Let’s face it: Sooner or later the refrigerator will die

Okay, boys and girls, today we’re going to talk refrigerators.

p1150370Wait!  Wait!  Come back!  It won’t be that bad.

I promise!

NOTE:  Due to the fact that I’m not inspired to photograph my refrigerator, and also that it’s been too windy lately to roam around outside taking pictures, this post is illustrated with photos taken previously. 

The sunsets were taken from our campsite at Midland LTVA, Blythe, California.  These scenes appear to be over-the-top unreal.  Honestly, this is the way the sun calls it a day in this part of the world. 


I also have a collection of photos of Blythe sheep and lambs handy.  Thus this post is also illustrated with sheep and lambs. 

No need for fancy fakery with lamb photos either.  They’re as cute in real life as the photos show.  

I speak the truth, do I not?


Now that you are back in your seats, let’s begin.  Quiet, please.

In short, my Dometic is pathetic.

I already told you how the electronic control panel went berserk.  Before the refrigerator died completely, the panel lights flashed like the control panel on a space ship in a 1960s science fiction flick.

I immediately made sure the ignition area in the exterior compartment was clean.  Didn’t help.  No response.  It’s colder outside than in the refrigerator.

Confession time.

I haven’t told you the entire truth.  My refrigerator has a lot of — shall we say — a lot of issues.

It seems that after five years of use, the plastic inside the refrigerator becomes brittle.  One day I open the freezer compartment and, whaddayano, it snaps off in my hand!  A piece of ice had formed next to the circular thingy that acts like a rotating hinge.  Not only did the corner of the freezer compartment door break off, the circular thingy broke, too.

That’s only the beginning.


All those bouncy-jouncy journeys down rutted roads to wonderful boondocks?  Well, while I’m cluelessly driving to beautiful camps, inside the refrigerator, the jar of mayo becomes Hellman’s Weapon of Mass Destruction.  The plastic door shelves are the main target.

Again and again, I patch the shelves with Gorilla Glue.

Near the end, before the shelves take a death dive into the trash, I’m gorilla-glueing the Gorilla Glue.  Why don’t I buy new shelves, you ask?

Well, have you priced those things lately?


Okay, “Next!”

If you go to a place like casitaforum.com, you will find discussions about the hinge plate attached to the bottom of the refrigerator door, including links for ordering a replacement.  That there is a clue!  This plate that connects to another plate on the frame and allows the door to swing out without the door falling off, well, it doesn’t last forever, folks!

Pretty important little item, this hinge thing.  So you know what happens . . .

Yep, you guessed it.

My refrigerator’s plastic hinge plate breaks.  Not only that, when it breaks, it takes with it a hunk of plastic OFF THE ACTUAL DOOR!

There goes any chance of fixing it properly.

For months, whenever I want something out of the refrigerator, the door comes off in my hands. I lean it against the wall in order to free my hands to dig around inside the fridge.


Invariably during this maneuver the items in the gorilla-glued-gorilla-glued-gorilla-glued door shelves fall to the floor.  And, if the planets aren’t aligned perfectly, which they tend not to be, the duct tape on the freezer door lets go, and down it comes, too.

“Umm . . . What was that I wanted from the fridge?” I ask myself.  “Gee, I can’t remember.”

You see why I didn’t blog about this? 

Not exactly RVSue-and-her-perfect-life material!


The obvious, inevitable solution is a new refrigerator. 

Upon registering at Midland LTVA, I ask Camp Host Netta if she can recommend an RV service place in Blythe.  She can and she does:  Valley Palms Trailer Supply (“We make house calls!”).


“We had them come out and install a line for that propane tank sitting outside our RV.”

She explains that their Class A’s original tanks are underneath the body . . . in an awkward place, to say the least.

Reggie and I roll on over to Valley Palms.

I have them order me a new refrigerator.  When it arrives, an appointment will be made for the Best Little Trailer.

In a future post, I’ll write more about Valley Palms and the continuing saga of the BLT’s quest for refrigeration.  Don’t miss it!

About Midland LTVA . . .


Maybe you are unfamiliar with Long Term Visitor Areas and Midland in particular, and you’d like to know more.  Rather than explaining it all over again, here’s a link to start you on a series of posts written when Bridget, Reggie, and I camped here last winter.

“Midland LTVA, Blythe, CA” 


NOTE:  Please do not interpret this post as a thumbs down on Dometic refrigerators or Casita travel trailers. 

My experience with one refrigerator, a refrigerator that took a lot of abuse, is not representative of the gazillion like refrigerators that are performing well over time.  In fact, I am confident that I could ruin a Norcold refrigerator as effectively and efficiently as I wiped out my Dometic.  And I’ll always be glad I chose Casita!  –Sue


When you follow any of the links or ads for Amazon you see on my blog, your Amazon purchases send a commission to “RVSue and her canine crew.”  I appreciate you doing your holiday shopping from here!

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133 Responses to Let’s face it: Sooner or later the refrigerator will die

  1. Larry r says:

    Boy nobody yet and I read the whole thing

  2. Rochelle in IN says:

    Look at Reggie go in that last pic!!

  3. Dan in Mi says:

    First ish?

    • Dan in Mi says:

      Not even close! Oh, how my Outlook has let me down!!
      Sue, Love your blog. I don’t tell you enough.
      We put a deposit down on a Casita last week…. you should get a commission check!

      • Dawn in NC says:

        Congratulations Dan!

      • Chris B and Diego says:

        That’s great, Dan! What model did you get and when will it be ready? You are in for some great times!

        • Dan in Mi says:

          Chris, we went with the 17″ Liberty Deluxe. I am hoping for April, but it could be May. The folks in Rice TX went on break Friday so I don’t know for sure.

      • Geri says:

        Hi Dan, you just helped Sue pay for her new and needed fridge! Thank you for helping by mentioning her and getting a commission for her! Casita should replace her fridge for free considering all the free advertising she does for them! haha!

        • Cat Lady says:

          She probably won’t get the commission until after the unit is picked up and paid for. You might want to let Sue know when you pick up your Casita so she can look for her money at that time.

      • Denise - Richmond VA says:

        Congratulations, Dan!

      • Krystina McMorrow says:

        Oh Happy Day Dan!!

        • Dan in Mi says:

          Gosh, my off hand comment now has my mind racing!
          I wonder if they will? I did go see a Casita in my area in the fall and they have that on file. I will mention Sue to them and see what they will do. They are pretty good people from what I read on the forums.

          • DesertGinger says:

            They will totally do it. She has gotten several commissions before.

            • rvsueandcrew says:

              I’ve received two checks, a few years ago.

              In order for anyone to receive the $200, they have to show their Casita to a potential buyer, either in person or as I do on my blog. Also the referring person must be mentioned at the time of ordering.

              In Dan’s case, the person who showed him their Casita is eligible for the $200 (not me), which is only right.

              Thought I should clarify that…

  4. Brenda says:

    Great photos today!

  5. Cat. Lady says:

    Hi, Sue

  6. Lori says:

    Number 4?

    Well, no big surprise that you can make a post about a busted refrigerator fun to read. All these stories need to be compiled into a highly entertaining book, I swear.

    I know it was painful to have to order a refrigerator. Remember when people kept food cold in a box with a block of ice that was delivered right to your door? Okay, maybe we aren’t old enough to remember that but that existed once. Now RVers have to pay beaucoup bucks for something that keeps stuff cold. Whatever is the world coming to??

    Thanks to some holiday windfalls, I now have enough saved to begin looking for my van dwelling. And since it now is reality with cash in my pocket, the actual search is intimidating! Oh it was easy to peruse ads and cast aside this van or say that one is perfect. But when it comes down to having to get out in the east coast cold air and test drive something, I balk. Maybe after the holidays and my business trip to Phoenix…

    • Dawn in NC says:

      How exciting for you Lori! I am so happy that you are able to go into the doing phase! I am a long way away from that, so I make baby steps, read RV Sue and dream! You go girl!

      • Linda-NC says:

        Good for you Lori! Looking is a lot of fun but finding one is even more so. Take your time, make a list and I found that none are the perfect one (for me anyway). I just got a 23 footer and she is cozy and cute. Living in it will be the ultimate test. Now that I have gotten over my post traumatic STUFF disorder, I can’t remember half of what I had:) Have fun looking!

        • Lori says:

          Thanks, Linda! Wow, 23 feet sounds like a mansion to me. I’m going with a van for oh so many reasons. If you had asked me 6 months ago I would have told you (and I DID tell people) that a van would be way too small for me. Now I look at it and picture what living in it would be and I feel it will be just right. I’ve always made a game out of being frugal and now I can see I will make a game out of seeing just how well I can live in a small space. Gotta love a challenge!

          • Geri says:

            Lori, you can do it! I lived in a slide in truck camper for 6 years, just me and 2 dogs! I boon docked the whole time. I had the kind of fridge you mentioned that took a block of ice to keep cool! I did learn that if you keep a piece of dry ice in the cooler, the wet ice will last twice as long! I wonder if you have ever considered a truck camper? Imagine a Casita on your truck bed, stove, fridge, dining table that can double as a bed, quite a bit of storage! LOL leave it to me to throw this at you now that you have your mind made up! Sorry!

            • Lori says:

              Hi Geri,
              I love hearing stories like this. And LOL Yes, I’ve considered every option out there. It’s just that I’d have to buy both the camper and the truck. And after all my research, I’m seeing so many problems with leaking in campers and motor homes that I have shied away. So it was either a van or a molded fiberglass trailer. To do the trailer, I’d need to get a new tow vehicle since mine would have trouble towing a bicycle! If I find I’m loving the life but need more room, I’ll then spring for the trailer which I can then tow with my van, providing me with lots of living and storage space.

      • Lori says:

        Thanks, Dawn! I never thought the day would get here and then BAM! extra money appeared and I looked at the account balance and said “time to start looking.” Once the holidays are over I will get serious about all the downsizing. Who needs living room furniture? I’ll just watch TV and lounge in the bedroom. We needs a dining room set? I’ll just eat dinner on my bed. Sounds like the only thing that will be left is my bed! lol

        • Linda-NC says:

          Lori- you know what’s right for you. I got something a little bigger because I have a large dog. You will find it and you will make it yours. That will be fun too! I am happy for you!

        • Dawn in NC says:

          Hi Lori! Well, if you’re anything like me, you already don’t use the dining room set. The most used furniture in my house is the sofa and the bed!

          • Lori says:

            Dawn, exactly! I do sometimes sit at the dining room table when I do some crafting but often I just do that sitting in my big comfy chair. I’ve held off selling all this until after the holidays since I will have family visiting and I think they might want to sit at the table for game night. 🙂

    • Mick'nTN says:

      The “Iceman” in my home town was Lester Babcock, 🙂

    • BadgerRickInWis says:

      Many congrats Lori, chase your dream and make tons of memories.

    • Denise - Richmond VA says:

      Go for it, Lori! 🙂

  7. Oh no, (moan)…I’m having a lot of trouble with my fridge too! Mine is 12 years old…works perfectly on electric, but very intermittent on propane. I’m supplementing with block ice right now.

  8. Reine in Plano says:

    Sue, once the new fridge gets installed there are a couple of preventive things you can do to help it last longer although 5 1/2 years is pretty good considering that you’re full timing and not necessarily driving on the smoothest roads in the country. Start with the hinge plate that Little House Customs sells. A visit to Little House AZ might be in order over the winter.

  9. I don’t think people know what to say about the fridge. I’m thinking I’ll just see if I can do without one. Even living in sticks and bricks, I have a small fridge with few things inside it. Most of what I’ve read and heard about mobile fridges was negative or full of precautions.

    The sheep pictures are at least relaxing. I really like the sunset and the picture of Reggie.

    • Lori says:

      I’ve never had to deal with an RV fridge and after everything I’ve read about them, I don’t want to. I may change my mind after I’m out there for a while but my plan is to get an extreme cooler and grab some polyiso to make a container for it so it’s even more insulated. I’m hoping I can go a week on a bag of ice. If that doesn’t work, then I will reevaluate. Generally my whole plan is to start simple and inexpensive (except where going inexpensive would be fool-hearty) and then make adjustments if needed.

  10. Cinandjules (da zone) says:

    What a cute baby!
    Hellmans – weapon of mass destruction….pretty funny! Hellmans on the West coast is Best Foods!
    Ya know…I think your fridge has made it VERY long….considering the terrain and it’s daily use. Nothing now adays last forever or like it used to back in the day! Think about it….if a manufacturer made something to last….where are their profits?
    Ya left us hanging again…..fridge saga to be continued!
    Nice photos of the sky!

  11. Nora now in Wimberley TX says:

    My condolence on the refrigerator problem. I have one of my shelves duct taped in place. Aside from needing a control board and thermostat replaced the rest seems to be okay so far. No doors falling off, thank goodness. Hope the new fridge wasn’t TOO expensive!
    Had a real cold spell here in Texas but beautiful today. Hope you’re keeping warm.

  12. Mr Walker says:

    Happy holidays!

  13. Linda (Wisconsin) says:

    Even my real refrigerator in my house is breaking apart… and it sits still. Every shelf has a crack in it. I don’t think my husband and I are real hard users of a refrigerator, for crying out loud. Jeepers!
    I just felt like saying that.
    Reggie always brightens my day. What a goof.

  14. Linda-NC says:

    Sue you are too funny in this post. Circular thingys and gorilla glue. Even the gorilla died. I can almost picture the search for food in the refrigerator while you hang onto things, finally remember what you were looking for and put the refrigerator back together. You must really be hungry by then:)) A new refrigerator shall prevail and make you a happy camper!
    Such pretty sunsets and the sheep are adorable.
    I got my rv home Saturday and I am tickled pink or red or whatever. 1000 miles and she drove great. I slept in Walmart parking lots overnight on the way home. Free is good.) Used everything in it-generator, furnace, took a shower, etc and everything worked great! Nothing like baptism by fire. All of my reading about how things work payed off. So today I got it inspected and got my tag. All I have to do now is finish cleaning out the house, get her loaded and the rest of stuff that I need and I am off. I don’t know how long that will take and then I will head out to wherever I want, when I want. YIPPEE! I am trying to resist putting a great big streaming red bow on the roof and yell Merry Christmas Linda around town:) Maggie is checking it out. I am sure she will approve.
    Please remind me- what is that little 200 watt heater that you use? I don’t plan on using the generator any more that I have to.
    Hugs to you and Reggie the Wonder Dog.

    • chas anderson says:

      Congratulations.My advice is to start the generator once a week if you do not use it.Let it run 5 minutes or so.They can be finicky starters when you need it if you don’t.

      • Linda-NC says:

        Thanks – Already that has happened as we had a cold snap and I think it zapped the batteries a little. I drove it today to get it inspected and get my tag and when I came home tried the generator again and it started. The batteries aren’t very old, but the cold does affect them. Whew! I will definitely start once a week now.

        • chas anderson says:

          I didn’t mean for the batteries although that is a good idea, I was talking about the carburetor/starting system on the generator.My experience is that if left unstarted a long time the fuel balks at igniting especially in cool weather.I experience it when I am at a seasonal rental where I am hooked up and don’t use the generator at all.Kind of like starting your lawn mower for the first time in the spring.

    • Denise - Richmond VA says:

      Congratulations, Linda!! 🙂

    • Krystina McMorrow says:


  15. Chris B and Diego says:

    I love refrigerator posts! It’s like being in a club that doesn’t require any participation but you know that they are out there! The Dometic refrigerators are so mysterious! I think that mine is possessed. Sometimes is works okay, sometimes it works great and sometimes it doesn’t work at first but then after fiddling with a few things, it work great as long as the flame doesn’t burn out when there is no wind. It’s challenging!

    After having a couple of door shelf corners break off, I bought some 1/2″ screws and connected the shelves using one screw at each end and haven’t had any problems since. People say to travel with the shelves empty. What are you supposed to do with the refrigerated stuff?

    Between my Orca ice chest that we normally use for drinks only and a collapsible ice chest that I purchased at REI, we have a great backup system for when the refrigerator is in a bad mood.

    I be that you have never been this excited to get a working refrigerator, Sue! It’s going to feel so modern!

    • Personally, I think it is better to travel with the refrigerator full, so stuff can’t bounce around so much. I also use curtain rods to keep things in place. And I have known people to put extra rolls of toilet paper and such in the refrigerator if it is not full enough with food.

      • Chris B and Diego says:

        I agree, Judy, but the door shelves on this particular model have a weak point and that’s where they break. I use low sided plastic boxes that fit perfectly on the shelves inside the refrigerator to keep everything in place along with the refrigerator tension rods and don’t have any problems. Lots of people have had problems with the door hinge breaking. It’s all about how much rocking and rolling goes on in the trailer. Off road driving is more prone to these problems than driving on improved roads and camping in RV parks. Personally, I think that there is alot of flex in the refrigerator area of this particular model. I have the same model and the cabinet over the refrigerator has opened up many times before we installed shocks. It’s not problem now. Also I could’t keep the backsplash, located across from it the refrigerator, connected. It constantly popped all of the rivets. I ended up covering the entire area with a sheet of fiberglass and no problem now! Casitas aren’t perfect but I wouldn’t have anything else.

        • That makes a lot of sense. It sounds like Casita needs to understand how much off-roading their trailers get and beef that up. I took my Class C on a gravel road for 7 miles once and had a large piece of inside trim fall off.

  16. Dawn from Camano Island says:

    Refrigerators…oy! We recently had a repairman come to fix the gasket on the washing machine. Turns out it was fine. Sooo, we told him about our frig freezer than ran almost 24-7. $130 later he had the freon leak fixed that a previous repairman had ‘fixed’ by replacing a compressor–without improvement, BTW. Looking forward to the resolution…if there is one. ;o) Is it my imagination or have the sheep (ohhh, those lambs are so cute) been shorn recently? Reg is such a fireball–he does such a great job of exercising himself! Love those desert sunsets! Take good care, Sue.

  17. Chris(MN once but now AZ for the winter) says:

    Reggie, lambs and sunsets! Perfect!

  18. Dan in Mi says:

    Sue, I saw on one of the Casita groups where someone put a bit of right-angle under the shelf with some double sided tape as a support. I will see if I can find the link.

  19. weather says:

    To me it’s exactly RVSue-and-her -perfect-life material. Head for a gorgeous area , get chased out by smoke and the threat of wildfire, camp in a beautiful place, awaken to snow or just be cold there, finally find an oceanside site, wind and rain pummel your home and obscure the view…you just shrug it all off, make the best of it-and roll with it!

    It’s equipment, not a vital organ, so you mend, tape, and make do until the right time and real necessity present themselves. Yep, lots of folks prefer perfection and care more about cosmetics and appearances. You care about what’s essential to your and Reggie’s enjoying life-having this earth’s beauty surround you, exchanging love, joy and goodness, sharing it with all your able to reach through your blog…I’m not saying that you should have mentioned each problem with the fridge before. I am saying that I find your priorities perfect-ly delightful and that I admire that.

    Thanks for the sheep and lambs photos! I’ve loved sheep, in real life, paintings, stories and photos all of my life. I would have sat through the lesson without them, ma’am, it’s just nice of you to include a treat during class 🙂

  20. Pat from Mich. says:

    I have had fridge problems too. A week ago, I dropped a bowl and shattered the cover on the bottom drawers. Now, I have to order a new one, though if it is too much, I may just cut a piece of plexiglass and set it in there. I wonder if you could get by with one of those coolers that run on electric? I don’t know if they have 12 volt ones or not.

  21. Chey(WA coast) says:

    I see no comments
    …no way😀

  22. Susan in south central WA says:

    Same with my fridge and it’s a full sized one in my house. The only things that haven’t fallen apart are the stainless steel and the glass parts. And this is a big name brand one (GE cough cough). I was lucky enough to find an ebay place that had replacement door shelves but they made you buy 3. Which was OK with me considering how crummy they are.

  23. Marilu in Northern California says:

    What a hilarious post. You sure have a knack for making lemons into lemonade! We live in fear of our refrigerator dying. I love the picture of the reginator flying by.
    Have a beautiful Christmas, Sue and Reggie; Rusty and Piper in case I don’t get back here in the next few days.

  24. Kevin in CO says:

    Sounds like its overdue for a new frig. I think and hope you will be delighted with the new unit. Safe travels…

  25. Melanie (Mel) says:

    A bit of a lurker here, hope to change that. I could not help myself to try to be 1st. So here I am! I have learned a lot from you Sue and your readers.

  26. eliza says:

    so many people getting ready to start on their new adventures! very exciting to read about and think about at this time of the year….
    and so many people in sticks and bricks having refrigerator problems too!
    our whole house is under renovation and i keep telling my husband we could have sold everything and been somewhere more by now. i guess we are going to be part-timers forever….that’s okay too, actually.
    i am looking forward to the new fridge.
    sue and blogorinos – i hope you have wonderful holidays and new year!

  27. Judy Johnson says:

    Hi, Sue and crew!!

    • Judy Johnson says:

      I couldn’t see comments, so above was a test. Noticed a couple of others mentioned the same thing. Hope all’s well now. Late to the party, but I’ll have some book recommendations, as soon as my issues get resolved.

  28. Linda-NC says:

    Oh I just thought of something and I did buy one when I was at the store. The extendable curtain rods that you unscrew to make tight. I don’t know how well they work, but am going to try it to keep the refrigerator stuff from rocketing around. Mayonnaise missiles are problematic!

    • Krystina McMorrow says:

      I used the curtain rods when I was on the road. Worked perfectly…never had a thing fall out. My sister Michele lives in Sunset Beach NC!! Merry Christmas.

  29. Barb from Hoquiam! says:

    OMGosh Rolling on the FLOOR!!!

    Oh my. I really hate to say that both Moosee and Pixie have their original fridges (a 68 and 60) and they are both great… KNOCK WOOD!!!! 😛 My kids told me Moosee couldn’t be right–so I picked up a thermometer in the knicknack isle of the grocer and SO THERE! RIGHT AS RAIN! NaNaNaNaNAAAAAAAAAAAAAAANa! hahahhah
    Now, watch… I have just jinxed myself.

    It sounds as though maybe there needs to be a Casita upgrade for those out there doing ‘washboard roading’ with some jiggle-room! Goodness!

    There really does need to be an RVSue and Crew book, my dear. Really. You are funnier than most night time talk shows! Way better than them!

    Hugs to you and the Reginator!
    From Hoquiam,

    PS OK. Anyone else out there have to think hard on the silly math quiz at times? I am OLD! 😛

  30. Jean in Southaven, MS says:

    Love this post. The sheep and lambs and the heartbreak over the frig is wonderful. That lamb is so cute. I feel you pain over ongoing repairs to your home. Our RV is currently down for the count. First it was airbags in the springs on the frontend. Now it is ants and the heat and air that is located underneath the RV not on top. It is always something. But sounds like you are handling it like a champ. You go girl!!

  31. Geri says:

    Hope the new fridge install is easy and sweet! Love the lamb, so sweet, the field of sheep was sweet too but once again the photo of Reggie Speed Demon brought a few chuckles!

  32. Bruce says:


  33. Denise - Richmond VA says:

    Hi, Sue!

    I don’t see any comments, but I highly doubt that I am numero uno today! 🙂

    The sunset photos in this post are gorgeous! They look like studies in watercolor! So pretty!

    A couple posts back, I said that I hoped that Santa would bring you a new fridge. Little did we know just how badly it is needed! I know you gorilla glued and taped that thing within an inch of its life! You will soon have a new, hopefully more efficient fridge.

    It is nice to see Rusty and Miss Piper again. 🙂 **hugs to you both!**

    I hope the blogorinos holiday Amazon orders help take away the sting of the cost of the new fridge. You should have seen a Crafters Companion marker storage bag (small) on your report from a couple days ago. I also ordered a six-pack of Crafters Companion marker storage trays a few minutes ago…. 🙂

    I hope you have a good evening, Sue! Sending you and Reggie love and hugs from me and Gracie pup! Tonight I plan to wrap gifts. Gracie will be supervising and trying to shred the wrapping paper – I would not have it any other way! xxxooo 🙂

  34. Marsha / MI says:

    Bummer about the refrigerator. Oliver uses the same Dometic fridge. Something to look forward to, I guess.

    Gorgeous sunset.

  35. David Reed says:

    On my first class b my Dometic refer failed. It was an ammonia leak and I couldn’t get out of the rv fast enough. Replaced it myself with no problem except it being heavy. I like the model I have in that it doesn’t require 12 volts so no control board to fail.
    So what’s up with the propane leak with the catalytic heater?

  36. Virginia620 (AL) says:

    Wow. Bless your heart for dealing with your fridge.
    Merry year end present to our LLC. Amazon had an HP laptop to replace the 8 yr old one.

  37. chas anderson says:

    My Class C fridge quit on our first day from PA to Az.Had to go across country without one.Finally had a mobile repair guy out who could not see a problem.My conclusion was an ammonia blockage.Told Dometic that it was our first voyage and I wanted a new one.Took them a week to ship but I got it and it is still good, but 3 weeks cross country without one is a pain.Thank God for the warranty.

  38. Jan in Montana says:

    Sorry about all the RV issues. At least you don’t have to reshingle the roof.
    All the great sheep photos has me recalling a beautiful biography on raising sheep in Montana in the 50s…This House Of Sky by Ivav Doug. Most all his fictions are good also.
    I just got thru -23deg, 12 inches snow then 40mph winds. I should have headed south.

  39. I know it really isn’t at all funny but you made a very funny story out of your refrigerator woes. I’m quite surprised that the dometic casita refrig would be in such bad shape after 5 years. I’ve been full timing in a 2004 Winnebago with a dometic, granted it’s the full size but the same thing Winnebago puts in their 17′ Mini Winnie trailer and it is still in great shape after 12 years although it probably could use a seal. Wonder why the casita ones wear out so soon? Hope they aren’t expensive given the cost of the shelves.

  40. Kat and Cookie Dog in NYState says:

    Sorry about your refrigerator problems, but they aren’t your fault. A couple of years ago my college professor niece (science) explained to me that the reason children’s car seats need to be replaced is after 6 years plastic deteriorates. At that time they hadn’t come up with a way to make hard plastic last longer in it’s original state. It becomes brittle. So yes even though lots of plastic items live many years longer, the quality and strength of the pastic is not like it was originally. Thus traveling over bumpy roads had to be pretty rough on your camper’s fridge.
    Hope your new fridge gets installed soon and works wonderfully.
    I have stopped posting as soon as I see your blog posts come in so other’s get the chance to come in the top 3-felt like I was hogging it lately. Cookie dog is spending Christmas in a kennel, which I hate but he loves. We will be off visiting daughter and her family for Christmas in NYCity (some might think NYCity at Christmas is heaven, but I dread it, I want to be out in the wild away from so many people and with CookieDog). Have a great holiday with the Regginator! Merry Christmas to everyone out there reading this!

  41. Ladybug in Mid TN says:

    Well, darn! Was hoping for pics of the redneck fridge. Guess I’ll have to settle for pics of pretty sunsets, sheep/lambs, and Reggieman.

  42. BadgerRickInWis says:

    “Not exactly RVSue-and-her-perfect-life material!”

    But THAT my dear is exactly what makes this place so special.

    Interesting story about appliances and “they don’t make ’em like they used to.”
    On Facebook I belong to a group that posts historical photos of my hometown. It’s kind of cool. Someone posts an old pic of a tire store and people chime in with stories of “I remember when that was Schmidt’s grocery, “I remember when it was a book store,” “I used to go there with my sister and buy penny candy.” All kind of cool.

    At any rate a few weeks ago I log on and there is a picture of my house from the 1950’s. I messaged the person who posted it and she told me that her family lived here for 20 years and raised 7 kids in this tiny house. Unbelievable. Then she sent me some Christmas pictures from the late 70’s showing her family and Mom. Well, there in the background is the Kenmore stove that is still fully functional today!

    Hope your new fridge is totally cool. Squeeze da man for me.

  43. Sharvo says:

    I hope by the time I’m full time some tech savvy RV tech will be making all those plastic bits for cheap with a 3D printer

  44. kgdan from Wapato, WA says:

    Oh, Sue,
    You surely had me giggling over your fridge! Thank you!!!!

  45. Lorne Green says:

    Hi Sue and Reggie:

    We all go through the trials of living on the road. Every problem becomes a challenge when you can’t just head down to your local service man who you have dealt with for years. We have to be good at judging people and pick out the best person for the job.

    I have a question for you. My wife Sue and I will be hosting Blogger Fest 2017 at Quartzsite this year and I was wondering if you would mind advertising it on your site. The event was quite well attended last year and we are hoping to carry on the get together into the future. If you would be open to doing that please e-mail me and I will send you the advertisement people are putting on their blogs. We are also extending an invitation to you and Reggie to come and meet some of the people who read your blog as well as publishing a blog of their own.


  46. Richard A Reed says:

    This is Richard R from Ofallon Il ,that only comments when it cold and I’m jealous. I wish I had the nerve to get rid of everything and live in a camper.
    My three dogs would love it. One is pure white and looks a lot like Reggie.

    • Chris(MN once but now AZ for the winter) says:

      I sold off most of my “stuff” and went full-time a year and a half ago. Best decision I ever made. Some friends were jealous and some thought that I was crazy. It only matters what YOU think. I have 2 dogs and 4 cats with me. They have adjusted great to the RV lifestyle. Life is short.

  47. Linda May says:

    Hi RV Sue,
    I live in 1974, 13′, Hunter Compact II, it’s a little yellow, fiberglass, slice of heaven. Everything is orginginal and everything works. I just got to Eherenburg from Kentucky not a bit of trouble there or back. My refrigerator is a 70s Orange Dometic, the thing is perfect, not a crack or stain and it sips propane. They sure don’t make stuff like they use to. So sorry to hear all the trouble you have had with yours. Maybe they can sell you a 1974 refrigerator at least one that is as good as a 1974.
    Stay cool, Linda May

  48. Jo in OR says:

    The lambs ars darling…almost as cute as the flying Reggie man. Stunning pictures. Hilarious death of a fridge story. Merry Christmas to all.

  49. Denise - Richmond VA says:

    Hi, Linda,

    I did a google search on your egg. Your home is very cute and cozy! Perfect! 🙂

  50. Eileen Dykeman says:

    Luv the pics of sheep, especially the adorable lambs; and also the pic of Flyin’ Reggie at the end. Good luck with the frig!

  51. Kerry says:

    OMDog I so feel for you. Dometic fridges suck! Mine is a tiny 1.9 cu in that only works between 32-80’degrees IF I’m not in the sun and IF the wind doesn’t blow more than 10 mph. I’m on my second $650 plus install, teeny tiny works sometimes fridge. You can see its a retro fit for something larger because of the Mickey Mouse framing. Imagine my shock, disappointment and horror when I met someone who has the original, bigger, with freezer, and found out they are available only in Australia! I sure wish Dometic had some competition! They’d have to make a better product. Sorry ’bout yer luck.

  52. Oh my gosh, Sue! I know this isn’t really a funny situation, but I laughed and laughed. Your description of your troubles with the ‘fridge had me in stitches! And thanks for the wake-up call regarding the mobile life; you know, the hidden secret that’s it’s all fun and games- until someone has to order a new refrigerator! Hoping it comes in soon and it’s an easy installation …

  53. Deadeye, in The Texas Hill Country says:

    Sue, Glad the frig is on order. Quite a Christmas gift to yourself! They don’t give those things away.

    Be on the lookout for an Amazon order of Bluetooth headphones. Ordered them yesterday.

    Merry Christmas to all.


  54. Pauline in Mississippi says:

    Sorry, but I had to laugh!! As I have said many, many times, my sister Susan could write about paint drying and have everyone on the edge of their seat. As I write this, there are 90 responses for a post about a Gorilla Glued refrigerator which has finally died!! Is my sister talented or what!!!
    Love the sheep pictures, especially the lambs. Reminded me of my trip to Scotland. Of course I love all pictures of Reggie!!!

    Sending BIG HUGS

  55. Dawn in NC says:

    Hi Sue. LOVED the post! It’s great to hear about all aspects of life on the road. You made a frustrating situation sound hysterical!

  56. Terri From Texas says:

    Sorry about your fridge problems-but I am sure you will get it fixed soon! Great story, too! Is that lamb cute or what??

  57. Dan in Mi says:

    Has anyone gone to Crater of Diamonds State Park before?
    I am considering stopping on the way back to Mi from TX.

  58. Beth, near Congress says:

    Hi Sue!
    Excellent post! I would’ve loved seeing pictures of the gorilla glued frig! I loved the pictures you posted but the frig sounded very interesting. What a site to see! I hope your new frig comes soon, I think you’ll enjoy it!

    I got a dog!! Her name is Rosie and she’s two years old. Got her from the Humane Society. She looks almost like Reggie, but not as muscular I don’t believe. She loves to run like Reggie does, on a tether or in a dog park, she runs in big circles! The first time I saw her do that I said, “She’s a Rosinator! Like the Reginator!” Oh she makes me laugh! She’s a really good dog. I hit the jackpot!

    Hope the frig gets there fast! Merry Christmas!! Keep on posting, people are right, you should take all your posts from the beginning and publish a book because you’re such a great entertaining writer with superb pictures to boot! I’d buy the book even though I’ve read your entire blog from the beginning! The book would make an awesome gift! You should do it!!

  59. Lisa in San Diego says:

    your fridge doesn’t just have issues, it has a whole subscription!

  60. Renee Galligher - Idaho says:

    Hi Sue, thank you for encouraging me to hang around and read the article. You were right. It was very good, but I feel like what Reggie looks like in the last photo – hurry up and tell us the rest of the story as Paul Harvey used to say.

  61. Karen in Pacific NW says:

    Seems like a sensible investment to purchase a refrigerator with a stainless steel interior and metal shelves. That is what is used in boats.

  62. Many of our friends have moved to regular AC refrigerators; especially our friends with solar panels. Some of them buy large two-door (side-by-side) units for their ritzy motor homes. They all report that the new fridge works better than the old one and has a lot more room inside it.

    Usually they use a separate pure-sine inverter for the new fridge because the need for a big inverter isn’t necessary. You could probably get away with a pretty small (under 400-watt) inverter if you substituted an apartment-size fridge for your Dometic.

    The real problem is fitting one in. Some of the RV owners are marvels at wood work and the replacement fridge looks as good as (or better) than the one they removed.

    You do need enough battery to get your through a night. But it’s an idea you might want to explore for the next replacement in 5 years or so. 😀

    Happy Christmas to you and Reggie.

    Craig in Moses Lake, WA

  63. Laura - Illinois says:

    Hi Sue!

    I truly love your posts, but seriously, I would love not only to hear about the good times, but also the bad times since they help me figure out what I might encounter when I retire and plan to live as you are doing. Yes, I love all the glitter and gold, but I also need to know the dim and the dark. Those who truly care as I do, will continue to follow you. I am sorry to hear the troubles you are having with your frig, BUT I am also so very thankful that you are sharing your troubles with your frig with us. Thick and Thin Sue… Thick and Thin…. thanks for allowing me to follow along through the Thick and Thin…. Talking about Thick and Thin…. Do you ever have times when you feel lonely while out on the road? I have always wondered… I am a loner, but at times enjoy talking to people… how do you deal with being away from people for long periods at times? Ahhh maybe this is something to write about in your next Blogorino????? Love you to the moon and back my friend and oh in case I do not say this on the day… Happy Christmas!

  64. rvsueandcrew says:


    Your conversations are such fun to read without me jumping in. I enjoy relaxing in the glow of my laptap, “listening” to your comments. Thank you for being a part of the blogorino community.

    To answer your questions and respond to your news . . .

    Linda-NC: Your excitement and delight at having driven your new rig 1,000 miles is contagious! I’m very happy for you! You asked about my “200 watt heater.” My heater is an Olympian Wave 3 catalytic heater. Search Amazon and you will see it.

    Dawn from Camano Island: Reg and I pass the sheep every time we go to town and I always slow down to watch them. They have been shorn, but they aren’t nekkid. One very cold morning I saw a field of them and they were grazing like it was a warm day in spring, not huddled together for warmth as one would expect.

    Denise – Richmond, VA:
    I do see the Crafter Companion items on my Amazon orders report! Thank you very much! Cute description of Gracie pup helping you wrap presents…

    Dave: Twin Palms Trailer Supply will fix the heater situation during the same appointment for installing the refrigerator. Nice of you to ask about that…

    Lorne Greene and Sue: Thank you for inviting me to Bloggerfest!

    Deadeye, in the Texas Hill Country aka Don: I see the headphones you ordered! Thank you for thinking of Reg and me!

    Beth, near Congress (AZ): Congratulations on finding the Rosinator! I bet she’s adorable!

    Laura – Illinois : I never feel lonely on the road. I’ve never felt loneliness for one moment my entire life. Therefore, I have no suggestions on how to “deal with being away from people for long periods of time.” When that happens, to tell the truth, I relax and enjoy the solitude. 🙂 I encourage you to read my entire blog. You’ll come across both good and bad/sad times as I tell the stories of my days.

    Dan in MI: Congratulations on ordering a Liberty Deluxe Casita! You have made an excellent decision and I share your excitement!

    Note added to end of post: Some of the comments regarding Dometic refrigerators compelled me to add a few words (Scroll up to read). My refrigerator is a 2010 model which has been in constant use and abuse since August 2011. Considering what I’ve put it through, I am pleased with its performance.

    Thanks to everyone for the positive responses to this post, for the good advice on protecting my new fridge from damage, and for the Merry Christmas wishes. I wish each of you the same!

    If I overlooked a question you asked, please ask again. I hope I didn’t miss acknowledging an important announcement or event in your life. I did read every comment and, as I went over them a second and third time, I counted my blessings, which is to say — I counted YOU!


  65. BeckyIO says:

    Ouch RVSue!

    The fridge in my Casita died on Christmas last year (it was 16 years old at least), and it took me until the beginning of February to replace it because it was such a pain. My older Casita still has the smaller rear window that the fridge couldn’t be taken out of in one piece (and it won’t go out the door), so the only way to remove the old one and install the new one was to disassemble both inside the Casita, talk about labor intensive! Plus, disassembling a new fridge pretty much voids the warranty, bah. At least if you have to completely replace yours you won’t need to worry about that as yours has the window it can be taken out of in one piece.

    I had mine done at RV Master Techs in Glendale, AZ (outer Phoenix) and they did a good job, it did take two days but I was able to stay in my RV overnight and they had an electric hookup. Total cost? $1,842.65. Most expensive thing to replace on a Casita, but if it only happens once every 16 years I guess I’ll be alright.

    As for the fragile door shelves, I only travel with stuff on the bottom one, not the upper two. It kept the shelves in my old fridge more or less intact for several years despite their advanced age.

  66. Elizabeth says:

    I am certainly no expert, Sue…but I have read a lot of stories online about that kind of fridge catching fire too…I hope you will find what you need, at just the right price too!! Seems now might be a very good time price-wise anyway.

  67. Denise - Richmond VA says:

    N’nite, dear Sue and little Reggie! Sweet dreams!

    Sending love and hugs from me and Gracie pup! 🙂

  68. Diane, Blue Ridge Mts, VA says:

    Refrigeration problems are one of the biggest issues I read about in the Various RV groups I am a member. I am so sorry that they costs so much and are so poorly made. I had a small New Dometic that was always a problem, so I used it to store pots and pans.
    I know Sue you need one and know you will research the subject and make the decision that is right for you. I have gone to Extreme Insulation around a Vintage Ice box in my little camper, and a cooler. The icebox will hold block ice for 5 days in the summer. I freeze salt water in big juice containers, it works well for me. Good luck with your quest and I hope you can find some value options. Merry Christmas and Take Care Sue and Crew.

  69. Rochelle in IN says:

    Hi, RVSue! Look for some flannel sheets in your Amazon list – purchased yesterday – a king set. I got a kick out of your sister’s post – yes, indeed, I’ll bet you could make a post about paint drying sound enthralling – LOL! Looking forward to your next post…

  70. Gal and a cat in Fl. says:

    Oh my heavens I almost spit coffee onto my keyboard laughing. NOT at you per say, just at the way you describe and reason when $*** happens (as it does) In a down to earth everyday way we all can relate to. As one who traveled rocky bumpy roads in my travels in my teeny camper trailer, I understand the abuse we subject things to inside. Sure, sitting long term in an rv resort these things might not happen. But that is not a life nor for you. 5 yrs? Well ok, time to just budget for a new one. Gorilla’s don’t live forever! LOL thanks for the laugh and hope you enjoy your new one. Face it, boondocking as you do, a refrigerator that works is a necessity, not a luxury.
    Happy trails. 🙂

  71. Rhodium says:

    I figure with parts since it was put in when the unit was being made it can be replaced when needed. We are getting closer to that ideal with body parts too. We got into our trailer finally and are planning to visit Big Bend after the holidays. Our rescue dog Bella now has her tail spending most of its time wagging instead of tucked between her legs, so now we (including easily ignored but still precious cat Mattie) are all content and pretty relaxed.

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