Tuesday, October 7

In the previous post I mentioned that Bridget and I rode into Salina.

1-P1000943We make this short jaunt of 10 miles or so from our camp in order to set up an appointment for an oil change for the Perfect Tow Vehicle.  Sure, I could phone.  I’d rather have a reason to drive into town.

Remember Del?

1-cordwoodcabinThat’s the guy I met last May while camped along the border of his property.  He and his son Reg showed me the one-room cabin they built.

Well, last spring Del recommended Don’s Sinclair in Salina for auto service and repair.  Del and Don have known each other most of their lives.

Whenever you can get a recommendation from a local, go for it!

I secure an appointment for tomorrow at 9:30.   Bridget and I once again head over to Carl Jr.  It’s lunchtime, I’m hungry, and I don’t feel like sitting in a restaurant.

After several days nursing a cold inside the Best Little Trailer, I want to be outside!

1-P1000942“How ’bout a picnic, Bridge?”

Salina has a little park with two picnic tables.  It’s located behind the new War Veterans Memorial on State Street.  Bridget discovers the grass is lush and I discover that there are times when a batch of salty french fries tastes awfully good.

In the photo below Bridget illustrates the happy picnic we enjoy in the park.

1-P1000897Bridget having a wonderful time at the park

Later we have visitors at camp!

I hear a truck pull up and stick my head out the door of the BLT.

“Hey, Sue!”

“Is that you, Del?” I exclaim with a grin as I hurry over to his truck.

“Yeah, it’s me.  We were driving past and I said, ‘That looks like Sue’s camper!'”

1-P1000910-001Del introduces his two passengers . . .

. . . his mother-in-law and sister-in-law.  We chat for a few minutes with me standing by Del’s open window.  I ask about Del’s son, Reg, and learn he’s doing fine.   We update each other on our lives over the summer and then it’s time for them to leave.

1-P1000967Wednesday, October 8

Heavy cloud cover makes for a very dark morning.  Good day for an oil change . . . .

As soon as I pull into Don’s Sinclair, I’m greeted by a man ready to start.  Quickly I put Bridget into her black suit.  “The keys are in it,” I say as I head for the door of the attached convenience store.

Bridget jumps around at the end of the leash.  How am I going to buy a cup of coffee with this little clown in tow?

Inside I notice an elderly lady waiting by the door that’s situated between the store and the auto shop.

“Ma’am?” I venture.  “Would you be so kind as to hold her leash so I can get myself a cup of coffee?”  How can she refuse . . . . oh well  . . . .

1-P1000979I zip over to the coffee dispenser and with lightning speed fill a cup with steaming coffee.  Hastily I toss in cream and sugar, slap a lid on it, and pay the cashier.

All the while Bridget is hopping around at the end of her leash, tossing a fit, squawking because I’m not standing right next to her!

“Thanks so much,” I say to the nice lady.

She hands me the leash and smiles kindly at my embarrassment. 

“Okay, okay.  We’re going, Bridget.”  I roll my eyes at the cashier and we leave.

“Golly, Bridget.  You couldn’t wait for one minute without acting like a maniac?”

 We walk around downtown Salina.

I have my camera slung over my shoulder.  The morning is very dark.   I’m not inspired to take any photos.  Bridget and I enjoy the walk anyway.

By the time we return to Don’s Sinclair, the PTV is ready to go.  The bill is $42.50 which is comparable to what I’ve paid previously in other garages in other areas of the West.

Well, that’s one thing I can cross off my to-do list . . .

1-P1000917Aspens far, far away on a mountain top.  My camera’s 60x zoom is such fun!

Del stops by again!

We continue our conversation from yesterday.  I tell him we’re going to leave soon.

1-P1010016“If we don’t, we might be caught in some bad weather,”  I explain.

Del agrees.  “This here (referring to the good weather we have) will last about another week,” he remarks.

After a pause he adds,  “It can be unpredictable around here.  I remember one time it snowed on the fourth of July.”

Del laughs at the memory of it. 

“Parade was cancelled.  People were freezing . . . . on the Fourth of July! ”

1-P1010008That evening I lie in bed looking up at the sky . . . .

Only one star is visible through an opening in the clouds.  As I fix my gaze upon it, I recall the journey of the past year.  It began with the three of us — Spike, Bridget, and me — crossing Arizona to explore Utah and, after that, Wyoming.

Soon Bridget and I will return to Arizona without Spike.

The single star twinkles in the way that stars often do.  “Goodnight, little boy,” I whisper.

Bridget stretches her legs into my side.

“Gosh, Bridget.  Do you need to take up the whole dang bed?”

A few adjustments and I curl around her warmth for a good night’s rest.



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220 Responses to Leaves

  1. Janis Harrison says:

    Sue ,Your pictures are a perfect example of right time right place and your photography skills are excellent.

  2. Paul-Montana says:

    Another good day. Glad you’re feeling better,

  3. Sounds like another wonderful day in the life.

  4. Mick'nTN says:

    I do enjoy your pictures but with 60X zoom it is fuzz or tripod.

  5. AZ Jim says:

    Yea! I might be number 4. You are filling my hard drive Missy….Beautiful pix….

  6. Cinandjules (NY) says:

    First? last? In da middle? Doesn’t matter…

    Neat that Del remembered you….Bridget has that same look on her face! Ummm …the can you hurry up with the picture so we can eat….look! Hah. What a love!

    Glad you had time to get the oil changed! You take such good care of the PTV and BLT! They in turn will take care of you!

    Only one star visible…….and thoughts of Spike…that’s a sign from the heavens. Your little boy is just checking in on ya’ll!

    It must be difficult to run into folks who aren’t aware of Spike’s passing!

    Bridget the bed hog! Love it! Does you Casita dinette still have the capabilities of conforming to a big bed?

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Cinandjules,

      It doesn’t bother me if people don’t know about Spike and ask. Del may have already known. He has read some of my posts and will probably read this one.

      The BLT, being a Liberty model, has the capability of surround seating around a big table, which, of course, I don’t use. It doesn’t have a dinette. To answer your question, yes, I can make it up to have a big bed. That’s wasted space for us. With a bit of wiggling around, Bridget and I fit comfortably in the “twin” bed. (I put that in quotation marks because it’s really narrower than the standard twin bed.)

  7. Shirlene says:

    Geez Sue, your loneliness for spike is killing ME…..I still tear up….you have to get another little boy or I am never going to get over this…Twinkling little star…OMG…tears…anyway beautiful pictures and I am glad that you got to see Del again…

    • AZ Jim says:

      Shirlene, I know what you mean. I know old men shouldn’t be so damn easy to tear up but I guess I am just a emotional weakling about some things.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Shirlene, Marg, Jim and everyone,

      I’m sorry I made you tear up. I did question whether I should mention Spike. In the end I reasoned, well, he is part of my day and I did think of him looking up at that star. If I’m going to be honest, it doesn’t seem right to stop mentioning him altogether. I know you understand.

      Now, no more tears! 🙂

      • Shirlene says:

        Yep I get it, your blog is all about you and your journey and this is part of your journey…please don’t stop sharing, it is good to know how you are feeling, it keeps us real with you.

        • AZ Jim says:

          Never turn your back on a thought about our boy. We will get tougher together as time goes by. One day when you are ready there will be two front paws on the cage door in a rescue location that beckons a second look, then the eyes will focus on you and love will take it’s first steps. Spike would want that for you missy…

    • Pamela K. says:

      Oh yes! Please pass the box of tissues this way. I, too, was all misty eyed reading this! Sniff, blow…I need more tissues now. Goodnight little boy did it for me. Coffee, cream, tears and all. We do luv reading about Miss Sue and Bridget. And remembering Spike. Good night, Spike, dear boy, from all of us.

      • DebsJourney says:

        me too just a big ole baby! sniff… wipe

        • BARB from Hoquiam says:

          Me three, or four… my own furry beasts are causing me concern, so I think of Spike and it hits…

          Being a grown up is not for me right now…

          • Marilu, northern California says:

            Hi Sue,
            I think I told you that about a million years ago I attended Wasatch Academy, a boarding high school not too far from where you are in Salina
            While I was there I began painting with watercolors. Looking at your beautiful photos of this area in its fall glory reminds me of why I started painting.
            As we travel around, everytime I see a little stream or the muddy edge of a lake I think of Spikey with his legs stretched out and a look of bliss on his face. I remember the Spikester, not so much with grief but with gratitude for all the laugh and joy the little character brought us. Good night Spikey boy. We love you. Good night Bridge, Good night Sue. Sweet dreams

          • Pamela K. says:

            I am just now getting back to reading some of the blog replies…sorry I am late and didn’t see your posting till now. I sure hold out the best of hopes for your furry ones. I lost my beloved Blue Russian Cat, LEO, and I still grieve for him. He was leash trained and I took him everywhere with me. He and our Golden Retriever were the best of friends too. They even slept together at night and curled up on the sofa with us during the evenings together. I do think that LEO is over the rainbow bridge and telling Spike stories of our days gone by. Spike is, of course, telling a few tales of his own and some on Miss Bridget, lol. May your furry babies be with you for many times to come as they get better from what ever ills them. Hugs sent your way from me and my critters.

  8. Jean/Southaven, MS says:

    I love the pictures. Wish you had felt like taking pictures of Salina, the grass looked so green and lush behind Bridgett. She is such a character, her face shows everything going on in that noggin of hers. Thanks for taking us along with you. I have this picture of you and Bridgett in my mind of you walking down the road with this huge crowd of people a little way behind you pushing and shoving to be first and everyone talking and pointing. Love all you blogarinos, I learn all kinds of things from you.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Jean,

      I should’ve taken photos of Salina the day we went to the park. I thought it would give me something to do the next day while we waited for the oil change. And then it turns into one of the darkest days I’ve seen in a very long time.

      Your vision of the blogorinos following Bridget and me down the road, like I’m the Pied Piper or something, is a hoot!

      I love the blogorinos, too… 🙂

  9. Cari in North Texas says:

    The pictures in your last two posts make me want to pack up and drive out there – trees are still pretty green here. Or dead from lack of water because of the drought 🙁

    I seem to have caught your cold a few days ago. Fortunately, it’s not too bad, and I started taking generic Zicam as soon as I felt the symptoms start. It’s a homeopathic something or other that’s supposed to lighten cold symptoms and shorten its ‘visit’ and so far it’s working. Definite lack of energy the last few days though. But I’m feeling much better today, which is good ’cause it’s my birthday today and I’ve got celebrating planned for later on! 🙂

    • Shirlene says:

      Happy Birthday Cari…get better soon.

    • rvsueandcrew says:


      I knew a blogorino was having a birthday today, couldn’t remember which one, and meant to go back to find those comments where we shared our October birthdays… So you’re the one…. Here’s your wish….


      And darn, you have a cold… I’m glad you’re well enough to celebrate. Have fun!

    • weather says:

      Yay,for a celebration plan,enjoy it,Happy Birthday,Cari !

    • Pamela K. says:

      Happiest of Birthdays to you! Two of my most favorite people in the whole world have Oct birthdays! Such a special time of year to be born and a wonderful star sign too! Fully enjoy your day and celebrations later.

      • Jean in Southaven, MS says:

        Happy Birthday. Beautiful time of year to celebrate a birthday. Not to hot and not to cold most of the time.

    • Denise - Richmond VA says:

      Happy Birthday, Cari!!

      Hope you cold clears up soon so you can start celebrating!! You know, there is no expiration date on Birthday celebrations! Enjoy!

    • Jolene/Iowa says:

      Happy Birthday Cari!! Feel better soon!

    • Cari in North Texas says:

      Thank you, everyone, for the birthday wishes. I am feeling much better and I think I’m on the back side of this cold. I got up with laryngitis this morning and could barely talk till around lunchtime, but my voice is much better tonight.

      Several lady friends took me out to dinner tonight to Olive Garden. Lasagna Primavera with Grilled Chicken, and Tiramisu for dessert. Good company, good food – a girl can’t ask for more! And reading your comments and well wishes tonight puts a smile on my face and brings today to a happy close. I’m blessed to have friends, whether they are close by or we chat in cyberspace!

  10. wildflower in prescott says:

    Sue, you write beautifully and are a great photographer. Have you read “Blue Highways” by William Least Heat Moon? Just an idea, not a suggestion: with your talents you could do something similar.

    A book series I recommend to people who want some easy light reading is Nevada Barr’s Anna Pidgeon series about a NPS ranger who solves murders in National Parks. Each book takes place in a different park. My public library only has a couple so I buy the books in thrift stores. But I guess you will be occupied with Outlander series for awhile.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, wildflower,

      Thanks for the book recommendations. I know there are readers who will see them and appreciate the tips. I read one of the Anna Pidgeon series! It was good and I think I, too, found the book in a thrift store. I’d forgotten about those books. Now I have something to go to after I finish Outlander books.

      Thanks also for the compliments. No I don’t think I’ve read Blue Highways…

      Well, I threw all my laundry out the door. I’d better sort it and get us off to the laundromat… Talk to y’all later….

    • Cari in North Texas says:

      I love Nevada Barr’s National Park series! I’ve read them all and loved every one. She was actually a NP ranger herself for many years, did you know? They are a good mix of mystery/murder, humor, and a little romance thrown in, and her descriptions are awesome.

  11. weather says:

    Such touching pictures,my favorite’s under “on the fourth of July”,my least favorite is how you felt explaining why a companion is missing to Del.I’ve managed to avoid some situations where that would come up,if right then I’m not up to the scenes afterward -that you’re going through now,sorry it hurts,Sue.Some adjustments are much harder than moving legs…

    Glad you had fun with the zoom,enjoyed a french fry picnic ,crossed something off the list and found a stranger kindly.It’s the good things as we move on through life that keep it blessedly sweet.Thanks for bringing another one to my day.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, weather,

      I don’t know why it doesn’t bother me to explain why I have one dog when I used to have two. In a way it makes me feel better. Of course the hurt from missing a pet isn’t the jagged knife of missing a beloved partner in life . . .

      Yes, that photo does seem to have something to say, more than “Look how pretty I am.” 🙂 I like it, too.

      As I walked with Bridget among trees of glory this morning, stooping to go under low-hanging boughs, entering shady glens, passing through to the sunbeams, Thomas Kincaid’s paintings came to mind. I must find them again. They are a treat to behold!

      Have a “blessedly sweet” evening . . . . I’ve enjoyed reading your conversations among fellow blogorinos. 🙂

    • weather says:

      Last evening when I read your reply,it pleased me so that I only posted the smile it brought me,intending to fully reply right afterward.Then I saw you were gone for the night,so waited until now.

      The difference between how you enter nature that others walk by,is as profound as the one between yours and some others experience with love.You chose campsites,activities and routines with Spike’s needs as your compass instead of your own.So as this is the first time you’ve fulltimed a new way,you’ve really no experience at it at all.Once you mentioned to me how the familiar route and camps returning southward helped you,I completely understood.

      As much as I do your excitement among trees of glory that seem lit from within as we pass through burgeoning sunbeams.We’re both on a brand new road in the journey,and with amazement are discovering it’s gifts,even the ones that aren’t light upon the heart.That’s what having deep passion for life sometimes brings.The exquisite heights we feel because of that capacity are worth whatever it takes out of us along the way.

      Like this morning waves pulsing with sound and beauty,sharing coffee time with someone that “gets it” and shows you more to savor,life is so-o-o good in our world, isn’t it?

  12. Pamela K. says:

    What a keen cabin they built! If ever I wish to live in a ~real house~ again it would be a rustic cabin such as that one. I would be hard pressed to give up my RV lifestyle though. Maybe with added age I will have to change my mind but not till then 😉
    Sue, you are sounding better yesterday and today. The home remedies seemed to have taken hold and helped you with your cold. Bridget having fun…she has such few expressions, lol. But I know she is beaming on the inside while she plays at the park! Of course most every camp is one big park to her. She does love to explore. You make a fine team as you undertake your adventures together. BTW, I left you a note on your last blog entry about your and a ~maybe~ photo book! Just a tug at your ear for you to consider.
    Hugs for you and belly rubs for Bridge 🙂

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Pamela,

      That little cabin does appeal to those of us with a less-is-more way of looking at possessions. Of course, its location is beyond wonderful….

      Yes, I’m doing much better today. As for home remedies, I think it was gargling with salt water that rid me of the sore throat and cough. Once again, simple is good.

      I did see your suggestion under the previous post. 🙂

      • Toni says:

        My husband is from Guatemala and he uses a gargle with lime juice. They say it is a natural antibiotic and he swears by it.

        • rvsueandcrew says:

          Interesting, Toni!

          • Toni says:

            Yes and papaya for stomach ailments, steep some eucalyptus like you would potpourie for your cold. There are more but I don’t recall at the moment. The lime juice is a biggie though, gargle and in your tea.

  13. leilani says:

    Don’t worry about mentioning Spike, Sue. I’d venture most of your readers were thinking of him anyway while looking at the stunning landscapes in these last few posts, especially every time there’s a picture of a stream.

    I know this is really silly, but I do wish he could have been buried here near Ivie Creek.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, leilani,

      I can understand why you see Ivie Creek as the place where Spike should’ve been buried. That thought crossed my mind, too. I quickly realized it wouldn’t be good. Too many people, including children, come here.

      The spot I chose next to the aspen and pine woods across from Horse Creek is quiet and peaceful. That part of Wyoming is exquisitely beautiful…

      • Mert says:

        I think you made a wonderful choice. My baby Stevie (golden lab/ husky with the most gorgeous blue eyes) is buried in Florida at a friends place under her favorite palm that she use to sleep under in a hole that she always dug. I couldn’t begin to tell you how many sprained ankles I had from falling in the holes hat she would dig. Big enough for 3-4 dogs to lay in. I so hated moving back to Kentucky and leaving her there, but then I realized, she’s at the rainbow bridge and with me always.
        Much love and respect to you. And Bridget too.
        Mert & Asia.

  14. Wickedlady of Shelton WA says:

    I still wonder how Del fills that water tank they have way up there.

    Yup, almost time for you to head on south to beat the bad weather. I am about to take the last camping trip of the season. So sad to think of winter.
    Take care.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      I will try to remember to ask Del about the water tank, should I see him again before we leave.

      I’m looking forward to the winter months. Both the PTV and BLT need their annual, major cleaning… some waxing, too. I have lots of things I want to do to shape up this blog. Plus I can order stuff from Amazon… Fun!

      Then when winter ends, the camping is so fine, right?

  15. Jool says:

    Hello Sue!! Everyday I want to chit-chat with you but I hold off now and then when I really have nothing to add. 🙂 That’s just me.
    I believe you could cut and paste the very same picture of The Bridge for every blog and label it however you want. Her expression never changes. CRACKS ME UP!!!!
    I am very glad you mention Spike. You need to. My soul-dog (for lack of a better title) was Zeus, my Doberman. He died in 2004. It took me until this year before I found a dobie that – to me – (and I know I sound ‘out there’) was a godsend from Zeus. A good friend of mine sadly died and left me his 2 dobies, Oskar and Eva, and between the two of them they have all the idiosyncrasies of Zeus. Remember, it took 10 years for that to happen. Well worth it. Personally I cannot just get a dog to replace one I just lost. They seem to come to me from unexpected sources, and are usually specially for me, in some way.
    OK! Everyone is going to be rolling their eyes at me. See why my dogs and I live alone ?!?!?!?!!!!! Nobody to judge us!!!
    I wonder how many times the word “vicarious” has been used in the comments over the years. Anyway, without using that over-used word, let me just say – that your blog completes me. 😉
    Love you, love Bridge and Spike, love your photos, and love all your Blogorinos.
    Jool in North Texas

    • Shirlene says:

      Everybody valued and nobody judged…Have a good day Jool.

    • Teri in SoCal says:

      I’m with you Jool. Seems like all of my four legged kids have come to me, rather than me looking for one. No eye rolling here….I get it.

      • Jool says:

        Thank you, Shirlene and Teri. We are indeed sisters at heart. 🙂

        • Jean in Southaven, MS says:

          I understand about them finding me rather than the other way around. I have two dogs and five cats that just found me, literally. Ok, so I am a pushover, so sue me.

          • AZ Jim says:

            Instead of suing you how ’bout we thank you for giving a loving home to some little animals that needed you?

            • DesertGinger says:

              Really Jool, you think you need to explain yourself to us? This is a no judging zone. Bunch of lovers here.

    • Tammy says:

      I agree with you I would never get a “replacement dog”, but that isn’t what you do you get another loving family member to love and to love you. I currently have 3 dogs and each has a personality to love and cherish, my Rat – Tuff is wild and crazy and nothing could replace him – made me crazy last night – would run through the house to find something to tease me with and then shred if I didn’t give him a treat to get it – I know bad dog… don’t reward bad behavior… yada yada yada – but if you want what he has – In tact – you give him a treat – besides he was enjoying it. You can’t replace that – and I would never try … (not that I want that behavior… I love the personality, not the behavior – ok I did think it was funny – he was so proud of his cleverness and making me chase him – it was a game). But when you lose a four-legged family member you not only lose that personality but you lose that thing you need to love – I always look at it as I give them the best life I can, and then it is time to give another friend a home and some how it helps – and you love them for who they are not who you miss. Does that make sense?

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Jool,

      Thanks for the great comment. I enjoyed it very much. I don’t think you’re odd… I’m not rolling my eyes. 🙂

      I know what you meant when you wrote “I cannot just get a dog to replace one I just lost.” Dogs aren’t accessories.

      Feel free to write anytime. There’s always something to add! Best wishes to you, Oskar, and Eva…

  16. Hello to you! Since we’re talking about nutcakes, I know you don’t need my advice regarding bringing another doggie to the crew, but…
    We have had several dogs in our 33 years of marriage. Each one was with us until passing of old age, except for “Whiskers” who we think got snake bit. In any event, after each one was gone, we always had a certain amount of grief and mourning and, eventually, would turn to each other and ask first, whether we would get another and, second, how long should we wait?

    Although we might have agreed to wait “awhile’, it occurred to us that our remaining dog might enjoy companionship as much as we enjoyed having two dogs. And another thought was that maybe having a younger one would be a good thing for at least a couple of reasons.

    I’m not suggesting that ANY dog will ever replace Spike. Ain’t gonna happen. But you might at least give thought to Bridget having a friend, and you as well. Maybe sooner than later. UNLESS, you are resigned to being a one-dog woman.

    BTW, how old IS Bridget?

    • Shirlene says:

      I don’t think ladies tell their age….huh Bridge!

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Ed,

      I am giving thought to Bridget needing a pal. While she is “coming into her own” without the presence of Spike, she also is more dependent upon me for her feelings of security. This could become a problem over time. She’s already releasing her inner maniac.

      I don’t know how old Bridget is. I’m guessing 10-12 years.

  17. Diann in MT says:

    Here’s what I think: The energy of the spirit each of our loved ones possess transcends to a spiritual essence after the soul leaves the body. Spike’s spirit will be with you forever, Sue. And, I would bet little Bridget feels his spirit, too.

    So continue to let us know when he is near if you are comfortable with that. Your candid humanism is what charms us blogorinos, RVSue.

  18. Applegirl NY says:

    “Bridget enjoying the park.” That pic cracks me up. I laughed out loud.
    Wonderful pictures again. Great to see you ran into Del. Wonderful people out there in this great country of ours.

    And, yes, to echo some of the others. We are happy to have you mention Spike. We’re along for the journey with you.

  19. Pamela K. says:

    I wonder and muse now. Maybe Bridget would be ever so keen on picking out a new playmate for herself and you. Dogs have a quick way of knowing that they like a certain other dog and know if they will like them long term or not. Something like when we meet someone and just take to them at first glance, soon to be the best of long term friends. Sure is a nice thought when the time is right for you again.

  20. Kay says:

    Oh, damn, I am out of Kleenex. I am going to admit, I too was thinking about Spikey Boy the last few days. Knowing all to well, you and Bridge were headed back to Arizona. The place where Spikey Boy trapped my attention. I so remember his “camp patrols” and my visual was of you, Sue, chasing down the path after him with your hair blowing in the breeze caused by your speed to catch him… And, little Miss Angel Bridget, just sitting in the door way watching the show. When I thinking of that day, I just have to laugh. He was such a genuine antic creator for you. We all miss him, but I am sure you miss him more. Hang in there, he’s watching you and Bridget and at some point, I suspect he’ll have spaw in finding you and Bridget another pal. Not to replace him, but to keep you and Bridget on your toes.

    Beautiful pictures. Sure would be nice if landscaping could stay the same all year long.

    Okay, back to Steel Building supervision.

    • Jolene/Iowa says:

      Hey Kay,

      I am sure getting some interesting responses to your Clinger blog post, that I posted the link to in our RV group on FB. Some sharing yours and many of the rest of our views, some laughing at your signs suggestions, some totally getting educated about it for the first time and some really not sure about how they feel about it.

      One gal not sure she likes the title “Clinger”. I say if the shoe fits, wear it!! Thanks for such an informative and humorous blog post, I am taking full advantage of your great writing to help educate people and hopefully help you all who are out there in dispersed camping and even in the campgrounds to have more courteous campers out there with you! 🙂

      • Kay says:

        Ugh, don’t get me started on those darn Clingers. They just down right irritate me.

        Facebook… I am not on that platform. I did share the link you gave me with a friend of mine, his name is Jorge. He’s “thinking” about selling out and getting an RV, so it may be a great source of info for him. Thank you for the invite though.

  21. Cindy says:

    I was still laughing at the mental picture of Bridget having a fit over your “coffee break” when you got me crying again over Spike and how much you miss him. I’m glad you share that with us; sometimes people who don’t love animals think “it was just a dog (or cat) – get over it.” You have a huge community of readers who have felt what you’re feeling and who understand that Spike wasn’t “just a dog.”

  22. AlanOutandAbout says:

    Spike will always be with and a part of you. We all miss him but not nearly as much as you. Don’t ever stop remembering him to us when he pops into your head, It is what makes this blog what it is.
    I don’t think letting Bridget decide on the new pup would work. I somehow get the feeling that she wants to be an only dog and doesn’t want to share her human.
    Yeah, I think it is time for you to head south. I unfortunately won’t be heading south anytime soon. Although I will be cutting my time in SD to a week. I can hear Kay praying for my arrival. I’ll probably stay there for 4 weeks or until they throw me out. Then it is on to Grand Junction where I plan on hunkering down for the winter. I am glad that my Monaco was built to handle cold weather, but not sub arctic. I am glad GJ is west of the rockys, it misses the real nasty stuff. But I still want some snow so I can jump over to Arches NP and get some snaps.
    Anyway as always, ENJOY.


    • AZ Jim says:

      Have fun Alan, sounds like that’s the plan…

    • Kay says:

      What’s wrong with hunkering down here??? GJ can be tough! Least here we’d have things to keep us busy!!!

      I am so glad to know someone can hear my prayers. The kitchen, the house, they been put on hold as we attempt get this Steele Building up. They managed one complete arch today. At this rate, it will be 21 more days, not counting the days for the end walls or doors. I guess, not bad for one man and 3 women.

      You are welcome to stay all winter, Alan. When that building gets up there will be space between building and house that you can be tucked right into and hooked up directly to services, and shielded from the wind and stuff.

      See you soon! Thank you, God, for letting Alan hear my prayers! Much Appreciated.

      • Connie & Mugsy (MN/AZ) says:

        Hey Kay,

        I am just down the road from you in Ogallala. Crappy weather down in Kansas made me change my travel plans and if I had had the time to connect up with you last night, maybe I could have dropped in today to say ‘Hi’ and spend the night. It would have been just a slight sidetrack from my other route through CO.

        I was looking for a place in NE on the net last night in SD and I found one that closed in 2012 and I figured that must be the place. LOL

        It will have to be later I guess…

        • Kay says:

          No that was the KOA one. We’re on the other side of the town. You’re right, you are about 80 miles or south of me. And, yes, you could have pulled in and parked anywhere on the open grounds for the night. No problem.

          It was cooler here today, but so far, NO RAIN… I am crossing legs, fingers and whatever else hoping to not see any rain for a couple of weeks. I want to see that Steel Building get up!

          Catch you on the flip flop in the Spring!

      • AlanOutandAbout says:

        We’ll talk when I get there. I am half way to Americas Mailbox, staying in Onawa Iowa for the night.

  23. Casitagirl says:

    Hi Sue,

    I used to have a sweet dog named Tyler who used to follow me around wherever I went. He was an ugly mutt with a huge heart. We got him at the pound for our son, but he ended up attaching himself to me and lived to be my best friend. He was such a big part of our family. When he died, it was really difficult to lose him–I felt as though I lost a part of myself. A few months later, we got Sugar, a purebread cocker spaniel who had been rescued from a puppy mill. She was so very timid and had difficulty trusting anyone. Gradually, with lots so love and care, she has emerged from her shell and now follows me around just like Tyler did. When she is feeling deeply loved, you can see a sweet look in her eyes which makes me so happy. I still miss Tyler, but Sugar has helped me get past my grief.

    Anyway, the point of this email is to tell you my story and get you thinking about finding another pup. I don’t know if you know about this, but I found a rat terrier rescue site: http://www.newrattitude.org/index.htm. There are some really sweet dogs available for adoption here. I don’t know if it’s time yet, but thought you might like the resource.

  24. Susie A. says:


    All I have to say is You.Are.Awesome! Keep this blog going forever because you’re so down to earth and make all of us feel so comfortable in your discoveries.

    Susie A.

  25. Jolene/Iowa says:

    Hi Sue,

    I love that you saw Del again! That had to have been nice for both of you. My hand is raised too, I got teary eyed. I don’t think I will ever look at water pictures again without thinking about Spike and his soaks.

    These are happy memories for you and for those of us who you so generously shared your life with. Sharing is part of the process of grieving that may help you. It is your life and please don’t quit sharing. That is what your blog is for you, your life as you go now.

    Enjoy your remaining time at Ivie Creek, it is so nice there.

  26. Denise - Richmond VA says:

    Hi, Sue,

    Lovely pictures! My favorites are the close up of the yellow Aspen leaves and the one with the large rock in the foreground. The picture you painted for us of Bridget’s little “fit” made me chuckle! Your caption under her picture made me giggle! That petulant little teenager!

    Glad you were able to get the oil changed at a trusted shop. Laundry: One of my favorite things is to crawl into a freshly laundered bed. I know your bed will feel extra comfy tonight!

    I believe that the twinkling star was a little sign of encouragement from Spike. He approves of your plans and just wanted to let you know that he is always with you.
    Little Spike made a huge impression on our lives…it is only natural that we miss him and sometimes get teary-eyed.

    Glad that you are feeling better, Sue! I know you will be busy stocking supplies, topping off gas and propane, replenishing water and planning your route. Looking forward to see where you take us next! Thank you for sharing your journey with us.

    Sending you wishes for a peaceful, restful night and warm hugs. Love from me and Gracie pup!

  27. Sondra-SC says:

    I remember seeing Del’s cabin on your previous post, its nice to have people recognize you and come over to speak…you are gonna see Spike all along your backtrack. He is part of what you were and that will never change, his memory will remain in you and that will never change.
    LOVE the fall color you are capturing with your Panasonic, its working out great for you… tomorrow we are planning a trip to a Wildlife Refuge around Lake Marion I will be taking my Panasonic along…should be fun not time for fall color on the Cyprus trees yet but soon… sleep warm.

  28. Marg in Ouachita's says:

    Used two more of your pictures on Facebook, gave you credit. I am not one of those people who collect friends on FB, might have 50, and most of these are girls I graduated with a million years ago. But, they are familiar with your name and blog. We just admire the dickens out of you.

  29. Your Fall photographs are beautiful! You and Bridget have a nice evening.

  30. Donna 'N Girls says:

    Boy, that Bridget knows how to grab life by the horns and run with it, what a role model!

    Beautiful pictures, have to add Ivie creek to my list.

    Glad you are better and back to your wonderful self.

    Goodnight Little Boy, indeed. Job well done Spike, keep shining down on Mom and Sis.

  31. Lynn Brooks says:

    Love it!!!
    That’s all – I simply love reading your writing!!!!

  32. DesertGinger says:

    Well, I have my hand up too, sniffling about the Spikester. As for Bridget…I figured out why she throws fits. She can’t express displeasure with facial expressions because she always looks mad. She has to throw fits to express displeasure. Just look at that face while having a picnic in the park. Looks like she wants to kick someone.

    Busy day for me; I’m worn out. Doctor appt. went to apple store about iPad but long lines. Did laundry. Barely had energy to walk Chloe.

    My package from Amazon with my probiotics was stolen from mail room. Manager put it there around noon and when I went to get mail at 430…gone. I’ll call amazon and tell them I didn’t get it. It was $25. I can’t afford that.

    Tomorrow I hope to work on mail.

    G’night all! Goodnight Spike, good boy.

    • Elizabeth in WA says:

      That theft is plain crazy, Ginger…who ever heard of some such being taken?? I hope it will soon be replaced. Too bad companies have to take extra precautions with deliveries these days!!

      Hope your strength returns soon…I am having blood pressure issues since yesterday but it was down some by noon for which I am grateful!! Sure makes it impossible to get work done!! ARGH…tain’t easy getting older!!

      • weather says:

        Elizabeth,I’m praying for your good health dear

        • Elizabeth in WA says:

          Oh thank you Weather…hubby has been worried. I am feeling better so should be ok!! Prayers never hurt though!!

          • weather says:

            You should add one of his and one of your favorite relative memories to the list started at the bottom of the post-since relaxing and smiling helps too

  33. Mert says:

    ” Bridgett having a wonderful time at the park” the look on her face. I busted out laughing. Woke Asia mae up laughing. Sooo cute!
    I too have taken so many pics of Asia, she runs when I brake out the camera.
    Beautiful place, beautiful pics.
    Sad and yet sweet the goodnight spike. My thoughts and prayers are with you and Bridget.
    Safe travels. And thx again for my nighttime slice of heaven.
    Mert and Asia Mae.

  34. Connie & Mugsy (MN/AZ) says:

    Wow!! Your photos of the fall colors are just beautiful. Driving today I did see one beautiful sun-filled scene of a rare group of trees – half turned – that screamed ‘take my picture’ but didn’t have the camera. NE between North Platte and Valentine isn’t known for it scenic beauty. Barren and gray this time of year…

    All caught up again…

  35. Shirlene says:

    Good Morning Sue, your Village is waking up with hopes of a blessed day where you are and anticipating all your wonderful comments that makes us feel like a community. I truly enjoy spending my days reading comments and brief glimpes into the lives of all the regular blogorinos. Good morning to ALL, there is no end to the wonderful feeling it enjoy here.

    Good Morning to my friend Weather, great conversations with you and many more to come.

    • weather says:

      Good Morning back friend-hoped you’d chime in soon!This morning when I woke up to the warmth in this house that yesterdays efforts rewarded me with,I grinned again remembering a question I wanted to ask you.

      Did the wording in my comment make it sound like I split or cut wood?I surely didn’t want to give that impression!I don’t shovel,split or repair/reconstruct a lot that some folks are willing to simply because I don’t like or know how to.Like cooking and smiling about having company over, I leave a lot of stuff to those far more gifted in those ways to do.

      Do you have any thing special you want to do this weekend?I’d love to picture from here.I love California as much as New York,makes me glad you have it whenever I think of you,which is often.

      • Shirlene says:

        You make me smile this morning, as always, but especially this morning…I am glad you don’t have to chop wood or split wood or do anything you don’t want to do, which is what we are all striving for, huh. Is this your first winter alone, is that what you said? If so, I hope we all can add some warmth and company to you. I do have a few plans this weekend…packing for my trip to Oregon for a week, I am going to visit a friend who has a farm and she is waiting to buy her chickens until I get there…I cannot wait, I love chickens! I am also reconnecting with an old friend to look at his 26 foot Minne Winnie, which he states that he wants to sell….too small for me, I want something bigger, but getting together and talking about it will be fun….The weather is supposed to be beautiful, again, not so hot but convertible weather…My Jeep is looking at me longingly and wanting a ride to the beach, so I guess I will put that in the agenda also….so come along with me at least until I leave on Tuesday…then…..well there is just no cell phone reception on the farm, we have to go to town to get reception…lol…I will be looking over my shoulder knowing that you are there in the far reaches of my consciousness…nice to know you are there….have a great day…just now getting my coffee, started nodding off and figured something was missing…it was, you and coffee…now where is Sue!

        • Teri in SoCal says:

          Have fun on your trip Shirlene! I’m jealous that you’re going to Oregon. 🙂

          • Shirlene says:

            Hi Teri, first time ever….flying this time, but hope someday to be going up there with my RV…She is putting in a Pad for my RV so I can spend the fall with her, or anyother time I chose to come that way…Thank you for the well wishes…stay cool in the IE.

            • DesertGinger says:

              Based on your comments about your summer weather…summer is when you should go. WA and OR have fab summers.

        • weather says:

          Good Lord,Shirlene-you know you’re out in the sticks when:you have to go to town to use a phone 😉

          That’s a real vacation from driving through LA traffic for a week-I love chickens,too-cute and beautiful kinds.This winter will be the first full one I expected to be spending here this way-I’m not ruling out travel as part of the season.Either way,I know beautiful experiences will show up all through the journey-they always do!

          Since you want a larger RV than that one,do you want to tow a toad behind,too?Or just experience what you can without one?I like driving too much to plan life without it’s feeling the Wrangler gives me.

          • Shirlene says:

            Yep, towing a car, I cannot be without my independence to just go where ever and sometimes 36 foot RV cannot make it down the roads that Sue see’s, and I am definitely going down the Ivie Creek road, with or without an RV….

            Do you ever take the top off your Jeep just to feel the wind in your hair! That IS living. Oh and going up over curbs, one of my favorite things to do, because I can.

            • Shirlene says:

              Please travel…..Winters can make the walls close in and then things can get dark….I like the lightness that your words are containing lately…obvious that you went through something earlier on in your posts…but nonetheless we will be in touch and warm blessing and coffee being awaited this winter….we will turn on our heaters together, although mine is a small electric heater than looks like it has a real fire in it, makes my dogs crazy…hehehe.

            • weather says:

              Yep,last time I spent a day riding with the top down it took 3 hours to untangle my hair and was worth it,and I just had to put new tires on because of sidewall damage,hmm !Winter’s not like that in the country here-the snow is never dirty and it’s brilliant whiteness blowing outside every window makes you love the walls you have.I’ll look at earlier posts,though without seeing them I imagine the shock and shattering I went through for a while may have made me morose-sorry if that made my comments awful then.Too funny about your heater and dogs-our cat had that effect on mine when she first got here-they were all ridiculous! hehehe

            • Shirlene says:

              Hi Weather, I would not describe your comments as awful, just morose-like, according to only me…no need to be sorry for being shattered, we all have been….Ha! I knew you had long hair…lol.

            • weather says:


            • Edie (OK) says:

              I wonder how many of us blogorinos have long hair and a jeep? I’m in that club. 2 dr wrangler.

            • weather says:

              probably only the same number as our doors

  36. Kay says:

    Good Morning Everyone,

    It’s a cloudy day here, so I had to make my own sunshine. I turned on the lights!

    I am kind of wondering if our little Princess Bridget would be accepting of a new little buddy. I think she’s loves having RVSUE all to herself. I dunno, she strikes me as being a little prissy about sharing Sue’s love with another. I think it might be good for her, no doubt. I sense though, SHE likes the alone time with you, Sue. Dependent upon you, yes, that she is. If she threw a fit when you grabbed coffee the other morning, soon, if not already, you won’t be able to leave her at all. So, maybe a pal for her would be good. Just my thought.

    Have a great day, and if you see the SUN over there, please tell it to come over here, would ya?

  37. rvsueandcrew says:


    I want very much to reply to each comment — really I do! — but I can’t do that today. Thank you for your thoughtful messages.

    I’ve been notified by Hostgator that there are some issues with my blog that need to be resolved. These “issues” are related to the weird performance some of you have witnessed recently.

    Since I am barely out of technology kindergarten and now face college-level work, it will take considerable time for me to figure out what I need to do and then to actually do it.

    In my absence I hope you’ll continue to enjoy each other. I will continue to read every comment. 🙂

    Love y’all!

    • Shirlene says:

      We got this Sue!….Weather, Kay and I are quite the blog hogs when you are unavailable….just do what you have to do and we will be waiting.

    • weather says:

      Love ya ,too,and will try not to miss you anymore than I already do 😉

      Praying that cyber space delivers you easy solutions soon!

    • DesertGinger says:

      Let me remind you one of my closest friends is a wordpress guru….teaches at wordpress conventions, programs for UC Irvine. If you need help I can give you her number.

      • Kay says:

        On boy, you may to give her my number so she can call me when I am in the RUT trying to do something on my blog that I can’t remember how to do! UGH

        • DesertGinger says:

          You can contact her if you need help Kay, but she may charge you…it’s what she does for a living,

  38. Kay says:

    Take care of the Techie stuff Sue, we can’t afford to have your blog go down! Like Shirlene said, we are the blog hogs and we’re covering for you.

    Okay, Ladies, …. Ready???

    Let’s sit and enjoy a coffee and some homemade cookies while my German soup is cooking! I posted my blog post today, it was rather easy since a friend of mine is so darn sick with a nasty cold. That guy, he never listens to me and I suspect he will be in hospital bed by days end. Grrr….

    • Shirlene says:

      Pass the cookie plate…i did not get mine…

      • Shirlene says:

        I cannot wait until I am on the road and can come and see your place and if I am lucky you will be there and I can spend some time with you and your good cooking. Save me some german soup.

        • Kay says:

          Well, I made the crew some cinnamon pancakes. The soup is cooking and smelling good. I actually have to be in the “Mood” to cook.

          When in the “Mood” I can and will cook up some good stuff, so the eaters tell me.

          I once had a boyfriend for 13 years, I told him when I leave him, the only thing he will miss is my cleaning the shower. He quickly said “No, I will miss your damn cooking, so don’t leave me.”

          He’s in Texas…

  39. Cinandjules (NY) says:

    Okay then…..the substitute teacher is presiding!

    The statute of limitations for us has run out a loooonnnnng time ago! So….what tricks did you play on the sub when you were a youngen?

    I’ll start…….not seated according to the seating chart! Then acknowledging to attendance for a person who saw it was a sub and decided to cut class! Filling out more than my own ….scantron test!

    Pleading the 5th amendment …due to self incrimination is not, I repeat NOT necessary!


    • Shirlene says:

      I NEVER did anything wrong…no ditch days, no smoking, nothing…what a NERD!….I plead the 5th anyway.

      • Cinandjules (NY) says:

        Wait….I didn’t do anything wrong but I take the 5th? That is commonly known as an oxymoron.

        Okay …you get a public pretender….er I mean public defender! Haaaa

        Good one!

    • weather says:

      Wow,Cindy -hadn’t thought about the statute of limitations running out-or my parents absence from the planet making it OK to admit some fun I had.Saw my chance and took it to cut classes , leave campus and do stuff that still makes me laugh and wonder how I got away with it all.What’s a scantron test?

      • Cinandjules (NY) says:

        Where the answers are Multiple choice and you black out the bubble that coordinates ie A, B,C D. The test paper is then fed into a scantron machine and immediately corrected!

        • weather says:

          Hope you’re friends appreciated the help-guess you’ve always been -the loyal ready to help type-that so much of what you do shows you to be now.

          • Cinandjules (NY) says:

            On the contrary! Did I mention we all got caught?

            Uhhh yep….we all had the same “wrong answers” no one snitched so a plea deal gave us all D’s for the course. Which was okay because Physics wasnt my favoritest course.

            • weather says:

              Busted-Hah!love it,thanks for the play time,see ya later 🙂

            • Reine says:

              And when I was a substitute teacher I busted the kid that tried to cut class. The lunch period was split, 30 minutes class, 30 minutes lunch, 30 minutes class. The headcount after lunch didn’t match the headcount before lunch. So I sent a sign up sheet around and got one more name than I had heads. I was a MEAN substitute so I just got the Assist. Principal to come down and he walked the sign up sheet around the class. The “split period” was a pain for teachers.

  40. Kay says:

    I took great advantage of Subs. I would ask tons of questions after the lessons. They always answered and I always got A’s. Then when the REAL teacher came back, she’d ask me why I had such great grades during the Sub period and not in her class. To which I would say “Well, when I asked the Sub teacher questions, she would answer them which would give me the answers I needed to answer the question on the paper.” She took her time with us all, and answered the questions. You don’t do that.” I told her.

    She told me I cheated. I got upset and told her I did not cheat, I asked a REAL question, received an explanation and had to ANSWER the question myself based on the explanation. Something you don’t do!!!

    She sent me to the office.

    Down at the office, I was told that I would be a really darn good detective because I know how to ask questions to get to the bottom answer. HA! I was sent back to class.

    • weather says:

      Detective tendencies,huh?Might explain you’re relentless questioning of a lot that helps you today .

  41. Kay says:

    Yes, weather… my grandma’s nickname for was “WHY” because very young, I would ALWAYS ask “Why” and get an answer, but then ask WHY again to the answer I received. Hey, it was how I learned! I had a daughter that did the same thing, and man I could hear my grandma laughing from heaven, too. Now, the daughter is an Architect student with a 4.0 and doesn’t crack books too often. Never did actually.

    But, Oh my, don’t let the two of get bored. We have to be kept busy. Rarely can I sit down and watch TV. I can sit and read a good book that captures my interests. It’s most likely going to be a book about some topic most others will find boring, though.

    • Kay says:

      See my mind goes faster than fingers at times and skip words! Fill them yourself, to complete thy sentences! LOL

    • weather says:

      Imagine that,you as a curious child?Questioning and being able to offer input in just about anything interesting.You have me laughing Kay-with not at you-I read a ton of what some would consider strange enjoyment ,too.Enjoy,see ya later…

  42. Kay says:

    Okay, the Soup is done. And, boy is it good. I decided not to do the German, but to do the Creamed Chicken Noodle.

    The secret is using “Table Cream” after the soup is ready to eat. Of course, you need chicken, celery, onion, seasonings and one little special thing… Oh, it so good.

    If Sue was within a 30 minute drive, I’d fill a jar and deliver it with a note from the Soup Fairy, and run like hell not to be caught!

    Now, what is good after a bowl of homemade hot soup? Well, a nap of course. I have to re-charge my batteries. See ya all laters!

  43. Angie2B says:

    I chuckled at the photo of Bridgett “enjoying the park”. 🙂

  44. Kay says:

    Nap is over, reporting for Blog duty, but looks like it’s all simmered down now. Did Sue come and take you all out on a hike? Oh wait, that is Bridget that makes us go hiking.

    • weather says:

      Checking in,too,Kay,and even Bridget,cute as she is,couldn’t talk me into a hike right now,I got some rather heavy work done while you napped.And she’d probably never get me to cook liver indoors,I’d need the wind outside to blow the smell away,ew!Your place won’t smell like that often will it?

      Bridget could lead me home though,often does in memories.Like yours of grannies and aunties that made little ones feel special and welcome,I had ones that knit me mittens,some that seemed exotic to me .Think the blogorinos would tell us some of theirs if we asked?I’d love that,bet the men have some good ones,don’t you?

      • DesertGinger says:

        My grandma was a great cook and baker. And I was her fave. She had a Xmas party every year for her church group, and would have me come to play ‘waitress’. She would make these little tarts…she made all the tart shells by hand,then she filled some of them with this super-rich vanilla pudding, then put bittersweet chocolate shavings all over top. This was the best thing I ever tasted. I loved those tarts more than anything, so every Christmas she would make me a whole box of them…just for me! And I ate them!

        • weather says:

          That sounds amazing and sweet,Ginger,-the memories and the tarts!You’re such fun-Thanks for getting this started 🙂

        • Elizabeth in WA says:

          Ah nobody cooks quite like Grandma does!! Mine was a master with baked goodies….chocolate chip cookies, pies and cakes of all sorts and of course, fudge and divinity too!! YUMMY!! Well, those things are off the list basically now, due to diabetes…but it was sure fun while it lasted!!

          • weather says:

            we made penuche fudge by adding peanut butter,what’s divinity?

            • Kay says:

              Divinity.. ahhhh a homemade candy that I used to make every Christmas in all colors. Some with nuts, some without. It’s egg whites and sugar, basically. VERY sweet.

            • Elizabeth in WA says:

              My grandma did not use a candy thermometer…she used her little cold water, throw in the syrup and play with it a moment to see if it was ready to have the last part done (adding the beaten egg whites)…mom and I tried to do after she was not able….gave up….even with a candy thermometer mine did not turn out!!

            • Kay says:

              Ah, NEVER make divinity on a “HUMID” day as it will always FLOP!

            • Elizabeth in WA says:

              Yea, you are no doubt right on the humidity part…but we were in IDAHO…DRY, DRY, DRY there!! Not so sure why it did not work…but we gave that pursuit up…decided to just be happy with our fudge, etc.

      • Sondra-SC says:

        Im originally from East TN the mountains, hillbilly country. My grandma cooked on a wood stove 2 meals a day! She had the fluffiest biscuits and the smoothest gravy I’ve ever had. She never sat down till every plate was filled and then she was up and down, it gave her a great feeling of pride to hear all the compliments and to be able to share her talent with her family…having said that she was the hardest working woman I’ve ever known, she got very little in return for her hard work…but she didn’t let that stop her from enjoying the work she was so good at!! On Sundays she chased down a chicken, and took it to the chopping block, I cried behind the smokehouse while she plucked it and later I enjoyed the fresh fried chicken, being too young to understand what I was eating was the bird I wanted saved! Man those were the days.

        • weather says:

          She sounds wonderful,what great memories to have!I thought meat came from stores,not cows,so feel ya about those chickens.Those were the days-pride taken in work-sacrificing for loved ones,fresh food had around a table on Sundays…

      • Kay says:

        Liver, funny thing about that stuff, Weather. I used to love liver and onions in gravy. However, after my gallbladder and HALF my liver was removed, I was instructed by the Mayo doctor to NEVER eat it again.

        Now, I can cook it and you would not smell it to be liver. Hehe.. There is a trick to killing the smell… and the way I used to make it, it was really good, and tender.

        Liver is something we should not eat per Mayo doctors. Remember, livers are the bodies filters. And, now that I have myself almost sick again…. I END the subject here!

  45. Kay says:

    Years ago, back in the day when the kids were little. I would make 20 pies for the Christmas Holiday. Crusts were homemade, and I would flute the edges with my little pinky finger rather fast. Had an older couple, retired, living next door. She would come over and sit at my table and watch me for hours cooking. Then one day, she said “Who taught you to flute your pie crusts like that?” And, I had to tell her nobody. Because nobody did, that I recalled. Years later, my own “Mother” as some say she is, was at my home and I was baking a pie. I made the crust, and fluted the edges. Just before I was about to pour in my pie mix, the “Mother” said “You must of learned how to make those pie crusts from my grandma (meaning her grandma) my great grandmother.” I was quick to say no, and she was quick to tell me I had. I was about 4 when great grandma died. I do remember her well, and I remember her doing all the cooking on the farm. I remember the pies she made. Yet, I couldn’t tell you how she made them, and surely could not say I flute my crusts like she did. However, my “Mother” claims I do, and she claims my cooking is much like her grandmothers. It’s somewhat a mystery to me, still to this day.

    • weather says:

      Even though you may not remember,or may not have spoken the words,I’ll bet your inquisitive nature made you think even then”How do you do that,can I ?”

      • Kay says:

        Oh yeah, Weather. I do remember watching both, great grandma and grandma in the kitchen. My grandma used to make the best sugar cookies and I have yet to find anyone who can make them like she did. I remember the flour, the butter, cream, sugar, and cream of tarter… that’s all I remember. Once, back in the 90’s the “Mother” came for a visit. I was going to make banana bread and SOME ONE ate my 3 bananas I had for the bread. I learned this AFTER I had everything mixed together. Well, I was PO’d so figured, hell I will bake this dough like cookies. Then, something told me to put some cream of tarter in the mix, and I did. Mixed it up all real good and baked them like cookies. The “Mother” she came from the guest room and poured herself a cup of coffee and took a fresh cookie. She takes one bite, and asked me “Who gave you ma’s cookie recipe”?” When I told her it’s my banana bread recipe she told me “Bullshit, that’s my mother’s sugar cookie recipe.” So, I had to take and taste one then. Holy Cow! Tasted just like my grandma’s sugar cookies.

        • weather says:

          My family swore in French And English at each other and me- kitchen or not-maybe that’s why I only learned how to make fudge,Hah.You learned more than I did.Great grandma?Wow,you do have neat memories!

          • Kay says:

            Weather, my memories of my childhood are intact. Even my Aunt who is now 85, is so surprised when she brings up a certain event and I was there. I can rattle off everyone who was there, and sometimes tell her what we ate and who made what. She has to think about it for a while. Sometimes, I get her good and she’s busy thinking for a few days… then my phone rings. She tells me all about the event or whatever I said that stumped her. We laugh, and she tells me I have such a good memory.

            • weather says:

              How cool is that?I have to turn in because I have early morning plans,thanks for playing today.Have fun with everyone while I’m gone 🙂

            • Kay says:

              We’re ALL going to miss you, Weather! Have fun wherever you are going.

              If you pass our dearest RVSue, slip her a Turkey sandwich, poor gal has been tied to the Techie issue all day!

        • Marg in Ouachita's says:

          My grandma could not boil water. My cousin bought her a set of expensive cookware and hoped it would help, but he said it did no good. But, they grew sugar cane on the farm and my grandfather and uncle made cane syrup every winter. That woman could make syrup cookies like you cannot imagine. (I think my grandkids will remember me the same way, except I cannot make syrup cookies either).

          • weather says:

            HaHa- guess some good women weren’t meant to cook.Love cane syrup -neat that in your family the guys made it!

            • Marg in Ouachita's says:

              Oh yes, my grandpa used a mule and he would wear the ground down into a big rut going round and round the cane press. They kept it hot with wood under the big syrup vat. Then my uncle put butane under the cooker and used a tractor. We all loved to eat the sugar cane, and had plenty of syrup all year. Cannot find cane syrup up here in Arkansas, only sorghum. Not quite the same.

          • Elizabeth in WA says:

            I think everyone has their forte…for some it is overall good cooking and for others just a few special things they make better than anyone else. My mom and grandma and other kin too were all good cooks, but the things they made best did not overlap much…so we had a lot of wonderful whenever we all got together!!

  46. Kay says:

    This blog needs a “Chat Room” LOL

  47. Kay says:

    Boy, RVSue better come back soon or we will have ALL of her paper used up!!!!

  48. Kay says:

    Help.. I need someone to test my blog with me…. http://myownhumbleopinion.com

    • Reine says:

      Kay, All I get is the “Name Cheap” screen stating “Welcome to namecheap.com. This domain was recently registered at namecheap.com. The domain owner may currently be creating a great site for this domain. Please check back later!”

    • Elizabeth in WA says:

      I just tried it, Kay….and it did not go to where it was prior when I wrote in the comments…oh dear….and I am not able to help one whit….I am quite illiterate in computer!! If hubby did not keep ours running, I would have to be off it. I have told a few friends that if sewing machines worked so poorly, no one would sew (well, some sewing machines are trash…but there are good ones and they can be really old….mine is a Bernina from 1970 or so)!! I cannot understand WHY computers won’t work well enough…even aside from hackers.

      • DesertGinger says:

        Yep that link goes to the domain name website.

      • Reine says:

        Elizabeth, I just finished binding two quilts on my Singer Featherweight. I LOVE that little machine. And it’s small enough that it can go with us in the Casita. Sometimes it’s really FUN to get a sewing project out on the picnic table.

        • Elizabeth in WA says:

          No doubt Reine…projects are fun…just finishing up a quilt for grandson’s bed…heh, never got the baby sized one done….so he graduated to the twin…so I figured I best get it done before he got a bigger bed!!

          • Reine says:

            I’m part of a ministry at our church called Quilted Blessings and we’re trying to get 10 fulls and 30 twins ready by mid November to provide to a shelter that server abused women and their families. It’s good to know that we’re creating something beautiful for folks that are hurting, often physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. I totally understand about the not getting things done. My grand girls are 3 and I still don’t have their cross stitch Christmas Stockings done.

            • Elizabeth in WA says:

              Well, life events can change our plans in an instant…nice to have a hobby we can pick up again when we can. It is a nice thing to be a part of a quilt group…have not been able to join one yet….just too busy…but maybe one day!!
              I learned that if you hope your grandbaby will appreciate a quilt…tis best to wait until they are old enough to do so…at least 18 months or so…so I quit worrying about having them done by their births!! So 5yr old and 20 month old will get theirs at same time!!

      • Elizabeth in WA says:

        Just tried it out Kay…worked fine again!! GOOD JOB!!

  49. Aerolite Steve says:

    Sure have enjoyed your pics from the Maple Grove area …. we were going to be camping there this week, but my trailer is still in the repair shop, so looking at your pics will have to do for my fix of the place this year. Thanks!

  50. Ozark Sam says:

    Have you all seen what Nina at Wheeling has to say about the Verizon data special they have this month? I just changed my plan of two phones with 10gb to 30gb and added my Jetpack and the price is still the same. Mo to Mo and no contract. Thanks Nina

    • Marsha/MI says:

      We are looking to do that with our Verizon plan and then get rid of Hughes satellite internet. We actually get a better data signal with our phones than the Hughes dish. Go figure.

  51. Kay says:

    Bridget, dear Bridget… Can Sue please come out and play today?

  52. DesertGinger says:

    Good morning gang! Hope everyone is having a lovely morning. I’m going over to the Apple Store again today about not having sound on my iPad. I hope they can fix it. Don’t want to have to buy a new one till January. Next time I’m getting an iPad with 4g, so I can use the gps while driving.

    I’m trying to get more exercise so I can build up stamina; I’m just so weak. Sucks.

    And what’s going on with all of you?

  53. kgdan says:

    We are “on the road again”! As much as we enjoyed visiting family, we are delighted to be going. Gas prices are great here – $2.81/gal. last fill- up. Headed to Socorro Wal Mart today & Deming, NM tomorrow. Lots of “casinocamping” available in these parts.

  54. Chuck says:

    Sue, the last few blogs pictures have been absolutely beautiful, probably your best series IMHO. Good nite Spike

  55. Janet says:

    Dear Sue, The absence of our loved ones, human and animal, is palpable. Always with us. It gets better with time but , no , in my book, “Time does not heal these wounds .” It just somehow allows us to get used to the missing them. J

  56. Shirlene says:

    Miss you Sue…..Good afternoon Weather….Glad you are feeling better Desert Ginger….Kay I will be going to your site in a minute….I like it.

    • weather says:

      Good times whenever you see this,Shirlene,just got home and saw a new post,see you there ,soon 🙂

  57. Anne Nonna muss says:

    Introduced to your blog by a wonderful couple in Lost River, W Va. Scrolled through many of your postings and am smitten.

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