Respite from the heat!

Thursday, July 20

 The Perfect Tow Vehicle pulls away from the parking lot for Kootenai Falls.

The town of Libby isn’t much further along.  Soon we are turning into an RV park, the first one I see on the way into town.

It’s hot and I’m anticipating a cool shower, all the WiFi data I can eat up, and air conditioning for me, Reggie, and Roger.

I’ll get groceries in the morning.  It’s too hot now to leave the crew in the PTV.

Woodland RV Park looks pleasant and tidy.

At the check-in counter, the man and woman in charge treat me like royalty, choosing on the computer the best spot for a person with two dogs.

I pay for one night ($38.52 including tax) and the man hops into his golf cart to lead us to our site.

There’s probably a cheaper rate somewhere nearby but, at this point, I don’t care!  This suits us well.

I plug in the Best Little Trailer and turn on the air conditioning.

“This is livin,’ eh guys?”

A while later I walk the crew around the park and, of course, they want to meet any dog that’s outside.

Roger watches Reggie smooch with this pretty girl.

A creek runs behind the RV park.  I think that explains her muddy paws.

Roger get a nose-to-nose kiss!

~ ~ ~

Readers comment that sometimes they mix up Roger and Reggie.  

I admit that occasionally I use the wrong name.  I thought about matching vests for the crew and then discarded that idea.  I suspect some readers need to know Rog is in orange and Reg is in camo!

~ ~ ~

Okay, back at the RV park . . .

Once the crew is familiar with the surroundings, have eaten their kibble, and are settled in the bed, I pack up my shower tote.

“I’ll be right back.  You be good boys, okay?”

This shower is, without a doubt, the best shower I’ve ever had.

Funny how ordinary things become special, depending upon one’s lifestyle.  This one has lots of pressure, the stall is immaculate, and the coin operation isn’t stingy.  You get 2.5 minutes for a quarter.

The woman at check-in had said, “For 50 cents you get a really nice shower.”

I go for the gold and plunk in three quarters.  

Ha! This woman knows how to have a good time!  

In the next post . . . 

Our Kootenai Falls experience and an unusual and delightful welcome to our next camp!


NOTE:  This is another post created in a parking lot while sitting in the PTV.  Please feel free to point out any errors for me.  Again, thank you for commenting.  You make this place special! — Sue



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52 Responses to Respite from the heat!

  1. Sandy from Lancaster, PA says:

    I think I’m first!

    • Sandy from Lancaster, PA says:

      We are in the middle of a huge rainstorm in a little bit of cooling down right now ourselves here in Lancaster.

      • Rover Ronda says:

        Congrats on first!
        Here in the NW we are heating up. Forecast to hit 100, very unusual for here!

        • Deb from South Carolina says:

          I was noticing that high heat in the state Washington as our son and his family live there. I saw it is supposed to hit 104 tomorrow! Wow!!!

          • Karen in Pacific NW says:

            Fortunately in WA state that high heat is east of the Cascade Mountain range and it is not in the Puget Sound Zone or at the Pacific Coast zone or in the mountains. It was on the warm side today at my place but a strong breeze made it just right 🙂

            • Rover Ronda says:

              I’m on the west side and it was a humid 92 here at my house today. Tomorrow is supposed to be hotter. Although the formerly predicted 100 has dropped to 94. Not much of a drop but I’m thankful none the less.

  2. Joy says:

    So ready to be on the road…getting closer!!!

  3. Pat from Mich. says:

    3rd? Yippee!

  4. Cinandjules🌵 says:

    Relief……and a long shower! Whoooeeeee! Splurge! Can’t get anything nowadays for a quarter!

    Remember when Reg man was scared of the plant in the desert? The green turtle didn’t seem to phase him!

    Enjoy the AC/ shower laundry and wifi!

    Has DeGin checked in and I missed it?

  5. Reine in Plano (when not camping) says:

    Glad you found some cold air and a wonderful shower. It’s so much fun for us to see you taking pleasure in stuff many of take for granted. Enjoy the rest of your summer.

  6. Reine in Plano (when not camping) says:

    I’m just now getting back to the blogs I follow. Our 5 week summer trip was interrupted. My 96 year old mom fell, broke her hip and hit her head. As Paul and I were headed back to Texas from Grand Forks, ND the next morning, my brother called to say that they hadn’t been able to wake her up. So I caught a flight from Sioux Falls, SD and flew to Dallas while Paul finished the trip home by himself. He informed me he’s NOT a solo camper. When I got home and we all had a chance to say good bye, they removed the ventilator and Mom went home to be with Jesus. Not the summer I planned but we are blessed. Mom got to live in her own home, loving her family and being loved in return until the day before she died. God graciously granted her wish to go to sleep and wake up in Heaven. We will miss her but she’s happier now. For those reading this, please rejoice with me and make a point to hug those your love and tell them that they are loved. We have no regrets because we did.

    • Stephanie Albany OR says:

      My condolences on your loss.

    • Retiredcajunlady N Louisiana says:

      Reine, I am so very sorry for your loss. It will be four years that my mom passed this month , but we all felt the same as you do. My mom had a great life, was such a great role model for her three daughters, and had a full life of 89 years. Like your mom, she was loved and loved all her family and friends. You and I were both blessed with the lives and passing of our moms. Take care.

    • Rover Ronda says:

      I’m glad you were able to make it home to say goodbye and to be with your family. God bless you and your family.

      • Barbara (Nashville) says:

        Sorry for your loss Reine. Sounds like she had a love filled life and it will continue in heaven.

    • Lisa, Tommie and Buddy in NJ says:

      Hi Reine,
      I am glad that your Mom passed as she wished and that you all got to say goodbye. I am caring for my own Mom now. She’s 83 and bed bound, but will have her wishes of being at home and comfortable fulfilled. My Dad, 86, is spending time holding her hand at the bedside. I am blessed to be with them.

    • Pat from Mich. says:

      I’m so sorry for your loss, but I’m happy your Mom had it ‘her way’, lol. I’m 73 and I sincerely hope I don’t have a hospital stay and a long tine before I can go.

    • Pat from Mich. says:

      I had a bad fall last Tuesday. I tripped on the dog gate at the laundry room and took the gate down with me. I think I may have cracked a rib or 2 and I have a whopper black eye and a very sore hand with a long cut. My hand was trapped under the door. My head has ached all day, but I don’t think I had a concussion though I remember a loud ‘thud’ when my head hit the floor.

    • MelindaK (TX) says:

      My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. Even though we know they lived their life to the fullest and that they are in heaven it is hard to let go. May the memories bring you peace. I encourage everyone to take time to be with loved ones as it will be those memories of your time together that you will cherish.

    • Mary Batt says:

      Hello Reine in Plano,
      I am sorry for your loss of your mom; it was nice to hear she was so blessed. Thanks for your comments today to take time for our moms/pops as they age. My 92 y/o mother was always “complicated” (that covers a lot!), and now with progressing dementia, I am always challenged to balance/set aside the “complicated” parts she raised us with/has to remain caring. Your reminders reinforced my search for perspective! Thank you as I leave today to give my sister a break! ‘Look at what you have, not what you don’t have’ For me, in other words, keep my positive on!! 🙂

    • Mary Batt says:

      Hello Reine in Plano,
      I am sorry for your loss; it was nice to hear your mom was so blessed. Thanks for your comments today to take time for our moms/pops as they age. My 92 y/o mother was always “complicated” (that covers a lot!), and now with progressing dementia, I am always challenged to balance/set aside the “complicated” parts she raised us with/has to remain caring. Your reminders reinforced my search for perspective! Thank you as I leave today to give my sister a break! ‘Look at what you have, not what you don’t have’ For me, in other words, keep my positive on!! 🙂

    • While we rejoice at our loved ones new freedom, it’s so hard for those left behind. So sorry for your loss. Embrace the good memories.

  7. Dawn in NC says:

    Reine, I am so sorry about your mother. I think that your attitude is amazing! I rejoice that you are able to celebrate your mother’s life and peaceful passing.

  8. Barb from Hoquiam! says:

    Oh gosh I bet that shower was heavenly! The simple things…

    I just love seeing the pups interact with one another! What a pretty park that is!

    Off to deliver meals for a neighbor who couldn’t make the National Night Out picnic last night… she has to have surgery. 🙁 LOTS of leftover BBQ Pork sliders though to share. Found out my neighbor passed away yesterday with family (thank goodness) after a long illness. He always enjoyed our picnics, and was greatly missed yesterday.

    Stay cool! Comin’ up on 90 in the harbor the next couple of days… UGH!

    • Rover Ronda says:

      At first I thought you were delivering food and learned the surgery was unsuccessful and she passed away!!! The “He” clued me in it was a different neighbor. I pray her surgery goes well.

  9. mrdsee in Riverside says:

    Ah! The days of the two bit shower stalls.
    It brought back fond memories of several decades ago when in college I took a 5 week long field biology course backpacking in the Sierra Nevada Mtns. Coming back into town absolutely filthy, while at the same time also dreaming of grease laden, and oh so good, comfort food. But with money being so tight, (oh the days of Top Ramen) that the quandary became the choice between a long luxuriating and relaxing shower, or a shorter, faster, and military precision one, with a slice of pizza…..

    Needless to say, both the body, and the taste buds, were well served!

    • Rover Ronda says:

      Thx you reminded me of my college biology trip. Although we didn’t do a through hike. We were 20+ kids in 2 vans traveling NM, AZ, and Baja CA. We received PE credits for the camping/day hiking and BIO credits for journaling the fauna and flora each day. The most fun college credits I ever earned! Thank you Mr. & Mrs. Ivers! Our professors were a married couple.

  10. Suzette (TN) says:

    What a charming little park! Too bad it’s so expensive. But, I’m glad it was there when you needed a break. Now you’ve got me looking for the next post with great anticipation!

  11. I have an old Panasonic camera that I fried in the heat. So now looking to replace my camera. I looked at the one you have…is it easy to use? I’m not much for setting apertures, etc. with cameras…I just want to point and shoot. If I do get a camera that I have to set, I’ll need to get training again. I loved my old Panasonic camera…people always commented that my pictures look like post cards…it’s the camera that did the work. My son trained me on settings back then. I tried to have the camera fixed but it’s so old, that the shops don’t quite know how to fix it. I also like the outdoor mat. I’m thinking of buying the smaller 6×9′ for camping. Are these mats cloth woven?

    I love you camp site. Looked at google maps to see where it’s located but alas too far west of Glacier. My sister and her husband plan a trip to Glacier NP next month so was going to tell them about the camp ground. Safe travels and a heat wave predicted this week in NW…might feel some of it.

    • Rover Ronda says:

      The matts are made with super small PVC piping. Seem to be woven with some kind of plastic or nylon thread, like thick strong fishing line. One of my dog has skin allergies I made a small fenced yard totally graveled within our big back yard to limit her exposure to plants. (Seems to be working. She hasn’t needed medication this year! Yay!) I have a large one of these matts it covers part of this yard. I leave it out April to Sept. This is its second summer and still looks new. I occasionally sweet it. On the rare occasion the dogs soil it I just hose it off. Interestly to dogs the dogs choose other areas in the yard for a bathroom. They recognize the matt as a great lounging area. Some portion of it is always sunny and most of the day some portion has shade as well.

      • Rover Ronda says:

        I occasionally sweep it not sweet it😃
        Hope that answered your question. Even the bias on the edge and tie down loops seem to be synthetic webbing.

  12. Diann in MT says:

    Looks like my Brittany! Sweet little pit terrior mix. Often passed up at shelters and what a shame. Often turn out to be sweet and painfully grateful they are chosen.
    A great place to land, Sue and Crew!

  13. Geri in the FL panhandle! says:

    What a treat! A big shady place to camp, new friends for the boys, a wonderful shower for .50 and laundry! Sounds like a holiday from your hard life as a vagabond! Hahaha!

  14. Barbara (Nashville) says:

    This appears to be a very nice & luxurious park. Even though expensive, some time we all deserve a treat, Wi-Fi, showers, laundry and A/C. I know when I come in from walking Angel in the heat, I just want to sit in my recliner, enjoy the A/C and take a nice shower before going to bed at

    I know this is probably a dumb question, but do most full-timers usually pay for purchases on a credit card & pay it off the end of the month, use checks, or have cash on hand. If they use cash, do RV’s have a built in safe of some sorts, I was just curious.

    • Lisa, Tommie and Buddy in NJ says:

      Hi Barbara,
      I am a grounded snowbird (for now). When traveling I use checks or a debit card at the register for purchases. Most RVs have a hidey hole for valuables. I have never heard of one with a safe.

      • Cinandjules 🌵 says:

        You can get a small safe but hidey holes are plentiful. We hid our $, jewelry under the bed. Under our bed was the holding tank for our water. Unscrew the panel and there you have it! Another place was under the dinette seat…which housed some sort of contraption.
        Then again you can hide stuff in empty boxes in your pantry. Like the oatmeal box…just tell your other half so it doesn’t get thrown out. In the bathroom you can remove several sanitary pad or diapers from the package…hid whathaveyou…and replace the items on top! Trust me…no one is going rummage thru the unmentionables! 😳 Good grief have you ever seen the look on a male when you say…honey can you pick me up some pads! There are plenty of places….an opportunist is only going to take items in plain sight and obvious places like the drawers etc.

        • Barbara (Nashville) says:

          Thanks for info ladies. Since I am long past the unmentionable stage I would have to go for another option, but that was hilarious. I remember when I used to ask my husband to pick up some pads, you would have thought I had asked him to murder someone

  15. NovaScotiaSue says:

    Glad you are relishing the joys of ‘civilization’. It’s amazing how much pleasure you can get from a simple task like taking a shower or some wonderful a/c that ‘normal’ people take for granted. As for me, I can’t wait to get back on the road and not be ‘normal’ any more. Enjoy the pleasures while you can Sue.

  16. Linda a says:

    Isn’t it amazing what a blessing a wonderful shower can be?
    Good for you! Nice to know you enjoy some air conditioning and
    other perks sometimes…. Do it more often!

  17. “…Rog is in orange and Reg is in camo!”

    Or Reg has brown patches on his torso, Roger doesn’t. So Reggie is doubly in camo.

  18. Li says:

    Ooooh…now with romance…a pretty girl, stolen kisses and a creek out back. Intriguing.
    Thanks for your enjoyable updates. Always a pleasure to hear the latest.

  19. EmilyO in NM says:

    Are any of those forest fires in your area? Montana is suppose to have more forest fires going than any other state. You are in a beautiful part of Monana.

  20. ValGal (westernWA) says:

    What a lovely resting spot! I bet Reg and Rog appreciated it, too.

    Here in western WA it’s extremely hot and the smoke from wildfires in Canada as spread down here. Everything is hazy, my asthma is bothered and my eyes sting.

    I hope you have found a spot that is cool, Sue, and all blogorinos in the Northwest. I hope the smoke is not troubling any of you, either.

    • ValGal (westernWA) says:

      I also really LOVE that park’s sign! Cute!

    • Rover Ronda says:

      I noticed the smoke today but didn’t know where it was coming from. I told myself to be sure and watch the news tonight. I never watch news. Thanks, you saved me now I don’t have to watch it. Sorry it’s setting off your asthma and thank you no it’s not troubling me.

  21. Terri who lives in Texas says:

    Or, Reggie and Roger could have matching vests with their names
    embroidered on the sides! That would be cool! What a pretty rv park. A little pricey but splurging is good for the soul! I am really enjoying reading along with you this summer. Take care!

  22. Libby Nester WV/PA says:

    Awe! The crew is fascinated with the little green man!

  23. weather says:

    On a regular basis I’m relieved to know you have the basic necessities . It’s just great to read that for a change instead of “making do” you had a few extra comforts and were treated like royalty. Many take for granted not having to spend hours looking for a place to stay, internet access, a nice long shower, just flipping a switch to be as cool as one wants to be.

    That you consider those as luxuries doesn’t surprise me. Not only because you don’t have all of that on a daily basis, because you are always grateful- for your lovable little boys, dawns, beauty in all it’s forms…It’s so refreshing to see someone appreciate all that Providence bestows on us .

    A while ago a reader asked why we come to this blog. Your gratitude for gifts few notice and fewer mention is high on my list of reasons for coming here. Your life before and after you left Georgia hasn’t been a bed of roses , and you’ve never pretended that it was. Still, throughout the losses and difficulties , you remind us that this journey holds so much that is wonderful.

  24. What a pretty little spot you found! And a 7.5 minute shower with real pressure – wooohooo!!!

    I do wish Tessa would meet other dogs in a friendly manner – she’s just not great when she’s on leash :-((

    I bet the boys come when you call either name as they are so similar. And they do look like litter mates so it’s easy to confuse them. Thanks for the identifying harnesses!

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