Moving camp to an oasis in the city

Monday, June 5

Immediately after breakfast, I hitch the Best Little Trailer to the Perfect Tow Vehicle.  The crew and I board the PTV, we cross Pagari Bridge, and turn right onto Route 93.

Fifth wheel with two kayaks strapped to its back, heading northeast on Route 93, Idaho

There’s very little traffic on this road which follows the course of Little Wood River.

Reggie curls up in his bed for after-breakfast nap.  

Roger, on the other hand, hasn’t yet figured out the pattern of our lives.  With his front paws on the arm rest, he watches the world go by and whines nervously.

After several minutes and miles of whining, I pull over in case Roger needs a potty break. Back on the road the whining continues until he finally tires of it.

We pass Craters of the Moon National Monument.

From the highway, as we roll past, I can see the mounds of black lava rock.  I have very little interest in geologic processes of millions of years ago.  If you do, great.

We continue on our way to Arco.

The town appears much more charming than its name.  We aren’t sightseeing today — on our way to a new camp — and I let the PTV turn right onto Route 20 east.  Instead of going to Idaho Falls we veer north/northeast on Route 33 to Howe.

Then Route 33 crosses the flat landscape of INEEL (Idaho National Engineering and Environmental Laboratory) and the nuclear testing area.

The restricted access signs remind me of something Alcides told me, back at Pagari Bridge.

A friend of his lost his horse.  The horse had wandered into the Idaho National Laboratory. As the website (above link) says, “INL’s isolated site, test bed infrastructure, and applied-science focus make it a major center for national security technology development and demonstration.”

Which is to say, one does not take a stroll here.

The friend climbed over the fence to retrieve the horse and within two minutes he was approached by uniformed personnel in a jeep and on two motorcycles.  I assume he and the horse were escorted OUT promptly.

This anecdote left me with the question:  How did the horse get in there?

Anyway . . .

We pass through Mud Lake (charming name for a town, eh?), cross Interstate 15, and arrive in the hustle-bustle of Rexburg, home of Brigham Young University.

The PTV valiantly tows the BLT through downtown Rexburg to turn north in search of . . . .


I stock up on supplies and then we zip across town, southward, to our camp for the night — Sheffield RV Park, an oasis of green in an area of much pavement.

Kathy, who owns and manages the place with her husband Val, dismounts from her riding lawn mower to direct us to a site.

Seeing the crew jumping around excitedly in the PTV, she says, “You’ll like this spot. There’s plenty of shade and grass for your dogs.”

I pay for two nights which comes to $52 and change.

This will give me a day to relax and do laundry.  Showers will be nice . . . . .and a place to dump the trash, no minor amenity after boondocking!

I walk Reggie and Roger around the park which is lovely with its many mature conifers and cheery flower beds.

I eat lunch at our red picnic table and watch the boys play.






At this time I’m coping with the 12-volt system not working in the Best Little Trailer.

This has made me dependent upon the Perfect Tow Vehicle for charge for the laptop, Verizon jetpack, and my camera’s battery.

It’s nice to have hook-ups so I can blog inside the BLT without concern for running out of charge.  I’m able to catch up on my emails, web surfing, and camp research, and also write a couple blog posts.

Look at these two pals!

Sure, they have their disagreements, like who gets to eat the kibble out of both bowls. Sometimes Roger gets a little carried away when rough-housing with Reggie and I break them up before someone is hurt.

When we are at a convenient camp where we can stay put for a while, I’ll make an appointment with a vet to help Roger find his feminine side.

The shower-and-laundry house is near our campsite.

I walk over to move the laundry from the washer to the dryer.  When I return, this is what I find waiting for me.

Coming up in the next post:

The crew and I leave Rexburg for a forest boondock!



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69 Responses to Moving camp to an oasis in the city

  1. Dawn in MI says:

    I visited Crater of the Moon as a kid once. Bet it still looks the same.

    • Dawn in MI says:

      PS: I love the flowers at the campground….and the grass. We always seem to camp on dirt, which isn’t complimentary to my dog Princess Katie. 🙂

  2. Dawn in NC says:


  3. Ilse in Sequim says:


    • Ilse in Sequim says:

      This Monday I left my Swiss Army knife in my purse going through security at Dulles airport and now the TSA owns it. Live and learn. Had to replace it. A few pennies to you. Every little bit helps, right?!

  4. Barb from Hoquiam! says:

    OK, I am commenting 🙂

  5. Boots in Montana says:

    Beautiful snow capped mountains!

  6. Kristi & Daisie (currently in Nampa, ID) says:

    I know you’ve probably already taken care of Roger, but just in case–I lived in Idaho Falls for 13 years. I thoroughly recommend Willow Creek Animal Hospital on the north side of Idaho Falls. And–if you decide you’d like a forest boondock near Kilgore, I can direct you to some camp spots up that way. Have fun!

  7. Barb from Hoquiam! says:

    LOL OK this is a real comment… What a pretty spot. I am always so shocked at how much less costly (most of the time) the private parks are. Our WA parks are at least 45 a night for trailer hookup, and they charge you extra for prime spots. And you need tokens for the showers. 🙁

    I wonder what is going through Roger-Dodgers mind… when he seems concerned. He is sort of a ‘Where’s Waldo’ in reverse… where oh where did he come from? But more importantly, he has his Sue and Reggie now!

    Very tired and bad headache today. I have my walk for awareness here in Hoquiam tomorrow. I enjoy it a lot, but MANY headaches have come my way this year and I am just ‘spent’. I need a t shirt that says ” Embrace the OOPS”

    Hugs from the storm zone… yup, that too. The barometric pressure reading looks like an EKG.


    • Karen in Pacific NW says:

      Fortunately in Washington state there are various options for discounts for residents for the camping fees in state parks which are worth checking out to see if you might qualify to get them.

      For instance if you are a low income senior, if you are disabled, if you are a foster family, etc.

      • rvsueandcrew says:

        Thank you, Karen. These passes you mention are for residents of Washington state only.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      I hope you feel better soon, Barb.

    • Krystina says:

      Darn headaches!!! Have you tried magnets for them? Not all magnets are equal though. Go to the website to read about them. When I had the shingles (thank you again for taking care of me xx) I used a vibrating magnet item from Nikken on my back when I got out of bed in the morning and the pain was gone within about 8 minutes. Magnets relax the muscles that are tight around an injury or whatever. I sleep on a magnet mattress, wear magnetic insoles in my shoes…etc. Thank goodness I found Nikken because they saved me from a lot of pain. I hope you feel better soon.

      • Barb from Hoquiam! says:

        Oh Kristina, thank you!

        I am fine. The barometric pressure has been doing loopdiloops 🙂 Knowing there is an end to the pain is the best! 🙂

        My BIG event is today. Thankful for my own organization skills that I can pull off the Different Abilities Walk, Roll & Stroll for our community! Whoot Whoot!


  8. milliehubbard says:

    Look at that lovely green grass!! I bet it feels really good on the Crew feet…and yours too Sue!! Looks like the boys are having a grand old time!! Enjoy this lovely spot.

  9. Beautiful site.
    Just look at those two! They just make me smile all over!

  10. DianeJ says:

    Looks like Reggie got his cute little hiney all tangled up! 😉

  11. AlanOutandAbout - in Hurricane/Zion. says:

    BYU-Idaho the real one is in Provo Utah. had me going there for a minute. Looks like a nice Park, whats the monthly rate?


    PS: Hurricane 105 tomorrow, 115 Monday. Heading for Grand Junction Tomorrow

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Sheesh, keep cool, Alan! I’m sorry I don’t know the monthly rate. The rate I paid was with a Good Sam’s discount. It was a hot day and I didn’t feel like asking for details.

  12. Jan From MI now back in MI says:

    Great posts, I read them all but seldom comment.
    We recently returned to MI and are in between Davison & Mt. Pleasant as we have memberships in private parks here.
    It was a long grinding trip back from AZ as we had a date we had to get back for and couldn’t stop much. we drove over 11,000 foot mountains in Colorado and couldn’t stop in South Dakota like we had planned but will get back there soon.
    We have not boondocked yet but saw hundreds of them in Quartzsite AZ and Blyth, CA. We do not have solar panels to do that but sure want to try it soon as campgrounds can be expensive every night.
    Best of luck with new crew and getting Roger calmed down some.

  13. Jan NH says:

    HAHA, I love the statement, ‘help Roger find his feminine side’. It is a great way to describe though.

    The picture of them looking for you as you returned from laundry is precious….kind of like they were playing and then all of a sudden looked up and said. “What! Where did Mom go! How dare you leave without us!”

    • Rover Ronda (WA) says:

      😃I thought they looked like they were saying something like that too.
      “Hey, Reggie, where’d Mom go? Did you see her leave?”
      “I think she went that way.”

  14. Karen in Pacific NW says:

    Well he can’t find his feminine side from that surgery as he will never have those kind of hormones but he can find his “gender neutral” side 😉

  15. Pat in Rochester says:

    I love how you put that, “find his feminine side”. Will have to share that with my rescue friends.

  16. Cinandjules 🌵 says:

    Wonderful place to settle for a moment!
    Laundry hook ups and showers to boot! Yay
    The crew looks happy……Rog will figure out the routine soon enough. Finding his feminine side will help also.
    Have a great day

  17. Chris B and Diego says:

    You sure can’t complain about that view you had when walking back from the laundry area. I love views like that. Two happy dogs always anxious to see you! Every time you post the two little monsters with their mouths wide open, it make me chuckle. I love watching dogs play and always wonder what they are thinking when they do the silly stuff that they do.

    Sorry to hear about the 12 volt problem. Speaking of problems, how is your new refrigerator working? Clete wanted me to ask you. Also, would you please tell me the model that you purchased? Mine is 13 years old now and everytime I’m frustrated and ready to buy a new one, it works like a champ, then the next trip is nothing but problems. Freezer is cold, but not fridge. We check the little orifice before the burner and find three or four teeny, tiny black particles. It’s to the point where we have to clean it before every trip to make it work consistently. But then again, sometimes even that doesn’t work. There must be junk in the lines. Clete is so frustrated that he wants to get rid of the entire thing and put in an ice chest. Chris and Diego say, “NO WAY!” The battle continues……….

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Chris B. and Diego,

      My new Dometic refrigerator and freezer runs great! Tell Clete it is an RM2454 model manufactured in 2016. You may remember I had to wait for it to be built. I don’t know what the supply situation is now. I keep it on the 3 setting and that’s almost too cold. My previous fridge (same model) would’ve lasted longer if I hadn’t destroyed it.

      • Chris B and Diego says:

        Thanks for the info, Sue. I remember that your fridge’s body was breaking bit by bit and that you were using duct tape. I’ll have to check availability. I just tested our fridge at home and it ran like a champ! Typical!

        Thanks again,

  18. Terri from Texas says:

    Your photo header is wonderful! We have Swallows at our house evrry year. 2 nests on the house which they come back and use for years! This year we knocked one down cause they didnt like it anymore but they will build a new one in the same place. I can usually see the babies grow up and leave. Take care!

  19. Dave Burdick says:

    Sue, I think you have what they call an “in line fuse” that blew. Google it and then select “images” so you can see what they look like. It should only be a $2-$3 cost at the most if YOU can figure out where the fuse is that blew.

    I love Roger and Reggie…glad you took Roger to be Reggie’s companion (not that he is your companion or anything…lol) — Dave, Marcia, Skruffy and Bubba

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Thanks, Dave… I checked the fuses in the converter and all seems well. I didn’t find a reset button, in case anyone thinks of that. I’ll follow your advice and research online.

  20. Terri From Texas says:

    Just wondering, how often do rv park owners know who you are or recognize you, Rv Sue, when you pull into a place?
    Just curious, thats all.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      RV park owners rarely recognize me. I don’t think they are part of “my demographic.” 🙂

  21. Renee from Idaho says:

    Hi Sue! I loved that picture of what was waiting for you on your way back from the laundry! Cute. I love that part of Idaho. We prefer to visit Yellowstone by way of Hwy 20 and up into West Yellowstone. I’m so surprised at the abundance of beautiful flowers at the RV park. I would’ve thought it might still be a slow spring. I know we are almost into July, but we still continue to have cool weather here in Boise.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      We’ve run into some cool weather, too, Renee. I’m thinking “This is June?”

      • Sarvi in OR says:

        The past week has been cool in the Willamette Valley. My mom was visiting for 8 days to attend the high school graduation of my youngest, and it was cool and rainy the whole time she was here. She left yesterday, and by tomorrow it’s supposed to warm up. Sunday and Monday will be in the mid-80s.

      • AZ Jim (thanking the powers for A/C) says:

        Warm? You want warm? 117 right now and will hit 119-122 coming soon to a Cactus near me!!!

  22. Barbara (Nashville) says:

    Pretty park. Love all the grass and flowers. The photo of Reg & Rog when you came back from the laundry is priceless. Right now Angel is running around the house barking at guys doing the weed-whacking and blowing off the clippings. What a crazy dog!!

  23. Pauline in Mississippi says:

    WOW!! That place is GREEN!! Looks lovely with those blue flowers. Love the pictures of the boys playing. It is great that they get on so well.
    Hope you have a great weekend.
    Love and hugs to you, Reggie and Roger.

  24. rvsueandcrew says:

    Thanks, everyone, for your comments. I appreciate and enjoy every message. Due to the charging situation (I’m in the PTV with the engine running, with the crew right now), I won’t reply to every comment.

    From what you’ve written, I do believe I now have a crew that knows how to bring smiles!

    Be well, safe, and happy,

  25. Sheila Melcher says:

    Oh my, I was just in the same area (Arco) as you, going from Salmon to McCall and would have loved to meet you. Roger is such a wonderful addition to your crew and I’m happy he ended up with you and Reggie.

  26. Carol in MT says:

    Must feel like major civilization after boon docking for awhile. Showers even!

  27. Those boys are really something. Still can’t believe how they roughhouse with their cables on! Hope you get your charging figured out soon.

  28. cc and canine ( now in Oregon) says:

    So sorry to hear that you are having problems with your 12V system. When you were in Rogerson you mentioned going into Twin Falls and not being able to get a timely appointment to fix the Wave 3 propane pipe leak. Then, the tongue jack got buggered up when the tongue came off the ball. Have you been able to have any of this taken care of, or are things just stacking up on you??

    I know that it can be hard to find a shop with openings…when we have had problems on the road, we have had good luck by asking the campground host. or RV Park owner to recommend a good mobile RV mechanic in the area. Usually these guys are really good, can source the parts that they need in a timely fashion, and are not interested in upselling you anything. We had great luck with them in S. Dakota when our furnace blower fan was burnt out….

    I hope that you can put together a plan….The pups will keep you occupied, and put a smile on your face! Good luck…

  29. Reine in Plano (when not camping) says:

    When you have good signal and dependable power you might try posting a question on the CasitaForum. Just don’t be shocked when you open it up if you haven’t been on it in several weeks. Webmaster Gene had trouble with the hosting company and moved the forum to a new company. He also had to update the software so the look is slightly different. But the info if still wonderful.

    FYI, Summer HAS arrived in Plano, Texas. 95-98 here with heat indexes in the 104 – 106 range. Heat is bad, heat and humidity are awful.

    • Susan in south central WA says:

      Reine, I live in the desert in WA state. If the humidity gets over 24% i am dying! Lived in MD for a few years and almost looked forward to our 112F summer dsys with only 10% humidity.

  30. weather says:

    What a lovely campground! Sheffield’s seems to have understood the concept of a park as a public garden. I’m glad you didn’t have to stay at an unattractive place in order to have more comfortable internet access and the other amenities available there.

    This post was written about June 5th and 6th when Roger had only been with you for a week. Hopefully by now he’s riding more calmly when you drive. I trust that in time he and Reggie will understand the boundaries you are teaching them, so you won’t feel the need to be vigilant during mealtimes and when they are roughhousing.

    Considering both of their histories it’s likely that being together every day now is the most fun they’ve ever had consistently.There will be plenty of years in their future for calm companionship and explorations together. This youthful and exuberant phase is a special time in their lives and in yours, Sue. One day as you look back at this part of your journey that’s what you’ll remember, not what needed to be fixed, repaired or changed. I hope amid all your tasks you find time to savor what’s wonderful today.

  31. The pictures of the crew play wrestling, reminds me of the way 8-9 year old boys play.
    Brings a smile to my face.

  32. Li says:

    Enjoy your posts. You pals crack me up! Thx

  33. Susan Vlastelica says:

    I wonder if whomever had Roger before took him for a ride and then left him! Could be why he was whining. Maybe he is afraid you are going to dump him somewhere. Hope he feels more loved a secure soon.

  34. rvsueandcrew says:

    Happy Father’s Day!

    I hope you are enjoying this day.


  35. NovaScotiaSue says:

    Hi Sue.
    I’m losing track of where you are nowadays. You move so fast 😯
    Hopefully the weather is good where you are. The boys look like that are constantly in play/male testosterone mode. I hope they aren’t tiring you out yet lol

  36. Mertinkentucky says:

    I love the look on rogers face in the last picture. Looks like he is saying ” say what reg? Are you kidding me” lol. Both are sooo cute!! Happy and safe travels to u 3!!
    Mert and asia hot as the hinges in kentucky.

  37. ApplegirlNY says:

    Hi Sue, and Blogorinos. It’s been fun catching up on the blog. Those sheep! Oh my goodness, what a sight. I also love the picture in this post of the beautiful blue flax in front of that Airstream. I’ve had them in my garden for years. They will find a breeze to dance in when everything else is still.

    Well, we had to say good bye to our beloved Blaze this past week. He was one of our Springers – brothers from the same litter. What a loving critter he was. We were hoping to have him at home for a gentle passing, but it was not meant to be. He had a day of such suffering, it was not to be borne, so we were off to the vet for assistance in his final hour. As many of you know, it never gets easier. His brother is missing him, so he’s getting lots of extra attention and treats – he’ll probably put on a couple of pounds – oh well. He’s got a lot of life left in him, bless his heart. So, a rough week, but new and bright days ahead. While we are sad, honestly the stress of the inevitable is behind us, so we are actually sleeping better.

    Happy Father’s day to everyone who is a Father or who has a Father. God Bless you all!

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Yes, “new and bright days ahead” for you, your dear Blaze in doggie heaven, and his brother. Bless you as you heal from the hurt and as you help the pup you have with you go through this time of loss.

    • Cinandjules 🌵 says:

      Saddened for you! Take care.

  38. Joyce sutton says:

    Been playing catchup on the blog. Been in that area or probably further north lately. Was in the valley for that 9 in snow up on the passes but set it out lower down. 29* one morning and 31* the next. Drove straight to the 90* in eastern sd and then home to 98. From an igloo to a sauna. I guess I’m glad to be back but disappointed after all the repairs on my motor home I have more and broke down on the road big time. Had to have my transmission rebuilt. Twenty years of carrying good Sam and did I ever use it this trip. North Washington state was really pretty. First time to that state and to BC Ozarkjoy is back in the ozarks

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Joyce . . ..Oh, dear, transmission trouble… I’m glad you have Good Sam.

      This has been the most unpredictable, changeable weather this year that I’ve ever experienced since hitting the road in 2011. Well, as long as we’re out of hurricanes, tornadoes, and such, we’re doing fine.

  39. Desert Ginger in Albuquerque says:

    Well, I’m on the road. Spent last night at a Walmart in Albuquerque. Had gone to the Turquoise Trail campground at Cedar Crest but it was at 6500 feet, which is too high for me. My lips started to get numb and my fingers tingled, which are signs of not enough oxygen for me. So I turned around and went back thinking ‘duh, the name of this place is Cedar Crest. Crest is usually a mountaintop. How dumb am I?’ I will be sure to check elevation before I head off to any ore campsites. Now I am at Starbucks, getting ready to work for the day. After that I will do some driving but I must find an actual campground for tonight. The parking lot was ok but we need to spread out a bit more. But we are on our way!

    • Cinandjules 🌵 says:

      Safe travels DeGin and Chloe!
      Great that you are aware of symptoms and know how to alleviate them!

      You picked a great week to go…as it is absolutely scorching here! Temps right now is standing at 120 degrees. On the flip side..Jules is in NY with rain.

      • ApplegirlNY says:

        Yes, it hasn’t stopped raining up here in NY. Quite a few power outages today due to thunderstorms. 120 degrees where you are, yikes!

  40. Susan in south central WA says:

    Good morning Sue and Crew! We’re heading westbound on I-84 near Bliss ID right niw so even though we’re no where close, it’s probably the closest we’ve been. Spent the3 night in Twin Falls. Beautiful morning isn’t it.

  41. BJ says:

    On the Birds —- Willet and female oriole (bill is too big long and narrow for female gold finch or warbler – I was an ornathology major in college – loved this post (and personal favorite is the cinnamon teal ❤️

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