“Not cool, Reggie”

Friday, February 12

P1090506-001Rugged beauty of the desert — Blythe, California

Temperatures are rising!

While a large part of the country is in a deep freeze, the temperatures at our Midland LTVA camp in southeastern California are in the mid to high 80s (F).  And that means when you stand on the sunny side of the Best Little Trailer in full sun the air feels like it’s in the 90s.

The desert can be an unforgiving place, no doubt about that. 

However, unlike the steamy, hot and humid places on this planet, the desert is merciful once the sun goes down, merciful for RVers such as me and the crew.  I continue to be surprised that in the middle of the night I’m putting on sweatpants and my hand-knitted socks to ward off the chill.  About eight hours later I’m in tank top and shorts seeking shade!

While the air is cool and fresh in the morning, Reggie and I walk toward the mountains.

Bridget wants to stay in bed.  Reggie loves walks!

P1090505-001On the way we find isolated campsites that are within the boundary of the Long Term Visitor Area.

P1090503These sites don’t see a lot of use, probably because they are far from the entrance and the main road.   I like the site in the next photo.

P1090500Back at camp, we find Bridget content and happy to see us.

I set up the crew’s play area on the blue mat — quilt pallet, toys, water dish, chew bones, and doggie bed.

It won’t be long and this area will become very hot if I don’t do something.

I bring out the awning.  The bright sunshine still comes in under the awning.

Hmm . . . I need to create more shade.  What do I have?  Aha!  The old, tan quilt will work!

P1090509I use clothespins to attach the quilt to the awning. 

Then I move the table so the quilt drapes over it, tent fashion.

Oh, this is nice!  It blocks the sun very well.  I like it!

I dash inside to get my camera.  Efforts to include Bridget and Reggie in the photos fail.  Reggie keeps walking behind me and Bridget darts under the BLT (See photo above — She’s behind the step.).

“Gollee, guys.  I could use a little cooperation here!”

Anyway . . . . It’s surprising how cool this little sitting room/doggie playroom is!

P1090511Plus the shade helps the interior of the BLT remain cool, too.

After relaxing with a drink and my Paperwhite, I set up a wash station. First I wash me, then I wash the dishes (no, not the same water!).  Bridget and Reggie lie at my feet, playing and snoozing on the quilt.

I have all the windows of the BLT open, of course, as well as the ceiling vent.  When we go inside, I turn on the Fantastic Fan in the ceiling which has a setting for blowing the air in and a setting for blowing the air out.

We’re comfortable with this set up.

During the hottest part of the afternoon, I sit outside reading and the crew relaxes nearby.  Then I get an idea.

Gee, this would be a good time to let Reggie off his tether.  He’s not going to wander in this heat and no one is close by to distract him.

“Come here, Reg.  Let me take that suit off you.”

I keep an eye on him as he explores the campsite. 

As expected he soon returns to the shade.  He does this a few times and then settles down to snooze on the quilt.

P1090513I need to tell you about the girl next door.

Yesterday, while the sun is low in the sky, Bridget, Reggie, and I walk the lane.  We stop occasionally to give the Bridge a rest.  I praise her often for walking with us.

P1090495We pass the Class A where a man camps with his dog, a chihuahua.  He hasn’t had the dog long, according to the camp host.  The man found the dog and took her in, figuring he’d soon turn her over to a rescue group.

Well, as often happens with a stray dog . . . .

The man becomes attached to the chihuahua and decides to keep her.  She’s a pretty thing, mostly white with ears that stick up like Bridget’s.  Sadly she’s very skittish, fearful both of people and dogs.

For that reason the crew and I don’t approach her as we pass her campsite.  We pause so that everyone can look each other over.

Although the chihuahua is curious, she keeps her distance.

P1090498After a minute or so she runs behind the Class A to hide.  Reggie leaves his calling card on a bush and we continue on our way home.

P1090497-001Okay, so here we are the next day and Reggie is off his tether.

You can guess what happens. I look up from my Paperwhite.  No Reggie.

“Reggie!” I exclaim, leaping out of my lounger.  Bridget wakes up and follows me out to the lane.  At that moment I hear the man’s voice.  I never hear the man’s voice.  His camp is far from ours.

“Uh-oh.  Reggie went over to visit that chihuahua!”

I take off running.

Soon I see the man at his campsite and Reggie is trotting all around like he owns the man’s Class A.

The man shouts, “Go home!”

I continue running toward the scene.  Reggie sees me and sprints toward me, all excited and proud of himself.

I call out to the man.

“I am so sorry!  I apologize!”

He responds, “I don’t mind him coming over here to play but he’s peeing all over my stuff!”

“Oh, noooo!  Reggie!”

It’s hot, I’m panting, and I’m about to melt right into the desert sand with embarrassment.  I apologize again and turn toward our camp.  Reggie races ahead of me.

That little devil.

Finally the heat slows him down, he comes to his senses, and, with tongue hanging, he trots over to me.  His attitude is “Wow!  Did you see what I did? That was FUN!”

I pick him up and carry him home.

So much for being aware how your actions affect others . . . . Sheesh, how embarrassing.  That poor guy. We’re all conserving water.  It’s not like he can hose off his stuff . . .

“That was NOT cool, Reggie.”

I put him inside the BLT.  He slurps up some water and jumps into bed.

Is that a self-satisfied grin?  What a rascal!

P1090516“Can you believe it, Bridge?  He went over there and peed!  I guess he thought that would impress the girl.”

P1090517“It’s not funny, Reggie!”



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134 Responses to “Not cool, Reggie”

  1. David Ainley (back in Kentucky) says:

    Did I make it?

  2. Pat H....now at Salton Sea. . says:


  3. Shawna (Far Northern Cali) says:

    Dang…. Third. Or more; hard to say how many will chime in before I get this typed.
    Reggie, you little stinker! But being “mama” to boys I know how that goes with the leg raise. And you had fun, didn’t you! Gotta love boys.
    Please don’t embarrass RV Sue again, she’ll stop letting you off leash.

  4. David Ainley (back in Kentucky) says:

    Yep. I’d say that is one self-satisfied grin on a dog if I ever saw one. LOL. But, Hey, a dog’s gonna do what a dog’s gotta do. Don’t be too hard on Reggie Man. There is a little lady over there after all.

    See if you can send a little of that warm weather this way. It’s 23 degrees with a 10 MPH North wind here in Kentucky. Brrrr…. At least it’s sunny.

  5. Renee Galligher says:

    Not quite first.

  6. Judy in East texas says:

    Oh my, that look on his face in that picture is perfect. I can just hear the thoughts ….ha ha I escaped for really good adventure….I marked all their space so they will never forget me….ha ha ha….don’t be mad mom it was so much fun. I will laugh at this for the rest of the day.
    Stay safe out there and rock on

  7. Hi Sue, good idea to use the old quilt as a sunshade. That Reggie sure is a stinker. He will learn one day.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Lisa W…. Yeah, the quilt works great. It’s afternoon as I type this inside the BLT and we’re very comfortable. Why buy a shade cloth… It’s not like we have to look good…

      • Velda in Roseville CA says:

        Although, just thinking, shade cloth would allow breeze through while obscuring sun and view from others. But I like the quilt.

        • rvsueandcrew says:

          You’re right, Velda, about a shade cloth allowing breeze. By happenstance (and not by plan) the breeze comes right through our shaded sitting area. That’s not always going to happen. I think this is the first time I’ve ever hung something up for shade.

  8. Pauline in Mississippi says:

    How funny!!! LOL….that little scamp! The pictures are adorable…how could you be upset too long with that little fella?!!! HOWEVER….I know it was frightening to realize he was gone and Yes, I am sure it was embarrassing also.
    Glad all is well.
    Lots of love and Big Hugs and HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY TO EVERYONE!!
    P.S. Jerold got me a box of chocolates and a 22 caliber pistol 🙂

  9. Renee Galligher says:

    Oh boy, that little stinker. Reggie seems to have had the last “word” with that look!

  10. Cynthia from San Clemente, CA says:

    OMG – Reggie is such a guy! They just have to pee wherever they go so the world will know they’ve been there!! The Bridge was smart not to chase after you – she would have been mortified!! But lord, doesn’t he look content?

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Cynthia from San Clemente, CA….

      Reggie thinks it all was wonderful… I couldn’t figure out a way to let him know what was wrong. I couldn’t scold him after he walked over to me.

  11. Boy is he full of himself or what! LOL! That’s cute! That’s not even checking pee mail that’s showing off and marking territory. That would be how my Boomer would be.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Sandra,

      Reggie goes from being a scared, little boy, hiding from gunshots, to the big man showing off in the desert.

  12. Lynn Brooks says:

    Ohhhh Dear –
    Naughty Reggie!

  13. Sandy says:

    the last two picture of Reggie are adorable!! I really liked your shade set-up. Clothes pins; ya gotta love ’em

  14. Cinandjules (NY) says:

    What a rascal indeed!

    And that smirk!

  15. Lee J in Northern California says:

    What a rascal! My Arlo would so do the same thing and be proud of it!

    I think I figured out the stange microphone on my Amazon page when I go there from your link. I just ask for whatever I want. Orally. No typing! Smart iPhone iPad.
    I see the zero gravity chair showed up, so it works! I sent the chair to my grandaughter, it is hard for her to sit upright for longer than an hour, she loves it! It is so nice to be able to order something and have it sent to someone else, with my prime membership it is no more cost to boot!
    Clever sunshade!

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Great! You’re the one who ordered the chair! I’m glad to know your order went through as you wanted it to. I never did see the book you mentioned.

      That was a good idea to send your granddaughter a lounger. Thank you for including us in the process!

  16. Robin Shaw says:

    Omg in the photo of Reggie lying down but with his eyes open he looks like he has a self-satisfied grin on his doggie face…like, “Mom, you’re never gonna believe what I did over there…it was so much fun…”

    Truthfully, I was very worried that what he did was mount the girl next door, but peeing on your neighbor’s stuff is pretty bad, too. The poor guy has to now get urine smell off his stuff…you don’t happen to have any Nature’s Miracle on hand you could lend the guy, do you?

    Well, he probably won’t be asking you over for a drink or anything, will he! Robin in NC

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Robin,

      No worry about Reggie…. He’s been neutered. His interest in the girl is for someone to play. He’s a very sociable guy!

      I don’t expect an invitation from our neighbor. 🙂

  17. bess in eugene, oregon says:

    hi Sue and Blogorinos, i wanted to add a couple of campground host stories from people that we have talked with over the years. they received free camping sites for their work, and sometimes a stipend.

    one couple, from an unamed western state, sold their house, bought a big trailer and pickup, and came to their first hosting spot on the Oregon Coast at Carl G. Washburne State Park. ( a very nice campground but like all Oregon State campgrounds, not cheap.) we had rented a yurt right across the road from the host. i spoke with her about hosting and she said she was waiting for the day their contract was up to return home because she hated the trailer, missed her house and family back home, and didn’t like talking to the campers. her husband was doing all the jobs and she was biding her time till she could leave.

    another story: we met a friendly couple at Wizard Falls Fish Hatchery near Camp Sherman Oregon (the falls no longer have water because the hatchery diverted the water) who were “caretakers” under contract to mow the green lawns and sit on the bench and visit with people. they loved it and were heading out to another assignment soon.

    we know of one lady who dressed in period costumes and acted the part of a lighthouse keepers wife while showing people around the facilities at Haceta Head in Oregon.

    at a wildlife refuge in Southern Oregon, we had a host who’s job was to just be a “presence” and he didn’t have to do anything. camping there was free for everyone so his reward was he didn’t have to move after 14 days. i liked having him nearby, just in case….

    at a campground outside Santa Cruz California on Labor Day weekend, our host abandoned his job when the drunk college kids got out of control. we were afraid to leave our tent to go complain to the host. in the morning, he told us we should have called the state police. at that time, before cell phones, we would have had to walk to the pay phone by the kiosk, right by the rowdy fistfighters with gunshots.

    at Capital Reef National Park in Utah, we arrived the day that all FOUR camp hosts had pulled up and left because the duties were so hard and the campers were sooooo demanding. so there was no one to register us. finally the next day, real park rangers came with their clipboards to each site to figure out who had paid and what date of arrival. they were pleasant but also put out that they had to do this job.

    so these few stories could inform people who may want to host that there are all kinds of jobs and that they should find a hosting situation that fits their desires and talents.

    i enjoyed these post and really like the one today.

    by the way, where is the site of the photo on the home page at the top with the evergreen trees and big mountains? beautiful! bess

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Very interesting comment, bess! I’m pleased to see someone continue the camp host conversation here.

      Reading about the rowdy campers with gunshots reminds me why I love camping off by myself and answers the question I’m often asked, “Aren’t you afraid out there alone?” No, it’s safer “out here!”

      The photo presently in the header is our camp in the Absaroka Mountains of Wyoming, near Dubois.

      More photos in this post: “Camp Absaroka” — A river runs through it.

      Thanks for adding much information to my blog. I appreciate your contribution!

      • bess in eugene, oregon says:

        thanks Sue! you are important to me and i think of you everyday, knowing that you are spreading light and love on your trip through life. i cheer you!

    • Cheryl O. (WA state) says:

      My coworker is the cousin of the gal who dons costumes at the lighthouse. He told me about her when I talk to him about my desire to fulltime rv. I told him I know I wouldn’t want to do that, but she apparently enjoys it. Thanks for those examples of hosting. I attended a seminar at the RV show yesterday about camphosting in the Wash. State parks. The gal explained it to be organized in the way of making sure you explain in your application what exactly you want to do and where you want to stay, since there’s a variety of positions to voluteer for.

      I’m thinking I might camphost some day, but not for a long time with all the exploring I want to do.

      • bess in eugene, oregon says:

        hi cheryl,

        that is cool that your friend is related to that lady. she was a fun person and i can see how she would be good at it.

        i have been thinking that if Barry and I ever did volunteer at camps, i would like to be someone that rakes up the campsites. one campground we visited had been cared for by the hosts by raking around the firepit every time a camper departed. it felt like having clean sheets in a hotel room.

        i might even like to be someone that re-plants trees and shrubs to re-furbish the areas that have been downtrodden by campers over the years. personally, i like campsites that have privacy bushes between sites, especially if the sites are close together.

        these two jobs might have more freedom than being the camp host.

  18. Dawn in MI says:

    Awwww Reggie-man! You did two things wrong. One you left without telling RV Sue where you were going, and two you tried to impress a girl by being macho. Never works, let me tell you. Next time try bringing her a toy instead. Just some advice.

  19. weather says:

    You always have loved making tents, nice job on that one, child’s play pays off again 🙂
    It’s good to see Bridget in some pics, and to know she’s out walking with the bonus of your extra praise. Such a happy crew must please you ever so. I guess the guy camped near you is finding out there’s more to adopting a dog than just giving her some kibble and petting her. In real life the Reggie’s in this world will do that type of thing until he either socializes his timid little girl or keeps her hidden away. My polite, considerate and well behaved little guy would proudly lift his leg anytime and anywhere it suited his purpose, just part of canine culture. I do hope that there are no hard feelings between you human campers, that if anything needed rinsing off he has water, from his own supply or yours. Up until that incident it sounds like Reggie was doing great in his off tether training, smart of you to take advantage of the heat/shade combo to use for that. Enjoy your gorgeous desert days , nights and crew-they’re all perfect, as is.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      You remember so many details (making tents) about me, weather! It astonishes me!

      I don’t think there are hard feelings. I have the impression the man likes to be by himself, even when his neighbor doesn’t urinate on his belongings. 🙂

      Reggie has been doing great with his training. He’s making slow and steady progress. For instance, when I pick up his suit in order to take him outside, his usual reaction is to scamper around, stretch out a back leg, then stretch out the other back leg, roll over on his back, and so on. I don’t attempt to put on the suit until he responds to “Reggie, sit.” He goes through his antics and then he sits and waits. Wow!

      He’s gone from responding correctly to “Reggie, sit” to using that to communicate what he wants. First off, Reggie rarely sits. He’s usually in motion or he’s lying down. When he wants me to put on his suit so he can go outside, even in the middle of the night, he jumps off the bed, turns around to face me, and sits. And waits. Super wow!

      “Come here” works only when I want to unhook him from the tether, like when we go inside. It’s slow progress, but it’s progress!

      He responds to “No” and “Get in your bed” and to my personal favorite, “Stop it!” when he attacks my head before I’m fully awake.

      Enjoy your winter days of hibernating with the creatures you love…

      • weather says:

        You are understandably proud of Reggie’s intelligence and progress and of your training skill and pace. I really am impressed. He learned a lot in the short time that you three have been together. I think the steady mature influence of Bridget has played a part in that, too. The cat that is very obviously the father of the kittens here lives nearby, I’ve met him briefly a couple of times in recent months. This cold snap made him join his family in the porch. It’s incredibly heart warming to see mama, papa and their three young ones together…

      • weather says:

        Hi, Sue, I don’t know if you have or will be moving, I just thought I’d remind you about the shop rand mentioned (on the Towing to beat the wind post) in Blythe that could fix your stabilizer in case you stop in town . I know it’s a task to use those yet in some camps is helpful. I hope you and crew have a wonderful day, whatever you choose to do 🙂

        • rvsueandcrew says:

          Good morning, weather,

          Thank you for the reminder. It’s very thoughtful of you. I don’t seem to have the get-up-and-go to take care of that and it really isn’t very important to me. I hardly ever think of the stabilizers and wouldn’t put them down if they were in perfect condition.

          You have a wonderful day, too…

  20. Marcia GB in MA says:

    Naughty, naughty Reggie! He probably won’t be invited over for play time ? oh well, a guy’s gotta do what a guy’s gotta do!

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Marcia GB in MA

      Yeah, Reggie was being a dog. I should’ve anticipated he would want to run over to play with the chihuahua. I forgot about her when I took Reggie off the tether.

  21. Pookie in Todd Mission Tx says:

    Yep that Reggie is the man………thats what we males do…pee on everything
    to mark our spots………HA….what a guy
    that look of content on his face and that look from Bridgett is priceless…
    looks like she is saying…….I’d never do something like that……..
    thanks for that great post, Sue……..
    you better get to packing up to move soon…..winter is over for you..

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      You’re welcome, Chuck.

      And Bridget would be right… She’d never pee on somebody’s stuff!

      As for winter being over and us moving — It’s always been a challenge knowing when and where to move in spring. One year we were caught in a snowstorm in April in Arizona. Remember the snowy camp at Ely, Nevada? We camped there the last day of March and into April. But we did get to see the beautiful Ruby Mountains with their snowy peaks and it gave us a head start on summer destinations…

      I’m trying to come up with a plan for this year. So many choices! 🙂

      • Pookie in Todd Mission Tx says:

        I usually plant tomato plants on March 1st so I can eat maters by May 1st…..3 years ago I planted 200 mater plants and we got a hard freeze in late March and killed every one of them…..back to the drawing board.
        we hardly even get temps below 32 in winter here….

        • rvsueandcrew says:

          That must’ve made you sick to see all those plants killed. I’ve had similar experiences but not on that scale. I think tomatoes are tough to grow, at least they were in Georgia. . . . fungus, nematodes, pests, sun scald… There’s such a thing as too much sun on the garden. And one year the voles had a feast. I think they were Italian voles, out there making pizzas and spaghetti sauce. Took one bite out over every tomato and wrecked the eggplants. Love gardening though!

  22. Suzette (TN) says:

    Oh, my goodness! That last photo of Reggie made me laugh out loud. Thanks, gang. I needed that! 🙂


  23. Alice (So. Fla) says:

    LOL, What a little imp. Thanks for the great pics and a good laugh. Be well.

  24. Linda-NC says:

    Yes Reggie is quite the little man! Smirking I would say! A guy has to have some fun sometimes, don’t ya know? HA! Enjoy the sunshine. It is going to be 9 degrees tonight in Western NC mountains and more snow on the way. I am going to share your sunshine if you don’t mind.

  25. Dawn from Camano island says:

    Reg: “Just call me Mr. Smooth”.

    Bridge: “You’re in time out, Mister.”

    Priceless all round, including your shade room. We had a campfire tonight–it was so pleasant. We spend our entire day outdoors–what a treat outdoor living is!

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Dawn from Camano Island,

      Good morning! “What a treat outdoor living is!” I agree!

      Your quote for Bridget would make a good caption for the last photo. 🙂

  26. Rita from Phoenix says:

    OMG another little rascal in the crew….Reggie is soooo adorable. I remember Spike taking off to go visiting but I don’t recall him peeing on stuff. Maybe Reggie needs to be fixed or is he?

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Good morning, Rita from Phoenix,

      Reggie has been neutered. Rescue/adoption organizations won’t let a dog leave their care without first being spayed or neutered.

      Reggie does do a lot of marking, much more than Spike did. Maybe he does it a lot because he went straight from being lost and then in foster care to being a dog-with-ever-changing-homes.

      Spike was lost and in an animal control facility and then he came to me and lived in a stationary home for a few years. That might be why Spike knew not to pee wherever and whenever. Or it could be the difference in breeds, the age difference, different temperaments … It’s hard to know.

  27. BadgerRickInWis says:

    Oh Reggie, ya gotta earn getting off the tether. You blew it man!

    You make light of it but I’m sure your heart must have been pounding when you realized that he was gone. Good that he came to you when he saw you however, he’s learning. It’s just that the boy has so much energy that his little body can’t contain it all.

    Really love that last shot of HRH. Such a sweet girl and of course she would never do anything like that. In fact she looks a bit embarrassed for the both of them.

    Brilliant to turn your sun room into a shade room. It looks like the perfect little cozy nook in the desert. Take care.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Rick,

      You always say the sweetest things about Bridget. She is often appalled at Reggie’s behaviors. She looks at me like “What IS the matter with him?”

      It’s funny to watch them first thing in the morning. Reggie wakes up and is bouncing off the walls, wild and happy to be alive, full of playful spirit. Bridget surveys his antics with a deadpan face until he comes too close. Then she lets out a royal yip and the regal authority of her voice turns Reggie Man to stone. Funny!

      “I’m sure your heart must have been pounding when you realized that he was gone.”… That would be my reaction to losing you, Rick.

      • BadgerRickInWis says:

        Losing me? NOT gonna happen woman!

        Rest assured that even if I’ve not been commenting as much of late it’s got nothing to do with you and I will ALWAYS be following along. But I know in the past you have wondered about Blogorinos that fade out of the daily interaction so perhaps an explanation is in order.

        Part of it is just a realization that I need to spend less time sitting at the computer and more time up and moving. So more time at the gym, more time X-country skiing and hiking and less time moaning that I’m not yet in a little trailer in AZ. This also means that some days I have less time to follow along all the comments.

        I realized that sometimes I can become so focused on what I want that I fail to appreciate all the beauty in front of me now. Perhaps you struggled with this as well back when you were in Georgia pouring over Casita brochures? Perhaps it’s just my tendency to over analyze.

        At any rate always know that I will always be along for the ride. As I’ve said before I owe you and this community so much for kindling and nurturing my dreams. We’re family, and that means that we are always in each others hearts even when we are miles apart.

        BTW – Happy Valentine’s day to you and the crew.

        • rvsueandcrew says:

          I appreciate that, Rick. I’ll try to remember not to be concerned. Go ahead and live in the moment, enjoy what’s around you, and know that the crew and I will be here. Happy Valentine’s Day to you and yours.

  28. Elizabeth in WA says:

    How embarrassing Sue!! The only male dog we had is the only one we will have!! He was good with the kids, but in addition to refusing to house train, he went one day to just inside our door, as my dear friend came for dinner, and wet ON HER FOOT AND SHOE!! That did it…he was soon on his way…argh!! In retrospect I do think that dog was retarded…they can be, just like humans, I have heard. But for those who can manage such dogs…I say all power to you!! Guess you will be hesitant to turn Reggie loose huh? You have such a long leash for him, it should be ok anyway…

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Elizabeth in WA,

      Reggie has a good life even when he has to be on a leash when outside. I’m hoping the day will come when he won’t need it. I’ve seen his behaviors moderate in the past few months. He’s learning. It takes time, more with some than with others.

  29. Linda in Southern MN says:

    LOL I have two little boys that would have done the same thing! Glad Reggie was ok and is safe back at home.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Thanks, Linda in Southern MN,

      Speaking of Reggie… He’s begging for a walk and he’s right… We should walk before the morning coolness is gone.

      Enjoy your day!

  30. DesertGinger says:

    I love your tent arrangement. And while cloth might let breezes through, it would also wave about in the wind unless it had weights on the bottom. The quilt is heavy enough to hang pretty well. Looks dang cozy in there.

    I have spent th last couple days hanging around with my cousins. We went to The Getty today. I’m tired! Tomorrow is our last day together and we are going to have a picnic on the beach and just laze around. My kind of day! It has been so nice to see them and spend time with them. Then next week I have to spend Tuesday going to dmv to get my handicap plate, then all day Wednesday at hospital for tests, then part of the day Thursday for more tests. And on the weekend my son arrives.

    As the time grows closer I feel a bit more nervous. Has anyone here had heart surgery? I’m worried about the chest incision…so afraid it will be painful. I’m sick to death of being in pain and sick. This getting old is not for sissies!

    Well, I’m turning in. I need a lot of sleep lately. Hugs to all.

    • Elizabeth in WA says:

      My aunt came through triple heart bypass last December…over a year ago now…and is fine now…but it has taken her most of this last year to get to this place. She is 83…

      I think pain is relative to the person, Ginger…how can one even measure it to what another has?? Some people seem like complete sissies about it while others are tough as nails…I think I compare pain to the worst I have had…but as to another person? I hope and pray whatever happens to you, it will be bearable…try to focus upon “this too shall pass”…I remember being in hard labor many hours with my son…and thinking…well, this will end eventually…it did…but it was not fun! I think today too, they have many ways to help with pain…those pumps are a wonder…and I hope you get one!!

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Good morning, Ginger… I hope you slept well. Thanks for checking in with us. We’re with you, all the way, girl!

    • BadgerRickInWis says:

      Lucky girl, The Getty has been on my must see list for awhile now. Seems like a nice day.
      Regarding heart surgery my father had a couple of them and lived a full and active life for years afterwards. It’s true getting old is not for sissies. But then again girl you are anything but a sissy. Take care.

    • Pookie in Todd Mission Tx says:

      Ive been thru open heart surgery twice….you will get thru it.
      both times I woke up with the feeling Thank God Im alive…..
      ya just gotta take it slow and easy your first several weeks after
      the surgery…….and wait til you get to take your first hot bath..
      just soaking in hot water does wonders…..
      these doctors nowadays have it down to a T they have done it
      so much……
      my prayers are with you gal…

      • DesertGinger says:

        Thanks Chuck. I’m worried about my breast bone…does it hurt?

        • Pookie in Todd Mission Tx says:

          mine seems to tighten up when the weather changes but does not hurt anymore.
          at first you will sleep a lot which is part of healing. they put me to sleep in the hall
          and I woke up in recovery room…..nothing to it….within 2 weeks I was getting ansy
          at the house cause I couldnt drive and all my friends were working. I was ready to
          get out and go somewhere……
          you will do just fine young lady…..

  31. ValGal (westernWA) says:

    That’s one heck of a smirk on the Reggie Man! He’s thinking he got away with it. Of course, if he had to wander, better he did that than just go off and get lost. So, that’s something to be glad for.

    Thinking of you in the hot sun, while I’m shivering in cloudy coolness with a brisk wind. The pussy willows are out here, though! And I heard peepers!!!

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, ValGal in Western WA,

      Early signs of spring coming are a delight. Here in the desert, even though the current weather is like summer, I see signs of spring, too. The brittlebush, that bush that becomes a mound of yellow flowers in summer, is turning from brown to green.

      Peepers! Love that sound! Enjoy!

  32. Lois (AZ) says:

    Totally off subject…can someone tell me about “ad block” or “ad block plus”and how to do it…I have Internet Explorer Windows 10? It sure would help…??? My computer skills are ?

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Good morning, Lois (AZ),

      I didn’t know anything about blocking ads until someone on this blog told me to do a search for “ad bloc” and download it. You should see an icon appear (on my laptop it’s in the upper righthand corner). That icon will drop down a menu for disabling ads on specific pages or all ads. It doesn’t work 100% but it’s better than nothing. I wish I knew more to tell you…

      BLOGORINOS: Please, anyone, explain what can be done to prevent ads from popping up.

  33. No, not cool, but oh so funny 🙂 I still bet the little girl was impressed with his masculinity! These warmer temps make for nicer nights, but that sun is definitely getting hot already!

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Jodee,

      We’re having a real desert experience today — hot wind. And I don’t mean the bloviating kind. It’s very breezy and the breeze is hot!

      Yeah, the nights are cool, in both meanings of the word. Enjoy! 🙂

  34. AZ Jim says:

    I love Arizona, live here full time but I had to laugh when I found this little nugget:

    Ah, Arizona!
    (author unknown)

    The devil wanted a place on earth
    Sort of a summer home
    A place to spend his vacation
    Whenever he wanted to roam.

    So he picked out Arizona
    A place both wretched and rough
    Where the climate was to his liking
    And the cowboys hardened and tough.

    He dried up the streams in the canyons
    And ordered no rain to fall
    He dried up the lakes in the valleys
    Then baked and scorched it all.

    Then over his barren country
    He transplanted shrubs from hell.
    The cactus, thistle and prickly pear
    The climate suited them well.
    Now the home was much to his liking
    But animal life, he had none.
    So he created crawling creatures
    That all mankind would shun.

    First he made the rattlesnake
    With it’s forked poisonous tongue.
    Taught it to strike and rattle
    And how to swallow it’s young.

    Then he made scorpions and lizards
    And the ugly old horned toad.
    He placed spiders of every description
    Under rocks by the side of the road.

    Then he ordered the sun to shine hotter,
    Hotter and hotter still.
    Until even the cactus wilted
    And the old horned lizard took ill.

    Then he gazed on his earthly kingdom
    As any creator would
    He chuckled a little up his sleeve
    And admitted that it was good.

    Twas summer now and Satan lay
    By a prickly pear to rest.
    The sweat rolled off his swarthy brow
    So he took off his coat and vest.

    “By Golly, ” he finally panted,
    “I did my job too well,
    I’m going back to where I came from,
    Arizona is hotter than Hell. “

  35. AZ Jim says:

    Happy Valentines Day Ladies!!

  36. Elaine Mari says:

    Very entertaining write up. Looking forward to seeing that part of the world next winter on our travels. What a cute little pup. We have a little black and white thing name Charley after Charley in Steinbeck’s “Travels with Charley” who travels with us.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Elaine,

      Welcome to my blog and the world of blogorinos! I’m glad this post entertained you. Hugs to Charley!

      • Elaine Mari says:

        Thanks Sue. I have a private blog but don’t want to post the link publicly. As I can see you are someone who respects privacy I would like to share it with you just as you have shared with me. Is there an email address where I can send you the link so you can check out our adventures if you are interested.

        • rvsueandcrew says:

          I’m flattered that you would like to include me in your private circle, Elaine. I have a long-standing policy against giving out my email address. I’d soon be overwhelmed and I want my time and energy to be put into communicating here with my readers. Join us anytime!

  37. rvsueandcrew says:

    NOTE TO BARBARA (NASHVILLE)… Thinking of you and hoping you are completely healed and doing well . . . 🙂

    • bess in eugene, oregon says:

      i agree, thinking of you and wishing you the very best recovery. love cascades to you across the airwaves.

  38. theboondork says:

    Just thought I would check in and let you know I’m still reading through your blog, I’m most of the way through 2014 now. I haven’t had a whole lot of reading time lately, I moved over to Wickenburg last week where they’re having their annual Gold Rush Days and between that and the three day weekend the town has been packed.
    But I’ve enjoyed the parade, and the rodeo, and some of the other festivities, even though finding a parking place is a challenge. I’m Boondocking over at constellation city Park, and that to is crowded and noisy.
    Tomorrow or the next day I’m going to go to Box Wash just south of Wickenburg and get in my 14 days of free Boondocking there, and then maybe start thinking of someplace a little cooler.
    Here’s wishing you and Bridget a happy Valentine’s Day, guys don’t wish each other a happy Valentine’s Day.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Thank you, the boondock. Happy Valentine’s Day to you, too!

      Box Wash… I’m not sure I know where that is unless it’s off of Vulture Mine Road. The crew and I camped there; it’s about 3 miles south of Wickenburg, if I remember correctly. I can understand you wanting to put in some time boondocking. Sounds like you had fun!

      Nice hearing from you..

  39. theboondork says:

    There is a BLM Boondocking area about 3 miles south of town on vulture mine Road, but box wash is about 6 miles south of town on Vulture mine Road. I think a lot of folks with pets avoid Box Wash because of all the Chollas. Box Wash has incredibly beautiful scenery but I’ve never seen that many Chollas in one place before. In some areas there kind of scattered out so you can walk around but other areas there packed together so tight you can’t walk through them. And of course their little body parts are laying all over the ground so it would be a tough place for animals.
    I also heard a rumor that Box Wash was going to become a Maricopa County Park, which of course would mean pay to get in, and no Boondocking. When I was out there making a video a couple days ago there were some brand-new wooden stakes in the ground that look like survey stakes, so the rumor may be true

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Yes, there are a lot of cholla south of Wickenburg. That’s interesting about the possibility of another Maricopa County Park being set up there.

      Well, I hope you find a good spot!

  40. Mona from West Texas says:

    Just taking time to chime in. First time posting, I have been following you and your crew for months now. Love your photos, enjoy reading your adventures with your crew. I would like to know from you or your “Blogorinos”. Where do you find BLM Boondocking areas? Can you purchase a map, or search somewhere online. Thank-You for posting all you photos, I truly enjoy your blog.

    • bess in eugene, oregon says:

      hi Mona, Sue (and I) use Benchmark Maps and all the Forest Service and BLM lands are marked on the maps. you have to purchase a map for each state and the maps are amazing!!!! i have visited waterfalls that i didn’t know existed from looking closely at the Oregon map. i have Washington and California and will be getting Idaho and Wyoming and Montana for a trip this summer.

      Sue can give you a link to one of her earlier postings that describes how she uses the Benchmark maps. it was on December 6th, 2015. you could search that search button on the right side of the home page.

      there is a site i just found called “Campendium” that rates camping all over the place. they have a tab for free camping. a fellow Blogerino mentioned it a few days ago.

      good luck!

      • rvsueandcrew says:

        Thanks, bess, for contributing a answer. I didn’t see yours until I’d posted mine.

        BTW, I don’t see the post you are referring to at that date. ???

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Mona from West Texas,

      Welcome to my blog (even though you’ve been riding with us for a while)! It’s great to have you appear here! Thanks for the nice words about my photos and tales of me and my crew.

      How do I find BLM boondocking areas?

      I use a Benchmark Atlas. There are Benchmarks for all the western states. At the present time I have a link in the sidebar for Benchmark atlases. Click it and you will see the selection at Amazon.

      I like these particular atlases because they show by color coding where the public lands are located … Bureau of Land Management, National Forest Service, Bureau of Reclamation, National Wildlife Service areas, etc…. places where you can camp for free!

      These atlases also show the gravel roads and spur roads that go into the public lands where campsites may be found. Some of the roads are marked as 4WD only, so I avoid those.

      Also, you can go online for PDFs of Motor Vehicle Usage Maps for particular national forests. These show roads where camping is allowed, along with rules for that forest. Or you can purchase the maps at forest service offices. I don’t find them very helpful, to be honest.

      I get ideas for where to look for boondock campsites by researching online for an area I’m interested in. For instance, I might search “dispersed camping near St. George, Utah” … Sometimes this is productive, other times not. There also are websites, such as freecampsites.com, and other blogs, such as wheelingit.com, where one can read about boondocks others have found.

      Mostly I study my maps… landscapes, elevation, nearness to supplies, etc. I’ve been boondocking long enough that now this is the easiest method for me. With practice you know what to look for.

      If you’re interested in my thinking as I scope out an area, you might want to read my post of May 2013, “How I found a boondock in the San Rafael Reef, Utah.”

      I’m glad you enjoy my blog. I enjoy hearing from my readers and hope you will join us here again.

      • bess in eugene, oregon says:

        hi Sue, here is the posts that i copied into a Word document.

        kris says:
        December 6, 2015 at 1:43 pm
        Sue, when you pull out your Benchmark Atlas to look for spots to boondock……what exactly do you look for? Can you explain that process a bit? Are you always on “public lands”……BLM lands, state or national forests, etc? Where are the best places to look at in the atlas? Thanks
        • rvsueandcrew says:
        December 6, 2015 at 2:03 pm
        Hi, kris,
        I’ll try to explain. The process is part step-by-step and part intuitive (which comes with practice.)
        Assuming I have no knowledge of an area…
        1) Look for public lands in the area you want to go. These are color coded on Benchmarks.
        2) Within those areas, look for elevation suitable for the season (elev. is posted for towns/cities and mountains)
        3) Eliminate areas with no access to supplies for, say, 30 miles or more
        4) Once an area is found as a possibility, do an online search for it, i.e. “Turtle Mountains Wlderness” or “boondocking near Bouse, AZ”
        5) If an area passes the above 4, study the Benchmark for roads into the area. Benchmarks indicate those that require 4-wheel drive and also what the road surface is.
        6) If you can’t stand noise and dust, also look around the area on the Benchmark to find evidence of OHV activites (Are there dunes? OHV play areas?)
        7) Go online and search for “images of Turtle Mountain Wilderness, for example.” This may eliminate an area completely if it’s just plain ugly.
        8) Lastly, you drive to the area and if it looks like a potential boondock area, drive off the main road onto the smaller roads (or walk them if the road is iffy).
        After a while your eyes will become accustomed to the colors for public lands in the Benchmark and you won’t have to look hard to find them… They will jump out at you.
        I use the Landscape section of the Benchmark probably three times as much as the Recreation section.

        i will copy your new information into that folder too! love ya! bess p.s. i support you taking a break from the blog.

  41. kerin says:

    My los algodones dog passed away over a year ago and i was there yesterday getting some work done.while waiting i walked to the pharmacy and came upon such a site..a starving mange covered dog licking the street. when i approached him he was scared an appeared to have some blindness. i started to shake cuz what could i do..how could i get this dog across the border. I am a good liar I think.

    I double timed it back to soft dental and my car was blocked in. I asked the lady to move it and told her why and she said yes she knows…huh…so i asked her what she knows…people are so oblivious to what is around them. There were thousands of people there that day…many walking right past the dog. I went to where the dog was but he was gone..

    I drove up and down the street making illegal uturns then i saw him. I tried to pick him up in my coat but he went limp and snarled. I saw a man trying to fix his car and I asked him for a favor and he came over. He basically just picked up the dog and put him in the car..amazing..then I tried to jump his truck to no avail…He needed an alternator I told him.

    It took awhile to cross the border and the dog laid in the back seat not moving and stinking horribly. When I got to the border I had to give him my expired passport, which was all I could find at home and my drivers license. I told him I found the dog in gila bend on the way here and was going to take him to the vet but the vet wasn’t to be found..and he told me good luck..

    Anyway the dog has eaten his weight twice over and sleeping a lot…which is good. he had a bath and i applied mange lotion to kill it..which it also killed the ticks as well. this was the first dog i had seen with mange there or anywhere.

    He is like a skeleton very very skinny…I’m crossing my fingers that he pulls through. i didn’t take him to the vet because it would cost so much for all the tests and stressful for him, too. I have some meds for him. wish me luck..i will post an update at a later date.

    • bess in eugene, oregon says:

      i admire your courage and tenacity to make this dog’s life better. you will be surprised how quickly he recovers and learns about your love. we want to hear more when you have the time. i will send positive healing vibes your way.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Kerin . . . You are a special person to take on the responsibility and possible heartache of rescuing a dog in terrible condition. As you know, many folks walk on by.

      I hope you can restore him to good health. You will have a lifelong friend, forever grateful!

      Yes, please do let us know…

    • Mick'nTN says:

      Extremely nice of you Karin. 🙂

    • cc and canine (Eastern Missouri) says:

      Bless you Kerin for having the courage and compassion to help this dog…whatever happens he has your strength and love. One person can make an incredible difference.

    • Ronda western WA says:

      Great job Kerin! Thank you for taking care of him. Thanks to you n your loving care I’m sure he’ll pull through n return your love ten fold.

  42. AZ Jim says:

    Kerin, you will receive many blessings in your life for taking pity on that unfortunate animal. He will be there for you and you will always know he is alive and getting well because you cared.

  43. Ronda western WA says:

    There is an off leash beach at a park in Everett. One time Peanut peed on a lady sitting on the beach! I was mortified. Only her husband was laughing but thankfully she was relatively understanding about it. Peanut hasn’t done that before or since. Hopefully I don’t have to live through that again. Boys!!

  44. becky heyse says:

    I could never let ours off leash – they’re too wild. I’m sure we are going to gt kicked out of every camping place we go. We’re trying to get them socialized, and well mannered, but so fare it’s not progressing! : )

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