Last day at Midland LTVA, Blythe, California

Saturday, March 4

Delbert drives up and trots across the wash to our campsite.  He looks worried . . . .

“Have you seen Skeeter?” he asks.  “I can’t find him!”

“Oh, no!” 

We turn our heads, scanning the acres of flat desert ground.  I spot something white among the creosote bushes far off behind our camp.

“There he is!” I exclaim, pointing.

Soon Skeeter and Reggie are playing at our feet. 

Delbert and I talk briefly.  As the conversation comes to a close, we share our plans.

“I’m going home in a week,” Delbert says.  “My family — there are over a hundred of them — will celebrate my birthday with me.”

We wish each other safe travels, he and Skeeter join the other three dogs in the car, and they return to their camp.

Today is the hottest day we’ve had at Midland LTVA, Blythe, California, this year!

Sunday, March 12

I have a lot to do before Reggie and I hit the road this morning.  Usually I prepare the previous night, do stuff like check the oil and pack stuff, but I didn’t last night.   The heat made me lazy, I guess.

I want to avoid traveling during the hottest part of the day, so this is a hasty, short post.

Y’all be good!  I hope to have internet at our next camp!


NOTE:  We aren’t going southwest to Anza Borrego to view the spring blooms, as several have suggested in comments.  Today we begin our journey northward!  — Sue


Desert chicory and an ironwood tree, the Big Marias in the background


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94 Responses to Last day at Midland LTVA, Blythe, California

  1. Jan NH says:

    Save travels to your new home! Glad Skeeter was found safe!

  2. Boots Benson says:

    Good morning and safe travels from snowy Montana

  3. Barbara from Camano says:

    Hi! Can’t believe I’m near the top!

  4. DawnfromCamanoIsland says:

    Safe travels, Sue. You’ll definitely find cooler temps up north. We’re patiently waiting for some sun & a break from the rain here.

  5. Barbara from Camano says:

    Everything is turning green there! How lovely with the morning sun on it. Safe travels.

  6. Kim says:

    Travel safe. I can’t wait to hear where you land next.

  7. Laura says:

    Love you blog-safe travels.

  8. Haven’t written in a while (been stuck in the north), but am planning on heading to the Southwest in the next few weeks. Not sure where to go, so am interested in hearing what part of the country you are headed to…not to follow you, just to know where the weather might be agreeable, and I need to boondock. I don’t have a problem with heat, just ready to be out of snow. Have a question…am looking at purchasing a “hotspot”…could I hook that up to my tv antenna for added reception, or do I need a setup like yours? Glad Skeeter was found safe!! Good luck with your next camp!!! Loved the post about the sheep herding too…

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Quick reply before we leave…. Verizon jetpack is for internet only. You need something else for tv and phone.

      Heat may not be a problem, but snakes are coming out. Go up in elevation… Check altitude and weather at a town near public land where you want to camp. Maybe we could talk about this more when Reg and I are at our new camp.

    • weather says:

      To the best of my knowledge one needs two separate antennas to boost reception of Wi-Fi and tv signals, because those use entirely different types of transmission.

    • Mick'nTN says:

      Hi Pat, Please read the “Internet Antenna” page. The link is at the top of the Blog under to heading picture. It is important to MAKE the sales person show you everything connected together ,,, or walk away. I can help.

      • Thanks Mick. I have looked at that information and written down what I would need. Not sure I can do it right now. I assume I would need to have Verizon service plus pay data charges, is that correct? Right now I have Straight Talk phone service, which is cheap. Sorry…I am such a dummy about these things!

        • Mick'nTN says:

          I don’t know about the various services. Verizon has the best coverage. They keep changing the plans.
          RvSue or someone else may have a suggestion about services?

          • rvsueandcrew says:

            The best thing to do is to go to a Verizon store, sit down with someone, and tell them what you want the jetpack for. That’s what I did and I got what I needed.

        • DesertGinger says:

          Verizon now has unlimited data for $80 a month. That is a very good deal.

  9. suzicruzi from Van, WA. says:

    Hi Sue!! On to the next camp indeed! YAY!! 😉 I’m on to looking at a SD, and an ID today, and can’t wait to see both!! I’ve been chomping at the bit to sit in other Casitas and get a feel for the lay-outs of each of them.

    We are considering a quick road trip up to BC over Spring Break, (7 hr drive for us) to check out the Escape trailers for comparison. I feel like sitting in many different trailers before we make the big decision is probably the best thing to do. I have nothing to compare the Casita with, and I think to settle my mind, we should see as many others as possible.

    I will post my “review” after I visit the other two Casitas today. Whoot! Whoot! (ha ha.. can you tell I’m stoked?)

    You and Reggie-Man have an awesome day!! Can’t wait to see the next camp and hear of your travels. I love your posts!! I feel like I’m right there with you, taking lessons on breaking and setting up camp each time. You are a kick the way you explain things; like how you love making a new camp and getting it all “just right”, cozy and comfy each time. Life is good….. !! xo

    • Suzicruzi from Van., WA says:

      I’m back with my impression of both the Spirit and the Indeoendence. I liked the Spirit for all the LIGHT inside! Wow. Those 4 windows , and the door being open, make for a very light and bright interior. However, I didn’t care for the kitchen much. The storage is stingy, and it feels crammed together. Also, I didn’t like the hinged stove cover, which seems dumb, but I found it cumbersome and didn’t care for how it hinged.

      Then there was the Independence. Nice, but the long, wide twin beds leave for a little tiny aisle, and little tiny tables. Not for me! What it has going for it though, is, it has great access to the under bed storage. Front cupboard openings as well as top loading. That part was really nice, as well as the same kitchen as the Liberty. I like the split kitchen better I think, as there seems to be an extra large drawer under the stove, (making two generous drawers and a cupboard at the bottom) and extra cabinet space under the sink as well.

      I’m still undecided about the sleeping arrangements, but I don’t have to figure that part out just yet. I have some ideas. I’m getting lots of ideas from the Casita owners group online.

      Hope you and the Reginator are settled and kicked back somewhere cooler and pretty! Cheers! 😎

  10. Denise - Richmond VA says:

    Safe travels, Sue and Reggie!

    Sending you both love and hugs from me and Gracie pup! 🙂

  11. Dawn in Asheville says:

    Safe travels to your new boondock. Look forward to seeing and hearing about where you land!

    Had snow here last night and going to be a cold week for ‘spring break’. I’d hoped for better weather as my new photo assignment requires I get out and about to take pictures. I am not a fan of cold. Just want to hunker in place 🙂

    Work on Juno remains limited – I’ve been slowly finding things at thrift stores to outfit her with. Kind of like a treasure hunt. Found a nice glass lidded pot with a steamer basket insert, starting to stock up on utensils (what I can’t rob from the kitchen), dollar store baskets for organizing, and a shower curtain that should make a dividing curtain I can throw up when traveling with two people so someone can use the kitchen area as a dressing space.

    The stove cover is a wooden-sided board – I originally thought I’d replace it as it’s a little heavy, but instead I’m reworking the sides to fit better and going to sand it down, treat it with mineral oil and use it as a big cutting/bread board. I can see it might have some multi-uses. Started that this weekend and discovered I’m not the best nailer! LOL!

    I also tackled my first electrical project – very simple practice run of hooking up and calibrating a voltmeter to my house battery (I have no gauges whatsoever). All went well except I burned out the leads on my multimeter when I mistakenly assumed I could check my volts while the battery was hooked up to the trickle charger. No fires started and I was wearing rubber gloves (I have a healthy respect for not knowing what I’m doing) so I was out a little money for a new multimeter (couldn’t find any leads to fit), learned a valuable lesson, and have to say I’m pretty pleased with my accomplishment. When the weather warms up I’ll run the wires and install it in the dash. And, I feel much more confident to tackle the next electrical projects. Have 12v accessory outlets to install and wiring up a backup camera.

    Safe journeys to you both!

    • Rover Ronda (WA) says:

      Good for you❗️
      Stay safe and have fun with your other projects.

      • Dawn in Asheville says:

        Thanks Rover Ronda 🙂 I’ve since found out that while rubber gloves might be insulators they are the worse for burns. And, that the trickle charger was not the reason I burnt out my leads (verdict is still out on why I did that). Sharing here in case anyone reads through these it’s best I’m not spreading false information!

  12. Sandy and Scott says:

    We seldom comment but we are always reading and enjoying you and Reggie.
    We have just returned home but seeing all the flowers in the Blythe area make us wish we would have stayed a little longer.
    Safe travels.

  13. Pat Hall, On the road again says:

    Hi Sue and Reg,

    I’m in the road today headed to Ajo area for a few days. Then on to Tucson and New Mexico.

    Safe travels!!!!!

  14. Retiredcajunlady 'N Louisiana says:

    Praying angels around you and Reggie for safe and uneventful travels today.

  15. Pat in Rochester says:

    Safe travels! We are coming out from under an incredible wind storm here. My home had no damage, lost no power, but lots of others not so lucky. Can you believe hurricane winds in western NYS? And now a snowstorm is predicted. A snug little camp in the southwest is so appealing right now.

  16. ApplegirlNY says:

    We’re back from Florida. Catching up on your blog. Safe travels! Looking forward to your next camp. Stay cool.

    • Sarvi in OR says:

      I just got back from Florida yesterday… it was so nice to escape the dreary Pacific Northwest and actually see some sunshine!

      • ApplegirlNY says:

        It sure is nice to get away and be in the sunshine. Today we’re digging out from a couple of feet of snow. Oh well.

  17. Ginger says:

    Safe travels, and I hope you find a great place to stay. It’s been warm and beautiful here in Las Vegas. We had a terrible wind storm last week, but all is calm now.

  18. Chuck and Pookie in Todd Mission tx says:

    Hey…..according to the Fonz…..

  19. ==========
    Great fun following along. We’re still in Ehrenberg, AZ with plans to be in Chino, CA by 3/20 for a few days (Annie’s 79yo Dad has an important consult with the doc) and then we’ll be headed east and north through AZ to spend some time in Moab, UT before heading ‘home’ to Boise by the end of May. One of our Boise area grandsons has a birthday on 11/4 but you can bet we’ll be headed south the very next day! That will be winter #3 for us — sometimes hard to believe we’ve been fulltiming for more than 16 months already and what a GREAT life it continues to be. To good health! Be safe.

  20. You were probably correct not to come to Borrego. While the flowers are indeed beautiful, most of Southern California was there to see them. I will show photos on my blog ( what you missed, and what you didn’t. Including 90 degree temps.
    We are thankful we are camped in the mountains in the mountains above Borrego. We saw the flowers on the way through Monday, but drove down yesterday with a friend!

  21. Pat from Mich. says:

    Sigh, we’re due for 5 inches on snow tomorrow, so says the weather report. Maybe we’ll get lucky and some or all will skip us.

  22. Hi Sue, I’m glad you seemed to enjoye your time at the LTVA this winter. Hoping today is a safe travel day for you and Reggie.

  23. Dawn in MI says:

    Safe travels. Glad you guys found the puppy!8

    • Hi Dawn, Piper n’ I says hi to you and your pup, hope the weather is warming up for you up in Michigan,,, 🐾👣👣

      • Dawn in MI says:

        Hi there Rusty and Lady Piper!!! Good to hear from you. I was thinking about you this morning and wondering how you were doing…so I thought I’d come back to this post and see if you happened to comment…and here you are! 🙂 :):)

        Katie and I are fine. We’re traveling, have been since Feb 1. Now we’re in Alabama, but are headed back to Florida the end of the week to visit friends. AL is having a cold snap. But at least it’s not snow like the rest of the country is getting!

        Hope you are doing well…stay in touch!

  24. Glad the pup was found and your on the road,, Bumblebee was crowded with dirt bikes And horses, so we’re setting at Junerfer Camp at 169 and 17, we are back further than when we saw you and the full Crew just before Timber and I decided to get the home in Chino Valley back in April 2013, it’s dry and cooler than the Wickenburg camp, but who knows that the weather could change, no worries if it dose,,,,, have a great week and stay safe and give Reggieman a huge hug from us, ok?,,,,,, 🐾👣👣

    • Pookie and Chuck in Todd Mission Tx says:

      hi Rusty n Piper……..ya’ll still in Az?
      think about yall often……stay safe
      chuck n pookie

      • Hey there Chuck, yep we’re still in the Zone, been thinking of you there in Texas with all the weather it’s been getting, ya , trying to get my yearly check up set up for this time of the year, cause it’s to Hot in September and my Doc says I have heat intolerance that must be taken care of by fixing my thyroid, but he just can’t seem to understand that it’s not about me, it’s about Piper my Dog, she has all that Fur on her, funny everyone who goes to the VAMC in Prescott seems to have thyroid problems , I have spoken to alot, I am doing great and don’t want to be lightly Radiated, I get enough of Radiation from the Sun,, finding out they at the vamc are getting paid to push pharmaceuticals on us vets even if we don’t need it, so ya I’m one of many who are Guilty for throwing the junk out,,,, but to keep from being taxed from the IRS , I must see the Doctor at least once a year,, 🤔, till Trump changes the Program, we all who live in the USA must see a Doctor at least once a year whether we need to or not!,,,,, Sorry for my concern for the crap we are getting, What happened to the days of ya do or get or see a doctor when you want to, not forced to,,,,,, Sorry, if you Sue want to Delete this message, it’s fine, but the problem is real,,, Rusty,,,, have a great week Chuck and stay safe,, love ya all,,,,,,, 👣👣

        • JazzLoverWMa says:

          Rusty you stick to your guns and keep doing what you’re doing dealing with the gov. You know what works for you better than they do and what works against you. The days of free choice for certain things are no longer free choice but rather do what the gov. says or don’t get what you need. Ok, better stop or I’ll have smoke coming out my ears. You and Piper are in my thoughts and prayers, stay well.

          • JASS Lover, thanks for your support, , back when I had a infection in my left leg they put IVs in me , antibiotics and I am allergic to some, well my body went hay wire and still have issues, then my yearly check up came up the next week and the Doctor said my Heart was beaten hard, fast and skipping a beat and it didn’t feel like it at all to me,, he put me on pills that caused me to have nightmares and my Heart was starting to beat hard and race on the new pills, called him up and told him what they were doing and stopped taking them, he said the benefits of the pill outway the sidafecks, Bull Crap, I’m not taking them, he said it’s your life, that’s right, it’s my life to do what I think I need, not yours to Practice on,,,, a word on life, don’t Drink alcohol heavily and don’t do Drugs that are illegal or you will have the shakes and lost teeth later in life , because of the past in my life I have those problems,, I’m now doing Homopathic Remidees to reverse the effects of my past and to better my Health and Don’t want the VAs Pharmaceutical companies to do worse than good,,, the infection was heeled by a Wound Nurse that new what she was doing by giving me 6 pairs of Compression Socks and some Protien patchs to put on the sore on my leg and I had no bad reactions to her fixings and my leg is heeled and doing great, ,,,,, that’s my story with the va and I’m sticking to it and not taking the pushers junk!,,,,, Rusty n Piper

            • Patti from So Cal says:

              I’m praying for your health and well-being, Rusty.

            • Thank you, Patti, have a Grand day and many Blessings to you,,,,, Rusty n Piper 👣👣🐾

            • Elizabeth says:

              There is a reason it is called “practicing medicine” eh, Rusty? The situation today is driven by greed…one doc who became a very good friend to me, said, “You have NO IDEA how much I turn away from being given by the drug companies, because I refuse to prescribe anything unless I know it helps my patients.” That is the problem with finding a doctor to go to…where are the honest ones? And it takes a lot of courage for them to do what is best for us…they could in some cases loose their license for doing that. I hope you get what you need soon!! Glad you found someone to help heal the wound…so important for us as we age. Blessings on your day!

  25. Rover Ronda (WA) says:

    Oh no! Skeeter had me worried too. I’m glad you found him! Ironic this is the dog Delbert said wouldn’t wander off and he n Reggie got to play off leash. Sneaky little guy😃!
    Safe travels

  26. Virginia620 (AL) says:

    Great post. Safe travels and eagerly await your next post and pics. Hugs to both.

  27. Barbara (Nashville) says:

    Glad Skeeter was found. He probably had so much fun playing with Reggie, he came looking for him and went too far. Hope you have safe travels today.

  28. Shawna says:

    Glad that boy Skeeter was found! Good eye Sue! That photo of Reggie looks like he is wondering where his buddy went …
    We, too, are heading north. Then west back to northern Cali. Repairs need to be done before we can head out again, and head out again we will. This winter has given me a taste of the nomad life and I am HOOKED.
    Safe travels!

  29. weather says:

    It’s nice that while Skeeter goes exploring and looking for his pal Reggie, he limits himself to remaining within eyesight and ear shot of friends’ homes. Sometimes my husband would take our dog to a friend’s home that had woods and a lot of land. At first I was concerned that he would run too far away to be easily found. That was needless concern. He wanted to have us as much as we wanted to have him, and he had enough good sense to never go beyond a line where that was a sure thing. It seems that’s the case with Skeeter, too, at least I hope so.

    Well you’ve been busy! Scouring your Benchmark atlases, deciding what you’ll see next, moving today, and hopefully by now settling in to a new place. I do hope you have enough signal to at least check in to let us know that you and Reggie are safely off the road soon. I’m excited to find out all about it whenever you’re ready to share that with us.

  30. Hello from ne was state! 55 here today amid piles of snow melting, the birds are here and chirping and my cat Buddah is in the garden again. Trailer is burried for a while yet, husband still not able to travel far any way. The flower pix and desert have been a treat for us. Thanks so much Sue and Reggie!. Flood warnings, slides, avalanches closing some routes, be safe.

  31. Geri, Florida panhandle! says:

    On the road again….. nobody sings it like Willie Nelson! So glad Skeeter was nearby, what a sneaky rascal he is! I imagine you are now in your new camp all set up for the night and relaxed, hope the drive was non-eventful and fun! Can’t wait for your next post saying where you are, but I guess I will have to wait. Grin, impatient Geri!
    Have a good night and give your fur baby a good hug from us!

  32. North is always a good choice when the heat is on! Safe travels.

  33. Cinandjules (🌵) says:

    Ya made my heart skip a beat! Phew….glad Skeeter was reunited with Delbert!

    The blooms would have been beautiful to witness…however with the “newsflash” on numerous sites…means it would have been waaaaayyyy to busy!

    Safe travels!

  34. Can’t wait to see where you end up. I am spending spring going up the west coast.
    70’s sun or days of rain. Saluki dogs happy either way.

  35. Kristi & Daisie (Nampa, ID) says:

    My little vintage trailer has been in storage for the Idaho winter. Checked on it yesterday for the first time to see if mice had taken up residence. Didn’t see any sign of them and that made me happy. Just stepping in the trailer has given me the itch bad to get out and do some camping, but Idaho is still a bit iffy in parts for weather and temps. If I went to an RV park, I’d probably be okay, but what’s the fun in that? 🙂 I’ll wait a few more weeks and then start planning some weekend boondocking. Stay safe on the road. As always, you inspire me greatly. <3

    • Cinandjules (🌵) says:

      We use a product called FreshCab in our bunkhouse, vehicle, boat and now closed up home in the Adirondacks of NY. (Lots of mice) It smells like balsam…and looks like a potpourri pouch!

      It is 100 percent satisfaction guaranteed. And Amazon sells it!

    • Renee Galligher - Idaho says:

      Spring camping will definitely be iffy for us here. Anything by water has the potential for flooding with the high snow packs.

  36. Leslie says:

    Sue, you may have written about this. But how do you get water in the desert? Is it available for free? Do you have to purchase? Thanks. Leslie

    • rvsueandcrew says:


      Some campgrounds have water spigots. Also gas stations like Love’s might have a spigot for drinking water which is available when you pay to use their dump station. Some town/county parks have spigots (free), also fairgrounds where you can fill your tank and containers at no cost.

      Some people spend a night in an RV park periodically in order to fill up on water, do laundry, take showers, etc.

      Throughout the Southwest, you’ll find water vending machines. A typical price is 25 cents a gallon/5 gallons for a dollar.

  37. rvsueandcrew says:


    Reg and I arrived safely at our new camp yesterday. It’s cooler here than at Midland LTVA. The rise in elevation makes a big difference!

    My only disappointment yesterday was discovering I had absolutely no internet signal at our new camp. Therefore I didn’t put up the antenna. I tried several times… nothing.

    I didn’t bother turning on the jetpack until past noon today and that’s when I saw 1 x and 1 bar! Not much to work with, but maybe the antenna can boost it!

    Love all your comments. I’m going to put up the antenna and I hope to be able to answer the questions soon.

    Bye for now,

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      The antenna is up. Now I have 1x and 1-2 bars. We’re almost completely surrounded by rock cliffs which even my trusty antenna can’t pick up signal through.

      I’ll try to answer questions. Answers will be brief as loading takes a long time. Publishing a post too difficult. If I drop out completely, just so you’ll know, we will probably move again tomorrow.

      • weather says:

        If you move today, I hope it goes well. If you don’t, enjoy your place surrounded by rock cliffs. If it’s attractive as that makes it sound, I imagine you’ll have gorgeous photos to show us. Our signals, and visibility, are lessened by a lovely quiet snowstorm covering cell towers, satellite dishes, trees, hill and lake sides…

    • weather says:

      It’s good to know you’re at your new camp. Thanks for letting us know. If your only disappointment was about the internet signal you must be at a place you and Reggie like. Enjoy 🙂 !

    • Retiredcajunlady 'N Louisiana says:

      So glad you have arrived at your new camp, but sorry you don’t have good reception. Also happy the altitude has given you some relief from the heat. Take care!!

  38. Barb from Hoquiam! says:

    YAY SUE! You made it to your new site. We are drowning up here in WA… more rain. And rain. And more rain. BLAH! Both Jim and I were sick last week, so having him back to work, I am getting some of MY work done! YAY!

    North you say??? How far North ??? HINT HINT. I know, you must remain a mystery… but I always say a ‘oh yeah’ and a short prayer every time I see a Casita go by… hoping for safe journeys for those I see and others I look forward to reading about! 🙂

    Have a great rest of the day!
    Hugs from Hoquiam,

  39. Leslie says:

    Very interesting. I guess that price, when you have to pay, is not too bad.

  40. Patti from So Cal says:

    Greetings, Sue!
    I enjoyed your ‘sheep’ post and the photos. It made me feel like I was there! I like the interesting facts as well, like the difference between a lamb and a sheep.
    It also reminded me of my trip to Ireland. On just about every country road there was a sheep crossing. I loved watching the Irish Sheepdogs in action.

    My friend and I have a plan to head to Anza-Borrego tomorrow or Wednesday. But, having read one of your blogorino’s (forgot her name) comments about the crowds, I may postpone it.
    I’m just afraid if I wait too long I’ll miss the super-bloom. I checked out the areas to boondock, I just hope they’re available. I definitely will avoid the weekends.
    She said she’s camped in the mountains above A-B, perhaps I can do that instead.

    Amazing how times & technology can change us. When I was just a young gal with a
    dream (ok, even in my 30’s), I would tent camp alone, with my dog. No cell phone, no PC, etc…and I was totally fine. I do carry a weapon and would not go alone without it.
    These days I wouldn’t camp without a cell phone and a good signal. Not just for security, communicating with friends and family, and med/vet emergencies, but I like my entertainment :). I use Netflix and DVDs. You’re probably familiar with Alabama Hills, near the Mt. Whitney Portal off 395. Movie Rd leads into the awesome rock formations where many old movies were filmed. There is no signal in that area. So, I stay in a tight area, in terms of cell signal, just off Whitney Portal Rd. I think next time I will take a chance and load up with DVDs and find an awesome spot in area of rock formations, just for a night or two. Maybe.
    Same with Lundy Lake campground. It is so beautiful! It’s loaded with Aspen trees and you can imagine how lovely they are in the fall. And, in the fall, no one is there!
    But, no cell signal. So, I continue to boondock just 1.5 miles below.
    I’m wondering if an antenna would bring a signal in. I’m gonna work on that!

    I’m looking forward to your next post and to read where you ended up!
    Prayers for safety and wellness are said.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Here’s a boondock with internet signal…. “Feeling right at home in the Alabama Hills, Lone Pine, CA”

    • Patti,
      It was me that talked about not going to Borrego, at least not on the weekend. Any time this week will be crowded, but not like the weekend. The L.A. times had an article about the bloom in which they talked about the caterpillars that might eat the flowers fairly quickly. But if you get there within a week you should still see the fields of flowers….Henderson Canyon, Coyote Canyon, or up by the Visitor Center. Before you get to the visitor center take a road through the residential areas and you’ll see some flowers too. But even if you go south of Christmas Circle up Borrego Road as if you were going to Julian, you won’t see fields, but if you stop and walk out into the desert you’ll see blooming barrel cactus and pin cushion cactus and other flowers.

      • Patti from So Cal says:

        Hi, Martha! Gosh, thanks for the valuable info! I took a pic of it using my iPhone. You may have influenced my decision on when to leave. My mom’s husband gave me that same article.
        Guess I’d better make tracks and get there!
        btw…Do you mind telling me where in the mountains you camp?
        And, how far it is to get down to Borrego? I’d like to consider that too. Thanks again 🙂

        • Glad I saw your reply to Sue…and that I could help. We are actually staying on my nephew’s property in Julian (no more room, lol). But William Heise Park is a San Diego County campground and is very pretty. It’s on the other side of Julian off in the woods. You can google it.
          Have fun.

  41. AlanOutandAbout - Over the hump back in Pahrump. says:

    Well I made it back to Pahrump on Saturday, I waved hello as I went thru Blythe. Oh, I hate US95 between Blythe and Nevada. Nasty Road.
    I’ll be getting my taxes done later today.
    This is the best TV antenna I have found and does great on an rv. It will take some imagination to install it but it is great. This is not one of SUE’s links so wait till she changes it to buy it
    ANTOP UFO Amplified Outdoor HD TV Antenna with Built-in Amplifier, 65 Mile Range Omnidirectional Home/RV TV Antenna and 33ft Coaxial Cable with 2 Way TV Signal Splitter


  42. Patti from So Cal says:

    Thanks. I’ll try to scout for that place based on the arroyo, the cottonwood trees and the Inyo Mountains to the east. I’ll make it a treasure hunt game! Just wish I knew if it’s off Whitney Portal or Movie Rd.

    • Paty , purity sure Whitney Portal road is the one you want, we were there last spring, the free camps are on the right just off Movie Flat road,,,, Rusty

      • Patti from So Cal says:

        Thanks, Piper n’ me. I meant to reply to Sue’s reply regarding a cell site in that area. I’ve been there many times, just can’t find a cell site off Movie Road I stay off Whitney Portal (on the right near that painted rock).

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      It’s off the road that goes to Tuttle Campground.

      • We got in trouble for camping over there and was told to camp off Movie Flat road by the Ranger for free camping,,, just so Patti or anyone else trys to camp over there, there is a camp ground on Turtle Creek Rd, ,,,

        • rvsueandcrew says:

          Are you sure we’re talking about the same place? This is off the road to Tuttle Campground but it isn’t near the campground. Three campsites long before you reach the campground (the road is pretty straight… not the curvy road that goes to the campground).

          • Yes I’m sure, we camped all most at the exact spot you were in and got told to move, the volunteers for the area wasn’t doing their job and the top Ranger from Bishop told me that camping is ok over off of Movie Flat road and to please move over there, the area you were in is in recovery for the vegetation, there were others told to move also, I don’t know if that is still going on, so to be safe I told Patti what I did so she wouldn’t have to move twice,,,,😀👣👣🐾

            • Patti from So Cal says:

              Oopsie! I replied to your (Piper n’ Me) first comment before I read all these replies! I guess I haven’t been there often enough because I have no idea what you guys are talking about :). However, I am willing to find out! I’m only familiar with Whitney Portal Rd & Movie Rd (not Movie Flat). I’ll map it and thank you Sue & Piper n’ Me for all the info. 🙂

            • I had a weak signal at 2 sites over there too Patti,,,,, me, ( Piper n’ Rusty) 🐾👣👣🤓

          • Cinandjules (🌵) says:

            For those with Benchmark maps…that would be page?????😘

            • Cindy in the Zone,, page 87 in the California Benchmark, Movie Flat road is West of Lone Pine up Whitney Portal road 5 miles, Movie Flat road is to the right or north off Whitney Portal road, lots of camping spots on both sides of Movie Flat road,,,,,, Rusty

            • Oh ya, forgot to mention also because of the previous Winter rain and snow, the road and area up there was damaged and and everything was a mess , but after getting up to the turn off it was great,,,😎🐾👣👣

  43. Geri, Florida panhandle! says:

    Glad to know you have landed, ENJOY!

  44. JazzLoverWMa says:

    Just checking in, been trying to grab as much overtime at work as I can without burning out, and sandwich in medical appts before my insurance runs out in a few months and as a result, have fallen behind in reading your blog. We are getting a “blizzard” starting in a few hours, funny how growing up, a storm like this was just a winter storm which we dealt with, now each one has to be named and blown way out of proportion. Good lord, it’s not the end of the world media people, stop all the hype!
    So, as the storm comes on my day off, I’m going to stay in, make a nice savory pot roast which will make the house smell wonderful. Then maybe a pot of 15 bean soup with ham hocks. Let it snow! Going to try and play catch up with your blog also where Reggie man never fails to bring a smile. Thanks for the great pictures. You two be well.

  45. Patti from So Cal says:

    I don’t blame you, Sue, for wanting to head north and get away from the crowds and heat. Every time I think of hitching up to head to Borrego Springs, something comes up.
    I wanted to leave today but a money-making opportunity arose that I cannot pass up.
    Next week will be cooler, so perhaps it’s meant to be. In the meantime I will do some day trips to the Antelope Valley Poppy Reserve, as well as take Lilah to the beach (her favorite place). She’s been inside way too much lately, as I help with taking care of my mom.
    I am thankful for Martha’s & Rusty’s replies (and yours).

    Reading your Alabama Hills post was very enjoyable! It led me to read the previous posts as well as the following posts. I related so much with your journey. Particularly, your “I giggle with delight as I jump out of the PTV” post. I do that every time! I am so exuberant and loudly vocalize my “delight” with my surroundings! I feel like a kid in a candy store.
    I’ve been meaning to tell you I was saddened to read about the passing of Spike and Bridget. I realize it’s been some time, but I’m just sorry to know you went through that pain, and alone. I know the feeling. My condolences. We push on and give another 4-pawed companion a chance at a great life. I also realize I am preaching to the choir 🙂
    I look forward to laughing and relating while reading the old and new posts.

    Keep your face to the sky!

  46. Cat Lady, Central City, La. says:

    3-15-2017: Happy Birthday, Sue. Hope you and Reggie have a wonderful day. Safe travels.

    • weather says:

      Hi, Cat Lady 🙂

      The fifteenth, or any day, of a month is a good reason to have cake or a dessert in my book. Maybe it is in yours , too, and that’s part of why you got mixed up about this being Sue’s birthday. Hers isn’t today, it’s October 15th. I guess that makes you the first one to say Happy Birthday to her this year, though, neat!

  47. Cat Lady says:

    October?! Really? I put Sue’s BD on the calendar in my phone. Grimlins have been changing BDs, etc. Will have to correct the date. Thanks for the heads up, weather. Ok…in the meantime, whichever blogerinos were born today…Here’s To You…Happy Birthday!…lol.

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