Ponderosa Grove Campground

Tuesday, October 14

Around 10 a.m. the Perfect Tow Vehicle carries Bridget and me out of Coral Pink Sand Dunes State Park.  We travel a few miles on Hancock Road to the entrance of Ponderosa Grove Campground.

1-P1010148The campground is between the state park and Route 89 which goes to Kanab.

“Whoa!  What is this?”


Huh?  What does this mean?  The PTV is 17 feet and the BLT is 17 feet and together they are 34 feet. 

I park the PTV on the side of the entrance road.

“I’ll be right back, Bridget.”  She howls as I walk down the road to investigate the campground.

I don’t go far before facing an RVSue guard!

1-P1010149Also known as a cattle guard.  I cannot walk across a cattle guard.  I realize there’s no way I can possibly fall between the metal bars.  Nevertheless, I can’t force myself to walk across.

(For readers who’ve never ventured into free-range grazing country, a cattle guard is a bunch of parallel bars with spaces in between.  Cattle will not walk across them.  In this case it keeps the cattle from strolling into the campground.)

1-P1010141It does not, however, keep ME from strolling into the campground.  I find a section of fence that I can squeeze through and continue on my way.

Hey, this is a nice, little campground.  Only $2.50 a night for geezers.  Sweet!   

Hmm . .  . Only one camper here and that travel trailer looks longer than the Best Little Trailer.

A man is fussing around the storage bin of his travel trailer.  I ask him about the sign and the wording of the length restriction.

“I think that means per individual vehicle.  My trailer’s 24 feet.  We’ve been here six days.  I haven’t seen a ranger in all that time.”

I walk back to the PTV and drive us into the campground.

I back the BLT into a pretty spot.  It’s a short campsite so I immediately unhitch and park the PTV sideways.

1-P1010154Later I have a conversation with the man.

I introduce myself and he tells me his “self-inflicted nickname” is Boma.

“Hmm… Boma…  I don’t think I’ve ever met anyone with the name of Boma,” I remark, smiling.

“I didn’t know its meaning until I met an African,” he elaborates.  “In Africa a Boma is an enclosure in the middle of a village.  Animals are kept there for safety with the huts all around in a circle.  When a woman has a problem with her husband, she runs out of her house and goes into the boma.  When the other men see a woman in the boma, they come out and hold court, right there on the spot.  They bring the husband out to the boma, hear both sides, and the situation is resolved.”

“Gee, great system.  We could use bomas here in this country.  Put them in the middle of apartment and condo complexes,” I joke.  “So your name means  . . . . ”

“A place of security; safety,” Boma finishes.

Boma tells me he and his wife have been at Ponderosa Grove Campground for six days. 

He’s attending a symposium on rock art held in Kanab.  I question him further and learn that he’s enjoyed a career as an archaeologist studying petroglyphs, petrographs, geoglyphs, art on pottery, and so forth.  The conversation fascinates me.

“What a wonderful mix for a career,” I respond.  “Archeology and art.”

One meets such interesting people while living “on the road.”

After lunch Bridget and I board the PTV for a trip into Kanab.

1-P1010083On the way we stop at Best Friends Animal Sanctuary!

I sign up for the nine o’clock tour tomorrow, October 15th. Bridget and I won’t ride on the tour van.  Instead we’ll follow in the PTV which will allow me to take photos out an open window.

 A tour of the sanctuary will be my birthday present to myself!

Bridget and I continue on our way to Kanab.

Highway 89 takes us through beautiful red-rock scenery.  Between the traffic and no place to pull over, I only manage one photo.

1-P1010137Here’s a view of downtown Kanab . . . .

1-P1010085I remember a little grocery called “Honey’s Marketplace” from our visit here in May 2012.

1-P1010086I pick up a few groceries and head back to camp.

Wednesday, October 15

Bridget and I wake up with just enough time for breakfast before taking off for our tour at Best Friends.  It’s a beautiful day!  On the way I stop for a few moments to watch a curious deer family in the bushes along Hancock Road.

1-P1010162A few more miles and Bridget and I arrive at Best Friends.

The tour is fun and informative.  Rather than describe it in words, in the next post I’ll show you my photographs and they will tell the story.

Several of you are wondering if I found another crew member.  I won’t tease you any longer.  No, I didn’t adopt a pal for Bridget.  I would’ve consider a new crew member from the sanctuary if it were as simple as pointing and saying, “I’ll take that one.”

It isn’t that easy.

I know from my experience with rescue organizations that great care is taken before placing an animal in a new home.  It’s unlikely that I would pass the adoption requirements.  Just imagine a home visit at our campsite — “Um, no, I don’t have a fenced in yard . . . . .”  Plus the process takes time and we need to continue moving south for the winter.

Sorry to disappoint!  We will find the right crew member, all in good time.

Bridget and I celebrate my birthday together.

We share left-over rotisserie chicken at our picnic table.  The chicken makes a delicious sandwich for me and Bridget enjoys a few chunks on a paper plate.

Then it’s birthday cake time!  I break open the plastic container holding one serving of white cake with white frosting.  I mark it with “66” and take a photo.

1-P1010139“Sorry, Bridge.  You don’t get any.  It’s all mine.”

As I sit in my lounge chair savoring each bite, I recall the many birthday wishes sent to me through this blog, as well as the many kindnesses I’ve received over the past year.

The leaves of the cottonwood tree across from our campsite flutter in the breeze. 

I imagine each of the heart-shaped leaves as readers of this blog wishing me a happy birthday.

Thank you for sharing my birthday with me!


NOTE:  I can’t tell you how much I agonize while reading your comments and not being able to respond to each one.  I’m encountering the worst connection issues ever.  This post took several trips searching for signal over two days.  The connection broke many times during the writing process requiring rewrites.  

Please don’t think I’m unappreciative of your many good wishes for me and Bridget.  Your thoughtfulness and your loyalty to my blog, even in my absence, means a lot.  Bridget and I will move soon and, once we do, I hope I’ll be able to post and respond more often. 

Thanks for your messages of concern regarding Bridget’s leg injury that flared up again.  I’m still restricting her activity.  She’s still limping.  Apparently it will take time.


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101 Responses to Ponderosa Grove Campground

  1. Cathy says:

    Wow, first comment but not my last. Love your adventures and Happy Bday.

  2. Janis Harrison says:

    I don’t believe you are 66 !!!! Happy Birthday Sweet Sue !!

  3. Jolene/Iowa says:

    Hi Sue, Good to hear from you again. I wondered about the adoption rules with rescues. I have heard of some of the requirements before. I know the right situation will appear in the right time.

    I love the truck by the grocery store. Really cute! I continue to share about your blog and have a list of some of the others who post on here in a link on my RV group facebook page.

    Such beautiful country in Utah. Safe travels and yes, you do need to keep moving south. The colder weather is on the way. Looking forward to the pictures in the next blog post. Have a good weekend.

    • Sidewinder Pen says:

      I’ve run into the same thing. Thinking about another dog (mine went over the bridge at 16 a few years ago), I did some looking into it. Many places now have rules about who can adopt and what their situation must be. I know these are meant to protect the animals, but they mean that folks such as me (and RVSue) don’t qualify to be good pet owners (you need a specific fenced yard, etc. etc.) It’s a bit too bad as I know I was a good human to my dogger and clearly Sue is too — but we don’t fit the mold and many places you can’t even get past the application if so.

      Of course there are always ways, but some avenues are apparently closed.

  4. Pam N. says:

    Happy Birthday! The dogs we need find us, as long as we’re open to them. You and Bridget will know when your new companion comes into your life. Btw, I have always wanted to visit Best Friends–good for you, that you could.

  5. Susan in Dallas says:

    I loved the TV show, Dogtown, which was filmed at Best Friend Sanctuary. They are doing such great work. I look forward to your photos. There are so many animals to see there! I know you saw the dogs and probably the horses. The towns you visit are always so tidy and clean – so picturesque.

  6. Don in Okla. says:

    What a neat way to celebrate!!! Best wishes for a very Happy Birthday and many more!!

  7. Cari in North Texas says:

    The comments on your last post had us all guessing and wondering if you would adopt another crew member. Thanks for not keeping us in suspense too long! The right companion will come along, maybe when you land for a longer period of time.

    Sounds like you and Bridget celebrated your birthday in style. Your cake was really cute!

    I hope your connectivity problems resolve themselves soon. I know how frustrating it can be not to be able to communicate electronically.

  8. Janet says:

    Dear Sue
    I admire your spunk and focus on your priorities. Happy 66th. And many moooore!!!
    Also, no worries about not responding to all of the comments because it wouldn’t be possible. However, you posts are wonderful.
    All good wishes. Sincerely, Janet from NC

  9. Gayle says:

    How about if you go to another shelter, share your blog and let them see what a wonderful life Bridget lives! Your blog is your resume when you “apply” for a companion for both of you!

    • Glenda in OZ! says:

      Great idea Gayle!! What better testament to show the good life that Sue can provide to a rescue dog!

    • I can’t wait to see the photos of Best Friends! Your birthday cake was a hoot, but it was missing a few candles! I agree with the others… Your blog is your resume and we blogerino’s are your personal references! I am willing to bet that if Friends had realized that you were THE RVSue… But the right furry face will appear with bright eyes and wiggly butt and ready to go on adventures! I love Kanab Utah! Heck, I love ALL of Utah! Chuck and I agree, it is our favorite state to explore! Travel safe … We blogerino’s are in the back seat !!!

  10. Pauline from Mississippi says:

    Glad you had a nice birthday….love the cake! The perfect member to the crew will come along and you will know it the minute you see he/she. Hugs to you and Bridget.
    Love you

  11. DesertGinger says:

    I thought about all the typical ‘rescue’ requirements like fenced yard. I wonder how many good pet owners are turned away because of these rules?

    Looking forward to pics of ‘good friends’. I’ve been in my chair all day, taking it easy.

    • Crystal says:

      We were. Sadly, because although we have a fenced yard outside of the city limits, we also have a pool. So I had to buy a shih tzu. We had three others that “found” so, though. Two were dumped, and the lab our daughter took from a teen who was abusing him. Yup, up and took him. That was 6 years ago. She was all of 16. He is the best dog. So we had four at once and are now down to two.

  12. jeff says:

    Happy Birthday Sue !!

  13. Sue (Alabama) says:

    Happy Happy Birthday to Sue!! What no ice cream? Your cake looked to good! So you won’t be having any bovine visitors!! Darn! Before you know it your new forever puppy will find your heart when the time is just right!! What a great birthday present, I love going to see all those cute faces but breaks my heart at the same time!

    We finally have our coach and are in the Everglades right now. The weather here is beautiful! Enjoy your weekend!

  14. wildflower in prescott says:

    Happy birthday!

    I am 3 months older than you!

    Funny how our fur friends find us. I went to a flea market looking for a hand plane and I came home with my Rosie Dawg and no hand plane. That was 8 years ago.

  15. Cinandjules (NY) says:

    Anyone else do the Evelyn Woodhead speed reading thru the post to see if there was an addition to the family?

    Okay then ….back to the beginning. OMG about the cattle guard. I had a dog once that refused to walk over manhole covers with the grates! He also didn’t like elevators!

    Adoption rules are strict for a reason but they tend to exclude those who will go above and beyond caring and loving an animal! We don’t have fences either.

    Can’t wait to see the photos! Enjoy your night! And happy birthday once again!

  16. Glenda in OZ! says:

    Hey I am here and riding along for the past couple of weeks. Happy Birthday from me again…………love that we can chat amongst us until such time you have good connection and can be back with us again. Stay Happy! Love to Bridget!

  17. Linda says:

    HBD, Sue!

  18. AZ Jim says:

    66? Come on…..I’ve got Tee shirts that old. When you first took breath, I was 12. Thanks for checking in Missy.

  19. edlfrey says:

    Sue, if I ever meet you I will teach you how to walk across a cattle guard. Patches would have nothing to do with them when I got her but I have taught her to walk across them now. I’ll put a choke chain on you and …..

    I considered an adoption from best Friends also but dropped the idea when I looked at the adoption application. I got Patches from the Sierra Vista, AZ shelter and if you go on-line they also have a daunting application. However, when I went there in person and explained my lifestyle and one of the staff took a look at my RV they were happy to have me adopt Patches. So, Best Friends may cut some slack for a RV Fulltimer; you would have to ask.

  20. Pamela K. says:

    I am so glad you and Bridget had such a wonderful time together for your birthday! I luv the cake, a smile and 66 for the eyes, perfect in every way! There is a grocery here that makes white cake with white icing for single serves…my favorite and one of my weaknesses. Hubby has to get one every so often for me. If they are out of them, well, I pout for a minute or two, lol. He reminds me ~next time, honey, they will have some. I head right for the Swiss Miss and suddenly life is good again 😉 Awwwwh, simple pleasures abound!
    Well, Miss Sue and Crew, we missed ya. So nice to see you back again.
    ~hand claps and birthday hugs~

  21. illinois Jane says:

    Happy Birthday, Sue!

  22. Teri in SoCal says:

    Sounds like you had a very nice birthday! I can’t wait to hear more about Best Friends.

  23. Sally Jacob says:

    Happy fellow October Birthday gal! I just turned 64… and Libras are very self contained I think. Enjoy Enjoy. I have followed your blog from the beginning and please know your blog is such a welcome breath of fresh air.. I love living the RV live with you and your special 4 footers… and feel free-er and less frustrated with each posting you make. My 2 girls [ miniature poodles] and I wish you and Bridgett and Spike too.. our best.. life is for those who take the time to notice… and you all do. Rest in peace and fun Spike.. and carry on RV Sue and Bridget! Sally and her crew- Violet and Music.

  24. Cinandjules (NY) says:

    Get your kicks on Route 66! Rock on Desert Woman! Ye ole geezer!

  25. Dawn in MI says:

    Happy birthday a little late. Looks like a beautiful part of the country again. Glad you and Bridgette are having fun! Cake looks yummy!

  26. weather says:

    Beautiful deer family and red rock scenery photos.Your birthday cake looked cute and sweet-heart shaped leaves with our wishes ,the perfect touch.Glad you didn’t rush it yet got rotisserie chicken back on your menu,when it’s the right time to add things we always will know.

    With daily moving and finding camps and just living you’ve been busy-the tour itself since they’re so large- must have used a lot of time and energy,and you have posting struggles ,too.So it would make sense if you don’t show us that picture story right away, I look forward to it whenever you do.

    My touring the web considering a cat was full of pictures that weren’t attached to quite the right bios-must haves to fit:friendly with and unafraid of other critters yet not in too aggressive a way.Deciding to let it ride,as in -when one doesn’t just need but wants me to find it ,I will.Today I went to get in the jeep and one peeked at me from it’s roof.I think one of the seasonal neighbors left her,she’s obviously not put off by any of us in this troupe.

    If she eats and sleeps outside or on the porch I leave open for whoevers this weekend,Monday I’ll take her to my vet for everything.If she’s happy to move inside with us after that,we will be ,too.If not at least she’ll be better off for having had the care.Providence gives the right ones and ways for us to live with,trusting we’ll be happy either way,I’m just fascinated and gratified by it all-for us -and for you two. that

  27. Lynn Brooks says:

    I’m sticking with you, Sue!!!
    I love reading everything you write!

  28. Kay says:

    I am glad you got some cake for your Birthday, Sue. It seems, with cake, it’s a Birthday. Without cake, it’s just another day.

    I checked the friends website and I thought to myself… hum, even if Bridget found herself a forever friend, I could be tough getting the little friend because of the lifestyle. The, I thought for another moment and determined… Hey! That little friend would have a better life with Bridget and Sue, and if they want any references. Hand them a card with the blog name. All they’d have to do is read a few posts, and they’d be chasing RVSue and Bridget down so fast…

    $2.50 a night for geezers, huh… I wonder…. is that for geezers who have lost their screws or ones with screws in tack? At that rate, I am really thinking… hum maybe it designed for the women of the men….

  29. Val R. Lakefield Ontario says:

    Hi Sue, those campground prices are so cheap..looking forward to the day I can try some of them out. Cute cake, glad you treated yourself. Sure wish I was 0nly 66

  30. dmstanton says:

    Happy Birthday:))

  31. What an interesting man you met. We’re camping this weekend on the very rainy & blustery WA coast near Moclips. We’ve met all kinds of interesting people here including the man who has 2 Weimreiners sp.?) because he likes to look at them…

    Happy birthday, Sue! I’m 5 months ahead of you. The double birthdays are fun! Have fun!

  32. Linda in NE says:

    Happy Birthday!! Sounds like you had a fine celebration day…..and now I’m hungry for cake. 🙂

  33. Taranis says:

    It’s great to hear you had a good birthday, Ms Sue! Always delightful to read you blog and your antics, however mundane you think they might be.

    Here’s to another year of living simply!

  34. Mert says:

    Happy birthday sue!! Sorry I missed it. Been a very hectic few weeks. On a good note…. No a wonderful note… My disability was awarded, and pay and 3 years back pay is on the way!! Thank the good lord!! It has been a very, very stressful time getting this approved. So yay!!!! 😉
    I hope Bridgett is doing better. Asia Mae has been gimping a bit ( squirrel chasing) she don’t stand a chance in h$&@ catching those squirrels. But we won’t tell her that!!
    Safe travels to you and Bridgett.
    Mert and Asia Mae ( the squirrel warrior) 😉

  35. Sally Browning says:

    Love your 66 cake !!!! SallyB and Dukiedoo sends a birthday tail wag

  36. Ann M says:

    Happy birthday, Sue! And many more!

    Ann M

  37. Denise - Richmond VA says:

    Good morning, Sue….(it is 12:41AM here),

    Glad that you had a wonderful Birthday! A rotisserie chicken sandwich, a visit to the pet sanctuary, and cake – how perfect! Hope you topped it off with some Tillamook ice cream!

    So sorry that the tech problems are so troublesome. I know that they are frustrating you to no end. Seeing your new post made my day!

    Hope you had a peaceful, restful evening. Hugs to you and Miss Bridget from me and Gracie pup. Thank you for your Birthday wishes. 🙂

    PS – The PTV and BLT look great! All shiny and bright.!

  38. Elizabeth in WA says:

    Another lovely read….looks like a nice little camp. The other camper’s thinking sound so correct….my you have one of the smallest rigs there is!! Hope you can stay awhile if you find it just right. Seems that any shelter, esp. after reading your blog, would not mind your having a pet. GOOD GRIEF…talk about the life of Riley!! Look at all the fun things your animals get to do!! I would think they would be far more worried about someone leaving an animal alone all the time. And you virtually never leave yours alone. Well, timing is everything…you will know when the time is right.

    On the way to town Wednesday….still in heavily populated area….we had to slow down so as to not hit…..A COYOTE!!!!!!! North Seattle area even….imagine that!! I thought it was a fox but hubby said no, it is too big…it is a coyote…sure enough!! Hang onto your kitties and doggies folks!!

    Happy trails!!

    • weather says:

      Glad you were traveling sensibly enough to be able to slow down and not hit it!Aside from the shock(and sorry if you got shook up a little)aren’t they just neat looking?Hope you’re both feeling well.

      • Elizabeth in WA says:

        Thanks Weather…was not shocked per se….just NOT expecting to see on in such a populated area. They tend to be kind of unseen things…and this area has a lot of homeless people…camping in all sorts of places….one wonders….I am glad it was not a wolf!!

  39. Teresa from NC says:

    Happy belated birthday! I’ve enjoyed reading your posts, and riding along back south. I, too, am looking forward to the fixed connectivity issues. As always, all the blogorinos have entertained and been a hoot. Your blog has continued to be a highlight in my long day. Safe travels to you and Bridget.

  40. Lacy says:

    You spend much too much time worrying about not being able to respond to your blog comments. Your loyal readers understand!

    I just want to add my wishes to the many others that are listed here. Happy Birthday Sue and may you have many, many more to follow that continue to bring you wherever your heart desires. And tell Bridget hi too!


  41. Timber n' me says:

    Well, I’ll beee, Sue, You have a year and 1 month to the date on me. And I agree with the rest, A good dog will find you and Bridget. Nice cake. who says you can’t have your cake and eat it too, God bless you young Lady and have a great night,,,, ,,,,oh, Timber says hi to the Bridge, give her a big hug from us too ,,,me

  42. Laurie in NC says:

    Happy Birthday! I am also an October baby! I really love the area you are in now! It’s good to know that the vehicle restriction is on the individual truck or camper and not the entire unit! My husband and I are planning a trip out west after retirement and love the idea of a van pulling a smaller trailer, but not too small!

  43. Marsha/MI says:

    Belated Happy Birthday wishes.

    When we were out west last month we had to cross cattle guards several times in our travels. Some places even had fake cattle guards – lines painted on the road. We saw that on a few roads so it’s apparently enough of a deterrent to keep that cattle from crossing.

  44. Noelle says:

    Happy belated birthday! Our birthdays are close – I’ll be 66 in December, and I think your birthday events sounded like a perfect way to celebrate….although I would have picked chocolate cake. 🙂
    I’m not retired and traveling yet, and have heard comments about length restrictions such as you encountered, which gives me pause in making a final decision about an RV, but it didn’t sound like u run into such restrictions often.
    I love the area of the country you’ve been in lately – hope you get a chance to see some of the glyphs your neighbor mentioned.
    Enjoy this beautiful fall weather!

  45. Marcia GB in MA says:

    Happy Birthday, Sue! Glad you and Bridget had a nice day.

  46. Diann in MT says:

    Happy Birthday, Sue! We are the same age! I love my age and thank God everyday that I am healthy and able to accomplish what I need to around this house. Keep on keepin’ on, woman!
    Cattle guards: Although I didn’t grow up on a ranch or farm, I had friends who did. I remember one patient girl who taught me to walk across the darned things. It took all day and tons of coaxing, but now I can trip across that obstacle as I encounter each. But, considering our age, I would never recommend taking the risk of learning. It’s definitely something fool hardy, determined ten year old girls do to show the universe they are indeed in control!
    I love the “Boma” story. A marriage counselor, in addition to being a rock and art man? Yes, you do indeed, meet some fantastic people on the road. I appreciate how you can easily approach another camper and start up a conversation. Wonderful lady that you are!
    You probably already know about the animal refuge in Yuma that encourages full and part timers to camp on their property in exchange for work around the shelter. Perhaps, there is a new crew member awaiting you in the desert, Sue. I appreciate your attitude of wait and see. That is the best and only way to make such an important choice.
    Enjoy your days, Sue! Looks like a terrific place to spend a few days.

  47. Julie says:

    Happy Birthday Sue! I have followed your blog since nearly the beginning, I have to work another 10 yrs, but hubby and I dream about the fulltiming, be safe, I am sure that someday another crew member will choose you! Thanks for taking us along, love the pictures!!!!

  48. David says:

    It’s not quite Halloween, but if you want to read a local Kanab story that may also include a haunted lake, google Montezuma’s Treasure Three Lakes. I didn’t include links because you said that’s not working well at the present. As you drove south on Hwy 89 north of Kanab, you might have noticed a pretty little lake on the right. There an ongoing story for over 100 years about lost gold from 400 years ago in the lake and how it might be haunted when people have tried to find it. I’ve also seen this lake in old western movies with pretty starlets swimming in it.

  49. Kay says:

    Oh yippee! Alan will be arriving shortly!!!!! And, that ELECTRIC WINCH will be too. Hubby has his SCREWS for the day… and I have my paint…

    Now, time to get to work….

    Let’s see what can be lost by days end… I’ll bet on hubby’s screws… or my patience.

  50. JodeeinSoCal says:

    The Best Friends Sanctuary is definitely on our list to see and support next year. For us it’s probably a good thing we wouldn’t “qualify” 🙂 . Many years ago I was camped near Yuma at the Buttercup Dunes area with then-husband and my dad. We stayed a couple days after the big weekend and when everyone else had left there was a sweet little shepherd mix abandoned at the site. We put signs up at the nearby rest area and on the few fence posts by the camping area with our phone number, just in case. We called her Buttercup and she was with us many years. You just never know when a new family member might find you – except sometimes it’s when you aren’t looking. Besides, I think Bridget is enjoying being the “only” for a little while 🙂

  51. Annie says:

    Happy birthday, Sue! I’m almost there with ya and I think it’s just the best time of life. Enjoy!

  52. Cheryl says:

    I’m a recent subscriber. I hope your birthday was awesome. I so enjoy your blog!

    • AZ Jim says:

      Stick around Cheryl. You will find lot’s to talk about and many friendly folks here. I have learned here too. Normally, Sue is here pretty much every day but right now she is in a dead spot for internet. Welcome.

    • Kay says:

      Yes, like Jim stated “Stick Around” as this place can really get to hopping! Our host, is well… she’s had a Birthday complete with cake… and she migrating south for warmer good times.

      When she is within reach of strong internet, she is “at her desk” when she’s not, she allows us to use this place as our gathering camp stop.

    • DesertGinger says:

      Cheryl, hello and welcome! Hang around; Sue will be back when she has Internet. You can hang with us!

    • Denise - Richmond VA says:

      Hi, Cheryl,

      Welcome to Sue’s family of blogorinos! 🙂

  53. Glenda from Glendale says:

    Happy Birthday Sue! We all know it’s hard to respond to comments, we’re just grateful for the posts and all the pics.

  54. cluelesscampers and canine (Eastern Missouri) says:

    Happy Birthday Sue!!! I’m so glad that you finally made it to the Best Friends Animal Sanctuary… I remember how crushed you were last time when you were turned away from the tour as they only allowed 1 animal companion/person….I’m sure that your visit without Spike will be bittersweet. Hopefully another forever friend will find his way to you, and you will both be blessed.

  55. Cinandjules(NY) says:

    For those using or thinking of using Millenicom as their Hotspot provider (they provided 20GB per month on the Verizon network for $89.99 per month) they are no longer in business. It appears that Verizon has canceled their support and those already using the service will be invited to join Verizon.

    • AlanOutandAbout says:

      The email I got didn’t say Verizon canceled their support, It said that they bought them out. I don’t know what the actual truth is. But a month or so ago I inquired about the possibility of a 10 gig plan and they responded that they were in negotiations with their providers. Who knows what will happen, I’ll let you know. I should be getting a call next week, but I don’t remember ever giving it to M and their is no profile option on their website. I just might get proactive Monday and call myself.

      • Cat Lady in Baton Rouge, LA says:

        At least y’all have heard from somebody. I haven’t heard squat from anybody. At least the Millenicom puck is working right now…whether it’s Verizon or Millenicom I don’t really care as long as I get the 20G at $89.95.

        Cat Lady

        • AlanOutandAbout says:

          This is what I received. It refers to a previous message but I never got any earlier message. I doubt you be able to keep your service as is, as there is no contract, It is month to month.

          This is to correct an earlier email that was sent to you regarding your service. Verizon Wireless, the carrier providing your wireless service, may be contacting you about options for your ongoing service. Going forward your relationship will be directly with Verizon Wireless. Millenicom will no longer have any role concerning your account and Millenicom does not now or will have any relationship with Verizon Wireless. Thank you and we apologize for any inconvenience this notice may cause.

    • Mick'nTN says:

      Sounds like “Restraint of Trade” but Verizon probably owns the FTC.

      • edlfrey says:

        Restraint of trade is a common law doctrine relating to the enforceability of contractual restrictions on freedom to conduct business. A contractual undertaking not to trade is void and unenforceable against the promisor as contrary to the public policy of promoting trade, unless the restraint of trade is reasonable to protect the interest of the purchaser of a business.

        I don’t see any restraint of trade. Verizon has bought Millenicom so any ‘contract’ that you as a customer had with them is now ‘owned’ by Verizon. that is the only ‘asset’ that Millenicom had to sell.

  56. Renee (from Datil) says:

    Happy belated birthday, Sue! Bet a few years back you wouldn’t have imagined what you’d be doing this (& the past few) birthdays! One of these days I’ll get to Best Friends; I think they’re a wonderful organization, & located in a beautiful area. I’ve told my kids if I end up alone & can’t really travel, I would have no aversion at all to parking an RV there & just living there at the Sanctuary. Boy, I’d be cheap labor!


  57. Sondra-SC says:

    Happy B-day Sue! I’ve visited Best Friends its a nice place, I loved the Pet Cemetery there…I recently took in a lost dog he is the sweetest little fellow and he and I are currently on a road trip we’ve been up on the Blue Ridge Parkway enjoying the fall color…enjoy your stay in the Kanab area!

    • Elizabeth in WA says:

      Love your blog too….just went to see…LOVELY photos!! We enjoyed the FALL season there….up to 2 years ago, we were almost 10 yrs in NC and about a half year in VA…loved the cool weather and gorgeous colors!!

  58. gingerda says:

    Happy Belated Birthday, Sue

  59. Happy Birthday, Sue! It looks like I’m about 5-1/2 months ahead of you!

  60. Sandy says:

    Many Birthday Blessings

  61. Shelia says:

    Interesting to read the story about “Boma”. My grandma name has always been Booma since my oldest grandson couldn’t pronounce it. All the grandkids and their friends call me Booma. Not sure that it means the same but I’ll stretch it and say that it does. :o) Happy Birthday Sue and many many more! Your next fur friend will find you when the time is right.

  62. Sue says:

    Happy Late Birthday. God bless.

  63. Joe Cordova says:

    Happy Birthday! I’ll be 61 on Oct 26. Don’t worry, you’ll find a new crew member when you least expect it.

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