Canine Corner: “Breaking the news”

From time to time . . .

Readers of this blog tell me they miss Canine Corner, a feature from the early days when Bridget and Spike were my crew.

Here is an example:  “Canine Corner:  All’s well that ends well.

Writing about the antics of the Spikester and Her Royal Haughtiness was easy.  They always provided me with fresh material.

Both had their quirks which I could photograph, such as Spike hurrying to soak in any available water and Bridget sprinting to hide under the Best Little Trailer.

In this photo, Spike is hogging the new canine condo and Bridget points out his self-centered-ness and lack of good manners.

Those two practically wrote Canine Corner for me!

Spike was always up to something and Bridget, his ever-present sidekick, was quick to express her opinion on whatever Spike was doing.

And then there was that boy-girl thing going on.  Spike calling her “babe” and teasing her about her butt size.  Bridget being coy and sometimes indignant, but never for long.

I find it’s not so easy to write about Reggie and Roger, my present crew.  

Every day I speak their voices out-loud in imaginary conversations.  I try to convert these “conversations” to the written word and mostly I’m disappointed.  Plus, taking photos that don’t reveal our surroundings is a drag on creativity.

Maybe I’m stuck on the dynamics of Bridget and Spike.  Maybe I’m still massaging that bit of grief that never goes away.

Anyway . . . Here goes.  

Sometimes you have to jump in the deep end and splash around.

~ ~ ~

Canine Corner:  “Breaking the News”

RVSue: “Reggie.  Roger.  C’mere for a minute, boys.  I need to talk to you.”

Reggie:  “Sure, RVSue.  What is it?”

RVSue:  “You, too, Roger.  Sorry to interrupt.  You can chew on that mesquite pod later.  I have something important to tell both of you.”

Reggie:  “Is this going to be bad news?  I don’t like bad news.  Bad news is . . . bad.”

RVSue:  “No, this is good news.  In fact, it’s great news.  We’re going to have company!”

Roger:  “Skeeter?  Skeeter’s coming here? Yay!!!!  Skeeter is fun!”

RVSue:  “No, no, not Skeeter.  Not anyone you know.  Somebody new!”

Roger:  “Oh.”

Reggie:  “A person or a dog?”

RVSue:  “A dog.  Margaret.  Marg, for short.”

Reggie:  “Oh, boy!  Another friend!  Then I’ll have TWO best buddies!”

RVSue:  “That’s right, Reg.  Marg is coming with a person named Nancy.  She’s my sister. They’re coming to live with us.”

Reggie:  “Really?  Here? For how long?”

RVSue:  “Forever, Reg.  This is their new home.  Isn’t that wonderful? . . . Roger, where you going, honey?”

Reggie:  “Uh-oh.  I don’t think Roger likes this.”

RVSue:  “What?  Why not?  Roger!  Come back, sweetie!”

Reggie:  “What’s the matter, Rog?  Don’t you want to meet this Marg dog?”

Roger:  “No.”

RVSue:  “Why not, Roger?  Tell me.  You always make friends with dogs you meet.  What’s wrong with Marg coming to live with us?  Come on.  You can tell us.”

Roger:  “Well, okay.  It’s just, uh . . . It’s just that . . . Reggie is MY friend.  Now he’s going to be Marg’s friend and he won’t want to play with me . . . .

“And also . . . also we only have two doggie beds.  One for me and one for Reg.  This new dog is going to take my bed.  And we only have two dog dishes and . . . . ”

RVSue:  “No, no, no, Roger.  Marg isn’t going to –“

Roger:  “And then I’ll have to leave.  That dog will take my place.  I won’t have a home any more.  I’ll be a bum again, eating hand-outs, sleeping outside — ”

Reggie:  “Rog, that won’t happen!  We won’t let that happen, will we, RVSue!”

~ ~ ~

Less than a week to go!

Busy, busy busy!  Lots to do!  Fortunately, the weather is cooler and my energy level is up.

Blogorinos, I need your help.  I’m  turning the comments section over to you.  Feel free to introduce topics, share something about yourself, ask questions, welcome anyone new, and, probably most important of all, chat with each other.

Your participation is always appreciated and enjoyed!



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