Service complete! Off to our next camp!

Friday, February 3

Reggie and I are at Valley Palms RV Supplies and Service for our second appointment.

Jared checks the line from the propane tanks to the refrigerator and the Wave 3 heater for leaks and tightens a connection.  The bottom part of the heater needs reattachment and Jared completes that task, too. 

As for the refrigerator, it cools very well, better than the old one was cooling.

I had noticed, however, that the refrigerator ventilator fan does not come on.  Jared takes care of a simple connection and now the fan does come on.

Later I”ll report on the total cost — parts and labor — for the two appointments.  As I type this I need clarification on one part of the bill before posting the figures.  (See figures inserted at end of post.)


I’m happy with the service I received at Valley Palms.  It’s such a pleasure to have refrigeration again!

Saturday, February 4

My plan, when Reggie and I went to bed last night, was to stay at Midland LTVA for one more day and then leave for a new camp on Sunday, because Sundays are better than Saturdays for camp moves.

Funny how one small item changes a plan.

A library book!  How does a library book change my plan, you ask?  Well, here’s how.

At present the Perfect Tow Vehicle and the Best Little Trailer are hitched.  Before leaving Blythe I need to return this book to the library in town.  I don’t want to unhitch, deliver the book, come back, and then hitch up again.

I also don’t want to tow the BLT to town and back to Midland LTVA (10 miles one way) for the sake of one book return.

That means . . .

I might as well drop off the book on the way through town and then continue onward to our next camp!  The library is closed on Sundays and I didn’t see a drop-box the last time I looked for one.  And I don’t want to hang around until the library opens on Monday.

Therefore, Reggie and I leave Midland LTVA today.  

I’ll drop off the book while the library is open for Saturday hours.  As the saying goes, “The devil is in the details.”

Plus, I admit I’m restless for the open road again!


Bill for new refrigerator, propane line check, heater repair, and floor receptacle:

I neglected to mention the  replacement of the floor receptacle for the table post. Remember when I redecorated?  When I attempted to remove the post to exchange the factory table with the one that I purchased, the post was stuck in the receptacle.  Removing the post resulted in damage to the receptacle.

The bill, labor plus parts:  $1,600.73.

Here are the details:

  • 3-way Dometic refrigerator:  $1,118 plus $89.44 tax
  • floor receptacle:  $9.99 plus $.80 tax
  • 4.25 hours labor:  $382.50


Reggie’s face when he knows he’s going to get a kiss on the cheek.


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70 Responses to Service complete! Off to our next camp!

  1. Peggy says:

    Hi Sue…glad your all set up again!

  2. weather says:

    Good plan! So glad to read this because it means you’re feeling better, and because it sounds like fun for you and Reggie to be on the move again. I’ll be anxiously awaiting news about your trip and next camp.

  3. Pat Hall (Midland LTVA) says:

    I’m glad your repairs are complete. Have a safe trip and enjoy your new camp.

  4. Deena in Phoenix, AZ says:

    Aww, Reggie is now my screen saver…such a sweet face…have a safe trip on the Open Road. Such a lovely day for a ride…

    Deena and Miss Mollie

  5. So glad all worked out so well. Looking forward to your next adventures.
    Oh that Reggie has to know he is a cute boy the way he poses.. Love it

  6. Beth and Rosie, near Congress, AZ says:

    I might be in the top 10! Amazing!

    Enjoy your frig, I’m sure you are already!! I’m still here, hanging in the shadows, enjoying your blog as always!

    Enjoy your open road and may your new camp be wonderful!

    A response with all exclamation marks! I’m a bad former teacher! LOL!!

    • Geri, Florida panhandle! says:

      hahaha! Sue has poked fun at me on more than one occasion because I use so many exclamation marks! Glad to know there is someone besides me who is excited! hahaha!

  7. Glad you got all fixed up….now you’ll have heat AND refrigeration?? Woo hooo..Uptown Girl! You won’t know how to act!

  8. Patricia says:

    Give Reggie a kiss for me. What a cutie!

  9. Sharon in MO says:

    Sue, it is great to hear you have all your repairs complete, and you are back on the road! Best wishes for happy camping at your next spot.

  10. Alice Windle says:

    LOL what a cute little face !! Yes, details can change things quickly. Glad your back in business. Your way more patient than I am. Be Safe

  11. I just waved at you, am parked near midland camp host. The Salukis and I are headed for Joshua Tree. The Kestrel has a great cool temp. home in Az that does educational programs.
    Just stopped at Midland for short break. I am heading for British Colombia. Hope to see lots of bears.
    Hope your next camp is quiet and beautiful. Hope that fridge works well. Mine will be next eek. I wanna kiss that Register face too.

  12. Michelle Wilson says:

    Precious Reggie! Thanks for the pix. Happy you are full force again and travelling.

  13. Linda Rose & the 4 M's in Carmichael, CA says:

    Look at that little face. I wouldn’t be able to resist giving it a kiss too. I’m happy for your successful repairs. I’m looking forward to hearing the details. My refrigerator works but it freezes everything. Better than nothing at all I guess? You don’t borrow ebooks from the library? That and free books are what I’ve got on my Kindle. I don’t know how that would work for a vagabond like you. L

  14. Toni says:

    As always, I am eager to see where you go next. I am only 44 days away from picking up my Casita and I’m excited and nervous all at once! Reggie is so adorable in that last picture – he looks downright kissable.

    • Dawn in NC says:

      Only 44 days from picking up your Casita! How exciting you’ll have to tell us all about it when you get it!

    • Shirley Altenes says:

      I’m excited for you in getting your new Casita! Dan and I had a wonderful trip a few years ago traveling from UT to TX! I love Souther UT and New Mexico! The scenery is very beautiful! The road into Mesa Verde was closed due to icy conditions so we will have to try again. I remember how excited I was when we traveled to Rice TX to pick up our Casita. Get there early because I think it’s still first come first serve for orientation and pick-up. I think we got in line two hours early before open time and we were second in line.

  15. Cinandjules (da zone) says:

    Yay! So the propane leak was taken care of?
    Safe travels……see ya at the next campsite!

  16. Linda-NC says:

    I love it when a plan comes together! Good job by Valley Palms RV. Reggie is so darn cute-he looks ready to go to find some friendly playmates. You are uptown now with everything working again. Can’t wait to see what your next adventure is.
    My sister in law came today and move a bunch of furniture out that she bought. Maggie and Oreo are both looking at me with the “Now What” look. They know something is up. I hope to leave Thursday or Friday.
    Take care and hugs to you both.

    • Dawn in Asheville says:

      Good luck Linda! What direction will you be heading? Not a fan of this cold weather and I sure hope next year sees ME somewhere warmer at this time 🙂 Although I expect that’s wishful thinking on my part. Still have too many obligations here. I’ll have to be satisfied with some short trips!

      • Linda-NC says:

        Hi Dawn-For my first week, I am going to Lake Hartwell in SC. I have to be back in Asheville on the 22nd for an appoinment. So my first week will just be settling in and learning new stuff. I haven’t really planned beyond that yet. I might just drive until I am warm enough:) It is really cold today. I hope that you can get out and enjoy soon. Spring is just around the corner. YAY!

        • Dawn in Asheville says:

          I’m just tickled pink for you! And, will watch for your reports….can’t wait to hear all about your adventures.

  17. Dawn in Asheville says:

    New adventures! Although I did like the refrigerator adventure since that is exactly the sort of thing I’m thinking about. Discovered Harbor Freight yesterday. Spent too much money but the toolbox is pretty much complete now. It’s funny how you go to do a project and realize how much you are missing! The rest I’ll get per project. Starting to think electrical – adding 12v accessory sockets, house battery monitoring (nothing like that in my ‘classic’) and I have the GPS backup camera to install. Also, have to reseat a license plate cover and a running light that came loose on the trip over. Although the last two shouldn’t require any rewiring. Not in any hurry though – just not a cold weather kind of girl. Staying in and biding my time. Spring will be here soon, right?

    Reg is, as always, adorable and I too look forward to hearing about your next camp.

  18. Ginger D says:

    So glad your refrigerator is up and running. I can’t imagine how you did without one for so long, but you pulled it off. Did you get it filled up with goodies?
    I love all your pictures!
    Ginger, Las Vegas

  19. Pat from Mich. says:

    That picture of Reggie is hilarious! I wanted to tell you, it used to be you could drop a library book in the PO drop box maybe with a note asking them to give it to thje library, and they would (in a small town). I don’t know if that is still offered or not.

  20. So happy to read that the propane lines were an easy fix (relatively). Hope your travel day goes well. Cute picture of Reggie at the end.

  21. carlene in the SoCal desert says:

    WOW… we were within miles of each other… but yet the solitude is wonderful. We, as my sister is traveling with me after escaping Salt lake and winter, left the Q last Thursday, and now are south west of Phoenix til this next week, when we will head to her son’s house for a visit. Haven’t been in the Phoenix area is 15+ years and do not relish driving in the Valley of the Sun. But still good to see family.

    SO happy for you to have a fridge again.. and I know you will so enjoy it… AND LOVE the Regginator, such a cutie…. kissy kissy….

    Have a great time moving on… and we too love moving on to new places…

    Hugs… Carlene and Corky

  22. Pam from Wisconsin says:

    Muah! Kiss that sweet Reggie face once for me:)

  23. Hi Sue, so happy you are thru the pit stop and moving again. We are getting snow here this wkend over iced snowpack, and can’t wait for spring. Just wanted to let you know you are not alone. Hubs just got a portable concentrater, thru Medicare, blogorinos should know, it has 2 batteries for about 6 hours each, and is guiet and lite. Hoping to get out this year☺stay safe and free.

  24. Rover Ronda (WA) says:

    Aw give Reggie a kiss from me too😘

  25. Cynthia from San Clemente says:

    Glad to see you’re on the move again! Loved the high contrast in the photo of the white birds (egrets?) and greenery and that last photo of the Reginator is priceless. Looks likes he’s laying on the pretty new comforter you got a few months ago?

  26. Barb from Hoquiam! says:


    Love that mug! Hi Sue!!! Glad you are coolin' in the right places!

    I have had the best day! Met my youngest girl in Olympia (about 50 miles away) for a birthday lunch and shopping. She has been on the hunt for what else but an old school phonograph. 🙂 We found that, and then went to lunch on the water, and of course, what does one need when one has a record player? Vinyl! Old school record shop here we went! Wow that was a memory maker! She found a couple of things she wanted, and I even found some that I liked! LOL

    Now I am tuckered. Stay safe and have fun!

    Hugs from Hoquiam,


  27. Linda Hughes - NC says:

    Hi Miss Sue, glad you have a refrigerator again! It’s the simple things in life that make it better. I love Reggie Man’s pic, he looks so goofy cute. Looking so forward to your new camp, safe travels.

  28. Meg says:

    A library without a bookdrop??? What is the world *coming* to!

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      When I dropped off the book, I asked if there was a book drop. She told me where to find it. I looked and looked… Finally asked a guy outside by the door where it is and he showed me. . . a slot in the brick wall around a corner. No label at all, nothing to draw attention to it. Annoying!

  29. edlfrey says:

    This has nothing to do with your posting of today but I thought you might enjoy this paragraph from “Education” in Prejudices: third series by H. L. Mencken (published 1922).

    “A couple of days spent examining the literature of the New Thought in pedagogy are enough to make the judicious weep. Its aim seems to be to reduce the whole teaching process to a sort of automatic reaction, to discover some master formula that will not only take the place of competence and resourcefulness in the teacher but that will also create an artificial receptivity in the child. The merciless application of this formula (which changes every four days) now seems to be the chief end and aim of pedagogy. Teaching becomes a thing in itself, separable from and superior to the thing taught. Its mastery is a special business, a transcendental art and mystery, to be acquired in the laboratory. A teacher well grounded in this mystery, and hence privy to every detail of the new technic (which changes, of course, with the formula), can teach anything to any child, just as a sound dentist can pull any tooth out of any jaw. All this, I need not point out, is in sharp contrast to the old theory of teaching.”

  30. Renee from Idaho says:

    Is that a smirk on Reggie’s face? 🙂

    Good to hear that your fridge and heater are all set and you are on your way to a new adventure.

    Take care.

  31. edlfrey says:

    I can’t remember for sure but I returned a couple books to the Reno library using the US Post Office and think I got a reduced rate. Even if you had to pay full postage that could be another alternative although moving a day earlier is a good solution also!

  32. Barbara (Nashville) says:

    So glad your back as of yesterday and that all the repairs are complete and all is well. The egrets look so elegant standing there. I saw that one down at our lake awhile back, but haven’t seen it since. Still see the Great Blue Heron quite often. I love seeing those large
    birds in flight. The are so majestic looking.
    The picture of Reggie at the end is so cute. He looks like UhOh, here it comes. Priceless!
    Safe travels to the new camp.

  33. Linda London says:

    Glad to hear your repair adventures came to a positive conclusion and it sounds like just in time as far as your wanting to move on.

    I really appreciate reading about your adventures. My 2 dogs and I are heading out on Tuesday for a month or so (wish it was forever but still haven’t emptied out the house). Can’t wait to get out of this cold northwest weather. Praying for clear passes on my way to Nevada.

  34. DesertGinger says:

    Isn’t refrigeration wonderful! I don’t know how you managed without it, although I’m told that a lot of people who are vegan don’t use refrigeration at all. I’m not likely to ever be vegan; I love cheese and ice creM too much. Although I do like coconut milk ice
    Cream so that would be okay. Maybe someday they will figure out how to make coconut milk cheddar and then I would be ingood shape.

    I have several thousand saved towards my car. Maybe I will be able to buy one in March, I hope. Then I would do a lot of traveling in the summer.

    Been trying to find a gym to join which is not so easy. Either they are far away, pricey or scary. Why scary? The last one I looked at is only staffed part time Nd people just have. Key to let themselves in. I’m not crazy about being in a gym by myself, especially at night.

    So I’m going to visit LA fitness tomorrow. My one day off. Need to do my laundry also. Well I’m off to bed. Hope you are all fabulous!

    • Ginger have you looked at a Curves for women? I love Curves.

      • Dawn in NC says:

        Ginger, great to hear an update from you. I am excited for you about your progress towards your Prius. I am glad that you are feeling good enough to exercise. Please keep us updated.

    • Barbara (Nashville) says:

      What about the YMCA? They Have nice facilities, showers, all sorts of exercise machines, walking tracks, pools and classes of all sorts anf best of all they have an income based fee schedule.
      I do Silver Sneakers and Yoga.

      • DesertGinger says:

        Hi Dawn! Just found two 2015 Prius at a dealer in Phoenix, each for 12999. Very good price. Both under40K miles. I have a call in for more info. Cross your fingers!

      • DesertGinger says:

        I just joined planet fitness for $10 a month. Can’t swim on oxygen.

  35. Pookie and Chuck in Todd Mission Tx says:

    good to see you moving again Sue….was wanting another blog
    from you…..Ive been stove up at the house all week with this cold
    weather…….had several days last week in the 20’s and thats a
    killer for me…..Im used to balmy hot days here in SE Texas….
    looking forward to your nexxt report..

  36. Dawn in MI says:

    Katie-girl and I are traveling too. We’re headed from Michigan down to Florida to visit friends. We had a detour of sorts yesterday when the car lost power in the mountains of TN. Now car is in shop and we’re in a hotel. We’ll see on Monday how long until it gets fixed. Sigh. Could have been worse. It quit near exit that had a Chevy dealership. 🙂

  37. ApplegirlNY says:

    Cutest pic of Reggie, ever. How could you not kiss that face? Looking forward to hearing about your next camp.

  38. rvsueandcrew says:


    A brief note to let you know Reggie and I are at our new camp and it’s a gorgeous morning!

    I’ll be updating this post this morning (Pacific Time) to include the repair bill. Then I’ll edit photos and work on a new post.

    As expected at a new camp, Reggie is eager to explore. I took him on a long walk after we arrived late in the afternoon yesterday. I’ll walk him again now so he will nap and let me concentrate.

    Thank you for your comments. I’ll try to address questions at some point.

    Wishing you the best,
    Bye for now,

    P.S. to AZ Jim…. Hoping your test went well and you’re having a good day!

  39. rvsueandcrew says:

    The installation and repair bill has been added to the end of this post.

  40. rvsueandcrew says:

    Note to weather:

    I moved part of your comment from under the previous post in order to reply here. Your comment brings up details that may be of interest to other readers.

    “Thanks for remembering that I’d asked about your outdoor rug helping with keeping dirt out of your home. I actually will be getting two, one for inside the tent that attaches to the T@B to protect it’s floor from the weight of chairs and a table, and another for an outside living area much like the one you set up. After a long search on Amazon (for rugs I liked the colors and patterns of) I realized how light in weight yours is in comparison to the rest. That ease of use issue and quick drying feature is what sold me on yours initially, yet unless it would help me keep dirt out of the tent and home I’d have kept looking.

    “Likely your moving or not tomorrow depends on whether or not you’re through with the repairs, at least for now, how well and rested you feel, and whim of course ( love the freedom of that).

    “As there’s ten new inches of snow cover here, and this county issued a no driving request to let the plows clear the roads, I plan to stick close to home. Tomorrow instead of our current real feel of 9 degrees it will be in the 30’s. A town about a half hour’s drive from here got ten feet of snow within the last week and it’s still coming down there. I’m grateful to have the beauty around me without all the work those living there have to do.

    “Gee, you’ve been staying where you are since December 8th. That the longest time in one place since you got the BLT isn’t it? When you got there, and during most of the time since then, you had no idea of when the work on your home would be done. Did you pay the $40 for two weeks at a time? If so it works out to be close to the 6 month fee. Either way it’s a great deal for such a gorgeous and private place to live. Thanks for showing us, once again, how to live on less and enjoy life more.” — weather

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      About the blue mat:

      Yes, it is lightweight and durable. Besides keeping dirt, mud, and debris from being tracked inside, it also helps keep out those tiny pine needles (less than a half-inch long) that cover some campsites and tend to stick to shoes and paws. Adding a small fiber rug at the door (I use a carpet sample from the Dollar Store) also helps.

      The blue mat folds up easily. I wrap a bungee around it and toss it into the PTV. The best stakes that I’ve found are the ones that have a metal disc (like a washer).

      About the permit for Midland LTVA:

      I bought the season permit for $180 (Sept 15 – Apr 15). I had a feeling the refrigerator replacement was going to take a long time, even though I was told it would be completed before Christmas. That was before we knew it had to be built.

      We camped at Midland for a total of 58 days (Dec. 4 – Feb. 4). If I had opted for buying consecutive 14-day permits for $40 each, those 58 days would have cost $200 (5 x $40) because four permits wouldn’t cover that span (4 x 14 = 56).

      When winter passes and we begin moving northward, we may stay at Midland LTVA again for a short time. (I may have mail sent to Blythe or need other services available there.)

      • weather says:

        Thanks ever so much for the note and for your answers to my questions, Sue ! I hadn’t thought of another advantage the mats will provide that you mentioned- keeping pine needles out. So many places that I like(on both coasts and in between them)have pine trees, causing that to be a problem. They will get on clothes, socks, bedding, upholstery and stick there scratching skin until pulled out one by one. I can find enough ways to wreck my hair, skin and clothes without their help, haha!

        Your idea to keep a small mat by the door appeals to me, too. Even my summer footwear has treads on the soles, because I don’t like slipping every time I walk or climb around outside.So I need to scrape my shoes/sneakers/boots on a mat outside the door or Lord knows what I’ll bring inside.

        Gee, I’m glad that you were wise enough to heed your feeling and buy the season permit. It’s already saved you money, and as you mentioned, may again later on.

  41. Doug Laning says:

    Glad you have your new refrigerator. They do come in handy. It sure is nice to have flexibility when making plans and this life style is conducive to that.

  42. Piper (Virginia) says:

    Glad your repairs are done and you and Reggie are in a new camp. Reggie is such a cutie. My Sadie would love to have him around to play with. She has a lot of energy like Reggie. Sadie only has our 10 year old golden retriever to play with and he isn’t always thrilled with that. Lol Love, as always, reading your blogs. You and Reggie take care.

  43. Jolene/Iowa says:

    Yay, so glad the repairs are finally finished for you! Long wait for sure.

    Oh Reggie, what a sweet boy! Looking forward to where you take us next!

  44. Barb from Hoquiam! says:

    Hi Sue,
    Well, while that bill seems like a lot, think of how many folks out there who will be shooting that amount out in the mail for a house payment this month? Or a couple of fancy car payments? I talk to people all the time who are hoping to do at least part time in their rig and I LOVE sending them here… because you share the stuff many won’t… the dollars. It puts it in a real zone that many don’t grasp. I really appreciate it, and I know several friends who do as well.

    So glad that the fridge is working and all those little things are fixed. Funny how they add up. We have been in our 110 yr old house for 5 + years now, and I need to get the trim painted (I am not a height person). The rest is in great shape, as is the roof, but I notice I have a small section of moss… so I have a friend who has a handyman business and he will have a couple days work this spring.
    I think we were all much more concerned about your not having a fridge than you were! 🙂

    I just keep thinking of that sweet photo of Reggie. It always makes me smile. Thank you so much for sharing these adventures with us. You make my day!

    Hugs from Hoquiam, where we may get some snow!

  45. Virginia620 (AL) says:

    Been out and about (Destin, FL). Just love time spent in RV. Glad you got a place for that rotisserie chicken. I was getting worried. 😀

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Virginia,

      Sounds like you had a great time in Destin — beautiful area! Yeah, Reg and I had rotisserie chicken today… so not to worry. 🙂

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