Living small and loving it!

Bridget, Spike, and I take off from camp in the Perfect Tow Vehicle. 

We don’t go far, just up the road a bit.  I park at the start of a spur road.  This is why I like being able to leave our house behind.  For little, spur-of-the-moment jaunts such as this, the crew and I can jump into the PTV and off we go.

1-DSC06109I’m curious to see the end of the spur road which goes toward the lake.  Just as I suspected, a campsite!

1-DSC06115The above photo isn’t very good, but I post it to show you how great campsites can be found.  This site is small and sits on a point from which you have about a 260-degree view of the lake.  No trees.  That’s why an awning or some kind of shade cloth or shelter is good to have.  It’s late morning while we’re here and it’s warm standing in the sun.

Looking over the site, I conclude that I wouldn’t bring the Best Little Trailer here.

I could do it, but it’d be a devil to level and turn around.  A truck camper, van, or other small rig would do fine.

From the site I look to the southwest.  The boat ramp and cow beach are over there somewhere.  The lake changes color, depending upon the weather.  As you can see, today it is a bright blue to match the sky.

1-DSC06121Only a few boats are on the lake.

This guy is here to fish . . .

1-DSC06116And this gal or guy (?) is here to relax . . .

1-DSC06131Spike slows down on the return to the PTV and lags behind.

“You’re doing great today, Spikey!  Let me carry you the rest of the way, honey.”

1-DSC06123He enjoys these short walks, even though he usually runs out of steam.

I want to keep him active for as long as I can. 

The ol’ guy tends to constipation if he doesn’t get exercise.  A high point of our walks is when Spike stops, squats, turns in a circle, and delivers.  I usually respond out loud with “Way to go, Spikey!  Good job!”

(There are several reasons why it’s best we camp away from other people.)

Here’s another view of our campsite:

1-DSC06136Like I’ve said before, it’s not much of a campsite. 

However, a few touches make it comfortable and homey.

I took this photo in the morning when it’s sunny on the back side of the BLT.   This is where we relax in the afternoon when it’s shady on this side.

I usually don’t park with the door/refrigerator side facing directly west.  Since I don’t like to have my door open to the road, putting the door/refrigerator side to the west was the only good option, considering also where it’s most level.

The awning shades the refrigerator even in the late afternoon when the sun is low, but it can’t block the sun from where one would sit.  That’s when we move to the other side where it’s shady and cool.

Or we go to the beach!

I bring my Paperwhite and camera.  The blue camp chair stays on the beach.  It’s a rare occurrence to have a passer-by.

1-DSC06128Look closely at the photo above.  What is that black contraption between the man and the dog?  I see the same thing in one of the previous photos, too.  And what is that gray thing in the water — a bait bucket?

I wave to the guy.  He doesn’t wave back.  Well, maybe he’s in a mellow zone . . . . That’s okay.

The mood of the beach changes with the weather. 

This photo shows the beach right before dusk on one of the recent, cloudy days.  The wind created waves on the usually calm lake.

1-DSC06132I scare off three sage grouse this morning.

I usually look out the windows before opening the door — always a good idea to check for critters.

1-DSC06053Sunrise at Boulder Lake, Wyoming

This morning I step outside not realizing the grouse are a few feet from the door.  With a great flutter of wings, they take off over the hill of sage in front of our camp, and I kick myself for startling them.  I like having them around.

As for other wildlife . . .

The chipmunks are tiny here!  Mini-Me chipmunks about four inches from nose to the base of their tail.  I see them scampering about, playing together, pulling down a long blade of grass to chew the seeds at the tip.  Very cute.  Not so cute when they hitch-hike in the PTV which one or more will surely do!

1-DSC06127Most likely, the crew and I will stay here a few more days.

Next I’ll look for a more mountainous camp, a place in view of the spectacular Wind River Mountains perhaps.

I like it here.  We’ve been fortunate not to have any mosquitoes or biting flies and the weather, overall, has been good.  I was glad one night when a cold air mass moved over the state that we weren’t at a higher elevation.

For now it’s sage brush and sage grouse, chipmunks and cows, lazy sojourns at the beach and wandering about with the crew . . . and, of course, checking in with you!



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1-DSC06057The popular Cow Beach

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253 Responses to Living small and loving it!

  1. Elizabeth in WA says:

    Beautiful and peaceful, Sue…hope it stays cool enough for as long as you stay!! I saw on the projected weather that in the Western states, it is expected to be a warmer than usual Fall…so guess we shall see eh? It is warmer than usual here, but because it cools off at night, and with some shades, etc here, we manage without AC.
    Blessings on your day!! Hubby still laying low here and in some extra pain now…which I hope will subside in another day or so!!

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Elizabeth,

      I guess you expected that pain… the pain of healing. Thanks for the update on your husband’s recovery from surgery. We wish the pain to lessen soon.

      It’s nice when the night air is cool after a warm day. It’s better to live without air conditioned air if you can. A warm fall would be great! I like the warm weather travel season to be long.

      • Elizabeth in WA says:

        Well, usually the 3rd day after a surgery is the worst and you get better after that…so yes, expected…and hoping he will soon be ok again!! Thanks for the well wishes!

        • DesertGinger says:

          Best wishes to your husband, Elizabeth

          • Elizabeth in WA says:

            Thanks so much Ginger!! I hope you are feeling better too!! Am just beginning a new book and highly recommend it to everyone (esp. those of us with pain in our bodies). Grain Brain by David Perlmutter, MD …I really think this doc has some answers for us all!!

  2. Barb George says:

    Well, I am second in line, but also from WA state! Hi Elizabeth!

    Sue, I so enjoy your camp! The critters and the area are wonderful.
    Old Spikey is sure a hoot! My little (not) Racy and Spike could be brothers… although different breeds (LOL Racy is supposed to be a mini-chihuahua… he ain’t too mini any more).

    Too warm this week in old Hoquiam, but Hugs all the same!

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      The Washington blogorinos are on the ball today!

      It’s good to hear you like this camp, too. I know there are more obviously beautiful camps around. This one is quiet. That counts for a lot with me. Here it is Saturday and no annoying sounds or behaviors around.

      Funny how tiny puppies can grow to be bigger than expected. Racy is a cute name… says a lot!

      Keep cool!

    • Elizabeth in WA says:

      Hi Barb,

      We lived in Central Park in 1982-1984 and loved it, except the weather was very bad on our children’s health. We then moved to Richland, which I could write a book about those agonizing long 15 years. Then oneward to other parts of WA and back east for over a decade. Now back enjoying the lovely weather and location in Seattle area!! (Our daughter needed our help and here we are…tho’ both of us have had surgery this year…so not much help the last couple months. Hopefully our time doing THAT is over!!) We have good memories of our time spent in your part of the state…maybe we will get back for a visit one of these days!!

      • Barb George says:

        Well Hey There!
        LOL Friends thru Sue! LOL

        Hope your hubs feels better soon!
        Miss Sue, I agree! Quiet is my happy place.

        Hugs from Hoquiam
        PS Well, Racy is short for Racer. His former home (we rescued him) was with the grandson of a race car driver friend we have… the wee one didn’t understand that little dogs don’t FLY — and Racy didn’t do well at it, breaking his legs. 🙁 Racy doesn’t run like he used to… but he is 12 and lots of sweetness. He and I recovered together from our accidents. He and I are both a bit ‘lumpy’. 🙂

        Stay cool!!!

        • rvsueandcrew says:

          Aww… a fellow patient… You had each other through the rough times…

        • Elizabeth in WA says:

          Thanks too for the well wishes for Hubby! This too shall pass (hopefully).

          We are dog-less…but we love on any dog we find as we go about!! One day I hope we shall again be able to have one. (We cannot in this apt…but that is ok…in due time!!) It is so odd, these dogs out walking, come towards us like bees to honey…never having met us…funny how they sense that we love dogs!!

  3. Jolene/Iowa says:

    Hi Sue, I love all of your campsites. I am learning through your travels that although I love the trees in a more forested area, the more desolate places have their own unique beauty.

    I don’t know what that black thing was in that boat unless it was some type of gps unit. I would guess the basket off the side was a fish keeper basket or bait.

    Have a great weekend!

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      You have a great weekend, too, Jolene.

      I’m pleased with your first paragraph. I’ve learned the same thing. Unless humans have disturbed the environment, most natural places have beauty. With some it’s easily and quickly seen, while others take more time and willingness to look.

  4. Bob Noble says:

    Hi Sue,
    Black box is for the batteries for the electric motor. The thing in the water is a pontoon, or stabilizer to keep his boat from blowing over when the wind catches his sun shade. Looks like he is having fun, like you.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Makes sense, Bob! I thought that “arm” sticking out was a bit too elaborate for a bait bucket.

      I wasn’t referring to the black box. I’m wondering about that thing that looks like a big camera lens but isn’t.

      You know, I ask these questions just so I can hear from guys like you. 🙂 And it worked! Thanks for dropping in with answers to my questions.

      LATER: I took a look at your blog, “Bob’s eyes.” Wonderful photos of sea birds! I particularly like the one of the gull about to swallow a fish. I’m going to get out my California Benchmark and look up the Russian River and Penny Island… so many birds. The osprey, wow!

      Cool 1967 4X4 van, too!

      • Jolene/Iowa says:

        It looks like I was wrong all the way around with my thoughts. lol. I learn also when you post these questions Sue.

        Oh and btw…. if you get any weird responses via email to your blog, more than once I haven’t thought about what I was doing and hit reply in my email program and not here on your blog. I realize after I hit the send button what I have done. I get notified by email of everything with your blog and it is so automatic to hit reply to answer. I promise I will work harder to remember! 😉

        • rvsueandcrew says:

          I haven’t received any “weird responses.” Your replies go to the post notification widget and probably float off into cyberspace never to be seen again.

      • Daniel says:

        The black thing is a rod holder for his fishing rods when trolling. He has quite a set-up for a small boat, the gray pontoon would help stabilize when his Lab jumps into the water which I bet is frequent, they love getting wet.

        • rvsueandcrew says:

          See what I mean about these questions bringing the guys out of lurkdom? 🙂 Love seeing you here, Daniel!

          A rod holder, that makes sense.. He does have a great set-up. It’s not a very big boat, room enough for the dog, a quiet motor, shade, a seat with a back, and three rod-holders with room for more on the cross bar.

          Thanks for answering my question.

      • DesertGinger says:

        Oh Sue…Russian River is so wonderful. North of San Francisco. It may be too populated for you, but one of my favorite places ever.

        • rvsueandcrew says:

          Yeah, it is kind of close to populated areas. Beautiful though.

          • Cinandjules (NY) says:

            Yep the black contraption holds his fishing pole. Love the name of his boat! Obviously his dog is his best friend!

            Ahhh the Russian River…..that was our get away back in the 80’s….woman’s weekend! Actually it really isn’t that populated….quaint little towns Fulton, Rio Nido, and Jenner. The road leads to the coast.

            There is a place called Armstrong Woods. Beautiful and secluded. Lots of dense trees.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      I looked at the photo again, Bob. I now see the pontoon on the other side, too.

  5. Betty-Shea says:

    Aww! Love the cow beach! Sounds like you are having the time of your life there!
    I love your happy blog!
    Life is wonderful.!

  6. Captain K (UT) says:

    Hi Sue,
    Love your photos and your posts. You seem so content with life and making the best of every day. You mentioned critters hitch hiking, my bigger fear would be snakes… often do you pull into a site or encounter one there or on the trails? Do the nutckaes ward them off?

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Captain K,

      Great to have you stop by! Thanks for letting me know you love my blog.

      Before I set out for a life on the road, I thought I’d see a lot of snakes because I knew I wanted to camp in secluded, natural places. As it turns out, I rarely see a snake. I traipse all over the place with the crew… in the desert, the valleys, the mountains, near streams and lakes. I think I’ve seen a total of 3 snakes in 3 years and none of them were venomous.

      Do the nutcakes ward them off? Don’t make me choke. Ha! Recently at our Pelican Lake camp southwest of Vernal, UT, a snake came right up to a sleeping Spike who remained clueless. The reason the snake came into our camp was the harassment it was getting from birds with a nest.

      • I am thrilled to see that you haven’t seen a snake as you go around. That’s my biggest fear in going boondocking out west as we start our adventure.
        Love reading about your adventures with the Crew!!

  7. Caroline near Seattle says:

    Another peaceful site … you sure can pick ’em !

    As usual I have a curiosity question for you. This one is about house-keeping. I see that you purchased another outdoor rug and you’ve probably picked up other items as well over the yrs. I remember at one point you even had an inflatable raft. Do you purge periodically and toss what you don’t use? or have you been on the road long enough now that if it’s there, it’s necessary. Do you ever stop at a weigh scale to check the PTV?

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Caroline,

      I’ve never stopped at a weigh station. I’m pretty sure I’m good.

      I purged last winter, mostly clothes too “nice” for my lifestyle. I don’t know why I hung onto them for so long. I guess I needed to feel secure that I wouldn’t have to ever work again. Hallelujah!

      I purged recently… well, I sorted… and now I’m waiting to come across a thrift store to drop off the items, small stuff. Can you believe I’ve toted a steam iron around for 3 years? What the heck?

      I want to get rid of my inflatable raft. Somehow dropping it off at a thrift store doesn’t seem right. I may leave it at a place where people gather to float — put a sign on it, “Free 2-seater Sevelor inflatable canoe!”

      I didn’t purchase another outdoor rug. My original, only-one-I’ve-ever-owned, blue rug (9′ x 12′) began to split down the middle after almost 3 years of hard wear. I cut it down the middle. Now I have two, very handy, 4.5′ x 12′ rugs to place around the BLT!

      • Caroline near Seattle says:

        Thanks ! I know you put a lot of thought into what to pack for your FT lifestyle, so purging probably isn’t a concern. I don’t think I’m as detailed as you ! But I also won’t have a tow vehicle as large as yours so that will limit me. Gee, no ironing. How sad for you.
        Great idea for the raft ! Someone will really appreciate it.
        Safe travels. Caroline

      • Connie & Mugsy (MN/AZ) says:

        I can relate to the purging of the “nice clothes.” When I moved last summer, I finally parted with 2 large bags of my overseas teaching garb… and another smaller bag of shoes… and trashed tons of teaching materials. And I “retired” in 2001 (though at the time I didn’t realize that it was a permanent retirement). My new place is smaller, so that sure helped me purge.

  8. Pauline from Mississippi says:

    Like Betty Shea…I loved the Cow Beach in the previous post! Your private beach looks like a wonderful respite from the heat. I would love to watch the people go by in their boats as long as they weren’t speed boats. Looks like your passer-bys enjoy the quietness of the lake also. The colors of the sky and lake are spectacular. I always enjoy your pictures.

    Love you

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Love you, too, Pauline.

      We wouldn’t be camped here if it weren’t for that beach. I enjoy sitting in the shade listening to the soft sound of the water washing ashore. A few minutes ago I saw and heard the first jet ski going up the lake. This really isn’t that kind of a lake — people mostly boat in order to fish here — but it’s Saturday and that’s what happens on weekends.

      The water and sky are so blue that they look fake in the photos. That’s really the color. I take off my tinted glasses to make sure because the color is hard to believe.

      • Marilu in Northern California says:

        HATE those jet-skis! We refer to them as “lake lice” .

        • rvsueandcrew says:

          Now that you mention it… They can be annoying. I bet the people fishing don’t like them much either.

        • Connie & Mugsy (MN/AZ) says:

          A teacher who worked at the same university as me overseas was killed by a jet ski while she was swimming. He was never caught.

          So, they can be more than annoying.

  9. It is so very sweet the way you look after Spike and take account if his age related challenges. I find it to be an inspiring testament to love. The three of you make such an adorable troupe!

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Michael,

      I can’t help but be sweet to Spikey. I love him so much! Our relationship has changed slightly. He’s more receptive to my affection. We now have a new routine. Every morning I roll him over on his back on the bed and rub his chest and belly. One morning, after the usual massage, I’m at the laptop for several minutes. I look over at Spike and he’s still on his back hoping for more!

  10. Steve says:

    In the time you have been traveling and leave your trailer behind, has anyone ever bothered your trailer or camp site while you were gone? Do you have a lock for your hitch to prevent theft?

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Steve,

      No, not once have I detected anyone messing around our campsite. I’m pretty observant of things like that. I check the ground all the time and notice any changes.

      For instance, I noticed the nosy sage grouse had been poking around the campsite while the crew and I were away on our walk. Sometimes I rake around the campsite to see if anyone or animal comes around during the night or while we’re gone.

      Yes, I have a lock on the coupler.

      LATER… Checked your blog. (I don’t read blogs as much as I’d like to. By the time I’m done with mine… well…). Anyway… The hounds look healthy and happy! Your investigation into Kickstarter as a source of online income is interesting! I wish you good results with that.

    • DesertGinger says:

      Steve, I saw you are investigating Kickstarter. A word of caution…I once helped film the video for a Kickstarter project, and I wrote the copy. Ths project did not meet it’s goal and if you don’t meet your goal you get nothing. You might want to look at, which is very similar, but you get whatever was donated whether you reach your goal or not.

  11. John says:

    The grey thing is an outrigger float. The black thing on the gunnel is a fishing rod holder. Not sure of the black thing behind the white ice chest – it could be a battery box but would normally be sitting low in the canoe.

    • John says:

      Guess I should have read through all the other responses first…

      • rvsueandcrew says:

        I’m glad you didn’t, John. Then you might not have taken the time to comment. heh-heh… It’s good to see you here!

        I’m curious what it says on the side of the boat. I enlarged it. It’s blurry. “A Dog’s Day?”

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      I like your terminology, John. You taught me (and probably others) some new terms… “outrigger float”… “gunnel.”

  12. DesertGinger says:

    Happy weekend everyone. I’m heading off to the quick care clinic in a minute for a followup appt but wanted to check in. Sue, will you get another boat of some kind? That lake looks like a perfect place to noodle around. If I were there I would want some sort of little boat.

    I have often wondered what all you keep in the PTV; what you felt was necessary and what you actually use. Sometime, when you have the time, that would be of interest to me.

    Ok…I need a quick snack then I am off. I’ll check back later.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Ginger… Hope everything went well at the clinic.

      I would like to have a boat or kayak of some sort. It needs to be something easy… easy to transport, easy to set in the water.

      Okay, here’s a sample of what the PTV carries… Ready, set, go…

      Two nice camp chairs, one cheap camp chair, a lounger, small table that folds, bins of out-of-season clothes, spare sewer hose, tools, rake, broom, shovel, mop, blocks of wood, camp stakes, hammer, mallet, awning support bar, rugs, canine condo. umbrella stroller (hope we never need that again), bin with extra blanket, tablecloth for picnic table, coat, and extra towels, water jugs, canned goods, laundry basket and detergent, spare doggie beds, small vacuum cleaner, maintenance supplies, cushions removed from the BLT, shower tote with supplies, fresh water hose, extension cord, electric heater (small), 12v fan, crockpot, cleaners, inflatable canoe, life jackets, oars . . .

      • DesertGinger says:

        Well, it was interesting. He had doubled my dose of Lasix because my feet and ankles were so swollen, and when I went today I had lost 7 pounds. 7 pounds of water. That’s 14 cups of water. And I’m still swollen, although better. So I will continue on double dose for a few days. Apparently the weight I thought I gained was just fluid. So…glad I didn’t gain weight, sad my body is retaining fluid so badly. That’s usually due to heart not pumping efficiently. Also found out my kidney enzymes are still not right. So…I’m hanging in. Hopefully this will start to get sorted when I see cardiologist on the 8th. I’m scared of that, but gotta go. Till then, doing a lot of lounging.

        • DesertGinger says:

          Oh…and thanks for the PTV list. Very interesting. Do you ever use your slow cooker? And when is off-season…don’t you move around so temp is fairly constant?

          • rvsueandcrew says:

            You’re welcome. I’m told I probably could use my slow cooker by plugging it into my inverter that’s plugged in my 12v system. I haven’t tried it. No, I haven’t used it at all this past year.

            I don’t know what you’re referring to as “off-season.” Our travels slow down considerably in the winter, mainly because I want to be where it’s the warmest in the Southwest.

            Yes, I do move around to keep the temperature moderate. However, as was very evident last winter, there weren’t many places in the U.S. Southwest, outside of the Yuma area, that were warm enough to suit me.

            • DesertGinger says:

              You just mentioned containers of off-season clothes and I thought ‘huh’….doesn’t she wear almost the same thing year round?

            • rvsueandcrew says:

              Oh, now I see why you said that. I do wear pretty much the same clothes except when I’m surprised, like at Mammoth Lakes when it snowed! Or when the seasons are changing and we’re caught in a cold spell.

        • rvsueandcrew says:

          BTW, Ginger…

          I know this is not a big remedy, just something I’ve noticed. I don’t mean to imply it’s a solution for your fluid retention.

          Radishes! I’m fortunate to rarely carry water weight. (My fat is the real thing!) When I do carry water, I eat radishes and away it goes. . .

          We prayin’ blogorinos pray your visit to the cardiologist will be reassuring and not scary.

          • Elizabeth in WA says:

            I think our old timer doc told me about radishes too…maybe cucumbers too….for fluid retention. Whatever one can find natural, is better than taking meds!!

            • DesertGinger says:

              Thanks guys! I’ll pick up some radishes next store visit. I like them too. And cucumber.

            • R. (Western Colorado) says:

              And watermelon but be prepared to spend lots of time running to pee.

  13. Gayle says:

    Mini chipmunks. Basking bovine. Sage grouse. Soaking dogs.

    What are WE? Chopped liver?

    — The Hummingbirds

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      How did you know, Gayle? We’ve had two visits by curious hummers. Gee, I’m sorry, little guys.

  14. Marcia GB in MA says:

    Love the Cow Beach photo. It’s crowded like any one of many Atlantic Coast beaches at this time of year!

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Marcia,

      Yeah, I’ve been on a few cow beaches on the Atlantic coast. See the last photo on this post? See how the reddish cow is trying to find a spot where it’s the most crowded? COW CLINGER!!!!

      • Elizabeth in WA says:

        Cow Clinger…haahaha….well, they just LOVE being within touching distance….they are always like that!! For a few years we lived on a corner of my folks acres and from there we could see the cows quite well, in areas that they could not see from their house. We always knew when a calf was being born…all the other cows would gather around and stand and watch.

      • Marcia GB in MA says:


  15. The cows on the beach are hoot!! Never seen that before.

    We love seeing very small town America, as well. It is amazing how many people live so far from modern conveniences and neighbors.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, John and Pam,

      I remember when I first started living on the road. I was in Santa Rosa, NM, talking with a lady in the laundromat. She and her daughter drove 50 miles or so — one way — for groceries. I can’t remember exactly, but it was about 100 miles or more round trip to go to Wal-Mart. They went once a month.

      • R. (Western Colorado) says:

        When my husband and I spent winters in Borrego Springs, CA we used to go to Palm Desert every 2-3 weeks to get our groceries and that was 70 miles one way but we enjoyed a pleasant drive, great company of each other and we stopped at Shields Dates in Indio for free samples.

  16. Debbie Nevins says:

    Hi Sue and crew. It looks like such a peaceful lifestyle. You inspire me to keep my future plans to be a full timer next year. What do you feed your babies? You say you buy meat and I wondered. My two love people food but I do try to keep it all healthy. Except today they were both at the groomer and after we went to Mc Ds for a treat for them… order3ed to hamburger patties hold the buns. And they shared my ice cream cone. I also wonder what kind of dinners you fix in your camper? Love the pictures of the area specially the cow beach. Thanks for giving me such fun things to read and learn about what I am also into. You have a wonderful blog

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      You’re welcome, Debbie,

      The crew’s diet: raw turkey, pork, and occasionally beef; sardines, tuna fish, cooked chicken, liver, neck bones, kelp powder, salmon oil, and a daily supplement pill. When their bowels are too loose, I give them a few small bites of cheese and that cures it.

      My dinners are nothing special. I have a stove and a refrigerator so I don’t cook any differently than when in a house. I don’t eat beef or pork, occasionally chicken or turkey. I eat a lot of vegetables, cooked plainly, also rice, beans, and pasta dishes. Soup in the winter, salads in the summer. . . See? Pretty ordinary. Since I don’t eat red meat, I rarely grill anything.

      I’m glad you enjoy my photos. Thanks for calling my blog “wonderful.”

      • Cinandjules (NY) says:

        Quinoa…pronounced kin wah…’ll love it!

        Cook it like rice! I’m actually starting to like it MORE than rice.
        Hmmm…ever heard of a Chinese person turning down rice?

        Jules used to hold her eyes tight with her hands and say” oh mom….not rice again! I think I’m turning Chinese…I really think so! Hah

        • rvsueandcrew says:


          I’ve heard of quinoa… Ed who used to comment here (Hey, Ed, where are you?) cooks quinoa. Why do we need a substitute for rice? Does it taste better? Is it more nutritious? And cheap people want to know, is it less expensive than rice?

          • Cinandjules (NY) says:


            Rice is a starch, this is a seed. More nutrients. We use chicken broth for the liquid. Different texture than rice.
            More expensive.

            • rvsueandcrew says:

              I read the article. Now I see why you switched to quinoa from rice. I assume it’s something you eat like rice, as a lunch or dinner item, not for breakfast necessarily.

              Thanks for the link.

            • Walt says:

              There are recipes for quinoa for breakfast as well. In those cases, it would be fixed and then eaten in place of oatmeal. I have a few recipes I have not yet tried although I have plenty of quinoa in our pantry.

            • R. (Western Colorado) says:

              Quinoa has lots of calories. So you shouldn’t just substitute the amount of quinoa for the same amount of rice if you don’t want to again any weight. The same what RVSue does with raw meat for her crew. Spike and Bridget do not eat raw meat in addition to their regular food. Bones and other raw meat are substitute for commercial dog food.
              I would like to know what is going to be the next big thing after quinoa, seaweed, Greek yogurt, gluten free.

            • I feed my dog quinoa, bison and green beans because of allergies. Quinoa is VERY expensive. Best price I’ve seen is $4.99 lb., worst price, $9.99 lb. It is difficult to digest and basically comes out looking the same as going in. (I know you wanted to know that.) I personally don’t care for the texture so I don’t eat it. We are full timers so I look for it everywhere we go. It can be very difficult to find in small towns.

          • weather says:

            Quinoa,floured and baked/cooked into breads,pancakes and muffins,if eaten instead of grain products causes weight loss instead of weight gain.

            • Elizabeth in WA says:

              One MUST remember to RINSE the quinoa VERY well however…my daughter’s husband thought it tasted nasty…and sure enough she did not know to rinse it well. So I made some, well rinsed, and he thought it was fine. Makes all the difference. Has some kind of natural coating that makes bugs leave it alone (tastes nasty to humans too).

            • Cinandjules (NY) says:

              Hmm…I always rinse my rice….I tried that with the quinoa and all the little suckers float!

              Had a hell of a time draining it!

              You must have a trick! Do share!

            • Elizabeth in WA says:

              I have heard that BANGING them around in the pan is very helpful…I use my hands to turn them over all while water is running over them…no idea how long one should do this…but I do it longer than when I clean rice…hope this helps a bit…

            • Elizabeth in WA says:

              Just came across the most delicious looking and sounding recipe for Quinoa…hope it is ok to post where to find it, Sue…if not, please remove it:

            • rvsueandcrew says:

              No problem, Elizabeth.

  17. Kay says:

    Ahhh, that one night last week was the BEST cool breeze for sleeping! I actually slept great that night.

    Lovely photos, as always! My fav, the Bovine Beach Bums, of course. This is also outside of any crew photos you know.

    The mini backhoe arrived this morning. The ditch for the NEW electrical wires is the project today. The darn Telephone and Cable never did call or show up. Come Monday…. I’ll be on the phone.

    Our workampers are hoping to head this way within the next few days. Everyone is really excited because of the skill levels.

    The fellow we bought this park from, he father stopped by today. Nice men. The father asked a few questions, and when I mentioned we plan to have the Snack Shack up here as well, his eyes got big and he asked what kind of snacks? I gently told him homemade soups, rolls, cookies, salads, sandwiches, nothing prepackaged, I said. He stands up real tall and declares “Boy, you guys are going to do real well here.”

    Farmers, got to love them.

    There’s a great fishing spot not far from us either. And, even a monument! A national “something” (sorry, am needing to keep that hush for a bit as well). So far today, since about 9AM until 4PM – our counter has reached 95 RVs passing by, and about 20 or so have slowed down looking at us in the last hour or so.

    Did I mention, the highway runs smack by us and an Interstate runs the opposite way a 1/2 mile from us as well?

    Now, question for Spikey. Would he prefer a little water fall that would permit a soaking area and the fall trickling over and down from that soaking spot? I was thinking that would create a great relaxation scene. And then some solar lighting could really jazz up the doggy area. Whatcha think, Spikey?

    Back to work… my break is over.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Spike gives his approval!

      Wow, Kay . . . The snack bar is going to be great! You’re doing everything topnotch.

      • Kay says:

        Well, over half the park’s brand new electrical wiring ditch is now dug and ready for the conduit and wiring to be laid in place. Next Saturday, we shall dig more water and sewer lines in place. I suspect we’ll have maybe two, possibly three more Saturday digs.

        That snack shop idea came about with me being a wise crack one morning. We were being rushed by the park to be checked out by 10AM. Had not planned to stay at park that night, but Wally World said no parking in their lot because the big camp ground got the city to make an ordinance against it.

        So that morning, we’re rushing to try and get breakfast, and then the dishes done and everything secured and being rushed by that GRUMPY park.

        As I drove out of there and was stopped for fuel, another RVer was fueling also and asked how we like that park. You can only imagine what was said.

        Needless to say, as I was driving along, I was thinking, GEE wouldn’t it be nice if just ONE RV PARK had like a breakfast we RVers could grab??? Motels do that!

        So the Snack Shake idea was born, and then the town folk here hit us up for a lunch… now you know why we will be having a SNACK SHACK! I might have to go back and check out some of those recipes….

        • rvsueandcrew says:

          This project is amazing, Kay! YOU are amazing. It keeps growing and there you are, you and your husband, ready to take it on! Wally World not letting people camp in their lot works in your favor. Also the other RV park being grumpy… heh-heh. Watch out everybody, Kay is in town!

        • DesertGinger says:

          I just read and saved a great recipe for overnight oatmeal. She made it in a jar but I imagine you could use any kind of container. It involves using raw steel cut or rolled oats and putting them in the jar with things like almond milk and blueberries, etc then letting set overnight and eating from the jar. These might be nice items to have in a fridge for breakfast on the go.

        • DesertGinger says:

          Another thought on the snack bar to keep it easy on whoever staffs it, and to save on food….have a salad/sandwich bar and let people pay by weight. Put out two or three kinds of bread, condiments, cheese, cold cuts, lettuce, tomatoes, sliced onions, pickles, pepperoncini and whatever else and let people build their own. Then you can store all the unused at the end of the day.

          • Lee J in Northern California says:

            I had a meal at a hospital in Sacramento that had a food bar that sold salads that way, I built myself a magnificent salad and it cost me five bucks!

        • BadgerRickInWis says:

          My suggestion Kay, Serve QUINOA!!!

    • Jolene/Iowa says:

      I have another guess Kay. Little Big Horn Battlefield is near Crow Agency, MT. It has a monument and is 406 miles from Sue. Just a guess…

      • Kay says:

        Good Guess, but not it.

        Clues: (I am now going to picture road atlas on tables and people scanning states)

        1. Interstate is half mile from me
        2. State Highway runs in front of property
        3. 406 miles from RVSue
        4. National Monument close by
        5. National “Something” also close by
        6. Small Town, does have a Hospital

        Now, lets make this really fun….. The Winner receives a FREE overnight stay with full hook ups.

        Ready…. Set…. Go!

        • Kay says:

          I need to say ” FREE overnight when the park is open” that way we all know there will be full hookups, can be used coming or going to RVer’s winter destination.

        • R. (Western Colorado) says:

          Spearfish, SD? Sturgis, SD?

          • Kay says:

            Funny you should mention those places, one park is slated for that SD area. Likely to be the 2nd one. Sorry, your guess is incorrect.

        • Walt says:

          Wild stab . . . Fruita, Colorado or that vicinity?

        • Cinandjules (NY) says:

          Ah hah…..this kind of word problem…I can do!

          Damn it….where did I put my benchmark atlas! I’ll have to do it another way!

        • DesertGinger says:

          Reminders…Kay said it was mid-westernish….which I think leaves out Idaho and Utah…would be a real stretch to call them mid-western. Kay also said not Colorado. And it is 406 miles from Sue in Boulder, Wy. I think that leaves us only with Nebraska, South Dakota, and Montana as possibilities. I believe Kay also said not Wyoming. Further, she is near an interstate, so I’m assuming that would be either 80 or 90. I know I would be near one of those if I was opening a park. So…we should be able to ferret this out.

        • DesertGinger says:

          I’m guessing Kimball, Nebraska, near interstate 80, Us 30 and Nebraska 71. There is a small monument nearby for Panorama point, and two national forests nearby. And it is 406.65 miles to Boulder, Wyoming.

          • DesertGinger says:

            And it has a 20 bed level 1 trauma hospital.

          • R. (Western Colorado) says:

            Rapid City, SD

          • Kay says:


            Somehow, we’ll need to figure out who you are, and your rig so that I can make sure everyone who will be working at the park, knows you have earned a FREE NIGHT with FULL HOOKUPS!

            Now, please share with us all how you figured it out!

            • Kay says:

              By the way, I think what we will need is a doggy washroom. One which will have a bathtub, and dryer so the RV dogs can be bathed. Yep, thought of this while I was patiently waiting for hubby to get OUT of home depot this afternoon. It will be called The PAW BATH.

              Any ideas to add to this PAW BATH??? Suggestions welcome.

            • DesertGinger says:

              And the whole thing will be Spike’s Spaw?

            • DesertGinger says:

              Oh….can you have a washer and dryer for cleaning doggie bedding somewhere on the property?

            • Cinandjules (NY) says:

              Yay …DesertGinger!

            • DesertGinger says:

              I’m a Systems Analyst by trade. It was pretty simple really, using all your clues and some common sense. I knew Idahi and Utah were out…they are western states. That left Montana, SD, and Nebraska. I knew it would probably be on interstate 80 or 90, so I mapquested the little towns on those highways till I found one that was 406 miles, then I used google to check for monument, national parks, hospital and…….da da! And I don’t have a rig right now Kay and would like to gift my free night to Sue and crew so they can stay an extra night when they come for ribbon cutting. When I get a rig, I’ll be sure to come by too, and I’ll be happy to pay….the senior rate? (Hint). Glad my skills still work.

            • Kay says:

              Well, your skills still work, very well I might add.

              And, your gift to Sue and Crew will be nice.

              Hubby and I were discussing the topic of discounts on our way beck from Home Depot. You know, one discount we did not find except for ONE time was the “Veteran” discount. A few places offered “Military” discounts but not Veteran.
              We will have Senior, and Veteran. I am also giving thought about a RVSUE AND CREW discount, meaning, if someone comes in and tells us they are “followers” of RV SUE AND CREW they get a discount. Those people will build free nights for Sue and Crew. Spikey has to use his SPAW you know.

              One thing I can say now, the star gazing is incredible here!

            • Kay says:

              Oh, and yes I know Sue loves her private boondocking and all that, but she also has to do laundry… feed the crew…. and have her AC fixed in that PTV! Sorry, Sue – I am keeping tabs on that AC issue!

            • rvsueandcrew says:

              I really like the idea of discounts for veterans, and, of course, the RVSue and crew discount! You’re incredible, Kay. I’m chuckling as I type this.. . “build free nights for Sue and Crew.” Be careful not to give away the park! LOL!

  18. AZ Jim says:

    Hi Sue, nice pictures as per usual. You know I was surprised that guy in his little boat didn’t return your wave. It is common in the more densely populated states to be ignored but up there in that country you almost always get a return wave. In the Dakotas I have even waved at farmers out on their tractors busy at work and gotten a hearty wave back. Oncoming traffic usually gets a “hand on the wheel semi wave”. I don’t have a clue about the black object between him and his dog and can only guess that gray thing in the water might be some kind of outrigger to help stabilize the tiny craft but I really don’t know. But, Missy, I enjoy your constant curiosity. Be careful…….

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Jim,

      Well, about the guy not waving… Two possibilities. He may have been distracted like I alluded to in the post. Floating along in a dream state, didn’t realize I waved. Or he may be a tourist like me, only from a place where people don’t wave. Actually there’s a third possibility… He’s a snob! Ha!

      I’ve had the same reaction as you around here… The semi-wave or nod when meeting another vehicle. In my travels, the friendliest, waving-est people are those who live in the small towns of Utah. There are pockets of great friendliness all over though.

      Bob, Daniel, and John (above) shared their thoughts on the objects in the boat. The box is for the batteries for the electric motor, the things out in the water are outriggers like you say, and the black thing attached to the gunnels (gunwales) is a rod holder.

      • Connie & Mugsy (MN/AZ) says:

        In the rural areas up here along the Canadian border, it is the norm to give passing vehicles the “one finger wave.” NO – not THAT finger. The index finger of the hand on the wheel.

        I suspect that it is common in most rural areas.

        • Cinandjules (NY) says:

          Boaters up here..wave….so do the people on shore!

          Motorist on the roads, once you get to our neck of the woods, wave…as do the folks walking on the road.

          Connie and Mugsy… after your reply on the other post I’ve been paying strict attention to the axis of which AO faces once her revolutions stop.

          Drum roll………her head always faces South.

          • rvsueandcrew says:

            Not to usurp your conversation with Connie, but. . .

            AO’s butt is magnetic north!!!!

        • rvsueandcrew says:

          Good you clarified which finger… Now I’M the one inclined to think a certain way. 🙂

          I like it when a man in a cowboy hat gives me a nod. You know, the smile and the slight nod… very Old West manners. I can almost hear the “Howdy, ma’am.” I haven’t had one touch his hat in greeting yet. That would make my day!

    • Crystal says:

      That’s done here in southern IL, Jim. We had family visiting once, and after I waved at several cars we met, and her asking each time who they were, and me sometimes saying I didn’t know, she said “well why are you waving then?” What a hoot.

    • Walt says:

      We bought a Jeep Wrangler last September and quickly learned there was such a thing as a Jeep wave. There is even a website that discusses the wave and talks about the proper way to score it: The Jeep Wave

      • rvsueandcrew says:

        Jeepers, Walt . . . You guys take waving to a whole new level!

        • My wife’s the one who found the website and the scoring system. Because our Jeep is a bit newer (2008) and we don’t stump jump or anything so exotic, we scor well down the scale. I figured out accidentally that there must be some kind of subculture after three or four Jeep owners waved to me. It only seems to apply to the traditional two-door Jeeps (with four-doors reluctantly accepted, I gather). Other Jeep models, such as the Grand Cherokee and the Patriot, do not qualify for the wave, or so I gather.

          • Crystal says:

            I’m familiar with the Jeep wave. I drive a Liberty, which doesn’t count. Lol. However, a cousin has a Wrangler that I sometimes drive 🙂

          • rvsueandcrew says:

            The social hierarchy of Jeep owners . . . We Chevy Express Van owners don’t wave. We’re just happy to be moving.

  19. Ladybug in Mid-Tenn says:

    Ah, good ol’ Spikey, taking his constitutional walk.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      He barks at me, “Let’s GO!” if I postpone a walk.

      • Don in Okla. says:

        Hi Sue
        My big ol Border Collie pulls the same stunt when we are out walking. Sniffs, spins and delivers!! I had to chuckle when I read that.
        Best wishes for safe travels to you all.

  20. weather says:

    With photos of solitude,select companionship and herd grouping you post a potent demonstration that all choices hold value.

    Just past the mainstream where little known things are found,lay your experiences rich with inspiration.

    In myriad ways,through whatever medium used,with each touch,art,action and conversation we write our lives and stories by every expression we use.

    Whether fulfilled by being alone or congregating,all our parts provide much the world needs.

    Changing clothes and roles as easily as we do reminds me of Providence’s wisdom in dispersing gifts so perfectly.Your sunrises please me so,thanks for sharing what follows for you three with me so often.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      You’re welcome, weather. Another thoughtful comment . . . Did your day at the shop go well?

      • weather says:

        Today was actually nice,tiring in a positive way,and I’m really glad to be home.A constant warm breeze has the leaves moving in slow small waves.Summer is beautiful this year,it makes being busy more appealing,good timing for me!

        • rvsueandcrew says:

          That’s the good kind of tired. You worked hard, you did your best, and you helped a friend. Coming home to a place that is your sanctuary after a busy day is such a delight. I can see the leaves waving you relaxation and rest.

  21. rvsueandcrew says:

    Darn! Spike is panting. It’s the hottest time of the day and he can’t soak. A couple drove past our camp and parked at the little beach. They’ve been there all afternoon. I think they launched a boat. Oh well. . . . We don’t own the beach!

    • DesertGinger says:

      Would you feel like the red cow if you went down to the beach anyway?

      • rvsueandcrew says:

        Well, I thought it was a couple. Now I think it’s one guy down there. I went outside to read in the lounger and so the crew would be cool under the BLT. He has his vehicle’s door open playing the radio. I can’t read when music that has a lyric is playing.

        Then he starts shooting a gun or something, several times in a row. I bet he’s going to stay all night. I also expect the place will be a mess when he leaves.

        Why does this stuff bother me so? Anyway… We’re back inside. It’s kind of warm, but at least I can’t hear his dang radio and Spike is dozing on the bed. Bridge is still outside.

        You can see why going to the beach is out of the question.

        • Elizabeth in WA says:

          Makes my blood pressure rise just reading this!! Hard to not say something in such a situation!! What irks the tar out of me here is the idiots who must push their car lock button not once, but SEVERAL times…and sure there are businesses downstairs but nearly all have upstairs apts like ours!! SO RUDE BEYOND DESCRIPTION!! Is everyone deaf? Or just making sure they are noticed?? You suppose that is what drives people today…doing things like your noisy neighbor….?? TRYING to be SEEN?? Need to pray the cows come by and decide to stay there a bit….heh!!

          • rvsueandcrew says:

            You bring up something I’ve wondered about many times. Could it be that people live such isolated lives that they need to establish that they do indeed exist? They have to make noise that says to the world around them, “Here I am. I matter. I’m as big as this noise.” Or maybe they’re so used to noise that they have lost any appreciation for silence. It’s something I’ve noticed increasing over the years.

            As long as I’m griping … I’m on a roll here! . . . Light pollution. I read recently (don’t know if it’s balderdash or what) that too much light, meaning over a period of time in each day, even dim light, works negatively against breast cancer medicine. Someday, probably not in my lifetime, it will be discovered that all this light and noise are what is driving people crazy. When that discovery is made — if I’m no longer around — please y’all, give a great big collective “DUH!”

            • Elizabeth in WA says:

              I think you are right, Sue…and about the light pollution too…hubby was an inspector on large Army base at last job….he just groans when he sees how much light pollution is being put out there and the COST of it (well, us taxpayers don’t really mind waste right? Yea, guys tuck in your belts but us govt guys we don’t need to??) Silly world isn’t it?

              I know I need a certain amount of QUIET…always been like this…and I grew up with 3 brothers!! Well, that explains it!! HA!!

            • Toni says:

              I live in a neighborhood where, every summer, we hear fireworks nearly every night. What is it with those things? What is the appeal in making a small explosion in a residential area? Our poor dog went blind last year and is terrified. Her summers are hell and even without a noise, she anticipates because she has anxiety attacks every night when the sun goes down. The “bubba bombs” come from random directions so it’s hard to complain because you don’t know where they are coming from. I just shake my head at this level of insensitivity to your neighbors. I call people like this “the oblivians” for obvious reasons.

            • rvsueandcrew says:

              Something ought to be done about that. Fireworks in a residential area? Insane! I’m sorry you live with that.

              As time goes by, more adults play like children and more children play like adults. Civilization is on its way down the toilet.

            • Toni says:

              If I knew who was doing it I might just stand in front of their house at -say- 4am and light off a few and wonder if they’ll mind. Yippee, Yahoo!!! it’s sunrise everyone – kaboom!!!!

            • rvsueandcrew says:

              It may be time to ask the police for help. If there are police patrols in the area, they may know who it is and be willing to have a little talk with them.

            • Elizabeth in WA says:

              I second that motion, Sue!! Adults acting like children…sigh!! Last night took the cake…we live across from a community center and why on earth they are allowed to stay open so late I do not know (midnight on weekends)….like it is some kind of club or bar?? The truck to pick up tables and chairs for some wedding or group began about 11:15 PM…not content to slam things, dropping tables on concrete, etc etc and here no one has AC…so there is no way to close up the house!! I was ready to go mad…hubby in pain and having THAT to listen to…and cars racing off as on a racetrack, people talking very loudly…etc. I finally hollered out the window: DO YOU THINK WE ARE DEAF?? I did read the sign on that truck and left a message with that company to get their act together…another time I would call the police on them!!

            • rvsueandcrew says:

              A situation like that is irritating, for sure! Add to that your husband’s pain . . . It must’ve been a very rough night for both of you.

    • weather says:

      Gosh,sorry that’s happening,maybe one of those belly rubs he loves outside while trickling part of a water jug on him would help,if sharing the beach with strangers doesn’t appeal to anyone involved.

      • rvsueandcrew says:

        We’re definitely not going near that guy, although he’s parked pretty close to us. Spike seems more comfortable now. In a half-hour it will be cool in here.

        • weather says:

          Thank goodness Spike is getting relief with more on the way,and thanks for letting us know,I can stop praying now and relax believing the guy will hopefully knock it off soon

          • rvsueandcrew says:

            Thanks, weather. The gun shots have stopped.

            • weather says:

              It bothers all sane people to feel like they’re being invaded!Though I’m more aggressive than you are I’ve had times where having no suitable recourse pushed my endurance into frayed nerves or tears.I accept those reactions as being part of my makeup,and don’t fault myself for having them.I’d rather be someone shaken by heinous behavior than those so uncaring that they’ll ruin anything.I like who I see in the mirror,and I know you do ,too.Don’t allow things that are wrong to make you feel like something is wrong with you.The truth is wonderful people,you,are better because of that quality,not despite it.

            • rvsueandcrew says:

              Excellent reminder, weather. I admit there are moments when I wish I wasn’t as sensitive to noise as I am. Of course, living in nature with only the crew, I’m probably becoming more sensitive. I don’t have much patience with people who are inconsiderate of others. Okay, so he parks right next to me. I can accept that, although there are other nice places to park around this lake. But that’s not enough. He has to play a radio loud enough for us to hear. He has to shoot a gun. I heard his tires grinding in the dirt. When he leaves I’ll pick up the Bud Lite cans and cigarette butts, clean out the fire ring he’ll use as a trash bin, and rake over his mess. Most likely he’ll poop in the bushes before leaving and the toilet paper will be left to blow around. Grumble, grumble. I hope to be proved wrong, but I’m not counting on it.

              Anyway, thanks for your message. I’m thankful for the insulation of the BLT. Before we go to bed, I’ll close all the windows. It will be cooler then and we’ll be comfortable.

            • weather says:

              As we and our critters rise more rested tomorrow and resume efforts to improve life ,our inner peace will restore whatever these encounters cost us.

              Hope the mouth breather goes to sleep,passes out or drives away soon-key words being:- goes!-out!-away! 🙂

            • rvsueandcrew says:

              We are so much alike… I’ve used that term — mouth breather — several times over the years. Ha!

              I went outside to roll up the awning. It’s surprisingly cool out. Feels great! I have the windows and door open so it will come in.

              I do see some dark clouds moving this way. The same thing happened yesterday and we had light rain for a short while during the night.

            • Elizabeth in WA says:

              Hmmm, sounds like maybe he would like to hear you having some target practice too maybe?? I hope the rain dampens his love for that spot and he moves on…too bad there were not some huge rocks you could have put across the road going down to the beach….heh….forgot your little signs about the relatives arriving eh??

            • DesertGinger says:

              Well, how about a little airhorn action? Maybe you can think you hear a bear outside??

            • Elizabeth in WA says:

              Love THAT idea, Ginger…heh, maybe whenever Spikey wants to go outside in the middle of the night??

    • Marilu in Northern California says:

      Maybe you could get him a little kiddie pool. It might be challenging to find a place to store it though.

      • rvsueandcrew says:

        And providing the water for it. If we’re camped near water, I don’t need the kiddie pool. 🙂 This is a temporary situation.

    • DesertGinger says:

      Sue…I forgot to mention…when Spike is hot and panting, bathing his paw pads with a cool rag will help cool him off. This is the only place on their bodies where they can sweat, and the pads help regulate body temp. Even if you had a large pan, like a shallow baking pan, and put in an inch of water for them to step in, it would help keep them cool.

  22. Char says:

    Hey, Sue, I love reading your blog! In another year, I plan to become a full-timer. I’m a good camper/backpacker, but I’ve never driven a van with a trailer. Had you done that before you set out? How did you learn?

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Char,

      Only one year to go? That’s wonderful!

      No, I had never driven a van with a trailer. At the Casita factory they hitched the trailer to the van and handed me the keys. When you have no choice, you learn very quickly! It’s not difficult at all.

  23. Connie & Mugsy (MN/AZ) says:

    When I read the label “popular cow beach,” my first thought was that once they leave, it will be awhile before it will be popular with humans. I certainly wouldn’t get near it… especially with my pup. LOL

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      I thought the same thing! It’s too bad the cows have taken it over. The alternative is lots of fencing and that’s no good either.

  24. rvsueandcrew says:

    Now see. . . Where did all the men go? Gee, I’ll have to get them back… Hmm….

    How often should I change the oil on the PTV? What kind of gas mileage do you get?


    • Kay says:

      Hubby says, about every 3K miles for your type of van. I told him to type this to you but he said it would take him to long! Those ball joints should be looked at as well on the front end of the van. Chevy’s are good for wearing out, especially when we use vans like you and I do. He just put shocks on my Suburban, thank goodness, the ride is smoother now. Tires rotated too. Okay, he left now…. he sometimes forgets, we might know these things.

      • rvsueandcrew says:

        Tell your husband thank you from me! I do need to give the PTV some attention soon. I’m making a note to self about the ball joints and, of course, an oil change.

  25. Hi Sue! I spent this evening catching up on my favorite blog, yours! I haven’t had a chance to look for a while because I did it, I’m on the road, and this is my one month anniversary. It’s been an adjustment and I have had times where I said to myself, “Oh shit, what have I done?” But so far I love it. Wanted to let you know you have been an inspiration to me. Happy Trails!

    • rvsueandcrew says:


      “So far I love it.” That’s fantastic news! Thanks so much for dropping in here to tell us. This is the kind of thing that really makes blogging about full-timing rewarding for me.

      Congratulations on your one-month anniversary!

      LATER. . . I read most of your blog… delightful! Your enthusiasm for new experiences is contagious. Maya is a sweetheart, a good companion for you on the road. Quite an ambitious first month. I found the information about camping in Canada very interesting. Best wishes to you, Pamela, for your future travels and for your blog!

  26. R. (Western Colorado) says:

    Thank you for another great report and photos. I’m surprised it so warm in that part of WY but it gets cool at night, doesn’t it? Do you know at what elevation is your home now?
    Goodnight Sue! Goodnight Crew!

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      You’re welcome, R. (Western Colorado),

      I think this summer is weird, temperature-wise. Since we’ve been here, since last Sunday, that is, we’ve had hot days and cool days. Yes, it does cool after the sun goes down. I have to close the windows at night or we’d be too cold.

      I think it’s about 7,400 feet elevation here.

      Good night, R.!

  27. Marie says:

    I’ve been reading your site for about a week now. We are in the very beginning stages of RV Living… the stage of about 2 months after making the decision and tomorrow we start downsizing and hopefully in about a year, we purchase! So excited! I’ve been enjoying your blog and your current “spot”.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Marie,

      It’s always a thrill for me to hear from someone new to my blog who is planning on the fulltime vagabond life! Welcome! I’m excited for you!

      I’m curious where you are . . .

  28. weather says:

    Good morning Sue,
    Gotta leave soon,getting everything ready to be able to be in the jeep by 9:40,just wanted to say Hi at coffee early daylight time.Maybe today you’ll find out where the unpopular cows beach is 😉

  29. Doug H says:

    Hi Sue, really enjoying your blog. I am not sure if you know this or not, but when camped around an area with chipmunks or even squirrels it is a good idea to keep the hood of your vehicle popped up a bit to let light in the engine compartment so they dont get in there and chew up your wiring.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      I have heard of that, Doug. Also, some folks have a light under the hood that they turn on at night.

      Seems like popping the hood wouldn’t be enough. Without the light at night, wouldn’t the rodents wait until dark anyway?

      • Doug H says:

        I am not sure how that works. might be just having the opening up there that keeps them out. I do know a couple that had one chew up their wiring on their rig and it cost them over $700 to get it fixed. I will have to do some research on all this.

  30. Tawanda (Ut) says:

    G’day Sue,
    Beautiful surroundings you are in, hope you are enjoying a serene morning cuppa!
    Have a Great Day!!

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Thanks, Tawanda. It is very quiet and serene here. Our neighbor left!

      I hope you have a great day, too.

  31. Susan in Dallas says:

    Guess none of the cows put out an “Allen Reunion” sign. I also need my peace and quiet and do not understand why folks have to have on a radio when they are outside. My neighbor’s used to blast theirs and when I looked they had gone inside. Ug!

  32. Illinois Jane says:

    Hey Sue!
    I picked a good day to read all the comments. …will note the date in order to refer back to your list of gear/stuff for when I hit the road.

    I can’t wait to leave the noise and light pollution here; busy street, booming car stereos, dogs of stupid people barking for too, too long. Can’t believe I’ve endured it for over 10 yrs. (Actually, wonderful neighbors have made it work.) I don’t hesitate to use the non-emergency police number when called it’s for–it’s always anonymous. It is disappointing that I won’t be leaving all the stupid people behind.

    I know what you mean about a guy tipping his hat to you. I would melt!

    …also, always enjoy hearing of the “life and times” of you and your canine friends. It’s heartening to know others are so compassionate toward their pets and other critters.

    Happy Sunday,

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Happy Sunday to you, too, Jane. Always good to see you appear here.

      Nope, you won’t be leaving the stupid people behind. They are everywhere. Our neighbor left this morning. I went down to the beach to survey the damage. A heap of broken bottles from his target practice. Obviously he used the beach as a toilet. Used toilet paper in the sand. Left bones from his supper which I had to take away from the crew. Typical.

      The bright side of all this is he left! 🙂

      • Mick'nTN says:

        Some people are alone by their choice, other people are alone by the choice of others.

        • rvsueandcrew says:

          And some people SHOULD be alone. 🙂

          • Elizabeth in WA says:

            AMEN…so sorry he left it so badly…if you got his liscence, maybe should call attention to the forest rangers or whomever is in charge of the area….someone like that should be banned from using any area!! Heh…too bad you could not put up a video of him and the mess…on youtube. That might be just as much attention as he wants!!

            • rvsueandcrew says:

              The rangers don’t have time for that. I dare say a large percentage of the people who go into our national forests behave as he did. I’ve seen broken glass, beer cans, used toilet paper, etc. in many places. That’s why I was able to predict what he would do.

            • Elizabeth in WA says:

              SO sad…so terribly sad to care so little for the earth and others!!

  33. Lucy says:

    Dear Sue, you mentioned that Spike suffers from constipation, have you tried giving him little bits of unpeeled apples on a daily bases ?? It really works well for my doggies.

    My regards & happy trails.


    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Lucy,

      Thanks for the suggestion. I’d rather not treat him for constipation because he quickly goes too far the other way. All it takes is regular exercise.

  34. Marilu in Northern California says:

    It is very silly the way your comments sometime rearrange themselves. As it stands now it appears I’m suggesting that your buy a kiddie pool for the “mouth breathing” clinger! LOL! I hope he’s gone 🙂

  35. Pat in KS says:

    A few weeks ago I was fascinated by all the comments about raw meat for dogs. Then just a few days ago my hubby was watching a TV show about dirty jobs. A child fan of the program had written in to suggest a show about the nastiest thing he could think of. His infant sister barfed a lot. So the TV person looked up barf and ended up doing a show on a CA company that grinds up cow stomachs for dog food. The TV person got to assist in chopping beef off the ribs and necks. He smelled cow stomachs. (They have 4). He assisted in packing hooves with this ground material. He used a meat grinder to fill plastic tubes with ground up stomach material. They freeze this stuff to sell it. How amazing! Who would have guessed? I’ve never seen tubes of ground cow stomachs in stores. I have seen tripe for sale, but this stuff is unwashed. The stomach contents that smell like poop are also desirable. I think that when I stop learning new things I will be truly old. Perhaps these things are sold in catalogs. I can imagine how a dog might love to play with a hoof packed with ground smelly “stuff”.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      And that was a TV show? Yuck!

      Well, the crew doesn’t have to worry about being fed bad stuff. They eat meat intended for people. I must be nuts.

    • Cinandjules (NY) says:

      BARF is sold at pet stores in the refrigerator/freezer section.

      It looks like “chubs” similar to the packaging of Jimmy Dean sausage.

      Ground up cow stomachs…..yuck. I think I would rather do it Sue’s way…if feeding raw was our choice.

  36. R. (Western Colorado) says:

    Just checking in, Sue. How do you do this? My post is now #189. You’re so popular. Do you feel lucky sometimes? You do have many faithful followers.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Well, R., I started my blog and it took off. Then the Rusty and Timber story went national and more people found my blog. Al of Travels with The Bayfield Bunch mentioned my blog now and then. That helped a lot. listed me. Word of mouth helped, too, and still does.

      I think a lot of the popularity of my blog is due to this comments section. You guys are interesting! When I started out, other bloggers wondered aloud why I bothered to write a personal response to each comment. “People don’t go back to look for a reply,” they said.

      I did it anyway, and my blog grew. Now I notice some of the same bloggers who thought I was silly to write replies are now writing replies. Other aspects of my blog are mimicked, too, like the colored headings breaking up the text throughout each post. That’s okay. Imitation is a form of flattery! 🙂

      I do work hard at my blog. I think my readers appreciate that. To answer your question, yes, I feel blessed to have many faithful blogorinos!

      • Kay says:

        We have a WINNER!…… WINNER!!!!!! WINNNER!!!!!!!

        Did I mention, we have a WINNER!

        • DesertGinger says:

          Yay me !!

          • rvsueandcrew says:

            Good morning, Ginger! Great detective work!

            I add my CONGRATULATIONS to those of Kay and it’s very sweet of you to give me your prize. Thank you.

        • rvsueandcrew says:

          Wow, Kay! It’s the next morning… I go online, open up this blog, and find all the excitement that went on here last night!

          Kimball, Nebraska… I’ll have to look that up on my map.

          You really lit up the blog, Kay! 🙂 Your prize of a free stay with hook-ups is very generous. Thank you!

          LATER…. I found it! It’s over by Cheyenne! Excellent location… Three interstates connect nearby… You’ll capture east-west and north-south traffic.

          Since I don’t have a Benchmark for Nebraska, I pulled out an old Rand McNally atlas and, wouldn’t ya’ know, the only page missing was Nebraska! LOL! I googled Kimball and found it. 🙂

          • Kay says:

            See what happens when the eyelids close! Ginger gifted her prize to you and the crew. I think that is so sweet.

            In 45 minutes, I’ll be on the phone bugging the cable and telephone peeps to get out here and take care of their stuff! Also will be calling the Electrician to let him know he can plan for a crew as we have a bit over half of the trench dug for the wiring, and next Saturday, we’ll dig more.

            We are all super excited! A lot to do before this place has the appeal of my vision however, it will get there.

            I got the idea of having a doggy bathing area yesterday, while I was sitting in the home depot parking lot waiting on dear hubby. I kept looking at all the sheds HD had sitting in a row. Then, BAM it hit me. Boy would one of those be perfect to put in a bathtub, running water and doggy hair dryer!!!!! Told hubby my idea and he thought that might be a good idea based on travels with me and always wanting to give Rowdy a bath. Now the pooch gets his weekly baths from my granddaughter, but I think he likely should have more than one because them two sure get themselves in some “dirty situations” at times!

            Enjoy your day, I have telephone calls to make!!!

            • rvsueandcrew says:

              Yes, I saw Ginger’s gift message somewhere above. It took me a while this morning to find it and figure out what was going on!

              The dog bath area is a great idea! No need to reply. You have work to do!

            • cluelesscampers and canine (Eastern Missouri) says:

              Kay–Here in St. Louis they have do-it-yourself doggie wash places. The bathtubs are raised so it is easier on your back, the hand held showers are pre set to a nice temperature, and they supply dog shampoo and towels… All the mess stays there! You might get some ideas from checking our one of these places.

          • Kay says:

            Oh my gosh, thank goodness for GOOGLE!!!

            Now at I-80 find Hwy 71, go north half mile east side of road. Up and over the small hill. And, you’re right traffic from all directions.

  37. BadgerRickInWis says:

    Kay, I think your spot is perfect. And I just LOVE Pawnee National Grassland just about an hour south of you.

    I always love to see a dream come true.

    • Kay says:

      Thank You, Rick. I think its pretty special myself as well. The drives to different areas were super relaxing, peaceful, just very nice. The bluffs to the north are pretty interesting too.

      There’s a reservoir not far, but for large rigs its not great per some town folks. But, great fishing they say!

  38. weather says:

    Good morning Sue,
    This morning is overcast with the remnants of last evening’s storm here drifting away.What a treat to see your site come on screen,because last night there was no access locally to the internet.

    Just as I pulled in the driveway and took the pups out for a bit,the atmosphere was rapidly changing.As we shared our meal thunder,flashing skies and a gale filled downpour began in earnest.I was about to hit post comment on here about that time when the services disappeared.The restoration of access to phones,web and tv is a great relief to everyone in the area.

    Yesterday’s sales total at the store elicited my puzzled friend’s comment of “How did we do that?!” Discovering and providing what people want or need is all it’s ever taken to bring success to my endeavors,once folks are able/willing to adopt the concept my help is no longer needed.

    Hope your home’s surroundings are wonderfully full of only what you love as you enjoy coffee,I have time to savor my own for a while.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Gee, I wrote a reply and it disappeared. I haven’t figured out which key it is . . . If I miss the “enter” key and hit another by mistake, it deletes whatever I’ve written. You can imagine my frustration when this happens in the middle of writing a blog!

      Another storm! I’m not familiar with western NY. Seems like you have more storms than where I grew up in NY near the VT border. It’s good you arrived home before it did.

      I can imagine it was gratifying for you to present to your friend a healthy sales total for the day. I bet that put a smile on her face! You are a wonderful friend which she surely realizes.

      The ability to sell is a special talent. Apparently you have it!

      I’m glad you’re back online. Lots of excitement going on with Kay’s RV park and Ginger guessing the location. Sometimes this blog is like having “a tiger by the tail.” Haha!

      Yes, I’m enjoying my coffee and all is peaceful this Monday morning. Overcast skies and some rain in the forecast… and also cool temperatures. Are you going to the store today?

      • weather says:

        Odd how frustrating losing anything we compose can be,isn’t it?With me I find that whatever vision I was describing,by the time I revisit it, has already progressed to something new I am seeing.Pausing,to include the prior,is like encountering a obstacle in the path-an unwelcome interruption of pleasant pursuits.Thankfully they’re easily enough put behind us.

        The intensity and frequency of all the earth’s chaotic event’s has increased in recent years.But,this area and it’s topography made it more prone to storms than where you grew up ,even then.

        Realistically,success results because I don’t sell.My gift is making people feel good-then they notice the beauty of what’s around them,want to take it with them as a way to keep alive what they were missing until we met.

        Kay’s project has a lot to be excited about,it’s no wonder it’s being met with so much enthusiasm!Ginger’s ability to find the solution to whatever challenge presents itself to her is a skill she’s had to exercise all of her life.Watching her win has won my admiration and affection since I first read her entries here.

        Early this afternoon I will be going to the store,this morning someone was good enough to make my being there more optional than pressing.I chose freedom 🙂

        Does cooler temps mean long sleeves for today,or just nicer to sit with the windows open beside you?

        • rvsueandcrew says:

          Hello again! I’ve been working on the next post and it’s almost ready to go …

          That’s nice, that you have the morning off. Yes, Ginger is a very capable woman. I still can’t get over that she drove through the Phoenix area from California… at night and during the early morning rush!

          I may not put on long sleeves because it’s raining and I’ll stay inside with the crew where it’s warm, dry, and cozy. 🙂 I was going to move camp today, but the weather changed my mind.

  39. Cinandjules (NY) says:

    Top of the morning to you!

    I’m so excited for Kay! Her ideas are awesome!

    Driving thru NE we had to hunker down in Waco…as there was a tornado warning! The place was a dive but it had a storm shelter. Didn’t need to dive (sic) into it…thankfully!

    With all the horror stories of hospitals lately….a dear friend of mine in Lincoln, CA is having a hip replacement today. I offered to fly out to help afterwards but she is stubborn and said no. I hope her procedure goes well!

    Jules and I had a long talk regarding staying here in the ADKs. I’ve been looking for another place for two years….she’s finally decided we need to look elsewhere. Yay!!!

    I’ve been looking at Lake Tahoe or Northern AZ……woody area.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      How exciting for you both! A new home and a new location! I can understand Jules’s reluctance to give up your present home on the lake in the beautiful Adirondacks. The winters are rough though . . . and long. It will be nice to get away from that. You’ll probably want water nearby for AO. 🙂

      I look forward to hearing about the wonderful changes that lie ahead for you!

      I hope your friend does well through the surgery and beyond . . .

      Okay, time for me to put out another post! Talk to ya’ later!

      • Cinandjules (NY) says:

        AO really doesn’t like swimming…….as of yet. We don’t push her…she’ll do it when she’s ready.

        As for the move….it’s not going to be tomorrow. April 2015 is a riverboat cruise from Amsterdam to Switerland.

        Then there are the feral cats….we have committed to them…as they can’t survive the winter. Jules says pack em up and take them with us. We are trying to litter box train them.

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