Roger and Reggie go to the vet!

Thursday, June 22

Beaverhead Campground, Clark Canyon Reservoir, south of Dillon, Montana

“Well, Rog, today is your big day.  This is a life-changing day for you.”

Reggie, Roger and I are off to Dillon.

Roger has an 8:30 appointment for neutering surgery.

“Trust me, honey.  It’s for the best.”






Reggie waits in the Perfect Tow Vehicle while Roger and I go inside.

“No, you can’t get in the chair.”






The assistant greets us and invites Roger to step on the scale to be weighed.  My effort to have him stand still or sit fails.  As best we can tell, Reggie weighs in at 12.2 pounds.

Time to say goodbye . . .

“You be a good boy, Roger.  I’ll be back.  I promise, sweetie.”

Besides the neutering, Roger will be tested for heart worms and micro-chipped.

At the counter, the assistant and I discuss how the day will play out.  I explain that my phone isn’t working.  I promise to check my email’s inbox frequently in case the clinic needs to be in touch.

If all goes according to plan, I will return at 3 p.m., bringing Reggie in for his heart worm check.  After purchasing heart worm preventative and paying the bill, Reggie, Roger, and I will go home.

I return to Reggie waiting in the PTV.

I keep my tone light as I reassure Reggie that we will come back for Roger later.

As we drive out of the town of Dillon, Reggie becomes concerned.   He looks up at me with the most pathetic face (photo at left).

Oh dear, he’s heartbroken.  Poor guy.  We have six hours before it’s time to get Rog.  I need to distract Reggie somehow.

Instead of returning to camp, I turn onto the interstate and go north.  

Our destination is a fishing access point where camping is allowed.

Reggie hangs his head in sadness.

I guess what he’s thinking:

“Roger was my best friend and now he’s gone.  I won’t ever see him again.  We won’t play fights.  We won’t run together.  No more friend, no more fun.”

“Here we are, Reggie!  Let’s get out and explore!”

At Glen there’s a boat ramp, of course, and about six campsites.

The campsites are “rustic.”

By that I mean, you have a place to park (dirt), a fire ring, and an old picnic table, maybe with weeds growing up through it. These campsites aren’t meant for a lovely picnic.

What seems like a lousy campsite (see photo below) appears almost like heaven to anyone who loves fishing for trout because a few steps away from the site, beyond the bushes and trees, flows a blue ribbon trout stream — the Big Hole River!

Once his paws are on the ground, Reggie cheers up.

We walk the campground road.  The photo below shows one of the better campsites.  (You can drive around that big bush.)

Here’s another view of the campsite.

Reggie and I enjoy a walk to the river before boarding the PTV for the return drive to Dillon.

Instead of taking the interstate, we follow Route 91, a two-lane road through the dry landscape of ranches cut by precious streams.

As we approach town, I stop at an electric/propane place.

I ask about service for the Best Little Trailer and learn that no one is available for another week because they’re “working on a job in Deer Lodge.”


“I’m hungry, Reg.  Let’s see about some lunch.”

We roll over to Van’s Grocery and I buy a few chicken tenders.  After dining in the PTV (ha!), I walk Reggie around the parking lot.  All the while — when at Glen Fishing Access, at the electric/propane place, in the grocery parking lot — I check my email inbox frequently.

Hmm. . . nothing from the clinic.  Everything must be going well for Roger.

Finally Reggie and I pull up to the clinic.

It’s 2:45.  I walk inside  and when the two women behind the counter look up from their work I know there’s been a problem.

Uh-oh.  They have that look that one has from dealing with a colicky baby or a crabby toddler for hours . . . 

Turns out that Roger howled and cried and barked and fussed for hours after his surgery. He did not want to be alone so they brought him up to the front area.  It was stressful for the staff and for a feline patient in labor.

Oh, geez. . . .

The clinic sent me an email AT NOON for me to please come and pick him up.  (I didn’t receive the email until 3:31 p.m.  Ah, technology is grand!)

Anyway . . . 

Happy canine reunion!  At least on Reggie’s part.

Roger is kinda’ out of it.

The bill . . . .

The total is near $300.  I bought a 12-month supply of heartworm preventative for the boys, which is pricey. Since we’re not in mosquito country much, it should last us longer than a year.

(Jumping ahead to real time for a moment: Roger’s incision heals well and he doesn’t seem to miss anything.)

Roger sleeps a lot for the rest of the day.

Until bedtime . . .

Then he’s ready to play, play, play with his Best Friend Forever!




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85 Responses to Roger and Reggie go to the vet!

  1. Sherri D says:


  2. Marilyn Dennison says:

    You couldn’t have made up a better story than these two pooches. Life is grand for the three of you. Enjoy every day with them.

  3. Cynthia from San Clemente says:


  4. Pauline in Mississippi says:

    I think I am in the Top Ten!!!!

    • Pauline in Mississippi says:

      Hey, hey !! I am 4th!!! And I read the post before I realized I could be in the top 10 if I really hurried. LOL!!!!!
      Anyway….the poor pitiful look on Reggie’s face…. Awwwwww
      So glad everything is ok now.
      Love to the 3 of you

  5. Jenny Johnson says:

    almost first
    now to go back and read!!!!

    • Jenny Johnson says:

      Glad that the surgery is over and that it went well –Happy Healing to Rog and Happy Traveling to the three of you

  6. I’m so happy it all worked out well, but poooor Roger.

    I didn’t know you’d gone back for Roger and he was now a member of the crew until a couple of days ago but I read nonstop until I caught up. What a perfect pair they are!

  7. Pat from Mich. says:

    Top ten? Got here early. Well, the deed is done. I’m taking a boy in tomorrow for the same thing!

  8. Suzette (TN) says:

    So glad it all went well for Roger. Now it will be interesting to see if his personality changes. It made me sad to see Reggie sad. They really bonded quickly, didn’t they? That last picture, though, leaves us knowing all is well. Onward!

  9. Sherri D says:

    What pretty sites along the waters! Your photos are always so fun to see.

    SOOOOOOO glad Rog is doing so well. You three have bonded so much since you met. I know you were apprehensive but it all just does seem so right for you and the boys.

    I hope Roger settled down a little bit and didn’t pull his stitches. I read in the comments of a past posting, that he was supposed to take it easy but the vet must have forgotten he’s a terror …. I mean terrier! They are tenacious, and ‘slow and steady’ is not what I’d describe them as being!!! lol

  10. Dawn in Asheville says:

    Oh, that reunion must have been something else! My heart broke for poor little Reg. But yes, it is for the best, and that’s why you are the mama 🙂 I empathize with your frustrations on getting things fixed. Well, okay, mechanical things. I guess the universe just wants you to try to sit tight for awhile.

    I have been so cranky the last weeks with Juno at the mechanic, feel so antsy that I’m not making forward progress – my therapist tells me I need to learn to let go control. Sigh. But, she is coming home Thursday, the major bits accomplished! My mechanic and I discussed it would be good to do some small trips for the next couple of months, shake things out and then finish up the small items (like the windshield washer pump) after she’s been thoroughly vetted. So far he’s replaced the carburetor, chased down a manifold leak, did a complete transmission service, oil change, timing, fuel pump/distributor and checked the front brakes and bearings. This week he is doing rear brakes and bearings and trying to chase down an oil leak. He also got me a set of hoses and belts to travel with since we’ve already learned it’s hard to find belts for her. So not much to report (I’ve been slowly getting curtains done – thank goodness my mom is helping – sewing is definitely not my favorite part of the reno so far!).

    I never thought Roger wasn’t cute – but he sure seems like he’s getting cuter by the photograph…he’s going to be giving Reg some competition in that department.

  11. Cynthia from San Clemente says:

    Poor little Reggie – I’m so glad his sadness was short-lived and you didn’t have to leave Roger at the vet’s overnight. And I’m betting Roger was howling and barking because he missed you and Reggie, because I’m sure he wasn’t in pain. I’m guessing Reggie is weighing a little less than 12.2 lbs. now – LOL!! Beaverhead Campground looks like a pretty place to heal and rest up.

  12. Julian in Plano, TX says:

    That first photo of Reggie is the epitome of sadness. So glad he got his BFF back.

    Stay safe.

  13. Pat from Mich. says:

    It’s something to me the way our dogs can show their emotion on their faces (so long as you don’t read into them what you are thinking, lol). Reggie certainly looked sad when you came out without Roger!

  14. milliehubbard says:

    I can only imagine the reunion when Reggie saw Roger again!! Bet he was a very happy pup!! Glad all is well and hopefully this will ensure that Roger is “crew worthy”!!

  15. DianeJ says:

    Both of their faces are so expressive!……poor little reggie was so heartbroken……luckily the the bff’s are back!

  16. Pat in Rochester says:

    Oh those doggy expressions. My favorite is the drugged up Roger lol!

  17. Speed Gray says:

    Hi Sue: just wanted to drop you a quick note to let you know how much I enjoy your blog; I’ve been an avid reader for a couple of years and certainly enjoy the stories of you travels. Glad to see Roger-Wilco and Out has joined the crew!

    Be safe.

    Speed Gray
    Grand Rapids, MI

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Thanks for letting us know you’re a part of our little community. I’m glad you still enjoy the “stories.”

      Oops… I’m running out of charge…

      You be safe, too, Speed Gray.

  18. weather says:

    Your guess about what Reggie was thinking is heart wrenching. I imagine Roger may have felt fearful and abandoned, too. Thankfully, it was only a one time necessity. It’s clear the little guys don’t want to be apart, from each other or from you. I’m glad you made the best day that you could out of what had to be a tough time, for all three of you.

    The last photo was a great way to end this post. How wonderful – that separation is in the past, the best friends forever looking ahead together, sweet!!!

  19. Stephanie Albany OR says:

    I too enjoyed these photos. Poor Reg really looks like he is wondering about the whereabouts of his BFF. That is an expression of worry for sure. Glad it went well. Now to take care of your own stuff – phone, propane line leak. We are out here worry about you Sue probably not unlike how Reg worried about Roger. I have a pair of black eyes staring at me. Need to go and find out what he is trying to tell me.

  20. Gal and a cat in Fl says:

    Thankfully dogs live in the now and they are now back together camping with you and focusing on that. Roger will heal in spite of the roughhousing. Incision should be small.
    I loved the look of that place by the smooth river back behind the bushes. Rustic is ok too as long as it doesn’t fill up with ATV’s noisy kids and stuff.
    I read all the time, just don’t post that much. Back from a nice trip out west with my standie teardrop and kitty. It was actually cold in Grand Canyon. Bet that’s changed this week. Wind was far worse than the temperatures.
    Happy travels to you 3. Montana, my favorite state including GLACIER NP. 🙂

  21. Renee from Idaho says:

    What a great story. I’m so happy all went well with Roger, but the look of sadness on Reggie’s face! Oh my! The reunion must’ve been such a happy one for them both. I remember when we adopted our lab, Maggie, from the local animal shelter. She had to be spayed. So when hubby went to pick her up, he reached down to help her up into the pickup truck, considering she just had a surgical procedure, and in a flash she was in the front seat! There was no stopping her. No jumping. Pfffttt. We’ll see about that she said.

  22. ValGal (westernWA) says:

    It’s done! May the healing continue. I bet Rog is doing quite well at this point. It amazes me how close Reg and Rog have become in just a few weeks. Wow. It’s like they were destined for each other.

    What a pretty area you explored while you were waiting. I am very fond of western Montana, more west than you are, in the mountains. There are some cool places – places to rockhoubd (sapphires and more), pan for gold, ghost towns, wild horses, and just gorgeous scenery, especially Glacier National Park.

    Thinking of all three of you, under the Big Sky.

  23. Lisa in San Diego says:

    I think you mean Roger here …

    “As best we can tell, Reggie weighs in at 12.2 pounds”

  24. Judy in East Texas says:

    Hi Sue and Crew…..that little Roger is such a cutie, and what a great and playful companion for The Reg.
    I noticed that you are wandering around Montana and was wondering if you ever make it around Lolo? This is an area I am wanting to visit next summer and was hoping you could give me some tips about it. That is if you have time.
    As always I love reading about your adventures and seeing all the great pics you share with us.
    Stay safe out there my friend, Judy

  25. rvsueandcrew says:

    Hi, Blogorinos!

    Your comments are wonderful, so empathetic to the suffering of Reggie and Roger. That was a stressful day for both of them. All that’s in the past and they are happy campers again.

    I wanted to post yesterday and the day before that. We arrived at a campground and found there was no internet so we only stayed overnight. Then we had a long driving day (for us) and it was terribly hot and humid. We were incapacitated! Not used to that! I couldn’t blog. I couldn’t get out of my lounger. Reg and Rog snoozed on the quilt in the shade of the Ponderosa pines.

    We are at that same camp today with good internet (still have the charging problem) and it’s much cooler. I’m putting repairs aside for now. We will do fine as we are. Summer seems to go past so quickly I don’t want to spend time fooling around trying to have repairs performed. Procrastination is my go-to strategy in times like these. 🙂

    Thank you for your comments. I hope more will join in and keep this place lively while I go into the background. You are appreciated!

    Bye for now,
    I hope you are enjoying your summer,

  26. That Roger reminds me of Bridget who’d howl and carry on when she was left behind in the PTV. Our Chowder howls when he means to bark I think. He’ll see movement and howl…too funny.

  27. Pamela Avery says:

    What a great story! Poor little Reggie looked so forlorn without Roger! And what a little handful that Roger is when confused and hurting! Bet he calmed down as soon as he saw Reggie and figured out that he hadn’t been abandoned! This story made my day! Thanks for sharing it.

  28. Hilogene in Az says:

    Thanks for letting us know that all was healing up well! Funny how even though I have never met either of your dogs, I worried just the same about the surgery.

  29. Karen in Pacific NW says:

    Too bad you are not near Seattle at the moment. Cell phones can often be repaired. We have a great cell phone repair shop near me that does not charge a large fortune. They replaced the camera in my phone, put in a new battery as mine was reaching the age when it might need that, a stronger than new glass screen (mine had scratches) and the bill was $80.00, which was not much more than the parts themselves 🙂 I went in for the camera repair but the additional work was so reasonably priced that I got it done too. Name of the place is Jet City Device repair. For anyone traveling through Seattle it is a good resource to know about because they are open 7 days a week and have super fast turnaround with most repairs done in 1 hour. It is nice to do trade with small business owners who give great service 🙂

  30. Rover Ronda (WA) says:

    OH such a sad day for Reggie n Roger. Good thing it was just one day. I’m glad Roger is healing well and both are happy campers again.

  31. Jean in Southaven says:

    People that say animals do not feel emotions has never had an animal. I am so sorry that Reggie had a bad day emotionally when Roger was gone. That picture is pitiful. So glad that Roger is doing good now. My son has a female dog that looks and acts a lot like Reggie. She loves to play. We have two older large dogs and sometimes in the evening they will look at us and have an expression on their faces like “Your turn now, we’re tired”.

  32. Geri in the FL panhandle! says:

    “🐕Together Again🐕” !!! So glad the boys are together again and with you too Sue! Seems like both boys were heartbroken over the separation! They really have created a strong bond of friendship and its so good to see. You have a good crew Sue with lots of love to go around!
    The Glen campground looked like a good place to camp over the fourth! Not particularly beautiful, no amenities to speak of so it will probably be ignored by the ATV crowd and the other not to smart folks! I loved the slow, lazy look of the river. I can just imagine sitting next to it in a lounger reading a book!
    Wherever you are Sue, have a safe and stress free holiday!

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Geri,

      Glen fishing access is near the little village of Glen. Not much to do around there. The fishing access looks like the kind of place where teenagers might gather for a bonfire, drinking, fishing, and falling into the river. Maybe not, but there’s that possibility because it’s free.

      • Diann in MT says:

        You got it, Sue!
        The Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks is cash strapped. The condition of most fishing accesses is pretty deplorable. However, given most of the summer, they are full of campers/fishing folks. If you have a MT fishing license, your fee for camping is half priced. There is one great FWP access near White Sulphur Springs called Newlin Creek. It’s very nice.

  33. Adrienne in Carlsbad, CA says:

    I like that picture of drugged up Roger giving you the stink eye.
    Have you considered having a genetics test done on Roger and Reggie, for that matter?
    We could start a Go Fund Me page for the boys….

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      No, I haven’t thought about genetic testing. BTW, I already have a Go Fund Me page…. Amazon! 🙂

  34. Mike says:

    Our boys, Mic and Woody always have to go to the vet together. If we just take Woody, Mic will howl all day long, but if we just take Mic, Woody just sleeps and Mic is happy with all the attention at the vet’s. Of course, our boys are kind of at the other end of the scale from Reggie and Roger. Woody is only about 35 pounds, but Mic is just short of 100 pounds. Woody is an Australian Shepherd mix and Mic is a Malamute mix, both rescues of course. How they will handle life in a motor home when we retire to full-time in a couple of years remains to be seen.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Interesting, Mike! I don’t doubt that you and your canine crew will adjust and adapt and enjoy the full-time vagabond life!

  35. Barbara (Nashville) says:

    Reggie looked He had lost his best friend forever, thank goodness is was only a few hours. The staff at the vet, must have been bout crazy with all the carrying on. Angel had that pitiful look when I dropped her at the groomer earlier. She’s back now and taking her afternoon nap.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Angel is sleeping pretty. 🙂

    • Mert&asiasinKY says:

      I have to say, everytime I read your post I get the mellisa Etheridge song “baby you can, sleep while I drive” song stuck in my head.. because of the lyric. ” and Barbara in Nashville says we’re welcome to stay” 🙂

  36. Oh those boys! Reggie the very picture of dejection, and Roger howling his unhappiness. Glad to hear they are back together and keeping things lively.

  37. Sandy from Lancaster, PA says:

    Glad all went well. That picture of Reggie missing Roger is priceless; and some people say, “they’re just dogs ” So glad everyone is reunited.

  38. Fred Trout says:

    You should try Miner Lake or Twin Lakes campgrounds (FS) up on the Big Hole Valley continental divide if you are still in the area. Only drawback is the ~ 10 miles of flat gravel roads in to them but they are usually in good condition but dusty.

    Very beautiful in the thick woods with spooky winds up on the high forest above if you catch it right.

  39. Chris B and Diego says:

    That face! We’ve never seen Rocketman so distressed and sad. The photo doesn’t even look like your little man. Poor Roger probably thought that he was abandoned.

    Glad that everybody is back to normal. Especially the play, play and play.

  40. Wendy / Bribie Island Aus. says:

    So glad the best buds are back together, what a bond they have already, so lovely to see.
    Fun times together can now continue.

  41. Both their faces in the first pics are precious – you can tell exactly what they’re each thinking 🙂 Hopefully Roger will calm down a bit now, but I’m sure he and Reggie will still play at full speed. I know Reggie was glad to get his buddy back.

  42. Janis says:

    Please get a new phone. Glad to hear Roger is doing better, he really missed his mom and brother. The picture of Reggie looking forlorn is priceless. Looking forward to reading about more adventures of you and the crew.

  43. Dawn in MI says:

    I’m glad it went well. Sounds like neither Roger nor Reggie want to be without each other.

  44. Li says:

    Oh my goodness, those faces do tell a story!

  45. Barb from Hoquiam! says:

    That face! Poor Reggie!
    So glad things are going well for Roger… funny how things work out, huh?

    Hugs from Hoquiam!

  46. T. Finnicum says:

    If your not past the exit 111 on 1 15 the beaver dam campground is a quiet campground. We have stayed there any many times. Or turn right onto the road right before the campground free boondocking spots about a mile or two down that road. Very pretty and not for big rigs but we’ve had our 28 ft fifth wheel in there. Usually quiet. Except not on holidays.

  47. Carol in MT says:

    Thanks for the update. Looking forward to more adventures!

  48. Deb from South Carolina says:

    Hey there Sue!
    I am new here and found your blog site via Jerry Minchey’s book. I am a teacher planning to retire in two years and I have always wanted to try the “vagabond” lifestyle. I want you to know your blog has been very helpful as well as an enjoyable read! You are a gifted writer/blogger and I hope you continue. Happy trails and tails!

  49. Sherri from California says:

    Good to hear that Roger’s surgery went well and he is recovering. The expressions on “R&R” were priceless! And thank you Sue for sharing your journey with us: it helps many of us to visualize our future.

  50. Diane Ely says:

    Did the vet estimate Roger’s age (or had you previously figured that out)?

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      No, I didn’t received an estimate of Roger’s age from the vet. I forgot to ask! My guess is 3 years old, give or take.

      • AlanOutandAbout - in Grand Junction. says:

        When you figure in the changes in facial structure you talked about I would think he is much younger. Those only happen at very young ages. Maybe 2 yrs. old

        • rvsueandcrew says:

          Good morning, Alan!

          Those “changes in facial structure” were changes in my perception of Roger. Before I adopted him, I was critical of his appearance. He won me over and a “miracle” occurred — He became handsome! 🙂

  51. Tesaje says:

    Its funny how much Reggie missed his friend after so short a time together and such a long time with just you.

    You just don’t know how they will act until you put them into a situation. Sounds like Roger had some separation anxiety. He was afraid he was abandoned again so soon after finding happiness.

    I had a kitten who screamed her head off at the vets. Sounded like they were tearing her from limb to limb. They told me she just didn’t like being held down. Didn’t mind the needle to get her blood.

  52. beach boomer says:

    When I saw the photo of your campsite, I thought — she’s done it again. Found another perfect spot. Then when I saw the pix of R&R, I thought — she’s REALLY done it again – catching those illustrative expressions! You got some proof that you did the right thing and everyone is all bonded! This is making for some fun reading!

  53. Mary Batt says:

    Wow Sue! Poor Reggie…Bereft…Despairing…Back to Joy to have his buddy back! Lucky you with these two! Reading your posts and pictures is like watching a ballet. You are a great composer! I am not a chiwahuan (made it up) cheer leader, but these guys are so FULL of personality and you catch that…Delightful to read! I thank you for sharing your life….it is like reading a book (good) in slow motion time. Little short chapters. Nice


  54. Susan says:

    Susan… I removed the content of your comment because it may trigger spam or unwanted visitors due to the words it contained. I appreciate you alerting me to that situation. No one else seems to have encountered what you experienced. I hope it doesn’t occur again. Thanks for letting me know.

  55. Joyce sutton says:

    Where do you get those orange cones people are using to mark a site as occupied while you’re gone. I drive a motor home and could sure use at least one

  56. Denise - Richmond VA says:

    Hi, Sue,

    So glad to hear that all went well with Roger’s surgery. It was a stressful day for the both of the boys and you. Gotta love technology – if is not an e-mail that has delayed delivery, it is a text that never shows up!

    I hope you find some peaceful, cool camps to enjoy! Sending you and the Crew love and hugs from me and Gracie pup! 🙂

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Denise,

      Thanks for the wish for our camp. We’re in a pretty place underneath Ponderosa pine boughs. Hope you and Gracie pup are well and happy!

      New post almost ready … finally! 🙂

  57. NovaScotiaSue says:

    Hi Sue.
    I had a loving smile when reading your story about Reggie and Roger. They are so lucky to have found each other, thanks to your being ‘guided’ to where Roger was hanging out in anticipation of your arrival in Rogerson.
    It’s wonderful when ‘Karma’ steps in and takes control of our lives for us.
    Take care of yourself and enjoy beautiful Montana.

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