Perfect in its imperfection

Friday, December 7, at home in Arizona

Both Dennis and Gilbert have the day off from their regular jobs.  

They begin work on the last section of fence.  (The photo above was taken previously. They already brought the fencing around that corner to the gate.)

Today they work on the other side of the double gate and also replacing the gate.  A wooden double gate will be one of the last things to go up.

Here’s Dennis using my beloved Gorilla Cart to haul bags of Quikcrete over to his wheelbarrow in which he mixes the concrete.

He hauls as many as four bags at a time (200 lbs).  He could haul much more than that because the cart is rated for up to 600 pounds.  (Understandably he’s cautious with equipment that doesn’t belong to him.)

Dennis likes this little workhorse — this little workgorilla.  It rolls easily over rough ground.

I’m pleased to see it put to good use.

“You ought to get yourself one, Dennis.”

“Maybe I will!” he grins.

Dennis and Gilbert are using a post hole digger this morning for the few remaining holes, rather than adding the expense of another day’s rental fee for the auger.  I wouldn’t have minded, but they insisted.   This Arizona dirt is hard!

Rain clouds threaten.  

The men work as fast as they can, hoping to pour the concrete and have the posts well set before the rain.

I tell the guys I’m going to the store, leaving Reggie and Roger inside the house.

While shopping, the rain comes down in torrents.

No way they got those posts in the ground in time . . . .

Imagine my surprise when the Perfect Tow Vehicle takes me into view of our yard and there are the posts standing tall and straight like soldiers.

I run in the rain to where Dennis and Gilbert sit in the truck.  Dennis brings the window down.  I stick my head in.

“You did it!  I can’t believe you did it!”

The men laugh.

Dennis says, “We went to McDonald’s already.  We’re waiting for the rain to let up.”

Dennis hops out of the truck and takes me through the rain to show me the concrete.  It looks wet (the rain) but when I tap it with my foot it is rock solid.

“Go home, you guys!  It’s cold and this rain isn’t going to let up soon.”

~ ~ ~

Bargain hunting report!

It was some day last week that this little side table captures my heart.  For twenty dollars it’s ours!

What a solid, rugged piece of work this is.  I don’t know where I’ll put it but surely there’s a place for it in our home.

I unload my purchase from the back of the PTV and set it in the yard by the patio.  Then I open the back door of the house and release the canine inspection crew.  After a happy welcome home for me, they get to “work.”

Okay, let me show you something . . .


Someone took a black marker and wrote on the top!  This is something a toddler would do, yet obviously this vandalism was done by someone who should’ve known better.

Anyhow . . . .

Looking on the bright side, if the side table had not been defaced like this, it probably wouldn’t have been at the thrift shop.

How am I going to get that marker off?  I could fool around with acetone (nail polish) but I bet it would only smear into a big, black blob.  Hmm . . . I’m gonna’ hafta’ sand it out.

(More on this project in a future post.)

In the meantime . . . 

A temporary solution!

Place mat: 25 cents.  Lamp with shade: $10.

~ ~ ~

More thrift store grabs!

These have the appearance of oil paintings, yet I’m not quite sure they are, as there are no brush marks.  The canvas has been stretched over a wood frame the way real paintings are done.

(Note:  Distortion and reflection in the photos.)

However, the artwork is so perfect that I wonder if this is some newfangled process that duplicates an original painting onto canvas.  Also, upon close inspection, the paintings show wear.

You know what?

I don’t care about any of that.

I like these little landscapes (8″ x 10″).  They draw me in and give me the feeling of returning to a familiar, peaceful place.

A pretty good value at three bucks apiece, wouldn’t you say?

~ ~ ~

Sunday, December 9

Dennis and Gilbert are here!  The last section of fence is going up!  I need to get out there and watch!

Y’all have a great day!  As always, thank you for your friendly comments.



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