Photo Essay: You’re kidding me . . . more elk?

Another boondocking surprise . . . .

1-DSC05479While sitting inside the Best Little Trailer reading the many, positive comments about the elk photos in the previous post, I happen to look up and out the side window at the great, green meadow that sweeps out from the forest.

Oh, my!  What is that I see?

I run outside, camera in hand.  They’re elk!  I set the camera for distance and zoom it as far as it will go.  This is so much fun! 

Okay, here’s the deal  . . .

At the risk of overdosing you on elk photos, I’m posting the newest batch in this photo essay. Look at it this way — If I show them to you here and now, I won’t be tempted to glom up a future blog entry putting elk photos all over it.

This herd of elk is more sedate than the herd I saw yesterday. 

Or maybe it’s the same elk and they’re worn out from cavorting around that pond.  Maybe the head honcho elk said, “You’ll quit fooling around and graze, if you know what’s good for you.”

Photo 1

1-DSC05564-001These photos, like the ones posted previously, were taken from a great distance at dusk.   I only had a few moments to capture the elk before they moved behind a wall of evergreens.

This next shot looks like a watercolor.

I jazzed up the color.

Photo 2

1-DSC05563-002I like the wide and narrow frame on the next one.  Softer color, too.  They almost look like donkeys.

“No!  They’re ELK!  They aren’t donkeys and they aren’t deer. They’re ELK.  Got it, RVSue?”

Photo 3

1-DSC05562-001Sagebrush gives more blue tones in the photo below.  I think it’s interesting how forms in nature arrange themselves into compositions that are pleasing to the human eye.  (What a nerd.)

Photo 4

1-DSC05556-001What the elk does this have to do with RVing!

Having fun on the road, that’s what.  I saw (or at least, recognized) an elk for the first time at age sixty-five.  I’ve see my first two herds in the span of two days.  I’m going stark-raving, elk crazy!

Photo 5

1-DSC05559-002Just for fun . . . .

Choose the photo you like the best and tell us in a comment (Click on title of post to open comments.)  If you hate every single one of them and wish I get back to the dadgum, regular programming . . .  well, don’t tell me.  It might hurt my feelings.

Seriously, I’ll try very hard not to post any more elk photos.  As for butterflies?  I’m not making any promises!



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136 Responses to Photo Essay: You’re kidding me . . . more elk?

  1. Suzi in MD says:

    Love the elk pics 🙂

  2. Pleinguy says:

    When I lived in a S&B in the mountains of Utah, a herd of 50 elk were in my yard one morning. Of course, when they saw me with the camera they ran like elk. Sigh.

  3. Reine says:

    What’s not to like. It’s YOUR blog and YOUR life. I thought whatever YOU find to be interesting on any given day IS the regular programming!

  4. Bev says:

    #1 because you happened to see your first young bull…oh boy…big Daddy elk is not going to like some young stud with his harem. His head will probably get bonked by a 6 point bull. 😉 I’m loving the photos.

  5. Betty-Shea says:

    Hi Sue!
    I really like photo #3, they are all great!
    What do the pups think of them?
    You are still a kid at heart..:+)..that is what living is all about!

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Betty-Shea,

      Bridget and Spike didn’t see either herd because both times they were taking naps. There’s a pretty high probability that those two are taking naps at any given time of day!

      Glad you like the photos.

  6. #5 is my favorite. I love the blue sagebrush. And I LOVE the watercolor paint effect! Lovely photos!

  7. Lisa W says:

    My favorite is #3 – looks like one of those panographic watercolors you see on walls out west.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Lisa W,

      Yes, that’s what it looks like. I was trying to pin down what that look was. #3 is my favorite, too.

  8. Ray Fleming says:

    Sue, I’ve been following your blog for several months now and just spent a week on Grassy Flats road near Yellowstone. I just arrived in the Flaming Gorge area and logged onto your blog and well golly, we’re neighbors. Enjoy the elk in your area and if you come toward Red Canyon watch for the herd of Bighorn Sheep. I can’t begin to thank you for the education and entertainment you provide.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      You’re welcome, Ray . . . It’s nice to be acknowledged.

      Welcome to comments! You were at Grassy Flats along the river at that free campground?

      Where is Red Canyon? Darn! I can’t see the small print in my Benchmark with these LED lights. Is it over by Sheep Creek? That would make sense. Ha!

      Gee, maybe I’ll bump into you at the Gorge. (As long as I don’t bump you INTO the Gorge!)

      • Ray Fleming says:

        Red canyon is about 5 miles from highway 191 on highway 44. Yes we camped at that free site just south of Yellowstone. Also was the first trip with solar power. Liberating! We had free camping all the way from Louisiana. We even overnighted at an airport parking lot. As a pilot I have always found small airports deserted at night. A quiet, secure and free stop.

        • rvsueandcrew says:

          “… free camping all the way from Louisiana.” Love that solar!

          Small airports… interesting. You must feel right at home there. Thanks for the tip on the sheep. I’ll look for them.

  9. Mary Alice says:

    They are all great. Watch tomorrow for the one that is a spike or some weird antler configuration. They get me all excited, too. In the Big Horns I woke up one morning and a moose and her calf were just on the other side of a stream from my tent (before Casita.) All the animals are exciting to watch. Enjoy!

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Mary Alice,

      I bet the moose were in the willows next to the stream. They love willows!

      I’ll look for that unicorn elk.

  10. Diann in MT says:

    Elk on, good lady!

  11. Jolene/Iowa says:

    I like the first elk picture in this post the best. I love them all though.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      The first one is more of a herd. I wasn’t able to figure out how many there were altogether. I got the feeling many more were out of my view because of the trees.

  12. Marilu says:

    Hi Sue,
    I like photo #4 best but they are all lovely. You said nature arranges itself in forms pleasing to the human eye. I think a very good photographer, catching the right light, as well as arranging and cropping that composition has a lot to do with it 🙂 Bring on the elk. I like seeing them.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Marilu,

      “Bring on the elk!” Don’t tempt me! I could turn this into “RVSue and her canine crew and lots of elk.”

  13. Patty says:

    I love all your photos – elks defintely included! #1 is my favorite! I’m not sure why – it just speaks to me! Your blog is a joy to read! I look forward to reading it every night!


  14. AJ says:

    I like #3 best, very artsy…. It does remind me of a picture I saw in a lodge out west, maybe Teton.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, AJ… Upon waking this morning I immediately checked the meadow. We’ve had rain showers in the afternoon and evening. A thick fog covered the area where the elk were. I like #3, too.

  15. Marilu says:

    Desert Ginger,
    I’ve been on vacation where I had no internet. I just caught up on your ordeal. I’m so glad you are back with us. Congratulations on 24 years, a real achievement! Though you may not have had visitors or a community when you had your surgery, please know that there is a virtual community on this blog who worried about you and continue to care. Take care and heal quickly and completely.

  16. Julia in Ca says:

    I just love the 2nd one of the 1st elk post. The 2 in motion and the “finish” of the picture…. could be fine art.


  17. Diane, Blue Ridge Mts., VA says:

    Well Sue you did park in their Lunchroom. I knew this would happen, HA! Remember early in the morning and evenings… On your shots, they are predictable so you can set up and have the proper exposure for the time of day. A tripod would also be helpful or a bean bag to set your camera on for longer exposure with no camera shake. I liked pic #1 and #5 Three did not download…??? Enjoying your JOY!
    Take Care

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Diane,

      That’s strange that #3 did not download…

      You’re probably right with your suggestions, especially if I had a more powerful camera. I’m not technically-minded when it comes to my photographs. Your comment brought to my mind an important distinction . . .

      I enjoy taking photos of what I experience. Unlike serious photographers, I don’t plan and set up for a photo. That puts the photography ahead of my boondocking experiences.

      In other words, I do the reverse. . . I happen to see something interesting or beautiful or informative that I think will enhance or embellish my hobby (blogging) and I take a picture of it. I don’t set up the camera and wait for the “picture” to arrive.

      I go for a walk and take photos. I don’t go to take photos of a walk.

      The picture is secondary to the actual experience. That seems like a minor point, but it really illustrates my approach to my daily life and to photography as an amateur.

      Maybe at some point I’ll become serious about photography. For now I prefer the “Oh, my, look at that!” snap-snap approach. That’s the JOY that I’m enJOYing. . .

  18. Diane, Blue Ridge Mts., VA says:

    Just saw #3 nice. I do love the color and softness of the sagebrush, you can plan for the next shots having that in them…Nice.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Oh, great, you saw it! I can’t plan for the sagebrush until I learn how to tell the elk . . . “Hey, you, with the one horn, could you move about 30 yards to the left. That’s it. A little more, okay. Now back… further… GOOD!”

      I’m kidding, of course. The elk decide if the sagebrush is in the photo! 🙂

  19. Allen says:

    I have been following your blog for quite a while and I loved every picture that you posted of the elk, even when they were deer.
    I love following your adventures and writing about what you see is what makes it interesting.
    Keep up the great blog.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Thank you, Allen, for following my blog for a long time and for the compliments. I appreciate the encouragement.

      Gee, I hope you didn’t mind my “Allen” sign caper. 🙂

  20. KentW says:

    Sue. I like 3. Mainly because they don’t have their heads in the grass. Ok by me to post more elk pix.

  21. Teresa from NC says:

    I want to also say that I like all of these pics of the elk, along with your pics of yesterday’s elk when they were deer. I love all (well, honestly, not all) of nature’s surroundings and beauty, and you’ve done/do a great service with your pictures. Enjoy your front yard!

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Teresa.. . I’m like you. If it’s nature and/or beautiful, I’m interested!

      I’m glad for the positive reactions to the elk pics. I try to keep variety on my blog, not focusing too much on one subject. Sort of wandered away from that with my elk mania.

  22. Elizabeth in WA says:

    Well, Sue, I am happy cause you are so happy to be seeing elk. I too felt so glad to be able to see “our” elk some years back. They were migrating south…and going single file…and so quiet…just an amazing site. As to cavorting about in evening…when I lived on a small farm, our animals generally were quite silly acting about the time the sun was setting. It may be the same with the wild kingdom too?? Such a lovely place and so glad you are having such a lovely time!!

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Elizabeth,

      I like your observation of the silliness coming out of animals at sunset.

      Not so with the crew. That’s when Spike becomes ornery for supper, hollering and hopping around impatiently. Now Bridget has picked up his behavior! It’s a riot to watch them make such a fuss (“We want liver NOW! Mor chikin!”), although it probably means I won’t have any more close encounters with deer at this camp.

  23. Debbie says:

    Hi Sue, love all the elk pics. #1 front center elk appears to be a yearling male, it looks like he has two straight antlers still covered in velvet. Your herd appears to be young,
    I thought I saw one with a baby in yesterdays #1 picture on the left but I wasn’t sure.
    The males will join the herd in early September and thats when the fighting begins.
    The males get an extra point on the antlers every year. We love going to Wyo. or Mont in the fall to see the males claiming their females. Those big majestic animals make a funny high -pitched scream and if that doesn’t work, they lower their head and charge. One year I noticed one cut and bleeding so I went to the ranger and
    told him one of his elk had been injured. He looked at me like I was nuts and said “yes mam that’s nature” Enjoy those beautiful creatures.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Debbie,

      Very interesting information. I appreciate the education! Thanks.

      I’m sure rangers get together and laugh at the behavior and questions of visitors to the forest.

      That is funny… You going to the ranger because an animal was bleeding. LOL! Often the greatest humor can be found by looking at ourselves. I look at some of the things I do and laugh so hard my sides hurt.

  24. You are elking crazy…and that’s a good thing!

    Keep having fun with your elk! It is so much fun being part of your fun!

  25. Cindy says:

    Nope….I totally get it!

    The Elk are there; you’re there, we’re not.

    Time for you to take pictures.

    The End.

  26. Ladybug in Mid-Tenn says:

    I’m thinking I like #3 the best as well; kinda reminds me of an Indian petroglyph.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Yes, it does look like a petroglyph because of the two-dimensional simplicity. Once again, simple is good. 🙂

  27. Cathy P.(KS) says:

    I like them all but Photo 3 is my favorite so if I were picking one to put on my wall, it would be that one. I’m just glad the elk are still out there to photograph. Enjoy!

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi Cathy P.,

      You remind us what a gift it is to be able to see elk, deer, birds, butterflies, flowers, etc. Our human presence on this earth is a threat to all things “wild” as we blunder around on the planet.

  28. weather says:

    Good morning Sue,
    Our last trip outside last night consisted of my vigilantly hovering,as soon as business was taken care of ,I said “Come on,let’s go in!”. I’d gotten a light whiff of skunk and didn’t care to get any more at all!Thankfully this mornings fresh air held not a hint of it,and all the usual exploring implies that it was just passing through.

    Really,I can’t offhand count the number of times the “special” bathes needed because of that scent have interrupted morning coffee in my life.Secondary spam filter function:don’t attribute number to things not enjoyed,put in Disallowed/ Hopefully No More file. 😉

    My favorite photo is #1 because of light and shadow.Whether in photos,paintings,music,story or felt environment light and shadow or it’s equivalent lends the movement and drama of life in the context of how everything appears to me.

    Will you be seeing Flaming Gorge soon?I know rain has been postponing that recently.However your early day plays out,I hope you feel as carefree as I do right now.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Good morning, weather,

      Skunks! That’s something I hope we never encounter up close. I don’t have the water supply to clean up a skunky crew. I’m glad you avoided that task!

      I just saw the prettiest thing! — A mother bluebird feeding her chick in the grass among the purple-blue lupines in the morning light. It only lasted a moment. What a photo that would make!

      Yes, we will go to Flaming Gorge. It must seem like I’m avoiding it. Since I’m not making a grand sweep of the West this summer, I have more time to mosey along and enjoy the journey and the “little things.”

      I planned to go to the Gorge yesterday. By the time we took a walk (which was so much fun we didn’t hurry back) and I wrote on this blog, it was lunchtime. Then the clouds came, followed by rain. By the time the rain stopped, I wanted to stay at camp. Shortly thereafter the elk appeared.

      It’s nice you are feeling carefree. That’s the healthy way to live!

      • weather says:

        Sometimes,like about the bluebirds,I enjoy the sounds in your writing about it even more than photos!Like the other day,there was a lyrical rhythm heard in your thoughts,common through much of what you pen.Someone couldn’t discern the meaning implied so you edited the post.To me,your original was by far a better work.

        Much of the beauty of whatever is original composition, of art in all of it’s forms ,is demonstrated with it’s natural vibrancy.Detail,if inserted only for clarification,is helpful for pointed communication,yet somehow changes the piece into “this is how the parts become a whole”, instead of “let me share a vista with you”.

        You keep this as a place of learning as well as enjoyment by combining the two.Reading the comments section along with each post blends the clarity and sharing intended.Your blog works as you’ve created it to.

        The reason I mentioned the Gorge was that some weekend experiences make trips good getaways.It’s always nice to have something good to drive to if home gets noisy… 😉

        • rvsueandcrew says:

          You say the nicest things about me and my blog!

          I am very happy with what my blog has become. I’m thrilled every time a reader tells me they learned something, their spirits were lifted after a difficult day, they enjoyed some laughter, a memory was recalled, a problem was solved, advice was obtained, comfort was received, a dream kept alive . . . . It goes on and on and I love it!

          I know what you mean about the passage I edited. I hesitated to insert clarification because I knew it would break the flow. In the end I made it clearer because reader understanding holds a higher priority than “lyrical rhythm.” 🙂

          I see how you carried that thought into your second paragraph. The content and photos in my blog move from artistic to informational, from poignant to silly, from spectacular to mundane.

          The crew and I went to the Gorge today! Like you suggest, Saturday was a good day to leave camp. Boy, it’s good to be home again. All’s quiet at the moment.

          • weather says:

            That you derive happiness from those experiences of your readers comes through in all of your replies.That reward’s significance to you is demonstrated as you devote your heart,time and energy here.

            The consistent effort and work that takes does not escape me.As a reader,participating at will to whatever degree suits me,I know “behind the scenes” there’s much more than the technical upkeep added to your plate.

            Whether spurred by finances or led by my heart,I’ve had the honor,necessity and weight of being the one “running this thing” often in life.Surrounded by many,appreciated or not,it still comes down to being the one.

            So glad for you getting away for a bit today,and that you love coming home,my wish to the Maker of the moon tonight is that you feel understood.

  29. Cozygirl says:

    Photo 4
    Those are some big honking “deer” … oops Elk!! Guess I’ll know when I see my first one…beautiful!!

  30. Audrey says:

    I like photo 1 because it has good coloring, but I also like photo 3 because of the size. Glad you got to see them; ah, nature!

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Audrey,

      Photos 1 and 3 seem to be the most liked. I think Photo 2 would be good as a very small photo to hang. It doesn’t do well as large as the others.

  31. mary (in Colorado) says:

    No worries about posting too many elk shots! They are shy, elusive, and a treat to see. If you can get views of them in September when the rut begins, you will really be in for a treat, and an earful! They are majestic creatures. Consider yourself blessed to have these sights.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Mary in Colorado,

      I do consider myself blessed, every single day. That’s my new elk goal… To see the September rut!

  32. Susan in Dallas says:

    Yay, more elk! It’s not like I could overdose on seeing them in Dallas. Picture 4 is my favorite. Like the different areas of color and textures it shows and it’s somewhat symmetrical to my eye. Glad to see my recent cookbook showed up on your purchases!

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      I got a kick out of seeing that cookbook order. Yay for rotisserie chicken! Thanks, Susan, for purchasing the book through my blog. I hope you enjoy many delicious meals from its recipes!

      Not many elk roaming the streets of Dallas, eh?

  33. Nancy in Idaho says:

    Sue, love them all–what could be wrong about posting pics of all the natural beauty which you find?

    We have elk herds which come down to our valley in the winter–as many as 50 head right out our front door. They have been chased out of the high country by the wolves that were re-introduced here a number of years ago, and they come down to feast on the hay that the rancher next door puts out for his cows/horses.

    To answer some of your questions about elk: only males (bulls) have antlers which they lose in early spring and regrow each year. Generally the number of ‘points’ on the antlers indicate age–the more points the older the elk. That small bull that you show in your pictures is called a spike and is probably a year old–still a little young to be running with the big bulls, thus he is staying with mama and the females (cows). Sometimes their antlers are deformed; if he only has the one, he could have broken it off, but more probably he only developed the one.

    Someone else pointed out the difference in color to tell them apart from deer (especially at a distance when size isn’t as apparent)–the buff colored butt is a definite give away. After time and with your knack for observing detail, you will get so just the profile is a give-away–notice how long their necks are? If you get a chance to get closer to a group of them, listen–the females are constantly ‘talking’ to each other–or their calves. They make a kind of chirping noise. Possibly after dark where you are if you stand outside and listen, you might hear them.

    By the way, I didn’t see any calves–were there any smaller elk in the herd? Maybe farther south they are more full-grown size by now than up here in the north. Enjoy your new-found elusive animals and feel free to post as many pictures as you wish; we all love your pictures!

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Wow, Nancy! You are definitely the elk expert of my blog! I really enjoyed all the interesting information you shared in your comment. You answered a lot of my questions.

      I’d love to hear the females “talking.” I doubt I’ll ever be that close to hear them. I’m happy that I’ve finally seen them! I will listen for them though, as you suggest, after dark.

      There may have been calves in this second herd. The general movement of the herd was to an area behind evergreens. I don’t think I saw the entire group. No, I didn’t see any calves in the first herd.

      I’m pleased you love my pictures. Thanks very much for educating me and probably many of my readers!

    • AZ Jim says:

      Hi Nancy, At one point in my life I had a cabin up in the hills above Bear Lake. One several occasions I too saw herds of elk, as many as a hundred in the group come right down our road at night. I have also seen Moose in my circular drive while there as well as them swimming as much as 10 miles across the lake. When I assure people I have seen the wildlife of Idaho many probably think I’m fabricating. Sometime ago Sue told me she had almost discounted the Elk as mythical that they were real and plentiful. I used to love the wildlife show I had while I lived in that cabin. Now our Sue is a believer.

  34. Sue (Alabama) says:

    #3 is my favorite as well! It almost looks like the Elk in back is talking to the one in front! It could be a great pictured framed and hung on a wall! I just wonder if you will see them this weekend with all the atv’s that are arriving. Keep snapping those pictures as we love to follow your days and be immersed in your joy and fun!

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Sue (Alabama),

      I’ve put together a strategy to help myself tolerate the ATVs and any other weekend annoyances. As soon as I finish reading and replying to comments this morning, I’m throwing the crew in the PTV and leaving camp since today is Saturday.

      I think this is a great place to be over the weekend. It’s very difficult to find a camp where there won’t be disturbances on a weekend. That’s okay. Working people need their recreation and the mutants need to expend their energies somehow, somewhere. 🙂

      I hope you are enjoying your weekend!

  35. Pauline from Mississippi says:

    The pictures for the past few days have been awesome but then I like all your pictures. I really love the close ups of the flowers. Now for the elk pictures…#4 is my pick because of the colors. I really like all of them!
    I am so glad you finally found the elk. It has been a long time coming 🙂
    Leaving for Cambridge on Wednesday.

    Love you

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Pauline,

      I know you must be very excited to be leaving for NY soon. Not only for the reunion, but to have a granddaughter along with you will be a lot of fun. I can see you showing her off with pride!

      I’m excited about your side trip to NYC! Maybe by the time you return I’ll have my email problem solved (can’t fix it with this slow connection). If you’ve emailed me and I haven’t replied, that’s why.

      I’m looking forward to hearing about YOUR adventures! If case we aren’t in touch within the next few days, I wish you a wonderful trip filled with lots of memorable moments with T-B. 🙂

      Love you!

  36. Jeanne says:

    Hi Sue,
    I love the elk pics. You take pictures of cool things on your travels, and elk certainly qualify!

    My favorite place for elk is at Willard Springs, in the Coconino south of Flagstaff. It’s a spot I found from reading YOUR blog. I was there in May last year and was the only one there. Must have been too early for other campers. But, the weather was great, and a herd of about 20 elk came to the little pond there every evening. Spent 10 days there and it was one of my all-time favorite stops. (It’s the site right behind the refuse transfer station and the Verizon tower.)

    Loving reading about all the cool places you are finding in Utah! Next time I go through there I will definitely visit some of your sites.


    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Jeanne,

      That’s so cool that you saw elk at Willard Springs! Of course, I remember that place… That’s where the tiny white nosegays were all over the ground. I met my friend Ken there and he used to annoy me no end with his reports of seeing elk on his morning walks and I didn’t see one!

      I know the pond where you saw the elk. I checked it often, often sitting among the trees, very still, waiting… none came! Spike enjoyed soaking in that pond.

      I’m happy that you enjoyed one of “my” camps! Thanks for telling us about your elk experience.

  37. irene austin says:

    Hi Sue,
    I’m casting my vote for #4 photo. I like the soft background and the sheen on the elks coat.
    Saw our first elk at the Grand Canyon, they are Huge!
    Your posts are our trip this year, we are staying home and building a shop. Next year Harold and I and the 3 cockers will hit the road again.
    Keep the pictures coming.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Irene and Harold and the 3 cockers,

      It’s my pleasure to be your trip while you build your shop.

      I haven’t a sense of the size of elk because I’ve only seen them at a great distance or zoomed in photos. I’m proud to say I immediately knew this herd were elk. It’s hard for me to understand why I couldn’t see the difference before. It seems very obvious now.

  38. Alan Rabe says:

    Hi Sue. Well if being able to see the beauty in nature makes one a nerd then we should all be nerds. And being able to capture it in a photo must make one a super nerd. I have, and I know you have, worked very hard to do both so long live the nerds. We make life bearable.
    Well the house is supposed to close on the 23rd. I have some things to clear up and then I plan on hitting the rod around August 22nd. Going first to Lincoln Il. to visit relatives andthen to Box Elder SD to get my drivers license. But I got to be out of SD by the end of October, Hope I avoid any major blizzard. But then I go to Grand Junction UT. to visit more relatives and then south. I have to go thru Flagstaff to pick up my solar system. I could have it shipped by that is another 200+ dollars and I just don’t need it at first.
    Keep on trucking and taking snaps.
    Love ya always.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Alan,

      You are in the “home stretch” now! You have a good plan worked out for your first months as a full-time vagabond. You may already know this… It isn’t necessary to go to the county of your legal residence. You can get your license anywhere in SD (seems like we talked about this and you gave a reason for going to Box Elder, sorry if I’m repeating here).

      You’ll probably want to move quickly through Flagstaff once you get your solar installed. I imagine it’s cold there in Nov. I’ve camped in two places around Flag… Willard Springs south of town on Rte. 17 (which Jeanne mentioned 2 comment above) and the national forest land across from Sunset Crater on the north side of town.

      Yes, long live the nerds and nature lovers! I’m very happy for you, Alan. Soon you will be untethered and set loose on this beautiful country!

    • Crystal says:

      Alan, you will be 3 hours north of me when you get to Lincoln, IL. You’ve probably been to southern IL before. If not, I will warn you the humidity and heat will be terrible in August. It’s actually better when the temp passes 100 because it burns the humidity off and it feels cooler. I don’t know what you’re camping in, and you may be staying with family, but you’ll want AC.

      If you choose, feel happy to disregard this unsolicited “advice”. lol

  39. Lee J in Northern California says:

    Elk! How wonderful you finally have sighting and so many animals!

    My sister has a farm in Astoria Oregon and she has a herd that regularly jumps her fences and graze with the sheep! Once I was standing in her dining room and realized I was looking at so something like thirty animals out there! They are huge! I would imagine they are about the size of a saddle horse, and they can flat footed jump over my Sis’s five foot high fences. Amazing creatures.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Lee J,

      The size of a saddle horse? Wow! That must’ve been quite a sight to have 30 elk in view from the dining room window.

      I’m looking forward to dusk! I’ll be sure to look to see if the herd returns.

  40. Bill&Ann says:

    Photo 3. awesome I would love to do something arty with this.

  41. Mick'nTN says:

    I’m with Gloria on #5. “Uni” is there also. Next time get your camera ready and blow your whistle to get them to raise their heads and look at the camera.

  42. JodeeinSoCal says:

    Can’t say why but #4 is my favorite. How fun that they came for another visit. Now that you know they’re elk I bet they looked different this time :-). Seems all that’s left is Sasquatch……

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Jodee,

      Those elk can’t fool ME anymore. Huh. I can spot an elk as far as I can see! Funny that now it seems impossible to me to mix up deer and elk. Yes, Photo 4 is nice. It’s my second choice after Photo 3.

  43. AnnieB says:

    Love #3 for all the reasons mentioned by others above. It would look cool as your blog banner! I love seeing the elk pictures, Sue. You can’t have too many for me. I go up to Rocky Mountain National Park to see them, especially in the fall for rutting season in Moraine Park. which is gorgeous with a wide vista and a stream running through. Big herd of elk there in the fall. You’d love it!

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, AnnieB,

      You know? I’ve contemplated a trip through Rocky Mountain NP in the fall. Gee, wouldn’t that make a fantastic return trip southward! Go to this Moraine Park you mention and watch the elk in full rut. You got me with “a stream running through.”

      A blog banner… What a clever idea! Hmmm…

      • Crystal says:

        We just returned from RMNP. I want to return and stay awhile, hopefully with the camper. I took some great bull elk photos, and have uploaded my favorite to my Flickr account. You can see it by clicking on my name. I hope to load the others tonight. I have a cheap camera, but I think they turned out great. Some were taken fairly close to the huge animals.

  44. Ron Sears says:

    I love to watch elk jump over fences. A full grow elk can stand next to a 5 strand wire fence and jump it will little effort… Be safe..

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      That must be something to see, Ron. I’d love to watch that. You be safe, too, and happy!

  45. Cindy says:

    PS. I like #1 and #5 best….simply because they are all in a group in those 2 pics 🙂

  46. Marcia GB in MA says:

    Reminds me of a trip to Rocky Mountain National Park a few years ago. Hubby and I had already seen quite a few elk in our previous travels but our daughter (who met us out there) and her family had never seen any. As we ventured up Trail Ridge Rd in two vehicles, I kept texting her on elk photo ops. Finally, they passed us with my daughter shaking her head and making the cut throat sign “no more elk!” It IS possible to have a surfeit of elk, I guess 🙂

  47. DesertGinger says:

    I love #3….love the great green color of the grass. Next choice is 5. Please continue to gift us with any pics…animal, flowers, trees. But I do love the elk pics.

    My knee is doing better. Been walking in the house a little with no cane or walker. Can stand longer as well.

    Southern CA does have the best weather. Sitting here in the picture window with nice warm sun pouring over my shoulder…but it isn’t hot. Having my two friends to hang with. This is nice. But I’m also starting to look forward to going home and getting on with my life. I’ve always been impatient. I think it means I’m feeling better, haha.

    Life is good.

    • Mick'nTN says:

      3 cheers for DeGin

    • weather says:

      Life is good…glad to see that here from you, Ginger.24 years,wow,that means a lot.Not just the achieving it,I mean each decade before your first meeting having held so much to overcome.Life’s been quite a stretch,huh kid?The strength you’ve had to develop because of all that will carry you through.You had to get good at “switching gears” to survive.Just keep it in low gear until the healing is as deep as your resolve.Yippee for all the improvements!!

    • AZ Jim says:

      Yep Ginger….itchy feet means you’re on the mend. Good for you lady….

      • Patricia from Florida says:

        Desert Ginger
        Happy to hear that u r moving around. That is a few steps closer to ur home in Arizona.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      That’s great news, Ginger! You’re walking on your own! Thanks for keeping us informed of your progress . . . and of your impatience to get on with your life.

  48. R. (Western Colorado) says:

    I looked at each picture so many times my head is spinning. I can’t decide. I like each of them and wish for more. Yes, more please.

    Sue, do you now believe ELK are real?
    What wildlife is the next on your list? Wildhorses maybe? Brown bears fishing for salmon? Caribou? Whales? Dolphins?

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Yes, I believe elk are real. 🙂

      What’s next? Hmm… I saw wild horses in South Dakota. I’ve seen dolphins in Florida. I’ve seen enough bears to last me a while. Caribou? Whales? That would be good!

  49. AZ Jim says:

    Maybe she should make Sasquatch her next target?

    • R. (Western Colorado) says:

      How could I forget Bigfoot? Isn’t he now in WA somewhere?

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Jim . . . Boy, a photo of Sasquatch would really make the sitemeter spin!

      • AZ Jim says:

        Missy, with all your pretty pix you have me changing desktops quicker than a “hotsheet motel” changes linen. *snicker*

  50. Wheeling it says:

    Photo 3 is my fav. Love the watercolor effect too. Isn’t a simple life just the greatest.


    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Yes, it is, Nina. I’m enjoying your explorations of the fascinating state of Washington.

  51. Crystal says:

    My vote is for photo #3, as well!

  52. Lolalo says:

    Hi Sue, I think I like Photo #5 best. Don’t know exactly why, but it just looks so natural, the elk are simply enjoying their leisure grazing. And they seem to be at peace in the company of other members of the herd. Not terrorized by predators or ATV’s.
    Keep posting natures glory. We all love it and you are the reason we get to share in your backwoods travel adventures!

  53. wil says:

    I liked #1 & #5. Seeing the elk reminds me to remind you to be hyper-alert to the presence of deer ticks in the vicinity. They don’t call it ‘Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever’ for fun.

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