Smokin’ across Oregon!

Sunday, August 2

Oh, looks like rain . . .  I’m standing in Miller Lake, wading with my sandals on to avoid fish hooks.  The water is clear and cool.  It’s late in the day.  I smell the smoke of campfires.

P1060516-001A dark curtain sweeps across the lake toward me and the crew.

Wait a minute . . . That’s not rain.  It’s smoke.  And that’s not campfire smoke I’m smelling . . .

I’m not alarmed because I’ve learned that smoke from forest fires travels long distances.

Back at camp, I prepare for an early move in the morning.

With my claw hammer I pull up the stakes on the outdoor mat, fold it up, bungee it, and toss it into the back of the Perfect Tow Vehicle.  I fold up the lounger and set it inside the side door behind the driver’s seat.  The doggie beds go between the front seats for the crew’s comfort during tomorrow’s ride.

P1060363 - CopyThe campsite clear, I go around with a shovel and collect the crew’s doo-doo, dump it in with the rest of our trash, and deposit it all in the campground’s trash bin.

By this time the smoke is thick.

Later in the evening, rain arrives and clears the air.

Monday, august 3

I awake to rain softly tapping on the roof.   Reggie slathers me with great-to-be-alive kisses (direct from my hiney to your face, RVSue!) and Bridgie whimpers, signalling it’s time for a potty run.  I oblige.

Smoke is gone!

Soon we’re back in bed.  “It’s too early for breakfast, Reggie.  Settle down for one more snooze.”  Obediently he curls up beside me.

Bridget scruffs the covers which is her way of telling me to lift up the comforter so she can crawl underneath.  Again I oblige.

Aah, the sound of rain on the roof.  Do we need to leave today?  No.  Why drive in the rain?  It’s too nice to get out of bed.  I could listen to this rain all day . . . .

Mid-morning the rain stops for an hour or so and I hitch up.

The campsite we’re in is too sloped to camp hitched up.  I move the Best Little Trailer to a level campsite, another one situated along the lake.

P1060526This way we’ll be all set for an early start in the morning, and, for a bonus, I won’t have to listen to the generator this afternoon from the people who moved into the next site.

Later, as I’m walking the crew during another break in the rain, the generator man calls out a hello and comes trotting out from his campsite.

“Is that your trailer?” he asks. I tell him it is.

And then the kicker . . .

“You pull that all by yourself?”

P1060481Okay, time out.

I have to make a point here.  It is never, I’m mean NEVER, a good thing to remark in an incredulous tone “all by yourself?” to an adult doing a common adult thing like towing a trailer.  It’s appropriate to say those words to a child who cut her own meat for the first time or has learned to dress herself.  To say those words to an adult is condescending.  Imagine a woman saying to a man, “You tow that trailer all by yourself?”

Several retorts come to mind. 

I can read and write, too!  And walk down a street without a male escort!  And sit at a restaurant table alone!  And own and sell property!  And even VOTE!

However, I restrain myself.  He realizes his blunder and back-pedals.

“I know guys who are afraid to pull a utility trailer, heh-heh.”

Nice try, pal.

It rains on and off all day.  Bridget and Reggie sleep a lot and I read.

Tuesday, August 4

P1060506Cloudless, blue sky!  The crew and I bounce the 12 miles of washboard.  Yesterday’s rain has flattened the road somewhat and the PTV kicks up very little dust.

At Route 97 we head north.

At La Pine I stop again at Woody’s Travel Center and the attendant tops off the tank.  Gee, I’m gonna’ miss Oregon . . .

In La Pine I also stock up on groceries and give Bridget and Reggie a walk-about.

I take Knott Road to skirt around the center of Bend.

This takes us to Route 20 where I turn east. 

Out of the suburbs we move across flat desert of dried grass, rabbitbrush, and sage.  Route 20 stretches straight ahead to the horizon which is . . . . Where the heck IS the horizon?

More smoke!

This is not a surprise.  Presently fires are blazing not only in Oregon, but also in California, Washington, and Idaho.   At the rest stop in Brothers, I ask a man, “What’s the story on the fires?  I’m headed toward Burns.”

“I came from there,” he replies.  “It gets better that way.”

Bridget, Reggie and I go over to the pet-walk area. 

We come upon a woman walking two small dogs . . . so cute!

One of the dogs barks (fluffy dog on right, below) and the woman nervously yanks him back, “No!  No!”  Nervous tension fills the air.  “He’s not used to being around other dogs!” she explains in a frantic tone.

P1060531Gosh, calm down, lady.

Bridget and Reggie work their charm.   The barking dog stops barking, obviously interested in meeting the crew.

P1060530“Well, it’s good that he has a chance to meet some dogs.  That’s all he needs and he’ll be fine.”

Instead of taking the hint to allow the dogs some time socializing, she scurries them off to her RV.

A hundred miles east of Bend I pull off the highway.

We’re about 30 miles west of Burns.  Smoke obscures the horizon across the flat desert plain, 360 degrees around us.  There’s no driving out of it today.  I’m tired of driving anyway — about 160 miles in one day is enough for me.

P1060534Chickahominy Reservoir is very low. 

The reservoir is the main attraction here and when it is diminished, so is the campground.

(Notice the horizon.  There are mountains over there.  And see how the boat ramp is exposed.)

P1060536This will be good for an overnight.

I pay $4 with my half-price senior discount and back the BLT next to one of two shade shelters.  How one positions the rig can turn an ordinary campsite into a nice place!

P1060545-001It’s only about 2:30 by the time we’re set up. 

We take a short walk to look around.  It’s too hot for a long walk.

P1060547I talk with the camp host who has lived in this area all her life. 

She says smoke settles here every year.

“Remember that big fire in Canada?  We got the smoke from that!”

P1060544The crew and I relax in the breeze coming across the flat land from the west.  I’m unaware of the smoke, although surely we’re breathing it.

I read.  Bridget and Reggie chew on raw bones (with most of the marrow scraped out).  My supper is a sandwich I bought when at the grocery in La Pine.

Wednesday, August 5

After the usual morning routine, I attempt to blog.  Reggie has other ideas.

“Okay, little gremlin, you win!”

P1060540At first Bridget doesn’t want to go on a walk.  I suit her up anyway and leave the door open. “You can always change your mind, honey.”

It isn’t long before she catches up with us.

P1060539“Hi, sweetie!  I’m so glad you decided to join us!”

It rained lightly during the night which freshened the air of smoke.

P1060543When we return to camp, Reggie will be happy to play outside on his tether which will allow me to blog.  (Sweet Bridget understands that I often need to stare at the computer and tap its keys.)

The blogging done, I’ll pack us up and we’ll head to our next camp!



P1060502Boy, pestering RVSue makes a guy thirsty!


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263 Responses to Smokin’ across Oregon!

  1. Susan in Dallas says:

    Yay, a new post!

  2. Diann in MT says:

    Well, I’m not first, so I can reflect a lot better.
    The wildfires are atrocious this year, Sue. Had relatives from Spokane come by yesterday and they reported fires all around their area. It’s hard going all over the Northwest, I guess. Here in South Central Montana, we have been spared this year. Plenty of rain and lots of sunshine when we have needed it. Do perfect years happen once a century? We have been blessed. So, when you get this way, plan on greener pastures. Literally.

    Your account of the man who sees nothing beyond his perceptions had me raising my ire. Your mental retort is hilarious. Gads. He and the other person who seems fearful of life, the lady with the pooches who aren’t allowed to socialize, must have been made in the same factory. I guess you meet all kinds, Sue. Just know you are blessed with a bright mind and a fear of nothing but the Lord, girl! The world’s your playground!

    Keep on keeping on, traveler.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Diann,

      It’s strange… Lately I’ve come upon three different instances of pet owners afraid to let their dogs socialize. Their behavior is exactly what one would do if one wanted to teach a dog to be unsociable.

      “The world’s your playground!” Isn’t that a wonderful concept. 🙂

  3. Lee J in Northern California says:

    Love the post. You so effortlessly just go with the flow…an inspiration to me, just slow down and don’t fret….

    We are headed up to Fort Bragg tomorrow, going to visit my sister and breath some ocean air for a few days. The Rocky Fire will keep us off Hwy 20, our usual route, the fire over ran the highway so it is closed….poor people. So we will have to go through the Bay Area to access 101….
    My sister was just driving down from Astoria and she said she got into smoke, bad smoke in Grants Pass and all the way down the I5 corridor below Sacramento….. This poor state is in flames!
    Stay safe

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Lee J.,

      I’m happy that you “love the post.” 🙂

      The many lakes in and around the Cascades tempted me to explore the area around Miller Lake more fully. The forest fires changed my mind. It seemed time for a change.

      Have a safe, smoke-free trip tomorrow, and enjoy the ocean and your sister!

  4. Alison PNW says:

    The first time a group of all women climbed Mt Everest, many men commented that they did it “alone”. huhh?

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Allison,

      They were “alone” because, in the perception of neanderthal men, a woman is not a complete human being and therefore doesn’t “count.” *sigh*

      Thank goodness that kind of thinking is dying out.

  5. Lady Piper and Rusty says:

    Hi Sue n’ Crew,,, the fires in Idaho are mostly up in the Panhandle,,, but you know I worry bout you n’ the crew,,,, We’re stayin’ in Az. for the rest of the year, jus’ movin’ arownd till October, then we’ll head towards L.H.C.,,,,, Stay safe n’ hug them babies from us,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, rusty

    • Chey says:

      Hi Rusty! What is LHC? And isn’t it hot where you are, or are you up high?

      • Lady Piper and Rusty says:

        Lake Havasu City, Az. and we are in the cool areas of Arizona, why Chey,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, me

        • Chey says:

          I asked because this will be my first winter full timing, Rusty, and I’m sure I want to start in the SW with other boondockers and learn the ropes. I learn a lot from this blog and blogerionos. Thanks for the info.

        • MB says:

          Hi Rusty. First of all I wanted to tell you how happy I am that you and Lady Piper found one another! And second, would you happen to be camped anywhere near St. Johns or Concho? The reason I ask is that I am contemplating buying some land there. I have been in the area many times in the past but never with the idea of staying….just passing through. If you are camped near there, any thoughts about the area would be appreciated. You and LP have a wonderful day! MB from VA

          • Lady Piper and Rusty says:

            keep your winter gear n’ close, but I like Prescott valley, flagstaff, Prescott,,,, down where you are I think is very hot,, but I haven’t been in that area since 1997,,,, me

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Sweet of you to worry about us, Rusty. We’ll be fine. I have a healthy respect for fire.

      You’ve had an eventful year. I can understand you staying in AZ. When Spike passed I sort of lost my ambition to go to new places for a while.

      Give Lady Piper a cuddle from me . . .

  6. Jean/Southaven, MS says:

    Great post. We have a son that lives just out of Ukiah, CA and we keep seeing fires close to him on the news. He says they are fine where they are, but we still worry. We are a long way away in Mississippi. So glad you are safe where you are too. Love the Bridg and Reggie too.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Jean,

      Thanks for complimenting me on this post. Of course you can’t help but worry about your son, being so far away. I appreciate your kind words re: our safety.

  7. Velda says:

    Was just thinking what you could have said to the male skeptic. (If he had a female companion you had noticed). “Yes I do towing, but golly you drive that huge rig all by YOURSELF? Oh, wait, you have your WIFES help!!” LOL

  8. John K - On the road...Airstreaming! says:

    That’s funny…you are going to Burns and asking about fires!

    It is raining here in Bay View, Wa…first rain we’ve seen in a while. Tomorrow we head for the ferry crossing in Coupeville to Port Townsend. After that I have no idea. The campgrounds are all so full right now. I can’t wait for school to start.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, John K.,

      I thought the same thing about Burns. I should look up how Burns got its name.

      Have a great ferry ride tomorrow, even if it’s raining!

      • BadgerRickInWis says:

        From Wikipedia:
        “After the arrival of Euro-American settlers in the 19th century, Burns was established in the 1880s. It was formally incorporated after Harney County’s creation in 1889 through the splitting of Grant County into two counties. Early settler, merchant, and county commissioner George McGowan named the city after the Scottish poet Robert Burns.”

        • rvsueandcrew says:

          Isn’t that interesting? I never would’ve guessed that the town of Burns was named after the poet. . . “Oh, my love’s like a red, red, rose. . .”

    • carlene says:

      John K, I just left the coast, last evening in Astoria, after a day of bumper to bumper up the coast from Florence. Had a campsite in Tillamook but too much wind for the tent. Tonight in Ashland, heading back into CA. Yes in 8 day can’t believe the fires that have taken off in NO CAL… I retired from CAL FIRE dispatching fire and medical in No Cal… Bless those out there doing their job to get the crews out on the fire lines, Dispatchers, the true 1st responders 24/7 in the Emergency Command Centers across the states… pickin’ up that 911 call… and those other brave men and women on the fire lines and in the skies putting those fires out.
      Smoky here in So Oregon and I’m sure it will be in NoCal in the am.

      Take care out there on the roads, I had to get away from the crazy coast with everything booked… still working on road plan.

      Sue and Crew good luck on the next camp site, may there be clear clean fresh air for all of you!

      • Pamela K. says:

        So nice for you to mention and praise 911 Dispatch. We are often the unsung heros. Most of us who take to oath understand that we are part of a greater team who is willing to rush into Harm’s way in order to Protect and Serve but it is nice to hear a praise for our efforts just the same.
        Thanks for YOUR years of service!
        I’m a former Police 911 Dispatcher for Police, Fire, EMS and Civil Defense, 2nd generation LE.

      • rvsueandcrew says:

        Thanks, Carlene. The air is good here.

  9. Chris B - Southern California says:

    Did you back-up that little trailer all by yourself? LOL! I get dumb questions all the time because I do lots of stuff on my own. From camping to home repairs. Some people! If I’m painting the house, people stop and have to make silly comments like they’ve never seen a house painted before. Geez!

    Oh, and the people with dogs that aren’t socialized! I think that is so mean! Some people are too timid to have a dog. They get all panicky when another leashed dog approaches in a friendly way to say hello. So many people are afraid of Diego. Can you imagine that? LOL! His tail is wagging 200mph and they think that he might bite or something!

    I hope that the fires calm down to give you a reprieve from the smoke. We went north a couple of years ago and ended up between several fires. It gets old inhaling smoke all the time.

    Safe travels!
    Chris B

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Chris B.,

      Diego, the attack dog… I’m not seeing it!

      When people (mostly men, but not always) act surprised that a woman is doing something any non-disabled adult could do, it reminds me of the days when women weren’t allowed to go to medical school and things like that. Shoot, I had to take home economics when what I wanted to take was drafting. As if you need to be male to study drafting…. Instead I had to sew up a dadburn blouse and make a tuna-potato chip casserole. I will say this… That green blouse was so ugly it matched the casserole!

      • Sondra-SC says:

        I took my introduction to sewing in home ec and opened up my own Upholstery Shop I rarely had men try to help me or speak down to me cause they had no idea of how to do what I was doing….lol! But in their defense I gag when I see women heaping up a plate and handing it to their husbands like he can’t even prepare his own plate, let alone cook his own food–do his laundry etc….live and let live I say, but I have noticed as my hair has gone all grey men come over and help me off load my trailer when I pull it to the dump filled with trees I’ve sawn up that have fallen in my yard! I always enjoy the help with that! 4 hands make the work go faster, but not once have I offered to help a man unload his trailer, maybe I should? I dunno.

      • pookieboy says:

        Shoot and I wanted to take home economics when in high school but they said no cause I was a guy….go figure…:)

        • Cinandjules (NY) says:

          And I wanted to take auto, metal and wood shop for the same reason.

          • Bill & Ann, Bend, OR says:

            My chemistry teacher in college encouraged me to drop the class or he would flunk me. I was the only girl in the class. My daughter is a chemical physicist working for the DOD. Great advances but, she still has gender problems that are infuriating!

            • Sidewinder Pen says:

              It’s sad you had such discouragement (to put it mildly) but very cool that your daughter took it up. Go her! That makes me feel happy. (I finally dropped out of industrial arts teacher training due to similar discouragement and just deciding that even if I “won,” I didn’t want to work in such an atmosphere.)

              I oscillate between marveling at how far we’ve come, and despairing at how much is still the same. Of course the reality is in between somewhere. I just have to think back to realize how much better I have it now.

              When I was 17 I was living on my own and had a job. One day I was doing my job (which was conducted in public) and an older (i.e. maybe 50 at the time) man castigated me for being out working (at all!), and for “taking a job away” from a man (a theoretical man that is) who needed it to support his family (never mind me, I guess? Even though I was doing the work and supporting a worthy individual?).

              Not saying that couldn’t occur today, but I think it would sound somewhat shocking to most people. At the time it was rude, but probably many would have agreed.

              Whew, I feel better just having mentioned that last bit; I’ve always felt a bit shamed by it (even though that’s illogical).

          • Gayle - SO CAL Beach Boomer says:

            And I wanted to be president of my 4th grade class, and the teacher told me a girl can’t be president. We’ll find out soon, won’t we?

  10. Barbara (Nashville) says:

    Nice post Sue. Bridget sure looked happy trotting around your previous site. Kind of lolly-gagging in the oversight site. What a comparison! I was chuckling at the woman who didn’t want her dog socializing, which is really the best thing for them. Angel would not have stood for that. She likes all dogs and most people. She isn’t too happy when folks don’t pet her. She loves my neighbor’s boxer. She would probably like the German Shepherd up the hill, if he would quit charging at her like she is lunch. She actually growls & snips at him for his lack of manners.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Barbara,

      Your Angel is proving herself to merit her name. It’s been my experience that boxers, more than other breeds, can bring on hostility from an otherwise calm and sweet dog. Not always, but sometimes. I don’t know why that is. It’s weird. Maybe the face of a boxer triggers it.

      Your Angel loves the neighbor’s boxer. . . You got yourself a great dog, Barbara.

  11. Hi Sue, I loved the post and the pictures and your descriptions of the folk that you meet along the way. Sorry about the smoke, we who live in the West just know that it is something that just happens every year, only in different places. They keep telling us that fire is good, it restores things, but I feel for the animal that have to high-tail it out of town and hope that most of them make it. Just our way of life out here, huh Marla. She has been scared out of her house by one of our local fires recently as last year. I don’t know where you are going next, but I hope it is towards Montana. But which ever the wind blow you, will be fine by me. I am waiting for cooler weather so we can get back out to the Salton Sea for another great weekend on the Sea. I think that next time, I will make sure to pay attention to what campground lies along the railroad tracks! Hugs to the crew and hugs to you!

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Thanks for the hugs, Shirlene,

      I smile at your desire to return to the Salton Sea. You really liked that camp, what with the birds putting on a show… I hope it hasn’t deteriorated there, because, as you most likely know, the Sea is shrinking at an alarming rate.

      One of the things I loved about Miller Lake is the fact that the water line is up to normal level. It’s depressing to see what’s happening to so many lakes and reservoirs.

      I’m not sure where we are going exactly. Right now we’re in a cool spot with no smoke! I wish the same for you!

    • Hey Shirlene!

      I’ve been wanting to ask you, how was your trip to AZ? Were you able to take the 10fwy? I think they had a portion open.

      Take care!

  12. wildflower in prescott says:

    Sue, I do not think I could have held my tongue like you did with your generator neighbor. Ok, I know I could not. I need to learn not to over react to comments like that if I ever want to become successful at fulfilling.

    I have more animal friends than human friends.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, wildflower in prescott,

      It took me a while, but I finally learned a very effective strategy whenever anyone says something disrespectful, condescending, or just plain stupid and insensitive. I say nothing. I let the person’s words hang in the air like embarrassing laundry on a line.

      You’d be surprised how often the silent pause makes the person realize what they’ve said and, as I wrote in this post, they begin to “back-pedal.” Try it. It’s empowering!

      • wildflower in prescott says:

        Perfect! Thanks.

        • Sidewinder Pen says:

          Although I’d love to know what you *would* have said, prior to going with Sue’s (most excellent) strategy 😀

          • wildflower in prescott says:

            I would have said something very sarcastic like some examples here. Then be embarrassed and regret that I said anything. Sue’s method works much better. I really don’t want to needlessly confront and antagonize the crazies with very little or no benefit in the end.

            As for opening a door for a woman, that is something my grandmother called manners. I see nothing wrong with a woman holding a door open for a man rather than letting it slam in his face. It is just common courtesy.

            The comment the man made to Sue is belittling to her. Not good form. Sometimes it is difficult for me to ignore and walk away from insults like that. Mostly I do. If I said something sarcastic, who benefits and what is gained? What did he learn?

            • Sidewinder Pen says:

              You’re right, Wildflower. Sue’s way is excellent.

              (OTOH, I have to admit I enjoy hearing about others snappy comebacks, since I’m usually polite – or can’t think what to say – but then LATER come up with all kinds of good responses when there is no one to respond to.)

  13. Glad to hear sexism is alive and well…NOT!! I’m surprised he didn’t throw in a “little darlin” to boot.
    Looks like your heading east and out of Oregon maybe? If I were betting, I’d guess Ashley N.F. somewhere, only because you seem to especially like that area. Time will tell. 🙂

    • Elizabeth in S.E. New Mexico says:

      There was a very young man who came up to me while I was unhooking my
      toad, setting up my rig for a stay somewhere….. He jumped in, grabbed my
      hand and said…. “Let me do that for you, ‘little lady'”… I grabbed his hand
      that was on my arm and said…. “Sure young man, IF you will follow MY
      orders on just what to do!” Visibly stunned…. he did consent and did a good
      job for me…. We became friends eventually!
      Elizabeth aka E2/etwo….

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Ed,

      I do like Ashley National Forest. I heard there have been fires there, too. I don’t know if they’re still active or not… and Ashley is a big forest district.

  14. Elizabeth in S.E. New Mexico says:

    It is good to know that you are staying as clear as possible from all the fires! The
    possibility that you might either be surrounded by fire, or traveling toward them,
    has had me concerned for the safety of you and the crew. With no TV, I was not
    sure you would be cognizant of where the fires might be located…….
    None here in S.E. NM…. About 3500′ of flat land with “scrub” bushes and few
    Back in my beginning days when I was traveling in my nice Class C…. An elderly
    lady, (like I am now) came up to me with a sad look on her face. She touched my
    arm and said with a sad voice, “Oh dear, are you all alone with no husband?” I
    grinned my widest, raised my eyebrows and responded with, “Oh yes!!! And it is
    the very best thing for me!” She did smile a bit and was gone……
    Women need to live for themselves!!!! Much like you, and me too!
    Stay safe, wherever you may roam!
    Happy Trails!
    Elizabeth, aka E2/etwo…

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Elizabeth,

      I love your spirit of independence and the way you get the most out of life!

      Interesting about the lady who felt sorry for you because you didn’t have a husband. Little did she know, eh? I knew a lady who felt sorry for herself for many years because she was of a mature age and not married. How we block our own happiness with pre-concieved notions of what it takes to be happy!

      One day I became fed up with Poor Little Ol’ Single Me and blurted out, “Embrace your single-ness! You don’t have to be with a husband in order to be happy!”

      Okay, a confession.: Sometimes I feel sorry for women who DO have a husband. 😉

      • Elizabeth in S.E. New Mexico says:

        Thanks for your comments! When ALL women realize that we
        are here to be all each of us can be….. WOW! Talk about FREEDOM! This is true for men as well……of course.
        None of us are here to serve the other in any way…. Unless we
        agree and/or get paid well! : ) E2

        • Linda Rose & the 4 M's says:

          I’ve traveled all over in my little RV with just my dogs as company. I’ll come across people, mostly couples, and the woman will say how “brave of me”. I reply; I go where I want to go, I eat where and when I want to eat, I stop when I want to stop, and I shop when I want to shop…..the woman will get a smile and realize I am the lucky one!! I wouldn’t have as much fun by myself if I didn’t have my fur kids along tho.

          • rvsueandcrew says:

            I’ve had women say that to me, too, many times. Females perpetuate that we can’t do things. It’s odd that a woman will go to a shopping center or the grocery store, get out of her car, and not feel afraid. and then when it comes to buying an RV she doesn’t consider a travel trailer because she would have to get out of her tow vehicle. Huh?


  15. weather says:

    Interesting encounters ,Sue,gee-smoke clouds,generator man with his str-r-ange remark,hours of rain that keep one inside the only reason there’s any clean air outside, the anxious woman with such cute dogs,disappearing horizons.Some times seem like we’ve walked through a Twilight Zone episode ,don’t they?

    Normal feels so good afterwards though 🙂 160 miles is enough to make me happy to be done for a while ,too,at times.For an overnight place to stay, instead of driving even farther in one day,at that price I’d consider that campsite a welcome respite.Nice that Bridget got to choose her own start time and chose to walk with you after all this morning.I know if they rest as you drive it’s a better trip often,you are all good travel companions with your routines-love how you’ve managed to work that out.Camp to camp to camp-you and crew are on the move-great energy -I hope you enjoy it and where it’s taking you !

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, weather,

      I always enjoy reading your reactions to my posts. I don’t know why it is that I don’t know if I’ve done a good job until weather tells me I have. Haha!

      Yes, driving is much better if Bridget and Reggie are asleep. They are very good about that. Of course, I try to give them a long walk before we hit the road and then I anticipate their needing another walk further down the road. They’re happy to settle down for another nap if I give them a walk-about.

      I’m very pleased with Reggie’s adaptation to our lifestyle. He now recognizes travel day and doesn’t pester me or whine for attention or anything like that once we’re out on the road. He plays with a toy quietly or sleeps. Of course, Bridget has always been a wonderful traveler.

      I think I’m going to stop replying to comments now. In the morning I’ll put up the antenna and then I’ll have a better connection. It keeps dropping… n’night, weather.

      Well, everybody… See ya’ tomorrow! Have a good night!

      • weather says:


      • weather says:

        Got a happy chuckle from reading your first paragraph,so you know I experience something very similar-react with such pleasure to our exchanges on here that the troupe gets visibly and audibly pleased as well.This is really good connection to have…speaking of those,I hope your antenna makes things easy for you today,Good morning!Among the things I hope we hear besides birdsong and breezes is that Rusty rested and is OK.I am ,and I’m sure you are,too,enured to praying from a distance and leaving folks I care about temporarily in God’s capable hands if that is what’s asked or called for in a situation,though preferring to do something “tangible” as well.

        My routine with the troupe is much like yours with the crew when I have places to go that take a fair amount of time,too cute,like families with children,all falls into place as long as the head count is right 🙂 My folks once forgot to do that and had to turn around and go back for one of my brothers,good thing our groups don’t scatter like wild things as often!I averted a situation like that here yesterday.Out waiting for ,watching and enjoying a spectacular sunrise a new bark was heard.At the fence that’s so light it really creates just the illusion of a barrier needed to establish boundaries a young gorgeous boxer was having a conversation with my dogs.In his exuberance I could tell unchecked that he’d soon come through or under and the three of them would be romping wherever.He had a few feet of tether tied to his collar he’d chewed through and I wanted him to run back to where he belonged before morning traffic began on the road so put my own inside and told him to go home.He did,but returned with his human mom chasing him-safe,yippee-what a doll,and obviously compatible with us,I’m pleased he wasn’t a stray,I surely don’t need another!

        • rvsueandcrew says:

          I’m glad for the happy ending of your boxer-at-the-fence story. He wanted some canine companionship and I’m glad he had a few moments of it with your crew.

          I don’t like tethers. There are situations where they are necessary, but it’s important not to tie up a dog and leave them like that too long. Boredom and frustration can set in. He would enjoy having play dates at your place, I’m sure!

          The antenna is doing its job. I neglected to set it up yesterday. . . too busy fooling around with the crew, exploring our new camp, meeting the only other camper here. I put it up a few minutes ago and what a difference . . . .

          Your parents left your brother behind! Too funny… at least it is in hindsight!

  16. Cinandjules (NY) says:

    A kiss directly from his Heiny to your face! Hahh. I love how we humans know what they want by their actions. Whimper means this…etc. Boy they have us trained well!

    Smoke can be irritating in more ways imagined. Glad the rain knocked most it it down. Heads up! The wildfires are crazy! The scary part is ….they can be so unpredictable!

    I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard…”you’re all by yourself” at work! Grrrrrr…you should have replied…no my Chevy express van does most of the work or no sometimes I let Bridget drive! (As you point to Bridge)

    Reg man’s ear is so cute in the photo. Sometimes it’s the owner that “transfers” nervous behavior down the leash right to the dog! The dog look quite comfy and interested to meet the crew.

    Enjoy your day!

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Cinandjules,

      You’re right about owners transferring their own anxiety right down the leash to their dog. I see it often. In fact, I don’t think I’ve ever come across a calm owner with a nervous dog. All the lady had to do is calmly wait a few minutes, the dog would stop barking, and everyone would have been happy together. As it was, the dog managed to calm down in spite of his owner’s behavior. And that’s when she pulled him away . . .

      That older, black dog is a cutie.

      About Reg’s ears… I do hope he keeps the floppy look. Any day they could point straight up and stay that way…

      Hugs to AO…

    • DesertGinger says:

      Nah, not if he’s part Jack Russell Terrier. Their ears stay floppy.

  17. cate walsh says:

    Hi Sue, crew, and blogorinos,

    Just read the on-line news that Oregon has already lost 15,000 acres to forest fires this season. The map showed extensive fires all over the Northwest and CA. I’m concerned for the people and the animals that live there as well as our “family” traveling thru. This may be a somewhat yearly event, however, how much does the on-going drought contribute to it this year?

    Sue, you have amazing strength not to make a come-back remark to the clueless. I would have been “flaming” with that fellow’s insulting question, and feel so bad for the dogs with the fearful owner.

    Reggie and Bridget…you have an awesome mommy but you already know that!

    Be safe and unsinged,

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Cate,

      I guess I didn’t get fired up about the guy’s remark because he obviously was talking without thinking, not at all malicious or scornful. I hope the encounter raised his awareness about women in general.

      I know what you mean about wildfires and animals. People are evacuated, driving away in vehicles. Animals can only run so far and some not fast enough. Oh well, it’s all a part of the cycles in nature….

      We’re “safe and unsinged”… 🙂

  18. Lynn Brooks says:

    OH MY, Sue!!!
    I would have given that guy a piece of my mind!!!
    Once, I pulled into a campground in NJ. (40′ motor home + Honda Accord being towed).
    I unhooked the Honda & backed the motor home into the site.
    As I was leveling I noticed this little “crowd” of men standing in a semi – circle across the way from the front of my site.
    I finished leveling & took my co-pilot (Lady, my Gernan Shepherd Dog) outside for a little walk.
    You should have seen the JAWS DROP!!
    These guys kept looking and asking where my “other half” is?
    “You couldn’t drive that rig all by your self!!!!?!?”
    I said, “Oh no!!! I don’t drive the rig at all!!!
    SHE DOES!!!!”
    They all walked away shaking their heads!!!

    • BuckeyePatti says:

      Rock on, Lynn, that is amazing!!

      • Lady Piper and Rusty says:

        I know sue and she knows me,,, I try to offer help to all by askin’ if they need help first,, I know there are ladies out there who know what they’re doing and they have the know how,,, so please don’t make some of us men feel bad because of the way we were raised, to be a gentlemen,, and offer help,,,,, But there are A– —-‘s men out there who just want to have fun proving that they’re better in knowledge of just about everything or into something else,,,,, Not I,,,,,,,,,,,, rusty

        • Lady Piper and Rusty says:

          p. s. You did good in your answer to that man, Sue,,,,,,,,,,,, rusty

          • Chuck Hajek says:

            Wish I had been there to see THAT answer! Been all over the area you’re in. Beautiful but be careful, a new fire out there spreads REALLY fast so be observant. Wish we could send you some of our rain. Hugs to the pooches from ours!

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Yes, you do rock, Lynn!

      I never cared for that saying “other half” as if a person is not complete without a mate. Sure, it’s supposed to be romantic… That the love is so strong, one is only “half” without the other. Still, too often one half is allowed to be “larger” than the other half . . .

      Thanks for sharing that story… Wow! What a long comment from Lynn!

      • Gayle - SO CAL Beach Boomer says:

        I’ve always heard the “other half” expression as my “better half.” Now, how you liken’ THAT one? Things can always be worse!

  19. Ukulele Teri says:

    Glad to know about the smoke hanging in Eastern Oregon. Will be up that way in a couple weeks as we start our big adventure!. Heading to National Parks, Yosemite, Lassen, Crater Lake, Glacier, Yellowstone and Tetons. We’ll have several long driving days in there but time at the parks. I am taking notes on your locations and the conditions so I have some idea what to expect. Haven’t done any long term camping with the little trailer (1970 Trailswest Campster 13′). You inspire me to not worry too much. Though I am with my partner, the trailer hitching and backing is my dept.

    That guy is in the wrong century. I don’t know how you held your tongue. I liked Velda’s comment!

    Hope the smoke and fires clear for both of us. Not sure how much internet I’ll have while on the road. We leave on Sunday. We do have a schedule which is good and bad I suppose. Since we are going to the Parks we have reservations where we could get them. Also meeting friends and family in different places so have to make sure we get there. Some day will be true wandering though.


    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Teri,

      No sense worrying at this point. Conditions can change quickly. When we arrived at Chickhominy, the smoke was evident. The next morning, mostly gone.

      You mentioned reservations. That got me thinking about all the campers who made reservations at campgrounds and RV parks in the Northwest only to find they couldn’t go because of fires and smoke. Of course, with the popularity of our national parks, reservations are necessary. I hope you have a fabulous time with your friends and family!

      • Ukulele Teri says:

        We are keeping an eye on the fires. In Glacier the campground we have a reservation in was closed for a while because of the fire up there. I have lived in fire country and witnessed forest fire way to close. Had to evacuate twice in the same fire as it jumped I5 in southern Oregon (many years ago).

        We are looking forward to a great trip. You and the crew stay safe.

  20. GB in norcal says:

    Glad you haven’t encountered too much smoke where you are. I used to get a lot of those comments when I had a home repair business & did the repairs myself. Also, dirty looks.
    It’s totally empowering to do things on your own & it builds tremendous confidence,plus it’s fun, so carry on. I know you will. We have a lot of dog parks where I live that encourages socializing. Sounds like she wanted to be there on her own, which isn’t always possible in public places!

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, GB in norcal…

      I hope you aren’t affected by the fires in northern California.

      I imagine you would hear a lot of comments doing home repairs. I agree… The more one can do for one’s self, the more powerful one feels. It’s my opinion that gender roles are confining, restrictive, and, in some cases, disastrous.

      Women should not be out RVing in a rig they’re afraid to drive and with systems they don’t know how to operate themselves, even if they have a husband. And a man should not be eating his favorite meals prepared by his wife if he doesn’t know how to cook his wife’s favorite meals. It’s terrible to be sick and having to eat take-out because the husband didn’t care enough to learn how to cook… and I don’t mean hot dogs!

      Okay, now I’ve done it. Someone will get mad at me. Oh well… that’s my opinion.

      • Sondra-SC says:

        That’s what I was trying to say…learn how to be a 100% self sufficient person, and don’t take for granted that you can DO it until you have Done it..:) Today I was under my van looking at the speed sensor on the transmission…Yep its in a place where I can get to it!! A little time flat on my back and slowly working a ratchet, yep I can do that!

  21. AZ Jim says:

    Now let me preface this by saying I am pro woman. But, in an effort to explain why we men oft make you ladies upset. We are caught in a time frame when we don’t know whether to hold the door for you or not. When I was a boy I was taught to respect women and to help and protect them. Guys like me are caught these days not sure of our ground in many instances. I know women can do it in many cases but on the other hand some can not and need help. Ok…I am just tryin….

    As to your guy Missy, you could have said “Oh yes, I manage it all by myself and probably could even fire up a generator if I didn’t care about my neighbors peace.”

    • weather says:

      Jim you are a considerate person,that’s a refreshing quality in either gender.I gladly offer to help, and receive it from, women and men when needed or just appreciated .I’ll work on my own vehicles,own,drive,use,repair what I can and function the way a fully functional human can-yet love it when a well mannered guy(like my grandson or yourself )opens the door ,etc. for me because I recognize the difference between respecting me and what folks here have been referring to-thinking women in general are unable to or shouldn’t be doing certain things.My point here is that I consider you a gentleman to be respected and you sir,are welcome to open a door or offer me your umbrella or stories on here anytime 🙂 I hope you and Detta are staying happy and cool enough.

      • AZ Jim says:

        Thanks Weather. I have wondered what lake it is you provide so many non-visual pictures of. I love lakes and hoped to die living on one so I could enjoy it’s show but fate didn’t put me by one. I just would like the state and lake name so I can see if I can find some pictures of it.

        • AZ Jim says:

          If you are not comfortable with revealing that, no problem, I understand totally.

          • weather says:

            Oneida Lake in central NY state,the largest one within the states borders,just over 22 miles long and 7 miles wide,it’s been a gift being here,my husband got your wish -wonderful,huh?I will likely be “along a different road or coastline” when my journey changes into Heaven’s paths-they’re all wonderful in their own ways 🙂

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Jim,

      You don’t need to explain yourself. Everyone here knows you’re a true gentleman. Wise women appreciate the things that men do that show respect … opening car doors, standing when a woman enters, letting a woman go first, seating her at the table (love that one!), etc. I think it’s nice when a man does those things. It says he thinks I’m special.

      What I don’t like are the words and behaviors that say I’m not a capable human being. That I’m deficient because I’m female. You don’t do or say those things, Jim. Your manners are respectful. Detta is a lucky lady. 🙂

      On a different but somewhat related note… I was touched reading about the victims of the theater shooting. A couple of the men died because they shielded their girlfriends with their bodies.

      • Sidewinder Pen says:

        I wanted to respond to this too. Because while I don’t like the sorts of “oh my, how brave” or “you can do that all by yourself!?” type comments, I have zero problem with a polite person (be they male or female) opening a door for me or etc. Shoot, I do the same for others when I can.

        I know that considerate people like you (Jim) worry about what you “can” and can’t do these days, but at least in my opinion, it’s usually fairly obvious whether help/comments/etc. are coming from a place of respect and politeness (you opening a door) vs. a place of presuming we are “half a person” or incapable or whatever.

        Just as an example, often when I’m heading in or out of a UPS hub, I have a few boxes in hand. I’m always appreciative when someone grabs the door for me, and I thank them.

        On the other hand, one day I was at Fedex to pick up a couple of packages. They were two rather small boxes and not in the least bit heavy (maybe 5# total). I had picked them up and was heading merrily for the door, when another customer (happened to be a man) said “Oh, let me help you with those.” I said “Thanks, but I’m fine, they’re not heavy” (and they have an automatically opening door there at any rate). Well then the man camp up from behind me at an angle where I couldn’t see clearly and actually started grabbing at the boxes and my arm! I just instinctively pulled away and said “No, I’m fine!” It actually shook me up slightly, as I was raised to be polite, but had to get firm and slightly mad when he was grabbing at me/my boxes. Ugh.

        Anyway, I can’t in my wildest dreams imagine someone like you causing the latter scene. On the other hand, I’m sure if I (or anyone) was walking up to the door with an armload of boxes, you’d open it, I’d thank you, and both of our days would be slightly improved for the kindness 🙂

        • rvsueandcrew says:

          Gee whiz… That guy grabbing at you and your packages… “You’ll be a helpless female or else!”

    • DesertGinger says:

      Jim, I don’t think any of us would take offense to anything you say. You have proven over and over again what a kind, thoughtful person you are. But, just my opinion, a decent respectful person would never make a comment like that. He wasnt trying to help her, he was just being a chauvinistic jerk.

  22. BuckeyePatti says:

    It’s amazing all the things you do by YO-SELF. lol Happy Trails to you, Girl, always.

  23. Alice says:

    Oh, you are so much more calm than I am. I don’t think I could have resisted coming back at generator man with a “nope, hitch up the dogs” or something similar like Lynn mentioned above.

    Please be careful with the fires. We have some down here and they can move fast jumping roads as I’m sure your aware. Glad to see the blogs, pups and your ok.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Alice,

      Yes, I promise to be careful regarding fires. Often in our camping in forests I see what remains from a forest fire and can imagine how quickly it roared through… At this time of year I check the fire updates frequently, online because I don’t watch tv.

      I don’t know where “down here” is for you… You be careful, too!

  24. Ladybug in Mid-Tenn says:

    Yeah, I used to get that too, when I was driving a semi. I normally responded ‘nope, I’m using that tractor that’s attached!’. 😉

  25. I have been watching the fires out West with concern. I have asthma, and I’m sure that would affect me from more distance than most people. That would become difficult quickly if I were traveling by bicycle, which is one possibility. I have a friend in Spokane, too. She posted last night about fires getting close to her place again.

    The generator operator who questioned your handling the BLT makes it embarrassing to be a man. We’re not all like that. I have known women who drive trucks with 53′ trailers, and I doubt they would have treated him so politely. There’s no real reason to do that, I guess. He’s not exactly a sensitive soul. All the same, I applaud your restraint.

    That lady you met who refuses to socialize her dogs is doing no favors for anyone, especially her dogs. Dog lovers need to treat their dogs with love by giving them what they need, certainly including socialization. If the owner somehow cannot do that, the loving thing is to let someone else who can do it have the dogs.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Calvin,

      I enjoyed your comment very much, on several levels. About people who don’t socialize their dogs — I agree. Unfortunately there are more dogs needing owners than there are owners, so we can be thankful for every home opened to them.

      About being embarrassed by those of your gender… Oh, can I relate to that! I’m embarrassed (and irritated) whenever I witness a woman acting helpless or brainless.

      Thanks for applauding my restraint. I really don’t deserve it. I’m so tired of that kind of attitude toward women that I didn’t have the energy to respond. And also, silence speaks loudest.

      Oh no, asthma and smoke are not a good combo. You will need to be alert while traveling and camping. Fortunately the tools are available… good sites online that update frequently so you can react quickly and move out of a potential smoke zone.

      • Calvin R (Ohio) says:

        Asthma, smoke, and a bicycle would not work out. Fortunately, Trailways still reaches many places, and I would use them. I’m not macho enough to “tough it out” any more.

  26. Denise - Richmond VA says:

    Hi, Sue,

    Sometimes ya just have to shake your head at some of the “stuff” that comes out of some folks mouths!

    Looking forward to see where we are going next! Cute pictures of the Crew! Sending you and the Crew hugs from me and Gracie pup! Stay safe and smoke free….smoke is only good for brisket, pork, or chicken!! 🙂

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Denise…

      Coincidentally I bought a cooked chicken and I think it was smoked. Dang it’s good!

  27. Cindy in OR says:

    Way to handle that guy, rvsue. Those “little lady” comments really get my ire up. The types of comments that REALLY get me going are the ones that come after some man discovers you are either alone or single….”what a waste.” Like we exist for men’s purpose and pleasure. argh

    Glad to see you are avoiding the fires so far. I’m sure the drought conditions are adding to the occurrence and risk. It seems like the fires this summer are more geographically spread out than previous years and covering all regions of the state, but are smaller. So far there haven’t been any huge ones yet. For as long as I can remember though, there have always been fires during the summer in central and or/eastern Oregon. Just not as many or as often. Fortunately, more money and resources have gone towards prevention and fighting of fires this year. At least in Oregon. I can’t really say re: surrounding states.

    I’m excited that you are heading east and looking forward to your stories and photos. I’m hoping that you end up going towards the Eagle Cap Wilderness/Wallowa/Enterprise/Joseph/Baker City/La Grande areas. I lived there long ago and it would be nice to get an update, I haven’t visited in a long time!

    I love following your adventures and love your pups!

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Cindy,

      That area you mention is tempting me to visit. At this point I don’t know where we are going next (nothing new, eh?). I’ve found a pleasant, cool, quiet place in a forest that is not on fire and we will stay here at least for a few days.

      I’m glad you love the pups and our adventures. 🙂

  28. edlfrey says:


    I hope you take OR205 and climb “P” Hill. There was the time early in your travels that you would have been writing about the death defying road that you drove up. It would be interesting to read what you think IF you drive it now.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Ed,

      I have some exciting news to share with you! I stopped at a Thriftway — I think it was in Hines — anyway… There in the dairy case was HONEY VANILLA GREEK YOGURT!!! Your favorite!

      I didn’t balk at the $4.09 price for 24 ounces… Grabbed it, the last one, took it home… Oh my! After all these months of reading on your blog about Honey Vanilla Greek Yogurt, now I understand. Good stuff.

      Okay, now for the other part of your comment, the part about scary roads. I’m going to look up Oregon’s 205 and get back to you… 🙂

      • edlfrey says:

        Remember, all Greek God Yogurt has Honey so if you find just the Honey you can add Vanilla and it is still – so good.
        The Honey Strawberry is also good, Honey Salted Caramel not. I have not tried the other flavors.

        “P” Hill starts at Frenchglen, OR when going south.

  29. Pookieboy in SE Texas says:

    all I can say is that I cant keep up with my bride of 52 years…wish I had her energy.
    that woman never stops…..
    as usual as great post this time as well, Sue…it flows very good and always
    makes me feel like I am walking with you and the furbabies…..

  30. Cinandjules (NY) says:

    Can I just mention something?

    All of you men Blogorinos…..are gentlemen….period! Brought up with manners and respect. It doesn’t go unnoticed.

    So don’t be offended or defensive because we’re referring to the “other” guys.

    • Lady Piper and Rusty says:

      ok, Cindy n’ Jules,,,,,,,,,,,,,, I think I broke my left arm to day or spraned it,, I fell while carrin’ my jug of water and used it to break my fall, hit my head too and scrapped up my left leg and my girl came to me n’ licked my face,,,, I laid there a bit, then got up and sat down in my chair and saw stars,,, then got up into the camper, downd some water w/salt/ surgar,,,, not bleedin’ in my ears , I think i’m ok other than my left arm, but realy it’s my rist and I got a painters stick and wwraped my arm with a ace bandage usein’ the stick as a splint and it’s elevaded as I type,,, i’m not takin’ any pain pills till to marrow and i’ m not divin’ till i’m sure I can,,,,,, don’t worry bout me,,, i’ll do ok till I get to the va and let them look at it in a day or so,,,,,,,,,,,,,, lady piper is doing ok,, she’s by my side lickin my right leg,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, me and don’t call the medical folks,,, I don’t have the funds to pay them,, ok,,,,,,,,,,,,, me

      • Lady Piper and Rusty says:

        ps i’m to far out, so don’t worry,, this ol’ mountain man aint done in yet,,,, so don’t worry and don’t call for help for me, I don’t have the money to pay for help,,,,,,,,,,,,,, I mean it,,,,,,,,,,, me,,,,, i’ll let you all know how i’m doin’ in a week or so,,,, ok,,,me ,,,,,,,,,,I love you all,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

      • Cinandjules (NY) says:

        Ok Rusty…..promise we won’t call for medical.

        A splint is good…and a painters stick is great. A rolled up magazine (around your wrist/ hand will work..if you need more support) Are you able to move your fingers and thumb?

        Do you feel “like throwing up”? Ya didn’t break your glasses did ya?

        Lady Piper is a good girl…tending to your leg.

        Call me or email me if you need to…

        Rest up… We all love you too!

        • Lady Piper and Rusty says:

          I can move my fingers n’ thum as to hold a gun but unable to handle the weight of it,,, not sick in my stomic n’ not bleedin’ in my ears,,, but am in pain from just above my rist and above my thum and mid arm,, throbbing,, can turn my hand a little,,,,,,,,,, me,,, I have your number, but I’ve tried in the past, but I am un able to remember the number on your answqer machine, too fast,,,,,,,,,, me

          • Lady Piper and Rusty says:

            p s thanks for you 2’s help, ilov you gals,,,,

            • Barbara (Nashville) says:

              Take care Rusty, praying & wishing for a speedy recovery and VA trip.

            • Lady Piper and Rusty says:

              thanks Barbra for your wishin’,,,, but i’ll be driven me to th’ va when i’m up to th’ task,,,,,,,,, thanks again,,,,,,,,,,me

            • Lady Piper and Rusty says:

              Cindy,,,, I emailed you of photos of l p n’ me w/ my arm,, and also my cell phone number,,, talkin’ is better than typin’,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,me

            • Barb from Hoquiam! says:

              Hey there Rusty,
              The stars in your head bother me… glad you aren’t upchuckin’. Sending good thoughts your way… take help where you can get it-maybe someone can come out and get’chya? NO fun being a one armed Rusty!

              Lady Piper is a true hero! So are you Rusty.

              Hugs from Hoquiam,

      • Lee J in Northern California says:

        So sorry Rusty, you did a good job of first aid.
        Chances are you will be sore tomorrow, more than today.

        As long as you have sensation and blood flow to your hand, it can wait a bit for medical attention. Be sure your ace bandage is not too tight, especially if it starts to swell up. You don’t want to impede blood circulation, but compression is a good thing.
        Be sure to wash up the scrapes on your skin, clean is important.
        Elevation, compression and you have any ice? An ice bag is also good to keep down inflammation.
        Seeing stars is common, just be sure you aren’t seeing double, but if you are reading on your computer chances are your vision is good. Do you have a headache, is your neck sore?
        Since you got up ,off the ground and were able to climb into your camper,,chances are your spine is good..
        So a long distance diagnosis is sprained/broken forearm, and as long as the arm looks straight and you can feel it carefully all along the length of your forearm and it feels straight, could be a minor fracture, without a dislocation, if it gets really purple and is swelling, it could be bleeding internally, light bruising minor swelling is not necessarily something to worry about..
        Stretched tendons hurt like a big dog, and can be as painful as a break.
        So, you just had a visit from an emergency medical technician, retired.
        It would be good to have it looked at and probably x rayed to rule out a break, which would probably need casting…
        Wow, you do lead an exciting life Rusty! Good thing your good Lady Piper is there to keep you kissed and hugged…take care my friend!

        • rvsueandcrew says:

          Lee j…. Thank you for sharing your knowledge. This is important information for Rusty.

        • Lady Piper and Rusty says:

          no ice or ib profin,,,,,,,,,,, thanks ,, i’m goin’ to lay down now,,,,,,,, me

        • Gayle - SO CAL Beach Boomer says:

          NEXT CASE! LeeJ, I did same thing as Rusty. Twisted my ankle, down I went onto my side, caught self with left hand, big swelling, forearm bruise. Did splint, ice, elevation. Did this in Jan. Have full movement, no more swelling, BUT I HAVE THUMB, INDEX, 3RD FINGER NUMB & TINGLING. So what does that mean, if you will.

      • rvsueandcrew says:


        I’m so sorry you fell! About pain pills… Think about taking a pill before going to bed so you can sleep. It will wear off by the time morning comes.

        • Lady Piper and Rusty says:

          th’ reson for no pain pills is that I hit my head on the grond hard,, incase of cacusion,, till the mornin’ for th’ p pills ,,, I lov you,,,,, I hurt all over now and I will indur with gods blessin’s,,,, thanks sue and thanks to god for this day,,,,,,,,,,,, meeeee n’ l.p.

      • BadgerRickInWis says:

        Rusty, I can offer no help that others haven’t done a better job of than I ever could. But know that you are in my prayers. Let us know how you are doing, you know that there are many here who love you.

  31. I had spent a couple of weeks in deep forest by the time I reached Chickahominy Reservoir. It was just the break I needed. However, when I drove in, the camp host was driving the ATV, spraying weeds on the left shoulder of the road. Without looking or signaling, she swerved over to the right shoulder, right in front of me. Hey, you won’t live out your golden years driving like that, ma’am.

    I’ve been at the Oregon coast a good chunk of the summer and I’m itching to go elsewhere, but the fires limit my choices. Good luck on your travels.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Al,

      Thanks for the good luck wish… The same to you, as you “go elsewhere” avoiding the smoke and fires. I felt the same way and that’s why I drove away from Miller Lake… Too many fires popping up due to lightning, one over the mountain from Miller, in fact.

      You reminded me of something I meant to put in this post and forgot. While at Chickahominy I sat outside with my monocular watching what is left of the reservoir… saw several geese and other water birds and a herd of antelope. Did not see a wild woman on an ATV though… Ha!

  32. Nancy from South Georgia says:

    Hi Sue,

    Such a cute photo of Bridget walking along, the second photo where her forepaw is lifted, as if she’s daintily picking her way along. She is so sweet.

    Well, to all the nice guys who visit your site, they do come from a time when women didn’t really do the things we do now, and especially in RV World. Most of the RV couples have such gender-proscribed roles, and the women want it that way. But they need to learn to handle that rig in the event something happens on the road and it’s up to them to get them both out of a situation.

    Whenever anyone (and I’ve had both male and females comment) has anything to say after seeing me pull into a space, I answer with the following: Well, did your kids ride a school bus? If they say yes, I ask them if they cared about their child’s safety or not. Because, as we all know, most of the school bus drivers are females.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Nancy,

      Good point about school bus drivers. That has to be one of the most challenging driving situations, handling a big bus AND a load of children, pre-teens, or teenagers…. and without the authority to control their behaviors.

      Also an excellent reminder to anyone who depends on a spouse to drive the RV, empty and fill the tanks, and all the rest involved with a rig.

      Okay… I’ll say it again… People… It’s not fair to family and friends if they have to come to your rescue during a crisis, having to leave jobs, spouse, and children, travel a great distance to get to you, use up vacation time driving your rig because you never learned how or are too afraid to try, etc. This is serious. Learn how to handle your rig!

      Boy, am I being bossy today or what? Anyway…

      Enjoyed your comment, Nancy.

  33. CheryLyn(Oregon) says:

    Haven’t commented in awhile but I’ve been following along. Still don’t have the knack of “seeing” on the map the next camp. Blogorinos!!…keep your fingers crossed, I may have an offer on the house. After so many months with no one looking, it has been shown 5 times this week! Next to continue gaining strength, then I’ll be another single lady towing a trailer. (at least giving it my best shot).

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, CheryLyn! Great to see you here again! And what wonderful news on your house… It’s bound to sell soon 🙂

      Yes, keep growing stronger. I want to read about your adventures on the road!

  34. Sandy in TX says:

    I’ve been introducing my husband to Transactional Analysis (yeah, I’m weird that way) and your encounter with generator man was such a perfect example of how parent/child communiction can cause the WRONG response! Husband seemed very excited (not) as I read it to him. Oh, well. I got a laugh out of it.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Glad you saw the humor in it, Sandy… I’m not sure I understand about the “parent/child” part of your comment, probably because I’m unfamiliar with T.A.

  35. Lady n a cat in Fl says:

    Rusty you are going to have to get help even if you can’t pay. I broke wrist above the wristbone between wrist and elbow and was helpless in pain. Horrible throbbing until walk in docs put a temp cast on it. Left wrist and I have automatic so could drive there but you can’t! Not with a stick shift. Not sure where you are, if other campers or a camp host but you HAVE to get help. It won’t get better until it’s stabilized in a cast. Please don’t mess with this. You need both your hands in the future!
    Bless you man, reach out for help PLEASE!

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Lady n a cat…

      You probably are aware at this point that Rusty is getting medical attention… See comments below.

  36. kgdan says:

    So excited tonight! Tomorrow we take our first (though very short) trip out with the new Passport & Avalanche. This is a huge move up for us from our 17′ Casita & Trailblazer. We are going to Forks, WA for my 50th HS Reunion. We really shouldn’t be going anywhere as we are working hard rehabbing our rental after our tenant of ten years moved out. Nervous about leaving our entire property empty for the first time— will have to depend on neighbors to keep an eye on it. We HAVE to find a caretaker before we can depart in the fall.

    Thinking about Rusty tonight and really hoping he is going to be ok.

    • Chey says:

      Hi Kgdan,
      Where are you located? I’m renting in Hoquiam WA and plan to travel full time by Nov/Dec, at the latest. I could watch over you place for the price of rent. I’m currently a cab driver so very vetted.

      • kgdan from WA says:

        Home base is Wapato, WA. We need someone at least 6 months. Trying to work out a deal w son. Or maybe the new renter who will be next door whoever that will be.

    • BadgerRickInWis says:

      Always going to be things that you “should” be doing. But after the year that you two have had nothing could put a bigger smile on my face than hearing that you are on the road again. Go enjoy your reunion, the house will be there when you get back.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Kathy and Gil,

      I look forward to a report on your first “cruise” with the new trailer and tow vehicle. May they prove to be your PTV and BLT!

      • kgdan from WA says:

        So far really impressed with Avalanche power & towing. For us it’s now BBT & PTV .

  37. Kevin Herber says:

    Howdy Sue – You may remember me from your Yellowstone trip a few years ago. I met you and the crew at Grant Village. Been following you since.

    I also have been following a blog about a couple bicycling around the country with their wonderful dog, Walter. I think you would love their story. Here is a link to their blog:

    Hope you enjoy it as much as I do/did. — Kevin

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Sure, I remember you, Kevin! You came out to the parking lot and met Spike and Bridget. For readers who don’t know… Kevin and his wife worked at Grant Village at the time the crew and I went through Yellowstone. Thanks for the link. I’ll look at it after I finish replying to comments.

      Nice to hear from you again and to learn that you’re still reading my blog!

  38. Gayle - SO CAL Beach Boomer says:

    Your story about the woman who yanked her dogs away from yours and took off reminded me of an event I haven’t thought about for many, many years: My schoolmate’s mother saw Shirley Temple in person at a movie theater when Shirley was approx. 10 yrs old. When my friend’s mother asked Shirley for an autograph, Shirley Temple’s mother said, “Don’t let her touch you! She might make you sick! Let’s go!” I got that same feeling reading your story as I did so many years ago hearing that Shirley Temple (stage mother) story. That’s the funny thing about memories. They pop up willy-nilly!

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Sounds more like protecting the flow of money rather than protecting a little girl named Shirley. Who knows? Could me any number of experiences with the public that made the mother act like that. Well, at any rate, it seems Shirley grew up to be a competent adult, not fearful.

    • Gayle, funny story, my mother was at that same event…she also saw Shirley Temple there. And another funny thing, my mother’s name was also Shirley, and I remember her mentioning Mrs. Temple as being quite the **tch. LOL.

  39. BadgerRickInWis says:

    So many things great and small that make this place so special.

    Great things like seeing how this group cares about one of our own as he goes through some tough times. Small things like where the chair gets stowed and how you ensure a safe and comfortable place for the crew. Plus a little detail like describing the tool you use to pull up stakes as you; well…………pull up stakes. 🙂 By providing such seemingly small details you eloquently paint a picture and teach others what it’s like to live a simple life on the road.

    And then,………….well, and then, you fight the never ending battle against stupidity and chauvinism. Perhaps your lack of a response gave him time to think and just maybe taught him to next time engage his brain before his mouth. Not optimistic of that, but I’m always hopeful. They create great sculptures by chipping away what’s not needed one little piece at a time.

    I guess the bottom line is that you always seem to be teaching in one way or another no matter who you meet or where you go. That’s a pretty special talent for the greatest of avocations. Please don’t ever stop.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Good morning, Rick! I agree– This is a special place, made that way by people like you. . . caring, sensitive, smart, upbeat, creative, and fun!

  40. Idaho Gurl says:

    “You pull that all by yourself?” LOL @ that one… When I was hauling a 6000 gallon tanker full of cyanide out to the mines here in N. Nevada, nearly any time I would stop to fuel or whatever, I would always get the looks and the questions especially , “You’re not driving that all by yourself are you?” “Ah… Yee-ah, it’s probably not a good idea to let it drive itself down the highway all by its lonesome with one of the most deadly poisons on the planet…” DUH… (Though with the skull and crossbones placard and hauling hazardous, I would never divulge what was in the tanker, if people asked I’d tell ’em hot chocolate… Really hot chocolate.” Yep, we helpless little gals can do all kinds of things, all by our lonesomes… Sheesh…

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      That’s quite a story, Idaho Gurl! It seems to me that it would not be a good idea to offend someone hauling 6000 gallons of skull and crossbones material… Yikes!

  41. Pamela K. says:

    He said, “You pull that all by yourself?”
    {Insert photo of very large tree trunk fallen to the ground !!!}
    OK, time out.

    Sue, I swear, I had to look at that photo TWICE to see if he was under that tree trunk! LOL, Priceless!

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      I wondered about the placement of that tree. Funny to think of him being UNDER it! Haha! The poor guy says one thoughtless question and BAM!

  42. Pamela K. says:

    Lady Piper and Me…

    Rusty, SERIOUSLY be EXTRA CAREFUL of any signs of major bruising along with that pain. I say this because I sadly lost a dear friend to an arm (elbow) injury when a blood clot formed and quickly traveled to his heart !!! He was one of my Police Sergeants. I had known him since childhood and he was like an uncle to me, always watching out for me after my father died. He was a mentor of mine on the PD and a great loss to everyone who knew him. Like you, he was a man’s man. He was giving chase and fell. Later that afternoon he went to the doctor. Bad bruise on his arm and elbow. The doctor put it in a sling and he went home feeling somewhat OK. Less than 24 hrs later he was DEAD. Blood clot! Please be EXTRA alert at what your body is telling you with that pain as it tries to heal. I later found out that that kind of thing is not that uncommon too. When I fell over a trailer hitch that was the first thing my doctor told me…keep it iced up and up high so it lessens the likelihood of a blood clot forming and breaking loose. Gee, Rusty, please let us know how you are doing soon. Go to the ER and tell them you have no money to pay. They have to treat you as part of the state laws, out of their state funds if it is a public hospital. You don’t have to wait for a VA hospital for that, especially if the swelling or pain doesn’t let up soon.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      See below… Rusty is getting medical attention…

      • Pamela K. says:

        So glad Rusty is getting help today! As I wrote my message late, last night, I was concerned he would try to tough it out – mountain man that he is and all. Sometimes that’s good but sometimes it is wiser to seek medical asap. Glad he opted to do that today. Gee I do miss my old friend, that was such a shock to everyone and happened so fast! Just wanted Rusty to know how fast those things can turn bad and to stave off any side effects. With you, and all the others here, Rusty and LP are both in Good Hands. This place…this blog…the people here…it all continues to amaze me! I swear, the word FRIENDSHIP is defined daily, such a blessing.

  43. Kay Dattilio says:

    Is there anyone close to Rusty and Lady Piper that can check on him?

    Kay from KC!

  44. Cinandjules (NY) says:

    Hang tight!

    If Rusty needs something he will ask. He did ASK not to call medical.

    Everyone is “concerned” for his well being but we must not do anything against his wishes or invade.

    He will let us know…and if need be we can contact him.

    • Cinandjules (NY) says:

      Just spoke with Rusty.

      He is sore, has limited movement in his wrist, but is doing well. He is on his way to the VA in Prescott. Someone is helping him load up the truck.

      Lady Piper is well and is going on a ride to town with him.

      He wanted me to thank everyone for their well wishes and concern. Tell them..God bless!

      • wildflower in prescott says:

        If Rusty needs help here in Prescott I give Sue permission to give Rusty my email. At the very least I could make sure Lady Piper has a cool shady place to wait while he is being checked.

        • wildflower in prescott says:

          I also have a friend who is a volunteer at the VA hospital who might help. My friend is very dog friendly.

        • Bless you Wildflower….I hope you can help if needed.

        • rvsueandcrew says:

          It’s good to know you are nearby and willing to help, wildflower! On behalf of Rusty and all of us who are concerned about him, thank you!

          I’m waiting to hear from Rusty or Cinandjules whether your assistance is needed. I’ll check here often. I’m assuming at this point that Rusty will be able to go home with Lady Piper and tend to her needs.

          Thanks again… You are a dear . . . Stand by… 🙂

      • rvsueandcrew says:

        Thanks so much for the update! When I read yesterday that you and Rusty were communicating off this blog, I was very reassured and stayed out of it.

        I am so relieved to hear he is on his way to receive medical attention and that Lady Piper is with him. Thanks again, Cindy.

        • Cinandjules (NY) says:

          I’m waiting for him to recontact me…

          Before he left he assured me …He would make Lady Piper comfortable while he was at his appt. You know….as well as I do…he did this with Timber…so it’s not something “new” to him. And LP is his girl…oh yeah…they are bonding quite well!

      • BadgerRickInWis says:

        Thanks for the update Cinandjules. You da best!!!!

        Have I ever mentioned that I LOVE this place?

        • rvsueandcrew says:

          What was that? I didn’t hear you. . . .

          • Lady Piper and Rusty says:

            i’m good and it the wrist is spraned, just spoke to cindy ,, camped off 89 off 680 below drake,,,,i’ll let cindy tell all about the story and thanks to all,,,,,,,,,,me

            • Lady Piper and Rusty says:

              still typin’ w/ one hand,,,me

            • Glad you got checked out, Rusty, and prayers for you for a speedy recovery….I bet Lady Piper has a bunch of get-well-soon kisses for you!!!

            • weather says:

              Oh,Rusty-thanks so much for letting us know,thank God ,I’m praying still,now that the sprain heals quickly!hugs to Lady Piper and you,stay well and rest well 🙂

            • rvsueandcrew says:

              Thanks for letting us know, Rusty. It sounds like all you need now is time to heal. . .

            • Lady Piper and Rusty says:

              I sent you an update sue,,, me

            • Cinandjules (NY) says:

              I’m so glad it wasn’t broken. Bad sprains are slow to heal…so rest up my friend and don’t over do it!

              Where ever you are…what ever crosses your path….just know we’ve got your back!

              A special shoutout to Wildflower in Prescott who was at the ready! Blogorino proud!

  45. Suzette says:

    So worried about Rusty! I assume now that he’s back where he can get VA attention he’ll be OK. But, if that assumption is NOT correct, I know you’ll keep us posted. If this community needs to close ranks and get some help to him, I’m pretty sure we can make it happen.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      You’re right, Suzette. I’m confident that Rusty can call on the blogorinos for help and he knows this.

      I’m relying on Cinandjules to keep us informed, rather than adding another pair of hands in the soup pot. I’m sure she will keep herself apprised of Rusty’s up-to-date condition and let us know if there’s anything we can do.

  46. NadaThing in WA says:

    Sue, there’s a hot spring!! Pay one but cheap, Crystal Crane Hot Spring a little east of Burns (the Safeway there makes a killer apfelstrudel(?)). Anyway, back to the hot spring, during the week is VERY quiet, can pick up on the weekend but remains pretty calm. 2 years running and the most we’ve seen there was 2 other people. Most noise is from the coyotes in the far distance at night.

    The painted rocks to the nw are pretty darn good too and there are gobs of camping spots scattered about. Could be a bit warm this time of year but cools off right nicely with sundown.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Thanks, NadaThing, for the information on the hot springs and the reminder of all the camping spots and painted rocks… I did see the painted rocks (John Day) on a previous trip through Oregon… Quite spectacular!

      I do have to closely consider elevation and air temperature at this time of year since I don’t use air conditioning. We’re higher than 5,000 feet right now and the temperature is perfect!

  47. Cinandjules (NY) says:

    I’m thinking an item to add to your “just in case” stash…

    Those first aid ice packs that you sneeze to activate. Ya never know when you might need them…and they aren’t kept in the freezer..thus taking up space.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Never heard of them! What an excellent suggestion!

      Last night, thinking of Rusty and then what would I do in the same situation… I realized I wouldn’t have any ice since I don’t bother to make it in my small freezer. Thank you for the idea!

  48. Cinandjules (NY) says:

    They are called instant ice packs….they have hot packs also. You squeeze the packet..a packet inside pops and mixes with the contents…shake it to mix and apply where needed. They are disposable.

    Pretty cheap at Wally or Amazon…

  49. BadgerRickInWis says:

    Hummmm, fires to the North and Northeast of you, don’t want to lose any elevation and going back west would be silly.

    Now I know that you are the LAST person that needs any help finding amazing places to camp but have you checked out Steens Mountain just a couple hours south of where you are now? I backpacked there a couple of nights years ago and it’s a little unknown gem in Eastern Oregon. Really beautiful place and well off the beaten track, I think you would love it.

    BLM management, so you can campground or boondock as strikes your fancy. As I remember the campgrounds were nice and not at all crowded but that was 20 years ago. I was there in late June and temps were perfect.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      I have been looking at Steens Mountain… Hmm….

      • BadgerRickInWis says:

        Maybe I should google first and type second. When I was there is was a wilderness study area. Looks like they did their homework because now I see it’s a designated wilderness area. That’s great news. Plus they still have some designated campgrounds so I’m sure the BLT would find a place to call home.
        No idea if you will get a cell signal there. I remember it as being VERY remote and VERY beautiful!!! Obviously fond memories.

        • Bill & Ann, Bend, OR says:

          Another favorite for us. A beautiful area. Close to the Kiger Gorge overlook and the Kiger Wild Horse. There are also several other herds of wild horses in the area.

          • rvsueandcrew says:

            I hesitate because of internet signal. I need to stay with the blog for a while. I read about the Kiger horses…I’d love to see them.

  50. When I read that a man had asked you if you pull the trailer all by yourself, I was ready for you to respond. “Usually I let my truck pull it. ” I’ve heard horror stories of couples where only the man knew how to drive the rig and the woman was stranded when he unexpectedly died. Everyone needs to know how to do everything.

  51. Cinandjules (NY) says:

    Totally agree.

    Sadly that “horror” story recently happened.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Happens regularly… and not only with RVers. A spouse left with a responsibility for which he/she is not prepared . . .

  52. AlanOutandAbout says:

    Rusty, I think you were unaware of this

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      In other words, a vet can go to an emergency care clinic when he/she has an emergency and is located too far away from a VA facility, and the bill will reimbursed (or does the vet not have to provide up-front $?)..

      • AlanOutandAbout says:

        If there is a copay it will be billed to the vet the same as if he went to the va center. He owes nothing to the emergency center

        • Barb from Hoquiam! says:

          YEP. Thank goodness at least we do THAT for our Vets! Heal with good speed Rusty!


    • edlfrey says:

      I suspect Rusty is VERY aware of the PurchasedCare Program. That is why he is going to Prescott, AZ where he is known by the VA and does not have to face the red tape involved with PurchasedCare. Please make note of the emergency care provisions that I have underlined. I wish you well Rusty!

      This explains what is involved, in part:

      “Preapproved non-VA inpatient/outpatient medical care
      The Non-VA Medical Care program provides payment authorization for eligible Veterans to obtain routine outpatient or inpatient medical services through community providers. This authorization may be granted when it has been determined that direct VA services are either geographically inaccessible or VA facilities are not available to meet a Veteran’s needs. All community services must be preapproved before a Veteran receives treatment.
      However, it may not be possible to contact VA prior to treatment in emergency situations. Each individual Veteran’s eligibility status and medical care needs are reviewed to decide whether payment for community treatment can be approved. The VA also requires a 72-hour notification of emergency room care.
      Individual eligibility determinations are difficult, and therefore outside the scope of this general information. Please contact your local VA health care facility for individual Veteran eligibility questions or concerns.
      A local VA Medical Center may request medical documentation to support adjudication of a submitted claim from a community health care provider. In addition, standard billing forms such as the UB-04 CMS-1450 or CMS-1500 are required. Additional forms can be located on our Forms page.
      Basic authorities and payment methodologies to provide preauthorized medical care are contained in: 38 U.S.C. § 1703 & 38 CFR § 17.52 – 17.56.”

      • Lady Piper and Rusty says:

        I have a card for medical to visit a far doctor but must call it in 1st and being on a pension I have no co-pay on everything, just not teeth, who needs them, I gum my steak to death,,,,, rusty

        • Suzette says:

          Glad you had it checked out Rusty. And especially glad you’re on the mend. Hope the healing is quick and you’re back doing what you love as quickly as possible.

      • rvsueandcrew says:

        “The VA also requires a 72-hour notification of emergency room care.” Um… How long does it take to bleed out? 😉

        • Sidewinder Pen says:

          I think they must mean *within* 72 hours (i.e. afterward). Granted, is is not at ALL clearly written, but since it follows “However, it may not be possible to contact VA prior to treatment in emergency situations. ” that must be what it means?

          Gawd, I swear the absolute first best thing about being rich would be just handing over wads of cash instead of dealing with bureacracy (in any form; not picking on the VA at all). They can have jewels and luxury resorts, just let me buy my way out of red tape!

          • rvsueandcrew says:

            That’s what they mean about 72 hours. I was kidding. 🙂

            • Sidewinder Pen says:

              I see. Should have known you got it! But then again, they could so easily write more clearly.

              (I’ve always gotten a kick out of goofy headlines due to unclear writing or punctuation. “Include your children when baking cookies!” etc.

  53. DesertGinger says:

    Oh my god! The little fluffy dog looks EXACTLY like my Chloe! I would swear it was her if I didn’t know better. She has a sister somewhere; but you said he was a boy. But my Chloe is super friendly. She loves other dogs.
    I’m sick again. Don’t know how or why but have been running temps, cold chills, headache and vomiting for the last three days. Went to urgent care and they put me on antibiotics, but no change as yet. Was assigned to write a story and had to give it up, darn it. Can’t eat. Yuck. I’m so sick of being sick.
    Beyond that, not much news. Just sitting in my basement shivering. No potential renters for over a week. Boy I hope I rent this by September 1.
    I guess that’s all I’ve got. Too bad about all the smoke. I hate to think of forests burning. Take care out there.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Ginger! What are you doing being sick again! Get well and soon!

    • Cinandjules (NY) says:

      Cuz your running yourself down! Relax….take a day or two for just you and Chloe…no worries.

      Take care of yourself DeGin. Hello Chloe girl!

    • BadgerRickInWis says:

      Sorry to hear you’re not feeling well my friend. PLEASE do whatever you can to take care of yourself.

  54. Hiya Sue & Crew!

    Great pics, as usual!! Those 2 little pups you came across were super cute, too bad their mama wasn’t letting them talk to The Bridge & Reg Man. The light colored one looks like an Ewok from Star Wars!

    Hope you are getting some fresh air where you are!!! Can’t wait for the next post!!

    Hi to all!!!


    • & when I said an Ewok from Star Wars, they are those cute little animals that danced around their village…I loved them! Furry faces!!! (for those who didn’t watch those movies)

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Marla,

      Thanks re the photos. We do have fresh air here with a clear, blue sky above…

  55. Applegirl NY says:

    Great post. So much happening. The BLT next to the shelter reminds me a bit of your desert camps. I hope the smoke doesn’t catch up to you. I love that Reggie and Bridget are so happy with you. They make me smile all the time.

    Isn’t it amazing what us ladies can “do all by ourselves.” LOL!

    I do want to interject that we have two dogs – brothers. Most people can’t tell them apart, although I don’t think they look that much alike. One of them gets along great with other dogs and one of them does not play well with others. He’s always been that way, since a pup. So, I really do whisk him away from other dogs. He goes for them. It’s really a shame, as it limits us as to where we can take them. He’s perfect with people. Don’t know why he’s like it, tried many a time to loosen him up, and it never worked. I’ve stopped trying as it is stressful and I’m not going to risk him hurting someone else’s pet. I’ve seen people react to me like I’m a Nervous Nellie, but I’d rather have them think badly of me, than risk injury. It’s a bit of a bummer – I envy people who can take their pets to dog parks and things, and I wouldn’t want to leave him behind if I took his brother, because he is such a sweetheart. Even at the groomer, she has to keep him separate, while his brother runs loose. She says he’s grouchy. I just think he’s rude.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Applegirl,

      There are usually exceptions in every type of situation. You can’t go around having him snap at other dogs. It would probably take intense training to get him out of that and then how long would it last? I didn’t mean to imply that all dogs can be made sociable simply by exposing them to other dogs. Some situations are more complicated than that.

      The dog in this post is different than your dog. That little fluffy dog was ready to be a pal in only a few minutes with the crew…

      • Applegirl NY says:

        Oh, Sue, didn’t imply that at all. You’re one of the most open minded people I’ve come across.

        I was just voicing my own frustration at my critter and telling my story. I’m sorry if I sounded like I was lecturing. Must be the mother in me. LOL!

  56. rvsueandcrew says:

    Hi, Blogorinos!

    Rusty emailed me and asked that I explain his situation so that no one worries about him. His wrist is sprained and has been put in a splint with ace bandages. He has naproxin for the pain and will go to a follow-up appointment in two weeks.

    Fortunately this happened in an area that is very familiar to Rusty. He and Lady Piper are camped in a place where he can wait for the appointment day.

    Lady Piper has bonded with Rusty in a big way. When Rusty left her in the truck to go inside the VA medical center, Piper cried. As Rusty put it in the email, “My baby girl is howlin’ in the truck because she can’t see me…” and the VA security became concerned until they located Rusty and he explained the situation.

    Imagine the joy Lady Piper felt when Rusty returned to her!

    Rusty asked me to thank “all the blogeroos for support in caring for us.” He says he has everything he needs.

    I join him in thanking you. What a great group we have here!


    • Applegirl NY says:

      Thanks for keeping us informed, Sue. Many of us pray for Rusty and you too.

    • cc and canine (Eastern Missouri) says:

      Thanks, Sue, for letting us know how Rusty is doing. We’re all
      praying for him….

    • weather says:

      This good earth has great people that can be found everywhere if one makes the effort to look for them.Gathering them as a group both peaceful and helpful is a daunting task that takes wisdom,dedication and diligence.Sue you have made and allowed this great group-on your blog- to be what it is,thank you,for that and for so much else that you do to make this world better and nicer to be part of.

    • wildflower in prescott says:

      So happy Rusty and Lady Piper are doing well.

    • Elizabeth in WA says:

      Relieved to hear that Rusty was seen and should be ok. Thanks for keeping us all informed, Sue and others… Falling down is what happens it seems, as we age…I have had some bad falls too!! Not fun! Saw Hubby’s sister today who is recovering from a severe femur break (age 62). Apparently, due to her osteoporosis, it was in the process of breaking for a long time…maybe over the last couple years even. They put a rod and screws in it. She had her other leg x-rayed and it will have to be watched too. She told me how if she stubbed her toe, it would cause severe pain to her thigh…but she thought it was just a muscle problem (she had gone to the docs over this problem a long time too)…but apparently it was the big femur gradually breaking. I have the humped back too…even worse than hers…so now it worries me a bit!! Strangely enough, I so far have not had the severe leg pains…so at least that. SO hard getting older!! You all are brave going off to places alone!! Do take care to be sure you have at least cell phone coverage!!

  57. DeAnne in TN says:

    Well, I missed all the hullabaloo, but I certainly send love and best wishes to Rusty and Lady Piper, Cin and Jules, and everyone else involved. We are just one big caring family, and for someone that doesn’t have any family, it feels mighty good!

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Howdy, sister! 🙂

    • Sidewinder Pen says:

      Hi DeAnne,

      I agree with your sentiments (I don’t have family either, so I get where you’re coming from). What we have here is nifty, and it seems extra special to me when it spills over into “real life” (not that the blog is not real).

  58. Pamela K. says:

    So sorry to hear that you are sick again. You sure have been put through the wringer this past year! Question: Why are you in your basement or all places? Why not in one of the bedrooms of the house? Could there be mold or asbestos down there? That would make you sick and would give off those kinds of symptoms. Having just gotten over pneumonia your lungs are still weak even if it is completely gone. Maybe you could call a rental management company and arrange to pay them a percent of the monthly rents from any lease they could arrange for a renter. I don’t know, but living without any thing in your basement doesn’t seem to be working. Maybe call Aaron Rents and furnish the house for two months or so while living there. A house always shows better with furniture and looks more inviting as a home to renters.
    Whatever the answer is I sure hope you feel better very soon. Do you still have your house in AZ too? Sorry, I get confused, so many different states and properties to follow up with plus you RV?

  59. Pamela K. says:

    That poor man who made that comment to Sue,
    wouldn’t it have been a riot if she told him…

    I know, just imagine me doing that. I can’t read a map so I get lost all the time. Those little road signs are so hard to read with my old glasses. Those turn lanes just come out of no where. I brake for animals…some people don’t like that. I always drive with my bright lights on too, even on two lane roads, and when it rains I just wing-it. Good that you are not ever near me. It’s a wonder I ever get where I’m headed, let alone backing into a spot once I get there!

    Oh my! That would do it, he would be shaking his head for sure! 🙂

  60. Julie says:

    Good news rusty! Hope the va is taking good care of you. Am a retired va nurse & love our veterans. That little blond pup with curly tail is the spitin’ image of my little rescue “gizmo”. He traveled all the way from San Bernardino Cty to Boise to be my bestie. Of course there’s Molly who is a dear as well (sometimes). Great suggestion on Steens mt. Beautiful place. There is a cg down below before you head up the hill just after French glen. Take care, Julie

  61. Marilu from Northern California says:

    Hi Rusty,
    I’m relieved to hear you’ve been to the doctor and are feeling well enough to let us know. A bad sprain is as painful and slow to heal as a break so take good care of yourself Mountain Man. A beautiful Lady is counting on you!

  62. weather says:

    …”I’ve found a pleasant,cool,quiet place in a forest…”-sounds like a part of a dream,or a walk you often took during childhood,Sue.This ,however,is your current very real life,across the continent from where you began.As I read your words above in a reply yesterday,I thought of the journey through years and miles bringing new things and changes to the same girl now a woman.Good morning,I hope simple pleasure in the freedom to wander you felt back then is with you today.I may be gone before you’re on here ,as I have plans with friend for a good part of the day,and my own penchant to wander may add to that time away.Catch up with you later,and if that’s on a new post,know ahead of time that I’ll find it to be welcome and well done,something to smile about-yours always are to me 😉

  63. Good Morning Sue, having coffee and peanut butter toast with you and the blogorinos this morning. Glad to hear things are working out for our Rusty. Sprains can be just as much trouble as a break, only maybe arthritis won’t set in later. Good to know he has many resources around him. I have not seen Krystina on here lately, I also hope she is recovering nicely, or at least more comfortable. We do worry about each other. I am glad you and your crew are okay and staying out of harms way with fires stretching all around the West. And let me add those ice packs from Wally World are a good idea, uneven ground abounds where you travel and accidents might happen. I have even used those ice packs on my dog when she hurt her back. Ice is good and life happens. Take care Sue, your blog family are watching over you.

  64. Good morning, Sue & Crew!

    Morning, Blogorinos! Happy Friday!!!

  65. Jodee Gravel on the road in Port Angeles, WA says:

    Was wondering why there were nearly 300 comments on this post, then saw the news on Rusty and it all made sense. What a crew you have out here! Maybe not canine, but surely your crew nonetheless. By extension Rusty now has a huge support system which in turn makes us all feel like better humans. Pretty sweet work from a woman who can also tow her own trailer!

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Ha! Great punch line, Jodee!

    • Lady Piper and Rusty says:

      good mornin’ all, i’m doin’ ok for a one handed fellow , I had blue berry bagels with skippy p b for breakfast with my coffee, pills and vitemins, and after I put the meds on piper’s head for ringworm, every 12 hours for her n’ me, she’s starting to walk with a great deal of happiness and greets me in the morn with a tail a wagen and mornen kiss’s, ,,,,, wow was she happy to see me when I returned to the camper from the e. r., that when I opened the door , she almost knocked me over with joy and gladness to see her daddy,,,,,,,,,,,,, have a great day sue and all my great family on this blog,,, I wish I could hug you all with thanks,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, l.p. n’ rusty

      • rvsueandcrew says:

        You’re welcome, Rusty. We’re happy you and Lady Piper are together and you’ll both be perfectly well.

  66. Joy Sutton says:

    Always love the post even if I’m late on this one. Glad Rusty got help. I always have to crinch a little at the generator remarks though. Sure wish I could afford the solar. I do all the stuff since DH is no longer able. Had electrical problems recently though and he took care of that. Find my hands not strong enough to replace the plug. Mighty big wire. His illness has slowed us wayyyy down but I love him, hmmm still say fill your own plate though. his illness is eventual terminal and that is one thing I will really miss someone to share . But I am comfortable in my own skin. But already hard t contemplate after 55 yrs.

    • rvsueandcrew says:

      Hi, Joy,

      I’m sorry your husband is ill. It sounds like you are filling in where he’s no longer able to do certain things. Fifty-five years is a long time and it must be difficult to contemplate anything different.

      The “generator remarks” are my response to what I experience. That’s what a blog is. I realize not everyone is in a position to set up solar with batteries and all. All I ask is that people be sensitive to the fact that generators are noisy, even the best of them, so before choosing a site, look at who will be the neighbors. In other words, don’t set up next to a tenter, van camper without a generator, or someone who has solar. I suggest that generator people camp away from others or next to folks who also use generators. If that isn’t possible, then we people without generators can move to another campsite, like I’ve done.

      Thank you for reading my blog even though I may be obnoxious with my generator comments. I wish you and your husband many, many good days ahead!

      • Joy Sutton says:

        Going to COE mostly now with hookups . Try to park away when using generator. Been hard summer, AC problems. Bought new , it wasn’t right. Trying to care for that now. Need AC here

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