Last days at Virgin River Canyon

Monday, October 31

On the return from our morning walk to the day use area, Reggie and I greet fellow campers whom we met previously.

Reggie and Jasper rush toward each other to exchange good morning greetings.


Later . . . .


“Hi!  Just a second.  I’ll be right out!”  I slip Reggie into his camo suit, pick him up, and step outside, immediately hooking him to the tether that hangs from the assist handle by the door. 

It’s the camp host.

“I’m going around making sure everyone knows strong winds are expected.  They’re saying gusts up to 50 miles per hour.  In this canyon they could go higher.  Make sure stuff is put away.  I know you don’t need me to tell you this . . . . Also no campfires.”

He shakes his head.  “Believe me, some people do need to be told.”

He’s right about that!

More than once I’ve watched campers build a big fire on a windy day.  Which reminds me of thegroup of three guys who camped here in tents for one night.

In the morning one guy packs up his tent and leaves.  Shortly thereafter another guy packs up his tent and leaves.  Then the third guy packs up his tent and leaves.  The only thing the three guys leave behind is a fire blazing in the fire ring!

p1140843After sunset the wind does arrive.  It’s much weaker than predicted.  A few, strong gusts rock the Best Little Trailer during the night.  That’s it.

Tuesday, November 1

After breakfast Reggie and I walk to the day use area as part of our usual exercise regimen.

p1140844Another gorgeous morning . . . . Well, this is our last walk at Cedar Pocket.  All I have to do is hitch up, secure the inside of the BLT, check the oil, and we’ll hit the road. 

Make a stop at Littlefield to pick up my mail.  Dump tanks at the first Mesquite exit.  We’re good for propane.  Stop at Wal-Mart at the next exit.  Pick up bottled water.  Oh, and this time I’ll remember to buy batteries for my toothbrush!

A few more photos before we leave Cedar Pocket . . . .

An RV on its way to the campground:

p1140839The cliffs in evening glow and the interstate as seen from the entrance road:


The light on the rocks as the sun sets:


Fifteen days ago we drove past this sign.  The time flew by!


Reggie and I could stay at Cedar Pocket for months. 

It’s only $90 a month and there isn’t a time limit for camping.  Sure, there are the usual annoyances that are a part of living near people.  Overall, it’s a quiet camp, the people are nice, and, boy, Reggie meets lots of friends!

Even so, it’s best that we move camp now.

I like to leave a camp while still wanting to stay!





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51 Responses to Last days at Virgin River Canyon

  1. Virginia620 (AL) says:


  2. Kristi & Daisie (Nampa, ID) says:

    Hoping your next camp brings more friends and quiet relaxation.

  3. VictoriaEP says:

    Lovely photos! I’m glad you enjoyed your stay! I have this campground on my list, now, for when I’m in the area next year!

  4. Rochelle in IN says:

    Yay! A new post right as my lunch hour begins. 🙂

  5. Renee Galligher - Idaho says:

    Within the top ten now! Now back to read.

    • Renee Galligher - Idaho says:

      Lovely. Almost leaves me feeling melancholic at the thought of your leaving with a good feeling.

  6. Virginia620 (AL) says:

    Beautiful photos of Cedar Pocket. Bucket list worthy. ☺

  7. Glinda says:

    Safe travels Sue. Am anxious to see where your next camp will be.

  8. It sure is a beautiful place, but then you’re so good at finding them, I’m sure your next campsite will also be gorgeous. $90 a month sure is a bargain!

  9. Dawn in Asheville says:

    Lovely pics as always. You just gotta wonder about people, though don’t you? Just leaving a fire burning?!

    Nothing too much on this end. We still haven’t located our house battery – this week when the BF goes to storage he’s going to be crawling around underneath. But otherwise getting pictures and identifying things like the brands of appliances and what not. It’s a treasure hunt!

    Happy trails…

  10. Pat from Mich. says:

    Reggie is sooo cute!

  11. Dawn in MI says:

    I hope you’ll be back some day. It sure is beautiful. Can’t wait to see where you go next.

  12. Barbara says:

    I feel like I get to live vicariously through you, I so love your posts. I work at home and it is always break time when I get to gaze upon the views and read about you and Reggie’s travels. I bought a ’97 Dodge Falcon Camper Van a year ago and I long to be brave enough to take it out West and follow your lead. Thankyou for your posts!

  13. Retiredcajunlady 'N Louisiana says:

    Happy Trails to You and Reggie! Such a lovely place, but I can understand about leaving before you get sick and tired of being there. I can’t wait to see your new “home”. From your photos it looks like a gorgeous day to travel. Belly rubs and hugs for Reggie and prayers for you both.

  14. Chey (WA coast) says:

    Lately I’ve been sitting outside in different weathers daydreaming about what it would be like if I were camping Right Now. Would I be inside or outside, what might I be doing differently, and and open your blog to…
    ” All I have to do is hitch up, secure the inside of the BLT, check the oil, and we’ll hit the road.”
    “Make a stop at Littlefield to pick up my mail. Dump tanks at the first Mesquite exit. We’re good for propane. Stop at Wal-Mart at the next exit. Pick up bottled water.”
    Now my musings turn to check the oil, empty tanks, and I have some very practical physical goals before I hit the road. Thank you for such a fun and inspiring blog, Sue.

  15. I love that last photo of Reggie…he is a little whirlwind 🙂
    It is so nice that you have enjoyed your stay there…it is a welcome to return campground!!!
    Onward to the next adventure!!! 🙂

  16. milliehubbard says:

    Such an enjoyable stay for both of you!! Beautiful surroundings and some new friends for the Reggieman! Safe travels as you seek your next destination…can’t wait to see where you land.

  17. Barb from Hoquiam! says:

    HAPPY NOVEMBER Miss Sue and Reggie too!

    Glad the wind didn’t whip you around too much. We had some tough ones a few weeks ago and wowzers!
    Can’t wait to see your next spot for adventure!

    Hugs from Hoquiam!

  18. Jenny Johnson Manuel says:

    Glad you enjoyed your camp—now for new adventures

  19. Dawn in NC says:

    Hi Sue! Thanks for catching us up. I always love to hear about your latest adventure. I am excited to see where you land next. It is amazing how many people think what you do is crazy. I think it sounds like the greatest fun. I made the mistake of telling my family about my dream to one day full time, like you do. Could have heard a pin drop. I just don’t see the appeal of sitting in a sticks and brick waiting to get older, if one has the opportunity to get out and explore and the means to do so. I say go for it. So glad for the other bolgorinos and like minded here! Thanks for setting a great example for us!

  20. Safe travels to your new location. I’m glad you and Reggie had a good time at Virgin River. Great pictures today.

  21. NovScotiaSue says:

    Hi Sue
    Glad you enjoyed your stay at Cedar Pockets. It will be a good place to put on your ‘must go back to’ list. We are currently camp hosting in Florida and all we yearn to do is to get back to the carefree, no commitment boondocking days we have enjoyed out west in previous years. I wonder where your next stop will be….

  22. Cheryl Kline says:

    Safe travels Sue! Love your blog.
    Cheryl, Tennessee

  23. Happy travels Sue and Reggie!

  24. Rocky Mtn Bob says:

    Wow, after all these years following your travels and some inconveniences you’ve endured and now you need “batteries” for your toothbrush? I guess there’s some things you can’t do without. I’ve never used one so really don’t understand, but this late in life no need to change.
    Enjoy Sue, just gave this old guy a good laugh.

  25. Barbara (Nashville) says:

    I will miss Reggie’s adventures in this camp, but I know he will make new mischief soon.
    I need to take Angel down to the park so she can get a change of scenery, the little stinker as acting so bored. We put her outside twice this week since it has been so nice here. When we went out this am, I thought how strange it was to be walking in shorts & t-shirt on November 1st.

  26. Judith brumbaugh says:

    Lovely pictures . It’s always nice to move on with a good feeling about the place you’ve been staying and with a new adventure to look forward to. Safe travels,

  27. Fulltimer Judy says:

    Amazing how dumb people can be! I was at a campsite on a similarly windy day not too long ago, and watched the people next to me (too close next to me) pack up to leave. When they got everything put away and ready to go, they threw all their leftover firewood onto their smoldering fire so it perked up and started really blazing with embers blowing in the wind. I called the ranger station right away, and they came over to make them pour water on it. The lady used a small pitcher! (And yes, this was a Sunday and they were weekenders without much sense.)

    Not only could this have caused a forest fire, but the last thing the rest of us need are embers on our vehicles!

  28. Deena in Phoenix, AZ says:

    Love your photos today. Safe travels to your new location. Very refreshing to see your Blog which brings joy, laughter, dreams, wishes, wants and pleasure. Thank you.

    Deena and Miss Mollie

  29. I definitely agree about wanting to leave while I’m still loving the place. The sun on the cliffs is stunning – they look like they’re glowing.

  30. AZ Jim says:

    Hi Missy, your comment about leaving while you still wanted to stay, reminds me of what Jerry Seinfeld said when he quit his highly successful TV sitcom. He said “I want to quit while viewers still want me to stay!” Makes sense. You and Reggie be careful en-route to the next nest. Lotsa idiots on those roads. Thanks for being here and being you.

  31. Cinandjules (in da zone) says:

    Unattended fire rings! Ugh! Glad the wind didn’t kick up too bad! Better be prepared than surprised!

    Safe travels! What’s great about “living on less and enjoying life more” is you do as you please….nothing really planned out! Gotta love it!

    Thanks for sharing and letting us take part in your journey!

  32. Jolene/Iowa says:

    Hi Sue,
    This has been such a great camp for you and Reggie! I hope you can find what you want in your next camp, wherever you are taking us! Always glad to be along for the ride! 🙂

  33. Geri says:

    I am gonna miss the layers of colors in the rocks but oh so curious to see where you are headed! Thank you for the wonderful visit ! Give that young whippersnapper pup of yours an extra big hug from us, and yes, Doogie is still with us!

  34. People are certainly stupid about campfires. The summer of 2015 was the one in which entire towns were burned up in wildfires in Washington’s central deserts and highlands. The air was full of smoke and even ash and every campground had a big sign about campfires.

    At our favorite little spot only 35 miles from our house there as no camp host and we watched a guy through an entire pickup truck full of wood onto his fire. Visibility in smoke was maybe 1 mile and the wind was blowing but we watched him throw all that wood onto his camp fire.

    Because, apparently, you can’t camp without a campfire.


  35. Denise - Richmond VA says:

    Hi, Sue,

    I love the pinky-golden glow of the sky in the header photo – gorgeous! Thank you for letting us tag along with you and Reggie. Cedar Pocket campground has been very relaxing and beautiful. Wishing you safe travels. Looking forward to see where we land next! 🙂

    Sending love and hugs to you and Reggie from me and Gracie pup! xxxooo 🙂
    November 1st! The holidays are just around the corner!

  36. rvsueandcrew says:


    Love your comments! Thank you for being an active participant in my blog. You encourage me and entertain us all. Thanks also for the compliments on the photos.

    After one night at our latest camp, Reggie and I will return to the road this morning (for reasons I’ll explain in the next post). I look forward to settling us in a new camp by this afternoon, Nevada time. 🙂

    Wishing you a good day, whether you’re at work or at play or doing what has to be done . . . . Be well, be safe, be happy.


    • weather says:

      It must be around 6 in Nevada now, I thought you might check in, maybe too tired to leave an update. I do hope you are nicely settled somewhere and have a restful night.

  37. weather says:

    As much as you enjoyed the best parts of your and Reggie’s stay there, I imagine you may have been ready for a touch of calmer solitude. Since you left Lone Rock you seem to have had little of that, and no matter how nice folks and their dogs are, without interludes of simple peace and nature a soul can long for quieter spaces at times. If you were, in fact, hoping to find somewhere lovely and more apart, I hope you’ve found it. Things have been “crowding” my world too much for my tastes recently, so today I’m going to drift along where I’m unlikely to directly encounter anyone that makes an out loud conversation necessary. This doesn’t count as it’s only written words, and you may not even feel like participating that much 🙂 ! May whatever you do be just right and a pleasure.

  38. Retiredcajunlady 'N Louisiana says:

    I hope you and Reggie are having beautiful weather and scenery on your way to Nevada. I am so looking forward to new pictures (you take such wonderful ones) and hearing about the new site and new adventures. Blessings on you both.

  39. Pauline in Mississippi says:

    You take the greatest pictures!!!
    I changed my browser from Internet Explorer to Chrome. Your website looks different….a lot different. The comment section is really different . I s it my browser or have you redone the place….You know, moved the furniture around sort of thing? Any way I like it.

    • Pauline in Mississippi says:

      Hmmmmm, interesting. Today it is back to normal. Hope you have a wonderful day. Hugs to you and Reggie.

  40. Wendy / Bribie Island Aus. says:

    Glad to see you guys are happy, take care!

  41. Laurie in NC says:

    I loved that last campground and look forward to seeing the next one!
    I officially start counting down to retirement today! 5 months and counting!

  42. Denise - Richmond VA says:

    The end of the Billy Goat Curse! My beloved Chicago Cubs won last night!
    Happy Happy Joy Joy!! 🙂

  43. rvsueandcrew says:


    Working on a new post. Talk to you later!


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