Our cycle of living within a dream come true

Tuesday, December 5

Best Little Trailer, Midland Long Term Visitor Area, Blythe, California

~ ~ ~

It is COLD, COLD, COLD this morning!

Windy and cold.

Around six I get up, fix myself a pot of coffee, and turn on the new Wave 3 heater. A couple of clicks of the piezo ignition and she lights!

For ventilation and circulation, I open the window on the cabinet side about a half-inch and the ceiling vent about two inches. I also put my little desk fan on the floor under the table at the back of the Best Little Trailer. The fan is set on low which moves the heat throughout our home without causing a draft on us.

At first the boys are leery about walking in front of the heater. Unlike Spike who took to the heater right away, lying down in front of it as close as he could bear (See January 2012 post: “A heater-hog morning”), both Reggie and Roger refuse to walk past it.

“Well, guys, if you’re going to function at all in this tight space, do things like get a drink of water, you have to walk past the heater.”

No go.

“Okay.  You two need to go outside. It’s gonna’ be cold so no dawdling . . . .”

I clip on their leashes, I pull them past the heater, open the door, and we dash into the wind.

A few minutes later, fleeing the cold, we jump inside into the welcoming embrace of HEAT. Reggie and Roger ignore the heater, head over to their dishes of kibble, crunch up a few bites, and hop onto the bed. Burrowing into the covers, they settle in for a nap.

I heat up another cup of coffee.

I take this laptop to bed, pull up the covers and begin typing this post. The curtain on the back window is pulled all the way over to one side in order to let in the sunbeams. I hear the wind whistling at the palo verde beyond the window. She responds by waving her branches.

The wind and the palo verde — They got a thing goin’ on!

The day stretches lazily before us, like a cat in a sunbeam.

As I type this at 9:30 a.m. the digital monitor for the house battery reads 12.9 volts and rising with the sun. Love my solar!

Unless there’s a radical change in today’s weather, the crew and I will stay inside all day, except for quick runs outside as necessary. Probably we’ll take our long walk during the warmest part of the afternoon.

I don’t mind staying inside.

Actually it’s a pleasant change, for a short while anyway. We’re well equipped with what’s important — food, water, propane (heat and hot tea!), books, and snuggles.

Reading that last paragraph I realize, once again, that I’m living smack dab in the middle of my dream, the one for which I ached for years.

I’m liking the cycle that has developed over the past six+ years.

From a quiet, peaceful winter building in anticipation, we tentatively move north in spring, launch into a blast of summer, hopscotch from camp to camp across both new and familiar territory, deal with challenges that arise, watch wonders appear and stories unfold; then the unavoidable turn southward in fall, journeying in sync with good weather as best I can manage it, reaching a place of rest and relaxation, where we regroup until spring beckons . . . and we’re off on another cycle, another omigosh-I’m-really-doing-this year.

A run-on sentence describes a run-on life… Well, I’ll keep it running on as long as I’m given resources, good health, time, and the get-up-and-go to do so!

~ ~ ~


Under the previous post, a blogorino asks for the dates of the big doings at Quartzsite, known as The Biggest Snowbird Event of the Year.

(Photo from RV Business)

The 2018 dates are January 20-28.

Her inquiry prompts me to research and I find a schedule of events which I link under that post. Here’s another schedule in calendar form for the month of January.

Do you plan on going?  What part of the event are you most interested in?

~ ~ ~

Next post:  More canine friends in the desert!


NOTE:  As I’m putting the finishing touches on this post, what happens?  Skeeter scratches on the door!  Pandemonium!

I shut everything down and let the happy crew out to meet their pal.  It’s still windy, not quite as cold because the sun is bright.  We go over to Del’s campsite where he and I sit in the sunshine and chat, protected from the wind by the broad side of his rig, playful pups all around us. (I’ll introduce his dogs to you in the next post, all five of them!)

The boys and I return home a few minutes ago.  Once this is posted, we’re going to town. Funny how days can turn out so differently than expected.  Hope yours is good! — Sue


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