Photo Essay: Maple Grove Campground in full color

Monday, October 6

For our walk this morning, Bridget and I hop into the Perfect Tow Vehicle, leave our campsite located beside Ivie Creek, and motor up to Maple Grove Campground at the end of the road.

I let Bridget explore off-leash as we walk the campground loop.

1-P1000857 - Copy (2)Most of the campers are gone. 

A hush has fallen.  Usually squirrels announce our presence.  Not today.  Maybe, like me, they are awed by the transformation of the woods.

1-P1000859.  Picnic tables are tucked into glowing bowers of light and shadow.

1-P1000858 - CopyImagine waking up in this campsite and eating breakfast at this picnic table.  How wonderful!

1-P1000864-001Each site seems to be nestled in a warm embrace.

1-P1000862My thoughts turn to a practical matter. 

I have a few, empty, one-gallon drinking jugs in the PTV.  I intend to fill them at a campground spigot before we return to camp.

I try one of the spigots (below).  Hmm . . . No water.  Turned off for the season.

1-P1000860Bridget is having a great time! 

We come to the fence that marks the campground boundary.

1-P1000866Bridget scoots under the fence. 

I notice a trail going further into the woods beyond the campground.

“We should come up here again and walk that trail, Bridge.”

1-P1000869“Come here and sit down for a minute.  I want to take your picture next to the pretty leaves.”

Grudgingly she complies. 

1-P1000870Too bad dogs can’t say, “cheese!”  It would help that sour face . . . . oh, well . . . .

1-P1000871Gosh, can you believe this place?  Everywhere is a picture!

Bridget finds another route for us to explore on our way back to the parking lot.

1-P1000877“I’m coming, girl.  I have to take another picture.”

Off she goes . . .

1-P1000879I suppose someday I’ll be following two canine backsides through the woods again . . .

1-P1000881Thank you, dear reader!

Thank you for joining Bridget and me on this walk through Maple Grove Campground located off Route 50, northwest of Salina, Utah.  It’s been fun showing you how pretty it is here.

Thanks also for the many get well wishes.  I feel much better!



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“Anything?  I did not know that!”

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215 Responses to Photo Essay: Maple Grove Campground in full color

  1. Shirlene says:

    FIRST! YAY! Awesome pictures Sue… Really, awesome

    • Shirlene says:

      OK so maybe the most impressive i’ve seen so far…WOW is all that comes to mind…I so wish I could be there…no words..I am soooo glad you felt well enough to bring us along today..I need to get out more often! Stand back from your computer it will probably blow up from all the comments…lol. Bridget did a really fine job today also, even with that grumpy face, we love it so much.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Congratulations, Shirlene! And thank you.

  2. PJ says:

    I love the pics!!!

  3. Lee J in Northern California says:

    Just beautiful , what a treat to see your,photos…

    So good to hear you are feeling better so you can continue to enjoy your beautiful ‘bower’. That is what I call my Casita…Rose Bower, my personal flowery retreat.

    You and Miss Bridget have a wonderful day.

  4. Deadeye says:

    Wonderful colors. Thanks for the great pictures.


    • rvsueandcrew says:

      You’re welcome, Don. As many times as I’ve seen maples in full autumn color, they still surprise me with their beauty!

  5. UPCDebra says:

    The cold must be gone. Glad you were prepared.
    Beautiful! The one with the fence rail in the foreground and caption, “….Every view is a picture,” looks like you have become an impressionist artist with your camera. I always think they close campsites to early and open too late. But, happy you are enjoying in solitude.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, UPCDebra,

      The campground isn’t closed. They did turn off the water which has me thinking they should lower the campground fee. $15 a night for people under the age of 62 seems high to me, when there’s no water or trash pick-up. Some national forest districts have off-season rates or stop charging a fee altogether once the water is turned off.

      For me it’s the first photograph that looks impressionist. I like the muted colors of that one.

  6. Applegirl NY says:

    Those pictures are so gorgeous, and Bridget is clearly only indulging you for that photo. Her face is a riot!

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Applegirl,

      Notice the ears laid back… If Bridget were a horse, I’d fear being kicked!

  7. Jean in Southaven, MS says:

    I just commented on your last blog and come back and here is a new post. These pictures are beautiful of the leaves. I love Bridgett, that picture of her with her ears back and that look on her face is priceless. It looks like she is saying “silly box thingy in her hands again”. She is really a human is a dogs body.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Jean,

      Apparently I get on Bridget’s nerves. That’s okay, she certainly gets on mine!

  8. Diann in MT says:

    Wow! What beautiful fall photography, Sue!
    That little Bridget sure looks great! She is posing as a queen bee dowager, not unlike the old fashioned photos, turn of the century! What a proud explorer she is!
    You are both having so much fun and it truly comes through in the essay!
    Glad you are on the mend.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Diann,

      I’m glad to see the end of this cold! The lack of energy is a downer.

      Thank you for the compliment on my photos.

  9. Cinandjules(NY) says:

    Got that weird format again! Had to search for the comment button….now that I’m 9th!

    What lovely colors! Glad to hear you are feeling well.

    Kind of sensed you were having a “Spike day”. We cried everyday for a month …as too many things reminded us of SA. In due time you will be following two butts through the woods!

    Bridget has that glare going on! Those eyes say so much!

    Enjoy the rest of your day and your evening!

    • Shirlene says:

      Cin, got that same thing and I was first, I thought it was because I was first, so I went to the post the day before and clicked over to the next one on the arrow…don’t know what happened. Ok now.

    • Denise - Richmond VA says:

      You are not crazy, Cinandjules….or maybe I am, too. I am getting the new format now, and am not able to post a comment….we’ll see if this goes through.

      Looks like the WordPress gremlins are loose and wreaking havoc!

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Cinandjules and Shirlene,

      I don’t know why the “weird format” pops up. What does it look like? Can you still read the post and see the photos?

      Here’s a wild guess at the cause: Very often, as soon as I publish a post, I spot an error and hit the edit button to fix it. Then I update the post. Maybe you are so fast responding to the email notification . . . . I don’t know!

      • Cinandjules(NY) says:

        Yes you can read the post and see the pictures.
        It appears to be fine now.
        From memory:
        The drop downs show up if you click a button on the top left side. All the headings are in bullet style. The comment button is on the bottom right in a “bubble” that says reply.

        Once you hit enter…the format changes back to the normal site.

        I don’t use the email notification. I’m old school…just keep checking back to see if there is a new post.

        • rvsueandcrew says:

          I never use email notification either. Lots of folks seem to like it though.

          Thanks for describing what you see. It sounds like a modified feed…. weird.

          • Tammy says:

            Next time some one gets the weird screen, have them do a screen shot and email it to you so at least you can see what it is. (Ctrl + Print screen for whole screen or Alt+ Print screen – for a window) then they can paste it in to wordpad, email or something and email it to you. Just a suggestion..

  10. Beautiful. Shows that the “off-seasons” that many RV’ers avoid are really the best, as long as you are properly equipped. Bridget seems to agree, she looks so lively in many of these.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Rosemary,

      Yes, the off-season is the best. The state parks aren’t crowded and, in the case of Maple Grove, the campground turns into a magical place. I imagine you see some pretty colors in Pennsylvania, too.

  11. Jim in AL says:

    WOW! That is a beautiful campground.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      It certainly is, Jim, and I didn’t include any photos of pretty Ivie Creek cascading over rocks through mossy banks, the dark pools of water in the shade of maples… I could take a thousand pics!

  12. Caroline near Seattle says:

    What a gorgeous spot for ‘walkies”; so peaceful and tranquil.
    Maybe you should say “Rotisserie Chicken’ instead of ‘cheese’.

    A reality question for you ….. what do you about your solar panels when you go to town for 3-4 hours ? Thx

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Caroline,

      Great question! What do I do about the solar panels when I go to town for 3-4 hours? I don’t do anything . . . Here’s how it works:

      I have two AGM batteries in the back of the PTV. When we go to town, those batteries are receiving charge both from the solar panel on the roof of the PTV and from the PTV’s engine/battery.

      When we return to camp I plug the PTV into the BLT. This allows the batteries (remember I have another AGM inside the BLT) to equalize and the solar panel to continue providing energy to the batteries.

      • Caroline near Seattle says:

        duh, I forgot that the panels were on the PTV, not the Casita. When you go into town, the panels go with you!
        So that brings up part 2 of my question ….. do the panels remain on the roof while you travel?

        • rvsueandcrew says:

          Yes, the panels are always on the roof of the PTV, attached to a roof rack. The panel has tilt mechanisms designed by Mick who comments here. I tilt the panel during the winter months when the sun’s arc is low in the sky. (See Solar in the header.)

  13. Crystal says:

    Oh my gosh! The Lord has His paintbrush in hand! WOW! Loving it. I so wish fall lasted for three or four months…..or more. Bridge says, “Oh, the things I do for my human…”

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Crystal,

      Well, He knows us best. If fall lasted longer, we’d probably take it for granted.

      As for Bridget, I say this — “Oh, the things I do for you!!” 🙂

  14. Jolene/Iowa says:

    What else can I say but absolutely beautiful! I am glad to hear you are feeling better. What a pretty place to be spending time.

    All of the talk of chicken and noodles the past couple of days got me hungry for the real deal.

    I had one chicken left from those we butchered last year. There won’t be any more either because we decided to quit raising them because they tied us down to much. I have fresh eggs from a local farmer to go into my noodles. I made them this morning and they are drying on my table now. Yum!

    Have a great day, Sue and Bridget!!

    • Shirlene says:

      Hi Jolene, I used to make my noodles that way, then one day while drying them on the counter, my long haired cat thought that would be a really good place to lay down…all over them and the flour I had on the counter…last time I made them…but nothing like good egg noodles.

      • Jolene/Iowa says:

        LOL Shirlene, it is not funny but the picture that scene paints is comical. I would never let that stop me from making homemade noodles. I really can’t go back to the store bought ones again.

        • Shirlene says:

          Well my kids grew up and away so I just don’t make them just for me anymore…But the receipe my grandmother taught me is in my brain forever…I need to pass it down to one of my daughters, don’t you think?

          • Jean in Southaven, MS says:

            Yes, you need to pass it down to you kids,boys and girls. My mother-in-law took so many wonderful recipes to heaven with her, because she only had boys.

      • rvsueandcrew says:

        Gee, homemade pasta…. That’s WAY above my pay grade! Haha!

    • Denise - Richmond VA says:

      Hi. Jolene and Shirlene,

      All that talk about homemade noodles has my mouth watering! Would you be so kind to share your recipes? When freezing how long should they be kept in the freezer? I have a FoodSaver, so they may keep longer an when using a regular freezer bag. Thanks so much! 🙂

    • Denise - Richmond VA says:

      Hi. Jolene and Shirlene,

      2nd attempt at posting this….Wordpress must have some gremlins loose!

      All of this talk about homemade noodles has my mouth watering! Would you be so kind and share your recipes? If freezing portions, how long do they keep in the freezer. I have a FoodSaver, so freezer shelf life might be a longer.
      Thanks so much! 🙂

      • Jolene/Iowa says:

        Hi Denise,

        I will be happy to share. We are flooring installers for a living and so I meet many different people.

        About 4 or 5 years ago we were on a job and a lady in her 80’s was where our job was at. She was telling me about homemade noodles she was making with other church ladies.

        I asked if she would give me her recipe. She did and sent us home with noodles from her freezer too.

        Egg Pasta

        3 cups all purpose flour
        1 tsp salt
        1 tsp oil- olive or vegetable
        4 large eggs slightly beaten
        2 Tbsp water

        Now here is the magic of this recipe. If you have a bread machine, rather than having to mix it and knead it all yourself, Set your bread machine on “dough” setting and let it mix and get it to a nice smooth ball and then stop the machine, take out your dough ball and go on. Sometimes you may have to add a little more flour or water, you will know and the more you do it the more you will be able to tell.

        Like today, when mine got done I thought it was a little too sticky so when I was putting it in my pasta press, I just patted some more flour on it.

        So now you have your dough ball. If you have a pasta machine, roll it and cut it. If you don’t, now that the dough is ready, roll it out and cut to the desired thickness and width.

        You can let them dry on the table and if you are freezing them I would recommend that. I have taken the freshly cut noodles and put them right into my boiling chicken broth with no trouble and more times than not I don’t have time to dry them.

        I would think they would be good for several months in the freezer. Enjoy!!

  15. Wickedlady of Shelton WA says:

    Great pics. Glad you are feeling better.

  16. AZ Jim says:

    WOW! Some more great pics Missy. I collect ’em and put ’em in a file and draw from it for desktops pics. Everyone can see the beauty there, but not everyone can see the picture. You do a good job of framing your shots Sue. Bridget just tolerates your pic taking but remember all those cold nights and she is a lot of BTU’s for ya. Hope that cold is better, they are nasty things. You DID get your flu shot, right? Those little wet wipes come in handy for the shopping cart handles in grocery stores btw. Keep the wind at your back Missy….

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Jim,

      Thank you for complimenting me on the way I frame my photos. You say such nice things.

      Bridget’s BTU-maker is shrinking! Last night I was cuddling her in bed and said, “Bridget! Your hiney is almost gone!””

  17. Tawanda (Ut) says:

    Amazing what cooler temps and less daylight can do, soo beautiful, can feel and hear the hushed reverence of your surroundings!!!
    Good to hear you are feeling better Sue, and enjoying solitude once again… Bridget looks soo great as always, such a trooper scouting out the paths for you both to enjoy..

    Rusty, so sorry to hear of the problems with your home, best to you and Timber!!
    D.Ginger, Sounds as tho you are well on your way to full recovery and living the life of your dreams, one day at a time!!

    If your up early Sue the lunar eclipse is reported to be pretty amazing at 4 or 5 a.m…
    Wonder if you would be able to park at the cabin over the weekend, should you get a chance to see owners (their names escape me at the moment, Rick?)…
    Enjoy, Enjoy, Enjoy!! Thank you for share!!

  18. Pauline from Mississippi says:

    Breathtaking!!!! Gorgeous pictures….I love the Fall season. Bridget looks wonderful and she seems to tolerate picture taking much better. Wish I could be walking with the two of you through those beautiful woods.
    Sending much love and big hugs.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      I wish you were here, too, Pauline. It would be nice to walk through the woods together and take a break at a picnic table to talk. *sigh*

      I love you!

    • Lee J in northern california says:

      Pauline, why don’t you get on Amtrak this winter and go visit Sue in the desert? I’m going to see my sister in a is good for the soul.

      • rvsueandcrew says:

        That’s a great idea, Lee J. However, when I looked up the schedules it would take about 55 hours or more to get from a place near Pauline to southern Arizona. Just the way the tracks were laid…

  19. Fred Wishnie says:

    Wow!! Beautiful location. Fall is my favorite time of year.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Fred,

      It’s not only the colors that make Fall enjoyable, it’s also the brisk air in the morning… invigorating!

    • Jean in Southaven, MS says:

      Thanks for the reminder. We take our Lab hiking and camping with us and lots of time we let her off the leash. Great story, thanks for sharing.

      • DesertGinger says:

        I saw a story not too long ago about someplace back east where people walked with dogs, and there was a wall that looked like you could jump over it, but on the other side it was actually 30 ft drop to roadway. Dogs kept jumping to their death.
        I don’t understand why everyone seems to want to let dogs off leash. Is it that people don’t want to deal with their dogs? Or they think they are being good to the dog? Where Sue walks, on easier trails, it is probably not too dangerous off-leash but for gods sake if there are other people around, you don’t know the terrain and it might be hilly or steep, or other dogs around….walk your dog on a leash. Please.

        • rvsueandcrew says:

          I agree with you, Ginger. There are situations (as well as impulsive dogs) where a leash is a must!

          I have a different view regarding the on-or-off-leash question. I’ve always wanted my dogs to live a full life. Since I can’t provide them with a big back yard with a fence around it while we live full-time on the road, I want my dogs to be able to run (when not restricted by rules) and allow them to be dogs.

          I get to live my life to the fullest. I want the same for them. Sure there’s risk. I could eliminate a lot of risk by staying cooped up in a house. Any dogs I own could have risk reduced by being on a leash or in a pen all the time.

          I’d rather we both take calculated risks (not near cliffs!). Gazillions of dogs are allowed off-leash every day without being hurt. That dog over the cliff was a freak accident, as well as the wall incidents.

          Yes, leash a dog in dangerous situations!

          • DesertGinger says:

            We’ll I get your point but would like to challenge the assumption that dogs have more fun off leash. How do we know this is true? My little girl constantly looks for me to be with her. When I have dropped her leash by accidents she stops and waits so I can catch up. Dogs are pack animals. If you are pack leader they want to be with you, leash or No leash. At least that’s my experience. But I do agree that your dogs are typically only off leash in safe situations.

            • rvsueandcrew says:

              How do we know dogs have more fun at the end of a leash? We don’t. Dogs are individuals, like people. Breed comes into play also. Some breeds were developed to sit on a pillow or walk next to their master. Other breeds were developed to run, to race, some to follow scents, some to swim and retrieve, some to protect, some to hunt for rodents. For some dogs it’s very restrictive to be tethered all the time. For other dogs it’s comforting. We figure what’s best for our own dogs.

              As for pack behavior, I think Bridget is enjoying being leader of our pack!

            • DesertGinger says:

              Lol! I think you are right. I think she misses Spike but loves finally being top dog!

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Mick…. Always good to read a happy ending!

  20. Judithcamper says:

    Sue and Bridget,
    Thank you for capturing my favorite season of the year in such beautiful pictures. It inspires me to take a long walk today and take some pictures of my own.

  21. Jolene/Iowa says:

    Absolutely pass it on and what about making up some noodles and freeze them? You could have a serving size or two and then get a chicken breast or hind quarter and you could boil that up and add your smaller bag of homemade noodles and still enjoy one of the best comfort foods ever!!

  22. Elizabeth in WA says:

    My oh my OH MY…the colors!! WHEN are you going to take up painting, girl!! (Well, I cheer on those who can…cause I am on the cheering section…my talents do not extend so such things…just crochet, sewing, and such…and even that, I am fairly middle-of-the-road really…)

    Had to laugh at Bridget….she appears to feel rather sour having that photo made. How funny!! Have you told her how much she makes us laugh sometimes? Heh heh….

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Elizabeth,

      Why paint when I can take a photo? (Notice how I tend to take the easy way.)

      Bridget just leaned against the detector for propane leaks, making the buzzer go off. Ha! The beep-beep-beep caused her to lift her butt off it. When the beeping stopped, she sat back down again and bee-beep-beep! You should see the look on her face. Too funny! I had to move her away… No telling how many times she’d activate it!

      • Edie (OK) says:

        Now that would have been an interesting photo! Lol

        The pictures are beautiful. Seriously. Thank you. 🙂

      • BadgerRickInWis says:

        Too cute, but if it were my dog I’d figure it was those little silent but deadly’s that she lets loose under the blankets that were setting it off.

  23. Pamela K. says:

    Miss Sue,
    Oh how the colors POP off the page!
    Stunningly beautiful indeed. Even your choice of settings speak to the heart with their magic, they evoke emotions and delight. You have a good-eye!
    As for Miss Bridge, she is only playing the I-Don’t-Like-The-Camera game with us but we’ve got her number! I know this because my son plays the same game. Of course if he were not in any of the pictures he would be the first to point that out. LOL, some peoples kids, canine and human ones. Anyway, she knows she is a pure cuteness-overload 😉 Give her ear rubs for me please.

    Sue, I noticed you may be having a “Spike-Kinda-Day”. On days when you can feel Spikes around you watch Bridget closely…where see looks and where she nests. They say loved ones passed will visit in spirit from time to time. Not to know this but they could be right, I’d like to think so anyway. It’s hard to miss someone, we are so hard on ourselves. Miss him and Remember but not to mourn him. He has greater things to do now…he is one of The Rainbow Elite! And that should make you most proud.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Pamela K.,

      Thank you for your comforting words regarding Spike. I do think of him every day and there are places I avoid because I know the memories will be too vivid (like where he soaked next to the little bridge here, the butterflies fluttering around him). Mostly I’m okay during the day. It’s when I wake up in the night and he immediately comes to mind that I miss him the most.

      Bridget has her moments, too. I assume she’s missing Spike, but I don’t really know for sure. I hold her close when it happens and talk to her. Our days overall are happy ones.

  24. Marcia GB in MA says:

    Love your beautiful campground pics. I can see myself there. Bridget’s pugnacious looking photo is a hoot! What a character she is.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Marcia,

      Yeah, Bridget is a character. Truly she is a nut. If I revealed all her antics, you’d agree. She is a neurotic little dog. There’s no other explanation that I can come up with. I try to show her bouts of normalcy, but looking at her behaviors in total? Well, she’s a nut.

  25. Pamela K. says:

    About dogs and Saying Cheese…
    Try this little trick on Miss Bridge. Take some peanut butter, a very small amount, a place it in her mouth right before you snap a pic. Then say something loud that she will respond to. If luck holds, she will look up while she is licking the peanut butter from her teeth. Works every time for me with our Golden. And makes for some funny-cute photos too.
    If you try it, let us know how it worked and post some pics.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Trouble is, Pamela, whereas your Golden is a normal dog, Bridget ain’t. She would look at the peanut butter and suspect I was trying to poison her.

      • Pamela says:

        ~Giggles to high heavens now~ You are both such a hoot, gotta luv ya. Besides, I liked her picture, smile or no smile.

  26. weather says:

    Truly gorgeous and artistic post,Sue – pictures as lovely as paintings-narrative that captures you- making you smile in the moment-then releasing you to gaze away…imagining what’s ahead…and hoping…that the beauty embracing you amid the bowers of light and shadow be ever felt nearby

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, weather,

      You mentioned russet-red as my preference for mums. I think you’re right! Maybe because that was the color of my hair several years ago….

      I bet your porch steps are a pleasure to climb and to sit upon. 🙂

      • weather says:

        Chose your color and yellow for one side,lighter ones for the other,placed every shade of gourds and pumpkins around the top,left all the fallen leaves there as the super moon rose right then- as if to admire it all with me… had an apple-picked fresh off a tree today- as I read this-now that’s pleasure-on more levels than steps ever had 🙂

        may tonight’s sleep be sounder, only comfort enter your thoughts and warmth all else within you…N’nite,Sue

  27. Lindale says:

    Those are wonderful photos. You need to publish a calendar, camp with RVSue.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Lindale,

      Thanks for the compliment on the photos. I’m happy to publish my pictures here. 🙂

  28. GypsyPurl says:

    Hi Sue, Beautiful. Thank You, can’t say the last time I have seen such beauty, including Bridget. Happy Travels.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      You’re welcome, GypsyPurl. What a nice thing to say to Bridget, even with her sour face on!

  29. DebsJourney says:

    Absolutely beautiful photo’s! I sure wish it would be like that here in Florida. More warm weather here. I sure look forward to scenes like this. Bridget is looking good too even with that look on her face. Glad you feel better.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Deb,

      After I had lived in Florida for several years, it wasn’t the seasons that I missed. I missed “normal” trees! I got sick of palm trees. I grew up playing in a yard of glorious maples and a huge elm tree. That’s one reason why we moved to the northern part of central Georgia… It was the closest place with real trees.

  30. DesertGinger says:

    Oh these lovely red leaves remind me of my favorite season in NY. My friends are all picking apples and going to pumpkin patch now. Don’t have a lot of that in Tucson! I’m not really going anywhere yet except dr office but maybe in a few weeks I’ll have more energy.
    It’s the time of year you just want hot chocolate and caramel apples. I think I’ll get myself some brown sugar/cinnamon oatmeal. We even get some ‘snap’ in the air down here in the mornings.
    I thought the picture of Bridge looked more resigned than anything. I think she was thinking ‘well she doesn’t have Spike to show off so I’ll be nice and let her have a pic or two’.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi again, Ginger,

      You are sounding very good! I’m happy you are progressing toward more energetic days.

      I think you’ll be especially glad to be in Arizona when winter is wreaking havoc back in New York state. Yes, have some brown sugar and cinnamon oatmeal! I keep both on hand to add to mine… In fact, that’s what I had for breakfast!

      • Applegirl NY says:

        Sue, you know it! We’re having a wonderful sunny and warm fall, but we sure know what’s coming!

        Desert Ginger, the tone of your posts appear to show that your feeling better. Hope your healing continues! You are prayed for.

  31. John K - Mobile, AL says:

    W. O. W.

  32. Marg in Ouachita's says:

    Loved the pictures. I used two on Facebook and attributed them to you, one with Bridget. Beautiful campground.

  33. Linda in NE says:

    Such a beautiful place. I wouldn’t mind being camped there at all.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Linda,

      The next best thing to camping there is camping here and taking walks there.

  34. Wendy in Thailand says:

    Just beautiful!!!
    Travel safe!

  35. We will never see those beautiful colors in Florida! Thank you for reminding us how beautiful Autumn can be! So glad you are feeling better and Bridget really seems to enjoy her walks now. Relax, enjoy, get well and keep on taking those amazing photos! I agree you should do a calendar because we would sure buy one!

  36. Denise - Richmond VA says:

    Hi, Sue,

    So glad that you are feeling better. Your campground is absolutely beautiful! Fall’s colors are splashed all over earth’s canvas. I am anxious for the leaves to be in their glory here….they are just starting to turn….very, very slowly. If I had a bowl of chicken soup with homemade noodles, it would really help my patience!!!

    Love that teenager-like, squinty-eyed look that Bridget is throwing back atcha! “ANOTHER PICTURE…..DO I HAAAVE TO??!! WAAAHHHH”

    Have a good evening, Sue…watch out for that Blood Moon! Hugs! 🙂

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Denise,

      Bridget the Teenager… That explains a lot! I imagine Virginia is quite pretty when the leaves turn. I’ve only seen it in spring and summer.

      You have a good evening, too!

  37. mockturtle says:

    Gorgeous photos! I’m currently at Pisgah NF and the leaves here are just starting to turn. Up at Cumberland Gap they were a little further along. What beautiful colors! 🙂

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, mockturtle,

      That area is one of the finest for fall color. Early morning mist thrown into the scene…. absolutely divine! Enjoy . . . .

  38. Colleen from Tehachapi says:

    Magnificent photos! I love the bright colors. Glad you are feeling better. Take care.

  39. Cari in Plano Texas says:

    Ah, to see the colors of fall – what a wonderful collection of photos! Thank you so much for sharing your walk and these views with us. It seems like Miss Bridget would be used to getting her picture taken by now, but I guess she’s still hopeful you’ll forget 🙂

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Cari,

      Bridget isn’t one to forget the things she dislikes. Honestly. She has a bunch of weird habits, too. Example… She wants me to lift her up on the bed. I stand up and bend over to lift her. What does she do? She backs up and keeps backing up away from me until she hits the wall. What is that all about?

      Oh, and if I try to swat a fly inside the BLT, she runs to the door like I’m going to hit her! Where does she get that idea? And then she won’t come back inside unless I go into a big song and dance about never hitting a fly ever again. Golly. This stuff wears me out. Sometimes I have to say, “Bridget, will you be normal for a change!”

      • Cinandjules(NY) says:

        RVSue before you came into my life… “things” happened. I can’t explain why I do the things I do.

        I love when you sing to me…because I know I’m special!

        Remember I’m the navigator on our walks…what? You want to
        go faster? Farther? I might be mistaken but I think my butt is smaller than yours! Shhh…I won’t tell!
        I love you!

  40. Doesn’t get much prettier than that. Thanks for sharing it with us. I can actually smell the maple flavored bacon. Be safe.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      You’re welcome, Ed,

      I can feel the fat accumulating on my hips from thinking about that maple flavored bacon!

    • Marsha/MI says:

      “Maple flavored bacon” reminds me of when we have a fire going in the fireplace in the winter or a campfire in the summer and we’re burning maple – I always call it bacon wood. Makes me hungry.

  41. Ron in Tx says:

    That is all I can say

    Got in two new toys today for the Casita and boondocking
    Sawyer all in one water filter
    And a renogy 100 watt starter solar panel kit.
    Time to play

  42. Timber n' me says:

    Wow, those bright fall colors make me feel like I’m on LSD, 8>0 , Su Sue, Those woods are so beautiful, Did you make your camera enhance those trees? ,,,I betcha your feeling better now, we been praying for you to get back above the weather. And it’s a low 80 degrees here and it’s a raining good. Timber’s in the bed looking out the windows at the rain and he told me to tell you to give the Bridge a hug from him, Me TOO! ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,us

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Rusty,

      That’s how the trees look in the morning light. . . . The leaves glow.

      I’m glad the heat wave is over for you and Timber. Low 80s sounds good. The rainy season should be ending soon.

      Hugs to you and Timber!

  43. kgdan says:

    Oh the photos are so beautiful. We saw some of the fall colors today as we are visiting in Santa Fe for a couple of days. We will return to Ocate, hitch up & head west toward Chandler, AZ on Fri. The colors are so wonderful this time of year.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Kathy and Gil,

      Isn’t it wonderful that you can “hitch up and head…. wherever?”

      I bet you’re enjoying Santa Fe restaurants. Have a great time… Good to read your updates!

  44. Sondra-SC says:

    Sue you found GLORY!! Awesome…so glad you’re feeling better–we have had some beautiful weather, and if you’re up early like 5:30 am you may see a moon eclipse just as the sun rises!!

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Sondra,

      I’ll let you know if I catch the moon eclipse. I’m glad to hear you are having good weather. Enjoy!

  45. Lynn Brooks says:

    Dear Sue,
    Truly REMARKABLE photos!!! How glorious for you & Bridget to be able to experience such beauty!!!
    How amazingly generous of you to share your photos with all of us!!
    Thank you!!!

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Lynn,

      I get a lot of enjoyment sharing my photos here. The appreciative responses from readers are addictive! Thank you for yours… 🙂

  46. Barb George says:

    Wonderful transporting photos. What joy you spread each day!

    Glad to hear you are feeling better.
    Hugs from Hoquiam!

  47. Kay says:

    Ah, looks like you have found a little peace of heaven! BEAUTIFUL, cozy camp spots sitting in such a warm, comfy feeling.

    Dearest Bridget, smile honey, we all love you dearly and we enjoy seeing you!

    I guess, I should back to painting… almost done and when I do get done, the next time I see a gallon of paint, it will be too soon! It’s time for me to climb up on the counters, paint above the cabinets…. I saved the worst for last.

    In between the painting, I clean carpets. One room at a time.

    Allen, don’t worry about us doing all the work… there is enough to last two years at our rate of speed. TRUST ME 🙂

    Well, I am working on building a new blog when I take breaks. I figure it’s time. Sue has been rather a very sweet person to allow me to rant some here, but there are times I just need to rant more. I’m very opinionated at times. I am also cooking up and simmering some ideas for the future…. I am hoping to announce the Blog soon… the location, well… I’ll … oh just wait! I know how you all LOVE to solve mysteries….

    So, tonight’s clue…. is….. OPINION. That word is in the domain name. Good Luck.

    Now, to work I go.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Kay,

      You did save the worst til last. Painting above cabinets is dreadful. I hope the job goes quickly.

      I’m happy to hear you are starting a blog already. You really don’t have enough to do, Kay, and a blog will keep you occupied and out of trouble. Good heavens, woman! I don’t have one-tenth of your energy and ambition!

  48. Jolene/Iowa says:

    As soon as we have a web address for Kay’s blog I will add it to the list of blogs I have on our Facebook group we have started for RV’s and Campers. It is a help/tip group and I have a blog list started as well as campground reviews.

    We have had it going a little over a month and have went over 2800 members. It will be a great way for people to learn about peoples blogs and in this case, Kay’s new campgrounds.

  49. Dave Spain says:

    What a great post, beautiful pictures and very positive remarks. Glad to know you are feeling better. There is a vicious bug going around that keeps the bad cold and cough going for weeks I was very afraid you may have contracted that one. Your blog is the only one that I go to every night I very much enjoy your pictures, your comments and your relationship with your pets.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Dave,

      Good to hear from you! Thank you for the compliment on my post, the photos, and the “very positive remarks.” I don’t know if you are referring to reader comments or my blog… Doesn’t matter… My blog has gone through a period of sadness and then I add a cold. I try to keep my blog’s tone upbeat while at the same time keeping it honest about my life. Sometimes those two things are difficult to do simultaneously!

      Anyway… Thanks for stopping by. I am thrilled to read “your blog is the only one that I go to every night.” What a privilege and honor for me!

      Have a good night, Dave . . .

  50. And that is why I want to full-time RV!!! Those pictures are just amazing! I cannot wait to get to see something like that in person. It has been way too many years since I’ve seen the changing leaves.

    To that end – I am now a home owner! Yep, closed on my RV yesterday. It is staying with the dealer for another three months so I don’t have to pay storage but IT IS MINE!!!


  51. Noelle says:

    So very beautiful. Reminds me why fall is my favorite season.
    Beautiful pictures. Are u happy with your new camera? I’m in the market for one, so am curious about your feedback.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Noelle,

      Yes, I like my camera. However, I’ve never used any of the other cameras of this type/caliber so my opinion doesn’t have much value. People say they all are pretty much the same…

  52. BadgerRickInWis says:

    Maple Grove certainly seems to be well named. Like everyone has said great pics.
    I especially love the first one, the road bending around to parts unseen making me think that following it will lead to unspeakable delights.

    This is without question my favorite time of year, we are still a week or so from the peak fall color here but when the sun shines it is just so magical.

    So glad to hear that you are feeling better. Chicken soup, emergen-C, and puppy dog cuddles. Got it.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      That’s my favorite shot of the bunch, too (excepting the ones with Bridget, of course). I like the muted colors. I have that one as my laptop’s wallpaper.

  53. Willow (AZ) says:

    Thank you for the walk in the autumn woods, it is beautiful, I could smell the leaves.
    Love to you and Bridget.

  54. Jean Wheatleyin Oregon says:

    by the time I got here I forgot what I set out to say!Those pix are unbelievable, Sue, how can you resist grabbing your brushes

  55. Deb from NJ says:

    So happy to hear that you are feeling better!

    Your photos are just so wonderful….our trees are just starting so there isn’t much color here yet. Thanks for sharing! The only thing missing is the sound of the rustling leaves with a breeze or the crunching of leaves beneath your feet.

  56. Gayle says:

    Thanks for the autumn colors! I’d never know it’s fall otherwise! Big heatwave here at the So Cal beaches. It must be fall because there’s lots of pumpkin products at Trader Joe’s! Otherwise, right now: 83 inside, 73 outside, 9:30 pm There are lots of Bridget wanna-be’s strolling around outside. (Often imitated, never replicated!)

  57. Monica says:

    Stunning! I wish I could walk those hills under the canopy of reds, oranges, and yellows. Campgrounds are always so pretty and peaceful when nobody is there. 🙂
    I love Bridget’s look- it’s so sassy. Quirky dogs are the best!

  58. Marsha/MI says:

    Love the fall colors – this is my favorite time of year (before the leaves fall).

    We took a quick trip up north a couple weeks ago because we wanted to see the fall colors, and we weren’t disappointed. We also had our pick of campsites at some places. Today we went to a state park near our home to dump our tanks before putting our Casita away for the winter and there was actually a line of four RVs waiting to register! The lower peninsula of Michigan is usually a couple weeks behind the upper peninsula, which is where we went.

  59. Heda says:

    A-mazing. Once several years ago I saw leaves like that when visiting New York State. Mind blowing. PS love Bridgies cranky face.

  60. Fuji-maru says:

    What a beautiful fall-time color! I wish we could camp in such a nice site.
    We will surely go there during our next RV travel in the US.

  61. Dawn in MI says:

    We’re in northern Wisconsin at the moment and seeing some of the color you are enjoying. Not quite as brilliant as yours, but still beautiful. Isn’t it wonderful!? Glad you’re feeling better, glad you had a great walk through an empty campground. We saw some beautiful empty campgrounds here yesterday, made me want to break out the tent, but alas we’re staying at a hotel. LOL.

  62. Denise - Richmond VA says:

    Good morning Sue, and her blogorinos!

    Did anyone see the Blood Moon full lunar eclipse this morning? I had heavy cloud cover and rain, so I missed out. 🙁

    Sue, hope you and Bridget have a great day of exploring! Sending you warm thoughts and hugs!

    • Fuji-maru says:

      Good morning Denise, RVSue, and Blogorinos!
      The sky was covered with clouds so I missed out, too, in Yokohama, Japan.
      9:22 PM now, eclipse was already over.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      I didn’t see it… Sky was completely overcast.

      • shirlene says:

        I did not get up because we have had fog for the last three morning, so this morning as I left pre-dawn, there was the MOON big a life, sitting low in the West, big, bright and beautiful…missed the eclipse, if only I had come out of the house a little earlier I might have seen the end of the eclipse…beautiful moon this morning nonetheless.

        Happy Day to all.

      • Denise - Richmond VA says:


  63. weather says:

    As nightfall revealed mysterious noise and movement I chose not to investigate,familiar ones delighted me.Sleeping mankind allowed the sound of crisp leaves scraping each other and the ground to be heard.Each walk in the night spent searching for a break in the clouds to reveal the eclipse was rewarded by a myriad of glimpses seldom had-into a world lived in shadow’s safety.

    The solitude I feel as peaceful protection is the same as that enjoyed by creatures that bed down here when I arise-the freedom that gives us unparalleled.The cloud cover that obscured the eclipse remained past dawn.Recent weeks have often offered that blessing.It’s kept the leaves from early colors and falls-extending autumn well beyond average years,I’m so grateful.Not to have winter’s wonders postponed-to have one more day-week -month to have what I do this moment.

    Hope the beauty around you stays in place as long as you do,Sue-that you get to feel everything it offers.My coffee is not only good-today it’s necessary-is yours?

    • Denise - Richmond VA says:

      Moonlit Fall landscapes are so magical!

      Hope you have a great day, Weather! 🙂

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      My coffee is good this morning, weather. It’s always better when I share the morning ritual with you!

      We’re off this morning to an appointment in town. Time for me to rouse Bridget from underneath the covers. Talk to you later . . . .

      • shirlene says:

        Good Morning Sue, hope your appointment goes well. Cannot wait for more pictures..

        • weather says:

          Hi Shirlene,glad one of us slept in,hump day will be easier because you did.Glad you saw the moon at all,I did as I dressed the steps for autumn,the nearness made it’s size magnificent to behold.I’m not a photographer or I would find a way to send you a photo.Glad we at least can “picture” as much as we do about each other and our worlds-enjoy yours today!

          • shirlene says:

            Your word pictures I enjoy as they remain in my head for days….Enjoy your day and we will have coffee tomorrow morning albeit vicariously through our dear RVSue. Troup with the troupe in glee today.

      • weather says:

        Likely you’ll read this after you return,I fervently hope the appt. is for an oil change or to view property to consider,in lieu of it’s being with a physician-meaning I hope you’re recuperating your good health rapidly,and pray that’s true.

        • Denise - Richmond VA says:

          My thoughts, too.

          Good luck, Sue. 🙂

        • rvsueandcrew says:

          weather and Denise,

          I’m fine… Nice of you to think of me… Back from town and taking photos. I can’t believe it’s even more beautiful around here than yesterday! The oaks are turning yellow and gold while the red shades of the maples haven’t lost their brilliance.

    • weather says:

      Because this post’s photos demonstrate what I’d like to point out,when you have the time please google Brookside Hideaway,Autumn Lane,Lovelight Cottage and A Victorian Christmas Carol-all Thomas Kinkade paintings.He’s best known as “the painter of light”. Most believe that’s what attracts them to his art,and miss that his use of light and composition is not what draws their heart .That is done by his inviting us into different times and dreams by the story within his art-and that he provides pathways to enter and keep traveling on.All of that is what you do with photo and narrative,the gift that came to surface by your blogging. Discovering gifts,once lived,show our identity and purpose most clearly ,I bet it’s been wonderful to meet yourself more along the way,Sue,it surely has been for me 😉

      • rvsueandcrew says:

        Oh, weather… I could live in a Thomas Kincaid painting forever! Looking at “Autumn Lane,” I can see why you made a connection with my photos and stories.

        My blog is a true account of my life, and it also is a fantasy world where people can let their dreams wander. Today I found more “pathways” . . .

        • weather says:

          glad you looked-at his work and your world…

          • rvsueandcrew says:

            Thanks for sending me . . . I will look again when I can take the time to enter his scenes. What a beautiful view of the world . . . I’m curious to read about the artist.

            Right now I’m finishing up the next blog post!

    • weather says:

      P.S.As you may have time to be online with that,I also want to mention that there is spam to be removed on the Spike and Internet Antennae pages,which may be leaving access to your site until disallowed by your filter.

  64. JodeeinSoCal says:

    Beautiful. Thank you.

  65. DesertGinger says:

    The first pic is so impressionist! Just love it. Gonna steal it for wallpaper.

    • shirlene says:

      HI D.G., I think my favorite is the picnic bench. Being from So Cal, we never see this kind of color here. It is a feast for my eyes! Hope you are feeling better.

  66. DeAnne in TN says:

    Wish I were there! Fall Break from school next week–can I get a hallelujah? 🙂

  67. DeadEye says:


    Seriously, that first photograph could be marketed for sale it is so beautiful. I would hang it in our dining room. Nice composition and great colors. Wow.


  68. gingerda says:

    Wow, absolutely beautiful!!!

  69. Chas Anderson says:

    Sue, hope I am not hijacking the blog.
    I am thinking of getting a Class C Forest River Sunseeker and parking the trailer on my lake lot. Anyone have a sunseeker that they would care to comment on before I make the big commitment?

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Chas… You aren’t hijacking the blog. Your inquiry is just the sort of thing I welcome in the comments section.

      In a few minutes I’m going to publish a new post and your comment may not be seen here by those who know Sunseekers. Please repeat the comment under the new post. It’s an interesting question and I’d like you to receive replies. Thanks.

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