Lassitude, parsnips, and the Battle of Quebec

Tuesday, December 9

Our day here at Oak Flat, Superior, Arizona, starts with dramatic clouds in the eastern sky.

1-P1010728Bridget and I wander around our camp.

Someone has camped in a high-top van at the end of the lane ever since we arrived a week ago Sunday.  He leaves this morning so Bridget and I walk the lane.

We come upon a structure that looks like a wikiup.  It is made of saplings and branches, and held together with vines for twine.

1-P1010736Further along we come to a pond.

1-P1010741The earth around the pond is mucked up by the hooves of cows.  I’ve seen a small herd graze past our campsite at dusk.

1-P1010738There isn’t much green in this area, not like in our backyard.

1-P1010750Today the door for the Imperfect Tow Vehicle is being picked up in Phoenix.  Tomorrow it will be painted.  Maybe Thursday or Friday the door will be installed, giving Bridget and me the freedom to move our camp by the weekend.

We don’t go anywhere today.

I have a spell of missing Spike and I’m overcome with lassitude all day.  I lie in my lounger, soaking up sunshine, watching the jets overhead, listening to the camp hosts’ junkyard dogs’ incessant barking (which went on all afternoon).

Stay home, go nowhere, do nothing.  Bridget seems happy with that plan, absorbing rays while lying in her beat-up doggie bed on the ground beside me.  I have to get rid of that thing!

I do finish the last book of the Outlander series by Diana Gabaldon, and then read her novella in the Lord John series called The Custom of the Army.   This author has a way of making historical events vivid and enjoyable to read.  I feel like I’m climbing the cliffs alongside my fellow Scottish Highlanders in a surprise attack at the Battle of Quebec in 1759.

Not bad for a lazy day!

1-P1010751Yes, I did play with photo editing for this pic!  I like the painting effect.

For supper I cook a simple vegetable plate. 

Broccoli, carrots, and parsnips.  Parsnips are a nice carbohydrate change from potatoes.  These have a sweet and nutty flavor.  Curious, I research online the nutritional value of parsnips.  I find that they are very low in saturated fat and cholesterol. They are also a good source of potassium, and an excellent source of dietary fiber, vitamin C, folate and manganese.

Inviting Bridget to participate in feasts of rotisserie chicken the past few years has turned her into a relentless beggar whenever I sit down to eat.  I share the carrot slices with her, and we enjoy a companionable dinner at the table at the back of the Best Little Trailer.

Tomorrow I am not going to give in to laziness.

If the weather is good and there’s light for photos, Bridget and I will go to the Boyce Thompson Arboretum!



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134 Responses to Lassitude, parsnips, and the Battle of Quebec

  1. Reina says:


  2. edlfrey says:

    The structure that looks like a hogan is more like the frame for a wickiup. Hogans were usually built in an octagonal shape using logs by the Navajo. You are in Apache country where they lived in wickiups.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Oh, darn… I tried to research that and was unsure. I’ll fix it. This is turning into a career for you, Ed… trying to keep up with my mistakes. Haha!

      • Elizabeth in WA says:

        Some folks are information gatherers!! Ed sounds like one. I am, but only in certain subjects…being somewhat picky.

      • Mary Alice cure says:

        I may be wrong but my friends build that sort of structure , cover it with hides or blankets for a sweat lodge? If you check back and it has a place for hot stones in the center that is a sweat lodge. Interesting.

        • MaryAlice, that was my thought too. This is a very interesting find, isn’t it?

          • rvsueandcrew says:

            Dawn and MaryAlice… It doesn’t look like a fire was started inside the wikiup. Wikiups are built for ceremonial purposes, too. Given that Oak Flat is considered sacred by the Apache and add to that the concern it will be turned over to mining interests, I’m guessing it was constructed for worship, for personal reflection, or for ceremonial purposes.

  3. Reina says:

    Hi Sue! Since I live in Tucson, it’s been fun to follow you through Arizona… I love Roosevelt Lake and I plan to take my Casita and my “Arrow” there sometime this winter. Thanks for posting all the pictures of the area. I hope to visit some of those places… Be safe in your travels… 🙂

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Reina,

      Have I welcomed you to my blog? Welcome! Always love to see more join us in comments and I have a special feeling for Casita people. 🙂

      Winter is a good time to visit Roosevelt Lake. Not crowded and not far from Tucson.

      • Reina says:

        Yes, you welcomed me last spring. A reader/friend of your blog told me about you when I purchased my new Casita… I went back and read all your entries from the beginning. I’ve had so many questions about traveling in a Casita and your blog has been a wealth of information! Thank you Sue for posting so often and sharing your experiences…. You’ve really helped and encouraged me!! 🙂

        • rvsueandcrew says:

          I’m very pleased that my blog and my readers’ comments have been helpful for you. I’m sorry I didn’t recognize your name . . . Thanks for reading all my posts. I take that as a very nice compliment.

  4. Hello RVSue! Been a while since I emailed you, but I enjoy your daily blog. After I found your blog and noted that you use a Van and Trailer, I started to consider that route rather than buying a motorhome or 5th. Wheel. Well, a month ago I took delivery on my new Trailer (Rockwood Mini-lite 2306) that I’m pulling with my new 1 ton Chevy Cargo van. If things go according to plan, I’ll be heading out May 1st, first to S. Dakota for my domicile, then to wherever the wind blows me!!! Jim Mulligan (Michigan)
    Note: You can see a picture of my rig at my website in the “Jim’s Travels” section.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Good for you, James! Sounds like you have a good combination, one that will be comfortable, yet able to fit in many camps. Of course I think the Chevy Cargo van makes a fantastic tow vehicle!

      Oh wow! Isn’t it exciting to be able to say “I’ll be heading out May 1st…”

      I’m happy my blog has been a good influence on you. Thanks for dropping in again. 🙂

      LATER– I took a look at the picture of your rig. Mighty fine, James. Mighty fine.

    • Velda says:

      Nice looking rig. Happy travels!

  5. CRedd n Tx says:

    Sometimes we just need a lazy do nothing day, or a do what we want day. Hope your door is soon replaced and the TV is once again yout PTV.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, CRedd in Tx,

      I am positive this door is the one. I can’t imagine typing up another blog post about further delay… Thanks for the good hope!

  6. debsjourney says:

    hi Sue am I the first person to post today OMGI hope that you have a good time tomorrow with great weather. I bought a new phone today. Its a Samsung galaxy note 4 and I’m using Verizon so that when I am ready to travel this should do the trick. I feel like a kid in a candy store buying all the things I need from my little camper.I can’t believe how easy this is using my phone now I’m psyched.looking forward to some more photos by you showing all the beauty that is around you. Okay now I’m going to go play with my new toys. lol

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Deb,

      Not first, but you’re here and that’s what matters to me! You’ll get good coverage with Verizon.

      I’m glad you’re having fun gearing up for your new adventure . . . .

  7. Rod says:

    Since you are this close to a big city, why wouldn’t you look into rescuing a terrier friend for Bridget… I’m sure there are a number of shelters around here… Nothing could replace Spike, but a new buddy might do both of you some good….

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Rod,

      That’s what I’ve been doing! 🙂

      I’ve applied for three dogs already and all three attempts fell through — The dogs were adopted quickly. Terriers (not pit bull terriers) seem to be snatched up fast.

      I’ve looked online at hundreds of dogs in shelters in the Phoenix and Tucson area. The shelters are full of chihuahuas and pit bulls with a few labs, terriers, and whatnot.

      • Rod says:

        Feel free to use me down here in Mesa to go look at or help find a dog for you… I am usually free most days… On Thursday we are going on what they call the Superior loop with lunch in Winkleman…. I am guessing Superior, Winkleman, Globe and then back to Apache Jct….

        • rvsueandcrew says:

          Thanks, Rod.

          It’s tricky trying to adopt a dog while at the same time finding camps in the area of the organization and being able to stay in the area throughout the adoption process.

          So far the people at the rescue orgs. I’ve contacted haven’t responded quickly which tells me the process could drag out into weeks. (Sticks and bricks people aren’t always aware of the concerns of full-time RVers.)
          At this point things are too uncertain, what with this door situation, and then I’ve been camping in Tonto NF well beyond the 14-day limit.

          As soon as the door is fixed we will leave the area. Nice of you to offer, Rod, but it’s best I decline. If another person becomes involved, I might not make a careful decision, wanting to make that person’s efforts productive.

          I hope you enjoy the loop!

  8. weather says:

    The clouds weren’t all that I saw as dramatic in this post.All the land and vegetation on it looked the way to me,and I don’t think only because that’s how you experienced it and portrayed it-I think that place really is…

    Those missing spells are rough to go through,a day in lassitude is natural,no fun,yet I would not term that laziness.It’s the inside work those times accomplish for us,of more profound importance than more obvious activities .That said,still I do hope tomorrow is lighter-in which ever way you want and need it to be.

    This being current with the literal day and post is a rare and fun treat-your food sounds like one ,too.We must have really similar tastes for meal choices.I long ago realized the troupe would share all my meals.I like that about our lives together-a lot!Just more evidence of Bridget’s intelligence the way I see things 🙂 Gosh,I love that pretty girl,kinda figures that you raised her!

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, weather,

      I did have the thought, gee, I wasted this day, and then I told myself, no, I needed a day to vegetate. That’s not wasted time.

      I’ve never made much distinction between people and dogs. I was taught not to eat in front of another person without sharing. I act the same way with my dogs, always have.

      Bridget is very mannerly about it. She sits and waits for the morsels I hand her. She doesn’t jump or paw at me for more. Or yell at me the way Spike used to do. 🙂

      Like you feel about your troupe… They’re family!

      • Elizabeth in WA says:

        Weather is so right….Sue, the path of grief takes its own time, doesn’t it? And I agree…not being lazy…there is work inside going on!! I do hope you will regain your strength and when the time is right, find another little doggie to be with you and Bridget.

        • rvsueandcrew says:

          Hi, Elizabeth,

          I’d like to find our new crew member during the winter when we aren’t moving around as much, to give the newcomer time to adjust to us and a new home, as well as for Bridget to adjust also.

      • weather says:

        The fur kids learned to wait because I’d say “wait” as I prepared everything,didn’t realize initially that they were learning.Now I can put food in front of them and they won’t touch it until I say “there you go”,even if I leave the room.The only time they’re vocal about wanting food is when it’s in grocery bags being carried in,as they know new treats have arrived,or on those occasions when I’ve just forgotten meal time for too long-then I appreciate the reminder!Must be the terriers that got adopted by other folks didn’t belong with you,I believe the right connections are held and arranged for us,don’t you?

        • rvsueandcrew says:

          Yes, I do. That’s why I wasn’t disappointed when the first three tries didn’t work out.

          I have to factor in where we will be camped as adopting a dog isn’t as quick and easy as in the past. One has to go through the application process and that can take time, since rescue groups rely on volunteers and they have jobs….

          The right dog will come to us.

        • Velda says:

          Speaking of people food treats for pets. Recently my Mandy cat decided she would like to share a cup of natural applesauce with me. Typical is she acts like she wants something then when it’s held out she either sniffs and leaves or eats one bite then never another. For the past few weeks she gets the lid with a spoon of applesauce which she eats while I finish mine then she cleans the little cup. Her sister, on the other hand sniffs and looks at the applesauce and looks at me like, that’s not chicken Mom. Who would have thought a 9 year o,d cat I have had since she was a kitten would decide she likes applesauce.

      • Mert says:

        I feel the exact same way. I share with Asia and have shared with all my babies. Asia lays in the floor at my feet until I make a move like maybe I am ready to share with her. Mean while drooling. ( yes, she’s a big drip mouth) 😉
        Exciting news that you are looking for a crew member for bridge to train… So happy for you both. And I know you will find the perfect one for your family!
        Yay…. On door #3. I know this one will be perfect.
        Be safe, and happy trails to you and pretty girl!
        Peace, good health and happiness to all!
        Mert and Asia

        • Mert says:

          Funny story, my friend spent a weekend with me not to long ago. I eat a lot of my meals at my coffee table in front of the tv. Well, my friends purse was of course setting close by… When she got to work Monday morning. She said she opened her purse, and whalaaa….. Pieces of the weekend meals in her purse. Lol ( Asia drops a lot of crumbs and doesn’t bother to clean them up)
          Luckily she loves Asia as well, so she wasn’t upset.

          • Elizabeth in WA says:

            Aw, what a nice friend….heh, always shared with our fur babies too…tried not to give them anything that would hurt them however.

            • Mert says:

              Agreed… I am very careful in what I feed my girl. She LOVES chicken…. Of any type. Chicken treats too!! Love my girl
              They are such wonderful companions!

            • Elizabeth in WA says:

              Yea, ours went wild whenever I was fixing turkey or chicken!! Practically stood on my feet, or sat so close sometimes it dropped on their heads!! Heehee

  9. Elizabeth in WA says:

    Is there a hint that indeed you be Scottish, too, Sue?? Heh…I know on one side I am from a subset of the McDonalds clan…and wouldn’t you know it? Hubby is from the Campbells!! Now everyone knows how treacherous the Campbells were to the McDonalds!! Well, I told him the other day, I just realized something….we are a Romeo and Juliette…heehee….being Campbell and McDonald. I am also some Scottish from another side, but my Grampie seemed to not know what clan. We lived near clan activities in NC and there are such goings on in this area too I have been told. If we were not so terribly busy otherwise, it would indeed be fun to search out more on such doings. I have always wanted to go watch the dog trials. Especially as we have had several blue heelers (Australian cattle dogs) and the last darling was 1/8th Border collie added in….that combination was beyond superb!! And those breeds are often used in the Scottish gatherings for the exhibitions. One day we shall attend one!! I think you should consider a blue heeler (and I have learned they come in smaller sizes now too…20 pounds or so)….a more loyal companion you will not find.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Yes, my family line is Scots-Irish. The clan names are Sutherland, MacAuley, and MacBeth.

      The Campbells show up in the Outlander books, as do the Sutherlands. One of the ships that carried the British and the Highlanders to the Battle of Quebec was called the Sutherland (although I don’t know if that was the author’s invention).

      My sister Pauline went to Scotland as she has an interest in geneaology and did extensive research into our ancestors, finding Dunrobin Castle of the clan Sutherland, the plaid, seal, etc. (The link is an image of Dunrobin.)

      As for blue heelers… They are wonderful dogs, herders, intelligent and all. A heeler would probably require more physical activity than I can give. I need to find a dog that is a good match with Bridget, considering temperament, level of activity, size, and so forth.

      • Elizabeth in WA says:

        It would be fun to see Scotland I think…so nice your sister got to do that much research…how interesting!!

        • Pauline in Mississippi says:

          Scotland is a wonderful place!! I have been there twice and would love to go back. However, the plane fare has more than doubled since I went and the American dollar “ain’t what it used to be”

          • Elizabeth in WA says:

            Yea…travel is getting close to being out of the reach of most of us, Pauline….we have to be so grateful we were able to go when we were, huh?

      • Sondra-SC says:

        …we had a Blue Heeler, she was the smartest dog I’ve ever known…we got her at 4 mos old she was a real challenge to raise, very active, but she was a joy and we had her for 15 yrs..I hope you find the perfect 3rd for your party. Parsnips are on our menu for Christmas dinner, roasted with potatoes, carrots and onions!

  10. carol/Jean in molallaOR says:

    Try Panda Paw Rescue, she is neat! My kid just got a tree hound at Oregon Humane society, said there were many dogs there

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Carol Jean in Molalla OR,

      That’s a bit far from where we are now. Hounds are great dogs. I can’t have a dog like a hound, one that has a strong instinct for following a scent or by sight, because of the way we live on the road. I bet your kid is happy!

  11. Velda says:

    New recipe. This can be done in crockpot or stove top, just watch it to keep slow simmer. I used induction burner which works so well !
    1 1/2 lbs or 4 boneless skinless chicken breast (I think thighs would be good too)
    1 can Rotel tomatoes any level heat you like, I used med. rotel are tomatoes with peppers
    1 cup salsa of choice
    1 onion diced coarse ( optional, I used)
    1 can black beans ( I had organic so did not drain or rinse )
    Place above in cooking vessel (crockpot or pan)
    Crockpot 4-6 hours low or 6-8 hours high
    Or simmer slowly until chicken tender. If cooked long meat will shred easily.
    At end of cooking stir in a 8 oz package of cream cheese. Can use low fat but I don’t like the somewhat sweet taste of neufachel so used regular.
    I served over rice but if you cook and shred it can be served in tortillas or however you like.
    Enjoy. I’m going back for seconds!!

    • Velda says:

      Ps it was called Mexican Chicken in the group where I found it.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Oh, my oh my, Velda. And here I am chewing on parsnips. 🙁

      Thank you for taking the time to type up that recipe for us. It does sound delicious!

  12. Please pass the broccoli and carrots. And put the parsnips over there with the cauliflower, Brussels sprouts and liver. Ya, right there in that (trash) can. 🙂

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Noooooo! Brussels sprouts are one of my faves! Cauliflower not so much. Liver, never!

      • DesertGinger says:

        Love Brussels sprouts

      • Elizabeth in WA says:

        Me too…is it a man and woman thing? Several hubbies of friends are like mine….do not really like veggies!!

        • Velda says:

          I love most vegetables as does my husband. Brussels Sprouts roasted in oven with evoo. I like making cauliflower cheese soup. We love greens steamed with garlic and onions. We experiment a lot with various methods,and veg. But I think an all time favorite was when my Mom would lightly steam parsnips then cut in half lengthwise and brown in butter.

    • Gayle says:

      I’m with you, Ed H, on cauliflower & liver. I got a pound of liver by mistake when somebody check out at the market in front of me. OMG, worst day of my life. I cooked the liver anyway, and drank 1/2 bottle of wine, and still couldn’t get in down! What would make a perfect dessert? Coconut macaroons! As Charlie Brown would say, “Auuuuugh!”

  13. DesertGinger says:

    So I was supposed to be in school today doing a review as prep for final exam. However, the doc called yesterday morning and said ‘yes, you do have a urinary tract infection and I phoned in a script for antibiotics’. So I went to pharmacy, picked up drugs, and began taking them. Woke up at 5am in agony….stomach hurting so bad. Vomiting. Diarrhea. Sick. When I called doctor they said ‘oh…it’s the antibiotics. We’ll switch you to a different one’. So, I start a different one Thursday. But, I missed school today and still feel too crappy to study. Hope I feel better tomorrow.

    And no job offer yet.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      I hope you feel better tomorrow, too, Ginger. Sorry that happened to you and such bad timing!

    • BadgerRickInWis says:

      So sorry to hear you had a crappy day (in all ways possible). Hang in there.

    • Elizabeth in WA says:

      Oh so sorry….meds are such a pain!! I am allergic to most antibiotics…heh, since I have been taking those lovely garlic pills I get at Walmart…so far have not needed antibiotics!!

    • Velda says:

      Hope you feel better, be sure to get some live culture yogurt to undo the damage done by the antibiotic. I like cranberry juice for bladder though I have found cranberry pills now which don’t have sugar so are better for me.

    • Cat Lady in Baton Rouge says:

      Eat an 8 oz container of yogurt with active probiotics every day for awhile. Keeps down yeast infections…can’t hurt you to eat it. UTI are a b*tch…hope you get better real soon.

      Cat Lady

  14. Norm (in TN) says:

    I want your day of lassitude! Been wrangling five grandchildren, all under the age of 7, over the past 24 hours. Love ’em all but was glad to see the last group head out the door to their parents tonight.

    Enjoy Boyce Thompson for me, it never disappointed. And prayers and good thoughts as you search for a new crew member.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Thanks, Norm. Yes, I’m looking forward to the arboretum tomorrow.

      Five…All under the age of 7? You need a day in a lounger. 🙂

      • Elizabeth in WA says:

        I second that motion, Sue…heh, with just 2 under 5 we are exhausted even if we are not left alone with them!!

  15. Nickie (OR) says:

    Hi Sue! Just wondered if you have tried to find a new travel buddy?

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Oh, yeah… I’ve looked at petfinder and several other similar sites, also rescue groups and county animal shelters.

  16. sandi says:

    Hi Sue, do you know about Best Friends Animal Sanctuary in Utah? They have a website. Love your blog, I’ m still with ya!

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Glad you’re still visiting my blog and loving it!

      I’ve visited Best Friends twice. I took the tour a few months ago. Google: RVSue + Best Friends and you’ll find the post.

  17. Cinandjules (NY) says:

    Interesting twig structure.

    Parsnips….Uhhh….never had them. Lazy days are good!

    Here’s my thoughts………searching for a pet is like going to eharmony or match whatever looking for that “special someone”….

    That special fur kid is out there somewhere and one day your paths will cross…just like the amazing interesting folks you’ve met since you started living on less and enjoying life more.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Never had parsnips? That’s a travesty!

      Bridget and I do need another crew member. There will be a time when doors will open for us to find that special someone.

  18. Joan aka Egg4us says:

    Lazy days to disappoints can be discouraging, Please don’t let these 3 tries to adopt another wonderful dog leave you blue, we all are praying for you and know the right one will come your way, remember when you least expect it…. 🙂 In the mean time, rain is coming your way on Friday and Saturday. CG has Chicken & Dumplings!! 🙂

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Joan,

      This blog post might make it look like the 3 tries and my missing Spike are related as in cause and effect. That’s not the case — It’s just the ebb and flow of learning to live without him.

      Rain this weekend? Gee, I hope we can move before it arrives.

  19. Susan in Dallas says:

    Love the first picture! We’ve been having such cloudy days and I miss seeing the sun. Every once in a while I have a day like yours. I think we know when we need to “chill” as my kids would say. I call them “pajama days” for the obvious reason. Great that you saw the mud with hoof impressions. You know how I love those cow pictures!

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Susan,

      About cow pictures… Remember the photo of the cows standing in a circle around our camp, staring as Spike ran out to them, grabbed his beef bone, and sprinted back to the safety of the BLT? I thought of that this morning and had to laugh out loud. He had a knack for being funny in a crazy way. Whenever cows come around our campsite I think of Spike.

      I’ve had plenty of pajama mornings. I come to this blog and before I know it I’m saying, “Good heavens, it’s noon and I’m still in my jammies!”

  20. Mert says:

    Hi Sue,
    I am praying that the best companion for you and Bridge comes along . And I know it will!
    Are you looking for a. Puppy? Or adult crew member? I understand it has to be a certain breed due to the way you and Bridge live. Makes perfect sense to me! I had not thought of that until you mentioned it here. A blood hound would definitely be out 😉
    We are into winter here (and I hate it) calling for snow today. And it is cold!!
    My body is still on SW Florida weather. It drops down in the 60’s and I am cold– it is 30 degrees here right now, high today… 34 🙁
    Excited to see where your new door takes you two (or 3) next
    Safe travels with peace good health and happiness.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Mert,

      A high of 34? I avoid a low of 34! I’m trying to remember where you are… I thought you lived in Arkansas. Is that right?

      (Readers: I encourage you to put your state abbreviation or some indication where you are next to your name when you sign in. Then your weather reports don’t leave us guessing. Thanks.)

      I’m looking for a young adult dog, under the age of 3, and I would consider a puppy. It will be exciting when we meet the the right one!

  21. I enjoyed learning a little more about your heritage and interest in a story about the Battle of Quebec. I’ll have to read that one. A several times great grandfather of mine from Connecticut was in the British Army and fought in that battle. Our family hails from Oxfordshire, England, circa. 1510, and were part of the group of people who founded the town of Wallingford Connecticut in 1670.

  22. az jim says:

    Here is something to make you smile in remembering.

  23. Hi Sue,
    Adopting a dog from rescue places can be difficult and sometimes disappointing. I was reading another RV blogger’s site which lead me to reading others’ blogs. One of the blogs I noticed you are following, Ed Frey the owner of Patches. Anyhow from one of his posting, I read this gals blog: She found a cute puppy that she can’t keep. Scroll to bottom of page to see the dog, Dante. I normally wouldn’t be posting on “look at this dog”, but you said you might be interested in a puppy. And with the difficulty of adopting from rescue groups, I thought this might be easier. This is a distance from where you are now (3 hour drive), but it is heading south to warmer weather. 🙂 Praying that the door is a match so that you can move on- safe travels.

    • edlfrey says:

      That pup that was rescued in Mexico must be adopted thru Border Animal Rescue since they have spent a lot of money on vet care and may need to spend more. I don’t think he is ready for adoption at this time.

      • Hi Ed,
        I enjoyed reading some of your blog today. Yes, that puppy looks young. I was thinking IF Sue was interested, she may have better luck with this dog since the gal who rescued the dog may be of help and had rescued the dog. Lots of IFs for this situation. 🙂

  24. So weird. I was thinking about Spike yesterday. Don’t know what triggered it and no particular memory. Just Spike being a dog. Made me smile.
    I could easily just eat vegetables for dinner several times a week. I don’t know why I think I have to eat meat and other things just because Bill is. Escrow closes tomorrow so everything is packed up, including the kitchen. Maybe we’ll find a good salad bar somewhere for dinner 🙂

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      I know you’ve worked very hard to get to the point where you’re free of stuff and able to move into an apartment in preparation for a life on the road. Congratulations, Jodee, on passing another milestone tomorrow!

  25. weather says:

    Hi Sue,
    Perhaps some thoughts about rescuers and opportunity are worth considering.Many times I’ve been the exception to the rule,given unusual favor,offers and opportunities by virtue of being found different somehow than the average candidate in situations.My point is that things often need not only be considered the way they appear on the surface,personal encounters can render results far more easily achieved than we expect.

    An individual that is appreciative enough of life to volunteer for/be involved with rescuing likely loves nature,too.While your lifestyle does not fit the mold of most applicants for adoption,in fact it far surpasses theirs in terms of what it offers a dog.Stationary homes,even those with large fenced yards and nearby places to walk, relegate animals to environments that restrict their love of exploration of new land,smells and experiences.Your rolling home doesn’t!!!

    Your crew left shelters not just to be imprisoned in a different way-they received a lifetime of love and safe adventures.You could pen a long letter telling your story and include photographs that would have people with a terrier needing a forever home reaching out to you- as “the one” they’d hoped it would end up being with,offering to give you a dog,instead of the expecting you to engage in the normal process.I’m convinced that is true because of my personal experiences and knowing your history in the field of rescue.It may be worth at least giving thought to.

    Feel free to shoot this idea down for any reason,-I won’t be insulted or disappointed if you do.Just wanted to mention it in case it hadn’t occurred to you.Hope your day is a good one,enjoy…

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, weather,

      So far I’ve approached the search for a new crew member through the usual steps of finding a dog online, filling out an application and then learning the dog has already been adopted. This has taught me that I need to act quickly.

      Right now I’m “waiting to hurry” regarding the door replacement. Once I get the word from the body shop, I’ll need to drive to Globe the following morning. I can’t have an appointment to see a dog in Phoenix while this door situation is in limbo, because that’s a recipe for an appointment conflict.

      Once the door is replaced, I’ll find a new camp, and resume the dog search. If I cannot obtain a dog through normal processes, then I’ll have to be more creative and assertive in my approach… perhaps using the method you describe. We shall see!

      • weather says:

        Your reasoning makes perfect sense.Sounds like you didn’t get news of the door today,hope you at least got a gazillion pics at the Arboretum.As you’re typing now I can tell clicking the camera didn’t wear out your fingers,though the day might have worn out you and Bridget.Enjoy supper,rest,dreams and each other,catch ya later 🙂

        • rvsueandcrew says:

          I repeatedly check my email inbox at this time of day. If the door is ready for tomorrow, I’ll hear about it in the next hour or so. I hope, I hope….

          See ya’ later! 🙂

  26. Jan from Oregon says:

    Sue..I love your blog. Watch for it everyday. When I was in Ord, Nebraska camping in my brand new Scamp last September, I came across this marker by a tree near the pond in town. Took my aback for a moment. Been wanted to share it with you every since. Hugs to you.. won’t let me post the picture but it’s a marker by a new tree with the name “Spike” on it…

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Jan,

      A poignant reminder that I’m not the only one who loved and misses a guy named Spike.

  27. Dawn in MI says:

    I was wondering if rescue groups would even consider someone who doesn’t have a fenced back yard….

    • edlfrey says:

      I don’t think there is a simple Yes/No answer to that question. I think it all depends on the person(s) at the rescue/shelter that is making the adoption decision.

      I adopted my dog, Patches, out of the Sierra Vista Animal Care & Control shelter. This is a city dog pound by any other name and they were very happy to let me adopt. I told them my situation and how I lived my life and how the dog that I adopted would live with me. One of the staff went out and looked at my Class C and I look 3 dogs out to go in it to see how they would react. One dog would not climb the stairs, one dog would not go into the passenger seat. Patches acted like she owned the place and I became her human.

      All you can do is ask. If refused then ask some other rescue/shelter; there are plenty of dog available.

      • Dawn in MI says:

        Good comment…glad Patches found you!

      • Elizabeth in WA says:

        Good way to find out which dog would work, Ed!! I was chosen by one rescue dog we had too. She was quite hilarious looking and when she saw me, she ran right over and laid herself against me….heh, no way I could not take her THEN!!

      • rvsueandcrew says:

        Like most situations involving a judgment call, a lot depends on whom you talk to. Whereas one person may be rigid about the rule “must have a fenced yard,” another may understand the purpose of the rule (dog safety) and be flexible in how that safety is provided. Like you said, Ed, it depends on the person making the decision.

        As weather suggested, a personal contact like you had will encourage acceptance of the RV as a suitable home.

        It probably will be easiest to obtain a dog through animal control, rather than a rescue group. Having worked in rescue, I’m aware how stringent their rules for adoption can be. That’s why I didn’t even ask when I visited Best Friends.

        Thanks for sharing how you selected Patches. From reading your blog for quite some time, I know you give her excellent care.

        • edlfrey says:

          Thanks for the kind words.

          You might take a look at Pet Rescue Center, Inc in Coachella, CA. They seem to have a lot of smaller dogs and some Rat Terriers. Tina Fey looks like a winner to me but I know nothing about Rat Terriers.

          Maybe stop by and talk to them. A little detour on the way to the Yuma area which is less that 150 miles away. Less than half from Borego Springs and just over 100 miles from Quartzsite.

  28. Applegirl NY says:

    Love roasted Brussels sprouts.

    No such thing as a lazy day, when a book is involved. There have been times when I just can’t put one down and it’s dinner time and I haven’t even brushed my teeth! LOL

    Hope that door arrives and is all buttoned up for the weekend.

    Snowing like crazy here right now. Expecting anywhere from 4-14 inches. Yikes.

    • Dawn in MI says:

      I love roasted brussel sprouts too!! 🙂

      • rvsueandcrew says:

        Kathy and Gil, who comment as kgdan on this blog, make a tasty salad with shredded Brussels sprouts and dried cranberries and I don’t know what else… I never thought of using them that way. It was delicious!

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Gee, thanks, Applegirl, for reminding me that snow does fall in certain places, and sometimes a LOT of it falls in a short period of time. I tend to forget, spending winters in southern Arizona!

  29. Denise - Richmond VA says:

    Good evening, Sue,

    Sending you warm wishes and prayers for a perfect door and for the next crew member to be presented to you when the time is right.

    All this talk about food has made me hungry! A boring dinner of a baked potato for me! 🙂

    Sending hugs to you and Miss Bridget from me and Gracie pup. Stay warm. It will get down to the mid-twenties here tonight..brrrr. Flannel sheets, a flannel gown, and a couple of quilts will help keep me cozy & warm.

    DESERTGINGER: Hope you are feeling better tonight! 🙂

    • Elizabeth in WA says:

      Baked Potato….oh yummy!! Especially if you add butter, sour cream, some kind of cheese, chili…but even very plain, just love potatoes….and of course, being diabetic, have to limit how much I have of those!! Enjoy!!!

      • Denise - Richmond VA says:

        My potato had butter, salt, pepper and a sprinkle of low fat sharp cheddar cheese. It was good…a simple, warm meal for a chilly day! Hope you have a good evening, Elizabeth! 🙂

      • rvsueandcrew says:

        I agree, Elizabeth. I’ve never met a potato I didn’t like.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Good evening, Denise and Gracie,

      Thanks for the positive wish and prayers. Bundle up and stay warm… 🙂

    • DesertGinger says:

      Thank you Denise; I am feeling better! First nal exam tomorrow; fingers crossed!

  30. Denise - Richmond VA says:

    Just a thought regarding the pup search….

    Ask the body shop owner if they know of anyone who might have an unexpected litter that they are trying to find good homes for. Also, the post office might be a good place to ask. You know how in many small towns, everyone knows everyone’s business! Hmmm….the grocery cashier, the hairdresser or barber… Good luck! 🙂

  31. Larry M from the Pacific NW says:

    I hope you’re somewhere where you can baton down the hatches Sue!
    There’s a Big Storm a coming!
    Keep Safe!!

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Larry M from the Pacific NW,

      All I see in the weather report for this area is rain on Saturday… and nothing like the rain and storm we experienced when in your part of the country! Hang on!

  32. Bill & Ann says:

    If you need any help, we will be in Goodyear next week.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Bill & Ann,

      Thanks. Had no idea where Goodyear is. Looked it up… Phoenix. I’ll be in touch.

  33. DesertGinger says:

    Well…in reference to our earlier discussion of taxes, I have just completed the ethics training in our HRBlock tax course. For those clients who file Schedule C and have self-employment income, the IRS expects them to have reasonable business expenses. If we get a client who has self-employment income and says they have no business expenses, we are supposed to ask them ‘why not?’. According to Block training, no business expenses raises a red flag with IRS and can potentially trigger an audit.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      I don’t know what to say to that. I’m supposed to claim expenses of a few dollars to avoid an audit?

      • edlfrey says:

        I don’t think the failure to claim expenses on Schedule C is going to trigger an IRS audit as quickly as if you did claim them. When was the last time you heard of the IRS auditing someone because they overpaid their taxes?

        Are they going to sit you down and demand that you determine what portion of your monthly internet charges and laptop use is business related? Are they also going to demand that you produce receipts to support the cost of your laptop and then justify the fair market value of said laptop when you converted it to mixed use? They are going to do this with the intent of giving you a tax refund? Perhaps when pigs fly!

        As Vice President Biden said: “It’s time to be patriotic … time to jump in, time to be part of the deal, time to help get America out of the rut.” Bless You Sue!

  34. DesertGinger says:

    One more comment…based on your income from Amazon, it is quite likely you qualify for an Earned ?Income Tax Credit. This is why the IRS is a stickler for these returns, so you do need to handle them carefully. Which means you should report reasonable business expenses.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      I vaguely remember filling out a worksheet for Earned Income Tax Credit and I didn’t qualify. If I had a business expense like a lease on a building wherein I ran a store, I’d claim it. My business expenses are very small and not clear cut. I’d have to figure the percentage of my internet use that is business as opposed to personal, blah, blah… and it wouldn’t save me much.

      • edlfrey says:

        You were right, you do not qualify for the Earned Income Tax Credit.

        To claim EITC on your tax return, you must meet all the following rules: (I have not listed all of them but you did meet all of those that I did not list). It is this last item where you became disqualified.

        Have a qualifying child (see who is a qualifying child below) – NO
        If you do not have a qualifying child, you must:
        be age 25 but under 65 at the end of the year, – NO, you were over age 65 at the end of the year.

        You never ask a lady her age but I remember you signed up for Medicare in October of 2013; therefore you were not under 65 at the end of the year.

        • DesertGinger says:

          Thanks. I forgot Sue’s age. Your logic makes sense. I’m just reporting what I was taught in class. According to HRBlock not having any expenses for a money making business can be a problem. So I’m passing that on as info. What Sue chooses to do is totally up to her. When I work this tax season I will, as required by my company, be asking people to provide their business expenses for their Schedule C income.

  35. MK in NE GA for now says:

    Hi Sue, I haven’t been on for quite some time..I got sucked up into Outlander land! LOL I’m so glad you enjoyed the books! Starz is doing a fabulous job of bringing it to life. Lush locations in Scotland and fabulous actors!

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