choose to join Spike across that rainbow bridge you will have had many many happy times with her. Blessings sent to all 3 of you.

  140. Dawn in NC says:

    I am so happy for Bridget for your wisdom in dealing with this stage of life Sue. Thank you for sharing the hard details with us. My heart is with you.

  141. weather says:

    At 6:45p.m. the full moon will be rising in Arizona, here it’s called the harvest moon and always special. I plan to watch for it’s appearance here in NY State (in about an hour), just thought if you’re still up and around then you might enjoy seeing it or want to know.

  142. Piper (Virginia) says:

    You are very wise Sue. Bridget needs you and familiar surroundings. Some people cant understand those of us that have pets the love we have for them. They are family. Love is love and loss is loss no matter who it is. My heart breaks for you. I pray she perks up again but if not she will be happy with Spike. Take care Sue

  143. Rachel Smith says:

    Dearest Sue,

    Please know my prayers are with you and I feel you’re doing the right thing. I have done that almost every time with my beautiful wonderful companions. My heart goes out to you, as I am sure all of your readers do as well. Take care, love her bunches, keep her with you, till she needs to go.

    With deepest caring,

    Rachel and Macha

  144. Barry says:

    Your choice for Bridget is wise. Enjoy each others company to the end.

  145. Karen LeMoine says:

    Bridget love you you little moppet! That said I’m happy she has a happy loving adventurous life! I’m of the opinion to live is to die to die is to live. Bridget will dictate how and when she will cross over. Spike will be with her at the end. He will escort her into eternity! Together forever! Celebrate every precious day as it is a gift! She doesn’t want tears of sadness.Dogs live in the now. She lives for your love. I bet on some level she’s aware of Spike. Its the people they leave behind who are left to grieve and mourn. Hugs to you three.

  146. Patti says:

    Oh Sue, we all knew this day would eventually happen. I cried my eyes out when Spike passed. I hope Mr.Reggie will keep you moving! Much love to you in this difficult time.

  147. Sue, I’m not sure which struck me more, sadness at the news of Bridget’s decline (you haven’t hidden it completely, you’ve shared signs here and there), or the outpouring of love from your extended family of blogorinos. I’m sure you had no idea how many lives you could touch, and how much they would come to mean to you, when you started your blog 5 years ago.

    We’ll be thinking of you and Bridget, and that whackadoodle Reggie back here in Athens…you know what’s best, and when her time has come. I’m sure she’s happiest with you and Reggie-man. Sharing your life with pets is heartbreaking, because they become such an important part of us, and yet we always outlive them. And it happens over and over, and yet we jump into every new relationship, because they bring us so much. She’s had a wonderful life, much more interesting than she would have had back in Athens GA, and you gave her that. All we can do is do our best.

  148. Bridget is such a fortunate pup, surely whatever your decisions are on her behalf are the very best. Reggie is such a character racing on the water’s edge – so silly 🙂

  149. Paula says:

    I applaud you for keeping Bridget with you and as comfortable as possible at this stage of her life.

  150. AZ Jim says:

    Hi gang….We all need to remember it’s one day at a time, one footstep before the other. Sue says that they had a good day today so that’s something positive. Here’s hoping tomorrow is a good one too. Jim

  151. katydid in Chicago says:

    I’m wishing you and the crew peace and and the comfort of togetherness, for now and for however long time grants you.

  152. Virginia620 (Mobile AL) says:

    Loved ALL the photos of the pups. Thanks for update. Continued thoughts and prayers.

  153. Gail from Buckeye AZ says:

    Dear Sue,
    I am trying so hard to think of some words to describe how we all feel about you and the crew the best I can do is say Sue I CARE, Sue WE CARE, Sue WE ALL CARE!
    God Bless you Bridget and Spike during these times! You all are a Bright Spot in our lives! Prayers for you all!

  154. Sally in MI says:

    Awwww Bridge. So hard, so very hard! Hugs to you all

  155. Mary Batt says:

    Dear Sue,
    This time is all about you and Bridget. We know the dark pain you have when your pet/baby is sick and is not going to get better. It is desperation, fear, and love all in one that you live in. Bridget knows only the love you have for her. Reggie is there for you and Bridge. We care because we have lived the pain as you have. Bridget found you and how wonderful you have been for her. God is talking as he is with Bridget, so we listen. It has always been in His hands. He talks with all of us one day. We are all His creatures. So one day she will rest easy with Him. Love from to you, Mary Batt

  156. Wendy in Thailand is in Australia says:

    You will do what is right for you and Bridget, love you all.

  157. Diann in MT says:

    Your strength is Bridget’s comfort. Little Reggie and the Blogorinos are your inspiration that life and love can push through the sorrow.

    Precious days to come, Sue. Love to you and The Crew.

  158. kgdan from Wapato, WA says:

    Dear Bridget,
    This morning I am thinking of you from way up here in Washington. Sending you love and gentle strokes and hoping you will have a joyful day. Special hugs to Sue and Reggie also.

  159. Carol in MT says:

    I so respect your advocacy of quality of life for Bridget. Such loving choices. My heart is with you and the crew.

  160. Thinking of you and The Crew. Life’s passages are often so very hard, but when the day-to-day living is good, it’s impossible to feel bad about the sad times. I know you love her and demonstrate that love in the little things you do for her every single day. You are blessings to one another. Whatever happens…whenever it happens…I hope you find peace in the small things that have made your lives joyful.

  161. Candace H. says:

    Wishing the three of you peace and sending much love.

  162. rvsueandcrew says:


  163. Linda Hughes- North Carolina says:

    Hi RV Sue, thank you for sharing about Bridgett, it made me sad but you made the right decision keeping her near. I will be saying a prayer daily for her. She is living a good life so she is doing well. Take care, give Bridgett a get well hug for me and I send a smile to Reggie….he always gives me one in your great blog!

  164. MnDreamer says:

    Sending thoughts of peace and calm. You are such a wonderful caretaker for your girl Bridget, Sue. Take care.

  165. Tesaje says:

    So hard. Been there many times and not eating is never a good sign. My rule is that so long as they are responsive and they can enjoy some parts of life, I do what I can to make them happy. She has had a great life with you and you will and have done right by her. I knew she must not be doing all that great when you got her car. I cannot but respect your decision when most doctors won’t use the extreme care for themselves because it is so awful. Hang in there. She’s a very lucky dog to have you.

  166. catew says:

    Hi Sue, Bridge baby, and Reggie,

    Sending loving support to all of you. I absolutely respect your decisions about what is best for your babies, and I am reminded of the goodbye times I shared with one of my beautiful Siamese cats when he was getting ready to pass. I had called my vet to report on his symptoms and ask for advice. He said that unless the cat was in obvious pain, he would advise that we enjoy each day doing what I knew my boy would like. So we strolled around a garden, napped under a tree, had mini meals of his fav foods when he felt like eating, snuggled lots, watched birds from his bed on the window sill, and he “left” one morning while I was sleeping.

    Bridge has had a wonderful life with you, and she will know she is loved until the end when she can drift away with her Mom beside her. Meanwhile, she has rides in her car and an amazing human who knows just what she needs.

    Love to all of you, and especially you Sue,

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